nickrud_Jack_Sparrow, how do you handle your address book?00:53
Jack_SparrowHi. I dont have many names in there..  bit there was a way to add them without typing them.  It just pulled them off your received  emails.01:00
Jack_SparrowUnder tools you can export your address book and send it to yourself.. but I assume you mean something that will update both home and office automatically01:02
FlannelHi Fuckologist, how can we help you?01:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:33
FlannelHe's just banned due to a blanket ban on his nick01:34
nickrudJack_Sparrow, I'm thinking more about cross client/cross machine01:35
Jack_SparrowI have thunderbird under windows at the office and under ubuntu at home01:35
nickrudJack_Sparrow, likewise: but syncing other than emails01:55
_Andrew<Jack_Sparrow> Please join #ubuntu-ops01:59
_AndrewAny reason?01:59
Jack_Sparrownickrud, an you explain to andrew why this would be offtopic He does not seem to understand <_Andrew> Jack_Sparrow: I'm not a bot, commands don't work on human  <_Andrew> ubunto bot is wrong, you can't shout over the internet <_Andrew> So silly02:00
nickrudhi _Andrew 02:01
_AndrewJack, I made a silly comment and have spent most my time trying to help people. I'm done with it so I don't understand why you continue to pm me02:01
_AndrewI'm sure most of you are in #ubuntu and can judge for yourself, there's no need to tell me to come here so you can pick up me.02:01
nickrud_Andrew, probably a matter of due diligence on his part, so that you and he don't end up at loggerheads. Jack normally tries to reach an understanding02:01
_Andrewpick on**02:02
nickrud_Andrew, when scrolling is slow, we're a lot looser about chat in #u, but when it's really rolling like now we work hard at keeping the channel on topic02:03
nickrud_Andrew, it just gets overwhelming for people that aren't used to it, and we see a lot of them there. We also want them to be successful there. So he wasn't really picking on you02:03
Jack_Sparrowcaps have always been considered yelling02:04
_AndrewSo this is about you disagreeing with me? lol02:04
nickrudthere's that also. 02:04
nickrudCAPs == shouting in irc culture02:05
Flannel_Andrew: It's about keeping the channel usable.02:05
_AndrewI was just joking, you've taken it too serious and overreacted02:05
Flannel_Andrew: With 1500 people in the channel, unfortunately we don't have the leeway for jokes that other channels may.02:05
nickrud_Andrew, so it's more of a misunderstanding and you not realizing just how tight we are in that channel sometimes.02:05
FlannelWe do, however, have #ubuntu-offtopic, for joking.02:05
nickrud_Andrew, so anyway, go have fun. When the channel is empty of talkers, jokes fill the void02:06
_AndrewSo silly, but since you're the gate keepers and group up on me there's nothing I can do about it anyway, so there's no point me being here..02:13
_AndrewIf you need me you can pm02:13
FlannelHow long has that guy been going on about his passwords being guessed?04:51
FlannelI could swear I heard it earlier ... like three hours ago04:51
FlannelI guess not.04:52
nickrudhe's mentioned it twice now that I've seen04:52
nickrudended up banning someone over it. I'll ask him to discuss it on offtopic04:52
FlannelWho was banned?04:54
nickrudbasically for being a jerk more than anything04:54
FlannelMmm, yeah, I see it.04:54
tritiumFlannel: how was the first day of class?04:55
Flannelwell, tmg is rather trollish, even if he's purely nescient and not a troll.04:55
nickrudyeah, but he quits :)04:55
Flanneltritium: Good.  Senior Design Project.  Not a whole lot of class yet.  I'm... sort of antsy.04:55
tritiumFlannel: I can understand.04:55
Flanneltritium: I've already read the first chapter of all of my books... professors are taking their time posting stuffs to the interblags.04:56
FlannelStarting on a Thursday is the stupidest thing in the world.04:57
tritiumFlannel: sounds like you're quite a go-getter!04:57
FlannelOnly because I know that my freetime quickly approaches zero as the semester gets into full swing.  So the more I can do now, the easier the whole thing is.04:58
tritiumAlthough, for some reason, I found that I had more time in grad school than I do now.04:59
FlannelOnce this semesters over... I'm... going to have so much free time I'm not going to know what to do with myself.05:02
tritiumThat's what I thought...05:03
FlannelYeah, but a job will only be like 60 hours a week tops.05:03
tritiumThat's also what I thought ;)05:04
* nickrud looks around, and thinks some people are tainted by workaholism05:04
FlannelWell, I'm shooting for a 40-er, but I'll settle for one that does the whole 60 thing.  Won't go more though, since I have oodles of projects that have been sitting around forever.05:04
Flannelnickrud: Nah, engineering.05:04
tritiumFlannel: look for one that doesn't require too much business travel.05:05
Flannelnickrud: I do lots of non-school stuffs in my 'spare' time right now.05:05
* bluesmoke wants an 80/9 job05:05
tritiumThat was the big killer for me.05:05
* tritium works the 9/80 schedule, and has tomorrow off.05:05
Flannelbluesmoke: My job right now does 4/10s  Its nice.05:05
nickrudFlannel, that's your hobby/entertainment whatever, not your job. There is a difference05:05
bluesmokeI'm in a really stupid schedule right now05:05
bluesmoketwo 9.5 days, two 8.5 days, one 4 day05:05
nickrud9-5, first time in over 12 years. That was probably 100+ all told05:06
Flannelnickrud: Many of those non school thigns are related to school (three of them), once I graduate, I'll only have two and a half (the sport I coach is only in the spring).05:06
nickrudFlannel, when do you find time for dating?05:07
Flannelnickrud: My job will be the same as my hobby/entertainment thing, so I'm all set.05:07
bluesmokeSince there is no chance for an 80/9 I'll settle for an 80/8 though05:07
bluesmokeWe're going to be able to change shifts soon, I'm hoping to get one Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday05:08
bluesmokeA friend of mine had that schedule and he quit so I know they have one available05:08
Flannelnickrud: Well, currently I'm between.  (Or at least, currently I'm single, theoretically it's between)  But I've had plenty of relationships and... you just make time.05:08
nickrudFlannel, theoretically :) 05:08
nickrudI shouldn't be teasing, I did the same -- lotta hours for a long time. Fun and productive, I guess I'm just older now. 05:09
FlannelI'll be doing somethign I enjoy (actually, not right away.  First few years are work and find out what I want to go to grad school for), so that may be "I like this" jobs or "I don't like this" jobs.05:11
Flannelalthough I won't really know until I'm in them for a few months.  Luckily I've narrowed it down to about four subfields or so.  Some of them overlap.05:11
* tritium wishes there was linux when he was in high school05:12
tritiumAlthough, I'm sure I still would have gone into E.E.05:12
* nickrud wishes there were computers smaller than rooms when he was in high school05:12
FlannelThat's a new floodbot trick.05:13
nickrudthere were, but not many. Just those effete college grad students and professors had them05:13
* Flannel wonders why some people refuse to not give their own commentary on solutions06:22
nickrudI'd swear this u5 dude was mneptok 06:39
nickrudnot as entertaining06:42
nickrudthis jim_p guy just dropped in to ask a kernel question, and got swamped :)07:20
FlannelIf skg keeps it up for much longer, we ought to forward him to f-y-c07:22
FlannelSkG and [SkG]07:22
nickrudah, I see him now07:22
nickrudwell, I'm for bed, do what you think best07:23
ubottuBackground to the decision to replace -686, k7 and -smp kernels with -generic can be found here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html (the -386 kernel is still available if needed)07:26
Flannelnickrud: Is that the same thread of07:26
FlannelMmm, so it is.07:26
Flannelnickrud: no, no, we have a forward!07:26
nickrudhah. I had to go find that!07:26
nickrudFlannel, ah, I'll remove, show me07:26
FlannelIi... just have to go look up the channel each time07:26
ubot2Flannel: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:27
FlannelSorry ubot2.  I love you anyway though.07:27
Flannelnickrud: Easiest way is to just remove the ban, we'll wait for him to return, then I'll forward him with my client07:27
* Flannel is lazy07:27
nickrudI had to go search up that thread, didn't know it was a factoid. Read it a long time ago so I knew it existed, somewhere07:28
nickrudhm, emma is in f-y-c07:29
Flannelfrom forums07:29
nickruddid you use chanserv.py?07:31
FlannelI use... the irssi one07:31
nickrudor are you one of the litest, ah. of course07:31
nickrudok, really off to bed. See you later07:32
Flannelbut, when I have to do it manually, I just copy the format form ubottu ;)07:32
jpdsMorning Myrtti.09:33
FlannelHowdy Myrtti09:33
jussi01hi Myrtti09:34
MyrttiOngavezir on #xubuntu09:50
bazhangwell he does not care if he is banned: via PM he claims to be banned in over 55 channels on freenode09:54
bazhang<Ongavezir> This is a new Guinness record09:55
bazhangubuntu ultimate theme pack? 09:59
Myrttinow he's in pm with me, I'm not going to answer him09:59
bazhangI've got him in PM as well09:59
bazhang* [Xae8koo] (i=d5a1bee4@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1172ae0b1205d124):
bazhangfrom a few days ago claiming the 'evil man' broke his/her machine10:05
bazhangie from a command in #ubuntu10:05
ubot2In #ubuntu-se, cupe^ said: !cupe is awesome10:07
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Tm_TMyrtti: IA!13:47
MyrttiTm_T: ponggggg13:48
Tm_TMyrtti: how are you?13:49
Myrttia bit stressed, should do the dishes and pack up some things before heading south coast13:50
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:00
* genii brews a fresh batch of coffee14:28
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* genii hands Jack_Sparrow a large coffee16:11
jpdsstdin: Can you look into http://paste.ubuntu.com/108627/ when you have the time? For some reason "/msg ubot5 info figlet" works, but not for ubot2.16:25
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ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)17:02
ubotturegeya called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:33
Grant-AI would like to make a complaint about an op in #ubuntuforums18:10
Grant-AWell, two actually18:11
Grant-AI was in #ubuntuforums when I was talking about global warming to P Quarrels18:11
Grant-Awell, I said no derogatory or inflammatory comments18:11
Grant-Awhen I got the the point where I stumped him, he insulted me by telling me to "read a book sometime" and then he called me a troll and told everyone to annoy me18:12
Grant-Alater a user in the channel, TheWizord, said he was banned from one channel for saying "A word beginning with a C and ending with a T"18:13
Grant-AI naturally wanted to know what word, and I guessed the word, it was the C word.18:13
Grant-AWell, I said this word and Joeb banned me with a message "Watch your mouth next time"18:13
Grant-AThis is a clear violation of the operator guidelines18:14
jussi01Grant-A: when was this?18:14
Grant-Aas this was my first time cussing, and I never recieved my fair warning18:14
Grant-Ajussi01: Yesterday at around 10:00PM18:14
Seeker`Grant-A: Wait, so someone said a word and was banned for it, and then you tried to guess the word and said in in the channel18:14
Grant-Aand Joeb banned me for saying it18:14
Seeker`knowing that if you got it right, you would be saying a word that got someone else banned?18:14
Grant-Ait was not directed towards anyone at all18:15
Grant-ASeeker`: It was in a non-ubuntu channel where he got banned18:15
Grant-AI recieved no warning of a ban, or anything18:15
Grant-Ahe just went and banned me18:15
jussi01Grant-A: tz please?18:15
Seeker`given that is usually considered the most offensive word in the english language, i'm not surprised18:15
Grant-ACentral Standard Time, United States18:16
Grant-Ayes, but it was never said towards anyone18:16
Grant-AI just think that P_Quarrels getting away with insulting me and then I get banned is a bit off18:16
Grant-Aespecially for saying one word, one time, with it directed at no one.18:17
Seeker`we get people in the channels young enough to not know that word18:17
Grant-AYes, but no one was active in there under the age of 1518:18
Grant-AStill, the Operator guidelines say this:18:18
Grant-A# Swearing/offtopic: warn18:19
Grant-A# Repeated swearing/offtopic: kick18:19
Grant-A# Swearing before saying anything else: ban, clear troll 18:19
Grant-Ahe immediately jumped the the last one18:19
Grant-Aand P_Quarrels was in violation of this:18:19
Grant-APersonal attacks against people: ban 18:19
Grant-AI just think that banning me for the first time I cussed is a little bit overreactive18:20
Grant-AI could understand a kick, but a ban?18:20
Seeker`ok, please note that they are guidelines, and that if an operator feels that a situation warrents a ban, that is their decision18:21
jussi01Grant-A: have you talked to the operator in question? thats usually the first point of call18:21
Grant-AYes, but they never responded, although Joeb commented on it18:21
Grant-AAnd if the guidelines are simply 'guidelines' and not rules, that means that any user can do whatever they want18:23
Grant-AWhy can the moderators break the rules, but we can't?18:23
Grant-AU.S. Constitution: "No man is above the law"18:23
Seeker`Grant-A: just looked at your post, I believe that your interpretation of the forum rules is wrong18:25
Grant-ASeeker`: Either way, the Operator Guidelines forbode it18:25
Seeker`Profanity: Remember that the forums are used by people of all age groups and of all tolerance levels regarding profanity usage. When in the support areas of the forum, please try to keep your language polite and courteous and refrain from the usage of profanities. In the Cafe, mild profanity/swearing is permitted in the context of general speech. Explicit profanity/swearing is not allowed, and under no circumstances will we allow any profa18:25
Seeker`That states that "Explict profanity/swearing is not allowed"18:26
Grant-Aright, but as Matthew said, the forums have no jurisdiction there, and the irc operator guidelines and user guidelines are the rules here18:26
Grant-AOperators are users, are they not? Obviously P-Quarrels should get his just deserts.18:26
jussi01Grant-A: no, not obviously. Now, you were banned by joeb, correct?18:27
Grant-Ajussi01: Yes, but P_Quarrels was the one who abused me18:27
Grant-AAll I ask for at the least is for the ban to be lifted18:27
Grant-ABanning people with no fair warning? How fair is that?18:28
Seeker`Grant-A: there are two seperate issues here18:28
Seeker`Grant-A: dont lump them both together18:28
jussi01Grant-A: you need to make a PM to joeb firstly and talk to him about the situation. then, if you get no joy, follow it up the chain. 18:28
Grant-AI will try that18:28
jussi01Grant-A: please part here, go follow that up and if you have further complaints then come back to us. 18:30
jussi01!idle | Grant-A18:31
ubottuGrant-A: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.18:31
Grant-Athank you for your help :)18:31
GaryOh goodness19:24
cdennyi am supposed to be unbanned or something19:31
cdennyum hello?19:33
cdennyso yea, im banned from the #ubuntu channel19:33
cdennyand some fox guy told me to come here after one day19:33
cdennyand its been four19:34
cdennythis is awesome19:35
cdennyI bet your all eating right now ;/19:35
cdennyalright, ill just leave this window open for a while, so thanks for unbanning me19:36
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:49
stdinjpds: I think that's fixed in the latest revision, it was caused by a localized description field. ie: Description-en_GB: Frank, Ian & Glenn's Letters19:52
stdinthe fix is to do "os.environ['LANG'] = 'C'" or to change "maxp['Description']" to "maxp['Description-en_GB']". (I did the 1st in the fix)19:54
Seeker`nalioth: mootbot has departed againr20:11
naliothSeeker`: yes, the host it runs on is suffering from a cut cable and none of the other boxes i have access to will run it (for some strange reason)20:22
naliothi am staying on top of it20:22
Seeker`thanks :)20:22
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:43
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu lokpest Calling our release Hairy Hard.. in channel, wtf in PM refusing to read the coc  says he would never use that gnome sxxx and calling the ops <lokpest> fascist20:46
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:46
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: sounds lovely :)21:01
Jack_SparrowSuch a nice fellow.. 21:02
jpdsstdin: Aha! Neat.21:08
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.21:10
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cdennycan someone unban me from #ubuntu21:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unban21:17
ubottuIf you have been banned it is probably because you have not gone along with what is acceptable behaviour. If you're not sure what acceptable behaviour is please see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/21:17
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about unbanned21:18
nickrudcdenny, patience21:18
cdennycool someones here21:18
Jack_Sparrowcdenny .. This sound right to you  .. Says he is bored and trolling because his Vista install keeps freezing21:19
cdennylol, yea21:19
cdennyhappy to say that Im running ubuntu studio though. and liking it!21:20
Jack_SparrowCan we assume you have fixed your copy of Vista and/or wont be trolling21:20
cdennyi reinstalled vista, and thats working pretty good too21:21
cdennyoh hey its you21:21
cdennyyea, things are finally working!21:21
Jack_Sparrownp, You are free to rejoin21:21
cdennythank you21:21
Jack_SparrowIf that is all, please /part       thanks21:22
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ubottuIn ubottu, ompaul said: no pie is <reply>PIE PIE PIE http://media.kaarsemaker.net/taart.jpg21:40
bazhangGrant-A's side of the story was not quite accurate, fwiw21:41
bazhangpastebin available if needed21:43
nickrudbazhang, you mean a user gave a slanted story? Shame on you for even thinking that's possible!21:46
mneptokthat's unpossible!21:46
bazhangand it was his cousin's roommate that took over the computer too!21:46
Seeker`and it was the first time he ever used irc too21:47
nickrudand that crappy xchat just dropped him in that channel, what's up with that? I thought I had free speech21:49
Seeker`he was quoting guidelines21:53
Seeker`I pointed out that they were just guidelines, not hard and fast rules21:53
Seeker`he -20:23:09- :Grant-A : And if the guidelines are simply 'guidelines' and not rules, that means that any user can do whatever they want21:53
Seeker`technically, yes, a user can do whatever they want21:53
Seeker`they shouldn't be surprised if they get banned for it though21:54
bazhangespecially when they are trolling to start out with22:24
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:50

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