baldurhi i lost sound from my browser and i know i have to add some command lines to fix it but i cant remember the names of them or the url i used to set them in can you help ?00:00
jribGlossyBRDF: ssh and scp?00:00
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ortsvorsteherSchuenemann: aha, okay. i have a nokia mobile and i only put the sd-card in card reader which is connected over usb to my computer. i never tried something with applications.00:00
jribbaldur: what ubuntu version?00:00
GlossyBRDFjrib: ty for the response i appreciate your suggestions, can ssh upload a file ?00:01
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baldurjrib:  8.4 hardy00:01
jribGlossyBRDF: with scp, yes00:01
Schuenemannortsvorsteher, you never installed anything?00:01
jribbaldur: there are known issues with flash and pulseaudio in 8.04.  Any reason for not upgrading to 8.10?00:01
baldurjrib:  there was a url you guys gave me that showed me some command lines to put in to fix it00:01
ortsvorsteherSchuenemann: no, never.00:02
baldurjrib:  didint know there was another version out sorry :P00:02
ortsvorsteherSchuenemann: only exchange pictures and some music....00:02
baldurjrib:  should i ? and then how ?00:03
perlsyntaxNow it asking for a sierra aircard device password what that mean?00:03
perlsyntaxis that good sign00:03
nuttycomHas anyone else encountered mouse problems on Ibex? It seems that two or three times a day, I lose the ability to change focus or click with my mouse. Logging out and logging back in (but not shutting down the machine) appears to fix the problem.00:03
jrib!upgrade | baldur00:03
ubottubaldur: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:03
alesanhatter243, how do you apply the configuration in interfaces?00:04
perlsyntaxanyone know00:04
jribbaldur: if you don't have any reason for wanting to stay on 8.04, I would just upgrade.  Check the release notes and try a live cd before you decide00:04
jrib!notes | baldur00:04
ubottubaldur: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81000:04
disappearednghey how do I install apache's mod_expires.so ?00:05
baldurjrib:  i dont have the live cd00:05
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jribbaldur: the live cd is the desktop cd, you can burn a copy00:06
KujiUnExcuse me, but one of my friends is having a wireless card issue. What should I do?00:06
baldurjrib:  well i am bookmarking the site to do later dont have time for all this now :(00:06
ppiceI guys, I'm having problems with Grub.  It seems to be loading but the information is displayed so fast I can't read anything.  I've had to follow the instruction located on the following website:"https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub"  and it was without any trouble. Any Ideas?00:06
baldurjrib:  but thanks for the info :) i allways learn something new when i come here00:07
perlsyntaxi need help please00:07
baldurjrib:  makes me happy :)00:07
Gerinychkujiun: that depends, what wrong with it?00:07
ortsvorsteherperlsyntax: just renew sometimes your question please. wait for an response. may there will be one in the channel who can give you a solution.00:08
KujiUnI'm not sure... I'll be back with the information.00:08
linux_guyI need 'num lock' to be enabled automatically upon startup.  Possible???00:08
perlsyntaxi got it working my sierra 881 pc card but it asking for a password00:09
ari_stressgood morning all :)00:09
albuntuhow can i change user from terminal. i mean being root but without using sudo00:09
KujiUnUbuntu didn't include the driver for his card, I think.00:09
perlsyntaxi call up att00:09
perlsyntaxand they didn't know00:09
TMLalbuntu: su00:09
Gerinychkujiun: well, what wireless card is it?00:09
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ortsvorsteher!details | perlsyntax00:10
ubottuperlsyntax: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:10
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ortsvorsteheralbuntu: for what you mean to be root? why dont you want to use sudo?00:10
spike42for some reason my computer is no longer automounting drives when inserted00:10
Claws81hello, i would like to know if it is possible to dual boot ubuntu and vista on a raid 0 config??00:10
perlsyntaxi running ubuntu with my sierra air card 881 and it askin for a pasword before i can get on the 3G network.00:10
spike42can anybody help me?00:10
perlsyntaxthat odd00:10
BinaryBoy000question:  Should I reboot my ubuntu PC twice a day to keep it stable ( Like a windows PC)??00:11
perlsyntaxi thought it was unlocked.00:11
spike42@binary boy. no00:11
KujiUnAtheros... something...00:11
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disappearedngHey everyone I need to install this module from apache called Expires active where do I find it ?00:11
BinaryBoy000how often should i reboot?00:11
ortsvorsteherBinaryBoy000: no00:11
DCCuserBinaryBoy000: you should only need to reboot when you install a kernel00:11
perlsyntaxi hope someone knows.00:11
BinaryBoy000oh ic00:11
ortsvorsteherBinaryBoy000: every time you dont want to use power... ;)00:11
perlsyntaxi useing 8.1000:11
BinaryBoy000ok thanks00:11
TMLlinux_guy: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_turn_on_Num_Lock_on_GNOME_startup00:12
Schuenemannortsvorsteher, oh, it's so easy. I simply copied the jar to a directory and, using the phone itself, asked to install. It's a lot easier than with my previous phone (Nokia)00:12
nuttycom[repost] Has anyone else encountered mouse problems on Ibex? It seems that two or three times a day, I lose the ability to change focus or click with my mouse. Logging out and logging back in (but not shutting down the machine) temporarily fixes the problem.00:12
ortsvorsteherSchuenemann: that sounds good :)00:12
mib_m08gppe8my ethernet connection won't work on a system with Intrepid.  i tried lspci and it didn't list an ethernet controller.  any solutions?00:12
linux_guyTML, i promise to learn how to read one day.  Thanks man00:12
* linux_guy is an ubuntu scrub00:12
Claws81any one here get raid 0 config drives and dual booting working? thanks!00:12
SchuenemannI just became a sony ericsson fan00:12
TMLlinux_guy: So am I00:12
ryanakcaHow can I restart a TTY? ^L doesn't do anything, and the TTY is filled with vertical lines (none of the others are)...00:12
ortsvorsteher!anyone | Claws8100:13
ubottuClaws81: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:13
TMLlinux_guy: ~10 years on debian is hard to give up00:13
KujiUn...how do I find the model number without opening the computer up? Either using Windows or using Linux is fine.00:13
Gerinychkujiun: tell yor friend to go into terminal and enter lspci00:13
gnubuntuspike42: do you mean usb drives?00:13
ortsvorsteher!patience | perlsyntax00:13
ubottuperlsyntax: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines00:13
alesanortsvorsteher, it's just more friendly. newbies try not to be blunt00:13
Dr_willisryanakca,  sounds like a framebuffer issue. heres some fbset commands thet may help00:13
KujiUnGerinych: Thanks, I'll keep you posted.00:13
linux_guyTML, what's the real difference in ubuntu and debian00:14
Claws81ok i beeen searching google and ubuntu forums.... does anyone have a link they can direct me to so i can figure out how to dual boot on raid 0? thanks!   (is that better?)00:14
gnubuntuspike42: i had this problem too after upgrade from 8.04 to 8.1000:14
TMLlinux_guy: Lots, these days00:14
prince_jammys!debian > linux_guy00:14
ubottulinux_guy, please see my private message00:14
DCCuserlinux_guy: ubuntu releases on a schedule00:14
TMLlinux_guy: The big one that tripped me up today was that they no longer use init00:15
gnubuntuspike42: the problem was hal! i had remove 'rm -r /usr/share/hal' and reinstall hal with 'apt-get install --reinstall hal'00:16
linux_guyhmm ok00:16
* linux_guy believes Ubuntu is the distro to have!00:16
lchlinux_guy, meet mac_girl !00:16
gnubuntulch: nice combi :)00:17
alesanlch, my wife got a macbook and she wants to go back to linux00:17
KujiUnAnyway to use lspci or something like that in Windows? *cringe*00:17
linux_guylch, mac girl... where at?00:17
ryanakcaDr_willis: I'll brb, irssi's acting up00:17
Gerinychkujiun: i dont think so, you can go into device manager and look for the network card00:18
oipatE: client-conf-x11.c: XOpenDisplay() failed00:18
oipatI get this every time I try to install a package.00:18
ryanakcaDr_willis: Back00:19
linux_guylch, what website is mac girl located, and I'll run over and pick her up00:19
mrweso/ Doc00:19
nikitisgtk-window-decorator doesn't show up on my 2nd screen, how can i remedy this?00:20
lchask your friend Google and you'll find her00:20
nikitisI asked btw00:20
nikitisno results that i could find00:20
sam555how does one get there ubuntu 8.04 to connect to a network wired or wirelessly?00:20
WoetCould ANY developer of Ubuntu please work on proper dual screen control? Only for the lack of this I'm already about to switch back to Windows.00:21
Gerinychsam555 there's an icon on the top panel00:21
sam555Gerinych: yes, it says that wifi and wired are enabled00:21
Gerinychsam555: so is it working?00:23
HeliodorPDF editor anyone?00:23
sam555Gerinych: no00:23
sam555both are enabled roaming00:23
mrwesWoet: that's a support question?00:24
grndslmanybody know how i can set epiphany to use my default torrent client?  it keeps opening up miro, which i don't want it to do00:24
Gerinychsam555: did you connect the ethernet cable?00:24
Gerinychtry diconnecting from the wireless network then00:24
mrwesgrndslm: you grabbing the torrent from the web via Firefox?00:24
nickrud_grndslm, try right clicking a torrent file, and selecting your preferred app under properties->open with00:24
simmerzhi. my sound suddenly dies and crashes whatever it was that was playing stuff - most often firefox and flash... then i don't get any sound again unless i force-reload alsa00:24
grndslmnickrud_: done that already00:24
Xintruderhow can i install nessus on my ubuntu?00:25
nickrud_grndslm, through the properties dialog box?00:25
grndslmmrwes: i can, but i'm trying to setup epiphany first00:25
Woetmrwes: It's both a pretty good hint and a question whether it's possible to have proper dual screen.00:25
sam555Gerinych: yeah, still no connection00:25
grndslmnickrud_: yup, can't understand why epiphany isn't following gnome rules00:25
sam555i've been given an ip address but I can't get outside00:25
Gerinychsam555: does it say anything else00:26
sam555i can't ping out]00:26
mrwesgrndslm: then right click on the torrent file and then properties | open with00:26
grndslmmrwes: already done that00:26
mrwesgrndslm: no go?00:26
grndslmstill opens up miro00:27
__MAVHello everybody!00:27
mrwesgrndslm: dunno then, I use Deluge for torrent leechin'00:27
djyoung4my wireless card isnt working on the livecd of ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10.  if i install will it continue to do that00:27
sam555Gerinych: should this typically be an automatic process?00:27
Gerinychsam555: i would think so00:28
sam555Gerinych: i'm just trying to download gparted00:28
grndslmmrwes:  well, i use multiple apps to do one thing, but i'm trying to figure out how to get epiphany to use transmission for right now00:28
mrwesdjyoung4: do you have a Ethernet card?00:28
sam555and picked up a gparted but it said the version was old so I'm trying to get on the net to get the newest version00:28
__MAVHow do I search all artchive of deb packages ans find a ceratin file (inside a .deb) ?00:28
sam555if you have any idea how to get it on a thumbdrive so I can just download it to a working computer, that would be awesome!00:28
djyoung4mrwes: yeah00:28
Gerinychsam555: sorry i have no idea how to fix it00:29
Gerinychkujiun: i dont think so, you can go into device manager and look for the network card00:29
mrwesdjyoung4: you check in System | Hardware Drivers?00:29
__MAVHow do I search all artchive of deb packages and find which package contains needed file ?00:29
Gerinychkujiun: ignore that00:29
mrwesdjyoung4: system | admin | hardware drivers that is00:30
djyoung4yeah i have looked in there when i boot up i get an error00:30
djyoung4ok ill try that00:30
nickrud___MAV, if the package is installed, dpkg -S /path/to/file ; if not install apt-file then run sudo apt-file update && apt-file search <filename>00:30
KujiUnGerinych: It isn't working for him...00:30
Gerinychkujiun: what's not working?00:30
djyoung4yeah it flashes up really quickly and all i can get from it is something about an ethernet card00:31
nickrud___MAV, apt-file update downloads a large file with a list of all files available in all packages00:31
KujiUnGerinych: He can't find the model number in Device Manager...00:31
mrwesdjyoung4: check and see if a recommended driver is in system | admin | hardware drivers that is00:31
Gerinychkujiun: does he have drivers for the card?00:32
nickrud_lspci or lsusb Gerinych KujiUn to find device models00:32
Gerinychnickrud_: he's in windows00:32
KujiUnMy friend... I'm in Ubuntu now...00:32
nickrud_Gerinych, ah, then that sucks. If it's not in device manager I'd guess it's borked00:32
KujiUnGerinych: He does in Windows...00:33
arisvany ideas about this? -> http://www.nabble.com/zd1211rw-and-TP-Link%27s-TL-WN322G-td19626368.html00:33
__MAVnickrud_: Thank you very much! This seems to solve my task!00:33
Gerinychkujiun: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=madwifi-tools&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all00:35
nickrud_arisv, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=847192 maybe?00:37
KujiUnGerinych: Thanks. I'll wait for his response and tell you the results.00:37
arisvnickrud: ndiswrapper? crappy :P00:37
KetrelI installed SSH, how can I edit the message that shows when you connect?00:38
InYourBaseKetrel: edit /etc/motd00:38
keith_kerstjensI have a problem by system is stuck on "Starting Up"00:38
LordvedaIs there a way to upgrade a machine from 7.10 to 8.10 through network?00:38
LordvedaI mean from 7.10 to 8.04 and then to 8.1000:39
nickrud_arisv, yeah. I saw a debian bug listing with that error, but no responses00:40
KumoHey all00:40
doctorHi a need install saffire y el korg K49  how???00:41
nickrud_!upgrade | Lordveda yes.00:41
thebloggusomeone knows how to add gnome-menu to menu in openbox ?00:41
ubottuLordveda yes.: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:41
KumoHave there been a lot of questions about the Enigma desktop port that was posted in lifehacker?00:41
Odd-rationaleLordveda: yes. theoritically, that is paossible: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UpgradeFromOldVersion00:42
nickrud_doctor, that question does not compute00:42
aaron_anyone got good evolution foo?00:43
* nickrud_ replaces evolution with thunderbird, has superior fu00:43
aaron_i accidentally erased a whole folder full of email and now can't figure out where they went00:43
aaron_i use tbird at home, nickrud00:43
albuntuis there any way to dump all the databases with the mysqldump ? i mean not only one but all of them00:43
aaron_evolution at work, unfortunately00:43
keith_kerstjensanybody able to help my ubuntu 8.04 is stuck at starting up00:44
nickrud_aaron_, if you used the file manger, try looking in ~/.local/share/Trash00:44
aaron_hmmmm.....i did it within evolution00:44
nickrud_aaron_, I used to love evo, but it sucks with imap in my experience00:44
aaron_you can say that again, nick00:44
nickrud_aaron_, I used to love evo, but it sucks with imap in my experience00:44
Jack_Sparrownickrud_, Thunderbird and imap here as well00:45
coldbootIs there a good diagram program where you can type in the size of objects, and have things snap to a grid?00:45
coldboot"Dia" blows, and doesn't even show you the size of things are you are resizing them.00:45
KujiUnGerinych: Thank you very much. Even though I'm still pending results, I like to thank people in advance... and my friend told me too anyways.00:45
Gerinychkujiun: no problem00:45
doctorhown do you do install the only saffire and the korg K49???00:46
dimedohi, how can i get a plaintext list of all not automatic tagged packages which are installed on my system?00:47
InYourBasedimedo: dpkg -l00:48
nickrud_doctor, you are looking for midi software for the korg k49? (I don't know myself, just trying to help you get a better question)00:49
arpuhello i have a ubuntu 8.10 grafic problem intel  945GM Mesa 7.2 but glxgears info shows me GL_RENDERER   = Software Rasterizer00:49
KetrelInYourBase: Do I have to restart SSH or is that dynamically loaded?00:50
Twinkletoes|HI'm getting "unable to stat device /dev/rd/c0d0p8" when I run mke2fs -j.  The partition exists, but have I missed something?00:50
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InYourBaseKetrel: shouldn't have to00:51
InYourBasecould ssh localhost to check00:51
dimedoInYourBase, so this doesn't list automatic flagged packages?00:51
ex0ai'm trying to follow this howto (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI) to get the proper fglrx driver setup for use with ati's Big-Desktop, but the second command i'm told to issue (insmod /lib/.../fglrx.ko) fails due to there not being an fglrx.ko file in the directory.. is it not the same format from 8.04 (latest in the howto) to 8.10 (what i'm using now)?00:52
K_DallasHi guys! I just installed ubuntu8.10-64 and I don't seem to have my sound card detected. Any link for steps to install sound? (toshiba labtop) Thanks (on the same laptop, 32bit versions 8.04 or 8.10 detected easily the sound card)00:52
HeliodorHmm, i installed KDE 4.2 RC by using apt-get install kde-desktop but how do i remove all the installed packages again? It only removes kde-desktop package....00:53
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »00:53
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 ; sudo apt-get remove kdelibs5 ; sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop »00:53
HeliodorThat easy huh?00:54
HeliodorWont it ruin my current gnome desktop?00:54
sunracan someone answer me a wubi question?00:55
nickrud_Heliodor, that's why you reinstall ubuntu-desktop, to make sure you don't lose anything00:55
Gerinychspeaking of desktop managers... i installed xubuntu packages on my ubuntu, but when i try to login with a xfce session, it still looks like gnome00:55
HeliodorAh.. :)00:55
Dr_willisGerinych,  you DID select 'xfce' in the login screen session menu?00:55
Gerinychdr_willis: yeah00:55
nickrud_Heliodor, libglib2.0 is the base for gtk/gnome as kdelibs4c2 is the base for kde00:55
redvamp128K_Dallas:  check this out SoundTroubleshooting - Community Ubuntu Documentation <https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting>00:55
sunraI have this old windows 2000 machine which I just discovered has a bad cdrom drive00:56
thechanklyboreGerinych: Did it look any different at all?00:56
thechanklyboreGerinych: They are very similar nowadays in looks00:56
sunraand I read in the forums that you can install fluxbuntu if you get wubi 7.04 and use the "advanced settings"00:56
sunrabut I can't find the advanced settings00:56
Gerinychthechanklybore: it had a different wallpaper, a different theme, but it looks nothing like xubuntu screenshots00:56
K_Dallasthanks redvamp12800:56
root______sunra 7.4 ?   you sure it's not 8.4 ?00:57
Dr_willissunra,  once you install ubuntu via wubi - you should be able to apt-get install anything you want...  but fluxbuntu - may  be special since its a disrto with their own variant/package/repos. You should be able to get 'fluxbox' however00:57
redvamp128K_Dallas:  it is kind of general but should work for the 64 bit as well00:57
Heliodornickrud: Ah, it worked.. :) Thanks for the help!!00:57
Xintruderhow can i install nessus on ubuntu?00:57
cythrawllwhy does apt-get moo not look like a cow?00:57
HeliodorNo offence about KDE, but i have fallen in love with Gnome :)00:57
sunraroot______: I have heard that 8.4 won't work with fluxbuntu00:57
HeliodorPanels rock00:57
K_Dallasredvamp128, i am just curious why the 64bit version hasn't configured it correctly while 32bit versions had no problem00:57
root______sunra hmmm   ok00:58
Alien_Freakwhat service do I need to restart to get sound working again?00:58
redvamp128K_Dallas:  also if that does not work then try this one Comprehensive Sound Problem Solutions Guide - Ubuntu Forums <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449>00:58
sunraDr_willis: the computer is super old, and I didn't want to have to go through the steps of installing all this stuff I don't need to just uninstall it00:58
sunraDr_willis: but maybe I will have to00:58
ithilinCould someone help me.. with stalonetray? I'd like to move it to the top right of my screen and I don't know how.00:58
Alien_FreakI'm on Intrepid 8.1000:58
perlsyntaxi got it working!00:58
perlsyntaxfaster then dail up00:59
Dr_willissunra,  apt-get install fluxbox, is ablut all there is to getting fluxbox..  proberly not a big download either.. Installing the 'fluxbuntu desktop' may be a bigger download.00:59
redvamp128K_Dallas:  I dont' have a 64 bit though --- but These are the best guides out there to get you on the right track for sound..00:59
K_Dallasredvamp128, thanks. i look into both of them00:59
sunraDr_willis: yeah, it was less about getting fluxbox and more about NOT installing the full ubuntu distro00:59
redvamp128I would try the first one first-- the second one involves compiling Alsa source00:59
sunraand I just wanted to see if I could make it work00:59
Heliodorany way to speed up the show when having auto-hide on a panel in gnome? It takes for ever right now01:00
K_Dallasredvamp128, sure. i try compiling as a last resort01:00
sunrathanks all01:00
root______sunra if i understand it correctly   fluxbuntu is the only *buntu which uses an installer that will work in less than 128m ram    the rest use ubiquity. if you have more than 128m you could use the server/alternate install iso01:02
redvamp128K_Dallas:  also here is the main Alsa site as well to get the cutting edge source from Main Page - AlsaProject <http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page>01:02
root______too late wasn't it....01:02
K_Dallasexcellent, appreciate it01:02
Dante123hi  all, I have a d-link dwl 900ap that is hooked up to my adsl modem/router via ethernet cable and also into my pc via the supplied usb cable.  I have read that this unit will work with ap-utils so that i can be managed from linux (otherwise it has to be done from a windows pc as this unit does not have web based control)  I have installed ap-utils but do not know how to access/use it.  Any suggestions?01:02
mmmiiikkkeeeafter I right click on a folder and select the "share this folder" box and click "Create Share" I can't seem to access it on any of my computers.  Also I noticed that my smb.conf does not change at all after I do this.  "ps -e | grep smbd" shows there are 2 smbd processes running.  is that normal?  what should I do?01:03
Twinkletoes|HI need to create a block device for my new partition, but I don't know major/minor numbers - how do I proceed?01:04
mouseboyxhow do you increase the scrolling speed of the arrow keys in firefox, i googled it and there is nothing.01:04
drzin(gksudo:4804): Gdk-WARNING **: Attempt to draw a drawable with depth 24 to a drawable with depth 3201:04
cythrawllwhy does the output of apt-get moo not look like a cow?01:04
drzinI am lost01:05
* Dr_willis hands drzin a road map.01:05
root______Twinkletoes|H may i ask "why" you feel you need to create a device node ?01:05
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: Because when IC reated the partition, it won't let me format it, says can't stat device01:05
Twinkletoes|HI'm trying to use mke2fs -j01:05
drzinI am tryn to install VMware01:06
root______Twinkletoes|H and what device are you trying to access ?01:06
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: mke2fs -j /dev/rd/c0d0p801:06
root______Twinkletoes|H reason i'm asking, udevd is supposed to take care of device node creation01:07
mcnellisdoes ubuntu have ipv6 by default?01:07
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: I tried restarting udevd but it didn't create it01:07
drzin(gksudo:4804): Gdk-WARNING **: Attempt to draw a drawable with depth 24 to a drawable with depth 32 this what i get when running this commond01:07
bluefox83mcnellis, pretty sure it does...01:07
root______Twinkletoes|H what is this hardware ?01:07
CuriosCatHi all. So, in Ubuntu 8.10, I rebooted and suddenly half my Gnome menus are gone01:07
jp_sfmouseboyx: have you tried to add some extension ?01:08
jbwivguys, I'm trying to install ubuntu on a Dell Mini. I can boot up from the usb key I created with usb-creator, but ubiquity will only see my USB key partitions...not the solid state harddrive partitions. That said, I can run fdisk -l and see the harddrive partitions. Can someone tell me how I can ubiquity to see them?01:08
CuriosCatI can add them back manually, but why would they disappear at random?01:08
bluefox83mcnellis, to my knowledge, all distros do01:08
mcnellishow does ipv6 solve port forwarding problems?01:08
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: It's a Mylex 170 Acceleraid.  RAID 0+1, 1 logical Drive... and this is the last logical drive in the extended partition01:08
CuriosCatjbwiv: Does parted see them?01:08
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: All the other devices are ok, but they were creatd during the install of the OS01:08
CuriosCatand which dell mini, btw? 9 or 12?01:08
jbwivCuriosCat: 901:09
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: Incidentally, it' 8.04 server01:09
jbwivCuriosCat: and I'd have to try parted...haven't tried that yet01:09
HeliodorIs there any performance gain running two Raptor discs in RAID 0?01:09
mouseboyxnvm, i solved it, the real problem was that yet another smooths scrolling did not give keybaord scrolling focus on pageload so i made a greasemonkkey script docuemnt.body.focus() and it works now.01:09
drzinhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1044480 if anyone care to help01:09
root______Twinkletoes|H pastebin  ls -lh /dev/rd/ #and we will see if we can figure out the major/minor for you01:09
jbwivCuriosCat: fdisk shows the ss harddrive at /dev/sda, and the usb key at /dev/sdb01:09
jbwivCuriosCat: but ubiquity only lists /dev/sdb to partition01:10
jbwivCuriosCat: I'm not in front of it, but I'll check that. is there something specific about the way parted does it?01:10
rabxhi can anyone tell me how to change the firewall settings to allow ident/auth on port 113 ??01:10
Dr_willisjbwiv,  did you use 'sudo fdisk -l' or just 'fdisk -l ' ?01:10
jbwivDw_willis: sudo fdisk -l01:10
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108426/  but it doesn't show the device I need (/dev/rd/c0d0p8)01:10
jbwivDr_wills: ah, does ubiquity not run as root?01:11
CuriosCatjbwiv: Sounds like a problem with ubiquity, unless it decided for some reason that the SSD can't be usedc for installation01:11
Dr_willisjbwiv,  not sure. :) just wondering.. I instaslled  Ubuntu last nioght to my AcerAspireOne via the ThumbDrive Method and it worked.. but  i DID have the internal hard drive allready parittioned with a linux filesystem for it to use.01:11
jp_sfdrzin: vmware is a proprietary stuff you should check with their support01:11
jbwivDr_willis: ah, I see. How did you partition it ahead of time?01:12
jbwivDr_willis: I guess I could try to manually partition it with fdisk01:12
* CuriosCat is starting to get annoyed with gnome01:12
drzini give it try01:12
linuxman410is there any way to install enlightenment in ubuntu 8.1001:12
jbwivCuriosCat and Dr_willis: thanks guys...you've given me some things to look into01:12
mmmiiikkkeeeif I can't get Nautilus's to share a folder with samba, should I just configure it manually? is there a known bug(I searched but found many things that sounded similar to my problem)01:12
jp_sfdrzin: the vmware I maintain are painfull they accept one kernel you must not update blabla01:13
Matr|Xi want to play rmvb movies01:13
Matr|Xeny body intrsting to tell me the comands01:13
ari_stressMatr|X: what's that?01:14
jp_sflinuxman410: sudo apt-get install enlightenment01:14
rabxfirewall help anyone pls ?01:14
Jack_Sparrowari_stress, ugh.. real media01:14
jp_sf!ask | ubottu01:14
ubottujp_sf: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:14
Jack_Sparrowrabx, what is the nature of the problem01:14
* jp_sf . o O (mouarf)01:15
Matr|Xis real media codack movies01:15
root______Twinkletoes|H the command would look something like;  sudo mknod /dev/rd/c0d0p8 b 48 8  # but i'm not sure that will help you any, because; you seem to be trying to use an unsupported number there.  i.e. 48 8 is c0d1 not c0d0p8   so error.  i dont have an answer. sorry.01:15
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:15
Matr|Xi want to play it on my pc01:15
topsubHi, I have ubuntu installed on its own harddrive, i want to reformat that harddrive and use it as a data drive on windows. How can i reformat the whole drive?01:15
GerinychMatr|X: there's official realplayer on real.com01:15
ziggles1Matr|X: have you seen http://www.simplehelp.net/2007/07/27/how-to-play-rmvb-files-in-ubuntu/ ?01:15
Jack_Sparrowari_stress, ugh.. real media variable bitrate01:15
Dr_willisMatr|X,  as far as i know mplayer + the w32codecs pack can play them.01:15
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: Thank you for looking.  As I don't have any other disk, would it hurt if I removed the c0d1 block device, and used it's major/minor for the one I want?01:15
Dr_willisMatr|X,  or try vlc.01:15
rabxJack_Sparrow: I need to allow port 113 in order that Konversation can accept ident/auth01:16
Matr|Xhow can i try vlc01:16
Dr_willisMatr|X,  Install vlc.. run it.. :)01:16
ziggles1Matr|X: sudo apt-get install vlc01:16
Jack_Sparrowrabx, that should not be needed.01:16
Jack_Sparrowrabx, look at iptables01:16
root______Twinkletoes|H "only 8 partitions/logical volumes supported"  you wont have to remove the other to test.  you can create a false device node without hosing others01:16
Dr_willisidentd is rarely used these days..01:16
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
rabxah well it is on undernet to auth me as an op01:17
Dr_willisthats a very insecure way to auth an op.01:17
boscoslifedoes anyone know the channel for webmin or know enough about it i run ubuntu8,10 and i need to set up virtulhost01:17
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:17
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).01:17
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: thank you for your help01:17
Jack_Sparrowboscoslife, we dont do webmin01:17
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.01:17
rabxit takes both ident and my hostmask01:17
Dr_willisboscoslife,  i whoudl check the webmin homepage.01:18
root______Twinkletoes|H example of false device node: sudo mknod /dev/boohoohoo b 8 1  # < that will actually access sda101:18
topsububuntu is installed on a 750gb drive but windows only see 128 gigs of that 750 drive so i can't reformated the drive. How can i reformat that whole drive?01:18
Jack_Sparrowboscoslife, and ebox too has issues01:18
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: Ah - cool!  ;)01:18
Taladan_anyone here ever play with open-xchange?01:18
redvamp128topsub:  There are many options to do so --- If you have a win98 boot disk --(I would unplug any other drives just to be on the safe side) boot with it -- use the fdisk then have it take over the whole drive-- reboot -- format the drive - and to be on the safe side -- also type the following command - fdisk /mbr01:18
=== Taladan_ is now known as Taladan
Jack_Sparrowtopsub, sounds like an old bios hitting the physucal limit01:18
topsubi have a win xp pro cd01:18
root______Twinkletoes|H welcome,  and sorry i don't have any experance with raid arrays so can't be more help there.01:18
redvamp128topsub do you have windows xp installed?01:19
topsubi have 2 750gb drives it sees the other 750 just not the 750 that ubuntu is on01:19
topsubjust got done doing a fresh install01:19
redvamp128then the tools are there-- to reclaim that drive--01:19
topsubi have01:19
redvamp128topsub - at the run type diskmangment.msc I think01:19
topsubi have a seagate disk that i ghouth could do it01:19
topsubredvamp128, i did that but i only sees 128 gigs from that 750 gig drive01:19
redvamp128topsub then it is an old bios hitting it--01:20
CuriosCatdiskmgmt.msc actually01:20
topsubredvamp128, hmm i have 2 750 gig drives and it sees the other drive just fine01:20
redvamp128CuriosCat:  thanks --01:20
bsusacould someone please help me? Whenever i run Mythbuntu frontend fullscreen, the taskbar does not dissapear from the screen, why is this?01:20
redvamp128topsub:  it should show up as uknown in disk management01:21
HeliodorI re-partitioned my disk with Gparted, but it still shows that the discs contain data... How can that be??01:21
Jack_Sparrowtopsub, there is often a jumper that you can set on a drive to fake the cylinder count and get all of the drive to be seen.  I assume these are not identical drives or they have different jumper settings01:21
dubsideI have a 64 bit compatable computer and I am curious what the difference between the 32 and 64 bit versions of ubuntu?01:21
HeliodorAnd when i mount the newly created EXT3 is says the owner is ROOT and i cant write01:21
Jack_Sparrowdubside, stick with 32 bit unless you must access over 4 gigs or ram01:21
Heliodordubside: 64bit version can handle more RAM and in-memory data01:21
CuriosCatHeliodor: That's just permissions01:21
Heliodordubside: only use 64-bit if you have over 4gb ram01:21
Heliodoroh, 2gb01:22
faileasHeliodor: sudo chown -r owner /path/to/drive01:22
Heliodorfaileas: Thanks :)01:22
CuriosCat/path/to/mountpoint technically01:22
dubsideI have 2gb will that do?01:22
CuriosCatchmoding the device file won't help him :P01:22
Jack_Sparrowdubside, yep01:22
Heliodordubside: stick with 32bit version01:22
CuriosCatdubside: You can run 64-bit with 2GB of RAM, but there is no advantage.;01:22
faileasCuriosCat:  haven't quite wrapped my head around that concept yet ;p01:22
dubsideOkay thanks for the advice, I think I will stick with 32bit.01:22
topsubi am in my bios now and it is showing capacity as 750gb,01:22
HeliodorCuriosCat: It might be a bit slower ive heard :)01:23
dubsideBTW where did all of the N. America mirror go to download ubuntu?01:23
redvamp128topsub:  does it show anything about the other drive in diskmanagemnt?01:23
Gaming4JCdoes anyone know a text editor tool which can replace a lot of text with something else? (I'm trying to replace "," with the "Enter Key" in a large text file)01:23
topsubits werid in the disk mgt just shows the 128 gigs but in my bios it  shows 750.01:23
CuriosCatheliodor: That's only theoretically true01:23
jmarsden|workGaming4JC: sed :)01:23
topsubaccess mode in my bios is auto and the extended IDE drive is auto also01:23
root______CuriosCat i dont' think he was instructing him to own the device node  but the mount point of the mounted device01:24
CuriosCatin practice, the difference is insignificant01:24
CuriosCatroot: I merely clarified :)01:24
Jack_Sparrowtopsub, are both drives the same type01:24
topsubwell right now i just have my 1 raptor and my 750 gig01:24
boscoslifecan anyone help me with setting up my website i need to link www.boscoslife.com to /home/bosco/public_html/index.html how do i do that i have a 2nd website and i need to link that one to www.boscoslife.info to /home/bosco1/public_html/ how do i do that01:24
Gaming4JCjmarsden|work: Thanks!01:24
topsubi removed my other 750 so i  didn't clear it by mistake01:24
redvamp128topsub:  I would recomend something like this to get it back Ultimate Boot CD - Overview <http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/>01:24
Heliodorfaileas: invalid option -r ?01:25
root______Heliodor it's  -R01:25
redvamp128topsub though most of the time -- diskmangment sees the linux as unknown -- or other file system (depending on windows version)01:25
Heliodorroot______: Ah, aight :)01:25
root______but he doesn't need -R01:25
eugmanIs it possible to have everything set to german language except for the builtin spellchecker?01:26
theshadowWhat do I need to do to get w32codecs and libdvdcss2 installed in 8.10?01:26
topsubwhat can i use on that bot cd ?01:26
faileasroot______: i thought it needed to be recursive01:26
topsubto reformat that whole drive?01:26
jp_sfGaming4JC: sed 's/,/.$/' ?01:26
siekaczmy friend has a problem with gnupg01:26
redvamp128topsub:  This has plenty of handy tools on it -- Ultimate Boot CD - Overview <http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/>01:26
faileasHeliodor: -R, my bad. case sensitivity is another thing i have issues with ><01:26
Heliodorroot______: true, there is no folders01:26
Heliodoror files01:26
root______faileas newly created fs only contains  lost+found/ why own that ?01:26
=== S is now known as SilentZoom
Jack_Sparrow!dvd > theshadow01:26
ubottutheshadow, please see my private message01:26
_Andrewtheshadow: sudo apt-get install 32codecs libdvdcss201:26
redvamp128topsub - it boots to a menu to where you can make a choice as to what you want to do the drive-- (it has a version of Gparted on it as well)01:27
Heliodorfaileas: we all make mistakes sometime :)01:27
faileasroot______: just in case he has something other than that01:27
Gaming4JCjp_sf: reading up on it now01:27
topsubso i could reformat that whole 750 gig drive that window only sees 128?01:27
faileasHeliodor: i'd say i'm only human but... ;p01:27
faileastopsub: hmm, check the drive jumpers first01:27
Heliodorfaileas: Youd like to be more ;)01:27
eugmanIs there any way to have the spellchecker use a different language than the system language?01:27
faileasit sounds almost like it has a small disk mode01:27
faileasHeliodor: i'm a real boy! ;p01:27
redvamp128topsub:  from that you can also format it to be NTFS which the drive should be seen as the whole thing -- and could also be if your xp that you haven't installed motherboard drivers01:28
Heliodorcopying 400gb takes a while01:28
dubsideis there risk of corruption by downloading the .torrent file?01:28
topsubno i haven't installed mobo drives yet01:28
Heliodorfaileas: so said pinnochio :)01:28
topsubshould i do that now?01:28
faileasdubside: no01:28
faileasHeliodor: ya ;p01:28
topsubi was about to install mobo drives then stoped to do the hard drive01:28
Heliodoronly way to run a portable server enviroment is xampp right?01:28
redvamp128Topsub sometimes if they are not installed -- Xp gets incorrect data on some devices01:28
redvamp128topsub:  Xp will actually run drives in compatible mode --01:29
redvamp128topsub:  I would also apply service packs as well (unless your install is XPSP3)01:29
HeliodorUmm... what would be best, running HFS+ on the storage drive or EXT3? I have trouble deciding.01:29
balzacwhere's the channel for eee ubuntu?01:29
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC01:30
Dr_willisbalzac,  there is.. but theres never any chat in it.01:30
balzacthanks Jack_Sparrow01:30
topsubi am going to try and install mobo drivers and raid drivers first and then see if that works01:30
balzacthanks Dr_w01:30
redvamp128topsub:  that is it-- Xp is only seeing 1/2 the raid array01:30
topsubwow this install is v 200201:30
topsubi think i saw before system restarted01:31
HeliodorOh am i stupid, of course i have to run ext3!!01:31
topsubi need to update it01:31
topsubi lost my legit xp pro sp 2 cd and got one from my boss but its v200201:31
dartagnon1234is there an utility to help me set up a static IP without me editing /etc/network/interfaces  (which I don't understand :P)01:31
redvamp128topsub that ultimate boot cd has a lot of other handy tools on it as well01:31
HeliodorHFS+ is not supported on any rescure CD so it would be terribly complext to have hfs+ as filesystem for storage.01:31
topsubi am downloading a zi pnow01:31
topsubi am on my laptop on ubuntu on here01:31
topsubthink i will update xp like crazy to sp301:32
topsubthen see about getting hard drives to work01:32
_Andrewdartagnon1234: Is this on Desktop or server?01:32
dartagnon1234desktop 8.1001:32
root______Heliodor unless you built your own rescue cd/stick for that purpose  :)))01:32
Krstnsnoh fuck ya01:32
Krstnsnthis font rocks01:32
FlannelKrstnsn: Please watch your language01:32
Krstnsneverything looks so nice01:32
Krstnsnoh sorry01:32
Heliodorroot______: That would be a waste of time i think. :-)01:33
FloodBot1Krstnsn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:33
Krstnsnwrong channel01:33
_Andrewdartagnon1234: Did you try system->admin->network ?01:33
MethinXtifyHaveing trouble with dual booting, i have three harddrives sda 40 gig sdb 250 gig and sdc 40 gig, am trying to install ubuntu 8.1 on the sda and leave the other two alone for windows? do I use ext 2 or three and for what drive?01:33
jp_sfGaming4JC: ok like that : sed 's/,/\n/g' youfile01:33
Krstnsni had the wrong chan open01:33
Krstnsni didnt flood01:33
root______!enter > Krstnsn01:33
ubottuKrstnsn, please see my private message01:33
eugmanI'm sorry to be repeating, but does anyone know if it's possible to have the spellchecker use a different language?01:33
nickrudKrstnsn, and think disney g rated language. It's a huge channel, lots of kids hang out01:34
base10kfor what program eugman?01:34
Heliodoreugman: I know itś possible, but i dont know how to change it01:34
XintruderI want to run ubuntu on my mac leapord, any ideas how to do that?01:34
jp_sfeugman: which spellchecker ?01:34
Heliodoreugman: would also like to know.01:34
dartagnon1234_Andrew: I can't believe I didn't... I'll be back in 5min if I still need help.01:34
_Andreweugman: In what program?01:34
jp_sfHeliodor: could be firefox01:34
eugmanbase10k, jp_sf : all of them? The issue only came up in tomboy and gaim so far though01:34
Gaming4JCthanks much jp_sf01:35
Heliodorjp_sf: They use the same?01:35
Krstnsnnickrud, ya and i just said it was the wrong channel. and then ... i apologized.. good lord. this is why i hate censorship. get of a guy01:35
balzacubuntu hardy with the eee kernel is very choppy on my eee 90101:35
balzacit's been terrible01:35
PrimoTurboHow would I force refresh rate for a opengl game?01:35
Dante123lsusn shows Bus 001 Device 005: ID 03eb:5601 Atmel Corp. at76c510 Prism-II 802.11b Access Point01:35
jp_sfHeliodor: no but this is precisely what we have to explain to eugman01:35
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: Problems with blockfile not being there... resolved01:35
Guest3861hi guys i am new to ubuntu i have problem in installi g it can u help me out01:35
PrimoTurboFor example I am trying to start warcraft3 in wine and I get 75hz01:35
nickrudKrstnsn, not censorship unless done by a government. But wrong channel, no whoop. a time or two, no whoop. But we get intentional trolls so that's why we get on top early01:35
balzacThe problem is intermittent freezing which prevents keystrokes from registering01:35
Dr_willisKrstnsn,    with 1300+ people  in here.. they have to keep a tight ship.01:36
balzacit's god-awful01:36
PrimoTurbothere is no ingame option how can I make ubuntu force the refresh rate in a game?01:36
eugmanSo, I think I'd like to change the gnome spellchecker? Don't they use a shared one?01:36
jp_sfeugman: you usually configure by program rather than one for the whole distro01:36
Dante123trying to get dwl900ap to work with ubuntu.  Read that ap-utils works with this access point.  Any suggestions for how to configure this via ubuntu and ap=utils01:36
simmerzbalzac: tried installing the ubuntu-eee distro/01:36
eugmanjp_sf: k01:36
Heliodorjp_sf: that they dont use the same spellcheker?01:36
PrimoTurboI tried setting mode to 24 in xorg but only works in x01:36
balzacsimmerz: I did01:36
Twinkletoes|Hroot______: It seems the Ubuntu installer only creates an extended partition large enough to hold the logical drives you define during installation.  I thought the extended partiton covered the entire disk - it didn't, so I created the partition as primary, and it's all worked now - thank you ;)01:36
balzacthat's the kerneel I am using01:36
storrgieX11 is listening on ipv6 port 6010.... how can i get it to only listen in ipv4?01:36
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
balzacand it just froze for 3 seconds while I was typing that last comment01:36
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv401:36
LucyI'm having a bit of trouble getting the right performance from all but one SATA drives. instead of around 110 mb/s with hdparm -t i get around 50-60 mb/s . Help anyone ?01:36
_AndrewGuest3861: You have a problem installing Ubuntu or git?01:36
jp_sfHeliodor: well at least I'm not aware of a common spellchecker for different application01:37
=== root______ is now known as Agent_bob
storrgieJack_Sparrow: i already put in the aliases in modprob to disable ipv601:37
balzacI've made one choice different during install, I put it on the 16GB flash drive instead of the 4GB flash. I wondered if it had lower performance.01:37
Heliodorjp_sf: seems like it uses the gnome spellchecker.01:37
HeliodorFound it. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56353201:37
balzacI'd like to do a dist-upgrade, but I think I'd lose wireless01:38
balzacI shake my fist at the hardware manufacturers every day for their microsoft-loving ways...01:38
simmerzbalzac: the 4GB drive is MUCH faster than the 16GB01:38
balzachmmm, that's good to know01:39
simmerzmy 901 is nice and fast01:39
=== Andry_Traumend is now known as Andry_Sleep
balzacI was afraid I'd install too much, but I should have thought to just sym-link my home directory onto the 16GB drive and install it on the 401:39
balzacshoot, now I need to reinstall, in light of that information.01:39
balzacthanks simmerz01:39
Heliodorjp_sf: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5379106&postcount=801:39
ubottuYour home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome01:40
simmerzbalzac: what?! just use the 16GB as a /home mount.01:40
balzacsimmerz: should I try "easypeasy"?01:40
balzacsimmerz: ok01:40
HeliodorOh, sorry.01:40
Heliodoreugman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5379106&postcount=801:40
dead2can anyone help me with setting up my website i need to link www.dead1.com to /home/dead1/public_html/ how do i do that i have a 2nd website and i need to link that one to www.dead2.info to /home/dead2/public_html/ how do i do that01:41
Xintruderwhats the best vm program i can use that will run with least trouble?01:41
ChrisUKCan anyone help with graphics cards. I want to enabled 3D using NVIDIA GE-FORCE FX 5500 on Ubuntu 8.1001:41
Dr_willisbalzac,  using 'eeebuntu' right now on my AAO.01:41
simmerzdead2: you're best asking in the right channel for your web server01:42
Dr_willisbalzac,  im not sure how EEEbntu and easypeasy are related..01:42
balzacit's the new version of the other01:42
storrgieJack_Sparrow: hey quick question, i have a server setup on a T1 currently using A records for my domain to point to the servers address.... would it be better to figure out how to use dns?01:42
balzacrebranding, that's all01:42
jp_sfChrisUK: could you do a  dmesg | grep NVRM01:42
dead2simmerz: i am i run ubuntu01:42
balzacwait, maybe not01:42
balzacubuntu netbook remix is one thing01:42
Jack_Sparrowstorrgie, Personally I would ask in the #ubuntu-server channel01:42
simmerzdead2: ubuntu is the OS. apache/nginx/lighttpd etc are web servers01:43
exodus_msdead2: ubuntu is not a web server (are you using apache2 etc.._01:43
Dr_willisbalzac,  eeebuntu uses a tweaked/differnet kernel also.  from what i gather01:43
XintruderJack_Sparrow: would u be able to help :( im so new to this01:43
Jack_SparrowDr_willis, correct rt kernel01:43
balzacgo there and u see01:43
Crayboffanyone know why I can't install IDLE 3? synaptic gets pissy at me01:43
dead2exodus_ms: yes i am running apache201:43
Jack_SparrowXintruder, Please just ask in the channel01:43
simmerzbalzac: yes, if you have a 901, makes sense to install easypeasy01:43
Dr_willisbalzac,  but all of these are works in progress. so  some of the projects may be merging, or working together.. the eeebuntu seems to work very well for me.01:44
balzacDr_willis: I've got to reinstall because simmerz confirmed my suspicion that I made a bad installation choice last time.01:44
Crayboffor4n_, alternatively, can someone tell me how to get an IDLE like editor for python?01:44
exodus_msdead2: try the apache channel #apache01:44
balzacwell, there would be no enthusiasm or appreciation for those projects if everyone's eee works as terribly as mine does.01:44
Craybofferror404notfound, my bad, didn't mean to write or4n01:44
Dr_willisbalzac,  I got mine on a 8gb thumbdrive also :) works well from there.. and from the HD.01:44
rdw200169Crayboff, what are you trying to do?01:44
ChrisUKjp_sf, here are the results: http://www.pastebin.ca/131590801:44
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: you could try SPE01:44
Crayboffrdw200169, i'm trying to learn python01:45
balzacIt's probably that I installed it on the 16GB flash which has slower IO, so the swap is choking01:45
Jack_SparrowCrayboff, lost the wtx.. it isnt needed or wanted in here01:45
Craybofffliegenderfrosch, does that work with python301:45
balzacI was supposed to install on the 4GB drive01:45
rdw200169Crayboff, b/c you can get idle already01:45
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: why shouldn’t it?01:45
=== mercutio22_ is now known as mercutio22
balzacDr_willis: that's interesting to hear it runs well off your USB drive...01:46
rdw200169Crayboff, it's possible to install Python 3.0 in Ubuntu, it's not in the repositories though b/c it hasn't been 'released'01:46
Agent_bobbalzac iotop might make plain what's happening there     maybe01:46
balzacI wish I knew how to diagnose what's causing my freezing01:46
a_hola buenas noches, hay alguien en español?01:46
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: alternatively you can use Kate or another editor01:46
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:46
balzacI'll check it out, thanks Agent_bob01:46
Dr_willisbalzac,  yea. - then i installed it from that thumbdrive to the HD for a bit more speed.01:46
rdw200169Crayboff, yes, the options are many01:46
Crayboffrdw200169, i have python 3, but IDLE is still in 2.5 or whatever01:46
Andre_Gondimdoes anyone know one firefox plugin to add more than one file to upload?01:46
fliegenderfroschrdw200169: sure it hasn’t been released yet? http://www.python.org/download/releases/3.0/01:47
rdw200169Crayboff, of course ;)01:47
jp_sfChrisUK: you tried RivaTV ?01:47
ChrisUK No01:47
balzacwell, my 20GB is from two flash drives, 4GB and 16GB. Original OS was installed on the 4GB flash. I wondered if it had better performance as it was intended to be the install drive.01:47
exodus_msAndre_Gondim: upload or download01:47
ChrisUKjo_sf: where do I get RivaTv?01:47
_AndrewAndre_Gondim: What do you mean?01:47
Andre_Gondimexodus_ms, upload01:47
rdw200169Crayboff, well, for just about all the python editors you will have to wait for 3.0 compatibility, particularly for the introspection and debug features etc...01:48
Andre_Gondim_Andrew, I want to upload more than one file, but firefox just select one, how may i change this?01:48
rdw200169Crayboff, i'm referring to bicycle, etc... i don't know if any of them have 3.0 versions yet...01:48
HeliodorAnyone here thought of working as a ubuntu consultant? I think many people want to run ubuntu but dont have time to learn all this stuff and would gladely pay to have stuff fixed....01:48
jp_sfChrisUK: don't what do you have in system > administration > Hardware driver01:48
exodus_msAndre_Gondim: You are trying to upload mor ethan one file to what01:48
bluefox83how do i create multiple samba shares in ubuntu?01:48
Jack_SparrowHeliodor, Yes there is paid support01:49
Crayboffwell, rdw200169, any suggestions if I want to learn python3 and not wait till a newer version is out?01:49
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: is that what you’re looking for? http://packages.ubuntu.com/de/intrepid/idle-python3.001:49
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209801:49
Agent_bobbalzac lsusb can also point out if something is running in 1.* mode  which would slow things terrably01:49
Dante123Trying to get access point dwl 900ap to work with ubuntu.  lsusb shows Bus 001 Device 005: ID 03eb:5601 Atmel Corp. at76c510 Prism-II 802.11b Access Point   and this device is hooked up to adsl model/router.  I have read that ap-utils allows for configuring this device.  I have installed but do not know how to work ap-utils.01:49
Andre_Gondimexodus_ms, to orkut01:49
_AndrewAndre_Gondim: You can only upload one file per "file box" unless you zip the files together and upload that01:49
HeliodorJack_Sparrow: but only from cononial right?01:49
exodus_msAndre_Gondim: I think orkut would have to handle that not ff01:49
Agent_bobbalzac just a thought.    good luck with it.01:49
Jack_SparrowHeliodor, No, there are locals as well01:49
Andre_Gondim_Andrew, in windows you can choose more than one file01:49
rdw200169Crayboff, well, you're biggest difficulties are going to arise form modules; most of the modules you will want to use are (likely) not 3.0 ready01:49
ChrisUKjp_sf: I activated and download recommended driver 17301:50
Andre_Gondimexodus_ms, ff at windows do this01:50
Craybofffliegenderfrosch, i think so01:50
rdw200169Crayboff, all the modules have to be rewritten or converted (depending on their complexity) to 3.0, which is no trivial task!01:50
jp_sfChrisUK, I don't like the fact dmesg complains about rivatv01:50
HeliodorJack_Sparrow: Ah, cool. Must be hard though, keeping oneself updated. ubuntu changes so fast.. and so much01:50
fliegenderfroschrdw200169: afaik idle is a part of the official python distribution, so it would have been strange if no python 3 version had been released01:50
Crayboffrdw200169, well I don't understand modules yet, soooo... ummm ya01:50
jp_sfChrisUK: you can through synaptic update to latest drivers01:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:50
ChrisUKwhich drivers are they?01:51
jp_sfChrisUK: just type nvidia in the package manager01:51
ChrisUKDo I just type Nvidia01:51
Davedancan I use debian packages on ubuntu?01:51
Jack_SparrowDavedan, no01:51
_AndrewAndre_Gondim: If you already have the firefox plugin for windows then it should also work on ubuntu01:51
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!01:51
jp_sfChrisUK: the latest one are the 18001:51
rdw200169Crayboff, that's where all the power of python derives from; for example, the ldap python module provides LDAP configuration possibilities, etc.. etc.., really similar to the way perl works01:52
Andre_Gondim_Andrew, at windows does not need plugin01:52
nabzhow do i go about installing WINE on ubuntu - i don't see it in add/remove (Sorry - first day with ubuntu)01:52
exodus_msAndre_Gondim: Orkut Helper 10.5 add on ffor firefox maybe ?01:52
rdw200169!wine | nabz01:52
ubottunabz: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help01:52
nabzty :)01:52
ChrisUKjp_sf: Thanks, I'll install them and let you know01:52
Jack_Sparrownabz, sudo apt-get install wine01:52
TheMusicGuyAnyone here use Compal HEL 80?01:52
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: (just in case) try to install it from the sources and not from this website01:52
jp_sfChrisUK: they are fine, I used them01:53
TheMusicGuyalso known as PowerPro L:15 or something like that?01:53
_AndrewAndre_Gondim: I found this information. Is this what you're looking for? http://help.orkut.com/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=8612801:53
Craybofffliegenderfrosch, ya, i'll do that01:53
exodus_msAndre_Gondim: --> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/391601:53
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.01:53
Andre_Gondimexodus_ms, i will see01:54
_Andrewubunto bot is wrong, you can't shout over the internet01:54
_AndrewSo silly.01:54
Jack_Sparrow_Andrew, Stop01:54
Craybofffliegenderfrosch, i get this error saying that there are unresolvable dependencies01:54
_AndrewJack_Sparrow: I'm not a bot, commands don't work on human01:55
ST47Bans to01:55
ST47Bans do*01:55
=== mercutio22_ is now known as mercutio22
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: i see... i get them too01:56
Davedanare there packages for ubuntu with .deb ending?01:56
exodus_msDavedan: yes01:56
nickrudDavedan, by default01:56
Jack_SparrowDavedan, run synaptic.01:56
ukubuntuHi all, in passwords and encryption keys (in Hardy) I cannot seem to search for a user when I enter a Key ID, does this happen to others? And there is always a progress bar that never changes, whether searching or not.01:57
fliegenderfroschCrayboff: bug report and workaround (building python manually): https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python3.0/+bug/29820601:57
ukubuntuI can search an a name but not key IDs01:58
tfl_totalnub1337 ppl :)02:00
ukubuntucould someone check their passwords and encryption keys to see if they have the same?02:01
uatecit's quite sad that the concept of being elite is now emphasised by a distinct inability to spell02:01
tfl_totalnubtrue story02:01
TheMusicGuyDoes this look familiar to anyone: Bus 005 Device 003: ID 0c45:624f Microdia PC Camera (SN9C201)02:02
tfl_totalnubwhat are you trying to do? webcam?02:02
TheMusicGuyI keep getting conflicting search results on forums and google02:02
tfl_totalnubwhat is the problem?02:02
nabzWhat's a good PHP editor and FTP application for ubuntu?02:03
TheMusicGuyHow do I make it work?02:03
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:03
lifenovanabz: I personally use gedit and FileZilla, respectively02:03
TheMusicGuyMicrodia is not in the list02:04
ChrisUKCan anyone help, cannot get 3D effects enabled on Ubuntu 8.10 using Nvidia Ge-force FX 5500..02:04
lifenovanabz: unless of course you meant an all in one program02:04
uatecw00t for philezilla02:04
TheMusicGuybut I've heard that this cam can work with linux02:04
mercutio22_crap, its the fourth time I synaptic crashes the pc. I can't even ctrl+alt+backspace. I have to reboot to get back. What might be wrong?02:04
tfl_totalnubdid you install nvdia drivers?02:04
nabzoh i was asking for two different aps - ill give thoes a shot.02:04
nabzthanks for that02:04
TheMusicGuyI have nvidia drivers02:04
Jack_Sparrowmercutio22_, HAve you added any sources manually02:04
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> many.02:04
lifenovanabz: gedit comes pre-installed with ubuntu, it's just "Text Editor" in the Accessories menu. It'll highlight syntax and stuff once you save the file as .php02:05
ChrisUKHello Tfl_totalnub, I installed the recommended drivers which were 173, my on restarting my computer is just black02:05
Jack_Sparrowmercutio22_, then that is where your problems start02:05
fliegenderfroschnabz: I like kate quite a lot as an editor, and it can save directly to ftp. as a ftp client i use dolphin, the standard kubuntu filemanager. you can also use nautilus, the standard ubuntu filemanager for ftp connections.02:05
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> but if launch synaptic from the terminal, its ok. It just happens when I use the gnome menu02:05
tfl_totalnubchrisuk: did you backup xorg.conf?02:05
ChrisUKno, how do you do that?02:06
dartagnon1234I need help setting up my network, my computer is behind two routers.  I'm trying to turn the 2nd one into a switch, but I need help getting it to work.02:06
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> why should external sources make synaptic crash?02:06
tfl_totalnubit's a bit late02:06
Terry_Arnotthello, could someone help me with a screen rez problem?02:06
Jack_Sparrowmercutio22_, external sources can lead to all sorts of issues and problems.02:07
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:07
ChrisUKtfl_totalnub: Well I copied the xorg.conf and xorg.0.log before restarting and dpkg02:07
ChrisUKtfl_totalnub: do you want to see?02:07
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> so it can be anything.02:07
tfl_totalnubchrisuk: well to get back from a black screen, just replace them with their backup copies02:07
Jack_Sparrowmercutio22_, yep02:08
anis-hello! I need a help.. I have privat chat server and now i have more than 1000 users and when it comes to 1024 server msg me [02:57:01] -irc.funchat.com- *** Notice -- All connections in use. Ircd have max limit 4000 but I know I must fix some config in my linux box.. but I don't remember where it is.. /etc/?!??02:08
ChrisUKtfl_totalnub: ok, but how can I enable 3D?02:09
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> is there a log where I could identify the problem?02:09
Jack_Sparrowmercutio22_, dmesg comes to mind.02:09
dartagnon1234Where is a good place to go for networking support?02:09
bluefox83in ubuntu, when you click a directory and set it to be shared, where does it keep the settings for that shared directory?02:09
bruenigbluefox83: is this a samba question?02:10
bluefox83bruenig, not sure, when i do it, it doesn't seem to change the /etc/samba/smb.conf file at all02:10
Sensai_hello everyone02:11
bluefox83bruenig, although i really DO have a problem with samba not working on multiple shares...02:11
* joeb3_ bows02:11
Bllasae-Awaycan anyone recommend skype02:11
Bllasae-Awayand other programs?02:11
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto02:11
Jack_Sparrowskype works fine02:12
Sensai_skype is good02:12
bruenigbluefox83: of course it doesn't change that file, that file requires root privileges02:12
Jack_Sparrowekiga is another02:12
bluefox83bruenig, then what is it changing?02:12
nabzdoes ubuntu have java installed by default - if not can it be installed (firefox)02:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about shares02:12
Sensai_i have a question about socket connections in ubuntu, i have read and read but cant seem to figure my answer out, would someone be able to help me02:13
afterwegoNo it does not and yes it can02:13
bruenigbluefox83: I don't know anything about samba as I use linux, but if you are capable of setting those configs as a user, it would be doing something in ~ obviously02:13
nabzsudo apt-get install java?02:13
try2freeall my client default resolution is only 640x480, how to set to 1024x768. because same client pc to another ltsp server get 1024x768 as default. it's because setting memory vga too low in bios?02:13
afterwegoI forgot the name of the package02:13
bluefox83bruenig, ok...02:13
try2freei meant ltsp client02:14
kevipapohey all, ive been trying to activate the drivers for my nvidia card (both the 173 and 177 [recommended] ones) and neither works, just a download and install window pops up and a split second later closes02:14
jp_sfnabz: sudo aptitude install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin02:14
nabzty :)02:14
jp_sfnabz: then you will have to ln the .so in your firefox /plugins folder02:14
redvamp128nabz:  I think you also have to have restricted extras enabled though-- not completely sure02:15
ex0aFGLRX_AddPairMode failed when try to add mode : 1024x768+1360x76802:15
ex0awhy would that be failing?02:15
nabzi'll have to what to the plugins folder?02:15
Terry_ArnottHello everyone, I have checked the wiki and read the xrandr manual but still need some help with a screen rez issue, could someone help?02:15
kevipapodoes anyone know about the driver issue, or is everyone busy? ive got plenty of time ;)02:15
ChrisUKCan anyone help, been trying to activate my nvidia ge-force 5500 graphics card. Installed and activated recommended drivers but they don't work, all I am left with is a blank screen.02:16
kevipapoChrisUK, seems like we have similar issues :(02:16
jp_sfnabz: make sure that in your firefox locale directory of /usr/lib/firefox/plugins (for all user) you have the java .so02:16
nabzokay, thanka02:17
Sensai_i have a question about socket connections in ubuntu, i have read and read but cant seem to figure my answer out, would someone be able to help me02:17
=== cs278|laptop is now known as cs278
GreedyBI need to install ubuntu from a usb drive.. but it needs to be formatted.. what should I format it to?02:17
jp_sfChrisUK: how your install of the nvidia went ?02:17
redvamp128ChrisUK:  can you get to a prompt?02:17
netsurf3ChrisUK, what are you doing to try and activate it? please clarify your problem a bit more ;)02:17
ChrisUKkevipapo: Dude, I've been trying to resolve this issue for three weeks02:17
draedayhey some of the software i use to use alot can't open02:17
lifenovaGreedyB: ext302:17
kevipapoChrsUK, al least your driver installed would let you activate it, how did you activate them?02:18
ChrisUKjo_sf: I installed the Nvidia-180 and then it had an error (didn't recognize EE); so then I had to start in low graphics mode02:18
lifenovadraeday: elaborate?02:18
jp_sfChrisUK: ok now you have to get rid of all nvidia drivers you have in your system02:18
=== rachel is now known as Guest97584
ChrisUKnetsurf3: I want to activate my cards for 3D effects and to play games, it wont allow me to do this02:19
draedayamorok wont open gnome sword wont  open when i click on it nothin happens02:19
ChrisUKjp_sf: I uninstalled 173 through synpatico and then installed 18002:19
redvamp128ChrisUK:  if you can then try this command to get back a working desktop to install other drivers-- sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:19
ChrisUKok then02:19
slyuk/nick SlyZzz02:19
netsurf3ChrisUK, what have you tried to do so far?02:19
russe11I don't suppose anyone here knows of a mirror for the medibuntu repository, or at least another way to install 64 bit Skype?02:19
Krispycan i get on other irc servers with this app?02:19
Jack_SparrowChrisUK, Are you following the directions and stopping gdm etc when you install them02:19
ChrisUKjp)sf: ok then, I'll do that02:19
lifenovaok... can you open a terminal and type 'amarok' and see if it launches then?02:19
jp_sfChrisUK: dmesg | grep NVRM02:20
=== slyuk is now known as SlyZZZ
ChrisUKredvamp128: already did that thanks02:20
lifenovadraeday:  ok... can you open a terminal and type 'amarok' and see if it launches then?02:20
Jack_SparrowKrispy, which app.. xchat.. irissi.. yes02:20
tfl_totalnublast nvidia driver to support 5500 is 17302:20
konfinally figured out why ubuntu whould not install in this macbook pro, it was a bad hard drive.02:20
Jack_Sparrowkon, bummer02:20
konreplaced it and its working fine now02:20
draedayit says its not install02:20
Jack_Sparrowkon, glad to hear it02:20
\kiradoes ettercap not work on a wireless connection?02:20
konJack_Sparrow: Yeah, so this lappy cost me a total of $420 :)02:21
draedayi uninstalled amarok02:21
netsurf3kon, heh better than my problems mine turned out to be a cracked ide circute :P02:21
mydrmeixIm having problems with 8.10 install freezes02:21
konnetsurf3: ouch02:21
lifenovadraeday: Wasn't amarok one of the apps you said you couldn't open?02:21
Jack_Sparrowmydrmeix, To get live cd to run this often helps..At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"02:21
draedayyea along with gnomesword and listen02:21
netsurf3kon, yeah its annoying its in perfect condition apart from that :(02:21
bluefox83samba is such a pain in the ass D:02:21
linuxman410can someone tell me the name of program u need to run a linux distro inside linux02:21
emhsQuick question: Anyone know the address of that server where you can try Ubuntu online without installing it?02:22
Jack_Sparrowbluefox83, Watch the language please02:22
ChrisUKJack_Sparrow: Not sure I follow you02:22
lifenovadraeday: well reinstall amarok then at least to try to get it to work02:22
Sensai_i have a question about socket connections in ubuntu, i have read and read but cant seem to figure my answer out, would someone be able to help me02:22
konnetsurf3: i know what you mean. but these things happen to products made in china.02:22
redvamp128linuxman410:  Virtual Box is one of them www.virtualbox.org02:22
mydrmeixtheres only one north america 8.10 server?02:22
Jack_SparrowChrisUK, Are you following the directions and stopping gdm etc when you install them  .. it is a straight forward question02:22
bluefox83Jack_Sparrow, sorry, i've been trying to fix samba for two days now, and i still can't get it to work with multiple shares02:22
linuxman410thanks is virtual box easy to install02:22
redvamp128linuxman410 yes02:23
Jack_Sparrowlinuxman410, yes..02:23
=== wolter is now known as woli
netsurf3kon yeah :'( my next laptop will be a lenovo02:23
draedayoh ok thanx02:23
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> http://www.pastebin.ca/1315929 I guess this might give a clue. Can you take a look?02:23
redvamp128linuxman410:  they have a deb for ubuntu -- and also command line install as well02:23
bluefox83the people in #samba must be asleep, i asked a question hours ago and no one has answered D:02:23
draedaywhenever i try to turn down the volume from my laptop keyboard it doesnt work on gnome but it works on xfce02:24
redvamp128Linux_Downloads - VirtualBox <http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads>   linuxman410:02:24
emhsSensai_: Ask your question.  We won't know if we can help you until you do.02:24
kitche!virtualbox | linuxman41002:24
ubottulinuxman410: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:24
Sensai_is there a command to increase available socket connections02:24
tsrkwhat does "du" output sizes in?02:24
=== Eber_ is now known as Eber
Sensai_i have psybnc running and it will only allow 10 users02:25
Jack_Sparrowmercutio22_, Im not going to be able to help with that.. time for dinner02:25
ChrisUKjp_sf: here is the link for the dmesg | grep NVRM http://www.pastebin.ca/131593002:25
Terry_ArnottHello all, I have checked the X wiki and the manual for Xrandr but still need help with a screen rez problem, could someone help please?02:25
redvamp128linuxman410:  if you have any issues they also have a room just for that one as well-- #virtualbox02:25
mercutio22_Jack_Sparrow> ok man, bon appetit =]02:26
emhsDoes anyone know the address of the site where you can try ubuntu online for free?  I need to demonstrate it for a friend.02:26
ChrisUKjp_sf: Also I removed all Nvidia drivers using synpatico02:26
emhsIs that site even still up?02:26
ChrisUKjp_sf: synaptic*02:26
linuxman410ok thanks02:27
Sensai_i have psybnc running, it will only allow 10 connections, i am trying to find ut how to increase the amount of socket connections02:27
Bllasae-Awayany other good things that i should install besides skype?02:29
Sensai_i have psybnc running, it will only allow 10 connections, i am trying to find ut how to increase the amount of socket connections02:30
Joelitoguys, what's the name of the ubuntu package to browse the perl docs like in a web browser?02:30
konDoes anyone know if Ardour is free?02:30
konI was reading some forums and i hear that they charge a fee for downloading it.02:31
konIs any of this true?02:31
kevipapook, im back, and i found the solution to my previous issue, but whenever i exit X server (ctrl+alt+f1) i get flooded with over-current change on port 202:31
=== cs278|laptop is now known as cs278
nabzhey after i install the java pakcage - how do i get it to work with firefox?02:31
RediXeCan anyone help me figure out this: http://pastebin.com/d5653567e        Not sure why dmesg is giving me that - over and over, everything appears to be working fine so far02:31
kevipapoalso, i have absolutely nothing plugged into my USB ports, or any other port02:32
kitchekon: well no but they would like you to subscribe and such though02:32
=== kompulsa_dot_com is now known as Tetracomm
konOh great02:33
konI really dont want to install any windows based applications on this nice lappy :)02:33
redvamp128nabz:  run the following command to see if java is installed correctly02:33
redvamp128nabz:  java -version02:33
TheMusicGuyI have a package which is stuck an a half-installed state that is causing all install/remove operation to fail, and I can't get rid of it.02:33
Sensai_i have psybnc running, it will only allow 10 connections, i am trying to find ut how to increase the amount of socket connections02:34
nabzi get this02:34
nabzjava -version02:34
nabzoops - lol02:34
nabzjava version "1.6.0_10"02:34
kitcheSensai_: why not read psybnc documentation?02:34
Sensai_it isnt psybnc02:34
nabzi just read that installing the restricted extra in add/remove will install it for me - just trying that now02:34
kevipapocan anyone help? i need to know where ths syslog file is located02:34
Sensai_it is ubuntu02:34
Sensai_something is limiting 10 connections02:35
redvamp128nabz:  should just be a closing of firefox and reopen firefox and it should load the plugin-- to see if firefox has the plugin -- in the address bar type  about:plugins02:35
dubsideApparently rosetta stone is use by NASA, I didn't know they offered martian.....02:35
ex0ahas anyone here messed with ATI Big-Desktop?02:35
ex0ai can't get it to work to save my life02:35
gnubuntukevipapo: /var/log/syslog02:35
redvamp128nabz about: plugins -- no space inbetween the :plugins02:35
kitcheSensai_: then why are you asking about psybnc in your question there is nothing limiting the connection besides psybnc could be limiting itself02:35
nabzhmm it seems to be there02:35
nabzyup it's working now02:36
nabznot sure if its the ubuntu restricted extras that did it or what :s lol02:36
nabzatleas it's working :D02:36
TheMusicGuyI keep getting this: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/100922/02:36
Sensai_it isnt, i have 11 users, 10 will connect, if i stop that one, and start a different bnc with 1 user and start the one with 11 users, it now only lets 9 join02:36
RediXeCan anyone help me figure out this: http://pastebin.com/d5653567e        Not sure why dmesg is giving me that - over and over, everything appears to be working fine so far02:36
Sensai_it is limiting to 10 users no matter how you slice up the processes02:37
kitcheSensai_: well it's not ubuntu limiting your connections it's psybnc itself unless you configured your ubuntu to limit connections02:38
Sensai_i dont know how to limit sonnections02:38
Sensai_how do i do that or undo that02:38
torcAnyone have a good way to clear off a dead USB drive? magnets or something?02:38
konGod i love ubuntu.02:38
leechmani just installed ubuntu on my toshiba satellite m35x-s161.  but for some reason, the video drivers are incorrectly installed02:38
linxehtorc: there is no really effective way, other than on some drives cat /dev/zero > /dev/....02:39
leechmanwhen i do "sudo lhsw -C video", it says that all of my video cards are *UNCLAIMED*02:39
=== [maurice] is now known as nitridr
linxehtorc: or some of the wiping tools for hard drives, but some of the drives will ignore it, and there are sometimes ways of still reading some of the data afterwards. if you raelly dont want someone to see the data, destroy the thing02:39
leechmancan someone help me with this issue?  i know the video card is an integrated intel graphics controller02:39
justdaveI've got a system on Hardy and the Update Manager isn't prompting me that Intrepid is available, is that normal?02:40
torclinxeh: Well thats the trick, it doesn't show up in any OS or anything. Its "broken," and I'm going to return it to be replaced, but I want to clear it of some data I had on it. So I was thinking to put in near a large electromagnet or something?02:40
nabzwhere can i find the SAMBA settings after i've installed it?02:41
kitchejustdave: yes try this update-manager -c02:41
ChrisUKCan someone help me, I have an nvidia graphics card 5500. I have now uninstalled all Nvidia drivers as they do not work. can someone help me enable 3D effects?02:41
ezerhodennabz: /etc/samba/smb.conf02:42
Jack_Sparrowleechman, Do you know which intel chipset?02:42
leechmanJack_Sparrow: yeah, it's the02:42
n8tuserSensai_-> socket connections are like file descriptors, so look around for settings of max file descriptors and maybe set it higher02:42
sztomiHi. I need to fetch some arch packages, but only an ubuntu box is available with internet. Is it possible to get pacman running on ubuntu (because of the dependecies)?02:42
facepalmChrisUK: you need the drivers for 3D effects02:43
kitchesztomi: yes but your system will be horribly broken though02:43
justdavekitche: ok, just thought I'd check because I remember previous versions putting an optional thing at the top saying they was a new full release available02:43
Sensai_ok, great, thanks n8tuser02:43
leechmanJack_Sparrow: it's the  82852/855GM Integrated Graphics Device02:43
sztomikitche: I don't want to replace apt02:43
ChrisUKfacepalm: how do I get them?02:43
ChrisUKfacepalm: do enable games and compiz?02:44
kitchesztomi: oh you won't but your system will still be horribly broken02:44
justdavehmm, just ran it with -c and it's still not prompting for Intrepid02:44
facepalmChrisUK: I am not 100% sure but I think you need to search in synaptic for "envy"02:44
justdavesays I'm up-to-date02:44
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
Jack_Sparrowleechman, Do you mind a brief pm..02:44
justdavebut lsb_release -a says I'm running Hardy02:44
Jack_Sparrow!info envyng02:44
ubottuPackage envyng does not exist in intrepid02:44
facepalmalcohol: I am not sure but I think that's impossible02:45
leechmanJack_Sparrow: of course not.  i've never used this irc client..so not exactly sure what will happen when you pm me02:45
sztomikitche: how do I start? :)02:45
ChrisUKfacepalm: Envy, is there an Envy for Ibex 8.10? Tried installing and it said does not work on this OS version02:45
Flanneljustdave: Go to Software Sources and choose that you want all releases02:45
Abedhey guys i am having a freakin trouble , i am not sure if it is technical or what, but  wut i know that my computer is connected to AC power supply and it was suddenly shutted down  due to power failure, so i can't use the speakers now, wut i hear when i play a hit is just noise, and i can't connect microphone, so anyone faced this?02:45
facepalmalcohol: my understanding is that you can't use pacman on ubuntu because it's so fundamental to the Arch distro, just like apt is for ubuntu02:45
justdaveFlannel: Ah hah!  that's what I'm looking for02:45
=== cs278|laptop is now known as cs278
justdavewas wondering if there was a setting somewhere saying to only look for LTS :)02:46
rdw200169Abed, have you tried different speakers, or headphones?02:46
justdaveand there it is02:46
rdw200169Abed, this is why I use a UPS...02:46
Abedrdw200169 it is my laptop actually02:46
facepalmChrisUK: did you try going to System > Administration > hardware drivers?02:46
sztomifacepalm: I only need to fetch a package and it's dependencies. Is it possible?02:46
rdw200169Abed, because it is possible that something fried.02:46
facepalmChrisUK: it should show you a list02:46
Abedrdw200169 and my cousin was using it02:46
MikyMouseHi, I switched from Gnome to XFCE, and I realized that Firefox takes more time to show the content of the web pages...is this for some reason? thanks02:47
rdw200169Abed, oh, i see, and you were using external speakers?02:47
facepalmsztomi: are you talking about pacman?02:47
rdw200169Abed, b/c i'm assuming your not referring to the laptop speakers02:47
sztomifacepalm: yes02:47
ChrisUKfacepalm: yes, i've done that. It shows me the recommended drivers. I've installed, believe me I've installed and it leaves me with a blank screen02:47
Abedrdw200169 no the built in ones, and when i try to connect the external ones it can't be connected02:48
facepalmsztomi: what package are you looking at in synaptic?02:48
facepalmChrisUK: that sucks, I am not sure... have you tried looking in the wiki or on ubuntuforums?02:48
sztomifacepalm: no synaptic. I need to fetch some arch packages (with deps), but only an ubuntu box is available with internet.02:49
ChrisUKfacepalm: three weeks, three weeks I've been searching. I've reinstalled Ubuntu three times, I've checked everywhere. There is no answer#02:49
ChrisUKfacepalm: thanks for trying to help02:49
FireFoxMikyMouse: that's a good question, i'm not too shure myself since i havn't used xfce for quite a while ;)02:49
Abedrdw200169 lol it was ma cousin played with the vilume control and muted the PCM hehe02:50
Abedthnx anyway02:50
linuxman410i choose virtualbox-ose thanks for help02:50
sztomiMikiMouse: Have you installed some extensions in Firefox lately?02:50
facepalmChrisUK: sorry that I couldn't do more, it might be possible that the hardware is simply not supported. nVidia only provides closed-source drivers so Linux is at their mercy02:50
sztomiMikyMouse: Have you installed some extensions in Firefox lately?02:50
facepalmChrisUK: hopefully someday they will open them up02:50
Terry_Arnottcould anyone tell me how to add a model line to my xorg.conf to get the rez I need?02:50
MikyMouseSzadek, yes, I did, under Gnome and they are working pretty good02:51
facepalmsztomi: my roommate uses Arch but he's not home, I don't know that much about package managers02:51
rdw200169Abed, ah good, problem solved (yay!)02:51
nabzI'm trying to share a folder on my ubutntu computer which i can access from a windows com - any advice?02:51
redvamp128ChrisUK:  have you tried the 96 drivers ? They work on my older card Geforce4 MX4000 ? Possibly they may work on your 5 series card.?02:51
facepalmsztomi: it might just be easiest to boot off an arch liveCD and then do it that way?02:51
facepalmChrisUK: yeah, redvamp128 has a point, maybe you need to use the older driver version02:52
ChrisUKI'll give it a try02:52
erlnoobhi there, can anyone point me how to install apache2 + php5 + gd + openssl + postgresql + mysql, the whole shebang of packages?02:52
facepalmcan someone help me, I moved my XP partition to my new hard disk and now it doesn't want to boot02:52
ChungwaSo I just stuck my Sansa Clip MP3 player into the computer after I installed Ubuntu and it tells me that all the files are read only and I can't delete anything. When I go into the properties to change the permissions I get the error: "Permissions cannot be changed. Error setting permissions: Read only file system." Any suggestions on what I can do?02:53
sztomifacepalm: I need a newer kernel than the one on the archlive.02:53
nabzerlnoob - i think you could use somthing called llamp02:53
redvamp128facepalm:  have you changed grub to move it to the new drive?02:53
=== cs278|laptop is now known as cs278
sztomifacepalm: and this is the only way I can get internet on that machine02:53
erlnoobnabz: I'll take a look, thanks.02:54
facepalmredvamp128: I have, I have a feeling boot.ini is pointing to the wrong drive maybe02:54
prince_jammys!server > erlnoob02:54
ubottuerlnoob, please see my private message02:54
facepalmsztomi: I really don02:54
facepalmsztomi: t know, if my roommate gets here I'll try to get him on to help you out02:54
redvamp128facepalm:  also -- if this xp is the only one on that drive you moved it to -- you may need to do the following-- disconnect any linux drive to avoid hassles--- boot the xp cd and use the recovery console-- type fixboot and fixmbr .. then reconnect your linux drive and adjust it to direct it to the new move parition02:55
Terry_Arnottcould someone please help me add a mode line to me xorg.conf to get the right rez for my monitor?02:55
sztomifacepalm: Thank you, but I need to go now. Thanks for the help anyway! bb02:55
facepalmredvamp128: solid advice but... due to an unrelated problem... i have no CD drive, lol. can't boot into it02:56
facepalmsztomi: good luck02:56
redvamp128facepalm:  does it boot from usb?02:56
dimedohi, i use "sudo xinit -- :1" to start an additional xserver, which is instantly displayed after this command. can i somehow start it but stay at the current server?02:56
facepalmredvamp128: yeah, I can still boot off usb sticks, but I have no idea how to make a windows "live CD" on a usb stick inside linux02:57
NBaH_Tery_Arnott, tried cvt?02:57
RediXeCan anyone help me figure out this: http://pastebin.com/d5653567e        Not sure why dmesg is giving me that - over and over, everything appears to be working fine so far (8.10)02:57
IkanHow do I install x64 Adobe flash and what do I do with a .patch file?02:57
redvamp128facepalm: pm?02:58
Abedrdw200169 i told u i solved the problem, but i have another one, when i try to connect a headphone and then goto prefrences of volume control and enable headphone i hear the voice from the headphone and internal speaker of the laptop02:58
Terry_Arnottwhats cvt?02:58
BarnoseDoes anyone anything about making custom resolutions on a COMPAQ P110 monitor with a Nvidia Geforce 6200 video card.. Or just anything about this.. I am trying to be able to use 640x480 on a game instead of 800x600.... I know my monitor can run this resoloution.... Please anything might help, thanks!02:58
NBaH_Terry_Arnott, cvt - calculate VESA CVT mode lines02:59
=== ectodozing is now known as ectospasm
Terry_Arnottno I havent, how do i do it?02:59
IkanI'm new to linux and general and I tried to download the x64 flash player, but I got something called libflashplayer.so; what do I do with?03:00
Ikando with it*?03:00
nabzhey, can anyone give me a hand setting up my network share with my windows laptop? - i keep getting  'windows cannot access //nabz-pc'03:00
nabzbut the network places sees the computer :s03:00
Jack_SparrowBarnose, I have a 6600 that works fine with the 173 drivers03:01
supernoobwhenever i open opera, all my tabs fromt he previous session are preserved, but it also adds a new tab at http://0/ . how can i fix this strange behavior?03:01
MikyMouseIt coul'd be my wrong impression but in XFCE the windows take more time to come up than in Gnome, Is there anything that I am doing wrong?03:01
Barnosenabz, did you share your folder or hard drives?03:01
nabzi have a shared folder on the this (ubuntu)03:01
Barnosenabz, run the network sharing wizard or w/e and turn on file and printer sharing?03:02
mofmogwhat would be a reason that one could access IRC channels but not websites/AIM in general?03:02
runpain2 this is my system http://pastebin.com/m635cc58103:02
mofmogi was thinking something was wrong with my router03:02
Barnosenabz, sorry this is ubuntu chat nvm03:02
mofmogbut perhaps an ubuntu problem?03:02
Barnosenabz, I don't use network inside ubuntu, sorry03:02
MikyMouseBYW, how many of you guys use xfce ?03:02
nabzwindows network is fine - just cant get ubuntu working right03:02
nabzah okay, thanks anyway03:02
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
Terry_Arnottok i have found cvt, what do i do with it?03:03
runpain2it seems to be working03:03
BarnoseHas anyone got any ideas about a game that doesn't have the option of going to 640x480.. Anyway you can make it so it has that option03:04
runpain2even on wireless03:04
IkanCan anyone help me?03:04
costal79hi there03:05
costal79does anybody kwno03:05
costal79how to specify to netcat the interface ?03:05
Terry_Arnottbarnose, i am having similar problem trying to force X to switch to the mode I want because it isnt listed03:05
lifenova!enter | costal7903:05
ubottucostal79: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!03:05
costal79I know the nc -l port03:05
runpain2you are unable to play in 3D mode due to the following problems:No Python OpenGL support No Python GTKGLExt support03:06
BarnoseTerry_Arnott, Could you tell me the Ubuntu off topic channel address i wanna ask there please03:06
costal79I have a server with multiple ip addresses I need to test some firewall rules how can I bind the nc to an interface ?03:06
mylistohey everyone...03:06
runpain2that hppens when i try to play 3d chess03:06
mylistoI just purchased a new logitech webcam...and I'm trying to figure out how to get it working in linux03:06
Terry_Arnottsorry, i dont know03:06
BarnoseTerry_Arnott, My problem is... I am playing Fallout 3 on my pc and cannot run it very good, I believe I could minimize most glitches if I could change it from 800x600 to 640x48003:08
ezerhodenmylisto: hopefully, just plug it in. i have a quickcam and it is supported in the kernel03:08
exodus_msI have a rather annoying problem while using vim. While typing it seems as though the keyboard becomes very sensitive, example, if i just tap the key 'r' it will display rrrrrr. I'm using irssi and it doesn't happen while typing here.03:08
mylistoezerhoden: when in skype...03:08
mylistoI can 'see' the camera...but I get a black screen03:08
smokiehey guys, whats the terminal command to list permissions of a file?03:08
mofmogexodus: i have the same problem, but with Ctrl+S since i remapped capslock to ctrl03:09
ChrisUKHello, I have a Nvidia Ge Force 5500 graphics card and I am using Ubuntu 8.10. I am unable to activate 3D effects to play games and use compiz. I've tried downloading the restricted drivers but they do not work, I just end up with a blank screen. Can somebody help?03:09
mgroman!ohmy | ChrisUK03:09
ubottuChrisUK: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!03:09
ChrisUKubottu: ?03:09
ChrisUKubottu: lol03:09
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.03:10
exodus_msmofmog: yeah, while typing I look at the screen in vim and all the words have extra letters appended to them, almost as if the keys were stuck but they are not03:10
ezerhodensmokie: ls -l03:10
syockitMe wants to lulz to03:10
mylistodammit...saw on a page that it doesn't work with skype03:10
mylistowhat a load of doodoo03:10
exodus_msI would like to give vim an honest run, but I seroulsy need to be productive at the same time03:11
ChrisUKubottu: please, leave me alone03:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:11
Jack_SparrowChrisUK, You are talking to a bot03:11
tmg1|taylorfyi, it took ubuntu only around 2 days to be rooted, maybe less.03:11
tmg1|taylorgranted my security may be at fault somewhat...but still03:11
syockitChrisUK: The nvidia thing is a common issue, try sifting through ubuntuforums.org and look for threads with similar problems03:11
tmg1|taylori have a brand new box here, already rooted03:11
Jack_Sparrowtmg1|taylor, Goes back to your practices, not a prob with ubuntu03:12
xuletian好玩的地方 阿03:12
tmg1|taylorJack_Sparrow: your definition of 'problem' is a problem03:12
syockitChrisUK: meanwhile, if you give more specifics here, maybe someone with similar experiences can give a hand03:12
ChrisUKsyockit: Thanks for the advice, but I've been doing this for three weeks and have not found the solution03:12
tmg1|taylorJack_Sparrow: you're absolutely right it goes back to my practices, however03:12
mylistodoes anyone know if there is a work around for webcams that don't work in skype?03:12
syockitChrisUK: Three weeks is way too long for a solution. This needs to be gone over thoroughly.03:13
jeeves_Mosshas anyone here installed glTail before?03:13
smokieezerhoden, thanks.. what is -r-xr-xr-x  equalevant to?03:13
ChrisUKHave Nvidia 5500, computer is HP, 512 MB ram, 256 Video Memory. Have Ubuntu 8.10. Have tried installing recommended drivers 173, 177 and 96 but non of them work03:13
supernoobwhenever i open opera, all my tabs from the previous session are preserved, but it also adds a new tab at http://0/ . how can i fix this strange behavior?03:13
syockitChrisUK: Let's have your /var/log/Xorg.0.log on a pastebin03:13
crabgrassinstead of making a compressed archive, how can i get lots of files into one smaller file? is it a .tar.gz?03:13
MethinXI have same Vid card ChrisUK03:14
ezerhodensmokie: 55503:14
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:14
ChrisUKsyockit: ok, will do03:14
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい03:14
TheMusicGuyHow do I force-remove a package?03:14
ChrisUKMethinX: Does yours work in Ubuntu 8.10? can you run compiz and games?03:14
syockitnope, that wasn't Japanese03:14
syockitI understood little of what xul said03:15
jeeves_MossTheMusicGuy, sudo apt-get --purge remove <package>03:15
syockitWhat does force-remove mean anyway?03:15
TheMusicGuythat didn't work; it still won't remove the package.03:15
sponixok... website says 8.04.2 Desktop is supported to 2011 and Server until 2013 for Security Patches. Does the Server version pull from a different repo? If not, what difference does it make, and so forth ?03:16
smokieezerhoden, thanks03:16
Jack_SparrowChrisUK, try the /join #Nividia channel03:16
jeeves_MossTheMusicGuy, ok, try doing it through the package manager.  it's prob hooked and relies on other packages03:16
syockitTheMusicGuy: You sure installation wasn't broken?03:17
TheMusicGuyjeeves_Moss: The output: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/100926/03:17
ChrisUKsyockit: here is my xorg.0.log - http://www.pastebin.ca/131597003:17
TheMusicGuysyockit: It probably IS broken, that's what I'm trying to fix03:18
ChrisUKJack_Sparrow: Am already there, no one is helping.. Thanks for the advice03:18
syockitMethinX: can you also give a look03:19
Jack_SparrowChrisUK, I asked earlier if you stopped gdm when you installed the drivers and you seemed not to know what I was talking about.03:19
tmg1|taylorTheMusicGuy: you can 'completely remove' in synaptic, 'purge' in aptitude, or just down right delete it03:19
tmg1|taylorprobably a way to do it with apt, too03:19
hagrchhow can i change the theme for KDE programs (amarok, etc) when running gnome?03:19
syockittmg1|taylor: not if it's broken03:20
jeeves_MossTheMusicGuy, it looks like it's trying to remove true type fonts, and if that's all it's erroring, then don't worry about it.  you're prob using it in your GUI03:20
ChrisUKJack_Sparrow: No, I did not know, could you explain?03:20
Jack_SparrowTheMusicGuy, Just curious, was synaptic/apt-get used to install what you are trying to remove03:20
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:20
=== drew_ is now known as spag
spaghow do i get the necessary X dev files to build wine from source?03:20
chasmarangHi people03:21
TheMusicGuyjeeves_Moss: that's a package I just tired to install, but it got half-installed and now it causes problems anytime I do anything that involves any package manager03:21
tmg1|taylorsyockit: ic03:21
TheMusicGuyJack_Sparrow: I think it was aptitude03:21
Jack_Sparrowsame diff03:21
chasmarangis Intrepid Ibex 8.10, kernel 2.6.27-11 or is the kernel 2.6.27-9?03:22
syockitTheMusicGuy: can you try sudo dpkg -r ttf-mathematica4.1 ?03:22
jeeves_MossTheMusicGuy, hunnnn.  "sudo apt-get -f" I think will go through and fix problems03:22
Jack_Sparrowchasmarang, -903:22
Flannelchasmarang: Likely both.  (well, one at one time, and the other at the other time)03:23
chasmarangthanks Jack - the reason I asked because I'm running to versions a 9 and an 1103:23
TheMusicGuysyockit: I get basically the same error03:24
syockitI thought they have a restricted driver installer for latest ubuntu03:24
TheMusicGuyjeeves_Moss: that isn't a valid command03:24
chasmarangyes thanks Flannel - I was wondering how to update the 9 to an 1103:24
jeeves_MossTheMusicGuy, try googling the fix switch03:24
Flannelchasmarang: I believe its currently at -13, but I can't say that for certain.  Just regular updates will install the latest kernel, which will be chosen at your next reboot (you can manually choose at the GRUB menu)03:25
syockitTheMusicGuy: see post #2 on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34113103:25
syockitChrisUK: how did you install the restricted driver? your xorg log shows it's using nv. If I'm not mistaken, restricted driver is nvidia03:26
syockitMethinX: is this correct?03:26
chasmarangthanks Flannel - it's been a while I had both and they were just updated by the manager03:26
ChrisUKinstalled it via synaptic03:27
chasmarang- 13 heh03:27
ChrisUKsyockit: installed them via synaptic03:29
TheMusicGuysyockit: None of those commands helped03:30
TheMusicGuythe first didn't even exist03:30
chasmarangso how is it done manually with Grub03:30
=== mrinehart93 is now known as lol
syockitChrisUK: actually the safest way to install it is through System->Administration->Hardware Drivers03:30
=== lol is now known as mrinehart93
syockitChrisUK: as is shown in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia03:31
MikyMouseWhere is the calendar in XFCE guys?03:31
ChrisUKsyockit: I've done that as well03:31
chasmaranghey Flannel - so how is it done manually with Grub03:32
syockitChrisUK: that means, you already have the following installed: nvidia-glx, linux-restricted-modules-XXX (where XXX is kernel version)03:33
mylistoanyone know how I can get my webcam working in skype03:33
Jack_Sparrowmylisto, Is it one of the supported cams, does it work in any application03:33
syockitChrisUK: Did you upgrade from 8.04? Used envy?03:33
mylistoI looked on a website and it says that it is supported03:34
mylistoalso on the site it says that it works out of the box...but it doesn't work with skype...03:34
ChrisUKsyockit: yes03:34
Jack_Sparrowmylisto, Make and model and what site said it worked03:34
mylistologitech quickcam e 100003:35
Jack_Sparrowmylisto, and does it work in any app03:35
syockitChrisUK: I'm sorry I said 3 things at once. I take it as you have nvidia-glx and linux-restricted installed.03:35
robfwhen I boot I get an error  "[ 25.471845] note : swapper[1] exited with preempt_count 1"  then a panic03:35
ChrisUKsyockit: yes03:35
NBaH_MickyMouse, you mean orage?03:35
robfanyone know what the cause could be?  (8.01)03:35
ugliefrogim trying to copy filesto my thumbdrive and i get this error  --------> Error creating directory: Read-only file system03:35
syockitChrisUK: about upgrading Hardy, and ever using envy?03:35
mylistoum...says it works in ekiga...trying it now03:36
ChrisUKsyockit: I have Ubuntu 8.10, I've tried using Envy but there isn't a version available for Ibex03:36
mylistoworks in ekiga03:36
spaghow do i get the necessary X dev files to build wine from source?03:37
syockitChrisUK: in xorg log, there's (EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)03:37
ugliefrogim trying to copy files to my usb drive and i get this error  --------> Error creating directory: Read-only file system  (Can someone tell me whats wrong or how to fix it)03:37
syockitChrisUK: Okay, probably shouldn't have asked about hardy. Actually I wanted to know whether /etc/X11/xorg.conf is there or not. If there is, please pastebin it03:38
ChrisUKsyockit: I will, one minute03:38
Jack_Sparrowmylisto, The site you linked said right there that it does not work with skype03:38
mylistoyeah I know that...03:38
mylistoWhat I'm wondering is...03:38
mylistois there any kind of work arounds to get cameras working in skype?03:38
duanedesignchasmarang: when you boot up you should get a  screen that lists the installed kernels and  just use the up and down arrows to select a different kernel03:39
syockitChrisUK: after pastebin-ing, please try the following: sudo rmmod nvidia && sudo modprobe nvidia03:39
Brack10So what's the best way for me to contribute to Linux/open source as a non coder?03:39
mylistoor will I have to wait for some kind of bug fix or patch?03:39
tmg1|taylorhow is it that chkrootkit can think there is a packet sniffer on eth0 and yet debsums think that dhcp3-common / dhcp3-client are OK?03:39
ubottuTo contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://www.ubuntu.com/community/participate03:39
duanedesignBrack10: bug triage, documentation, or advocacy03:40
Jack_Sparrowmylisto, Buy supported hardware.  better than spending days trying to get a cam working03:40
mylistoonly problem is I live on a freaking island...03:40
mylistoHard to get stuff at the stores...and shipping is outrageous03:41
Jack_Sparrowmylisto, All the more reason to do your homework before spending your $03:41
Brack10duanedesign: should I contribute to the linux foundation?03:41
syockitSkype usually needs a little bit of work for the camera03:42
ChrisULMI think a recent update broke my ability to view network shares on ubuntu. (happened to both my desktop and laptop). How can I review past software updates and undo them?03:42
temppymylisto: try gstreamer-properties    as a testing tool too03:43
robfwhen I boot I get an error  "[ 25.471845] note : swapper[1] exited with preempt_count 1"  then a panic Anyone familiar with this problem?03:43
mylistotemmpy: how?03:43
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: do u know how i can specify to the "x" (xorg.conf . i think) that i want to use the radeon video driver?03:43
mylistoin linux?03:43
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, WHICH NVIDIA03:43
temppymylisto: yes, on a terminal.  its a gnome program03:43
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: i could try anyway .. but i dont want to risk03:43
Jack_SparrowSorry for the caps03:43
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: no .. a mobility radeon03:43
monokromeDoes anyone in here know how to change the local domainname for my linux box?03:43
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: m6 ly03:43
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, One sec03:44
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: can i paste a bit of my xorg.conf ?03:44
monokromeI'm in Ubuntu, but my local domain is monokro.me. When I try to access my servers, I'd rather be able to type flavor than flavor.monokro.me - and I don't want to hackily be adding hosts all day. However, I can't figure out how to change the system's domain name - only the host name.03:44
beekorhey monokrome, i think what you want is in /etc/hostname ?03:44
monokromebeekor: No, that's the hostname. Not the domainname.03:45
CoUrPsE]DeAddreamy_, Please use pastebin for pasting.03:45
mylistoworks in gstreamer temmpy:03:45
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108445/                  is mine03:45
beekorahh, i tried.03:45
mylistowhat do you want me to look for speciffically?03:45
duanedesignBrack10: ibm, hp, oRACLE, Intel, hitachi, and Novell got that covered. There is alot of grass roots stuff to do03:45
Agrajag-g'day, how do i set the "primary" screen (i.e. the screen that has the gnome menus and such) in a dual screen setup?03:45
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_,        cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.$(date +%m-%d-%Y-%T)03:45
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: your xorg.conf you man ?03:45
dreamy_CoUrPsE]DeAd: sorry .. dunno what is paste bin03:46
=== Eber_ is now known as Eber
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:47
temppymylisto: its just a standard app to test your webcam, as far as I know.  I really don't know.  I bought a webcam that has an opensource driver, and is supported, etc.  But it still works poorly.  I suggest you play with the skype settings, experiment with different ones03:47
L|nuxPS2anyone have the latest build of KompoZer - its supposed to be at http://kompozer.net/zip but its seems to be down03:47
meyou-anyone play warcraft3 in wine? :o03:47
mylistowill find a way to get this bastid working03:47
dreamy_okey  i dig it03:47
mylistoeveryone...take care...03:47
mylistoand have fun with Obama...03:47
meyou-we will03:47
MikyMouseHye guys, where can I set an application to be started when the desktop is?03:48
L|nuxPS2you can add it to /etc/local.rc03:49
robfwhen I boot I get an error  "[ 25.471845] note : swapper[1] exited with preempt_count 1"  then a panic Anyone familiar with this problem?   the kernel panics so I can't even boot  its a fresh install of 8.0103:49
syockitL|nuxPS2: where'd you get that link from? I think the download link is on the main page03:49
L|nuxPS2thats for the stable one that doesn't work in intrepid03:49
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot03:49
bjordan_how can I add a sound to keypresses?03:49
L|nuxPS2i need the unstable one03:49
syockitMikyMouse: See sessions configuration03:49
Subdolushey! I some how managed to completely bork my laptop whilst trying to install new madwifi drivers. Now Ubuntu thinks it doesn't have a wifi card.. iwconfig, ifconfig, network manager, nothing can see it. what's the best way to get my wifi back without completely reinstalling ubuntu?03:50
_Vi_!bum | MikyMouse03:50
ubottuMikyMouse: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto03:50
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: i think i dont have accelaration because i dont have a line at the "driver" part  ( ive been doing some stuff before.. must have erased it )03:50
MikyMousesysdoc, ok thanks03:50
dreamy_somthing must have erased it03:50
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, No idea, just wanted to show you how I setup mine03:50
L|nuxPS2oh and @mickymouse i mean /etc/init.d/local.rc03:51
BoltClockhow do i upgrade from 8.04.1 to 8.04.2?03:51
Brack10duanedesign:  I see.  Seriously linux doesn't need money?03:51
melodicI just edited my first script!03:51
Jack_SparrowBoltClock, What is the release you are working with03:51
L|nuxPS2woohoo, what does it do?03:51
Jack_SparrowBrack10, The problem is who would you give it to..03:52
Jack_SparrowBrack10, We all work for free03:52
BoltClockJack_Sparrow: ubuntu 8.04.103:52
Brack10Jack_Sparrow: canonical accepts donations for ubuntu03:52
syockitL|nuxPS2: no link to dev repo? cvs, git, svn or anything?03:52
Jack_SparrowBoltClock, Point release?  what does lsb_release -a   tell you03:52
melodicnot much really but I managed to pull .bashrc up in gedit, and imbed an alias for 'ls -la | less'03:52
duanedesignBrack10: I cant say. I would guess Canonical needs it more than the  Linux Foundation. But that is only my opinion.03:52
Jack_SparrowBrack10, correct..03:53
ChungwaNobody knows the pain I feel. Nobody knows but me.  Anyone know how to change the permissions of a file when ubuntu tells me I cannot change the permissions? I mean, should there be a reason that the admin cannot change the permissions on something? It feels like I'm back on Windows... I'm trying to change the permissions on my Sansa MP3 player. The error I get it is: Error Removing File: Read only file-system.03:53
L|nuxPS2the only link from the forum i got was http://kompozer.net/zip where the dev said he would post daily builds, the google cache of the size shows that it existed and had those builds but it seems to have disappeared in the last couple days03:53
BoltClockJack_Sparrow: oh its 8.04.2 now. so apparently the updates that i just installed were collectively known as 8.04.2?03:53
Brack10my problem is that I can't find any bugs in Ubuntu and I'm not competent enough to write accurate docs03:53
beekorIf you want to give money, i'd say donate it to a developer of some program that you're interested in or would like to see completed/more features added.03:53
Jack_Sparrowbeekor, good point03:54
MikyMouseAnd where is "Sessions"? I can't find it either under System or Preferenceses?03:54
L|nuxPS2should be under prefferences03:54
Jack_Sparrowsystem pref sessions03:54
ffmpeg_qhello I am trying to use command line ffmpeg but I keep getting an error whenever I try to convert a simple wmv movie: http://pastebin.ca/131598703:54
beekor$100 can be a nice incentive to a single guy developing, but probably is a drop in the bucket for canonical.03:54
Brack10although I'm supporting Linux by using it at work for 3 of my fileservers03:55
ffmpeg_qI have lamemp3 installed (from apt-get)03:55
ffmpeg_qany ideas?03:55
Brack10Debian though03:55
ffmpeg_qany codec packages I need to install?03:55
Brack10advocating I mean03:56
ChungwaIf the only way I can change files on my MP3 player is to use Windows, I don't know if I'll have a choice but to change back. I love Ubuntu, but if it wont allow me to delete files from the player, well, it03:56
Brack10I tell my bosses how awesome it is03:56
Brack10I'm like hey we're using linux, it rocks03:56
mindrapeChungwa - have fun w Windows.03:56
ChungwaI don03:56
duanedesignBrack10: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ActivismGuide   I am currently working on the UbuntuInLibraries03:56
L|nuxPS2what mp3 do you have03:56
ChungwaOops. I won't really. But this sucks. I have a Sansa MP3 player.03:57
Jack_SparrowChungwa, you may need to force mount it to be able to write/delete03:57
Brack10Linux is the best thing to happen to computers, Ubuntu is the best thing to happen to Linux....I feel compelled to help03:57
mindrapeChungwa - how about your write to the mp3 player manufacturer and ask them to kindly release open source drivers and software....03:57
bluefox83i need help getting samba to share 3 drives with any machine on my local network...i can't seem to figure it out, any takers?03:57
linuxman410does anyone here use virtualbox-ose03:57
Jack_SparrowChungwa, If you can read it then you will be able to get it setup for writing03:58
DoloI'm trying to copy some stuff to a mac drive but says i dont have permission03:58
mindrapeChungwa - or blame Linux and the community for being slow to get to some random manufacturers hardware and figure it out from scratch...03:58
L|nuxPS2sansa uses mtp doesnt it?03:58
Jack_Sparrowlinuxman410,  yes but /join #vbox for the best answers03:58
L|nuxPS2if so amarok can handle it03:58
mindrapeJack_Sparrow: it may have a hash file that needs to be created in addition to just reading/writing files and it could damage the player.03:58
duanedesignBrack10: I agree:)03:58
kansanhow do i run mkfs.xfs on ubuntu hardy server?  or how do i get it installed?03:58
Chungwamindrape, that would be awesome, except that that they won't care :(03:58
linuxman410i join but no one is talking in there03:58
beekorI've got an older sansa 210 that I used to use with ubuntu a couple years ago, and I'm pretty sure i was able to delete.  not that that is too helpful, but i'm pretty sure it is possible.03:58
mindrapeChungwa - you're right... they won't.  So nobody should complain about anything ever because it's a waste of time.03:59
ChungwaThat's some awesome logic there :P03:59
Doloanyone here know how I can fix the permission so i can copy stuff to portable mac drive03:59
CoUrPsE]DeAdFree OS, if you want leading support, go get a paid OS.03:59
linuxman410Jack_sparrow my usb mouse does not work in virtualbox-ose is there something i need to do for it to work04:00
CoUrPsE]DeAdErm, Could you not PM me pls, kthxc.04:00
Brack10Courpse]dead #Ubuntu provides better support than Microsoft mumbai office 99% of the time04:00
Jack_Sparrowlinuxman410, Mine worked out of the box, but if you have a logitec, it may need some sort of tweak04:00
CoUrPsE]DeAdBrack10, Wasnt talking bout the chan, was talking bout the support for hardware support.,04:00
CoUrPsE]DeAd#ubuntu > *04:01
Brack10I see04:01
melodicdoes ubuntu 8.10 not have a '.bash_profile'?04:01
linuxman410it is a logitech04:01
CoUrPsE]DeAdA chan of over 1000 people helping each other is a awesome comunity, and big ups to everyone who gives back by helping others even with the simple things.04:01
bsusa_hello all could someone please help me, i have setup samba and i cant see anyone on the nerwork, i dont know wats going on.04:01
riddleboxhow can I tell ubuntu not to update my kernel?04:02
Brack10The rest of IRC is pretty much dead, but #Ubuntu is thriving04:02
Brack10#Debian is doing pretty well too04:02
CoUrPsE]DeAdmelodic, Ubuntu has .bash_history, .bash_logout, .bashrc in ~/04:02
duanedesignBrack10: Even with no coding experience you can triage bugs. Looking for duplicates and forwarding bugs upstream. To make it easier start with a package you know well. Sorry to admin for off topic remarks:)04:02
cjoneshow can you check if a device is working04:02
ChungwaSo any suggestions on how I can get Ubuntu to allow me to change the permissions? I have tried force mounting the MP3 player and while that took away the little pretty locks on the files, when I go into the properties it still says I'm not allowed to change the permissions? I'm truly sorry I said that Ubuntu felt like Windows when in told me I couldn't change the permissions - honest!04:03
CoUrPsE]DeAdAnd so you should be.04:03
L|nuxPS2chungwa what model sansa do you have04:03
X-722Question: Jaunty stable enough for install, or should I wait a bit?04:03
davew009hey, i need help fixing up my menu.lst, im running mint but i installed ubuntu over a non-working partition of itself, but now the root is messed up04:03
Brack10sounds good04:03
pandakingI just compiled and installed ZNC on my new install of 8.10 server edition, but it seems it recommends to not run as root. How do I uninstall? There must be lots of files everywhere.04:04
L|nuxPS2@X-722 i would say wait - but thats just me04:04
duanedesignBrack10: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage04:04
X-722L|nuxPS2: You still on Ibex?04:04
L|nuxPS2yeah - i tried jaunty on my amd quad and it was extremely buggy04:04
syockitX-722: I don't have problem right now in jaunty, but while it's not frozen, can't guarantee that everything will stay intact04:04
caimlasdoes anyone know if there has been a fix made available for ubuntu 8.10 for the I/O latency issues yet, and if so, where I might get it/how I might install it?04:04
mindrapecjones - depends on the device....04:04
mindrapecjones - if you want to see if the device is detected you can    sudo lshw           if you want to see if it causing errors you can dmesg04:05
tmg1|taylorriddlebox: aptitude : press = on the linux kernel packages, synaptic, there's a 'lock version' under 'package'04:05
melodicokey I have found those files, and imbedded my line into bashrc, the training guide I am reading said bashrc is appended to bash_profile, but this is not true with ubuntu?04:05
ChungwaL|nuxPS2, Um, it's a Sansa Clip 2GB Version 01.01.18A04:05
StargazerHow do i install a custom splash screen (*.so) ?04:05
cjonesmindrape thanks04:05
riddleboxtmg1|taylor, I should have been more clear, I want to do it on ubuntu-server04:06
L|nuxPS2Chungwa: try using amarok and mount it as a MTP device04:06
_Vi_wallen: we dont serve files here04:06
tmg1|taylorriddlebox: aptitude works on server04:06
L|nuxPS2well i gotta go - peace peoples04:06
riddleboxtmg1|taylor, with no gui04:06
riddleboxtmg1|taylor, sweet, I will use it04:07
tmg1|taylorriddlebox: failing that /etc/apt/preferences04:07
=== gustavo is now known as pelao91
ChungwaL|nuxPS2, thanks I'll give that a try!04:07
tmg1|tayloris there a trick to getting rid of packet sniffers?04:08
bsusa_hello all could someone please help me, i have setup samba and i cant see anyone on the nerwork, i dont know wats going on.04:08
tmg1|taylorbsusa_: are you sure you're on the same domain as your windows boxes(my windows using friends have this problem all the time :( )04:08
ChungwaThank you. And once again, I love you all!04:09
pandakingAnyone know how to uninstall an application that was compiled and installed from source?04:09
unused_bagelswhat's a good java app for firefox? I think icedtea isn't going to work for my chat program, since it wants to make all button text white...04:09
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, you can use the tarpit target in iptables, to get those sniffers all sticky04:09
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, get's the packets, if sent via TCP, stuck in TCP Wait heck, never replying04:10
caimlasthe ubuntu kernel I/O latency bug - anyone know when/if it has been fixed in ubuntu and if packages are available?04:10
nickrudpandaking, cd into the dir where you compiled the code, and run sudo make uninstall (this assuming the dev's used the standard make rules)04:10
tmg1|taylorrdw200169: that is helpful if i can't get rid of it04:10
pandakingnickrud - thanks very much :D04:10
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, the best method, though, is just never replying to those packets, ICMP or otherweise04:10
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, make those ports you're not using seem invisible04:11
robfwhen I boot I get an error  "[ 25.471845] note : swapper[1] exited with preempt_count 1"  then a panic Anyone familiar with this problem?   the kernel panics so I can't even boot  its a fresh install of 8.0104:12
tmg1|taylorrdw200169: also good advise---but that too is a preventative measure04:12
tmg1|taylorand wouldn't have helped me not get a packet sniffer :)04:13
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, the only way to stop sniffing is by not making your IP accessible by them04:13
bsusa_im on the same workgroup, i cant se the workgroup on the network04:14
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, but that is counterproductive...04:14
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, putting yourself out there will always cause those sorts of problems04:14
tmg1|taylorchkrootkit suggests a packet sniffer is already installed on my system04:14
mJokerHola, #ubuntu...04:14
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, huh?04:14
rdw200169tmg1|taylor, in linux?04:15
tmg1|taylori'v egotten two viruses in a week on two different flavours of linux04:15
tmg1|taylorall of my debian/ubuntu boxes have been pwned04:15
tmg1|taylorright out of the box for this system04:15
mJokerI have a few questions, and I figure this is the best place to go for it.04:15
caimlastmg1|taylor, do you have nmap installed? how about snort, etc?04:15
robftmg1|taylor got a name of the virus,  I'd like to see this.04:15
tmg1|taylorcaimlas: not atm, this is a spankin' new install04:15
tmg1|taylorLinux.RST.b for the last one, not sure about this one04:15
caimlastmg1|taylor, wtf are you doing to get rooted so quickly?04:15
qcjnhey, i'm reading to understand about skype or something similar, or not !!! because really, what i'd like is something i could "voice chat" using my bluetooth "that i don't use for my cell phone, cause i don't use my cellphone ? any suggestion ?04:16
g0nz0I've been fiddling around with PCSX and the XVideo Driver won't let me actually configure it... does anyone have any experience with this?04:16
caimlastmg1|taylor, I've only once ever had a problem, and that was my own damn negligence04:16
tmg1|taylorcaimlas: sadly I have a webpad from 1995 that has a keyboard that is barely usable04:16
konSorry to bother you guys so much. I have one last question and then i'll be on my way.04:16
tmg1|taylorI made, for a little while last night, a user with username/password easy to type(and therefor guess)04:16
mJokerI use Fedora 9, and I think I'm going to switch to Ubuntu 8.10. Can anyone tell me if this is really worth the effort?04:16
tmg1|taylorI deleted the username shortly thereafter but was already compromised04:16
tmg1|taylorso yes, my fault...but still.04:16
konDoes a live cd (ubuntu) require good working ram?04:16
caimlastmg1|taylor, how?04:16
caimlastmg1|taylor, did you have ssh installed?04:17
caimlaskon, yes04:17
tmg1|taylorrobf: i have the files still from Linux.RST.b you can have them if you want04:17
robftmg1|taylor how you manage to get those,  they're actual MEVs,04:17
tmg1|taylorscripts etc04:17
robfI don't need em,  I got a raw copy here.04:17
robfwell on a disc somewhere04:17
tmg1|taylordebsums reported a bunch of files changed, I've replaced those and now debsums doesn't complain anymore04:17
qcjnmJoker: why don't you try a live cd..i think it's a matter of opinion ??04:17
robftmg1|taylor thought it was something new04:18
rdw200169kon, not necessarily, you have to use memtest86, on the installer cd, to find the bad spots, then quarantine those04:18
mJokerqcjn: I don't know what that is :P04:18
nickrudvirus examples and such are definitely for #ubuntu-offtopic guys04:18
robfthat things liek 4 or 5 yrs old I think04:18
tmg1|taylorqcjn: bluetooth what04:18
konrdw200169: thats exactly what i did and i get a whole bunch of errors04:18
tmg1|taylorcaimlas: ftp04:18
konbut the live cd runs perfect04:18
robfNick__I thought we were discussing him being infected,  stop being a fascist.04:18
robfer nickrud04:18
rdw200169kon, you read this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BadRAM04:18
tritiumrobf: careful with those accusations there04:19
konprobably not04:19
konI'll have a look04:19
nickrudrobf, sure. passing around samples is what I'm talking about04:19
pandakingI tried running "sudo make uninstall" but get this error: "make: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'. Stop."04:19
nickrudtritium, hyperbole doesn't phase me :)04:19
joanki123is there a software progream to allow someone to SAFELY remotely access your machine?04:19
qcjntmg1|taylor: i heard we could use some program "like skype" with a bluetooth like we use with cellphone04:19
joanki123and you can cut them off whenever you want?04:19
konIs it possible that ubuntu would install with bad ram ?04:19
tritiumnickrud: good :)04:19
X-722tmg1|taylor: Might I suggest a cloak? I mean, I dont even know you, but I know you are hooked to regina.ca04:19
caimlaswow, linux.rst-b is 6 years old04:19
robfnickrud i didn't ask,  he offered.  big difference,  and yes,  hyperbole,   I wasn't saying he was heinrich himmler.04:20
rdw200169joanki123, sure, ssh; you can kill the process for their access, using ps -AF04:20
=== the6step is now known as the6step|away
tmg1|taylorrobf: what's a MEV04:20
qcjnmJoker: look for live cd, it works from the cd without install..so you can test it04:20
wizzerwhenever i try to copy a file over from my 8 gig flash drive, it errors after about 20 megabytes04:20
rdw200169joanki123, for example: ps -AF | grep <username> will return the process # for their tty04:20
rdw200169joanki123, kill that process, and they are disconnected04:20
tmg1|taylorX-722: i have a website, usually04:20
joanki123thank you rdw20016904:21
mJokerqcjn: oh, that. I used it once before. I am honestly new to Linux so I'm sorta flying blind here. All I know is FC9 isn't doing what I want.04:21
rdw200169joanki123, then again, they can just log in again04:21
tmg1|taylori'm a very public person and the circles I stay with I've been advised to stay that way04:21
X-722A website for what?04:21
joanki123rdw so how do i stop them then?04:21
bluefox83can anyone recommend a good samba tutorial? i'm having a terrible time getting samba to work right04:21
nickrudrobf, don't escalate this, but don't put words in my mouth. I called out no one, I simply (and mean it) discuss this in -offtopic04:21
tmg1|taylor(regina sucks, btw)04:21
tmg1|taylor(uregina, too)04:21
tmg1|taylorX-722: i'm a musician04:21
joanki123rdw200169: you mean they can continue to access my machine over and over again with my information?04:21
pandakingThis is what I did to install: http://en.znc.in/wiki/Installation#Source_Tarball - any ideas how to uninstall? Thanks04:21
joanki123even if i am not here at my computer?04:21
rdw200169joanki123, what do you mean?04:21
joanki123if i let someone ssh,04:21
qcjnmJoker: so thats why it's a good idea to try live cd's..You can try a couple of distro04:21
joanki123can they login when i'm not here?04:22
X-722Yes, but advertising your IP doesnt help either04:22
joanki123or do i need to give them access and they can't do it again if i dont?04:22
robfit was not a discussion for offtopic,  you brought this further than anything we said, w hich consisted of "do you want it I have it here,   no I already have it [FULL STOP]. "04:22
konBadRAM is awesome04:22
tmg1|taylorX-722: and I try to be generous---I have 100s of gigs of open source/creative commons/free software music, cultural materials and other data for download04:22
nickrudjoanki123, absolutely. untlil you revoke it04:22
rdw200169joanki123, OHH, ok, well, you can set up a quick account, then add that user to the group 'admin'04:22
X-722All of this is on the boxes that are being rooted?04:22
joanki123is there another way i can let someone see my screen then?04:22
joanki123without havig to give them access via my wireless router, which i don't have the pasword to?04:22
robfjoanki123 several ways04:22
mJokerqcjn: Okay. I may do that.04:22
rdw200169joanki123, then they get sudo access, and ssh access, from a different user/pass04:22
scuniziI just loaded the server edition in a vbox vm and it won't boot normally or in recovery mode.. it complains that it has the wrong kernel and needs one with pae or some such.. any suggested solutions?04:23
kondoes memtest86 v2.01 stop at any point or does it just recycle the checking process ?04:23
rdw200169joanki123, what exactly are you trying to do?04:23
mJokerqcjn: while I'm on this, Does anyone know if I can install Ubuntu from a Flash Drive?04:23
tmg1|taylorX-722: yes, all of this on boxes that have been rooted :(04:23
joanki123give someone access so he can fix something04:23
X-722What good is all of it if it gets rooted?04:23
X-722You need to start at least attempgint o hide your ip04:24
tmg1|taylorX-722: first time I've ever had this kind of problem was this week04:24
rdw200169joanki123, what are you trying to fix?04:24
joanki123my progeramming bug04:24
X-722Yes, but with this: static65-87-245-184.regina.accesscomm.ca - anyone with a few minutes can root you04:24
X-722At least grab a cloak man04:24
qcjnmJoker: install from a flash drive, or operating from a flash drive ??04:24
mJokerqcjn: install04:24
konI'll ask again in a bit. I see its busy now.04:24
tmg1|taylorX-722: that last part I don't follow04:25
X-722Well, if they know your IP is static, thats a huge plus - for them. All it takes is a little time and some ingenuity, and they are inside your box04:25
X-722next think you know - all your box are belong to them04:25
tmg1|taylorX-722: from brute forcing passwords?04:25
tmg1|tayloror something else04:25
qcjnmJoker: i don't know ???04:25
beekorI'd like to get rid of my root account and name it something else, i think.04:26
pandakingIf "make uninstall" doesn't work, what else can one try?04:26
beekori see mostly dictionary attacks in my logs.04:26
X-722If its brute forcing pws and its happening that quickly, its someone who knows you04:26
mJokerlol oh well. Thanks anyway :P04:26
X-722and knows your pw habits04:26
tmg1|taylorpandaking: http://www.gnulinuxclub.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=315&Itemid=31 ?04:27
X-722most likely anyway - not an absolute, but it certainly seems the case04:27
shelbyhey guys i need a program like windows movie maker for linux, but not kino, for some reason kino wont work for me. my dog just died and i really need to make a movie for him, if it comes down to it im going ot have to install windows just to use the movie maker, can you guys suggest something please?04:27
Gnuyenanyone else getting a segfault from pidgin on aim?04:27
pandakingthanks tmg1|taylor04:27
cyphasehow in the world do i see part of the windows xp bootup screen when booting into an ubuntu live cd? the computer does have xp installed.. does it get stuck in some kind of buffer and then released later?04:28
syockitshellby: kdenlive04:28
shelbyokay ill try it thanks04:28
kondoes memtest86 v2.01 stop at any point or does it just recycle the checking process ?04:28
GerbilSoftcyphase: sometimes parts of VRAM aren't cleared when X is started04:28
tmg1|taylorcyphase: does it continue with the install?!04:28
syockitit's made for kde though, but you can use it anyway04:28
qcjnmJoker: because there's that, but it's not what you're really looking for ....i think ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick04:28
cyphasetmg1|taylor: ?04:29
syockitshelby: if possible, get version 0.704:29
edjuAs I update 8.04.1, will I get the fixes, etc of 8.04.2?04:29
syockitshelby: versions before that are buggy04:29
tmg1|taylorX-722: if need be I can disable ssh access...maybe find a 'cloaked' host to create a secure vpn with or something04:29
OmikaneI just installed a RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01) and my conn is at 1mps and I tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=853942 but the only thing that was on the page was exit0. I tried of series of variations with or without exit0 and restarted my conn and it is still at 1mps. Any ideas?04:30
cyphaseGerbilSoft: so, windows boots up, somewhere along the bootup process a piece of the bootup screen gets stuck in vram, restart a bit later, boot into a live cd, and right before gdm starts up, it's released?04:30
shelbywhoa! this is really nice! thanks a lot :D04:30
mJokerqcjn: actually that's exactly what I was looking for, thank you :)04:30
GerbilSoftwell no, it doesn't get stuck in vram04:30
jtajiedju: yes it will be the same, the only point to release a new cd is for new installs04:30
GerbilSoftit's written to a part of vram that isn't used later04:30
GerbilSoftbut the X driver sets the framebuffer to that section of VRAM at startup04:30
cyphaseGerbilSoft: i didn't mean stuck as in stuck ;P04:30
GerbilSoftand it isn't cleared before the screen is enabled04:30
cyphaseGerbilSoft: i see04:30
cyphaseGerbilSoft: one of those ghost in the machine moments04:31
GerbilSoftyeah, kind of04:31
cyphaseGerbilSoft: sort of04:31
GerbilSoftit probably would be a good idea for X to clear the framebuffer before enabling the screen04:31
kondoes memtest86 fix ram problems or just report them?04:31
X-722tmg1|taylor: I would do something man, because being rooted that quickly (or at all) would suck04:32
bsusai setup samba and i cannot see anyone on the network, i am not sure wats wrong, could someone help me please04:32
OmikaneI just installed a RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01) and my conn is at 1mps and I tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=853942 but the only thing that was on the page was exit0. I tried of series of variations with or without exit0 and restarted my conn and it is still at 1mps. Any ideas?04:33
tmg1|taylorX-722: best part is I have 300+ gigs of backups ...which spontaneously dissapeared this week too in the middle of the prairies.  just lost :)04:33
WebGuestwhat is a function called in programming when it's no longer the preferred way to do something, but it is kept around for compatibility?04:33
tmg1|taylorWebGuest: deprecated?04:33
WebGuestI couldn't think of it for anything.04:33
tmg1|taylorGoku: hi04:36
mindrapekon: report04:36
konmindrape: Thanks for the info.04:37
konnice nick btw04:37
nickrudkon, watch out he does that: does nice things for you, and then insidiously, weasles his way into your thoughts ;)04:38
OmikaneI just installed a RaLink RT2500 802.11g Cardbus/mini-PCI (rev 01) and my conn is at 1mps and I tried http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=853942 but the only thing that was on the page was exit0. I tried of series of variations with or without exit0 and restarted my conn and it is still at 1mps. Any ideas?04:38
gabrieleciao. sto provando ad usare ubuntu , perche' con Amule mi si stacca la connessione alla rete? Grazie.04:38
nickrud!it | gabriele04:38
ubottugabriele: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)04:38
mezquitalewhich ubuntu based distribution that looks like redmond would you recommend?  I want to install it on my nieces' desktop and dual boot it with vista04:40
mindrapekubuntu has options to be as Windows-like as possible I'd say...04:40
powertool08I'm using vncviewer -via ssh to connect to x11vnc running on my desktop, whenever I switch to fullscreen mode whatever I type goes into the topmost window and not into the vnc session. Does anyone know how to stop this?04:40
nickrudyeah kubuntu is capable of looking like windows (another strike ;)04:40
konnickrud: lmao04:41
hagrchhi.  I was trying to install kubuntu-desktop, and i get the following error: "dpkg: parse error, in file `/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0105' near line 1: newline in field name `#padding'"04:41
mezquitalemindrape, true, i could install kde and then customize it to look like redmond however i want the look and feel to come with the distribution04:41
tmg1|taylorhagrch: i have had that problem before04:41
tmg1|taylorhagrch: got rid of it for a little while, but it came back.  I think there's a corrupt .deb file involved somewhere04:41
mindrapemezquitale: well if you dont want to go w an ubuntu distro but just a Windows-like Debian-based distro then hit up distrowatch.com04:42
tmg1|taylorif you find it, things might work04:42
LeefmcQuestion: Anyone know why compiz is messing up my keybind for Control+Esc? I can't seem to make any escape binds work with compiz on.04:42
tmg1|taylorbut if you want to fix it in the meanwhile, there might be some text that you can modify in /var/lib/dpkg/updates/0105 --- search for #padding04:42
tritiummezquitale: ubuntu doesn't strive to make the look and feel like Windows, thankfully.04:42
tmg1|tayloronly problem with that is that might not be the only issue04:42
mezquitalemindrape, actually i wanted an ubuntu based one however if there is another distribution that will do the trick I will be more than happy to try  it04:42
nickrudmezquitale, you can check distrowatch.org , they have descriptions of and one probably will mention it's similarity04:43
tritiummezquitale: why is the Windows look and feel important?04:43
mezquitaledistrowatch.org it is!!! thank you gentlemen for your input, I am going to download a distro, try it out, then install it on my nieces' desktop and see if they ever boot up to vista again04:43
nickrudviral installations, I have to bow to your subtlety, mezquitale04:44
mezquitaletritium, because the distro is for my nieces, the older one dreads linux, the command prompt, and the file structure, the younger one is too young to care and hates not being able to enjoy all the appz in linux04:44
tritiummezquitale: as you wish, but in my mind that's a very constraining limitation04:45
mindrapemezquitale - I recommend sticking w regular good ol' fashioned Ubuntu then install VMWare Player and get a WinXP (avoid Vista pl0x kthx) VM and enjoy never having to fuss with virus or spyware cleanup again (just re-initiate a clean image)04:45
bsusacan someone please help me  with this samba problem04:46
bsusai setup samba and i cannot see anyone on the network, i am not sure wats wrong, could someone help me please04:46
tmg1|taylormindrape: that's what I'm here mostly for04:46
mindrapetmg1|taylor: you got a Linux virus, eh?04:46
mindrapeyour installation media is probably rootkit'd  :(04:46
jscinozI'm trying to set up a transparent caching squid proxy, but i cant get it to work. It works if i explicitly set the proxy in the browser, but i cant get it to work transparently, i assume i have made a mistake in my iptables, is this correct: http://pastebin.com/f7ee2382d ?04:46
tmg1|taylormindrape: nah, guessable password04:46
mezquitaletritium, if they see something they're familiar with they will try it, once theyre hooked most likely they will want to harness the full power of linux and will ask for more, but you have to begin somewhere04:46
mindrapelol... was it... password?04:46
tmg1|taylorand X-722 has some suggestions as to why as well04:46
tmg1|taylormindrape: nah but not that much more complex04:47
tritiummezquitale: I understand why you're doing it, yes.04:47
tmg1|taylormindrape: the surprising part to me was how long it took, less than 2 days04:47
konwhats the avg. run time for a 2GB ddr2 memtest86 ?04:47
konits going on 54minutes now04:47
konis this normal ?04:47
nickrudkon, I let them run overnight04:47
tmg1|taylorif it takes less than 2 days to root a ubuntu system of any kind it's no longer the case that windows has any inate ability to be 'free of viruses'04:47
mindrapetmg1|taylor: well I recommend you make your password something a bit more complicated... like take the first letter of each word for a sentence that is easy to remember  "I drive down Interstate 5 every day to get to my Crazy job"   IddI5edtgtmCj04:47
konOh, wow04:48
mezquitalemindrape,  i have a better idea, start with a linux distro that looks like redmond, get hooked, get another linux distro that is completely linux--never boot up to redmond again unless there is an app or hardware that is not supported in linux04:48
koni dont think this lappy can make it if its running over night04:48
joeyjonesinteresting, my ubuntu cd iso was only 474mb.04:48
jscinozkon, yeah it can take several hours sometimes04:48
konOh i see04:48
tmg1|taylormindrape: oh definitely, if I continue to allow passwords/ssh at all.  The problem for me came when my keyboard was incapable of typing properly and hence required a shorter password.  But still---it is now only a matter of time04:48
konThat sucks04:48
tritiumjoeyjones: is it an alternate CD?04:49
tmg1|taylori mean, my main passwords are fairly good.  But it's the weakest link in the chain that breaks ;)04:49
Brack10#wine is +i?04:49
nickrudBrack10, try #winehq04:49
nite_johnboyHi - Tried to get into home folder or root of my usb thumb drive using Terminal - used " sudo /dev/sdb " but getting error " command not found " - Someone give me the right script I need to use ? ?04:49
mindrapetmg1|taylor: well you can setup rulesets to disallow easy to guess passwords... to stop yourself from exposing yourself.  (mind blown?)04:49
konwill memtest tell me exactly what part of the ram is bad? I want to do the BadRAM "mem=##MB" kernel option to temporarily disable memory above that point04:50
joeyjonestritium: nope04:50
tmg1|taylormindrape: i hate rulesets---they often do not allow english words despiteyour example04:50
Flanneltmg1|taylor: If you refuse to choose a decent password, you have no right to complain.  It's not a "security issue" with Ubuntu.  Another thing you may want to look into is DenyHosts, which may thrwart anyone brute forcing.04:50
joeyjonesbut it booted to the first screen successfuly04:50
joeyjonesthen took over an hour before i closed it running the cd check04:50
mindrapeah, wise are the words of Flannel.  :)04:50
nickrudnite_johnboy, a couple things wrong there:  you would cd  into the dir, and it should be a directory under /media (dev/sdb is the raw device) . so cd /media/<somename>04:50
nickrudnite_johnboy, the <somename> is the name you see on the desktop04:51
tmg1|taylorFlannel: I'll grant that for my specific situation I am at fault and no amount of ubuntu side help will fix that04:51
tmg1|taylorbut 2 days04:51
Flanneltmg1|taylor: "two days" for what?  For someone to brute force?  I don't understand what you're getting at.04:52
tmg1|taylortwo days for a randomly connected box with a vulnerability to be exploited04:52
tmg1|taylorif that, maybe less04:52
Flanneltmg1|taylor: "vulnerability"?04:52
tmg1|taylorthat is windows-level speed of attackers04:52
GerbilSofttook a month for a friend of mi-ne--04:52
GerbilSoft*minus the -s04:52
Flanneltmg1|taylor: So... your point is "The internet is dangerous"? or what?04:52
GerbilSofti set up an ubuntu box as a media system04:52
tmg1|taylorit means there are sufficient quality/quantity of motivated and technically apt threats that your ubuntu system as well as mine is no longer as safe as it was04:52
nite_johnboynicrud; Ah - so my cop. name is " newlife" - so would be - " cd /media/newlife " - correct?04:52
tmg1|taylorFlannel: particularly for ubuntu users04:52
GerbilSofthe insisted that the username and password should both be his name04:52
GerbilSofta month later he got pwned04:53
tritiumtmg1|taylor: your problem is not ubuntu-related, but password-related04:53
GerbilSoft(he also insisted on setting up ssh with it)04:53
mindrapetmg1|taylor: if you had ANY operating system w an easy to guess password you'd be hacked.04:53
tmg1|taylortritium: that may very well be the case but in case you've noticed a lot of ubuntu supported tools utilize passwords;)04:53
tritiumtmg1|taylor: and?04:53
Flanneltmg1|taylor: Uh.... People who brute force don't target particular system types.  Your box is [a box on the internet that asks me for a password], not "A Ubuntu Box" or anything else.04:53
tritiumPick strong passwords!04:53
mindrapetmg1|taylor: ie; if I had a mainframe connected to the interbutts and you guessed the password for some user with SYSTEM SPECIAL authority you'd own the sysplex... and this is shocking to you?04:53
nickrudtmg1|taylor, no system has ever been secure since the net started. Philosophical discussions about security belong on #ubuntu-offtopic, specific instructions on basic security is fine here04:54
greg_stevensHello, I'm having a really hard time finding a laptop with ubuntu preinstalled, or even one with no os at all. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would really prefer not to pay for windows.04:54
tmg1|taylorFlannel: true04:54
tritiumgreg_stevens: Dell or system76.com04:54
tmg1|taylornickrud: k04:54
nite_johnboynicrud; Tried that command and got following " bash: cd: /media/newlife: No such file or directory "04:54
nickrudnite_johnboy, are you sure you got the case correct?04:55
Souperi suppose everyone here has seen the news story about that nimrod who bought a laptop pre-installed with ubuntu and was like "OMG! I don't understand any of this!"04:55
nite_johnboynickrud; using lower case for all text omn terminal.04:56
nickrudnite_johnboy, ok. Is the name on the desktop all lowercase?04:56
nite_johnboy! in terminal04:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about in terminal04:56
jscinozI'm trying to set up a transparent caching squid proxy, but i cant get it to work. It works if i explicitly set the proxy in the browser, but i cant get it to work transparently, i assume i have made a mistake in my iptables, is this correct: http://pastebin.com/f7ee2382d ? can anyone help me?04:56
nite_johnboynickrud; yes04:56
nickrudnite_johnboy, you can also do    ls /media   to see what name dir name it's using04:56
konok enough bothering you guys04:57
konThanks for the help, i might be back tomorrow :P04:57
konCya, time to watch some 30 rock ;)04:57
broomhandlehey i've been dual booting windows and ubuntu, today ubuntu was updating and froze so i had to force restart, and now when i choose the ubuntu option upon start up it takes me to a grub4dos command line that ends in grub>    any ideas how i can fix this?04:57
pandakingWhy would a package be outdated in the packet manager, and the developers website recomend to install from source?04:57
pandaking*package manager04:57
nite_johnboynickrud; ok will do - just a sec04:57
nite_johnboynickrud; I'm not running terminal as root - does that matter - I got same error - " No such file or directory "04:59
SJrXAnyone else find compiz really buggy in 8.10?05:00
nickrudnite_johnboy, hm.  no, no need to run as root.   ls  /media    says no such file or directory?05:00
=== user9 is now known as user9andres
mylistook...going to try getting my camera working again in skype05:00
nite_johnboymy terminal says at prompt - newlife@newlife-destop:~05:00
nickrudnite_johnboy, and you say you have a usb stick installed that you're trying to read?05:00
mezquitaleanyone knows of an  mp3 player app  like amarok but for GNOME, i want to be able to create playlists and burn them and with a nice GUI like amarok but I want the app for GNOME05:01
nickrudnite_johnboy, I missed a line I think, you mispelled my nick. you're trying to find your home dir? I think we should start over, get on the same page :)05:01
Souperdammit i forgot the name of that one05:01
CoUrPsE]DeAdmezquitale, amarok is for gnome.05:01
nite_johnboynickrud; ok this time i cut & paste what you posted earlier and now have following - cdrom  cdrom0  floppy  floppy0  NEW VOLUME -05:02
nickrudnite_johnboy, ok, cd /media/NE<tab>  <-- press the tab key, it will fill out the name for you Uppercase matters05:02
mezquitaleCoUrPsE]DeAd, my apologies for my ignorance, i thought amarok was for KDE?  why are all the KDE modules loaded with amarok then???05:02
snarkstercan anyone assist with with atheros 242x05:03
CoUrPsE]DeAdmezquitale, Works on both... sudo apt-get install amarok05:03
Cpudan80snarkster: what about it?05:03
CoUrPsE]DeAdim running amarok as we speak...05:03
snarksterCpudan80: I cant get mine to work05:03
Soupermezquitale, it works with both it's just that in gnome you get all the kdelibs that you might not want05:03
Cpudan80snarkster: what are you connecting to?05:03
mezquitaleCoUrPsE]DeAd, ahhh yes, amarok ***works*** on gnome but is not specifically for GNOME, I meant an mp3 player app specifically for GNOME05:03
Soupermezquitale, like this? http://www.listen-project.org/05:04
Cpudan80snarkster: Or well - first check to make sure the driver is enabled under restricted drivers (system --> admin --> restricted drivers)05:04
CoUrPsE]DeAdmezquitale, Ahh sorry, rhythmbox is on gnome by default, works nicely.05:04
Souperthere's another one that i really like but i forgot what it was called05:04
mezquitaleSouper, yes!!!!!!!! that looks exactly like what I want, im going to take a look at it, thanks!05:04
Souperstarts with an e i think05:04
nite_johnboynickrud; ok getting somewhere now - have following - " newlife@newlife-desktop:/media/NEW VOLUME$ "05:04
Souperno problem mezquitale05:05
mezquitaleCoUrPsE]DeAd, I have ubuntustudio, Ill look up rhythmbox, thanks for the info05:05
prometAfter going to heck and back with my onboard sound chip, I've reverted to an Old Soundblaster Live card I had laying around, I fear somehow this has caused some sound module confusion, has anyone had any experience with this?05:05
CoUrPsE]DeAdmezquitale, np.05:05
veritosI have a Lenovo 3000 G530. On the 32-bit LiveCD, everything works perfectly. On the 64-bit, the keyboard and touchpad do not work (but an external USB keyboard and mouse do).05:06
nite_johnboynickrud; So now I'm in the root - so what is script to list directories or folders ?05:06
nickrudnite_johnboy,  ls  lists the files05:06
nickrud!terminal | nite_johnboy (has some basic commands)05:06
ubottunite_johnboy (has some basic commands): The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:06
shelbycan someone PLEASE tell me how to play audio along with a slideshow in kdenlive?05:08
shelbyim an avid linux user but i think im going to have to install windows just to use windows movie maker :(05:08
broomhandlehey when starting ubuntu it takes me to a prompt that says grub>    does anyone know how to get past this and start ubuntu?05:08
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Dolocan u write to a mac hd from ubuntu05:08
shelbyshit. whatever. im sick of fucking with linux and its crippled simple slideshow creators. i love linux but i completely agree it cant do anything when it comes to editing multimedia.05:09
tritiumshelby: Watch your language!!!05:09
MethinXhow do you get your screen resolution to stay at 1152x86405:10
mindrapeMethinX: /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:10
MethinXI did that mindrape05:10
MethinXits not saveing when I reboot05:10
mindrapepastebin your xorg.conf    did you set it as the default or just an option?05:10
scunizilooking at man tar I see for the top three examples there are two (2) "v" 's in the line.. "v" is verbose but why 2 of them?05:10
MethinXlol  not sure i think an option05:11
nite_johnboynickrud; Thanks so much - really like using Ibex but trying to get up to speed with using terminal & some of basics that just came easier using windows - but do not mind - will be far better rewards in the long haul ....05:11
scuniziyes but for what?05:11
prometshelby, have you tried "Kino"?05:11
beekoryeah that's a good questions scunizi.  i usually just use 1 v, and i think it all works fine05:11
nickrudnite_johnboy, absolutely. Whenever you have questions about commands, man <command> will tell you a lot. You might find tldp.org a good site to check out. And, of course, people will be glad to help teach you here.05:12
nite_johnboynickrud; running linux about 90% of the time and will soon not have any need to even turn on my windows box anymore - looking forward to it.05:12
scunizibeekor, maybe it just wants to be "extra" verbose.. that would make the output similar to a chatterbox :)05:12
veritosI have a Lenovo 3000 G530. On the 32-bit LiveCD, everything works perfectly. On the 64-bit, the keyboard and touchpad do not work (but an external USB keyboard and mouse do).05:13
adnanwhat is the point of ClamAV or AVG Antivirus if they don't actually remove the virus file?05:14
Souperhmm trying to upgrade to current from 8.04 beta disc all packages downloaded, stuck at 0% prepare for a while now05:14
decayHow can i make to a script doesn't have to be run as root? i installed hddtemp but it'd like to be able to run it as not root05:14
scuniziadnan, avg should05:14
beekorAVG usually isolates the virus somewhere, or at least it used to.  it'd claim that some cant be removed05:14
adnanscunizi, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus/Avg05:14
adnanscunizi, it cannot05:15
beekorha, i was thinking windows, i didnt even know avg had a linux port.05:15
beekori'd like to think that it's not needed.05:15
beekornot sure if that's true though.05:15
nite_johnboynickud; Have had others in here help me before as well - really helps to have a point in the right direction - really kinda fry's me when I see some people complain - everyone in here is a great help - thanks for tips and one of these days I'll be able to offer help to some other guy scratching his head...05:15
veritosbeekor: Run anything shady in a guest account.05:15
adnanbeekor, you can never be too sure05:15
veritosI have a Lenovo 3000 G530. On the 32-bit LiveCD, everything works perfectly. On the 64-bit, the keyboard and touchpad do not work (but an external USB keyboard and mouse do). Anyone else seen similar?05:16
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_webkit
c_webkitnickrud: u der05:17
Doloanyone here know bout mounting a mac drive?05:17
nickrudc_webkit, hi. Sorta here, what's up?05:17
c_webkiti tried to install Ubuntu again05:17
c_webkitI think i found the problem05:17
c_webkitCould i be tht all the drives are primary it was causing the problem05:18
nickrudc_webkit, don't know, I've never tried setting all the jumpers as primary:)05:18
c_webkithmm .. well the current senario is05:18
scunizinickrud, maybe he mean in creation of the partitions being primary05:18
c_webkitnickrud: Now i got 4 partitions05:18
promet_I think I may have some conflicting sound modules, could anyone offer some advice?05:18
nickrudscunizi, ah, good read. c_webkit yeah, 4 primaries is ok.05:19
promet_I switched from onboard to Soundblaster sound and the sound system may be confused05:19
c_webkitscunizi: yes actually all 4 drives were primary previously since it had only one OS.. now i want 3.. so when i installed other one it didnt work05:19
Souperi've had problems with multiple primares05:19
c_webkitnickrud: Now there is only one primary05:20
c_webkitand the other is Extended05:20
Souperi don't know why you wouldn't just set them all to cable-select05:20
c_webkitso.. on the extended there is Win XP05:20
c_webkitand primary Win9805:20
c_webkitboth are working properly05:20
burtonanybody can help me with incoming outgoing server for hotmail tnx05:20
c_webkitnickrud: My Q is .. the extended partition has 3 sub partitions one is unallocated The first one has winxp the second is for Data.. (backup) drive and the third partition which i want for Ubuntu is unallocated .. can i format it via ext3 and can i install ubuntu on tht partition05:21
nickrudc_webkit, you mean, you have a primary partition with win98 (wow!) an extended, and a logical partition in the extended with xp?05:21
promet_burton, I think that you have to use their pay service in order to get server details for Hotmail05:21
nickrudc_webkit, yes05:21
adnanwhat is the most popular Linux antivirus05:22
promet_Free hotmail doesn't allow smtp/pop server info for free accounts05:22
promet_I believe05:22
c_webkitcan i make a separate partition of tht for home via tht05:22
promet_burton, if that's what you were asking...05:22
c_webkitso tht if Ubuntu corrupts.. the home folder is separate05:22
c_webkitand how much Disk space is requred for Ubuntu05:22
scunizic_webkit, having multiple drives installed typically means that when you install grub gets confused as to where things are and puts itself on the wrong drive.. then you need to reinstall grub.. it's really good at that when you have a mix of drives .. SATA and ide ... re: nickrud05:22
burtonWelcome response error: Operation now in progress05:23
burtoni got
nickrudc_webkit, a good idea. About 15gb for root is all you need. Use the rest for /home. Less for root if the partition is relatively small, but not less than 7gb05:23
Souperadnan, clamav05:23
burtongives me Welcome response error: Operation now in progress05:23
nickrudscunizi, yeah, I've had nothing but trouble with mixed sata pata. Do you know a good exposition or howto?05:24
c_webkitI got around 20GB05:24
atomx1211is it possible to install .net framework on wine?05:25
nickrudc_webkit, hm, 8gb root I'd suggest. That gives you decent room05:25
c_webkitone more thing .. home is like just for u right.. if u install stuff in Ubuntu viz. Realplayer etc.. would it occupy the space on home or root05:25
nickrudc_webkit, root05:25
scunizinickrud, what I did was yank the connector on the drives that I wasn't installing to and then do the installation.. after I reconnected and reinstalled grub where I thought it should be.. if that didn't work I just installed grub to all the drives.. good for backup that way too.05:26
Souperhome is where personal settings and data are stored05:26
c_webkitand is there a way i can see an .ext3 drive in win98 and xp05:26
nickrudc_webkit, I've seldom gone over 8gb in software in root; I like extra room for databases or compiling kernels (not much of that anymore)05:26
c_webkitI'll go for 20 GB root05:26
c_webkitand the remaining 2 GB for home05:26
Souperc_webkit, http://www.fs-driver.org/05:26
nickrudscunizi, heh. the last guy I tried to help was over the phone, and he's (to be kind) utterly clueless. that's over his head :)05:27
scunizic_webkit, that's just WAY too much.. 15 max05:27
adnanSouper, what about avast?05:27
nickrudc_webkit, no no no make room for your files they take more space than software unlike windows05:27
c_webkitok the 7 GB home05:27
decaywhy is GNU's mascot so ugly?05:27
c_webkitand 15 GB root05:27
c_webkithows tht sound05:27
Souperadnan, they're both fine, i just hear of more people using clam05:27
adnanwell clamAV, unlike other antivirus, is open source05:28
nickrudc_webkit, it'll work, leaving 7gb for home and say 1gb for swap. I'd drop root to 10 at least and increase home myself05:28
c_webkitI have an additional 20 GB FAT32 drive.. so i can use tht as an "extended" drive05:28
adnanhaving closedsource antivirus software defeats the purpose, in my opinion that is05:28
adnanSouper, thnx05:28
c_webkit1gb is sufficient for swap05:28
c_webkitalso i am not quite familiar with the swap feature05:29
promet_What choo talkin' bout decay!? The GNU Gnu is gorgeous05:29
nickrudc_webkit, the fat is ok for backup space only, really.05:29
scunizinickrud, yea  .. I've been there.. I've got a friend/neighbor that I've been telling about ubuntu.. I've reinstalled windows for him 3 times after something got in there and reallly borked things up.. today I put ubuntu on the machine and tried to move all of thunderbirds mbox info over to recoop his email and settings.. well the settings worked but not much of the email came across.  Back over there tom05:29
c_webkitthts true05:29
nickrudscunizi, ah, well, that's why my mail is on an imap server 'out there'05:29
c_webkitI want it for backup only.. cause there is a problem.. 98 xp and u2 are all different drives Fat32 NTFS and ext305:30
c_webkitso i got Fat32 as backup as it will work will all.. otherwise 98 wont recognize ntfs.. no idea of ext305:30
nickrudc_webkit, you can get a driver from fs-driver.org so xp can read ext305:31
c_webkitok doing that05:31
promet_Could someone help me with a little Intrepid sound troubleshooting please?05:31
nickrudc_webkit, ok, I gotta get back to my chores here, take care05:31
c_webkitcan u tell me whats a swap ??  and y we need it05:31
Geoffrey2is there either a graphical application or command line option to get a directory list that shows the total amount of space that folder is taking up?05:31
c_webkitok see you later nickrud,05:31
c_webkityes bruce05:32
bruce_swap is like memory05:32
c_webkityes.. but y is it required05:32
MeVsTheVoicesExtra memory, long term ram05:32
bruce_you can think of it as secondary memory05:32
bruce_there are many articles online that talks about it05:32
c_webkitbruce_: y is it required.. and how much memory should i allocate it05:33
bruce_u can just google it and I'm sure you will find a lot05:33
mindrapeGeoffrey2: du -h  (disk usage)  you can throw on --max-depth 105:33
MeVsTheVoicesIts not required no05:33
c_webkitok thanks05:33
bruce_you should allocate like twice your physical memory05:33
scunizic_webkit, swap should be 1.5x of your ram if you're going to use hybernate and sleep05:33
bruce_for mine05:33
MeVsTheVoicesBut ubuntu will allocate *really depends* about 7gig, normally about RAM for current day machines05:33
MeVsTheVoicesAlso on your driver *duh*05:33
scunizic_webkit, otherwise 1 gig works fine05:33
bruce_I have 4GB ram, I use 4GB swap coz I think that's big enough05:34
MeVsTheVoicesFiddle with it, you'll find for most tasks it really won't make no nevermind05:34
BsimsI am trying to update my apt list for KDE Nightly neon I have the correct key installed but I still get W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 778978B00F7992B0; anyone have a clue what I need to do05:34
MHai !!!!!!!!05:35
ShakedownHow come the vimtutor doesn't do anything when I run it?05:35
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
rdw200169bruce_ yeah i have on 2GB of ram, and rarely does my system use swap, mostly after running for (seriously) a week or so, then i run a ram intensive app like a graphics tool, then it uses the swap05:35
_Vi_Shakedown: just keep pressing j or page down05:35
rdw200169bruce_ but mostly that's because linux tries to offload as much as it can to the ram to make the system run nice and quick05:36
* mindrape has the same story as rdw200169 but with 1.5gig of RAM.05:36
ShakedownNothing, it says "/tmp/tutorfJ6562" 0 lines, 0 characters at the bottom though05:36
tmg1|tayloradnan: clamav does have a 'remove' option05:36
_Vi_Shakedown: its just a online text file,05:36
tmg1|taylorhowever, it doesn't reccommend it and for good reason --even on windows removing files haphazardly is dangerous to system health05:36
ShakedownI just got the vim-runtime package, I want to do the tutorial!05:37
duanedesignBsims: I just had to "update" my key I am not sure if they updated it or what  http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x778978B00F7992B005:37
tmg1|taylorbut otoh, then you get stuck like I am, with a compromised part of the system that is not clear how to fix05:37
_Vi_Shakedown: that is the tutorial lol05:37
ShakedownA blank screen?05:37
mindrapetmg1|taylor: with any compromised system your best bet is a WIPE AND START FRESH.05:37
rdw200169bruce_, many times, i shut off the swap to keep the graphics app quick, it doesn't cause problems, the kernel just clears out the cruft and uses the ram instead05:37
_Vi_its blank  ?!05:37
Bsimsduanedesign: I'll try that05:37
tmg1|taylormindrape: that will mean buying new hardware at this point and I'd like to at least try to avoid that ;)05:37
ShakedownSo maybe I'm confusing vim with emacs, but one of them has an "interactive" tutorial built-in. I thought that was the vimtutor though?05:38
mindrapenew hardware for a reinstall?05:38
rdw200169bruce_ b/c ubuntu only needs about 500M to run, the rest just makes it quicker ;)05:38
_Vi_Shakedown: hang on let me see if i get the same problems.. one sec05:38
rdw200169bruce_ and my ram is significantly faster than my swap, so I prefer the ram at all costs ;)05:38
tmg1|taylori stupidly trusted ubuntu default installer's partition setup, now my mostly full hd is full05:38
tmg1|taylorand only one partition05:38
MeVsTheVoicesUbuntu runs on 384m of ram05:38
bruce_i see05:39
bruce_thanks for the info05:39
bruce_I need help on developing IRC client05:39
tmg1|taylorotoh I didn't really know what to expect for a ubuntu install so underguessing partitionwise might have been painful down the road too05:39
DarkTerrorhello... does kubuntu support wireless connections better and easier (interface and installation wise) THAN ubuntu ? (both last versions)05:39
mindrapebruce_: head on over to #yourprogramminglanguageofchoice05:39
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, i was just using a random number i would know would be correct; that and no one installs 384M of ram, usually 512M that's how i came up w/the number05:39
_Vi_Shakedown: hmmm what command are you using exactly for that ?05:40
_Vi_ah mine comes up as text05:40
MeVsTheVoices256+128 thats how I came up with that, satisfy05:40
ShakedownSo...is there this interactive tutorial for vim?05:40
MHai !!!!!!!05:40
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, well, to be quite literal, i successfully installed Ubuntu 8.10 on a system w/128M of ram, and it ran like garbage05:41
BsimsAnyone know if there will be unofficial kde3 packages for jaunty? I am sorry but kde4 gives me hives05:41
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, it was a very very old laptop, i ended up going w/Vector Linux05:41
tmg1|taylormindrape: to reiterate---my virus problem is my fault, in case I'm not making that clear05:41
MeVsTheVoicesOh I'm not saying it doesn't run like shit, 384 is enough to hold kernel, Gnome, and 2-3 apps Max05:41
DarkTerrorhello... does kubuntu support wireless connections better and easier (interface and installation wise) THAN ubuntu ? (both last versions)05:41
mindrapetmg1|taylor: on multiple fronts, yes...05:41
_Vi_Shakedown: vimtutuor is interactive, but all it is a online (not online as web) text file, it kinda looks like a man page, that's it. nothing too fancy05:41
MHai !!!!!!!!05:41
mindrapeM - can I help you?05:42
Bsimsrdw200169: what gui do you use?05:42
MeVsTheVoicesDarkTerror: No05:42
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, so let's agree that 500M would be enough to run well?05:42
rdw200169Bsims, what do you mean?05:42
DarkTerrorthank you05:42
Shakedown_Vi_: So...why is my vimtutor page blank?05:42
rdw200169Bsims, that install i was referring to was a normal Gnome install05:42
MeVsTheVoicesrdw200169: No, 384 is enough to run well, it really doesn't matter, almost everyone nowadays is going to have more05:42
Bsimsrdw200169: Ah if you want something lighter try lxde its quite nice05:42
Veritas718hey favorite music programs that support ipod touch v2? and best support for stl editing? (sorry for second question :P)05:42
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, thank you for pointing out the obvious ;)05:43
mindrapeDarkTerror: they are both ubuntu just one uses gnome and one uses kde... so I'd say the support is about the same unless you prefer the KDE apps for network management over Gnome ones... ?05:43
rdw200169Bsims, yeah, i tried all that, i.e. Xubuntu, etc...05:43
_Vi_Shakedown: run 'dpkg -l *vim*' in a terminal, pastebin the results05:43
rdw200169Bsims, but getting inside that '128M' windows is pretty hard05:43
Shakedown_Vi_: pastebin?05:43
adnantmg1|taylor,  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus/Avg05:43
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:43
rdw200169Bsims, instead of spending hours getting there, i just went w/Vector linux, which support 64M of ram05:43
tmg1|tayloradnan: thanks05:43
Bsimsrdw200169: /me nods fair enough ever try wmaker it's a fave of mine05:44
adnantmg1|taylor, i think the remove option must be a windows exclusi05:44
adnantmg1|taylor, np05:44
_Vi_mindrape: i think he was talking to me but ty :)05:44
DarkTerrormindrape: yea .. i knew that it's just ubuntu with KDE... but heard some rumors that ubuntu would suck at wireless .. but problem solved now :), installing ubuntu05:44
SchedulerShadowpillar dpkg -l *vim* > info.txt05:44
Geoffrey2mindrape, thanks...that works...05:44
bruce_did you guys know vi is the center of evil?05:44
mindrapeDarkTerror: it all depends on the card you have... some chipsets have better support than others.05:44
rdw200169Bsims, this was not my computer, i was trying to get a friend back on the internet after Windows Pro crashed05:44
mindrapeGeoffrey2: np05:44
rdw200169Bsims, and he was not a linux guy ;)05:45
_Vi_Shadowpillar: he meant Shakedown not you05:45
Bsimsbruce_: heh Vim for ever05:45
DarkTerrorthx for your help, mindrape05:45
Bsimsrdw200169: Heh I can see dat05:45
rdw200169bruce_ i beg to differ sir, i use Vim all day long05:45
_Vi_too many shadows in here05:45
c_webkituser9: Hi.. Are you new to the workd of computers also :)05:45
Scheduleryes _Vi_05:45
mindrapeDarkTerror: mine works by default out of the box flawlessly... I help about 10 people a day in here though w wireless problems...05:45
newfedora10Hi anyone who knows how to convert .flv to mpeg205:45
bruce_you guys don't get it?05:45
* Bsims grins and says Esc Alt Meta Ctrl Shift05:45
bruce_it's a joke05:45
mindrapenewfedora10: ffmpeg05:45
c_webkituser9: keyboard is used to type and mouse to point just the basics :)05:45
Veritas718ok, some people are old, and some people failed their vim class :p05:45
bruce_the center of evil05:45
FloodBot1bruce_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:45
Bsimsbruce_: Heh there is an official vim fork called elvis05:45
mindrapebruce_: we got it but we just dont find it as humorous as you do..05:45
bruce_ok never mind05:46
bruce_my bad....05:46
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:46
Bsimsmindrape: its one of the oldest traditions in unix05:46
decayos so it's wrong saying ubuntu is linux eh?05:46
decayubuntu is GNU, with linux kernel05:46
Veritas718hey favorite music programs that support ipod touch v2? and best support for stl editing? (sorry for second question :P)05:46
Bsimsdecay: Not wrong its just not precise...05:46
Geoffrey2mindrape, do you happen to know if there's a sort option there...to sort by size?  I didn't see any such option in the man page...05:46
MeVsTheVoicesNo, its not wrong saying its linux, it is linux, its not UNIX05:46
mindrapeGeoffrey2: sort -u05:46
ShakedownK so I pastebin'd it05:46
FlakHey, I recently got a laptop with vista... really, really want to get ubuntu on it. I downloaded 8.10-desktop-i386.iso through the torrent, and slowly burnt it onto a cd, when i boot off the cd, it freezes when i select any of the options (like check CD for defects, run ubuntu, install ubuntu - it does not freeze when i start a memory test)05:46
rdw200169Veritas718, i think Songbird supports that, i'm not sure, i know it does support other Ipods05:47
Veritas718hey favorite music programs that support ipod touch?05:47
mindrapeGeoffrey2: pipe it to that so throw | sort -u at the end of it.05:47
decayit isnt linux..just uses the kernel05:47
Shakedown_Vi_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108457/05:47
Veritas718the laptop comes with AHCI turned on in the bios05:47
decayif it were to be shipped with with GNU Hurd, it wouldnt be called linux at all05:47
bruce_if I have a package, and it has tons of file, how can I find a particular function in that package?05:47
Veritas718flack:the laptop comes with AHCI turned on in the bios05:47
bruce_grep or find? or something like that?05:47
* Flak checks on that, thank you Veritas718 05:48
BsimsVeritas718: take a look at gtkpod's website all of them use the lib from them to talk to it05:48
mindrapebruce_:    dpkg -S *sometoolinapackage*05:48
histoBruce, apt-cache showpkg05:48
Veritas718well iwas wondering preference05:48
bruce_hold on05:48
decayhe wants a function in the files05:48
histoBruce, or do you want to see the function of one of the depends05:48
Veritas718like which interface you liked05:48
bruce_so I cd in the folder right05:48
histoBruce, no05:48
angelk onda05:48
bruce_coz I have irssi source downlodae05:48
angelhola :D05:48
histoBruce, I thought you were doing something else.05:48
_Vi_Shakedown: if you type gvim do you get anything?05:48
bruce_I wanna know how to handle the command privmsg05:48
decaybruce_: you need to  loop through files and grep05:48
histoBruce, okay you want to install irssi from source?05:48
Shakedown_Vi_: I don't have it, it can be found though.05:49
decayno, bruce_  is looking for a function in the source code05:49
decayi th ink05:49
histoBruce, wrong' user sry05:49
histodecay, bruce_ ahh I see my bad05:49
rdw200169bruce_, just /msg05:49
mindrapegrep "somefunction" *       <--- in the directory05:49
Veritas718shouldt 8.10 support AHCI though?05:49
Bsimsbruce_: what are you trying to do?05:49
bruce_that's what I want05:49
bruce_grep "somefunction"05:49
decaymindrape: the function is inside a file...but there are many files05:49
bruce_let me try05:49
mindrapedecay: so * will do it  :)05:50
decayoink oink05:50
bruce_do I need the quote?05:50
lstarnesbruce_: try running this in irssi's source directory: grep -nHR "function-name" .05:50
_Vi_Shakedown: hmmm i'd do 'sudo apt-get install vim*' and see if that fixes it.05:50
bruce_do I need quotes?05:50
mindrapeyes please.05:50
lstarnesbruce_: no, but you will need them if what you are searching for contains spaces05:50
bruce_is the function case sensitive?05:51
lstarnesbruce_: yes05:51
FlakVeritas718, AHCI was indeed on, trying again with it on IDE05:51
lstarnesbruce_: although you could use -inHR instead of -nHR to make it case-insensitive05:51
decaybruce_:  use grep -i to turn case sensitivity off05:51
* mindrape introduces bruce_ to the manpages... man grep05:51
Shakedown_Vi_: Wow, a ton of dependencies I05:51
Shakedown_Vi_: Oh well, forget it05:52
ShakedownThanks for your help though05:52
_Vi_yea well its not like windows didnt have a ton of dependencies (DLLS)05:52
FlannelShakedown: Just install 'vim' not vim*  (unless you want the GUI and stuff)05:52
Veritas718flak, i would think that it shouldnt matter but let me knwo im about to install too05:52
jgreenI am looking for help upgrading to phpgd205:52
jgreenI am on hardy heron05:52
bruce_it's been a minute now.... and still haven't found anything...05:52
FlannelShakedown: the vim that comes with Ubuntu is vim-tiny, it's... not a very good rendition of vim (and it likely doesn't include vimtutor stuffs)05:53
ShakedownPhh, rubbish - now it works05:53
lstarnesbruce_: did you include the . at the end of the command?05:53
ShakedownI "sudo apt-get install vim" and got it now - thanks!05:53
FlakVeritas718, I'm still getting the same scenario05:53
bruce_what I did was grep -nHR PRIVMSG05:53
ShakedownThanks Flannel05:53
Veritas718yeah i didnt think it should matter05:53
lstarnesbruce_: that was necessary.  Hit ctrl+C then do grep -nHR PRIVMSG .05:53
FlannelShakedown: vimtutor is in vim-runtime, vim-tiny doesn't install -runtime05:53
Flakit freezes and every other minute will spin the cd - after awhile if i hit the arrow keys I get a very loud beeping noise05:53
jgreenapt-get install php5-gd isn't giving me all the libraries?05:54
Veritas718what kind of computer?05:54
bruce_oh oh oh05:54
ShakedownFlannel: Yeah I thought I had the full vim, so I got the vim-runtime, but the tutor wouldn't work.  Now that I've got the full vim it works though.05:54
_Vi_Shakedown: i thought you already had vim installed, that's why i had you do vim*, but meh, what ever it works now :)05:54
bruce_so in irssi05:54
bruce_how do I scroll up to view the chat history?05:54
Shakedown_Vi_: Ha I thought I had vim too!05:54
lstarnesbruce_: page up/page down05:55
Shakedown_Vi_: I guess I had vim-tiny though05:55
FlakVeritas718: Acer laptop with a Intel Dual T3400 processor (32 bit)05:55
mindrapebruce_:  #irssi        man irssi05:55
ShakedownThanks guys05:55
bruce_thanks guys.05:55
Flannelbruce_: page up/down, or alt-p/n05:55
lstarnesbruce_: also, if you want to know how the irc protocol works, you may want to look at http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc145905:55
bruce_got it05:55
bruce_do u use it too?05:55
Flannelbruce_: Lots of people do.05:55
jgreenanyone out there that can help?05:55
bruce_my instructor wants us to use the RFC 281205:56
tylorjgreen: whats your problem05:56
mindrapejgreen - sudo dpkg -S *php5*05:56
Flannelbruce_: For things that aren't directly related to Ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic may be a better place to ask.05:56
mindrapethat will show you the files you can get in the far left... sudo apt-get install what you want.05:56
jgreen Call to undefined function imagecreatetruecolor() in05:56
lstarnesbruce_: 2812 has some elements which only apply to IRCnet and its ircd but not to other networks and ircds05:57
jgreenthat is the error which is part of gd lib05:57
Flannelmindrape: No, it won't.  dpkg -S only displays stuff on installed packages.05:57
mindrapeerr ... l  :P05:57
bruce_I'll og there05:57
jgreenI added grep gd05:57
jgreenphp5-gd, php5-curl, php5-common, php5-mysql: /etc/php5/conf.d05:57
jgreenphp5-gd: /etc/php5/conf.d/gd.ini05:57
jgreenphp5-gd, php5-curl, php5-common, php5-cli, libapache2-mod-php5, php5-mysql: /etc/php505:57
FloodBot1jgreen: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:57
rdw200169jgreen, you can also use apt-cache search05:57
rdw200169jgreen, to find a package, for example, apt-cache search php505:58
rdw200169jgreen, will find all the php5 related packages, installed or not05:58
jgreenthe issue is not that its not finding it05:58
jgreenbut rather its out of date05:58
jgreenI also added extension=phpgd2 into my php.ini05:59
jeeves_Mosshow do I update my install of ClamAV?05:59
rdw200169jgreen, take a shot at adding the backports to sources.list, there may be an update from jaunty perhaps?  (i don't know)05:59
jgreenare they ones uncommented?05:59
rdw200169!backports | jgreen05:59
ubottujgreen: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging05:59
jgreentried those already05:59
jgreenI was hoping for a apt-get install php5-gd206:00
rdw200169jgreen, you could also check the launchpad.net PPA's to see if someone packaged a later version for ubuntu06:00
jgreenbut it seems I might have to compile the source06:00
jgreenwhich has been failing due to other dependencies06:00
rdw200169jgreen, check the PPA's first!06:00
jgreensorry what is a PPA?06:01
frybyehi - looking for help with setting up terratec aurion sound card for 5.1 function in Intrepid??06:01
rdw200169jgreen, i'm gonna give you a link in a second, which you can use to search, but my internet is slow, so it will take a sec.06:02
frybyewith google I find other ppl with same problem but no soloutions...06:02
jgreenIt works on my live server... but not my dev env06:02
jgreenwhich is a much better scenario06:02
rdw200169jgreen, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas06:02
rdw200169jgreen, so, for example, this is what php5-gd came up with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas?name_filter=php5-gd06:03
jeeves_Mosshow do I update my install of ClamAV?06:03
_Vi_!backports | jeeves_Moss06:04
ubottujeeves_Moss: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:04
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
rdw200169jgreen, did that help?06:05
jeeves_Moss_Vi_, I did that, and the webmin module is claiming it's detecting an outdated version06:05
jgreenlooks like it might06:05
frybyewho is the sound- guru today... ???06:05
_Vi_webmin and ubuntu do not mix very well06:05
jgreenits cool if its  a fiesty link though im on heron right?06:05
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.06:05
_Vi_second sentence ^^^^^^^06:05
sellyoursoulfrybye:  you have a sound problem?06:06
frybyeyes sellyoursoul sure do..06:06
rdw200169jgreen, depends on the dependencies of the actual .deb's, so i don't know ;)06:06
jgreenright I understand06:06
rdw200169frybye, well, explain your problem!06:06
sellyoursouli'm a linux noob, but i know a little.06:06
frybyecant get the 5.1 feature with the terratec aurion 5.1 pci card to work - intrepid06:06
jgreenIll be careful06:06
rdw200169frybye, are you using pulseaudio?06:06
_Vi_jeeves_Moss: keep in mind ubuntu's packages are not bleeding edge like some distros...06:07
frybyerdw200169: guess so...06:07
ssgttrying to move into linux, unbuntu specifically..........I used ndisgtk to install wireless driver, lspci shows the radio, lshw -C network says unclaimed.......from what I can tell the card is not turned on...how do I turn it on?????06:07
MeVsTheVoicesIntrepid... pulseaudio06:07
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, yes, it's the default, though not everyone uses it ;)06:07
syockitDo you have recommendation for a good personal database program? Spreadsheets are hard to keep up06:07
rdw200169frybye, Intrepid, right?06:07
jeeves_Moss_Vi_, I think that's what the issue is.  my laptop is the same way06:07
frybyerdw200169: yeah...06:08
MeVsTheVoicesOhh wait intrepid ibex06:08
frybyeubuntu 8.10 Intrepid ibex...06:08
_Vi_jeeves_Moss: there might be a PPA of a newer one though06:08
jeeves_Moss_Vi_, PPA?06:09
_Vi_jeeves_Moss: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas06:09
rdw200169frybye, you may have to do a little typing to get it to work... this involves ALSA + PulseAudio (the default) + a change for 5.1 digital surround06:09
Bsimssyockit: Open office has a decent front end06:09
syockityou mean Base? maybe I should check it again06:09
rdw200169frybye, are you using SPDIF or the individual jacsk?06:09
rdw200169frybye, i.e. coaxial audio06:09
frybyeindivid jacks..06:10
=== rob is now known as Guest29509
frybyeso analogue...06:10
rdw200169frybye, ok, gimme a sec, my internet is slow ;)06:10
jeeves_Moss_Vi_, ahhh, thanks06:10
frybyerdw200169: fine...06:10
syockitBut the time for it to start up..... I might really go for PHP/ajax/mySQL, but the development time....06:10
frybyeslow net is a bummer though...06:10
rdw200169frybye, yeah, i have TimeWarner Cable Roadrunner too! (it's garbage, btw)06:11
frybyein berlin (brit. a.force veteran-) with a 16.000adsl - no probs this end...06:11
=== gaintsura_ is now known as gaintsura
rdw200169frybye, they absolutely refuse to put another hub in our neighborhood, or to run new coax, so the entire neighborhood is on garbage ineternet06:11
rdw200169frybye, yeah, i live in N. Manhattan NYC,06:12
MeVsTheVoicesfrybye: Would you please pastebin the output of this /proc/asound/card0/codec#006:12
zacheraHoly crap.06:12
zacheraThere's a lot of people in here!06:12
sellyoursouli'm not really here06:12
zacheraI bet there's one person here from every *big* country.06:12
frybyeno such file or directory???06:12
ssgttrying to move into linux, unbuntu specifically..........I used ndisgtk to install wireless driver, lspci shows the radio, lshw -C network says unclaimed.......from what I can tell the card is not turned on...how do I turn it on?????06:13
sellyoursouli'm from a small island06:13
bluefox83zachera, this is definitely not for the cyber-agoraphobic06:13
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, generally, ALSA is usually set up already for 5.1, it's just getting PulseAudio to output it (i.e. use the correct device)06:13
Bsimssyockit: I got a love for posgrel06:13
frybyewas that the whole of the command "   /proc/asound/card0/codec#0  " - ??06:13
zacherabluefox83: Well, I was just on my way out the door..06:13
trentjsHey i need some assistance with installing Lan Drivers, i am having issues fining drivers06:13
Bsimssyockit: but i was formaly trained in SQL/40006:13
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, i've gotten Pulse Audio to work work, simultaneously, on 3 devices, it's a fantastic piece of softare06:13
* zachera runs out the door06:13
bluefox83wow...wonder if i had anything to do with that...lol06:14
syockitOh, now I realized that Base hung.06:14
MeVsTheVoicescat /proc/asound/card0/id sorry06:14
frybyerdw200169: should that have been gedit /proc/asound/card0/codec#0 or similar...?06:14
frybyeok have it..06:15
rdw200169frybye, do what MeVsTheVoices suggests06:15
MeVsTheVoicesWhat is?06:15
rdw200169frybye, he is a smart man06:15
MeVsTheVoicesfrybye: What did it spit back at you06:15
frybyecat: /proc/asound/card0/codec#0: No such file or directory06:16
MeVsTheVoicescat /proc/asound/card0/id sorry06:16
* rdw200169 darns TimeWarner to the fiery pits of heck, fist waving in air06:16
Bsimsrdw200169: want to borrow Mr Ouchy06:16
alexb92hey guys, ive got an external hdd handy and it already has mac installed on there06:16
SensorHi, Do I need the alternate install CD to install 'without' gnome/kde/ ?06:17
* MeVsTheVoices to google06:17
alexb92so i was wondering, if i install ubuntu, would it be possible to run both operating systems from the external hdd?06:17
Bsimsrdw200169: its a barbed wire wrapped ball bat dipped in hot sauce and rolled in rock salt06:17
MeVsTheVoicesfrybye: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25138006:17
FlannelSensor: You need a non-desktop CD, yes.06:17
Bsimsalexb92: possibly06:17
MeVsTheVoicesfrybye: Your 'parently not the only one06:17
BsimsSensor: yeah I actually prefer the alternate cd, as I got started with Debian06:17
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, dang you and your fast internet, dang you!06:17
sellyoursoulalexb92:  you running osx on a pc?06:17
MeVsTheVoicesfrybye: There is a few solutions posted in people's replies06:18
rdw200169MeVsTheVoices, the page was still loading for me!06:18
SensorBsims, thanks. Is the minimal only if your internet connection is slow?06:18
rdw200169frybye, there's also this one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=371697006:18
_Vi_sellyoursoul: like that's so rare06:18
sellyoursouli'm just asking because i was thinking about trying it.06:18
FlannelSensor: No, the minimal is the alternate CD installer, without any packages on the CD itself (so it downloads everything off the internet)06:18
BsimsSensor: it will leave you with a command line install and expect you to install the rest yourself06:18
FlannelBsims: That's not true.06:19
FlannelWell, it could be.  But isn't necessarily true.06:19
_Vi_sellyoursoul: hehe06:19
* Bsims nods true enough...06:19
Bsimson both sides06:19
SensorFlannel, thanks.06:19
FlannelBsims: It gives you identical options to the alternate CD.06:19
BsimsSensor: lets turn this around what do you want?06:19
sellyoursoul_Vi_:  i'm not sure how well it would work on my single core cpu and anemic ram06:19
frybyerdw200169: soloutions tend to be for older versions of ubuntu..hmmm..?06:19
rdw200169Sensor, why not just install ubuntu-server without any of the server options, w/the linux-generic package, it's exactly what your talking about06:19
BsimsSensor: and remember Ubuntu will mail you the cd/dvd06:20
Bsimsfor free06:20
rdw200169frybye, yes, but the PulseAudio configurations persist06:20
SensorBsims, I want an install without a desktop.06:20
Flannelrdw200169: As is the alternate CD with a command line install.06:20
_Vi_sellyoursoul: better than vista i would think, but that's OT for here :)06:20
* Bsims nods sounds like you want the server version06:20
alexb92sellyoursoul: yes i am , i have the retail dvd and it works06:20
rdw200169Flannel, yes, but that's difficult...06:20
Flannelrdw200169: Er... no?06:20
Sensorrdw200169, the server is the same install without the desktop?06:20
jgreenhey rdw20016906:20
BsimsOr take a normal version and remove X06:20
rdw200169Flannel, well, i guess no harder than installing linux-generic post-install of ubuntu-serer06:20
BsimsSensor: you are wanting a command line only version?06:20
sellyoursoulalexb92:  does it work well, or is it just a play thing?06:21
Flannelrdw200169: Its easier.  Select "install a command line system" from the boot menu.06:21
rdw200169jgreen, hey06:21
Flannelrdw200169: No swapping of kernels or anything afterwards.06:21
alexb92what do u mean?06:21
jgreenback to the gd issue... I have gd talking to apache the issue is its old06:21
jgreenand when I look at PPAs they might be the same old gd packages06:21
* Bsims tends to favor X and either wmaker or lxde for servers that way I have X if I need it06:21
sellyoursoulalexb92:  i mean does it run well, without any major problems?06:21
rdw200169jgreen, that's a matter i cannot solve, reluctantly.06:22
SensorBsims, yes, I've done it already by 'removing' the desktop afterwards but wanted it done initially.06:22
jgreenI know06:22
rdw200169jgreen, your only other option is probably installing the whole mess from source06:22
frybyerdw200169: so what does that mean about "PulseAudio configs persist..?" the problem cant be fixed or ??06:22
alexb92yeah it runs fine, the only thing it does do occasionally is disconnect from the internet which involves a reboot to fix06:22
jgreenI found this06:22
alexb92and sometimes settings change if i dont lock them06:22
alexb92but besides that it runs fine06:22
* Bsims nods as Flannel said install a command-line only system06:22
alexb92no problems at all06:22
frybyerdw200169: sorry I am a relative newbie and dont have that much background knowledge..06:22
_Vi_Bsims: wmaker is pretty nice, I like FVWM-Crystal too, and Icewm, flux is ok too i guess :)06:22
SensorBsims,Blannel,rdw thanks for your help, gotta headache for now. goodbye.06:23
jgreenI tried it... I probably have to get rid of a bunch of modules06:23
rdw200169frybye, what i mean is, the tips about how to change the pulseaudio configuration should not change06:23
FlannelSensor: You want the alternate CD.  There's an option (in the F5 menu on recent versions... maybe f4?  One of them) to install a "command line only" system.  That's exactly what you want.06:23
jgreenin order to make it compile properl06:23
frybyei c thanks rdw20016906:23
Bsims_Vi_: heh install lxde if only for its filemanager... thats a loverly bit of software06:23
frybyeill go try this stuff.. c u06:23
_Vi_got that too06:23
rdw200169frybye, if you pastebin your pulseaudio config, i can try to help06:23
sellyoursoulalexb92:  i have to try that.  you say you're running from an external drive.  you have any info (a link) on doing that?06:23
alexb92no i dont06:24
alexb92but if ur willing06:24
alexb92i can help u install it on ur computer if u wish06:25
sellyoursouli'm willing.  let's go.06:25
afrokencan anyone help with nvidia driver? installing driver with synaptic, then reboot ,intrepid said not nvidia modules found ,06:25
* _Vi_ bonks alexb92 on the head with his grammar wand!06:25
miranda_psidoes anyone know why the compiz 3d cube would suddenly have performance problems?06:25
bsusai have 1 ubuntu machine and a Myrhbuntu machine and im trying to get samba working to views shares on each one, i have set it up and i cannot see anything. I dont understand what im doing wrong, can somone help me please06:26
alexb92sorry but do u have msn or someother im to make it easier?06:26
MeVsTheVoicesmiranda_psi: Uhh, its a spinning cube that hold all your window data in a 3d space, performance problems seem imminent06:26
Flannelalexb92: It's preferred that you keep it in the channel.06:26
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
rdw200169miranda_psi, you may want to try #compiz-fusion06:27
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
_Vi_!away > dzup-beback06:27
ubottudzup-beback, please see my private message06:27
miranda_psiMeVsTheVoices: It was running very smooth, then the next time I booted I had the problem06:27
MeVsTheVoicesmiranda_psi: Ohh that kind06:27
miranda_psirdw200169: thanks - will do06:27
rdw200169afroken, which one did you install?06:27
bsusai can see the myhbuntu shares in Windows but i cant see anything in the ubuntu machine06:28
afrokenrdw200169, nvidia-glx06:28
alexb92if not its ok i can still guide u through here06:28
alexb92although if u want06:28
rdw200169afroken, what card do you have?06:28
afrokenGeForce 8600 GT06:28
alexb92u can download a free version of mac osx06:28
rdw200169afroken, get nvidia-glx-new06:28
alexb92but it does have some set backs06:29
rdw200169!nvidia | afroken06:29
ubottuafroken: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto06:29
phant0mHey all, i just downloaded ubuntu 8.10, and i chose the "Install inside windows" option, now how do i boot it?06:29
afrokenrdw200169, ok, btw , i also tried letting ubuntu download it itslef (thru enabling desktop effects with the same reuslts)06:29
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.06:29
u5hwhat is the dbus remedy for diplomatic purposes06:29
trentjsso i am having issues finding attansic L1 gigabit drivers can anyone point me in the right direction06:30
SensorHi again. I wish to build software in an isolated environment and keep my regular system seperate... Is installing via alternate cd in a seperate partition, then chrooting into it for building the best approach?06:30
afrokenrdw200169, i was following this wiki, except i run into this problem...06:30
phant0mHey all, i just downloaded ubuntu 8.10, and i chose the "Install inside windows" option, now how do i boot it?06:30
FlannelSensor: Virtualization may be a better approach.06:30
u5hyou can do it in virtualbox if you like06:30
scuniziSensor, why not just install something like virtual box or vmware and do it there in a vm?06:31
u5hthat may be quicker for you06:31
alexb92phantom: you can just reboot once its done06:31
rdw200169afroken, can you pastebin the output of /var/log/Xorg.0.log?06:31
afrokenrdw200169, that wiki said " Intrepid Ibex uses only nvidia-glx "06:31
u5hwhen dbus goes wild06:31
u5hit attacks06:31
alexb92and it will give u 2 choices for which to choose from06:31
rdw200169afroken, sorry, didn't know that, i'm still on 8.04 ;)06:31
alexb92there should be ubuntu and windows xp or something like that06:31
sellyoursouli got disconnected.06:31
SensorVirtualization, thanks...been there... is that going to give you all your hardware info?06:31
u5hi used to think linux was complex like the nethers of the womankind06:31
u5hit turns out that it functions of sheer necessity06:31
alexb92thats fine06:32
SensorI thought if I chrooted I'd have all the /proc and /dev needed to build.06:32
phant0myeah i re-booted my PC, on XP now. How do i boot ubuntu?06:32
u5hubuntu seems to work as if hounded by a cuckold06:32
alexb92sellyoursoul: is there other means of contacting u besides the forum?06:32
rdw200169afroken, regardless, that pastebin output would still be helpful06:32
alexb92i will just clog it up with stuff if i have to explain it here thats all06:32
afrokenrdw200169, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108465/  thanks06:33
phant0mill restart one more time. ill be back..06:33
u5hi wonder how the sparrows sings to sudo06:33
MethinXany terminal based torrent download Programs?06:33
Geoffrey2ok, what's the name of the command line app that you can use to modify the resolution and size of pictures?06:34
u5hfeh? gv?06:34
chronofirei installed ubuntu just yesterday and i wanted to install some of these gtk themes i see on gnome-look.org the guides told me where to place the files but ubuntu says the theme will not load correctly because i dont have a theme engine installed. Hwere can i find the engine?06:34
scuniziGeoffrey2, imagemagick06:34
bsusai need some samba help please, its driving me crazy06:34
u5hmaybe not feh06:34
MethinXthank you for the speedy reply06:34
Geoffrey2scunizi, thanks :)06:34
scuniziGeoffrey2, and some the the things related to it.. convert etc.06:34
=== crash is now known as Guest63523
afrokenchronofire, i think you can on gnome-look.org06:34
chronofireim not sure i looked and coundt find the actual engine06:35
scuniziGeoffrey2, you might also look at Mapivi as a gui alternative.. lossless edits..06:35
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
rdw200169afroken, ah, its still trying to use the nv driver, (the open source one), you need it to use the nvidia one!06:35
sellyoursoulman, i'm getting disconnected a lot tonight.06:35
afrokenrdw200169, how?06:35
u5hpython sucks!06:35
bsusasamba sucks 206:35
Sensorflannel/scunizi thanks.06:35
afrokenchronofire, which engine do you need?06:35
scunizisellyoursoul, that's cause you sellyoursoul.. :)06:35
alexanderyes samba sucks06:35
rdw200169afroken, can you post the contents of /etc/X11/xorg.conf?06:35
scuniziSensor, np..06:36
u5hwhat does samba even do06:36
chronofireafroken:  i am not sure i wanted to installed some GTK 2.x themes06:36
u5hit never came up so i never looked06:36
bsusais ther an easy way to get ubuntu sharing with ubuntu06:36
decayguys, i installed hddtemp...but i have to run it as sudo...(sudo hddtemp)...is there way i can run it as a regular user?06:36
sellyoursoulalexb92:  you still in here?06:36
u5hbsusa: sftp06:36
alexb92sellyousoul: lol thats alright might be the heat06:36
rdw200169alexander, i disagree, Samba is fantastic (because it CAN work), it's windows file sharing that sucks!06:36
u5has in FTP through SSH06:36
alexb92yeah im stil here06:36
=== c_webkit is now known as dragon_flam
rdw200169alexander, for example, did you know that XP has problems sharing with Vista?   (What the heck??)06:37
alexb92in sydney right now its 103 f06:37
u5hmeaning start your ssh daemon, if it doesn't work, figure out why06:37
afrokenrdw200169,  the xorg was created by intrepid when it couldn't find the modules (it suggested creating a new one) so it's pretty empty, i'll paste the original first and the one created by ubuntu second06:37
alexanderi belive that06:37
sellyoursoulit's cold here.06:37
u5hconfigure it like you know what you're doing06:37
afrokenrdw200169, original: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108466/06:37
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
alexandervista is a failure :p06:37
alexb92rwd1002169: not necessarily06:37
sellyoursouli'm in us, oklahoma06:37
alexb92depends on the setup06:37
scuniziafroken, even on a smooth install xorg is pretty empty on inrepid06:37
bsusai need to make shared folders becouse im sharing a folder over a network that mythvideo will use06:37
alexb92sellyoursoul: oh right nice, whats the time there btw?06:38
rdw200169afroken, well, that's all correct, you must have shown me an old Xorg.0.log file, can you show me the one with the most recent timestamp?06:38
afrokenrdw200169, this is my current xorg06:38
u5hbsusa: i gave you your answer06:38
sellyoursoulit's like 1 or something.  i still don't have my clock figured out.06:38
sellyoursoul1 am06:38
=== crash is now known as Guest71942
bsusathats ftp though06:38
bsusaisnt it?06:38
u5hwhat's the difference06:39
alexanderquestion about samba actually if no one minds :p, how do i set up so that i have full control of the folders inside my shared folder??06:39
rdw200169afroken, ah, from the old one, it specifies the video driver, the new one does not06:39
scuniziafroken, that looks pretty normal06:39
u5hshared folders are the same thing06:39
afrokenrdw200169, i used the old xorg - got "no nvidia modules found" and rebooted into the current xorg06:39
SensorIf I wish to chroot, is there any advantage an install (into partition) vs. using debbootstrap? I trust the alternate CD more than a debootstrap script.06:39
alexb92sellyoursoul: ohk here its 5:40pm friday06:39
bsusahow can i enter a network path in a program if i use ftp?06:39
rdw200169afroken, that, is strange06:39
scunizirdw200169, afroken check out xrandr as the control mechanism for video..06:39
prometI have a few sound module questions, anyone hip to the "lsmod" output of sound modules?06:40
rdw200169afroken, the new one is using the nv driver, the log for the old one, is probably in Xorg.1.log (etc...)06:40
sellyoursoulalexb92:  do the kangaroos hide out when it's hot?06:40
bsusaim using mythvideo over a network, so if i enter a network folder in the video storage section it should come up with the videos in it, without a path it wont work06:41
afrokenrdw200169, i tried to enable nvidia on this new one as well, so i guess the log would refer to the new one06:41
u5hdoes anybody play xmoto06:41
rdw200169afroken, can you verify if the nvidia.ko file even exists?06:41
afrokenrdw200169, sure, tell me how?06:41
u5hbsusa: so figure out what the path is06:41
rdw200169afroken, for example, if you modprobe nv, then hit the tab key a few times, it *should* mention nvidia as an option06:42
afrokenrdw200169, lsmod | grep nvidia06:42
afroken gives nothing06:42
alexb92sellyoursoul: they usually sleep in the bushes or near the water banks to cool down otherwise they are always on the move06:42
rdw200169afroken, of course, it's not loaded!06:42
bsusai cant but ftp://Mythbuntu/videos as a path06:42
afrokenrdw200169, nvidia-agp  nvidiafb    nvram06:42
u5htype "ifconfig"06:43
u5hlook for your IP06:43
u5hmake sure you know what port it goes through on06:43
=== crash is now known as Guest91604
FlakHey, whats the best method to burn an ubuntu .iso: Session-At-Once, Track At Once, TAO with zero-pregap, or Raw writing?06:43
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
rdw200169afroken, interesting...06:43
nickrudFlak, right click, burn to disk (in ubuntu)06:43
alexanderhey guys is it possible to have something monitor one folder and if a new folder appears it would go in and unrar the files for my torrents = )?06:44
afrokenrdw200169, i will give you more background- i installed server then added xfce, finally added ubuntu-desktop so its not the most conventional system06:44
nickrudalexander, you could certainly write a script for that, but it's beyond the scope of this channel06:44
rdw200169afroken, well, as a (relatively) reliable back door, you can try installing nvidia drivers with envyng06:44
=== julio_ is now known as JulioNeto
alexanderoh any refrences i could read up on for that?06:44
alexanderi dont know where to start06:44
rdw200169afroken, it usually has a very high chance of success06:44
u5hrun a script06:45
afrokenrdw200169, ok, envy , apt-get install?06:45
u5hin cron06:45
nickrud!info abs-guide | alexander (and #bash might offer some help)06:45
ubottuabs-guide (source: abs-guide): The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 4.1-1 (intrepid), package size 1074 kB, installed size 4332 kB06:45
prometI think I need to blacklist some sound modules, but I'm not exactly sure which ones06:45
u5hthat checks the number of lines of an ls of that folder06:45
mininat hi ! i've been reading the "contribute" pages of Ubuntu's web site and i was wondering if there is any06:45
rdw200169afroken, yah, apt-get install envyng-gtk06:45
mininat                 task managment platform for ubuntero ?06:45
u5hyou're on your way kid ;)06:45
alexanderill check it out see what i get :p06:45
Sensorafroken, is your install the same as if I use the Alternate CD, then install X and XFCE4 ?06:45
afrokenrdw200169, but if envy gets it wrong can i undo the damage?06:45
alexb92sellyoursoul: are you still there?06:45
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
sellyoursouli'm here06:46
scuniziafroken, do you have an 8 series or 9 series video card?06:46
sellyoursouli messaged you06:46
rdw200169afroken, i'm not sure, i've never tried, i usually end up installing from the nvidia website...06:46
afrokenSensor, i used the server version , but it should be the smae06:46
bsusaftp:// it shows no folders06:46
rdw200169afroken, but that's *always* a pain for me06:46
jim_phello people06:46
u5hi have a 35 series video card06:46
u5hso suck it06:46
nickrudalexander, after you install that package the guide will be at /usr/share/doc/abs-guide06:46
clarks[   30.056256] hub 5-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 7 <---what is the problem of this?06:46
jim_pwhat is the best kernel to use on a k8 cpu?06:46
dragon_flamwhats an html string.. plz ans to me and reply.. viz dragon_flam: yes its..... this format cause its difficult to trace thanks for co-operating :)06:46
afrokenscunizi, not sure, i didnt buy the machine06:46
nickrudjim_p, the generic one, it adapts to the cpu06:47
Sensorafroken, thank you.06:47
jim_pnickrud, yea i was thinking of replacing that one06:47
alexandernickrud: by package name you mean cron right?06:47
nickrudjim_p, you could certainly compile a custom one, but it's not necessary06:48
scuniziafroken, sudo lshw will tell you what kind of card.. the latest nvidia drivers work much better than the 173 or 177 driver.. I believe if you add the medibuntu repos they have the latest driver (180.xx) available.06:48
nickrudalexander, abs-guide06:48
afrokenSensor I wouldnt recommend it, i ran into endless problems thats why i ended installin ubuntu-desktop06:48
jim_pnickrud, and generic does not adapt! it has more options to include all sorts of cpus06:48
ateamciao a tutti06:48
rdw200169scunizi, true that, you06:48
rdw200169scunizi, *yo ;)06:48
Sensorafroken, you mean with the server install? I ended up going to xubuntu for the XFCE406:48
rebel_guii have nothing open that is using sound but when i open teamspeak im muted and cannot unmute06:48
alexandernickrud: ty i am working on that now and ill read up thanks for your help :p06:49
clarks[   30.056256] hub 5-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 7 <---what is the problem of this?06:49
nickrudjim_p, I've talked to the kernel guys here and they tell me otherwise. But it's all automagic stuff to me06:49
rdw200169Sensor, afroken, only difference b/w server and desktop is, A) the lack of ubuntu-desktop on one and B) the addition of linux-server on the other06:49
scunizirdw200169, I've installed the 180.11 for my 8200 direct from the nvidia site.. if done right it's pretty easy.. but getting to know what is right is a pain.06:49
afrokenSensor, i installed xfce4 and not xubuntu-desktop06:49
jim_pnickrud, give me a sec06:50
afrokenrdw200169, i didnt install ubuntu-desktop, just various grapgic packages06:50
mininatany task repatition platform for a devoted want-to-contribute ? :)06:50
rdw200169scunizi, i remember always having problems getting nvidia-glx-new cleared out so the kernel would load the correct module06:50
rdw200169afroken, i'm just clearing up the difference ;)06:50
scunizirdw200169, synaptic.. just uninstall everything nvidia06:50
nickrudjim_p, if you want a kernel that is tailored to your cpu and hardware only, you'll have to compile it yourself anyway06:50
spawnhaving trouble with my wireless card cant compile help http://pastebin.com/m442100b506:50
scunizirdw200169, but the install of the new driver needs to be done from a different tty with gdm shutdown06:51
rdw200169scunizi, there was a bug with nvidia-glx-new, a hidden file in /lib/linux-restircted-modules/.something06:51
chronofirei am trying to install this theme http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Vorta+Conky+and+Tint?content=92498 when i extract the files it only extracts the read me and the sample jpeg06:51
Sensorthnkx afroken,rdw06:51
jim_pnickrud, having checked here http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/linux-image , it seems that there is no specific kernel for my needs06:51
rebel_guiwith pulseaudio i can killall pulseaudio to stop any service using audio, how can i do this with Esound?06:51
Sensorafroken, which problems did you experience with your install ?06:52
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
bsusai have 1 ubuntu machine and a Myrhbuntu machine and im trying to get samba working to views shares on each one, i have set it up and i cannot see anything. I dont understand what im doing wrong, can somone help me please06:52
afrokenscunizi, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108470/ this is the output which series is it?06:53
afrokenSensor, i couldn't get sound working06:53
bsusaanyone here familiar with samba?06:53
selyoursoulmy dns keeps resetting back to the isp dns.  ahhhh!06:54
afrokenSensor, I gave up after i saw that people with similar situation in the forums couldnt solve it (minimal install ,no sound)06:54
rebel_guiwith pulseaudio i can killall pulseaudio to stop any service using audio, how can i do this with Esound?06:54
scuniziafroken, check out the line that begins with "Product"..  it's a gforce 8600gt.. it would work better with the newer driver.06:54
jef_buntudo you know where I could find the geekest one that could help me setting up a way to boot a pentium II (that has only a network card and a keyboard [no screen]) if my other machine is a laptop...I have a hub also06:54
jim_pchronofire, will you give me a sec to think?06:54
afrokenscunizi, so what do u recommend?06:55
bsusaselyoursoul: set them manually06:55
hobbes0071hi guys, what do i need to do to get ubuntu to detect a usb device?06:55
jim_pjef_buntu, can it boot from network?06:55
selyoursoulbsusa:  i did, to open dns06:55
jim_phobbes0071, it auto detects06:55
nickrudjim_p, yes. They stopped making kernels specifically for each kernel after the kernel provided techniques to identify the cpu and set itself up properly. They switched somewhere around 6.10 I think06:55
selyoursoulalexb92:  wb.  sorry, i keep getting disconnected.06:55
jef_buntujim_p: yes06:55
scuniziafroken, list the medibuntu repo's in your system .. refresh .. then you should have the nvidia 180 driver available.06:55
Sensorafroken, OK thanks. That's 8.1 or 8.04 lts?06:55
spawn_im having trouble installing my wireless im compiling the drivers http://pastebin.com/m442100b506:55
hobbes0071jim_p: it doesnt for a specific usb. not sure why.06:55
rdw200169afroken, generally, the xorg log will specify if a card is not compatible, that's why i was trying to get you to load the *correct* one06:55
selyoursouli thnk i'm good now.06:55
afrokenSensor intrepid06:55
jef_buntujim_p: i mean it should be, but i dont have a server settup yet06:56
jim_phobbes0071, for a spacific usb port?06:56
Sensorafroken, OK.06:56
hobbes0071jim_p: for a specific usb device. not port.06:56
scuniziafroken, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu06:56
jim_pjef_buntu, how will you boot that pc then?06:56
jim_pplease one at a time06:56
nickrud jim_p welcome to #ubuntu :)06:56
ac13Hi! When I turn on Normal graphics settings instead of None, Terminal and Emacs mess up and don't display the text properly. Is there a way to fix this?06:57
afrokenscunizi, rdw200169 i will try with the medibuntu repos and then see where i go from there06:57
MethinXany fun stuff like portable apps for USB thumb drives that Linux have?06:57
jef_buntujim_p: i could set up a server on my laptop i guess06:57
clarks[   30.056256] hub 5-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 7 <---what is the problem of this?06:57
rdw200169afroken, sounds good06:57
jim_phobbes0071, plug that usb device in and pastebin your lsusb06:57
clarksanyone can help with that..06:57
nickrudjim_p, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html06:57
clarksjim_p,  [   30.056256] hub 5-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 7 <---what is the problem of this?06:57
afrokenscunizi, added medibuntu - now apt-get what?06:57
SensorHi all, does anyone here have chroot experience for software building, I'd rather not virtualize.06:58
jim_pjef_buntu, will you give me a sec to find how an install over network is done?06:58
rdw200169afroken, apt-get update06:58
fgeek_necesito ayuda06:58
jef_buntujim_p:  sure! :D06:58
rdw200169afroken, and apt-get upgrade (it shoudl list the driver)06:58
lanoxx-does anyone know an opensource tool that can read files from a deleted ntfs drive?06:58
afrokenrdw200169, thanks06:58
jef_buntuI'm gonna take a look too06:59
ac13Anyone know answer to my question? By Normal I mean Visual Effects, btw. Thanks if anyone can help!06:59
rdw200169lanoxx-, well, there's PhotoRec06:59
jim_planoxx-, like recover them? testdisk or photorec06:59
jim_p!info testdisk06:59
scuniziafroken, I've gotta run.  I'll leave you with rdw200169.  He's up on all this too and quite capable.06:59
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.9-1.1 (intrepid), package size 1196 kB, installed size 3768 kB06:59
rdw200169thank jim_p06:59
afrokenscunizi, thank you06:59
selyoursoulfunny, i quit xanax07:00
jim_prdw200169, for what? :P07:00
hobbes0071jim_p: http://dpaste.com/112051/07:00
rdw200169jim_p, mentioning testdisk07:00
=== mehteenager is now known as MrObvious
Sensorscunizi, bfn07:00
rdw200169jim_p, that's what i was driving at ;)07:00
jef_buntujim_p: did I mention this old pentium II doesnt have any disk?07:00
decayguys, i installed hddtemp...but i have to run it as sudo...(sudo hddtemp)...is there way i can run it as a regular user?07:00
afrokenrdw200169, it wants to upgrade these: libpoppler-glib3 libpoppler3 libv4l-0 poppler-utils xserver-xorg-video-intel07:00
rdw200169jim_p, but i couldn't remember the name07:00
Sensorlanoxx - http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk07:00
rdw200169afroken, no nvidia?07:00
rdw200169they may have it under a different name07:01
lanoxx-jim_p, im just using testdisk, i ran it for hours today, it wont find the partition anymore, although i tried with various settings, yesterday i could still see it but not restore it because i always got status bad, then i tried to manually recreate the partition with fdisk and not testdisk cant see it anymore07:01
jim_pjef_buntu, well sorry if i did not notice that with all the fuss here. not even a hdd?07:01
selyoursoulalexb92:  i got myself a good connection this time, if you have the time.07:01
afrokenrdw200169, should i try "enable desktop effects"?07:01
jim_planoxx-, then you are done. forget your data07:01
rdw200169afroken, it won't help07:01
rdw200169afroken, any chance you can do a 'apt-cache search nvidia' and see if anything new shows up?07:02
Sensorlanoxx, how did you delete your drive?07:02
jim_pchronofire, are you still there?07:02
chronofirejim_p yes07:02
Kartagiswhen i right click on an address to open it in firefox, it is opened full screen. any ideas why?07:02
lanoxx-jim_p, isnt there anything07:02
jim_pchronofire, the package i downloaded has a .conkyrc, a tint configuration file and some scripts07:02
lanoxx-there always is, huh?07:02
jscinozHi im trying to set up squid to work transparently, however it does not appear to be working. This is the contents of my nat table in iptables: http://pastebin.com/f3ec27b2f and this is my squid.conf http://pastebin.com/f6fdb5310 What am i doing wrong?07:02
jim_planoxx-, if not even testdisk can do it, no07:02
rdw200169afroken, dang, no nvidia: http://packages.medibuntu.org/intrepid/index.html07:03
jef_buntujim_p: no   well, I have a USB one but probably I wont be able to boot with it07:03
lanoxx-jim_p, how about comercial products, do you have experience with any of them?07:03
chronofirejim_p what do i do with these files? the readme says to extract but when i do they dont all extract. im not quite sure how to get this theme running i cannot follow the read me07:03
jef_buntujim_p: and besides it a 1 TB07:03
rdw200169afroken, have you tried envyng yet?07:03
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
afrokenrdw200169, no - i'll try now..07:04
paul68is there a way to adapt the text colors in the default taskbars without adapting this for all the windows in the system?07:04
rdw200169paul68, whatup! hey, remember we were talking about python?07:04
jim_planoxx-, some crappy software for restoring data from flash cards only07:04
paul68rdw200169: yes I remember, I found a solution using foxyproxy for now07:05
jim_pchronofire, do you know what tint is in that picture?07:05
jim_pchronofire, i suppose you know what conky is07:05
rdw200169paul68, i think that was you anyway... trying to get proxy working?07:05
paul68rdw200169: yes it was me you still have a good memory my friend07:06
afrokenrdw200169, i need to chose between  | 0      | 177.82-0ubuntu0.1    and  | 173.14.12-1-0ubuntu4 | 173.14.12-1-0ubuntu407:06
lanoxx-jim_p, there worst part about this it that the partition got lost when i installed windows, thats so ironic, windows destroyed its own partition during a setup07:06
rdw200169paul68, i got it working, hold on07:06
Kartagiswhen i right click on an address in xchat to open it in firefox, it is opened full screen. any ideas why?07:06
chronofirejim_p, i thought this was just a theme pack07:06
selyoursoulwhy is my external drive telling me that there's data that needs to be written to the drive......every time i eject it?07:06
jim_pchronofire, tint is that taskbar thing on the bottom and only that07:06
rdw200169afroken, 177.8207:07
chronofirejim_p yea i figured this was two parts the bottom and the rest from what i read in the comments07:07
* rdw200169 repeats his fist waving at Time Warner Cable07:08
jim_pchronofire, let me rephrase. what you are supposed see there is not the gtk theme07:08
afrokenrdw200169, just trying to understand what i'm doing, 177 is a newer version?07:08
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quik__anyone ever used rsync or similar to sync files that have been recently modified?07:08
rdw200169afroken, yes07:08
chronofirejim_p then how do i load the tint and conky07:09
afrokenrdw200169, thanks07:09
rdw200169afroken, it's the latest that envyng offers07:09
jef_buntujim_p: do you think there could be any way?07:09
jim_pjef_buntu, will the machine boot from usb ?07:09
jim_pchronofire, you you have either of them installed?07:09
paul68rdw200169: do you have an idea on how to adapt the taksbars text color without interfearing with the rest of the systems menus?07:09
chronofirejim_p it says to just extract them to your home folder then restart them.07:09
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
jim_pchronofire, do YOU have conky and tint installed?07:10
rdw200169paul68, nope07:10
jef_buntujim_p: not like that...maybe if i could enter bios with a screen to see smth :S07:10
afrokenrdw200169, ok, envy did its thing, rebooting, thanks for help...07:10
chronofirejim_p no i do not07:10
jim_pchronofire, then ?07:10
rdw200169paul68, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108477/07:10
chronofireso these files are themes for two programs called tint and conky?07:11
jef_buntujim_p: when i boot, wont the bios try to see on the lan if there any server?07:11
paul68rdw200169: ok no worries found a cool way to have conky running and an embedded terminal on my desktop and was wondering if I could adapt the textcolor of my menubars without changing it systemwide, you can't have it all lol07:11
rdw200169paul68, i just don't think it's possible with the way gconf does things07:11
rdw200169paul68, i think ( i dpn'07:11
rdw200169paul68, whoops, i don't know though, if that's possible, i just doubt it strongly07:12
jim_pchronofire, lets start from the begining! CONKY is that stats bar that is on the top of the screenshot, TINT is that taskbar on the bottom of the screenshot. the rest in the screenshot, which is what you like, have nothing to do with conky or tint07:12
rebel_kidother than teamspeak what is a good voice conference server with a linux server and windows/linux/unix/mac clients07:12
r-cis there a way to update from 7.04 to 8.04 with a cd07:12
chronofirejim_p damn... so how do i make my ubuntu look like this then07:12
jim_pr-c, with 2 cds if you want07:13
paul68rdw200169: no problem my friend so run me through the pastbin please  do we do this in pvt?07:13
jim_pchronofire, find a blackish theme!07:13
r-cjim_p: 2 cd's ?07:13
afrokenrdw200169,  it worked ! what is that extra package i need for more effects? the one that comes with some icon ?07:13
nickrudr-c you'd have to go to 7.10 then 8.0407:13
rdw200169afroken, yay! it worked! yayay!07:13
r-ci have 7.04 on my system now07:13
afrokenrdw200169, thank you so much!07:14
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nickrud!upgrade | r-c this explains the steps you'd need.07:14
ubottur-c this explains the steps you'd need.: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes07:14
chronofirejim_p where can i find a blackish theme07:14
rdw200169afroken, if you do a 'apt-cache search compiz' it will tell you what's available07:14
jim_pr-c, use the alternative install cd of 7.10 to get to 7.10 from 7.04, and the alternative of 8.04 to get from 7.10 to 8.1007:14
jim_pchronofire, let me look lol07:14
afrokenrdw200169, i will , thanks07:14
rdw200169afroken, you also want to get compizconfig for *all* the config options07:14
jaaameshi guys, i broke grub in windows, can anyone help me with the quickest way just to boot back into windows?07:14
afrokenrdw200169, thanks07:14
rdw200169afroken, you may also want to look into emerald, for making your windows look more interesting07:14
rdw200169!emerald | afroken07:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about emerald07:15
robert__is there any instant messenger clients for ubuntu that support both voice mic and webcam?07:15
jim_pr-c, my mistake.... *to get from 7.10 to 8.0407:15
chronofirejim_p alrite thanks07:15
rdw200169paul68, what do you think?07:15
robert__i know skype supports mic and amsn webcam, but i want something that supports both07:15
jim_pskype does camera07:15
paul68rdw200169: looks good just a question where do I implement this and what do you mean with the network "belkin" linksys?07:16
jim_pif your cam does not work with skype, its another story07:16
krizewmlzeskype support webcam and videocall07:16
robert__skype doesn't work with my camera07:16
rdw200169paul68, those are examples, you can mangle those statements for whatever networks you want07:16
rdw200169paul68, what is the name of your wireless device?07:16
jim_phobbes0071, are you still there? what are the 2 devices that i see in lsusb?07:16
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
robert__right now i'm using skype for voice and amsn for webcam07:17
paul68rdw200169: or do you mean by that network name with ssid x07:17
alexanderhow do i get samba to allow me to edit the files inside the folders inside shared folder, so i set write to shared, but it does not let me edit /shared/folder/myfile.txt ??07:17
rdw200169afroken, http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Decorators/Emerald, sudo apt-get install emerald07:17
rdw200169paul68, ssid07:17
robert__i'm looking for something that works for both07:17
wemdowemdI know this isn't quite the right place to ask, but I figured you'd all be knowledgable on open software, and know about portableapps. I need a portable image viewer that allows for library creation. Cornice portable is good but it only goes through file directories - no tagging or overall list creation. This is vista by the way. If it's an annoyingly offtopic question feel free to direct me...07:17
wemdowemd...away :)07:17
jim_pchronofire, look for the slickness theme. i dont like it, but you may do. its all black07:17
afrokenrdw200169, great! thanks07:17
bsusahello can someone please help me with samba?07:18
paul68rdw200169: ok so if I understand you correctly then when I am at work and the SSID is there EBS I change the network from Linksys into EBS correct07:18
MeVsTheVoicesDon't ask to ask, just ask07:18
bsusai have 1 ubuntu machine and a Myrhbuntu machine and im trying to get samba working to views shares on each one, i have set it up and i cannot see anything. I dont understand what im doing wrong, can somone help me please07:18
rdw200169paul68, it's a pretty simple layout, you run the script, it checks what ssid is being used, according to NetworkManager, and based on the if statement that corresponds to the network name, it runs the function to either setup or teardown the proxy07:18
chronofirejim-p, alrite i will check it out07:18
jim_pchronofire, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Slickness+Black?content=7321007:18
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paul68rdw200169: and how do I run this script automaticly?07:18
kerneloh SlicnesS theme is good.07:19
rdw200169if you tell me what the a) name of your wireless interface and b) the ssid's and which has a proxy, i can adjust the script accordingly07:19
r-cmy backup problem now is with thunderbird mail backup, does anyone know how to backup the mail?07:19
maodunhow can i get a package's info (like version information) via apt-get? for example, i know ubuntu has package libqt4-dev, but i would like extended information on that package (is it qt 4.1 or qt 4.3?).07:19
MethinXhow do I send an instant message through the network to my other computer in terminal?07:19
jim_pmaodun, apt-cache show packagename07:19
Flannelmaodun: apt-cache show package (or showpkg for less description more packaging info)07:19
jef_buntujim_p: ???07:19
chronofirejim_p hm not bad i guess but howcome it looks so much different then the other one? Tint and Conky are nothing visual?07:20
jaaamescan someone help me fix my mbr so i can just boot windows, i broke grub using partition manager?07:20
maodunthanks jim_p and Flannel!07:20
rdw200169paul68, you can /msg me that if you wanat07:20
jeeves_Mosshow do I recover everything in a directory that I just deleted by acident?07:20
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
MethinXhow do I send an instant message through the network to my other computer in terminal?07:20
rdw200169paul68, then, you just run the script right quick to switch it, for example, this can be done in System -> Preferences -> Sessions07:20
jim_pchronofire, tint is a taskbar thing and conky is a system monitor07:21
ph0t0nixHi all, I've got a printing problem here. I connected to an HP2420 laserjet which is detected alright. However it doesn't print. /var/log/messages shows errors related to ecryptfs07:21
jeeves_Mosshow do I recover everything in a directory that I just deleted by acident?07:21
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rdw200169rdw200169, this is too simple to run in the background as a loop that is checking for what network it's on...07:21
chronofirejim_p ohhh okay i get it07:21
paul68rdw200169: wireless at work is EBS and has proxy wireless at home SSID thuis wireless interface is eth107:21
MethinXdoes anyone know how to send instant message in terminal to other networked computers?07:21
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
rdw200169paul68, ok, gimme a sec, and i'll pastebin the change07:22
jim_pjef_buntu, can i pm you?07:22
energYHow do I setup wireless thorugh terminaL?07:22
paul68rdw200169: ok thanks07:22
ph0t0nixenergY: use iwconfig07:22
afrokenrdw200169, what do you call the alt-tab function in compiz?07:22
ph0t0nixenergY: and/or /etc/network/interfaces07:23
=== SkG is now known as [SkG]
chronofirejim_p i like this theme http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GAIA?content=63246 is it hard to install it looks like it has several different things07:23
energYThe keyring is asking me for the old password. Why?07:24
nickrudjim_p, in your sudden flurry of helping out, I'm not sure you got this: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2006-August/019983.html it's the discussion about why there's no k8/k7 etc builds in ubuntu anymore07:24
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jim_pnickrud, yea i noticed it. thanks07:25
N3oXidHi everyone.07:25
energYHi N3oXid.07:25
jim_pchronofire, just download the 1st link and the one that says metacity next to it07:26
N3oXidIs someone using a wusb600n WiFi usb key with intrepid ?07:26
jim_pchronofire, if you care, i use shiftie july redmond since last summer. i find it nice07:26
N3oXidI can't get this WiFi usb key working...07:26
jaaamesguys, i've broken grub, and my cd drive is broken so i can use my windows cd to fix my mbr, any suggestiosn?07:27
chronofirejim_p sorry dont kno what that is. is it a theme>?07:27
Gneahey guys, what's the command to see what command that's not installed belongs to a package?07:27
jim_pchronofire, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Shiftie+July+Redmod?content=8735907:28
FlannelGnea: apt-file07:28
jim_pGnea, apt-file? but it will take ages to update its db before searching07:28
FlannelGnea: packages.ubuntu.com may be easier (second fieldset)07:29
energYCan I remove all the sources from the repo list?07:29
MethinXdoes anyone know how to send instant message in terminal to other networked computers?07:29
FlannelenergY: you could, but it wouldn't be very useful.07:29
N3oXidI can see a new interface (ra0), since I havec loded the correct module, but the WiFi dosent work.07:29
chronofirejim_p cool im going to see if i can get these to work07:29
* Gnea installs and runs apt-file update07:29
energYFlannel: Why not?07:29
GneaFlannel: thanks :)07:29
rdw200169paul68, http://paste.ubuntu.com/108481/07:29
FlannelenergY: Because you'd.... never get any updates?  Oh, you mean deb-src?07:29
Gneajim_p: not worried about it taking awhile07:29
energYFlannel: I can't compile, and apt-get update is slooow...07:29
rdw200169paul68, you should test it real quick on the terminal, i.e. python file.py or whatever07:30
energYFlannel: yes, the ones with sourcecode. That is about haf of my repos.07:30
FlannelenergY: Right, deb-src, yeah, remove those without thinking twice.07:30
jim_pchronofire, http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Shiftie+July?content=83591             this is what my bro has07:30
MethinXdoes anyone know how to send instant message in terminal to other networked computers?07:30
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GneaenergY: what are you on? a 486?07:30
MeVsTheVoicesMethinX: Wall07:30
MethinXwhats wall?07:30
MeVsTheVoicesMethinX: Bottom of 'man wall'07:30
MethinXok thanks07:30
tijoevhaving trouble with 8.10 install07:30
paul68rdw200169: thanks under what name do I save this file?07:30
rdw200169paul68, you can even switch around what it does in the bottom of the file to see if it works right, i.e. if switch 'var_proxy_on' woth 'var_proxy_off' the test will change07:30
chronofirejim_p yea these look cool but i cant get them to work lol im new to this07:31
transportercan somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:31
Gneatijoev: please explain07:31
rdw200169paul68, whatever you want07:31
jim_pchronofire, why?07:31
rdw200169paul68, for example, i used netman.py07:31
tijoevfirst off, the partion program sees my ide drives as scsi07:31
tijoevi get sda, sdb, sdc, and sdd instead of hda, hdb, hdc, and hda07:31
Gneatijoev: that's normal, it's using a scsi-emulation. it's a good thing.07:31
rdw200169paul68, the bang at the top (#!/usr/bin/python) tells bash it's a python file, so if you give it execute (chmod +x) it will run w/python, even if you don't give it an extension07:32
energYGnea: Why is it emulating scsi?07:32
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tijoevdo I leave grub set to the default hd(0) or change it to sdc?07:32
Gneatijoev: the way it works now, every storage device is now scsi, so it all gets put in a chain, so you can throw ide, sata and scsi at it and it'll just order them neatly07:32
rdw200169paul68, this can also run as user, so you don't need to use sudo07:32
rdw200169paul68, since it's only changing a gconf setting (yay!)07:33
Gneatijoev: it should be whatever sdc is mapped to in /boot/grub/device.map07:33
chronofirejim_p im just not sure what i am supposed to do with the files i tried to put them in my template folder then open them07:33
transportercan somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:33
paul68rdw200169: ok and now I just adapt it in my sessions and tell it to run and then I should be good to go right?07:33
=== more is now known as less
tijoevcan't tell because I cannot boot07:33
rdw200169paul68, it works in 8.04, it may throw dbus errors in 8.10, i don't know, if it does, i'm sorry07:33
rdw200169paul68, test it in the terminal real quick07:33
paul68rdw200169: no problem ok07:34
GneaenergY: sanity.07:34
rdw200169paul68, if it doesn't have any errors, then yes07:34
Gneatijoev: then I'm not sure where you're at in the installation process...07:34
rdw200169paul68, the only problem is, that it must actually be connected to a wireless network to work, sometimes, NetworkManager doesn't connect until *after* the session starts07:34
tijoevwell, I partion my HDs then move forward07:34
chronofirejim_p i tried to install this one i sent you and its only chaning the top of windows07:34
tijoevset up a user account and password07:35
jim_pchronofire, extract them until you have a file with the themes name, and one or two subfolders inside it, named metacity and gtk207:35
tijoevthen there is a screen that reviews entries07:35
rdw200169paul68, what you can do, is put a launcher on your taskbar to run that script, or, you can make a cronjob to run that script every 5 minutes or something07:35
paul68rdw200169: ok07:35
tijoevthere is an advanced button for grub and proxy setup07:35
jim_pchronofire, then this is the window border theme.07:35
tijoevI click the buuton for grub and point it at sdc07:35
chronofirejim_p shouldnt more have changed then just the border07:35
tijoevwhich has all my necessary partitions07:36
paul68rdw200169: thanks my friend I will play arround with it and let you know what the outcome is work is calling again lol07:36
rdw200169paul68, good luck!07:36
tijoevthen I continues with the install07:36
tijoevget to the restart button07:36
jim_pchronofire, what file did you download?07:36
tijoev restart07:36
paul68rdw200169: thanks and see you next time07:36
rdw200169paul68, if you look closely at the script, it's pretty self explanatory (at least i tried to make it that way) so you can make chagnes07:37
paul68rdw200169: I saw it thanks07:37
tijoevand the boot fails at a revalidation error07:37
Gneatijoev: see if you can separate your steps with commas or something, you're making the channel scroll needlessly, please.07:37
tijoevmy though was grub07:37
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chronofirejim_pthe first one and the one that said metal something next to it like you said now i have a folder called GTK 2.0 and one that has three tar.gz files07:37
bullgard4Last night I visited a local Ubuntu Club, used my laptop computer T42 with NetworkManager and left it hibernating. Today I thawed it at home in my LAN with DSL access. Now my T42 cannot ping to neighboring computer in this LAN and Firefox reports: "Firefox can't find the server at www.gnome.org." But Firefox at address  http://fritz.box.fon states also: "Internet connected since 25 min to IP address" What goes wrong here?07:37
Gneatijoev: so let me get this straight - you installed to sdc, and now grub is giving an error on boot? or is it trying to boot grub?07:38
rdw200169bullgard4, is there anything in /etc/resolv.conf?07:38
jim_pchronofire, extract EVERYTHING until you get to files and folders. no tar.gz anywhere07:38
tijoevwell the boot fails. dunno if it is grub or boot. use to my old suse distro which used grub to boot07:39
Gneabullgard4: did you re-init your network connection?07:39
chronofirejim_p alrite now i have 4 folders one gtk-2.0 then the rest are gaia4Gnome folders07:40
Gneatijoev: and you're sure you install grub to the mbr of sdc?07:40
jim_pchronofire, give me the link again to download it andi will guide you with the same file07:41
tijoevtried installing grub to /dev/sdc and /dev/sdc/sdc1/. The same result07:41
tijoevsorry /dev/sdc2/ this my root partition07:41
Gneatijoev: what is your boot order in the bios?07:41
chronofirejim_p okay thanks http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GAIA?content=6324607:42
tijoevnot sure. i did not change anything in my bios. ubuntu recognized the old suse partition at sdc. just left them alone.07:42
jim_pchronofire, do you see that GAIA folder containing a gtk2 folder in it?07:43
tijoevdoes grub go to the root partition ?07:43
chronofirejim_p yea07:43
Gneatijoev: you should check your bios and make sure that sdc (probably ide-2) is set to boot after CDROM, or however you have it setup07:43
Gneatijoev: the boot order is very important. not usually, it should get installed to the mbr of the disk, not the partition, although it can07:44
jim_pchronofire, open a terminal, or alt+f2 and type                nautilus ~/.themes              and move that GAIA folder in there07:44
Gneatijoev: but i have to go - check your boot order and make sure it's booting from the right device07:44
tijoevthanks will do.07:45
chronofirejim_p okay done07:45
jim_pchronofire, check if you have the theme then07:46
chronofirejim_p how? by seeing if i can load it under the appearance preferences?07:47
chronofireit doesnt show up there07:47
chronofireor do i install it thru custom07:48
bullgard4Gnea: I do not know what do you mean by " re-init your network connection". Please elaborate.07:49
insaneinsidehdd health question: a SMART raw value for Load_Cycle_Count of 2693968065384 is a wee bit high for any internal drive, no?07:50
chronofirejim_p i got to someting again that says this theme will not look as intended becuase the required GTK+ theme engine is not installed07:51
jim_pchronofire, :'(07:51
bullgard4rdw200169: Yes. It's contents are: "search alien c-base.org cbrp.c-base.org c-base.org; nameserver"07:51
chronofirejim_p so what engine am i missing07:52
rdw200169bullgard4, can you use nslookup to find google.com?07:52
chronofirei tried installing several but none of themw orked07:52
jim_pchronofire, open a terminal and type this              cat .themes/GAIA/gtk-2.0/gtkrc | grep engine                and pastebin what it says07:52
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methodsHIRE ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!07:53
M3TAPHYS1CSanybody here have any idea what could be causing my laptop to restart over night? Im using the latest Ubuntu and have checked the power management settings and everything seems to be ok there..07:53
methods:] ???????????????????????????/07:53
chronofirejim_p it just says no such file or directory07:54
histoM3TAPHYS1CS, are you set to instlal update automatically or some script thats rebooting?07:54
histoM3TAPHYS1CS, You may want to check your logs in /var/log07:54
M3TAPHYS1CShmm how can i check07:54
M3TAPHYS1CSah ok07:54
bullgard4rdw200169: (c-base is the name of the local Ubuntu computer club.) '~$ nslookup google.com; ;; connection timed out; no services could be reached."07:54
jim_pchronofire, omg! give me the link again!07:54
histoM3TAPHYS1CS, probably be in your syslog07:54
chronofirejim_p http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GAIA?content=6324607:55
M3TAPHYS1CShisto, what am i looking for?07:55
rdw200169bullgard4, there's something wrong in your network setup, can you ping
CoUrPsE|DeAdCan i put my own menus on mt taskbars? o07:55
histoM3TAPHYS1CS, look back to a time in the middle of the night and see what happened right before it restarded07:55
CoUrPsE|DeAdCan i put my own menus on mt taskbars?  i cant find a option to add to panel menu.07:56
bullgard4rdw200169: No, I cannot ping
rdw200169you're gonna have to reinitiate your dhcp lease, most likely07:56
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
M3TAPHYS1CSintresting, theres logs labeled MARK pretty much every hour throughout the night histo07:56
bullgard4rdw200169: I canot even ping my neighboring computer in the same LAN.07:57
histoBULLE, neither can I07:57
rdw200169bullgard4, yeah, try ifdown <interfacename>07:57
rdw200169bullgard4, then ifup <interfacename>07:57
histobullgard4, wth is
rdw200169histo, it was the dns server reported by his resolv.conf file07:57
bullgard4histo: is an Internet address.07:58
MethinXany good torrent applications?07:58
histordw200169, thats a weird IP.  Have him try to use  as his dns address07:58
histobullgard4, its not responding though.  There is a problem with your DNS07:58
M3TAPHYS1CSMethinkx, kTorrent is pretty good07:58
rdw200169histo, it's likely whatever the dhcp server gave him, but i think he's on the wrong subnet anyway, so renew dhcp address07:58
histobullgard4, try using for dns07:58
CoUrPsE|DeAd42.42.42.1 doesnt exist.07:59
jim_pchronofire, it uses the picmap and mist theme engines. open synaptic and install             gtk2-engines-qtpixmap            and            gtk2-engines-mist07:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdWhen pinging to check connections, ping google.com or somethiong like that.07:59
rdw200169CoUrPsE|DeAd, it was probably on their private subnet, he had the computer at lug meeting, who knows what they did that07:59
rdw200169CoUrPsE|DeAd, we did that early07:59
rdw200169CoUrPsE|DeAd, didn't work07:59
jim_pchronofire, select some other theme meanwhile07:59
chronofirejim_p i think i did this altready bur le me check again08:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdTried setting nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf ?08:00
Burninghey guys how are we all08:00
histoCoUrPsE|DeAd, thats what I was trying to have them do. But i'm tied up right now. is one that can be used temporarily but it looks like he has dns problem.08:01
rdw200169CoUrPsE|DeAd, networking doesn't even work, so resolv.conf is a dead issue08:01
M3TAPHYS1CShisto: i may have just lost wireless connection that caused wget to close, is there a way i can disable the prompt asking me to enter a password?08:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdCant ping local ips either?08:01
CoUrPsE|DeAddoes ifconfig return a local ip?08:01
* rdw200169 waves fist at Timewarner Cable, for the third time (today)08:01
rdw200169CoUrPsE|DeAd, let's try dhcp'ing a new address first, this is the quickest way to a solution at this juncture08:02
rdw200169bullgard4, any luck?08:02
Burninghey guys how come my audio devices aint working?08:02
CoUrPsE|DeAdSure, sounds like its been set manually thou, so dhcp wont do crack, sounds like the ip and submask are for a diff network, hence no replys fromy anythinng.08:02
rdw200169CoUrPsE|DeAd, how do you know that?? you should ask him first!08:03
BurningCould some one help me...08:03
chronofirejim_p well i did have them both installed yet i get the same thing08:03
chronofirejim_p im just gna try tomorrow i spent all night trying to get this and it hasnt come out right now its late08:04
jim_pchronofire, i quit. chose one of the shiftie themes i showed you, they did not ask for eny engine to be installed08:04
jim_pchronofire, oh ok08:04
bullgard4rdw200169, histo I run '~$ sudo ifdown eth0'. I run '~$ sudo ifup eth0'. '~$ ping' works all right returning 70 ms.08:05
chronofirejim_p im not gunna lie lol those theme are one of the reasons i installed ubuntu08:05
PytlaskIs anybody aware of how to get HDAPS working? I'm using kernel 2.6.27-9-generic, and from everything I can find, it *should* work there (this is with a Lenovo T61 ThinkPad)08:05
jim_pchronofire, a theme?? and not compiz or something?08:06
rdw200169bullgard4, you should be on the interwebs now08:06
rdw200169bullgard4, can you ping google.com08:06
FlakHey, would someone be willing to take a quick look at this? Basically - I am trying to install ubuntu on my laptop. Here's what has happened: http://pastebin.com/m337e37dc08:06
chronofirejim_p well both i saw lot of nice screen shots and i wanted something like it08:07
jim_pchronofire, can i show you mine then?  http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/903/screenshotaq8.png08:08
FlannelFlak: Do you have any other computers you can try to verify the CDs with?08:08
jim_pi have only changed the desktop icons since then08:08
RabbitGI have a problem, why does eclipse run so slowly under ubuntu08:08
neil_dFlannel: have you check md5 checksums ?08:09
RabbitGI have a problem, why does eclipse run so slowly under ubuntu?08:09
jim_pRabbitG, did you set which java binary to use?08:09
FlakFlannel, none that have *nix installed, i have a windows XP machine that showed the 'Switch to Ubuntu!' window on the x64 CD08:09
rdw200169jim_p, very swank08:09
BlackDalekwhat is usplash?08:09
spawnhow do i overwrite a file08:09
RabbitGjava version "1.6.0_10"08:10
FlannelFlak: you don't need *nix installed, its an option on the CD (the boot menu, you know it)  boot to the CD, choose "Check CD for Defects"08:10
Flannelspawn: With what?08:10
bullgard4rdw200169: I cannot ping google.com. (But I can ping it from the neighboring computer in the same LAN.) I believe this is caused from the wrong address in resolv.conf.08:10
chronofirejim_p pretty nice08:10
Flannel!usplash | BlackDalek08:10
ubottuBlackDalek: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork08:10
jim_prdw200169, thanks. i now have a debian logo as a wall, got tired of cars :P08:10
jim_pthanks chronofire08:10
=== Marius is now known as Guest18610
FlakFlannel, ah yes, I know it too well. I haven't tried it on another machine - my only other one has been connected to irc screaming for help :)08:10
FlannelBlackDalek: Its the artwork displayed while booting (The Ubuntu logo with the orange progress bar)08:10
spawnFlannel http://pastebin.com/m26cf533708:11
rdw200169bullgard4, the dhcp server *SHOULD* have issued the correct address! what address are they using?08:11
trent1well i just installed ubuntu on my computer for the first time, and i must say i like it very much. except i have these six lines going down my screen that flicker08:11
RabbitGcan somebody help me with this problem08:11
RabbitGI have a problem, why does eclipse run so slowly under ubuntu?08:11
RabbitGjava version "1.6.0_10"08:11
rdw200169bullgard4, hold on, lemme get you the address for opendns08:11
error404notfoundcan I copy a file to a smaba shared without even mounting it?08:11
BlackDalekok fanx08:11
energYerror404notfound: Think so, smb4k08:12
jim_pRabbitG, yea, but is the system configured to use that java?08:12
rdw200169bullgard4, change it to this:
FlannelFlak: Until you have a CD that passes that check (on some computer), the other issues are secondary.  Try burning from a different computer?  If you downloaded the files from bittorrent, they're valid (bittorrent has a built in integrity check) isos08:12
error404notfoundenergY: using Terminal..08:12
jim_pRabbitG, and not some "alternative"08:12
rdw200169bullgard4, in your resolv.conf08:12
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository08:12
energYerror404notfound: x11 forwarding?08:12
rdw200169bullgard4, that's from opendns.com, a very very secure dns server08:13
Flannelspawn: You should check to see if that file already points to the proper location08:13
FlakI'll go check it on this computer - I'll be back in a few minutes (Flannel I hope you're still here, thanks for the help so far)08:13
PytlaskDoes anybody use HDAPS on their Thinkpad in order to stop disk write while it is in motion?08:13
bullgard4rdw200169: My DHCP server is Fritz!Box Fon (a German product). As DHCP did not work flawlessly, I issued fixed IP addresses for my local LAN, and this worked all right until this morning.08:13
rdw200169bullgard4, thanks for the backgroudn, that's fonera?08:13
spawnim updating drivers and i want to make sure its right so i just want to overwrite it Flannel08:13
error404notfoundenergY: that's not terminal.. I mean something like smbcopy08:13
rdw200169bullgard4, like, the fonera router?08:14
energYerror404notfound: You don't have a screen?08:14
trent1any ideas for a fixing my screen? its usable just very annoying...08:14
Flannelspawn: Alright, the proper way to do that would be to add f `ln -sf whatever` instead of ln -s whatever08:14
error404notfounderror404notfound: I have, I don't have a GUI08:14
energYtrent1: Is it full HD?08:14
bullgard4rdw200169: I do not know the word 'fonera'. Put your question in other words, please.08:14
FireFoxphonera it is08:14
energYerror404notfound: Talking to yourself?:P TWM is not that big...08:14
FireFoxthe free wifi initiative08:14
bullgard4rdw200169: I do not know anything about 'fonera router'.08:15
spawnthanks dude08:15
error404notfoundenergY: yup :P :D, naaah... I don't like any GUI, not even TUI,  CLI rocks :D08:15
energYbullgard4: They are a router provider08:15
rdw200169bullgard4, ah, i was thinking of something else08:15
rdw200169bullgard4, energY knows what i'm talking about ;)08:16
trent1no its not HD08:16
rdw200169bullgard4, so, you know the subnet, i'm assuming, so you can ping the router?08:16
rdw200169bullgard4, if you use the dns server i mentioned, it should clear things up, if you can ping the router, and the router can surf the net08:17
FlakFlannel: I got the same behavior when booting this computer off of it - I guess theres something screwy with my cd writer?08:17
=== YaqmuR-PrenSi is now known as TehLiqe
PytlaskDoes anybody know the default kernel tree root directory?08:17
rdw200169bullgard4, man resolv.conf will tell you how to edit the file. all it should need is a nameserver line specifying that ip i suggested08:18
FlannelFlak: that's a possibility.  Do you have another burner you can try?  If not, you can contact your LoCo and see about getting a CD from them.08:18
RabbitGcan any guys tell me why I have so slow eclipse under my ubuntu08:18
rdw200169bullgard4, that, or another dns server that actually works ;)08:18
Flaki have an iMac that can burn images... i think08:18
rdw200169RabbitG, sorry, you should ask the developers, they will be able to help you mroe08:19
rdw200169RabbitG, try #eclipse08:19
FlakFlannel, actually - would it be possible to do it off a flash drive?08:19
bullgard4rdw200169: In resolv.conf I changed to Now '~$ ping google.com' works.08:19
FlannelFlak: It is.  Um, I'm not very intimate with the details, but they can be found on the first link ubottu is going to give you08:19
RabbitGok, thanks08:19
Flannel!install | Flak08:19
ubottuFlak: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate08:19
Flakthanky thanky08:20
rdw200169bullgard4, very good, sir, very good (yay!)08:20
bullgard4rdw200169: :-)08:20
FlakFlannel, if I can't get a CD to work, I shouldn't try to get that to :)08:21
* Flak finds the mac08:21
rdw200169bullgard4, in order to clear up what i mentioned earlier, this is what i was talking about, (the Fon got me on this): http://www.fon.com/en/08:21
trent1well i have to come back later and try and figure it out i have to go for now, bye guys08:21
bullgard4rdw200169: And now Firefox can resolve also http://www.archive.org/index.php and all the other web addresses I was subscribing to. --  Thank you.08:22
FlannelFlak: Another alternative is to ask your LoCo for a CD.  That likely won't happen tonight, since they're likely asleep, but you can try and talk to them in #ubuntu-northcarolina   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NorthCarolinaTeam08:22
Flakaah black magic08:22
rdw200169bullgard4, it's safe to say that opendns is really reliable and safe, you can use that one just about anywhere on any network08:22
FlakFlannel thank you for all your help - if I see you tomorrow I'll let you know how it went :)08:23
FlannelFlak: Good luck08:23
rdw200169bullgard4, check opendns.com to see what i'm talking about08:23
alcoholI can get used to using ubuntu <308:23
bullgard4rdw200169: I had a short glance at http://www.fon.com/en/ and am somewhat confused what information it is to convey. I will read it again later when there is more time at hand.08:23
rdw200169bullgard4, they sell routers that make it easy to set up wireless mesh's08:24
bullgard4rdw200169: I have a faint idea about opendns.com. I will read it later more thoroughly.08:25
gmathewsHi, how acn i play .flv files in ubuntu - i already have ubuntu restricted extras08:26
bullgard4rdw200169: Who  sells "routers that make it easy to set up wireless mesh's"? LA fonera?08:26
rdw200169bullgard4, yes08:26
rdw200169bullgard4, also, open-mesh.com08:27
gmathewslol flv works. thanks :)08:27
bullgard4rdw200169: Ah, I will read their website more thoroughly somewhat later.08:27
|Steve|I just updated to 8.10 and a few things have broken for me. The first is that spamassassin now seems to rely on the URI perl module as per http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=6164 When I try to install URI from cpan, it fails. Any suggestions?08:27
=== Veritatis`Away is now known as Veritatis
mv0i have sound coming out of my computer like the computer speaker, how do i turn that off?08:28
bullgard4rdw200169: "09:06 < rdw200169> bullgard4, you should be on the interwebs now" <- What do you mean by 'interwebs'?08:29
rdw200169bullgard4, a funny way of saying 'internet'08:29
Flannel|Steve|: liburi-perl is the package that contains URI.pm08:29
rdw200169bullgard4, now, i'm off to do korean homework (yay)08:29
|Steve|Flannel: Oh. Well, it claims to already be at the latest version and yet spamassassin says, "Can't locate URI.pm in @INC"08:30
bullgard4rdw200169: Ah! Ok. Well, my router stated this since the beginning. But I could not believe it. --  Have fun! And thank you very much for your help!08:30
Flannel|Steve|: If that fixes your issue, it appears that that dependency has been skipped, if you don't mind filing a bug about it... Hmm.08:31
|Steve|Flannel: slocate URI.pm shows /usr/local/share/perl/5.8.8/URI.pm. That seems wrong.08:31
Flannel|Steve|: liburi-perl shows for me of having /usr/share/perl5/URI.pm08:32
Flannel|Steve|: something in /local/ seems very wrong indeed, yes.08:32
|Steve|/usr/share/perl5/URI is a directory for me.08:32
Flannel|Steve|: Check the output of apt-cache policy liburi-perl, does it look like its coming from the repos?08:32
|Steve|        500 http://ports.ubuntu.com intrepid/main Packages08:33
|Steve|Flannel: I can only assume that line means it is.08:33
Flannel|Steve|: ports... hmm, PPC?  That... I suppose could be the reason.  Try............ installing libapache2-mod-perl208:33
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde408:33
|Steve|Flannel: Yes.08:33
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE08:34
Flannel|Steve|: that contains the file /usr/lib/perl5/APR/URI.pm08:34
|Steve|Flannel: Installing.08:34
|Steve|Flannel: Okay, that installed it (among other things).08:35
Flannel|Steve|: gah.  Right.  Sorry about that.  That'll drag in apache2.2-common and libapr108:36
sinani have just installed GIMPShop from a deb package, how can i actually "run" it?08:36
|Steve|That's okay, I already have apache installed.08:36
=== DareDevil is now known as Guest17921
|Steve|Flannel: Running the spamassassin command that failed, I get the same error.08:38
Gamestah|007`AFOhey guys08:38
Gamestah|007`AFOcan i use ubuntu as a windows domain controller?08:39
Flannel|Steve|: Odd indeed.  I'm not familiar with spamassassin unfortunately.  My recommendation would be to file a bug, see what they have to say (also, try posting on the forums, ubuntuforums.org)  My next debugging step would be to get SA to output @INC, etc, etc.  Normal debugging procedures.  This may be a known problem by someone, and there may be a workaround already in place.08:39
Flannel|Steve|: Already in place --- While filing the bug report, you may already find one (with a solution, etc)08:39
MaT-dgwhen is reinstall vista on my vista partition, will it break the bootloader?08:40
=== alcohol is now known as Guest62152
|Steve|Flannel: Oh, it spits out what @INC is and it looks reasonable to me.08:40
FlannelMaT-dg: Yes, but you can fix it by following the first command from this factoid08:40
Flannel!grub | MaT-dg08:40
ubottuMaT-dg: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto08:40
triplchow to "slim down" Ubuntu? I use a 600MB RAM laptop, which WAS quite good for using Ubuntu in the past... but now, I notice that just after firefox, thunderbird, it began swapping08:42
jim_pwhat is the kde equivalent for cheese? http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/cheese08:42
triplcany "slim down" guide, please08:42
|Steve|Flannel: Forcing liburi-perl to --reinstall seems to have fixed the problem.08:42
Flannel|Steve|: It's odd that it'd have something in local08:43
DareDevil_stop the visual effects mostly will reduce the ram08:43
|Steve|Flannel: I suspect that's from cpan installing something at some point in the past.08:43
jim_ptriplc, about ubuntu? remove stupid packages like festival etc08:43
ac13When I turn on visual effects, the text in Terminal and Emacs will sometimes screw up and not display properly. Any fix for this?08:43
triplci disable all effect. in fact, i use dwm window manager (not gnome)08:44
=== alcohol_ is now known as ethanol
ac13triplc: I have effects disabled too. But is there any way I can turn on effects and not have these problems?08:44
DareDevil_run ps -ef and top to find what are the services consuming the bandwidth08:44
ethanolA pity, xchat-gnome crashes when trying to enable transparency of the background ):08:45
lstarnesethanol: try using regular xchat instead08:45
=== ethanol is now known as alcohol
spawnim trying to install rt2860 drivers for my wireless and i followed the guide and i was still unable to have it work it just shows up now under restricted drivers (the guide i used http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=683085&page=5)08:45
alcohollstarnes: that thought never occured to me :x08:46
noctior irssi08:46
|Steve|Flannel: Thank you for your help. Coupled with http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/SaUpdateKeyNotCrossCertified spamassassin seems to be working again.08:46
alcoholGonne give regular a try.08:46
xptethanol: mine x-chat works good with transparency08:47
Flannel|Steve|: No problem.  Glad it's solved.08:47
|Steve|The other thing that's broken for me is XChat. The op and voice icons don't appear any more.08:47
|Steve|The #xchat people are stumped. Since /usr/share/xchat doesn't exist, it should use the compiled in icons yet nothing appears for me any more. There's no mention of this in launchpad.08:47
* Veritatis is away [BNC ON] 08:48
=== Veritatis is now known as Veritatis_
alcohol|Steve|, did you install xchat-gnome or xchat?08:48
=== Veritatis_ is now known as Veritatis
alcoholCause xchat is working fine here for me now.08:48
|Steve|alcohol: I believe just xchat.08:48
|Steve|Yes, xchat-gnome is not installed.08:48
alcohol|Steve|, can you verify?08:48
alcoholWeird, I have op icons and such :<08:49
|Steve|It's very disconcerting.08:49
Mal3kohow do you do recursive del specific file ext in all subfolders?08:51
spawnim trying to install rt2860 drivers for my wireless and i followed the guide and i was still unable to have it work it just shows up now under restricted drivers (the guide i used http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=683085&page=5)08:52
noctiMal3ko: man find08:52
Mal3kofind does another thing08:53
noctifind ./ -iname *.ext -exec rm {} \;08:53
|Steve|Mal3ko: find /path/to/dir -name '*.ext' -exec rm -f '{}' \;08:53
FlakFlannel: I burned the amd64.iso to a cd on the mac, booted my laptop off of it, and it is actually checking the disc!08:54
CoUrPsE|DeAdIs there some site that has extras to add to the taskbars?08:54
Mal3ko|Steve| thank you :)08:54
Flakwhich is good, it means my 20 dollar cd writer is broken and not my laptop :)08:55
* Flak braces for the joins08:58
GorlistGood morning, quick question :) ive got a dedicated server which I was going to reimage with 8.04 LTS  minimal installation, now the hosting provider normal tampers with their images, customising to promote their products09:00
Gorlistis their a way after installing I can strip the installation down and clean out any modifications?09:00
=== ahmed is now known as ahm3d
=== jim_p is now known as jim_p-away
Gorlist(using SSH for this, no remote desktop etc)09:01
ahm3dhow can i fix this? i have driver from ubuntu installed09:02
ahm3d*** tvtime requires hardware YUY2 overlay support from your video card09:02
Gorlistperhaps your video card doesn't support it?09:03
yao_ziyuanis it good to upgrade a package while it is in use?09:03
ahm3di have radeon hd365009:04
fosco_yao_ziyuan: no problem with that09:04
Gorlistah right, have you used drivers from repo or ATI's website?09:04
yao_ziyuanman, this single dot message seems not invented by me09:04
yao_ziyuanfosco_: what about config files read/write?09:05
fosco_yao_ziyuan: you can upgrade a running program but changes will apply when you restart that program09:05
Gorlistwell first check to see if YUY2 is supported with them, and perhaps consider if not trying install ones from ATI09:05
Gorlisttry a search on the forums as well,09:06
Gorlistim sure someone else has had the same problem,09:06
ahm3di heard someone fixing this adding some lines to xorg.conf09:06
yao_ziyuanfosco_: cool09:07
Gorlistpossibly, Xorg is easy to configure09:07
ahm3dbye bye Gorlist09:07
Flak\o/ installing ubuntu on my laptop finally09:08
Flakafter 6 hours of trying09:08
ahm3dgg Flak09:08
Flak...after finding out that the computer i was using's cd writer was spitting out corrupted discs like it was anti-christmas or something09:09
Flakfloodbot wars?09:10
ahm3di think so09:10
FlannelFlak: They're a little upset about the netsplit.  They'll calm down in a moment09:11
=== fw1 is now known as incorrect
Flakyea, well my money is on FloodBot109:11
ahm3dsame here09:12
zgmf-x20ahey any wine users here?  where is the wine directory?  need to put my wc3 maps in09:12
zgmf-x20athanks idyllic, will try that now09:13
user_1989good morning gentlemen. I am going to reinstall Windows. Windows is hosted on C:/, there is also D:\ logical disc, and third partion is where Linux is hosted. My question is: what do I need to type from Ubuntu Live CD in order to re-enable GRUB after Windows install?09:13
Flannel!grub | user_1989, first link09:14
ubottuuser_1989, first link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:14
Flakaww, apparently i got 10 errors in this burn09:15
Flakso my laptop just started the liveCD09:15
Flakstill, it looks awesome :D09:15
ahm3dnice help sistem Flannel09:15
zgmf-x20aidyllic: sorry its not there, i used a program called PlayOnLinux, but i cant find the directory09:15
* Flak starts actually downloading the right iso on the mac, because copying it over produced errors09:16
Flakand it will finish... tomorrow09:17
filsufhallo ... anybody in here runs ubuntu in Sony Vaio SR (that 13.3")09:17
alcoholhey guys, how hard or easy is it to install xp if I already have created a seperate fat32 partition on /windows during install of ubuntu?09:17
Flakgood night, Flannel thanks again09:17
filsufdoes it work nicely?09:17
AppiahAll my newly created users get access denied first time they log in , and gnome looks a bit messed up , then i log out and login again it all OK.09:17
AppiahWhat causes this?09:17
idyllic<zgmf-x20a> can give me the link to the script?09:17
zgmf-x20aidyllic: nvm, found it, thanks!  o and one monet, ill give you the link to the deb file download09:18
idyllicnah... i just need the script to find the directory for u. I got mine installed and run nicely09:18
dayoalcohol: it's no problem. just u will need to backup your boot menu09:20
idyllicThis dot (.) definitely not impressed me09:20
kevin__idyllic: hello09:20
dayo!grub | alcohol09:20
ubottualcohol: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto09:20
idyllic<kevin__> yes?09:20
alcoholdayo: thank you, I will read that (:09:21
=== theCzar is now known as Guest41856
dayoalcohol: u're welcome :-)09:21
kevin__idyllic, sorry to bother you, mistake09:21
alcoholdayo: if I restore grub, can I then also boot into windows from the boot menu?09:21
alcoholah nevermind, the how-to says it should be detected (:09:23
kajhello all09:24
kajso is anyone on right now09:26
bootcamp911hello all, may i ask a question about Ubuntu ?09:26
kajsure go ahead09:26
dayokraut: was geht?09:26
bootcamp911how to remove the main menu sub item ??09:26
krautdayo: please use english in this channel. everything fine with me09:26
kajgo to the synaptic pkg manager and remove it09:27
bootcamp911i never see any remove button :-(09:27
idyllicWhat main menu sub item? pls describe more09:27
CoUrPsE|DeAdUncheck it.09:27
dayokraut: no problem09:27
bootcamp911its on left top conner09:27
CoUrPsE|DeAdbootcamp911, Uncheck what you dont want, then click appy.09:27
Musial|mIRCyo dudes09:28
bootcamp911i know, just uncheck it?? > CoUrPsE|DeAd09:28
kajbut make sure you know what you are unchecking or you could cause instability09:28
krautdayo: it's just unfair to the others here, most of them don't understand krautish ;D09:28
idyllicbootcamp911, right click the top left Ubuntu icon, select Edit Menu,, then start playing09:28
CoUrPsE|DeAdbootcamp911, Yes, then click appy.09:28
fosco_bootcamp911: what do you exactly want to remove?09:28
SeQwhy will it not let me connect to a channel, says i must be identified to join channel09:29
bootcamp911it is a game > fosco09:29
bootcamp911because not fun, so wanna remove it09:29
kajyou can also go to main menu under pref. and remove it that way and still have it if you need to use it09:29
fosco_bootcamp911: remove the game and the menu item will dissapear09:29
kernelbootcamp911, Remove with Synaptic.09:30
bootcamp911i hving remove the program, but still found in program menu09:30
kernelbootcamp911, or use the sudo apt-get remove09:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdSeQ, I assume you mean join a channel on IRC? Next time ask a whole question please, The channel has +R set and only registered nicknames can join. /msg nickserv help for futher assistance (I09:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdIm asumming this network has services./09:30
fosco_bootcamp911: right clic on the menu pplaet and choose edit menus09:30
SeQthanks Courpse dead09:30
kajso what you do is go to home folder and show hidden find the directory after you uninstall and delete it for example .mozilla09:30
bootcamp911i did it, but cant see any remove option > fosco09:30
fosco_bootcamp911: uncheck its show checkbox09:31
kajbootcamp what program r u trying to remove?09:32
ohhaiWhat's the best screensharing tool to use between Mac OS X and Ubuntu/Kubuntu desktops?09:32
bootcamp911Oh my god, i CANNOT unCHECK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!09:32
kernelbootcamp911, Why?09:32
fosco_bootcamp911: is it a wine game?09:32
bootcamp911yes :)09:32
bootcamp911i wanna delete completely the WINEEEEE09:33
kernelbootcamp911, -.-.... remove the wine directory09:33
kajgo to home folder go and show hidden files go to .wine and delete the directory09:33
fosco_bootcamp911: rm -rf ~/.wine09:33
kernelbootcamp911, your home folder/.wine this directory remove09:33
kernel: )09:33
bootcamp911oic > haj09:33
kajor just go to synaptic and remove wine09:33
nbeebohow to see what driver in use?09:34
kernelrm -rf /home/your home folder/.wine09:35
kernel: )09:35
kajdoes anyone here play guildwars on Ubuntu Ibex09:35
bootcamp911STILL cant uncheck at Main Menu Edit, only New Menu, New item, New Separator....09:35
fosco_bootcamp911: open a terminal, run rm -rf ~/.wine && killall -1 gnome-panel09:36
fosco_wine menu will dissapear09:36
kajok bootcamp911 do this go to system--->admin---> synaptic and uninstall wine. then go to home/ .wine and delete it09:36
fosco_kaj: removeing wine will not delete its config files09:36
dinesh372is gcc and emacs are used for same purpose09:37
=== glasw3urm is now known as glaswurm
kajbut deleting the .wine in home/ will09:37
=== amit is now known as Guest43203
fosco_dinesh372: gcc is a C compiler, emacs is a powerfull editor09:37
bootcamp911UNUSED ????????????09:38
FloodBot2bootcamp911: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:38
nbeebohow to see what driver in use?09:38
yodelaris there a youtube script or applet for downloading keezmovies09:38
fosco_nbeebo: lsmod09:38
sarmisakyodelar: apt-cache search youtube09:38
lorenzosuAnyone know how to "translate" the windows network information (i.e. the output of ipconfig /all) to meaningful values for setting up static IP address in ubuntu? I tried googling but no luck with modifying the /etc/network/interfaces09:38
Guest43203how to install wireless09:39
=== marius is now known as Guest8700
z0mbixlorenzosu: what don't you understand? you need ip, subnet and gateway09:39
kajcheck the support for the wireless brand there may be drivers for it on their website also09:39
lorenzosuGuest43203: Can you specify a little please? Are you talking about hardware "install", driver "install", wireless connection?09:40
lorenzosuz0mbix: The broadcast parameter09:40
dinesh372fosco: it means i cannot use gcc for editing source code09:40
Guest43203give me comand09:40
z0mbixlorenzosu: what's your subnet mask?09:40
z0mbixlorenzosu: here's mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108525/09:41
dinesh372fosco: i am looking to programming thats why i am asking which will be better for me emacs or gcc09:41
kajare you running a dhcp connection or??09:41
Guest43203plz give me driver "install", wireless  comand09:41
bazhangGuest43203, which chipset09:42
lorenzosuGuest43203: Are you on a laptop with built-in wireless card or you have a "real" wireless card?09:42
bazhangGuest43203, there is not a 'command' without more info from you09:42
dinesh372 can i use gcc for editing source code09:42
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore09:43
CrypticSwarmIs anyone familiar with boost_python? particularly getting a c++ program to compile that uses it.09:43
noctidinesh372: why09:43
lorenzosuz0mbix: Thanks... where do you derive the broadcast parameter from?09:43
bazhang!info youtube-dl | yodelar09:43
ubottuyoutube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from youtube.com. In component universe, is extra. Version 2008.03.22-1 (intrepid), package size 8 kB, installed size 64 kB09:43
dinesh372nocti : i am looking forward to programming that's why i am asking09:44
noctidinesh372: you use a text editor to edit src, gcc to compile09:44
z0mbixlorenzosu: my subnet, as in 24bit - are you on a lan?09:44
kajdoes anyone know wine very well?09:44
dinesh372nocti : which is the best is vim ok09:44
lorenzosuz0mbix: yes.09:45
noctidinesh372: anything that you're comfortable with is fine09:45
kaji am having some trouble getting guildwars to run under wine can anyone help me on this09:45
z0mbixlorenzosu: are you sure your subnet is correct then?09:46
bazhangkaj, did you check the appdb09:46
lorenzosuz0mbix: Ops sorry: It's
kajya i get it to load up but the screen with the map and char. shows no backgrounds09:46
dinesh372nocti : can u tell me how to download youtube videos in ubuntu and also i am unable to play windows file in ubuntu that ends in .dat09:46
bootcamp911hi, i am sucessfuly to uncheck the wine application !!!!09:47
bazhangkaj, does appdb show it running well, there are often pointers there on how to get it going09:47
oobedinesh372, pytube09:47
oobedinesh372, dat files are all sorts of things and not specific to media09:47
bootcamp911thanks ALL09:47
lorenzosuz0mbix: Here's my ipconfig output (I'm on Italian windows so the labels are in Italian): http://paste.ubuntu.com/108527/09:47
dinesh372nocti: pytube is you tube downloader right09:48
kajim running it fullscreen without desktop emulation, and graphics set to low as for appdb it sends no messages as for errors09:48
noctidinesh372: i think there's an app called youtube-dl, mplayer can player .dat files09:48
bazhangkaj, what version of ubuntu, what video card, etc09:48
=== Kauwgom is now known as Mike`
=== Mike` is now known as Mike|
halyconDoes anyone know a good program to use to make multiple choice tests?09:49
kaji got ubuntu ultimate 2.0 wine doors and the factory card on a pavillion a1034n09:49
=== Mike| is now known as Mike-|
bazhangkaj, ubuntu ultimate? what is that? did you get that from www.ubuntu.com ?09:50
michelbonjour à tous09:50
bazhangmichel, #ubuntu-fr pour francais09:50
kajno its the same as 8.10 just kde and theme componants added09:50
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition09:50
bazhangno idea about ultimate kaj09:51
kajits just ibex with more themes09:51
kernelHmm.. Is Fluxbox good?09:51
noctikernel: it's all a matter of taste09:51
kajim using wine 0.9.3 if that helps09:51
kernelnocti,  Aha. Thanks09:52
nutrhello all09:53
nutrcan anyone help me with nvidia drivers installing?09:53
nutrhave a problem09:53
frojndnutr: just change the hw09:53
nutri installed nvidia.sh successfull and runned from telinit 109:53
lorenzosunutr: Are nvidia graphics card?09:54
nutrbut when running09:54
nutri  see error09:54
nutr    Load           "extmod"09:54
nutr    Load           "type1"09:54
nutr    Load           "freetype"09:54
nutr    Load           "glx"09:54
FloodBot2nutr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:54
nutrthis modules dont found09:54
scoderaHi @all Kann mir einer mit nem Treiber Prob helfen? AGP Karte ATI x1650 Treiber selbst kompiliert laut Wiki. Trotzdem bei Compiz abstürze und ohne Effekte streifen auf dem Desktop. Ubuntu Version 8.10. Alle Updates.09:54
dinesh372is there is any download accelerator for ubuntu09:54
nightrid3r!de | scodera09:54
ubottuscodera: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.09:54
=== Tidus_ is now known as Tidus
scoderaSorry OK!09:54
nutrso anyone can help?09:54
dinesh372is there is any download accelerator available for ubuntu09:55
=== htrejh is now known as nwarrenfl
M3TAPDinesh. Do you mean download manager?09:55
=== nwarrenfl is now known as htrejh
nutrkaj, a?09:55
kajwhat now?09:55
M3TAPIf so wget, kget or cwget09:55
nutrmodules extmod, type1, freetype1, glx dont found when running X09:56
maxagazfirefox tries to download all the php files of phpmyadmin install on my /var/www, what's wrong with my install ?09:56
nutrso X say me "want run in low-graphics mode?"09:56
bazhangkaj, ultimate is not supported here. get the real deal at www.ubuntu.com09:56
scizzo-maxagaz: the server is not supporting php then09:56
nightrid3rmaxagaz: mime settings in your apache09:56
FireFox!nl | firefox09:56
ubottuFireFox, please see my private message09:56
kajI have the real deal ubuntu ibex with the ubuntu ultimate theme packs tyvm09:57
=== wij32 is now known as JoeLow
z0mbixlorenzosu: try setting /etc/network/interfaces without the broadcast line. I'm sure it's optional anyway09:57
z0mbixlorenzosu: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/reference/ch-gateway.en.html09:57
aprilharei want to run quake 3. where do i get ioquake3 for intrepid amd64?09:57
dinesh372M3TAP: i mean download accelerator like orbit,dap in windows09:57
dayohow do i pass arguments to grub?09:58
=== amit is now known as Guest306
JoeLowhey guys, have a network question, if i set my IP address via ifconfig in the console, then boot gnome, which is used? the network manager from gnome default, or my console?09:58
dinesh372M3TAP :09:58
JoeLowor doesnt it make a difference?09:59
Guest306how to connect the wifi09:59
M3TAPDinesh372, im not aware of any sorry, but you could try running then in WINE..also look into jdownloader09:59
bazhangGuest306, what chipset10:00
gordonjcpdinesh372: these "download accelerator" things don't really work10:00
M3TAPJdownloader is a java app and im fairly sure its an accelerator10:00
dinesh372so i have to ask other members10:00
kajUbuntu 8.10 (intrepid) Gnome 2.24.1 Kernel 2.6.27-9-generic this is what im running or do i still need to download it again from ubuntu10:00
bazhangGuest306, there is no one command, you need to give us more info10:00
|Steve|Just out of curiosity, what do people think "download accelerators" do?10:00
valkyrhey guys10:01
Guest306dear my wifi connection is not show10:01
kaji think download accelorators waste disk space lol10:01
|Steve|Agreed, but why do people think they do something?10:01
bazhangGuest306, then answer my question please: what chipset10:01
kajbeats me brainwashed by microsoft comes to mind10:01
M3TAPCause it says so in the apps name!10:01
dinesh372gordonjcp: i tried download accelerator in windows and i found increment in download speed so i am asking these are vailable in ubuntu10:02
gordonjcpdinesh372: no10:02
|Steve|The only situation in which I can think it would work would be if you have a server that has a per-connection limit but supports resuming file downloads and multiple connections. Then you could open n connections, each getting 1/n of the file.10:02
dinesh372gordonjcp: then the download speed are very low10:02
gordonjcp|Steve|: that's basically it - some of them also mess about with networks settings10:02
gordonjcpdinesh372: then something is wrong10:02
bazhangdinesh372, no real need; you can get firefox plugin downthemall for easier downloading10:02
kajas far as ive seen for downloads the cap is smaller for linux than windows10:03
gordonjcpkaj: eh?10:03
kajwindows will cap downloads as to not overload the system10:03
bazhanglets take this chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please10:03
kajbecause of the intergration between IE and the shell10:04
dinesh372gordonjcp: is it addon or plugin10:04
bazhangdinesh372, its a firefox extension10:04
gordonjcpdinesh372: is what addon or plugin?10:04
Guest306my chip set pentium dualcore  dell10:04
Guest306 10:05
Guest306???? what happend10:05
kajok moving to #ubuntu-offtopic10:05
dinesh372gordonjcp: i go in firefox and then tools and then addon where i found downloadthemall10:05
bazhangGuest306, your wifi chipset; is this pci or usb10:05
dayoto pass arguments to grub do i edit /boot/grub/menu.lst ?10:06
bazhangdayo, which parameters10:07
dayobazhang: i'm setting up an ldap+dhcp+dns server. eth0 is up and running. but i can't connect to eth1. i'm told i need to pass the IRQ for eth1 to the kernel?10:08
dinesh372how to plat flv files in ubuntu10:09
erUSULdinesh372: mplayer10:09
bazhangdinesh372, miro, vlc and others10:09
dayodoes anyone know how to pass arguments for eth1 to grub?10:11
dinesh372erUSNL: how to install mplayer10:11
gordonjcpdayo: What exactly are you trying to do?10:11
|Steve|sudo apt-get install mplayer10:11
dayogordonjcp: i'm am trying to get eth1 up10:11
dinesh372|steve|: how to uncompress a file10:11
gordonjcpdayo: why would you do that in grub?10:12
kop_having trouble watching commercial dvd's -- point me in the right direction ?10:12
|Steve|dinesh372: Depends on how it was compressed.10:12
dayogordonjcp: i was told i need to pass arguments to the kernel10:12
=== dn4_ is now known as dn4
dinesh372>|steve| :.bz210:12
boozaryHi all10:12
|Steve|dinesh372: bzip2 -d foo.bz210:13
kop_dayo sudo ifconfig eth1 <ip>10:13
boozaryi cloesed a software from a "screen" with crtl+z this software is irssi, how to i can back it ? a way without fg10:13
dayokop_: i put the static IP in /etc/network/interfaces10:14
ghostlineswhy does the x-server have to be restarted just to hook it up to an external monitor?10:14
boozary 1962 pts/1    T      0:01  |   \_ irssi10:14
kop_dayo I take it your not new to *nix10:14
gordonjcpboozary: fg is how you reattach from ctrl-z10:15
dayoi have the box hooked up to our network via eth0 and a 172.20.* IP. now i want eth1 to connect to a different switch a 10.20.*10:15
dayokop_: no, but i'm new to building servers from scratch10:15
kop_dayo ahhh10:15
boozarygordonjcp: with fg i can't bash: fg: current: no such job but i have irssi in my process "1962 pts/1    T      0:01  |   \_ irssi" and that working i can ping my user10:16
gordonjcpboozary: okay10:16
gordonjcpboozary: are you still in screen?10:16
boozarygordonjcp: yes10:16
boozarygordonjcp: this is can be back ?10:17
gordonjcpboozary: okay, so you stopped irssi with ctrl-z, you're still in screen, and fg won't bring it back?10:17
boozarygordonjcp: YES10:18
gordonjcpboozary: prove that you're still in screen - press <ctrl-a> <?> and see if you get the help page10:18
=== theCzar is now known as Guest76192
isojussii have 109 packets in queue when i try run apt-get upgrade. how I can force those to be updated?10:20
isojussithose are in the "not installed section"10:20
kop_dayo PM10:20
dayokop_: thanks! :-)10:21
kop_let me know how it works out10:21
rbowesI have a Ubuntu 7.10 guest running under VMware.10:25
rbowesIt uses the e1000 network driver10:25
rbowesI moved it to run under vbox, which it does, but the network is not working10:25
rbowesvbox is emulating the Intel PRO/1000 T Server adapter - is e1000 the correct driver for this card?10:26
gooleHow to install softwares in ubuntu10:26
rbowesIf not, which one is, and how can I install it?10:27
oCean_rbowes, I would think so. You also might want to ask the boys and girls in #vbox channel10:27
nightrid3rgoole: system --- administration --- synaptic10:27
Deanyremove vmware tools and the network device.. and let make a new one for vbox, and install additions.. well i wold10:27
rbowesoCean_, have done so10:29
rbowesAh, Vmware tools - that could be the problem10:29
AranelHow can I transfer files via Bluetooth? I tried KDE and GNOME applications (nautilus-send and kbluetooth4) which doesnt work.10:29
oCean_rbowes: ok. Deany's advice seems reasonable too.10:29
Deanyvbox default (pcnet fast) works the best for me10:30
oCean_!bluetooth | Aranel10:30
ubottuAranel: For instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup10:30
=== sleepy_cat is now known as dragon_flam
* rbowes not really bothered, as long as it works!10:30
Deanyand use vbox 2.1 if not already..10:30
falken_zawhat does vbox do?10:31
rbowesvirtual machines10:31
falken_zaoh, i knew that10:31
falken_zai like qemu10:32
falken_zait nice10:32
Cyber_HadesWhen i enable Compiz Desktop Cube... it's not cube, it's table.... how to change into cube ????10:32
AraneloCean_: tried. nautilus said "obex file push unsupported".10:32
NightReaperanyone here that knows a solution for having 4TB partitions in Ubuntu x64?10:33
falken_zano idea10:33
NightReaperother than this solution:   http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-936531.html10:33
NightReaperor is that my only option?10:34
oCean_Aranel: sorry, haven't heard of that10:34
marek_hi, after last ugrade, i cannot run lastfm, this is what i get on konsole10:35
Aranelok :/ it seems bluetooth with ubuntu really buggy.10:35
marek_Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries10:35
rbowesDeany, how do I remove the network device?10:36
simion314what ubuntu uses insted of dhcpcd?10:36
nutrhello all10:37
nutri've found error10:37
nutrits ABI version mismatch10:37
nutrkernel accepts only <4.010:37
oCean_simion314: dhclient I think10:37
nutrbut driver have 5.010:37
FloodBot2nutr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:37
nutrhow can i solve it ?10:37
falken_zaanybody know anything about VIA Chrome9 drivers?10:37
Deanyare you using dhcp?10:40
Deanyi guess i`d just remove it using network manager,10:40
rbowescli only10:40
Deanyis the vbox using dhcp10:40
rbowesNo, all static10:40
hajarmy computer is turn off and display message (run local boot ) in black screen.. what can I do??10:41
NightReaperdead url?       https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/harware/C/disks.html10:41
umzi need some help for sasl authentication10:42
umzsaslauthd[6093]: Authentication failed for umz: Bind to ldap server failed (invalid user/password or insufficient access) (-7)10:42
umzJan 23 05:39:05 server saslauthd[6093]: do_auth         : auth failure: [user=umz] [service=imap] [realm=] [mech=ldap] [reason=Unknown]10:42
umzany sasl guru10:43
Deanysorry, i wouldnt know how to add/remove interfaces with cli10:43
onoshi, is it normal to have a grey screen with a cross when I try to run another X server (with a startx -- :1 in a console)10:43
scizzo-onos: that is the standard X10:44
hajarhi , my computer  turns off and display a black screen with message ( run local boot) , does any one help me??10:44
oCean_marek_: that might be a mixup between libraries (with same name) in different directories10:44
onosscizzo-: how do I do to run gnome with this command ?10:45
scizzo-onos: are you running gdm or such?10:45
scizzo-onos: otherwise you tell .xsession what to run10:45
marek_oCean_ how can i check it?10:45
* Deany tryin to decide what FS to use for his 160gig, 10:46
oCean_marek_: /usr/bin/ldd `which lastfm`10:46
onosscizzo-: Yes, but actually when I do the startx thing, the console tells me "xinit : permission denied : unable to connect to X server"10:46
ActionParsnipHey all, If an app window is minimised, does the window get drawn in anticipation of a maximise of is it left undrawn until the maximise10:46
oCean_marek_: pls don't paste output in channel...10:47
scizzo-onos: touch ~/.xinitrc10:47
ActionParsnipDeany: if its going to be used in windows, ntfs, otherwise, ext2 will do you10:48
DeanyActionParsnip,  well xchat displays everything ive missed while miinimised...i guess to an extent it does10:48
marek_oCean_      only this:   not a dynamic executable10:48
marek_too short for pastebin :)10:48
ohhaiWhat's the best screen sharing tool to use between Mac OS X and Ubuntu/Kubuntu? (preferably Free/Open Source)10:48
ActionParsnipDeany: yes the app will still hold the text, but the actual drawing of the window itself to display on the screen10:48
oCean_marek_: but.. but.. then the error regarding mixed-up libraries does not make sense *at all*10:49
scizzo-onos: echo 'exec gnome-session' >> ~/.xinitrc10:49
scizzo-onos: then try to start x again with that user10:49
DeanyActionParsnip, not windows no,  and i need speed.. im dis-counting any ext fs...10:49
scizzo-onos: not sure if it will help though10:49
OllyMhi chaps. Anyone know how i can mount a CIFS share at start up ? I'm struggling with the right fstab entry10:50
ActionParsnipDeany: what size files/10:50
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod10:50
Deanyits only to hold downloads and mp3s and unrar`n iso and other such.. lots of small files too, lots and lots.. and i dont want ext cuz i dont want delays deleting files10:50
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!10:50
ActionParsnipOllyM: if you add an entry to fstab, yes you can10:50
onosscizzo-: same issue, but thanks for the help10:51
Deanyits a toss up between xfs and jfs...10:51
Deanyi think10:51
ActionParsnipDeany: i'd use ext2 personally, saves you ~16Gb for the journal10:51
ActionParsnipDeany: http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/Ubuntu/2008-04/msg03082.html10:52
OllyMparsnip: what should the entry be though, thats the question :)10:52
umzany OPENLDAP + SASL guru here?10:52
Deanyxfs/jfs dont use nearly as much as ext for journal10:52
ActionParsnipDeany: the speed running down the usb is many times slower than the data speed coming off the drive so I personally cant see much speed increse with usb10:53
oCean_marek_: what did `which lastfm` output?10:53
Deanytrue, but it wont help having the fs hold it up even more10:54
Ademandoes anyone else have a file ~/.rnd ?10:55
ActionParsnipDeany: the data down usb is slooow, the fs wont hold it up much if at all10:55
Deanyive done a few tests already.. copying a 5gig file over it was doin 30mb/s..10:55
PeddyHi, how do I merge two mp3s into one mp3?10:55
Deanyext was around 2410:55
ActionParsnipPeddy: cp mp31.mp3+mp32.mp3 mp33.mp310:56
ActionParsnipAdeman: i have it10:56
Deanyim just undecided...  still, isnt usb2 like 480mb/s or something, capable10:57
ActionParsnipDeany: usb is burst, firewire is buffered better so is significantly faster10:57
* NightReaper needs help getting a 4TB partition to work10:57
ActionParsnipDeany: its rated as 480mbps but there is a lot of empty time in the data movements10:59
Ademanthanks ActionParsnip, "After reading somewhere else on the net, it looks like the file is generated automatically from some random entropy in the system." (just in case you're curious as well :-) )  what the heck uses it though, I have no idea10:59
=== theCzar is now known as Guest42402
ActionParsnipAdeman: my guess is its the random seed10:59
Ademanfor libc's random() ?11:00
Deanyive seen putty use a .rnd file11:00
Ademanhrm, maybe gpg uses it then11:01
Deanydont know much else ..not used it much  or win11:01
kop_"...generated automatically from some random entropy in the system." ghosts in the machine you say ?11:01
ActionParsnipAdeman: no, the random seed starts at a random place in ram and just moves along, reading the data size for the requested number then moving along11:01
Ademangenerally it's from things like hard drive seek time or temperature11:01
ActionParsnipAdeman: thats how random numbers are made11:01
kop_Ademan, just had to poke11:02
Ademanlol :-p11:02
Ademanjust in case11:02
GorlistHi, slightly confused on debootstrap11:03
falken_zais there security issues i should be aware of when using IRC?11:03
hajarhi , my computer  turns off and display a black screen with message ( run local boot) , does any one help me??11:03
jeeves_Mosshow can I track down why one of my sites says it's having hundreds of accesses from "localhost"?  there are no pages listed in the logs that it's accessing, it's just 2 #s11:03
Gorlistusing it, do you install new copy of ubuntu on the partion, then expand that parition to become primary?11:03
Gorlistafter of course setting up grub11:04
Ademanjeeves_Moss: iptables logs? /var/log/syslog ?11:04
kop_and all this time I thought random input initiated in the hid input graphical display output device11:04
vigoThank you11:05
jeeves_MossAdeman, thanks, I'll have a look.  It's a brand new domain that I added.  none of the other domains on this server have this problem11:06
MrGuestWhy does my gedit saves files with \n at the end of file, but my mate's gedit saves same files with \r\n ???11:06
ActionParsnipfalken_za: people could ddc you a malicius file if you auto accept stuff11:06
ActionParsnipMrGuest: check settings for gedit11:07
MrGuestActionParsnip: i can't find anything in gedit :((11:07
ActionParsnipfalken_za: if you run the client as root, and the irc app is attacked and captured, the attacker can gain root access11:07
JoeLowhow gay is vmware workstation that their serial keys are different for both windows and linux11:08
=== nick is now known as Guest98863
Guest98863i was wondering if someone could help me out a little11:08
MrGuestActionParsnip: i think it is some system settings. Even when he copy text - it has that stupid \r\n ...11:08
ActionParsnipJoeLow: its a different program, one is for windows, one is for linux11:08
oCean_Guest98863: just shoot, and if someone is able to help.. you'll hear all about it11:09
ActionParsnipMrGuest: you could delete geditrc from wherever its stored in ~/ and try rerunning the app11:09
Guest98863im installing ubuntu on my laptop11:09
Guest98863and im trying to get the wireless working11:09
Guest98863but... it can see my access point, but when i try to enter my wep key, it won't connect11:10
ActionParsnipGuest98863: run lspci, one line will identify the device11:10
Guest98863yes.... ive run that11:10
Guest98863i had to run that to install ndiswrapper11:11
ActionParsnipGuest98863: make sure you set the wep to be hexadecimal when you enter it, if you can see the AP, its working11:11
ActionParsnipGuest98863: do you mean wep or wpa?11:11
Guest98863the problem is, my wep key is a 10-digit key11:11
Guest98863its wep11:11
ActionParsnipok just checking11:11
JoeLowActionParsnip: yeah but its same software, its a pain11:11
bsusahello all, what is an easy way to start an application at startup?11:11
oCean_Guest98863: see this link for troubleshooting wireless: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57118811:11
z0mbixbsusa: command line or gui bootup?11:12
ActionParsnipJoeLow: well its free so just get another serial11:12
Guest98863when i enter my wep key, it processes a little while, and then it pops up with the security window... with a very long string of characters in place of the key that i had entered11:12
JoeLow6.5 is not free?11:12
JoeLow30day free trial11:12
ActionParsnipJoeLow: it is the same software but its not as its on a different OS11:12
ravenhi everyone11:12
bsusaits a gui app its Mythtv11:12
quibblerbsusa, systen>perferences>sessions11:12
ravencould anyone telle me something about "NULLMAILER"? what is it??11:12
ActionParsnipJoeLow: use virtualbox instead11:12
oCean_Guest98863: and also this one on the forums, which seems to address your problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=63511011:12
JoeLowyes i know, but my company just bought 20 windsows keys :/11:12
JoeLowwonder if i can trade a windows one back with them for a nix one11:12
Gorlisthow can you find out if your using software Raid as oppose to a hardware controller?11:13
ActionParsnipJoeLow: give the vm guys an email, see if its possible11:13
JoeLowyeah, il try that, doubt it though :/11:13
jeeves_Mosswhat would "localhost - - [20/Jan/2009:22:51:41 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 957" mean?  I see it over and over in my access log!11:13
kop_Gorlist,  the hardware raid cost lots more :-)11:14
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_sql
Myrttijeeves_Moss: check HTTP 20011:14
ActionParsnipJoeLow: you could run a dedicated ETX box to run multiple VMs on a dedicated linux box11:14
Gorlist :) this is on a dedicated remote server11:14
Myrttijeeves_Moss: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_20011:15
Peddydelayed thanks for mp3 tip ActionParsnip11:15
ActionParsnipJoeLow: we use that at work, we have ITX boxes running 9 VMs11:15
Gorlistif does have a hardware controller, but in theory they use software for it11:15
ActionParsnipPeddy: np bro11:15
JoeLowActionParsnip: we do that, but i need something on my laptop11:15
Gorlistjust wondered if fdisk -l would tell you11:15
Guest98863it looks like i have a rtl8180 wireless adapter11:15
jeeves_MossMyrtti, thanks.  I'll look11:15
ActionParsnipPeddy: you can do it with video too but you need a mencoder command to sync the audio again11:15
Guest98863so... is this a known bug with unbuntu?11:15
JoeLowwe have an ESX cluster for emulating network infra, about 40 boxes on there11:15
kop_Gorlist, dmesg | less11:15
PeddyActionParsnip, with MPG video I think you can just do cat mp1.mpg mp2.mpg > finished.mpg. Bye.11:16
ActionParsnipJoeLow: you could manually edit /etc/network/interfaces but it will circumvent ANY settings in your network manager app11:16
Gorlistkop_ ta11:16
Gorlistkop_: ta11:16
ActionParsnippeddyyou can but the video and audio go out of sync, theres a real quick command you need to run to resync11:16
jeeves_MossMyrtti, why would it be coming from the LocalHost though?11:16
ravencould anyone telle me something about "NULLMAILER"? what is it??11:16
ActionParsnip!info nullmailer11:17
ubottunullmailer (source: nullmailer): simple relay-only mail transport agent. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.04-1 (intrepid), package size 89 kB, installed size 424 kB11:17
shubbaranyone has a Canon laser printer?11:17
Myrttijeeves_Moss: that I wouldn't know. You might have some scripts running there11:17
kop_Gorlist, I don't allways do it the easy way but I try to help11:17
jeeves_MossMyrtti, not on that domain.  it was JUST made like 4 days ago!11:17
ActionParsnip!anyone | shubbar11:17
ubottushubbar: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?11:17
snuitjegoodeve ./11:18
rbowesDeany, I fixed it11:18
Guest98863if i have a linksys WPC11 ver 4, should this work just fine with the latest ubuntu?11:18
rbowesI was udev rules11:18
kop_having trouble watching commercial dvd's -- point me in the right direction ?11:18
Gorlistkop_: well it works locally but wired result on the remote. TCP: Treason uncloaked!11:18
rbowesI found the answer in a comment here (I added my own comment explaining what I did) http://mydebian.blogdns.org/?p=177#comments11:18
ActionParsnip!hcl | Guest9886311:18
ubottuGuest98863: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:18
snuitjeTo support a server running 8.04, I need to continuously backport packages from Jaunty. I'm wondering if there's a tool that can automatically keep track of new source packages and pdebuild them, is there anything like that?11:19
Guest98863ive spent like 5 hours now on this problem.... ive been through all the self-help websites11:19
shubbarmy Canon laser printer stopped working, don't know why.11:19
kop_Gorlist, learn something new every day11:19
ActionParsnipGuest98863: its not really the card you are driving, if you run lspci or lsusb depending on its interface, you will get an identifier which you can websearch11:19
ActionParsnipshubbar: what model?11:19
Guest98863yes... and i get rtl818011:20
ActionParsnipGuest98863: then websearch to see if that chip is supported, or how to set it up11:20
Guest98863i did11:20
Some_uxhi,  is the pre-up directive in  /etc/network/interfaces used to run scripts Prior to the interface going up ?11:20
shubbarits Canon Lasershot LBP3300; its status monitor gives me this error "captstatusui Socket Error"11:20
balrog__how am i supposed to use the package doc-gnome-hig ?11:20
Guest98863like ive said.... ive spent 5 hours on this11:20
Guest98863and this card is *still* not working11:21
oCean_Guest98863: did you read the link I gave? It explicit on the rtl8180, 8185 etc11:21
Deanyrbowes, glad its fixed. Wish ubuntu wouldnt hide such things tho, should be something to just add/remove hardware11:21
Guest98863yes... i just read it11:21
Guest98863so... i have to add an "x" to the end of the SSID?11:22
snuitjealso, certain packages require a patch, to backport from a newer debhelper to the 8.04 version11:22
Guest98863that's a pretty odd workaround11:22
zash_i have apparently broken network-manager, dpkg-reconfigure says that it is broken or not fully installed and i can't reinstall11:22
zash_and before that nm changed my hostname and broke stuff11:22
oCean_Guest98863: The step-by-step guide is pretty self-explainatory. If you don't like the workaround, well... don't?11:22
snuitjewriting that patch isn't a problem, i was just wondering if i'd have to script this build system entirely myself, and if so, what would be the best way to go about doing it11:22
zash_apt-get install -f gives this http://p.zash.se/fiSIIQ.txt11:22
aprilharehello. i downloaded ioquake3 from ioquake3.org (there is no package in the repositories) and installed it. I get the error: "./ioquake3.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: libopenal.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"11:23
zash_and due to the hostname-changing i cant start x-things11:23
Guest98863well... my question would be: would i have to manually connect to every single access point using this workaround?11:23
snuitjepackage-import.ubuntu.com seems to run very unstable, i'd rather not keep hammering that server11:23
ActionParsnipGuest98863: http://rtl8180-sa2400.sourceforge.net/11:24
ActionParsnipGuest98863: theres a native driver to compile11:24
ActionParsnipGuest98863: you will need kernel source11:24
bsusathankyou all11:25
snuitjeaprilhare: sudo apt-get install libopenal111:25
Guest98863thanks ActionParsnip ... that seems to be the first promising website ive seen....11:25
oCean_aprilhare: 8.10 has libopenal1 (1.3.253) So the so.0 seems the old version11:26
ActionParsnipGuest98863: i have good websearch skills, plus i dont use oNLY google like most11:26
ActionParsnipshubbar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters/CanonPrinters/Canon_LBP_2900?highlight=%28CategoryHardware%2911:26
bonhofferi have a form of checkboxes -- if anyone clicks "yes" they have to provide an explaination -- is there a good ajax/rails helper to make an explanation box appear on a checked box?11:26
zash_My NetworkManager broke and I tried reinstalling it, dpkg-reconfigure nm and apt-get install -f gives this: http://p.zash.se/iJ-h_g.txt11:27
oCean_bonhoffer: why would you ask that here?11:27
bonhofferoops -- thought i was in the rails room11:27
Boohbahbonhoffer: maybe #ruby or #ajax would be a better place to ask11:27
Boohbahbonhoffer: :D11:27
bonhofferjust woke up 2 min ago11:27
oCean_bonhoffer: ok - np11:27
rbowesI did a write-up here: http://robinbowes.com/article.php/2009012311573174911:28
Exalanhello, help me please) Why opera lagging when i serf sites with flash content?11:28
Guest98863okay...ActionParsnip.... do I just do a "make install" while in su mode?11:29
silv3r_m001hi there.. I am looking for a desktop db software apart from oobase and kexi... is there any other... or some java based ones which run on linux11:29
Guest98863it doesn't look like he has an install giude11:29
shubbarActionParsnip, thanks, my drivers are 1.6 and the one there are 1.8. i'll update them and hope it works11:29
balrog__how am i supposed to use the package doc-gnome-hig ?11:29
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zash_My NetworkManager broke and I tried reinstalling it, dpkg-reconfigure nm and apt-get install -f gives this: http://p.zash.se/iJ-h_g.txt11:30
bartmonHi! I'm having problems with my graphic driver again. Seems DRI doesn't work with the opensource ati driver package: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108541/  Any pointers? I've found a forum thread suggesting that i reinstall various libmesa packages but that didn't work.11:30
zetherooanyone here been following the kernel panics issue with Ubuntu 8.10?11:30
zetherooseems to be an issue which is not getting any "professional" attention in the Ubuntu forums11:31
aprilhareoCean_, snuitje, yes it's already installed so yeah the so.0 is no good?11:31
NemesisCan anyone here help me with an acpi settings problem in eeebuntu? I already asked in the forums, but no replies yet.11:32
aprilharesorry about the dela11:32
kop_zetheroo, not experienced it yet , sounds like loads of fun11:32
aprilharesorry about the delay even11:32
aprilhareit say somewhere on launchpad that it has been compiled for ubuntu intrepid but i have no idea where the package is11:32
aprilharesays even11:32
oCean_aprilhare: I'm not sure if it can work with the newer version. You could try that by creating a link in /usr/lib from libopenal.so.0 to 'the real one', libopenal.so.1.3.25311:33
jeeves_Mosswhat causes a Toshiba laptop to lock up when using the restricted nVidia drivers?11:34
zetherookop_: I am not being bothered by it since I run Ubuntu Hardy and Kubuntu Intrepid ... but there are quite a few people having this issue ... and I assure you its no fun ... :-/11:34
oCean_aprilhare: however, this error might be just one of many to come, when it relies on older libraries11:34
* NightReaper found a solution to the partition limitations. So long ppl.11:34
NemesisCan anyone here help me with an acpi settings problem in eeebuntu? I already asked in the forums, but no replies yet.11:35
aprilhareoCean_, that seems to have got me further :)11:35
kop_zetheroo, any specific hardware ? I use 8.10 on several boxes here and have not seen the problem11:35
bartmon!ask > Nemesis11:35
ubottuNemesis, please see my private message11:35
zetherookop_: any of them laptops?11:35
oCean_aprilhare: nice!11:36
jeeves_Mosswhat causes a Toshiba laptop to lock up when using the restricted nVidia drivers?11:36
ActionParsnipGuest98863: just run: sudo make install11:36
kop_s53w benq and a cf-29 toughbook11:36
aprilhareoCean_, give me a minute while i install the quake 3 files to tell you more11:36
ActionParsnipGuest98863: you dont need su, it shouldnt work as the root is disabled11:36
oCean_Nemesis: you've been at #ubuntu-eeepc ?11:37
ActionParsnipshubbar: good choice bro11:37
NemesisI'll try that chat room. Thanks.11:37
Guest98863my last question, ActionParsnip... i promise....   would i need to uninstall ndiswwrapper?11:38
shubbaractionparsnip, you mean in buying the printer or in updating the drivr?11:38
ActionParsnipGuest98863: if the driver works then I would11:38
ActionParsnipGuest98863: you can always blacklist the driver but keep it installed11:39
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ActionParsnipshubbar: upgrading the driver11:39
onetinsoldierzash_: hello, i can probably help you with your problem11:39
kop_zetheroo, the others are BX440 asus intel , msi core2 quad , amd 64 quad , PIII 500 dell wtf and some old amd 1g thingy11:39
bartmonHmmm, new kernel - reboot!11:39
Guest98863oh...okay.... thanks again AP11:39
zash_onetinsoldier: i seem to have some solved the dpkg/apt issue11:39
nesoiwhat's a good 13" or so lightweight laptop for ubuntu?11:40
onetinsoldierzash_: ok, good.11:40
zash_onetinsoldier: but now it nm wont start11:40
ActionParsnipnesoi: i'd say eeepc11:40
ActionParsnipnesoi: its offtopic here also11:40
onetinsoldierzash_: oh? hmmm. any message or error?11:41
ActionParsnip!ot | nesoi11:41
ubottunesoi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:41
kop_nesoi, Panasonic CF-29 Toughbook11:41
nesoiActionParsnip: eeepc is atom no?11:41
ActionParsnipnesoi: its offtopic11:41
nesoiI feel like atom is too slow11:41
nesoiokie ActionParsnip11:41
zash_onetinsoldier: it seems the reinstall did not replace /etc/init.d/NetworkManager which is no an emtpy file11:41
onetinsoldierzash_: how are you trying to start it? maybe you need to make sure the service is running first11:41
nesoithanks kop_11:41
onetinsoldierzash_: oh, i see11:42
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baz_is there a way to make nautlus remember to use a certain program to open a type of file? for example in windows, if i wanted to open all xml files with notepad rather than firefox... I would choose "open with...", select "notepad" then click on "always use this program..."11:42
nesoiok, how about a support question: is there a fix for the flash 10 bug where it overlays everything no matter what (in firefox)?11:42
jeeves_Mosshas anyone run into problems with the restricted nVidia drivers?  My system's screen with flash, then go to a "greyed out" state (like when you're doing a package install), then lock up for a min or so11:43
ActionParsnipbaz_: yep, thats the way to do it11:43
zash_onetinsoldier: and if i delete that file and run reinstall dpkg fails11:43
onetinsoldierzash_: how about try reinstalling it, even though it's supposedly already installed? --> apt-get install --reinstall network-manager11:43
nesoialso, if I add my DNS servers in network setup why are they not saved next time I reboot?11:43
aprilhareociean it works fine now many thanks11:44
aprilhareoCean_ even11:44
baz_ActionParsnip, so no way to do it in ubuntu?11:44
onetinsoldierzash_: how about uninstalling it and then reinstalling it from scratch?11:44
oCean_aprilhare: yay! happy gaming :)11:44
zash_onetinsoldier: trying to purge now11:44
aprilhareheh thanks :)11:44
ActionParsnipbaz_: http://linux.about.com/od/ubuntu_doc/a/ubudg10t10.htm11:45
nepseanyone know the name of the caps/num/scroll-lock indicator one can have on the gnome panel?11:45
aprilhareoCean_, the game is a bit aged no high def widescreen mode11:45
onetinsoldierzash_: roger11:45
aprilharebut i'll make do :)11:45
zash_onetinsoldier: okay, no there's no init.d/nm, installing should fix11:45
smokiehey guys, can someone help me to create a bin script that will install a bnc bouncer if i typed "insta-bnc" for exmple?11:45
nesoiyah but I asked 4 lightweight!11:46
onetinsoldierzash_: yeah, i would think so11:46
nesoiwhat about my dns question?11:46
oCean_aprilhare: I'm not much of a gamer, but you might want to have a look at nexuiz, (http://www.alientrap.org/nexuiz/)11:46
baz_ActionParsnip, thats awesome! I would like to request that be put into the other "open with" menu in the right click - much more intuitive - how can i do that?11:46
* oCean_ is out for lunch11:46
zash_onetinsoldier: it seems it's now working, thanks :D11:47
ActionParsnipbaz_: log it as a bug, you'll get an email saying "is this a bug or functionality request"11:47
ActionParsnip!bug | baz_11:47
ubottubaz_: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots11:47
zash_and what is up with ubuntu wanting to reboot instead of just reloading services11:47
baz_ActionParsnip, cool11:47
onetinsoldierzash_: cool. you're welcome, although i didn't do anything really :-)11:47
NemesisI tried the #ubuntu-eeepc channel, but no one replied. I'm still having that acpi issue.11:48
nesoiso now that I'm ON topic no one is answering!11:48
hemmetI installed ubuntu on my brothers computer, weird thing is that when ubuntu boots it hangs, but if i press a button it starts loading again, then stops. If i hold the button it keeps loading normally. Wtf?11:48
hemmetim on a hp pavilion laptop11:48
baz_Whats the best, most flexible way to connect to a remote server through nautlis if I had full control of the remote server... would it be SFTP?11:48
gordonjcpnesoi: what was the question?11:48
zash_onetinsoldier: thanks anyways11:48
hemmetbaz_: probably, not sure about nautilus but SFTP is a good protocol11:49
onetinsoldierzash_: sure :)11:49
nesoiquestion was, if I update my dns servers in network setup, why are they not saved next time I reboot?11:49
ActionParsnipbaz_: depends what protocol the server is using, you dont choose as you want11:49
gordonjcpnesoi: because they're overwritten by the DHCP client11:49
hemmetActionParsnip: he said he had full control11:49
baz_ActionParsnip, i am a full admin on the server - i can do anything11:49
gordonjcpnesoi: are you putting them in /etc/resolv.conf?11:49
ActionParsniphemmet: edit your menu.lst so you can watch the