b_hello all00:07
b_im having problems loading mythbuntu 8.10 live cd00:07
b_the system halts at '"squashfs version..."00:08
b_it just stays like that; i tried downloading new images and everything.00:08
b_can someone help?00:08
b_wel... ?00:12
OZ3TLseriously what ???00:14
tgm4883he stuck around for 6 minutes00:16
tgm4883I just clicked back to xchat00:16
tgm4883and hes gone00:16
tgm4883perhaps if he had waited alittle bit someone could have helped him00:17
OZ3TLohhh i can't help anybody 1: just installed it 2. not very good writing english but can read and understanda lot of it00:19
OZ3TLso i'm only here to learn about mythbuntu00:20
OZ3TLany of my questions will be asked in other channels where i can write what i mean i my own languade00:22
BCampbellsuddenly lost ability to record.  Setup two shows to record tonite, now they're not listed and I cannot schedule anything to record.  Please give me some hints00:30
BCampbellnever mind...looked like an setup issue..resolved now00:44
bsusacould someone please help me? Whenever i run Mythbuntu frontend fullscreen, the taskbar does not dissapear from the screen, why is this?01:20
superm1bsusa, try closing compiz01:23
superm1(if it's open)01:23
bsusai dont have it installed01:28
tgm4883bsusa, did you use the screen setup wizard?01:33
bsusanope this happend when i plugged in my projector01:37
bsusaits always been working fine though01:37
bsusai just uplugged seems to work fine now01:55
bsusaso you know much about mythtv?01:56
bsusayou know how you can remotley watch it through a database01:56
bsusais it possible to add the Mythvideo feature to it as well so you can watch Videos as well as Recordings01:57
arrrghhhhowdy folks.  when I cat /dev/video0 > /tmp/test.mpg - i get video (static) so i'm guessing it just needs to be set to a channel.  when i setup myth, it sees the card but it doesn't seem to work.  says "tuner1 unavailable" in the system status page.02:08
arrrghhhi don't get anything when i goto "watch tv" - so there's definitely something i still need to do to setup the card within myth... i'm just not sure what!  i've never used mythbox before, but i've always been very interested in the idea.  my work was throwing a computer away with a pvr-150 in it, so i figured i'd give it a shot!02:11
Shadow__Xarrrghhh, have you looked up on the myth wiki on how to setup your card02:24
Shadow__Xhey superm1 for the totem mythtv plugin i have the info in gconf put the plugin isnt in the totem menu02:24
ZinnMythTV logs are stored in /var/log/mythtv/   You can use mythbuntu-log-grabber from the Applications menu to automatically post the most relevant logs to our pastebin.02:25
hadsarrrghhh: Check those, they should have pointers02:25
bsusais it possible to add the Mythvideo feature to it as well so you can watch Videos as well as Recordings02:26
Shadow__Xsuperm1, you here02:32
Shadow__Xi just read that the mythtv plugin wasnt ready for 8.10s release is that trust02:33
Shadow__Xand if so are there still no newer builds that reinpmiment that feater02:33
bsusahello anyone here02:52
Shadow__Xanyone know how to recet the keyring password02:54
bsusacan you use a shared folder on MythVideo to play remote videos?03:13
Shadow__X using the frontend03:44
bsusa_on the remote pc03:59
bsusa_i cant get samba to see the shared folders any ideas?04:00
bsusahello all04:31
bsusai setup samba and i cannot see anyone on the network, i am not sure wats wrong, could someone help me please04:32
FritzI was hoping somebody here might have a suggestion for me regarding a MythTV problem I'm having with mythbuntu.04:57
FritzWhen watching liveTV or a recording, it frequently stops responding to the remote or keyboard input.  I'll push several buttons and nothing will happen.04:58
FritzThen, anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes later, it is like mythTV "catches up" and it will run all of my button presses at once04:59
FritzI've been using mythtTV for 5 years now and I've never had this type of problem, I don't even know where to start looking.05:01
hadsI've heard of a few people with that lately, not seen it myself though.05:05
hadsI *think* there's a ticket on it05:06
FritzI've had trouble finding anything, but it's probably a lack of knowing what to search for05:06
Fritzthanks for the input though.  I'd be very happy just to confirm that I'm not the only one getting it05:10
FritzI was using minimyth before I upgraded my machine last week, I think I'll try it on this hardware and see if I have the same issue05:12
Shadow__Xanyone know how to autostart objects in xfce05:22
Shadow__Xah alright i guess no gui eh05:24
Shadow__Xasking for too much05:24
Shadow__Xthanks hads05:24
hadsThere may be one, I don't know much about XFCE05:25
Fritzlooks like there was a gui released for XFCE 4.4 - http://www.xfce.org/about/tour05:26
Fritzso it should be available, maybe in the repos05:26
Shadow__Xah true didnt think of repos05:27
Shadow__XFritz, yeah i did find that05:27
Shadow__Xjust didnt think05:27
Fritzlooks like it is installed for me05:28
Fritzxfce4-autostart-editor is the command05:28
Shadow__Xyeah didnt read the 4 there05:29
Fritzhads, do you happen to have any idea if the bug that I described is considered a mythtv bug or a mythbuntu bug?05:48
hadsFritz: Mythtv05:58
Fritzthanks again05:59
bsusai have 1 ubuntu machine and a Myrhbuntu machine and im trying to get samba working to views shares on each one, i have set it up and i cannot see anything. I dont understand what im doing wrong, can somone help me please06:25
bsusai have 1 ubuntu machine and a Myrhbuntu machine and im trying to get samba working to views shares on each one, i have set it up and i cannot see anything. I dont understand what im doing wrong, can somone help me please07:11
Fritzare you just sharing among the two machines?07:21
bsusai want to get these two working first07:22
Fritzthe reason I ask, is that nfs is much simpler for connections between two linux machines, but it won't work for you if you want to access from another OS07:22
Fritzif you do want to use samba, then the easiest way with any recent ubuntu variant is to boot into the gnome desktop, then right click the folder you want to share07:24
bsusacool i just want to share from Mythbuntu to Ubuntu07:24
Fritzokay, then I would definitely recommend nfs07:25
bsusawhat should i do?07:25
Fritzwhen you mount an nfs share, it acts just like it is on your local computer07:25
bsusado i have to keep mounting it when i need to use it?07:26
bsusahow would i mount this?07:26
Fritzassuming that both computers are actually on, you can put a mount instruction in your fstab file and it will mount automatically at boot07:26
Fritzif they aren't always on, then there is a tool called autofs/automount that just mounts it automatically when you click ont he directory you want it mounted at07:27
Fritzfirst, for both computers you will need ot make sure that nfs-kernel-server is installed from the repos, I don't think ubuntu has it by default07:28
bsusa1 sec ill do that07:28
bsusak they wher both installed07:31
bsusawhat next?07:31
Fritzwell, there is probably a graphical way to do this, but I don't know it07:31
Fritzare you comfortable using a console /editing config files?07:31
Fritzokay, so to share a directory, you can edit /etc/exports07:33
FritzI think there are some examples commented out by default, here is an example of one of my exports07:33
Fritz   /vault/music 192.168.0.*(rw,sync,all_squash)07:34
Fritzso for that line, I'm sharing /vault/music with all computers that have an IP address starting with
Fritzrw = read/write access, sync involves how data is written to the drive and is considered safest, all_squash makes everyone that connects to the share have guest access07:35
Fritzyou can also use root_squash and everyone but root will have access based on their user/group07:36
bsusak so if im sharing videos5 folder and my ip was i would  /nas2/videos5 192.168.1.*(rw.sync.all_squash)07:37
Fritzthat is, you could use root_squash instead of all_squash07:37
Fritzyes, that would allow anyone on your private network to mount it07:37
bsusayeh thats cool07:37
bsusalet me give that a go07:37
Fritzmake sure you are using commas, not periods "rw,sync"07:38
bsusa1 sec07:38
bsusak done07:42
bsusado i need to reload a service?07:42
bsusawhich one?07:42
Fritzshould just be nfs-kernel-server07:42
Fritzsudo /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server restart07:43
bsusak cool 1 sec07:43
bsusak thats done07:44
Fritznow, to test mounting it manually, on the client machine you an run "sudo mount /media/videos"07:44
Fritzreplace "/media/videos" with whatever directory you want it to show up in07:44
Fritzthe directory must actually exit, but should be empty07:45
bsusak 1 sec07:46
bsusacool done i can see it07:49
bsusathanks very much07:49
Fritzno problem07:49
Fritzfor an example of "permanently" mounting it, you could add a line to your /etc/fstab file like: " nfs rw,auto"07:50
Fritzer, that isn't right, I cut some of it off07:50
Fritz" /media/videos nfs rw,auto"07:51
Fritzhowever, that will only succesfully mount if the host computer is on when you boot the client computer07:52
Fritzif you aren't confident of that, I'd say look into "autofs" and it will just mount when you try to open /media/videos (or where ever you put it07:53
bsusacool thanks heaps once more07:54
Fritzhave fun with it07:54
Crewsr3_3is there a way to get a RSS feed of the mythubuntu forums so I can see what is being talked about14:25
Crewsr3_3is there a way to get a RSS feed of the mythubuntu forums so I can see what is being talked about14:36
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d0netsFNhey is anyone here?17:40
d0netsFNi was having trouble getting my audio working for my xbox 360 through my pc using mic input17:40
d0netsFNmy pvr 150 has the red and white jacks. how can i set my mythbuntu to play that audio input from the pvr 150 ?17:41
jduggandoes dvd ripping work out of the box in mythbuntu?19:23
rhpot1991jduggan: depends on the dvd19:28
rhpot1991for the most part yes, but some with heavy protection will give you hastles, pretty easy to solve by using gddrescue to rip them19:29
jdugganmost are oldish19:31
jduggannewest is prolly matrix revolutions, which is a good few years old now :)19:31
rhpot1991I've seen some issues with dvds that I assume aren't standard, you can fix some playback issues by using xine if you have issues19:31
rhpot1991!xine | jduggan19:32
Zinnjduggan: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Configuring_Xine19:32
rhpot1991I only really see it with oddball concert dvds and stuff like that19:32
rhpot1991jduggan: you should be pretty good, the new sony dvds are the ones that give you problems ripping normally19:32
jduggansorry, by ripping, i mean copying to disk and transcoding to xvideo19:33
jduggannot playing19:33
rhpot1991jduggan: you can ignore what I say about xine then, that is mostly for problems with playing back dvd menus19:46
tgm4883rhpot1991, err, IIRC, ripping is not OOB in mythbuntu19:48
tgm4883neither is playing for that matter19:48
tgm4883you have to activate that in MCC19:48
erb-can I add a menu to mythbuntu's GUI20:00
erb-like right now theres a section to see videos, music, movies20:00
erb-i want to add one for porn20:00
erb-so i dont gotta just drop all my porn in the same folder as all the movies20:00
rhpot1991tgm4883: think all you need is mythvideo20:18
oobewhat is mcc22:36
oobemythbuntu control centre22:36
neoneddyI see what you did there22:36
oobewhat did i do22:37
neoneddyYou asked, and answered your own question22:37
oobei did indeed22:37
neoneddynew to MythTV?22:38
oobejust some abreviations for things that are relatively new22:38
oobelike mcc22:38
neoneddyI find myself using "define: popculture term / acronym  here"22:39
oobeyeah i love using define:22:40
oobei use it all the time22:40
oobenever met anyone else who does22:40
neoneddylike I was curious what the term "you better break yourself" meant once...22:40
oobei only use it for single words22:40
oobedidnt relise you can do it for sentences22:40
oobeyou mean define: in google22:40
neoneddysure... most of that is found in urban dictionary though22:41
neoneddyit's how I stay hip and use my new pop culture words and phrases in the proper context...  we also got some sweet flash cards in the office as well, they have 50's era cartoons with today's slang and example usages22:42
oobedoes anyone know a simple avi joined for linux23:01
oobesounds like an interesting work place23:01
oobei mean avi joiner23:02
neoneddymight not help much but I use D-Vision 3 on OS X23:03
neoneddyit's a unix variant and many OS X softwares are Linux Ports23:03
neoneddymight try searching for a linux version of that23:03
snarksterive got mythbuntu up and running but having issues with dvds and automounting my usb mass storage drive.. do i just need to edit fstab and remove the udev lines?23:39

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