LaserJockis there a dedicated channel for brainstorm?01:13
ptarrantquestion, where does one download the hardy .2 ISO?01:17
ptarranti am signed in on the site, and tried a link, but it says its no longer there, i checked the dialy build section and all i see is jaunty01:18
ptarranti get this message This build wasn't found on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/20090121.2/hardy-alternate-i386.iso (may no longer exists)01:19
ptarrantand have tried desktop and alternate :(01:19
charlie-tcaptarrant: It is not released yet, but there are daily images under cdimages.ubuntu.com/hardy/01:24
ptarrantso here? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/hardy/daily-live/01:24
ptarrantawesome, thanks01:25
charlie-tcano problem.01:25
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aramorning all :-)07:16
davmor2Morning All09:02
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cr3yay, I finally reached 10K karma on launchpad! I wish I could buy stuff from the shop with that karma :)16:19
davmor2cr3: You can you currently have 10% of a cent keep going though :D16:20
cr3davmor2: something to look forward to!16:21
davmor2cr3: do you do any tests with kickstart?17:07
cr3davmor2: nope, only preseed. perhaps I should considering I believe kickstart is the officially supported way to automatically install ubuntu17:08
cr3davmor2: now that I've significantly simplified my preseeding, it might be feasible to replace that with kickstart instead17:09
davmor2cr3: there was a guy on about it on #ubuntu-installer earlier and cjwatson was saying it would make a good testcase.  However the docs on ubuntu site are kinda lacking and the feature set differs slightly from the RH docs so I think said I'd talk it through with cjwatson to create a case.  I'm thinking 2 cases an insanely simple one where changes aren't likely and a more complex one but that might need changing as s17:13
davmor2Right I'm off now17:15
cjwatsoncr3: kickstart is not the only officially supported approach. both kickstart and preseeding are supported, with different audiences.17:38

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