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dnyyAnyone care to help me figure out why I'm getting these errors while trying to build a package?02:34
nhandlerdnyy: What errors?02:36
dnyyhttp://pastie.org/368082 It's the whole log, but the errors are more towards the bottom.  Some saying it can't find pkg-config and others saying theirs errors in the source when I'm almost certain there's not. ;/02:38
dnyyThis is my first time building, so I'm a bit clueless as to what all these errors are trying to tell me.02:39
nhandlerdnyy: It does look like it is a problem in the source02:44
dnyyit built/installed good using debuild though, and without trying to include the dependencies. :/02:45
dnyyit's just when trying to add those that i get the errors (with both pbuild and debuild)02:46
nhandlerdnyy: What do you mean by "and without trying to include the dependencies"?02:47
dnyyto use the app you need to have libmad0-dev and libao-dev installed, but adding those to /debian/control gives me that huge list of errors.02:48
nhandlerdnyy: The Dependencies should not affect whether or not the package builds. Only Build-Depends should be installed by pbuilder to build the package02:49
dnyyHm, so I wonder why it's not building then. Maybe I'm making an error in the way I try to include the dependencies(syntax and whatnot), or does that not matter since it doesn't use those while building?02:50
nhandlerdnyy: It shouldn't matter. Are your Build-Depends correct?02:50
tomhinkleI'm an upstream developer interested in releasing .debs for my users (Ubuntu packages are too slow for those who want the bleeding edge, and .debs are convenient packages for many users to test out). My app is packaged in ubuntu, but I can't seem to figure out where the debian/ directory lives in launchpad... where do I find the packaging stuff?02:51
dnyynhandler: Can I paste you the control file?02:51
maxbdnyy: It would appear from your paste that it is trying to run pkg-config, but failing. You should add a Build-Depends for it02:52
dnyyThe build-depends is where I'm putting the 'libmado-dev, libao-dev, etc02:52
dnyyHm, I'll give that a go real quick.02:53
nhandlertomhinkle: Go to launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/SOURCENAME02:53
nhandlerdnyy: Yeah, go ahead and pastebin it02:53
nhandlerdnyy: Are those packages really needed for the package to build?02:54
dnyyWell, they are listed as so in the source package from the ubuntu repos.  This is the newer/dev version.02:54
dnyyautoconf and automake made me wonder, but I figured if it was included in the source they must be. :/02:55
nhandlerdnyy: If the package is already in Ubuntu/Debian, there is no need to package it again to get a newer version added02:56
dnyyWell I'm packaging it for personal use and for the crunchbang (ubuntu-based distro) repos.02:57
nhandlerdnyy: I would contact the Debian Maintainer and see if he has plans to update the version of shell-fm in Debian. If they do that, we can sync the changes02:57
nhandlerdnyy: If you are packaging it for personal use, you still don't need to start from scratch02:57
dnyyWell how could I go about updating the older deb and repackaging?02:58
nhandlerdnyy: Download the source package from Jaunty using dget, pull-lp-source, or apt-get source. Then, download the .tar.gz for the newer upstream version. Then, use uupdate.02:58
dnyyHm, doing that now then.  What do you mean use update? ;o03:00
nhandleruupdate is a tool in the devscripts package03:03
dnyykk, looking it up03:03
dnyydoes the tar.gz of the upstream need to be in the same folder as the source? i notice i have to be in the source top dir to run uupdate or will it look above the current dir?03:07
nhandlerI normally run uupdate from the source directory (the one that contains the debian directory). I run it like 'uupdate ../foo_x.y.orig.tar.gz'03:08
dnyyaah, kk03:09
dnyythen just pbuild the new dir?03:09
nhandlerThen cd into the new directory and make sure the changelog is correct. debuild -S -sa and build in pbuilder03:10
maxbwow, this package sure has changed a lot since the jaunty version03:10
nhandlermaxb: What package?03:10
maxbshell-fm, that dnyy is working on03:11
nhandlermaxb: Ok. I didn't even look at the changes. I just saw that we auto-synced from Debian03:11
dnyywhat version is in the jaunty repos? same as the intrepid ones?03:11
nhandlerYes dnyy03:12
dnyyah, yuh03:12
dnyyI didn't know 'til yesterday it had been worked on so much03:12
tomhinklenhandler: Thanks for the pointer. I think I've found what I needed...03:13
nhandlerGlad to hear that tomhinkle03:13
dnyynhandler: http://pastie.org/368425 Is my fakeroot broke?  I seem to get a lot of errors about it, too. :/03:14
nhandlerdnyy: Can I see your debian/rules?03:16
maxbdnyy: No, the problem is that the package has *completely* changed its buildsystem upstream, and debian/rules needs a significant overhaul03:17
dnyyah, well shucks.  I don't think I'm anywhere near knowledgeable enough to do that.03:19
* nhandler seems to remember suggesting contacting the DM03:19
dnyyseems like that's what i'm gonna have to do.03:19
* maxb has been idly fiddling with it just now, following along with the problems, let me paste a debdiff of what I've got03:20
dnyykk.  I'd really like to do this without getting the DM to do it, as it'd be a nice learning experience.03:21
maxbit's a start03:25
maxbthere's obvious things that I haven't touched, like the fact that the upstream ships a shell-fm.1 manpage now, which would need to be reviewed against the one shipped in debian/03:26
maxbupstream has also apparently dropped the example rc file that was previously shipped03:26
maxband they could really do with being told that they're misusing DESTDIR in a03:27
maxb* and they could really do with being told that they're misusing DESTDIR against all common convention03:27
dnyyyeah. this is all pretty new to me, but basically I need to go through and see whats different between the uupdate version and the upstream version, and clean things up in the uupdate to match the upstream?03:28
maxbdnyy: erm, I didn't really understand that sentence03:37
dnyyhaha, I'm horrible at explaining myself.  What I mean is; In order to get things working, do I need look through the 0.4 source and the 0.6 source, find the difference, and then remove them from the package that uupdate creates?03:38
dnyyremove the differences, i mean03:39
maxbuhm. If you remove the differences that the update creates, you'll be back at 0.403:39
dnyyoh wait, duh. ;(03:40
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dholbachgood morning05:38
fabrice_spGood morning dholbach. a bit early today ;-)05:38
dholbachhi fabrice_sp05:39
dholbachyeah, woke up early today :)05:39
fabrice_spno real activity here at this time :-)05:40
ScottKdholbach: It's REVU day.  Please dive in.05:49
dholbachScottK: I try to do a few today, but I'm completely drowning in work right now :-/05:50
dholbachI like the discussion on the MOTU list about REVU and automated checks - that'd be awesome05:50
fabrice_spAnd if you want to begin with an already advocated one, you can have a look at dvdstyler (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler). This package only miss one advocate :-)05:50
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* persia reviews foo-plugins05:56
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* persia reviews gebabbel06:05
persiaAnyone running Kubuntu jaunty and has a GPS unit?06:08
ScottKI think most of the likely candidates are sleeping.06:11
persiaProbably.  Pity, as I can't test this and don't like to advocate without having tested.06:12
ScottKpersia: I found one with Kubuntu Jaunty, but not a GPS.06:16
ScottKpersia: rgreening says hi.06:16
persiaheh :)  It's a GPS tool though, and as we've so few of those that work, I'd rather it actually work.06:17
persiaWorst case, maybe mok0 tested it for the previous advocation, in which case I can push.06:17
ScottKPerhaps you can at least make that assumption ...06:18
persiaI'll still be about when mok0 wakes: a few hours of double-advocation pre-upload won't be significant when compared against the months it's been in queue06:19
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tritiumIs there a simple example of source package that builds both a binary and shared library using CDBS that you could recommend?06:41
persiatritium, wildmidi does that06:43
tritiumpersia: thanks!06:43
persiatritium, I can't promise it's a perfect example, but at least it's an example06:44
tritiumI'm sure it's better than nothing.  :)06:44
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hyperairmok0: sorry i forgot to upload bansheelyricsplugin this morning. i missed out the 'revu' argument to dput. realized it when i woke up07:46
mok0hyperair: yeah I noticed, will take a look a bit later today08:09
somaunndidrocks: hi08:35
didrocksHi somaunn08:36
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verwilstif i have a package version like -1.0-109:33
verwilstand i want to make my own changes and make it be considered higher than the original09:33
verwilst-1.0-1~verwilst1 for example won't cut it, right?09:34
* StevenK twitches09:34
DktrKranz1.0-1~verwilst1 is lower than 1.0-109:34
persiaverwilst, Right.  Try +verwilst109:34
StevenK-1.0-1~verwilst1 will be lower, since ~ sorts lower than ''09:34
saschpeHi y'all, I uploaded a new upstream version package for "crawl" and request approval, as I'm no MOTU. Bug no.: #32014209:40
iulianbug #32014209:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320142 in crawl "Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (crawl) new upstream version (0.4.5) needs packaging" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32014209:40
verwilstpersia: is +verwilst1 debian-legal? :)09:42
persiaverwilst, How do you mean?  The tools support it.  The ftp-masters would get grumpy if you uploaded it, and tell you to use -1.1 and do an NMU, or work with the maintainer.09:42
iuliansaschpe: You don't need to upload it to revu, just upload diff.gz to launchpad.09:44
saschpeiulian: oops, sorry. thought I'd read that that's the way to do09:44
quadrisprohi maxb ! following your good suggestions, I've uploaded a new w-scan package. I want to thank you for your feedback, let me know if you see something wrong :)09:45
quadrispromaxb -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan09:46
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QuintasanThe pbuilder installs same -dev packages everytime I compile something, this is done on purpose or I'm doing something worng?10:38
persiaQuintasan, Assuming you're compiling similar things, it's on purpose.10:39
persiaIf this takes a while, or you have download caps, you might consider using a package cache so pbuilder only downloads new ones.10:39
Quintasanpersia: thanks10:41
broonieThe download cache is the default.10:41
persiaQuintasan, The reason it does this is that it downloads the set of packages listed in Build-Depends (and their dependencies) to build the package, and let the packager specify the target environment.  This takes a little longer, but allows the packager to ensure the builds are repeatable.10:42
snuitjeHello, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I have to backport packages from Jaunty to 8.04 and I was wondering if there's already a tool that can help automating it11:29
snuitjekewl, thanks =)11:30
Hobbseeno guarentees on it actually working, but it'll try11:34
thekornhi motus', I try to dive into packaging a python tool, and I get this error:11:36
thekornE: launchpad-shell source: missing-python-build-dependency11:37
thekornso my question is: what's missing there?11:37
thekornI compared my control file to other packages, some have 'python' and some have 'python-all-dev'11:38
thekornwhich one is the way to go?11:38
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POXyou're missing one of: "python{,-dev,-all,-all-dev} (>= 2.3.5-11)" in Build-Depends: or Build-Depends-Indep:11:39
POX-dev if you're building arch:any package, -all if you're building a module11:39
POXpython (without -add or -dev) if it's application11:40
POXif it's arch:any, python-all-dbg should be in Build-Depends: as well (unless you're not building -dbg package)11:41
thekornthanks POX, so I will go with python for this small app11:41
POXthekorn: lintian -i *changes11:42
Tonio_hi there...11:42
Tonio_anyone free to give a look at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=k3b11:42
Tonio_thanks :)11:42
thekornPOX, no output, so it's working now, thanks again11:42
directhexTonio_, ehm... k3b's already in the archive, surely?11:43
POXthekorn: I meant lintian will be more verbose if you turn verbose mode on (-i)11:43
Tonio_directhex: yeah, but that's major packaging rewrite, as this is the kde4 version11:43
Tonio_directhex: I could upload it like this, but a second pair of eyes is always welcome :)11:43
directhexthey should rename it k4b imho ;)11:44
Tonio_directhex: goob point :)11:44
POXthekorn: of use lintian-info :)11:44
thekornPOX, hmm, is there a way to pass this -i through debuild?11:45
POXthekorn: lintian-info -t missing-python-build-dependency11:45
POXdebuild has a --lintian-opts11:46
thekornwow, that's nice11:46
saschpedirecthex: k3b means "KDE Burn Baby Burn" and is not directly related to KDE3 :-)11:53
directhexsaschpe, so rename it "KDE Better Burn Baby Burn" anyway!11:54
snuitjewhat's the best way to keep updated on new uploads of certain packages to certain releases, like intrepid and jaunty?12:01
snuitjeso i can keep feeding prevu12:01
snuitjei tried using package-import.ubuntu.com but the server is kinda shoddy12:03
snuitjeit gives regular proxy errors12:03
james_wsnuitje: launchpad will soon provide two things, package feeds, and package branches12:04
snuitjepackage feeds as in rss?12:04
james_wthe first will allow you to subscribe to feeds of uploads for packages12:04
james_wthe other will be pretty much the same as what you are trying to do but more robust12:05
snuitjekewl :)12:05
snuitjewell thanks, i'll keep an eye out :)12:06
persiasnuitje, In the meantime, there are the -changes mailing lists (see lists.ubuntu.com) which send an email for each upload.12:08
snuitjebtw, woohoo prevu worked flawlessly :) already installed my 1st automatic backport, goodbye pdebuild and friends (except for ppa packages) =)12:09
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maxbprevu is just a thin wrapper on pbuilder12:10
snuitjeyes, but looking up the dsc url, then doing the dget -x, pdebuild etc dance is such a hassle12:11
maxbReally, I'd recommend learning to use pbuilder directly, because then you can use cowbuilder, which vastly speeds up the process by eliminating the tar.gz unpack step12:11
maxbsnuitje: "pull-lp-source mypackage jaunty"12:12
hyperairjpds: ping12:13
snuitjehm, i dont have that...12:15
hyperairjpds: thanks for the comments. regarding sigx, i've fixed removed NEWS from debian/docs, and shifted the rest of the stuff from debian/docs to debian/libsigx-2.0-doc.docs. there's a new upload at revu. if you could look at it, i'll be very grateful =p12:15
maxbsnuitje: apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools12:16
snuitjemaxb: i did, but it must've come after 8.0412:20
snuitjeso i'll prevu it ;) ;)12:20
snuitjeprevu even managed to build despite tha fact that the new packages use a later debhelper, now that's good work12:23
maxb*shrug*. That just comes from having the package available in hardy-backports for just this reason12:27
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snuitjemaxb: of course, i haven't thought of that >.< thanks, i upgraded the package with an apt preferences exception :) thanks!13:36
slytherinjdong: any idea how to disable the auto update in azureus?14:18
snuitjeHello, I prevu'ed ubuntu-dev-tools and ran apt-get update, but apt-get dist-upgrade wants to keep it at the 8.04 version, how can apt be configured to upgrade to prevu packages?14:26
snuitjebtw, it did work for another package14:27
snuitjeno wait14:27
snuitjeyes, it did work for 2 other packages14:29
snuitjelsb and lighttpd14:29
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slytherinsnuitje: what is prevu?14:29
snuitjeit's a tool to backport packages from Ubuntu+1 to Ubuntu or Ubuntu-1, etc14:30
vorianits a pbuilder wrapper14:31
slytherinsnuitje: oh, I was not aware of that. What is the version number you have specified for the backported package?14:31
snuitjethe version numbering is automatic, but it's 3.2-14ubuntu2~8.04prevu114:31
snuitjeand the 8.04 version is 3.2-4ubuntu114:31
slytherinsnuitje: is the backported package available in some repository?14:33
snuitjeof course14:33
snuitjeprevu does that ^-^14:34
snuitjeoh wait14:34
snuitjethe new version is 0.59~8.04prevu1 the old one is 0.3014:35
slytherinsnuitje: I don't see a problem here with version number. Have you verified if all the dependencies are present in hardy?14:35
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snuitjeOIC, why didn't i think of that -_-'''14:38
snuitjepython-launchpadlib is missing ^-^14:38
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binarymutantif anyone has anytime to review my package, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=charm, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks :)14:50
mok0binarymutant: I'll bite14:54
mok0binarymutant: what's it for?14:54
binarymutantcharm is a blogging software for the console/terminal14:54
mok0binarymutant: ah! Charming! :-)14:55
mok0binarymutant: wow, you've been through quite many cycles14:56
binarymutantyeah 2 versions, I had to get a couple of patches uploaded to it14:56
mok0binarymutant: you know how to use the patch system?15:01
binarymutantyes, I had been using dpatch but took it off because my  patches were included in the source15:02
mok0binarymutant: I15:02
Chris`Any revu'ers free to check my package? I require just one more advocate :D15:02
mok0binarymutant: I'd like you to include a patch then :-)15:02
mok0binarymutant: ... to get it perfect15:03
binarymutantright, what is it?15:03
mok0binarymutant: there's a number of hyphen-used-as-minus errors in upstream's manpage15:03
mok0I paste a script to fix it: http://pastebin.com/f11c8da4e15:04
binarymutantwhat's hyphen-used-as-minus mean?15:05
mok0binarymutant: the minus character is used for options, for example --help, that needs to be typeset in nroff like this \-\-help15:05
mok0binarymutant: you can't see it when the man page is shown in a terminal, but if it's printed you can15:06
binarymutantin charm.1?15:06
vadi21Hi, I have a quick question about .desktop files - how can I make one use an .svg? I placed the svg with the corresponding name into /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps, .desktop into /usr/share/applications, but it does not want to associate the picture.15:06
mok0binarymutant: just run the fixhyphens < charm.1 > charm.fixed.1 and make the patch15:07
binarymutantk, I see it the double -- were hyphened but not the single -15:07
binarymutantanything else you can see mok0 ?15:09
mok0binarymutant: I've posted a message on the REVU page. Looking good...15:12
hyperairmok0: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin =D15:12
binarymutantthanks mok015:12
mok0hyperair: ha! ok15:12
hyperairmok0: =D thanks15:12
mok0hyperair: there!15:14
hyperairmok0: thanks =D15:14
mok0Ah I see MOTUs have been picking the low hanging fruit :-D15:15
slytherinwhat is the best way to merge a package from experimental?15:19
mok0slytherin: you mean without a grab-merge set?15:21
Chris`mok0: Busy? :D15:21
mok0Chris` ready for some reviewing action, what have you got?15:21
slytherinmok0: yes. I mean experimental merges are not available on MoM. ANd I want to avoid manual work as much as possible.15:22
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc & http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc-gnome15:22
hyperairis any motu free to review bansheelyricsplugin? it's already got one advocate: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin15:22
Chris`mok0: All I need is one more advocate (if it is good enough)15:22
* mok0 wonders why Chris`insists on having a backslash in his nick...15:23
Chris`mok0: A grave accent? ;p15:23
Chris`Just Ch<TAB> :)15:23
mok0a nuisance to type....15:23
Chris`My name used to be `Chris :)15:24
mok0Ch <Tab> = chillywilly Chipzz Chris` chrisccoulson15:24
mok0Uhuh now they all think the message is for them ;-)15:24
Chris`Do Chr<TAB>15:24
mok0sorry chrisccoulson15:24
Chris`I will be the first :)15:24
chrisccoulsoncan i have that last 5 seconds of my life back? lol15:24
WebspotHi. If I want to package something from a git repo, what should I use as the version number?15:25
slytherinWebspot: something like a.b+git<revision>15:25
slytherinmok0: any idea?15:25
mok0slytherin: not really15:25
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liwWebspot, many people like to use the date; git doesn't really have revision numbers (it uses sha-1 instead)15:26
mok0slytherin: I don't know what software is used to generate those merge sets15:26
Webspotliw: Yeah. I thought the revision looked too long to use as a version number. Thanks.15:26
liwWebspot, more important than length is that the sha-1's aren't behaving like version numbers, you can't compare which one is the newer version15:27
Webspotliw: Oh yeah. So do I use a.b+git<date>?15:27
slytherinNCommander: any plan to update linux-image for powerpc?15:28
mok0Damn revu is slow15:28
* jpds checks load levels.15:29
jpdsOK; it sure is using a lot of its memory.15:31
mok0jpds: what's it doing?15:32
liwWebspot, a.b+git<date>.<32bitid> might be most illuminating15:32
Webspotliw: Ok. Thanks for your help :)15:33
jpdsmok0: The usual, apache, postgresql, helper scripts.15:33
jpdsmok0: I think this is more concerning tho: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108617/15:35
mok0Chris`, you know how to use the patch system?15:36
Chris`mok0: Not entirely but wiki.ubuntu.com exists to serve15:36
mok0Chris`, it's a t-i-n-y problem, not a blocker, but if you want to learn how to use the patch system...15:37
jpdsinclude /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/simple-patchsys.mk15:38
ScottKman cdbs-edit-patch15:39
mok0Chris`,  desktop-entry-contains-encoding-key /usr/share/applications/grdc.desktop:3 Encoding15:39
Chris`mok0: What does that mean?15:40
mok0Chris`, there's an "Encoding" statement in there that is deprecated15:40
mok0 Chris` very common error15:40
Chris`So what should be done?15:40
mok0Chris` I can't seem to locate the .desktop file in the tree... know where it is?15:41
Chris`"No Name"15:42
Chris`Is the config file15:42
Chris`but no .desktop15:42
mok0Chris`, it's in src/grdc.desktop.in, it gets processed by configure to generate the final version15:44
Chris`grdc.desktop.in doesn't exist for me :-/15:45
mok0Chris`, in src/ ?15:45
Chris`When I run search, nautilus displays it as "No Name"15:46
Chris`ls found it though15:46
mok0Chris`, look using ls15:46
Chris`I am in the file using vim15:47
Chris`Any alterations?15:47
mok0Chris`, wait, not yet15:47
mok0Chris`, instead, edit your .bashrc file, and insert "export QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches"15:48
mok0Chris`, source .bashrc15:49
Chris`Is that the same as . .bashrc?15:49
Chris`Done anyway 615:49
Chris`chris@chris-laptop:~$ $HOME/.bashrc15:50
Chris`bash: /home/chris/.bashrc: Permission denied15:50
mok0Chris`, now cd grdc-0.315:50
mok0source $HOME/.bashrc15:50
Chris`Yeah I've done that15:51
mok0Chris`, now cd grdc-0.315:51
mok0mkdir debian/patches15:51
mok0touch debian/patches/series15:51
mok0Try: quilt series15:52
Chris`chris@chris-laptop:~/motu/src/grdc-0.3.0$ quilt series15:52
Chris`No output?15:52
mok0now we need to add a patch15:52
Chris`Sounds fun :)15:52
mok0so you go "quilt add 01-fix-desktop-entry.patch"15:53
mok0so you go "quilt new 01-fix-desktop-entry.patch"15:53
Chris`Ok done15:53
mok0now you add (register) a file to the patch:15:53
mok0quilt add src/grdc.desktop.in15:54
Chris`Ok done again15:54
mok0Good, now you can edit the desktop.in file and remove the Encoding line15:54
mok0After that, "quilt refresh"15:55
Chris`Remove the entire line from src/grdc.desktop.in?15:55
Chris`Ok done15:55
mok0quilt refresh?15:55
mok0did it say anything?15:55
Chris`Refreshed patch 01-fix-desktop-entry.patch15:56
mok0now look in the dir debian/patches15:56
mok0there should be a patch file and a series file15:56
Chris`Yeah two files15:56
mok0try "quilt pop"15:56
Chris`Removing patch 01-fix-desktop-entry.patch15:57
Chris`Restoring src/grdc.desktop.in15:57
Chris`No patches applied15:57
mok0quilt push15:57
Chris`Now at patch 01-fix-desktop-entry.patch15:57
mok0Great, it works15:57
Chris`Sounds cool :)15:57
mok0All you need to do now is to add something to rules and to control15:57
Chris`Ok sure15:58
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek - last day going to kick off in #ubuntu-classroom now!15:58
mok0In debian/rules: include /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/patchsys-quilt.mk15:58
mok0Chris`, and in control, add quilt to build-depends15:59
Chris`Et voilà15:59
mok0Chris`, in changelog, write "Patched to fix desktop file"15:59
mok0or something15:59
ScottKChris`: And then when you can't remember how to do this remember than Googling for quilt patch debian first hit gives you a good howto.16:00
mok0... and you get a lot of hits on sewing patchwork and quilt :-)16:00
Chris`How does dch -i work?16:00
Chris`I get changelog.dch16:00
Chris`But how to apply it?16:00
mok0er, just vi debian/changelog16:01
mok0dch -i adds a new version afaik16:01
broonieChris`: Just edit the file dch -i gives you, when you quit the editor dch will overwrite debian/changelog with the new file.16:02
Chris`Alright uploading to revu, thanks mok0, ScottK & broonie16:02
mok0Chris`, finally, edit debian/control again16:03
Chris`Ah what? :)16:03
Chris`What I am editing in control?16:03
mok0Chris`, remove "a" in "a remote...." in the summary16:03
Chris`Ok changed :)16:04
mok0General note on package synopses (one-line descriptions:) they should start in l16:04
mok0owercase ("extract cluster data" versus "Extract cluster data",) and no precedin16:04
mok0g articles ("filter for generating HTML logs" versus "A filter for generating HT16:04
mok0ML logs.")16:04
Chris`I need to get jpds to give me the thumbs up again now :p16:05
Chris`After revu showsit16:05
mok0Chris` if he's around16:05
Chris`Doesn't look like :(16:06
mok0Chris` I good with his advocacy,16:06
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc --- Final stuff has been changes *Searches for advocates*16:06
mok0Chris` I don't think he'll remove it just because you've fixed some minor probs16:06
jpdsmok0: Upload if you want to.16:06
mok0jpds: great thx16:07
mok0when I get the last fixes from Chris`16:07
Chris`mok0: Yeah they've all been submitted since the last comment16:07
mok0Chris`, just to repeat what you've done: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Howtos/Quilt16:07
Chris`The time server is a bit out though, thanks mok016:08
mok0I see it16:08
mok0Chris` you see, with the patch system, it is possible to fix all kinds of strange stuff in upstreams code16:09
mok0... and you still keep your changes in debian/16:09
Chris`mok0: Pretty neat function16:09
mok0The other patch system is dpatch, but it requires a header on the patches which is extra trouble16:10
refdocpochu - are you around?16:10
* Laney likes the sound of piuparts16:11
refdocI am trying to find out about libsword, gnomesword etc packages16:11
refdocand someone said you were the last maintainer16:11
refdocor uploader16:11
Chris`mok0: Did you say that you were uploading now or something?16:11
ScottKrefdoc: Did you send us mail yesterday?16:11
mok0Chris`I am16:12
mok0Chris`doing final test build right now16:12
binarymutant_is it readme.source for info on patch systems?16:12
Chris`mok0: Cool awesome :)16:12
Chris`mok0: Will I get Karma points for fixing the LP bug?16:12
Chris`Or don't they count?16:12
ScottKThey count.16:12
mok0Chris`, I am not sure16:13
Chris`Cool, I've got ~700 so far16:13
mok0But they subtract some every day16:13
refdocI did16:13
Chris`Only if your karma is over 6months old, mine isn't :D16:13
* Laney eyes the new application process16:14
Chris`I've been gaining like 200day over the past 2 days16:14
ScottKrefdoc: This is the team that maintains those packages for Ubuntu.16:14
refdocI thought so.16:14
ScottKrefdoc: That and about 10000 other source packages.16:14
refdocI know :-)16:14
refdochence the personal approach :-)16:14
ScottKrefdoc: One point from your mail: Not updating modules from an external source is considered a feature and not a bug in Debian and Ubuntu.16:15
refdocThere is a misunderstanding16:15
refdocour "modules" are texts - ebooks16:15
refdocwe have 300 or 400 of them16:15
refdocand growing16:15
refdocsome sell them16:15
refdocthis is like project gutenberg16:15
ScottKOK.  That wasn't clear in the mail.16:16
refdocyou would not want their 50.000 odd books in the repo?16:16
ScottKSo you have two choices:16:16
refdocso, no it is not about software update16:16
ScottK1. Convince someone active in Ubuntu to update your stuff.16:16
ScottK2.  Do it yourself.16:16
refdoceither, indeed.16:17
sistpoty|workhi folks16:17
ScottKtxwikinger: Are you interested in helping refdoc with updating sword stuff?16:17
ScottKHi sistpoty|work16:17
sistpoty|workhi ScottK16:17
Chris`ScottK: Is it easy?16:17
ScottKChris`: Dunno.  I haven't looked at the packages.  Sometimes it's trivial, sometimes it's painful.16:17
Chris`ScottK: What's he need updating?16:18
refdocWe have some packages which work on new installs. I am jkust not sure how much they fullfill all rules16:18
refdoclibsword from 1.5.9 to 1.5.1216:18
=== sistpoty|work changed the topic of #ubuntu-motu to: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | Want to get involved with the MOTUs? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Contributing | Grab a merge: http://dad.dunnewind.net http://merges.ubuntu.com | http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs | http://revu.ubuntuwire.com - Go review! :) | next MOTU Meeting: Fri, Jan 30 12.00 UTC
refdocgnomesword to 2.4.116:18
Chris`refdoc: I'll give it a shot if you wish?16:18
refdocI would be delighted!16:18
refdocwhat do you want me to do?16:19
refdocI am new to this16:19
binarymutant_if anyone has time on their hands I would appreciate a review on my package, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=charm Thanks :)16:19
Chris`refdoc: Are you the upstream author?16:19
refdocI am one of the lot - I am not a programmer16:19
refdocbut do documentation, translation etc16:19
refdocbut I got fed up16:20
refdocand hence approached yoyu16:20
refdocI have svn access to a lot16:20
refdocand can do things16:20
Chris`Are we talking about libsword6 in the repos?16:20
Chris`Ubuntu ^16:20
refdocand gnomesword and bibletime and diatheke16:20
Chris`refdoc: Is there a LP bug open?16:20
refdocthere are a few16:22
=== smarter_ is now known as smarter
refdocall either referring to the fact that our programmes are old16:22
refdocor stating that our (old) programmes have bugs16:22
Chris`refdoc: Find me one so I can change to "work in progress"16:22
ScottKI can't find a good wiki page on getting upgrades in.16:22
mok0ScottK, you mean a guide telling you how to go about it?16:23
ScottKrefdoc: The short version if you have packages prepared is to file a bug against the package in Launchpad, attach the .diff.gz of the package to the bug, tag the bug upgrade, and subscribe the ubuntu-universe-sponsors team to the bug16:23
ScottKmok0: Yes.16:24
ScottKmok0: We have a stunningly detailed page on merges, but nothing on upgrades.16:24
refdocScottK https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnomesword16:24
mok0ScottK, huh? strange16:24
ScottKFor each package.16:24
ScottKmok0: That or I'm just not able to find it.16:24
mok0ScottK, I can't remember ever seeing one either16:25
refdocok ScottK I will go ahead and do this16:25
refdocprobably on Sunday night as I am now at work16:26
refdocThat is brilliant. Thanks16:26
quadrispromaxb, i did a little error, now w-scan builds well :)16:26
refdocChris, sorry got mixed up with responding : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnomesword16:30
refdocthese are the bugs againts GS.16:30
refdocThe best packages we have are in http://dominique.corbex.net/gnomesword/16:31
Chris`refdoc: Have you got a direct link to the package tarball for libsword?16:31
Chris`This crosswire site is hard to navigate16:31
refdocthere are packages for bibletime, libsword and GS16:31
Chris`No matter; found it16:32
refdocChris, wharp is one of us, he just joined16:34
refdocand my connection is flaky16:34
refdocI thinK I just missed a whole lot16:34
wharpI was going to ask about replacing the old packages with the renamed packages that will result from the name change16:34
Chris`mok0: You there?16:35
Chris`mok0: I used the POD format and then added POD rules to the debian/rules file, how come there is no manpage?16:36
Chris`wharp: What packages have changed name?16:36
wharpChris`: as of yet, none have, however, gnomesword is likely going to change project names16:37
LaneyThe new package will have to go through NEW, but it shouldn't be a problem16:37
Chris`wharp: I believe that the gnomesword package will then change to a dummy package but then relies on the new one so it downloads and installs the new one instead16:37
mok0binarymutant_: +1 from me16:37
binarymutant_hey hey thanks! :) :)16:38
mok0Anymore REVU hopefuls lurking around?16:39
wharpChris`: are you the same Chris who just assigned himself to the Ubuntu bug?16:46
Chris`wharp: Yep16:46
wharpChris`: do you need anything from us, and if so, what?16:47
Chris`wharp: No nothing is required, I just need to see what the older deb contributor did and I'm checking if the same applies via lots of experimentation16:47
Chris`I'm building a test .deb atm for libsword616:48
wharpok, then you did find the tarball on crosswire.org?16:48
wharprefdoc mentioned you were looking for it16:48
Chris`wharp: Yeah after some navigation ;16:48
wharpgood, because I was looking for it for you and I sure as heck don't see it16:49
wharpoh, there it is16:49
Chris`wharp: Yeah that's what I feltl ike too16:49
wharpChris`: do you do packaging for Debian also, or just Ubuntu?16:50
Chris`wharp: Just Ubuntu but I believe that my efforts go over to Debian too16:50
wharphopefuly so16:50
Chris`mok0: You there again? I have a package to double-check for upload http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=461616:56
mok0Chris`I am here, looking17:00
Chris`mok0: There is something strange, in the .deb, the manpage exists...17:00
Chris`But you said linitian said that it doesn't?17:01
mok0Oh you wrote it in .pod format17:02
Chris`Yeah it's the only one that I feel safe in :P17:02
mok0Chris`educate me on how it gets installed17:02
Chris`On POD or the manpage of the package?17:03
mok0afaics the manpage is created in $topdir17:03
mok0I can't see it being installed...17:04
* mok0 building now17:04
Chris`mok0: I managed that in the debian/rules file, so I can show what I have done in debian rather than branching outwards if that is what you meant?17:05
mok0Chris`hang on17:06
mok0oh yes it's there17:06
fabrice_spHi. Anyone to review dvdstyler, a dvd authoring tool (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler). It has already been advocated by mok0.17:06
mok0Chris`, Lintian complains because it wants a manpage for the app grdc-applet17:08
Chris`mok0: Oh yeah, did I change the name of it?17:08
mok0... and the man page you've writen is grdc-gnome :-)17:08
Chris`Blame jpds :)17:08
mok0Never mind, I will fix & upload17:09
Chris`Oh cool ok thanks17:09
jpdsI wanted to call it gnome-applet-grdc.17:09
jpdsRainCT: How can I merge accounts on REVU?17:12
Chris`mok0: Oh, over-rides, using that quilt patching system I guess?17:12
jpdsRainCT: Tonio_ is having problems with his MOTU status.17:12
jpdsRainCT: And scripts/alter_user.py has disappeared.17:13
jpdsRainCT_ or RainCT__: please see above.17:14
mok0Chris`, what overrides?17:14
Chris`mok0: The .so versions17:14
Chris`mok0: Oops wrong reviewer17:14
=== binarymutant_ is now known as binarymutant
Chris`Oh right tonio has uploaded it, I misread what he said too!17:16
mok0Chris` the problem from 18.1 is that you need to include quilt build-deps because you use the include ... patchsys-quilt.mk in rules,17:16
mok0Chris` but if you're not patching, you might as well remove both17:16
Chris`mok0: Where can I see what packages have been recently uploaded?17:17
Chris`i.e. grdc?17:17
Chris`Ah great thanks17:18
=== NCommander is now known as NC|Lunch
=== NC|Lunch is now known as NCommander
LaserJockquick lunch17:19
Chris`My first 3 packages got uploaded today ;D17:22
mok0Chris`: a good day17:24
Chris`mok0: Very much so :)17:24
bddebianAnyone good with Gnome/Gtk2?17:27
tritiumsuperm1: update on hdhomerun-config: In order to build the gui, I'm going to need to build a lib package from libhdhomerun as well, and not just hdhomerun-config.  I should have something tonight or tomorrow.17:30
mok0HMPF. Why did the FSF have to move?17:32
mok0Am I the only one who finds the README.source file comletely redundant?17:34
LaserJockif the contents are redundant17:35
binarymutantisn't it just a file pointing to another file17:35
LaserJockis it?17:35
mok0No, but most have the same boilerplate content17:35
LaserJockI suppose a redudant file with redudant content would be reredundant17:36
binarymutantplease see /usr/share/doc/whatever/dpatch.readme17:36
LaserJockoh, well that's kinda dumb though could be important17:36
LaserJockit's supposed to be the stuff about the source package that isn't redundant17:36
LaserJockbut like everything else that's boilerplate, people like to make examples useless ;-)17:37
binarymutantI thought it was to show others how you manage patches17:37
mok0Repackaging and other things that concern the source tarball belongs there, but how to use the patch system? Duh!17:37
LaserJockyeah, that's totally not necessarily unless you're doing something non-standard17:38
mok0The patches can very well be applied manually using patch -p0 < file17:38
binarymutantthe easiest way :)17:38
mok0for f in debian/patches/*.patch; do patch -p0 < $f ; done17:38
LaserJockI still prefer dpatch17:39
* sistpoty|work prefers VCS - i.e. upstream VCS *g*17:39
LaserJockI don't17:39
mok0LaserJock: yes , but the file is supposedly intended for people who don't use the std tools for some reason17:39
LaserJockthose are a pain17:39
LaserJockmok0: well, I would consider "for f in debian/patches/*.patch; do patch -p0 < $f ; done" still standard :-)17:40
sistpoty|workwell. I guess my advantage is that I'm upstream as well for the thingy I'm packaging right now *g*17:40
LaserJocksistpoty|work: yeah, that usually helps in many ways ;-)17:40
sistpoty|workyep :)17:40
mok0We hates upstream!17:40
LaserJockexcept for when you get mad at upstream for doing something stupid ;-)17:41
mok0We hatesssss upstream!17:41
sistpoty|workluckily we're a team, so I can blame the others *g*17:41
LaserJock"WTH, why did the bonehead do it *that* way!!!! oh yeah, that was me"17:41
binarymutantif anyone has time on their hands I would appreciate a review on my package, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=charm Thank you :)17:44
* sistpoty|work calls it a day and heads home17:50
iefremov_workany MOTUs here to review UGENE - genome analysis suite? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ugene17:58
mok0iefremov, I'll bite18:02
james_wany suggestions for this developer news issue?18:02
mok0iefremov, concerning zlib, just repackage the upstream tarball on our side.18:04
mok0iefremov, in fact also strip windows specific directories if they exist18:04
mok0iefremov, it's no problem, done with lots of packages18:05
LaserJockjames_w: do you have the new application process already?18:06
iefremov_workmok0, do you mean repackaging with removing zlib?18:07
james_wLaserJock: no need, it went to u-d-a18:07
mok0iefremov, yes, and rename the tarball to something, for example ugene_1.3.2+repack.orig.tar.gz18:08
iefremov_workok, will be fixed18:08
LaserJockjames_w: but doesn't the developer news go elsewhere as well?18:08
iefremov_workshould i place any comments about it - creating special readme, etc. ?18:09
mok0iefremov, then, create a script or a target in rules "get-orig-source" that does everything needed to repackage18:09
james_wLaserJock: elsewhere than Ubuntu developers?18:09
LaserJockjames_w: doesn't it go on Fridge, for instance18:09
iefremov_workmok0, ok18:09
james_wLaserJock: why would it?18:09
LaserJockbecause it's news ...18:10
james_wit's news for developers18:11
fabrice_spAny MOTU to check my debdiff for Bug #318967?18:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318967 in openmovieeditor "openmovieeditor FTBFS in jaunty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31896718:15
WebspotHey. Are there any MOTUs available to review osm-gps-map? It is a GTK+ widget for showing OpenStreetMap in apps. It's my first package! http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map18:21
mok0Webspot: I am busy atm but will take a look later18:22
Webspotmok0: Thanks.18:22
LaneyWebspot: :O do any apps use it?18:23
WebspotLaney: I don't think so yet. There are also some python bindings that I'm going to get packaged up, after this is done. And then I'm going to make a little app with it :)18:24
mok0Cool then we can test it18:24
WebspotIn the -dev package, there's a small test script just to browse the map.18:25
Chris`Webspot: I've added a comment but I'm not MOTU :)18:28
WebspotChris`: Thanks. I'll check it out.18:28
WebspotChris`: I'll work through that stuff :)18:29
Chris`Webspot: Yeah cool, they're the stuff that I often get wrong so I just picked up on them :)18:29
WebspotChris`: Right. Hopefully I'll get better at this as I go along :)18:30
Chris`Webspot: I've only had 3 packages into the Universe so far :P They were uploaded today as well!18:31
fabrice_spby the way, shouldn't it be better to sync gavl (bug #318658) before fixing the FTBFS, as openmovieeditor would need a rebuild after the sync?18:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318658 in gavl "Please sync gavl 1.1.0-2 from Debian unstable" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31865818:34
mok0fabrice_sp: sounds reasonable18:35
fabrice_spmok0, ok. I'll link the gavl link request it in the FTBFS bug. Thanks :-)18:37
mok0fabrice_sp: good to get that out of the way18:38
james_wfabrice_sp: why would it need a rebuild?18:39
fabrice_spjames_w, the soname is bumped, if I remember well18:40
james_wI thought we already had the SONAME bump18:40
fabrice_spHave to check ,then (not sure, now that you say it)18:41
james_wyeah http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/libgavl018:41
fabrice_spthere is a new one (if I understand packages.debian.org)18:43
fabrice_spfrom libgavl0 -> libgavl-1.0-0 -> libgavl118:44
james_wsorry, I assumed that it was libgavl0 -> libgavl118:44
fabrice_spIt would have been logical, yes18:45
LaserJockRainCT__: priority extra could be checked for18:45
ScottKI think we really don't care at all in Ubuntu about optional/extra18:46
LaserJockno, but there's a Policy difference18:46
ScottKEven Debian is having a hard time convincing themselves they still care.18:46
LaserJockand we don't know if they'll be used in the future18:46
LaserJocknot that I think optional/extra are particularly useful18:47
directhexScottK, some dev with a package which only works on hppa, with 4 users, might care!18:47
RainCTLaserJock: How? REVU can't know if the priority is "extra" for some reason or not18:47
LaserJockRainCT: sure you can18:47
LaserJockif the package doesn't declare any replaces/conflicts I don't think it can be in extra really18:48
RainCTLaserJock: It can. Eg, packages which require some special hardware to be useful18:48
ScottKAlso packages where it would be 'confusing'18:48
ScottKAlso if depends on extra pacakges.18:49
fabrice_spthanks for the ack mok0  :-)18:49
LaserJockwell, I guess it does depend a little on what part of Policy you take on that18:49
LaserJockI'd take "contains all packages that conflict with others with required, important, standard or optional priorities" as being the thing to look for18:50
LaserJockbut I agree with ScottK that it's a fairly usless check18:50
LaserJockbut I think the dh_make template should do optional18:51
LaserJockI'd take "contains all packages that conflict with others with required, important, standard or optional priorities" as being the thing to look for18:51
* RainCT would suggest fixing dh_make to not set extra by default :P18:51
LaserJockthat would basically solve the "bad priority" problem18:51
RainCTLaserJock: btw, I like the proposal from your mail18:52
RainCT[wth is that RainCT_ coming from? o.O18:52
LaserJockRainCT: yeah?18:53
RainCT[oh, irssi running twice :P]18:53
mok0RainCT: In screen?18:55
RainCTLaserJock: Yeah. Although if we decide to go with it, it'll take me some weeks to do the required changes on REVU (unless someone else wants to do them)18:55
RainCTmok0: yep18:55
mok0RainCT: great then, can you tell me how to scroll in screen?18:55
pochuChris`: hey, I've seen refdoc pinged me. Are you going to do the work? If so, there's someone in the motu mailing list offering help and willing to maintain those packages; perhaps you want to work with him18:56
LaserJockRainCT: right, yeah. I realized it would take some modification.18:56
LaserJockmok0: PgUp or Shift-PgUp works for me18:56
mok0ah, /me tries that18:56
Chris`pochu: I would love any extra help since it is still a learning experience for me. I'll check the mailing list atm18:56
RainCTmok0: by pressing some key combination to switch to another mode.. but here it's pageup/pagedown is working, let me check if i added something to the config file..18:57
mok0LaserJock: nope, must be in your .screenrc18:57
pochunhandler: hey, did you use GMail to reply to ScottK's mails in your REVU thread?18:57
RainCTmok0: can't find it, but I guess jpds knows18:59
LaserJockmok0: I've never set up a .screenrc18:59
mok0heh ok, what term are you using?18:59
LaserJockmok0: PgUp works here18:59
RainCTmok0: terminator18:59
mok0RainCT: Hm, me too...19:00
LaserJockmok0: gnome-terminal, terminator, konsole ...19:01
mok0LaserJock: I feel ... like... somethings wrong with me19:01
* LaserJock gives mok0 a hard smack19:02
* mok0 wakes up19:02
mok0It's probably my termcap entry or something19:03
mok0'cause PgUp doesn't work anywhere19:03
* ScottK finds it ironic that armel is the least backlogged arch on the buildd's right now.19:09
mok0ScottK, that's because almost nothing builds on it ;-)19:09
ScottKmok0: Actually it's because all the pending backports got processed today.19:10
ScottKNo armel in Hardy/Intrepid19:10
* sebner waves and is happy to be still alive =)19:10
* ScottK wonders if that was in question?19:10
sebnerScottK: yes, really xD19:11
ScottKTell us then ...19:11
sebnerScottK: well, it's really hard. 16hours per day on the feet. bad meals, instructors shouting all day long19:12
ScottKSounds like you joined the army.19:13
sebnerof course19:13
lagaoh, i thought it was ~ubuntu-bugs19:13
sebnerfor the next 6 months :(19:13
sebnerlaga: lol19:13
ScottKIt's good for you.19:13
sebnerScottK: the bad thing is that I would have gone home last weekend already but I was ill so I had to stay there. So I'm at home the first time since 2 weeks19:14
* sebner asks himself if the new nvidia driver (180-glx) is now compatible with new Xorg? 492 updates to go19:15
james_wfabrice_sp: nice work on openmovieeditor19:17
* mok0 goes for pizza!19:17
hyperairis there any motu available for revu? if so, may i have a review please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin19:18
* mok0 looks the other way ;-)19:30
hyperairmok0: heheh19:31
mok0hyperair: it's getting awfully quiet around here...19:31
hyperairmok0: if you're free for another revu, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx19:31
hyperairmok0: and yeah, i agree.19:31
hyperairimo the most noise happens when i'm asleep19:31
mok0Ah, ok19:31
mok0Somewhere I saw some statistics on when the channels were busy19:32
iulianmok0: To scroll down/up in screen - CTRL+A+ESC works for me.19:32
mok0iulian: your'e using C-A as the command sequence?19:33
hyperairCtrl+A+ESC triggers copy mode in screen ;)19:34
iulianmok0: Exactly, then press esc.19:34
mok0for me too19:34
mok0I changed C-A to C-Z19:35
iulianYou can now scroll with PgUp/PgDn or with the arrows.19:35
* mok0 hugs iulian19:35
* iulian hugs mok0 back.19:36
hyperairfabrice_sp: you're a motu right? could you revu a package for me? =p19:40
fabrice_sphyperair, sorry: I'm only an interested contributor19:48
fabrice_spbut I can have a look at a package :-)19:48
fabrice_spjust throw the URL, and I'll comment it (even if I can't advocate it)19:49
hyperairfabrice_sp: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx19:51
* fabrice_sp builds sigx, to check the resulting packages19:55
hyperairjpds: ping19:56
fabrice_sphyperair, sigx FTBFS:20:05
fabrice_spdh_makeshlibs: command returned error code 25620:05
fabrice_spmake: *** [binary-fixup/libsigx-2.0-2] Error 120:05
hyperairhow very strange20:06
hyperairi saw no such error20:06
hyperairand what's FTBFS?20:06
slytherinhyperair: fails to build from source20:06
hyperairfabrice_sp: are you using amd64 by any chance?20:08
fabrice_spamd64 here20:09
hyperairthought so20:09
* hyperair frowns20:09
hyperairmok0: are debian/package.symbols.arch files required for libs?20:09
hyperairfabrice_sp: could you try removing debian/*.symbols and see if it builds?20:10
mok0hyperair: not required,20:12
hyperairmok0: alright, then i'll just toss it out. lintian -I was complaining though20:12
mok0hyperair: so far, it's only a recommendation20:12
fabrice_sphyperair, so will upload a new version?20:12
hyperairfabrice_sp: yeah i will.20:13
mok0hyperair: but it will be useful in the long run20:13
hyperairmok0: i can't for the life of me understand the .symbols file generated by dpkg-gensymbols20:14
mok0hyperair: can you pastebin it20:14
slytherinhyperair: why do you need to understand it? Just use it. :-P20:14
fabrice_spmok0, is uploading a package to PPA mandatory before uploading to REVU? It should help fixing FTBFS before advocating the package20:15
hyperairmok0: it's a C++ library so there are a whole lot of mangled names20:15
mok0fabrice_sp: true. It's a good idea, but not required20:15
hyperairslytherin: well, it's unmaintainable otherwise right?20:15
mok0hyperair: ah yes20:15
mok0hyperair: it's basically a list of (symbol  version)20:16
hyperairmok0: it would also seem that the x86 .symbols doesn't work on amd6420:16
slytherinfabrice_sp: not required. ppa is not the only way to make sure your package builds. use pbuilder.20:16
mok0where "version" is the version of the library (no soname)20:16
hyperairmok0: http://pastebin.com/f586e766520:16
mok0(NOT soname)20:16
mok0hyperair: yup, looks good20:17
hyperairslytherin: well it builds on x86, but i don't have an amd64 pbuilder around20:17
mok0hyperair: place it as debian/<package>.symbols20:17
hyperairmok0: that's what made dh_makeshlibs spit flames on fabrice_sp's machine20:17
mok0hyperair: oh?20:17
hyperairmok0: yeah, error 256 or something20:18
mok0fabrice_sp: what version are you running? Gutsy?20:18
mok0hyperair: what package is it?20:18
hyperairmok0: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx20:19
mok0Ah, about to take a look at it anyway20:19
* mok0 goes to other window for a while...20:19
hyperairmok0: actually i removed the .symbols file20:19
fabrice_spmok0, no: it's a jaunty's sbuild20:19
hyperairmok0: should i add it back?20:19
mok0Uhm, the symbol file?20:19
mok0I can snatch it from the pastebin20:20
hyperairmok0: yeah20:20
fabrice_spI'll paste the sbuild's log in REVU20:20
mok0fabrice_sp: thanks20:20
* hyperair needs to bathe20:21
mok0hyperair: yeah you're starting to smell20:22
mok0hyperair: why do you use that strange version # for the lib?20:23
fabrice_spbad idea to paste the build log in REVU....20:24
mok0fabrice_sp: firefox crashed?20:24
mok0fabrice_sp: we just need those error messages not the whole thing20:24
fabrice_spnop: it's a too long comment20:25
fabrice_spyeap: will just past the error20:25
mok0fabrice_sp: ah I may know what that is20:28
fabrice_spmok0, wouah!20:29
mok0fabrice_sp: I get the same erros20:29
mok0fabrice_sp: right now I am thinking that it has to do with that funny version no20:31
Webspotmok0: You mentioned on my REVU package (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map) that I should have a watch file. Is this possible, when the packaged is based off a git checkout?20:34
mok0Webspot: oh20:34
mok0Webspot: I guess not20:34
Webspotmok0: Okay. I'll just upload the other changes, ignoring that then :)20:35
mok0Webspot: all right20:35
WebspotI've uploaded the changes requested by people to my package. If any MOTUs are free could they please review. Thanks :) - http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map20:36
WebspotJust give it a second to show up on the site though...20:37
WebspotIt's up now, for those interested.20:39
* hyperair is back!20:41
mok0hyperair: that .symbols file is from another version of the library20:41
mok0hyperair: why do you use that strange version # for the lib?20:41
hyperairwhat strange version #?20:42
hyperairmok0: that's not a version20:42
hyperairi mean that's part of the library package name20:42
hyperairisn't it?20:42
mok0Package: libsigx-2.0-220:43
hyperairi read from the debian library packaging guide that if the library is libsigx-2.0.so.2.y.z, then the package name should be libsigx-2.0-220:43
hyperairor something20:43
mok0hyperair: normally, you just append the major soname -> libsigx220:43
loic-mmok0: before my computer rebooted a few hours ago I read a comment from you that (C) for copyright wasn't good in a package20:43
mok0loic-m: right20:44
hyperairlibtool params: -export-dynamic -version-info 0:0:0 -release 1.2.3 package name: libfoo-1.2.3-020:44
mok0loic-m: Either © or Copyright20:44
hyperairtaken from http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html20:44
mok0hyperair: errr...20:45
loic-mmok0: I suggested that line in a REVU comment (my bad) : The Debian packaging is (C) 2008, Your_name <your@adress> and is licensed under the GPL, see above.20:45
loic-mmok0: I can just suggest "The Debian packaging is Copyright 2008, (...)20:45
mok0loic-m: yes20:45
loic-mor "The Debian packaging is ©2008, (...)"20:45
loic-mmok0: thanks a lot20:45
mok0You're welcome20:46
mok0hyperair: 2 secs20:46
hyperairmok0: ok20:46
loic-mmok0: is "Copyright (C) 1999 " ok? I've seen it on a Debian package afair20:46
loic-mmok0: or should i tell the uploader to correct that too?20:47
mok0loic-m: It's commonly used that way, but AFAIK, the "(C)" is worthless20:47
mok0loic-m: in the sense: has no legal implecations20:48
loic-mmok0: thanks, I'll have to review my own package on REVU too ;)20:48
mok0hyperair, from Debian policy manual: "The most common mechanism is to place it in a package called librarynamesoversion, where soversion is the version number in the soname of the shared library20:50
hyperairhmm =\20:50
hyperairi'll change it then20:50
hyperairmok0: but looking at libsigc++, it's libsigc++-2.0-0c2a20:51
mok0hyperair: Ugly20:51
hyperairmok0: so should i strip the -2.0 from all the binary packages?20:52
mok0hyperair: hang on, I want to be sure20:52
mok0hyperair: in the meantime, read this: http://www.gnu.org/software/libtool/manual/html_node/Versioning.html#Versioning20:53
loic-mHas the FSF address (in debian/copyright) changed? I've seen 2 address, but can't tell for sure which is the new one or if both are ok (and I don't want to mislead the uploader)20:53
loic-mIs 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA. the old one, and 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA  02110-1301 USA the new one?20:53
mok0loic-m: It's the Franklin St. one that's current20:53
loic-mmok0: thanks a lot.20:54
hyperairmok0: that doesn't seem to talk about -release at all20:54
hyperairoh wait it does20:55
hyperairmok0: basically what i infer from this is that sigx-2.0 is the name of the library, and 2 is the soname version20:56
hyperairmok0: hence libsigx-2.0-220:56
mok0hyperair: Explain to me why you need that20:56
hyperairmok0: umm because upstream decided to do things like that?20:57
mok0hyperair: I maintain that libsigx2 is sufficient20:57
mok0hyperair: if the ABI changes, upstream will bump the soname to 3 and the new library will be libsigx320:57
hyperairbecause the library's filename is libsigx-2.0.so.2, and the author's latching the -2.0 part to the libsigc++ -release version20:58
mok0hyperair: then old and new apps using the library can co-exist20:58
mok0hyperair: ok20:59
hyperairmok0: similar to how libsigc++ has -1.2, -1.9, and -2.0, as well as potetntially higher versions in the future, i think sigx will follow the same way20:59
hyperairmok0: in which case i think the soname would be reset20:59
mok0hyperair: very peculiar20:59
hyperairmok0: it's something like branching from the old one, similar to how gtk1 shifted to gtk221:00
mok0hyperair: of course this is not a libtool library21:00
hyperairand yes it's not, but it uses libtool versioning, after i persuaded the author to do so21:00
hyperairhowever, libsigc++ is a libtool library21:00
hyperairauthor seems to really love scons21:00
mok0hyperair: what is libsigc++ ?21:01
hyperairmok0: signal/slot library for C++21:01
hyperairmok0: used extensively in gtkmm21:01
mok0hyperair: ..and this lib is on top of that?21:01
hyperairmok0: libsigx is the multithreaded extension to it21:01
hyperairmok0: yep21:01
mok0Then why not libsigx2-2.0 ?21:01
hyperairi haven't seen any versioning that looks like that21:02
hyperairhave you seen any package which has a name like that?21:02
mok0libofapi0 - OpenFirmware device-tree parsing library21:02
mok0libnucleus5 - EMBOSS library for molecular sequence analysis21:03
hyperairmok0: but that's not libofapi0-0.0 or something21:03
mok0libnmz7 - full text search engine - shared library21:03
hyperairmok0: i'm talking about libraries with libfiles libfoo-<some release version>.so.<soname>21:03
mok0hyperair: so, like lib*-*.so.* ?21:04
hyperairmok0: every library i can think of which has files /usr/lib/libfoo-<version>.so.<soname> is named similar to how i named sigx21:04
hyperairmok0: more specifically lib*-\d+.so.*21:04
hyperairuh make that [\d.]+21:04
mok0corresponding package: libglib1.2ldbl21:05
hyperairbut that has an even stranger package name21:05
loic-mIs the fact the simple description line in debian/control starts with an upercase a big problem? I'm checking packages in the repos to make sure but some do, some don't21:05
hyperairi mean you don't see the soname anywhere, and what's ldbl?21:05
mok0libgtk1.2: /usr/lib/libgtk-1.2.so.021:05
hyperairmok0: those don't seem to have sonames in their package names21:06
Chris`ScottK: Nice bug fixing, you had fixed in less than 3hrs of me originally reporting it! :P21:06
ScottKTurned out to be an easy one.21:07
hyperairmok0: the other variant i see is libfoo<version>-<soversion>21:07
hyperairmok0: as the package name, i mean21:07
mok0kdelibs5: /usr/lib/libkhtml.so.521:07
ScottKIf Debian hadn't aleready done 4.2.4a it'd have gone into the 'too hard, do later' pile.21:07
mok0kdelibs5: /usr/lib/libkhtml.so.5.1.021:08
Chris`ScottK: Heh you have those piles too?21:08
mok0hyperair: that's an example!21:08
hyperairmok0: those don't have a version before .so21:08
ScottKPiles of them.21:08
mok0hyperair: not the library, the package21:08
jpdsRainCT: Know what?21:08
mok0hyperair: so you can also have the earlier package:21:09
hyperairmok0: but the package name has to be tailored towards the way the library was versioned21:09
hyperairmok0: right?21:09
mok0kdelibs4: /usr/lib/libkhtml.so.421:09
RainCTjpds: uhm?21:09
hyperairmok0: okay, supposing the sigx author decides to release a libsigx-3.0.so.2, what do i call it?21:09
mok0hyperair: yes, but you said it was using libtool versioning21:09
jpds18:59:11 #ubuntu-motu: < RainCT> mok0: can't find it, but I guess jpds knows21:09
jpdshyperair: pong.21:09
RainCTjpds: Ah, nvm, he already got an answer.21:09
mok0hyperair: ok, if that's what he calls it, I guess we're stuck with that21:10
RainCTjpds: (he wanted to know how to scroll with screen)21:10
hyperairjpds: hi. is the package name "libsigx-2.0-2" okay for libsigx-2.0.so.2?21:10
mok0jpds: I believe it was a question about how to scroll in screen21:10
mok0jpds: but we figured it out21:11
hyperairmok0: well if you like, it looks like there are naming conventions where the release number is glued onto the package name, like libsigx2.0-2. would that be better?21:11
jpdsmok0: How do you do it? I knew how to but I forgot.21:11
jpdshyperair: Should be.21:11
mok0jpds: first you need to go into copy mode (C-A esc) then you can use PgUp21:12
RainCTjpds: ctrl+a+escape21:12
hyperairjpds, mok0: scrolling in screen requires activating copy mode (C-a [)21:12
RainCTjpds: here it works out of the box, though.. dunno why21:12
jpdsHmm, /me writes into Tomboy.21:12
hyperairjpds: ctrl+u seems to work for scrolling up21:12
mok0hyperair: leave it like it is, I am convinced21:12
jpdsRainCT: Did you fix tonio's REVU MOTU status thing?21:12
hyperairjpds: and ctrl+d for scrolling down21:13
hyperairmok0: okay21:13
hyperairmok0: so apart from adding a proper package.symbols file, are there any other issues?21:13
mok0hyperair, now I'm gonna look at that symbols thing.21:13
hyperairmok0: okay21:13
mok0hyperair: haven't gotten that far yet :-)21:13
hyperairjpds: when you poked around sigx last night, did it build? if so, x86 or x86_64?21:14
jpdshyperair: I didn't have time to test build..21:14
RainCTjpds: I don't even know who that is. (Well, thanks to google, now I know it :P)21:14
hyperairjpds: i see. nevermind then.21:14
mok0hyperair: anyway, I just created a totally new .symbols file from the library built, and it's different from the one included in debian/21:14
jpdsRainCT: He's a core-dev and motu, but doesn't have it on REVU, can't merge his accounts.21:15
hyperairmok0: can i have it?21:15
hyperairmok0: pastebin or something21:15
mok0sure, just a minute21:15
hyperairmok0: okay21:15
RainCTjpds: OK, he's a reviewer now. You know that you can change the rank from the profile?21:17
jpdsRainCT: No, I did not.21:17
RainCTwell, now you do ;921:17
RainCT* ;)21:17
hyperairmok0: i'm getting a different .symbols file21:18
mok0hyperair: heh21:18
jpdsRainCT: Learn something knew everyday.21:18
mok0hyperair: are we working with the same upload I wonder?21:18
hyperairmok0: same upload21:18
hyperairmok0: you're on x86_64, i'm on x86. that seems to be creating the difference imo21:19
hyperairbut then again symbols shouldn't change from one arch to another21:19
mok0Hm, it shouldn't21:19
hyperairmok0: how did you generate yours21:19
mok0hyperair: what's the version you used to compile?21:19
hyperairmok0: i ran dpkg-gensymbols -plibsigx-2.0-2 | patch debian/libsigx-2.0-2.symbols21:20
mok0I used a fresh jaunty builder21:20
hyperaireh mine's intrepid21:20
hyperairi should use jaunty =\21:20
mok0hyperair: it could be a difference in the compiler.21:20
hyperairi'll just take your symbols file and see if it works lol21:20
mok0hyperair: that kind of defeats the whole purpose of .symbols, though21:20
mok0The C++ mangling throws off the scheme21:21
hyperairso i should just leave it out?21:21
mok0In fact, C++ almost _always_ introduces a different ABI21:22
mok0Any change of a class will do it21:22
hyperairso i should toss it out21:22
hyperairsince it's pointless and adds a whole lot of useless stuff to the diff.gz21:23
mok0Yeah, probably... although it would be interesting to find out what is going on21:23
hyperairi'm trying your .symbols file in pbuilder now21:23
hyperairlet's see if dpkg-gensymbols generates a diff21:23
mok0The file will tell clients what parts of the library are still the same as the older versions21:23
mok0So, it's pretty useful, but if different versions of the compiler have different mangling schemes then it's not worth squat21:25
hyperairlol pbuilder threw a hissy fit21:25
hyperairlooks like the symbols thing just introduces probs21:26
* mok0 attempts an intrepid build21:27
Laneyhyperair: You should maintain that banshee plugin in debian-mono21:27
hyperairLaney: you mean bansheelyricsplugin?21:29
Laneyis there another?21:29
hyperairLaney: eh?21:29
hyperairLaney: you're talking about the one i uploaded to revu right21:29
hyperairwell. i don't have a debian system =p21:29
hyperairjust ubuntu21:29
Laneyforget revu, go straight to the place where great packages are born21:29
mok0Laney: you mean, never born :-)21:30
LaneyYou can test it in a VM, but really it's the same21:30
hyperairwell, are you a motu? if you are you can always add the final advocate? =p21:30
LaneyI'm not, and if I were I'd still ask you to bring it over21:30
hyperairLaney: i'd submit it through utnubu or whatever21:30
mok0hyperair: it's a good idea21:30
mok0Laney: utnubu exists?21:30
Laneynot really21:30
mok0Laney: no one here ever heard of it21:31
hyperairoh it doesn't?21:31
LaneyIt's pretty defunct afaict21:31
hyperairmok0: what's a good idea?21:31
mok0hyperair: to maintain the package in Debian21:31
Laneyin the pkg-cli-apps team21:31
hyperairwhat does it take to become a debian maintainer?21:31
Laneyyou don't need to be21:31
hyperaireh? i don't?21:31
mok0hyperair: you need to get it sponsored, like on REVU, but you only need 121:32
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
hyperairmok0: where do i upload it?21:32
mok0hyperair: they keep all packages in a common svn or git repo21:32
=== stdin_ is now known as stdin
LaneyAnd we maintain packages in SVN, so it's much more collaborative21:32
Laneythe preparing of an upload, I mean21:33
mok0hyperair: Laney can tell you21:33
hyperairLaney: i know that svn.. i have a few of slomo's packaging stuff checked out on my copm21:33
fabrice_spAnyone MOTU willing to review DVStyler and perhaps to give it the second advocate? It's a DVD Authoring tool, and it's at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler21:33
Laneyright, slomo maintains a lot of packages in pkg-cli-* svn21:33
hyperairLaney: yeah, i sync from them into the ppa21:33
mok0I'm the only motu around I'm afraid21:33
hyperairmok0: i thought jpds was around, as was rainct21:34
mok0hyperair: then they're hiding from uploaders, lol21:34
hyperairtime to ping21:34
Laneyhar har21:34
hyperairanyway i've got to sleep21:35
hyperairgot a bus to catch tomorrow21:35
hyperairi mean later today ;)21:35
mok0heh, I'll leave a review for sigx21:35
hyperairmok0: thanks21:35
mok0hyperair: it depends on half the archive21:36
mok0takes forever to build21:36
hyperairmok0: you serious? it only takes ~5 minutes on my notebook21:36
cemchi. i was just reading this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=2884866&postcount=46 about updating clamav. it there anything new on this subject?, the thread ends on 09 aug 2007 ;)21:36
mok0I guess it's 'cause I'm watching21:36
hyperairmok0: also i've got LAN access to an archives mirror =p21:37
mok0hyperair: I have an apt-cacher-ng on the gigabit network21:39
mok0cemc: ScottK is the big clamav person21:41
cemcyea, i saw that, but wanted to ask here first instead in private21:41
mok0cemc: we've mentioned his name, so he'll come around21:42
cemc:) i'll stick around then, thanks21:43
ScottKcemc: What's the question?21:54
cemcScottK: hi. well, i just installed 8.04 and saw that whole thread about clamav, and i wish to use it and have the latest in hardy, and i would like to help to get it there ;)21:55
cemci'm fairly new to this whole thing, but i would like to help somehow21:56
tobi__what can be reasons for a package not being listed on merge-o-matic, although a newer version of a package is listed in the debian repos? (package: gpsbabel)21:56
ScottKcemc: What do you use clamav with?21:57
ScottKhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-clamav <- we need testers.21:57
cemcamavis + postfix21:58
ScottKSo if you could run the 0.94.2 packages from the PPA and report any problems, that would be useful.22:01
jcfpif a package exists in both debian and ubuntu, and the ubuntu one gets updated (new upstream release) so it's newer than the one in debian, should the version be -0ubuntu1 or -1ubuntu1?22:03
ScottKjcfp: -0ubuntu122:05
ScottKOnce Debian gets it and uses -1, we want it to be a higher version.22:06
jsmidtI cannot get debuild to call my gpg key.  It always fails saying "Joseph Smidt <josephsmidt@gmail.com>": secret key not available22:09
jsmidtyet here is my gpg --list-key output Joseph Smidt (Personal Key) <josephsmidt@gmail.com>22:10
jsmidtIs there some config file I need to change.  I tried making a .devscripts file22:10
_stochastic_does anyone wat to REVU my package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=calf22:13
ScottKjsmidt: Email address and name have to match exactly.22:14
ScottKjsmidt: use -k<keyid> then.22:14
mok0_stochastic_: I'll take a look when I'm done with the one I'm looking at now22:20
_stochastic_mok0, thanks22:20
mok0_stochastic_: I've looked at it before22:21
_stochastic_mok0, I've fixed it up22:21
mok0_stochastic_: great!22:22
nhandlerpochu: Yes, I did use gmail, why?22:38
pochunhandler: because it mangled ScottK's Message-Id in your References header and that broke threading :P22:44
jsmidtFound my gpg error.  I called the copied the /etc/devscripts.conf to ~/devscripts.conf but it only works if you get rid of the .conf.  Thanks ScottK though for the help.22:47
nhandlerpochu: Good old gmail. Is there a fix to this? Or is it just one more of gmail's faults?22:47
pochunhandler: well the fix would be to fix gmail, but we can't do that22:47
pochunhandler: but it's ok, it only happened because the message-id had brackets and gmail removed them, but generally they don't have brackets so it's not common :)22:48
pochunothing to worry about too much22:49
=== ZehRique is now known as ZehRique[Away]
directhexif this is true, i may feel a need to punch something23:05
loic-mCan anyone review/advocate my package at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ecm ? It's been reviewed twice by simrunbasuita and I've done the corrections, plus fixed a few more stuff since23:34
=== blueyed_ is now known as blueyed
nhandlerloic-m: I'll look at it23:34
loic-mnhandler: thanks a lot23:35
loic-mit's not a so well known package, but it's quite useful for storing isos + only available as source on the homepage23:35
loic-mbtw, is there a team for emulation (game consoles) in Debian or Ubuntu?23:36
nhandlerloic-m: I believe there is a Debian game team23:37
nhandlerloic-m: https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-games/23:37
postalchrisIs there a way to give a package a new version number without doing a full rebuild?23:38
nhandlerpostalchris: Why do you need to give it a new version number?23:38
postalchrisI want to upload the same version to a PPA and to REVU23:38
nhandlerpostalchris: For PPAs, you really should append ~ppaX to the end of it23:38
loic-mnhandler: I've seen this team before, I thought it was only for Linux native games - do they also focus on emulation?23:39
nhandlerloic-m: I'm not sure23:39
postalchrisnhandler: Right, I mean I want the same source package in the two places with different version numbers (per the naming convention)23:39
nhandlerpostalchris: I'm not sure if there is a better way. I normally upload to REVU, modify version to have ~ppaX in debian/changelog, debuild -S, and upload to PPA23:41
postalchrisnhandler: Cool. Thanks.23:42
loic-mnhandler: ~ppaX do you leave X, or does X has to be replaced?23:44
maxbX == a number, start at 1, increase if you need to make a revision23:44
loic-mmaxb: thanks23:45
cyberixhey, we just transfered development of package pyliblo over from me to dooooomi23:51
cyberixcould someone review the new version to make sure everything went ok?23:51
loic-mWhen reviewing, is there a command to check there's not useless spaces in debian/ files (+ maybe number of characters in a line not >80)?23:53
nhandlerloic-m: I normally just skim down the line using vim (which shows the column number) to see if it is > 80 characters. Extra spaces are pretty easy to spot23:54
LaneyI thought there was a lintian check for >80 (maybe in -I?)23:55
nhandlerLaney: I think there is, but I don't remember if it checks every file or not23:55
Laneythe ones in debian/ that have this limit, sure23:56
loic-mnhandler, Laney, thanks. I'll try lintian -l first ;) I'm still not good at spotting them with a text editor (I'll have to try vim though)23:57
Laneynot l, I (that's capital-i)23:57
Laneyloic-m: ^23:57
nhandlerloic-m: You also need to build the package before running lintian. Running it on the .dsc won't work23:57
maxblintian can check a source package, can't it?23:59
nhandlerYes it can23:59

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