asacfta: try http://pastebin.mozilla.org/61089000:00
asacdo they add that symbol in their patches?00:00
asacif so it belongs in their patch00:01
asacotherwise it seems we dont build pyxpcom anymore in 1.9.2 or why dont we see it?00:01
ftaasac, i used python instead of python/xpcom so it's also python/dom00:02
fta<fta> -DEB_MOZ_EXTENSIONS=xml-rpc,venkman,inspector,irc,gnomevfs,cview,tasks,reporter,python/xpcom00:03
fta<fta> +DEB_MOZ_EXTENSIONS=default00:03
fta<fta> commit #23900:03
fta<fta> Apr 0800:03
ftai now have default,python00:03
asacthat works?00:03
asacthen add that patch from above too00:03
ftaasac, http://svn.openkomodo.com/repos/openkomodo/trunk/mozilla/patches-new/MOZILLA_1_9_1/pydom_make.patch00:08
asacyeah. anyway. most likely both patches together fix the build and will allow us to deply example pyxpcom componmets00:09
asacpatches seem to be mac love00:09
ftayep but openkomodo is for all 3 main arches00:10
ftastrange they didn't need to patch for linux00:10
asacit should work .... except for the -rpath business00:11
ftastill failing00:12
ftapartial build00:12
asacfta: system_wrappers need to be updated00:12
asacfta: look where the dist/include/system_wrappers00:12
asacfta: look where the dist/include/system_wrappers*00:12
asacpoint to00:12
asacthere should be a "eval.h" in both otherwise your partial build isnt enough00:13
asacprobably done by running make in config/ and js/src/config/00:13
ftait's in there00:13
asacfta: libxul.so (and the pyxpcom.so) need to be recreated00:14
asacremove them manually00:14
asacmake wont detect modified wrappers00:14
asacmaybe run a make clean in python/?00:15
asacdid you try that?00:15
ftai sure did00:16
* azazel hopes that one day pyxpcom and pydom builds (pyxpcomext) will be kept in sync with firefox;)00:16
asacazazel: once its avail as xul package that will happen automatically00:18
azazelmmm... as a xul package?00:19
asacfta: thats a bit odd then. if its really the same symbol missing recompiling all the .o and .so that include it should be enough00:19
asacazazel: like xulrunner-1.9-pyxpcom00:20
ubottuAn error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.00:22
asacsorry connection feels shaky have to check whether i am still really on00:22
azazelasac: ?00:23
asacnot sure what that ? means ;)00:24
azazelsorry, was for that "connection feels shaky... i am still really on", that i don't have uderstood... you are on:)00:26
asacyes, pinging bots gives me a quick answer to that00:27
asacirc client takes a while to timeout00:27
ftamozilla bug 47264900:29
ubottuMozilla bug 472649 in General "Building xulrunner + python is impossible (on a x86-64 computer at least)" [Critical,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47264900:29
ftaasac, rebuilding from scratch00:33
ftaand btw, it's 1.9.1, not trunk00:34
ftadtchen, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108057/ it aborts almost immediately now so it's worse :(00:39
ftaasac, same with a full rebuild01:36
asacbtw, the bugzilla bug error is not identical02:10
asacit doesnt have complains about "hidden" in it02:10
asaccould be a missing -l02:10
asacor a bad log-cut ;)02:10
ftahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/108081/ now02:11
asacyeah stiill the same02:12
asacfta: system_wrappers need to be -I in the compile lines02:13
asacanyway bedtime. will try to do a build without debug too here tomorrow .... lets see02:16
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asacfta2: not sure why i thought it was eval.h, but it was marshal.h missing ;)12:05
asacfta2: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108202/12:05
asacalso fixes application.ini substitution in a hacky fashion12:06
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fta2asac, yep, i already figured out the application.ini part, the openkomodo guys too13:09
asacfta2: which patches make openkomodo infeasible to be built on top of plain xul?13:09
fta2i never tried without the patches, i wanted to build it like upstream recommends 1st, then improve; last time I tried to build it was 6 months ago but i ended up stuck with our system python13:12
* asac spins comm-central 14:15
* asac redownloading all gmail headers to tbird15:32
steve555Hi everyone.16:24
fta2asac, just got my 3G usb key. it's a Huawei E160E, rings a bell?16:28
asacfta2: is that one with storage included?16:35
fta2asac, there's a µSD slot but it's empty16:37
asacso doesnt work oob?16:38
asacwhat is µSD?16:38
asacok ... if its empty it should work oob16:39
fta2my SIM card is at home so i can't test it right now16:39
asacok ... let me know16:39
asaci think 160E should work16:39
asaciirc pitti has one16:40
asacfta2: i would suggest to test it before i upload the next NM crack to jaunty ;)17:09
asace.g. NM with modemmanager17:09
asacthat might cause regressions and would be great to know before it happens17:10
steve555Hi guts,I've just installed Firefox3.0 from deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/asac/ubuntu jaunty main universe.17:15
asacsteve555: what are you trying to do? test security preview packages?17:16
asacthats what that archive was used for ... now thats somewhere else17:16
asacif you rather look for bleeding edge packages check out fta's PPA17:16
steve555Yes,I want to try and help out if I can.17:16
asacsteve555: help on jaunty or on stable/security updates?17:16
steve555Can you give me the PPA address?17:16
asacsecurity beta channel is https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive17:17
steve555Helping on Jaunty,as I have Kubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Alpha 3.17:17
asacbleeding edge trunk/head builds for firefox-3.1 3.2 are https://edge.launchpad.net/~fta/+archive17:17
asacsteve555: for ffox 3 its good enough to update everyday ... for 3.1 and 3.2 install the packages from fta17:18
asacand update every few days17:18
asacyou can install them in parallel and use them in parallel17:18
asacsteve555: one way to help is to install firefox-3.2 and help checking bugs against firefox-3.0 to see if they are still valid17:19
asacbut tracking the bleeding edge packages and complaining about issues here is also a good thing if you dont have time for active bug work17:20
asacsteve555: ^^17:20
steve555That is good to hear guys,I didn't know 3.2 is being tested,I have treid out 3.1 beta 2 in Windows,I'm going to try out 3.2 in a minute.I have to confess I have noe programming knowledge,but I have compiles source software.17:21
asacwhat we always want to hear about are regressions. e.g. stopped working on update ... or worksin ffox 3.0/3.1 but not in 3.217:22
asacsteve555: helping on bug triaging is also really much appreciated and definitly need lots of help there ;)17:23
asacthere are so many crap bugs that the bug tracker isnt really usable atm17:23
asacsteve555: for inexperienced folks we have https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs/TriagersHandbook ... new and incomplete processing should be doable by anyone17:23
steve555I think I see,thanks for the link,I'll have a look at it in a minute.17:23
asacfor instance going through the NEW bugs will give you work for weeks ;)17:24
asacsteve555: cool. just hang around here and ask if you have questions17:24
* asac noted that somehow 300 new bugs got processed yesterday17:24
asacwho did that ;)17:24
asacmust have been a hero17:25
steve555The first is I can't seem to find Firefox 3.2.I've just put those two ppa's in synaptic17:29
asacsteve555: firefox-3.217:40
asacsudo apt-get install firefox-3.2 should work afaik17:41
* asac looks17:41
asacshould work17:41
asacthe bits are there17:41
asacsudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install firefox-3.217:42
steve555I'll give apt a try then.17:42
steve555Hi asac,I've just used apt,and it's got firefox-3.2 for me.17:47
steve555Ok cool,I've looked at the hand book,and I tried to add the jaunty ppa's from this website:https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Bugs#head-c576e78d92cb3c959c271158b6ace98be835de83.But synaptic was complaning there's no public key.18:01
asacsteve555: you mean the "ddebs"?18:04
asacthose are just needed if you want to create backtraces18:04
asacactually for ffox 3.1 and ffox 3.2 its not needed as we have -dbg packages again18:04
asacfta2: ? those are available for 3.1 too, right?18:04
steve555Yeah that's what I was going to do,but I won't add them if I don't need them.18:05
fta2asac, yes18:05
steve555I've just been using firefox-3.2,and it hasn't crashed on yet.18:06
asacsteve555: yeah. just meaning: if there is a bad apport backtrace you can take the coredump and use the -dbg package to produce a probably better one18:47
asacunfortunately 3.0 doesnt have -dbg yet ... but thats supposed to happen in jaunty18:47
steve555I have installed firefox-3.2-dbg,I hope apport doesn't complain it can't upload the backtrace to Launchpad like it has done on me for a couple of different packages.18:54
asacsteve555: let us know19:18
asacsteve555: the idea is to retrace stuff locally19:18
asacuse apport-unpack on the .crash file to get the coredump19:18
asacthen run sh /usr/lib/firefox-3.0*/run-mozilla.sh /usr/bin/gdb /usr/lib/firefox-3.0*/firefox-bin /path/to/coredump ;)19:19
asacand then bt ful19:19
steve555Ok,thanks asac,I'll first run apport-qt to get the crashes again(I usaully get them at start-up),and use the instructions you gave me.19:23
asacsteve555: the crash files that apport sees are in /var/crash19:24
asacyou can just look in there19:24
asacand then use apport-unpack on the firefox ones to get the coredump locally19:24
steve555Ah thanks asac,I'll have a look there.19:25
steve555I've just looked in /var/crash asac,but there nothing for firefox in there.19:26
asacsteve555: then you dont have a crash ;)19:27
steve555I've just had my first firefox-3.2 crash,I just closed it and re-launched it via the k-menu.It comes up with this message:Firefox-3.2 is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox-3.2 process, or restart your system.19:59
steve555I just ran sudo killall firefox,but the message says:firefox: no process killed20:00
[reed]asac: mozilla bug 431011 -- do you have an idea, or do you know who would be good to ask that?20:10
ubottuMozilla bug 431011 in Keyboard Navigation "Ctrl-Shift-B (Open Library/Places Organizer) has no counterpart in Linux" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=43101120:10
asac[reed]: i will ask around20:13
asac[reed]: maybe there are hints in the commit of the comment?20:13
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ftaasac, i think http://paste.ubuntu.com/108202/ should be 3 patches, not one21:24
fta[reed], what is that Core -> Core Graveyard move for?23:54
[reed]fta: bugzilla reorg part 223:54
ftais it useful to spam all users for such a cryptic move?23:55

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