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Flannelbazhang: is that you adrift on the open seas, asking for someone to throw you a life preserver?00:58
* Seeker` staples the servers together00:58
bazhangFlannel, or just waving hello :)00:58
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bazhang* [n00bi3] (n=noob@hnvr-4d0782f2.pool.mediaWays.net): N00bie N00b  in #kubuntu01:12
bazhangn00bi3 still spamming in #k01:48
bazhangshould mike12 be referred to canonical for his problem? do they support dell netbooks (as per the sources.list)02:07
bazhangmneptok, ^^http://paste.ubuntu.com/108073/02:12
bazhangtime to remove some script users?02:27
nickrudI just tested them again, they seem gone already02:27
bazhangthey need the !give02:28
bazhangas such02:28
nickrudkick I guess02:28
nickrudyou've asked, I've asked02:28
LjL!give me a test is <reply> Oh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!02:28
ubottuI'll remember that, LjL02:28
bazhanglast warning?02:28
bazhanghaha LjL 02:29
nickrudljl please02:29
nickrudLjL, I thought we weren't using joke factoids anymore! I got many for you!02:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bazang02:31
nickrudbazang is "I'll never mark the map"02:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about typo02:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bazhang02:31
nickrudeh. Still fits :)02:32
bazhangnikrud is <reply> where's my 'C' dude?02:33
bazhangsomewhere ju-ssi is frowning02:34
LjLnickrud: i must have missed the memo that says we aren't :)02:36
* LjL has just added memory protection to AROS and is happy (i mean, it segfaults as soon as i type a command, but it reaches a shell)02:37
LjLcan go to bed happy02:37
bazhangwell since the whole disabling of @lart , it seems a more responsible serious operation is under way :)02:37
nickrudbaby steps still cover territory :)02:38
ubottuIn ubottu, bgs100 said: This is a private chat, right?02:52
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eightyeightwho's in charge of planet? hasn't aggregated posts for some time03:36
elkbuntunot us. try submitting a bug on either the website or planet on launchpad03:48
* genii thinks the mice run the joint. Bug 4203:58
Picifyi, i'm not going to br of much help over te next few weeks04:39
PiciI broke my arm, which makes typing a bit tough04:40
tritiumSorry to hear that, Pici!04:43
boredandbloggingPici: how did you break it?04:47
boredandbloggingnot that I want to force you to type and all04:49
Piciboredandblogging: slipped on some ice outside of my parents house...04:52
PiciAnd I'm typing with my other hand04:52
PiciAnyway, gonna try to get some sleep04:52
* genii fluffs Pici's pillow and brings the hot cocoa04:54
nickrudPici, if it was your strong hand arm you broke, play a bunch of handball. This is your best chance to improve your off hand/eye coordination :)04:55
geniiIf I'm chastising _anu a bit much in #u please let me know. He's beginning to bother me somewhat.04:56
* genii breaks out the Advils05:07
Flannelgenii: I recommend pressing for a full pastebin05:13
geniiFlannel: ?05:14
geniimean   !pastebin                 him?05:14
Flannelgenii: No, have him paste the entire output05:14
Flannel(to pastebin, yes)05:15
FlannelFor all we know, he's got /var on a separate partition, with no space left05:15
geniiMay also not have a swap05:17
geniiGetting late here and dunno if i can hang on for some marathon session with him05:18
geniiWell, no separate /var    :/05:20
geniiI may need more pain reliever ;)05:39
* elkbuntu jabs genii with an IV05:50
geniielkbuntu: Thenk ya velly mush!05:51
* nickrud brews up some good celebes and passes it to genii 'better than cookies for the elderly helper'06:13
geniinickrud: Yay!06:13
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geniiBah. shoulda put a ; and not &&06:22
geniiG'nite, see you all in ~6 hours....06:55
Flannelbye genii06:55
nickrudFlannel, how's scale prep coming along?07:06
Flannelnickrud: Good.  Busy!07:06
tritiumScale prep?07:07
FlannelGot a company volunteering to print our sleeves, so that takes a load off of my mind07:07
FlannelSCaLE -- Southern California Linux Expo07:07
tritiumAh, cool.07:07
tritiumWhen is it?07:07
FlannelThe weekend of Feb 20-2207:07
nickrudFlannel, got my ticket so I'm set07:08
Flannelnickrud: good, good.  jono will be there.  Giving a talk this year (was a keynote last year)07:08
nickrudI saw that. There's several things I want to attend07:08
FlannelBe sure to check out Nathans talk!07:09
nickrudyes, I'll do that.07:10
FlannelAnd EmmaJane will be there too07:10
nickrudsaw that as well. think they'll do keys ;)07:11
tritiumGood night, gents.07:11
nickrudgood night tritium 07:11
bazhang<h4ckb0x7> bluefox83, check out sites.google.com/site/hackboxlinux  that is not welcome anywhere I would guess; advertising, plus the promo he adds with it07:17
bazhang<h4ckb0x7> bluefox83, I just wrote a new utility for creating and destroying interface07:17
nickrudit's an atheros utility07:17
bazhangwasnt clear from the way he said it, also advertising personal sites is not okay07:18
nickrudyeah, he's sharing some code, so I sent him to offtopic07:20
bazhang<mountx> bazhang, tpb is not piracy .. infact many ubuntu iso's are available on that site07:39
bazhangafter telling general to get a windows iso there he then immediately denies he did so07:39
nickrudhe didn't tell him to get it, he just told him where he could get it (/me was a lawyer in another life ;)07:40
nickrudbazhang, I missed it in action, I was really glad to find xmind is free now07:40
bazhangsuggesting it piracy07:41
nickrudI agree, I was making a joke :)07:41
bazhang<General> bazhang, where can I talk about piracy again?07:44
nickrudhah. tell him his closet07:45
FlannelI know that hostmask....08:03
bazhangclint may have been unbanned too early08:03
FlannelI don't see him in BT though. odd.08:03
bazhanghe changes his nick each and every time08:04
FlannelI suppose they were just kicks then, not bans08:04
FlannelRather embarassingly, he's geographically close to me.08:05
bazhanghuge numbers of trolls live near me; signifies nothing08:06
* Flannel orders testing done on the water.08:07
bazhang<mountx> does anyone have any pressing ubuntu questions?08:08
bazhangthe gist being that if there are none then he can chat willy-nilly08:08
bazhang<bazhang> mountx, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:08
bazhang<mountx> quit being a douche08:09
bazhangno response in PM so far08:09
nickrudFlannel, didn't you know all the nuts and flakes naturally roll downhill, and what's further downhill than san diego?08:10
Flannelnickrud: I suppose that's why there's so many fruits in the north?08:10
* Flannel notes that was only a little off color, apologises.08:10
nickrudFlannel, aw crap you know the joke <and I left out the third for that reason!> 08:11
FlannelOf course.  California is the granola state.08:11
FlannelIf you're not a fruit or a flake, you're a nut.08:11
nickrudFlannel, actually there was a cereal called Just Right, and that was it's slogan was: fruits, nuts, and flakes :)08:11
nickrudpretty good eating, too08:12
bazhanggood cereal08:12
FlannelYeah, but I'd never actually buy pre-packaged GORP type things.08:12
nickrudI'd take pounds of the stuff when I went backpacking (gorp)08:13
nickrudcould never afford enough cashews, though08:13
FlannelI love those C shaped nuts.... although I can never remember what they're called.08:14
FlannelAlmost always halved08:14
Flannelreal buttery08:14
Flannelnever enough of htose, always too many peanuts.08:15
Flannelbut I can't remember what theyre called.08:15
Flannelnickrud: gesundheit!08:15
* nickrud is going to stab Flannel the night of the 22nd08:16
FlannelAww, that weekend you'll get to hear all of my worst puns... in person!08:16
nickrudif we get into that kind of competition it could be interesting08:16
nickrudit's late, work tomorrow. See you both later08:17
Flannelnickrud: Also, `sudo blkid` will list uuids in a more friendly manner than by-uuid08:24
MyrttiFlannel: I agree, I saved my fstab with that08:26
nickrudI like /dev/disk/* personally. See all at once08:27
nickrudbut that's too much for this time08:27
nickrudhm, I guess I should label the partitions on this machine, never got around to it.08:29
bazhang<Ongavezir> The Holy Djihad against the Ubuntu clan started today08:45
bazhangfrom PM08:45
FlannelWhat a character08:47
bazhang<Ongavezir> Because I am the leader of LHA Ongavezir> President of Linuks haters Associate08:48
bazhangthreatening ban evasion now and mass spamming attacks08:49
bazhangwow he wants me add him to skype08:53
bazhang* [b0xxy] (n=b0xxy@ppp121-44-150-59.lns10.syd7.internode.on.net): b0xxy09:17
bazhangguess that was only in -ot he was banned09:17
FlannelNo, he's not banned anywhere09:17
Flannelor at least, his host doens't mask09:18
bazhangoh #kubuntu09:18
FlannelMmm, he's still banned in #u, -ot and #k09:18
Flannelbut, not that IP09:18
Flannelnor host09:18
Flannel*!*@71-221-166-76.bois.qwest.net 09:19
bazhangsomeone with a similar nick was using some very bad invective in #k a couple of days ago09:21
MyrttiI feel awfully old again10:08
Myrttiold and tired10:10
bazhangyer not10:11
MyrttiI just want to slap the people on #ubuntu right now10:14
Myrttiis it normal?10:14
bazhangwell we were ordered to clear out bans recently...10:15
bazhangcant remember who though :)10:15
jussi01Myrtti: very normal...10:26
Myrttijussi01: thanks10:27
Tm_TMyrtti: you, old?!10:27
bazhangright decision though; spring cleaning and all10:30
* topyli looks out the window, looks for signs of spring11:01
Myrttitopyli: we've got April here11:02
Myrttiit's quite uncanny11:02
bazhangspring festival here11:02
bazhangie Chinese New Year11:02
topylibelow zero, snowing :)11:03
bazhang<_0x404> please kick me11:03
jpdsI think he's asking for it.11:03
Myrttigonna mute him11:04
Myrttibah, borin11:05
MyrttiI have an odd feeling we're being had at -ot about this Nokia phone thing11:27
bazhangcould be11:29
Myrttiit seems as if he's not even intrested about the answers he's getting11:29
* Mez yays11:30
MezI gots the job :D11:52
MezI no longer have to suffer the wrath of the casinos :D11:59
A4Techhi all12:21
A4Techi need help12:21
bazhangA4Tech, not here12:23
ubot2Factoid 'ubuntu-irc' not found12:23
* jpds looks at ubot2. Hmm.12:24
jussi01hehehe jpds12:37
MyrttiTesco ♥ 12:38
jussi01Myrtti: sigh... 12:39
* jussi01 huggles Myrtti12:39
Myrttiwhut? I just got groceries worth of 55 pounds delivered12:39
Myrttiof course, I also reorganized all the kitchen cupboards :-D12:39
jussi01Myrtti: you know how stupid they looked at me in ireland when I went asking for those drying cupboards we have here?12:41
Myrttijussi01: I know :-( doing the dishes here makes me angry12:42
Myrttisuch a huge waste of space on the working surfaces :-(12:42
Myrttiso far what I don't like: cold, low pressure on shower, wall to wall carpeting, lack of low-fat milk products12:43
Myrttioh, and lack of rye bread12:43
jussi01Myrtti: the cold houses suck!12:44
MyrttiI did however notice that they *do* have rye flour even in Tesco12:44
Myrttijussi01: I'm saved by my slippers12:44
MyrttiI have really bad circulation12:45
jussi01Myrtti: == koitäiti :P :P12:45
Myrttijussi01: I don't even mind that12:45
Myrttiand it's kotiäiti, you silly thing12:46
jussi01Myrtti: me also. my circulation is really bad. I love the warmth in houses here12:46
jussi01Myrtti: typo evil person12:46
Myrttibut, back to work now that I unpacked the 7 bags of stuff they delivered12:46
Seeker`Myrtti: what is rye bread?13:13
Seeker`Myrtti: You dont have to have low power showers over here, you can get some that are more like water canon13:13
Seeker`and what sort of low-fat milk products are you missing?13:14
jussi01Seeker`: http://www.vaasan.com/public/en/03_rye_knowhow/03_finnish_rye_bread/index.jsp13:14
MyrttiI don't usually eat "light" bread at all. This includes all mostly wheat/barley breads, even if they are wholemeal13:16
MyrttiI might have to learn how to bake rye bread13:17
Myrttiand not only might13:17
Seeker`Myrtti: that the right sort of thing?13:18
Myrttithough that link doesn't work13:19
Myrttibut I suspect I found what you meant13:19
Seeker`Kelderman rye bread?13:20
Myrttibut yeah, I still need to learn to make Finnish rye bread13:20
MyrttiKelderman Rye Bread, Swedish Style 400g13:20
MyrttiD loves a special kind of rye loaf special for the parts of Finland my mum is from13:21
Myrttithe lack of bicycling routes is annoying though13:23
Seeker`Myrtti: what low fat milk products are you missing?13:29
Myrttilactosefree milk :-( I've seen only semi-skimmed so far13:30
Seeker`Myrtti: you can get skimmed milk13:31
Seeker`Myrtti: but that isn;t lactose free, just 0.1% fat13:31
Seeker`Myrtti: soya milk is lactose free13:32
Seeker`Myrtti: does it have to be lactose free? Or just very low fat?13:33
Myrttiwell I'm having semiskimmed lactosefree now. But it's just one of the little things13:34
jussi01Seeker`: she needs both13:34
MyrttiI'll survive :-/13:34
jussi01we have lots of lactose intolerant people here13:34
Myrttibut semiskimmed is ok to have with coffee and tea and shreddies13:35
topyliiirc hedgehogs are lactose intolerant13:35
Myrttiso I guess I'll just have that13:35
Myrttiof course they are13:35
jussi01Myrtti: I wish you could get lactose free "red" milk here :D13:35
jussi01topyli: correct13:35
Myrttiwhich adult animal besides human is lactose tolerant?13:35
topylino idea13:36
Myrtticat's really aren't13:36
topylinot the hedgehog!13:36
Myrtticats, even13:36
Myrttijussi01: but I've seen that13:36
Myrttijussi01: atleast Ingman had it at one point13:36
jussi01Myrtti: really? Ive never been able to find13:36
Myrttior was it valio...13:37
MyrttiI'm sure I've seen it13:37
Myrttijussi01: http://www.valio.fi/images/tuotetiedot/tuote/1114.jpg13:38
Myrttiwell, it's not lactosefree, but lowlactose13:40
Myrttibut close anyway13:40
Myrtti"without the North Karelia project, aimed at reducing the high rates of cardiovascular disease and pulmonary disease in the east of Finland, about a quarter of a million more people would have died since the 1970s than have taken place. He says that the project has added about ten healthy years to the life expectancy of Finns."13:43
tritiumGood morning.13:45
topylithe north karelia project was also effectively harnessed to aid in the development and marketing of the benecol margarine, according to a colleague who studied its trajectory from lab to market13:45
topyliperfect marriage of public and private enterprise :)13:46
Myrttitopyli: but that came years later13:46
topylii can't remember when they started the initial research for it13:47
topylii should check perhaps, don't have the book here13:47
MyrttiI think it's about time I go wash the tea pot13:48
topylihttp://www.sciencestudies.fi/v13n1/Lehenkari -starting on page 59 (p 10 on the pdf)13:51
topylino idea why i'm linking, possibly you're not very interested in ANT :)13:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:01
Myrttitea tea tea tea tea14:06
Jack_SparrowHope your meet with the parents went well14:07
tritiumMorning, Jack_Sparrow.14:09
Jack_SparrowMorning.. trying to wake up here14:10
MyrttiJack_Sparrow: it's tomorrow :-)14:10
Jack_SparrowWhoa.. seriously messed up on times and days after that vegas run14:11
Jack_SparrowI actually had to look to see what day of the week this is14:12
MyrttiI'm in heaven14:14
Myrttistrawberry cheesecake and tea14:14
Myrttihaven't had strawberry cheesecake in...14:14
Tm_Thi kids14:14
Myrtti13 years14:14
Tm_Tstrawberry? yuch14:15
Tm_Tit's red, so it's poisonous14:15
Tm_Tsome evil vitamines in it14:15
Jack_SparrowI have two boxes of fresh strawberries on the kitchen counter14:16
* genii wanders in and brews a new pot of coffee14:17
* tritium knew he could count on genii brewing some more coffee ;)14:17
Jack_Sparrowgenii is my buddy..  I gotta go mail him his coffee mugs14:18
geniitritium: I definitely need some this morning!14:18
geniiJack_Sparrow: Yay!14:18
tritiumgenii: Me too!14:19
* genii hands out a round of strong coffee in large Ubuntu and Kubuntu mugs14:21
geniiWork, afk a few14:22
Jack_Sparrowgenii, Im going to post a pic of the mugs14:22
PiciHi hypa7ia, can we help you with anything today?15:31
hypa7iaPici: i'm just debating asking for someone to be removed from #ubuntu-ca15:35
hypa7iahe came in asking for people to record a TV show for him off canadian TV and then became abusive when asked to stop15:35
Picihypa7ia: Well, #ubuntu-irc handles issues with loco channels.  I'm unsure if any of our regular ops team has rights in -ca15:36
Myrttiapart from Madpilot15:38
Myrttithe access list is kinda sad15:38
MyrttiBurgundavia should be prodded hard15:38
* mneptok has some likely candidates :)15:39
Myrttimneptok: starting from the ubuntu-irc-council for starters...15:39
Myrttithe rest is just about waving hands15:39
geniiJack_Sparrow: Wow, nice mugs :))15:47
Jack_SparrowI thought you would like em15:47
hypa7iai'll bug ubuntu-irc if he remains an issue, thanks for the help :)15:48
hypa7iamight want to indicate in the topic that loco abuse issues are handled in ubuntu-irc15:48
topylihypa7ia: it is there already :)15:53
hypa7iait's not very clear, topyli 15:53
topyliyeah well it doesn't say abuse15:53
hypa7ia This channel is 15:53
hypa7ia          for operator/abuse questions in the IRC Team domain only 15:53
hypa7iayou're assuming that general users know that locos are not in the irc team domain15:54
topylii guess it could be more clear. we'll form a committee and rephrase in a month or two! :)15:54
hypa7iaok :)15:55
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu-ops to: Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu IRC Team operators | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam | This channel is for operator/abuse questions in the IRC Team domain only | Support in #ubuntu, #kubuntu etc... | LoCo channel discussion/issues etc to #ubuntu-irc | We reserve the right to remove idlers from the channel | Channel is logged at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ | Be good!
topylihypa7ia: better?16:08
hypa7iatopyli: much better16:18
hypa7iaon that note i'm outta here, thanks bunches!16:18
geniiOther than !ops is there a way to get an op list in a channel?16:24
tritiumgenii: /msg chanserv access #channel list16:25
geniitritium: Ah, thanks16:25
tritiumNo worries!16:25
Myrttihttp://myrtti.jaiku.com/presence/52196792 :-D16:27
geniihypa7ia had me wondering who the ops there are. I'm always in #ubuntu-ca but have never seen them at work. I understood his concerns over this particular user.16:27
Jack_Sparrowgenii, got a sec for non-op pm16:29
geniiJack_Sparrow: Sure thing16:29
tritiumThat's cute, Myrtti.16:31
Myrttibunnies are wonderful16:32
jussi01genii: the !ops lists are usually out of date... (if anyone feels like bringing them up to date, be my guest)16:33
tritiumSounds like something ubottu should automate16:33
topylikiller rabbit16:33
topyliMyrtti: how did you get monospace?16:34
Flannelsharp pointy teeth?16:34
tritiumFlannel: did you ever say hi to Santosh for me?16:34
jussi01tritium: probably... patches welcome ;)16:35
Myrttitopyli: http://jkniiv.jaiku.com/presence/4477908616:35
tritiumjussi01: ;)16:35
Flanneltritium: Classes start today16:36
tritiumFlannel: oh, ok.  Are you taking any of his classes?16:36
FlannelMyrtti: I'd reply in twitter... but, well, I ain't not got none of that thar two point oh.  So.... pastebin is all you get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108290/16:36
Flanneltritium: Not this semester, no.16:36
FlannelBut I'll see him at IEEE meetings and the like16:37
Flannels/twitter/whatever it actually is/16:37
topyliMyrtti: ah16:38
MyrttiFlannel: ♥ 16:38
tritiumFlannel: ah, ok.  Well, please tell him hello.16:39
Flanneltritium: I'll be sure to.16:39
bazhangcircuitfire, how may we help you18:20
* Pici fails at wpm speed one-handed18:22
bazhangPici, sorry to hear about your accident18:22
Jack_Sparrow!idle > circuitfire 18:22
ubottucircuitfire, please see my private message18:22
Picibazhang: As was I18:23
bazhangPici, how long until the cast comes off18:23
Jack_SparrowPici is in a cast now?18:23
bazhanghe broke his arm18:23
PiciNo cast, just a sling right now18:24
Jack_SparrowDidn't someone else just get a cast off18:24
Tm_TPici: why did you break your arm?18:24
bazhanghe slipped and fell Tm_T 18:25
Tm_Twhy? that sounds silly thing to do...18:25
bazhangits icy in the Eastern US right now18:25
Tm_Tbut that doesnt make breaking arm a good thing18:27
bazhangof course not18:28
Tm_Ttalking about ice, we got ice roads open here now <318:30
Picii slipped on the ice on my parents driveway18:30
* Myrtti blows Pici's owwie18:31
Jack_SparrowWe never got a response from circuitfire18:32
bazhangcircuitfire, dont idle here as per channel topic18:32
Myrtti@bansearch circuitfire 18:34
ubottuNo matches found for circuitfire!n=john@ in any channel18:34
Myrtti@bansearch circuitfire!*@*18:34
ubottuNo matches found for circuitfire!*@* in any channel18:34
Myrtti@bansearch *!*@
ubottuNo matches found for *!*@ in any channel18:34
bazhanggordonjcp trolling?21:23
Ursinhaargh.. trolls..21:28
bazhangor just really annoying21:28
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
Jack_Sparrowjpds, Wow21:59
jpdsJack_Sparrow: I found it funny :)21:59
FlannelYou scare the servers.22:04
FlannelI used to do that to my girlfriend all the time.  Out of the blue scream at her.  She stops whatever she's doing.  I'm sure if she was writing or reading, she'd stop.22:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:05
Flannelwell, not all the time.22:05
* Flannel realises that the way he phrased it makes him sound like an idiot, but, whatever.22:06
mneptokwelcome to my world22:07
* Flannel will just go ahead and say all of the times had hiccups involved.22:08
jussi01Flannel: you arent an idiot? o.O :P :P22:20
Flanneljussi01: Not all the time, no.22:21
FlannelI know, hard to believe.  But sometimes I just can't find anything idioic to do.22:21
mneptoktimes like that are why God invented sugary beverages, expensive electronics, and gravity.22:22
jussi01!jussi01 | Flannel22:25
ubottuFlannel: grumblefish!!22:25
FlannelHi oCean_, how can we help you today?23:02
oCean_hi, i was banned from #ubuntu, but do not know why23:02
oCean_it seems that someone pasted a df output to me, but than my ip was banned23:02
oCean_and I always liked ubottu :)23:03
FlannelMmm, let me... take a look in my scrollback.23:04
FlannelAnd, floodbots do it, not ubottu, so you can still like her :)23:04
oCean_I went through that too :)23:04
oCean_aha ok.23:04
tritiumHello.  If my launchpad team membership expired, is there a way to reactivate it?  I understand that MOTUs can activate/deactive themselves now?23:05
FlanneloCean_: I've removed the ban, sorry about that.  I'll be sure to poke people to have that bug looked at.23:06
tritiumOops.  Wrong window.  ;)23:06
oCean_Flannel: thx a lot!23:06
Flanneltritium: Before it expired, you should have been able to renew, if its entirely voluntary.23:06
tritiumFlannel: yeah, but I didn't catch it in time.23:06
FlannelI'm not sure if you can renew after the fact.  Does LP have a place to do so?23:07
tritiumNot that I can see.23:09
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