Kiptionhow does xfce autogenerate the system menu?00:14
TheSheepKiption: from the files in /usr/share/applications00:30
Kiptionhow does it determine what category means what sub menu?00:31
KiptionMultimedia isn't a category, but it is a sub menu00:32
Kiptionto put something in that menu you need to put it in the AudioVideo category00:32
Kiptiondo you know where the rest of the translations are?00:32
lc2you know what sucks00:34
lc2spending like an hour debugging a problem with sound and finding out that it was on mute all along00:34
lc2(apparently 1) that's the default and 2) xfce's mixer has no mute button)00:35
sellyoursouli'm trying to get write support for my usb external drive (ntfs).  i've been instructed to install ntfs-3g, which will automount the drive but still no write permission.  then i was instructed to install ntfs-config and enable write permission to external devices.  that didn't work either.  i'm starting back at square one.  when i connect my drive, i get two instances of the error message: failed to mount 'mydrive'.  unknown filesys00:37
sellyoursoultem ntfs-3g.00:37
lc2mkdir /mnt/whatever00:38
sellyoursoulwhy would i be getting two instances of the error message?00:38
lc2sudo mkdir /mnt/whatever (sorry)00:38
lc2sudo chown yourusername:yourusername /mnt/whatever00:39
lc2sudo mount.ntfs3g -o rw /dev/whateverdevice /mnt/whatever00:39
sellyoursoulbut that won't automount the drive, correct?00:39
lc2sellyoursoul: do that and see if it works, it narrows down the problem00:40
lc2also gives me time to look up your solution00:40
sellyoursoulso i need to reinstall ntfs-3g, first.00:41
lc2sellyoursoul: reinstall? i don't see why00:41
sellyoursoulit's uninstalled at the moment00:41
lc2sellyoursoul: oh.00:41
sellyoursoulwhat is libntfs-3g23?  do i need this?00:42
sellyoursoulit's currently installed.00:42
lc2sellyoursoul: i'm guessing it's related00:42
sellyoursouli guess i could try removing it and see what happens.00:43
lc2i don't see why randomly removing things is going to install ntfs-3g00:44
sellyoursoulmaybe it's conflicting with ntfs-3g?  i don't know.  at this point (2 days) i'm willing to try anything.00:45
lc2sellyoursoul: reinstall ntfs-3g00:45
lc2sellyoursoul: wb00:56
sellyoursoulfailed to mount.  says it's already mounted.00:57
lc2sellyoursoul: that means it's already mounted00:58
lc2that or some shit's going on ;\00:58
lc2sellyoursoul: will you dump the contents of your /etc/fstab please?00:59
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:59
sellyoursoul i tried this:  'sudo mount -t -ntfs-3g dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 -o force' and i got this 'unknown filesystem type '-ntfs-3g'01:00
sellyoursoullc2 yes, give a second01:00
lc2sellyoursoul: you have a spurious dash fight before your fstype01:00
TheSheepleave the - at the beginning01:00
lc2fight = right01:01
TheSheepit's -t ntfs-3g01:01
TheSheepwithout the -01:01
sellyoursoullet me try that again before posting my fstab01:01
lc2whoah wait a second, are you forcibly mounting a device that's already mounted?01:02
lc2itc: people being evil01:02
sellyoursoulgot this:  Please type '/sbin/mount.ntfs-3g --help' for more information.01:02
sellyoursouli don't know what i'm doing, ha, ha.01:03
lc2mount -t ntfs-3g -o force,rw /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb101:04
lc2assuming the directory /mnt/sdb1 exists01:04
sellyoursoulproc /proc proc defaults 0 001:05
sellyoursoul# Entry for /dev/sda1 :01:05
sellyoursoulUUID=1463508d-bde2-4fb4-b2cf-d0af17b29289 / ext3 relatime,errors=remount-ro 0 101:05
sellyoursoul# Entry for /dev/sda5 :01:05
sellyoursoulUUID=74529839-39cc-483e-a92c-9f56a476d6b3 none swap sw 0 001:05
sellyoursoul/dev/scd0 /media/cdrom0 udf,iso9660 user,noauto,exec,utf8 0 001:05
lc2sellyoursoul: do you want the drive to be mounted all the time?01:05
lc2or rather, would you object if your drive was mounted all the time*01:06
sellyoursouli want it to automount when i connect it and have write permission01:06
lc2mm okay01:06
lc2sellyoursoul: just a'thinkin here01:07
sellyoursoul$LogFile indicates unclean shutdown (0, 0)01:08
sellyoursoulWARNING: Forced mount, reset $LogFile.01:08
sellyoursoulfuse: mount failed: Device or resource busy01:08
lc2sellyoursoul: then it's still mounted01:08
nitaithe notes plugin doesnt save window size , how come ?01:08
lc2umount /dev/sdb101:08
lc2then do that01:08
lc2nitai: i'd hazard a guess and say the only honest answer is "because nobody got around to making it do otherwise"01:09
lc2or "someone, somewhere likes it that way"01:09
lc2sellyoursoul: once you've forcibly mounted it again, then unmount it01:10
lc2unplug it, then plug it back in01:10
sellyoursoulwriting works.  i should unmount it now?01:10
lc2sellyoursoul: yes01:11
lc2sellyoursoul: and then plug it back in and see if writing works01:11
lc2sellyoursoul: the unclean shutdown thing could be causing writing to it to be disabled01:11
lc2sellyoursoul: do that at your own risk btw01:11
sellyoursoulfailed to mount  'mydrive' org.freedesktop.hal.storage.mount-fixed auth_admin_keep_always <-- (action, result).01:12
lc2sellyoursoul: well, that's helpful01:12
lc2sellyoursoul: i hate to suggest this, but unplug it and reboot01:13
sellyoursoulha, ha.01:13
lc2sellyoursoul: also hope that you haven't completely hosed it btw01:13
sellyoursoulme too.  i'm restarting and see what my fate beholds.01:14
lc2sellyoursoul: seeya shortly01:14
lc2too late01:14
sellyoursouldrive automounts and writes.  thank you very much for the help lc2.  when i open the drive i get two file browser windows.  any idea on that?01:19
lc2sellyoursoul: haven't a clue01:19
sellyoursoulwhat is the risk with force mounting a drive?01:20
lc2sellyoursoul: it frightens me01:20
sellyoursoulha, ha.  there has to be a reason behind the fear.01:20
lc2sellyoursoul: yeah, the "force" part01:20
sellyoursoulyea, what exactly is being forced?01:21
lc2sellyoursoul: i just have an aversion to it, that's all01:21
lc2sellyoursoul: i don't know, it's probably just an aversion to what forcible anything does in other contexts01:21
sellyoursouland what's this business about a dirty log file?  i have no idea what that means or where this log file is.01:21
lc2"force" meaning "don't stop me from doing stupid stuff"01:21
lc2sellyoursoul: probably something to do with NTFS journalling01:21
sellyoursoulyea, i see your point.01:21
sellyoursoulnow i'm guessing that when i take this drive to a windows box, i'm likely to have issues.01:22
lc2sellyoursoul: apparently, next time that happens, there's something called ntfsfix, which you might want to look at01:22
lc2sellyoursoul: and no, you won't01:22
sellyoursoulnoting ntfsfix01:22
lc2it might not hurt to do a chkdsk on it01:23
sellyoursoulyea, i probably should have done that before messing with it in the first place.01:23
lc2but the odds of you terminally hosing a filesystem are not entirely significant01:23
lc2sellyoursoul: yes, indeed01:23
lc2sellyoursoul: it was because it wasn't safely removed from whatever computer it was on before, that was causing that problem, i suspect01:24
sellyoursoulyea, i usually just pull the plug, assuming the drive isn't spinning.01:24
lc2bad bad sellyoursoul01:24
sellyoursouli thought that if the drive was off, it was ok to pull the plug.01:25
lc2sellyoursoul: it probably is, but ntfs-3g is paranoid01:25
sellyoursoullike all of linux, ha, ha.01:25
sellyoursoulme and linux might be a good match01:25
lc2brb thirsty01:26
lc2okay, better01:27
sellyoursoulhey lc2, what do -t and -o do in that line?01:29
lc2-t specifies the filesystem type01:29
lc2-o specifies mounting options01:29
sellyoursoulso to be ultra paranoid, i should unmount my drive before unplugging?01:31
lc2no, you can right click on it and go to "eject" or whatever it's called01:32
lc2then unplug01:32
lc2which might be exactly the same thing01:32
sellyoursouli guess i need to look that one up.01:32
sellyoursouli don't like this, i ejected and the drive spun up.01:33
lc2it was probably writing something01:33
lc2and talking of USB TECHNOLOGY, i need to get some stuff off my camera01:33
sellyoursoulwhat could it be writing?01:33
lc2it could just be writing to the journal that it has been safely ejected or whatever01:34
sellyoursoulseems to be taking a long time to do something like that.01:34
lc2mm. :\01:35
sellyoursoulit doesn't appear to be writing anything.  just spinning.01:35
lc2unplug it and see what happens01:35
lc2live life on the edge01:35
sellyoursouli'm scurd01:35
lc2not really, just wait for it to shut up01:36
sellyoursouli have 200+ gb's of stuff i'd like to see again.01:36
lc2heh ;(01:36
sellyoursoulalright to the windows box test, brb01:37
lc2k hb01:37
sellyoursoulworked fine in xp.  i'm wondering what this double window thing is.  the battery warning message is coming in double aslo (ran my battery down earlier, oops)01:42
lc2sellyoursoul: hm, i don't know01:46
sellyoursouli think parted (partition editor) is installed by default.  it's not showing in the apps menu for some reason.  how do i open apps that aren't listed in the apps menu?01:47
lc2go to a terminal and type their name01:47
lc2otherwise, use the application finder01:47
lc2"Afbeeldingen & video's uploaden"01:47
lc2wtf, tinypic's decided i'm dutch?01:48
sellyoursoulhmm.  parted is installed and is coming up in terminal, but i thought it had a gui.01:49
lc2sellyoursoul: try gparted01:49
lc2is it obvious that i clone-brushed out a park bench there?01:50
Hermenegilhello everyone !01:51
lc2hi Hermenegil01:51
Hermenegilcan I ask you for help ?01:52
lc2Hermenegil: of course01:53
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sellyoursoullc2:  if i was guessing, i would say on the right where the shadow is.01:54
sellyoursoullooks ok to me01:54
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* lc2 calls reuters01:55
lc2goddamn i'm good01:55
sellyoursoulha, ha.  you use gimp?01:55
HermenegilOK, here's my newbie question : where's the package download from the synaptic package manager ends up ?01:56
lc2sellyoursoul: yup01:56
lc2Hermenegil: uh good question01:56
sellyoursoulc:\windows\program files (joke)01:57
lc2the question is really where apt puts things01:58
* lc2 looks it up01:58
sellyoursoulHermenegil:  i'd like to know, too.01:58
lc2someone give me a random program to install01:59
sellyoursoullc2:  do you mess with script fu stuff?  i have an idea of something i want to do, but i have no idea how to script it if it can be done.01:59
lc2sellyoursoul: nope, tried it once, lost very interest very quickly02:00
lc2ah yeah02:00
lc2good idea02:00
lc2E: Couldn't find package cinelerra02:01
sellyoursoulyou have to add the thing,,,,,you know repository or whatever.02:01
sellyoursoulhow about this, if you're on 8.04?  http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/10/13/install-gimp-26-in-ubuntu-804/02:02
lc2sellyoursoul: already done it ;\02:02
sellyoursouli like 2.602:02
lc2me too02:03
sellyoursoulsomething i don't like about gimp is that when transforming selections, the original selection material is shown below the material being transformed.02:03
sellyoursouli have an idea for a script to take care of that.02:04
sellyoursoulif it can be done.02:04
lc2sellyoursoul: do you like lisp?02:04
lc2i'm pretty sure it can be done, but you'd have to like lisp02:05
mgroman!ohmy | Odd-rationale02:05
ubottuOdd-rationale: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!02:05
sellyoursouli know nothing of programming.  i've been spending a few minutes here and there trying to learn python.02:05
lc2sellyoursoul: gimp supports python scripts02:05
lc2Hermenegil: i think i have your answer02:05
lc2Hermenegil: files are downloaded to /var/cache/apt/archives/ and unpacked from there02:06
sellyoursoulwho is Odd-rationale and why don't i see him?02:06
lc2sellyoursoul: i spoke to him earlier, he seems quite nice02:07
sellyoursoulHermenegil:  then deleted, i assume?02:08
Hermenegilthanks a lot02:08
lc2Hermenegil: most welcome02:08
sellyoursouli meant lc2:02:08
lc2Hermenegil: that's what i gathered from lsof, anyway, so that might not even actually be true02:08
lc2sellyoursoul: well, i'm wondering if they really are, because i have a bunch of stuff sitting around there02:09
Hermenegilyes, its right there02:09
lc2sellyoursoul: not as many things as i have installed on my system, but still, they're there02:10
sellyoursouli have a bunch too02:10
lc2interestingly, the time stamps on them bear no resemblance to reality at all02:13
lc2-rw-r--r-- 1 root root     9422 2006-06-23 12:10 weblint-perl_2.02-1_all.deb02:13
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sellyoursouli have 340 mb worth of still sitting there.02:13
lc2389mb here02:14
lc2perhaps it only keeps the most recent ones around or something02:15
sellyoursoulme < not bad for 3 or 4 days worth, ha, ha02:15
lc2that might explain the weird skewed timestamps, they might be set intentionally02:15
lc2sellyoursoul: is that how long you've been on linux?02:16
lc2oh cool02:16
sellyoursouli have a lot to learn02:16
charlie-tcaI think the weird timestamps are the file creation date02:16
lc2*thinks* six or seven years here02:16
lc2eleven years if you count my first debian install02:16
lc2charlie-tca: it can't be, because i definitely didn't install that in 2006 :)02:17
* lc2 was still on freebsd02:17
sellyoursouli installed ubuntu once or twice but not gave it any time.  i just wanted to have a look around.02:17
charlie-tcaThe file creation date, as in the package was created then, regardless of when you got it02:17
lc2sellyoursoul: i like it a lot02:17
lc2charlie-tca: oh!02:17
lc2charlie-tca: yeah, that's what i was wondering, sorry02:17
charlie-tcano problem. I just hope it clears that a little...02:18
sellyoursoullc2:  any idea how i can set the size of gimp's image window to stay the same, no matter what level i'm zoomed to?02:26
lc2sellyoursoul: i thought it did that all by itself02:27
lc2mine does not change size as i zoom02:27
lc2unless i'm misunderstanding here02:28
sellyoursoulwhen i zoom an image, the window resizes.02:28
lc2sellyoursoul: hm02:28
* lc2 tries that02:28
lc2okay, that definitely does not happen here02:29
sellyoursoulmaybe i changed something in preferences02:29
lc2ah, edit -> preferences (assuming gimp 2.6)02:29
lc2under "image windows"02:29
lc2"resize window on zoom"02:30
sellyoursoulyea, that did it.  thanks.02:31
lc2you might not have changed anything, that could be 2.6s default behaviour, and it might be using my old 2.4 config02:31
lc2okay, it's time for me to go to sleep02:40
lc2gnight everyone02:40
lc2have fun sellyoursoul02:40
root______anyone have a good sudoers example file?04:30
fbcWhat can I use for browsing the network? I may want to transfer a file to a windows machine.04:34
fbcforces, was that directed towards me?04:35
root______i guess my sudoers file will have to sufice as is.04:47
astrobillis it possible to install xubuntu on an old laptop  PII300 with 64 megs of ram?04:51
maxamillionastrobill: yes, but with that low of ram you might want to check out fluxbuntu04:51
root______astrobill sure.  but you'll have to use something besides ubiquity to do the installing04:51
root______maxamillion that ram will prevent the use of ubiquity too04:52
maxamillionroot______: right, fluxbuntu doesn't use ubiguity for installation04:52
root______astrobill i have ran ubuntu kde on a p1 with 64m ram   so it will run ok04:52
j1mchi maxamillion :)04:53
maxamillionj1mc: hey, long time no speak04:53
astrobillok, I'll try it.  Thank you:)04:53
j1mci know!04:53
j1mcmaxamillion: i hope you're doing well04:53
astrobillI'll look at fluxbuntu :)04:53
maxamillionj1mc: i've been busy, doing well, but busy04:53
j1mcglad to hear it04:54
maxamillionj1mc: i'm a linux admin for my university, i graduate with my undergrad in may and then apply for grad school right after04:54
maxamillionj1mc: i'm also a fedora packager :P04:55
j1mcof xfce stuff?  what kind of packags?04:56
maxamillionj1mc: all our server at work are redhat enterprise linux ... so i've spent a LOT of time with the rpm world04:56
j1mcah, cool.04:56
maxamillionj1mc: no, all xfce stuff is already handled, but the fedora xfce maintainer is my package mentor :)04:57
j1mccool... what stuff are you working on?04:57
maxamillionjust little stuff right now ... one is a pre-processor/runtime/compiler for a concurrent programming language called Cilk, i co-maintain htop, i package and maintain txt2tags, shed, and ...04:58
maxamillioncan't remember04:58
j1mcsounds cool.  is it difficult to package rpm's for fedora?04:58
maxamillionj1mc: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/users/packages/maxamillion <---04:58
maxamillionj1mc: uhmm... so far, no ... but i still learn new things all the time04:59
maxamilliondifferent packages are harder than others04:59
maxamillionoh ... the Cilk environment isn't passed review yet so its not in the pkgdb yet04:59
maxamillionj1mc: i'm a packager for the Fedora EPEL projcet also05:00
maxamillionj1mc: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL05:00
maxamillionits a third party add on repository for redhat enterprise linux, centos, etc.05:01
maxamillionall distros considered "Enterprise Linux" that are redhat based05:01
maxamillionyeah, it makes life at work quite nice because my workstation at the office runs RHEL (RedHat Enterprise Linux) and the EPEL repo allows me to have some fun things that RedHat didn't deem "enterprise"05:02
j1mci'm on fedora 10 now, actually.  i use it on my desktop.05:04
maxamillionj1mc: i'm a big fedora fan05:06
maxamillionj1mc: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3385088017824733336 <---- i'm done with ubuntu for good05:06
maxamillioni want to become a kernel developer so it means a lot to me that redhat and fedora do so much for the kernel05:07
root______the kernel is linux  the rest is GNU05:08
root______i'm a linux fan too05:08
cody-somervillemaxamillion, thats a bunch of hogwash05:08
j1mcmaxamillion: i gotta take care of a few things around the house, but nice talking with you.  :)05:08
root______hey, anyone know where that sound file is that has "i pronounce linux linux"   if it's open source i'd like a copy  :)))05:09
maxamillioncody-somerville: when the stable maintainer of the kernel speaks on the state of the kernel ... i tend to think he's not lying05:09
cody-somervillemaxamillion, he is not speaking truthfully. Matt Zimmerman clearly explains why.05:10
maxamillionMatt Zimmerman is what? a Canonical employee?05:10
cody-somerville(lets take this to #xubuntu-offtopic)05:10
maxamillionyeah, then i don't care to listen to what he has to say05:11
freoedoWASHINGTON, DC: In a stunning late-hour development, President George W. Bush has granted Osama bin Laden a pardon for the murder of more than 2,700 Americans in the fall of 2001.05:59
freoedohope its a joke.. but who would joke about something like that.06:00
freoedoIt was apperantly a tasteless joke...06:05
freoedothe references was bogus.06:05
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Sinisteranyone ever use that gos on ubuntu ?07:18
R1cochetcan i run k9copy in xubuntu without grabing all the dependencies?08:38
tawR1cochet, most likely dependencies are because they are needed for running it09:03
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madooy guys and gals ... hello there17:41
charlie-tcaHey everybody: We are having a HugDay for Firefox bugs today. If you have a chance, come on over and take out a couple of bugs! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009012217:57
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Hermenegilhello, can someone help me concerning video driver ?19:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:37
sellyoursoulhow's it going slow-motion?19:57
slow-motionhi sellyoursoul19:57
slow-motioni'm fine19:57
Salix_Hi! I would like to change the key settings of my Thunar to allow me to (1) mark the current filename at pressing a button and (2) allow me to jumpt to the next filenames without forgetting the markings. Is it possible?20:07
TheSheepSalix_: hold down ctrl20:16
Salix_TheSheep: Ctrl and what? I want to do this thing without mouse... with keyboard only20:19
TheSheephmm... ctrl and arrows works... kinda20:20
Salix_I can move off the marked filename but I can not chose a second one20:20
TheSheepyou can select a file and move the cursor...20:20
TheSheepI suppose you will get better help at #thunar20:21
Salix_oh... good idea :-]20:21
HermenegilHere's my question :  I tried to install driver for my video card (its an "ATI" Rage Mobility pro) with wine, I don't think its recommended, well I thought the installation done nothing because it just stop right in the middle, so I reboot to if something have change, and here I am : i have this message on boot "Your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly, you will need to configure21:03
Hermenegilthem yourself" I tried to restore the default driver without success21:03
sellyoursoulwhat up hermenegil?  sorry, i have no idea about your driver config.21:05
Hermenegili'm alright, except that i'm stuck on the low graphic mode, how are you ?21:09
sellyoursoulpretty good here.  still no idea what i'm doing.21:10
DaemonXPXFCE is making Midori the default browser21:11
DaemonXPany comments?21:11
TheSheepwtg kalikiana :)21:12
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anvI have noticed that Xubuntu has grown under several releases making it quite slow on older machines, precisely this latest. Is it possible to strip from gnome stuff to only Xfce based system?22:14
subscioushow can i deacztivate the alert sound?22:15
TheSheepanv: you can modify your install however you please22:16
TheSheepsubscious: what alert sound?22:17
subsciousthe hardware alert sound22:17
anvhow does it affect in security if removing gnome libs?22:17
subsciouswhen trying to delete in an empty text box for instance22:17
TheSheepsubscious: xset b off22:18
RediXeTrying to install off the alternate install disc so I can encrypt the hard drive - after hitting Install Xubuntu or Check CD for defects I get unable to enumerate USB device on port 1 end request i/o error which repeats a bunch. Tried a normal 8.10 xubuntu live cd and was able to run just fine and install started installing just fine.22:18
subsciousThanks TheSheep ... is there a online refernce for xubuntu with command basics?22:19
TheSheepsubscious: well, the server install (which is basically ubuntu base without the gnome/kde/xfce desktop) is considered as secure as teh versions with desktops, so I suppose removing gnome libs won't hurt here22:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about guide22:19
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com22:19
anvTheSheep: thanks I start stripping, bye22:20
subsciousdo you guys know advanced monitoring packages for xubuntu? (comparable to sysinternals for windows)22:22
subscioushow can i leave manpages in the terminal?22:24
RediXesubscious: q i believe22:24
subsciousnicce thanks22:25
TheSheepsubscious: also try ?22:26
subsciousis xfce kde or gnome?22:26
RediXesubscious: neither22:27
RediXesubscious: it's it's own desktop22:27
subsciousbut i am able to run kde or gnome apps am i not?22:27
TheSheepTheSheep: try pressing "?" while viewing a man page22:27
TheSheepsubscious: yeah, you can run kde and gnome apps in any desktop environment22:28
RediXesubscious: yes you can but you will have to install a lot of there libraries22:28
subsciouswhat is the diffrence?22:28
TheSheepsubscious: the looks, kde apps will look out of place probably22:28
TheSheepsubscious: they migth also not obey some global settings you set22:29
subsciousis kde more like osx?22:30
TheSheepRediXe: as long as it's not some application running in the background all the time these libs won't hurt22:30
TheSheepsubscious: no, not really22:30
TheSheepsubscious: it's more like windows in my opinion, but that's obviously biased22:30
subsciouswhich is faster / more lightweight ? (xfce is most lightweight is it not? )22:31
TheSheepit kind of depends also on the configuration and the applications you are using22:31
subsciousgnome is most widely used anyways isnt it?22:32
TheSheepI don't know, I think gnome and kde are about equal with one going before other ocassionally22:35
TheSheepequal in market share, not in how they look/work22:35
subsciouswhat are the major diffrences?22:38
nikolamsubscious, lxde is even lighter but I am content with xfce it have just enough futures an yes, pcmanfm file manager is ok , but without trashcan support22:39
subsciouswhat is the stuff located in the proc dir?22:45
madooy guys and gals ... can you help me please? ... there is a computer without NIC ... i can't run xubuntu on it ... some problems with the graphics as far as i have seen ... thing is ... i need to copy some files from it ...22:45
madoi thought about looking for a text-based *buntu-linux-thing ... then mount a usb-flash-drive ... and then i could copy the files22:46
subscioushow do i start nagios??22:48
TheSheepsubscious: all the memory, information about running processes, etc.22:48
subsciousi actually access the heap in there?22:48
TheSheepmado: just press alt+ctrl+f1 on ubuntu and you are in text console22:49
TheSheepsubscious: as root, probably22:49
subsciouswhere are packages deployed into?22:49
TheSheepsubscious: all over the directory structure22:50
subsciousthats bad.... anyways how do i start nagios? (it didnt install an icon)22:50
subsciousand i cant find it on the documantation22:50
TheSheepsubscious: if you run 'dpkg -L packagename' you will get a list of files22:50
TheSheepno idea about nagios, it probably runs as a service22:51
TheSheepin system->services22:51
subsciousdop i have to restart to see newly installed services?22:52
subsciousthen its not in there22:52
TheSheeprestarting is really only necessary when upgrading kernel22:53
TheSheepwell, you have the documentation in /usr/share/doc/nagios/22:53
subsciouswhich pdf reader can you recommend?22:53
TheSheepxubuntu's default22:54
subsciousthis now is the second time my file manager is not responding ... what am i doing wrong?22:54
TheSheepno idea, what did you do?22:54
subsciousrun the services pnel and start a manpage in the terminal22:55
subsciousdownloaded a pdf22:55
subsciouswhich is better viewpdf or claws-mail-pdf-viewer22:58
subsciousor xpdf-reader?22:58
TheSheepthe latter is just a plugin for claws-mail mail client22:58
TheSheepepdfview is pretty fast22:58
TheSheepyou can also install acrobat from their site, but it's huge and slow22:59
subsciousyeah ... it still asks me to choose an app for opening tho ... how can i find the executable?23:00
TheSheepI don't understand23:01
subsciouswhen doubleclickin a pdf file it doesnt start epdfviewer automatically ... no association23:02
TheSheepare you sure it's a pdf file?23:02
subsciousyeah ... i just opened it from within epdf23:02
TheSheepyou can select the application to use in the file's preferences23:02
subsciouscool thanks23:03
subsciouscan i manually add app icons to the applications menu?23:04
TheSheepyes, with menu editor23:05
TheSheepin settings23:06
subsciousis it possible that the aptitude package is diffrent to the original? the documentation doesnt seem to work23:08
subsciousnot the doc itself but the commands explained in it23:09
TheSheepnot likely23:10
subsciousit seems to be installed in a diffrent way23:11
subsciousit doesnt find the directions writen in the docs23:11
subsciousthe terminal23:11
subsciousi will try working through the manual from the begining maybe the dirs arent created yet ...23:12
subsciousif i mkdir ~/downloads .... where is it made?23:31
subsciousa root ...23:31
charlie-tcasubscious: /home/USERNAME/downloads23:32
subsciousif i search for stuff what can i replace ms * with23:39
charlie-tcaI don't use wildcards. I type the first few letters with locate or find and hit enter. It will find all files/folders starting with that23:42
charlie-tcapart of the word23:42
charlie-tcaProgramming in bash, I think it uses the same wildcard.23:43
TheSheepthere are subtle differences23:43
subsciousi need to search for filetypes23:43
subscious.cfg atm23:43
TheSheeplocate .cfg23:43
subsciousin windows it would be *.cfg23:43
TheSheepin linux too23:44
TheSheepls *.cfg23:44
TheSheepfor example23:44
TheSheepwill display all cfg filesi n the current directory23:44
subsciousfile roller doesnt do that23:44
TheSheepthat's true, file roller is an archive management tool23:44
TheSheepit's possible they didn't add wildcard support to it23:45
subscioushow other can i do that search than?23:45
TheSheepsort by file type?23:45
subsciouscan i reduce it by the folderstruct?23:45
subsciousyeah ... view all files23:46
TheSheepI don't understand23:47
subsciousnever mind your advice helped a lot23:47
TheSheephave fun with linux, I'm going to bed23:48
subsciousgood night ...23:59

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