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Celtiorehi persia 10:39
Celtiorefinally aigo mid working with ubuntu 8.04 + wifi + touchscreen :)10:39
Celtiorebut i have one question10:39
persiaWhat's that?10:40
Celtioreit is possible to build or find an 8.04 img with 'umpc' desktop10:40
persiaI don't think so.10:40
persiaYou might be able to build one, but I think there are some things that were new in 8.10 for umpc10:40
persiaYeah, well.10:43
persiaWe basically need drivers for the missing bits to be rebuildable against current kernel/X.10:44
persiaUnfortunately, that specific HW has some restrictions, which makes it difficult.10:44
Celtiorenext time, i ask before here which one to buy :)10:51
Celtioredo you know if listing is avalaible for best compatibility with ubuntu mid or ubuntu umpc ?10:52
persiaI don't know if there's such a listing: generally it's about checking the specs, and making sure each component is supported.  You might also try a live USB stick at the shop11:02
Celtiorei try the ubuntu-8.10-mid-lpia.img, but don't find how to install it ?! :p12:12
persiaCeltiore, I don't remember just now, but there should be an "Install" option in one of the display menus.  Maybe "Preferences"?12:34
Celtioreright persia :p12:38
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Celtiorewhere can i find ' gtk-update-icon-cache '17:19
Celtiorei try to install blueman on 8.04 but i have one error17:20
Celtiorethanks you17:22
ogradpkg -S $(which gtk-update-icon-cache) helps btw ;)17:23
Celtiorethanks you ogra , working fine, but i have always blueman same error :(17:25
lunartearI'm in serious need of help figuring out my problem with verizon/tmobile on a blackberry dealing with tcp connections in a vmware setup if anyone is knowledgable of that kind of environment 22:12

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