fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: there are different versions of kde at the moment00:00
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: kde 3.5 is the most stable but oldest, kde 4.1 is the kubuntu intrepid default, kde 4.2 is only released in a few days, but the RC is already very usable00:01
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fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: depending on which version you choose, the packages/sources are different00:01
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch  It will work w/ 8.10?00:01
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: yes, i’m using 8.10 with kde 4.2 release candidate00:02
fliegenderfroschand it works fine00:02
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch so I can use either synaptic package manager or apt-get (terminal) what do I look for (for 4.2)?00:03
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: in general, you have to choose between the 3.5 and the 4.x series. 3.5 is more mature, but 4.x is where all the new development happens and it is already very usable00:03
Dr_williskDE 4.2 RC 1: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc100:03
fliegenderfroschyes, but for the 4.2 RC you have to add new sources00:03
fliegenderfroschDr_willis: thx, that’s what i was about to post :)00:04
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch Do I hear a nother alternative, i.e., build from source?00:04
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: you could build it from source as well, but the packages are definitely the most comfortable solution00:05
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: plus you will probably get an upgrade to 4.2 final automatically00:05
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch I agree... sight unseen. The instructions would be on the link Dr_willis mentioned?00:06
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: but remember that 4.2 isn’t officially supported by the kubuntu team00:06
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: exactly00:06
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: still I find 4.2 to be more usable than the official 4.1 packages00:07
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch Apparently ubuntu intrepid isn00:07
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch either... I'm having a hard time getting any help.00:07
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: you mean the gnome version? I’m actually quite happy with it (on my laptop), but that’s probably different for everyone00:08
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch Yes, exactly.00:09
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: if your problems are related to the kernel or drivers, changing from gnome to kde won’t help however00:10
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch It may be something I did, as I built a number of rather complex programs... then the desktop went fluey... (high tech term)...00:10
* Dr_willis is confused...00:11
Dr_willisbut im also holding the grandson.. so im distracted.. :P00:11
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch Ok, I'll go check out the recommended web site now, thanks all!00:11
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: np00:13
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch One last note as I saw your last message... getting the tools/utilities to understand what is going wrong seems a real problem in Linux? No? What to do?00:13
fliegenderfroschHenryHeron: which tools/utilities do you mean?00:14
HenryHeronfliegenderfrosch I'm thinking of trying to be able to understand how to tell if the problem/s are related as you suggest, kernel or driver.00:15
daAm I the only one here?00:24
fliegenderfroschda: do you feel lonely now?00:25
dano, I got my wife in the other room watching TV.00:26
kenamioh ! you are the one then00:26
daI don/t know.00:27
hagabakais anyone having a problem where clicking a link in a Qt program (qtconfig-qt4) doesn't open it?00:29
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BluesKajhagabaka , did you try it in the Konsole ?00:32
hagabakayeah, i get an output like http://pastebin.com/f202e88dc00:33
BluesKajnone of the URLs in the app respond00:33
hagabakafor you too?00:34
BluesKajqtconfig-qt4 in the terminal opens Qt but the urls listed and highlighted don't open00:35
hagabakado you get that output too?00:35
BluesKajyes Qt configuration GUI opened00:37
KetrelI'm having two problems with the Network manager:1. I can't have more than one set to autoconnect, and 2. It won't autoconnect to a network with SSID broadcast off. (This is in 8.10, and neither of these were problems in 8.04)00:38
KetrelAnyone have any clue here, or should I ask on the forums00:38
BluesKajhagabaka , I'm not familiar with it , so i didn't fool with it00:39
hagabakadid you try the links in "About Qt" dialog?00:39
hagabakaor the "phonon" tab?00:40
sparrmy kde appears to not be monitoring keyboard input to keep the screensaver turned off.  that is, when i do not use the mouse for N minutes the screensaver comes on even as I am in the middle of typing.  how do i fix that?00:40
BluesKajhagabaka , yes none respond00:41
hagabakaok, thanks00:42
BluesKajsparr , system settings/country region and language/keyboard layout/enable keyboard layout/ keyboard model ..choose your KB from thelist if it's there00:44
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sparrBlueEagle: its just a normal 104 key keyboard, already selected00:49
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rabxhi ppl, can anyone here tell me how to change the firewall settings so that Konvresation can use ident ?01:03
kaddii just managed to install latex-suite (for vi) twice, now i get the following error "command Error detected while processing /var/lib/vim/addons/plugin/remoteOpen.vim: line 37:E174: Command already exists: add ! to replace it01:03
kaddihow can I remove the error without losing all my latexsuite settings?01:03
Dr_williskaddi,  you installed that how exactly?01:09
awolf\join guitar01:10
Dr_willistry a /join01:10
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kaddivia aptitude...01:12
kaddii was scrolling through the installed/not installed packages and latex-suite had a "c" in front of it, instead of the expected "i".01:12
kaddiso, because I was to lazy to check what I was doing, I selected it for installation01:13
kaddionly to realise afterwards that I actually already  installed it way back in october01:13
kaddi(this was totally my bad, I know... but it would be nice if you helped me clean up the mess anyways ;) )01:14
kaddiwhat probably happened, is that I installed latex-suite via the vim-addonmanager in october and which is why aptitude didn't recognize it as an isntalled package01:17
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Dr_willisahh... so vim-addonmanager confused  the apt-get stuff eh01:18
* Dr_willis has no idea what the vim-addonmanager does. :)01:18
Dr_williscant recall ever ysing that part of vim.01:18
kaddiit installs addons ;)01:19
kaddino, I was having trouble with the latex-suite01:19
kaddithere's a bug where the functions don't get mapped correctly, when installing latexsuite via aptitude01:19
kaddiinstalling it with the addonmanager somehow solves the problem01:19
Dr_williscould remove the thing both ways.. and then reinstall it the way you want I guess.01:20
Dr_willisive not used LaTeX since college. :)01:20
kaddihehe, im still in college, so ill have to use it for a while ;)01:20
kaddithe problem ist, that I havent really touched this pc in quite a while, so Im not sure where all the configurations are saved01:21
kaddiand I would be really annoyed if i lost the settings... which is why i dont really want to uninstall latexsuite01:22
Dr_willisIf they are system settings instaleld by a package. and not customized by you.. then reinstalling them via the package manager or whatever.. should restore them,01:22
Dr_willisIts only customized things that id be worrying about01:22
kaddino, they are customized by me01:22
kaddilatexsuite translates shortcuts into valid latex-code... something like turinung #/ into \frac{<++>} {<++>}<++>01:23
kaddiand I did set a lot of such shortcuts01:24
kaddibut maybe this is the price i'll have to pay for being stupid :(01:25
kubuntu-useranybody have kubuntu 8.10 running on a IBM T41 laptop?01:28
kubuntu-userI'm having trouble connecting to wireless access point.. any ideas?01:28
Dr_williskaddi,  yea the package manager i think will notice customized files and not overwrite them01:29
kaddibut he will delete them, if i uninstall the package?01:30
Dr_willisI dont think so.. but not sure..01:30
Dr_willisI wouldent think it would..  since it noticed the changed and dident install over them.01:30
fliegenderfroschkubuntu-user: I’ve got ubuntu 8.10 on it (and sometimes use the kde desktop as well), but I don’t have problems with wireless01:31
kaddiso i just need to have faith and uninstall the package? :D01:32
kubuntu-userfliegenderfrosch-I installed it fresh few days ago and it was working fine until last night..01:33
kubuntu-userdo you know how to see the log?01:33
kubuntu-userfrom knetworkmanager I can see the wireless networks available..01:33
kubuntu-userbut I can't seem to connect to a simple unsecured network..01:33
Dr_williskaddi,  well if the sytem still works now.. you may want to jkust leave it alone..  or are you saying the vi-latex thing no longer works?01:34
kaddino its working, it's just throwing a lot of messages and i have to confirm 2 error messages before i can actually open vi01:35
kaddiwhich, in the long term, is rather annoying01:35
BentFrankTrying to install Kubuntu 8.04 or 8.10.  I have CDs for both.  Either way, it gets to Step 3 of 6, where I pick a keyboard.  Then it does Scanning for Disks and Checking Filesystems.  Then it juststops doing anything.  The program responds to clicks.  I can Cancel it.  But no install and no CD or HDD access.  Any ideas?01:36
Dr_williskaddi,  ya could look at  /var/lib/vim/addons/plugin/remoteOpen.vim: line 37:E174: Command already exists: add ! to replace it01:37
Dr_willisand see whats on like 37 :)01:37
Dr_willissounds like its  including somthing thats allready been included01:37
kaddii'll just go for it.. I made a backup of .vim and hope that all the important files wil be in there :)01:37
kubuntu-userBentFrank: I've had this issue before. Just leave the system un-interrupted. Eventually it will bring up 4-6. Probably it is takign longer time to figure out file system.01:37
kubuntu-userit took me around 15-20 mins to go from 3-6 to 4-6 dialog...01:38
BentFrankSystem is Athlon 1800, 500 MB RAM, one 20GB HDD.  Motherboard is M7VIW.01:38
kaddinothing i'd understand, but maybe you can make something out of it:01:38
kaddi37 com -nargs=1 RemoteOpen :call RemoteOpen('<args>')01:39
BentFrankKubuntu-user:  How long is eventually?  It's been 30 minutes.01:39
kaddiwhat does the E174 mean?01:39
kubuntu-userI think I waited around same time..01:40
BentFrankMaybe the HDD is going.  There is an old Windows 3000 system on it now and it was having troubles toward the end.01:40
BentFranker 200001:40
kubuntu-usermay be you can leave it some more time ..01:40
BentFrankI think I'll try swappign the drive and see.  If that doesnt work i'll let the install run overnight.01:41
BentFrankThanks, kubuntu-user01:42
kubuntu-userno worries.01:42
kubuntu-userdoes anybody know how to see knetworkmanager logs? I'm trying to see why my T41 is not connecting to WAP..01:43
Dr_williswireless can be such a pain. :(01:45
kubuntu-usertell me about it..01:45
Dr_williseither it works for me.. or its totally  unuseable. :) but now a days on my 3 wireelss machines.. it all works.01:45
xerosiskubuntu-user: run it from the terminal01:47
kubuntu-userI tried it.. it prints a whole bunch of messages..01:48
xerosisthat's what you're after no? ;)01:48
kaddiuninstalling worked.. :) everything seems to be as it used to be and my settings are still there \o01:49
kaddithanks :)01:49
kubuntu-userbut it doesn't print anything destriptive..01:49
kaddi@dr_willis :)01:49
kubuntu-userI'll look more in detail..01:49
kubuntu-userthanks. I have to leave now.. I'll try loggin in later..01:49
Dr_williskaddi,  isent the pacage manageing system amazing! :)01:51
Dr_willis!info menu01:52
ubottumenu (source: menu): generates programs menu for all menu-aware applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.40ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 424 kB, installed size 1924 kB01:52
kaddidr_willis : it definitely is. :) never would have thought that it would keep my previous settings01:52
Dr_williskaddi,  its gnu-riffic!01:52
Roey(wrt kde 4.0) instead of KDEstrophic?01:53
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Qb_Masterhey i'm trying to install kubuntu on the latest version of parallels, and it installs fine but upon trying to log in, it logs in then returns to the gui login screen...what's goin on here?01:59
Qb_MasterI get a glimpse of the desktop which looks kinda screwed up then it goes back to the login screen02:02
kaddii'd guess that your x-server is doing a runner.. try typing ctrl-alt-f1 when you get to the login screen and see if you can log in in the command line02:05
Qb_Masteryeah it logs in at the command line02:05
kaddiwhat happens if you try starting kdm from the commandline?02:05
Qb_Masterhow do I do that?02:05
fliegenderfroschQb_Master: /etc/init.d/kdm start02:06
Dr_willissudo may be needed02:06
Qb_Master"Starting K Display manager: kdm already running"02:06
Dr_willis/etc/init.d/kdm stop or start, or restart :)02:07
Qb_Masterk that brought me back to the gui login screen, let's see what happens this time02:08
fliegenderfroschkaddi, Dr_willis: it seems that his kdm and xserver are starting fine, but kde itself doesn’t02:08
Qb_Masteryeah it goes through the loading process again, I see the desktop which looks screwed up and it goes back to login again02:09
Qb_Masterh/o i'll try to get a screenshot02:10
fliegenderfroschQb_Master: I guess there are no old KDE configs which could cause tit to fail....02:12
Qb_Masterthat's what the desktop looks like upon loading, for like 3 seconds before it returns to login02:12
fliegenderfroschQb_Master: you could try upgrading to kde 4.2 RC and look if the problem still exists02:13
Qb_Masterhm lemme look into it02:15
Qb_Masterhow do I do that? xD02:15
Qb_Mastersorry I'm fairly noobish in linux, I've only dabbled with it02:15
Qb_MasterI expect to use it more now that I have it running in a virtual desktop :)02:16
Qb_Masterit might be a problem with parallels...I might try VMWare next02:17
fliegenderfroschQb_Master: you could also try virtualbox02:18
Qb_Masterk thx I didn't know of that one :)02:19
hagabakais amarok 2 going in official repository?02:19
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Qb_Masterk trying virtualbox02:23
Qb_Masterparallels might just be a POS02:23
[mors]I folks02:23
[mors]will kde4.2 ever make it to intreid repos ?02:25
Dr_willisbackports i imagine02:26
Dr_willisunoffical repos. :)02:26
[mors]I saw the instructions to install it on intrepid, but it required adding the kubuntu-experimental repository... but that repository has other non-kde packages as well, right ?02:27
hagabakai hate that part about ppa repositories02:27
JontheEchidnait won't upgrade anything that doesn't need upgraded for KDE 4.2 to work02:28
[mors]how do you compare koffice against open office ?02:29
Qb_Masterhm interesting, the install process looks different in virtualbox than it did in parallels02:33
Qb_Mastero wait nvm02:34
Qb_Masterlol yay 3rd time trying to install02:35
[mors]foilks, why did canonical choose gnome for their main distro ?02:36
[mors]kubuntu feels like a 2nd class citizen.... :/02:36
[mors]but I prefer kde by leaps and bounds02:37
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go02:37
Qb_Mastersomeone should make a distro of linux that runs itself in its own virtual desktop software that can be installed and run directly from windows or other OSes02:38
Qb_MasterI always liked the idea of using linux but being able to switch to windows (for gaming and the like) without rebooting :D02:40
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runpain2How to find out about system i am runing in termanel02:46
Qb_Masterhm, why does the installer take forever to 'scan the mirror'?02:53
Qb_Masterif it doesn't soon ima have to disable the network so it times out02:54
Qb_Masterah there it goes02:55
Dr_willisservers may be slow03:01
Qb_Masterah virtualbox worked :)03:03
Qb_Masterit's parallel's fault03:03
Qb_Masterhm well now I can't choose a resolution bigger than 800x600 tho03:08
Qb_MasterxD I always have so many problems right off the bat03:09
Qb_MasterI am having way too many problems with this03:30
Qb_Masterand I'll deal with them when I'm alert enough to stay awake...03:33
epimethanybody using RC1?03:51
Doloi have a portable mac drive but i cant copy files to it cuz it says i dont have permission?04:01
BlueEaglesparr: Ok.04:06
BlueEaglesparr: I've got a 105-key keyboard.04:06
epimethDolo: well you probably don't have permission :-)04:08
epimethDolo: is it brand new?04:09
epimethI've never seen it so quiet in here....04:18
DaSkreechIt's the anticipation for 4.204:26
qcjnhey, i'm reading to understand about skype or something similar, or not !!! because really, what i'd like is something i could "voice chat" using my bluetooth "that i don't use for my cell phone, cause i don't use my cellphone ? any suggestion ?04:30
DaSkreechqcjn: You want to use your phone to caht?04:31
OmikaneI just installed a RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01) and my conn is at 1mps and I tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=853942 but the only thing that was on the page was exit0. I tried of series of variations with or without exit0 and restarted my conn and it is still at 1mps. Any ideas?04:31
qcjnDaSkreech: no, i've heard we could use an app, like skype with the bluetooth that we use for the cell phone04:32
DaSkreechIf it's an app I don' see why you need the bluetooth04:33
qcjnDaSkreech: The thing you put in your ear when you're driving a car , for cellphones?04:34
DaSkreechOh you want to use it as a microphone04:34
qcjnso you can walk in the house and speak !04:35
SophtyHey. This is only tangently related to Kubuntu, but... how do I get/enable the ipfilter in ktorrent?04:36
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ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup04:36
DaSkreechAnd there is an app I think called blueradar04:37
qcjnok, thanks, i ll look at that :)04:37
DaSkreechSophty: For the firewall?04:37
SophtyI guess you could call it a firewall.04:37
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).04:38
OmikaneI just installed a RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01) and my conn is at 1mps and I tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=853942 but the only thing that was on the page was exit0. I tried of series of variations with or without exit0 and restarted my conn and it is still at 1mps. Any ideas?04:38
DaSkreechIs it some hard limit if 1 MBs?04:39
DaSkreechLike it gets there pretty fast then stops04:39
Omikaneno never getsfast04:40
Omikanealways at 1mps under conn info04:40
DaSkreechHave you tested it to see if thats' true04:41
Omikaneyeah, it's not a hard 1mps but where abouts04:44
SophtyI don't think iptables is what I'm looking for.04:44
SophtyUnless I'd do something further to adapt iptables to my use, which is then my question.04:44
Omikane_yeah no clue why04:52
snarkstercan anyone assist with atheros 242x05:00
BsimsI am trying to update my apt list for KDE Nightly neon I have the correct key installed but I still get W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 778978B00F7992B005:34
stdinBsims: you need to do "gpg --export -a 0F7992B0 | sudo apt-key add -"05:37
Bsimsthanks stdin I'll give that a try05:38
DarkTerrorhello... does kubuntu support wireless connections better and easier (interface and installation wise) THAN ubuntu ? (both last versions)05:39
BsimsAnyone know if there will be unofficial kde3 packages for jaunty? I am sorry but kde4 gives me hives05:40
stdinDarkTerror: they both use the same backend (NetworkManager) just different frontends05:41
stdinBsims: that would depend on if the person who makes the packages wants to do it05:42
* Bsims nods fair enough I am using the ones from pierson computing but its been offline for a while05:42
DarkTerrorthx stdout05:42
SouperI'm trying to upgrade to current a fresh install from an 8.04 beta disc and using adept and when preconfigureing starts it it stays at 0% forever, at configuring kdm, dpkg-preconfigure's child goes zombie05:43
* Bsims laughs building kde from source sucks05:43
BsimsSouper: scrap the qui once it's updated your sources, and follow the commands for a server update05:43
kalorin__does anyone else have trouble with their nvidia card not putting monitors into DPMS power saving mode?05:44
kalorin__I come down and my screens are blanked but the backlights are staying on05:44
kalorin__and they're fairly new flat panels05:44
kalorin__sometimes it does it right, but likely about 65-70% of the time they're just glowing black05:44
=== kalorin__ is now known as kalorin_
Souperthat happens 100% of the time with my laptop05:46
kalorin_I don't get that05:47
kalorin_like why it's so hard to time out monitors05:47
kalorin_I woudl think it would just "work"05:47
DaSkreechBsims: Don't want to help package KDE3? :)05:47
* Bsims grins my skills are limited05:48
* Bsims laughs tried my usual dpkg -r trick and it needs more 05:48
* Bsims grins debating going back to Mother Debian and her wacky son Sid05:50
BsimsBeen over five years, I'd miss the polish05:50
DaSkreechBsims: Skills are irrelevant :-) Willingness is relevant05:52
* Bsims grins you will be absorbed into the collective?05:52
DaSkreechBy choice05:53
BsimsDaSkreech: lets put it this way I got started on Debian Potato05:53
DaSkreechAnd you would like KDE3 :-)05:54
BsimsDaSkreech: its currently more stable and I configred it to my tastes years ago05:54
* DaSkreech nods. So would you like to help package it?05:55
BsimsWell I've never built a multi-package deb and can't find any good tutorials on it05:55
Bsimsthe Debian New Maintainers guide is lacking there05:55
DaSkreechThe #kubuntu-devel room is a good guide :)05:56
DaSkreechAs I said basically you need Willingness and either a CPU that warms up or a net connection05:56
* Bsims nods I may wander over there... Idealy I'd turn a script loose on it and it craps out a folder of debs05:57
* DaSkreech nods. Yes sir05:57
* Bsims grins willing, single core machine but my connection is fast and my storage exceeds a TB05:57
DaSkreechGreat :_05:57
* Bsims can't beleve how cheap drives are now 05:58
BsimsI bought a 1TB drive for less than 15005:58
DaSkreechYeah Crazy huh?05:58
* Bsims grins when I got started my first computer had a .9mhz proccessor I beleve 14k of ram and used audio cassette as main storage05:59
xanax`soon or later, we'll all have SSD05:59
DaSkreechSooner or later we'll have Data synthesizing food for us even though he doesn't know waht it tastes like because he wants to be more human06:00
Bsimsxanax`: that musical card you threw away last week... was the entire global computer power when we designed the atom bomb... your current desktop is probably 80-90% of global computer power less than 30 years ago06:00
xanax`i know.. i know.06:01
* DaSkreech reads that as "Moar graphix in Gamezzz"06:01
* Bsims giggles If I could borrow a tardis... I'd bring a modern beastly box running Linux with sources and drop it off at UC Berkley in the 70's06:02
xanax`it will be fun to be there when CPUs won't be able to be miniaturized any more06:02
Bsimsand another one would be handed to a hippie named Stallman06:02
Bsimson the east coast06:02
Souperdamn i should have upgraded the release before i upgraded the packages06:03
DaSkreechI'd walk into a Godzilla movie and replace it with Jurassic Park if I had a tardis06:03
* Bsims grins nah DaSkreech imagine Stallman or esr with a 2009 current level laptop in the 70's06:04
DaSkreechBsims: Richard would probably hurd the computers together06:04
Bsimsand sources for the OS and as much history of processor design as could fit06:04
* Bsims grins and the same given to the BSD folks06:05
BsimsDaSkreech: Heh wine is past 1.0 Duke nukem and HURD will have to follow06:05
xanax`do you think Linux will succeed in growing up to 50% (or more) of OSs use, one day ?06:06
DaSkreechPeople don't care about OSes they care about Desktop06:06
Bsimsxanax`: eventually probably... Lets face it would you ever have considered anything apple shipped an Offical Unix, certified as such by the Open Group06:06
* stdin points to #kubuntu-offtopic06:06
xanax`they care about simplicity too.. and Linux has a bad image about this point06:07
BsimsYeah I am there too06:07
xanax`thank you stdin, i didn't even know this channel existed.06:07
Bsimsjoin me there?06:07
umarhello any one there help me to how to use ubuntu iam new in ubuntu ?06:27
xanax`what do you want to know exactly umar ?06:27
umarI want to know about Player Like vlc and others plus Messengers ?06:28
xanax`well, you can install vlc if you want. And pidgin too06:28
xanax`just launch Adept or Synaptic06:29
umarhow can u send me link plzzz06:29
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate06:30
posingaspopularhmm thats not right, what is the wiki page for installing packages06:30
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin06:32
kalorin_well, i've set this in my .bashrc06:42
kalorin_# My Own Crap06:42
kalorin_xset +dpms06:42
kalorin_xset dpms 60006:42
kalorin_xset s off06:42
kalorin_that seems to work06:42
kalorin_actually that'd be xset dpms 600 700 90006:44
kalorin_<--- agressive with those settings cause I don't like leaving the LCD's on all the time when I'm not around06:44
kalorin_it was set to blank earlier which I'm wondering if that might have been what was going on06:44
kalorin_needs to be set to off not blank06:44
kalorin_way too late06:45
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ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!07:23
georgesI am a new user to Kubuntu07:23
georgesis it possiblie  to run IE7 using WINE on Kubuntu07:24
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DaSkreechgeorges__: Look for IE4linux07:25
DaSkreechIt's a website07:25
=== georges__ is now known as georges
=== georges is now known as georges_
georges_any     rrecommended ssite for IE4linux?07:27
georges_thanks DaSkreech07:28
georges_I'll try it out07:28
georges_Nothing on IE7 ??07:29
georges_are there any antivirus solutions for Kubuntu??07:31
JohnFluxgeorges_: for what viruses?07:31
JohnFluxbut yeah there are07:31
JohnFluxgeorges_: I think most antivirus software for linux is for linux servers, sharing files to windows machines07:33
JohnFluxso it's antivirus-for-windows running on linux...07:33
georges_thaanks guys.  see  ya laaater07:36
syockitwow thanx. Now I can play that forex game that runs only on ie07:45
syockit...wait, does it run ActiveX?07:45
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ecubuntuhelo here08:11
ecubuntui have a problem with my wireless connection08:11
shadeslayerecubuntu:state your problem08:12
ecubuntui can see my network but i can not connect08:12
ecubuntui have mac address filter on my router08:12
shadeslayerecubuntu:wait for a while,somebody will help you08:14
shadeslayertill then read this08:15
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:15
DaSkreechdo you have an IP address?08:15
shadeslayerand this:https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/RouterIssues08:15
ecubuntuwhat do you mean DaSkreech08:16
ocs_hi. how can I launch adept-updater manually ? I have erroneusly removed its icon from my panel08:33
jim_phi people08:34
jim_pwhat is the kde equivalent to cheese?  http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/cheese08:35
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Briareos1how do i have to form the username for connecting to an FTP server in the address bar IF the username contains an @ ?09:08
Briareos1okay i found out: need to replace the @ with %4009:11
* fidji ne joue plus au Go09:32
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neophytesBonjour à tous09:55
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr09:56
neophytesok, sorry !09:56
maxemohello every one :)10:26
maxemohru :)10:26
GSF1200Snot many people here atm apparantly...10:26
maxemoht's the firest time using IRC10:27
GSF1200Syou get used to it10:28
integerHi all10:28
GSF1200Sive been using it a while now and i still feel like a noob10:28
maxemowhy ?10:29
integeri am on 8.10, how can i enable syntax highliting feature in vim??10:29
maxemoum using8.10 too but but i can't under stant wt u mean >?<10:30
GSF1200Smaxemo.. haha, theres all types of stuff in irc i dont know10:30
maxemoyes i dunno :)10:31
maxemoi've some small problem10:32
maxemowhen i enabel my compiz i found that i've 2 desktop not 4 liek i want10:33
maxemoon kubuntu10:33
maxemolike sorry10:33
marek_hi, after last ugrade, i cannot run lastfm, this is what i get on konsole10:35
marek_Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries10:35
Aranelis kbluetooth4 bugged or something?10:37
WulongThere is something wrong with it, yes.10:39
Aranelisnt there any way to send files via bluetooth?10:40
marek_Aranel yes10:46
marek_you can try blueman package10:46
ActionParsnipHey all, If an app window is minimised, does the window get drawn in anticipation of a maximise of is it left undrawn until the maximise10:46
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[EGC-i]ThinIceHi all. After upgrading to intrepid, the arrow keys on my keyboard as well as insert, delete etc no longer work. If I open up a text login these seem to function okay. any pointers?11:17
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: check keyboard settings in systemsettings11:18
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: if its correct, set it to something else, then back11:18
[EGC-i]ThinIceActionParsnip, hrm doesn't seem to be doing any good, I'm trying to use UK layout and currently generic 104-key PC is selected, not sure if thats right, my actual keyboard model isn't listed there but I've never had problems in the past11:27
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: check xorg.conf to see what it says about keyboard11:37
[EGC-i]ThinIceActionParsnip, hrm has pc104 and gb in there as well, although looking at an old backup file in the X11 directory it seems to be listed as pc105. Setting that in kde doesn't make any difference but if you think its worth it might be worth setting it in the file and restarting x?11:41
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: could be a fix, give it a go, just make sure you can rollback if you break stuff11:42
[EGC-i]ThinIceyeah I'll make a copy before editing it11:43
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: good lad, best way11:45
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: very few people do, then moan when they bork their system11:45
[EGC-i]ThinIceand then come and shout in here I bet ;)11:46
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ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: then say Ubuntu sucks11:59
=== jp is now known as Guest41546
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
[EGC-i]ThinIceActionParsnip, no luck :| weirdly enough though the delete key works on the login screen of kdm, just not once you're logged in12:04
ActionParsnipdo the keys generate events in xev?12:08
[EGC-i]ThinIceyeah they do. was just typing in cat actually with them, in a konsole del comes out as ^@ (I'm not sure of my character codes but that doesn't look right)12:09
Guest41546when I run Armagetron on ubantu 8.1 I get garbbled text.  Any ideas why & how to fix?12:09
ActionParsnip[EGC-i]ThinIce: does it type ok in kate etc?12:11
[EGC-i]ThinIceyeah in the text only login it comes out as something completely different (which I presume is correct). In kate most of the keyboard works okay, but certain things don't such as insert, delete, arrow keys as with the rest of kde12:12
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ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots12:20
eagles0513875carmen: you looking for the italian room12:25
eagles0513875!it | carmen12:25
ubottucarmen: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)12:25
multikg'day all12:28
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dwidmannhmm, only 4 more days until shiny lovely kde 4.212:35
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=== ulysses__K is now known as ulysses__
Unggnuhi all13:02
UnggnuHow can I change the icons from kde 4 network manager and the other systray icons?13:02
=== ame is now known as Guest68727
isilion_hi. my screensaver only works in a quarter of the screen. plz help13:15
Dr_williscant say that i even bother with screensavers any more these days.. other then to blank/black/dim the screen13:16
aapzakyeah isilion_ whats up with the screensaver?13:18
aapzakjust blank it13:18
aapzaksry, your choice of course13:18
isilion_but i want to use that screensaver :S13:18
aapzakI personally hate screensavers, they're just using power for nothing. In the old days that meant also loud spinning fans.13:20
dmmainouhi I am having some audio problems with my new mobo. I have some "azalia" drivers for linux that I must install but have no idea how to cansomeone shed me some light, thanks13:20
BluesKajdmmainou , azaliz drivers , in what form /file extension ?13:28
BluesKajerr azalia dmmainou , they seem to be for the realtek soundcard , a very popular make13:31
=== alex__ is now known as breadstic
dmmainouhi my mobo is a asus p5n7a-vm13:38
breadstichey guys, can anyone help me with a problem I'm having... I'm trying to get an app to run on startup as a different user13:38
dmmainouI'm following the steps outlined in the zip file but having erroers.13:38
Dr_willisrun at user login? or at boot time?13:38
breadsticat user login... I want to be able to place thh command su -c [program] [user] in a script without being asked to type a password13:39
Dr_willisIm not even sure su works at all on ubuntu..13:40
Dr_willisye it does :) jut tried it..13:40
breadsticoh, it does, but obviously i can't just have a script running it because i need to type the password13:40
Dr_willisand it asks for the password of the user you are switching to.13:40
breadsticthat's how you get root access ....   sudo su -13:41
Dr_willis You could  use sudo I guess. and some how get around that password..13:41
Dr_willis do NOT use 'sudo su -' to get a root shell . :) thats not the proper way to do it13:41
breadsticbut I need to type my password in for sudo13:41
breadsticdon't i?13:41
Dr_willisYou can set up sudo to allow specifi commands to be ran by anyone  as root13:41
SlimeyPeteyou could set the script as setuid root, but that is something which has to be considered very carefully - it can be dangerous13:42
breadsticoh, ok, that sounds good13:42
breadsticyea, i've been trying that, but the program need gtk output, and setuid doesn't allow it13:42
Dr_willisfor a gui app ran by a different user. you most likely will need to also use the 'xhost + localhost' command to allow the other user access to the desktop13:43
noaXesswhich service runs for all the keyboard shortcuts?..13:43
noaXessthey stopped working now..13:43
noaXesseg- ALT+F213:43
TakahaniHi, i can't login to mmsn with kopete 0.60.82 on kde 1.96, is this normal ?13:43
Takahaniand is there a workaround ?13:44
breadsticyep, i use xhost +local: for that13:44
Dr_willismicrosoft likes to change the MSN protocall eveyr so often and break 3rd party IM clients13:44
abdulgood morning13:44
Takahaniafternoon :)13:44
abdulhi, im newbie to ubuntu. so far so good.  i need a remote desktop server. so i can view client computers13:45
noaXessabdul: krdc13:45
abdulsimilar to team viewer13:45
noaXess!krdc | abdul13:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about krdc13:45
Dr_willisabdul,  one is built in to kde and gnome. that uses the vnc protocall :)13:45
noaXess!info krdc | abdul13:45
ubottukrdc (source: kdenetwork): Remote Desktop Connection client for KDE 4. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid2 (intrepid), package size 378 kB, installed size 708 kB13:45
noaXesshey Dr_willis wasup?13:46
abdulthanks i will try13:46
noaXesswhich service i habe to start, if my keyboard shortcuts won't work?13:46
Dr_willisnoaXess,  havin some issues with the nvidia drivers  lately.. not sure whats going on..  Its like they are installed.. but not being used.. and compiz dont want to work..and everything is sluggish13:46
TeLLuSTrying KDE4.2rc1 in intrepid and get many SIGABRT in korganizer after klicking OK to create a new timeblock. Anyone else get this?   #9  0x00007ff82fd25577 in CollectionFetchJob (cut) at /build/buildd/kdepimlibs-4.1.96/akonadi/collectionfetchjob.cpp:7213:47
noaXessDr_willis: have also nvidia.. latest from repo.. have now kde 4.1.96, someties blinking screen, panel blinking or so..13:47
noaXessnow.. now keyboard shortcut works :(.. some service crash.. but which one?13:48
Dr_willisI used to have it set to show the nvidia Logo.. and thats not even showing at X restart13:48
noaXessDr_willis: mine is showing13:48
noaXessgrrrr. ALT+TAB won't work..which service i need to restart to get them working instead of relogin to kde?13:48
aapzakI think abdul has a totally different view on what clients and servers are13:50
noaXesswhat service handle all the keyboard shortcuts?13:51
abdulaapzak your right i looked at krdc and it's not what i'm looking for13:51
aapzakabdul: tell us, what do you need?13:51
aapzakkrdc is the client13:51
aapzakmeaning, that is the application you use to login to a running terminal server13:51
noaXessgrrr.. kwin uses 30% cpu.. hm kde 4.2 rc1 is buggy13:52
abdulby the client downloading a small app. java or what ever. he or she chose a user name and pass then give me the control of the computer so i can remotely fix thier problem.13:52
Dr_willisYou can set up any vncserver on the remote box and connect to it via any vncclient. :) In theory13:53
aapzakabdul: in that case you will be the client13:53
abdullike http://teamviewer.com/index.aspx13:53
Dr_willisof course vnc is not the best thing to use over the wild and nasty internet. :)13:53
aapzakabdul: and your client need to be running the vnc or rdc servers13:53
abdulbut i'm not sure of security. i would like to have control if you know what i mean13:53
abdulyes. but my client are not computer savvy13:54
aapzakso you're looking for a solution in which they can easily handover their desktop to you, without complicated setup on their side13:55
Dr_williswith ssh, you could in theory ssh in , start a vncserver.. then connect via vnc.. with them not even looking at the pc. :)13:55
aapzakyour clients, what do they use? windows? osx? linux?13:55
Dr_willisproblem with remote desktops.. is what do ya do when that part is also crashed. :)13:56
aapzakI don't know anything about taking over windows machines.13:57
abdulmostly i would like to show them how to use certain program or so.13:57
aapzakI don't know anything about windows machines.13:57
Dr_willisvnc, or some how windows hsa some sort of remote-desktop thing.. but ive never used the windows thing. .Just vnc.13:57
aapzakI'm sorry abdul , cannot help you further here.13:59
noaXessno idea which service for keyboard shortcuts?13:59
abdulguys thanks.13:59
abduli got to go to work.13:59
noaXessno ideas?14:04
aapzaknoaXess: I guess you better restart the beast if you upgraded important parts of KDE.14:05
aapzakI mean logout, login14:06
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Dr_willis_Hmm.. well got the nvidia logo going now.. after reinstalling the nvidia drivers. but compiz is still a nogo14:17
Dr_willis_but ideentical xorg.conf does work on my live-thimbdrive  i got for emergancies.. with compiz14:18
BluesKajgot the compiz cube , Dr_willis_ ?14:19
Dr_willis_got no compiz anything...14:19
Dr_willis_/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Error: Could not acquire compositing manager selection on screen 0 display ":0.0"14:19
Dr_willis_/usr/bin/compiz.real (core) - Fatal: No manageable screens found on display :0.014:20
Dr_willis_but IDENTICAL xorg.conf worked on the older install. - which is what is on the thumb drive14:20
Dr_willis_thumbdrive also has older kenrnel.14:20
=== manuel__ is now known as fliegenderfrosch
Dr_willis_at least now - the gfx on kde/gnome/other apps are faster,  and not glitzy like they were earlier today14:21
Dr_willis_well night all - its bed time for me14:23
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cuznthttp://www.kbfx.org   is not up? they lose their website? i wanted to get more theames14:35
noaXessaapzak: kded4 is the solution..14:35
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
CTShadowcuznt: http://www.kbfx.net/14:41
cuzntand the kbfx links to the .org... go figure14:41
aapzaknoaXess: restarting kded4 solved all your minor problems?14:41
aapzakanyone know when we can expect 4.2 final? Still running RC1, which irritates me a bit I must say14:43
=== shadeslayer is now known as solebum
noaXessaapzak: jep.. keyboard shortcuts comes back..14:48
noaXessaapzak: 27th of january :) http://www.kde.org/14:48
=== Guest68727 is now known as ame__
aapzakis that the day we can expect it in Ubuntu as well you think?14:48
aapzakRC2 should be available already, I believe14:49
noaXesshm.. the rc1 was at the same time in kubuntu experimental repos as kde published it..14:49
JontheEchidnathere isn't an RC214:50
aapzakmy mistake14:50
Tm_Taye, no RC214:50
Tm_Tnor will be14:50
Tm_Tatm atleast14:50
JontheEchidnafinal release should be the 27th though14:50
Tm_Tshould yes and apparently will be too14:51
noaXessmy kwin is eating 30% of my cpu.. any idea why?14:51
Tm_TnoaXess: hmmm, some effects on?14:52
noaXesssome... but wait..14:52
aapzakkopete takes 20% cpu and 50% mem here.14:53
noaXessTm_T: seam a nvidia problem..14:53
Tm_TnoaXess: how so?14:53
Tm_TnoaXess: what driver version?14:53
Tm_Thmm, upgrade?14:53
noaXessTm_T: people in kde say that it be a prolbem with nvidia14:54
noaXessTm_T: how? combile self?14:54
Tm_TnoaXess: no, it's in intrepid repositories14:54
noaXessno upgraded version in repos even in unsupported repos14:54
Tm_TnoaXess: intrepid-updates must be enabled14:54
Tm_T(as it always must be)14:54
Tm_TnoaXess: I heard our nifty closed drivers installation gui doesn't have it but it's there14:55
noaXessTm_T: hm..-14:56
aapzakwhy is the cpu and memload on kopete so huge?14:57
Tm_Taapzak: it usually isn't, perhaps some of the plugins you use?14:57
Tm_Thmm, shouldn't be it14:58
aapzakI'm using 4 protocols14:58
aapzakI restarted kopete, big difference. I also switched of stats gathering, looks like a winner to me :)14:59
Tm_Taapzak: stats indeed, it's, well, evil14:59
noaXessTm_T: how to see what nvidia driver is loaded?14:59
noaXessi have all repos, updates enabled in sources..15:00
JontheEchidnaThe stats plugin uses an sqlite database, that's probably what's doing it15:00
aapzakswitched it back on, no load. Lets see what happens ... I'll let it run for now15:01
noaXessTm_T: do i need install the latest driver?15:01
noaXessi mean, instead of upgrading the current 17715:01
Tm_TnoaXess: you need 180 series driver, really15:02
noaXessTm_T: ok.. how to upgrade to them, i don't see any in the package list15:03
Tm_TnoaXess: do following in konsole: "grep GLX /var/log/Xorg.0.log"15:04
Tm_TnoaXess: first line will contain driver version I believe15:04
noaXessTm_T: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108601/15:05
noaXess177.82.. sorry15:05
Tm_TnoaXess: do this then: "apt-cache search nvidia-glx-180"15:06
noaXessTm_T: ok its there.. so apt-get install it..15:07
Tm_TnoaXess: splendid15:07
noaXessTm_T: will it be automaticaly uses as default or need i make it as default? with the jockey-kde?15:07
turuburuhi guys15:07
Tm_TnoaXess: it will be used15:08
turuburuguidancepowermanager depends on which services? powersaved for example or what?15:08
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:08
Tm_Thi moocow15:08
noaXessok... self explainend.. 177.82 will be removed ;)15:08
turuburusomething i did and i made kdeguidancepwoermanager not to show me options to choose governor15:08
noaXessyeah... new driver new luck ;)15:08
noaXessthanks Tm_T15:08
noaXessok.. nvidia 180.11 is on, rebooting... see ya15:12
noaXessTm_T: so, nvidia 180.11 is up and running... see whats happend :)15:18
Tm_TnoaXess: good luck15:18
* Tm_T hides15:18
boblenyDoes anyone know the url for downloading ndiswrapper drivers?15:20
boblenyEverytime I search yahoo, I get a bunch of old links....15:20
aapzakwhats going on15:25
aapzakah, keys back o normal15:26
benpiccoI wonder if that's the right place, however, I installed kde4.2rc on kubuntu 8.10, works fine, but automount (of an ext3 volume) is broken, gives an AccessDeniedByPolincy - is there a way to fix it? Mounting it manually everytimes is not that convinient15:26
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:26
spawn57hi, does anyone know what konqueror plugin i need that lets konqueror find the feeds on a site?15:27
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mapelohi everyone!!!15:39
BluesKaj!hi | mapelo15:41
ubottumapelo: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!15:41
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kzI've 2 partitions, Linux and Windows, how can I resize the partitions on my HDD to have only Linux partition and don't lose data?15:52
moocowkz: first piece of advice:  backup backup backup15:53
moocowif you don't do that you are really treading some dangerous ground15:53
moocowonce you know you have solid backups, get a live cd and do it that way15:53
moocowor a live usb disk or something15:53
moocowgparted, qt, parted should work15:54
kzI've to run parted on Live CD? or I can run parted using my actual Linux?15:54
moocowyes but how you have your partitions setup it depends on what you can do15:56
moocowyou won't be able to move / for example15:56
=== central is now known as carlitos__
kzthen I try a Live CD, thx!15:58
marek_hi, i wanted to compile one widget15:58
marek_here is what i got15:58
marek_can you help me?15:58
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=== ame__ is now known as ame_
killerweeHey there..16:32
killerweeCan anyone in here help a noob in need...?16:32
cuzntyou need to ask the question 1st killerwee16:34
cuzntwe wont know if we can help otherwise16:34
killerweeok... :D16:34
killerweeI can't get sound on kubuntu16:34
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:35
cuznttry that then16:35
cuzntright on16:35
cuzntit will work16:35
cuzntwhat version are you using?16:36
cuznti am kde 4.2 RC116:36
cuzntmine works great now16:36
cuzntback in 3.5.x i had to mess with my creative16:36
killerweethere are nothing like that in the sound system settings16:37
killerweeall I get is a list of my soundcard...16:37
killerweeand a button saying add device list to?16:38
=== ame_ is now known as ame
=== ame is now known as ame_
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Guest61050I have proble16:41
ubsafderis there any kde widget  to manage the wifi networks available ?16:43
ubsafderi tried looking in synaptic  but nothing looked apropriate any sugestion for this issue ? under kde16:45
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altrortlaazz finally still ME16:48
=== matthias__ is now known as Trollinator
cuznthttp://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=GSA-E60L&cat=DVD&cpc=DVDbsc    does anyone think this dvd+rw work in kde?17:00
BluesKajcuznt, kde has nothing to do with it ...will it work on a Linux OS is the question ..and who knows17:02
cuzntkde has everything to do with everything on my pc .........                            so there.. :p17:03
BluesKajcuznt, kde doesn't determine the the required drivers for hardware on your system17:04
cuznti know....17:05
cuzntand ty17:05
cuznti was wearing my kde pride baby17:05
ubsafderdoes kubuntu support WPA ?17:06
* BluesKaj shrugs ...running kde4.2 0n my linux partition, right now I'm testing windows 7 17:06
BluesKajubsafder,  yes17:06
BluesKaj!wifi | ubsafder17:07
ubottuubsafder: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs17:07
cuznti am not willing to run a system that takes 16gigs of hard drive to run.17:08
GoanHi. Can someone please help me with a little bash script? I want to run a java program after every 15 minutes.17:16
Goanand append all of the output from each run into a file17:17
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=== NC|Lunch is now known as NCommander
noir_lordGoan, look up cron17:19
Goansure, noir_lord17:20
chxHi. I am on Hardy. Akregator does not show links for http://.... i need to upon the complete story , very very inconvinient. is there a fix?17:21
BluesKajGoan, if you have scipting experience , why not make a bin/sh and place it in init.d ..let it run as a daemon17:22
noir_lordGoan, it should be simple enough to set up cron to do what you want (by default cron checks every minute to see if any jobs are due to be executed) so you have the resolution you need time wise17:22
=== kpenrose_ is now known as kpenrose
BluesKajcuznt you're correct about W7, it has a large footprint ...with a few apps added it's almost 15G on this pc17:30
douglhow long does the installation of 8.10 usually take to 'Checking for packages to remove...' - install seems to be hung, does anyone have any idea?17:31
BluesKajdougl, how long now ?17:32
douglBluesKaj, been about 10-20 minutes at 95%17:33
douglBluesKaj, 96% now so I guess it is not hung :)17:35
BluesKajdougl,  just let it go ..it took around 20-30 mins just to remove old packages17:35
douglBluesKaj, cool - thanks for the info/peice of mind :)17:36
=== cbass is now known as Paradigm_Shift
BluesKajdougl, NP ... it's prolly due to kde4 replacing some of the kde3 stuff17:38
paolohi. I have some problems with audio. I can hear it with the pc speaker, but I can't hear it with headphones. all worked since one day ago, and now I don't understand what has happened. I tried different headphones, but the result is the same17:47
rickestpaolo: when you say pc speaker do you mean the ones plugged into your soundcard or the one inside your computer?17:48
paolorickest: the one inside17:51
rickestpaolo: that one really doesn't have anything to do with regular sound; i.e., videos, mp3s, etc.  so your real audio hardware is probably either unrecognized (no driver) or misconfigured17:51
paolorickest: I can hear all the audio types with this speaker17:52
rickestpaolo: then I can't help, sorry17:54
paolothanks aniway rickest17:55
fernandoHey sorry I have a problem with my Canon printer who can help me?17:56
fernandoHey sorry I have a problem with my Canon printer who can help me?17:56
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fernando_Hey sorry I have a problem with my Canon printer who can help me?17:56
Dr_willisgee... you could state the problem...17:56
fernando_hola disculpen tengo un problema con mi impresora canon quien me puede ayudar? 17:58
fernando_installing the driver pulls me that I lack the library libglib 1.2 but now I have installed17:58
Dr_willisinstalling the driver how?17:58
fernando_from the file manager17:59
Dr_willisyou mean the pacakge manager? adept?17:59
Dr_willis!info libglib18:00
ubottuPackage libglib does not exist in intrepid18:00
Dr_willis!find libglib18:00
ubottuFound: libglib-perl, libglib2.0-cil, libglibmm-2.4-1c2a, libglibmm-2.4-dbg, libglibmm-2.4-dev (and 19 others)18:00
fernando_when you try to install I get the error: dependency is not satisfi: libgblib1.218:01
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fernando_hee ? can I help me18:02
fernando_help me18:03
hyper__chfernando_: mind-reading over the internet is not an art many people master18:03
noir_lordanyone know if there is a package containing the 35 GPL licensed URW fonts? Ive looked but cant find anything with them in18:17
fitoriaSomeone knows why when I try to install digikam apt deletes kdeplasma-addons?18:25
tyler_d1I am trying to change the keyboard shortcuts for amarok on a media keyboard. how is this accomplished?18:30
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jendaporadi mi prosim nekdo s nastavenim skype?18:38
jendahi, can someone help me with settings by skype?18:39
cjaedoes anyone know if kde-base and such packages are dependent on the 32 bit or 64 bit architechture? like if I have a 64 arch and upgrade kde to 4.2 will I have to have 64 bit packages?18:42
StR|Sangrealhi... how can i set a shortcut to minimize all windows?18:44
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neothecatcan i synch kalendar (KDE 4.2 RC 2) with google calendars?19:04
hyper__chneothecat: yes, you can19:04
neothecatis it bi-directional?19:05
hyper__chneothecat: it is19:05
neothecathypet_ch:  thank you very much!19:06
hyper__chneothecat: but not on its own19:06
StR|Sangrealpls how can i setup a keyboard shortcut in K to minimize windows?19:06
hyper__chneothecat: you can accomplish it with GCalDaemon19:06
moocowStR|Sangreal: that must be somewhere in the system settings panel19:07
neothecathyper_ch: i will check that out. thanks.19:07
moocowkeyboard and mouse i think and then shortcuts19:07
neothecati was also thinking of installing one of the free groupware servers at home.  anybody have any experience/luck with that?19:07
hyper__chneothecat: need a few links on that topic?19:08
astrommeneothecat: I've tried before, it's always a lot of work19:08
moocowlots of awesomeness out there19:08
moocowand yes it is a lot of work19:08
neothecatsure, any information would be very helpful.19:08
moocowgroupware handles some rather broad and deep topics ... its hard to really make it simple19:08
neothecatso it's not just "sudu aptitude <groupware server>" and it magically works? :)19:08
hyper__chneothecat: http://www.chipbennett.net/wordpress/index.php/2008/06/how-to-synchronize-google-calendar-with-kde-pim-part-2/19:09
hyper__chneothecat: http://gcaldaemon.sourceforge.net/usage-b.html#offline19:09
hyper__chneothecat: http://www.terminally-incoherent.com/blog/2007/10/11/howto-two-way-sync-between-kontact-and-gcal/19:09
elitrouhi guys19:09
hyper__chneothecat: with those links I set it up here19:09
hyper__chhi elitrou19:10
elitroui need some help with scanner configuration19:10
elitrouhi hyper19:10
elwoodhi guys, there something in kde to sync a google calendar from web to offline?19:10
hyper__chelwood: check the links a few lines up19:11
moocowhyper__ch to the rescue19:11
moocowi was about to suggest google it :)19:11
elwoodomg , sorry, i'm blind :)19:11
neothecathyper_ch:  thanks a lot.  this is going to help a lot.19:11
moocowthese sorts of questions are all answered by google tho :)19:12
hyper__chmoocow: you know letmegooglethatforyou.com ?19:12
neothecatmoocow:  well, sometimes i like to get peoples personal experience with dealing with certain issues, or there recommendations19:12
moocowheh, i heard about that yeah19:12
moocowneothecat: fair enough19:12
neothecatbecause i have spent all afternoons trying to set things up, after trying nth different recommendations online, and none of them worked.19:13
hyper__chmoocow: just call that page, enter your terms and it will get then a url that you can give to others... even bette, you can also convert it to a tinyurl... then with a flash animation the search terms will be entered and a search will be conducted :)19:13
neothecatand then you spend a few minutes chatting with someone on irc who went through the same pain as you, and it gets done right away.19:14
hyper__chneothecat: gcaldaemon uses java... basicall you create an ical file in which you can save the stuff and that you can then sync with google19:14
neothecatand that's why i didn't ask for anybody to actually show me how, i just wanted to know someone has successfully done it.  but hyper_ch was nice enough to hold my hand anyway :)19:14
moocowhyper__ch: or i can do what i usually do to get my self banned ... abuse the users19:15
hyper__chneothecat: well, it took me quite a while to find that19:15
benpiccoHi, my gamepad get's recognized as a mouse instead of a gamepad - and behaves just like one, except that none of the buttons nor the second anolog stick works any longer19:17
jendaporadi mi prosim nekdo s nastavenim skype?19:17
jenda hi, can someone help me with settings by skype?19:17
hyper__chjenda: maybe19:18
hyper__chjenda: no private query19:18
hyper__chjenda: one more message in private query and you're on my ignore list19:18
hyper__chjenda: you're now on my ignore list19:19
RurouniJones!cz | jenda19:20
ubottujenda: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.19:20
jendahyper: thx for you great support...19:20
jendahyper: I love such assholes as you...19:21
elitroujenda: no need to be rude19:21
RurouniJonesKepp that up and you will get kicked from the channel19:21
jendaelitrou: I' m not angry, but when I ask for help, I write someone a PM and he add me on ignore list is it normal?19:22
jendai don't think so...19:22
StR|Sangrealkľud jenda19:22
StR|Sangrealasi ti nevie nik pomäcť19:22
RurouniJonesGet used to it, it is the standard on help channels. We are not personal tutors, ask teh question in the channel and expect hellp in the channel19:22
RurouniJonesAsking a proper question is a good start19:22
j3freahi all, can anyone tell me if there will be an incremental update for kde 4.2 from the rc...19:23
RurouniJonesOr go to the #ubuntu-cz chanel and ask in your native language if English is an issue19:23
jendaI've wrote him PM after he wrote me maybe!19:23
jendaI'm already on ubuntu, because you're a little bit crazy19:23
hyper__chj3frea: you're using ppa repos?19:23
StR|Sangrealale no neurážaj19:23
RurouniJonesThen he was being nice, most people ignore PMs from people asking for help19:23
RurouniJonesAnd if you stilll want help then ask the question again with some information19:23
j3freahyper__ch: i havent updated yet - i'm not phased19:23
jendastr: kokoti, nic jinyho... se vsadim ze to je Madar :-)19:24
RurouniJonesLike what the problem is, why it isn't working, what you want to do etc.19:24
j3freahyper__ch: in other words I havent set it up but im willing to19:24
hyper__chj3frea: where do you have then RC from? 8.10 does not ship RC19:24
j3freahyper__ch: i dont have the rc yet - i would use the ppa to get it though19:24
hyper__chj3frea: well, upgrade will be incremental.... but at lot of basic things have changed from 4.1 to 4.2 RC19:24
j3freahyper__ch: ya, i wont have a good connection from monday onwards so im wondering whether id have to get 4.2 entirely or whether it would be a smaller update if i already had the rc19:25
j3freahyper__ch: so im deciding whether or not to get the rc19:25
hyper__chj3frea: updates will be smaller on each "upgrade" but overall you will download more stuff19:26
elitroujenda: he asked you politely enough to ask him in the common room, not in the private...19:26
j3freahyper__ch: right now i can download a lot - it is more whether i will need to download a lot when 4.2 actually comes out19:26
hyper__chj3frea: I mean if you upgrade to rc now and later to stable then, with both upgrades combined, you will ahve downloaded more19:27
hyper__chj3frea: compared to if you just upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 stable19:27
j3freahyper__ch: but if i download rc now then the stable 4.2 will be less right?19:28
hyper__chj3frea: yes19:28
j3freahyper__ch: the reason is that I will not have a good connection soon so i want to save on future downloads19:28
hyper__chj3frea: not having a good connectino sux :(19:28
j3freahyper__ch: tell me about it - im in south africa19:29
j3freahyper__ch: and are you sure that there will be an incremental update? on #kde they said that there would not be although i realise that kubuntu does stuff on their own19:29
hyper__chj3frea: ask Mark to build a 1GB dedicated line for you :)19:29
j3freahyper__ch: okay...19:29
j3freahyper__ch: what's his nick ? :D19:29
hyper__chj3frea: well, there won't be any 4.2 for Kubuntu 8.1019:29
hyper__chj3frea: but the PPA will very likely upgrade19:29
hyper__chj3frea: so it will be incremental19:30
hyper__chj3frea: not sure about 9.0419:30
j3freahyper__ch: okay - then that's awesome...19:30
j3freahyper__ch: as far as i know 9.04 plans to include 4.219:30
hyper__chj3frea: haven't tried it yet...19:30
j3freahyper__ch: rc or kde4?19:30
hyper__chj3frea: 9.0419:31
hyper__chj3frea: will probably install it next weekend19:31
j3freaoh - isnt it scheduled for april19:32
hyper__chj3frea: alpha versions are out19:32
ryan-cRIAD0 read performance is much faster than RAID1, right?19:33
j3freahyper__ch: not really a bleeding edge type of guy - with a poor con you cant really afford to be...19:33
hyper__chj3frea: :)19:33
j3freahyper__ch: :(19:33
hyper__chj3frea: I like getting daily updates :) that's why I use amaork neon19:33
j3freahyper__ch: tell me again what mark's nick is :D19:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about microphone19:34
hyper__chj3frea: no clue....19:34
StR|Sangreal!audio input19:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about audio input19:34
hyper__chj3frea: I don't think he's on the in here19:34
j3freahyper__ch: ahh, now what's a guy to do19:34
j3freahyper__ch: no hope...19:34
j3freaStR|Sangreal: what is your problem?19:34
hyper__chj3frea: :(19:34
j3freahyper__ch: ja well... maybe one day they'll get jacked up here and i'll also run amarok neon (at least I do have amarok 2)19:35
hyper__chj3frea: amarok neon is a nightly updated package from svn19:36
j3freahyper__ch: what does help with a slower con is that you make sure you make it count - for example you say amarok rather than "amaork" :P19:36
hyper__chj3frea: provided by apachelogger19:36
j3freahyper__ch: figured it was a nightly19:36
hyper__chj3frea: btw, a nice little page:  http://repogen.simplylinux.ch19:36
j3freahyper__ch: kk, thanks for the info - appreciate the help and I'm having a look at the page - ta...19:37
j3freahyper__ch: gtg19:37
hyper__chj3frea: cya19:37
ubsafderhow do i find what package would provide gd.h ?19:43
JontheEchidna!find gd.h19:44
ubottuFound: libgdchart-gd2-noxpm, libgdchart-gd2-noxpm-dev, libgdchart-gd2-xpm, libgdchart-gd2-xpm-dev, python-gdchart2 (and 1 others)19:44
ubsafderi have the lib installed but i don't have the header19:45
cjaeHi, I have kubuntu 8.10 and edited sources to deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main and while downloading it installed mysql (which I do not need) and several other things I do not need but primarily I stopped the install at ttf-dejavu and ttf-dejavu-extra and did not install the packages following that package, it says to dpkg --configure -a amd apt-get -f install which both fail at said packages, what19:45
cjaeis onw to do? and what are those packages for?19:45
cjaeI did the upgrade for fixes for multiple monitors19:46
JontheEchidnaubsafder: you'd want the -dev package of the lib19:48
sinHello! I downloaded and burned a Kubuntu live-CD. When I boot my PC up with it, it gives me the languages choice and the menu, but when I press enter to choose something, it locks up. What can I do ?19:48
StR|Sangrealplease, my vlc/kaffeine flickers on playing. how can i fix it?19:49
ubsafderok but can't find the package of the lib19:49
cjaesin: check the disc integrity19:49
sincjae: "Check CD for defects" locks up as well.19:49
cjaesin: must be bad disc, check the md5sum of the iso you downloaded19:51
ubsafderas i could not find what package profided libgd.so.2 i am loking to learn to find package by their file contents19:52
ubsafderi know i want gd.h for the lib i have already installed19:54
stdinubsafder: http://packages.ubuntu.com/ has a search field for that, neer the bottom of the page19:55
cjaeanybody using kde 4.219:55
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brandon__Hey all! I have just installed Kubuntux86_64 KDE. my only problem is the bootloader (GRUB) did not add Vista properly. Can anyone tell me what I need to change in grub to get vista to boot as well?20:00
stdintry https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo20:00
StR|Sangrealplease, i need a foccused help on my video/display/graphic/microphone20:00
StR|Sangreali was trying to read walkthroughs and tutorials but didnt succeed20:01
StR|Sangrealis there sb to help me please?20:01
ghostcubeStR|Sangreal, the flickering in vlc can maybe disabled by setting the video output from xv to x1120:03
StR|Sangrealhow, where?20:03
ghostcubeopen vlc20:03
ghostcubesettings > video20:03
StR|Sangrealthe whole window except the headder starts flickering on play20:03
ghostcubewhat video output are you running in vlc now ?20:04
=== Zorix_ is now known as Zorix
ghostcubechange to X1120:07
StR|Sangrealthe clip window didnt open20:07
ghostcubeno vid with x11?20:08
ghostcubechange it to Xvideo20:08
StR|Sangrealyet no video opens on any choice20:10
brandon__<stdin> I have tried this and it is not solving my problem. If you can help me, I will tell you what I have and see if you can guide me20:12
hyper__chbrandon__: isn't it enough to boot vista in a vm?20:13
kon:o theres a #kubuntu, nice20:13
brandon__I have had vista for a while and i have to use it for work.20:14
hyper__chkon: that's not the #kubuntu you are looking for *makes jedi mind trick*20:14
hyper__chbrandon__: poor you :(20:14
konI just installed kubuntu on my MacBook Pro20:14
ghostcubeStR|Sangreal, what video card is this20:14
konRuns so nice20:14
StR|Sangrealok it seems like vlc doesnt open any video track anymore (just changed the output mode from default to x11)20:14
hyper__chkon: I'd even suggest to update it to 4.2 rc20:15
kononly issue is see is the Application Loader, it keeps shutting down on me :(20:15
brandon__LOOK I came here for help but if you just want to antagonize me than to hell with you20:15
hyper__chkon: you might want to try to upgrade it - maybe that helps20:15
StR|Sangrealkaffeine still opens but flickers all around except the upper header20:15
konhyper__ch: I think i will20:15
StR|Sangrealthe menu bar as well and all the context menu20:15
hyper__chkon: :)20:15
brandon__I'll try a different distro.20:15
StR|Sangrealand my card is ati mobility radeon x145020:15
ghostcubethe normal ati drivers or fglrx ?20:16
konDoes GimpShop run on kubuntu?20:16
StR|Sangrealno clue20:16
stdinhyper__ch: don't antagonise users20:16
StR|Sangreal i installed the closed thirdparty driver offered by the system20:16
StR|Sangrealand nothing else20:16
hyper__chstdin: if you'd explain to me what "antagonise" means20:16
ghostcubehmm ok so fglrx20:16
ghostcubeStR|Sangreal, havew u tried restarting vlc or using mplayer ?20:17
hyper__chstdin_: if you'd explain to me what "antagonise" means20:18
stdinhyper__ch: if you can't help someone, replying with "pore you :(" does not help20:18
konnever mind, i found gimp on the app loader20:18
hyper__chstdin: well, he was given already the correct link above.. at least that's what my backlog says20:19
stdinhyper__ch: and that excuses you?20:20
hyper__chhmmm. antagonize"to make hostile"... having pity with someone is making hostile... interesting interpretation20:20
lokpestwhy do I not have a /~.bashrc ?20:20
konBash.org Getting a random quote from bash.org, Please wait..20:20
konBash.org - #958 Quote: (heck01) i sometimes dont know if i'm straight or not, then a cute girl sits down next to me and i get a huge erection and i remember20:20
konremotes off20:20
kon* Remote is off20:20
hyper__chlokpest: because it's ~/.bashrc20:21
lokpesthyper__ch: that was what I ment, dont have that either20:21
leifhey thanx for the bedst gui ever20:22
hyper__chstdin: well, actually I think it does20:22
brandon__thank you <stdin>20:23
hyper__chstdin: wow, getting kicked for that20:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about guidlines20:23
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines20:23
stdinI suggest you read that20:23
hyper__chstdin: why?20:23
stdinbecause those are the rules of this channel20:24
hyper__chstdin: getting kicked for having sympathies with someone... that's really against the rules20:24
StR|Sangrealsorry i had to restart my xserver20:24
brandon__I am haveing a problem finding my vista partition number.20:24
hyper__chstdin: and if that's against the rules then it's not my place to be here20:24
StR|Sangrealso what should i do about my graphics troubles?20:24
koni keep getting this error on a new install20:25
stdinbrandon__: anyway, I think you need to add something to vista to get it working. did you see the "External Links" at the bottom of the page I gave you?20:25
kon"no rrot system is defined"20:25
konanyone know what that is?20:25
ghostcubeStR|Sangreal, have u tried mplayer ?20:25
brandon__how do I get back into vista?20:26
StR|Sangreali mean often some popups are black or flickering, some graphical effects are malfunctioning and any attempt to open video file with vlc, kaffeine, mplayer ends in either freezing of the software or it opens on the top of the desktop and cant be controlled much and some 60% of frames are black only20:26
konStR|Sangreal: Might be the wrong driver for your video card?20:26
konor outdated20:27
ghostcubeStR|Sangreal, sounds like a driver problem  on youre system and xard you dont need the closed drivers20:27
ghostcubethe opensource ones would work fine20:27
brandon__<stdin>yes I saw those links, but they all seem to be refferring to before hand and not after the fact20:27
stdinbrandon__: does your system have a "restore" feature? It's sometimes shows before grub, like "F11 System Restore". It doesn't matter in what order you installed, as long as you setup grub last. or restore the windows bootloader and then grub20:28
stdinbrandon__: if you have the install CD/DVD there is an advanced/other20:30
stdin options section. Within it are options to run a startup repair20:30
brandon__ok will try thanks20:33
snakehi all20:33
cjaewhat is ttf-dejavu?20:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ttf-dejavu20:36
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer20:36
cjaems font will ot install wither20:36
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airtonalguém aí fala português?20:41
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest93662
stdin_!pt | airton20:44
ubottuairton: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.20:44
lokpestwho do I not have a ~/.bashrc20:48
tyler_d1add another user and steal it from that one20:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about radius20:49
lokpesttyler_d1: why?20:49
lokpesttyler_d1: if I didnt get one, why should the new one get one?20:50
stdinlokpest: why are you asking then?20:51
lokpeststdin: because I dont have a ~/.bashrc20:51
stdinwell, you or something else would have deleted it, it's there by default (coppied from /etc/skel)20:52
lokpeststdin: nope, never was there from the begining... think a saw a bugreport about it20:54
stdinthen you know the reason20:55
lokpestI just want to know how I get one! :)20:55
stdincopy it from /etc/skel20:55
adz21cHi, when I try to send a signed email it immediately says I put in a badpassphrase ... but I didn't get chance to enter one. Any ideas how to solve this? (kmail kde4.2rc1)20:56
StR|Sangrealok i have removed the proprietary software20:56
StR|Sangrealfor graphic controlling20:56
StR|Sangrealand reinstalled one package mentioned in the tutorial20:56
StR|Sangrealno video software responses on my video now20:57
snake_lokpest: use "ls -a ~" to see if you have it, because it's a hidden file.20:57
douglI cannot seem to install my nvidia drivers on my hardware (amd athlon 32bit/512 w/fx5700)... log = nvidia.ko failed to build!20:58
lokpestsnake_: I know that :)20:58
lokpestso, now I should have one..20:58
lokpestah good, now I can play with aliases :---)21:00
wes_is kubuntu better than opensuse?21:04
lokpest"better" is only poosible to determine in a specific enviroment21:05
cuznti certainly like it21:05
cuzntit works great on my pc and i had to start veryvery little linux knowledge21:06
wes_like? kubuntu "ubuntu" or suse? kde or gnome?21:06
cuzntkubuntu 4.2 RC121:06
wes_iv been using ubuntu for 3 years. iv alwaysed used gnome as my environment. but kde 4 has me wanting to try it. but i hear the new opensuse 11 is pretty nice21:07
cuzntno idea about open suse.21:08
cuznti started on the recommendation of a peep on furthurnet.org21:08
cuzntlost my windowz lic when my processor and mother board crapped the cookie21:08
wes_windows sucks. stick with linux21:09
cuzntwell i know that now21:09
cuznti dig kubuntu21:10
GSF1200Seven if windows was better design wise (which it isnt), based on principle Linux will always be superior21:10
cuzntif i could get my webcam to work, everything will be just exactly perfect21:10
StR|Sangreallease i have just removed the proprietary ATI controller because one told me that it causes all the flickering of my videoplayers... how should i install the right opensource one? (my architecture is centrino2, distro kubuntu intrepid and videocard ati mobility radeon x1450)21:11
wes_you have youre trial and error cuznt, but there is always a fix to the problems21:12
mihai__anyone has an idea on how to make lexmark x2650 work on kubuntu ?21:12
mihai__i've tryed installing it's software...but it won't work21:12
mihai__it won't print...neither scan21:12
douglis there a way to install nvidia driver in kde?21:13
mihai__dougl yes, what version of kde do you have ?21:14
wes_should be prepackaged21:14
cuzntwell i have since installed 2 hard drives kde on each21:14
cuzntuse one to fix the other21:14
mihai__yes, wes_'s right :) but if it doesn't work already it means that something's wrong21:14
douglmihai__, default that comes with 8.10...21:14
douglsorry forgot to mention that :)21:14
mihai__so what's the prob then ?21:15
douglmihai__, I would like to install nvidia drivers but manual nvidia installer fails to build kernel module... is there somewhere in kde to install older version for my fx5700?21:17
ryan-cI had good luck with the envy driver installer21:17
webmarenmy mouse pointer disappears when I rollover the opera tab bar, anybody heard of this problem before?21:21
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douglI had a little pop up icon come up in my system tray and it had options to enable nvidia drivers - one option for current then an option for older driver = how do I get that application/utility again?21:22
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:22
douglI am running 8.1021:22
webmarennevermind, must have been a transient, because a restart fixed it21:25
Ahmuckhi.  i have a set of photos, and i need to print them 4 to a page on photo paper.  what is the best way to do this?  the best program?21:29
lokpestIs it possible to let the button "attach in email" i dolphin to work with thunderbird instead of kmail?21:32
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lokpesthmm, this seams to be a related bugreport21:34
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Name141I have a problem with my external not working in 8.04 LTS.   I run the install for 8.04 and it causes my external drive's light to go "red".  And it hangs.  However, I run the install for 8.10 and it doesn't hang up.  Should I try to flip off the hard drive, install the OS, upgrade it, then flip back on the HD?  Or would I be wasting my time as it wont work even after upgrade?  I have problems with 8.10.21:55
StR|Sangrealplease, i have uninstalled the proprietary graphic driver (i use centrino2 notebook and my videocard is ATI radeon mobile x1450)21:57
StR|Sangrealhow can i install the proper opensource driver?21:58
StR|Sangrealwith the proprietary one my videoplayer wasnt able to play vids properly21:59
stewart_hmmm  quiet here  eh ?22:02
szrhawaiiyep very quiet22:03
* shadeslayer starts to brush up a storm22:04
shadeslayeryou want me too22:04
stewart_hehe  I just found konversation amongst other things  while trying to get ubuntu to talk with my phone,  tried kde and all sorts -  then I found an up to date thread22:04
stewart_all the same info just up to date repository urls:  world of difference22:05
stewart_so is this channel  normally fully of general chat or nerdy chat ?22:05
dkkongMy KDE4 is broke after an update. It just logs into a white screen, I see my desktop, then more white screen.22:08
cuzntdkkong restart x <cntl><backspace> and choose to log in on the safe mode22:09
yousef_how come there is no package for ngspice?22:10
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cuzntthen do sudo apt-get update22:10
cuzntsudo apt-get upgrade -f22:10
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dkkongOkay, just a sec. BRB. Thanks cuznt22:10
=== Guest95118 is now known as Bou
cuzntthere were unresolved plasma dependancies dkkong22:10
szrhawaiistewart sometimes22:11
yousef_does somebody know how i can get ngspice?22:12
szrhawaiiyousef what are you looking to do22:12
yousef_cause for some reason the package is not in the repos22:12
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linuxguyHi Can anyone tell me how to get compiz-fusion working properly with the "cube" on 8.10 running Kde 4.12 please?..thanks22:12
yousef_i want the ngspice engine22:12
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yousef_for oregano22:13
yousef_circuit analysing22:13
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.22:14
szrhawaiiyousef you got gnome or kde22:14
szrhawaiidid you download the package for ngspice ngspice22:15
yousef_what package22:16
yousef_im looking for te package ngspice22:16
szrhawaiiill give you a forum and location22:17
szrhawaiihttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=292856 forum22:17
szrhawaiihttp://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=38962&package_id=31152 location22:18
linuxguyyousef_, here it is :) http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/22:18
szrhawaiiof file22:18
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions22:18
szrhawaiithen terminal it after you download this from that site sudo dpkg -i ngspice_17.0.0-1_i386.deb22:18
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness from KMenu -> System -> Desktop Effects - further help in #compiz-fusion22:18
jhutchins_ltSo can anyone tell me what pulseaudio does besides break sound systems?22:19
szrhawaiiyousef this is the file your looking for ngspice_17.0.0-1_i386.deb22:20
szrhawaiiyousef at this website http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=38962&package_id=3115222:20
yousef_oh wait22:21
yousef_ok thanx22:21
dkkongNo luck cuznt. I still see the desktop and the welcome to the pasmoid note, then white takes over and I can't see a thing22:22
szrhawaiidkkong what did you do22:23
szrhawaiijust an upgrade22:23
szrhawaiitry looking at your download history to see what you downloaded22:24
szrhawaiimaybe you will find the problem22:24
dkkongszrhawaii: Yeah, I was running 3, then it upgraded to 422:24
cuzntdkkong did a sudo apt-get upgrade -f22:24
dkkongThat too22:24
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dkkongI don't think it's the RC1 version. It's whatever was in the repo. Honestly, I'm not quite sure how the upgrade happened. I was happy with KDE 3, but somehow got the 4 packages installed22:26
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szrhawaiiwhat are the 4 packages22:26
dkkongThe KDE 4 packages.22:26
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szrhawaiiwhy would you put kde 4 packages ontop of kde 3.522:32
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TimSIs anyone here knowedgeable with graphics cards? My card (9800GT) has two DVI outs, and claims its max resolution is 2560x1600, is that per monitor or in total23:06
geniiTimS: 1280x800x223:21
nedimHow to remove koffice-data-kde4 package? I want to install new KDE23:22
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nedimHow to remove koffice-data-kde4 package? I want to install new KDE23:28
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crash_artwitajcie mam taki problemik malutki23:32
crash_artmianowicie chodzi o to ponieważ zakupiłem sobie w anglii laptopa advent23:33
crash_arti on ma guziki od włączania wi-fi, poczty, i guzik od włączanie szybszych obrotów wentylatora23:34
crash_arti żaden z nich nie chce mi działąć :/23:34
crash_arttochę lipa jest bo wi-fi muszę odpalać z konsoli (ifconfig wlan0 up)23:35
crash_artmoże ktoś mi pomoże jak to ugryść :/23:35
crash_artaha no dobra widzę szału nie ma nikt nie jest chętny do wspułpracy :[23:36
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KonDTsanok, i have a problem. I switched my laptop to run dual screens, now i'm stuck with 640x480 res and can't get it fixed23:53
whkingfirefox in kubuntu does not look right, the tabs have graphic errors, is this common? is there a fix?23:59
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