gmbwgrant: Ohnononnono. We want that in the bug tracker. It's a matter of resources and other priorities.00:00
gmb(Two hours later, I grant you, but hey, such is asynchronous communication, and I wanted to stick my oar in before I went to bed.)00:01
wgrantgmb: Oh good, you've changed your attitude. It was very strongly shot down years ago.00:02
gmbwgrant: No, I haven't changed my attitude, I'm just expressing what the bugs team have said themselves. Whether it has been shot down from on high in the past I don't know (and our data model - or at least our understanding of how to refine it - is better now). Of course, there's always the chance that any new feature will get the stompy boot of doom applied to it by the people who have the last word.00:05
wgrantgmb: 'You' meaning the LP developer collective, sorry.00:07
gmbwgrant: Ah right. Well, like I said, I can't speak for the PTB but in the trenches it's something we'd very much like to see.00:08
wgrantgmb: Excellent, thanks.00:08
wgrantShould a single PPA really be allowed to die up all of the PPA buildds for ages?00:17
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dnyyIs there a channel for help with package building?02:03
thumperdnyy: not a specific one that I know of02:12
thumpernot related to launchpad anyway02:12
nhandlerdnyy: #ubuntu-motu might be your best bet (if the packages are for Ubuntu)02:14
dnyythey are, thanks thumper and nhandler. :)02:15
nhandlerYou're welcome dnyy02:16
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wgrantSoyuz, stop lieing to me!03:00
wgrantIt is telling me that I copied packages from a PPA which is different from the one I actually copied them from.03:01
detAre there any plans for launchpad to be able to build packages for Debian ?03:08
thumperdet: it has been considered03:11
mwhudsondet: in the "hmm, yeah, that would be nice" sense, yes03:11
thumperbut I'm not sure on the current status of the plans03:11
detIt would be really nice, IMO, and show that Ubuntu gives back to Debiab,03:11
detI currently maintain packages for a game for Ubuntu users, it seems a shame that Debian users cant piggyback off my packaging, when the source packages are compatible with both.03:12
* lamalex dreams of a universal build service03:13
lamalexmaybe when LP is open sourced..03:13
lamalexsuse, red hat, debian, ubuntu packages all in the same place03:14
lamalexthat'd be a dream come true for projects03:14
thumperlamalex: interesting dream03:14
lamalex"I have a dream"03:14
lamalexthumper: it should be that hard, there are already great build services for most major distros03:15
lamalexthey just need an abstracted front end and probably a roll of duct tape03:15
mwhudsonyeah, specifying build dependencies should be a breeze?!03:15
lamalexmwhudson: i'm not voting for one service that builds N packages03:16
lamalexyou say I want a suse package, give it the sauce to make a suse package, it hands it off to the suse builder03:16
mwhudsonoh right03:17
mwhudsonthat sounds a lot saner :)03:17
lamalexhaha indeed03:17
lamalexit just gives projects one place to tell users to get packages03:17
lamalexwhich has value03:18
lamalexand increases LPs appeal to projects03:18
wgrantlamalex: Note that the relevant bit of Launchpad isn't being open-sourced.03:20
* lamalex puts his head down03:21
lamalexis that Charlie Brown music I hear?03:21
lamalexnevermind, arrested development reference03:24
wgrantWe can hope that the lords of Launchpad will change their minds soon.03:25
mwhudson-s, possibly03:28
wgrantWell, yes.03:28
maxbIt's a shame Soyuz isn't going to be opened. I'd be interested in it purely from the PoV of understanding Ubuntu better03:29
lamalexI'm going to assume Soyuz is the PPA part03:29
wgrantlamalex: Soyuz is Launchpad's package management component, which deals with both PPAs and Ubuntu itself.03:29
wgrant(yet apparently it doesn't include the bit that deals with Debian in Launchpad... I'm not entirely sure what is and isn't included in the open sourcing)03:30
maxbDoes launchpad deal with Debian other than in the sense of bugtracker linking?03:31
maxbOh, and using P-a-s (wrongly, I might add)03:31
wgrantmaxb: It imports the packages.03:31
wgrantThe Debian imports have nothing to do with P-a-s.03:32
wgrantOoh dear.03:33
wgrantLaunchpad is not going to be happy with me, I don't think... I wonder how that will work.03:33
wgrantAw, it didn't break. It just didn't publish.03:44
wgrantI got a Debian package into my PPA. i was hoping it would crash the publisher or something creative like that, but it apparently does really only publish Ubuntu.03:48
mkanatWhat's the canonical URL for a bug? bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/123456 ?04:22
thumpermkanat: that'll work04:24
mkanatOkay. How many variations are there? Just bugs/12345$ and +bug/12345$ ?04:25
mkanat(In regex terms.)04:25
* thumper pokes ubottu04:26
thumperbug 12304:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123 in rosetta "There's no direct way to see the project info when translating it" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12304:26
thumpermkanat: that url will redirect to the main bug-task04:26
thumpermkanat: so there are lots of variations depending on what the bug relates to04:26
mkanatSure, but they all end in either +bug/1234 or bugs/123404:27
thumpermkanat: however bugs/1234 will work04:27
thumperI can't say with 100% certainty04:27
thumperbut most likely04:27
mkanatThis is basically for an API, so I just need to know all the possible variations of URLs that people could give me.04:27
* wgrant doesn't know of any other formats.04:32
mkanatOkay. :-)04:32
StevenKI'm having trouble creating a branch, with bzr giving me a permission denied trying to push to bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mobile/unr/ubuntu-netbook-remix-default-settings06:42
wgrantStevenK: Pastebin the output, please.06:54
james_wStevenK: does that branch exist?06:59
StevenKjames_w: Nope, I'm trying to create it07:00
wgrantWow. It is OOPSing at me and telling me that the project doesn't exist, depending on whether I do it on edge or staging.07:00
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persiaMaybe because lpnet/unr is a metaproject?07:00
james_wthat's probably it07:00
wgrantOh, so it is.07:00
wgrantI didn't notice that.07:00
wgrantIt still shouldn't OOPS.07:01
wgrantMmmm. Package branches work on staging now.07:05
persiajames_w, about package branches: how would these interact with Vcs-* in debian/control?  Would it be sensible to just use package branches, or to have also another branch?07:07
wgrantVcs-* fails to make sense for Ubuntu packages once we have and use package branches.07:08
james_wVcs-* for most packages will be essentially lp:ubuntu/$suite/$package07:08
james_whowever, if there is say a SVN repo used for collaboration between Ubuntu and Debian then that is useful information07:09
wgrant$suite or +latest?07:09
james_wso we shouldn't overried it for every package, but for consistency have the tools default to those branches07:09
james_wwell, that's one of the under-specified things about Vcs-*, do you document the branch that things came from, or the branch for the latest code, or the branch that you want changes submitted back to?07:10
persiaWithin the original context, it's usually been the second and third, which were typically identical.07:11
persiaSo would you recommend not specifying Vcs-* for ubuntu-local native packages?07:12
persiaAnd just letting the package branching infrastructure manage it?07:12
james_wthat's not what I said07:12
james_whaving that information would be useful07:12
persiaBut it should be lp:ubuntu/$suite/$package ?07:13
james_wbut the toolset isn't based on that information07:13
james_w(the toolset not being Debian things such as debcheckout)07:13
persiaSo, when preparing a new ubuntu-local native package not expected to be used externally to Ubuntu, what would you recommend?07:14
james_wpersia: sorry, missed your question. I would recommend adding the Vcs-* header, pointing to the package branch.07:34
persiaSo lp:ubuntu/$suite/$package ?07:34
james_wthe expanded version probably07:40
persiaright.  Thanks07:42
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mvohello! what is the best way if I want to upgrade a branch on LP? when I try it, I get: "starting upgrade of sftp://mvo@bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-core-dev/app-install-data-ubuntu/ubuntu/; bzr: ERROR: File exists: '/~ubuntu-core-dev/app-install-data-ubuntu/ubuntu/backup.bzr': mkdir failed: unable to mkdir" - is there way around this other than poking with sftp manually around?09:36
mvo(and I I somehow trigger it remote so that I don't have to do all the dowload/upload? this branch is really big)09:36
mvo$ du -sh .bzr09:36
james_wmvo: you have to delete the backup.bzr using lftp or similar currently09:51
james_wand unfortunately there is no way to do it server side yet, that is being worked on09:51
mvojames_w: ok, thanks. I whish there was a LP button "update my branch" :)09:52
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shilbertHi, I have started to read up on uploading packages to my PPA. I am stuck at multiple points in the procedure. Let me try to explain what I aim for10:54
shilbertI am from the GNUmed team10:54
shilbertthere are uptodate packages for debian in sid10:55
shilbertand I would like to get these into the GNUmed PPA for Hardy, Intrepid and Jaunty10:55
shilbertI am looking for advice on how to best achieve this10:55
shilbertFirst attempt was to go through the complete build and upload from source cycle10:56
shilbertThis fails as to it apparently uploads ok but I don't receive any email on success or failure nor does it appear in the PPA10:57
shilbertSo I found this manual where ist states that one can copy from one PPA to another10:57
shilbertthis however is not an option as GNUmed is only in Debian Sid and not in another PPA10:58
shilbertPlease advise on the best way to do this10:58
noodles775shilbert: Yes, I'd recommend trying to find out if and why the builds from the sources failed...10:58
noodles775Was it hours/days ago that you uploaded the sources?10:59
shilbertI might be impatient and did not know it can take hours, it was only two hours ago, sorry if that is the problem10:59
shilbertis there any sync possible from Debian Sid ?11:00
noodles775No problem... I just recall someone the other day being given the advice "Just wait a bit"11:00
shilbertI am just starting to learn packaging and all I want to do is copy it from Debian :-)11:01
noodles775shilbert: have you gone through the video tutorials? I reckon they're a great way to start...11:01
shilbertSorry did not find those. I have read many pages starting with launchpad help11:02
shilbertwill go and check it out now11:02
noodles775np... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKLabbXTqMc11:03
wgrantnoodles775: Is it intentional that one can have packages in multiple distros in a single archive? Does that make sense at all?11:03
noodles775shilbert: In your case it should be a bit easier as you won't need to create the debian files...11:04
wgrant(if I try to copy from a Debian archive into my PPA, I can only copy into Debian series, which is unfortunate and useless)11:04
noodles775wgrant: I'm not certain that the possibility has been considered...11:05
noodles775bigjools: will be back soon and can probably provide more helpful info...11:05
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wgrantWell, it's certainly possible, and it would be useful to be able to copy from Debian to a PPA and have things built and published.11:05
wgrantActually, I wonder if I can do that through the API...11:06
noodles775Yeah, good question...11:06
noodles775wgrant: AFAICS, the UI definitely does not support it (although it's currently noted as a bug)... so it should be fixed if PPAs for other distributions are supported...11:18
shilbertwgrant: just in case you find an elegant way it would be nice if you could somehow notify the gnumed team (time permitting)11:18
wgrantnoodles775: The UI does not support what?11:19
shankhsIs geany in LP?11:19
noodles775wgrant: sorry, I meant to say, that allowing the selection of distroseries (other than that of the source archive) is something that should be fixed...11:20
noodles775in the UI11:21
wgrantnoodles775: Do Archives have distros linked directly, or is it just the SPPHs?11:22
shankhsI was trying to install geanydebug plugin but it seems that the configure.in file in geany needs the source code I found the geany source code in /usr/include/geany and gave the path but at the end it always says FATAL ERROR : source code not found11:23
noodles775wgrant: Archives are linked directly to distros, yes.11:23
shankhsHow should I change the configure.in file?11:24
wgrantnoodles775: That's what I thought until this afternoon, but how on earth does it let me copy something into the wrong distro in an archive?11:25
noodles775wgrant: as I said, I don't think it's intentional...11:25
noodles775but I'm not certain...11:26
wgrantnoodles775: I guess it's an easy fix since archives are linked to distros.11:26
wgrantHmmm, except not.11:26
noodles775wgrant: if you've time, can you submit a bug for this?11:26
wgrantnoodles775: Sure, I was planning to once I checked with one of you guys.11:27
noodles775:) - migth be worth checking with bigjools first, but AFAICS, it looks like a bug.11:27
wgrantThe API looks up the distroseries name against the archive's distro, and I can do Debian Primary -> Ubuntu PPA copies fine that way.11:30
wgrantshilbert: ^^11:30
wgrantIf archives are bound to distros, is there no namespacing reason for the 'ubuntu' in PPA URLs?11:32
noodles775wgrant:  f someone's copying it into their sources.list, it's handy for the url to be descriptive isn't it?11:34
wgrantnoodles775: True. So it's just descriptive, not for namespacing? Interesting.11:34
maxbThe URL is ppa.launchpad.net/USER/ubuntu - so perhaps it's there to reserve a level of namespacing for giving a user a second PPA for a different distro, should that ever happen?11:36
wgrantmaxb: It's actually ppa.launchpad.net/USERNAME/ubuntu/PPANAME now.11:36
maxbwell, yes, but only on edge so far11:37
wgrantIIRC the constraint is only (person, distro, name), so the web UI's URLs are wrong.11:37
wgrantAnd ppa.launchpad.net's are right.11:37
wgrant('wrong' meaning special-cased to Ubuntu)11:38
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wgrantBug #32039811:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320398 in soyuz "Copy UI allows copying into Debian series in Ubuntu PPAs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32039811:41
noodles775wgrant: don't you mean: /USERNAME/PPANAME/ubuntu ? (on edge)11:41
noodles775Thanks wgrant11:41
wgrantnoodles775: That I do. That doesn't make sense if archives are linked to distros.11:42
noodles775Well, it only doesn't make sense if you imply from that url that one archive might have content for multiple distros...11:45
noodles775wgrant: ^^^11:45
noodles775wgrant: but my *guess* would be that the intention people will use a different ppa for the different distro...11:45
noodles775wgrant: but... you've been around here longer than me, so you could be right!11:46
wgrantnoodles775: Right, but it would make more sense, to group the PPAs by distro in the directory hierarchy, I think, and it's less confusing.11:46
wgrantArgh, I am going to die of commas.11:46
* noodles775 laughs11:46
noodles775wgrant: possibly, but as you said, there may not be a need for the distro in the directory hierarchy, except so the url is descriptive...11:48
* wgrant looks up the constraint for a definitive answer to that.11:48
* noodles775 is out of his depth here... so take it with a grain of salt11:49
wgrant(distro, person_name, ppa_name)11:49
wgrantSo the 'ubuntu' is necessary.11:49
noodles775wgrant: where are you looking for the constraint?11:49
wgrantnoodles775: The spec and some bugs.11:50
bigjoolsit's placeholder as much as anything, the pain involved to add a named PPA to things was not good so when/if we start supporting more than Ubuntu PPAs it will be easier11:51
wgrantbigjools: I wondered as soon as I saw the +archive URL changing a couple of months ago why you didn't take this opportunity to fix it forever in one hit and add the distro in there too...11:53
bigjoolsURLs are easy to deal with, they can be redirected11:53
wgrantbigjools: True, true.11:54
bigjoolsas I've done for the ppa name :)11:54
wgrantHas a policy for multiple PPA usage been decided upon yet?11:55
bigjoolspolicy in what regard?11:55
wgrantWhat they are to be used for. Last I heard it was to be very restricted.11:55
bigjoolswhere did you hear that, out of interest?11:56
wgrantIn hear.11:57
wgrant*here*. I suck.11:57
* wgrant is grepping.11:57
wgrantbigjools: Oh, I remember now, the spec says that only ~admins are meant to be able to create them.12:09
bigjoolswgrant: ok.  I'm not sure that's completely decided yet but it will be firmed up before the full launch, of course12:10
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weboideHi, I need to reupload a orig.tar.gz to my PPA, but with the same version, how could I do?14:38
wgrantweboide: You cannot.14:38
weboidewgrant: argh :/14:38
weboidewgrant: I always have to superseed it?14:38
wgrantBoth because it's not possible, and because it's not a good idea.14:38
wgrantWhy do you need to modify it?14:38
wgrantThe point of it is that it's *not* modified from the upstream release, so it should never change.14:39
weboidebecause the upstream changed it14:39
wgrantThe upstream is wrong.14:39
weboideit needs to increase the version?14:39
weboideokay, I'll ask then.14:40
weboideThanks wgrant :)14:40
wgrantIt's very, very strange to alter a release after it's released..14:40
wgrantIt defies the point of having a release.14:40
weboidewgrant: yeah but I'll contact them ;)14:41
weboidewgrant: thanks for your help14:41
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mkanatgmb: All of the Bugzilla API stuff is upstream now, and we freeze in six days, so make sure to let me know if anything doesn't work the way you want.15:12
gmbmkanat: Excellent, thanks. I'll take a look at the start of next week (it's freeze day for us today).15:17
mkanatgmb: Okay. :-)15:17
mkanatgmb: I think everything is doc'ed at http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/tip/en/html/api/Bugzilla/WebService/Bug.html15:18
gmbmkanat: Brilliant, thanks.15:18
mkanatgmb: They did change a lot from what's in the plugin, FWIW.15:18
gmbmkanat: Okay. That shouldn't be a problem; I'll just need to do plenty of testing and tweaking :)15:19
mkanatgmb: Okay. :-)15:19
beunomkanat, hi!15:21
mkanatHey beuno!15:21
beunomkanat, there's a Loggerhead branch waiting for your comments15:21
mkanatI should test that branch for you, shouldn't I?15:21
beunomkanat, just to know if that addresses what you need, or if I need to work on it further15:22
beunoif you give me the thumbs up15:23
mkanatbeuno: Does it display a list of revisions that ends at a certain point?15:23
beunoI'll clean it up a bit and land it into trunk15:23
beunomkanat, it does15:23
mkanatbeuno: Okay. And it still paginates revisions normally, I'd imagine?15:23
beunomkanat, it should, yes15:23
beunoI refactored some parts of the code to take revision ranges15:23
mkanatbeuno: That's what I need then, yeah. :-)15:24
beunomkanat, how's the migration going?15:24
mkanatbeuno: Oh, it's a little controversial.15:24
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beunomkanat, well, let us know if we can do anything to smoothen it out15:25
mkanatbeuno: The key point is that Mozilla mainly uses Hg.15:26
mkanatbeuno: So we have to have a compelling reason to move to bzr instead of Hg.15:27
mkanatbeuno: Other than "mkanat likes bzr more." :-)15:27
beunomkanat, bzr rocks?15:27
beunoit's even a command!15:27
mkanatWell, I definitely prefer it. I would have rather Mozilla moved to it, but I understand the scaling problems at their level.15:28
beunomkanat, oh, the scaling problems we can work out, I'm sure, if Mozilla is interested in us helping15:31
mkanatbeuno: We already had the whole discussion about a year ago.15:31
beunomkanat, a lot has changed in a year  ;)15:31
mkanatbeuno: Yeah, but they've already moved to Hg.15:31
* beuno tickles kiko15:32
beunomkanat, I know  :(15:33
beunobut just throwing it out there15:33
mkanatSure, I'd love it.15:34
mkanatThey only committed to hg for this development cycle, but they're building a lot of infrastructure around it now.15:34
mkanatHowdy. :-)15:36
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heikkii'm trying to upload a package to my ppa and get this error: "Unhandled exception processing upload: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe4' in position 77: ordinal not in range(128)", any ideas how to fix this? u'\xe4' is 'ä', there is ä in my name and I'v been able to upload packages with my name in changelog/control file before16:57
heikki(um, was that message too long?)16:58
rockstarheikki, where are you getting this error?17:01
heikkii run the dput command and get a mail which says that my package is rejected17:02
heikkiwhole message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108647/17:03
bigjoolsheikki: known bug, can you change your name in LP to a non-unicode one temporarily during the upload17:04
heikkiok i'll try17:05
bigjoolsit'll be fix in 2.2.217:05
heikkibigjools: it works, thanks!17:16
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LaserJockbeuno: it seems like there's gotta be a decent way to let people know that a vcs-import is just plain dead19:12
beunoLaserJock, sure, we just have to find it19:12
LaserJockI've had to completely give up on using Launchpad for non-bzr projects19:12
LaserJockwhich makes the whole "everything on LP" thing hard19:13
poolieLaserJock: because the imports are out of date and you can't find out?19:13
LaserJockyeah, vcs-imports are too unreliable19:13
LaserJockI'll be pulling along and then I think, "hmm, it's been a couple weeks since I got any updates"19:13
LaserJockI check the LP page and it's dead19:13
LaserJockit would've been nice to get something when I do a pull19:14
LaserJocknot sure how possible that is19:14
rockstarLaserJock, there needs to be a good way to know about this.  It's a bug that there isn't a notfication sent out.19:14
LaserJockI wonder if there could be a redirect or something19:15
rockstarLaserJock, also, where are your vcs-imports coming from?19:15
LaserJocklike bzr knows when a branch format needs to be upgraded, when there's a redirect19:15
LaserJockI wonder if it could somehow "know" that the branch has some "dead import" flag19:16
LaserJockrockstar: as in which VCS hosting?19:16
rockstarLaserJock, bzr knows it needs an upgrade.  Launchpad doesn't tell it that.19:16
rockstarLaserJock, yea.  We seem to have all sorts of issues with Google Code.19:16
LaserJockrockstar: right, what I'm saying is maybe there's something within the branch itself we can set19:16
LaserJockno, no Google Code19:17
LaserJockmostly SourceForge19:17
LaserJockand at least one on Savannah19:17
rockstarLaserJock, there is something we can set, but it's manual right now.19:17
LaserJockrockstar: perhaps that could be leveraged in some sort of automatic way, that'd be cool19:19
rockstarLaserJock, yeah.  We need to be able to do that.19:19
rockstarLaserJock, also, you should note that today is my day off, and I'm hacking on the import code.19:20
LaserJockI mean, I realize that vcs-imports are bound to break sometimes (though i don't understand why they're so bad currently) so a good notification system would be a big help19:20
rockstarLaserJock, well, they are so bad because we've had other plates that needed to keep spinning.19:21
* LaserJock gives rockstar a cookie19:21
LaserJockrockstar: right, I mean so bad comparied to bzr-svn19:21
* rockstar eats the cookie and asks for a glass of milk.19:22
rockstarLaserJock, I'm actually working on making bzr-svn the svn importer for VcsImports19:22
LaserJockI've *never* had a failure with bzr-svn, but like I said earlier, I can't seem to get above a 50% success rate with vcs-imports19:22
LaserJockrockstar: are you guys looking much at github for ideas?19:23
rockstarYea, sometimes.19:24
LaserJocka project I work on recently went form SVN/Sourceforge to git/Github19:24
LaserJockthere are some interesting "social networking" bits19:24
LaserJocka lot more personal than LP19:24
rockstarYea, we've talked about that.19:25
rockstarHowever, github is also pretty much one thing.  Launchpad is trying to be a whole suite of tools.19:25
rockstarEr, we're not really trying.  We succeeding.  :)19:25
LaserJockwhatever you say19:25
LaserJockinterestingly, that same project is using LP too19:26
LaserJockso they have wiki/download/bug tracking on SourceForge, VCS on github, and translations on Launchpad19:26
rockstarGeez, that's gotta be rough.  I believe in monogamy (and I should note that I'm a mormon :)19:27
LaserJockit is rough19:27
LaserJockespecially since there's still an SVN repo on SourceForge19:28
LaserJockso technically there's VCS on both SF and Github19:28
LaserJockrockstar: I did try to pimp bzr/code hosting though :-)19:31
LaserJockbut for a developer group of ~6-7 I was the only one that'd even used bzr so I go pretty outvoted :(19:31
rockstarIt's too bad though.  People get stockholm syndrome with their tools.19:32
LaserJockthe main dev is sorta like that19:32
LaserJockhe said he invested a lot of time/effort into learning git, he wasn't going to switch19:32
LaserJockand he's a speed freak so I don't think he'd have liked bzr anyway19:33
mkanatThat's like why people use Windows. :-|19:33
mkanatIt took them so long to learn how to make it work, they feel invested.19:33
thomasdelbekeHi again19:34
thomasdelbekeI am looking for advice on a hurestore bug19:34
thomasdelbekeIt is ancient19:34
thomasdelbekebut I now have an strace and valgrind log that indicate memory leak19:35
thomasdelbekegdb was semi succesful19:35
thomasdelbekeDo I mark mine as a duplicate and reattach19:35
thomasdelbekeor the other way around19:36
Ape3000How can I join the launchpad-users mailing list?19:36
thomasdelbekeIf so, which reports and comments yo attach?19:36
thomasdelbekeanyone there?19:37
LaserJockthomasdelbeke: so there's 2 bugs, the later, more  complete one is yours?19:38
LaserJockthomasdelbeke: I generally favor the one with the most complete report, but all things being equal go with the earliest19:39
thomasdelbekethat is mine19:39
thomasdelbekeOK, I will keep mine than maybe19:39
thomasdelbekebut the other one is already triaged19:40
thomasdelbekemarked importance high19:40
thomasdelbekeIs that a problem?19:40
LaserJockthen maybe it would be better to make yours the dup and add your material to the other bug19:40
LaserJockso you don't waste any triaging :-)19:41
thomasdelbekeBug #64594:19:41
thomasdelbekeThis report is public19:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 64594 in hubackup "hurestore will always crash on startup (unfinished tool)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/6459419:42
thomasdelbekethat is the original one19:42
thomasdelbekeIs there an alternative BTW?19:43
thomasdelbekeMaybe I will post this on the forum19:43
thomasdelbekeIf there is not alternative19:43
thomasdelbekeIt should be marked critical19:44
LaserJockthomasdelbeke: there are a bunch of dupes for that bug19:44
LaserJockthomasdelbeke: just mark yours a dup19:44
thomasdelbekePeople can loose data this way19:44
thomasdelbekeIf you reformat your system and it is not working19:44
thomasdelbekeOK I will mark it as a dup19:45
thomasdelbekeand post it on the forum19:45
thomasdelbekeThanks for the info19:45
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Adri2000got OOPS-1119ED453 when renewing team membership20:30
flacostehi Adri200020:56
flacosteAdri2000 how did you renew your membership?20:57
flacostesinzui, Adri2000 hit an assertion error when renewing his membership20:57
flacostesinzui: OOPS-1119ED45320:57
flacosteAdri2000: it seems that you can't renew your membership yourself, the team admin should do it20:57
savvasnice error, hehe20:58
shilbertHi, how can I investigate why I do not receive any feedback from launchpad via email after dput upload to my PPA? Thanks.21:11
flacosteshilbert: do you receive email from Launchpad regularly21:14
sinzuiAdri2000: How did you get to that page to renew your membership? The only documented way to do get to that page was by typing the URL into the browser.21:29
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bigjoolsshilbert: you've either signed with the wrong key or not signed at all21:35
maxbHi, is there anyone around who can poke yellow.buildd with a big stick? It's apparently been building qt4-x11 for three _days_21:37
Adri2000flacoste, sinzui: it was for the ~motu team, and despite the oops, the renewal itself did work. and I just followed the link given in the email I received, and hit the "renew" button21:38
Adri2000also, I use edge, being in the beta testers team21:38
flacosteherb, mthaddon, do any of you can help maxb?21:39
sinzuiAdri2000: thanks. There is a discrepancy in the code the generates the form and the rules for renewal. I'll file a bug about it.21:40
herbmaxb, flacoste: one moment21:41
Adri2000sinzui: ok21:41
flacostebac, sinzui: can we grant a vouchour for gary's https://edge.launchpad.net/lpbuildbot ?21:42
bacflacoste: i did it about an hour ago21:42
flacostebac: thanks21:43
sinzuimthaddon: can you confirm the ~motu team's member policy is ondemand?22:01
mthaddonsinzui: where would I find that - I see it's restricted team22:03
sinzuimthaddon: do you have access to the change details page? Which number radio button is selected for " When someone's membership is about to expire, notify them and: "22:07
mthaddonsinzui: "invite them to renew their own membership"22:07
sinzui2 is ondemand, Thanks22:07
elmomaxb: fixed22:12
maxbexcellent :-)22:15
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maxbI don't suppose anyone's considered making an "upload multiple attachments to bug" feature?23:09
beunomaxb, we have, in several ways23:10
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Blackfateanyone here?23:17
beunoBlackfate, 125 people, what's up?23:18
Blackfatei see laucnchpad imported keys23:18
Blackfatefor the ubuntu repositories23:18
Blackfatei made a bash script which allows you to auto scan the pc for the launchpad sources and and auto download keys23:19
Blackfateyou can check more here23:19
beunoBlackfate, that's awesome23:20
Blackfateclean code! you can change it if you like23:20
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spitfire_Hi. I have a strange problem. I've uplodaed package to my PPA, and it failed to build, but building it locally, using pbuilder worked.23:58
spitfire_Any clues?23:58
spitfire_And it's strange it failed to build only on amd64 arch.23:58
spitfire_Is there some kind of problem with mono, when building in buildd system?23:59

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