walkerdoes anybody else have problems with getting a diskless client to shutdown/reboot? Mine hangs during shutdown, last message: nbd0 receive control failed.00:15
hadswalker: I did on my Hardy image, not on my new Interpid one.00:22
hadsNever figured out why.00:22
walkermine is intrepid... :/00:28
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iokyhi everyone, I am new to Linux and TV03:48
iokyI am wondering, how can you check to see your TV card is detected by your system, and running03:49
iokyMy card is Hauppauge winTV HVR 160003:49
iokymodel 119903:49
aegisIf I want to use firewire to control my Verizon STB, can it go through my frontend?  My backend is in my basement...04:25
foxbuntuioky, dmesg | grep ivtv04:25
foxbuntuaegis, I believe so04:26
aegisthat would really help...04:30
aegisI've no idea how I would go about running a firewire that far otherwise.04:31
iokythanks, I will give it a try04:36
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StevenHi all07:35
StevenDoes mythbuntu support ATI graphics cards?07:36
bsusahello all07:42
bsusacould someone please assist me? i  have myth mythbuntu box setup, but now i want to be able to watch all my content on another ubuntu machine, how can i achieve this?07:44
bsusahelo anyone know much about setting up a mythtv server and client?08:09
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tgm4883bsusa, i'm headed to bed, but you want to install mythtv-frontend on your other machine then use the password from /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt on your backend08:26
tgm4883also, activate the mysql service (or is it mythtv service) on your backend08:27
bsusai cant vnc into my machine for some reason when i login it comes to a grey screen08:33
perilousapricotbsusa, you might be vnc-ing into a blank desktop08:45
perilousapricotif you use x11vnc (which can be configured from the mythbuntu control center), you can view a currently running desktop08:45
bsusak thats all good09:00
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bsusaim having trouble running mythtv frontend now i configured it and when i run it, nothing hapens i look in system monitor and its their but sleeping09:01
bsusawhy is this?09:01
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bsusahi people10:24
bsusai have an issue running Myth tv on another pc it only shows up in processors, it does open on screen, i dont understand10:25
bsusaanyone here?10:39
bsusawhenever i make changes to my MythTV backend database connection it doesnt save it next time i go in11:30
bsusawhy is this plz11:30
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bsusaanyone here?12:05
bsusamythtv how to connect frontend to backend?12:18
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tritiumAh, xfs_fsr is what's making all that hard drive noise!14:02
iamlindarotritium, probably not it will not run very often14:04
tritiumiamlindaro: I checked vi ps.14:05
tritiumIt's not very often that I hear it.14:05
tritiumBut when I did the first time or two, it concerned me.  Now that I know what it is, it's ok.14:05
iamlindarowell it could ve then14:05
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tritiumIt's very rhythmic.  You could almost keep time to it.14:08
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njbairis /etc/xorg.conf supposed to be an empty file in mythbuntu 8.10?21:16
tgm4883njbair, pretty much21:25
njbairwhere should i look to change the video driver?21:30
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tritiumsuperm1: do you have a minute?22:01
superm1tritium,  i prefer contentfull pings...22:01
tritiumsuperm1: sorry ;)22:02
tritiumI'm workign on libhdhomerun and hdhomerun_config_gui.  The upstream tarballs unpack with no version string in the directory name, which dh_make doesn't like.  Do I simply rename the directory?  Or do I need to fix the .tar.gz file so it unpacks with the version string in the directory.22:04
superm1just rename the directory22:05
tritiume.g., hdhomerun_config_gui_20081231.orig.tar.gz unpacks to hdhomerun_config_gui22:05
superm1its usually just a warning when apps complain about that kind of stuff22:05
superm1i haven't used any starter scripts for NEW packages for ages22:05
tritiumOK, thanks.22:05
superm1i always copy a nice debhelper7 or cdbs package's packaging22:05
tritiumWhat do you use?22:05
superm1and modify to fit22:05
tritiumI see.22:06
tritiumWell, I'm quite rusty at this.22:06
superm1i just hate how <dh7 puts so much crap when you use a starter script22:06
superm1it's quite esoteric22:06
tritiumI'm just getting back to basics. ;)22:06
superm1mind you that's coming from someone who understands this stuff usually!22:07
njbairhow do i change video driver settings in mythbuntu 8.10?22:07
superm1njbair, you'll want to open up mcc and pick  the restricted drivers manager generally22:08
superm1or just start the restricted drivers manager yourself outside mcc22:08
superm1but if you are looking for specific settings say for your nvidia card, open the nvidia-settings tool22:08
njbairi don't have nvidia, i have a via mini-itx mobo22:09
njbairi'm accustomed to using xorg.conf but that's empty in mythbuntu.22:10
superm1then you dont have a nice gui for doing things with the chrome stuff22:10
superm1njbair, it shouldn't be "empty", there should at least be a few things in there22:10
tritiumsuperm1: ick, you're right.  It's actually overwhelming.22:10
njbairnope. empty.22:10
superm1njbair, try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg22:10
superm1njbair, it will make you one22:10
njbairheh i tried that this morning and I think i forgot to use sudo. still, i wonder why it was empty.22:11
tritiumsuperm1: ah, actually, you've packaged the lib already.  It just needs to be upgraded to the latest version so I can build the gui.  I'll apt-get source it, and check out what you did.22:14
superm1njbair, it could be an installer bug possibly depending on what you selected22:15
superm1tritium, yeah you can do your first MOTU upload again to upgrade the library in jaunty then too :)22:16
tritiumsuperm1: will do :)22:16
njbairwell i appreciate the help. google was a dead end on this one. you guys do great work, btw.22:19
superm1njbair, glad to help.  if you could identify what scenario caused this, i seem to recall some other people having similar problems22:24
superm1do you by chance remember the options you picked in the installer?22:24
njbairsuperm1: i used the alternate cd, that's probably the most unique thing i did. everything else was pretty much stock. i'll run the install again on a vm and see if the same thing happens. if i find something, where should i post it?22:38
superm1oh alternate cd.22:42
superm1its not worth your trouble22:42
superm1we ditched the alternate cd for 9.0422:42
superm1getting it to do things we wanted was difficult, hard to maintain, and on and on22:42
tritiumsuperm1: mythbuntu ditched it, or ubuntu as well?22:44
superm1just mythbuntu22:46
tritiumah, ok22:46
tritiumsuperm1: built successfull in jaunty pbuilder22:48
tritiumInstalled and verified that it works on intrepid.22:49
superm1tritium, sweet22:51
tritiumsuperm1: would you like to review it?22:51
superm1tritium, realistically about the alternates, they have a low take rate, and if your graphics dont work on the live disk, why would they work on the alternate these days22:51
superm1tritium, this is libhdhomerun, or the gui?22:52
superm1if it's libhdhomerun, just go ahead and upload it22:52
tritiumsuperm1: this is the updated libhdhomerun22:52
superm1if it's the gui, put it on REVU and i'll take a look later22:52
tritiumI don't believe I can upload any longer.22:52
superm1cant you reactivate your account?22:52
superm1i thought all motu's could22:52
tritiumLet me see what I can do.22:52
tritiumI think I'd have to email the MOTU council, get approved again.22:53
superm1usually it's just on the LP page22:54
tritiumI let it expire, but I'll try.22:55
tritiumsuperm1: looks like I can't reactivate without team administrator (MOTU Council or Ubuntu Technical Board) approval23:01
superm1tritium, oh you must have been deactivated before the transition then23:01
superm1there was a new team made that all MOTUs can enter and leave at will (from what i understand)23:01
tritiumsuperm1: I wasn't deactivated.  I expired on 2008-08-09.23:02
superm1oh. well send an email to motu-council then.  if you dont get added in again in a day or two, i'll sponsor the upload for you k?23:03
tritiumSure, thanks!23:03
MythbuntuGuest10Hey, I've got an odd question/issue.  I've installed Mythbuntu 8.10, and when the system reboots, Firefox and console both open.  I can't see where they're loading from (nothing in crontab, inittab is blank, nothing in /etc/rc*....any ideas where else I can look?23:30
MythbuntuGuest10Everything works just fine (although I've got to close the browser, or alt-tab to the myth frontend), I'd just like to not have to grab a keyboard every time I have to reboot the box23:31

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