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newz2000Is there anyone here who has been subscribed to the ubuntu jobs rss feed?21:30
newz2000I'm curious if the two facebook jobs showed up in your feed reader21:30
jpdsnewz2000: That actually went through in the end? Wow.21:31
newz2000yeah, we're going to encourage more orgs to put their jobs up21:32
newz2000they get to post it for one month, automatically expire after 30 days21:32
newz2000they have to be at least peripherally related to Ubuntu though.21:32
newz2000(but as you can see from the fb jobs, that's currently very loosely interpreted)21:33
jpdsI see them in /feed/, right at the buttom though.21:33
newz2000jpds: did you just subscribe or have you been reading it for a while?21:33
newz2000the post date is right, for some reason the feed is not sorting the posts by date though21:34
jpdsOK; just added they're in the right place.21:35
jpdsJust before the new Canonical ones.21:40
newz2000ok, thanks21:41

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