AnAntHello, will the opensource broadcomm wireless firmware (https://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/bcm43xx-dev/2009-January/008466.html) be used in next release of Ubuntu ?08:27
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JanCAnAnt: they say that their open source firmware is not complete?10:37
JanCKano: an open source firmware for b4310:41
Kanoi know that this exists,but did anybody try it10:43
JanCI'm sure the authors test it ;) but they also say that it doesn't work yet with encrypted connections and some other wifi protocol features10:46
JanCwell, it seems like they might have fixed the encryption support since that mail10:48
Kanowould be good to include it then10:50
AnAntJanC: I don't think that HW encryption got fixed10:55
AnAntneither the QoS feature10:55
AnAntI followed the thread in their archives10:55
JanCAnAnt: ah, they still only support SW encryption then?10:56
JanCwhich is probably dead slow  ツ10:56
JanC(I didn't test it, that was just an assumption)10:56
AnAntso isn't anyone from Ubuntu following up with this firmware ?10:57
JanChm, maybe SW crypto is "good enough" for station mode (as opposed to e.g. AP mode where it would have to cater for multiple connections) ?11:01
JanCseems like the rt2500* drivers don't implement HW crypto either11:03
rtgapw: you mentioned you had some scripts you were working on for the vanilla kernel build.13:41
apwyeah, i am testing them right now.  think i have the nameing sorted.  my plan is to complete a couple of test builds, then write up how i think we should be using them and email that out to the kernel-list13:52
apwshould happen today13:52
Kanohi rtg , i saw you added the rt firmware, did you get my mail with some more missing firmware? the 2 for dvb devices are even mentioned in launchpad14:18
rtgKano: working on it14:19
Kanoyou added d14:19
Kanoa-c still missing14:19
rtgKan RT works, right?14:19
Kanono complains14:19
rtgI'll get the rest of the firmware soon14:20
Kanoonly usb tested so far,but i guess your kernel works for pci too14:20
Kanowhat do you think of adding the new free b43 firmware?15:02
Kanowould be good when you dont need the fwcutter to go online15:03
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CarlFKsmb_tp: you mind helping me get a Firewire ExpressCard  working?  (on the x64 box, any kernel.  tired ibex 32, nothing.  jaunty x64, pciehp module doesn't  exist 18:43
smb_tpCarlFK, I can try. You got a bit more info? What exactly would you need? 18:46
CarlFKsmb_tp: lets start with: why isn't there a pciehp module for x64 jaunty?  there is for 32 jaunty 18:47
CarlFKlib/modules/2.6.27-1-386/kernel/drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp.ko                    linux-image-2.6.27-1-386 [not amd64]          18:48
smb_tpCarlFK, Would have to have a peek at the source. Either its just a glitch in the config or some dependency thing18:48
CarlFKok - wanted to make sure there wasn't some alternative i should be trying 18:50
smb_tpHm, build when CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE is set. Which it is on both18:51
CarlFKcarl@dv67:~$ sudo modprobe pciehp18:51
CarlFKFATAL: Module pciehp not found.18:51
smb_tpactually it might not be a module 18:51
CarlFKcarl@dv67:~$ dmesg|grep pciehp18:52
CarlFK[    1.247944] pciehp: PCI Express Hot Plug Controller Driver version: 0.418:52
CarlFKok, so on to the next problem: 18:52
CarlFKthe card has 2 firewire and 1 usb.18:53
CarlFKusb works (the lack of module was making me think magic)18:53
CarlFKbut the firewire doesn't (at least not the way the on board fw does)18:54
CarlFKas in, I plug in a fw to onboard, hotplug happens, device is live18:54
CarlFKplug into card's fw, nothign.  no dmesg, no change in lscpi.. 18:55
smb_tpHm, that means? Is any driver claiming /driving it=18:55
CarlFKnot that I can tell18:56
smb_tpOne thing to search for would be the pci id 18:59
CarlFKlshw doesn't change when I plug in the card18:59
CarlFKpci id coming up.. 18:59
CarlFKI have it around here somewhere.  19:03
CarlFKany idea how to query the EC buss?  (express card)19:03
smb_tpDoh, all my hw is too old. Might it get added to the pci subsystem and just show up with lspci?19:06
CarlFKsudo lspcmcia - nothing.19:07
CarlFKsudo pccardctl info - nothing. same for status, ident, config19:08
smb_tpAnything in /sys/bus/pci_express/devices ?19:08
CarlFKyes.. digging19:10
CarlFKhttp://dpaste.com/111904/  best I have so far...19:14
CarlFKI put the card into a mac, and was able to get a pciid, which I posted somewhere,,,19:15
CarlFK 0a:00.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394) [0c00]: JMicron Technologies, Inc. Device [197b:2380]19:24
CarlFKand from the kino/dvgrab list: > The card  itself should be no different than the pcie jmicron cards I've got, which work  fine 19:26
smb_tpjust grep'ing the tree. nothing for 2380 in the upstream part. 19:29
smb_tpneither in ubuntu specific modules19:30
smb_tpdo the other cards you got show up on lspci or any other place?19:31
CarlFKI only have that one card19:31
CarlFKtonight I can get a 2nd card.  its a ...evode? card19:32
smb_tpOh, nm. That was from a mailing list post. 19:34
smb_tpyou said it has a usb part which is working. does that device show up?19:35
CarlFKyes - under lsusb19:35
smb_tpHm, yeah. Make sense. One thing that might show a bit more would be to tune up the udev logging and listen to the events with udevadm monitor while plugging...19:39
CarlFKsmb_tp:  ever see the Far Side comic: "Bad dog Ginger.  Don't do that again Ginger.  No, no Ginger."  What the dog hears: "bla bla Ginger.  bla bla bal bla Ginger.  bla bla Ginger."19:45
CarlFKthat would be you me :)19:45
CarlFKso what's this tune up the udev logging you speak of?19:45
smb_tpCarlFK, Heh, no, not yet. :)19:46
smb_tpTune up is probably not best expressed. Better increase the log level "udevadm control --log-priority=debug"19:47
smb_tpThen running "udevadm monitor --kernel --environmen --udev"19:48
smb_tpshows the events as they come in19:49
CarlFKcarl@dv67:~$ sudo udevadm monitor --kernel --environmen --udev19:49
CarlFKmonitor will print the received events for: UDEV the event which udev sends out after rule processing; UEVENT the kernel uevent19:49
CarlFKplug, unplug.. nothing 19:49
CarlFKplugged a usb stick into the card's usb got stuff19:50
smb_tpGrr... great. Seems I have no idea how this should work. :(19:52
JackWinteri have a kubuntu 8.10 running in a vbox.  thought it would be a good idea to install the virtual kernel, but apt installed the server version.  are they the same or is something messed up ?19:55
rtgJackWinter: they are the same. the virtual package is generated using binaries from the server flavour19:56
JackWinterrtg: thanks19:57
JackWinterare there any news on a rt kernel for 8.10 ?19:57
rtgJackWinter: I'm not keeping up with whats going there, perhaps smb_tp can answer.19:58
JackWinteri'll hang around a while19:58
smb_tprtg, AFAIK if there is one it is community supported as the -ports19:59
mnem0rtg: did these intel fixes make it into the new kernel? --> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-January/004178.html20:16
rtgmnem0: those fixes are actually in the source for -5.12. I'm just not sure why they didn't show up in the diff.20:18
mnem0ok great... im being hit by a really bad xorg crash bug which is fixed by these patches20:19
rtgmnem0: well, I'm about to get the other ABI dependent packages uploaded so you should have an update tomorrow or the next day20:20
smb_tpCarlFK, I talked over that on another channel. That firewire card should show up with lspci. Is that the only slot you got? Or have you tried to have the card in on boot to avoid hotplug?20:24
CarlFKonly slot, have not tried on boot.  will reboot now20:25
tjaaltonrtg: hum, I fetched the source for 5.13 and I can't see them in there20:26
tjaaltonat least the one touching include/drm/i915_drm.h20:28
tjaaltonc0399d5596fb reverted it20:28
rtgtjaalton: do a git log on that file. I think something ugly happened.20:29
rtg'UBUNTU: Enabled CONFIG_PID_NS=y for i386/amd64' wrecks it. wtf?20:29
tjaaltonbasically what was said on the email ;)20:30
rtgtjaalton: I think I managed to do that one all by myself. drat.20:30
rtgI wonder if I messed up a rebase.20:31
CarlFKsmb_tp: having hte card in when I power up the box makes a new FW bus show up20:41
CarlFKplugging in fw device now20:42
rtgCarlFK: so it sounds like a hotplug problem.20:42
CarlFKfw device is recognized.  yay.  now I can test to make sure I can capture and mix 2 fw cams on one laptop 20:46
tjaaltonrtg: thanks for fixing it, tomorrow will be a good day for -intel gfx ;)21:36
rtgtjaalton: hope I got it right this time.21:38
tjaaltonrtg: at least git looks good21:43
tjaaltonand diff too21:45
Keybuktime with intrepid modprobe on amd64 to do 10,000 nothings:  3m13.6s23:05
Keybukanyone care to guess how long with new modprobe? :)23:06
Keybukno ;-)23:32
Keybuk(this could take a while <g>)23:36
lagaabout to go to bed, so just tell me ;)23:36
johanbrKeybuk: how many nothings does it do at bootup?23:44
Keybukjohanbr: modprobe nothing is a good way to measure the overhead of modprobe23:53
Keybukie. how much time it takes to iterate through its indexes23:53
Keybukmodprobe has always been more ridiculously more expensive than insmod23:54
johanbrI wasn't trying to be sarcastic, or anything. Just wondering how much this would save in a real situation.23:54
Keybukso this new version plus patches seems to make it rather better23:54
Keybukseems to be around 2-3s23:54
Keybukof boot time23:54
johanbrnice :)23:54

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