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Pcfr34kquestion: has someone tried ubuntu mobile on the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1?07:39
Pcfr34kubuntu mobile is new to me07:39
persiaPcfr34k, That's a nifty bit of hardware.  Can it boot off SD?07:48
Pcfr34k256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM, Qualcomm MSM7200 528MHz processor07:48
persiaOr is there a hack to overwrite the flash?07:48
persiaI'd expect you'd need to run Jaunty on it, if anything, because there isn't ARM support for any of the released versions.07:49
persiaMind you, I wouldn't expect the phone functions or FM radio to work.  Probably 20% chance for GPS.07:49
Pcfr34ki expected that yes07:50
persiaFor the GPS/FM Radio, the main issue is drivers.  For phone functions, there's two issues: drivers, and lack of a a software stack for actually dialing a phone.07:50
persiaOtherwise, it ought work a charm.07:50
Pcfr34kis it possible to sual boot?07:50
persiaWell, probably no accelerated X, but one doesn't really need GL on a device that size :)07:50
persiaThere's no reason you can't dual-boot Ubuntu.  I have *no* idea if that device supports dual boot, or how it boots, or anything.07:51
persiaI'd recommend looking for a device-specific forum on dual-booting or booting from SD or reflashing, and once you know what the device can do, look at software.07:51
persiaBased on what I see for other phones, there's probably a good bit of kernel hacking needs doing.07:52
persiaI run Ubuntu on a Sharp D4, but it doesn't work as a phone, the WiFi drivers don't load properly, the power management is a bit wonky, etc.  There's a good bit of base work to get the kernel working, after which the OS is easy.07:53
Pcfr34kfor what i know about the x1 is that is uses the HTC chipset07:53
playyaPcfr34k, do you know which GSM chip is in there?07:53
Pcfr34kfor the network for calling?07:53
playyafor calling, gprs, ...07:54
Pcfr34klokking up...07:55
Pcfr34kfound the whitepaper of the x108:01
Pcfr34kloooking op hardware08:02
persiaplayya, Are there apps that support that, for some chips?08:02
Pcfr34kUART2 and USIM08:03
Pcfr34kGSM and UMTS chips08:04
playyapersia, the fso stack08:04
persiaHrm.  Looks like good thought, but I'm a little unclear as to whether this provides generic support.  Ideally, I'd like audio to feed into general services (e.g. pulseaudio), and be able to use something like the sl-modem stack also as a backend.08:09
persiaMost of these specs seem to be based on deep-embedded concepts.08:10
playyathis is possible if you provide a alsa state file an chose it in fso.device.autdio08:11
persiaSo basically, ALSA or pulse audio interfaces would just be made available to the fso.device.audio implementation?08:13
persiaAnd I suppose one would just define support for fso.Phone to handle an sl-modem backend.08:14
playyai never used it. not yet08:15
persiaStill, looks interesting.  I'm mostly looking forward to the day when I don't have to tell people "Yes, it might work on that device, but not as a phone".08:15
playyahttp://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo1973_Audio_Subsystem#Call_recording if this will work you schould also be able to pass this to pulseaudio/gstreamer08:17
playyaargh. wrong articel08:18
playyaharald welte wrote sth about how this works08:18
Pcfr34kIt seems the phone OS "Android" is succesfully ported to the X108:18
playya:( FIXME: test this. There's currently a ASoC kernel driver bug preventing audio capture from working at all. 08:18
persiaPcfr34k, If someone was able to boot Android, then there's a way to boot something else.  Next thing to investigate is which kernel flavour you need.  Once you have that, you could try to do something with an Ubuntu rootfs.08:20
persiaPcfr34k, I'd recommend hunting down for how to get Linux installed on it.  For questions about initial bring-up, #ubuntu-arm might be better.08:20
persiaOnce you have at least a CLI Ubuntu system working, installing ubuntu MID becomes relatively easy, and this becomes the right place to talk about issues with the apps, settings, etc.08:21
Pcfr34kok, thanks very much08:21
Pcfr34ki use ubuntu in daily life on i386 and mobile version of linux was unknown to me08:22
Pcfr34kyou guys helped me very much08:22
persiaplayya, Interesting.  I suspect we'll end up with an ALSA driver or pulse module at some point (depending on whether it needs to be in kernelspace) which handles that.08:22
persiaPcfr34k, You might want to try it in a virtual machine (qemu or kvm) first, just to make sure you like the interface before you get too involved in hacking your device.08:23
Pcfr34ki tested the netbook packages, or what was it?08:24
playyahave to go now. see you later08:24
Pcfr34ki like the interface08:24
Pcfr34kbye bye08:24
Pcfr34kbut im someone who likes it al, or most, working08:24
Pcfr34kim using the Acer Aspire One, is UMPC good for that?08:25
Pcfr34kim using it now with Ubuntu i38608:26
persiaPcfr34k, Depends on how cramped you feel.  If you want the one-app-at-a-time experience, I'd say yes.  If not, I'd say no.08:28
Pcfr34ki stick to the ubuntu desktop then08:29
persiaPcfr34k, That said, it's just a matter of apt-get install ubuntu-mobile to find out (I think).  Pay attention to what gets installed, because if you don't like it, that's what you'll need to purge.08:29
Pcfr34kthank for the info08:29
Pcfr34kim out08:30
Pcfr34kbye bye08:30
* ogra carefully pokes the datacenter10:14
ograis it only me ? 10:14
ograhrm, looks like a routing prob at my provider :/10:17
persiaThen it's you and a few thousand other people.  It's not me.10:20
ograyeah, seems a router is borked10:20
ograbut  better now10:20
* ogra always needs a moment to remember the new traceroute is called tracepath10:21
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persiaTeam meeting in 5 minutes in #ubuntu-meeting11:56
playyamay i join too?11:58
* Hobbsee holds up the "community! community! community!" flag11:58
persiaplayya, Certainly.  It's open to anyone.11:58
playyaok. when i'm at home. last lesson !!11:59
persiaplayya, There's still a couple minutes to get something on the agenda, if you want to add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2009/2009012211:59
persia(of course, you'd be expected to discuss the topic)11:59
ograwe'll chase you down if you dont ! :P11:59
ograrun playya run12:00
persiaogra, Regarding Mer & moblin2 : I wouldn't expect significant clashes, because of the levels at which each group works.  If Moblin2 contains stuff derived from newer Maemo userspace, it would probably already include the Mer patches having been pushed through Maemo.13:05
persiaIf Moblin2 doesn't contain that stuff, then it's just different software libraries, and there's no impact at all.13:05
ograwell, moblin merges hildon and clutter 13:05
ograon a lib level ... at least as i undrestood it13:05
persiaAs a new library, or with lots of deep patches?13:06
ogramaemo might work differently on that layer13:06
ograno idea, but i know they have different approaches on the lib level13:06
persiaOr just an abstract "framework"?13:06
ograbut lool knows more, i know he took an actual look at moblin213:07
ograi can only talk about heresay13:07
persiaAnd tends to hang out on #maemo where most of the Mer discussion happens :)13:07
persiaI think I'll poke him for review of the spec once I get it drafted then.13:07
ograthat comment was totally based on assumption and lack of detailed knowledge13:07
ograyeah, having lool take a look definately makes most sense13:08
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