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DanaGargh, the new volume control applet thoroughly sucks.02:20
dtchenwell, it's a WIP...02:20
DanaGHow am I supposed to choose which device my volume control keys control?02:20
DanaGI have to control both PCM and Master with the slider.... because each time I boot... it boots with PCM MUTED!02:20
DanaGAnd there's no way to set the gnome thing to use BOTH sliders!02:20
DanaGAs far as I'm concerned, this new volume control is a major regression.02:21
dtchenthat's bug 31597102:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315971 in pulseaudio "'Front' and 'PCM' mixer control elements must be unmuted by default on HDA platforms" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31597102:21
DanaGThere's also no way to select whether I want line, mic, or mix to record.02:21
DanaGMy USB sound card has Line-in, Mic-IN, SPDIF-in, and a Mix recording option.02:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316430 in alsa-utils "[Jaunty] Sound channels are muted after reboot" [Low,Fix released]02:22
DanaGOdd... not fixed for me.02:22
DanaGOh yeah, and each time I resume from suspend, PulseAudio is no longer running.02:23
DanaGand thus all audio apps freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee02:23
dtchenDanaG: you're confusing pulseaudio symptoms with alsa-utils symptoms02:23
DanaGTwo separate issues.02:24
dtchenthe alsa-utils symptom is definitely fixed02:24
DanaGBut the old Gnome mixer had a Capture tab.02:24
dtchenpulseaudio is completely different02:24
DanaGOdd, not for me... it seems to keep booting muted.02:24
dtchenwell, is it being saved muted?02:24
DanaGShouldn't be.  I'll have to test it.02:25
DanaGOh, and the applet slider is still backwards.02:25
DanaGI'll try the reboot now.02:25
DanaG♥ the fast boot.  Under a minute (or so) to desktop.02:29
DanaGLooks like the PCM actually is fixed.  Cool.02:29
DanaGOddly enough, it plays the login-ready drumbeat sound... AFTER login.02:30
DanaGNew mixer doesn't supplant pavucontrol as it claims to.02:32
DanaGugh, gnome panel died and won't come back.02:34
DanaGOh heyas, anyone know where I can get a general-purpose LED-class device (such as a USB device)?03:04
DanaGRight now I can use my diskprotect LED to indicate things, but that's a bit of an abuse of some signal that shouldn't be abused.03:04
DanaGI also wish hdapsd weren't hard-coded only for IBM/Lenovo.03:06
DanaGYou know, there ARE other accelerometers out there besides in IBM laptops.  =þ03:07
DanaGyay: https://kerneltrap.org/mailarchive/linux-kernel/2008/11/22/426927403:17
DanaGargh-ness... xorg is eating 50% CPU.03:24
hggdhDanaG, I had it also03:28
DanaGHmm, how can I figure out what's causing it?03:29
hggdhI took out the fglrx module (I have an ATI card), and it went down hard03:30
hggdhfrom about 2 hours of CPU in 9 hours of uptime to about 23 min of CPU in 23 hours uptime03:31
DanaGI'm using fglrx 8.543 right now -- all newer ones give kernel panics.03:31
DanaGI just wish the radeon / radeonhd at least supported power management on R600... even if 3D isn't there yet.03:32
DanaGAs it is right now, the open-source drivers don't use the GPU... and yet leave it running at full-speed mode.  Major waste of power.03:32
hggdhah well03:32
hggdhradeonhd seems to be coming up to speed... I am running it now03:33
maxbXorg eating CPU? Could be bug 30730603:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730603:35
maxbI wish AMD would get on and release a new fglrx. I'd quite like to move my main laptop to Jaunty, having seen it do fairly well on my ancient laptop and my netbook03:36
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,Incomplete]03:40
lucentmaxb: yuck @ proprietary drivers03:40
maxblucent: I agree, but last time I tried to get any open driver to play a DVD as well as fglrx, there were noticable artefacts03:41
DanaGkilling g-s-d and g-p-m did not fix it for me.03:43
lucentDanaG: it's not LED class so far as I am aware, but the Logitech G15 keyboard with its LCD screen is fairly well understood and usable03:44
DanaGEh, I just want a simple LED, actually -- one to use to indicate rfkill and such.03:44
lucentI don't own such a device, I am basing my guess off of commits to Rhythmbox that support displaying song titles to it, and several blugins everywhere03:44
hggdhmaxb, it is worth a try03:44
lucentnothing simple comes to my mind then03:44
DanaGAs it is, my iwlagn LED is rather too obnoxiously bright to allow to blink.03:45
* lucent looks at black piece of tape over his iwlagn LED03:45
maxbYes, I'll have to give radeon/radeonhd another try in Jaunty03:46
hggdhagain, what I noticed is that by disabling fglrx it got much better03:46
RAOFYou probably need to remove fglrx before radeon/radeonhd will be accelerated, of course.03:48
hggdhheh. Most certainly true...03:55
DanaGrandom: http://i261.photobucket.com/albums/ii78/ollirac123/HP/HPEspresso.jpg04:17
billisniceAfter updating a few days ago I can not see the top or bottom ribbons...i rebooted many times.04:43
DanaGRandom link to my alsa info:   http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=b3f30450ca3429d30fef644ac0607fe2c9e328dc05:37
DanaGDoes my ADI1988 support two simultaneous capture sources, or something?05:37
DanaG(And same for the USB card...)05:37
DanaGYou know, despite my ATI issues, I actually don't regret getting the ATI video.05:40
DanaGbummAr, crimsun isn't here.05:48
DanaGAnyway, if I want to address somebody by name without pinging that person... I'll slightly obfuscate the name.05:48
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simion314hi, i installed alpha 3 , it worked fine but after a reboot i can't connect to the internet, i get an IP but i belive that the DNS is not working10:32
simion314the IP it gets is correct so why the DNS is not working?10:33
scizzo-simion314: have you tried with pinging the ip instead of the name?10:40
simion314scizzo-: i do not know an IP valid to ping, now i rebooted in  8.10 and i can get an ip , but i am reading the manual of dhclient10:45
scizzo-simion314: well from another machine you can ping www.google.com or something and use the ip there10:46
simion314ok, i will  reboot10:47
simion314scizzo-,  fixed my connection problem by using sudo dhclient eth011:19
simion314maybe i can find a log to see what is the problem11:20
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coz_hey guys   is the cononical nitifications going to be on jaunty or is that installable onto intrepid?13:09
scizzo-coz_: apt-cache search notification-daemon13:12
coz_ok let me try that13:12
coz_this is the one?13:13
biouserwow, whoever fixed my video resolution issues, if you are in here, thanks a billion13:35
marijushello, the intel drivers doesnt build with the new xorg, mesa, drm stuff... also compiz doesnt work anymore for me14:22
biouserI guess there is little hope for OpenGL with an ATI radeon right now?14:35
KuaeraNot until the graphics drivers get updated to the new X architecture, I believe14:41
rconanKuaera, is it a similar situation with the nvidia cards?14:46
rconananyone successfully got jaunty running from encrypted root?14:47
rconanI just upgraded and it seems to be broken...14:47
KuaeraAs I recall, there was a notice in the Jaunty testing news release stating that ATi and nVidia drivers would not work due to the new X architecture14:47
KuaeraGranted, that was a while ago, but they're catching up, I think.14:48
rconanany news on when nvidia will release drivers?14:48
rconan--> google14:48
Kuaera[At least now I can /load/ the "ati" drivers... Originally, I had to use vesa]14:48
KuaeraI don't know much about nvidia drivers, to be honest14:49
KuaeraI just know that the open-source "ati" driver works, though glxgears segfaults14:50
* rconan realises that upgrade was a mistake... too many things he uses all the time appear to be broken at the moment14:50
rconanencrypted root being the main one as it completely stops me booting14:51
PolitikerNEUHello everonye, is there 3d-acceleration for nvidia cards availible in 9.04?15:06
PolitikerNEUok, thanks15:10
benpiccoI wonder if that's the right place, however, I installed kde4.2rc on kubuntu 8.10, works fine, but automount (of an ext3 volume) is broken, gives an AccessDeniedByPolincy - is there a way to fix it? Mounting it manually everytimes is not that convinient15:23
fosco_i don't use kde, sorry15:24
fosco_maybe in #kubuntu15:24
benpiccook, i thought this was kubuntu+1 (and wondered why it was that populated)15:25
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simion314is the fglrx driver availeble for 9.04?15:54
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek - last day going to kick off in #ubuntu-classroom now!15:58
legodudeX does not seem to fully load on my system16:55
legodudeit starts to load16:55
legodudebut never seems to get past loading the driver16:55
legodudeI've tried removing my old xorg.conf but no luck with that either16:58
legodudeno errors in the x log file either16:58
legodudethe last line of my x log file is: (II) intel(0): [drm] mapped classic textures at 0xdc73f000, handle = 0xdc73f00017:01
Volkodavhow come grub did not update itself for a new kernel on a dist-upgrade ?17:12
charlie-tcaDoes anyone else use static IP addresses? I find jaunty boots really fast, but it takes about 10-20 seconds after the desktop appears to get a network connection.17:12
VolkodavI use static and gets it right away17:13
Volkodavgnome is thinking more then usually17:13
charlie-tcaMy network manager spins a long time before connecting17:13
Volkodavhmm - when I see I see ip right there - no spinning at all17:14
charlie-tcaVolkodav: My grub updated today - -5 kernel17:14
Volkodavmy did'nt17:14
Volkodavthat's what I mean17:14
charlie-tcaMaybe my conf is wrong, then. I'll have to check it out.17:14
VolkodavI had to update it myself17:14
legodude_that was close17:15
Volkodavwell I am in it and all works so far17:15
charlie-tcaNow if we could get both of our systems doing what the other one does...17:15
* legodude_ is back in kubuntu land17:15
legodude_wow, but video performance is _terrible_17:17
charlie-tcalegodude: you are not using restricted drivers, are you?17:17
legodude_I had to install an experimental version of the intel drivers17:18
legodude_default jaunty failed for me17:18
legodude_and this is way slower than 8.1017:18
charlie-tcaIt must be the video drivers, but I don't know how to fix it.17:18
legodude_takes me back a couple years17:19
legodude_still can't believe that after 40years unix still can't do video properly17:20
legodude_well, that is a bit unfair because 2d is not so bad17:21
Volkodavwhere do I set the position and size of terminal when it opens ?17:26
VolkodavI mean certain apps remember the position and size but not the terminal for some reason17:26
legodude_one of these days I will fix the volume control on this machine17:27
charlie-tcaterminal is set in a configuration file, but I forgot which one. I'm using xubuntu now.17:32
laz0rhi, i just compiled libboost1.37 from the jaunty source package, and it seems the pkg-config files are missing17:50
SkaagI thought this would be intrepid17:51
laz0ranyone know how to generate them manually by any chance?17:51
Skaagintrepid is in #ubuntu? (it's not released is it?)17:51
laz0rit is17:51
Skaagoh I see17:51
laz0rsee the topic, it says jaunty up there17:51
Skaagyes I know, but I was under the impression intrepid was still unreleased. thanks for the clarification.17:51
maxbSkaag: you're nearly 3 months out of date :-)17:55
Skaagyah, but when I tried to upgrade to intrepid 30 minutes ago, it wouldn't do it without the -d flag17:56
maxbIf you're on an LTS release, it'll probably default to only suggesting you upgrade to new LTS releases17:58
Skaagthat's probably why it did it... gotcha17:59
Skaagthe second thing that confused me is how Xen 3.3 is in Intrepid but is broken, so everything basically smelled of beta ;-)17:59
Volkodavhmm I found config but do not see where the startup config mayve ?18:07
charlie-tcaTry changing line 65; 80x24 it's 80 across, 24 down18:11
Volkodavwhat about screen position though ?18:11
VolkodavI use 72x1918:12
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charlie-tcaNever found position, only startup size18:12
charlie-tcaSorry. Devils pie will move it to the right desktop, and may do position too.18:12
Volkodavhmm I changed the values but it opens with the same size though18:15
Volkodavremembers the position though18:15
charlie-tcaMaybe gotta restart to remember it?18:16
charlie-tcaAlthough, I don't know why it would. Should be just a close and open terminal18:17
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Volkodavthat's what I did - no reason to restart18:29
andresmhso I've been running Jaunty off an USB stick and today after doing all the updates suggested by the Update Manage and rebooting X.org won't work anymore. Any suggestions?18:30
TheInfinityandersk: look in xorg log files?18:30
andresmhnot sure what to look for TheInfinity18:31
TheInfinityfor errors?18:31
andresmhwhere is the xorg log?18:31
TheInfinityhey you installed an alpha version, you should know how to look for errors18:31
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TheInfinity./var/log - like every other logfile.18:32
andresmhhow could one move my USB-based installation to my hard drive?18:33
setuidIs it worth it to jump to Jaunty, given that Intrepid shipped with more things broken out of the box than Hardy Heron? (video, sound, wireless, suspend, GNOME are all broken out of the box on Intrepid, but on Hardy on the same physical metal, it works flawlessly)18:45
marijusim on intel i915 x works actually just compiz doesnt work anymore... :(18:45
andresmhmarijus, did compiz break after doing an update to jaunty?18:47
maxbsetuid: ouch. unlucky hardware. But I wouldn't recommend any Alpha3-level release to anyone wishing to avoid the potential for breakage18:47
setuidmaxb, Nope, the hardware is solid, works great with everything prior to Intrepid18:48
marijusyes today after upgrade to the 2.6.1 intel driver and the new mesa rc318:48
setuidIt's a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p, -everything- works, including the fingerprint reader, etc.18:48
setuidBut Intrepid is a lot less functional than Hardy18:48
maxbsetuid: I mean that it's just an unlucky combination of hardware to hit that many regressions18:48
andresmhmarijus, I experienced the same thing and Ialso have i91518:48
andresmhnot sure how to fix it but we shoul definitely open a bug report or something like that, as it might help the developers working on it18:49
marijusi had to disable compiz to get into x again18:49
maxbHmm, interesting, I have a Z61p running intrepid. suspend is broken, but I blame that on fglrx18:49
marijusim still investigating... no luck xert18:49
marijusno luck yet18:49
setuidI've got the Nvidia card in mine, discrete graphics, not on-board, and it runs great... once I spent the 4-5 hours to debug and fix the video problems with the broken driver packages18:50
setuidIt's pushing about 9,700fps18:50
setuidwith glxgears18:50
setuidThe biggest annoyance right now is that gdm is completely non-functional, because gnome-session is broken in the latest available packages, so I can't use a dm to start X. It works with startx though.18:51
setuidSo I run startx, I get a default desktop and gnome-panel, but no wm, so I have to open a shell and run sawfish, then it works... but since there is no session management, I have to reset my fonts every single time.18:51
setuid(from 10pt to 7.5pt)18:52
setuidTakes me a good 5 minutes after logging in to start the wm and "reset" everything back to the way it should be, if it was managed by a working gnome-session18:52
setuidI'm wondering if the jump to jaunty might just add "fixed" packages18:52
legodude_I would not go to jaunty18:53
legodude_not yet at least18:53
setuidI burned the CD and did a test install, and most things worked... though graphics was a bit weird.18:53
legodude_I have more problems with it than latest intrepid, and less new features that I have seen yet18:53
setuidI didn't put it through ALL of its paces though18:53
legodude_graphics package was totally broken at mine18:53
setuidI may roll back to Hardy then... Intrepid isn't ready for prime-time yet18:53
legodude_luckily I was able to find a newer build18:53
legodude_and jaunty broke graphics on my desktop18:55
legodude_but I have not had any time to poke at it18:55
setuidI may just start pulling all of GNOME from svn and build it from scratch instead18:56
legodude_I built kde once a million years ago18:56
legodude_what a disaster18:57
legodude_I wanted to explode it18:57
setuidI've built GNOME before, it's not that difficult... but making sure all of the deps are correct was a challenge.18:57
RyeBryecan anyone take a look at this and help me figure out how to get around the issue that I'm having related to a broken libmysql package? http://pastebin.com/d57f9a5eb19:26
RyeBryeThe error it reports is: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libmysqlclient15-dev_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu3_i386.deb (--unpack):19:27
RyeBrye trying to overwrite `/usr/include/mysql/mysql.h', which is also in package libmysqlclient-dev19:27
setuidRyeBrye, It's Jaunty... things will be broken until they're fixed19:27
apokalyp1did you try a clean?19:27
RyeBryeI will try a clean now19:28
maxba clean what?19:29
RyeBryeapt-get clean19:29
maxbThat's bad advice19:29
maxbIt'll just delete the downloaded packages that you're trying to install, without being relevant to solving the problem at all19:29
setuidapt-get -f install19:30
setuidor force-purge the referrant and install the -dev first19:30
* setuid has solved this kind of error hundreds of times in the last 10 years with Debian and Ubuntu19:31
RyeBryeok, thanks, I'll try that19:31
setuidYou could tweak the postinst, but I wouldn't recommend that just yet19:31
cdennycan someone here unban me from #ubuntu19:43
decompi am running jaunty with kde4, xfce4, and gnome. All three tend to intermittently kick me out to the login screen. It happens while im typing. I have an nvidia 8600, i know there are no released drivers yet. I did see something in ppa for an nvidia driver but at this point wonder if i could just switch to a generic that would work for non flashy / compiz type stuff. Just need to work ;)20:07
RyeBryeyou can get the nvidia drivers to work if you use the ignore-abi option20:08
decompi am using that20:08
decompi am running xinerama at this moment but it still kicks me out at no warning ever so often20:09
decompim assuming the xserver is where the problem is but not certain - there are stacktraces in the kdm log20:10
TheInfinitydecomp: yea because drivers are not compatible at all20:10
decompTheInfinity: when people say 'the nvidia' drivers, im assuming its the restricted driver for all the compiz type stuff. Im thinking of yanking that out (im using 80? or 180? rev, cant recall).20:11
TheInfinitydecomp: oss drivers = nv :)20:12
decompthats what i have now20:13
decompactually there are several related packages as well for modealiases, kernelmod, but even for other versions like 71 and 96. Why would these be on here it seems they could conflict.20:13
leleobhzsomeone have problems with mirrors and jaunty alternate install?20:20
leleobhzat install time20:20
TheInfinityleleobhz: here. its normal. some mirrors dont have all packages.20:22
leleobhzbut what i put in the mirror selection?20:23
leleobhzbecause alternate dont allow me to continue whithout a mirror20:23
TheInfinityleleobhz: packages.ubuntu.com works20:24
leleobhzdont worked20:24
TheInfinitythen another repo :)20:24
leleobhzmirror: http://packages.ubuntu.com20:24
leleobhzdir: /ubuntu/20:24
leleobhztryed mirror http://archive.ubuntu.com20:24
TheInfinitytry a local mirror :)20:25
leleobhzwell, appear it liked only archive.ubuntu.com20:25
leleobhzbut why force a internet update in alternate install?20:26
TheInfinitydont know. i didnt had time to search for a bugreport @launchpad about this20:27
TheInfinityperhaps you should do so ;)20:27
solarionsoo, is there a timeline for intel graphics getting un-horked?21:18
ubottuA schedule of Jaunty Jackelope (9.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule21:24
solarionguess the answer is no?21:25
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* solarion kicks the xorg server21:34
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cwillusolarion, what's the problem?22:12
cwillusolarion, if you're referring to the 945 horkage, and you're not on 64bit, running the -server kernel will work around the gem breakage22:14
cwilluif you _are_ on 64bit, I don't know a workaround, but basically the trick would be to find someway to get gem to fail to start22:15
cwilluit's a known issue upstream, but iirc it wasn't going to be fixable until 2.6.2922:16
solarioncwillu: I'm not certain what the horkage is.  I updated this morning, and when the X server came up it horked my graphics (even on the other VCs)22:25
solarioncwillu: after updating this afternoon, it runs but will die a horrible flaming death if I do 3D22:25
solarionthis is an eee901 (intel Mobile 945GME Express Integrated Graphics Controller)22:26
solarioncwillu: is jaunty getting 2.6.29 now?22:26
AmaranthIf not we probably want to turn GEM off22:27
solarionwhatever it is that it's doing wrong, it needs to no longer be doing it wrong.  :)22:27
cwillusolarion, check your /var/log/xorg.0.log file for errors re: tiling22:29
solarioncwillu: I don't see anything with errors there22:30
solarioncwillu: digitasaru.net/Xorg.{0,failsafe}.log{,.old}22:32
solarionwhat about it?22:35
cwilluwas the only one I needed :p22:35
cwilluanyways, checking some stuff22:35
cwillubunch of intel changes in there, might have fixed some stuff and broken others22:36
cwillu2.6.28-5 was last night I guess?22:36
solarioncwillu: I think the .old was the one that showd bad behavior22:37
solarion-5 came in with the updates this morning, with one x thing (don't remembeer which)  After the update, I got a corrupted screen22:38
cwillunice, your server screws up the mime type for 'old' files22:38
solarionan xorg video drive update came through this afternoon, and now I can use 2D (3D semi-hangs the system)22:38
* cwillu wgets22:39
solarionheh.  so it does.  sorry22:39
cwillu.old is still on 28-522:39
cwilluthere's also a bug re: gnome-power-manager that's causing video slowness (it's polling the xserver, which is bad enough re: power savings, but it's doing it in a very expensive way too, causing performance issues)22:41
cwillubut that affects 2d as well22:42
cwillusolarion, you have libdrm-intel1 installed?22:43
* cwillu has to run, will be back in about 5 hours22:44
solarioncwillu: yes, I do22:44
solarioncwillu: shall I file a bug?22:44
cwilluyou haven't already? :p22:45
Amaranthcwillu: Dude gnome-power-manager causes X to chew 50% CPU for the first couple minutes it's loaded22:45
Amaranthmakes everything so slow I thought compiz was using software rendering22:45
cwilluAmaranth, want the bug #?22:45
cwillubug #307306 It hink22:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730622:46
solarioncwillu: I figured it already wask nown and that my searching skills just sucked22:46
solarionmy main annoyance is with firefox22:46
solarionit still freezes on occaasion22:47
cwilluposting a bug is a good way of having somebody with better searching skills find it for you :p22:47
cwillusolarion, I need to run, but I'll hunt you down tonight if my laptop shows your symptoms (it's just installing the last 2 days of updates now)22:47
solarioncwillu: I prefer not to tax them22:47
solarioncwillu: eee 901?22:47
solarionI take no responsibility for horkage.  On the contrary, I'm your canary.  ;)22:48
cwilluno, but 945 chipset22:48
cwilluI get sad if I don't have to fix anything during alpha updates :p22:48
solariongood luck.  :)22:48
* solarion is pretty sure that he's a fool for upgrading, but he is a sucker for the shiny22:49
cwillumaking lots of bug reports is the only way to atone for the sin of upgrading to an alpha and expecting support :p22:50
cwilluwell, fixing bugs would too I guess22:50
cwilluanyways, gone for real now22:50
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Volkodavthis f*/ng Nero holds cdrom that it never ejects23:17
solarionwhat is Nero?23:18
solarionVolkodav: ah, burning Jaunty?23:21
charlie-tcatried right-click eject? or open a terminal and type eject -r ?23:22
solarionVolkodav: what's the benefit of Nero over k3b or brasero?23:22
Volkodavit holds like like no tomorrow23:22
Volkodavblu ray23:22
Volkodavbrasero sux0rz for me on 64 bit for some reason23:23
solarionbrasero has worked for me thus far, but I'm not demanding23:23
Volkodavk3b pulls tons of kde crap which i do not want23:24
Volkodavchecking brasero again - have a lot to burn today23:26
Volkodavcheck them all23:26
DanaGgrr, hp doesn't have an iso for the hpmini distro.23:27
Volkodavbrasero crashed23:28
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DanaGaRGh, gdmsetup is missing the "local" tab!23:44
mib_1nk9erDon't kick me23:46
=== mib_1nk9er is now known as akio
akiook, there we go23:47
akiomajor breakage23:47
akioI'm not sure where to look first but I'm going to have to ssh into my machine when I get home to figure out wth happened to my video.23:48
akiovga=ask works fine but when gdm kicks in something awful happens23:48
akioscrambled video23:49
DanaGOh, no wonder... the hardy-hpmini package removes that tab.  =þ23:49
akiofor a split second the video is ok when switching to a tty but the tty is scrambled too23:49
akioi do have a special case though23:49
akiomy screen is 1024x600, its a MSI Wind U10023:50
akioEverything but acpi worked awesome up until last night.23:50
akioand the framebuffer, that wasn't optimised, but thats a different story23:51
akioremoves what tab?23:51
DanaGThe "Local" tab in gdmsetup.23:51
DanaGThat's in HP's ubuntu remix.23:51
akioDoes it matter than I'm not using a remix?23:51
akioI was confused, i thought you were saying something relevant to my issue....23:52
akioI don't know how to boot in a safe graphics way23:53
akioadding single to the boot line doesn't work23:53
akiohow do i boot without going graphical?23:55

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