sadmacKeybuk: did you see the patch we just got on bugzilla?19:25
sadmacion_: redhat bugzilla19:30
sadmacion_: someone wrote a state save-and-restore patch for 0.3.919:31
sadmacout of nowhere19:31
ion_Save and restore what? :-)19:32
sadmacion_: state. across re-execs19:33
Keybukdid he base it off the patch for 0.2?19:34
sadmacKeybuk: I dunno20:19
sadmacKeybuk: doesn't look like it. Its off-style20:19
sadmacKeybuk: Ibex still uses 0.3.9 right?20:19
sadmacand you said you likely wouldn't deploy 0.5 between now and 0.10?20:23
sadmacok cool20:31
sadmacnotting: ^^20:31

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