greg_stevensI'm having a really hard time finding a laptop with ubuntu preinstalled, or even one with no os at all. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would really prefer not to pay for windows.04:53
AION89Hi all! Anyone here would like to help me and/or collect information about Ubuntu (8.04, 8.10, 9.04) problems with Lenovo S10e Ideapad19:21
AION89I could provide U all the information I can and give all the details about the problems.19:22
AION89I would have reported it to launchpad but I'm not sure what is really causing these problems, but seems to me that there is massive communication problems with power-management and Ubuntu19:23
AION89Anyone want to get involved and get some good data for development? (I can do basic things like install DHCP, DNS, LTSP, SMB, NFS servers with Ubuntu, but these laptop things go over my head)19:24
mzakharohello there22:12

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