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mvoasac: abut bug #289396 - is there a way to make firefox *not* do that?07:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289396 in gdebi "Gdebi can't install package if firefox is closed too soon" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28939607:45
mvoasac: remove downloaded files opened with a application when ff closes?07:46
huatsmorning everyone09:08
seb128lut huats09:09
huatshey seb12809:11
huatshow are you ?09:11
seb128huats: good, you?09:14
huatsgreat too :)09:15
huatsI might a little time to do some stuffs today09:15
didrocksmorning huats & seb12809:17
huatshey didrocks09:17
seb128lut didrocks09:17
crevettesalut la jeunesse09:23
huatshey crevette09:24
seb128lut crevette09:25
seb128crevette: I fixed the directfb issue, gtk 2.15 might be uploaded today ;-)09:25
crevettesalut huats & seb128 and didrocks09:26
crevetteseb128, hoooo09:26
seb128I'm test building it now, let's see if there is some other errors09:26
didrockslut crevette09:33
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pittivuntz: bonjour10:34
pittivuntz: what gettext domain field do you use in OpenSUSE in .desktop files?10:34
pittivuntz: we have used X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain:, since Gettext-Domain: wasn't accepted into the spec10:34
vuntzpitti: guten tag10:34
pittibut now I'm discussing a modification of intltool-merge to do this10:35
vuntzlet me check10:35
vuntzpitti: we use X-SUSE-Gettext-Domain10:35
pittiin the course of bug 12302510:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123025 in gconf2 "stop shipping static gconf translations, use gettext at runtime" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12302510:35
pittiI have the gconf patch, but the intltool side is still missing10:36
pittivuntz: . o O { it's really high time to get this accepted as Gettext-Domain:, duh }10:36
vuntzpitti: however, in our case, when the key is not present, we default to some domain10:36
pittivuntz: with this gconf patch, I'd like to avoid further hacks in our build system and instead integrate it properly into intltool-merge10:37
vuntzand it turns out that in our infrastructure, we ship all the translations of desktop files in one domain10:37
pittiand danilo says for that we shoudl make it consistent with .desktop files as well10:37
pittioh, surprising10:37
vuntzfor gconf, hrm.10:39
pittivuntz: danilos says, we might get X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain: upstream in intltool10:39
seb128we should use the same one domain trick, that would make easier to translate menu items for translators ;-)10:39
pittithen we could change our glib etc. packages to look for that in addition10:39
pittivuntz: WDYT, would that work for your packages as well?10:40
vuntzbut we should probably sit down and work on a good mail for the xdg mailing list10:40
vuntzto get the key "upstream"10:40
vuntzpitti: now I wonder... I modified a bit the ubuntu patch, and killed one or two bugs, iirc10:41
vuntzpitti: did I send you my version of the patch?10:41
seb128vuntz: no10:43
seb128vuntz: you did use a different logic though no?10:43
seb128vuntz: you were speaking about cleaning the translations in packages and prefering the .desktop strings to the gettext one (ie reversed preference order compared to ubuntu)10:44
vuntzseb128: ah, yes, we do that10:45
vuntzI thought you did too10:45
vuntzdon't remember exactly what you do :-)10:45
seb128vuntz: we just look in gettext before looking in the .desktop for translations10:45
seb128vuntz: ie language packs have the preference there10:45
vuntzvuntz@lyon ~/>wc -l /usr/share/applications/totem.desktop10:46
vuntz21 /usr/share/applications/totem.desktop10:46
vuntzseb128: hrm, I need to check in a vm, but how can the user edit the desktop file?10:47
pittivuntz: your approach to .desktop is pretty much what I use for gconf translations now10:48
pittii. e. kill the existing translations from it and only use gettext10:48
pittiI wouldn't be opposed at all to use the same approach for .desktop10:49
seb128vuntz: we did patch the edit tools to change the Name= key rather than Name[locale]= if that's the question10:49
pittithen we'd use the same patch, and can possibly get it upstream10:49
seb128vuntz: this way the Name doesn't match what is in the gettext translations and the Name is used10:50
seb128vuntz: I've to admit I like your way10:50
seb128ie cleaning the .desktops and prefering the translations in those over gettext, that fix corner cases and edition10:50
* pitti summons danilo10:51
vuntzseb128: ah, yes, I remember now. You already told me10:51
seb128pitti: what do you need danilo for there?10:51
pittidanilos: hello10:51
seb128hey danilos10:51
daniloshi pitti, seb12810:52
pittiI was discussing with danilos how to get the corresponiding changes into intltool-merge10:52
vuntzdanilos: DUDE10:52
danilosseb128: he simply likes me, it's not that he needs me for anything10:52
pittii. e. for gconf .schemas, don't put the translation into it, just the domain10:52
danilosvuntz: hi there :)10:52
seb128pitti: ok, dobey is the intltool maintainer btw10:52
pittiand for .desktops, just add X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain: instead of the translations10:52
pittiseb128: oh, I thought dobey and danilos?10:52
seb128pitti: +too then10:52
danilosseb128: you are just badly informed, dude10:53
vuntzpitti: in your scheme, is it the gconf server or the gconf client that reads the translations?10:53
pittibut of course I don't like to modify every upstream package's build system to enable that mode10:53
seb128danilos: every time I ping you about intltool you bounce me to dobey or bugzilla usually!10:53
pittivuntz: it has been the server so far, and I kept it that way10:53
danilosseb128: that's because I am lazy, not because I am not a maintainer ;)10:53
seb128danilos: I see ;-)10:53
danilosseb128: or maybe because I am a lazy maintainer10:53
pittiso I proposed something like INTLTOOL_EXTRA_ARGS=--only-add-domain inltool-merge ...10:54
pittithen we can define INTLTOOL_EXTRA_ARGS=--only-add-domain in our build systems, and inltool would just append those to its command line10:54
pittithe new option --only-add-domain would then add X-GNOME-Gettext-Domain: (.desktop)/<gettext_domain> (.schemas) instead of merging translatiosn10:55
danilosso, we can easily add the option to inltool to allow for something like this to happen, and then gradually extend all the intltool modes to support it10:55
danilosstart with .desktop and .schema ones (so both SuSE and Ubuntu could drop whatever they are using to add X-*-Gettext-Domain) to them10:56
pittivuntz: above schema should be what you are doing in suse, and it's what I'd like to do in Ubuntu as well10:56
pittioh, hang on10:57
pittichanging intltool-merge is a PITA10:57
pittibecause for some reasons many upstreams bundle intltool-merge instead of using the system's10:57
seb128wasn"t that deprecated in some recent version?10:58
vuntzpitti: hrm, in our setup, we still need intltool to put translation in desktop files. We have a script that handles the part about trimming translations and adding what we want10:58
vuntzpitti: and unless everybody uses intltool, we'll have to stay this way10:59
seb128vuntz: why do you need to add those?10:59
pittivuntz: that's what we currently do as well, in a cdbs (build system) rule which mangles the .desktop files10:59
vuntzseb128: that's the way our script works10:59
seb128vuntz: well, it would only behave this way when using --only-add-domain10:59
danilosseb128: it was deprecated, but only in a very recent version10:59
pittiit seems so much cleaner to do it in intlool itself, but if everyone ships ancient copies, that makes it impossible10:59
vuntzseb128: we wouldn't want to have one way for intltool-powered packages, and another one for other packages10:59
seb128pitti: GNOME doesn't11:00
pittiseb128: I looked at gconf and gnome-mount, both do11:00
seb128vuntz: right11:00
seb128pitti: weird11:00
danilospitti: how old are gconf tarballs? do they make regular releases?11:00
pittiit's still 2.24.011:00
pittiseems we don't have a 2.25 gconf yet?11:00
seb128I've it on my disk11:01
pittiseb128: heh, good test how well my patch ports to that :)11:01
seb128the tarball still has intltool-*.in though11:01
vuntzyeah, seb128 is slow to package11:01
vuntzhe's getting old11:01
* pitti hugs seb12811:01
danilosseb128: maybe it has a recent enough intltool, at least?11:01
seb128vuntz: no, I'm carreful with GNOME changes nowadays rather, too much screwing up there recently ;-)11:01
pittidanilos: not recent enough to have the feature we are currently planning :)11:02
seb128vuntz: my gnome-session dialogs look ugly now for example ;-)11:02
vuntzseb128: I read it, yeah11:02
seb128in gconf11:02
danilosseb128: that's the minimum version, not indication of what is being used11:03
seb128they should update to 0.4n11:03
pittiseb128: dialog> not using the theme, as it seems11:03
seb128danilos: where do you see the version they used11:03
danilosseb128: they are all 0 bytes in the tarball I just downloaded11:03
danilosseb128: you could see it in the file, if anything was there11:03
seb128danilos: right11:03
danilosseb128: so, for example, this is the particular feature (not having intltoolize install .in scripts inside the tarball) that Rodney worked on, so he'd have better grasp of that, and I'd likely point you at him :)11:05
seb128right ;-)11:05
loolpitti: intlool :)11:06
pittilool: ?11:06
pittioh, oops :)11:06
pittiseb128: could you put your gconf 2.25 package somewhere, so that I can port my patch and play with it?11:07
danilosseb128, pitti, vuntz: however, I believe the best bet is to start on this and get it done in GNOME 2.2511:08
seb128pitti: I didn't package it yet, I have the tarball only for now11:08
pittiseb128: ah, ok; nevermind11:08
vuntzdanilos: it's getting late for 2.2511:08
seb128pitti: http://download.gnome.org/sources/GConf/2.25/GConf-2.25.0.tar.gz11:08
seb128pitti: you are welcome to do the update if you want ;-)11:08
pittiseb128: okay11:08
danilosvuntz: well, for 2.25 intltool at least11:08
pittiseb128: can as well do it11:09
seb128I'm still fighting gtk 2.1511:09
pittiseb128: yay, my patch still applies cleanly :)11:11
pittiseb128: okay, I'll test it and upload it once I'm satisfied11:12
* crevette imagine seb128 as a knight fighting the GTK dragon11:12
seb128pitti: ok thank you11:13
seb128crevette: ;-)11:14
pittiseb128, danilos, vuntz: hm, so in order to get the feature rolled out, would you be mad at me if I used our build sytem rules instead of intltool modifications to change the .schemas files accordingly, until we get the feature into intltool and that lastest version into GNOME tarballs?11:15
seb128go for it11:16
vuntzpitti: if you want to test it soon, this makes sense11:17
asacany clue if its true that "Ctrl-Shift-B" is a reserved key combination in gtk+ ?11:18
asacmozilla has a comment in code that reads: "# Accel+Shift+A-F are reserved on GTK211:19
danilospitti: yeah, just do it, we can integrate it upstream later11:19
pittiargh, GNOME again took over my F9 to F12 keys11:20
danilospitti: how are you going to get to your 12-th workspace now?11:20
pittiI use F9 for vim's pastetoggle, and F11 to get fullscreen in terminals11:20
danilosbtw, I've found that with the new xdev keyboard driver, I get total mess sometimes (and totally unrelated mess on my laptop and my desktop)11:37
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tkamppeterpitti, did you do your SRU session today already?12:07
pittitkamppeter: not yet, still working on something12:08
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crevetteyeah mighty seb128_ beat the GTK monster12:56
seb128_crevette: ;-)12:56
crevetteseb128_, I'll look to epiphany this week end of nobody tak it before12:56
seb128_you just need to talk to it nicely ;-)12:56
crevetteMERCI !!!!12:56
seb128_crevette: ok, I was maybe going to do it but you can do that if you want12:57
crevetteas you want12:57
crevetteif you do it I'll have it tonight12:57
seb128_crevette: if you want to do it I will not say no ;-)12:57
crevettetake some rest :)12:57
seb128_crevette: I've many other things to do and I'm not tired so that's ok ;-)12:58
seb128_crevette: the update require quite some packaging changes since they stopped shipping the webkit backend in the same tarball12:58
seb128_crevette: let me know if you think that will not manage to do the required packaging changes12:59
crevetteokay but I'll look it only tonight13:01
kwwiianyone know how to increase the system font size (trying to increase the size in gdm)13:37
pittikwwii: shouldn't that be defined in the theme?13:42
pittikwwii: I guess the only thing that'd help would be to tell X to use a different dpi, but ICBW13:42
kwwiipitti: for the labels it respects the size I set but for the text entry, date, clock and button label it doesn13:42
kwwiipitti: I think it gets it somewhere else but I have no idea where13:44
kwwiiand googling for this only results in several people complaining that it doesn't work when set in the theme13:44
sorenasac: Did you get around to doing the firefox plugin database rebuild yet?13:58
dobeykwwii: i think the entries might have hardcoded size or something silly?14:03
asacsoren: yes. i didnt get to it. you need a package from jaunty right?14:04
kwwiidobey: lol, I think that the gdmthemetester doesn't respect what is in the theme but gdm itself does14:05
kwwiiI just booted my test system and the text seems larger at least14:05
dobeythat is also a possibility14:05
dobeykwwii: we should really get rid of that awful dialog in nautilus14:09
kwwiiI can confirm that the font sizes *do* change per theme in the real gdm but not in the gdmthemetester, in case anyone is intersted14:11
kwwiidobey: which one is that?14:11
kwwiidobey: oh, btw, I subscribed an icon-naming-utils bug to you today...your first ubuntu bug :-)14:11
dobeyyeah, that's what i'm talking about14:12
dobeythe link is there because evolution used stock_mail-priority-high14:12
kwwiidobey: yeah, no doubt...I guess the interface needs a rework14:12
dobeybut really, users shouldn't be able to set arbitrary emblems for files14:12
dobey(tags are not emblems, also)14:13
kwwiiespecially because the _m in the name adds a hotkey to m14:13
dobeybrb, i did nautilus --quit to test something the other day, so i need to log out/in14:13
sorenasac: Yes, this is for Jaunty.14:13
dobeymy desktop hard locked when i logged out :(14:17
tseliotkwwii, pitti: does the problem with dpi you were talking about have to do with point 13 of this page? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2009-01-2014:23
tseliot"Try not allowing GNOME Settings Deamon to force DPI of 96, even if overriding value in xorg.cof "14:23
dobeykwwii: http://wayofthemonkey.com/index.php?date=2008-06-1114:26
dobeykwwii: see the second half of that blog about tags vs. emblems :)14:26
mvoseb128: could you please sync gnome-codec-install from debian/experimental?14:27
mvo(bug #320046)14:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320046 in gnome-codec-install "Please sync 0.3.2 from debian/experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32004614:27
seb128mvo: oh yes, sorry I forgot yesterday14:27
mvoseb128: no problem14:28
pittivuntz: gnome bug 568845 FYI14:30
ubottuGnome bug 568845 in gconf "Please support calling gettext() at runtime instead of shipping static translations" [Enhancement,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56884514:30
kwwiidobey: I agree completely with that14:31
vuntzpitti: yeah, was trying to open it already ;-)14:31
dobeykwwii: awesome14:32
tseliotkwwii: please see my question above14:33
vuntzpitti: I'll look at this at some point. Thanks for working on this!14:33
pittivuntz: cheers; my first pet-bug for jaunty :)14:33
dobeyah man, DPI14:34
kwwiitseliot: I have no idea - /me just an art fag14:34
dobeythe bane of X14:34
tseliotkwwii: ok14:34
dobeythat really shouldn't be called DPI in gnome or X14:35
dobeyit should be called "random integer value which somehow screws with the sizes of your fonts"14:35
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dobeyin fact, i think i will go file a bug about that label in gnome14:36
tseliotdobey: ok, let correct the documentation then ;)14:36
dobeytseliot: if it was actually DPI, it would behave inverse of how it does now14:36
dobeyincreasing the dpi should make the fonts appear smaller, not larger14:37
dobeythere shouldn't be a DPI setting anywhere14:37
tseliotI didn't know what the symptoms were. This is why I asked14:37
dobeybecause it's not like you can somehow magically change the DPI of your monitor14:38
loic-mdobey: isn't increasing the dpi done to correct the dpi so it matches your screen?14:38
dobeyloic-m: no14:38
dobeyi mean, that's probably the idea14:39
dobeybut it is certainly not the behavior14:39
pittiseb128: looking at ls -lSr /usr/share/gconf/schemas/, would you mind if I do no-change uploads of nautilus, gnome-power-manager, and metacity, to move them to the new gconf translation system (for testing everything)14:39
tseliotbut you can change what the driver thinks the DPI of your monitor is14:39
loic-mdobey: I though that was the purpose, since you have other means to make the font/icons bigger14:39
pittiseb128: well, of course I tested it locally, but large-scale testing -> better14:39
dobeyloic-m: the DPI setting doesn't effect icons, only fonts14:39
seb128pitti: not at all, just curious but why those? is that for anything using gconf to try?14:40
pittiseb128: those three are amongst the worst offenders, i. e. their .schema files are biggest14:40
loic-mdobey: that's because the desktop doesn't have resolution-independence, no? Isn't that what should be fixed in the first place?14:40
seb128pitti: ie if you have a doubt about breaking things maybe try a random application rather than something running in the standard session14:40
pittiseb128: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf/+bug/123025/comments/414:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123025 in gconf "stop shipping static gconf translations, use gettext at runtime" [Wishlist,Fix released]14:40
pittiseb128: I don't have doubts about breaking nautilus, I tested that locally14:41
dobeytseliot: well you can change your resolution to something smaller, and use more of those dots on your monitor to represent 1 dot, but you can't really somehow really make it think the dpi is different14:41
seb128pitti: ok just upload then ;-)14:41
pittiseb128: but nautilus alone saves us .5 MB .deb size alone, plus another .5 MB in /var on the desktop CD14:41
dobeyloic-m: not really, i think the dpi setting is more an artifact of before Xorg was smart, and because way back in the day monitors were mostly 75dpi, though there were some that were 96dpi14:41
pittiseb128: after three days of working on this stuff, I'd like to have something to show off ;)14:41
seb128pitti: do any change you want14:42
pittiseb128: okay, thanks14:42
dobeyloic-m: these days, X just probes the monitor and gets the value via DDC or whatever14:42
pittiseb128: (new gconf uploaded, btw)14:42
seb128pitti: I'm working on intrepid for now14:42
seb128pitti: thanks14:42
pittioh, how come?14:42
dobeyloic-m: ie, "xdpyinfo|grep -i resolution" will give you the screen's resolution, not whatever you set in gconf/xorg.conf14:42
seb128pitti: doing backports for the samba browsing issue which is broken since hardy14:43
seb128pitti: the plan is to backport to intrepid now and later to hardy14:43
dobeyloic-m: in fact, i have the gconf setting set to something like 65 DPI14:44
* pitti hugs seb12814:44
* seb128 hugs pitti14:44
dobeywhich would mean I should have really huge fonts, if it were actually anything like DPI14:44
tseliotdobey: well, you can decide whether to use the EDID to compute the DPI of the X screen or not14:44
dobeytseliot: well it doesn't really matter14:45
dobeytseliot: your monitors native resolution will never change14:45
tseliotdobey: there's no doubt about that14:45
dobeyso having some magical configuration is just silly14:47
dobeybecause it obviously isn't going to change the hardware14:47
dobeyit should JFW already14:48
loic-mdobey: there's still time where the monitor has faulty info (I get the problem on a laptop) so the DPI is nice to have. If we want to use the DPI to make the fonts look bigger, shouldn't we use something else?14:54
dobeyif you want to make the fonts look bigger, you should increase the font size i think14:55
loic-mdobey: The objective would be to have _all_ screens show a 12 font the same size, whetever the DPI, then people that want bigger fonts/icons just say so (and chose to +# the fonts, or set them manually14:55
kwwiiindeed point sizes are definite (1/72" is one point)15:02
mvopitti: hi, what creates /var/crash? if i install apport in a jaunty pbuilder chroot it is not there15:06
seb128vuntz: do you do lot of backporting in opensuse? do you know if somebody backported federico fileselector changes to the current stable there?15:07
vuntzseb128: which changes?15:17
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seb128vuntz: gnome bug #55877615:30
ubottuGnome bug 558776 in GtkFileChooser "Filechooser size sometimes too small" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55877615:30
fta2seb128, could you please have a look at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/242244  I'm not sure where to assign it15:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 242244 in ubuntu "Apps in notifcation bar are no longer moved to current workspace on click" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:44
pittimvo: heh, dpkg -S /var/crash says "update-notifier-common" :)15:52
mvopitti: heh :)15:52
pittimvo: but usually it is apport's init script15:52
pitti./debian/apport.init:[ -e /var/crash ] || mkdir -p /var/crash15:53
pitti./debian/apport.init:        chmod 1777 /var/crash15:53
pittimvo: (sorry, was on a phone call)15:53
mvopitti: right, thanks, that is fine, that expains why its not there in the chroot15:53
pittimvo: if it helps you, I just stuff it into the package15:53
mvoits fine, I was just curious why it was missing there15:54
seb128fta2: talk to asac, this change is distro specific and has been added because firefox users were complaining about something15:59
fta2asac, ^^16:00
seb128fta2: I think the issue was than opening new tabs was moving firefox to your current workspace otherwise or something16:00
seb128than -> that16:00
vuntzseb128: we have some patch for this, but I'm not sure it's wroking well16:00
fta2seb128, imho, the current behavior is seriously broken16:01
seb128fta2: I think so too but asac made it look like all firefox users would hate us otherwise16:01
fta2asac, bad asac!16:02
seb128vuntz: could be the same patch as we have ;-)16:02
asacfedora has the same i think16:06
asacgtk has to provide an easy utility function to figure whether the window is on current active desktop or not16:06
asacso ffox can either call present or something else depending on that16:07
asacasking all apps to implement that isnt right. i think gedit does implement it and that code should be factored out somewhere so others can use it too16:07
fta2that won't fix the bug in years :(16:12
asaci think compiz behaviour is similar to metacity (it was metacity that changed here)16:14
asacwindow managers should agree imo if the toolkit doesnt provide a proper abstraction from that.16:15
asacanyway, i was not the one who didnt like firefox to zoom to current desktop16:15
asacbut let me think abit about it again ... maybe i have other ideas now :) (completely forgot about this topic)16:20
fta2asac, should I assign the bug to you then?16:43
seb128pitti: do you have a minute to discuss a bug I want to fix in hardy?17:12
seb128pitti: bug #23695317:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 236953 in gedit "gedit crashes browsing fileselector ssh locations" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23695317:12
seb128pitti: the issue was a gvfs and http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gvfs?view=revision&revision=1974 fixes it17:12
seb128the change is non trivial though17:13
seb128pitti: other opinion is http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/gedit/trunk/gedit/gedit.c?view=patch&r1=6516&r2=6515&pathrev=6516 which is a workaround17:13
seb128opinion -> option17:13
seb128pitti: do you think we should try the gvfs fix (it got tested in intrepid and might fix similar issues in some other softwares though gvfs is not used that much in hardy) or rather go with the workaround?17:14
crevettethanks seb128 to have include the extensive upstream changelog in the gtk update17:16
seb128crevette: is that an ironic comment? ;-)17:17
crevetteno no no17:17
crevetteI know this is not always easy to paste it, usually I have to format the sentences to fit well17:18
crevettewonderful epiphany depends on gtk-2.15.117:20
seb128there is no such tarball yet17:20
crevetteyeah I know, I'm asking on #epiphany17:21
kwwiihrm, which package is missing when I get this error: debian/rules:5: /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk: No such file or directory17:23
kwwiiwhen running debuild17:23
pittiseb128: eww for the gvfs patch...17:23
seb128pitti: ok, you are for the gedit workaround too ;-)17:23
pittiseb128: the gedit one seems much safer?17:23
seb128yeah, I'm not sure why I asked, that seemed obvious to me too ;-)17:24
pittiseb128: so currently it is impossible to use ssh locations with gedit? it alwasy crashes? or just sometimes?17:24
pittiif it isn't that bad, then we perhaps shouldn't fix it in an SRU at all17:24
seb128pitti: when you play with the fileselector buttonbar to switch between directories it often crash17:24
seb128pitti: some users complained because it crashes with their modifications when they try to pick a directory where to save their work17:25
pittiseb128: right, for an editor that's especially bad17:26
seb128pitti: let's do the one liner workaround17:26
pittiI wouldn't be too concerned if it sometimes crashes nautilus, for example, since that will just restart itself and not damage documents17:26
pittiseb128: right17:26
* pitti hugs the Gnome"fixit"minator17:26
* seb128 hugs SRUapprovator ;-)17:27
didrocksGnome"fixit"minator, SRUapprovator… quoted ^^17:38
crevettecan someone confirm  that browsing "Windows network" in network in nautilus spawn an error17:44
crevettein jaunty17:44
crevetteI have a lot of messages "tdb(unnamed): tdb_open_ex: could not open file /var/run/samba/unexpected.tdb: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type"17:45
rugby471hi guys, I have a problem, we are trying to fix a bug in xsane (ugly menu icon) and so we have chnaged the xsane.desktop file to have17:45
rugby471rather than17:45
rugby471this way it uses gnome-icon-theme's generic scanner icon17:46
rugby471however a tester is having a problem17:46
rugby471he has gnome-icon-theme installed, we can even see the scanner icon in the crrcet directory17:46
rugby471however it comes up with the gtk-0missing-image17:46
rugby471icon in the menu17:46
seb128crevette: what do you do exactly to get the error?17:54
crevetteseb128: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gvfs/+bug/32054717:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320547 in gvfs "[jaunty] trying to browse smb:// network spawn an error" [Undecided,New]17:54
crevetteI don't know if could be an upstream bug17:55
seb128crevette: could you open it on bugzilla too?17:55
seb128crevette: it's for sure an upstream bug we have to patch to that code in jaunty17:55
seb128crevette: does smbclient works correctly?17:55
crevetteseb128: do you know what are the switch to put to mimic gvfs ? I did a -L -W WORKGROUP -N but I am not sure this is good18:03
seb128crevette: use smbtree to browse the network18:23
crevettesmbtree doesn't spawn error18:25
seb128does it list your workgroups and machines correctly?18:29
crevetteI have no server active now18:38
crevettebut even without server I surprised it spawn an error18:38
crevetteI'll start it now, and see what happen18:38
crevetteit = my server18:38
asomethingseb128: Hi, I've got e-d-s packaged (Bug #320299) but ran into a problem with evo (Bug #320329)18:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320299 in evolution-data-server "Please upgrade to evolution-data-server 2.25.5" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32029918:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320329 in evolution "Please upgrade evolution to 2.25.5-0ubuntu1" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32032918:41
asomethingseb128: for some reason the lp integration patch makes evo FTBFS, but it looks fine to me. I don't get it....18:41
seb128asomething: hi, I was looking at your eds upgrade, there is some issues18:43
asomethingseb128: ya, i haven't tested at all since evo isn't building18:44
asomethingseb128: let me know and i'll clean it up18:44
seb128asomething: there is no soname change in this version, not sure why you did one on the binaries18:44
asomethingconfigure.in shows shows version bumps18:46
asomethingseb128: i don't have much experience packaging libs, so this is a bot of a learning experience for me18:47
seb128asomething: that's a good exercise ;-)18:48
seb128asomething: the soname is the number after the .so in the installed library18:48
seb128asomething: evolution-data-server-2.25.5/debian/tmp/usr/lib/libebook-1.2.so.9.2.0 for example is libebook1.2-918:49
asomethingseb128: i assumed that if the FOO_CURRENT=# changed in configure.in the soname changes18:50
seb128asomething: the soname is basically current -age numbers18:50
seb128asomething: to request sponsoring you can subscribe ubuntu-main,universe-sponsors to the bug18:52
asomethingseb128: ya, i din't want to subscribe sponsors untill I had both ready18:53
seb128asomething: http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html if you want details about packaging libraries18:53
seb128asomething: the evolution build issue, it seems the configure is not correctly updated, what did you do to update the autoconf changes?18:54
asomethingseb128: I ran autoreconf18:54
seb128asomething: where? in the source? or you use cdbs-edit-patch to update it?18:55
seb128asomething: it seems than the lpi changes were not applied when you ran autoconf which leads to the error18:56
asomethingseb128: i think i see now, the lpi patch wasn't actually applied yet when autoreconf was run18:57
* pochu waves!18:57
asomethingseb128: thanks for the pointers, i should get this done pretty soon18:58
pochuasac: know what? I've found another broken thread, but this time it's not TB's fault. Looks like GMail is mangling the References when they contain "[]" ;)18:59
pochu(I think the mangled mail was sent using GMail, but am not sure)18:59
seb128hey pochu19:01
pochuhi seb128 :)19:01
seb128asomething: thank you for the work, that's quite some comments and things to learn in the same time so if you have question feel free to ask details19:01
pochubah, gtg19:01
seb128pochu: you basically need to undo your soname changes for e-d-s and update the breaks version so e-d-s and evo are updated in the same run for users, otherwise the e-d-s upgrade would break evolution19:02
seb128asomething: ^ the comment is for you19:02
asomethingseb128: got it, =)19:03
seb128asomething: not sure how you edit the autoconf patch but go in the source directory, run cdbs-edit-patch patchname, run autoconf, remove the .cache directory it creates and exi19:03
seb128exi -> exit19:04
seb128when closing the cdbs-edit-patch environment the patch is updated19:04
seb128if the previous version doesn't apply just move it away before running cdbs-edit-patch19:04
asacpochu: did the patch work for you?19:09
pochuasac: I tried to applied to TB 2 but didn't build19:35
pochuasac: well, Icedove 2 ;)19:35
asacpochu: did it apply cleanly?19:37
pochuasac: nope19:39
pochuasac: http://pastebin.com/f6853617619:40
pochuasac: it failed because of the getter_Copies() argument IIRC19:40
pochuasac: if you want I can build it again and paste you the error.19:41
asacpochu: search for GetMessageId19:42
asacin the file19:42
asacthere probably is other use of it19:42
asacand you should find the right pattern19:42
asacor wait19:42
asaclet mec heck ;)19:42
asacpochu: on 1.8 brach they seem to use nsXPIDLCString messageId;19:43
asac isntad of nsCString19:43
asacgive that a try19:43
asacthe GetMessageId invokation stays the same then19:44
pochuyeah that was one of the suggestion from the compiler19:44
asaclikd http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla1.8/source/mailnews/db/msgdb/src/nsMsgHdr.cpp#80319:44
asacpochu: ^^19:44
asaclike there19:44
pochucool :)19:44
* pochu tries that19:44
asacbut i think maybe we should really fix the threading algo19:45
asacso even already indexed stuff gets fixed19:45
asacbut well ... in this way all new mail gets fixed19:45
asacor removing .msf index caches19:45
pochuis it safe to remove those?19:45
pochuok, building19:46
maxbIt loses message flagging and view settings, IIRC19:47
maxbat the very least19:47
pochuI don't use flags for bugmail :)19:48
pochuthere's also the possibility to rebuild the index, I guess19:48
pochuin the folder properties19:48
asacpochu: i think its safe ;) ... but better backup your profile19:59
asaci think for imap it will redownload stuff ... for pop and so on it will recreate the indexes19:59
pochuoh noes!20:21
pochufscking lintian!!20:21
pochuso, I have a hook to run lintian after the build in pbuilder, and it exits with nonzero when it finds a lintian error20:22
pochuand that makes pbuilder fail the build and not save the .debs!20:22
asacpochu: rebuild index i dont know ... compact folder soes something similar20:22
asacbut not everything i think20:22
asacpochu: bad pbuilder ;)20:22
asacuse a dedicated chroot ;)20:23
pochuasac: \o/21:23
pochuasac: http://emilio.pozuelo.org/~deb/bz474790_reference_itself_breaks_threading, feel free to apply it to icedove/tb2 ;)21:24
asaccool ;)21:25
asaci will wait on upstream decision ...21:25
pochuI hope the launchpad folks fix this soon21:26
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
seb128crevette: there?21:34
crevetteplaying with my wii21:35
seb128what game? ;-)21:35
seb128crevette: you still want to do the nautilus-sendto changes?21:35
crevettepperhaps tomorrow morning21:36
crevetteseb128: why?21:36
seb128crevette: just to know if I should try to find somebody interested in that or if you are21:36
seb128crevette: no hurry ;-)21:36
crevetteI need to check out the comments you did yesterday21:37
seb128crevette: basically rename the source to nautilus-sendto-universe, make it build everything and ship only the things which are not in nautilus-sendto in a nautilus-sendto-universe binary21:38
seb128so having nautilus-sendto and nautilus-sendto-universe installed would be similar to have a normal install21:39
Nafalloseb128: are you still discussing that since yesterday? :-D21:42
seb128Nafallo: not still but again rather ;-)21:42
Nafalloseb128: thank god :-)21:42
seb128I was just giving a gently reminder to crevette before running away from IRC and work for the weekend ;-)21:42
Nafalloseb128: tsss :-)21:43
seb128anyway enough for today, see you next week everybody21:43
crevettesee you21:43
crevetteokay bon week21:45
seb128see you later21:45
seb128to you too ;-)21:45
chrisccoulsonhey crevette - thanks for the advice regarding the ntfs-3g version numbering scheme change yesterday22:20
chrisccoulsoni spoke with the upstream debian maintainer and sorted it out22:21
crevettechrisccoulson: how did he solved that?22:22
crevette(hello by the way)22:22
chrisccoulsonhe's not incrementing the epoch for the new version when he packages it, because "2009" is greater than "1".22:22
chrisccoulsonit's a good job i asked, because I was going to assume that he would increment it22:22
crevetteok sounds normal then22:23
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's pretty reasonable. the upstream maintainer of ntfs-3g is quite keen for us to ship the new version now, as we ship a really old version and ubuntu users keep reporting problems upstream that have been fixed several releases ago.22:25
crevettehey andreasn22:26
andreasnhi crevette22:26
crevettesad news I can't change the statusbar shadow, the property is read only in gtk22:26
crevetteit's up to the theme to implement the statusbar looking, I don't understand the rationale for that :/22:27
andreasnnot much to do I guess22:30
crevetteyeah, except rewriting a custom statusbar for gtk22:31
andreasnhow does f-spot do it? is it just that it doesn't use a regular statusbar?22:31
crevettewich is out of my capabilities22:31
crevetteI guess this is not a Gtkstatusbar but a widget derivated from it (my coding fu is near zero, so this is justguess)22:32
Amaranthcp gtkstatusbar.[c-h] ~/myproject ;)22:32
dobeystatusbar doesn't have shadows22:37
crevette the border is not a shadow ?22:40
dobeyit sets a shadow type to SHADOW_IN that is drawn by the parent widget type, which is a GtkHBox, from what i can see22:43
dobeyactually looking at the code, i'm not sure /where/ that rectangle with SHADOW_IN gets drawn really22:50
andreasndobey, hello, my favorite gnome-icon-theme maintainer22:54
dobeyhi andreasn22:54
dobeywhat's up?22:54
andreasnas jimmac said it was ok to relicense his parts of tango-icon-theme (still fixing the metadata stuff btw), would it be ok to use the same spinner icon in gnome-icon-theme as well?22:55
andreasnmpt bugged me about it again :)22:56
andreasnand that would fix http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55836722:56
ubottuGnome bug 558367 in general "process-working should be a spinner rather than a foot" [Normal,Unconfirmed]22:56
dobeyandreasn: if he wants to make it PD, then sure i guess, go for it22:57
andreasncool, I'll put it in svn then22:57
pochureading launchpad bugmail in threads is just *awesome*23:29

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