bryceheya all01:55
brycedad did great with his surgery, the doctors are all very happy with his progress, and sounds like he'll be heading home within a week or so.01:56
brycetjaalton: how are things for xserver/-intel/-mesa?06:27
superm1bryce, i think nothing is still building because of https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2009-January/004178.html06:31
brycesuperm1: ok thanks06:31
brycesuperm1: heya btw.06:31
superm1bryce, hiya.  seeing you pop in reminds me.  i've got a couple more platforms that appear that they wont come into X with vesa that i'm hearing of.  I should eventually be seeing some hardware for some of them.  if they are similar in that 8.04's vesa works but 8.10 and 9.04's dont, do you have ideas for what's changed to make it more stringent off hand?06:33
superm1or perhaps some proactive changes that might help for when the hardware does show up06:34
superm1if perhaps it's similar to that nvidia based problem that i posted06:34
brycewell, I'd start by comparing the modelines from 8.04 vs. later06:35
bryceupstream had some changes to how those were calculated and there's a slight chance that those changes could break some chipsets06:35
bryce(like we already saw on that one Dell system)06:35
bryce-vesa is pretty low level and pretty simplistic, so if there's a regression it's more likely going to be in the xserver or kernel06:36
bryceso a second step would be to try booting an earlier kernel or an earlier xserver to see if either of those changes makes a difference06:36
brycekernel's probably easier to vary06:36
* superm1 nods06:37
bryceif you can rule out kernel and modelines, then that strongly points to xserver badness06:37
superm1and possibly being those small calculation differences then06:37
brycemaybe also test booting with xdm or some other wm to rule out window manager naughtiness06:38
superm1okay well great thanks for the tips.  i'll try to get one of these thats getting these reports as soon as i can06:38
tjaaltonbryce: nice to hear!07:24
tjaaltonbryce: the kernel probably is in the archive now, so I'll start uploading soon07:24
tjaalton..but it sure would be nice to find my phone07:24
tjaaltonoh, so the kernel upload was busted.. damn07:27
brycetjaalton: heya07:33
tjaaltonhowdy ho07:34
* bryce catching up with email07:34
tjaaltonI reinstalled my desktop at work, and seems that usplash hangs on it (GF8600)07:36
tjaaltonI get a series of loud beeps etc07:36
tjaaltonoh and a blank screen07:36
tjaaltonI happened to have bootchart installed, so I got a graph where it clearly shows that it's hung (eats the second cpu)07:37
tjaaltoner, core07:37
tjaaltonoh and when it finishes, X won't start07:38
tjaaltonjust hangs, when it does work without usplash07:38
tjaaltonoh well, first I need to get my sound back07:39
bryceouch, sounds like you need a Real OS.  I hear Win7 is just around the corner...07:40
tjaaltonyeah, I need to download that sucker right away07:41
tjaaltonoh, so the gui is postponed?07:53
brycetjaalton: yeah07:54
tjaaltonheh, -nv fails to drive this 30" monitor08:15
tjaalton"no modes"08:15
raoftjaalton: And how about nouveau :P08:29
tjaaltonraof: heh, haven't tried yet :)08:30
tjaaltonnight bryce08:35
tjaaltonapparently there are going to be "some imminent nvidia releases", which should support the new ABI11:47
tjaaltonhrm, why oh why can't I assing a mouse button as a shortcut..12:28
jcristauany reason why libxi can't be synced from experimental?12:32
tjaaltonlet me check12:32
jcristauwould allow to sync xinput too, i uploaded the 1.4.0 release12:33
tjaaltonwell.. we already ship XInput in libxi-dev :/12:35
jcristauargh. forgot about that.12:35
jcristauwhat a mess.12:35
tjaaltonbut that should be the only change12:35
tjaaltonyeah, but it's there waiting for libxi-2.0 :)12:36
jcristau10 years from now it'll be ok :)12:39
tjaaltondamn realist ;)12:40
=== crevette__ is now known as crevette
superm1tjaalton, "releases"?  as in not just -180?14:43
tjaaltonsuperm1: don't know..14:44
superm1where did you see the reference on that?14:44
tjaaltonoh, yes the quote was from aaronp14:44
tjaaltonon #xorg-devel14:44
tjaalton02:47 < aaronp> keithp: ping?  You're the 1.6 release manager, right?  We've got some imminent  releases and I need to know whether I can mark ABI5 as no longer needing  -ignoreABI.14:45
superm1ah neat14:45
tjaaltonXlib:  extension "XFree86-Misc" missing on display ":0.0".18:02
tjaaltonI get those on .xsession-errors18:02
tjaaltonoh, it was removed :)18:11
tjaaltonhi there18:17
tseliothey bryce18:33

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