MeshezabeelThere will be a meeting in #nikamo in 20 minutes regarding current progress and future enhancements. Nikamo is Open Source (GPL) software for teaching human languages.01:11
nothingmanhi, all01:51
nothingmanwhy do I always get the idea that something more interesting is going on in another room?01:59
nothingmanAhmuck, nubae, sbalneav, wake up!01:59
* Ahmuck opens an eye02:03
* Ahmuck shuts my eye again and snores02:03
Meshezabeelnothingman, why didn't you wake me up? I ended up sleeping in :(02:09
nothingman_what is the status of having a fallback network connection on a client?03:04
nothingman_I mean, my broken-hard-drive laptops could run a fat client with wireless drivers and then disconnect from the ethernet and join the wireless03:05
nothingman_any thoughts on how to make a fat client do that, nubae?03:05
nothingman_and snapshots?  Can we make it so a user is able to log back into a saved session from any other terminal?03:06
* nothingman_ spends a lot of time talking excitedly to himself03:08
stgrabernothingman_: it's 5:30 nubae's time04:27
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nubaegreets RichEd11:02
RichEdhi nubae11:03
nubaeI've managed to get 2 private schools here to migrate their infrastructure to ubuntu/edu11:14
nubaeif they want official support from Canonical, should I send them to u?11:14
nubaeRichEd: ?11:18
RichEdnubae: sure they can email me ... but here is a direct route if they want to read up: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/paid11:25
nubaek thanks11:26
multikg'day all12:28
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sbalneavMorning all14:31
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PetarisHi all15:16
nothingmanhi, all!15:16
nothingmangetting a PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout error15:16
PetarisI have a hardy install with ltsp and I want to use the new x86_64 flash plugin but it is not seen by firefox when I put it in /usr/lib/firefox/plugins or /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/15:17
PetarisIs there a special place it has to go?15:17
PetarisI updated firefox and I guess it needs to go into /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.5/plugins15:22
nubaenothingman: that is a firewall stopping tftp15:24
nubaehad that enough times to be sure thats it ;-)15:24
nothingmanwish I'd thought of it before reading Ubuntu forums; now re-building my client :-P15:28
nothingmannubae: thanks, though!  I'll try to remember it next time15:29
nothingmannubae: it works now15:38
nothingmannubae: I still get package dependency errors running your fatclient plugin15:38
Mip5Morning Gang - I'm still having trouble getting my Dell optiplex gx270 clients to boot into X. I've got a terminal open on one now. ANy ideas for the next step?15:40
nothingmandoes anyone have information about having a generic user that can be logged in multiple times at once with only temporary settings?15:45
Mip5okay - I just ran X -config, and it got a gray screen and an X. I diffed the xorg.conf.new with the original and saw that the new one had i810 as the driver, not vesa16:06
Mip5How do I specify that for this class of clients?16:07
nubaenothingman: u shouldnt be getting any errors...16:23
nubaewhich errors do u get?16:23
alkisgMip5: XSERVER=i810 in lts.conf ?16:23
alkisg(and CONFIGURE_X=True if you're running ubuntu 8.10)16:24
nubaeyeah and for intel, probably set the refresh rates for the resolution u want16:24
nubaeif its widescreen16:24
Mip5alkisg: Thanks - I'll try that now.16:29
Mip5nubae - not sure how to specify refresh rates in lts.conf16:30
Mip5aklisg- BINGO! Thanks!16:33
alkisgnp :)16:34
Mip5okay - I'm sure I can find this in the documentation - but can I specify this driver for the class of machines (probably have more than 15 of these)16:36
alkisgMip5: some time ago lts.conf supported "LIKE" directives, which you could use in this case. I don't know if they're still supported. Maybe you should ask in #ltsp.16:38
alkisgMip5: see http://wiki.ltsp.org/twiki/bin/view/Ltsp/LtsConf for an example16:39
nubaewell, whats wrong with using [default] ?16:45
alkisgIf I understood correctly ("for the class of machines") I think he also has other, non intel clients...16:50
nubaeit might be easier to single out the others though16:56
nubaedepending on how many machines there are of course16:56
nubaegreets Lns17:41
Mip5nubae and alkisg - I have a hodgepodge mix of machines17:42
Lnsgreetings nubae =)17:42
Lnshappy Friday17:42
Mip5some amd, and some intel17:42
nubaebut how many of each more or less17:42
nubaeLns: happy friday indeed...17:42
* nubae kicks moodle's stylesheets...17:43
nubaelike finding a needle in a haystack17:43
Lnsyou're never going to like moodle are you?17:43
nubaenot as long as I'm knee deep in it... :D17:43
Mip510 of one kind, 13 of another, and a room full of "other" machines that I haven't even had a chance to look into17:43
nubaeah well... guess u'll have to manually define the 10 machines and use [default] for the 1317:44
Mip5Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought I saw a place where you can define classes of machines "Dell" and use stanzas17:45
Mip5I'll hunt around the docs and let y'all know what I find.17:45
nubaethats in dhcpd.conf17:45
nubaedont think lts.conf allows for that, but I could be wrong17:45
Mip5Thanks a lot for your help - this batch of machines had me stumped for a while17:45
Mip5I don't think it was dhcp - but I could be confusing it with the pxe configs17:46
Mip5I'll let you know what I find17:46
LnsMip5: you can do that indeed in lts.conf17:46
Lnslemme dig up the doc for ya17:46
Mip5cool - thanks!17:46
nubaeLns: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LtspUpdateManagerIntegration <--- another fine job for zenity17:47
LnsMip5: http://www.ltsp.org/~sbalneav/LTSPManual.html#id253664717:47
Lnsnubae: well, I think the idea was to get chroot updates integrated into update-manager itself17:48
nubaesounds far more complicated then17:49
nubaebut it could be done as a tool by itself... which would be cool, because I could use that for fatclient :p17:49
Lnsnubae: ooo, nice.. hehe - Yeah, it would be a neat little graphical tool. When I have time I'll still be looking into zenity for my little script..but i need to do much other work first17:51
nubaeyeah I hear ya... I cant wait to dig in and do some ltsp work... I'm so tired of looking at Moodle...17:53
nubaebeen 3 months on this project, and now of course I have to start work on yet another moodle project17:54
ogranubae, ?? why couldnt you use an update-manager hook that works on a chroot in fatclients ?18:03
ograu-m already has all functionallity for operating on chroot, ist just that nobody has integrated it with ltsp ever (ask mvo, he is the u-m maintainer)18:03
Mip5Lns - thanks for the link. I see the stanzas and how to use the LIKE variable to group machines together.18:11
Mip5Lns - as I read it, it looks like I'll still need to specify the full MAC address for all the clients in the class. Is there no way to leave the last few bits undeclared?18:12
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LnsMip5: I'm not aware of it, but I might be wrong..18:14
LnsMaybe a q for sbalneav or ogra18:15
nubaeogra: oh... why was it not activated?18:16
nubaeand the main reason is, I'm not really a python hacker... but I suppose I could try..18:19
nubaebut if its really just mvo who has to activate these parts, I'll bug him about it18:19
Mip5Lns - thanks. I can certain make due with adding the mac addresses by hand.19:34
LnsMip5: hopefully you don't have too many. Of course once they're in there, you're all good. :) (hmm, makes me wonder if adding functionality for something like a ltsconf.d/ directory would be a good idea to separate different client configs is a good idea for future development?)19:35
Mip5Lns - I think that would be a *great* idea. We currently get old pcs donated from C4K (computer for kids), and it's really a mix19:38
Mip5Being able to have the configs be more general would be great.19:39
LnsMip5: i mentioned it in #ltsp. Maybe you could submit a feature request in launchpad to get the ball rolling.. ?19:57
LnsAnd describing your situation and how it would help you19:57
Mip5Lns - Sure - though I haven't done that before. I'll look at that after I'm out of this meeting...20:03
LnsMip5: great.20:03
LnsThe more contributions to Launchpad for getting things like this in, the better for us all :)20:04
Lnsalkisg: The ubuntu wiki page you created re: dhcp static IPs - is that for 8.04, 8.10, ?20:11
alkisgLet me see... :)20:11
LnsI'm updating every wiki page there to reflect the correct header information regarding versions20:11
alkisgLns: Tested on 8.04 and 8.10, but I think this should work in even veeeeery older ubuntu versions20:12
Lnsalkisg: ok, thanks20:13
alkisgLns, could you also add that START_ITALC is needed to install italc in the chroot? (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/iTalc)20:13
Lnsalkisg: in the amount of time it took you to ask me that, you could have done it yourself ;)20:14
Lnslet me finish the headers and i'll do that20:14
alkisgI didn't know where to put it! :)20:15
Lnsalkisg: you're talking about simply adding START_ITALC = True in lts.conf right?20:16
alkisgYeah, I think so20:16
alkisgI heard about it 2-3 times, but I never did it20:16
Lnsalkisg: done20:19
alkisgLns, you're great... and also fast! :)20:19
Lnsalkisg: you're just lucky that was my next page to edit ;)20:19
LnsI've been meaning to really clean that wiki up some more. After that, it's on to the edubuntu wiki =)20:20
alkisgLns: but really, you should use categories instead of headers20:20
Lnsalkisg: yeah but again, what about it applying to multiple versions?20:21
Lnsi forget where we went with that conversation20:21
alkisgWhat about it? That's what categories were useful for20:21
alkisgMultiple versions = multiple categories20:21
alkisgAnd someone can select a category and see all the relevant documentation20:22
alkisgTags... new era!20:22
Lnsalkisg: adding to a category doesn't automatically insert a header right? maybe we can use both, just to cover all bases20:22
Lnsoh i forgot about how to use categories. =p20:23
LnsI like the flashy header though, its hard to miss. we don't want people to miss what versions its applicable to20:23
alkisgNo... but that would just be trouble for you. Do the right thing to organize the pages (=categories) and others will follow your lead! :P :D20:23
Lnsespecially if they don't go through categories to get to the page (any linked URL or whatever will bypass that)20:23
alkisgIt'll still show to the bottom of the page20:24
Lnsbut it won't be "in the faces" of the readers which is bad if they're not sure if it applies to them or not, and don't know to look to the bottom of the page20:24
Lnsor follow all the directions, just to hit the bottom of the page to see its not for their version ;)20:25
alkisgI think you could ask the wiki devs to put a header for each ubuntu version = category...20:25
alkisgSeems logical to me, I bet they'll like the idea20:25
LnsWell the wiki is still small enough to change later. I'm just trying to clean things up right now.. maybe later we can implement all that too20:26
alkisgIt's not only about ltsp, it would be useful for all wiki pages20:26
Lnsalkisg: agreed20:26
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Lnswhew! that was a project and a half =p20:50
LnsStill need to add the footers, just did the headers.20:55
LnsBut we want to add categories for releases before that obviously. I'm running short on time :(20:55
alkisgLns ftw! Need any help? (not now, it's almost midnight here, but tomorrow I'll have much free time)21:01
Lnsalkisg: sure, that would be awesome if you could help with that21:07
Lnse-mail me if you're able to slam it out tomorrow21:07
LnsI'm out for now..bbl21:07
alkisgok, bb!21:07
Lnsback, for anyone who cares ;)22:33

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