JohnFluxHey all!04:16
JohnFluxDoes upstart have a dbus interface now?04:17
JohnFluxI saw some comments about it awhile ago04:17
sadmacJohnFlux: 0.5 does04:20
JohnFluxsadmac: awesome.  am I able to turn a pid into a service name?04:21
JohnFluxI'm interested in adding upstart support to the kde task manager04:21
sadmacJohnFlux: not sure if you can. the mapping isn't really 1:1 anyhow04:22
sadmacJohnFlux: I'd talk to Keybuk about all this. not sure its a good time to start integrating upstart into things04:23
JohnFluxI'll wait for now then04:23
JohnFluxI come in here every 6 months or so04:23
JohnFluxto check on the status :-)04:23
JohnFluxsadmac: I picture having a view that shows just the currently running services04:24
JohnFluxallowing the user to view the cpu/memory usage of the Apache service etc04:24
sadmacJohnFlux: sounds nice'04:24
JohnFluxand when the user choses to kill a process, allow them to just stop the service instead04:25
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