Ramblurrhas anyone gotten a qt update and no unable to start firefox?00:13
dtchenRamblurr: in jaunty? works fine here.01:05
voriandtchen: soprano fixed, thanks for the heads up01:09
dtchenvorian: yw01:27
xerosisvorian: closed the bug for the soprano issue, hope you don't mind01:30
vorianthanks :)01:30
xerosisno probs, just avoiding what I'm supposed to be doing ;)01:31
nhandlerCongrats nixternal !05:00
DaSkreechwhooot nixternal05:01
nixternalDaSkreech: no crazy shirt there huh? :)05:01
DaSkreechNo you are missing :-P05:01
nixternalI need to buy some more...it seems my wardrobe consists of a lot of GNU, FSF, CC, Ubuntu, GNOME, and Novell t-shirts lately05:02
DaSkreechNice laptop05:02
nixternalthat is without a doubt the greatest Linux laptop of all times05:02
rgreeninghey nixternal05:08
nixternalwasabi rgreening05:19
DaSkreechwasabi peas!05:19
rgreeningnixternal: lol05:27
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Tonio_hi there09:00
Tonio_Riddell: still searching for an hotel for fosdem ?09:12
jussi01Tonio_: where is your latest nm plasmoid package? I still can get the plasmoid to connect - though it installs and looks like it works fine.09:32
Tonio_jussi01 still won't work, indeed, we still have to wait :)09:57
Tonio_Riddell: hi10:12
Tonio_Riddell: fancy revuing k3b ?10:12
RiddellTonio_: sure10:14
Riddelldon't see it on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/10:16
jpdsI see it there, in the "rejected" queu.10:21
jpdsTonio_: Can you login to REVU using OpenID?10:21
jpdsThen I can move it back to the processing queue.10:21
Tonio_jpds: hum....... do I need to login each time I need to upload something ?10:22
Tonio_jpds: loging in10:22
jpdsTonio_: No, we (they) changed the key sync system, you have to login with OpenID so the thing can grab you're gnupg keys from LP.10:23
Tonio_Riddell: after that, I'll manage to get knewz, kpar2 and fresconaldi in the archives..10:23
jpdsJust tell me when you're authed and I can do the stuff needed.10:23
Tonio_Riddell: those are goos apps we miss, and nobody takes care at kde-apps.org actually :)10:23
Tonio_Riddell: a good desktop is nothing with good apps you can install or your needs !10:24
Tonio_jpds: done !10:24
Tonio_jpds: sorry for the bad things done, I just don't use revu quite a lot, since I mostly work on main10:24
jpdsTonio_: k3b_1.99+svn914817-0ubuntu1_source.changes and policykit-kde_4.1.96-0ubuntu1\~svn910476_source.changes moved back to processing queue. Should be on the site in about 3 minutes.10:25
jpdsTonio_: It's not problem at all. :)10:25
Tonio_jpds: you rick ! thanks :)10:26
Tonio_Riddell: is replacing ktorrent with kget on purpose for the next meeting ?10:27
Tonio_Riddell: kget is really excellent, we never used it for konqueror, and it now deals with torrent files...10:27
Tonio_Riddell: since ktorrent has pretty crap UI, even if is an excellent app, I'd like to discuss this point for the next meeting10:27
Riddellkget has the weirdest UI ever10:30
Tonio_Riddell: hu ? I pretty much love it10:31
Tonio_Riddell: what's the problems with it ?10:31
Tonio_Riddell: same UI than most download managers have...10:31
Tonio_Riddell: have you tested the kde4 one ?10:32
Arbyis there an agenda for the meeting somewhere?10:33
jpdsTonio_: OK; which key did you sign the k3b upload with?10:33
ArbyI'd like to add a point about system-config-printer-kde.10:33
Tonio_jpds: need the id ?10:33
jpdsID is: 8A30310710:33
Tonio_jpds: yep that's it10:34
jpdsWeird, you have it on your LP, but revu is rejecting it..10:34
Tonio_jpds: I use it for ..... 4 years maybe ;)10:35
Tonio_jpds: ah ! I knew there was something going wrong with revy and me...10:35
Tonio_Riddell: I tend to agree with you about kget3, but really kget4 is excellent :)10:35
Tonio_seele: have an opinion about kget UI and usability ?10:36
jpdsReally quite weird: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108537/10:36
Tonio_jpds: so the key is there, but my uploads are rejected ?10:37
Tonio_jpds: I uploaded that one a couple of days ago : http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=463010:37
Tonio_jpds: it got accepted, I think because of you10:37
Tonio_jpds: can you drop k3b at some points ? I'll reupload to see what happens...10:38
jpdsTonio_: Yeah, I moved that with k3b. Which just makes it even weirder.10:38
Tonio_jpds: bah let's drop k3b and restart, we'll see :)10:38
jpdsOK; ready when you are.10:39
jpdsI wish revu knew the concept of logs.10:39
Tonio_jpds: I am :)10:39
Tonio_jpds: uploaded10:40
jpdsTonio_: OK; it's in incoming/. I watch it and see if it goes through.10:41
Tonio_jpds: thanks for the help ;)10:42
jpdsYay: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=k3b10:42
jpdsRiddell: ^10:42
Tonio_Riddell: still unclear how good k3b is, but people testing reported they've been able to accomplish their tasks correctly (create image, burn data cd, burn iso...)10:43
QuintasanHello. Is this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/skim/+bug/290304 already fixed?10:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 290304 in skim "Skim has no KMenu icon" [Low,Triaged]10:50
* Riddell busy10:52
Tonio_apachelogger: once 4.2 is released, may we plan a moment so that you can explain me the ninja process a little bit more ? I'll read the wiki since then ;)11:08
freeflyingTonio_: all the plugins in k3b can work?12:37
seeleTonio_: i haven't used it yet13:15
apacheloggerTonio_: sure13:16
* apachelogger will go on floss vacation after 4.213:16
torkianoseele: sorry, can you see the freenode buffer in quassel? 13:18
torkianoI think it was a bug that you had the other day13:18
seeletorkiano: it was fixed13:20
torkianoseele: which version you're using?tha last from scottk PPA?13:22
seeletorkiano: yes13:23
seeleactually, i havent had it installed since yesterday because i reinstalled intrepid13:23
seelebut the last snapshot ScottK packaged was fixed13:24
torkianoseele: what strange... I'm talking with scottk in quassel channel, thank you13:24
ScottKseele: We could use some 4.1.4 testing.13:28
ScottKSince you're on intrepid again....13:28
* ScottK notes that it IS releaed software.13:28
seeleRiddelll: do you care to be in this email thread? i can drop you if it's boring13:36
seeleScottK: 4.1.4 testing of quassel?13:36
seeleor other stuff?13:36
seelethe only thing i've noticed now is that kontact goes boom when you downgrade13:37
ScottKIt'll have bluetooth fixed if you care about that.13:37
seelebut i figured out a way around that13:37
seelehmm.. i think i have a bt receiver somewhere i can use for testing13:37
ScottKWe're getting lots of comments about bt.  I more need people to comment on 4.1.4 generally to get it all moved to -updates13:38
seelegodamnit.. just closed an email i was responding to by default13:38
seeleok i'll look at it later13:38
ScottKseele: When you do, you'll have to enable intrepid-proposed.  Be careful to just install the KDE upgrades there.  Not all the other stuff in varying states of testedness.13:39
Tonio_freeflying: I didn't perform much qa for k3b yet14:06
Tonio_freeflying: I just expect it to be reviewed in the first place :)14:06
Tonio_apachelogger: in case you can on that point, it's on revu, fyi14:06
Tonio_seele: oki14:06
Tonio_seele: well I'll add the point for the next meeting.... Riddell and I don't agree at all on that point (personaly I find ktorrent UI crap, and pretty much love kget...)14:07
torkianoScottK: bluetooth in intrepid with KDE 4.2 rc works great here14:07
torkianoonly kbluetooth4-devicemanager14:08
ScottKPlease file a bug then.14:08
torkianook, but that packages are from a PPA...14:09
torkianoI can file a bug anyway?14:10
LeeJunFanAny idea how I could track down why kopete seems to have a memory leak for me, but I find no bugs on kde.org or launchpad? I suspect since nobody else is complaining it must be a plugin not everyone is using.14:12
ScottKRemove all plugins and see if that solves it.  If it does, add them one by one until it reappears.14:15
rgreeningTonio_: hey. have you a new network plamoid for me to test out?14:17
rgreeningScottK: we are getting so close to kicking KDE 3.5 to the curb14:19
ScottKrgreening: Of the CD yes, but it'll be in the archive a LONG time.14:19
rgreeningI know, but I won't HAVE to have it unless I choose to... and I choose not to :)14:20
rickspencer3seele: it's actually before dawn here14:26
* rickspencer3 engages in blatant one upsmanship14:26
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JontheEchidnaOk, so how does one do autojoin stuff with Quassel?14:32
seeleJontheEchidna: dunno.. it just autojoined me when i opened the app again14:33
JontheEchidnaOh, that's cool I guess.14:33
seelerickspencer3: lol.  get ready because i'm responding to MPT atm (although his is more on topic and thus more important than our quibbling :)14:34
rickspencer3seele: ok, I'll wait to see what you say their14:35
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
JontheEchidnaso do I have to restart Quassel before color changes take effect?14:36
JontheEchidnacuz the colors aren't changing14:36
JontheEchidnaguess so14:37
Xand3rScottK: the 4.1.4 SRU bugs need verification14:38
ScottKXand3r: Yes.  The do.14:38
apacheloggerScottK: I thik he means the intrepid nominations14:39
apacheloggerTonio_: whats with polkit-kde on revu?14:40
apacheloggerTonio_: k3b got a phony version number again :P14:41
apacheloggerTonio_: if upstream decides to release alpha as 1.7x and beta as 1.8x and rc as 1.9x we are boned with our 1.99+svn14:41
seelerickspencer3: get some coffee.. it's way too early where you are14:43
Nightrosefolks i am looking for the kubuntu icon for the identi.ca kubuntu group14:49
Nightrosecan someone give me a hint where to look for it?14:49
apacheloggergood luck with that14:49
apacheloggerfirst of all14:49
apacheloggerthe icon or the logo14:49
apacheloggerthe canonical logo14:49
Nightrosethe icon14:49
apacheloggeror our logo14:49
Nightrosethe kubuntu one14:49
apacheloggerand finally, an svg or a png14:49
Nightroseso ours i guess14:49
apacheloggerformer is way more difficult to find14:49
apacheloggerNightrose: size?14:52
Nightrosehmmm whatever you have14:52
* ScottK suspect Xand3r is about to get a big pile of bugmail.14:52
RiddellNightrose: KubuntuArtwork on the wiki14:52
Nightrose100 something is probably best14:52
NightroseRiddell: gracias :)14:52
Xand3rScottK: i get them^^14:52
apacheloggerNightrose: http://aplg.kollide.net/tmp/kubuntu.png14:54
Nightroseapachelogger: *hug*14:54
apacheloggerRiddell: shouldn't that be like Kubuntu/Artwork?14:55
Tonio_apachelogger: to be droped, old upload, due to a fix on my gpg key ;)14:56
Tonio_apachelogger: target for stable is 2.014:57
apacheloggerTonio_: yeah, but not for $nextrelease14:58
Tonio_apachelogger: there was already releases with 2.0 beta14:58
ScottKTonio_: $CURRENVERSION+ is probablye safer14:58
Xand3rScottK: the next 15 mails, you are fast^^14:58
Tonio_apachelogger: lemme guess the version number14:58
Tonio_apachelogger: s/guess/check"14:59
apacheloggerTonio_: chrpath is an unnecessary build-dep15:00
Tonio_apachelogger: hum true that :)15:03
Xand3rScottK: dont forget https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdewebdev-kde4/+bug/31977915:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319779 in kdewebdev-kde4 "4.1.4 SRU" [Undecided,New]15:04
Tonio_apachelogger: that's an old k3b 3 build-dep I forgot to remove :)15:05
* ScottK looks15:09
Tonio_apachelogger: I fixed your points, if you have others (there will, no doubt !!) please lemme know15:12
Tonio_oups sorry15:15
ScottKhttp://www.digikam.org/drupal/node/422 <-- digikam RC out.15:31
rgreeninglatest xorg update hoses X for intel.. ouch. had to manually setup for vesa15:33
alleergreening: ah, so it's not only me ;)15:44
rgreeningallee: nope. I was foobared until I dropped to repair mode and manually switched on vesa vid driver. the repair mode really needs that as an option.15:46
alleergreening: as long a ssh works I prefer this.  But you're right as Failback was not enough today15:49
Tonio_rgreening: still lots of commits for PNM, but still broken :)15:49
Tonio_rgreening: as soon as I can see that looks like working, you'll be the very first aware of it15:50
rgreeningTonio_: as always, you are supremely awesome :)15:50
rgreeningTonio_: did k3b for kde4 get done yet?15:50
Tm_Tseele: hi15:52
Tm_Tseele: two things I noticed on this poll: http://doodle.com/participation.html?pollId=ebvd43gp8iw5axya15:54
Tm_Tseele: 1) columns are bit off  2) this am/pm time thing is, well, not clear to all of us, can it be 24h system?15:55
Tm_Tseele: I don't know if we can do anything about those but thought I mention anyway15:55
seeleTm_T: talk to the doodle people, i just use the service15:57
Tm_Tseele: I thought so15:57
* ScottK considers to move the quassel-core from the dev server to a production on so he doesn't vanish when he is 'trying something'.15:58
Tm_Tseele: prolly columns issue comes from my settings some how15:58
apacheloggerTm_T: just get an account to configure the date/time stuff16:13
wesley_I am testing if i can take the fan from the northbridge chipset16:18
Tonio_rgreening: bah that's just svn up and that's it :)16:19
Tonio_rgreening: not yet for k3b, apachelogger reviewed and found a couple of issues....16:19
* apachelogger is too tried to fix his pbuilder for testbuilding16:19
apacheloggerRiddell: when do new language-packs usually get created?16:20
wesley_I believe i messed intrepid up XD, I was unpatiented and just qiuted the update, now getting all errors about stuff that not gets configured16:21
smarter_!aptfix | wesley_16:21
ubottuwesley_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:21
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wesley_smarter, didnt work16:22
wesley_i am on jaunty16:22
smarterdon't expect any support then16:23
wesley_I mess everthing up. few weeks ago i did everday reinstall of osx8x and then kubuntu16:23
wesley_smarter, I didnt mess the jaunty box up, but the intrepid16:24
Riddellapachelogger: when language packs get created from the launchpad export16:24
apacheloggerRiddell: and that is when launchpad feels like it?16:25
Riddellapachelogger: I think exports happen when launchpad feels like it and packaging when Arno feels like it16:25
Riddellbut I could be wrong16:25
* apachelogger moans16:26
seeleScottK: in -proposed, is the only way to install only kde-related packages to install each one by hand?16:27
ScottKSort of.16:27
ScottKWhat I did what apt-get upgrade and then say N (No) and abort16:28
ScottKThen I copied that list into kate and edited it down to just the ones I wanted.16:28
ScottKthen sudo apt-get install <paste>16:28
ScottKThen disable proposed so you don't forget and upgrade later.16:29
wesley_Kmess can bev label as unstable in current kubuntu, and 8.1016:29
wesley_ive tried them yesterday, may unstable program hanged16:29
wesley_60 C is my northbridge fan now16:39
wesley_59 C going look this over for today, so that i know how safe it is to let the fan off16:40
Tonio_apachelogger: looking at your revu for partitionmanager... I agree with your points, so I'll probably fix the little issues and upload16:46
Tonio_jpds: another little issue with revu :) I'm seen as a contributor, not a motu, and therefore I can't advocate...17:02
Tonio_jpds: just checked, and I'm still a core-dev and motu on launchpad :)17:02
Tonio_jpds: seems revu definatelly doesn't want me in..17:03
jpdsTonio_: Look for a merge accounts button.17:03
Tonio_jpds: my old account informations don't work anymore :)17:05
Tonio_jpds: in any case I'm loggued with my launchpad account.... should it see me as a motu ?17:06
* jpds wonders where the alter_user.py script went.17:10
mrvanesI still have troubles with mysql 5.0/5.1 and akonadi dependancies. Is this known?17:13
Tonio_Riddell: FYI, partitionmanager is in NEW17:14
jpdsTonio_: OK; I've poked RainCT in -motu, he should know what to do.17:14
Tonio_jpds: many thanks for your help17:16
Tonio_jpds: I don't mind about the history.... just beeing able to revu :)17:16
jpdsDe rien.17:16
Tonio_jpds: :)17:16
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=== NC|Lunch is now known as NCommander
jpds11 second lunch.17:20
LureTonio_: is this what your were working on: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01/21/french-lawmakers-hope-to-inspire-linux-revolution/17:36
Tonio_Lure: yep17:39
Tonio_Lure: :)17:39
LureTonio_: nice to see it in the news17:39
Tonio_Lure: still workking on it, hardy migration on the way17:39
Tonio_kaffeine looks pretty mich abandonned.... sad to say but true17:40
Tonio_3 month without any commit, and the codebase is still very little, more than a year after they annouced starting the port...17:40
jussi01Tonio_: have you looked at todays commits for nm?17:42
Tonio_jussi01 they still go on the way, but yeah, I'm following them :)17:43
wesley_still safe, running for 1 hour and 45 min without a fan on the northbridge17:49
rickspencer3seele: your emails are getting longer I think :)18:11
* ScottK is curious about these emails ...18:13
* Tonio_ just noticed that there are lots of very well rated kde4 that we don't have....18:14
* Tonio_ goes in packaging mode...18:14
rgreeningTonio_: \o/18:16
Tonio_rgreening: most os the time those are super simple packages that can be done within minutes... :)18:19
Tonio_so sad to miss them in the repos18:19
rickspencer3ScottK: seele did a write up of a literature review of notifications18:19
rickspencer3she thinks the new designs are not well supported by the literature, while I think they are18:19
rickspencer3we've exchanged some mail :)18:20
ScottKI see.18:20
ScottKI don't know anything about the literature.  I like the idea of non-persistence.  I don't like the idea of clicking on a notification not doing anything when there is a useful thing to be done.18:21
rgreeningyay. xorg-server-video-intel 2.6.1 published... maybe I can reboot into intel rather than vesa now.18:38
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rgreeningRiddell: ping19:26
ScottKBug 30033419:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 300334 in powerdevil "Please remove powerdevil source and binary from Jaunty" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30033419:39
seelerickspencer3: sometimes it's hard to get it out of your head until someone asks the right question :)19:44
Tonio_guys, you shouldn't play with PNM right now :) it causes plasma to hang19:46
Tonio_but I've been able to see quite some improvement on the ui19:47
seeleooh, the quassel icons nuno did look pretty snazzy19:56
Sputthat's for the toolbar you wanted, seele :)19:57
seelei know i owe you a discussion to the main quassel window without channels open19:58
ScottKSput: When's the build system stuff going to get done so I can land another update?19:58
Sputseele: from a usability point of view, toolbar buttons should never change, right? they should rather be disabled if the action does not make sense?19:58
seeleSput: options on the toolbar should be disabled when the action is not available19:58
SputScottK: I'm working on it, but it proved to be more... extensive than I thought... possibly tonight, but I can't make any promises19:58
Sputseele: k, thought so19:58
seeleso if you can't connect because no networks are defined, then it is disabled.19:58
Sputseele: so for example all the user actions (kick/ban/whois kind of stuff) are going to be disabled if you haven't selected a user in the nicklist, right?19:59
SputScottK: there will be a bunch of changes to how we treat icons, since we will need to install a subset of oxygen even with KDE present (many icons are either not in 4.2 or have changed paths), but I'll probably dump the other buildsys changes into master before tackling that20:02
SputScottK: we'll have to do some testing if the way kubuntu handles the KDE install dirs works out of the box with the new system, according to what apachelogger told me they should20:03
Sput(i.e. no -DDATA_INSTALL_DIR needed)20:03
wesley_yeah what about Quassel, is that a kde4 irc ?20:10
jussi01!info quassel20:10
ubottuquassel (source: quassel): distributed, Qt based, IRC client using a central core component. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.0-0ubuntu9 (intrepid), package size 2246 kB, installed size 4236 kB20:10
Sput...that version is pure Qt still, though :)20:11
seeleSput: yes, that is how it should work (regarding selecting a user before being about to whois/kick/ban etc)20:11
Sputseele: ok, that's what I was thinking. Will be a bitch to implement, but I'll figure it out :)20:12
wesley_QT is basic like kde420:12
ScottKSput: It's not a hard requirement, but /ignore would be nice .....20:13
SputScottK: yes we know, /ignore is on our list of course, but won't make it in 0.4 most probably20:13
SputI have a nice list of features I'll start working on as soon as 0.4 is frozen :)20:13
Sput(and bugfixed)20:14
wesley_guys i am measerung tempature trough the plasmoid, is it possible to do it in a terminail where i can see a chart of number ( its on 69 c now running already4 hours and 30 min20:34
apacheloggerwesley_: Qt ... and no, it is not basically like KDE20:37
wesley_http://www.waarmaarraar.nl/pages/re/37465/Vrouw_kan_opleiding_niet_afmaken_door_Ubuntu.html guys a woman who blames Ubuntu because she could´nt finish her school20:38
wesley_Its about a dumb woman who wants to install windows word on linux, and then blames ubuntu there fore that its not working20:40
nixternalanyone know how to disable the system speaker? all of a sudden I have music blaring through it20:43
ScottKwesley_: It's also OT here.20:43
nixternalwesley_: sorry, but if you don't have anything nice to say about anyone, then please don't say anything at all20:44
seelewesley_: http://www.jonobacon.org/2009/01/21/chill-pill/20:45
apacheloggernixternal: rmmod pcspkr20:45
apacheloggerRiddell: around?20:46
wesley_I was translatinfg what that articel about go´s or do you guys speak dutchs ?20:48
stdinwesley_: most of us have seen the artical and are saddened by our community responce20:49
* apachelogger didn't20:49
* apachelogger also doesn't a whole lot20:49
wesley_stdin, since when do you talk dutch ?20:49
stdinwesley_: I don't, I saw the english artical ;)20:50
seelewesley_: the original article was reported by an american news agency20:50
wesley_lol, like i would have know that20:50
apacheloggernixternal: you being our upstream dood ... does kmail plan on dropping that difference between disconnected imap and imap?20:50
wesley_would´nt it help to include standard wine ?20:52
ScottKwesley_: So far as I can tell you've managed to get warned every time you've shown up here this week.  Please straighten up or you'll find yourself unwelcome.20:52
wesley_I don´t do anything wrong ?20:52
apacheloggerScottK: btw, did we settle on somebody to become rosetta link?20:53
ScottKapachelogger: Not AFAIK.20:53
apacheloggershould do20:53
apacheloggerI need someone to blame for KDE not defaulting the country to austria ;-)20:53
ScottKwesley_: People have complained about comments you've had at least 3 times and you aren't contributing to development, so figure out how to stay on topic or go chit chat elsewhere.20:53
wesley_its a chat channel????20:54
seelewesley_: it's a tool for kubuntu development20:54
wesley_and i am testing jauty20:54
ubottu#kubuntu-devel is the development channel for Kubuntu, please use #kubuntu for support questions and #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks20:54
stdinfactoids, gotta love 'em20:55
apacheloggerbugs > factoids20:55
* apachelogger has a solution for the 'kde doesn't have country set' bug20:56
nixternalapachelogger: I haven't heard anything about kmail dropping that, and don't know why they would since there is a difference20:59
nixternaldisconnected imap works better than imap with exchange lusers like me :p21:00
* nixternal goes back to work21:00
apacheloggeroh my21:00
nixternalthanks for that trick by the way, forgot what to rmmod21:00
apacheloggernixternal: and blacklist that module21:00
* apachelogger finds pc speakers the most awful thing ever21:01
apacheloggerstdin: you speak sed, don't you?21:01
nixternalhahaha, rmmod pcspkr didn't work :/21:01
apacheloggernixternal: I would assume you have a weird pcspkr then :P21:02
apacheloggernixternal: ask the google21:02
nixternalya, it started out of nowhere just playing through the pcspkr21:02
nixternaland of course crimsun is hiding21:02
apacheloggeras in playing music? :P21:02
stdinapachelogger: only a little21:03
nixternalapachelogger: yes :)21:03
apacheloggercat /etc/default/locale | sed -e 's#^LANG="\(.*\)"$#\1#; s#\..*##' | sed -e 's,^.*_,,' | tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'21:03
apacheloggerstdin: ^ can that be streamlined? ^_^21:03
apacheloggernixternal: hum hum, are you sure you mean pc speaker?21:03
apacheloggernixternal: as in the thing that beeps on system errors, or when gtk apps feel like making some noise21:03
nixternalapachelogger: it actually sounds like a somewhat decent speaker..this is in a dell precision t7400 workstation21:06
apacheloggernixternal: how idd you listen to music before?21:08
nixternalmy headphones21:10
nixternalfixed it...dell has a real speaker in these damn power horses, so I unplugged it21:10
apacheloggernixternal: did try plug them out and in again?21:10
nixternalya, didn't do anything21:11
apacheloggernixternal: I think on dell systems the override of internal speak is done via a software switch rather than a hardware switch21:11
apacheloggerso it might be some issue in something alsaish (or lower)21:12
nixternalwell, it is unplugged now :)21:12
apacheloggerpoor thing21:12
stdinapachelogger: cat /etc/default/locale | sed -e 's/^LANG="\([A-Za-z]*\)\(_[A-Za-z]*\)\..*"$/\1/'|tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'21:13
stdinor, it seems to work for me21:13
stdinumm, no, that requires <lang>_<region>21:14
stdineg: en_GB.UTF821:16
apacheloggerwell, yeah21:16
apacheloggerstdin: is that a problem?21:16
stdinare all codes like that?21:16
apacheloggershould be21:16
apacheloggerstdin: I' rather have some of them covered than none at all :)21:17
stdinisn't German just "de"21:17
ScottKstdin: Your regex produces en for me.21:17
apacheloggerstdin: no21:17
stdinwell, then it should work :)21:18
apacheloggerstdin: the syntax is flawed though, as ScottK says21:18
apacheloggerspits out de for me21:18
apacheloggershoudl be at21:18
ScottKapachelogger: There's a difference?21:18
apacheloggercat /etc/default/locale | sed -e 's/^LANG="\([A-Za-z]*\)\(_[A-Za-z]*\)\..*"$/\1/'|tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'21:18
ScottKapachelogger: Still en here.21:19
apacheloggerquasel ate the output21:19
apacheloggeranyway, my line spits out at, stdin's de21:19
stdin$ cat /etc/default/locale | sed -e 's/^LANG="\([A-Za-z]*\)\(_[A-Za-z]*\)\..*"$/\1/'|tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'21:19
apacheloggershould be gb for you, I guess21:20
stdinthe 1st regex spits out en too21:20
apacheloggerScottK: doesn't make a difference for at vs. de, but might already for ch vs. de21:20
ScottKAll those spit out en.21:20
stdinoh, no it doesn't :p21:20
apacheloggersee :P21:20
stdinsed -e 's/^LANG="\([A-Za-z]*\)_\([A-Za-z]*\)\..*"$/\2/'|tr 'A-Z' 'a-z'21:20
ScottKapachelogger: I was kidding anyway.  I know the difference (I've actually be to Austria).21:21
stdinapachelogger: that one should work21:21
ScottKstdin's last one makes us for me.21:21
apacheloggernow I just need to fiddle this in a startkde patch21:22
* ScottK considers getting some popcorn while he watches the "Gnome sucks" show on #ubuntu-devel.21:22
apacheloggerautomated tests21:26
* apachelogger notes that automated tests never find regressions in code produced @work21:26
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stdin_hey, where did api.kde.org go?21:37
apacheloggerprobably broken21:37
smarterstdin: at the same place anonsvn.kde.org and englishbreakfastnetwork.org went :p21:38
stdinit lies to me, it says it works :p21:39
stdinoh well, grep is my friend21:39
Lureapachelogger, Riddell: any news on kdegraphics rebuild? or are we waiting for kde 4.2 release?21:42
* Lure want to see Qt book in okular ;-)21:42
apacheloggerLure: I think Riddell fixed it21:46
Lureapachelogger: build failed... :-(21:46
Lureapachelogger: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21536646/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.kdegraphics_4%3A4.1.96-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz21:47
apacheloggereasy enough to fix21:48
apacheloggeror rathter not21:48
Lureapachelogger: this is due to recent doc path change, right?21:48
apacheloggerLure: jonny already finished the 4.2.0 packaging of it21:48
apacheloggervorian: pling21:48
Lureapachelogger: when will 4.2 get uploaded?21:49
apacheloggerdon't think so21:49
apacheloggertue or wed IIRC21:49
apacheloggerwell, one day before release, or on release day21:49
Lureapachelogger: come'on, we have a release party on Tue ;-)21:49
apacheloggerall the better if we upload monday, means I can go sooner on vacation :P21:50
Lureapachelogger: that is good strategy - upload everything, and run ;-)21:50
apacheloggerusually there are no, or only minor flaws anyway :P21:50
* apachelogger edits his startkde to testdrive the country fix21:51
* ScottK considers to start a flamewar on the Debian KDE list22:08
ScottKBased on someone calling our KDE 4.1 implementation 'poor'.22:08
Quintasanpoor? lol22:09
rgreeningScottK: heh. Did they cite specifics?22:10
rgreeningif not, then the accusation doesn't hold water and can safely be ignored :P22:10
rgreeningwe do not feed Trolls (at least we try not to - haha)22:11
* ScottK considered writing back, "It's better than Debian's supported KDE4.1 release."22:11
rgreeningsome users like to bitch just to hear themselves talk and sould all important like.. but us intelligent folk know better :P22:12
* ScottK took a different tack.22:16
ScottKThe description was a 'relatively poor implementation'.22:16
ScottKSo my question was 'relative to what'?22:16
vorianapachelogger: semi-pong22:17
seeleSput: Quassel notifications in KDE should have a kcm config file for the Notifications kcm. That way users can configure it in System Settings in addition to any settings that are in the app22:19
seeleScottK: ^^22:19
seelethat might be something kubuntu configures as part of our distro customization22:20
ScottKWe have the one that they ship installed.22:20
ScottKSo lemme know what needs to go in it.22:20
ScottKGotta run.22:20
Sputseele: uhm, it has... I can configure my quassel notifications in systemsettings22:21
seeleoh heh.  forgot i reinstalled intrepid22:21
seelei was wondering why quassel wasnt showing up22:21
seeleSput: sorry about that :)22:21
SputI was wondering :)22:22
seeleit's just going to get worse.. classes start next week22:22
seeleand i've got to teach a bunch of kids how do design user interfaces in addition to my own work22:22
Sputtalk about that... I have a paper and project deadline at the same time as the kubuntu freeze22:23
Sputthis is going to be a hard couple of weeks22:23
seelelol that sucks22:23
apacheloggervorian: if I change something in kdegraphics, could you merge it into jonnies 4.2?22:23
apacheloggerif Lure does22:23
apacheloggerbecause I am going to kill someone soon22:23
rgreeningwhens the freeze deadline...22:23
rgreeningI need to finish ufw-kde before then :)22:24
apacheloggerLure, vorian: well, if you get a chance fix kdegraphics22:25
* apachelogger needs to go to bed before this day becomes even worse22:26
Lureapachelogger: good night & thanks!22:26
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