Mimiensay looks like there is a lot of info there. I will read it, thank you :)00:00
topsubhekaldama,  that would be in the boot then00:00
Infinito-thanks gordonjcp nightrid3r I'll look into those00:00
uzairHey all, I was trying to install Windows AFTER installing Linux, but was having problems. Can anyone help out?00:00
gordonjcpBrack101: if you stop ntpd and say "sudo ntpdate nw-time.nist.gov" does it update your time?00:00
edi_99Hi all. I'm having trouble and I don't know why... When I try to i.e. record my guitar with Ardour I somethimes get this weird messages that Jack is used by another user and that I should check my audio settings? What do I have to do?00:00
Infinito-I want to run windows and then try running eclipse inside of windows :p00:00
Infinito-let's see how that goes :p00:00
ensayInfinito- -> you can run eclipse in linux00:00
nightrid3ruzair: firts windows and then linux is the best option00:00
gordonjcpInfinito-: why are you trying to run Eclipse in Windows?00:00
Infinito-yeah I know00:00
DesuUzair, Install Linux AFTER Windows.00:01
MimiSo it doesn't crash every time you do something?00:01
uzairunfortunately, i've been using linux for a while and backing up all files, clearing the drive then reinstalling is a real pain :(00:01
uzairis there no way otherwise?00:01
gordonjcpWhy are you running eclipse *at all* is a good enough question00:01
Infinito-I'm a flex developer, and the flex plugin for eclipse in windows has some desirable features00:01
Infinito-that linux plugin hasn't00:01
gordonjcpuzair: you could make a copy of your MBR, save it somewhere, then install Windows which will flatten the MBR with its own one00:02
nightrid3ruzair: windows will f*ckup your linux install anyway00:02
gordonjcpuzair: then write your Linux MBR back00:02
Infinito-and i don't wish to use windows for much else, anyhow..00:02
gordonjcpuzair: have you got space partitioned for Windows?00:02
step21hey ... on the wubi page it says still developers wanted for mubi, anyone know who might have an update on this?00:02
gordonjcpInfinito-: could you try running Eclipse in Wine?00:02
Brack101gordonjcp: no...I guess it doesn't00:02
uzairnot too worried about the mbr, i've already replaced that once. problem is that windows keeps thinking logical partitions are primaries and doesn't want to install otherwise00:02
step21many ppl run eclipse on windows ...00:02
step21should run o.k.00:02
gordonjcpBrack101: why not?00:02
SkyLeachInfinito-, you also have the option of running rdesktop to connect to a windows machine using the Windows RDP (remote desktop protocol) and/or VNC to connect to windows.  I do not know if the hypervise stuff will virtualize windows, someone else will have to answer that or you can google it if you like.  Gnerally, however, people that are doing this wish to run multiple operating systems at the same time.  I find that it is a horrid user experience fo00:02
SkyLeachr a desktop system as graphics and audio are extremely limited since you are forced to use a limited-feature virtual driver.00:02
Infinito-gordonjcp, yeah I thought of that too00:03
SkyLeachthat was a bit long :-)00:03
MimiHey, Ubuntu is based on debian unstable, right?00:03
uzairis there anyway to hide those partitions from windows? or perhaps just format an empty partition to ntfs and then let windows installer go from there00:03
Brack101gordonjcp: can't resolve the host....I could have sworn that was a good one00:03
hekaldamatopsub: one sec, on the phone sorry00:03
gordonjcpBrack101: well there's your answer ;-)00:03
topsubhekaldama,  np00:03
Infinito-SkyLeach, no, that's not good for me.. I wanna have everything in my own machine :)00:03
Brack101gordonjcp: was I doing it right?  adding the entry to ntp.conf and restarting?00:03
gordonjcpInfinito-: I'm probably not best placed to advise on how to run Eclipse - I used it for an hour and then ditched it, and recently turned down a job because they used Eclipse00:04
gordonjcpBrack101: yup, with a good server name that should be fine00:04
step21uzair: hiding works with some commercial software at least, not sure if parted supports it00:04
SkyLeachInfinito-, consider looking into the transgaming setup of Wine.  It will run nearly any windows application including games with very good or even identical performance to windows for windows applications.00:04
step21gordonjcp: you found it that bad?00:04
Infinito-omg gordonjcp , I prefer eclipse over any IDE00:04
gordonjcpstep21: yes00:04
uzairstep21: what if i format through parted before i go to install anything? can we just "skip" the partitioning step w/ windows?00:05
step21at least they didn't use VS00:05
gordonjcpInfinito-: it uses Java, that's enough to put me off ;-)00:05
Infinito-SkyLeach, hmm will do00:05
uzairstep21: format empty space to ntfs00:05
slldid anybody connect to a edirol V4 (video-mixer) via s-video correctly? I get blink lines and bad resolution, but connected to tv directly work fine. It seems beacause the signal can be to weak. Any suggestions? Thanks00:05
step21uzair: no, you have to tell windows at least where to install00:05
SkyLeachWine by itself is ok, but slow and not well supported.  Transgaming, however, is very well supported and one can avoid the icky virtualization stuff (this is my honest opinion of user experience running virtualized desktop systems, others may differ).00:05
Infinito-java <300:05
SkyLeachand not too expensive either.00:05
uzairstep21: yeah, that's fine, but it shouldn't complain then should it since it has a ntfs partition to work with?00:05
step21gordonjcp: well, I have nothing against java anymore ... and some ppl coding C who can't memory manage should code more java ...00:06
likemindeadHello all. PCI Ethernet cards are pretty universally supported, right?00:06
uzairstep21: i just don't get why windows doesn't see the partitions as extended/logical00:06
uzairlousy windows.....only cuz i need dreamweaver :'(00:06
step21uzair: what does it say again?00:06
nightrid3rlikemindead: yes00:06
step21uzair: dreamweaver is epic fail btw ... just saying00:07
uzairstep21: says there are too many partitions and then won't format00:07
likemindeadI thought so. Unlike wireless cards... Thanks.00:07
step21how many?00:07
uzairepic fail? what do you mean00:07
frankS2uzair, learn how to use VIM and you never need dreamweaver again00:07
SkyLeachand when one considers the inclusion of the ntfs-3g drivers near complete support for NTFS now, one will find that all of the windows applicatoins and settings (from C:\Documents and Settings\username\AppData) and C:\Program Files can all be used by transgaming.00:07
hekaldamatopsub: so end goal is to get your 750gb out of your Ubuntu00:07
Brack101gordonjcp:  How can I check the current time via CLI?00:07
hekaldamaso that you can have that storage space?00:07
uzairwell, dell puts a restore partition (1), Extended partition has: (a)ubuntu 8.04 (b)ubuntu 8.10 (c)home (d)swap00:08
stroyanBrack101:  date00:08
hekaldama"uninstall" as you were saying earlier00:08
topsubhekaldama, believe so, just remove ubuntu00:08
topsubhekaldama,  yes correct00:08
nite_johnboyIs the Ibex " Create a USB startup disk " under System/Administration a (What is known as a) < Persistent install > ? ?00:08
uzairtechnically, 2 primary partitions (one by dell, the is the extended), but windows sees all as primary00:08
topsubhekaldama,  i have misplaced my win xp pro cd00:08
hekaldamaone test I would do, is just boot with the windows drive in there00:08
tritiumnite_johnboy: only if you select the persistent home directory00:08
hekaldamasee if that works00:08
topsubk i will try that now00:09
hekaldamaif that does00:09
hekaldamaset boot priority in BIOS00:09
hekaldamaboot the xp hdd00:09
hekaldamathen in disk manager or whatever it is00:09
Mimi!enter | hekaldama00:09
ubottuhekaldama: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:09
hekaldamaformat the drive00:09
s3ahow do u cross out text in openoffice.org?00:09
hekaldamais that a bot?00:09
lollasddoes the order in whcih I create partitions matter?00:09
step21uzair: then maybe all are primary and the parition utility fucked up? or some corruption? any way to check / fix part tables?00:10
hekaldamainteresting, okay, thanks ubottu00:10
tritium!language | step2100:10
ubottustep21: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:10
Mimiubottu says you're welcome00:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:10
step21sry ...00:10
topsubhekaldama,  with just my windows hard drive i get " GRUB loading, please wait... Error 21"00:10
step21at least I didn't get insta-banned00:10
topsubhekaldama,  so it seems i need to my windows xp cd00:10
step21reinstal grub00:10
nite_johnboytritium; can you give a little info on that to point me in the right direction - I tried this already with a 16gb usb and only had about 2.5 to gigs left - so must have missed somewhere along the way. thanks00:11
redvamp128command to tell the exact version of ubuntu installed00:11
gordonjcpnow can anyone suggest a way of running a -rt kernel with the NVidia binary drivers?00:11
hekaldamatopsub: seems that way, any other thoughts from others is appreciated00:11
jussi01!version | redvamp12800:11
ubotturedvamp128: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:11
hekaldamabut I would say, you will need it00:11
uzairstep21: i did that once already with a utility called testdisk00:11
step21hey nice, found the one and only ubuntu forums post about lupin for mac ...00:11
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_Vi_How long does it take to dd copy a 40gig hdd anyone know? There's only Xubuntu on it with like maybe 2-3 gigs of stuff ive added00:11
step21_Vi_: depends on method of copying ...00:12
fosco_redvamp128: is it a question?00:12
hekaldamatopsub: hope that helps, I am afk for now00:12
_Vi_step21, its being copied to a USB 2 hdd00:12
gordonjcpuzair: *no-one* needs Dreamweaver00:12
uzairany alternatives (aside from notepad like utils)?00:13
step21uzair: back up everything, next time make sure your partition utility works nicer?00:13
redvamp128I need to help this guy figure out if he is running 32bit Intrepid or 64bit00:13
step21uzair: what do you want to do with DW?00:13
uzairtrue enough, i guess i'll have to do it the ol fashion way......STUPID MICROSOFT!00:13
Mimiuzair, alternatives in Ubuntu? Does it have to be WYSIWYG?00:13
nightrid3rredvamp128: uname -a00:13
uzairmakes things faster00:13
Cpudan80uzair: The only thing is NVU00:13
uzairfor web00:14
Cpudan80!info NVU | uzair00:14
ubottuPackage NVU does not exist in intrepid00:14
step21uzair: srsly?00:14
gordonjcpuzair: no-one doing serious web design uses dreamweaver00:14
_Vi_NVU is outdated, now its Kompozer00:14
Cpudan80uzair: well it might not be called NVU anymore00:14
step21dreamweaver will make your code ugly and by definition slower ...00:14
MimiDreamweaver works in wine00:14
uzairi tried komposer00:14
uzairno luck with that -- kept crashing :(00:14
Mimihelp don't preach?!?!00:14
uzairwas about to try nvu, never heard of srsly00:14
step21well, we can't help him reinstall his windows00:14
_Vi_yeah Kompozer has a tenedency to crash if you open a menu up or sneeze the wrong way :/00:14
uzairrofl _Vi_00:15
gordonjcpuzair: some of the best sites I've ever seen have been done in Textmate ;-)00:15
uzairit's so true00:15
Cpudan80uzair: it's older kompozer apparently00:15
Mimiuzair, oh no... that stinks! Well, http://kompozer.net/screenshots.php is not too bad, but there's really not many wysiwyg apps sadly :(00:15
uzairCpudan80, which one?00:15
frankS2uzair, you should learn vim ;)00:15
_Vi_GOOD news!! though,,, kompozer works just fine in WINE :)00:15
Cpudan80uzair: nvu = outdated kompozer00:15
Mimigordonjcp, that's because all the hipsters are using it :P grrr RoR!00:15
frankS2if adobe ported theyre products to linux00:16
frankS2that would really be something00:16
gordonjcpuzair: done in gedit on Ubuntu -> http://www.bioreliance.com/00:16
uzairproblem is i'm not a hardcore web guy -- more into networking/messing around with os's. having to help out someone with web stuff and messing around with css files in text utils is really tiresome and painstaking00:16
gordonjcpuzair: done in Dreamweaver -> http://www.bioreliance.com/about_us_intro.html00:16
MimiCS4 works! Photoshop CS4 works great for me00:16
_Vi_franki^, and if they make Adobe opensource that would even be better :)00:16
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:16
gordonjcpuzair: if you're not a serious web guy, you'll probably find it easier to edit stuff in just a plain text editor ;-)00:17
MimifrankS2, theyre not porting, but they're making BIG efforts to make sure their software works in Wine00:17
uzairtrue enough. so i'll take a look at some of this stuff and see how well it works out00:17
uzairthx for all the help guys00:17
frankS2Mimi, really? why not port it then :p00:17
uzairsup DI3GO00:17
step21<!-- #EndTemplate -->00:17
MimifrankS2, bad economy, they don't want to pay for too many (or good) programmers!00:18
uzairalrighty, about to go wipe my harddrive off....thanks to Mr. Gates00:18
purveshMimi:do u know how 2 change grub 2 boot my windows os on ubuntu8.1000:18
_Vi_!yay | uzair (Almost?)00:18
ubottuuzair (Almost?): Glad you made it! :-)00:18
Jimi__Hendrixhi all...i am having a problem with my driver (fglrx) i go to system -> hardware drivers -> activate -> password -> nothing changes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/30840200:18
Mimipurvesh,  to boot it EVERY time? Does grub list Windows now?00:18
uzairbtw, any of you guys seen Basically, Dell laptop comes with 2 parti00:18
uzairoops -- wrong thing00:19
Mimipurvesh,  if that's what you want, yes, I have done it before00:19
uzairreally interesting way to run win apps on linux00:19
Mimipurvesh, this guide is pretty good: http://beconfused.com/2008/02/12/how-to-make-windows-vista-boot-first-using-grub-in-ubuntu/00:19
yabukI can't install ubuntu on a laptop with a sata hd,  changed the options of bios in many ways, but ubuntu doesn't start, does anyone know how to fix it? (I've instaled ubuntu for free in my city, but many laptops have this problems). I already tried ubuntu alternate00:20
BllasaeWhen I go to "Preferences"- "Main Menu", when I select the folders to put on the main menu, the checkmarks always uncheck themselves00:20
Mimiuzair,  yup, I run Windows in Virtual Box , and WOW is it fast?! :)00:20
step21bye guys, need sleep00:20
purveshMimi:not i want 2 both linux windows but right now only linux is booting00:20
uzairnot sure00:20
jribyabuk: what exactly happens?  Did you run "check the cd for defects" from the cd's boot menu?00:20
ensayyabuk -> once you installed and rebooted, it does not boot up?00:21
mykehey guys i have a question how do i extract a .tar.gz to a certain directory ? like when its hidden for instance it says extract it to .cairo-dock/themes in my home folder00:21
uzairMimi: that way seems to be running as a service, i guess it'd be faster than running a full fledge gui00:21
jribmyke: -C, see « man tar »00:21
Mimiuzair, o_o Nice! *reads the rest now*00:21
Jack_Sparrowmyke, It may not answer your question , but why are you not using cairo dock from our repos00:22
mykeis that the command of are you telling me to look at something called man tar00:22
inkvizitor68slhi all00:22
uzairMimi: i was trying to get it to run on a server and see if clients can use the windows stuff -- but that's all beyond me xD00:22
ensaymyke -> man tar00:22
mykejack_sparrow im trying to install a theme for it , that makes it look right on my netbook "msi wind"00:22
inkvizitor68slare anyone know stable jabber->icq transports ?00:22
jribmyke: -C is the switch you want to use.  « man tar » has the details00:22
Jack_Sparrowmyke, Good enough answer for me00:22
arnaldocaposup people00:23
MattJinkvizitor68sl: Take a look at http://jabberes.org/servers/00:23
uzairMimi: if you know this stuff well, perhaps you can help me out w/ my lil problem on UF (http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6593545&postcount=5)00:23
mykeok so in terminal i would type "sudo ###.tar.gz -c man tar00:23
inkvizitor68slMattJ: many transports died because AOL...hm.. <censored>00:23
_Vi_no myke 'man tar'00:23
_Vi_no quotes00:23
inkvizitor68slall transports at .ru zone00:24
avantcorehmm so I'm trying to set up an external monitor to work with my laptop using fglrx00:24
yabukI've checked cd for defects, the live cd show its firt menu (start ubuntu...; install ubuntu...; check cd...), but it doesn't work after I use "install ubuntu" or "teste ubuntu"00:24
avantcoreI used the command aticonfig --initial=dual-head --dtop=horizontal00:24
MattJinkvizitor68sl: Then I'm sorry I have no idea (haven't used ICQ for a long time)00:24
uzairlol "ahmuk"00:24
mykei just type man tar in terminal? lol sorry i know i seem retarded but im primarily a osx user and wanted to try something different .. i somewhat get linux commands lol00:24
avantcoreand that kinda works, I get the two screens at the correct resolutions, but gnome doesn't seem to start properly, no toolbars and right clicking on the desktop does nothing00:24
avantcoredoes anybody know why that would be?00:24
jribyabuk: what does "doesn't work" mean?  Don't use that phrase.  Instead, explain what happens00:25
Mimiah uzair my knowledge is REALLY basic. Specially when it comes to "server" stuff00:25
inkvizitor68sland second questions.... where there are bemused files now?00:25
yabukensay: since the live and alternate cd doesn't work, I can't install00:25
jribmyke: yes, « man tar » shows you the manual.  I've already told you the switch you want to use is -C00:25
Jack_Sparrowyabuk, If you try ctrl-alt-F2 after it seems to lock up and the drive stops do you get a terminal windoe00:25
uzairoops, just msg'd00:25
yabukI've found this problem in action and positivo laptops00:25
uzairMimi: lol, np. perhaps we can learn together ;)00:25
gordonjcpuzair: what's the problem?00:26
Jack_Sparrow!who > yabuk00:26
ubottuyabuk, please see my private message00:26
inkvizitor68slwhat happened with bemused.sourceforge  ?00:26
ensayyabuk ->  so what were you using to install?00:26
uzairgordonjcp, ^^00:27
_Vi_How long does a dd copy take for like copying a Xubuntu 8.04 + maybe 2-3 gigs added to a USB 2 external hdd, its already been going for about 20 mins...im getting concerned...00:27
gordonjcpuzair: I don't really understand that ;-)00:27
uzairit's a thread i started on ubuntuforums: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6593545&postcount=500:27
gordonjcp_Vi_: is it really running at USB2?00:27
mykewhats the directory for your home folder /home ?00:27
_Vi_its being copied to a usb 2 hdd gordonjcp00:27
gordonjcp_Vi_: but is it actually attached as USB2?00:28
uzairbasically, a guy got win apps running on linux through vmware running as a service. i was hoping to do that as well, however have it run on a server and have clients be able to connect to it00:28
gordonjcp_Vi_: also, how are you copying it?00:28
_Vi_im hoping so00:28
yabukensay, jack_Sparrow, jrib: ok, I'll explain it better.00:28
_Vi_gordonjcp, im using dd00:28
gordonjcp_Vi_: dd will copy the *whole disk*00:28
_Vi_i know00:28
Mimipurvesh, are you looking at the grub guide I sent you? If so, everything going alright?00:28
gordonjcp_Vi_: blank bits will be copied verbatim00:28
Jack_Sparrowgordonjcp, or a partition00:28
_Vi_that's what i wan00:28
inertialhow do i get the time to update via ntp on the command line?00:28
MethinXwhat is the best music format to use in Ubuntu Intrepid? And what is the best media player to use that is Light weight?00:29
gordonjcpJack_Sparrow: or a partition, yes00:29
gordonjcp_Vi_: how big *in total* is the thing you're copying?00:29
_Vi_gordonjcp, it copies blank parts too?!00:29
_Vi_40 gig00:29
uzairMethinX: i personally love mplayer -- it's a command line tool, however really powerfull00:29
gordonjcp_Vi_: it copies *the whole thing*, that's sort of the point00:29
MethinXthank you uzair00:29
gordonjcp_Vi_: how would it know not to copy the blank bits?  It's making an image of the disk - it's a perfect copy00:29
_Vi_makes sense00:30
gordonjcpuzair: tbh I know nothing about Windows00:30
jribmyke: no, it's usually /home/USERNAME00:30
MethinXis there a website with commands to help with the mplayer expieience?00:30
_Vi_gordonjcp, so that a side, how long would you estimate it?00:30
gordonjcp_Vi_: you'll be there all night00:30
uzairMethinX, their site is probably the best resource, however man pages are good enough to start00:30
gordonjcp_Vi_: do "ls -lh /name/of/destination/file"00:30
_Vi_gordonjcp, can i safely cancle it?00:30
gordonjcpoh yeah00:30
gordonjcp_Vi_: but like I say, do ls -lh on the file you're creating and see how big it is00:31
MethinXuzair thanks00:31
uzairMethinX have you found their site?00:31
nite_johnboycan some list the site where you can ask a question of ubottu?00:32
uzairprobably !help or something00:32
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:32
uzairoh wait, yeah00:32
FloodBot1uzair: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:32
purveshMimi:actually i mistakely change something in grub i'm a new user so i also want windows also but it will nt boot00:32
_Vi_gordonjcp, ummm i'm using Live Puppy CD to do this... long story00:32
xscottx3hi I have a quick question and wondering if anyone could help00:32
uzairxscottx3, we can try00:33
stroyangordonjcp:  ls will only tell the size of _Vi_'s copied part if he is copying to a file.  It won't show how far dd has gotten copying to a partition.00:33
xscottx3how would I go about seeing who is using my wireless internet using the terminal?00:33
booksbuggymy computer has a c-media mixer sound card00:33
xscottx3is it possible?00:33
sysdocAnyone know how to enable accent marks to letters in Ubuntu00:33
booksbuggyand it is not working00:33
gordonjcpstroyan: yes00:33
gordonjcp_Vi_: are you copying to a file, or a partition?00:33
booksbuggywell no sound is playing to be exact00:33
_Vi_to a partition00:33
uzairlol, wireless & terminal are two things which i never got working together.....well, just once actually00:34
gordonjcpxscottx3: that would be more to do with your wireless access point00:34
_Vi_gordonjcp, it just finsihed00:34
uzairxscottx3: lol, you could try links ;)00:34
gordonjcp_Vi_: well aren't you glad you didn't abort it00:34
xscottx3ok, so as a I am connect wirelessly to the router I would not be able to find this information?00:34
gordonjcpxscottx3: it depends on the wireless router00:34
* _Vi_ goes to check the damage... ill keep you posted gordonjcp one sec heh :/00:35
CyLWhat would be a good application for burning .cue images?00:35
gordonjcpxscottx3: perhaps your router has a web page you can look at to tell you who is connected00:35
uzairxscottx3: just go to router settings, normally you do this through browser > router ip > dhcp clients00:35
gordonjcpCyL: cdrdao00:35
gordonjcpxscottx3: if you're feeling particularly hardcore your router might expose this through SNMP00:35
=== Bllasae is now known as Bllasae|Tropico
xscottx3uzair: thanks, that's the way I've always done it. was just wondering if it was possible through the terminal. thanks00:35
=== Bllasae|Tropico is now known as Bllasae-Away
booksbuggycan someone tell me how to get my sound card working?00:35
xscottx3gordonjcp: what is SNMP?00:36
uzairthere's a terminal based browser called links -- it might work :)00:36
CyLgordonjcp: is cdrdao able to burn discs with a big .ape files and a cue?00:36
gordonjcpCyL: no idea00:36
mykehey guys i extracted the file but how would i open the folder in xubuntu? i extracted it to /myke/.cairo-dock/themes00:36
CyLgordonjcp: thanks00:36
booksbuggyxscottx3: snmp is "simple network mail protocol" if you are asking about networks00:36
gordonjcpxscottx3: SNMP is Simple Network Management Protocol00:36
booksbuggymessed up a word00:36
yabukensay, jack_Sparrow, jrib: if I configure the bios with "Installed O/S: linux", and start to install ubuntu, the ubuntu stop after I click on "install...", and says:SQUASHFS error: unable to read page, block 268f1a.. (many lines with different nunbers)00:37
gordonjcpxscottx3: basically "proper" routers and wifi access points use it to tell you stuff about what they're doing00:37
yabukbuffer I/O error, dev on device sr0, logical block 14648415...00:37
nightrid3ri just installed cairo-dock and configured it, after logout/login it doesn't start. am i missing something00:37
xscottx3gordonjcp: thanks, I will do some research on it.00:37
gordonjcpxscottx3: the other way, as a few people have suggested, would be to use lynx/links/elinks00:37
MethinXuzair I just installed mplayer and could use alittle help with how I access the Man pages00:37
gordonjcpxscottx3: What exactly are you trying to do?00:37
booksbuggyanyone here have any experience with working on the sound card?00:37
uzairMethinX: man mplayer00:37
MethinXthanks lol00:37
uzairscroll down to all the commands00:37
MethinXi unfortunatly am 3 days windows Free and at this rate Im staying on Linux for life00:38
gordonjcpxscottx3: you might be able to use wget or curl to pull the page down, for later mangulation with a script00:38
xscottx3gordonjcp: Was just wondering if it would be possible to view all users currently connected to the network from a computer connected wirelessly.00:38
gordonjcpxscottx3: yeah, it should work on any interface00:38
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MethinXwell Im haveing flash backs of windows, its like a drug a baaad drug, I hope Linux is a better drug00:38
xscottx3gordonjcp: thanks for the info.00:38
gordonjcpxscottx3: that depends a little on the wireless router/access point, but for "consumer" stuff it's possible00:38
xscottx3gordonjcp: will give it a shot. thanks00:39
uzairMethinX: be sure to install all the codecs and stuff huh -- that's key00:39
uzairMethinX, what distro are you using00:39
MethinXhow do I do that ?00:39
MethinXintrepid lbex00:39
uzairMethinX: let me double check what all they get you to install....one sec00:40
booksbuggyanyone available to help me with the sound card problem i hve?00:40
MethinXko thanks00:40
ensayyabuk -> did you try to run disc check frm the menu?00:41
mykelord why is this so hard ... is there a simple way to open a directory in linux? like how in windows you can type it in run , or in osx you type it in finder00:42
dolphinmyke: alt+f2?00:42
ensaymyke -> you dont need to open a dir,  just do  ls -la /dirname00:42
yabukensay: I already run disc check00:42
ensayyabuk -> uhuh, and what was the results?00:43
uzairMethinX: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:43
uzairaccording to http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Intrepid00:43
purveshMimi: nw i hav 2 quit buy thanx 4 help.00:43
ghoneI want to use an SD card for swap but have no idea what the device as name /dev/???? would be.  How would I find this information?00:43
MethinXthank you, know of any good mp3 players? lol00:43
uzairMethinX, actually, i use mplayer for everything (except dvd)00:44
MethinXohh ok00:44
uzairMethinX, i haven't yet figured out how to properly run a dvd w/ menus and all through mplayer00:44
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs00:44
yabukensay: there is no error, (that erro change if I change this bios configuration, if I put "installed O/S: "windows vista"), the live cd just stop after I click install ubuntu, or test ubuntu)00:44
dolphinMethinX:  rhythmbox & audacious00:44
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info00:45
MethinXone more question, how do i create a playlist?00:45
dolphintrial and error00:45
uzairMethinX, write out all the file names yourself or put em in a text file -- whatever's easier :)00:45
yabukensay: there is no error on disc00:45
ensayyabuk -> okay, and same with alternate cd? disc check passed okay?00:45
mrwesMethinX: ls > playlist.txt00:46
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BerzerkerCpudan80: hey00:46
Cpudan80Does anyone know what file the keyboard prefs thing edits?00:46
MethinXthanks already did that wasnt sure if it would import thou00:46
Until_It_SleepsRes2216firestar: Just ask your question(s)00:46
Res2216firestarHi, sorry to bother everyone I'm having trouble with wubi, while doing the guided setup I get stuck on the partitioning part00:46
Cpudan80I ask because every time I reboot the mouse keys thing is reenabled - i'd like to lock the file down00:46
Cpudan80Let me just say that mouse keys should be disabled by default in the future versions! :-P00:46
Res2216firestarKeep getting a error message00:47
dolphinCpudan80:  what is "the mouse keys thing"?00:47
Cpudan80dolphin: the mouse keys menu in the keyboard settings dialog00:47
TekumelRes2216firestar: You might give a better description of the error message :)00:47
Res2216firestar"No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu."00:47
shadneycalifornia any1?00:47
BerzerkerUbuntu mightymouse connected with bluetooth, but I can't scroll00:47
booksbuggyneed help00:48
yabukensay: alternate cd show many blue and white lines in a crazy way00:48
=== mike is now known as Guest7897
shadneyhi pipol00:48
dolphinCpudan80:  my mouse settings and keyboard settings are in 2 different locations00:48
Res2216firestarI have tried it several times, host system is XP home00:49
ensayyabuk -> btw, thats first time i have heard where one can choose the os in the bios.. once you click install, how far does it gets?00:49
marcelhi all00:50
marceli can find an another KMix sound Mixer manager ?00:50
NBaH_How do I get to TTYs from FluxBox?00:51
MethinXanyone know of a command to kill an app?00:51
BigRigIs this the Ubuntu channel?00:53
bazhangBigRig, yes00:53
marcelyes netsplit00:53
bazhanggot ubottu00:53
bastid_raZorso glad that ignore login/outs00:53
marcelhow can i get an another KMix sound Mixer ??00:54
BigRigOk sorry about that. I had a question about drivers and Ubuntu. So I just built a new computer from the ground up. It has a nice Mobo, 8GB of Ram, and a nice graphics card. How do I go about installing all the drivers and chipsets for all these internal components?00:54
MethinXwhat is going on/?00:55
irpapabearroom crash00:55
MethinXwhat does that mean?00:55
irpapabearowners will fix00:56
gldtnhello everyone..00:56
dolphindid you ask google?00:56
MethinXim just new to linux and irc I dont wanna mess anything up00:56
mrwesgoogle is your friend00:56
mrwesders da b0t00:56
w33d5has anyone done a server install from the minimaliso?00:56
dolphinhelllooooooooo again!!!!00:56
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Jimi__Hendrixhi all...i am having a problem with my driver (fglrx) i go to system -> hardware drivers -> activate -> password -> nothing changes: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/30840200:56
uzairinteresting...learn something new everyday huh00:56
blip-Res2216firestar: i was one of 10 people only that remained online on #hardware00:56
uzairhey gldtn00:56
TTT_TravisHi, I have a lab full of ubuntu computers, I want to use DSH to send a ssh command to all of them, this works fine but it prompts me for the password 20 times? even though it's the same password00:56
tr3ndAnyone knows a similar application like NetLimiter (windows) so you can limit the bandwith to applications for Ubuntu?00:56
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like Freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit00:56
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dolphinhow can I get the window list to use all the space available to it?? ... instead of just 1/6th (or so) of the screen's width?  like... if i have 2 windows on a workspace, both of them should take up half the screen in the window list applet, like fluxbox does00:56
kdubhi carrera00:57
bastid_raZorJimi__Hendrix; you should need to restart X to get any changes to take effect.00:57
tr3ndAnyone knows a similar application like NetLimiter (windows) so you can limit the bandwith to applications for Ubuntu?00:57
carrerahow are you doing kdub?00:57
gldtnhow do I install the lastest pidgin 2.5.4 on my ubuntu? I cant find it under package manager00:58
kdubcant complain00:58
Res2216firestarAnyway, before the split, I was asking what to do when you encounter this error in the guided install:00:58
Res2216firestarNo root file system is defined.00:58
Res2216firestarPlease correct this from the partitioning menu.00:58
Jimi__Hendrixbastid_raZor, it doesnt say it activates though00:58
Jimi__Hendrixso...no change even in the gui00:58
lstarnesRes2216firestar: you need to have the main partition with a mount point of /00:58
tr3ndAnyone knows a similar application like NetLimiter (windows) so you can limit the bandwith to applications for Ubuntu?00:58
uzairgldtn: i'd assume you'd have to do it through the (semi) old fashion way: using .deb files from the site, or the old-fashion way: build from source00:58
Res2216firestarlstarnes: It is not showing any00:59
topsubwhen i am in "grub" i try to run the command "find /boot/grub/stage1" and i get file not found.  also try "find /grub/stage1" and i get the same thing. Any ideas?00:59
Res2216firestarI am using wubi00:59
kdubtopsub: what are you trying to do?00:59
tr3ndAnyone knows a similar application like NetLimiter (windows) so you can limit the bandwith to applications for Ubuntu?00:59
topsubre setup the grub00:59
bazhangtr3nd, please dont repeat every 60 seconds01:00
topsubi am currently running off a live cd trying to resetup the grub01:00
tr3ndnobody is answering01:00
gldtnuzair: where on the site would I be able to find the .deb file?01:00
dolphintr3nd:  get a better router and look into installing Tomato and getting QoS to work on it01:00
gordonjcpJimi__Hendrix: anyone what?01:00
uzairgldtn, is there not a downloads area? i personally havne't been to the site01:00
gordonjcptr3nd: maybe no-one knows01:01
gldtnuzair: going to check  out again.. not too familiar with it yet01:01
gordonjcptr3nd: What exactly are you trying to do?01:01
w33d5tr3nd sudo apt-get install trickle01:01
tr3ndgordonjcp, limit bandwith to some applications01:01
tr3ndso they are not using all my bandiwth01:01
topsubkdub, any ideas?01:02
w33d5tr3nd trickle -s -d 1000 pan (where 1000 is the kps and pan is the app)\01:02
w33d5tr3nd http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89969001:02
gordonjcptr3nd: what w33d5 said, or get a better router that lets you do traffic shaping01:02
gordonjcptr3nd: which apps are you trying to limit bandwidth for?01:02
germenhola nesecito ayuda de algun idoneo en ubunto para particionar eel disco01:02
germenhola nesecito ayuda de algun idoneo en ubunto para particionar eel disco01:02
w33d5hey is there a system command to hide all these quit messages?01:03
ActionParsnipw33d5: i'd just as yuor question dude01:03
tr3ndgordonjcp, LinuxDC++ etc.01:03
lstarnesw33d5: what client do you use?01:03
ActionParsnipw33d5: sorry, slow update01:03
kdubtopsub: are you repairing it, or installing it?01:03
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germenhola nesecito ayuda de algun idoneo en ubunto para particionar eel disco01:03
ari_stressgood morning all :)01:03
gordonjcptr3nd: check they don't have an option to throttle bandwidth01:03
lstarnes!es | germen01:03
ActionParsnip!es | germen01:03
ubottugermen: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:03
topsubkdub, tryintpair my grub01:03
topsubkdub, trying to repair my grub01:03
w33d5just picked it up on my wind$ laptop01:04
w33d5to jump in here01:04
lstarnesw33d5: cousult your client's documentation01:04
gordonjcpw33d5: probably /ignore with some suitable option01:04
bazhang!info trickle | tr3nd01:05
booksbuggyanyone available to help me?01:05
ubottutrickle (source: trickle): user-space bandwidth shaper. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.07-5 (intrepid), package size 36 kB, installed size 172 kB01:05
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: help with what?01:05
booksbuggysound card problem01:05
booksbuggythe sound won't play01:05
irpapabearquestion user rooms for ibex?01:05
booksbuggyand it doesn't seem like hardware problem01:05
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: what kind of sound card, and what have you tried01:05
booksbuggyc-media mixer01:05
booksbuggyand well i just reinstalled this system01:06
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: checked all the obvious stuff, volume up, mute off etc?01:06
booksbuggyso i haven't tried to install anything yet01:06
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: plug in the right connector?01:06
booksbuggytried every basic part01:06
booksbuggymonitor speaker01:06
booksbuggywell it worked last before i reinstalled01:06
mike12hey does anyone know of any good things to install to a brand new computer01:07
=== jthm2_ is now known as jthm2
booksbuggygordonjcp: not muted won't work even if i just try to play with totem player01:07
Res2216firestarCan anyone help with my question from earlier?01:07
mike12it runs on ubuntu 8.1001:07
bazhangmike12, ubuntu-restricted-extras (codecs)01:07
mike12bazhang ok thanks01:07
jp_sfRes2216firestar: what was your question from earlier ?01:07
Res2216firestarJust a sec01:07
bazhangmike12, also check medibuntu.org01:07
=== hekaldam1 is now known as hekaldama
Res2216firestarDuring guided install I keep getting:01:08
Res2216firestarNo root file system is defined.01:08
Res2216firestarPlease correct this from the partitioning menu.01:08
lstarnesRes2216firestar: you need to define a filesystem which uses / as its mount point01:08
bazhangRes2216firestar, this is from live cd or from within windows01:08
mike12bazhang ok ill try that too thank you very much01:09
Res2216firestarwubi, windows01:09
booksbuggygordonjcp: i checked the cable01:09
bazhangRes2216firestar, so define the mountpoint01:09
booksbuggygordonjcp: it was plugged in01:09
Res2216firestarIn english?01:09
Res2216firestarI am showing nothing01:09
bazhangRes2216firestar, you need another language channel?01:09
NBaH_Seemingly, there's 0.07 percent of poeple here using fluxbox.01:09
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: don't know, then01:09
NBaH_This means only me.01:10
gordonjcpRes2216firestar: the partitioner will give you a list of partitions, and a list of mount points01:10
Res2216firestarit shows no partitions01:10
booksbuggygordonjcp: i think it was a connectivity problem01:10
gordonjcpRes2216firestar: the only one you actually need is "/"01:10
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: is it working?01:10
bazhangbooksbuggy, what version of ubuntu, what soundcard chipset, what all have you done so far (all on one line please)01:10
gordonjcpRes2216firestar: then you need to create a partition01:10
booksbuggygordonjcp: it just worked again when i pulled it out and replugged it in01:10
booksbuggyso strange01:10
afrokenhi, i'm running intrepid , after last week's update i have no sound in vlc or browser, where do i start?01:10
booksbuggythanks for helping01:10
booksbuggygot to replace that cable.........01:11
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: odd01:11
gmm46I wanted to watch my youtube videos and I have had previous problems with firefox so i installed opera but now when I go to youtube my videos don't show up. What is wrong?01:11
gordonjcpbooksbuggy: it's not a laptop is it?01:11
ActionParsnipRes2216firestar: try: sudo fdisk -l01:11
booksbuggywell almost 10 years old i think :P01:11
w33d5is the mysql root password relatively secure - i.e. if i use the same on for my primary user/root/mysql(root) should i be worried01:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:11
Res2216firestarDoes this require the manual partitioner?01:12
booksbuggyw33d5: technically you shouldn't use same password for important informations like those server admins01:12
Res2216firestar'cause the buttosn are all grayed out01:12
w33d5ok i guess i'll change it01:12
mindframewhat is the problem with CMI8738 soundcard chips in ubuntu?  I keep having problems where the sound card cant be accessed and the only way to fix it is to reboot. audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.01:13
booksbuggymindframe: just a curious question did window try to install c-media mixer for that sound card?01:14
FishsceneI have created a directory called, "/vmfiles/vm" However, if I go into the vmfiles directory and run "ls" it does not display the vm directory. But I can still navigate to /vmfiles/vm. Any ideas why vm does not show up in ls?01:14
mindframebooksbuggy, i have no idea, never used windows with this card... its well supported in linux01:15
gmm46 I wanted to watch my youtube videos and I have had previous problems with firefox so i installed opera but now when I go to youtube my videos don't show up. What is wrong?01:15
PC_Nerd1Hi, is there a notepad++ alternative for ubuntu/linux? (Im aware of a range of ide's liek netbeans and codeblocks etc - but a multi-language one ( specifically php, C++) ?01:15
booksbuggymindframe: well because i  think my card is similar to that kind01:15
booksbuggymindframe: but  older version01:15
warlord420hey guys. i need some help with  newest version of ubuntu. can soemone help01:15
Fishscene!askk > warlord42001:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about askk01:16
Fishscenebah humbug01:16
h00k!ask | warlord42001:16
ubottuwarlord420: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:16
warlord420okay so i just reintalled it.... and i unchcked install boot loader... i hate the boot loader since im just trying to learn it. is there a way of putting ubuntu on windows loader? if no, how can i install the boot loader01:16
gkhnoisgthtPC_Nerd1: they provide the source for notepad ++, why don't you try to compile it? or port it over to ubuntu01:16
linuxman410_does anyone here use realplayer 1101:17
gmm46 I wanted to watch my youtube videos and I have had previous problems with firefox so i installed opera but now when I go to youtube my videos don't show up. What is wrong?01:17
booksbuggymindframe: are you using gnome desktop?01:17
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: gedit?01:17
Fishscenegmm46, do you have flashplayer installed?01:17
mindframeyes booksbuggy01:17
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: what does notepad++ do?01:17
booksbuggyokay you can try pulse audio device chooser01:18
h00kgordonjcp -> http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/site.htm01:18
mindframebooksbuggy, ive tried pulse, alsa, and oss01:18
gkhnoisgthtgordonjcp its an editor, does just about everything01:18
booksbuggymindframe: then i don't know >.<01:18
afrokencananyone help with sound problem on intrepid?01:18
booksbuggymindframe: i always let the system choose01:18
PC_Nerd1gkhnoisgtht:   gedit is ok, im using it for the time beign.01:18
PC_Nerd1 notpad++ is similar in many ways to gedit, but its got really nice syntax highlighting, easy language change, customisable syntax colors, and its jsut really nice to use.01:18
FishsceneI have created a directory called, "/vmfiles/vm" However, if I go into the vmfiles directory and run "ls" it does not display the vm directory. But I can still navigate to /vmfiles/vm. Any ideas why vm does not show up in ls?01:19
gordonjcpgkhnoisgtht: h00k - from the website, it looks pretty much like it does the same as gedit01:19
exodus_msJust experienced some odd x server problems. After several reboots into failsafe Gmone, I am now back to a working x session with gnome (I didn't do anything but reboot a couple of times). Could some one suggest what I might look for in the log files,01:19
bazhang!grub | warlord42001:19
ubottuwarlord420: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:19
gordonjcpif it's GPLed then you've got the source, you can probably port it to Linux01:19
mindframebooksbuggy, is there any way to re-initiate sound so that i dont have to reboot to fix this crap?01:19
gkhnoisgthtPC_Nerd1: there really is only minor differences between the two01:19
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: I use gedit for everything now - I used to use kdevelop, and anjuta, and various other things01:19
linuxman410_does anyone use real player 11 everytime i try to play real player file movie player opens01:19
Res2216firestarCould I get instructions to create a partition?01:20
booksbuggymindframe: googling it right now i just started using this thing 1 year ago >.<01:20
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: what specifically do you need from notepad++, that gedit doesn't have?01:20
PC_Nerd1gordonjcp:  ok, ill stick with gedit then01:20
ActionParsniplinuxman410_: right click file -> open with  nd teach your system01:20
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: you can write all sorts of plugins and stuff for it01:20
booksbuggymindframe: you using 8.10?01:20
linuxman410_ok thanks01:20
warlord420thanks alot guys.01:20
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: put it this way - I have PDP11 MACRO assembler syntax highlighting for gedit01:20
warlord420im going to restore it now, have good one!01:20
booksbuggymindframe: okey01:21
w33d5from the CLI/terminal how can i get a quick snapshot to a text file of my system load stats (basically top info)01:21
PC_Nerd1gordonjcp: how do you enable line numbers on gedit?01:21
mindframei think i might try unloading a reloading the snd modules01:21
PC_Nerd1dntwry found it :P01:22
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: can't remember and I don't have a GUI running just now - it's in preferences *somewhere*01:22
gordonjcpPC_Nerd1: it's in the prefs, on either the first or second tab - it's just a checkbox01:22
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
PC_Nerd1ok, well ill guess ill stick with gedit for now.  Thanks...01:23
exodus_msedit>prefs>view(tab)Line Numbers check box01:23
guedesavHello, I'm having problem to connect to a wireless network with a Realtek 8187B adapter. Can anyone give me a hand?01:24
booksbuggymindframe: nevermind my card is exactly the same as yours01:24
afrokenpeople, i'm experiencing a sound problem on intepid - can anyone point to me to a guide or something?01:24
mindframeand you dont have any problems?01:24
booksbuggynot right now01:24
guedesavit seems I can't connect to it even without encryption... what sounds very weird, actually01:25
ActionParsnip!sound | afroken01:25
ubottuafroken: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:25
booksbuggymindframe: you can try to use pulse audio01:25
booksbuggyand see if the configuration on mine works on yours01:25
ActionParsnipafroken: if you have zero sound, run lspci to identify your sound card, you can then websearch from there01:26
jp_sfw33d5: top -b -n 1 > foo.txt01:26
afrokenActionParsnip, thank you ! just what i needed! however i dont have a volume control (xfce) -is there another way to do it?01:26
mindframebooksbuggy, heh ive tried every sound configuration combination in the sound preferences01:26
mindframealways the same result01:26
booksbuggymindframe: well i do system defaults01:27
booksbuggysomething like that01:27
booksbuggyexcept in pulse audio01:27
ActionParsnipafroken: use xfce4-mixer01:27
booksbuggymindframe: the last time i reinstalled this system because i accidently installed some updates that i am not suppose to be using01:27
w33d5jp: thanks01:28
afrokenActionParsnip, the problem is that I lost the sound after kernel update , is there a way to unroll the updates? i also got kernel panic on the new kernel and now using the old kernel but still no sound...01:28
booksbuggymindframe: and i always start looking inside of the forum first01:28
jp_sfw33d5: you're welcome, next step would be using sar for detailled logs of your system it is in sysutils package (I think)01:29
gmm46is there any cheat program like the windows xp "Cheat Engine" for linux?01:29
jp_sfgmm46: what is cheat engine ? what does it do ?01:29
w33d5ok one more - so i want to install LXDE to use remotely "ssh -C -X user@host lxde "  should i install the "meta-package" or "common"01:29
mindframettols, lol @ ur name01:30
w33d5i want LXDE to be as lightweight as possible01:30
onthefence928how do i such down X on ubuntu 8.10?01:30
onthefence928shut down*01:30
ActionParsnipafroken: you can reboot then press esc to  show the installed kernels and boot to the older kernel01:30
w33d5ctrl alt backspace does somehting01:31
booksbuggyonthefence928, you mean completely shut down01:31
ActionParsnipafroken: you will find yuo need to install / configure the sound card to work under the new kernel01:31
afrokenActionParsnip, i'm using the older kernel,,,,but still no sound01:31
afrokenits very strange01:31
booksbuggyonthefence928, without the computer still running after the system halts?01:31
nite_johnboyWhat is the shell command to make an .ISO image of CD in DVD/Burner combo drive?01:31
onthefence928booksbuggy: i think i need drop my GUI for the installation of this driver01:32
ConstantineXVII seem to have screwed up my x11 setup.  how do i reset it?01:32
ActionParsnipafroken: maybe something else got updated too, i'd look at setting up the card as if it never worked and it should be ok01:32
matisseIs there a way to download the sent mails (which were sent via web interface) ?01:33
afrokenActionParsnip, I wonder if i should work on getting the new kernel running or forget about and focus on the sound?01:33
bebinhi everyone low sound in speaker and no sound in headphone help please01:33
ActionParsnipConstantineXVI: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:33
jp_sfnite_johnboy: you could cat your Cdrom into an .iso01:33
booksbuggyonthefence928, i think this might work:http://theos.in/news/ubuntu-linux-shutdown-the-x-server/01:33
nightrid3rmatisse: depends on the webmail01:33
ActionParsnipafroken: if you boot to the newest kernel and read through: dmesg | less01:34
ActionParsnipafroken: it may give some clues01:34
matissenightrid3r: is IMAP essential?01:34
jp_sfnite_johnboy: the most common command would dd if=/dev/cdrom of=foo.iso01:34
booksbuggyonthefence928, i have never tried to shutdown xserver01:34
ActionParsnipConstantineXVI: run that comand then restart x (ctrl + alt + backspace)01:34
nightrid3rmatisse: no if your webmail also supports pop3 it will work01:34
afrokenActionParsnip, the new kernel boots to kernel panic i get no access to terminal, something like VFS can't mount blocks or something...01:34
Cpudan80bebin: open your mixer settings01:35
Cpudan80bebin: right click the speaker icon near the clock open vol control01:35
afrokenActionParsnip, would you recommend focusing on the new kernel of ignoring it and just getting the sound working?01:35
ActionParsnipafroken: then i'd get an fsck in there, boot to root console from recovery mode and check them out01:35
Cpudan80bebin: hit preferences - check PCM01:35
w33d5whats the ipconfig equiv in linux?01:35
Cpudan80bebin: then crank it up01:35
matissenightrid3r: then how do I find out, if it works?01:36
jp_sfw33d5, ifconfig01:36
afrokenActionParsnip, fsck from recovery?01:36
ActionParsnipafroken: up to you entirely, if you were happy with the old kernel, use it, if you think the new one will improve your system , do that01:36
w33d5jp: thanks01:36
jp_sf!ifconfig | ubottu01:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ifconfig01:36
afrokenActionParsnip, was happy with the old one...01:36
nightrid3rmatisse: ask your mail provider01:36
Cpudan80bebin: I wouldnt go up to 100% on the PCM mixer, it might distort the sound -- prob 80%01:36
* jp_sf 0-0 01:36
ActionParsnipafroken: show gub screen, select recovery mode for your desired kernel then choose root console01:36
afrokenActionParsnip, ok, then fsck?01:36
ActionParsnipafroken: you will then have to umount the partitions and you can then fsck them01:36
matissenightrid3r: good answer :D01:37
ActionParsnipfsck /dev/partition name01:37
ActionParsnipafroken: sudo fdisk -l will show you all partitions01:37
bebinCpudan80: yes i did it but no effect01:37
Cpudan80bebin: try the different mixers01:37
afrokenActionParsnip, btw- how will fsck help my sound problem?01:37
ConstantineXVIthere we go, whoever helped me01:37
ActionParsnipafroken: you are getting errors about mountings failing, sounds like a drive issue to me01:38
ActionParsnipConstantineXVI: np man ;)01:38
Decepticonwhat is there thats comparable to ubuntu's gnome's panel's world clock when you click the clock on the panel for windows xp?01:39
afrokenActionParsnip, oh, thats on the new kernel...ok, anyway thanks for your help01:39
bebinCpudan80: i tried but no change01:39
ActionParsnipDecepticon: ask in ##windows dude01:39
ActionParsnipDecepticon: you are chasing a windows app01:39
bebinCpudan80: i changed the mixers but still no effect on headphone]01:39
FunqhausHello, Im extremely new to linux.  Having a bit of trouble creating a mount point for a 2nd harddrive.  Anyone have a moment to lend a hand by chance?  via PM prefereably01:39
Decepticonthought someone might know here01:40
Cpudan80bebin: even plugged into the same output as the speakers?01:40
ConstantineXVIFunqhaus, as in USB harddrive?01:40
Cpudan80Anyone know how to save an mplayer stream?01:40
Cpudan80Like a movie is playing in mplayer -- how do you save it...01:40
jribCpudan80: search for -dump in « man mplayer »01:40
bebinCpudan80: speakers has a low volume but headphone has none01:41
afrokenActionParsnip, one more question, lspci says my card is  Intel Corporation 82801G , how do i know what driver i need? the wiki said to look here: http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Matrix:Vendor-Intel  but...01:41
ConstantineXVIFunqhaus, USB drives should automount when you plug them in01:41
Cpudan80bebin: maybe its an audio driver issue -- go to system --> prefs --> sound and switch to ALSA01:42
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=== VolcomSkater is now known as Volcom
Volcomdoes any body know how to download and install because when i download it will not open01:42
jp_sfVolcom: download what ubuntu 8.10 ?01:43
bebinCpudan80: i did that too but no change01:43
nickrudSolidSlide, please don't advertise here01:43
raphaWhy the F*** does Ubuntu restart the Xserver every half hour or so when I got an external screen attached?!01:43
bazhangrapha, watch the language01:44
raphabazhang: don't tell me you're offended by three stars.01:44
FunqhausConstantineXVI sent PM  for you if you have the time01:44
bazhangrapha, we know what the stars represent; keep it family friendly01:44
rapha(And I'm sorry but I just lost 30 minutes of work three times in a row, bazhang)01:44
nite_johnboyjp_sf; sorry was looking for some answers on google - thanks for reply.01:45
jp_sfnite_johnboy: no problem01:45
bazhangVolcom, the iso?01:45
ActionParsnipafroken: does this help? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/23215401:45
RoyallDoes Ubuntu support scanners of any sort?01:45
bazhang!xsane | Royall01:46
ubottuRoyall: Scanning software: XSane, the GIMP (GNOME), Kooka (KDE). For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR01:46
ActionParsnip!hcl | Royall01:46
nickrudRoyall, pretty well over all01:46
ubottuRoyall: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:46
Cpudan80bebin: make sure you're changing the vol for the right device01:46
Cpudan80bebin: in the volume control thing - change the device line to select the correct one01:46
=== Volcom is now known as brandon__
bazhangbrandon__, the iso?01:46
raphabazhang: THERE! It just happened again - this time it only 2 minutes. This isn't supposed to happen for sure? I mean, this is Linux, right? Not Windows...01:46
nickrudrapha, try stopping gdm, and using startx. That way you should be able to examine /var/log/Xorg.0.log and .xsession-errors after a crash01:47
TrelI'm having a problem with the "Screen" program :(01:48
TrelI'm trying to use Finch in a screen session but it's showing up wrong01:48
afrokenActionParsnip, thanks, but i lost sound even after reverting to the old kernel01:48
raphanickrud: okay, thanks01:48
bebinCpudan80: i checked it and changed but still no effect01:48
ActionParsnipafroken: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=607113801:48
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pepperjackrapha linux is stable from cli.  we dont brag about X though :)01:49
Peddyhello rdw20016901:49
RoyallAugh, HP scanner wants HP software01:49
FunqhausHello, im pretty new to Ubuntu and im having an issue with a mounted internal HDD.  I was in the properties dialog of the drive in Nautilus and changed the mount point under the "drive" tab.  Now the drive will not mount and the "drive" tab is no longer available to change back what I had put.  Any suggestions to removing the properties I changed in order to have the drive mount again?01:49
Cpudan80bebin: dunno man ... sorry01:49
Atomic_UEI've changed my password and now the gnome keyring keeps asking for a password, and it wants the old password. How do I change the keyring pass?01:49
bebinCpudan80: ok01:49
Cpudan80Funqhaus: reboot -- does it come back?01:49
nickrudRoyall, the hp software is already in ubuntu, my hp office jet all in one worked perfectly out of the box01:50
FunqhausCpudan80 unfortunately no01:50
Cpudan80Funqhaus: hrm....01:50
Cpudan80Funqhaus: pastebin your /etc/fstab file somewhere01:50
Cpudan80Funqhaus: i'll be right back01:50
FunqhausCpudan80 clicking on the drive to open no longer mounts it.  I get the same error01:50
Cpudan80Funqhaus: don't paste it in the channel - that'll make the powers that be displeased01:50
FunqhausCpudan80 no prob.  Is a PM ok?01:51
Cpudan80dont pm me with the file01:51
Cpudan80It'll flood me out01:51
Cpudan80use www.pastebin.ca01:51
Cpudan80put the link that it provides in here01:51
Funqhauswell, regardless, its not listed in /etc/fstab anyways01:51
jordo2323Does Banshee still not allow a user to rescan the watch folders in a music library?01:52
jordo2323Just checking01:52
afrokenActionParsnip, it seems that i have the same problem, i made a minimal install like the posts in the forum....01:53
jp_sfFunqhaus: do you see your hard drive doing a sudo fdisk -l ?01:53
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throwthow do i start the installer from the livdcd?01:53
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
Funqhausjp_sf no, I only see the other 2 HDDs I have01:54
dolphinwhy would anybody use anything other than rhythmbox or audacious?01:54
tonsofpcs24/7 audio stream01:54
Funqhausjp_sf err scratch that, small screen.  Its there01:54
jp_sfFunqhaus: so you have four physical harddrives in your box or you are talking about partitions ?01:54
dolphintonsofpcs:  like for mpd?01:54
jp_sfFunqhaus: ok01:55
Funqhausjp_sf 3 physical HDDs01:55
tonsofpcsdolphin: I'm using IDJC01:55
Funqhausjp_sf sda, sdb, sdc01:55
jp_sfFunqhaus: what is the line of the harddrive you don't see ?01:55
Cpudan80Funqhaus: ok so -- if you run sudo mount -a -- does it show up?01:55
afrokenActionParsnip, do u think that if I install ubuntu-desktop it will solve the problem?01:55
rdw200169import xchat01:56
rdw200169def sb_send(word, word_eol, userdata): f = open('/tmp/test.txt','r'); xchat.command(f.read()); f.close(); return xchat.EAT_ALL01:56
rdw200169xchat.hook_command('sb', sb_send)01:56
rdw200169xchat.prnt('sb_xchat v0.2 loaded.')01:56
FloodBot1rdw200169: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:56
jp_sfFunqhaus: I have to go but people here will help you to modify your /etc/fstab01:56
ActionParsnipafroken: cant hurt to try01:56
Atomic_UEI've changed my password and now the gnome keyring keeps asking for a password, and it wants the old password. How do I change the keyring pass?01:56
mike12hey what does this mean it is under add rmove i tried to update ould not download all repository indexes01:56
mike12The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.01:56
carlfHaving a weird problem with a Sun Type 7 keyboard. I can't get anything to read a Meta+Shift+Return. It doesn't even work under the console. Is this likely to be a hal problem?01:56
bazhangmike12, what version of ubuntu01:56
afrokenActionParsnip, thanks so much...i'm this close to switching to Etch,,,,if I don't get sound in 2 hours my boss will kill me...01:57
bazhangmike12, could you please paste.ubuntu.com /etc/apt/sources.list and give us the url01:57
ActionParsnip!keyboard | carlf01:57
ubottucarlf: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts01:57
ActionParsnipafroken: isnt that debian?01:57
mike12bazhang how do i do that01:57
ActionParsnipafroken: this is ubuntu help dude, try in ##debian01:57
carlfNone of those installed. Using server Ubuntu. Installed hal, xorg, and built dwm from source.01:58
afrokenno no, i had etch on this machine, i switched to ubuntu nad was fine till the updates,....01:58
FunqhausCpudan80 no it does not show up on sudo mount -a     Fresh reboot etc, still does not show up.01:58
bazhangmike12, open a browser to paste.ubuntu.com ; in the terminal type: cat /etc/apt/sources.list  copy and paste to browser window then save and give us the url01:58
booksbuggymike12: it meant something is wrong with the software sources01:59
carlflshal reports input.xkb.model = 'sun6' but also input.xkb.rules = 'evdev'. Is that right?01:59
booksbuggywell also what bazhang is saying01:59
Cpudan80Funqhaus: ok - so you're going to have to add it back to the fstab file01:59
afrokenActionParsnip, anyway thanks, do i need to reboot after installing ubuntu-desktop..?01:59
vigoAny GPS or mapping software in the repos?02:00
FunqhausCpudan80 error I get:  "Cannot mount volume  Unable to mount the volume SATA1"   (Details) mount_point cannot conatain the following characters:  newline, G_DIR_SEPARATOR (usually /)02:00
ActionParsnipafroken: shouldnt do02:00
ActionParsnipafroken: i wouldnt start installing ubuntu stuff on debian02:00
Cpudan80Funqhaus: hrm .... that makes it sound like it's already in fstab02:00
ActionParsnip!debian | afroken02:00
ubottuafroken: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:00
Cpudan80Funqhaus: did you paste the file somewhere?02:00
afrokenActionParsnip, no no, i'm running intrepid now , i meant i would switch to debian if this doesnt work cause etch was running fine of this machine02:01
FunqhausCpudan80 no, I didnt.  But my FSTAB only lists the other 2 drives02:01
ActionParsnipcarlf: maybe it needs different options, do the keys generate events in xev?02:01
Cpudan80Funqhaus: hrm...02:01
ActionParsnipafroken: then id run debian if it serves you better02:01
bazhang!info dgpsip02:01
ubottudgpsip (source: dgpsip): Correct GPS location with DGPS signal from internet. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.35-1 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 120 kB02:01
SemidiosFunqhaus, at some time did you go into the properties of that drive while it was mounted, ie. right clicked and change anything?02:01
nickrudFunqhaus, is this a device that is supposed to automount and appear on the desktop, which you tried to change the mountpoint with right click?02:01
vigoThank you02:01
afrokenActionParsnip, thanks, i dont mean to flame02:01
mike12bazhang http://paste.ubuntu.com/108073/02:02
FunqhausSemidious yes I did.  Thats where the problem started.  I went tot he "drive" tab and tried to point it to a folder in my home directory I had created to use as the mount point.02:02
mike12bazhang http://paste.ubuntu.com/108073/02:02
vigoUt Oh,,is there an 8.04 version?02:02
Funqhausnickrud yes it is02:02
nickrudFunqhaus, I'll let Semidios continue, he beat me to it :)02:02
ActionParsnip!8.04 | vigo02:03
ubottuvigo: Ubuntu 8.04-LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 - See !lts for more details.02:03
mike12bazhang http://paste.ubuntu.com/108073/02:03
bazhangmike12, this is a dell netbook running hardy?02:03
vigoThank you02:03
SemidiosFunqhaus, well thats your problem.  I did that to one of mine.  Never really did figure it out but I remembered that error.  I believe you have to reset the prefs of HAL somewhere.  nickrud i'm hoping you know more about this than I do.02:03
Funqhausnickrud hehe ok thanks though.  Just trying to get this going.02:03
mike12bazhang what should i do02:04
bazhangmike12, what are you doing when you get that error02:04
christozhello, there is my xorg.cong file , i'm trying to install nvidia 6600gt drive , but i can't what should i do?02:04
bazhangmike12, ie upgrading to ibex, adding software or other02:04
Cpudan80Semidios: He can't just readd the line in fstab?02:04
mike12bazhang trying to reload the add remove internet connection02:04
bazhangmike12, a menu?02:05
Cpudan80christoz: Just enable the restricted driver under system --> admin --> driver ...02:05
mike12bazhang im sorry?02:05
nickrudFunqhaus, do alt-f2  gconf-editor, then navigate to /storage/volumes ; one of the devices listed there will have a path with a / in it. unset (right click, select unset) that key. The path you use there is a dir name under media. If you want to change the mountpoint out of /media , you'll need to set it in fstab02:05
bazhangmike12, add/remove menu? or network-manager02:05
SemidiosCpudan80, it was never in fstab.  HAL automounts the drive in Ubuntu.  I had that same problem.  I wanted my drive to always be mounted and not with the name Ubuntu gave it.  I ended up adding it to fstab to fix it.02:05
carlfActionParsnip: They seem to. The state is different for each of Meta+Return, Shift+Return, and Meta+Shift+Return.02:05
carlfI can02:05
rahdukeim hoping someone can help me, i installed ubuntu on my buddies laptop because it rules and he kept destroying windows with malware and such. I figured he couldn't absolutely destroy ubutnu without some hard work. Its been about 6 months and he's having problems, dropped the laptop off to me today and its all messed up.... there are tons of processes running i don't recognize (getty 4x kthreadd, watchdog/0 and many more) and i02:06
adamis it possible that a single cd image (.dmg or .img) has multiple filesystems written on it, one for each OS it is intended for?02:06
mike12network manager02:06
jribSemidios: HAL will use the label of the partition if you set one02:06
Cpudan80Semidios: I see02:06
carlfActionParsnip: I just can't seem to get them to show up in emacs running under screen or on the console.02:06
Semidiosjrib, thanks i'll have to remeber that.02:06
mike12bazhang network manager i believe.... i use it to get new games and such from linux02:07
jribFunqhaus: check the label on the partition02:07
ActionParsnipcarlf: if you run xev in terminal, does it generate events when you press the keys?02:07
rahdukeanyone? helo.....02:08
mike12bazhang what should i do02:08
carlfActionParsnip: Yes. It does. It also seems to generate unique events for the various combinations of Meta and Shift.02:08
vigoThat one might work, I basically need it to plot some new charts, is there any nautical mapping software available..thank you02:08
ActionParsnipcarlf then use Xmodmap to map the keycodes to the inputs manually02:09
dsnydersHi all.  Is there a shutdown option in grub?02:09
galexcdHello everyone02:09
Funqhausnickrub AHA!  That was it.  Thank you VERY much.  I thought I could just point to any folder I wanted through the properties dialog.  I see now it must be a folder in /media (unless I set it in FSTAB)  Thank you02:09
ActionParsniprahduke: run: dpkg -l | less and see what is installed02:10
nickrudrahduke, I have all those processes running, they're normal kernel procecesses02:10
rahdukenickrud: but do u have 5 or more instances of them?02:10
ActionParsnipdsnyders: you can just press system power button once and it should turn off02:10
nickrudwhich ones? kthreadd only one (the rest scrolled off screen)02:11
=== Niamor7 is now known as Niamor
rahdukenickrud: getty for example02:11
rahdukethere are 5 instances running02:11
nickrudrahduke, yes; you should have 5 at least: those are the consoles (ctl-alt-f1-6)02:11
ActionParsniprahduke: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108082/02:12
nickrudrahduke, you'll see them as tty1-6 in ps -A | grep getty02:12
rahdukei hav to sign on from his laptop to pastebin02:12
rahdukeplease hld02:12
bazhanggalexcd, just ask02:13
=== KB1OHY is now known as Sergeant_Pony
dsnydersActionParsnip, If I close the lid on my laptop while it's shutting down it sometimes reboots.  Grub launches, the default OS kicks in and the battery drains.  I want to default grub to poweroff.02:13
galexcdsorry i'm trying to figure out how to use irssi02:13
galexcdtrying different commands02:13
ActionParsnipdsnyders: nice solution, hmm02:13
ActionParsnipdsnyders: let me check if its possible02:13
galexcdits been ages since I've used irssi and I thought there was some way of getting to the settings from the terminal but I guess not02:14
nightrid3ranyine knows an app like vista sidebar02:15
rahduke2sorry about the delay02:15
redvamp128you could try google gadgets02:15
ActionParsnipdsnyders: you need to add options to /boot/grub/menu.lst http://dt.in.th/2007-12-31.grub-halt-reboot.html02:15
redvamp128nightrid3r:  you could try google gadgets02:15
ActionParsnipdsnyders: that should fix you up good02:15
ActionParsnipdsnyders: just add it then make the shutdown option the default02:16
nightrid3rredvamp128: thanks02:16
redvamp128it can make a convicing clock and add things to the side panel02:16
nickrudrahduke, show us the output of ps aux , that way we can see the actual processes02:16
jovehello all, I want to change my own pict to the default pict of the desktop appearance, do you know what type of pict format ? is it jpeg or else ?02:16
redvamp128nightrid3r:  check your synaptic or look on this next page02:16
rahduke2ok thanks please hold02:17
galexcdjove, I belive its svn if you are talking about the Apperance icon02:17
redvamp128nightrid3r:  Ubuntu Unleashed: New Google Gadgets for Linux 0.10.4 <http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/12/new-google-gadgets-for-linux-0104.html>02:17
dsnydersActionParsnip, Thanks.  That looks like exactly what I need.  I thought it'd be harder.02:17
DevilSShadoWguys could anyone be so kind as to tell me if if would be possible to create a at32 partition after installing ubuntu?02:17
redvamp128nightrid3r:  they can run in a sidebar or ontop of the desktop02:17
ActionParsnipnickrud: ps -ef is the linux standard, aux is bsd standard and doesnt work on all linuxes02:17
jovegalexcd, yes...the desktop appearance02:17
ActionParsnipdsnyders: not too hard in linux02:17
nickrudActionParsnip, ah, works here though?02:17
nickrudActionParsnip, personally I use ps -A most of the time anyway02:18
ActionParsnipnickrud: oh yeah, but if you try it n a diferent distro it may not fly02:18
jovegalexcd, it's desktop background iamge02:18
galexcdjove, i think its svg file format02:18
galexcdoh not the icon?02:18
* nickrud says pfft to other distros02:18
galexcdany format should work then02:18
nickrudrahduke, everything I see there is normal02:19
redvamp128nightrid3r:  did you get this link Application Information - Google Gadgets <http://www.getdeb.net/app/Google+Gadgets>02:19
jovegalexcd, if I have the pict of jpeg how do I convert it to svg02:19
nightrid3rredvamp128: yup02:19
* rdw200169 this is a test02:19
galexcdyou could use inkscape02:19
redvamp128nightrid3r:  is that close enough to the sidepanel for you?02:19
bazhangrdw200169, disable please02:19
galexcdInkscape vector graphics editor02:19
nightrid3rredvamp128: yes thanks02:19
jovehmm...I open it, then Ubuntu 8.10 does not recognize it02:20
ActionParsniprdw200169: looks funky02:20
dsnydersActionParsnip, I thought I'd have to have some sort of diminutive linux install that launches shutdown as soon as it started.02:20
rahduke2nickrud: strange, is there a way to at least stop this getty service? also is it possible his firefox installation is infected or broken....02:20
galexcdDownload and install Inkscap image editor it can read and save in SVG formats02:20
ActionParsnipdsnyders: nar grub is really powerful02:20
rdw200169ActionParsnip: sorry, i'm working on a Xchat plugin for Peddy02:20
galexcderr inkscape vector graphics editor02:20
ActionParsnipdsnyders: you may want to close your lappy to test ;)02:20
nickrudrahduke2 you don't want to stop the gettys. Those are the virtual consoles you see when you hit clt-alt-f1 - f6. (clt-alt-f7 to get back to X)02:21
jovegalexcd, do you the link of download Inkscape vector ?02:21
yfzr1Hello folks - I am new to linux and changing from XP to ubuntu for my main PC. I have been fighting with sound for a week and a half after I installed ATI drivers for video card. I have gone through doc as best as I can do but real green in linux.02:21
grkblood13hey guys, i didnt want to ask this in the mysql chat in here of being ridiculed but after doing a tutorial on installing a local web server which had me install mysql and phpmyadmin i must ask. not know anything about what i was doing i looked into some tutorials of what exactly mysql is. after doing some ive soem to the conclusion that mysql is just a hard to manuever spreadsheet. so my question is, is mysql just a hard02:21
grkblood13to maneuver spreadsheet or is there more to it? and why is have it necessary for a local web server and not just apache by itself?02:21
ubottuInkscape is a powerful vector graphics drawing application - see http://www.inkscape.org/ for more02:21
galexcdjove, if you are running ubuntu just search for it in add/remove02:21
dsnydersActionParsnip, I'm editting menu.lst as we speak...02:21
rahduke2nickrud: i dont know what those are can u gimmie a quik overview02:21
rdw200169bazhang: what did you get?02:21
carl-mgrkblood13: mysql is a database server02:21
bongomanok this seems to be some xchat server02:22
bazhang!give me a test02:22
bongoman hi02:22
* DeadJones gives me a hard drive02:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test02:22
* aperson gives me a bag full with Michael Jacksons dropped noses02:22
nickrudrahduke2 try hitting clt-alt-f2 . You can log in there, those are the real 'terminals'. clt-atl-f7 to get back to the gui02:22
* ActionParsnip hm02:22
jovegalexcd, is the name listed exact as Inkescape ...?02:22
apc__ test02:22
bazhangDeadJones, aperson please disable those02:22
ActionParsnipgrkblood13: read lots online about it, everything is hard at first02:22
galexcdjove, inkscape02:22
yfzr1now it is showing ATI as card002:22
grkblood13carl, so unless i am deleloping some website that had hardcore math involved and load of databases its not necessary?02:23
nickrudrahduke2, gettys are what you would use if you only had a server install, or if your gui fails you can use them to fix it (for example)02:23
jovegalexcd, is it inside "graphic" category ?02:23
carl-mgrkblood13: yes, unless you know you need it, then you don't need it02:23
bazhangjove, sudo apt-get install inkscape02:23
nickrud!give me another test02:24
* DeadJones gives me a hampster02:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:24
* aperson gives me a rather large squid02:24
grkblood13ActionParsnip, im not saying its hard, im just asking if its something i need. all that i want is a server to put files on. phpmyadmin make a pretty gui but all it seems to do is manage mysql. am i wrong?02:24
nickrudDeadJones, aperson get rid of those, or leave the channel please02:24
rahdukenickrud: ahhh i hit that and i dont know how to come back02:24
grkblood13i havnet looked into phpmyadmin that hardyet02:24
carl-mphpmyadmin is only useful if you have mysql, otherwise no need for it02:24
galexcdjove, bazhang has an easier way if you cant find it, but when i search under all for "inkscape" it is the only result02:24
nickrudrahduke, clt-alt-f702:24
nickrudrahduke, possibly ctl-atl-f802:24
rahdukemuch thanks02:24
nickrud!one more test02:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about one more test02:24
grkblood13ok, so if i have apache is the a package that installs a nice gi to manage an apahce2 server?02:24
bazhanggalexcd, try apt-cache search inkscape in terminal02:24
ActionParsnipgrkblood13: im not sure, maybe someone else can answer02:25
grkblood13there a*02:25
bazhangneed the !give02:25
carl-mgrkblood13: sorry, never used a gui for that02:25
linuxman410Funqhaus is it internal or external harddrive02:25
galexcdbazhang why?02:25
grkblood13what about a way to make the server password authenticated?02:25
thermodI'm have a problem with network Manager, it didn't stop correctly closing Ubuntu 8.04 and give me a series of error02:25
nickrudgrkblood13, mysql is a full fledged relational database. drupal and other content management systems run on it; many businesses run million dollar databases with it02:26
bazhanggalexcd, apt-cache search packagename/related term will let you know quicker02:26
nickrud!ebox | grkblood1302:26
ubottugrkblood13: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox02:26
* apc__ Listening to Listen (Redanka Remix) by Jozef Mihalik02:26
bazhangapc__, disable that02:26
galexcdbazhang i'm not the one looking for it i'm helping jove02:26
grkblood13nickrud, thanks02:26
apc__Sorry bazhang02:26
=== apc__ is now known as Peddyt
nickrudgrkblood13, but it's worth learning the command line controls of apache02:27
rahduke2nickrud: one final question, why do i see all these getty processes on this laptop but none on my desktop?02:27
nickrudrahduke2, something wrong on your desktop :)02:27
=== h[a]kr is now known as ahkr
grkblood13yea, i prolly should, i installed mysql phpmyadmin and apache, mysql was the first of the 3 i looked in to02:27
rahduke2chill my desktop works great02:27
=== ahkr is now known as hakr
rahduke2and ctrl alt f2 and 6 work fine02:27
bazhang!give me a test02:28
* DeadJones gives me Elton John02:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give me a test02:28
* aperson gives me a cellphone02:28
nickrudrahduke2, can you clt-alt-f2 to a console? Then somehow you're just not seeing the getty processes. If you have those fX consoles, you have gettys02:28
pierre-alexandreI love Ubuntu02:28
pierre-alexandreI think I'm ready to migrate to a more advanced distro02:28
pierre-alexandrebut ... I dont wanna deal with setup pains in the butt, like wireless and stuff.02:29
rahduke2ok so i guess this thing is fine, since i upgraded it seems ok anyhow. thanks alot nickrud02:29
pierre-alexandreany recommendation ?02:29
galexcdanybody familiar with ettercap in here?02:29
nickrud!give me a test02:29
* DeadJones gives me a gnarly werewolf02:29
=== anil is now known as Guest15859
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!02:29
* aperson gives me a small yacht02:29
* DeadJones gives rahduke2 a match02:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about give02:29
* aperson gives fn'rahduke2 a banana hammock02:29
bazhangDeadJones, aperson last warning02:29
exodus_mspierre-alexandre: what do you mean by 'more advanced'02:29
nickrudDeadJones, aperson last warning. We'll test in a minute. If you're still doing this you're gone02:29
booksbuggypierre-alexandre, this is a support channel :P02:30
nickrudDeadJones, aperson 'gone' is 'banned'02:30
pierre-alexandrenevermind then02:30
thermodNobody for network manager?02:30
bazhangthermod, need a more detailed question02:30
thermodNetwork manager give me an error when I close Ubuntu02:31
tonsofpcsclose ubuntu?02:32
galexcdSo, does anyone have a good recomendation for a php editor for ubuntu with syntax highliting?02:32
thermodIt didn't close Wireless connection correctly02:32
bazhangthermod, what error02:32
jribgalexcd: gedit, vim...02:32
linuxman410`does anyone know about real player 1102:32
Dr_willisgalexcd,  geany is also nice02:32
=== owner_ is now known as breaker_unit
jriblinuxman410: why not just use mplayer with w32codecs?02:33
Dr_willislinuxman410,  i constantly see people in here trying to install it.. when i dont think its needed.. like jrib  says02:33
nickrudgalexcd, gedit does it; so does bluefish. For the kitchen sink, get eclipse from http://www.eclipse.org/europa/02:33
galexcdjrib, i'm using gedit but i'm not a fan of the syntax highlighting.  It only has about half of the standard functions do anyhing02:33
carl-mWait, you just listed a hust list of editors, but not emacs?02:33
jribcarl-m: 2 isn't huge :)02:34
galexcdcarl-m: eww emacs02:34
linuxman410well i was trying to play real player music off website and it says it selects real player but movie player opens02:34
carl-meww gui editors02:34
nickrud!give me a test02:34
* DeadJones gives me a few fluffy pillows02:34
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!02:34
* aperson gives me 100 feet of wire02:34
galexcdcarl-m, real programmers use butterflies02:34
jribgalexcd: you should be filing bugs against it then, but try Dr_willis's suggestion about geany02:34
carl-mnano even has syntax highlighing02:35
gonewestcoastnano works, but I'm glad I learned vi.02:35
giraoI have the super slow internet download stops and what to do to increase the connection02:35
gonewestcoastj vi02:35
rdw200169yeah, what about vim?02:36
bazhanggirao, is this dialup or adsl02:36
carl-mgirao: are you sure it's your computer and not the connection?02:36
galexcdthanks for all the suggestions guys.  It's a great help.  I think i'll try geany02:37
giraowas after a virus02:37
gonewestcoastrdw200169: I'm STILL not sure what vi and vim differ on. :)  Besides color.02:37
gonewestcoastgirao: A virus?!  On Linux?02:37
unoprdw200169,  vim -c "help :42"02:38
giraowindows xp02:38
sistogonewestcoast: i think vi is a soft link to vim so they shouldn't differ02:38
rdw200169unop, what does that do?02:38
bazhanggirao, that has nothing to do with ubuntu02:38
unopgonewestcoast, loads .. vim extends vi ..  set nocompat # and you should see life become a little more difficult02:39
unoprdw200169, try it out :)02:39
booksbuggy!virus girao02:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about virus girao02:39
rdw200169unop, i did, there's no help for :4202:39
root______sisto even if vi is a symlink to vim they should still differ.  as should  /bin/sh even if it's a symlink to /bin/bash02:39
rdw200169unop oh, it's one of those easter eggs02:39
unoprdw200169, hmm, maybe you don't use vim ?02:39
unoprdw200169, indeed02:40
rdw200169unop, yeah, i saw that a while ago reading the vim tips and tricks02:40
rdw200169unop you put the : in the wrong place, btw02:40
giraoI know but I'm with ubuntu and the Internet is on the same slow02:40
bazhanggirao, is this dialup or adsl02:40
gonewestcoastgirao: What other computers are on your network?02:40
linuxman410can mplayer play real player music files from web02:40
unoprdw200169, i did, i did02:40
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:41
giraobroadband cable02:41
StargazerHow do i satisfy the dependencies of a package ?02:41
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!02:41
sistoit's like this: vim -c "help 42"02:42
rdw200169unop i don't do a whole lot of programming with vim; i do an incredible amount of writing.  i.e.  rst + latex/html/sphinx (etc...)02:42
bazhangStargazer, which package02:42
StargazerBazhang, perl. i'm on ubuntu 8.04.02:42
lifenovaEvening everyone.02:42
root______Stargazer apt-get02:42
bazhangStargazer, apt will take care of them02:42
unopStargazer, unless you are manually installing something02:42
bgs100Stargazer, sudo apt-get install {insert dependencies here}02:42
ubottuPlease watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:43
nickrudubottu tell redvamp128 about msgthebot02:43
ubotturedvamp128, please see my private message02:43
root______redvamp128 bot abuse session?02:43
giraohow can increase the Internet connection02:43
unused_bagelsNM won't recognize that I'm connected to the internet.  I'm also having problems with diseasedly low torrent speeds, even though my ports are wiiide open.02:43
redvamp128I only said that one -- someone was asking for a virus02:43
redvamp128that is no no--02:44
redvamp128other than the only thing there maybe out there is some test files and that is about it02:44
bazhanggirao, what is slow loading, please give much more info02:44
nickrudredvamp128, I never once thought you were abusing the bot, just didn't know you could talk to it privately :)02:44
StargazerBazhang, it became a 'broken package' when i was updating... had to do something like: dpkg --configure -a02:45
=== TwoEqualsTen is now known as Hikeractive
booksbuggyredvamp128, actually i was trying to get ubottu to explain virus on ubuntu :P02:45
booksbuggyredvamp128, the impossibility for them right now02:45
galexcdI really love geany.  Thanks for the suggestion!02:45
giraoI wanted to increase the Internet connection or know the door02:45
bazhanggirao, know the door?02:45
redvamp128wine can get a virus though-- a reboot and the virus can't reproduce (or a log off)02:46
bgs100I'm new to IRC.  I just got xchat.  Anyone got some tips (besides normal talking like i'm doing now) I can use?02:46
root______booksbuggy it's not impossable for linux to have a virus.  it's just not likely that one will survive long in the wild.02:46
unused_bagelsbgs100 be sure to use someone's name when you refer to them. this highlights their name so they will notice.02:46
booksbuggyroot______, i know that02:46
bazhangbgs100, open a private chat with ubottu ; /msg ubottu info packagename02:46
booksbuggyroot______, was trying to get ubottu to explain that to girao02:46
unused_bagelsbgs100 also, try not to paste large dumps of code, you'll get booted. use a pastedump site.02:47
nickrud!who | bgs10002:47
ubottubgs100: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:47
redvamp128root______:  Like I said even if wine gets a virus -- since it does not have startup files upon reboot or startup things with computer a reboot or a log off will stop the virus from multiply (under wine that is)02:47
bgs100unused_bagels, bazhang, and ubottu, thanks02:47
unused_bagelsubottu, how do I use ! tab?02:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:48
grendal_primeok i use to be able to ssh into a box, and then run x11vnc then see the actuall running display...for whatever reason i am unable to do this with the ubuntu at the house...any...suggestions?02:48
booksbuggy! tab02:48
ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:48
bazhangunused_bagels, type three or so letters then hit tab key to complete nickname02:48
bgs100How do I do a private chat?02:48
redvamp128now I have seen a tip to make the internet faster-- though it involves turning off IPV6 (though reports vary if it works or not)02:48
booksbuggyi don't know how to do that :P02:48
lifenovabgs100: /msg <name>02:48
nickrudunused_bagels, I just typed unus and hit tab to get your nick02:48
unused_bagelsbazhang: w00t thank you02:48
nickrud!away > hekaldama02:49
ubottuhekaldama, please see my private message02:49
edenrozhello, in crontab wich one is syntax for do a command every hour?02:49
bgs100lifenova, thanks02:49
grendal_prime!dpkg x11vnc02:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dpkg x11vnc02:49
lifenovabgs100: /msg <name> <message> rather02:49
unused_bagelsNM won't recognize that I'm connected to the internet.  I'm also having problems with diseasedly low torrent speeds, even though my ports are wiiide open.02:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about x11vnc02:49
jmdcplease recommend tools for floppy disk data recovery.02:49
redvamp128Ubuntu Unleashed: Howto: Tweak your Internet connection and maximize your bandwidth in Ubuntu/Linux via sysctl! <http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/05/howto-tweak-your-internet-connection.html>02:49
redvamp128reports vary if the tweak works or not...02:50
DevilSShadoWcan anyone tell me if its possible to make a fat32 drive inside ubuntu after i installed it using ext3 for the entire drive?02:50
unused_bagelsredvamp128: will this make my NM recognize mydang interweb connection?02:51
galexcddevilsshadow, not without reformatting02:51
grendal_primeDevilSShadoW: uses systemrescuecd to resize the partition02:51
unop  DevilSShadoW, sure. if you resize that volume and create a new one02:51
DevilSShadoWwell i'll do anything as long as i can have a drive  that win xp will recognize02:51
redvamp128unused_bagels:  no-- this was in reference to girao asking about making it faster02:51
* grendal_prime uses systemrescuecd all the time /me loves the qt_parted app on there.02:51
galexcdwell if you do that you are limited to the ammount of data that is on the volume02:51
booksbuggydon't resizing a partition take a long time?02:51
linuxman410can u play real player files from web with mplayer02:51
root______booksbuggy unanswerable, too many variables02:52
grendal_primebooksbuggy: no well depending on the size but ive created and restored 4 gig partions in 7 min max, so just resizeing the partion very little time02:52
unused_bagelswell, does anyone know how I can fix my NM problem and reclaim my torrenting bandwidth?02:52
grendal_primenow learning the software is a bit of a curve, but im sure there is a howto on the web.02:52
redvamp128unused_bagels:  waht about your dangel-02:52
unused_bagelsredvamp128:  what's a dangel- ?02:53
redvamp128unused_bagels:  oops you said mydang I thought it was a dongle mispelled02:53
DevilSShadoWis using systemrescuecd the only way to resize the volume?02:54
unused_bagelsredvamp128:  lol no. NM isn't recognizing my internet connection.  I have my ports forwarded and a static IP, and still only torrent at 3-11kbps02:54
redvamp128unused_bagels:  I don't really use torrents02:54
unused_bagelsdoes anyone here know anything about Network Manager and/or torrenting?02:55
redvamp128DevilSShadoW:  I would probably download a live linux and use G-parted to resize the ubuntu install and create the drive02:55
Twinkletoes|WWhen I try to install 8.04/8.10 server, it's failing when trying to install grub.  It fails on lilo too.  I've checked the BIOS and boot sector protection is disabled.  The disk controller is a Mylex DAC960, has 4 x 73Gb HDDs in RAID-5.  dmesg shows them all being detected ok, as is the 210Gb logical drive.  What can I do?02:55
frankS2how can i make just one module? giving that i have the linux source. i dont want to install all modules again02:56
redvamp128DevilSShadoW:  -- a small linux live like puppylinux should suffice and is light on memory...02:56
ubuntuwhat up02:56
=== ubuntu is now known as bookmark
bookmarki am REALLY wondering, how is it possible for to change your passwd as sudo?02:56
bookmarki mean i do it02:56
bookmarkit works, but what is the logic here?02:56
npopesudo passwd02:56
bookmarkyes i know02:56
redvamp128DevilSShadoW:  though to note once you reboot to ubuntu-- it will send it into a device check - e2fsk cycle upon reboot02:56
bookmarkuh... does anyone see a violation in that?02:57
bookmarkbesides me02:57
bookmarkyou can change it as many times as you like02:57
npopebookmark: that changes roots password not yours02:57
bookmarki'm using the live ubuntu cd02:57
bookmarkyes i knows02:57
bookmarkis this not a bad thing? that a standard user can do this?02:57
npopei do not see a problem with that02:57
bookmarkor is ubuntu an admin user?02:57
npopeits a live cd02:57
bookmarksuper user02:57
bookmarkok so is it only set up like that on a live cd?02:57
StevenTylerhelp, Ubuntu keeps booting into initramfs02:57
redvamp128DevilSShadoW:  did you catch that? inbetween the popins?02:58
bookmarkwhat setting is that?02:58
root______DevilSShadoW if you don't mind having the filesystem within a file on another filesystem,  then the answer to your question "is it possable..."  yes it is possable to make an fat32 filesystem within linux if all the disk space was allocated to the root fs.   example: dd if=/dev/zero of=my_new_vfat_filesystem bs=4096 count=1024 ;mkfs.vfat my_new_vfat_filesystem ;mount -o loop my_new_vfat_filesystem /mnt02:58
bookmarkif you know02:58
StevenTylerlast time I had to reinstall Ubuntu for that problem02:58
bookmarki mean its basically allow anyone to be root02:58
npopewhat setting is what?02:58
StevenTylerI an't keep reinstalling it again and again and again02:58
npopeon the live cd02:58
unused_bagelsdoes anyone here know anything about Network Manager and/or torrenting?02:59
bookmarkyes but you say a regular install isn't like that02:59
bookmarkhow do i make my live cd that way02:59
bookmarkif i want to02:59
root______DevilSShadoW hope that didn't turncate.  it was longet than i thought02:59
npopenot run a live cd02:59
DevilSShadoWsounds like my simple mind only comprehends reinstall02:59
npopedelete the ubuntu user02:59
miranda_psiunused_bagels: ask away and if people know the answer they will probably answer...02:59
unused_bagelsredvamp128:  lol no. NM isn't recognizing my internet connection.  I have my ports forwarded and a static IP, and still only torrent at 3-11kbps02:59
npopebut then it will come back if you reboot02:59
unused_bagelsack sorry02:59
DevilSShadoWdont get me wrong it's not extremely irgent for me to have a fat32 partition03:00
unused_bagelssorry redvamp12803:00
unused_bagelswell, does anyone know how I can fix my NM problem and reclaim my torrenting bandwidth?03:00
DevilSShadoWi just think its a waste for 160gb for linux03:00
lifenova1DevilSShadoW: did your problem get solved? I was going to recommend you get a program in windows that can read an ext3 partition rather than converting to fat32.03:00
unused_bagelsok miranda_psi03:00
redvamp128DevilSShadoW:  try this instead-- download  a linux live cd like puppy linux (which already has G-parted)03:00
DevilSShadoWa program in windows would be great03:00
unused_bagelsNM won't recognize that I'm connected to the internet.  I'm also having problems with diseasedly low torrent speeds, even though my ports are wiiide open.03:00
lifenova1DevilSShadoW: I will find you a link, hold on03:00
unused_bagelssorry, I kept pasting the wrong sentence.03:00
bookmarkyou could eject the disk, but it doesn't interest me any more03:00
DevilSShadoWi just need to be able to copy from linux to windows03:01
bookmarki just didn't know if it was the same on all linux03:01
StevenTylerUbuntu keeps loading into initramfs. Someone help.03:01
bookmarklike... how would i make sure?03:01
bookmarkbecause i don't have linux installed right now03:01
lifenova1DevilSShadoW: http://www.diskinternals.com/linux-reader/ is the one I use. It's not perfect, but it works.03:01
npopebookmark: vm03:01
DevilSShadoWi dont need it to be perfect03:01
bookmarkit would be really easy if someone would just check for me03:02
bookmarkon their box03:02
bookmarkwell sort of03:02
bookmarksecond hand absolution03:02
FloodBot1bookmark: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:02
dayobookmark: check what?03:02
bookmarktry sudo passwd as a normal user03:02
DevilSShadoWthanks for the link03:03
npopebookmark: sudo passwd as a normal user would need to be part of the suders file and03:03
jp_sfbookmark: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:03
dayobookmark: when u install ubuntu on your box, u create a user. THAT user can do sudo passwd.03:03
bookmarkdayo, but not all users?03:03
redvamp128unused_bagels:  though it actually could be your ISP throttling your connection for P2P traffic03:03
pandasei ran a update-manager -d to go from hardy to intrepid and the cpu was shut off during install now when i try to resume with the same command i get errors and it will not start how do i clean this up?03:03
redvamp128unused_bagels:  did you catch my answer-- ???03:04
unused_bagelsredvamp128: I can't be, because I'm using uncommon ports, the same ones I used on windows03:04
dayobookmark: if u install ubuntu and during the install u create the user bookmark, THAT user bookmark can sudo passwd. now, after installation is complete, let's say to type 'adduser dayo'. User dayo will NOT be able to sudo passwd. u would have to sudo passwd FOR user dayo03:04
unused_bagelsredvamp128: port 5700003:04
oipatWhat do you do, when the screen is all scrambled up and unusable, and the xorg.conf isn't complete? Has ubuntu-derived distros removed the ability to fix your system from the command line?03:04
LeefmcQuestion: I need to find a file that is lost on someones computer, what would the best command be to search for a file that has a wildcarded name? Preferably, not case sensative, etc.03:05
pandaseim thinking about just downloading the whole intrepid cd and installing from the cd but if i can do it from apt-get it would be better03:05
oipatDoesn't ubuntu read the xorg conf from /etc/X11/xorg.conf?03:05
pandasecan someone please help03:05
unused_bagelsoipat: try ctrl alt backspace and start over? :/03:05
grendal_primegod this totally blows03:05
miranda_psiunused_bagels: they can still detect the type of trafic it is from examining the packets03:05
Leefmcpandase: Iirc, you can03:05
dayobookmark: BUT, if u now add dayo to sudo group, then dayo will *now* be able to sudo passwd *too*03:05
bookmarkdayo, thank you03:05
pandaseLeefmc: ?03:05
bookmarki see03:05
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: so, is there any way to avoid this?03:05
dayobookmark: u're welcome03:05
oipatunused_bagels: Yes, I can get into framebuffer, but /etc/X11/xorg.conf is not complete, and apperantly ubuntu doesn't use it or something?03:06
Leefmcpandase: I think all you do is add a repository and your set heh, look at the ubuntu website on upgrading to intrepid03:06
jp_sfLeefmc: locate foo*bar03:06
dayobookmark: bye :-)03:06
unused_bagelsover my head, oipat03:06
Leefmcpandase: You asked if you could install intrepid by apt-get.03:06
Leefmcjp_sf: Thanks03:06
Leefmcjp_sf: Is updatedb needed?03:06
oipatHow can I set the resolution to 1600x1200 by command line?03:07
Leefmcmeoblast001: every channel on..? :P03:07
jp_sfLeefmc: if you are aware you lost it's been a while no ? so no ned to updatedb03:07
Leefmcmeoblast001: Because i doubt you messaged every channel on freenode :P03:07
Leefmcjp_sf: Its not me, so i have no idea what this guy did heh03:07
nite_johnboyWhat shell command can I run that will tell me the name of my USB thumb drive plugged into the usb port?03:07
Leefmcjp_sf: On a similar note, is there any type of filesystem log?03:07
unused_bagelsALSO! I just ran something on speedtest.net, and I only got half speed.  is this going to be affected by the fact that my wife is streaming netflix in the other room? (my torrenting problem has nothing to do with this however)03:07
bazhangmessage received03:07
root______not even every user in this channel Leefmc03:07
miranda_psiunused_bagels: you could try forcing the use of encryption, but there are still ways that they can guess what the packets are or they could simply shape everything but a whitelist set of packets (and it might not even be the problem)03:08
jp_sfLeefmc: ok let me rephrase it if HE lost a file awhile he can query is updatedb and locate will do it for him03:08
Flusher_is there a french speaker please ?03:08
Leefmcjp_sf: He had it on his computer at one point in time, so im curious to see what he did03:08
mindrape!fr | Flusher_03:08
ubottuFlusher_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:08
Leefmcroot______: He didnt mention users :o (not in the message i saw, atleast)03:08
jp_sfFlusherL #ubuntu-fr or ask me :-)03:09
DevilSShadoWhey, i found this http://www.fs-driver.org/index.html looks pretty nice03:09
jp_sfFlusher_: #ubuntu-fr or ask me :-)03:09
root______Leefmc yeah.  generally /msg #channel will message all user in the channel   not sure what he did03:09
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: I'm using encryption, and in windows, I get great speed.  I think my ISP osn't to blame.  Also, I've called about port forwarding, they even helped me set it up, surprisingly.  It's DSL, and my bandwidth is personal, it wouldn't affect anyone else.03:09
jp_sfLeefmc: a lot of things could happens03:09
jmdcI need to try to undelete files from a fat16 partition (I found an old floppy in my desk). Please point me in the right direction.03:09
Leefmcjp_sf: I know, thats why im asking if there is a file log of any sort :P03:10
Leefmcjp_sf: The answer would be.. no?03:10
Leefmcroot______: Yea, but generally its considered that your messaging the channel, and not "every user in the channel". Imo, if you message a user, you private message them, if you message a channel, you message a channel, not each user in it.03:11
Leefmcbit ot anyway :o03:11
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: did you catch my last post?03:11
miranda_psiunused_bagels: the speed is also dependant on the ratio of seeders to leachers - are you comparing similar torrents? and what client are you using?03:12
pandase_The following packages have unmet dependencies:03:12
pandase_  libhtml-parser-perl: Depends: perl (>= 5.10.0-10) but 5.8.8-12ubuntu0.4 is installed03:12
pandase_                       Depends: perlapi-5.10.003:12
pandase_E: Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.03:12
unused_bagels* miranda_psi deluge03:12
FloodBot1pandase_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:12
pandase_E: Unable to correct dependencies03:12
pandase_please help03:12
miranda_psiunused_bagels: the latest one? (1.1.0)03:13
oipatHow can I set the resolution to 1600x1200 by command line?03:13
unused_bagelsoh snap! no I don't03:13
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi:  it appears that I don't have the repository for it either, cos it never updated03:13
pandase_apt-get -f install is not working03:14
=== Niamor7 is now known as Niamor
zc00gii!repeat pandase_03:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about repeat pandase_03:14
zc00gii!repeat | pandase_03:14
ubottupandase_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience03:14
zc00gii!patience  | pandase03:14
ubottupandase: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines03:14
miranda_psiunused_bagels: the one is the repository is ancient and there is no repository for it as far as i know - just download the .deb package from the site (thats what ive done and i dont have any speed issues)03:14
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: thanks, I'm trying it now.03:15
root______pandase what exactly is the error message ?03:15
RolaultenEllo, I need a list of supported hard drives under the 2.6.27 kernel, any recommendations, Google is not helping much. Thanks03:17
hide1713Hi everyone. How to disable a command in sudoers file?03:17
torstefanI have some extra keys above the F-keys that I would like to map to commands.03:17
hide1713Say, I want to disable du command, What shuold I put in sudoers?03:17
root______hide1713 blah blah :!command *03:17
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: i tried installing the .deb for ubuntu ibex amd64 and got a failed to install error.03:18
hide1713root______: so If I want to disable du for user Joe, I should put "Joe :!du *" in sudoers?03:19
hide1713root______: or :!du Joe03:19
miranda_psiunused_bagels: what error do you get?03:19
root______hide1713 this would be an example of not letting anyone use "sudo du"     %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL:!du *03:20
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: it wouldn't let me copy the code in the terminal :?03:20
hide1713root______: Thx. That helps a lot03:20
root______hide1713 remember sudoers is complex, you should really read   man sudoers    before you edit it.03:20
miranda_psiunused_bagels: don't know why it does that...03:21
hide1713root______: Sure, I did03:21
ScottGActionParsnip: Thanks for the tips before. I set my swappiness to 1003:22
root______hide1713 while the default ubuntu sudoers (which i can't stand) simply makes one user "root jr."  the intended use of sudo is far more refined.    i would suggest to one and all that they take the time to learn about sudo/sudores/visudo  and tighten security on their box to their own spec's03:22
unused_bagelsis there a better/faster torrent program that is kept up to date?03:23
=== far is now known as Guest17055
_Vi_deluge-torrent is nice03:23
unused_bagels_Vi_: I'm using deluge, and it won't let me update.03:24
oipatHow can I set the resolution to 1600x1200 by command line?03:24
miranda_psiunused_bagels: deluge is the bets one I have found to date and i am always trying different ones - the next best is ktorrent and you can always resort to utorrent under wine03:24
ScottGoipat: probably with xorg.conf03:24
_Vi_hmmm for me its the opposite, Deluge is the ONLY torrent that lets any traffic through unused_bagels03:24
unused_bagelsmiranda_psi: I liked utorrent in windows.  _Vi_ : Why won't it let me update the program? I keep trying to install the new package.  Should I uninstall?03:25
oipatScottG: Thats what I'm used to aswell, but the xorg.conf contains 33 lines, 16 of which are comments.03:25
_Vi_unused_bagels: hmm are you behind a firewall?03:25
arrenlex1How do I define my own shortcut keys? Like, run program x when key y is pressed.03:26
ScottGoipat: Do you have a "Screen" section?03:26
unused_bagels_Vi_:  is there any way to check? I haven't installed one, and my router has ports forwarded.03:26
_Vi_unused_bagels: you should be ok then, im not sure why it would do that, is that true with all apps or just torrent?03:26
ScottGoipat: Look in the screen section then the subsection "display"03:26
Danielbw_homeDoes anyone here have excel 2007 and is willing to make me some test files?03:27
unused_bagels_Vi_:  just deluge won't let me install the new package.03:27
unused_bagels_Vi_: I'm using version .503:27
_Vi_unused_bagels: i would uninstall it then and reinstall03:27
unused_bagels_Vi_: ok, trying it.  will I have to reboot after uninstall for it to take?03:28
_Vi_that's a windows concept03:28
Daemonikrdesktop on 8.10 has serious bugs that prevent it from being usable. The version of rdesktop included with Hardy was installed to my copy of 8.10. Now apt wants to upgrade this package. How can a package be marked to not be upgraded?03:28
arrenlex1Danielbw_home: Voila, all the xlsx files you can shake a stick at : http://www.google.ca/search?hl=en&q=sample+filetype%3Axlsx03:28
Danielbw_homeDaemonik, lock the version ijn synaptic03:28
unused_bagels_Vi_:  lol you can tell I'm new to this03:29
_Vi_unused_bagels: i think the only times linux really needs a reboot is if the kernel changes and maybe xorg related stuff...03:29
Danielbw_homearrenlex1, I have a very specific spec03:29
DaemonikDanielbw_home, What about without using X?03:30
arrenlex1Danielbw_home: Ah, I thought you were just looking for some files you could open. Nevermind then.03:30
DaemonikDanielbw_home, This has been done on my laptop, but I'd also like to do this with our installation of Ubuntu LTSP 8.10 (hardware support not found in 8.04).03:30
Danielbw_homeDaemonik, I don't know, then. maybe use apt?03:31
nite_johnboyHi - Does someone know the command I can run to find out the name of my USB port?03:32
Danielbw_homenite_johnboy, lsusb in a terminal03:32
nite_johnboyDanielbw_home; Thanks03:32
Danielbw_homenite_johnboy, no prob, hth03:32
blockyanybody know of a piece of software where i can run a signal, like either a sine wave or an actual audio signal into a simulated analog circuit and both hear and see the output waveform as i add components to the circuit03:33
eightyeightplanet ubuntu hasn't been aggregating lately. anyone here in charge of it?03:33
arrenlex1How do I define my own shortcut keys? Like, run program x when key y is pressed.03:34
root______blocky apt-cache search circut #might find something03:34
unused_bagelsTHANK YOU EVERYONE! THAT DID IT!03:35
_Vi_unused_bagels: you got deluge workign?03:35
nite_johnboyDanielbw_home; I was looking for a return that would show me it is named dev - sbc or possibly dev - sdc ?03:35
eightyeightanyone here incharge of the planet?03:35
_Vi_eightyeight: ask in #ubuntu-ops03:36
Flusher_give me a french server please !03:36
nite_johnboyI guess I need actual device name to be more specific?03:36
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
FishsceneI have created a directory called, "/vmfiles/vm" However, if I go into the vmfiles directory and run "ls" it does not display the vm directory. But I can still navigate to /vmfiles/vm. Any ideas why vm does not show up in ls?03:36
unused_bagels_Vi_:  yes, I did, and at a rather healthy 31kbps (considering I only have 3 peers)03:36
unused_bagels_Vi_:  no, no, 50kbps03:37
GregatoriousDoes anyone know why the synaptic package manager is running so slowly? Is there a workaround?03:37
Flusher_low ID03:37
grendal_primethis is sooo pissing me off03:37
gotank233hey if i download the iso will i be able to mount the iso then run and install unbuntu onto a partition?03:37
grendal_primeGregatorious: do you have any idea how rediculas a question that is?03:37
Flusher_french server please !!03:38
grendal_primewhat repositorys do you have?03:38
grendal_primewhat sort of connection do you have?03:38
arrenlex1gotank233: No. You burn the iso to a cd.03:38
jp_sfFlusher_: /join #ubuntu-fr03:38
ScottGI want to make my swap space equal to my RAM because I have been having trouble hibernating. I followed the following guide but im just wondering if following that will add that amount to my current swap space or following that guide will create a new swap space: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq03:38
gotank233dam alrite03:38
arrenlex1gotank233: What are you trying to do?03:38
FishsceneSwap space should generally be 1.5x what you have in RAM.03:38
Flusher_faut parler français ou ??03:38
arrenlex1!fr | Flusher_03:38
ubottuFlusher_: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:38
jp_sfFlusher_: tape /join #ubuntu-fr03:39
Gregatoriousjust trying to update with a broadband connection and getting dialup speed. have used it in the past with much higher speeds03:39
gotank233i want to install ubuntu to its own partition im on windows xp right now but i have no blank cds to burn to03:39
Flusher_thanks !03:39
Claire2009what is the best ubuntu software option for a 900mhz amd duron, using 384gb of ram, a 20gb hd, and 10gb hd03:39
arrenlex1gotank233: You may be able to get away with using a usb stick; do you have one?03:39
Claire2009and a dvd-rom and cd-r burner drive?03:39
arrenlex1!xubuntu | Claire200903:39
ubottuClaire2009: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels03:39
gotank233yea i have one around here someplace03:39
root______Claire2009 384gb of ram ???03:40
gotank233it can be used to run the iso?03:40
grendal_primeim on  a t1 here ...if the repos are jamed, or connections are bad on any part of the download you are going to get slow speed.  You need to read up on apt and how it works.03:40
arrenlex1gotank233: I think there's a special distribution for liveusb installation.03:40
[TK]D-Fenderkinda general newb question : About to use K3B for the first time and want to be sure ont he nature of the disc formats.  I'm burning a data DVD which in Windows IIRC was being set as Joliet, but I never knew the finer spc points, only knowing it was the "norm".  I see this as an  option with some sane looking defaults, but its listed like "custom".  The defaul is a very generic "UNIX/LINX +...03:40
[TK]D-Fender...Windows".  What does this really imply and which format should I pick for maximum compatibility?03:40
Claire2009xbuntu? does that affect running of my computer if i enable it?03:40
grendal_primeAlso..if you have a fat download, like hundreds of megs of updates it will take a wile to get all that.03:40
arrenlex1!usb | gotank23303:40
ubottugotank233: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:40
root______Claire2009 at any rate,  any hardy release should be fine.03:40
arrenlex1Claire2009: It's a different desktop environment -- not gnome.03:40
FishsceneI have created a directory called, "/vmfiles/vm" However, if I go into the vmfiles directory and run "ls" it does not display the vm directory. But I can still navigate to /vmfiles/vm. Any ideas why vm does not show up in ls?03:41
Gregatoriousthanks for the try - I get 460 KB on any other site but synaptic03:41
miranda_psidoes anyone have any idea why the compiz 3D cube would suddenly become very slow and buggy? (all I did was reboot - no installation of new programs / updates etc.)03:41
Flusher_gotank233 > you download ubuntu 8.10 online and then you burn a CD image with nero for exemple.. Then you boot it on your xp and you click on the second choice ;)03:41
Claire2009arrenlex1 - so i lose my login screens, any software??03:41
root______arrenlex1 i would suggest full kubuntu or ubuntu   no need to lighten up for that hardware.03:41
Claire2009arrenlex1 - or will everything still run normally?03:41
arrenlex1Claire2009: You won't lose your software. You will lose your desktop preferences, because it's a different desktop environment.03:41
Claire2009arrelenx1 - i see.03:41
arrenlex1Claire2009: But of course, you can always log out of xfce and log back into gnome and have everything03:41
root______Claire2009 any hardy release should be fine on those specs     ubuntu kubuntu xubuntu ...   take your pick.03:42
Claire2009root____ - running 8.04 LTS - runs pretty well.03:42
root______Claire2009 that's what i said.03:42
=== eric is now known as talntid
FishsceneSo no one has any idea why the "ls" command fails to execute properly? It works fine in all directories except the one I created.03:42
_Vi_Claire2009: if you find later that xubuntu is even too slow there's always fluxbox, Icewm, jwm... and what not.03:43
arrenlex1Fishscene: Sorry, I missed the problem -- what does it say?03:43
root______Fishscene no read permission on the dir ?03:43
Claire2009question - can you just replace a dvd-rom drive, and have it instantly recognized by ubuntu 8.04??03:43
Claire2009(final question of night)_03:43
Fishscenearrenlex1, it doesn't say anything. I execute the command and it returns me to the prompt. No output03:43
grendal_primeunless it is unsupported hardware(not likely on that type of device) udev should find it03:43
Fishsceneroot____, I thought if I created the directory using sudo, that I automatically had read permissions. how would I check the permissions?03:44
arrenlex1Fishscene: Is there anything in the dir?03:44
grendal_primethat was for Claire200903:44
Fishscenearrenlex1, just a subdirectory03:44
Claire2009grendal_prime - thanks.03:44
FishsceneHere's the details: I have created a directory called, "/vmfiles/vm" However, if I go into the vmfiles directory and run "ls" it does not display the vm directory. But I can still navigate to /vmfiles/vm. Any ideas why vm does not show up in ls?03:44
[TK]D-FenderAny quick input on my K3B DVD format question?03:44
grendal_primenow get some sleep...03:44
root______Fishscene why did you use sudo ?    is the dir not in your home ?03:44
arrenlex1Fishscene: what does the command "file *" say03:44
Claire2009well, thanks for all the info all, i'm off03:44
grendal_primedream of larg weomen03:44
Fishsceneroot_________ correct, it is a directory sitting on the root of the filesystem.03:44
xorkHello!  I could use some help w/ my sound in Ibex.  I have an SB Live card that works just fine with most apps (Banshee, Firefox, totem), but when I try to run Wolfenstein:ET or Alien Arena (which only put out sound when I run them under aoss), i get nothing but a distorted sound loop03:45
root______Fishscene ok ls -l /   to see the ownership and permissions of the dir in question03:45
Cpudan80xork: lol old app03:45
xorkCpudan80, yes but a good one :)03:46
Cpudan80xork: try alsa instead of pulse --- settings --> prefs --> sound03:46
xorkCpudan80, I currently have those settings set to ALSA03:46
syerewhat is the advantage of alsa?03:46
Cpudan80ALSA has stood the test of time...03:46
Cpudan80xork: How did you get wolfenstein in linux anyway?03:46
xorkCpudan80, there's a native linux client, and it's free03:47
PastorBonesI am able to SSH through terminal to my host, but when I try to 'Connect to Server...' using Nautilus I get a 'Service not available...' error. The Nautilus SSH works with my current host, it's only a problem with my new one.03:47
Fishsceneroot___, this is the readout: http://pastebin.ubuntu-uk.org/4640203:47
Cpudan80xork: hrm...03:47
Cpudan80xork: there goes my theory :-(03:47
* Cpudan80 is not scoring any points tonight03:48
jsmidtHey everyone, I found The New York Times has another great Ubuntu article: http://tinyurl.com/ae9cbw03:48
=== exodus_m1 is now known as exodus_ms
Fishscenewait! Holdup. Something goofy is going on.03:48
jsmidtBasically, France has learned they like Ubuntu, and want to influence the rest of the governments in Europe to likewise adopt it.03:48
root______Fishscene you forgot the slash    ls -l /03:49
donkey_i need help03:49
Fishsceneoh, I ran that command. At the very top of the pastebin is the relevent directory from that command03:49
Fishscenebut! I fixed the issue. Turns out to be a linux hiccup03:49
glickexcuse me, im thinking about runnin the 64-bit version of ubuntu on my comp, does all of the software available for 32bit work for 64-bit including flash and everything?03:49
FishsceneI restarted my machine and saw (bizzarrly) that my subdirectory moved itself to the root directory.03:50
jp_sf!off-topic | jsmidt03:50
ubottujsmidt: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:50
miranda_psidoes anyone have any idea why the compiz 3D cube would suddenly become very slow and buggy? (all I did was reboot - no installation of new programs / updates etc.)03:50
jsmidtjp_sf, sorry, I'll go there.03:50
FishsceneThanks for helping me out guys.03:50
donkey_I want to Burn a DVD of a movie I downloaded. It is in AVI format how do i and what program do i use to burn it?????????????03:50
root______Fishscene ah yes line one,,  1. drwxr-xr-x  2 root root  4096 2009-01-21 17:08 vmfiles    sorry.  anyway you have read access.   if you want write access you'll have to chmod it03:50
ChrisGibbsglick: flash and java work under 64bit natively, including plugins for firefox03:51
Cpudan80ChrisGibbs: they work ... but not wonderfully03:51
Cpudan80well java is ok03:51
glickis intel core 2 duo a 64-bit cpu?03:51
FishsceneLet us CHMOD this puppy then.03:51
PastorBonesok, I tried again to use Nautilus to connect and now I get host verification key failed. /root/.ssh/known_hosts doesn't have ANY key stored, but nautilus isn't even asking for me to verify. I'm seriously stumped here, can anyone offer a suggestion?03:51
ChrisGibbsCpudan80: I have been running it at home natively and I have not had any bad experieces (Knock wood :) )03:51
glickis it?03:52
donkey_I want to Burn a DVD of a movie I downloaded. It is in AVI format how do i and what program do i use to burn it?????????????\03:53
mstrjay4Need help with Java.  Online java test still reports 1.5.0, even though ver 6 is installed.03:53
PastorBonesyou need an AVI2DVD converter to do it right03:53
ChrisGibbsglick: To answer your original question 32bit application can work. It may require installing 32bit libraries and possibly a little playing around.03:53
donkey_pastor you talking to me?03:53
PastorBonesdonkey_, yes, try this site http://forum.videohelp.com/03:53
miranda_psimstrjay4: that would probably be because you have multiple versions installed and you have the 1.5 plugin set up for your browser03:53
Youngblooddonkey_: Use DeVeDe to make iso, and use k3b or whatever you like to burn to disc03:54
mstrjay4how do i set this up properly Miranda?03:54
donkey_i have to make it into an Image?03:54
donkey_youngblood i have to make it into an image?03:55
geniidonkey_: There's an old but still relevent article on the subject here if you are interested in the procedure http://www.linux.com/articles/5370203:55
Youngblooddonkey_: That's how I've had to do it03:55
miranda_psimstrjay4: for firefox the universal plugin directory (by default) is: /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins - delete the java plugin link from there and create a new link to the java plugin03:56
PastorBonesdonkey_, if you just burn the avi it won't play on a DVD player, you need to convert it to a DVD format, go to that site and do some reading, there are even program links in the forum posts03:56
donkey_kk thanks03:56
mstrjay4cool thanks.03:57
cantoHello! I can't open .rar files in Linux. Archive manager just says 'Archive type not supported'. How can I extract .rar files in Ubuntu?04:00
glickso if i have a core 2 duo i can and should run ubuntu64 version?04:01
jrib!rar | canto04:01
ubottucanto: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free04:01
genii!rar | canto04:01
geniijrib: Tie!04:01
miranda_psicanto: search for rar in synaptic and you will find the solution04:01
cantothanks guys04:01
jribglick: how much ram do you have?04:01
glickjrib, 2gigs04:02
jribglick: only reason for 64 bit is if you want to use 4gb+ of ram really04:02
kkathmanwhy would kacpid be running on my gnome install ?04:03
jiffe20when my laptop goes to battery the screen dims, but when it goes to AC it doesn't brighten again, anyone know how to change that?04:03
glickso only if i want to use like more than 4 gigs of ram?04:04
jribglick: yes04:04
glickhmmm ok04:05
jribglick: if you plan on being in that situation, then you should install 64bit, otherwise just go with 32bit04:05
glickok, thanks04:05
nyaajiffe20 I sent you a message04:05
jiffe20yeah, reduce backlight brightness isn't checked04:05
vigojiffe20: Maybe the battery has reached it cycles, batteries have Life Cycles, they can be recharged X# of times then they are kaput.04:06
ross`can someone help me04:06
jiffe20this is a new laptop04:06
ross`i cant edit /etc/resolv.conf04:06
ross`how do i make this file.. editable?04:06
euschmod a+w /etc/resolv.conf04:07
jiffe20doesn't mean the battery isn't bad, but that option sounds to me light it shouldn't dim at all04:07
ross`neithe rof those things works04:07
ross`it always says permission denied04:07
ross`no matter what04:07
eussudo chmod a+w /etc/resolv.conf04:07
ross`i've tried chmod, chown04:07
ross`eus: doesnt work04:07
ross`eus: im already root04:07
MethinXsudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf04:08
ross`eus: im not a noob04:08
ross`im not a noob04:08
ross`im doing this as root04:08
MethinXsudo gedit /etc/resolv.conf04:08
ross`any other /etc files are editable04:08
ross`cept this one04:08
FloodBot1ross`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:08
ross`MethinX: cant do that04:08
Name141Is it possible to install Wubi with more than 30 little GBs?04:08
eusWhat is the output of `ls -l /etc/resolv.conf'?04:08
oipatI hate the fact that the resolution in #ubuntu is not controlled by the xorg.conf file. What overrides it?04:08
jriboipat: please read wiki.ubuntu.com/X04:09
oipatjrib: Thanks04:09
ross`eus: thats the relevant part04:09
ross`the whole thing says04:09
ross`-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 23 2009-01-05 20:32 /etc/resolv.conf04:09
ross`im assuming you wanted to know about the 23?04:09
eusNo, I don't want to know about 23.04:09
vigojiffe20: Did you or have you completely discharged the battery, (let it die) then do the recharge?04:09
eusI want to see your permission bits.04:09
MethinXjrib can I have the answer to oipats question?04:09
eusWhat is the output of `whoami'?04:10
jribMethinX: wiki.ubuntu.com/X ?04:10
jiffe20I have not, I leave it on AC most of the time04:10
eusThat's weird.04:10
jribross`: lsattr on pastebin04:10
ross`my friend told me a command to "unlock" it before04:10
ross`THATS IT!04:11
ross`thank you04:11
FloodBot1ross`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:11
vigojiffe20: That often helps a battery to recycle and hold a charge better.04:11
eusOh, yes, lsattr should give more info.04:11
ross`lsattr -what tho...04:11
jribross`: tell us the output first04:11
mcpancakescan anyone here recommend me any possible music transcription/composition program(s) for Ubuntu?04:11
jiffe20well my problem is just that it doesn't rebrighten after AC is reapplied04:11
ross`er.. ok04:11
jiffe20well, and that it dims after AC drops, even though I have it set in power management not to04:11
ross`do i have to use pastebin04:11
jribross`: if it's one line, here is fine04:12
ross`----i------------- /etc/resolv.conf04:12
jribross`: sudo chattr -i /etc/resolv.conf04:12
edenrozhello, how can i allow an user (without make him sudoer) to write on automount usb pendrive /ssd/mc?04:13
Junowathi all04:13
jp_sfmcpancakes: canorus ?04:13
JunowatI'm new to ubuntu04:13
RocketLaunchersnes9x on here is slow. Why is this, how does i resolve?04:13
ross`thank you04:13
jribedenroz: what filesystem?04:13
ValentineXJunowat: welcome welcome04:13
ross`RocketLauncher: that worked perfectly04:13
ross`jrib: *04:13
mcpancakesjp_sf: I shall google it.04:13
edenrozjrib, vfat04:13
JunowatI'm a developer04:13
benkong2hey all04:13
RocketLauncherI'm a PROFESSOR. Fix my snes9x04:13
jribedenroz: when you plug it in while logged in as the user you should be able to write to it without any special action04:14
Junowatand I wanted to help the ubuntu development04:14
jrib!attitude | RocketLauncher04:14
ubottuRocketLauncher: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines04:14
benkong2where can I set locale in ubuntu I only have /etc/locale.alias no locale.gen?04:14
RocketLauncher!stfu | jrib04:14
ubottujrib: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.04:14
Junowatis there a particular channel/room I should join to find out more?04:14
ValentineXHello, whenever i upload a file using any internet browser my browser hangs until my uploading finishes04:14
RocketLauncherBut my snes9x broke :(04:14
edenrozjrib, no,because root is owner of the mount04:14
jrib!development | Junowat04:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about development04:14
jp_sfmcpancakes: sorry never used it but I know it is superseeding something that was based on LateX before04:14
ValentineXjrib: :D04:14
RocketLauncherjrib: :304:15
jribJunowat: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment #ubuntu-motu is a good place to start04:15
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment04:15
jrib!motu > Junowat04:15
ubottuJunowat, please see my private message04:15
RocketLauncherI hate linux, i'm going back to solaris or.. another OS where people are kind to me and give me free things04:15
_anuhelp!!!! Disk space used up, after installing . dpkg error also04:16
MethinXmy name is MethinX, ive been Windows free for 4 days now, the withdraw symptoms are going away as I find new and better things to do in Ubuntu 8.1, now is there a club I can join that is anti windows or something? merchindice to buy to support linux and documentation to read ?  my name is Methinx and Windows was my drug.04:16
FishsceneFree as in beer and bill? Sure! Free as in hacks and giving in to your every whim? Naw.wwww....04:16
_anuwho can help me ???????04:16
Junowatyou guys rock04:16
_anu- -!..04:16
edenrozjrib, when i out the pendrive the user can open and read file but cant write....04:16
JunowatI just found it in that wiki page: The #ubuntu-devel channel on the FreeNode IRC network is home to many Ubuntu developers for real-time communication.04:16
genii_anu: sudo apt-get clean04:16
Fishscene_anu, you might want to check out the Ubuntu store.04:17
_anuFishscene : why04:17
torstefanHi, when I press the email-key on my keyboard my email client starts. But I would like to map the rest of the keys04:17
edenrozjrib, nvm i solved04:17
FishsceneBecause you asked about merchandice to buy to support linux.04:17
geniiFishscene: Wrong user :) You wanted MethinX04:18
Fishscenecrud. SO Sorry, wrong user. hah. I'm so out of it =(04:18
MethinXits ok04:18
MethinXit was me fish04:18
Fishsceneyep :P Thanks for catching that embarrassing error, Genii04:18
_anuFishscene : i fish this morning . only crabs in the pond04:18
geniiMethinX: You could also donate to some worthy open source project we all love, like Mozilla or so04:19
_anugenii : let me try yours (command)04:19
MethinXi love donateing04:19
genii_anu: That command will clear out the archived packages it downloaded and installed from, which are not currently needed04:19
MethinXwho hosts this chatroom?04:19
ValentineXwhenever i upload a file using any internet browser my browser hangs until my uploading finishes04:19
ploois there a way to see if the keyboard and mouse has been unplugged from the aux/kbd port?04:20
jack|assAnyone have any ideas on why an iwlagn-using wireless adapter would get "capped" at ~150K/s after running at full speed for a few minutes?  I have to remove/reinsert the module every time it does that.04:20
smashi am new in ubuntu, i want to know if the openoffice installed in ubuntu is the same that at the web site???04:20
vigoMethinX: Look at the forums, help out there, that is the philosophy of Ubuntu, you could also buy a cup or buy a local LoCo team breakfast...or something nice,,,adopt a kitty kat04:20
_anugenii : yes . your idea is just as mine :)04:20
t35t0rsmash, no04:21
ussersmash: no it isnt, oo 3.0 will be included in the next release04:21
FishsceneJack, are you transferring files over the LAN? (Not from the internet)?04:21
MethinXare terminal applications safer and more secure to use then GUI Applications?04:21
jack|assFishscene: no, internet at the moment but it'll do it for lan too.  It's not ISP throttling if that's what you're getting at.04:21
geniiMethinX: https://shop.canonical.com/   for Ubuntu products        and http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/donate.html for Mozilla          also Apache: http://www.apache.org/foundation/contributing.html       These are all worthy linux causes :)04:22
Fishscenejack, I was. But I wanted to be sure just the same. :)04:22
MethinXthank you genii04:22
vigoYeah, that stuff,,cheers genii04:22
geniiMethinX: np04:22
ValentineXwho will tell me a solution :'( >>whenever i upload a file using any internet browser my browser hangs until my uploading finishes04:22
jack|assFishscene: nah. :)  it's something that i fix by simply removing/reinserting or reassociating with the router04:23
FishsceneValentineX, I know you have asked several times, but I unfortunately do not know. Only thing I can think of is a script gone awry.04:23
FishsceneBut I'm not a pro.04:23
vigoValentineX: Have you tried an FTP client rather than browser?04:23
ValentineXFishscene: this is since ubuntu 7 with me :'( with every browser04:24
MethinXhttps://shop.canonical.com/any good ftp clients?04:24
MethinXignore website04:24
ValentineXvigo: no, even i am face the problem while uploading large images etc04:24
FishsceneValentineX, If you don't mind my asking, which website?04:25
ValentineXFishscene: for example mediafire.com04:26
miranda_psidoes anyone have any idea why the compiz 3D cube would suddenly become very slow and buggy? (all I did was reboot - no installation of new programs / updates etc.)04:26
king_28Is there any 3d intensive program running? Or what about and gdesklets?04:27
=== lipsin_ is now known as lipsin
FishsceneValentineX, I'm not sure why it's freezing up. Someone else might have a better idea..04:29
king_28What is freezing up?04:29
vigoValentineX: forums say Filezilla or gFTP,,http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1044769&highlight=ftp+program04:30
FishsceneEverytime ValentineX uploads to a website like mediafire, the browser freezes up completely until the upload completes.04:30
hossamhello i've installed and formatted my new Seagate Barracuda 1.5tb, (/dev/sdc1) as vfat, mounted it to /media/Disk but i cant chown to my username04:30
w33d5ok back to my question from earlier - is there a way to hide all of these status messages part/join in ircii?04:31
hossamchown: changing ownership of `/media/Disk': Operation not permitted , that's the error message after running " chown -R hossam:hossam /media/Disk "04:31
lanoxx-does anyone use a windows mobile device with ubuntu? does syncing and everything work?04:31
w33d5hossam: i had the same problem but used user/group ID04:32
ValentineXFishscene: but that problem was not at windows :'(04:32
ValentineXvigo: thank u :D i try04:32
hossamw33d5: did that give you success? what usergroup would i be part of? root?04:33
w33d5hossam: whats the filesystem on /media/disk?04:33
hossami used gparted to format is at fat3204:33
w33d5hossam: i didnt think fat32 had user permissions04:34
w33d5are you using sudo chown?  stupid question i know04:34
geniiIt doesn't04:34
w33d5but little things matter04:34
r3mis there a website to see which country accept the gpl and lgpl licences?04:35
hossamw33d5 yea i tried sudo and then also logging into root with sudo su04:35
hossamw33d5: i was using this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive04:35
w33d5hossam is there anything on the drive?04:37
hossamw33d5: nope just took it out of the box from best buy a few minutes ago04:37
MethinXhow do I go to a directory in terminal that has spaces in it ? I do cd /A Perfect Circle and it says bash: cd: A: No such file or directory04:37
adamis it possible that a single cd image (.dmg or .img) has multiple filesystems written on it, one for each OS it is intended for?04:38
adamand if so, is it possible to mount one vs. the others04:38
geniiMethinX: hit tab on the letter just before the space04:38
w33d5hossam do you have another drive?04:38
w33d5plugged in?04:38
ChrisGibbsMethinX: you can also backquote it - '\' before the space04:38
geniiMethinX: Alternately use something like: cd A?Perfect?Circle04:39
hossamw33d5: yes an additional 150gb drive with a vista installation on it, mounts just fine NTFS04:40
geniiGeez, broken connection there lu6cifer04:40
gorlakgot a quick question, im changing up my nfs shares, and for some reason, heh i ran into a problem, i had 2 seperate shares, on 2 different hard drives, i moved their mount points from their respective /media/700gig and /media/1.5tb to /media/shares, when i mount the shared dir on a remote laptop i can see the 700gig and 1.5tb file folders, but no files show up under that. any got any ideas?04:40
Out_Coldor a lamer04:40
w33d5hossam sorry bro i just dont know04:41
hossamw33d5: no worries, thanks04:41
_anudpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0225' near line 1:  newline in field name `#padding' , !!!!still that !!!!04:42
ScottG489When I change the volume from the pannel above my keyboard on my laptop, a little picture pops up showing the change in volume, but the systems actual volume doesn't change. Anyone know whats causing this and/or how to fix this?04:44
genii_anu: Had you interrupted an update process with ctrl-c   or so at some point?04:44
_anugenii , the space is up , so it automatically interupted04:45
Nostahlhi all. i have just installed ubuntu without a swap partition. what do i need to do to setup a swap partition so i can suspend and hibernate04:45
ChrisGibbsgorlak: check /etc/mtab to see if the drives have been mounted correctly.04:45
gorlakk, checking04:45
gorlakon the server or computer trying to mount the nfs?04:46
brunnerhi all04:46
=== Mood_ is now known as Mood
brunnerI hardcoded my DNS servers into resolv.conf, and then saved it, but it doesn't seem to be taking effect04:46
brunnerany idea why that would be happening?04:46
n8tuserbrunner-> are you using dhcp?04:47
genii_anu: You may have to resize the partition to add more space (if possibly more room on the drive)  or add another hd and splice it into the filesystem04:47
brunnern8tuser: no.  if I were using dhcp, I'm not sure why I would need resolv.conf04:47
brunnerin any case, there's no dhcp04:47
_anugenii : errrrr how do to that ?04:47
brunnerI can ping my DNS servers04:47
n8tuserbrunner-> just because you are using static does not diminished the usage of resolv.conf04:47
MethinXis there a mp3 only player for the terminal that is not mplayer?04:48
Nostahlhi all. i have just installed ubuntu without a swap partition. what do i need to do to setup a swap partition so i can suspend and hibernate04:48
brunnerI just can't get my computer to use them04:48
MethinXor a music only player for terminal?04:48
genii_anu: Resize the partition, or mount another hd into the filesystem?04:48
_anugenii : or i just don't resize it ?04:48
brunnern8tuser: okay.  there's no DHCP server on this network.04:48
brunnern8tuser: any idea why resolv.conf doesn't seem to be taking effect?04:49
_anugenii : i just errorly install eclipse04:49
n8tuserbrunner -> when you say doesnt take effect, does not stores the entries you made after you reboot?04:49
brunnern8tuser: I haven't rebooted.04:50
nbahNostahl, read the mkswap manpage04:50
n8tuserbrunner -> what does your /etc/nsswitch.conf looks like?04:50
MethinXis there a mp3 only player for the terminal that is not mplayer?04:51
mindrapebrunner - how about in hosts?  That would be where I'd put mine...04:51
Danielbw_homedid someone say something to me? I saw have blue!04:51
n8tuserbrunner -> specifically the line entry for hosts:04:51
genii_anu: If you can't resize the partition (eg: if thats all the space there is on the hd that is available to use)   then add a second hd. Then you can copy over everything in a problemmatic directory on the full drive to it, then mount it under that same directory04:51
brunnern8tuser: never mind, sorry. I was using improper syntax.04:51
n8tuserbrunner -> no sweat..04:52
_anugenii : that's very kind of you . but i don't have space now . crying04:52
mindrapeand n8tuser... if you ever recommend rebooting again I will hit you over the head w a MSWindows CD...04:52
=== brunner is now known as brunner-mac
mindrapehi pascualcm04:52
_anugenii : i don't want to have such a big operation :(04:53
pascualcmI was wondering if some oine could help me out04:53
mindrape!ask | pascualcm04:53
ubottupascualcm: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:53
n8tusermindrape -> no no, that was not the suggestion, it was more of a question, when he said it doesnt retain it.. retain after?04:53
genii_anu: The other immediate tactic would be to install instead xubuntu on the drive. But this again is a fairly large operation.04:54
_anugenii : .... ....04:54
pascualcmim trying to run an urban terror server am at the final stage running the "start script" but it says "libSDL-1.2.so.0" <--no such file or directory04:54
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=== chap is now known as chapaqua
zeededIs there any way to reset gnome to its original settings? or Defualt Settings?04:55
dopeif i make a change to the iptables do i have to restart networking?04:55
genii_anu: It would have been prudent in the beginning for you to ask how much room was required for an average install. So I have not much sympathy if you refuse every option presented as a solution04:56
mindrapepascualcm: hold... lemme search for the pkg that provides libSDL04:56
pascualcmoh by the way im running linux server not desktop ;)04:56
n8tuserdope nope no need to restart networking04:56
chapaquai have an ambient light sensor problem that's got me stumped - can anyone help out?04:56
dopen8tuser: well i'm having opening my mysql port again. when i do a port scan it says "filtered" for that port04:57
_anugenii : i thought apt-get would check that04:57
n8tuserdope immediate effect, therefore create a cron to wipe it out in case you are locked if this was a remote host you are trying to configure04:57
mindrapepascualcm:  try     sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2-all libsdl1.2debian-alsa04:57
pascualcmok ill try it brb Thanks!04:57
PhotoguyHow do I open a port?04:57
mindrapepascualcm: if that doesnt work then        sudo dpkg -l libsdl* and you may need more of those...04:57
dopen8tuser: so what does filtered mean?04:58
mindrapePhotoguy: google iptables04:58
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).04:58
n8tuserdope dont know how you've created your rules, maybe it was not in the correct order04:58
saurabhcan anyone tell me how to play video on terminal04:58
n8tuserPhotoguy -> open a port? are you planning to do anything on that port?04:58
mindrapedope - it likely means its only listening on the localhost interface...04:58
CRoWsNeSThelo all is there a program or something i can download to test to see if ubuntu live cd will work befor hand on my pc to see if my pc is compatable with the live cd04:58
=== PhilTar-Away is now known as PhilTar
PhotoguyYes, running a small server.04:58
brunneralright... now that I have an internet connection again...04:59
brunnerI upgraded to 8.10 today, and my wifi stopped working04:59
dopemindrape: how would i get mysql to listen to more than localhost?04:59
brunnerthe network manager icon is gone from my system tray04:59
mindrapeedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf04:59
mindrapeand set the bind address to an actual IP.04:59
n8tuserbrunner -> thats almost a common complaint, sound, wireless, or X not functioning after upgrading.. lol04:59
brunnerand I'm sure it would be possible to get it going using wpa_supplicant from the command line, but I haven't been able to get it working04:59
brunnern8tuser: I'm sure it is, but it shouldn't be the case that upgrading kills the wireless05:00
mindrapebrunner - ALT F2          gksudo nm-applet05:00
Photoguyn8tuser Yes, running a small server.05:00
MaxegВсем привет05:00
Flannel!ru | Maxeg05:00
ubottuMaxeg: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:00
genii_anu: I've explained your immediate options as I see them. If you choose any of them, I'll assist. Someone else may suggest an alternative which I have not thought of yet. But the fact is if hd is out of space there is not much to be done other than make more space in some way, or else install a less resource hungry version.05:01
nickrudmindrape, gksudo isn't right for nm-applet, it should run as yourself (brunner)05:01
brunnermindrape: where have you been all day?05:01
Cpudan80brunner: See bugzilla 27218505:01
n8tuserPhotoguy -> okay, so go ahead and create the iptable rules to open it, assuming your default is DROP05:01
Cpudan80brunner - wpa_supplicant in Intrepid is very - very broken05:01
brunnermindrape: thank you05:01
mindrapebrunner - working... ;)05:01
brunnerCpudan80: well that would explain why it didn't work for me05:01
Cpudan80brunner: Search "Cpudan80" in bugzilla 27218505:01
Cpudan80Fix is quick - albeit not simple05:01
saurabhcan anyone tell me how to play video on terminal05:01
Cpudan80don't mess it up05:01
mindrape!mplayer | saurabh05:02
ubottusaurabh: mplayer is a media player. It resides in the mutiverse repository and can easily be installed via applications -> add/remove. For codecs try !codecs05:02
brunnerCpudan80: uhm, by clicking "upgrade"?05:02
MethinXis there a mp3 only player for the terminal that is not mplayer?05:02
n8tuserbrunner -> could the upgrade included the new fangled driver for your wireless?05:02
Cpudan80brunner: You see my post in there?05:02
mindrapeMethinX - that was for you btw (mpg123)05:02
brunnermindrape: so why do you suppose it works this way but not by default05:02
Cpudan80brunner: oh it's not keyed by username the bugzilla05:02
MethinXthank you mindrape05:02
brunnern8tuser: I doubt it, since nm-manager seems to work fine without any other changes05:03
Cpudan80brunner: Fix: Bracey05:03
mindrapebrunner - your session got jacked during the upgrade apparently...   System -> Preferences -> Sessions... add it as a startup item05:03
Cpudan80brunner: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager-openvpn/+bug/272185/comments/17405:03
_anugenii : help me !!!!05:03
MethinXbut Im looking for one that does not play movie files also only mp3s and other audio formats05:03
brunnerCpudan80: it's a non-issue for me now that nm-manager works, but thanks05:03
_anugenii : please05:03
=== cag is now known as cag_
=== cag_ is now known as cag
Cpudan80I thought wpa_supplicant was broken for you05:03
_anugenii : i seldom say that word05:04
brunnermindrape: hmm.. it's already in there05:04
Nostahlwoot just setup a ultra II sdhc card as swap for my eee pc heh05:04
brunnernm-applet --sm-disable05:04
Hutchhi all. i am using a USB headset, in preferences>sounds i can hear through the USB OSS headset fine, as well as rhythmbox but firefox (youtube etc.) i get nothing, any ideas?05:04
genii_anu: I am trying. But you make it somewhat difficult. You reject the idea of adding another hard drive or resizing the full partition as a big undertaking, etc. If you decide on a course of action I will try to assist.05:04
MethinXwith mpg123 can you play folders? or do you have to set up playlists?05:05
mindrapeMethinX - man mpg12305:05
brunnermindrape: thank you so much!05:06
mindrapenp brunner05:06
brunnermindrape: I'm still curious as to why it's in my session but didn't start, though05:06
brunnerbut who cares as long as it works, I guess05:06
mindrapebrunner - I dunno... maybe a bug of sorts?  Personally I hate nm-applet and do it all from the command line interface using iwconfig05:06
genii_anu: The main problem is: Lets say we somehow manage to make enough room somehow to complete the install or so. It will not help much later because you will just run out of space again very soon after anyhow, without somehow adding more physical space.05:06
Vincent28how do i open a .so file?05:06
rebel_cliI need a command line music player with features to play all files from a directory, manage a playlist, etc. possibly based on (n)curses. Does anyone know of one?05:07
brunnermindrape: can you use WPA without wpa_supplicant?05:07
mindrapeVincent28: thats a shared object... it wont be human readable.05:07
w33d5does anyone here use LXDE?05:07
mindrapeVincent28: you can cat whatever.so       or              nano whatever.so05:07
Flannelrebel_cli: Look into mpd (with ncmpc)05:07
rebel_cliFlannel: ty05:07
mindrapebrunner - not sure... I just use WEP w MAC address filtering and dont broadcast my SSID 'cause my Wii has issues w WPA...05:08
brunnermindrape: I see05:08
Cpudan80mindrape: it does?05:08
Cpudan80Mine works fine05:08
Cpudan80I use WPA205:08
mindrapeCpudan80:  yeah... dunno what the deal is.05:08
brunnermindrape: I used to do that when I ran debian05:08
mindrapeAlso, my old laptop had issues w WPA (I think it was the crappy dlink card I had)05:08
brunneralright, brb if my wifi works now05:09
mindrapemy new one works fine w it (tried it at my parental units)05:09
n8tuserTI acx111 chip does not support wpa for me  :(05:09
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methodsi can't find virtualbox ose modules05:10
_4ypzcan you use compiz in vmware workstation?05:10
brunnerno wires!05:10
Hutchanyone able to assist?05:10
_anugenii : let me check how much space do i have now05:10
brunnerwhich is much more convenient in bed05:11
_4ypzcause thats about the only good thing about ubuntu05:11
=== Zzero is now known as aleX-xx
_anugenii: which command ?05:11
brunnermindrape: thanks again05:11
genii_anu: df -h05:11
_Vi__4ypz: with Workstation i beleive so, workstation is supposed to support 3D stuff05:11
genii_anu: If result is more than 2 lines or so, please use pastebin and do not copy the results to the channel here05:12
_anugenii :/dev/sda1   3.8G  3.1G  508M  87% /05:12
_4ypz_Vi_ I have workstation do yhou have this working/05:12
Photoguywhere do I find all my connection info? like IP and stuff?05:12
_Vi_i don thave workstation05:12
mindrapePhotoguy: ifconfig05:12
_anugenii : i think 508M is much space05:12
genii_anu: 500-odd Mb should be more than enough room to install most packages. I doubt your issue is related to lack of space05:12
mindrapePhotoguy: nm-tool from a commandline is also kinda helpful.05:12
PhotoguyYeah, I like GUI :P05:13
genii!info eclipse05:13
mindrapethen nm-applet05:13
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 126 kB, installed size 416 kB05:13
geniiHm. Must be a metapackage05:13
mindrapePhotoguy: if its wireless then sudo iwconfig also has some spicy tidbits for ya.05:13
Hutchmindrape: any idea on this USB firefox issue?05:13
mindrapeHutch - USB firefox issue?  Explain.05:14
Photoguymindrape thanks, just needed a bit of info.05:14
_anugenii : what is a meta package ?05:14
Hutchmindrape: i am using a USB headset, in preferences>sounds i can hear through the USB OSS headset fine, as well as rhythmbox but firefox (youtube etc.) i get nothing, any ideas?05:14
TekumelAnyone here happen to run on Maxtor DiamondMax 250GBs model number 6Y250L0?05:15
TekumelI have 2 of them and 8.10 installation won't recognize either.05:15
brunneruhg, now my gui cron editor, "Scheduled Tasks" is missing from the menu05:15
genii_anu: A package which actually just consists of other packages to install. So the size of it looks small but the other stuff it pulls in is larger05:15
PhotoguyHmm, I allowed a port via firestarter, but the server still says the port is blocked.05:15
brunnermindrape: any idea what package Scheduled Tasks is from?05:16
mindrapeHutch - lemme google a bit... haven't heard of something like that happening because it should use the default sound device as defined by the system.05:16
Hutchmindrape: i think its specifically flash plugin as opposed to firefox itself.05:16
genii_anu: Please use pastebin  to show complete result of command:  df -h05:17
_anugenii : so i am on a crash of the boat ?05:17
genii!paste | _anu05:17
ubottu_anu: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:17
mindrapebrunner - find out what its actual process name is from    xfce4- or gnome-taskmanager          then             dpkg -S theprocessname05:17
mindrapeHutch - are you using the nonfree one?05:17
_anugenii : wait for me05:17
_anugenii : thank you05:17
Hutchmindrape: yea05:17
mindrape!dyndns > pascualcm05:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dyndns05:17
mindrapebrunner - or just ps aux.  :)05:18
_anugenii : that's all the information it shows http://paste.ubuntu.com/108123/05:18
Hutchmindrape: how can i double check that05:18
brunnermindrape: I can't find it05:18
PhotoguyFirestarter doesn't sem to be opening the ports that  i told it to, any ideas?05:18
genii_anu: Great, reading05:18
brunnermindrape: I mean, it's missing from the menu05:18
_anugenii : i wanna hug you , really05:19
CircsPhotoguy: Did you check they apply policy immediately box?05:19
PhotoguyOn prt 66605:19
mindrapeHutch - sudo dpkg -l *flash*05:19
CircsPhotoguy: Port of the beast. I'm dry then05:19
zupbhi, guys. anybody know, are there pathes on anything icq-client for yesterday update of protocol? (sorry for my english :))05:19
mindrape!ru | zupb05:20
ubottuzupb: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:20
genii_anu: Please also pastebin results of command:    sudo fdisk -l05:20
zupbubottu, там все молчат ;)05:20
brunnermindrape: never mind. I just did crontab -e05:20
mindrapebrunner - thought you wanted the GUI version... ;)05:20
Hutchmindrape: http://pastebin.com/m3ade04d505:20
_anugenii : ok05:20
brunnermindrape: I did, but not as badly as I want sleep right now =]05:21
mindrapeHutch - the lines w ii mean those are installed... maybe firefox is confused and trying to use both?05:21
BuntuNoob01I have cairo-dock installed how do I toss the old task bar?05:21
zupbmindrape, this channel don't help me :(05:21
PhotoguyNobody can help me just because the port I want to open is 666?05:21
mindrapezupb - if there are updates for ANY packages you have installed then you can get them with                sudo apt-get update                 sudo-apt-get upgrade05:21
_anugenii : http://paste.ubuntu.com/108126/05:21
genii_anu: Reading05:21
mindrapezupb - I dont use ICQ so I'm not aware of any patches based on the ICQ protocol update of yesterday that you speak of.05:22
_anugenii : thanks ^^05:22
genii_anu: What is on the sda5 partition?05:22
mindrapePhotoguy: you wanna let satan in?05:23
zupbmindrape, i know, that with this command, i can UPDATE programms, which are INSTALLED on my computer, but i haven't all icq client installed05:23
brunnerzupb: Они лежать на вас. Большинство людей здесь говорят по-русски.05:23
nibiru_hi i ve a problem where can i find the path of dosbox ... i05:23
Photoguymindrape, I just want to set up a small server.05:23
genii_anu: Nevermind, tired and mis-read05:23
Hutchmindrape: how do i uninstall all those?05:23
_anugenii : oh i see05:23
genii_anu: Does:    mount                          show that a swap partition is being used?05:23
mindrapeHutch - sudo apt-get remove whatever05:24
_anugenii : how to do that ?05:24
mindrapePhotoguy - sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 666 -j ACCEPT05:24
_anugenii : mount /sda5 ?05:24
hossamhow can i copy files and directories from my linux partition to a fat32 partition without encountering errors related to invalid characters in the names (i.e. ? : )05:24
genii_anu: No. 1 minute05:25
_anugenii : i will wait  thank you05:25
mindrapehossam - there are probably shell scripts you can download that will resolve those issues for you... if you'd like I can google one up for you.05:25
Photoguymindrape, that still doesn't allow it.05:26
PhotoguyFor some odd reason05:26
genii_anu: Does command:    cat /etc/fstab | grep swap                                 give a line, or just return to command prompt?05:26
mindrapePhotoguy - are you behind a router or other network device like an IDS or hardware firewall?05:26
hossammindrape that would be excellent, i am trying ot copy over 200 gigabytes of files using cp, but every now and then i get errors when the files or directories contain invalid characters that are not fat32 comliant05:26
_anugenii : let me try it05:26
PhotoguyNo, firewal.05:26
_anugenii : UUID=7e5a4a9c-58a6-4b38-b5ac-7d4a20c663bd none            swap    sw 0 005:27
genii_anu: OK05:27
Hutchmindrape: i see a flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound. does that require flashplugin-nonfree as well05:27
_anugenii : 0 0 is in next line05:27
Adrian2MiL8hello all05:27
Photoguymindrape The port (666) and server work on windows, so it's not the network problem I don't  think.05:27
genii_anu: That is fine, what matters is swap is being used.05:27
_anugenii : oh ? why ?05:27
mindrapehossam - found the answer....05:28
glickhey im trying to run live cd on a dual core AMD but after the ubuntu load bar comes on, it just seems to hang at a black screen whith a white blinking cursor at the top left05:28
_anugenii : why does it matter ?05:28
genii_anu: Swap is important because when system runs out of actual memory it uses the swap as sort of temporary extra memory. But this is likely not directly related to your issue.05:28
vnixIs there any other choices beside using Pidgin(MSN Messenger)05:29
_anugenii : do you want me to remove it to set out more space ?05:29
garityis there any other partition tool besides sucky gparted?05:29
genii_anu: All your results so far do not indicate that a lack of space or memory is likely to blame. Also, no, do not remove your swap partition.05:30
gartralan admin around? i need help with skii in #jubuntu05:30
Adrian2MiL8<genii> if you have 4gb of ram i don't  believe what you need swap05:30
ari_stresswhat is jubuntu05:30
gartralari_stress: see my correction?05:30
_anugenii : really ? how can i give that partition more space05:30
geniiAdrian2MiL8: Possibly not for casual users05:30
garitywho would use kubuntu? lol, kde sucks, try xubuntu instead, even fluxbuntu is better05:31
_anugenii : how do you know that ? it's funny ?05:31
Fevringarity: oh, plz!  gparted works well!  if you want something else, though, there's Qtparted, or some commandline tools like parted or fdisk.05:31
gartralgarity, its about someone in the channel05:31
_anugenii : i can't find that related05:31
glickdoes anyone know why its doing that?05:31
_anugenii : i'm so stupid05:31
glickam i using the wrong version of ubuntu?05:31
genii_anu: You keep asking questions which are time consuming to answer and are sidetracking me from getting to what the actual problem is and how to go about resolving it05:31
glickdo i NEED the 64 bit version?05:32
genii_anu: How did you deduce that lack of hard drive space was causing your apt-get install problem?05:32
_anugenii : i am sorry . if i can voice you is better05:32
Adrian2MiL8<glick> if you have a 64 bit processor you should05:33
Fevringlick: you probably don't *need* 64-bit, but if you're hardware supports it, it wouldn't hurt; well, you won't have access to as much software, as x86 has been around longer, but I've been using 64-bit Hardy since last May.05:33
_anugenii : are you still there ?05:33
Hutchmindrape: still no luck05:34
euthello, does anyone know how to do a data analysis in open office? i have two sets of data (x and y) and want to know the standard error in the x variable05:35
genii_anu: Yes, You said error you had before: dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0225' near line 1:  newline in field name `#padding'05:35
mindrapeHutch - googling... hold.05:35
eutif i remember correctly.. in excel i just had to go to tools->data analysis and then select the two columns05:36
glickanyone know why my live cd doesnt seem to load to the desktop?05:36
vnixIs there any other choices beside using Pidgin(MSN Messenger)05:36
_4ypzYOSPOS BITCH05:36
_anugenii : that means space unavailable ? oh i see05:36
glickit hangs at a black screen after showing the ubuntu load bar05:36
Fevringlick: have you checked the .iso against the md5?05:36
glickno Fevrin the iso is on a win machine i dont know how to check05:37
Adrian2MiL8<glick>how anyone here can know what happens on your computer without see it05:37
genii_anu: No. As far as I know it does NOT mean lack of space. It means some malformed file int he updates directory05:37
Fevringlick: hold on.05:37
glickAdrian2MiL8, i dont know i thought maybe someone had similar symptoms and i just had to pass a special parameter to the booting kernel05:37
_anugenii : @@05:37
socketshey if i set up a network share for a printer, do any computers other than the one i wanna print from need to be on? how does that work?05:38
Adrian2MiL8<glick> maybe , but i think what need a little more info05:38
mindrapeHutch - can you try this solution -  http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-263908.html05:38
Hutchmindrape: cat /bin/bash > /dev/dsp1    plays sound through my headset05:38
glicklike what kina info?05:38
genii_anu: So then to try and understand why the update file is corrupt or so. Please pastebin the file in question05:38
glickits an AMD dual core05:38
Fevringlick: download this file: http://boilingbit.com/download/hashx/hashx.exe05:38
Adrian2MiL8<glick>boot without splah and look for the load messages is a good start05:39
Hutchmindrape: how do i change all launchers commands to "aoss firefox"05:39
_anugenii : sorry for delay you from your sleep05:39
glickAdrian2MiL8, how can i boot without the splash?05:40
mindrapeHutch - well to see if it even worked           ALT F2              then type            aoss firefox05:40
grndslmwhere do i install metacity themes to??  just .themes?05:40
Fevringlick: after you install that, open the .iso file with it, and check the md5 checksum against the checksum for your Ubuntu version at releases.ubuntu.com05:40
genii_anu: It is OK. I will remain online for a bit longer. But I do not think there may be some immediate solution today for your problem05:40
Adrian2MiL8boot the kernel parameters and quit the words splash and quiet05:40
technitradehow are you all?05:41
_anugenii : its that 0225 file http://paste.ubuntu.com/108127/05:41
glickAdrian2MiL8, quit the words splash and quiet? what does that mean05:41
gharzguys, i mounted a driver from my windows server 2003 via samba... i can't find it in /media or /mnt... where did ubuntu mount it?05:41
_anugenii : crying i am05:42
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
Adrian2MiL8<glick>when you ubunut boot cd stop on the first screen you have some options for edit , one of this is the kernel parameters05:42
Fevringlick: when you boot up the LiveCD, look at the bottom of the screen, and you should see an option to modify the boot parameters...it's one of the function keys05:43
genii_anu: sudo apt-get remove --purge man-db               then:  sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/updates/0225              then: sudo apt-get install man-db05:43
genii_anu: If any errors, please pastebin these for me05:43
linux_guycan you use gnome and KDE at the same time?05:43
meyou-i've got a windowsxp/ubuntu dual boot right now with free space available on the drive, was looking to put win7 on for a tripleboot. what's the best way to repair/reinstall grub after i install win705:43
_anugenii : let me paste your answer to note that05:43
Adrian2MiL8<meyou-> download and burn supergrub iso file onto a cdrom05:44
_anugenii : let me have a try . i should note it first . it's so precious05:44
Vincent28how do i open a deb package (virtualbox 2.1 64 bit)05:44
Fevrinlinux_guy: you can't use the entire environments together, but you can use KDE programs in GNOME and vice versa.05:44
mindrapesudo dpkg -i whatever.deb05:44
mindrapethat will install it Vincent2805:44
Hutchmindrape: nope that didnt work05:44
dnyyI'm having trouble creating a .deb.  It's telling me "Unmet build dependencies: autoconf automake libmad0-dev libao-dev" then aborting.  Anyone have an idea on what might be wrong?05:44
Vincent28mindrape it wont let me :\05:44
FevrinVincent28: you could also double-click the file.05:44
Vincent28double click gives me an error05:44
linux_guyfevrin:  I want to try kde, but i dont want to kill gnome either05:45
joeyjonesdoes ubuntu 8.10 32-bit desktop support 4gb of ram?05:45
Fevrinlinux_guy: your best option may be to try a Kubuntu LiveCD then.05:45
mike1980HI there how to I add a SATA burner to my system I have already hooked it up and the BIOS see it?05:45
linux_guyjoey: i dont believe so05:45
FevrinVincent28: what error do you get?05:45
Adrian2MiL8glick>once you can start without the splash screen you can see what errors or messages have where the load hang05:45
_Vi_joeyjones: no05:45
linux_guyfevrin: why do you need that kind of memory (just curious)05:46
_Vi_you need 64 bit05:46
_anugenii : i typed "sudo apt-get remove --purge man-db" but it still said "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem."05:46
Vincent28Fervin : Just says cannot open package05:46
linux_guyJOEY*  why do you need that kind of memory05:46
Vincent28Fervin : Conflicts with the installed package 'virtualbox-ose'05:46
CircsThis is kind of a middling question, but could someone recommend a good rpg to play in Ubuntu?05:46
joeyjoneslinux_guy: i do some video encoding, so it may be useful.05:46
_anugenii : shall i private chat will you ?05:46
genii_anu: OK, so run: sudo dpkg --configure -a05:46
FevrinVincent28: that means that you already have the OSE version of virtualbox installed, so you must first uninstall that.05:47
_anugenii: let me have a try05:47
joeyjonesbut i'm a bit concerned about issues with running 32-bit apps on a 64-bit os05:47
Vincent28fervin : opps XD05:47
linux_guyjoey:  which cpu do you have?05:47
genii_anu: I do not normally give assistance in private message, only in public channel. Unless there is sensitive information involved or so05:47
_Vi_4 gigs would be good for vmware/vbox stuff05:47
joeyjoneslinux_guy: intel core 2 due T580005:47
_anugenii : it still throw that error05:47
mike1980HI there how to I add a SATA burner to my system I have already hooked it up and the BIOS see it?05:48
dnyyThis is the .build log if anyone wants to check it out:  http://pastie.org/36745905:48
linux_guyJoey:  my friend got a 2.5ghz core 2 quad with 4 GB and he encodes (in windows xp 64) dvds in like 3.5 minutes05:49
_anugenii : sudo dpkg --configure -a ---> dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0225' near line 1: newline in field name `#padding'05:49
gharzwhere does ubuntu mount a directory from a windows server 2003 file with samba?05:49
linux_guyjoey:  beats the hell out of my 18+++ minutes05:49
_anugenii : there are many #padding in 022505:49
Adrian2MiL8<gharz> look at media folder ???05:50
paul68hi where can you find good conky scripts ?05:50
mike1980anyone know how to add a SATA burner05:50
genii_anu: OK. So try:     sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/updates/0225 /tmp                  and then try the reconfigure again (with sudo)05:50
linux_guyjoey: i have heard that the 64 bit version of 8.10 is tricky05:51
joeyjoneslinux_guy: issues?05:51
_anugenii : let me type this first though i don't know what is reconfigure05:51
gharzAdrian2MiL8: it's not in the media folder... it's not even in /mnt05:51
genii_anu: EG: sudo dpkg --configure -a05:51
linux_guyjoey:  i dunno exactly what, but just general complications05:51
_anugenii : thanks ^^05:52
linux_guyjoey: maybe consider 8.04 - 6405:52
linux_guyIs 8.10 - 64 reliable / stable / buggy?05:52
geniilinux_guy: All 3 depending on who you talk to, what hardware they run, and apps they run05:53
_anugenii : it seems running ^^05:53
_anugenii : what shall i do next ?05:53
joeyjoneslinux_guy: i might as well jsut go for the 32-bit now05:53
mike1980anyone know how to add a SATA burner05:53
Adrian2MiL8<gharz> look the configuration of you smb.conf file05:53
linux_guygenii:  how about joeyjones' video encoding ventures?05:53
genii_anu: Let it finish05:53
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
RegressLessI don't believe the correct audio driver is on my Ubuntu 8.10 system. How do I check?05:53
geniilinux_guy: Yes, exactly05:53
MTecknologyDoes anybody know of any tool that can verify if a song and it's ID3 tag are correct. If it's not then try to fix it.05:54
linux_guygenii:  should he go 64 or 32 bit with 4 gb ram and lots of encoding?05:54
mindrapeRegressLess: lspci -k05:54
_anugenii : after it , it throws out a mistake "Setting up libmx4j-java (3.0.2-3ubuntu1) ... dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed. Aborted"05:54
paul68hi where can you find good conky scripts ?05:54
linux_guyMTeck, do you use vmware?05:54
geniilinux_guy: For a core2 I'd go with 64bit05:55
Vincent281anyone using windows 7 in Virtualbox ?05:55
MTecknologylinux_guy: ya, I also have a windows system05:55
RegressLessMindRape: gracias05:55
mike1980any one here have a SATA burner,  How did you add it please05:55
linux_guyget Tag & rename in windows05:55
=== tweak is now known as Guest33765
genii_anu: OK, 1 minute to research05:55
FevrinVincent281: done it, over it.05:55
linux_guysorry i dont know a linux prog05:55
joeyjonesi was looking forwars to the increased register size foir faster encoding, but if there's many bugs i may jsut give up now.05:55
_anugenii : thank YOUuuuu ^^05:56
Vincent281fervin : lol were you using 64 bit linux?05:56
Adrian2MiL8<mike1980>try to connect you sata burner in other different sat motherboard connector and try again05:56
FevrinVincent281: yep, 64-bit hardy05:56
linux_guyjoeyjones: just get 8.10 3205:56
joeyjonesgenii: it'll be mainly for coding/etc, not that much encoding anymore.05:56
linux_guyyou'll love it05:56
Vincent281Fervin : what are the virtualization settings i should have?05:56
mike1980Adrian2MiL8: the BIOS see it but it's not in fstab05:56
linux_guyMteck: you there?05:57
Vincent281fervin : i get a 64bit error with windows installer05:57
MTecknologylinux_guy: ya05:57
RegressLessUm... would this be it? 00:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller (rev a2)05:57
RegressLessKernel driver in use: Intel ICH05:57
RegressLessKernel modules: snd-intel8x005:57
FevrinVincent281: I don't think I used anything special...try the defaults; i never got audio working, though.05:57
Vincent281Fervin: ok05:57
linux_guyMteck are you looking for linux specifically?05:57
linux_guydid you just buy an mp3 player?05:57
genii_anu: This seems to be a known bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/dpkg/+bug/26245105:57
MTecknologylinux_guy: anything05:57
MTecknologylinux_guy: when did I say a player?05:57
_anugenii : let me browse that page05:58
FevrinVincent281: at what point did you get that error?05:58
MTecknologylinux_guy: I need something to go thorugh and verify my ID3 tags anbd update errors05:58
Adrian2MiL8<mike1980>yes it's possible , but i have a similar problem with 2 sata hardisks , the system only see one05:58
linux_guymteck, I just got done with my mp3 library because I BOUGHT a new ipod05:58
linux_guyjust curious05:58
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
mike1980Adrian2MiL8: hmm I only have one and it's a burner05:58
Vincent281Fervin: winload.exe05:58
Adrian2MiL8<mike1980>if you have 4 sata connector use 1 and 4 not 1and 205:58
mike1980Adrian2MiL8: it's new just put it in05:59
mike1980Adrian2MiL8: got it on 105:59
gharzguys, anybody who knows where ubuntu mount a drive from a windows server 2003 using samba?05:59
_anugenii : what should i do05:59
Adrian2MiL8<mike1980> , not sata hardisk ??05:59
linux_guytag & rename is good.  You could use mediamonkey also, I don't prefer it for ipod, but everything else is ok05:59
FevrinVincent281: is that before you get any of the windows installer windows?05:59
RegressLessMy name is mike and I was born in 1980. Oh, that's right, every boy born in 80 was named Mike.05:59
mike1980Adrian2MiL8: nope dvd burner05:59
Vincent281Fervin: yeah i think i have the virtualization settings off it doesnt have a windows 7 installer option05:59
mike1980RegressLess: that right06:00
_anugenii : what they saying i can not understand06:00
FevrinVincent281: let me check my settings really quick...06:00
CablekidI love ubuntu!06:00
genii_anu: There currently seems to be no solution offered for it on the bug page. One fellow said removing package cupsys was the fix for him.06:00
FevrinVincent281: it looks like I actually have it set for Windows XP, but both Ubuntu and Windows 7 seem to work with that....06:00
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
linux_guymteck:  the difference is tag & rename changes the actual ID3 tag at the FILE properties level, and I BELIEVE... mediamonkey just updates the id3 information in the MM library06:01
Adrian2MiL8<mike1980>hmmm...try to change the options in yours bios for the sata to ide compatible mode , maybe this help06:01
Cablekidhttp://www.earncashfromgoogle.com Gotta run Enjoy06:01
Vincent281Fervin : im trying that06:01
RegressLessCan someone help me decypher this?:06:01
RegressLess00:04.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia Corporation CK804 AC'97 Audio Controller (rev a2)06:01
RegressLessKernel driver in use: Intel ICH06:01
RegressLessKernel modules: snd-intel8x006:01
FloodBot1RegressLess: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
mike1980Adrian2MiL8: should it be in /etc/fstab without manualing adding it06:01
RegressLesseek, the bots are on to me06:02
Vincent281Fervin: im running it off of a disc did you use an iso?06:02
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> nvidia onboard sound card06:02
FevrinVincent281: yes06:02
_anugenii : are you still there ^^06:02
genii_anu: To try:   sudo dpkg -r cupsys06:02
linux_guyRegressLess:  bad bot, bad bot, whatcha gonna do?06:02
_anugenii : ok06:02
=== giskard2 is now known as r4ban
Vincent281Fervin: u think that matters?06:02
FevrinVincent281: it can save you typing and spelling errors if you start typing "fev" and then tab ;p06:02
genii_anu: Yes, still here. But not for too much longer. Perhaps 10-15 minutes06:02
Vincent281Fevrin: it was tab i forgot what it was lol06:03
FevrinVincent281: it shouldn't matter whether you use a disc or .iso06:03
_anugenii : sudo dpkg -r cupsys ---> dpkg - warning: ignoring request to remove cupsys which isn't installed.06:03
RegressLessAdrian2Mil8: You have a complicated name, but thanks!  Am I wrong or does this say the driver is not a Realtek driver. I know the AC'97 is right, but it doesn't say Realtek06:03
genii_anu: OK06:03
linux_guyhey it works06:03
linux_guyfev + tab06:04
_anugenii : ^^ is that ?06:04
Fevrinlinux_guy: yep; you learn new tricks every day :)06:04
linux_guyExample: Fevrin, what's up06:04
genii_anu: I am contemplating the issue. 1 minute please :)06:04
Vincent281Fevrin: imgettings statsu code 0xc000035a06:04
linux_guyFevrin, I'll be a pro like you one day06:04
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess>i'm not sure , but i think what it's a nvidia sound codec06:04
mike1980DO new drives show up in fstab after boot?06:04
Fevrinlinxeh: pro? pyeah!06:04
_anugenii : i really don't know what it would be without you ^^06:05
FevrinVincent281: have you checked your disc or errors against the official sha1 checksum?06:05
FevrinVincent281: *for* errors06:05
_Vi_Tab also works in the terminal :)  (really handy for sudo apt-get install (confusing app name goes here))06:05
linux_guy"Game Time Costs Less at Walmart" commercial hahaha06:05
Vincent281Fevrin: i don't think so how do i check sha1?06:05
genii_anu: To try:  sudo dpkg -r smb-db             (this was the package it originally was stalling on)06:05
SteelflintI'm having trouble mounting a Windows network drive to my file system, I think I could do it easily enough, but I just don't get how I'm supposed to address the computer/drive itself, to do the job...could someone explain how to do this?06:05
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess>mostly soundcards are AC97 compatible , look at nvidia website for the info of you southbridge06:06
FevrinVincent281: you're using Ubuntu right now, correct?06:06
_anugenii : let me try06:06
Vincent281Fevrin: yeah 64bit 8.1006:06
FevrinVincent281: do you have the original windows 7 .iso?06:06
Vincent281Fevrin: yeah public beta06:06
_anugenii : it throws same message as cupsys06:07
genii_anu: OK. 1 minute06:07
FevrinVincent281: have you experience in the terminal?06:07
Vincent281Fevrin: i think the vbox is default under 32bit or something its saying taht the software is not compatible06:07
Vincent281Fevrin: somewhat not with the cmds XD06:07
linux_guyFevrin, did you know the fn key + down arrow dims my laptop screen?06:07
LoveWindHello WayneHuangs06:07
_anugenii : you are an angel ^^06:08
Fevrinlinux_guy: which fn key?06:08
c_webkithow can i find out whats the VGA driver version06:08
linux_guythe Fn key06:08
linux_guyFevrin, only pros know that06:08
Fevrinlinux_guy: you mean the one that changes the F mode or something?06:08
linux_guyFevrin, its a special key for laptops06:08
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: I have sound but no mic so I was going to install the Realtek driver, but I need help with the instructions. What do I do with this?: Installation: execute ./install      The files are in a .tar.bz2 archive thingy (boy, I love sounding cool)06:08
Guest33765anyone used voice control?06:09
linux_guywhere is jack sparrow?06:09
linux_guyand oCean?06:09
silv3r_m00nhi there... openoffice base doesnt allow to shift rows up or down in a table...how can i do that... is there a better ms-access alternative for linux available ?06:09
SteelflintFevrin, The Fn key activates the numpad and various other keys on a laptop since they have a condensed keyboard.06:09
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess>are you sure what the realtek driver are the appropiate for you ??06:09
_anugenii : i am sorry for making you thinking so hard06:09
_anugenii : ^^06:09
linux_guyFevrin, steelflint is some kind of pro06:09
Fevrinlinux_guy: if you have compiz installed, if you hold down Alt and scroll down with the mouse's scroll wheel, watch what happens ;p06:09
glickok so im at the ubuntu screen where it asks me to choose what i want to do, boot withot changing my computer, installing ubuntu, or checking cd for defects06:10
linux_guyok hang on06:10
Steelflintlinux_guy, No, I just own a laptop. lol06:10
glickhow to i boot live cd so that i can see the boot messages06:10
linux_guyFevrin,  I have to disable it because of video complications =(06:10
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: Realtek AC97 is the driver my soundcard came with06:10
Fevrinlinux_guy: awww!06:10
Guest33765forget that driver06:10
Fevrinlinux_guy: it's just a visual effect...the window would incrementally fade.06:11
SteelflintFevrin, Yeah, I found that a couple days after installing Ubuntu, pretty neat.06:11
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: I just know my people need to hear my voice :D06:11
_anugenii : are you there ?06:11
genii_anu: No apologies needed. Your problem is difficult, as even the bug report shows, since there is currently no solution offered there.06:11
dtanneri have a 64 bit amd cpu and ubuntu-studio-intrepid is giving me an error that ai do not have a 64 bit cpu , it is stoppping the install saying a need a 32bit kernel , any ideas ?06:11
genii_anu: Yes. I will let you know if I leave06:11
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: I don't really have people06:11
_anugenii : errr06:11
RegressLessI am someone's people06:11
_anugenii : i am grateful even if the problem remains06:11
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> ok , and what it's you problem ?? what  you can't make now ?? install these other driver s??06:12
linux_guyFevrin, I have a touchpad, maybe thats it06:12
linux_guyi have no fade06:12
* linux_guy is hungry06:12
Guest33765anyone used voice control?06:12
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> maybe you have only the mic disable on the alsa mixer06:12
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> you check  this ??06:13
genii_anu: I am suspecting this:    An update was happening and was interrupted. Some files got corrupted.        Did you halt somehow an update, or did the machine restart unexpectedly, etc?06:13
Fevrinlinux_guy: awww...well, it's not much that you're missing.06:13
Steelflintlinux_guy, Does your touchpad have a scroll line on the right edge of it, you could test that, on mine, if I slide my finger down the right edge of the touchpad it scrolls.06:13
genii_anu: (just before this all began)06:13
linux_guyvoice control for what06:13
linux_guyoh yeah steel hang on06:13
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: That last message was cryptic. I need to be able to use my mic. I just saw you're next message; how do I find out if you're right? Thanks!06:13
Guest33765gnome on ubuntu 8.106:13
linux_guySteelflint, do i need to click on the foreground window?06:13
Steelflintlinux_guy, I don't know, sorry, I use a USB mouse with my laptop 99% of the time. :)06:14
=== Guest33765 is now known as Gtweak674
_anugenii : yes the machine restarted06:14
linux_guySteelflint, sorry, it wont work for me06:14
_anugenii : i remember that06:14
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> the little icon with the speaker on the taskbar , clik and open the mixer control06:14
Steelflintlinux_guy, Probably needs an actual scroll wheel then.06:14
c_webkithow to find the VGA driver version06:14
glickhow to i boot ubuntu without the slpash screen so i can see whats going on06:15
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> now go edit > preferences06:15
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: omg *blushing*06:15
linux_guyon that note, does anyone know a way around the compiz / video complications?06:15
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> look if the mic is checked06:15
_anugenii : then what can i do ?06:15
linux_guywhen compiz effects are enabled, video is shaky06:15
linux_guyis it just a bug?06:15
Gtweak674i dunno.. it';s annoying though always having to turn off the effects to watch video06:16
nickrudglick, don't do it enough to recite the interactive grub method, but iirc   press e at the grub menu, remove quiet splash from the kernel line, then b to boot. You can edit the menu.lst to make it permanent06:16
c_webkitif i install Ubuntu 8.10 32 bit version from the cd directly it gets intalled06:16
Steelflintlinux_guy, it may be, I haven't encountered that myself, my desktop is nVidia, and my laptop is ATI, both have been pretty much plug&play.06:16
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess>are you inside the gnome desktop into ubuntu ??06:16
c_webkitbut after restart it does not show any desktop06:16
c_webkitkinda hangs06:16
_Vi_glick: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54208206:16
_Vi_for removing splash screen ^^^^^^^^06:16
c_webkiti checked the cd for problems06:17
genii_anu: OK, so we are maybe understanding the cause a bit.  Try:    sudo rm  /var/cache/apt/archives/* && sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*            then to try again:  sudo dpkg --configure -a06:17
Gtweak674sometimes all it needs is a good punching!06:17
c_webkitbut it had 0 errors06:17
bashcathere any  notify for gmail ?? i mean new 1 please06:17
nickrudc_webkit, what video card do you have?06:17
setuid_w00tI noticed that mkfs.ext4 is installed on my system.  Is ubuntu's 2.6.27-9 kernel able to create/read/write ext4?06:17
=== kevipapo1 is now known as kevipapo
_anugenii : wait for me06:18
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: Ah, yes. I see the following that refer to the mic: Microphone Capture, Mic Boost (+20dB), and Mic Front Input.  Only the last it checked. I would guess that I would like all three, right?06:18
Gtweak674anyone use any cool programs lately?06:18
c_webkitnickrud: no idea.. havnt put additional video card just the one embedded in my motherboard its a x86 board06:18
SteelflintGtweak674, Last time I hit a computer it cost me over $100 to fix, so I don't use that form of "fixing" on complicated equipment anymore. heh06:18
Gtweak674hehe but it is satisfying06:18
glickok i get squashfs errors06:19
linux_guyGtweak674, Clean unnecessary files to free disk space and maintain privacy06:19
kevipapohello all, i need help installing drivers on my ubuntu copy.  im having errors downloading them, for whenever i try to activate one, a window pops up for a split second saying "downloading and installing drivers" and then closes06:19
nickrudc_webkit, that's the most common error, not getting the right video driver. What's on the motherboard?06:19
linux_guyGtweak674, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/bleachbit-cleans-unnecessary-files-to-free-disk-space-and-maintain-privacy.html06:19
glickunable to read page06:19
_anugenii : "rm: cannot remove `/var/cache/apt/archives/partial': Is a directory"06:19
glickits failing to read pages06:19
linux_guyGtweak674, its called bleachbit06:19
genii_anu: Thats fine06:19
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess>try , and plug you mic into the other connectors of you sound , sometimes alsa change the location of outputs and not are the same what windows06:19
c_webkitnickrud: The motherboard has the built in video card .. it can handle graphics06:19
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: Oh snap! Found it.06:19
kevipapoi intalled using Wubi, if you're wondering06:19
RegressLessAdrian2MiL8: Mic working, thanks!06:20
c_webkitnickrud: no additional card installed or put in it06:20
ziggleshi guys... anyone familiar with KVM?  I created a VM with 128mb of ram and i cannot figure out how to increase the ram?06:20
nickrudc_webkit, but which one? different drivers for different motherboard chips06:20
Adrian2MiL8<RegressLess> good06:20
_anugenii : sorry ^^ the mistake is the "rm: cannot remove `/var/cache/apt/archives/partial': Is a directory"06:20
nickrudc_webkit, when it boots, can you press clt-alt-f2 and see a text login screen?06:20
RegressLessdoes anyone here play assault cube?06:20
linux_guyGtweak674, also check out SSHerminator.  it like Splits the terminal window so its not so "busy"06:20
_Vi_!ask | glick (this seems kinda harsh, but it will help you.....)06:21
ubottuglick (this seems kinda harsh, but it will help you.....): Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:21
c_webkitnickrud: I have installed the drivers i just want to know which version is it cause yesterday i got a new on on the net so...06:21
_anugenii : what to do ? i am a greenhand ^^ sorry06:21
c_webkitnickrud:  u directing me to BIOS06:21
linux_guyGtweak674, yes bleachbit and ssherminator06:21
c_webkitnickrud:  what should i do in BIOS06:21
c_webkitit wont give me the version no06:21
genii_anu: Yes, I saw. This is from the first command where we told it to remove all in /var/cache/apt/archives         It removed all the files but was unable to remove the directory. This is fine and normal error and not to worry over.06:21
kevipapoeveryone busy right now, i guess06:21
glickthe hell? i didnt ask to ask06:21
nickrudc_webkit, no. nothing in bios. after you boot, and it seems to hang. Describe what happens, up to the time it hangs06:21
_Vi_glick: meaning one line questions :)06:21
genii_anu: So from here:  sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*            then to try again:  sudo dpkg --configure -a06:22
glicki keep getting squashfs read errors when i try to boot the live cd06:22
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:22
nickrudc_webkit, different causes of boot errors at different points in the boot. I need to know more to help you06:22
glickis that usualy a sign of a bad cd06:22
RegressLesskevipapo: reask your question please06:22
nickrudglick, could be. Did you run the self test on the boot menu?06:22
kevipaposure, im having issues installing the nvidia drivers06:22
kevipapowhen i try to activate them, a download windows opens for a split second, then closes06:22
_anugenii : i am trying to understand . wait a minute06:22
glicknickrud when i do it goes to a black screen as well06:23
kevipapoubuntu 8.10, nVidia 9800M GS06:23
genii_anu:   rm            can remove files easily but not subdirectories, that is all06:23
c_webkitnickrud: Ok as far as Ubuntu installation is concerned06:23
RegressLesskevipapo: Are you trying to download and install the drivers manually?06:23
linux_guyWhat do you do when Ubuntu is taking over what used to be sleep in your life?06:23
nickrudglick, most likely a bad burn then. did you run the md5sum on the downloaded iso?06:23
c_webkitnickrud: everything runs well06:23
c_webkitnickrud: it perfectly starts06:23
_anugenii : OK OK sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*            then to try again:  sudo dpkg --configure -a06:23
kevipapono, this is from the hardware manager application06:23
c_webkiti get the ubuntu loading screen06:24
genii_anu: Yes06:24
kevipaposystem, admininstration, hardware drivers06:24
_anugenii: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/* --> rm: cannot remove `/var/cache/apt/archives/partial/*': No such file or directory06:24
glicknickrud, no im on windows trying to find a good md5sum program06:24
vinceQuestion:  Is there an easy way to set Ubuntu's default soundcard to a different card?  When I go to System -> Preferences -> Sound I see a huge list of devices and i'm not sure which one is my onboard card06:24
genii_anu: Ok, this again is not a concern. Proceed to last step06:24
nickrudglick, google md5sum.exe . You can download and run that from a command prompt06:24
c_webkitnickrud: then after the loading screen goes.. i should get the desktop with the username and password.. tht screen does not come.. only blank with a pointer06:25
RegressLesskevipapo: is there drivers listed there? I have an 8800 and it shows me two options (one of which is recommended)06:25
c_webkitie. my mouse cursor06:25
_anugenii : really ? ok06:25
* linux_guy yawns and goes to bed06:25
nickrudc_webkit, ah, with a pointer. ok. That's the end of it?06:25
* linux_guy says gnight!06:25
kevipapoRegressLess, i think we see the same thing.  One is 173, the other 177 (thats the recommended one06:25
c_webkit'after tht nothing works so have to reboot06:25
nickruddoes the pointer move?06:25
c_webkiti think06:25
_anugenii : dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.06:25
c_webkitnot sure06:25
RegressLesskevipapo: have you picked the recommended one?06:25
genii_anu: OK, 1 minute again06:26
RegressLesskevipapo:  17706:26
nickrudc_webkit, I hope you have two machines, one for talking and one for troubleshooting :)06:26
kevipapoyes, i tried activating it, and thats when the prblem occurs, and the window for downloading it pops open for a split second and dissappears06:26
_anugenii : OK ^^ thank you very much very06:26
c_webkitwell.. i am not sure.. about the cursor.. but the blank screen is for sure..06:26
kevipapoalso, sory if i make typing mistakes, i recently bought this computer (two days ago) so im getting used to the keyboard06:26
c_webkiti think the cursor does not move06:26
c_webkitor the cursor does not come only06:27
c_webkitcould be anything06:27
c_webkitI got now win98 winxp and installing Ubuntu scared if it does not work.. i would lose info in the booting cause Ubuntu becomes the MSR06:27
RegressLesskevipapo: no prob.  Ok, if you select the 177, there a button at the bottom that says "This driver is activated and currently in use." is that gray or green?06:27
nickrudc_webkit, from what you've said so far it could be anything for sure. I would suggest you start by running the disk check on the cd's boot menu. Make sure there wasn't some corruption somewhere06:28
c_webkiti did tht06:28
c_webkiti checked for errors06:28
nickrudok, good06:28
Pipotany body know how to install driver sound card FCA 202 Behringer Firewire on ubuntu06:28
c_webkitthere are 0 errors06:28
kevipapoRegressLess, it is (unfortunately) grey, unactivated06:28
c_webkitcause earlier way earlier when i used a copy it had 1 error06:28
RegressLesskevipapo: what does the 173 show when you select it? Gray or green?06:28
c_webkiti downloaded again the desktop version and it has 0 error06:29
c_webkiti also tried running the demo version06:29
c_webkittht also hanged06:29
_Vi_holy enter key06:29
nickrudc_webkit, yeah, I remember you saying that now. Again, I need to know what video chip is on the motherboard. Does the live cd boot to a desktop?06:29
c_webkitThe first option which says.. :"try ubuntu without any changes to ur computer":06:29
kevipapoRegressLess, also grey and unactivated06:29
=== Gtweak674 is now known as tweak674
Pipotany body know how to install driver sound card FCA 202 Behringer Firewire on ubuntu06:29
Pipotany body know how to install driver sound card FCA 202 Behringer Firewire on ubuntu06:29
Pipotany body know how to install driver sound card FCA 202 Behringer Firewire on ubuntu06:29
FloodBot1Pipot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:29
c_webkitit gives option06:29
_Vi_Pipot: that's a no no06:29
tweak674anyone used any good prog's lately?06:29
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:29
RegressLesskevipapo: You have now officially passed the stupid question part of our test. Please refer to someone smarter to continue.06:30
c_webkiti can boot from cd or from hdd06:30
c_webkitfrom hdd it hangs06:30
RegressLesskevipapo:  sorry06:30
c_webkitfrom cd it kinda works06:30
c_webkitbut then again...06:30
nickrudc_webkit, kinda?06:30
c_webkityes i mean by installation06:30
kevipapoheh, if you're saying im not at stupid as i seem, thanks :)06:30
c_webkitafter tht it blows up06:30
nickrudc_webkit, does the cd boot to the demo desktop?06:30
c_webkitit doesnt06:31
yashhI am booting ubuntu VM by tunnelling into my windows/cygwin SSH But the ubuntu stops at username & passwd. Anyway to pass by so that I can SSH into the ubuntu Vm06:31
RegressLesskevipapo: I'm only saying that I am a beginner as well and it worked fine for me so I don't have a clue.06:31
nickrudc_webkit, ok. does xp boot to the desktop?06:31
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
c_webkityes it does06:31
kevipapoah, ok, ill look into it.  it may have to do with the fact that i didnt install from a live cd, and rather used wubi06:31
c_webkitnickrud: can u explain me what do u mean by xp boot to desktop06:31
RegressLesskevipapo: You should have got an 8800 :P06:31
tweak674anyone know how to undelete files06:31
nickrudc_webkit, boot to xp, look in the device manager and find out what video chip your machine has. If you can do that, xp is booting to the desktop06:31
RegressLesskevipapo: possibly, I made a cd06:32
PipotFloodBot1, any body know how to install driver sound card FCA 202 Behringer Firewire on ubuntu06:32
kevipapoheh, sorry, ive got an ASUS laptop06:32
RegressLesskevipapo: ah, EEE?06:32
anr78I have an IBM laptop with ATI graphics and a second monitor attached. What driver should I use to get Desktop Effects?06:32
kevipapoyeah, wubi makes a folder in windows, much like a linux partition06:32
kevipapono, not EEE06:32
kevipapoASUS G series :)06:32
RegressLesskevipapo: cool06:32
kevipapothis is the laptop after my old powerbook06:32
=== TwoD_ is now known as TwoD
Pipotkevipapo,  do you know how to install driver sound card FCA 202 Behringer Firewire on ubuntu06:33
IcemanV9anr78: fglrx (for ATI)06:33
c_webkityeah thts possible06:33
c_webkiti get the winxp desktop06:33
kevipapoPipot, try going into syste > administration > hardware drivers06:33
kevipapolet me know what it says in there06:33
anr78IcemanV9: thanks06:33
genii_anu: Does command: cat /var/lib/dpkg/status|grep Status|grep configure                  produce anything? Only yes or no, I do not need to see the results of the command if there are any06:34
Pipotkevipapo, it's firewire, n' thats not detect06:34
kevipapono, sorry, there might not be an official driver for linux, so you'll need to download an open source one06:34
kevipapobut im not sure how you'd go about that, so sorry06:35
nickrudc_webkit, I'm not going to be looking at the screen for a while but will be around. Use my nick when you have the info06:35
RegressLesskevipapo: I may get a Eee; cheap, small (but not too small), and Linux. Sounds tempting. Also the multitouch is cool.06:35
Pipotkevipapo, do you know how to ls firewire on terminal06:35
_anugenii : let me try that command06:35
kevipapoRegressLess, they're very nice, my friend has one, they're cool and cute, but not the most productive things, all your choice though06:36
paul68I have conky runningand when I have an empty desktop it will stay visible on my desktop, however when I launch for example firefox and minimize it conky is dissapeared how to solve this?06:36
kevipapoPipot, try running the "mount" command in terminal and tell me what comes up06:36
_anugenii : that shows nothing06:36
* IcemanV9 wonders when will dapper (desktop edition) ends this year?06:36
RegressLesskevipapo: By what do you mean "not the most productive"?06:36
kevipapoRegressLess: only 900MHz processor, small keyboard, small overall06:37
kevipaponot my type of thing, but its definitely cool and ultra-portable06:37
Pipotkevipapo, /dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)06:37
Pipotproc on /proc type proc (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)06:37
Pipotvarrun on /var/run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=0755)06:37
Pipotvarlock on /var/lock type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev,mode=1777)06:37
_Vi_Pipot: dont paste that mount command here, use http://paste.ubuntu.com06:37
Pipotudev on /dev type tmpfs (rw,mode=0755)06:37
FloodBot1Pipot: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:37
Pipotdevshm on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)06:38
_Vi_too late06:38
_Vi_i seen that coming too06:38
_anugenii : no "cat /var/lib/dpkg/status|grep Status|grep configure " nothing06:38
genii_anu: Yes, I saw. 1 minute06:38
RegressLesskevipapo: Is speed an issue? I've seen and placed my hands on the keyboard--that part I'm cool with but it has to function at a decent speed. I don't need a 22" widescreen like some of these people. ;D06:38
_anugenii : ^^ i don't know what to say , i just say thank you again06:39
kevipapoRegressLess: even with the 900mhz processor, the thing runs nicely.  My friend's was running Windows 7 just fine with no other drivers06:39
kevipaposo it works, but its more for portable work06:39
tweak674windows 7 sucks06:40
williamashworthhi guys. need a bit of help. I'm sorta new to ubuntu and i've been reading endlessly with no results.06:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:40
williamashworthtrying to install java stuff, it says I need multiverse repos. added them, but now I get errors running apt-get update06:40
williamashworthW: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy-backports/multiverse/source/Sources.gz  404 Not Found [IP: 80]06:40
williamashworthE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.06:40
kevipapoWilliamashworth, go ahead06:40
Thorwhy would you say that about windows 7?  I mean, still beta, and yet almost completely functional06:40
williamashworthsorry :)06:40
RegressLesskevipapo: I have only had desktop computers. Frankly, I think it's funny how people get a "portable computer" that's as big as they are. The size, I think, is perfect.06:40
kevipapowilliam, no worries ;)06:41
kevipapoyou're not connected to the internet, hence the 404 error06:41
ubottuUbuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) was the fifth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 25th, 2008. See !eol for more details.06:41
williamashworthoops. so i'm using the wrong repos list then06:41
williamashworthany ideas what I need for hardy?06:41
ActionParsnipwilliamashworth: edgy died in april last year06:41
tweak674thor: compared to ubuntu 8.10 it is nothing...06:41
_anugenii : thank you for so much patience ^^06:41
kevipapowell, are you connected to a network?06:41
ActionParsnip!upgrade | williamashworth06:41
ubottuwilliamashworth: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes06:41
williamashworththe vps i have is a clean install of hardy as of tonight.06:42
kevipapoRegressLess: yes, the size is one of the best things about the eee06:42
ThorI do enjoy my Ubuntu partition, but both have their place on my computer06:42
RegressLesswilliamashworth: I'm in love with Intrepid06:42
williamashworthi am having issues finding the right repos list to put into my repo file06:42
tweak674yup i agree intrepid is the only operating system06:42
ActionParsnipwilliamashworth: the upgrade guide will help yo get upgraded to hardy / intrepid06:43
=== tj__ is now known as tj83
williamashworthmaybe I'm not being clear. i just bought a VPS slice from www.slicehost.com06:43
williamashworthit has a new install of hardy right now06:43
tweak674actionparsnip: have you used gnome-voice-control?06:43
williamashworthso no upgrading needed.06:43
RegressLesswilliamashworth: If you haven't seen, search keywords "eee" and "multitouch".  'Tis pretty cool also.06:43
kevipapoRegressLess, i dont use my laptop for portability, i use it for gaming06:43
ActionParsniptweak674: no, i dont have a mic, plus i can type way fater than anything I can say06:44
kevipapoplus, my parents are separated, so its nice to have a way to bring a powerful computer back and forth06:44
RegressLesswilliamashworth: oops, wrong person06:44
ActionParsnipwilliamashworth: maybe the repo is down, if you web browse to the server does it come up06:44
Enanito1hello guys, i need some help after some days trying to install my webcam... when i do lsusb it shows it as a pixart webcam, (it is an omega).. i have ubuntu 8.10, also, tried modprobe gspca and it still doesnt recognize it06:44
paul68I have conky runningand when I have an empty desktop it will stay visible on my desktop, however when I launch for example firefox and minimize it conky is dissapeared how to solve this?06:44
IcemanV9ah. eol date is june, 2009 for dapper ... got to set a date to update this box soon :-/ dapper runs flawless for me so long.06:45
RegressLesskevipapo: If you haven't seen, search keywords "eee" and "multitouch".  'Tis pretty cool also. I understand the gaming. I play a bit, but in my old age, it has been pushed to the side. lol, I'm 28 and ready for retirement.06:45
genii_anu: My current thinking is we need to clear or remove the list of packages which are only partially installed/configured so that control of the dpkg can be regained. But how to approach this is too much for me right now.06:45
RegressLesskevipapo:  Correction: If you haven't seen, search videos for keywords "eee" and "multitouch" on youtube06:46
RegressLessI'm tired06:46
kevipapoRegressLess: retirement? 28? please tell me you're joking there. yeah, im still in the teen years, with gaming on my mind a lot06:46
kevipapogona get some sleep?06:47
tweak674any linux gaming to be had?06:47
genii_anu: Does:  ls /var/lib/dpkg/updates/*                     show some list, or instead: ls: cannot access /var/lib/dpkg/updates/*: No such file or directory06:47
_anugenii : it seems reasonable though i don't know dpkg a bit06:47
Flannel!games | tweak67406:47
ubottutweak674: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php06:47
_anugenii : let me try again06:47
paul68ActionParsnip: do you have an idea why conky dissapears on me after launching an application? does it have something to do with the refresh rate of my desktop?06:47
vinceI need some kind soul to help me with a Multi Soundcard setup on 8.10.  I have attempted to set the default sound card, I have attempted to change the settings in System -> Preferences -> Sound.  I have also attempted to search google but most of the tutorials I find all apparently deal with older versions of Ubuntu with a different setup than mine and don't see, to apply to my setup06:47
_anugenii : let me try ls06:48
ActionParsnippaul68: if you alt+tab is it in the list?06:48
zeno___my wife hit a button when watching a movie in mplayer and now sound plays but the video is all white (cant see volume or anything else either), what could it be? same problem in vlc and totem movie player06:48
genii_anu: I do not need the list results, only if there are files in there or not06:48
nickrudc_webkit, you got it?06:48
ActionParsnippaul68: have you got it set to be in its own window?06:48
_anugenii : let me paste it06:48
Enanito1hello guys, who could help me to install my webcam? im having a hard time doing it.. it is an omega, when doing lsusb it appears as a pixart webcam, installed gspca from repositories, did modprobe gspca, still not working06:49
_anugenii : http://paste.ubuntu.com/108137/06:49
genii_anu: No need for paste. Just a list of files will appear, or not06:49
RegressLesskevipapo: Yes, my wife needs some cuddling. I'm kidding about retirement, but gaming has been put on the back burner. Enjoy your apathetic teen years while you can. Before too long, you may be forced to care about more things.06:49
RegressLesskevipapo: have a good night, friend06:49
kevipapoRegressLess: ok, you too, we may meet again :)06:49
vinayHi Folks06:49
_anugenii : ???? what's the matter06:49
arvind_khadri!hi | vinay06:50
ubottuvinay: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:50
vinayI am a ubuntu linux newbie06:50
paul68ActionParsnip: yes it is set to be in his own window06:50
nickrud!welcome | vinay06:50
ubottuvinay: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.06:50
tweak674anyone used any cool programs lately?06:50
vinayJust installed Ubuntu 8.04 LTS on a vmware virtual machine.06:50
RegressLessNighty, night room! You're still my favorite bunch of geeks! I aspire to be as geeky as you!!  I am not kidding.06:50
glickhey how can i find out the md5sums on the ubuntu website06:51
nickrudRegressLess, by the way: quit scaring the kids06:51
Enanito1hello .. i need some assistance installing my webcam06:51
arvind_khadri!cams | Enanito106:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cams06:51
vinayThe installation went through fine. However, it did not ask me to enter password for root user.06:51
genii_anu: I am tired and cranky :) Anyhow, try this:      sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/updates/*     /tmp              then again the:  sudo dpkg --configure -a06:51
ActionParsnippaul68: is it in the alt+tab list?06:51
arvind_khadri!cam | Enanito106:51
nickrudglick, releases.ubuntu.com/8.04 or 8.10 , see the md5sums files there06:51
ubottuEnanito1: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras06:51
tylorEnanitol: look up easycam, it worked great for me06:51
vinaySo, I do not know what is the password for the root. Is there a default password for root06:51
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:51
paul68ActionParsnip: no it is not06:51
RegressLessnickrud: ya, my bad. I keep seeing you nick. Thanks for hanging out.06:51
nickrudRegressLess, see ya06:52
Enanito1tylor: installed easycam too.. but not working.. it freezes...06:52
_anugenii : :) ok last try06:52
arvind_khadrivinay, use the password that you have set for your account06:52
Flannelvinay: There is no default password for root no. It's locked.06:52
c_webkitnickrud: i didnt get the solution06:52
c_webkity do i get a blank screen06:52
zaapiel!ask full disk encryption06:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:52
Flannelvinay: Ubuntu uses sudo instead, your first user is a member of the admin group and has the ability to use sudo.06:52
nickrudc_webkit, no idea of the chipset of your video? Not much I can do, without knowing that06:52
zaapielwell anyone have a link for using the altervive install to set up full disk encryption?06:52
c_webkitthe chipset is P4I45GV Rs5.006:52
tylorhmm, did you install video4linux, it might be installed by default06:53
vinayArvind thanks for the reply. It did not prompt for entering password for root account during installation.06:53
ActionParsnippaul68: is it still running in ps -ef | grep conky ?06:53
arvind_khadrivinay, read what Flannel said...06:53
IcemanV9!ecryptfs > zaapiel06:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ecryptfs06:53
* genii sips his coffee06:53
_anugenii : go to sleep ^^ good night ^^06:53
jigphello how to get a sites that you can put there the website and site will search the dns? and administrative contact for free?06:53
vinceNo one here can help with a sound card issue?06:53
_anugenii : it remains still but thank you for your work06:53
tyloryea it's installed by default06:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encyptfs06:54
vinayAny idea why it did not prompt for password?06:54
arvind_khadrivince, if you ask whats the problem then someone may06:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about encryptfs06:54
_anudpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed. Aborted06:54
_DELcan anyone give ma a refresher how to format a USB? i cant remember atm06:54
paul68ActionParsnip: yes it does06:54
genii_anu: OK. Keep an eye on the bug report mentioned earlier. A solution may yet appear there06:54
Flannelvinay: Again, Ubuntu doesn't use the root account, so it won't ask for a password for one.06:54
kevipapook, ill fix my problems later06:54
kevipapoim gonna get some shut eye06:54
tylor_DEL use gparted06:54
vinceArvind_khadri: I did earlier, I did not wish to spam the trouble by posting the same thing over and over agian06:54
Enanito1i need help in order to setup my webcam :(06:54
_anugenii : hope so06:54
* kevipapo says good night06:54
_DELdont have it, i just need command line06:55
_DELim running bare basics06:55
vincearvind_khadri :  I have attempted to set the default sound card, I have attempted to change the settings in System -> Preferences -> Sound. I have also attempted to search google but most of the tutorials I find all apparently deal with older versions of Ubuntu with a different setup than mine and don't see, to apply to my setup06:55
arvind_khadrivince, oh ok, if no one replied maybe they dont know, try posting it again :)06:55
vinayFlannel, does it mean you never a root account ? Even for administrative related tasks ?06:55
arvind_khadrivinve which sound card?06:55
nickrudc_webkit, that tells me all I need about the hardware, thanks. Looking for bug reports06:55
askin007does anybody use Promise SX 6000 raid controller?06:55
arvind_khadrivince which sound card?06:55
Flannelvinay: Right.  You use sudo instead.  `sudo command` runs command as root.06:55
paul68ActionParsnip: even 4 times06:56
vinayFlannel, thanks!06:56
vinceI have one sound card working.  If I run cat /proc/asound/modules it shows both but its using the wrong card as the default06:56
zaapielbasically i want the same setup alternative install guided encryption gives you but i want a smaller swap and serpant encryption06:56
zaapielanyone have a link?06:56
vinceI have an onboard Intel Realteck card and an Add On Soundblaster Live!06:56
ActionParsnippaul68: try killing them off and starting it with alt+f2 or whatever you gnome guys use to launch apps06:56
arvind_khadrivince, so you want to use soundblaster?06:57
vinceThe Intel card should be the primay, I use the soundblaster for my headset for things like skype and Vent however everything is defaulting to the soundblaster by default06:57
kevin__hello, i am on an hp tx2500 and ive been following this post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5469447#post5469447     im at the point where the stylus should work but is not calibrated.  it says to post the output of a bunch of commands, so here they are: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108138/   can anybody help me get my wacom stylus working (I've already looked at a lot of guides)?06:57
paul68ActionParsnip: dump question how do I kill them?06:57
zaapielah nevermind06:58
zaapielfigured it out06:58
ActionParsnippaul68: killall conky06:58
arvind_khadrivince, oh ok... did you check the community documentation ?06:58
vincearbinf_khadri : No the soundblaster is the secondary.  Onboard Intel should be the primary06:58
ActionParsnipkevin__: have you enabled the wacom lines in xorg.conf?06:58
paul68ActionParsnip: done and started conky again06:58
arvind_khadrivince, oh ok... did you check the community documentation ?06:58
arvind_khadrivince, and ya which Ubuntu??06:59
vincearvind_khandri: I have searched.  Mos things say to use the asoundconf-gtk to change the default sound card or to go to System -> Preferences -> Sound to manually set the device.  I have done so and it still uses the soundblaster06:59
GeneralCan anyone help me with my video card troubles?06:59
vinceUbuntu 8.1006:59
ActionParsnippaul68: ok, is there only one conky running?06:59
ActionParsnipGeneral: ask the room, it will probably answer06:59
GeneralActionParsnip: Is that not what I am doing?07:00
paul68ActionParsnip: yes but still not visible in alt+tab07:00
ActionParsnipGeneral: no, you asked a hugely broad question, be as specific as you can and ask the room07:00
ActionParsnippaul68: hmm strange07:00
incadudeFim on ubuntu 8.10. How can i change the gnome panel text color?07:01
paul68ActionParsnip: I second that do you need me to paste the script?07:01
ActionParsnippaul68: if you use a different ~/.conkyrc does it work ok07:01
nickrudc_webkit, I'm finding all kinds of install reports with your motherboard ... nothing specific to yours yet I _think_07:01
paul68ActionParsnip: still experimenting with these so I can't really confirm it07:01
arvind_khadrivince, even if you disable the one you dont want its being used??07:02
kevin__ActionParsnip: well, the guide doesnt have me do that, so no.07:02
vinceI haven't tried to disable the Soundblaster, I need both to stay active07:02
kevin__ActionParsnip: i get file read errors when i try to 'cat /dev/ttyS0' and 'cat /dev/input/wacom'07:02
nickrudc_webkit, try booting linux; when it gets to the point where it seems to crash, press ctl-alt-f2, see if you can log in there.07:03
arvind_khadrivince, activate them when you need it07:03
incadudeFim on ubuntu 8.10. How can i change the gnome panel text color?07:03
ActionParsnipkevin__: you will need those sections so they work, have a look for xorg.conf wacom07:03
bluefox83i am having trouble setting a password for ubuntu's samba server07:03
c_webkitnickrud: ok i'll try in the evening07:03
gareth__help please, my ubuntu box can't see my wifi box, but my ibook can?07:03
bluefox83what program  do i use to set a password in samba?07:03
mountxincadudeF, I use emerald to style everything out07:03
ActionParsnipbluefox83: sudo smbpasswd <your username>07:03
c_webkitbut can i load ubuntu on the extended partition07:04
bluefox83ActionParsnip, actually that didn't work :(07:04
nickrudc_webkit, np. you can find me here too often :) If you can, have a machine you can talk on while you run the non-functioning one07:04
vincearvind_khadri: But when I activate it won't it mess up the main imput?  I need them to be distinct and separate.  I want only what I specifically tell to use the sound blaster to use it.  Everything else SHOULD default to the Intel Realtek Card.  I can't just use one at a time otherise I might as well just be switching Jacks.07:04
c_webkitnah thts not possible..07:04
ActionParsnipbluefox83: use the same pass as your login and you should be ok. I've noticed this is the case but i could be wrong07:04
c_webkiti have one m/c07:04
GeneralRoom: I have recently reformatted a winXP laptop to run Intrepid, and am having minor Graphical glitches (for one example, when I open a new firefox window, I get a brief second of static within the window, before everything is fine) but now when I try installing programs with wine (Sims 2) my screen goes all sorts of wonky, and freezes. Talked to the guys over at #winehq, and they say it's a video card problem. Do I need a driver/deb p07:04
Generalackage? what is going on?07:04
c_webkiti will talk to you via office07:04
talntidGeneral: Disable your special effects and try again. Let us know if that is what is causing it.07:05
kevin__ActionParsnip: those sections mean _nothing_ if the device is not outputting anything on the appropriate device, so i dont see the point.  did i miss something?07:05
ActionParsnipGeneral: have you installed video drivers?07:05
vinceGeneral : What kind of video card do you have?07:05
bluefox83ActionParsnip, it's sudo smbpasswd username07:05
davexoxidehow would I enable keyboard shortcuts in terminal for non root users http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/shortcuts.html07:05
mountxGeneral, did you load ati/nvidia restricted?07:05
=== TwoD is now known as TwoD_
bluefox83ActionParsnip, do i need to restart samba for it to take affect?07:05
ActionParsnipkevin__: as far as i recall, you need those sections for stylusses etc07:05
ActionParsnipbluefox83: can't hurt: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart07:06
=== TwoD_ is now known as TwoD
arvind_khadrivince, just activate/deactivate and check out...07:06
kevin__ActionParsnip: i agree, but the devices/drivers have to work before xorg.conf comes into play.  the drivers are not working.07:06
ActionParsnipkevin__: have you read through dmesg | less ?07:07
bluefox83ActionParsnip, i can't seem to get it to mount in nautilus though D:07:07
Generaltalntid: I and using AWN, so I have to keep the special effects.07:07
gareth__the SSIS is enabled - but no can see?07:07
Kevin`lalala highlight07:07
ActionParsnipbluefox83: you need smbmount to munt samba shares07:07
GeneralActionParsnip: I don't know if I have. just ran update and upgrade07:08
Generalvince: How do I find out?07:08
bluefox83ActionParsnip, i am not having any trouble mounting non-password protected shares07:08
ActionParsnipGeneral: then you dont have video drivers installed,07:08
kevin__ActionParsnip: i grepped my way through it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108139/07:08
ActionParsnipGeneral: run lspci | grep -i vga07:08
x_hi.. i have add compiz fusion but that program not appear at preference07:08
Generalmountx: I have no clue what that means, pardon the inexperience07:09
ActionParsnipGeneral: it will show your video card, you can websearch from there to set it up07:09
ActionParsnipGeneral: lspci will show all your hardware, grep just filters the output07:09
mountxGeneral, you should go to System >> Administration >> Hardware Drivers and let us know what you see there07:09
talntidand he means you should type that into a terminal, General07:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about smbmount07:10
davexoxidedoes anyone know a way to restore all default folder permissions07:10
ActionParsnipx_: sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager; ccsm07:10
mountxGeneral, You will most likely see something about ATI or NVidia drivers07:10
h4ckb0x7Raise your hand if you are using the atheros drivers?07:10
Kevin`h4ckb0x7: sure07:11
davexoxideor at least point me in a direction to find secure permission settings if running a webhost07:11
GeneralActionParsnip: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)07:11
mountxx_, also install the compiz fusion button07:11
bluefox83h4ckb0x7, i am07:11
ActionParsnipbluefox83: http://www.linux-noob.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=140407:11
kevin__ActionParsnip: nevermind...for god knows what reason it just decided to work.  must be my lucky day.  ;-)07:11
Generalmountx: it says there are no drivers07:11
h4ckb0x7Kevin` I just wrote a new utility for creating and destroying interfaces07:11
ActionParsnipGeneral: perfect, now you need need to find out how that card is configured07:11
h4ckb0x7Kevin` check out sites.google.com/site/hackboxlinux07:11
szer0Hey I am wondering what ubuntu/linux kernel does if bad memory is detected (eg if it puts data in memory then it turns out corrupt) do programs crash or kernel freezes or what?07:11
mountxwhat happed when you ran lspci | grep -i vga?07:12
ActionParsnipkevin__: must be, id definately read dmesg to see what your kernel is up to07:12
mountxdid you see your graphics card there?07:12
kevin__ActionParsnip: roger that.  will do07:12
Kevin`szer0: yes, unpredictable crashes is the usual result07:12
Gautamhi,my wireless network option is not showing on another computer where i just installed ubutntu...can you plz help me out07:12
GeneralActionParsnip: how? I have only recently made the switch and don't quite know some of the inner workings on how to get info about this computer07:12
h4ckb0x7bluefox83, I just wrote a new utility for creating and destroying interface07:13
h4ckb0x7bluefox83, check out sites.google.com/site/hackboxlinux07:13
Generalmountx: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)07:13
bazhangh4ckb0x7, stop07:13
x_ActionParsnip: thanks.. that program appear now..07:13
h4ckb0x7bazhang stop what?07:13
Kevin`szer0: although saying that the bad memory is "detected" is a little innacurate in the crash case. if you have something like ecc ram where you can actually detect problems, it won't crash07:13
ActionParsnipGeneral: looks like it uses the standard "intel" driver: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-966733.html07:14
h4ckb0x7who bashang07:15
ActionParsnipGeneral: you have some websearching to do, the driver you need is part of a standard install which is good07:15
szer0Kevin`: thanks07:15
h4ckb0x7who bazhang07:15
connarhey ppl07:15
ActionParsnipx_: np man07:15
mountxGeneral, what Action said ... Compiz should work fine also07:15
connarhello guys07:15
connardoes anyone know about xmind07:15
nickrudh4ckb0x7, the stuff you're talking about is more appropriate for #ubuntu-offtopic, since it's not specifically ubuntu support related (this channel's purpose)07:15
ActionParsnipGeneral: until you tell your system to use good drivers for video your display will suck07:15
glickhas anyone gotten a wg111T wireless usb dongle to work with ubuntu?07:15
nickrudglick, did you get your md5sum problem fixed?07:16
connari need to know if anyone in the room knows abt Xmind07:16
glickyeah nickrud it works now :) was a bad burn07:16
nickrudgood news07:16
GeneralActionParsnip: what am I looking for, exactly?07:16
mountxGeneral, new install?07:16
mountxGeneral, what v. Ubuntu?07:17
rskumar_got problem with my vpnc. though I am able to connect to VPN network successfully, but cannot ssh into the server in remote Network07:17
ActionParsnipglick: run lsusb, one line will identify the device, you can websearch for the identifier to gain how t oinstall it07:17
rskumar_also, after vpnc, neither my network works07:18
ActionParsnipGeneral: ubuntu intel 945GM07:18
ActionParsnipGeneral: or something similar07:18
ActionParsniprskumar_: you may need to add a route command to tell all data headed for the remote ssh go down the vpn adapter07:19
Gautamcan you plz help me...wireless option is not showing ...i just intalled ubuntu on another computer07:19
mountxTry a reboot and go into recovery mode ... but ... The sims is known to cause graphics issues ... i have a super nice nvidia and I can't even run it w/ wine or virtualbox07:19
rskumar_in my workplace, people conect with Windows machine, using Cisco VPN Client, and everything works out  except my Linnux Box. can someone help me out. SysAdmin in my company is Linux haters and knows nothing07:19
ActionParsnipGautam: if you run: sudo iwlist scan07:19
Gilliwher can I find Wine07:19
ActionParsnipGautam: do ssid's show up?07:19
gareth__having problems with my wifi07:19
bazhangGilli, in the repos07:19
rskumar_ActionParsnip: yes, post googling, I also though something this type of trick should be done. But I am unable to find more on this07:19
connarwhere can i find Xmind07:19
ActionParsnipGilli: its in repos: sudo apt-get install wine07:20
mountxyou might have luck on a per case basis07:20
Gilliwher is the repos07:20
=== ubuntu is now known as tj83
ActionParsniprskumar_: man route07:20
bazhangGilli, open synaptic package manager and install from there07:20
connardo u know how to install xmind07:20
ActionParsnipGilli: you dont need to worry about where they are, run the command and wine will be installed07:20
mountxusually a 'sudo apt-get install wine' in terminal works07:21
nickrudconnar, you'd download the ubuntu deb from their site, then double click it.07:21
connarmountx please let me know if u how to install xmind07:21
mountxn/m Action already said what I just said07:21
ActionParsnipGilli: just like when you run a system update, the packages are updated from othe repo, yet you dont know where they are and you dont care07:21
nickrudconnar, but the usual caveat: 3d party software isn't supported here07:21
mountxconnar, just a sec ... i will see if i can find it ... what is it?07:22
connarnickrud are u sure i can install xmind on ubuntu that way?07:22
Generalcrud.... I really have no clue what alot of this means. Curse growing up post DOS07:22
Gilliwhat is repo in Icelandic07:22
nickrudconnar, I'm looking at their download page07:22
connarplease do so and help me out07:22
glickok, so i have the usb id identifier of the device, what do i do now?07:23
bazhangGilli, it is the software warehouse where ubuntu gets all its applications from; software repositories (or repos in abbreviated fashion)07:23
nickrudconnar, mountx http://www.xmind.net/downloads/07:23
mountxGeneral, my g'f can't live w/out sims/spore ... i have her on a dual boot b/c ubuntu can't handle it ... I would suggest that if your graphics are giving you issues w/ it07:23
ActionParsnipGeneral: dos gives about a billionth of the power the terminal gives07:23
nickrudconnar, not going to do it tonight but I didn't know it went open source. I saw it on someones mac a while back and I'm going to check it out myself :)07:24
GilliI got it07:24
bazhang!give me a test07:24
ubottuOh no, I won't, I'm not like some of those nasty scripts' users!07:24
connarwhat package should i go for?07:24
connarthe x64 or the normal one07:25
ActionParsnipGeneral: as a new ubuntu user it will all seem hard and new but its a completely diffent OS to windows07:25
mountxcon-man, which processor do you have x64 or x86?07:25
GeneralActionParsnip: While that is true, I mean that I am too used to point and click adventures into the depths of my old XP, that I am all thumbs when it comes to utilising the terminal07:26
nickrudconnar, type uname -m in a terminal, and show us the output, I'll be able to tell you07:26
GilliAnd now how do I install games07:26
Gilliwith wine07:26
connarjust a moment07:26
bazhangGilli, windows games?07:26
gareth__my wifi network is 'unreachable' and yet my ibook can see and connect with no problems? any help thx07:26
ActionParsnipGeneral: as your linux use wears on a lot of users tend to swing to command line07:26
Gilliyes windows games07:26
mountxGeneral, you will become accustomed to not using your mouse .. if you want in Lin07:26
bazhangGilli, first check the appdb to see if they run07:26
connarthats the output07:26
nickrudconnar, the 64bit version07:26
bazhang!appdb | Gilli07:26
ubottuGilli: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:27
ActionParsnipGilli: you can run them via wine (free) or cedega / crossover office (paid for)07:27
ActionParsnipGilli: you can check the appdb for compatiility of games07:27
bazhangGilli, search that website with the name of the app to see if it works, and how well.07:27
Generalmountx: I kind of can't dual boot. see, this laptop originally ran XP, but the partition went out the window(s) when I tired dual-booting ubuntu from and external harddrive, so I just reformatted the entire thing for ubuntu07:27
Gillihver herna er 12 ára07:27
connari guess it would be the 64 deb package?07:27
bazhangGilli, ?07:27
GilliThis was Icelandic07:28
bazhangenglish here please07:28
ActionParsnipGilli: if its a 3d game, you need 3d accelleration in your video card07:28
connarnick i m being directed to a login page07:28
mountxGeneral, IC ... had the same situation awhile back ... installed ubuntu... then needed windows for an adobe product ... your on a fresh install though right?07:28
ActionParsnipGautam: if you dont answer my question in the PM i cant help07:29
Generalfresh intall meaning...07:29
bazhangconnar, that is 3rd party software so it is not supported.07:29
ActionParsnipGeneral: fresh install == you just installed linux07:29
nickrudconnar, pm me07:29
Generalabout a month or two ago07:29
FloodBot1shandog: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:30
root______the python script "pastebinit" has a glitch (bug maybe) it will read stdin from some things but not all.   example: cat error | pastebinit  # yelds this http://pastebin.com/f6b15565b07:31
ActionParsniproot______: log a bug07:31
root______have no email and not registered07:31
ActionParsniproot______: then it will stay like that then07:32
luke_How do I join the compiz fusion channel again?07:32
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager) and XGL (X server architecture layered on top of OpenGL) - Howto at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager - help in #compiz-fusion07:32
root______ActionParsnip if no one in here cares about it,  i guess so.   but it is a ubuntu package07:32
grinnwhat am I activating when I hit the windows key and r?07:32
ActionParsnipluke_: /join #compiz-fusion07:32
bazhangroot______, that seems minor; it works for all commands I have tried with it07:33
root______bazhang try lshw07:33
ActionParsniproot______: get yourself registered dude. you will know the full details of the error07:33
bazhangroot______, no need, I would send that to text07:33
Generalmountx: am on a fresh install by about a month07:33
root______   so don't fix it.   what do i care.07:34
bazhangroot______, indeed file a bug if you care07:34
Gotui still can not connect to my wireless network on another computer...is there any way to solve this problem...i just installed ubuntu07:34
ActionParsnipapparently not07:34
PUNISHERhello everyone07:34
PUNISHERwhat about icq client on ubuntu?07:34
grinnwhat am I activating when I hit the windows key and r? can anyone tell me how to permanently disable it?07:34
ActionParsnipGotu: is it pci or usb?07:34
ubottuThe Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete07:35
mountxGeneral, I created a couple of partitions w/ gparted and put all my important files on the last one ... did a fresh install of win(yuk) and then did an install of ubuntu07:35
bazhangGotu, open a terminal and type lspci or lsusb (pci/usb) and paste.ubuntu.com with it07:35
bobslaedeyou know all those stupid articles on the 'net, "2 weeks with linux" or something... well, someone should write an article, "2 weeks with vista" :(07:35
PUNISHERdoes licq works?07:35
rskumar_ActionParsnip: can I add two gateways for single NIC machine, and VPN with TUN (vpnc), can I also specify how the packet will flow conditionally07:35
bazhangbobslaede, please discuss in offtopic channel not here07:35
Gotuits pci07:36
Generalmountx, problem really lies in the fact that I don't have a copy of windows, nor the money to buy one.07:36
bazhangGotu, and how many entries for ifconfig07:36
=== five is now known as Guest70385
bazhang!give me another test07:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:36
Guest70385does anyone have WoW:WotLK working in ubuntu i get a memory read error, i had WoW:TBC working on hardy but now im on ibex with wotlk07:36
PUNISHERwindows is shit07:36
bazhangPUNISHER, watch the language please07:36
mountxGeneral, I can't really tell you how to obtain one of those, but I would suggest tpb07:37
=== mathias is now known as presroi
PUNISHERbazhang: sorry. I will07:37
ActionParsniprskumar_: as long as the networks use different network addresses you will need to use the route command to teel the system that any data headed for the network of the vpn need to be piped down the vpn07:37
Generalmountx, you mean torrent an iso?07:37
bazhangmountx, dont suggest piracy here07:37
Gotuentries for ifconfig ?07:37
=== Guest70385 is now known as ackbar
ActionParsniprskumar_: at the moment, its all going down the internet device and not the vpn07:38
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o07:38
mountxbazhang, tpb is not piracy .. infact many ubuntu iso's are available on that site07:38
mountxas well as other important resources07:38
bazhangmountx, telling to get a windows iso is; dont do it again07:38
mountxi didn't07:38
ackbarso does anyone have world of warcraft wrath of the lich king working on 8.10?07:38
ActionParsnipGeneral: im that way too but i only use windows on my work lappy as I can do everything in linux07:39
ActionParsnipGeneral: so i dont need it07:39
ActionParsnipackbar: check the appdb for how to run it via wine07:39
ActionParsnipackbar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft07:39
ubottuSome things are inappropriate for #ubuntu. Controversial topics, which often turn into flame wars: war, race, religion, politics, gender, sexuality, drugs, questionably legal activities, suicide are not for here. Microsoft software in ##windows (Please note Freenode Policy)07:40
ackbarwell ive spent about a week trying to get it running in wine/ winevcs/ crossover/ and vmware been to appdb, wine wiki and several other places wondering if anyone here has it working07:40
SJrXHow do I get a list of things hogging my soundcard again, it's like lsof 2 | grep snd07:40
GeneralSad to think that while I have gone a ways in working on costomizing my laptop, 90% of it has been through others giving me the lines for terminal, with me not really knowing what most of it means.07:41
bottigerbefore I buy a new computer I should think about what? nvidia instead of ati? anuthing else?07:41
Fevringrinn: that key combination activates "run", I think, but I'm not sure at all how to disable that.07:41
ActionParsnipackbar: you wont get it in vmware07:41
RachelAtech question, my monitor (laptop LCD) is showing all the colors to be dull and washed out. my friend is looking at my computer through VNC and the colors seem totally normal to him, so it must be a display driver issue, but the update manager claims there are no restricted drivers for my card07:41
nickrudGeneral, if you kept track of the commands, they make great google learning07:41
ActionParsnipackbar: the community docs should be your best bet07:41
ackbarok ill check it out07:41
grinnFevrin: It doesn't do so on ubuntu ... it just kinda zooms in on the pointer07:41
ActionParsnipackbar: wine needs a patch to run it07:41
mountxGeneral, don't worry about it ... you'll figure it all out eventually ... just think windows only came naturally b/c that's all you knew07:42
RachelAand I have no idea what sort of graphics card this thing has07:42
ackbari have guild wars workign in vmware but the characters are headless07:42
Fevringrinn: my bad...i thought u meant within windows!07:42
mountxRachelA, ... in terminal run lspci07:42
nickrudRachelA, it may be a brightness issue ...07:42
freoedoWhere can i get a libubuntulooks.dll for windows? I want my gtk apps that i use at work on windows to look the same as it does at home on ubuntu.07:42
Generalfirst thing I learned, and 10 years later, here I am trying to switch07:42
freoedoackbar Start the game with -dx8 and that will be fixed.07:43
ActionParsnipfreoedo: www.dll-files.com07:43
Fevringrinn: in ubuntu, it depends on which software ur using when u press the combo...i just clicked my desktop, did the key combo, and my desktop refreshed (same as hitting F5)07:43
RachelAVGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter07:43
ackbarfreoedo, ill give it a shot07:43
Generalbazhang, where can I talk about piracy again?07:43
ActionParsnipfreoedo: i think if you install the gtk toolkit you will get the dll07:43
grinnFevrin: i believe it's kubuntu with a regular ubuntu desktop07:43
bsusacould someone please assist me? i  have myth mythbuntu box setup, but now i want to be able to watch all my content on another ubuntu machine, how can i achieve this?07:44
freoedoActionParsnip not suck dll file there.07:44
Fevringrinn: so there's no K symbol in the lower left of the screen?07:44
mountxbsusa, .. don't have any mythbuntu advice here, but was wondering how that setup is treating you?07:45
gareth__help in not being able to connect to m wifi07:45
MindVirusHow do I stop console-kit-daemon?07:45
MindVirusIt's using 1 of my cores 100%.07:45
=== doubletoker_work is now known as doubletoker
mountxgareth__, what problems specifically are you having?07:45
ActionParsnipfreoedo: wherever, just get it and bang it in %windir%\system07:45
grinnFevrin: no07:45
MindVirusAny suggestions?07:46
gareth__terminal says 'network in unreachable' and yet my ibook can see my router?07:46
bsusathe setup is going well07:46
bsusaeverything seems to work fine on it except for a few minor annoyances07:46
RachelAanyone know how to adjust the contrast/brightness settings, then?07:46
arvind_khadriRachelA, use the monitor's menu07:47
grinnFevrin: i just did it again ... it just zooms to the pointer it seems07:47
RachelAmonitor doesn't have a menu, it's a laptop07:47
Fevringrinn: i personally set my Win key to open up the GNOME main menu, so I can't really do the Win+R combo.  my bad again, earlier I had done Ctrl+R, not Win+R.07:47
ActionParsnipMindVirus: kill it if you want, i'd check what it is07:47
MindVirusActionParsnip, it deals with the fast user switching applet.07:48
MindVirusI've checked it out and it's being run by root.07:48
ackbarRachelA, use your funtion key with the brightness07:48
ActionParsnipMindVirus: do you use that functionality?07:48
MindVirusIt was started with the system.07:48
nickrudRachelA, not certain about the hardware changes, but you can do it in X   xgamma -gamma 1.0 should be what you see, 2.0 should be brighter.07:48
MindVirusNo, I do not.07:48
ackbarall laptops have them07:48
grinnFevrin: fair enough, thanks for trying to help sir07:48
ActionParsnipMindVirus: then id look at a way to remove it07:48
MindVirusAnd I'd really love to have the damn program not start up.07:48
MindVirusActionParsnip, I have been.07:48
mountxGeneral, did you find a solution to your problem?07:48
MindVirusI don't know how though.07:48
Fevringrinn: ma'am ;p07:49
ActionParsnipMindVirus: try: dpkg -l | grep fast | grep -i user07:49
grinnFevrin: yes ma'am07:49
RachelAwill check it out, thanks. this window should be white of course, but it's yellow07:49
arvind_khadriRachelA, sorry didnt see that its a laptop..07:49
MindVirusActionParsnip, ..?07:49
RachelAgoldenrod, really07:49
nickrudRachelA, man xgamma, you can control each of the colors separately07:49
RachelAthank you :)07:49
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
mountxIs anyone having issues w/ firefox and amarok running together ... I thought I solved this issue the other night ... but it's returned07:50
Generalmountx, alas I am stuck. there is a wall between me and the answer. a wall called comprehension.07:50
ActionParsnipMindVirus: it will show you package names containing the word user and fast07:50
glickwhats a good wireless desktop card that works natively with ubuntu07:50
MindVirusI know.07:50
glickthe cheapest possible07:51
nickrudRachelA, you can also make the changes permanent by editing your xorg.conf when you have some good values07:51
MindVirusBut why would I need to see this?07:51
RachelAright, thanks a bunch07:51
ActionParsnipglick: my Netgear WG311T works out of the box since gutsy07:51
glickthis one ActionParsnip ?07:52
nickrudglick, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported07:52
Fevringlick: i got my hawking HWP54G on the cheap years ago, not sure if they still sell it, tho; this card works with hardy, but not with intrepid07:52
=== zkinion is now known as thebleh
=== thebleh is now known as zkinion
NoisyDudehello! I recently installed ubuntu 8.10 server, then installed kubuntu-desktop-kde3. all working ok, but it seems "user manager" is not intalled. what should I install?07:54
mountxNoisyDude, ... install ... terminal ... oh wait it is07:55
ActionParsnip!hcl | glick07:55
ubottuglick: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:55
bazhangNoisyDude, from which repo did you install kubuntu-desktop-kde3 for intrepid07:56
bazhangNoisyDude, is that a PPA07:56
NoisyDudeill check the repo.07:56
bazhang!info kubuntu-desktop-kde307:57
ubottuPackage kubuntu-desktop-kde3 does not exist in intrepid07:57
General! <---- what?07:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about what?07:57
garityubuntu s0x07:58
bazhangGeneral,  a way to call up facts07:58
sahko!info cdrtools07:58
ubottuPackage cdrtools does not exist in intrepid07:58
sahko!info cdrkit07:58
ubottuPackage cdrkit does not exist in intrepid07:58
ActionParsnipGeneral: you can use ! to call factoids07:58
bazhangGeneral, also /msg ubottu info package07:58
Generalyeah just figured that out07:58
ActionParsnip!coffee | General07:58
ubottuGeneral: coffee is a caffeinated beverage made by filtering hot water through ground up roasted beans of the coffee plant. Flavouring to taste such as milk or cream, sugar or sweetener are often added afterwards. Not to be confused with !java07:58
mountxobottu ... you don't know <insert good word here>07:58
sahko!lsd | sahko07:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lsd07:59
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.07:59
NoisyDudebazhang: I insalled it from http://ppa.launchpad.net/kb9vqf/ubuntu07:59
bluefox83for some reason i keep getting that there is no application installed to open my samba share, from my ubuntu laptop (ubuntu share is hosted on my home ubuntu server)07:59
mountxhaha ... fun w/ ubottu07:59
bluefox83i have multiple shares, and all but the newest one will open D:07:59
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.07:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about acid07:59
ActionParsnipbluefox83: you can use smb://<servername>/<share name> from another ubuntu system07:59
mountx!ubottu ... come on every bottu this is ubottu08:00
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:00
bazhangNoisyDude, what is user manager and what does it do08:00
ActionParsnipbluefox83: or \\<servername>\<share name> in windows08:00
ActionParsnipbluefox83: linux doesnt see partition letters like windows, it uses mount points08:00
Generalare there people adding factoids daily for ubottu, or what?08:00
bluefox83ActionParsnip, i know that...08:00
afrokenhi, stupid question but can how can I use png or jpeg images as icons in gnome panel?08:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about icon08:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about poo08:01
bluefox83ActionParsnip, that machine is hosting 3 different directories that are being shared by samba, for some reason, the newest one just wont open for me08:01
ubottuWant to see volume/trash icons on the desktop? Go to /apps/nautilus/desktop in gconf-editor (GNOME) or go to http://kudos.berlios.de/kf/kisimlar/tipsntrix.html#showtrash (KDE)08:01
bluefox83ActionParsnip, it has all the same permissions and everything08:01
bazhangplease /msg ubottu for fun if you wish08:01
bobbyneed to recover a deleted file anyone08:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about computer08:01
ActionParsnipbluefox83: can i see your /etc/samba/smb.conf08:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about robots08:01
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.08:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about repetition08:02
bazhangGeneral, mountx please /msg ubottu08:02
MindVirus!search > me08:02
ubottu(In the future, please use a private message to investigate) Search factoids for term: !search <term>08:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about repetition!08:02
NoisyDudebazhang: user manager is the module part of kde that gui-fies adduser, usermod, groupadd, ...08:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bazhang08:02
Generalyeah, neither do we08:02
bazhangGeneral, stop08:02
bobbyi need to recover a file I deleted on accident can anyone help08:02
bluefox83ActionParsnip, sure holdon08:03
frybyeTake it easy General...08:03
mountxlast one08:03
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about g(x)=10x3+10x208:03
mountxhad to try08:03
ActionParsnipbluefox83: use pastebin08:03
ActionParsnip!paste | bluefox8308:03
Generali'm out of ideas anyway08:03
ubottubluefox83: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:03
srx2002why did I buy this; ps308:03
bluefox83ActionParsnip, that's ok cus i just realized that was the wrong one anyways...08:03
mountxsrx2002, take it back!08:04
ActionParsnipps3 is sweet, but its offtopic here08:05
srx2002true, off topic08:05
srx2002just pissed08:05
mountxdoes anyone have any pressing ubuntu questions?08:05
Gautamhello i can not connect to my wireless network..its not showing up in the list..i have just installed ubuntu...any help08:06
frybyewhat sort of juice does "pressing ubuntu" produce??08:06
ActionParsnipGautam: ive tried to help you man08:06
bazhangmountx, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic08:06
ActionParsnipGautam: can you not see my messages/08:06
mountxquit being a douche08:06
mountxi was asking08:06
ActionParsnipGautam: are you not see my text?08:07
bluefox83ActionParsnip, the file is too large to paste from cli :/08:07
NoisyDudemountx: it seems I am missing some of the system management tools in my kde3.5 on ubuntu 8.10 server install. In particular, I am looking for the "user manager08:07
afroken(sorry just got disconnected) is there a way to use jpeg or png icons on gnome panels?08:07
bluefox83would take all day D:08:07
ActionParsnipbluefox83: sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /etc/samba/smb.conf08:07
NoisyDudemountx: " that gui-fies adduser, etc.. Any ideas of what I should add?08:07
bluefox83ActionParsnip, i did that, i got an error from it for some reason...let me try again08:08
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:08
Generalright. my bad08:08
bluefox83ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/f40650e608:08
bluefox83i used a bad arguement :P08:08
=== vert1 is now known as vertx
ActionParsnipbluefox83: theres only 2 shares on there08:09
ActionParsnipbluefox83: [Work Share] and [Personal Share]08:09
bluefox83ActionParsnip, well the Work Share one works, the Personal one doesn't08:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about swapon08:13
bluefox83ActionParsnip, also, the netlogon one works as well...08:13
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:13
ActionParsnipbluefox83: check the settings in the file are set right08:13
Mil_Argswapon: no se puede canonicalizar /dev/disk/by-uuid/30394f83-a338-47bd-a98c-b8af07de7370: No existe el fichero ó directorio08:14
Mil_Argswapon: no se pudo ejecutar 'stat' para /dev/disk/by-uuid/30394f83-a338-47bd-a98c-b8af07de7370: No existe el fichero ó directorio08:14
Mil_ArgSwap not work?08:14
nickrudMil_Arg, that means you have either no swap partition, or the swap partition uuid is incorrect in fstab08:14
bsusamy remote desktop client isnt working for some reason, it logs it but no screen is shown08:14
Mil_Argohhh my god...08:15
everettzCan someone please point me to a key mapping tutorial for gnome?08:17
rskumar_i have dns entry in /etc/network/interfaces and also /etc/resolv.conf08:17
=== ara_ is now known as ara
rskumar_how can I print current list of all DNS servers which will be queried08:17
Mil_Argnickrud: what should be the mount point for swap?08:19
jtajiMil_Arg: none08:20
nickrudMil_Arg, I'm about to go to bed, but if you put the output of:  sudo fdisk -l , ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/*  , and cat /etc/fstab  on http://paste.ubuntu.com I'll take a quick look08:20
Mil_Argis correct my fstab then... say none08:20
brandohi there08:22
brandoI need help please with 8.04 server, openLDAP and TLS.  Seems the bug is well known but I can't find a fix08:24
jove_Hello All, would someone show me a cmd to install vpnc (something like "sudo ......" Thanks in advance.08:25
nickrudMil_Arg, looking08:25
brandoanyone familiar with TLS openLDAP and 8.04 ?08:26
Mil_Arg"/dev/sdb3" is swap08:26
nickrudMil_Arg, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108164/ , you'll see I changed the uuid in the fstab08:26
jove_how to install a pkg as command line ?08:27
Mil_Argnickrud: looking... Thanks Friend!08:27
nyaajove_: try sudo apt-get install <packagename>08:27
jove_nyaa, thanks!08:28
nyaajove_: so for a package named yellow it would be sudo apt-get install yellow08:28
brandosolution needed for tls & openldap...08:30
jove_nyaa, I got it installed fine.  Thanks so much for your help!!!!!08:30
nyaajove_ no problem =)08:30
brandomaybe too complex for irc08:31
brandowhere to get some help?08:31
brandoubuntu woes08:33
nyaabrando : could try google, heh.  also the ubuntu website.  this is the best thing I found but I didn't dig deep https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/openldap-server.html08:34
brandoja, i hear 8.10 uses a newer openldap with openssl instead of gnutls08:34
MagicLoverHi, is here somebody from Russia?08:35
bazhangMagicLover, #ubuntu-ru08:35
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bo7amnyi just downloaded mint and in live cd it ask me for user name and password08:38
OngavezirHozsanna brotha'z08:38
bazhangbo7amny, mint is not supported here08:38
bo7amnyim sorry08:39
bazhang!mintsupport | bo7amny08:39
ubottubo7amny: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org08:39
* N3bunel saluta08:39
bazhangbo7amny, get the real deal at www.ubuntu.com ; no need for mint :)08:39
brandowhat's the general consensus on moving to 8.1 server when 8.04 has a bug critical to deployment?08:40
bo7amnyi have both08:40
bo7amnyi just want to try it08:40
ghrockshi guys08:40
OngavezirWhatta muttafucka penguin-fuckers community here?08:40
vertxhi, does anyone have successfuly compiled nagios-plugins-1.4.13? On my ubuntu server 8.04, make spits out " undefined reference to `np_net_ssl_read'" eventhough I already have libssl-dev installed. Any ideas?08:40
bazhangOngavezir, watch the language08:41
onatsanyone know of a good project management software for linux/ubuntu?08:41
vertxonats: try openproj08:41
OngavezirIn english brotha' : Where is the muttafucka holy shit fat linuks-penguin now?08:42
DJones!ohmy | Ongavezir08:42
ubottuOngavezir: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!08:42
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:43
onatsvertx, its somewhat heavy... and installation requires some sort of Aserver?08:43
vertxonats: not sure where i got it from, but i got the .deb package here. i don't think it needs any server (service)08:44
onatsvertx, any links?08:44
Pirate_Hunterhi the most weirdest thing is happening, i cant connect to my box via ssh, it is weird cause since yesterday i was able to connect to it, ive checked my router page and the box is active and I even pinged it but when i try to ssh it says "ssh: connect to host xxx.xxx.x.xx port 22: Connection refused", can someone help me identify the problem?08:45
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onatsPirate_Hunter, firewall is up?08:46
brandowould you switch to 8.1 because of a bug in an 8.04 standard package?  Or try to fix and recompile the prog?08:46
Pirate_Hunteronats, i dont have a firewall08:46
onatsmaybe your ssh server is not up?08:47
vertxonats: this could be it http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=199315&package_id=24128208:47
Pirate_Hunteronats, ive been connecting to the box with ssh from last week till yesterday, i have restarted the machine also how can it not be up?08:48
onatsPirate_Hunter, do you have physical access to the machine?08:48
onatsvertx, thanks. will download. is it configurable to use existing postgre installations?08:49
Pirate_Hunteronats, yes i do but the box has no mouse, keyboard or even monitor that is why i ssh :p, so now i need to figure out why would ssh not be working08:51
ltracyIntrepid kind of sucks compared to Hardy, doesn't it08:51
onatsnow thats tough... hehehe08:52
Kartagisopenssl req -new -x509 -extensions v3_ca -keyout cakey.pem -out cacert.pem -days 3650 <--- i am issuing this command like i read on a website, but I get unknown option -оut. what do I do?08:52
cakeyKartagis: what08:54
Kartagiscakey, nvm, i guess there was a typo08:54
nextstateanybody have experience with setting up a wireless connection on a dell laptop in ubuntu?08:55
nextstateI'm going to install Ubuntu on a co-workers laptop, and he really needs the wireless to work.08:55
nextstateI've done it before in gentoo, but there are a lot of manual steps involved. Does ubuntu have a nice gui for a linux newbie?08:56
zersishow to install flash player08:58
fosco_!flash | zersis08:58
ubottuzersis: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash08:58
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:59
zersisHello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player.08:59
zersiseven after installing flash player i get the same msg08:59
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bo7amnyi have a wireless problem in ubuntu 8.10 it was working great until it without a reason stoped09:01
zersishow to install flash player for firefox09:01
Pirate_Hunterhi the most weirdest thing is happening, i cant connect to my box via ssh, it is weird cause since yesterday i was able to connect to it, ive checked my router page and the box is active and I even pinged it but when i try to ssh it says "ssh: connect to host xxx.xxx.x.xx port 22: Connection refused", can someone help me identify the problem?09:02
hitioaca toy09:02
Pirate_Hunter!flash zersis09:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about flash zersis09:02
Pirate_Hunter!flash > zersis09:02
ubottuzersis, please see my private message09:02
hitioañadiendo cosas a mi Ubuntu áéíóú09:02
bo7amnyand it says "no network device availabel"09:02
nextstatebo7amny: so, how did you go about setting it up in the first place09:02
Mil_Argallways my swap stay in used = 0 is correct this?09:02
DuoMaxwelhey everyone09:03
bo7amnyno in 8.10 it was setup wen i first start using ubuntu09:03
DuoMaxwelim having some trouble with the flash plugin in ubuntu 8.10 amd6409:03
DuoMaxwelive downloaded the latest version and extracted libflashplayer.so09:04
DuoMaxweland ive copied it into /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins09:04
DuoMaxwelin addition to linking it to two other mozilla/firefox directories09:04
DuoMaxwelyet it still doesnt show up in firefox09:04
nextstateits still in beta, right?09:04
onatsanyone know of a good ubuntu rss feed?09:04
nextstateI have the same problem with flash09:04
Mil_Argmy swap allways used 009:04
bo7amnyand if i tryd lshw commaned in the termenal i got in network "disabled"09:04
Flannelonats: planet.ubuntu.com and fridge also has one.09:04
eatThisAndDieonats: Do you mean FEED or reader?09:05
nextstatebo7amny: what about the iwconfig command?09:05
DuoMaxwelso anyone?09:05
nyaaDuoMaxwel I'll help you respond to my dialog though so I don't have to scroll through stuff09:06
nextstateDuoMaxwel: I know a guy who has flash running in gentoo amd64, maybe you try that distro :)09:06
nyaaIf I get his working I'll talk to you too if you want nextstate09:06
bo7amnyi will try it and let u now09:06
DuoMaxwelim in ubuntu and apparantly people have it working09:06
DuoMaxwelits just that firefox refuses to load it09:07
nyaaI have it working, I sent you a dialog duo, talk to me in there09:07
DuoMaxwelmy mistake09:07
bazhangasus, #ubuntu-cn09:07
onatsi'm looking for a feed that has like, how-tos and stuff, similar to lifehacker?09:08
bazhang!cn | asus09:08
ubottuasus: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk09:08
nextstatenyaa: that would be cool, although I'm running 7.04, so it may be hopeless09:08
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asusi don t no09:08
bo7amnyigot from iwconfig "lo      no wirless extensions"09:10
bo7amny"pan0       no wireless extensions"09:10
bo7amnyigot from iwconfig "lo      no wirless extensions"09:10
bazhang!ko | kernel09:11
ubottukernel: For Korean help, /join #ubuntu-ko09:11
bo7amnyigot from iwconfig "lo      no wirless extensions"09:11
bo7amny"pan0       no wireless extensions"09:11
bazhangbo7amny, from which version of ubuntu, or is this mint09:12
nyaawho else was having trouble with flash player?  next____09:13
nextstateme! oh me me me!09:13
nextstatebut I'm running 7.04 so it may be a lost cause09:13
nextstatenot worth the trouble that is09:13
bazhangnextstate, upgrade to a supported version then09:14
nextstateyeah, about that09:14
bazhangnextstate, change your repos to old-releases.ubuntu.com09:14
bazhangthen follow the steps on the link gutsyupgrades on the following linked page09:15
nextstateI'm just too friggin lazy09:15
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes09:15
bazhangnextstate, its a very quick process and you will receive security updates etc09:15
CoUrPsE|DeAdwow, #ubuntu is quiet...09:17
sysdocHas anyone else had problems with  an Intel 82562V-2 10/100  (rev 02) NIC not starting at boot?09:18
askvictorhow can I get a list of what wifi channels the APs around me are using?09:19
kriyashow to save and exit from vim after editing09:19
kj4askvictor do you have a wireless router?09:19
askvictorkriyas: :wq09:20
Flannelkriyas: [escape][escape]:w[enter] will save, :q will quit, :wq will write, then quit09:20
askvictorkj4: yep09:20
kj4askvictor, what type of router?09:20
askvictorkj4: netgear dg834g v209:20
=== ara_ is now known as ara
kj4askvictor, have you tried kismet?09:25
askvictorkj4: no, might give it a shot09:26
askvictorkj4: I was hoping iwlist would do the job but I can't get it to find half of the APs09:26
kj4i messed with it a little, but didn't get it working on my laptop.  I know it can do what you require09:27
ltracyHas anyone else had iwlist fail when in the presence of many WPA2 AP's?09:27
kj4also, i have a wrt54gl linksys router that runs a linux based rom, it can do a site survey09:27
ltracyand/or problems with desktop fx reappearing :(09:28
ltracyon intrepid BTW09:28
ravenhi everyone09:28
ltracyguess I'm behind 107 updates.  I shouldn't complain heh09:28
ravendoes anyone have some experience with compressed backups or compressed partitions? my question is if this is reliable for example when a tiny part is damaged is it still possible to rescue the files or is the whole compressed file/partition lost?09:30
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McDesIs this the place to go for installation questions, or is there somewhere better?09:33
nyaais it an ubuntu installation?09:34
McDesYes, 8.1009:34
nyaathen whats the question?09:34
rskumar_i am desperatly seeking help to troubleshoot my vpnc.. and wasted 3 days. It works charmlessly on my fellows Windows PC.. uhh, i am wasting my development critical time just setting the vpnc, i need to log into the development box.. Help is needed..09:35
McDesI keep getting busybox instead of an installer09:35
rskumar_using Intrepid.. and most of the request went in bubble here and in #linux09:35
nyaaMcDes I heard someone mention something similar recently. I'll have to figure this out.09:36
McDesWell, there are about 3 different errors I keep getting, one being the busybox thing09:37
McDesok, back to the original error I get09:37
McDeserr, the first error I've gotten09:38
McDesSRST Failed (errno=-16)09:38
McDesI've done a few hours of googling and most people seem to have good luck when they change jumpers or the direction of their IDE cables09:38
McDesBoth of which do nothing for me, as I use a SATA DVD drive09:39
koen_Is there a way to automatically reconnect lost vpn connections? I'm currently using the standard openvpn package and have to restart it manually due to bad wireless network.09:41
rskumar_after i connect to VPN using vpnc, it successfully connects. But then, I am disconnected from Internet. The domain of VPN network is added as primary search domain name, all entried in my /etc/resolv.conf in overwritten with new found dns server.. i cannot ping other servers in local network, i cannot connect to remote ssh server .. nothing works.. Also, I am not a sysadmin , know a little in networking and routing.. just a developer09:42
rskumar_the ifconfig shows a new network adaptor as tun (tunnel)09:43
McDesIt's amazing how time flies. I've spent 6 hours messing with this damned machine.09:44
McDesHello oprz09:44
oprzhalp. my windowes keeps making crash09:44
CoUrPsE|DeAdrskumar_, I've never played with vpn, But if you connected to a virtual private network, wouldnt the internet get disconnected due to not Connecting to your router anymore?09:45
oprzhalp. my windowes keeps making crash09:46
oprzsmurf u ddos me i kill u09:46
McDesoprz: I'd call a doctor09:46
McDessounds like a serious issue.09:46
=== c_webkit is now known as dragon_flam
oprzpc doctor yes09:46
oprzwhere is pc docotr for my windowes09:47
debian_nooboprz:this is NOT a windows channel09:47
debian_noobgoto ##windows09:47
rskumar_CoUrPsE|DeAd: but there is some method to add routing which works conditionally.. packet defined for VPN domain is sent through the tunnel following other route09:49
rlieghI'm using Ubuntu 8.10: can anyone tell me how to back up my F-Spot photo manager gallery? Can I simply do something along the lines of "tar cvf backup.tar ~/Photos" or is there other stuff I have to back up as well?09:49
rskumar_suggest me some place where really i can get the help on VPN. I really am wasting night and day in offfice and lastly i will have to shift to windows pc under pressure, since the project deadline is near09:50
bo7amnycan i have three monitors conected in twinview mode in ubuntu with just one nividia card "8500 GT"09:51
smokewonHey there, is it possible to install grub without installing ubuntu or other linux distros?  i uninstalled ubuntu and am using windows, i lost my windows cd now im getting the grub error 17, so just wondering if its possible to install grub so i can boot into windows without installing ubuntu, thanks09:52
rskumar_smokewon: just boot from windows cd in rescue more, you will get c:\ prompt, there issue command fixmbr .. it will clean your grub entry in mbr..09:53
smokewonrskumar_ i dont have my windows cd, i lost it09:53
smokewonotherwise i would09:53
smokewonand just run fixmbr or bootcfg or whatever09:54
smokewonis it possible to install grub and only grub with the ubuntu live cd?09:54
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rskumar_smokewon: uhh, then install grub in hd0 using the live CD09:54
smokewonok, do you know of a walk through by any chance?09:55
smokewoni ran:09:55
smokewonsudo grub09:55
smokewonfind /boot/grub/stage1, but of course that wont work cause i dont have linux installed09:55
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:55
smokewonim geting: Error 15: File not found for both find /boot/grub/stage1 and /grub/stage109:56
smokewonso i should just go ahead and do setup(hd0) anyway?09:56
rskumar_you need to have those in a /boot09:56
smokewonso that wont work in otherwords09:57
angiehow do i make ubuntu secure09:57
prodigelhi all. how can I use grep to find something like this: INSERT INTO `persoane` ?09:57
rskumar_waste a partition for this09:57
smokewonoh ok, so i just have to make a very small partition i take it?09:57
rskumar_angie: ubuntu by default is secure to a acceptable level. you can enable firewall ,09:57
rskumar_and google, hardening ubuntu + linux09:58
lchhi, which Ubuntu can still be run on Pentium 2 machines?09:58
lchor better yet, which Xubuntu09:58
smokewonor should i just use the super grub disk, if that will achieve what im wanting to do?09:58
angierskumar_: it is?09:59
angierskumar_: is ther a way to move from ubutnu 32bit to 64 bit without reinstalling09:59
rskumar_angie: yes, interchange the harddisk, the x64 will load the ubuntu in 32bit mode...10:00
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angie"interchange" the hdd?10:00
angiei have a 64bit machine but im running 32bit ubuntu10:01
rskumar_angie: dont think on this idea seriously. just kidding :)10:01
darren_fhi guys i have a serious issue, ubuntu fails to boot file missing, i have a live cd to boot from, what can i do to recover?10:01
magisrvHey guys! I'm on an exam right now and I REALLY need a very very simple C++ program, but can't figure it out myself... can anyone help me?10:02
seravitaethat would be cheating.10:03
MindVirusmagisrv, #C++10:03
magisrvMindVirus: they wont' help me :(10:03
debian_noobmagisrv:why did you tell that you are giving an exam10:04
MindVirusmagisrv, typically, when you're hungry, do you go to a hotel?10:04
Myrttimagisrv: and they shouldn't.10:04
Myrttimagisrv: do your homework next time10:04
Nilesh<darren_f> : what error do you get when you start ubuntu?10:04
debian_noobmagisrv:whats the program?10:05
MindVirusmagisrv, if you asked to get some food at a lobby of a hotel, they'd give you weird looks.10:05
darren_fi get error 15 fille not found pres any key to continue10:05
MindVirus#ubuntu doesn't serve food; #C++ doesn't have rooms for you.10:05
jigphi how to Install Windowsxp In Ubuntu 8.04?10:05
Myrttianyway, this isn't an ubuntu support question and we're wandering off from the topic10:05
MindVirushttp://www.cs.fsu.edu/~baker/devices/projects/micmic/code.html <-- can someone help me build this?10:05
debian_noobjigp:what do you mean?10:05
krezelI'm following the instructions in https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-usb-files.html, and I've got the ubuntu ISO on my USB drive and it's in /hd-media, but the installer isn't finding it10:05
MindVirusI had to change a crapload in the makefile.10:05
Myrttijigp: you don't do it *IN* it.10:05
MindVirusWell, not a crapload.10:06
MindVirusI removed the CFLAGS.10:06
MyrttiMindVirus: mind your language10:06
darren_fnilesh: i get error 15 fille not found pres any key to continue10:06
MindVirusMyrtti, really? I can't say that? Wow.10:06
jigpMyrtti : hi how to Install Windowsxp In Ubuntu 8.04?10:06
MyrttiMindVirus: we try to keep the channel suitable for everyone, from different age groups to different cultural backgrounds10:06
Nileshdarren: what all files are there in /boot/grub/10:06
debian_noobjigp dont repeat your question as it cannot be answered10:07
magisrvhey, I'm not studying programming for living. I was just made to study it.. doesn't mean I like it..10:07
MindVirusSo, I removed the CFLAGS and changed the header to linux/autoconf.h from linux/config.h. There are still lots of errors.10:07
MindVirusCan someone please help?10:07
debian_noobjigp you can install windows xp in a separate partition10:07
Myrttimagisrv: did you have a ubuntu problem?10:07
jigpdebian_noob : how to install windowsxp in ubtuntu 8.04?I don't have vmware in ubuntu10:07
MindVirusdebian_noob, asking multiple times helps you get noticed.10:08
debian_noobjigp:then you cant10:08
bazhangjigp, install virtualbox-ose10:08
MindVirusEspecially in a high-traffic channel like #ubuntu.10:08
darren_fnilesh: sorry was that a question or you telling me the folder to copy files to from live cd?10:08
bazhangjigp, sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose10:08
magisrvMyrtti: yeah, but I reinstalled my gcc and problem was fixed10:08
debian_noobjigp:jigp:got that?10:08
zaapielcan i use ubuntu with an asus eee?10:09
darren_fthe live cd hasnt found the hdd what do i need to do to get access to it?10:09
bazhangzaapiel, sure10:09
bazhangzaapiel, you want the full ubuntu or the netboox remix10:09
=== esay_ is now known as esay_uzak
Nileshdarren: that was the question.10:09
bazhangzaapiel, you may wish to check eeebuntu netbook remix10:10
=== esay_uzak is now known as esay_
bazhangzaapiel, what size ssd10:10
darren_foh well i cant see whats in coz live cd doesnt show hdd, how to i moint it?? yes im very new to this hehe10:10
zaapielbazhang: havent bought it yet :D10:10
debian_noobjcakey:whats that for?10:10
bazhangzaapiel, okay; it works on all models from 701 on up afaik10:10
Nileshdarren: open a terminal and tell me df command output.10:11
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:11
bazhangzaapiel, ie the 4GB models and larger10:11
ActionParsnipNilesh: -h is helpful for df ;)10:11
zaapielbazhang: the powerful enough to run gnome and what not?10:11
bazhangzaapiel, sure no problem, gnome, kde whatever10:11
jigpbazhang : after this sudo thing, what's next?10:11
Nileshdarren: yes10:11
Nileshdarren: df -h10:11
ActionParsnip!chinese | asus10:12
ubottuasus: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk10:12
jigpbazhang : you also take note that im not good in typing commands in the terminal10:12
bazhangasus, no10:12
mv0sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin whats the proper command?10:12
debian_noobzaapiel:it would be better to use fluxbox or xfce10:12
bazhangasus, #ubuntu-cn as I told you earlier10:12
zaapieli like active desktops10:12
zaapieldrag n drop10:12
ActionParsnipmv0: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree10:12
debian_noobzaapiel:?thats right :-)10:12
amitbkhi, i want to install opera. i can't find it on the ubuntu repository. is it still there?10:12
mv0ty :)10:12
bazhangasus, /join #ubuntu-cn10:12
romankrvHi. I install pidgin from source but first step as ./configure   - it is ok and two step it not ok. Also any packages which I install from source give me alike problem in two step (make)  Here log my steps: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108178/   Why is it heppend?10:13
ActionParsnipzaapiel: you can in fluxbox, you need idesk for desktop icons10:13
bazhangamitbk, is it in medibuntu?10:13
pieri have vista and hardy on 1 disc, dual boot, vista has 90GB hardy 30GB, how can i take some space from vista and add it to hardy, without screwing anything?10:13
ActionParsnipzaapiel: just install your favourite file manager in flux and you got drag and drop10:14
bazhangpier, first back up important data10:14
ActionParsnippier: backup data then you can use gparted to resize10:14
mv0that still didnt work10:14
mv0do i need to reboot?10:14
amitbkbazhang: i use medibuntu, so i guess not10:14
ActionParsnipmv0: are you using 64bit?10:14
mv0its a 64 bit computer10:15
mv0but i installed the 32 bit os10:15
barduckis there a command or guide how to *completely* remove sendmail from ubuntu server? I used "apt-get remove" but there are still various traces of it all around my system.10:15
mv0o wait10:15
mv0now it works10:15
mv0i guess it wasnt immediate10:15
mv0thank you :)10:15
bazhangamitbk, let me do a search then10:15
FloodBot1mv0: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:15
ActionParsnipmv0: try: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins; cd ~/.mozilla/plugins; ln -s /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so10:16
ActionParsnipmv0: then close all firefoxes and then run a fresh one10:16
jigpbazhang : done. Processing triggers for libc6 ...10:16
jigpldconfig deferred processing now taking place10:16
Pirate_Hunterive added a new hd onto my box but now my other hd and the current one is not being picked up, anyone care to help?10:16
zaapielah you gotta do custom stuff to get ubuntu to work with the eee10:16
zaapielsux :(10:16
bazhangzaapiel, not really no10:16
jigpbazhang : I can't see the icon in my kde desktop10:16
bazhangjigp, which icon10:17
ActionParsnipzaapiel: theres a few distros customised so it all works outta the box10:17
jigpbazhang even in k-menu there is no vmware I con10:17
zaapieln order to get those things working, you would need to install a custom kernel and make several changes to the configuration. Eeebuntu has all of those changes made by default. It works out of the box.10:17
bazhangjigp, its virtualbox not vmware10:17
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: are they sata / pata?10:17
zaapieleeebuntu might be way to do10:17
jigpbazhang you said I will sudo the vmware.now its done.10:17
jigpbazhang how to install windowsxp there?10:17
ActionParsnip!eeepc | zaapiel10:17
ubottuzaapiel: Information about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC10:17
bazhangjigp, you need a windows installer disk10:18
boozerhi i installed awn, how do i activate it? i'm confused :(10:18
jigpbazhang yeah I have it here.winxp home10:18
pierActionParsnip: in gparted i canot resize, all options except information about partitions are unavailable10:18
bazhangjigp, put in the disk, launch virtualbox then configure from there10:18
ActionParsnipboozer: try: avant-window- navigator in terminal10:18
jigpbazhang how to launch the virtualbox?10:18
bazhangjigp, which version of ubuntu and kde or gnome desktop10:19
jigpbazhang : ubuntu 8.0410:19
boozercool.. thanks, uhm how do i launch it using the avant awn manager?10:19
jigpim not sure with my kde.i think its latest10:19
ActionParsnippier: do you run it with gksudo gparted?10:20
jigpbut bazhang im not sure what version of my kde and gnome10:20
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip, there IDE10:20
mohadibi have 3 displays, when i try to play quake or doom the mouse wont stay in the game10:20
bazhangjigp, do you see the applications menu? should be in accessories10:20
mohadibis it possible to make the mouse stay in one window?10:20
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: did you check the jumper for master / slave on the drive itself10:20
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: fyi, all drives are IDE10:20
debian_noobmohadib:are you using windows?10:20
pierActionParsnip: yes10:20
mohadibdebian_noob:this is in linux10:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about resize10:20
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip, both are slaves i took out the CD drive to add the new hd thats where everything started10:21
ActionParsnippier: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-225731.html10:21
debian_noobmohadib:i just hate people who ask windows-related questions in linux channels10:21
jigpbazhang ok I've seen the virtualbox ose..how to install windowsxp home there?10:21
boozeroops, found it.. thanks again10:21
mohadibdebian_noob: ah, na, not me10:21
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: thats why its not detected, one must be master and one must be slave if they are connected to the same channel10:21
mohadibas is, i have to restart x and use a config that only starts one monitor10:22
bazhangjigp, start up the app after first inserting xp disk into cd/dvd drive10:22
mohadibthis is a major drag10:22
debian_noobmohadib:sorry for suspecting ;)10:22
jigpbazhang : I can internet also once installed in virtualbox ose?10:22
bazhangjigp, yes10:22
nyaawho had the issue with busybox?10:22
jigpbazhang : and install software too?10:22
ActionParsnipPirate_Hunter: if they are both slave or both slave on the sma echannel, neither is detected10:22
bazhangjigp, if you give the virtual machine enough hard drive space sure.10:23
bazhangjigp,  there are a number of tutorials on how to do this exactly10:23
jigpbazhang : how much space?I have 160gb hd.i installed ubuntu without partition.10:23
debian_noobjigp:40 would beallright10:24
ActionParsnipjigp: depends what the vm is for10:24
bazhangjigp, no idea as I never use windows xp in a vm. you should check the tutorials on the web for a walkthrough10:24
ActionParsnipjigp: to how much space, a very limited use vm would need maybe a few gb, a virtual sl server would need considerably more10:24
ActionParsnipjigp: so there is no "correct" amount to assign10:25
debian_noobjigp:you should use at least 20gb10:25
bsusai have an issue running Myth tv on another pc it only shows up in processors, it does open on screen, i dont understand10:25
quibbler!hello | jester-10:26
ubottujester-: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!10:26
nyaajigp: if you aren't too worried about performance you can set the drive to expand as you put more in it (up to your max which you set) instead of taking the maximum amount right off the bat10:26
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
Pirate_HunterActionParsnip, :o oh boooeee i thought if I took the cd drive i could connect the other hd and be able to use both since the ide has primary & slave, and ive just checked my /dev/uid and the hd is there but not being detected, are telling me i cant use both at the same time?10:26
nyaajigp: also you can add drives to it later10:26
debian_noobjigp:why do you need to use windows xp anyways?10:26
debian_noobjigp:linux has everything and even more10:27
Deanyjigp, id get virtualbox-2.1 not ose if i were you.. its better..10:27
amitbkbazhang: how do you do such a search?10:27
=== gebeleixis is now known as C49
ActionParsnipdebian_noob: its nice to have a few sql boxes and a few citrix boxes on a single powerful system, we use a tonne of virtualisation at work10:27
Deanydebian_noob, doesnt have my phone software :)10:27
debian_noobdeany:you could try using wine ;)10:28
fo2shHi Everyone..i'm new to linux and i need a good HTML/ CSS/ PHP editor like Dreamweaver....any suggestions?10:28
fo2shBTW i though to install NETBEANS, But not sure if it will fit my needs or not ?10:28
Deanydebian_noob,  tried it all10:28
ActionParsnipfo2sh: bluefish is ok10:28
Deanynot happenin...10:28
debian_noobdeany:then you need windows10:28
Deanydetects it as a camera, which is the problem10:28
ActionParsnipDeany: what do you want to do with your phone, if its just copying files yu may find its picked up as a usb storage device10:28
bazhangdeb http://archive.canonical.com/ intrepid partner  add this to your sources.list amitbk10:28
Deanydebian_noob, so, i guess linux doesnt have everything then :)10:29
nyaaIs the guy that had the busybox problem still here?10:29
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser#Ubuntu%208.10%20Intrepid%20Ibex  from here amitbk10:29
fo2shActionParsnip: Does it support PHP ?10:29
ActionParsnipfo2sh: not sure bro, i know it is a html editor10:29
DeanyActionParsnip, been here before, it picks it up as a camera nothing else10:29
ActionParsnipfo2sh: could try: apt-cache search html editor10:30
debian_noobdeany:ill be very happy when wine is completed10:30
Deanyits a non issue now anyway10:30
ecor6633hello, is there anybody using mdadm to create a raid1 who could help me ?10:30
ActionParsnipDeany: does it show up as a partition in sudo fdisk -l10:30
Deanyits no problem just to reboot into xp10:30
debian_noobdeany:yeah maybe10:30
DeanyActionParsnip, no..10:30
ActionParsnipDeany: bah10:30
Deanynothing to work with.#10:30
nyaaI guess he/she left, good night =)10:31
amitbkbazhang: yes, i followed the guidelines there before i came here to ask. i'm still getting a "E: Package opera has no installation candidate"10:31
amitbkbazhang: after i update10:31
bazhangamitbk, did you add that repo10:31
amitbkbazhang: yup10:31
debian_noobdeany:currently everything i could do in windows i ca do in debian10:32
bazhangamitbk, please paste.ubuntu.com with your sources.list10:32
ubottuopera is an advanced and free (only as in price) web browser.  Install it via Applications->Add/Remove..., making sure that "Show commercial applications" (dapper only) is checked. For more info on opera please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser10:32
ActionParsnipopera rocks so hard10:32
debian_noobdeany:i hate windows now10:32
SmokeyD1hey people. I am installing clamav packages from ppa.launchpad.net10:32
fo2shActionParsnip: thanks man....another question, is there any video tutorials for ubuntu and linux in general? i wanna kick start learning linux and fully migrate from windows ?10:32
SmokeyD1I want to install also the gpg key10:32
ActionParsnipfo2sh: youtube / googlevideo10:32
SmokeyD1there is a link there how the repository is signed10:33
DoranaI recently left my old job and I got new one, but there is a problem, no one there can controll ubuntu server through console commands, whats the easiest way to load gnome onto it so that they get a GUI (X) without loosing any configurations for the web and FTP servers?10:33
ActionParsnipfo2sh: i'd just try stuff and websearch whn you get stuck10:33
SmokeyD1but how do I import that key?10:33
SmokeyD1the key is on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav/+archive10:33
strangeseraphnever did solve that CD problem. Just gonna bite the bullet and buy an external, and never have to worry about drive problems again.10:33
CoUrPsE|DeAdAnyone know the names of bluetooth files i need to install for bluetooth to function/.10:33
fo2shActionParsnip: ok bro thanks a lot! :)10:33
amitbkbazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108181/10:34
bazhang!info bluez10:34
ubottubluez (source: bluez): Bluetooth tools and daemons. In component main, is optional. Version 4.12-0ubuntu5 (intrepid), package size 362 kB, installed size 1232 kB10:34
ActionParsnipamitbk: did you run: sudo apt-get update after updating the soures file?10:34
bazhangamitbk, what are repos on line 54 and 5510:35
amitbkActionParsnip: yup10:35
CoUrPsE|DeAd0.o~ 0bottu is wrong, its 371KB!10:35
ActionParsnipCoUrPsE|DeAd: whats 9k between friends eh10:36
amitbkbazhang: that's a good question, let me check10:36
FazLeeeNhello, yesterday i installed ubuntu on my laptop, 8.10, and everything seemed fine. Then after a reboot, i see ubuntu loading bar but i get a blank screen after. I can hear the drums and i can get into the console. also may be good to mention, i updated the system before rebooting. any idea?10:36
DoranaWill the "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" ruin any configurations or installes software on a ubuntu servermachine?10:36
amitbkbazhang: i think i used them to install freemind10:36
erUSULDorana: nnope it will only install additional software10:37
amitbkbazhang: the version in the repos is not up to date10:37
ActionParsnipamitbk: do you have a carridge retirn at the end of the line10:37
DoranaerUSUL Ahh, so it's a safe way to get a GUI on a server machine so I can leave it in care of someone that can't use console commands?10:37
ActionParsnipamitbk: you could always just visit: http://www.opera.com/download/10:38
erUSULDorana: it is safe afaics10:38
ActionParsnipamitbk: and download the deb10:38
bazhangamitbk, that is odd10:38
DoranaerUSUL thanks alot10:38
CoUrPsE|DeAdMu bluetooth is borked.10:38
ActionParsnipDorana: its more secure to not run an x server10:38
bazhangamitbk, there are two other options ; one is get the opera repo or get the 3rd party deb, both of which will break package management10:39
DoranaActionParsnip : I know, thats why I didn't use X on it while I was admin, now I quit that job and they want me to install an X so that someone else can manage the server in ways of moving files around etc10:40
CoUrPsE|DeAdShould there be Bluetooth optin in System/Prefences?10:40
ActionParsnipCoUrPsE|DeAd: try: sudo hciconfig hci0 reset10:41
ActionParsnipCoUrPsE|DeAd: that will blank off your bluetooth settings10:41
shams_FazLeeeN: Try remove xorg.conf in /etc/X11  but make backup10:41
CoUrPsE|DeAdDidnt do anything.10:41
dubihello can anyone help me with IceWm? I need to start icewmbg before i start icewm. but i don't know how to make this happen. thanks10:42
ActionParsnipDorana: you could install a vnc server so they can log in graphically via vnc but there will only be a virtual x server while they are logged in10:42
CoUrPsE|DeAdI dont have a bluetooth icon, i have a black page in my system tray, and i dont have a option for bluetooth settings in prefences or adminstrTION.10:42
FazLeeeNshams_ i think i've tried that byt didn't work, let me try again10:42
Kartagishow do i know whether my imap certificate or postfix certificate expired?10:42
ActionParsnipdubi: try icewmbg; icewm10:42
DoranaHmmm. Does VNC really have that support? I was thinking about using Reflection X on it, but unsure if it requires X on the server itself10:43
dubiActionParsnip, i usually login and see the ubuntu log in sign - so i type my username then password then it's already inside icewm.10:43
ActionParsnipdubi: is icewm not an option in gdm / kdm?10:43
rn0308982im in a predicament with firestarter, can i get a hand with it?10:43
ActionParsniprn0308982: ask the room, it will probably answer10:44
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).10:44
dubiit is. and if i choose that option i log in without a wallpaper. i read the preferences file to set the background and it says i should run icewmbg before running icewm. i dont really get it10:44
dubiActionParsnip: sorry for noob question10:45
FazLeeeNshams_: rename the file then just reboot right?10:45
rn0308982i did it thru command line last nite, i need to turn off mon0 thru mon610:46
rn0308982i just dont remember how10:46
ActionParsnipdubi: you need to ad the line in startsimple.sh before the icewm line10:46
ActionParsniprn0308982: try: history | less10:46
rn0308982im on a live usb that dont save any of my history10:47
rn0308982only saves to /home10:47
ActionParsniprn0308982: the bash history is in your home10:47
ActionParsniprn0308982: its stored in ~/.bash_history10:47
ActionParsnipdubi: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-desktop-x-windows/12848-icewm-cant-set-up-wallpaper.html10:48
CoUrPsE|DeAdWell bugger, My Bluetooth seems borked.10:48
dubiActionParsnip: thanks, i was sort of reading your previous sentence 5 times now lol10:48
dubithanks again10:48
rn0308982its not in there, i have the last 78 lines only10:49
Kartagishow do i know whether my imap certificate or postfix certificate expired?10:50
ActionParsniprn0308982: bah10:50
ActionParsniprn0308982: im suprised its not saved10:50
Kartagiswhen i connect with mutt, i get the warning it has expired10:50
rn0308982i swear it aint there10:50
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware10:50
=== Johnm_ is now known as johnm
amitbkbazhang: sorry for the delay, i just got back. what do you mean it will break the package management if i install from the opera repo?10:51
bazhangamitbk, depending on outside sources is always a risk; the 3rd party deb is what I should have said10:52
bohnedoes somebody knows how i you ntfs partion on ubuntu?10:52
amitbkbazhang: so you would rather d/l the specific deb than add the opera repo?10:52
bazhangamitbk, just a second I will try to install opera from repos10:52
bullgard4What is meant by apt's 'Meta-index file'?  Update Manager reports: "Unable to find expected entry in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)"10:53
drashamitbk bazhang: been using opera repo for months now, works just fine here10:53
ActionParsnipbohne: what about ntfs partitions, can you rephrase please10:53
amitbkdrash bazhang: do you guys have any idea why opera is no longer on the ubutnu repo?10:54
kavithaany one knows about enabling audio in plugin src10:54
ActionParsnipamitbk: ask the repo maintainers10:54
drashamitbk: no i don't10:54
ActionParsnip!ntfs3g > bohne10:55
ubottubohne, please see my private message10:55
_0x404hi all10:55
ActionParsnipamitbk: theres a deb on the opra site, install it with:  sudo dpkg -i <debfile>10:55
amitbkActionParsnip: but then i won't get updates10:55
kavithaany one knows abt audio MIME type registration10:56
_0x404i going to polish channel10:56
FazLeeeNanyone can assist on connecting to wireless network using the terminal? key provided10:56
ActionParsnipamitbk: true, but if its not on the repos you will have to do that or find another repo with it on, maybe opera have their own repo10:56
Skaagis there an ubuntu server specific channel?10:56
CoUrPsE|DeAdActionParsnip, For futher refences, reinstalling 'gnome-bluetooth' restores all usb to default.10:56
ActionParsnipCoUrPsE|DeAd: cool man10:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdAnd dont follow the stoopid instructions i found on a forum to get nokia phones connected to pc's....10:57
SkaagI want to replace my silly Windows 2008 server with Ubuntu Server10:57
ezerhodenFazLeeeN: you mean something like iwconfig eth1 essid <essid> key <key> ?10:57
CoUrPsE|DeAderm, restores all bluetooth to default i meant sorry.10:57
Skaagis there a "domain" style login solution I can use easily?10:57
amitbkActionParsnip: yes, they do, i just prefered to use the ubuntu one over opera's as i thought it gets tested better that way10:57
FazLeeeNezerhoden yeah10:58
_generic_Hello I'm working on my own Icon pack. Does any one know how nautilus knows how to display its own icon for ~/Desktop? I would really like to replicate this behavior for the ~/Music and ~/Documents folders. Can some one help me please?10:58
vigoSkaag: Yes,,,,looking it up10:58
drashkavitha: what are you looking for exactly ? adding/editing mime-type associations ?10:58
Deanyumm gonna give Wammu a try10:58
Skaagvigo: I see now that Samba 4.x is supposed to provide Active Directory services10:59
drashkavitha: i find assogiate a very nice tool for that10:59
ezerhodenFazLeeeN: ok, well there you go. that should do it. i believe dhclient eth1 or whatever your device name is will then request an ip address once connected.10:59
SkaagI'm not really sure I even want active directory10:59
bazhangamitbk, so the wiki is outdated as I cannot install from there either10:59
bazhangamitbk, so you can use opera repos or get the deb10:59
kavithawhich one?10:59
SkaagI mean, I am willing to be very open minded here, as long as I have a single sign-on, one server that holds all authentication information for the local network10:59
amitbkbazhang: ok, thanks. i'll go with the opera repos.11:00
_0x404please kick11:00
vigoSkaag: Yes, I was playing with Sun a while ago, same sorta thing11:00
SkaagI see11:00
ActionParsnipSkaag: then you need an ldap server / service11:01
tuxfreaki*ve got a question11:01
kavithaactually i hav to enable audio in my videoplayer.11:01
Skaagok that's simple enough11:01
ActionParsnip!ldap | Skaag11:01
ubottuSkaag: LDAP is the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. For more information and installation instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenLDAPServer11:01
tuxfreakhow can i see the commands in IRC??11:02
SkaagI know how to setup ldap11:02
_0x404please kick me11:02
drashkavitha: ok, assogiate is in the regular ubuntu repo's, so either install via synaptic or "sudo apt)get install assogiate"11:02
vigoSkaag: oh ok,,then you know more than I11:02
_0x404please kick me11:03
_0x404please kick me11:03
_0x404please kick me11:03
FloodBot1_0x404: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:03
kavithahow exactly it works?11:03
vigoSkaag: I found this on the forums,,,http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1001646&highlight=irc+server11:03
bullgard4What is meant by apt's 'Meta-index file'?  Update Manager reports: "Unable to find expected entry in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)"11:03
tuxfreakhas someone the openmoko freerunner??11:04
Skaagvigo: wrong link11:04
michaelyaosorry to bother, when i run a certain game in wine, it doesn't show up on the desktop, but sound is comming out and acording to processes it's still running11:04
drashkavitha: it's very straightforward .. it presents you with a categorzed list of all system/user registered mime-types and an editing pane :)11:05
vigoSkaag: I am not in tune yet,,still looking11:05
alex_sleiborgHi. I have problems with my wireless. I can see a red light on my laptop, when it's enabled. But sometimes I can't see this light and i suddenly looses my internet connection. Who can i activate it again?11:06
Bagualasmy CUPS isnt asking for admin passwd on Admnistration, what can be that?11:06
kk_ubuntuhello everyone, I am trying to find out how I can create a hard disk repository for installing additional sovtwares11:06
kavithaok... that might help me out11:06
michaelyaobagualas: google default password for CUPS11:06
michaelyaoalex: what kinda wireless are you running11:06
bazhangkk_ubuntu, aptoncd or apt-mirror?11:06
drashkavitha: ok goodluck with that11:07
bazhangkk_ubuntu, what size we talking about in terms of storage space11:07
kk_ubuntubazhang: i want to create a mirror which I can carry on my hard disk or pen drive11:07
vigoSkaag: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=827207&highlight=irc+Samba <<<that is Samba11:07
bazhangkk_ubuntu, what size11:07
Skaagwhy irc?11:07
kk_ubuntubazhang:  about 1 gb11:08
michaelyaoanyone can help me with a process that i can't see?11:08
oCean_alex_sleiborg: their should be a switch on laptop to switch wireless on/off. Also a combination of <Fn> key and (for example) <F2> key will enable wireless device11:08
alex_sleiborgmichaelyoa: I think it's somekind og intel onboard, and the drivers where installed native while i installed kubuntu11:08
vigoI dunno11:08
vigoI just woke up11:08
bazhangkk_ubuntu, not sure if aptoncd will work with a pen drive or not11:08
kk_ubuntubazhang:  ok11:08
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers11:08
kavithathank you drash11:08
michaelyaohmm...., is the wireless tool linksys or something?11:08
kavitham installing it right now11:09
michaelyaosometimes it's the wireless router itself thats buggy, and often reconnects/kills the connection11:09
alex_sleiborgoCean: I've tried that, i doesn't seems to be any way to activate it that way11:09
drashkavitha: you're welcome11:09
Skaagvigo: I mean remove the word "irc" from your search ;-)11:09
alex_sleiborgmichaelyoa: I use KNetworkManager11:09
vigoSkaag: ok11:09
michaelyaoi meant whats the router?11:09
michaelyaolike, are you in starbucks, or at home?11:10
rn0308982how do i remove mon0 from monitor mode?11:10
oCean_alex_sleiborg: You might want to check (I had) a file called 'wlan' in subdirectory of /sys/devices/platform11:10
drashkavitha: one note, if you need to change system mime-types, assogiate like any other GUI app will need to be started via "gksu", that bit me a few times ;)11:10
alex_sleiborgmichaelyou. Zyxel, Cisco, Linksys. Depends on where i am. But it's not a router problems i'm pretty sure of that11:11
vigoSkaag: http://ubuntuforums.org/search.php?searchid=54756288 <<better?11:11
rod_Hi Bitches :D11:11
bazhangrod_, watch the language11:11
oCean_alex_sleiborg: I'm on asus laptop, for me that file was /sys/devices/platform/asus-laptop/wlan. When wireless is enabled, it should read "1" when you do a "cat" of that file.11:11
rod_Where is the Brase