Cimikwwii, that looks a little bit better, though the metacity is something totaly unconsistent00:59
Cimiit's not mine, just seen in gnomelook01:00
_MMA_Cimi: Its been posted to the mailing list. He has a page on the wiki for it also.01:01
CimiI'm no longer following the mailing list01:02
Cimi_MMA_, lucazade (sometimes here on irc) and I are writing a general gtkrc01:04
Cimia "common" gtkrc01:04
Cimiuseful to use as a base01:04
Cimiit cointains the required fix, and doesn't have the weirdness of the current human theme01:04
Cimidon't blame me with the "weird" word, unfortunately it is but we could fix it01:05
Cimi_MMA_, are you interested?01:19
_MMA_Cimi: Sure. Ill take a look.01:27
_MMA_Not now though. Im spending time with the family. :)01:27
Cimi_MMA_, murrine-themes on launchpad, branch common-gtkrc01:28
dashuaCimi: I'm working on getting a better Metacity theme in there.  I just replaced it with DarkRoom for now.02:02
dashuaI'll take a look at the common-gtkrc.02:03
Cimidashua, I don't like that too02:31
Cimiand, at the same time, it can't be a good default theme because there's no separation between the titlebar and the menubar02:32
Cimiif you want a good metacity theme, grab clearlooks02:32
CimiI've rewritten it one year ago, it should be quite fast for its complex drawings02:33
Cimiedit the gradients to align them to the theme02:33
Cimidashua, which application is on pidgin's right ? on the tray02:35
dashuaCimi: Gcalctool ?02:37
Cimidashua, the baloon?02:37
Cimion the system tray02:37
Cimitray != dock02:37
dashuaWhich screenshot, the one on Gnomelook?02:38
dashuaI pulled the gtkrc template02:39
dashuaWorking in getting it to standard02:39
Cimithat gtkrc should be 100 times better than human02:40
dashuaThis theme is blazing fast with the new engine.02:40
dashuaI'm rewriting now02:40
Cimiwhich theme?02:40
Cimidashua, anyway the baloon in the gnomelook's screenshot02:41
dashuaFeels fast, will be better with the re-write02:41
Cimidashua, which application are you running in the system tray?02:41
dashuaoh, Xchat-Gnome02:42
dashuaNotification Icon02:42
dashuaSorry, I was looking at the dock02:43
Cimidashua, there are a lot of ugly things inside human gtkrc02:50
Cimifor example a lot of things with colors02:50
Cimiand similar02:50
Cimiplease do not add those things02:50
dashuaCimi: Ok02:51
Cimiuse the plain gtkrc02:51
Cimiif you want brighter colors use shade02:51
dashuaI am using gtkrc-common as a template02:51
Cimibut don't mix stuff02:51
Cimiexpecially when human mixes fg with text or selected02:52
Cimithere are some incredible workarounds02:52
dashuaI basically just took the old Human gtkrc and added the new murrine options02:53
Cimifor example they are using to mix tooltip color with other stuff02:53
dashuaBut a re-write is do02:53
dashuaI've been watching progress for some time and radical changes are easily overlooked02:54
dashuaThe progressbarstyle you implemented is sure to get some type of attention.02:55
dashuaI'm trying to use Caramello and MurrinaCream as a base for inspiration while trying to keep to Human02:56
dashuaCimi: http://picpaste.com/Screenshot-9.png  Using the template still tweaking ?03:43
dashuaI omitted half of those workarounds and mostly everything still seems to work.03:44
MadsRHHi. Can anyone tell me why the Ibex background is still being used in Alphas, with all the backgrounds in the https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/Jaunty/AlphaBackgrounds09:08
kwwiianyone know how to increase the font size in the text entry field, clock, date, and button text in gdm?13:51
_MMA_kwwii: If it's not respecting the .xml maybe it's using the gtkrc?13:51
kwwii_MMA_: it doesn't respect teh gtkrc either13:52
kwwiias far as I can tell13:52
kwwiiI tried to add a dark gtkrc and that didn' work13:52
_MMA_Well things changed to dark though right?13:52
kwwiiit no longer started13:53
_MMA_Then you're missing something.13:53
kwwiino, all I did was change the color values13:53
kwwiino matter how I changed them it didn'T start13:53
_MMA_Mayne there's a gconf key or cache hanging around.13:53
kwwiiyeah, I am wondering what the difference is between what is shown in the tester and in the real gdm13:54
* _MMA_ looks around.13:56
darkmatterkwwii: do you mean the gdm 'reboot' ala mac? if so, it's slaved to the distribution defaults.. the only way to change its look (gtk/background/font rendering) is to change those14:02
kwwiilol, now I tested it on my other machine14:04
kwwiiin the real gdm (not gdmthemetester) it does respect the size14:04
andreasnkwwii, the new or the old GDM?14:08
kwwiiandreasn: the old14:08
kwwiilooking at the real gdm it seems to respect the sizes14:08
Cimifedora has 2.2414:10
Cimiwow much better than 2.2014:10
darkmatterCimi: so does openSUSE. and it's not much better than 2.20, it may 'look' better, but it's a bit of a regression functionally. but hey.. this is gnome we're talking about, so no surprise :P14:33
andreasndarkmatter, how do you mean?14:35
darkmatterandreasn: well... it's basically non-configurable (I don't mean the themeing). and session management *kinda* works, when it feels like it14:37
thorwilbonjour nand! nobody recorded french counting for me and my international counting track project. it's a shame to have no example of such a major language. maybe you know someone with a good voice and equipment who you could persuade to fill this gap?18:55
nandthorwil: hey! Sorry, I forgot my mic elsewhere, but I'll be able to recover it in mid february, if you're willing to wait until that19:28
thorwilnand: that's too late. at least for the version i want to submit to the ubuntu free culture showcase, as the deadline is the 6th19:29
nandthorwil: I'll ask one of my brothers, should be able to do it before that19:30
thorwilnand: cool, thanks19:30
nandthorwil: I listened to one of your results, it sounded cool :)19:30
nandoh, and don't hesitate to remind me that!19:31
thorwilnand: thanks! next one will be cooler ;)  btw, you can find the "rules" at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=650466519:31
thorwilthe deadline is history now, of course :)19:32
nandthorwil: what do you mean by a beat?19:33
nand("C. "Beat")19:34
thorwilnand: one measure at 4/4 has 4 beats. a beat is the thing where you might stomp your feet or clap your hands19:34
thorwilnand: if you can't think of a translation, just leave it out19:35
savvasthorwil: I hope that the forward to loco-contacts and ubuntu-cy has added some more contributions :)19:35
thorwilsavvas: sadly not. but thank you for the forwarding!19:35
nandbecause the french translation for it has three sylabbers, unlike the english one which has one syllaber. Is it ok?19:36
nand"battement" is the french translation of "beat"19:36
nandor "rythme"19:36
thorwilnand: worth a try. several people repeated the "beat", but the orginal plan was to have it as one-shot19:38
nandokay, we'll give a try.19:38
thorwilcool :)19:38
nandthorwil: could you give me the link of the current compilation?19:39
thorwilsavvas: what about yourself, didn't you mention several languages?19:39
thorwilnand: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/485382/countint_pre-01.ogg19:39
nandthorwil: thanks19:39
tretlehmmmm.... this is a bit of an odd question but does anyone know if you can position an svg over another image with css and if you can and the two images have links attached would the image on top be the one to get priority?19:47
thorwiltretle: i would guess you can and that the image on top gets "priority"19:49
tretlenice, I was thinking of having the selected button image merged onto the banner which would be one color and have the svg add a texture over the banner so when you use rollover images and hover the mouse over home the button and the banner background color would change color :D :P19:52
tretlewasnt sure if the svg would take priority which it would need to do so people could click on the banner to go home19:52
thorwiltretle: "i would _guess_" ;)19:53
savvasthorwil: do you want it in normal speech or military, like "hup two three four" ?:P19:59
thorwilsavvas: best is both, 2nd best is normal only :)19:59
savvasok hehe19:59
savvasI'll try give me a moment19:59
savvasok french, english, greek and serbian coming up in 15 minutes or so.. but no "beat", I don't know how to translate it into other languages20:17
savvasI don't have a beat-meter to check my pace, but I think I've done well using your preview20:18
thorwilsavvas: if not, i will cut and even stretch the material to fit :>20:19
savvasthorwil: will .flac do?20:21
thorwilsavvas: only if you recorded in pcm/integer format20:21
savvasno idea, I'm recording with Gnome's sound recorder and a microphone :P20:22
thorwilsavvas: that will most likely be 16 bit pcm at 44.1 kHz20:26
thorwilsavvas: in that case flac can be losless. i will have to resample the material then, anyway20:27
savvasoh crap, I didn't see you need "and" at the end20:30
savvas(which makes sense for loops, woops!)20:30
thorwilsavvas: if you have several repetitions, no "and" on the last is fine20:31
savvasthorwil: I'll have to do it again I think, I didn't use "and" to join the repetitions - I'll give you the link and re-do it if you want to (still uploading, 4 minutes left): http://savvas.radevic.com/previews/1234/20:35
savvaslet's just hope I won't get beeped soon, we're doing rounds at the hospital tonight with a professor20:36
savvasthorwil: the upload's done, let me know if I can help you a bit more :)20:39
thorwilsavvas: mplayer skips on the files20:45
thorwil[flac @ 0x89398d0]decode_frame() failed20:45
thorwil[flac @ 0x89398d0]FRAME HEADER not here20:45
thorwilsavvas: but totem doesn't20:47
savvastrue, same here :\20:47
savvasI have no idea why though20:48
thorwilsavvas: provided that i can convert them like totem plays them, the quality is allright. while "and" after the 4s would be nice, this is ok as another not planned for variation :)20:49
thorwilsavvas: thank you very much for what is now the largest contribution!20:51
thorwilsavvas: would you like to have a link after your name in the credits?20:52
savvasthorwil: ok, I think I have some time left, if I unexpectedly go away, don't get insulted, real life calls - remind me again next time :)20:53
savvasthorwil: sure, if it's possible :)20:54
thorwilsavvas: to http://blog.radevic.com/?20:54
savvasI would've done and the cypriot dialect in greek, somehow similar, but instead of "ke" (and) cypriots use "che"20:55
savvasthorwil: yes, thanks!20:55
savvasok brb to get that "and" done20:56
savvasthorwil: do you want it in wav this time?21:04
thorwilconversion is no problem via flac -d21:04
savvasah great :)21:04
thorwilsavvas: as long as you don't use a JACK application, flac is alright21:04
savvasthorwil: uploading as language_fixed_1and2and3and4.flac for each language at http://savvas.radevic.com/previews/1234/ - about 12 minutes left21:23
savvasI couldn't get "and" at the end, but got it in between, my mind probably doesn't get along with "and" at the end heh21:25
savvasthorwil: done!21:38
thorwilsavvas: got them, checked, good, thank you! :)21:42

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