GargoyleIf I "ifdown eth0" does eth0:0 stay up?00:01
DeepsGargoyle: nope00:03
DeepsGargoyle: urr, dunno00:03
GargoyleI think it's a no! :)00:03
GargoyleWhat are the concequences of rebooting the server if it's eth0 ip address will knowingly conflict with another server?00:07
Gargoylewill eth0:0 come up?00:07
GargoyleAhh, balls to it... I'll just change them one at a time... worst case is that it sets off the alarms at the hosting co and some poor sys admin has to come and check what is going on!00:09
Deepsit'll come up, cached arp records be damned00:09
Deepsand your router will get confused if it doesn't have static arp mappings00:09
Deepsand your hosts will hate you00:10
GargoyleI am just gonna do em one at a time. so one address will disappear from the network for a min or two!00:10
Gargoyleawww, poo00:12
Gargoylessh has not come back up!00:12
GargoyleDon't you just hate remote managing servers!00:12
Deepsdont tend to manage many locally00:13
Deepsso i guess not, heh.00:13
* Gargoyle wipes his brow...00:14
GargoyleIt was just on a go slow!00:14
cjwatsonandol: I don't know, I'm afraid - mathiaz might00:20
cjwatsonDogWater: I'd very much like to work with you to debug your Kickstart problems, but I'm just about to go to bed. Could you please (a) file a bug on https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kickseed/+filebug with as much detail as you can (at least a copy of your Kickstart file, and the installer's syslog file if you can), and hop onto #ubuntu-installer sometime tomorrow?00:21
cjwatsonDogWater: (I wrote our Kickstart implementation and if it broke it's probably my fault.)00:21
FishsceneI have created a directory called, "/vmfiles/vm" However, if I go into the vmfiles directory and run "ls" it does not display the vm directory. But I can still navigate to /vmfiles/vm. Any ideas why vm does not show up in ls?01:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #319843 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "root password is not asked during default install" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31984301:26
techsupport hi, in ubuntu , how can i make a user owner of a directory and all its sub directories, i'm trying with chown03:18
p_quarleschown -R user:group /path/to/dir03:19
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pascualcmcan someone help me with an issue am having concernin ia31 lib please04:52
IcemanV9is there a specific solution for slow response from 8.10 server?? there is like 2-5 seconds delay before it respond ... in ssh session, webpage, wordpress. i have exhausted the resources on looking into dns, resolv.conf, hdparm. i'm at loss to resolve it.06:30
vertxDoes anyone uses nagios? I could really use a helping hand here. I tried to compile nagios-plugins-1.4.13 but the make command returns  undefined reference to `np_net_ssl_read'07:17
Koonvertx: users of nagios usually don't compile their plugins by hand :)07:18
vertxI tried googling it. The only suggestion I could find is that I have to install ssl-dev package, for which I have already done using libssl-dev package. Did I do anything wrong in between?07:20
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vertx@Koon: thanks for your reply. But I can only see nagios2 available on the repo. I'm using Ubuntu Server 8.04, btw. What do you suggest?07:25
ScixGood morning from norway :)07:35
ScixI can't get this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PamCcredsHowto to work with intrepid. What am I missing?07:35
Scixwhen i try to use getent passwd, whe user is found, but when i try to log in, i'm getting authentication failed07:36
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Koonvertx: the plugins are there somewhere, let me see08:03
Koonnagios-plugins (1.4.11-1ubuntu5) [universe]08:03
Koonsplitted into nagios-plugins-basic nagios-plugins-extra and nagios-plugins-standard08:04
spiekeywhen i try to start my xen instance i get this error: Error: Device 51713 (vbd) could not be connected. Backend device not found.08:04
spiekey<spiekey> with this config file: http://pastebin.com/m4692ce6208:04
spiekeyany idea why?08:05
Koonspiekey: maybe #ubuntu-virt can help you.08:06
frippzI've got a Dell PowerEdge 1950 that I'd like to read temps from. anyone who knows what software is supported for this?10:17
krautwhat are temps!?10:18
frippznot temporaries :)10:20
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barduckI need help - I tried to remove sendmail using apt-get and it somehow failed. Now anything I triy to do with apt-get or dpkg starts sendmail config ("Setting up sendmail-bin (8.14.3-4) ...") and then fails again with "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)" - what to do ?11:48
barduckanyone ?12:03
agentkbarduck: apt-get -f install ??12:06
barducktried "apt-get -f install sendmail" and "apt-get -f remove sendmail", same result12:07
agentkdpkg -a configure12:07
cjwatsonthat is a syntax error12:08
agentkHmmm. I cant remember what it's ment to be come to think of it.12:08
cjwatsonbarduck: is there any other message between "Setting up ..." and "E:"?12:08
cjwatsonagentk: you meant dpkg --configure -a, but it won't help here12:09
barduckcjwatson: yeah, there is tons of stuff sendmail config trying to do until it finally gives some errors and quits12:09
barduckI dont want sendmail12:09
cjwatsonbarduck: try 'dpkg --remove sendmail-bin'12:09
barduckI want to completely get rid of it12:09
barduckcjwatson: same result12:09
barduckit says sendmail is not installed12:10
barduckthen runs the sendmail config12:10
cjwatsonsurely not, it can't possibly begin with "Setting up sendmail-bin" for starters12:10
cjwatsonbarduck: could you put a transcript on paste.ubuntu.com, please?12:10
barduckcjwatson: of course12:10
barduckcjwatson: this is when I run dpkg --configure -a : http://paste.ubuntu.com/108205/12:13
cjwatsonit seems that /etc/init.d/sendmail has been removed but sendmail-bin still expects it to be there. Personally I would create /etc/init.d/sendmail that just reads like this:12:14
cjwatson#! /bin/sh12:15
cjwatsonexit 012:15
cjwatsonchmod +x that file, and then try again12:15
barduckI will try that12:15
cjwatsonyou can remove that file later12:15
cjwatsonthis is of course a bug that we'd appreciate you reporting on LP12:15
barduckI think I also removed /var/cache/apt when I tried to fix the above problem so now I get "E: Could not open lock file /var/cache/apt/archives/lock" from apt-get12:16
barduckshould I just create the dir ?12:16
barduckcjwatson: ok, that fixed the dpkg --configure . But now I have sendmail in a zombie state. The package is not installed but I have traces of it all over my system. Any way to completely remove it12:21
cjwatsonyou removed /var/cache/apt ??12:23
cjwatsonwhat else did you mess about with? ;-)12:23
cjwatsonbarduck: put the output of   dpkg -l "sendmail*"   on paste.ubuntu.com please?12:23
barduckcjwatson: alot ! :) sendmail is stuck all over my system and it completely gets on my nerves...and I am not known for my patience :)12:24
barduckcjwatson: coming right up12:24
cjwatsonyou may have interfered with dpkg's own cleanup and made your problems worse12:24
barduckit couldn't have been worse12:24
barduckor could it ?12:24
barduckcjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108206/12:26
Koonfrippz: dmidecode might get you the info you need12:26
Koonfrippz: see http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2008/11/how-to-get-hardware-information-on-linux-using-dmidecode-command/12:26
frippzKoon: thanks. will look into it12:26
cjwatsonbarduck: ok, 'dpkg --purge sendmail-base sendmail-bin sendmail-cf'12:27
barduckholy cows ! It is gone! I am free at last!12:29
barduckcjwatson: thanks a lot12:29
barduckand I know better now what to do if this happens again12:29
* barduck runs to install postfix12:30
cjwatsonbarduck: (and remember to remove the /etc/init.d/sendmail hack you put in place)12:30
barduckcjwatson: it is gone...12:30
barduckfrom the purge, I guess12:30
cjwatsonbarduck: apt-get purge "sendmail*"   would probably have done it in the first place12:32
cjwatsonor use aptitude to mark all sendmail-related packages as purged, and then tell it to go12:32
barduckcjwatson: what I initially did that screwed it all is "apt-get purse sendmail"12:32
cjwatsonI suspect sendmail*'s dependencies are subtly broken in some way that affects purge, and thus you need to get the order right :-/12:33
cjwatsonhence suggesting purging them all at once12:33
barduckthat won't happen again...12:34
barduckbut thats only because sendmail got on my nerves and I will never install it again12:34
barduckok, I think my system is in serenity again...12:36
barduckmany thanks, cjwatson12:36
cjwatsonno problem12:37
DogWaterSo is anyone working on fixing the kickstart system in 8.10?12:39
ivokswhat's wrong with it?12:48
cjwatsonDogWater: I replied to you last night, but maybe you missed it?12:50
cjwatson00:21 <cjwatson> DogWater: I'd very much like to work with you to debug your Kickstart problems, but I'm just about to go to bed. Could you please (a) file a bug on12:50
cjwatson                 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kickseed/+filebug with as much detail as you can (at least a copy of your Kickstart file, and the installer's syslog file if you can), and hop onto12:50
cjwatson                 #ubuntu-installer sometime tomorrow?12:50
cjwatson00:21 <cjwatson> DogWater: (I wrote our Kickstart implementation and if it broke it's probably my fault.)12:50
heath|workIs anyone using rdiff for backups?14:20
Mohammad[B]hi all14:22
Mohammad[B]how to i can resolve it --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/108240/ ? please help me :( very important14:22
DogWatercjwatson: sure I can post it for you, it is just kind of strange really the 8.04 install with the same ks file works fine (except it still asks me to partition which i need to eliminate) but the same file on 8.10 is just insaneoflex14:27
cjwatsonDogWater: kickseed is sometimes sensitive to other changes in the installer, so it can happen that we change something else and then if we forget to update kickseed it all breaks14:30
cjwatsonDogWater: (remember to remove passwords from the Kickstart file before posting it, obviously!)14:30
kj4hello all14:31
kj4anyone here taken the LPI tests?14:33
uvirtbot`New bug: #292293 in openvpn (universe) "udev rules for tun device have wrong permisisons" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29229314:36
incidenceHow did I set a new IP for eth0:X?15:20
AuthorityWhat is the proper way to manage the /etc/inetd.conf file?  I keep deleting the #<off># string from the services I need but something keeps putting it back15:23
ograsoren, do you happen to be around ?15:33
* ogra needs some qemu advice15:34
frippzdoes anyone know by what means Landscape receives temperature info from a server?15:35
henkjanfrippz: lmsensors?15:35
frippzhenkjan: you sure?15:35
henkjanfrippz: no, just a guess15:36
ogramore likely acpi through sysfs15:36
ograor /proc15:36
frippzI'm on a trial here and just noticed that the temperature info was empty. would like to fix that :)15:37
ograor it installs a little dwarf inside your server case that put his fingertips at the neuralgic temperature points15:37
frippzogra: :P15:37
frippzbetter be a damn small dwarf for a 1U server :D15:37
ograyeah, dont forget to feed him little sandwiches ... else he wont measure :)15:38
ogra"gnome inside"15:39
cjwatsonAuthority: update-inetd15:39
Authoritycjwatson: thanks, i'll give that a try15:40
Authoritycjwatson: does it make sense that if I'd previously just used vim to edit the file that something else would be disabling the service again though?15:42
cjwatsonAuthority: it sounds odd, but it's a while since I looked into update-inetd15:51
cjwatsonAuthority: you might want to file a bug15:51
Authoritycjwatson: well I'm going to watch the file for a few days and see if it happens again before I do something like that.  might be good to check though to see if someone else has already filed a similar bug.  thanks for the assistance15:52
ograwell, if you have i.e. openbsd-inetd installed and its set to start standalone in /etc/default, and you run apt-get upgrade, debconf might listen to the /etc/default setting and take it out on inetd.conf15:53
cjwatsons/debconf/some maintainer script that uses debconf/15:54
cjwatsonhowever, any such action is a bug15:54
ograbut in this case /etc/default counts ...15:54
cjwatsonand should be reported and fixed15:54
cjwatsonif you're really crazy enough to have two configuration files with potentially conflicting files and try to sync one to the other, you should at least check which is newer. Better still, don't do such a silly and confusing thing.15:55
cjwatson(where "you" = package maintainer)15:56
ograwell, its how tftd-hpa comes from debian ...15:56
ograi always found that behavior odd15:56
colonelqubitWhen I run apt-get upgrade, new kernels are being held back. What's the best way for me to tell what security fixes (if any) are included in the new kernels?16:04
jmedinacolonelqubit: reading the changelog?16:04
jmedinaI like apticron because it sends a email with that info, the security update, the changelog, and even the CVE report16:05
colonelqubitjmedina: okay, but 'linux-server' is a metapackage, so while dpkg -l tells me what kernel rev I'm on now, how can I tell what version I will be upgraded to?16:05
cjwatsoncolonelqubit: dist-upgrade would install the new kernels16:08
jmedinammm I think you never upgrade to a major kernel version, only some patch to your current kernel16:08
cjwatson(see the apt-get manual page for the difference between upgrade and dist-upgrade)16:08
jmedinasometing like16:08
jmedina * Kernel ABI bump for linux-source-2.6.15 version 2.6.15-52.16:08
jmedina   Security update.16:08
cjwatsoncolonelqubit: if you install apt-listchanges and configure it appropriately, it'll show you all the changelogs for everything you're upgrading, and prompt you before going ahead and upgrading16:09
cjwatsonit sounds like what you want16:09
colonelqubitcjwatson: hmm. I'd prefer to not have to install any new packages, but that does look promising.16:10
jmedinain fact, apticron uses apt-listchanges16:10
cjwatsoncolonelqubit: you will have to install new packages any time the kernel ABI changes, I'm afraid, and that is sometimes necessary16:11
cjwatsonyou can always say no to apt-listchanges and then be more selective, if you like16:11
colonelqubitcjwatson: oh, I just meant that I wish I didn't have to install the 'apt-listchanges' package, hoping that apt-get or dpkg already had enouch functionality...16:12
cjwatsonoh, right16:12
colonelqubitcjwatson: what about 'apt-get install linux-server -s' ?16:12
cjwatsonyou can in principle pick the changelog out of a package with just dpkg but it's annoying.16:12
colonelqubit(maybe the -s goes before the package name)16:12
cjwatsoncolonelqubit: that will tell you what new packages will be installed as a result, but will not show the changelog16:13
cjwatsonnor anything about security fixes, etc.16:13
colonelqubitcjwatson: sure, but if I can get the version # of the kernel, I can then just look online at the changelog16:13
cjwatsonin that case why not just 'apt-cache show linux-server', look at the highest version number paragraph there, and check the dependency16:13
cjwatsonor indeed, why not just https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux and look for the highest one targeted at your release :-)16:14
colonelqubitcjwatson: good point -- I should be resonably certain that upgrading linux-server will give me the latest and greatest in the package repository?16:15
cjwatsongenerally, though sometimes linux-meta updates lag a little bit behind16:18
jmedinaI always recommend to suscribe to the USN list16:18
colonelqubitjmedina: oh, yes, I subscribe to USN, but I usually only glance at it.  The current sysadmin is out with a new baby, so I'm taking over duties temporarily... :-)16:22
kajeDoes anyone know if there is a way to force the settings of a ufw command? I'm trying to run a script to enable ssh commands across several hundred machines and each time it asks for a y|n confirmation because my setting "may disrupt ssh communications"17:41
jdstrandkaje: no. the version of ufw in jaunty will have preseeding/debconf ability though17:43
jdstrandkaje: for your current situation, you can do:17:43
jdstrandufw allow ...17:43
jdstrandsed the /etc/ufw/ufw.conf file17:44
jdstrand/etc/init.d/ufw start17:44
kajeright, but when I do ufw enable it asks me if I'm sure I want to do that... I'm not looking forward to hitting y hundreds of times17:44
jdstrandkaje: notice we bypassed 'ufw enable' there17:44
kajeso I could just copy the ufw.conf file over and then start it?17:45
jdstrandkaje: sure. that also goes for /var/lib/ufw/*rules files too17:45
jdstrandkaje: and really anything in /etc/ufw/*17:45
jdstrandkaje: but you can add rules (eg ufw allow 22/tcp) without it being enabled17:46
kajeI see17:46
jdstrandkaje: and then just turn it on at the end eith 'enable' or with what I suggested a moment ago17:46
jmedinakaje: if you are scripting then use expect to automatically answers...17:47
kajeexpect, I'll take a look at that17:47
kajeThanks for all the help guys =)17:47
* jdstrand considers adding 'force-enable'17:49
ziggleshi guys, i have a server that is unable to ping fqdn (ie google.com)... it's setup as DHCP and /etc/resolv.conf looks the same as other ubuntu boxes that are OK.  Any ideas?17:55
vertxziggles: I presume you meant it is setup as a DHCP server right? could it ping any other IIPs (private or pulic)?17:59
ziggleshi vertx.  It's actually a client at this point.  I had it set on a manual/static IP but then noticed this problem.  I then switched it to DHCP to make sure i was not screwing up any configs18:03
Faust-Cwould anyone have info on making wifi better, as in VNC on my lan is beyond slow how do i improve it18:06
vertxziggles: try pinging upstream, to your modem/router's ip address, then do a tracepath to google or something, see what happens. Does ping to google returns with an ip address?18:06
Faust-Cvertx: what seems to be ziggles problem18:07
vertxFaust-C: he could not ping FQDN (ie google)18:08
zigglesFaust-C: i cannot ping fqdn from one host on my lan.18:08
zigglesoh oops :X  thanks vertx18:08
zigglesvertx: i can ping the router, and tracepath results in No Reply after the router18:09
zigglesi wonder if its the router that's blocking me out... but it's just a cheap dlink home router... no real configs.  strangely enough this host was able to ping out last night18:10
uvirtbot`New bug: #319848 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "upgrading from mysql-server-5.0 to mysql-server-5.1 doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31984818:10
Faust-Cziggles: i just had that issue18:12
Faust-Cziggles: do you have DNS on your lan18:12
zigglesi do not18:13
Faust-Cziggles: ill give you a example of my setup18:13
zigglesthis really isnt a fancy setup lol...  i just have a few ubuntu boxes on a home network one being a server.  I'm trying to config this box before i bring it out18:13
zigglesFaust-C: awesome, thank you.18:14
Faust-Catt wwan (internet) <- (NAT using arno-iptables) -> eth0 (lan)18:14
Faust-Ceth0 runs DNS and DHCP18:14
Faust-Conce i installed bind inet for wireless clients works18:15
ziggleswas it working at all before you installed bind?18:16
Faust-Conly for local wired clients18:16
Faust-Cbut laptop wasnt getting inet18:16
Faust-Cziggles: logs have any info?18:16
zigglesthe only error i have really is this: Jan 22 10:17:01 lucca console-kit-daemon[5161]: CRITICAL: cannot initialize libpolkit18:17
zigglesbut i dont think it has anything to do with the network18:17
Faust-Cziggles: what about the following logs18:18
Faust-Cdaemon, syslog,18:19
Faust-Cabd debug18:19
zigglesFaust-C: i THINK it looks ok?  http://pastie.org/36793918:22
zigglesi have two bridges18:22
Faust-Csec lemme look, ill make my setup more clear too18:23
zigglesbridging eth0 and eth1 to br0 and br1... (they appear in the logs)18:23
zigglesI've also tried setting them to manual and no luck18:23
zigglesthanks Faust-C18:23
Faust-Ci dont think you can make 2 bridges out of 2 devices18:23
Faust-Cbut lets see18:24
* Faust-C gets his config18:25
zigglesmy goal was to have virtual machines running through different nics to avoid a bottle neck18:26
zigglesand it was working... for a few hours lol18:27
Faust-Cziggles: heh im doing the same thing18:28
Faust-Cbut ill show you a diff way18:28
zigglesawesome thanky ou18:29
vertxFaust-C: I have a question. How can one determine that bind cache(s) domain name look-ups? Where should I look for them? Isn't it supposed to be cached in /var/cache/bind? That directory seems always to be empty, and streams of name look-up keeps being requested directly to my ISP.18:31
Faust-Cvertx: it depends on  your setup18:31
Faust-Cfor instance w/ mine it uses *itself* when it actually uses ISP18:32
Faust-Cso its a forwarding DNS server18:32
Faust-Cziggles: http://pastie.org/36794318:32
Faust-Cvertx: you can also set it up to be a caching server18:33
Faust-Cwhich i need to do considering my inet is just above dial-up speed18:33
vertxFaust-C: the clients are set to request to local dns server, The DNS server is setup as bot forwarding and caching. Is that possible?18:33
Faust-Cyep, thats exactly what im doing18:33
Faust-Csometimes i dont understand how i get stuff to work .....18:35
vertxBut how do I know whether the server is caching those domains or not. Would it keep those caches as a file?18:35
jmedinavertx: you can enable logging18:36
jmedinaor try18:36
jmedinasudo rndc querylog18:36
jmedinaand watch your logs18:36
jmedinathat will log every query request18:36
jmedinayou can disable it againt with rndc querylog18:37
vertxjmedina: thanks I'll try that. where does the log ends-up in? syslog?18:38
vertxjmedina: great. thanks again.18:38
jmedinavertx: is that what you want?18:39
jmedinavertx: and you can also use dig externaldomain.tld and then check the response time18:39
jmedinayou will notice that the second request gets faster because is already cached18:39
vertxjmedina: isn't there a physical evidence of those chaches?18:41
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vertxjmedina: I mean shouldn't be there one file or a series of files that shows the name look-up caches?18:44
jmedinavertx: the cache is in memory, you can dump that cache to a file with "rndc dumpdb"18:45
jmedinaby default stored in /var/cache/bind/named_dump.db18:45
vertxjmedina: apt-get rndc returns with "´╗┐Couldn't find package rndc" :(18:50
jmedinarndc is part of bind918:50
jmedinadpkg -S `which rndc`18:50
jmedinabind9: /usr/sbin/rndc18:50
vertxjmedina: i see. thanks.18:53
zigglesdamn faust-c is gone and i didnt get a chance to thank him.18:56
vertxdoes anyone have successfully compiled nagios-plugins-1.4.13 on ubuntu server 8.04? or is there an alternative, like a pre-compiled .deb package? I can only find a nagios2 on the repo.18:59
vertx´╗┐nagios-plugins-1.4.13 compiles perfectly on my ubuntu 8.04 client, but not on the server. any ideas?19:01
adonmwhats the compile failing on?19:02
adonmnot that ive ever tried compiling nagios ;P19:02
adonmpersonally am using zabbix, coz its a bit easier to work with19:03
vertxadonm: is zabbix good? is it also free?19:04
adonmvertx: yeah its pretty nice19:04
adonmvertx: takes a bit to setup but for monitoring and email alerts id say its my favourite free tool19:04
adonmit does snmp monitoring + agent monitoring19:05
adonmand the agent is available for windows & linux & solaris19:05
vertxadonm: that sound great. i'll look it up :)19:05
adonmi think 1.4something is in the ubuntu repos, and 1.61 is available in a ppa somewhere (zabbix that is)19:06
vertxadonm: is there a major difference between the 1.4 and 1.6 version?19:07
vertxadonm: i mean performance or feature wise?19:08
adonmi think the maps stuff in 1.6 is a fair bit better19:13
adonmthats the network diagram style dispaly of faults across the network19:14
vertxadonm: their screenshots looks great. thanks. downloading now :)19:17
MianoSMlogin as: mianosm19:19
MianoSMmianosm@miano.us's password:19:19
MianoSMKeep it gangster, and let me know what's up.19:19
MianoSMLast login: Thu Jan 22 14:13:27 2009 from tbgw10.mybrighthouse.com19:19
MianoSMmianosm@miano:~$ sudo htop19:19
MianoSMmianosm@miano:~$ clear19:19
MianoSMIs there a fix for this issue yet?19:19
jmedinawhat issue?19:21
MianoSMNo request for a password as a sudo user?19:21
MianoSMIs it cool to just run sudo without prompting for a password?19:21
jmedinadid you log in before? probably password is cached19:21
fauxhawkhis log has the motd19:22
MianoSMfauxhawk: wat19:22
jmedinayeap, but we are all over the world with different time zones :D19:22
fauxhawkjmedina: it is when he logs in19:23
jpdsMianoSM: "sudo -K" - resets the sudo timeout19:23
MianoSMIt should be clearing the cache on logout then I'd imagine....19:23
jmedinaecho "sudo -k" >> ~/.bash_logout19:23
jpdsBig K that is.19:23
fauxhawkjmedina: any idea why this isn't the default?19:29
jmedinafauxhawk: I dont know, have you read the manpage?19:29
jmedinayou can set the timeout in sudoers19:29
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Koonvertx: apt-get install nagios-plugins ?19:30
vertxKoon: Thanks. I'll try that later. Right now the update manager is downloading 36 updates. Darn, it takes such a long time :( BTW, what version is it?19:36
vertxKoon: Nice, that should do it. Thanks. Sorry, my inet connection was such a bummer earlier today, so I was repeatedly disconnected automagically, and could not thank you for your help before.19:39
Koonvertx: you're welcome ;)19:50
GargoyleAnyone got any recommendations for a simple rrdtool setup that can give me cpu/mem/net graphs? I was looking at cacti, but it seems a bit much for 3 simple graphs20:05
P4C0hello guys, I have an entry for my host of in /etc/hosts is that normal??20:10
P4C0shouldn't it be ?20:10
andolP4C0: Well, actually the entire points towards the loopback interface.20:18
P4C0but it comes like that by default? or i modified it? ... can't remember :(20:22
cjwatsonP4C0: yes, it's normal and intentional20:38
P4C0ok :) thanks cjwatson20:40
cjwatsonP4C0: the point is to have each IP address having only one canonical hostname, to have each hostname having only one IP address, and to have both 'localhost' and the hostname chosen for your box defined as distinct hostnames20:40
cjwatsonif your box doesn't have a static IP, then the best way to do that is to give it another IP address in 127/820:40
cjwatsonsee comment 30 on bug 898020:41
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 8980 in network-manager "hostname -f does not return a proper FQDN" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/898020:41
uvirtbot`New bug: #320212 in samba (main) "cannot access samba share after mount.cifs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32021221:05
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ziggles1dang.... i was in here earlier but still cant figure out why one of my hosts is unable to reach fqdns past my router21:44
ziggles1anyone have a pointer as to where i can start to debug?21:44
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orudiei have a problem, i did chown -R 'username' www , now i cant change anything in my drupal admin web interface :(21:48
ziggles1orudie: not sure if this helps, but does the group that username is have an impact?21:50
jmedinaorudie: could you show the output from : ls -ld www21:51
orudiejmedina, hold on21:51
orudiepaul@linode:/var$ ls -ld www21:52
orudiedrwxr-xr-x 12 paul root 4096 Jan 22 16:46 www21:52
orudiejmedina, ^21:54
jmedinawell you need to give www-data write permisions to some files,which insecure in my opinion21:55
orudieFUCK !21:56
orudieoops sorry21:56
orudieeverything was running smooth21:56
jmedinafuck where are the backups.....21:57
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!21:57
orudiedude i had no idea lol21:57
jmedinakids administering servers?21:57
orudiewhy would i backup before chmod ?21:57
jmedinathat is new21:57
orudiei mean21:57
Deepsjmedina: they gotta learn sometime...21:58
orudiei always use chown command, but never did it with a www dir. , so i guess this will be something that i had to find out sooner or later21:59
jmedinaorudie: orudie why wont you chown to the last owner?21:59
orudiejmedina, can you help me with that ?21:59
jmedinaorudie: you remember the last owner?22:00
orudiejmedina, no, like i said i never messed with the www dir.22:00
orudiejmedina, isnt it apache2 server ?22:00
jmedinaorudie: scroll up in your terminal, probably you can see the last pems22:00
orudiebut i havent changed em22:01
orudiethis is the first time22:01
orudiemaybe there is an undo command for the chown -R ?22:02
orudiejmedina, ^22:02
kajeWhat is the prefered way to share disk space from a ubuntu server to many ubuntu clients?22:02
Deepsnormally www-data owns /var/www/22:02
orudieDeeps, so should i try chown -R ww-data /var/www ?22:02
jmedinaDeeps: yeap the problem is that drupal needs to write in some files, and if ehe chown -R I think is insecure22:03
jmedinaorudie: you should read the drupal manual and check the perms you need22:03
Deepsorudie: could try, yep22:03
jmedinathey have a list with the files need write permision for the apache user22:03
Deepsjmedina: yep, and if drupal scripts are running as 'www-data', which they will be if he's using apache2 + libapache-mod-php522:04
jmedinaDeeps: by default /var/www is owned by root not www-data22:04
Deepsgood point, the contents within are www-data though22:04
Deepsespecially if it's generated or edited by apache22:04
orudieDeeps, thanx :) let me try22:05
Deeps(unless he uses suexec or suphp, which is unlikely)22:05
jmedinaDeeps: I agree22:05
jmedinaI would run chmod 755 for every dir and 644 for every file, and then read drupal howto, check which files needs write perms..22:06
orudiethanx guys, time to leave work :)22:08
orudieits 522:08
P4C0what's the best way to: having unsigned int a=275; end up with unsigned int b=02; unsigned int c=75; ?22:11
P4C0ups wrong channel...22:11
kajeCan someone recommend a good how-to for setting up an openafs server on a ubuntu box?22:19
ziggles1hi guys, is it possible to have two bridged networks?22:23
ziggles1on diff eth ports of course22:23
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