ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:50
eddie594I need the packages for the beta xfce authenticated... what is the authentication server\file\etc00:50
eddie594one sec...00:51
eddie594deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/xubuntu-dev/ubuntu intrepid main00:51
eddie594Need help with that.00:52
zoredachewhy do you 'need' them to be authenticated?  You should be able to install without them being authenticated.00:53
eddie594Ubuntu bugs me and doesn't download them00:54
zoredachewhat do you mean 'ubuntu' bugs you?  I know if you where installing with apt, it gives you a choice to install packages that haven't been authenticated00:55
eddie594Err, thanks, I tend to use the gui as it requires less steps.00:57
zoredachevi you add a line 'APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated 1 ;00:57
zoredachevi you add a line 'APT::Get::AllowUnauthenticated 1 ;' do your '/etc/apt/apt.conf' you may be able to convince your application to work00:57
zoredacheif* you add....00:58
eddie594Does everyone still use vi?00:58
zoredacheyes, i use vi very much.  I use it so much I type vi even when I am thinking of other things00:58
subsciousare shared librarys the librarys alltogether or is it aditional stuff?01:00
zoredachesubscious: sorry?01:01
subsciousi need some additional libraries... now i see several diffrent libs01:01
subsciousthe shared libs are the runtime libs?01:01
eddie594Why don't they build an OS disc with an 'instant build from source' option?01:02
zoredacheeddie594: eh?  you mean like gentoo?01:03
eddie594Yeah, but even gentoo I found it to take to many manuel steps01:03
eddie594Especially when you constantly upgrade01:03
eddie594Trying different comiling options etc..01:03
zoredacheah, well, it is simple.  Programmers suck01:03
eddie594Good explanation..01:04
subsciousy not requesting it?01:04
subsciousi dont think programmers suck!01:05
eddie594Well, ubuntu's philosophy probably isn't covering that section01:05
zoredachethey don't really, but getting every developer to a point where they can build source packages so they could be reliably be built auto-magically is nearly impossible01:06
eddie594Linux still has a ways to go I believe01:06
eddie594Wow, I haven't used irc in almost a decade01:08
subscioushow can i make the date modified column in thunar be more precise?01:08
eddie594I (at one time) used a command to measure the time to draw a theme on the screen. Anyone remember where (or the command) can be found01:13
eddie594Thanks. Must restart.01:15
subscioushow can i make the date modified column in thunar be more precise?01:16
zoredachehave you tried changing the 'date' setting in the preferences?01:17
subsciousa ok i overlooked that01:18
subsciousy the fuck is thunar not responding after beeing idle for a while?01:21
a_buenas noches necesito ayuda acabo de instalar xubuntu pero no tengo audio01:50
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:53
a_ok gracias01:54
Shadow__Xhello everyone05:21
Shadow__Xi am trying to find the autostart manager but it seems to not exist05:22
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tajlerois this a bug I receive this when starting balazar brothers http://pastebin.ca/raw/1316087 should I submit this as a bug ?06:00
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LeAstraleWB all :)09:00
LeAstraleWhat a blast of a net split yeah.09:24
OngavezirHozsanna dicsõséges testvéreim09:49
OngavezirOngavezir The Holyness join the community09:50
OngavezirI am the President Of L.H.A. brotha'09:51
OngavezirMy first task kill da TUKS09:51
OngavezirI am da TUKSKILLAH09:51
OngavezirTUKS must Die! The king of Holy Trolls said09:52
jarnosI can't record by gnome-sound-recorder.10:53
jarnosin 8.1010:54
jarnosNeither in skype, but in linphone and audacity it works.10:58
knomehave you checked which backends those use?10:59
jarnosknome: I guess gnome-sound-recorder uses gstreamer. I don't know.11:03
Myrttijarnos: have you checked your input sources with alsamixer?11:04
knomejarnos, what does audacity/linphone usE?11:04
knomeMyrtti o/11:04
jarnosknome: yes. No idea.11:04
jarnosMyrtti: I think they should be fine as microphone works in linphone.11:06
nikolamjarnos, try selecting apropriate soud device in program you use11:09
jarnosnikolam: I don11:10
nikolamI had problems myself with skype until set11:10
jarnosnikolam: I don't know how to set it in 8.10's gnome-sound-recorder.11:10
nikolamAnd also turn off automaticallz adjust mixer levels in skype11:10
nikolamjarnos, I was thinking skype is problem11:11
jarnosnikolam: it is too.11:12
nikolamwell for skzpe select sound in experiment until zou select right one11:12
nikolamzou hav emake a test call there11:12
nikolamin sound recorder go to file: open volume control11:13
JuanantonioHello. I want to install Xubuntu 8.10 in a 800 Mhz PC, will it recognize a DVD ReWriter Pioneer DVR-108 and a Ati Tadeon RV100 (I suppose it is a 7000 series)?11:15
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection11:15
JuanantonioThank you, I'm having a look11:16
nikolamJuanantonio, mostly will use eather default driver for ati or radeonhd11:16
JuanantonioI saw yesterday another driver, "radeon"11:16
Juanantonionikolam, with the DVDRW I will have no problem then, will I?11:17
nikolami think not11:17
jarnosnikolam: "Make a test sound" works, but "Make a test call" reports that "There is problem with audio playback".11:18
nikolamwhy woul d you11:18
nikolamjarnos, well select output you want11:18
nikolammaybe restart skype to make things work. anyway skype is external app. it is not part of ubuntu. even if it is on edibuntu repo11:19
Bagualashow may I install transalations??11:19
nikolamI used to search in synaptic and install11:22
JuanantonioAti Radeon 7000 is capable of glx acceleration, isn't it?11:23
knomeBagualas, system -> language support11:24
jarnosnikolam: I found a working combination of devices in Skype. I think I have tried it before, but I also purged and reinstalled skype, so maybe that was part of the solution.11:25
Bagualasknome, I forgot to tell that is evolution language11:26
jarnosStill recording in gnome-sound-recorder does not work.11:26
nikolamjarnos I think it is same again, select device for recording jarnos11:27
nikolamBagualas, evolution?11:27
jarnosnikolam: I don't find any means select device for recording there.11:29
nikolamJuanantonio, I think some. see #radeon or #radeonhd11:29
nikolamjarnos, record from input: ? version of recorder?11:29
JuanantonioOk, nikolam, thanks a lot11:30
nikolamJuanantonio, np11:30
nikolamU use 8.10 jarnos ? I am on 8.04.211:32
nikolamMine is 2.2211:32
jarnosnikolam: yes11:33
tichis anyone running xubuntu on a 901 eee pc?  i am having trouble finding out any info on how to install it.11:33
knometich, i am. what kind of help do you need?11:34
nikolamtich http://wiki.eeeuser.com/11:35
tichi guess the handiest thing to know would be if someone has released a version of xubuntu (or an xfce4-centric os) with the array kernel11:35
tichoh, i will check that out i was so busy watching wha i was typing i missed your link!11:36
knometich, just add  the array repositories to (x)ubuntu after installation11:36
nikolamtuch i don`t like external kernel. I use niceeepc script on 701 and default kernel11:37
nikolamon xubuntu11:37
nikolambut not for 90111:37
tichi have read that without the array kernel wireless won't work11:39
tichfor the 90111:39
tichi guess they changed some hardware stuff11:39
knometich, true. just install xubuntu and add the array repository and install the -eeepc kernel11:39
knometich, i suppose you have an ethernet cable available?11:40
tichknome, yes but not reliably.11:40
knomeyou only need it once anfter you've installed.11:40
tichah right! to install the new kernel11:41
tichha i forgot about that!11:41
knomethen after installing the -eeepc kernel, you can select to boot the eeepc kernel from grub11:41
knomei'm not sure about if the intrepid kernel works, though11:41
knomedidn't work for me11:41
tichoh, really11:41
knomebut i use the hardy repositories and a bit older kernel then11:42
knomeso include the hardy repos if the intrepid kernel doesn't work11:42
tichgood to know11:42
tichdid you have any issue with the keyboard?11:44
knomeworks with the default kernel.11:44
tichwell that is either good news or you were lucky!11:44
ticheven the function and special keys?11:44
knomei haven't heard of kb issues from anybody using any linux distro with eeepc11:44
knomethey work eith the array kernel11:45
tichi thought i had read some stuff about the some of the special functions not working...11:45
knomeyeah, but they work with the array kernel, as i said11:46
knomeyou even get the OSD working ootb11:46
tichso with a regular install everythings works, more or less, except for wireless11:46
knomewell, you can use the pc11:47
knomewhat doesn't work: camera, function keys/osd, wireless11:47
knomeat least11:47
jarnosI gave up using gnome-sound-recorder. Using audacity, instead.11:47
knomebut after you install the array kernel, everything what is supposed to work, works11:47
tichso i add the repos, plug it in, and add teh array kernel (do some tweeking) and big bam boom a working eeepc11:47
tichthat is easy enough11:48
nikolamknome maybe some part of niceee script would help. It is not the same on 901?11:48
knomeyeah, just install it from synaptic as any other package :)11:48
knomenikolam, what does it do?11:48
nikolamknome automatic fix for hardy on eeepc 701 for everything11:48
nikolamon default kernel11:49
knomenikolam, because i've had absolutely *no* issues with array.org kernel11:49
knomenikolam, i'm running intrepid on my eeepc :)11:49
knomenikolam, but with hardy kernel11:49
nikolamI am content with hardy and i wanted default kernel, soo :)11:49
tichwell thanks for the advice, i will check out the forum a bit more and probably get xubuntu up and running soon11:50
tichdo you think (x)ubuntu will support the eeepc with the next release?11:51
knomei doubt that, but we will still have the array.org repository :)11:51
knomewe'd only need to add hardware support for eeepc hardware, but i'm not sure if anybody is working on that.11:52
tichi guess it is easy enough; i am just lazy sometimes...11:53
nikolamknome, that should be doen for jaunty.11:53
knomenikolam, really? good to know.11:53
nikolam701 and 901 LOL11:53
JuanantonioDoes Compiz work with Xubuntu? I know it's not recommendable, but I'd like to know it12:11
KetsuekiI have tried looking at the various ubuntu docs, but it wants me to change something in System -> Preferences -> whatever to change the mosue settings in the HAL, but I'm using xubuntu and XFCE's menu doesn't have any such area, I can't even find anything even close.12:18
nikolamJuanantonio, Yes It works.I installed but end up not using it. I see no use of it.12:19
knomeKetsueki, settings->settings manager ?12:19
knomeKetsueki, + what are you trying to do and where do these erroneus docs exist?12:19
Ketsuekiknome: has -no- way of disabling tap touching on the stupid pad...12:19
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad12:19
KetsuekiYeah, that's what I was already trying to follow12:20
KetsuekiBasic Configuration with a Graphical Interface12:21
KetsuekiUbuntu provides configuration of the most common touchpad options in System > Preferences > Mouse, under the Touchpad tab.12:21
KetsuekiHowever, I have no such tab.12:21
knomeKetsueki, yes, *Ubuntu*. if you're using xubuntu, please see section "Xubuntu and others"12:21
KetsuekiIt was working fine, manually configured out in xorg.conf until I upgraded to 9.04 alpha whatever (I'm trying to get my laptop to suspend and resume more than once... I think I went backwards though, the first suspend/resume I tried failed ^.^;)12:21
KetsuekiThat's only -advanced- there's no basic method?12:22
KetsuekiHowever, how do I change it in the HAL?12:22
knomeKetsueki, turning off tapping is not basic function either, i suppose12:23
Ketsuekifrom xorg.conf, right above where it commented out my previously working inputdevice # commented out by update-manager, HAL is now used12:23
Ketsuekiknome: turning OFF tap clicking -is not basic-12:23
KetsuekiI think it is basic12:23
knomeKetsueki, from my pov it is not12:23
JuanantonioNikolam, I use it in Kubuntu, I have both desktops and I use Compiz in K with shortcuts12:24
nikolamSo Compiz is used for..12:24
KetsuekiFrom my point of view, tap clicking is something that should be off by default.  I never use it on any laptop because they always put the pads beneath where the sides of my thumbs rest when I'm between typing, or typing with poor ergonomics.12:24
KetsuekiSo I end up clicking it...12:25
KetsuekiIt also really sucks when I browse and lift my finger off the pad, because I don't want to move the mouse, then return it to move it furhter and end up clicking because the time is considerd a tap.12:25
knomeKetsueki, i always use tap clicking, so it's a question of taste.12:25
JuanantonioI use Compiz just to handle all the applications Kubuntu can open simultaneously12:26
Ketsuekiknome: Besides all that, there's one other point.  It is considered a basic option for ubuntu but not the others?12:26
nikolamaha ok12:26
knomeKetsueki, ubuntu has different configuration utilies because it runs gnome and not, for example, kde or xfce, like xubuntu does.12:27
Juanantonionot because it is pretty, but because I customize and it is faster than KDE window manager12:27
multikg'day all12:28
JuanantonioKetsueki, for example, I installed Kubuntu 64 8.04, and later installed LXDE desktop, and now I have also xubuntu desktop12:29
nikolamHey I have a problem12:38
nikolamMy DVD`s won`t eject12:38
Ketsuekiknome: Ok, why can't I install the gnome config things and run them from command line?  I already have both the gnome and KDE libraries since XFCE uses gnome stuff, and kate (which I -really- like for syntax hiliting) use the others.12:38
nikolamI installed some udf packet support and also don`t know hoe to get rid of it now12:38
nikolamcommand eject works, only that way I can eject dvd`s12:39
Ketsuekinikolam: can you open a console and run 'eject -v /media/cdrom' ?  It might tell you that something's currently using the dvd or that you don't have access...  Oh well if that already works.12:39
KetsuekiI have no idea what's wrong since I never use the other ways of ejecting (besides the physical button)12:39
KetsuekiWell... this isn't going to help.  the stuff I need to reboot to have working is ready, but I am not ready for a reboot ATM...  I guess I'll be back if I have other issues.12:40
subscioushello... what would be a good alternative to thunar? (thunar is not responding a lot)14:01
jarnossubscious: pcmanfm14:01
subsciousis thunar known for not responding?14:03
MyrttiI've never had problems with it14:04
subsciousi have some ntfs partitions and an external drive... might they be the source of the problem?14:05
subsciouswhhat filemanager is ubuntu using?14:06
knomebut xubuntu is using thunar.14:07
subsciousis it available for xubuntu?14:07
knomeyes, through synaptic. but be aware, it will steal your desktop.14:07
subscioussteal my desktop? what do you want to say?14:08
ablomensubscious, it actually does steal your desktop, hes not kidding14:08
ablomennautilus without the --no-desktop switch will kill the process that runs your desktop and take its place14:09
subscioushaha sounds funny14:11
ablomenhehe yeah i was just thinking that nautilus is actually the guy from hitman, but slower14:12
subsciousare all ubuntu distros based on debian?14:12
subsciousis pcmanfm faster than thunar is?14:13
LeAstralethey all are14:13
subsciouswhat is good about debian?14:17
knomepcmanfm might be a bit faster than thunar. but to answer you original question; yes, ntfs partitions possibly are the cause of thunar being slow14:17
ubottuUbuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!14:17
subscioushow can i make thunar show all mounted partitions in the explorer tree?14:19
subsciousor have linux recognize them ... dunno14:19
knomesubscious, so you have mounted the partitions? and can access them?14:21
subsciousmounted them within media14:21
knomesubscious, are you using shortcuts or tree view in thunar side pane? (view->side pane)14:22
subscioustree view14:22
knomewell, then the drives should be available in /media14:22
knomeunder "File System"14:23
subsciousthe shortcuts view also doesnt show the partitions i mounted.14:23
knomesubscious, it shouldn't by default, but you can add the partitions there14:23
subsciousyeah but i want to see them besides filesystem in the tree14:23
knomesubscious, i think that's impossible atm. i'm not sure about the next version of thunar.14:24
knomesubscious, you can only add your own "bookmarks" in shortcuts side pane.14:24
subsciousto bad14:24
knomei'm sorry.14:25
subsciouswell... its working :)14:26
knomesubscious, the thunar developer says: "The reason is to keep the user interface clean and not to mix  too many concepts at the same time."14:33
knomesubscious, (why you can't see bookmarks and file system tree at the same time)14:34
subsciouswell no thats not what i wanted actually ... i just wanted my partitions to appear within the tree .... as the filesystem and my external hdd does14:35
knomesubscious, well they are appearing14:35
knomesubscious, under /media14:35
knomesubscious, ...or wherever you mounted them,14:35
subsciousyeah ... the other distros managed to display them as drives14:36
subsciouswhat is sock_alloc_send_pskb? whenever that shows up in the system monitor thunar doesnt respond anymore14:37
kahrnhas anyone considered stuff like remote samba browsing etc.. in thunar?14:37
kahrnI use /etc/fstab to mount my shares, but it'd be nice for thunar to have an extension or native network browser14:38
kahrnif not for new users that don't want to mess with command line/mounting/etc14:38
subsciousim new and i managerd to mount my partitions ..14:41
subsciousi have to admit that i simply copied a line from a forum ;)14:41
kahrnbut I'm talking about if I was going to set up a xubuntu machine for someone else14:41
kahrnand they needed remote samba shares for files14:42
subsciousmybe someone arround can help me getting nagios3 to run ... i installed it via aptitude...14:42
kahrnas ubuntu/kubuntu have network browsers if I'm not mistaken14:44
knomekahrn, sion. it will be available for jaunty. also, thunar might get some more network capabilities soonish O:)14:45
subsciouswhats the diffrence between netbeans and netbeans platform?14:49
subsciousor asked diffrently would it be reasonable to install both? or does one of them include the other?14:51
subscioushow can i have those tiny symbols showing system relevant information on my panel?15:16
gabkdllysubscious: right click the panel, then pick "Add new item"15:22
subsciouswhat happens if i did this "mv ~/downloads /downloads/" with that folder: ~/downloads/ ..?15:32
subsciouserm "mv ~/downloads ~/downloads/"15:33
kahrnsubscious, I installed netbeans and it pulled everything it needed in and worked fine15:40
kahrnI don't think netbeans-platform is required.. or maybe it's pulled in by netbeans15:40
kahrnI tend to use blueJ for java stuff though as I'm a student :)15:41
HandOf0megaHi guys15:51
HandOf0megaGot a bit of a problem.....15:51
HandOf0megaListen just crashed so I rebooted my comp, but now Xfce only shows the wallpaper & desktop icons & no bars @ top & bottom15:52
HandOf0megaIs this serious, or am I being dumb? :-S15:52
* wemakeyousoundba thinks neither15:52
HandOf0megaIs this an Xfce problem15:52
wemakeyousoundbaI can't remember, i think you need a terminal and: start xfce-panel15:53
wemakeyousoundbai'll check15:53
HandOf0megahmmm, that doesn't work :-(15:54
wemakeyousoundbamybad: start xfce4-panel15:55
wemakeyousoundbatry that15:55
HandOf0megait says 'start: Unknown job: xfce4-panel' and i tried it wit sudo15:55
wemakeyousoundbatry using run program to start it then >> alt + F215:57
HandOf0meganope :-(15:58
wemakeyousoundbanot sure what to suggest there, wait for more knowledgeable people I guess15:58
HandOf0megaok, cheers anyway15:58
wemakeyousoundbato cheer you up:  power cut killed my main computer MOBO last night  :'(15:59
HandOf0megawhoa! that's gotta suck :-o16:00
HandOf0megaGOT IT! it was xfce4-panel16:01
HandOf0megapower here the other week16:01
HandOf0megafucked my suse box up a bit16:01
wemakeyousoundbasorry for the wrong advice, I thought you had to put in start16:02
HandOf0megait's ok :)16:03
HandOf0megaHmm, just tried to log out, but it asks me if i wanna exit the xfce panel rather than shutdown the computer16:09
subsciouswhat is this swap partition thing about? i wasnt able to set one up on a hdd! will i need to buy a swap drive for linux to run properly?16:12
nunuhi, can someone tell me how I can get my grub to a higher version? I need a version that suppoerts ext416:18
nunudo I need to dist-upgrade? If yes can I use the debian way in the sources.list (unstable instead of hardy)?16:19
knomeno, unstable is not in ubuntu16:20
subsciousok ... nagios is not what i was searching for .... does anybody know good native system monitoring programs?16:20
knomesubscious, what do you want to monitor?16:20
knomenunu, you have to upgrade to intrepid16:20
subsciousall hdd activity16:20
knome!upgrade | nunu16:20
ubottununu: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes16:20
subsciousat best for every process16:20
subsciousand memory activity and process activity ...16:21
subsciousmmmm something like sysinternals process explorer registry monitor and file monitor16:21
nunuknome, whats intrepid? the system using ext4 is a gentoo system...16:22
kahrnsubscious, you can use htop for monitoring process activity (or top, or xfce-system-monitor)16:22
knomenunu, intrepid is the most current version (8.10), hardy is the second newest (8.04)16:22
nunuah ok16:23
nunuthx =)16:23
subsciouskahrn does one of those feature hdd and memory activity?16:24
knomesubscious, htop can show you mem activity.16:25
kahrnnot hdd activity.. but that can be done with another command16:25
knomesubscious, suppose the others can as well, but i think htop can do it most explicitly16:25
subscioushdd activity for each process?16:25
knomesubscious, no. mem/cpu activity for each process (can also be shown as treeviewed).16:26
subscioushdd activity is the most important tho16:27
subsciousand network activity per process16:27
kahrniostat can give hdd activity, but I don't think it can do it per process16:28
knomesubscious, see atop (i'm not sure if it will help though, and you definitely need to read 'man atop')16:32
InvaderZimhello everyone16:39
InvaderZimI have a quick question16:39
InvaderZimI'm running Xubuntu on an old Pentium 2.16:40
InvaderZimthe monitor's resolution should be 1024x768 at 85Hz16:42
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution16:43
InvaderZimbut it's stuck at  800x600 37.9 kHz/ 60Hz16:44
InvaderZimsettings manager used to give me a resolution option for the recommended, but now it's gone16:45
InvaderZimcan anyone tell me where it wet16:46
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InvaderZimI'm running Xubuntu on an old Pentium 2.  the monitor's resolution should be 1024x768 at 85Hz17:00
InvaderZimi had it that way as it was the recommendd setting17:01
InvaderZimbut it changed, and the option inside of settings manager is gone17:01
InvaderZimis there a quick way to do it thru the CLI?17:01
InvaderZimis there anyone even here?17:06
InvaderZimsomeone please help me17:08
InvaderZimwow, so much for community support17:09
alienkidhi guys I have a big(?) proplem on my normal Linux install17:24
alienkidit won't connect to the internet at all and when I move my mouse over the network manager applet in the system tray it says "network manager nor running" what do I do?17:25
alienkid*"'network manager not running"17:27
tajlerodo a rain dance and sign a prayer alienkid17:27
alienkidyou have to be kidding me? Charlie do you know how to get it running again??17:28
zoredachewas it working before?17:33
charlie-tcahe is gone, zoredache17:34
alienkidok I found a thread on the forums so i am going to reboot in to my install and try it out17:46
kahrn.. :|17:49
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subscious1hey can someone tell me what the circle-labeld button on the top-left of a window is good for?18:18
cody-somervillesubscious1, pinning18:19
cody-somervilleIt makes the window appear on all your virtual desktops18:19
cody-somerville(also called "workspaces")18:19
subscious1cool thanks18:19
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gabkdllysubscious: you can configure it away if you don't like it18:45
gabkdllysubscious: Applications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> Window Mangager -> Style -> Button Layout18:47
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cody-somervilleA Ubuntu Developer Week session on Xubuntu is starting in #ubuntu-classroom in a few minutes! Come join us!20:02
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migihello there21:07
gabkdllymigi: hi21:08
migiis this the place to ask questions regarding xubuntu?21:08
gabkdllysometimes you get lucky and someone who knows your answer is ready to respond ;)21:08
migialright. i am trying it now from the bootable cd. everything seems to be fine except that i don't know how to turn on my tv-out21:09
migiany ideas?21:09
gabkdllyI tried that once, over HDMI, I had to restart X to get it to work21:10
migisorry, what's HDMI?21:10
migi& 'X'?21:10
TheSheepconnecting the tv and running 'xrandr --auto' from terminal should make it work21:10
gabkdllya protocol for digital video21:10
gabkdllyah, TheSheep saves the day again :)21:10
TheSheepif that doesn't work, 'xrandr --output TV --auto' might work instead21:11
migiamazing! working perfectly! ta!!!21:12
migimaybe it's possible to do a so called 'extended desktop'?21:12
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead21:12
migiand how to turn the monitor off then? write the same line again?21:13
TheSheep'xrandr --output TV --off'21:14
TheSheepor disconnect it and do the auto thing21:14
migisee you later! thanks a lot for your help!21:16
Name141I have a problem with my external not working in 8.04 LTS.   I run the install for 8.04 and it causes my external drive's light to go "red".  And it hangs.  However, I run the install for 8.10 and it doesn't hang up.  Should I try to flip off the hard drive, install the OS, upgrade it, then flip back on the HD?  Or would I be wasting my time as it wont work even after upgrade?  I have problems with 8.10.21:55
zoredacheName141: I would be tempted to try the install with the disk disconnected.  When does it go red?21:59
Name141zoredache: right after Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu little animation starts to move about the boxes22:00
zoredacheas soon as you boot the livecd, or after you start the install22:00
Name141The 8.10 works, however the NIC doesn't work with it22:00
Name141for some reason22:00
Name141It makes my router flash , and I can't get a connection22:01
zoredachetry booting the livecd, and then connecting the external drive.  If that works, then instally 8.04 will probably work22:01
Name141I even tried to manually set the IP22:01
zoredacheName141: why do you believe your nic will work in 8.04?  has it worked there in the past, or are you just hoping it will?22:01
Name141zoredache: 8.1022:02
Name141the NIC works in 8.04 LTS22:02
Name141Which is why I want to install the LTS22:02
zoredacheso you hand 8.04 installed and it worked before?22:02
Name141That's correct.  Until I got this new HD22:03
Name141The HD causes hang ups for some reason22:03
Name141And I haven't been back to *ubuntu to see if the upgrades fix it22:03
Name141I also had a problem with 8.04 LTS, where I have to use f6, and type acpi=off22:04
Name141for the installer to load22:04
Name141zoredache: Anyway, I'll go try to Live version22:06
live4ftjwis there an admin in here who could help me out with a hard drive install of xubuntu 8.04.1?22:53
charlie-tcaWhat kind of help do you need?22:57
live4ftjwI would like to do a hd install of xubuntu 8.04.122:57
live4ftjwI am having one hell of a time trying to do so22:57
charlie-tcaWhat is happening? any error messages?22:58
live4ftjwI have grub4dos, I have successfully booted the install but it keeps asking for a cd and I cant bypass that22:58
charlie-tcaI do not know anything about grub4dos22:59
live4ftjwight forget about grub4dos22:59
live4ftjwdo you know about hd installs?23:00
charlie-tcaSo, which cd are you using? Did it pass the cd integrity check?23:00
live4ftjwI'm not using a cd at all23:00
live4ftjwI do not have access to a burner at this time23:00
charlie-tcaSorry, I don't think I can help you.23:00
live4ftjwyou've never done an install with out a cd?23:00
live4ftjwstrictly using an iso23:01
charlie-tcaOnly to virtual box, which sees the image as a cd in a virtual cd drive.23:01
live4ftjwcan that be run from windows?.23:01
live4ftjwok i have to eat just leave the resonse so I can read it when i return, thanks for trying23:02
charlie-tcaYou should be able to use WUBI from windows.23:02
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.23:02
live4ftjwya i tried that already23:18
live4ftjwdidnt work23:18
live4ftjwwell it did it's job of putting the files on the hd but I couldnt get the installation to work23:19
live4ftjwthat was looking for a cd as well23:19
live4ftjwany admins that know about how to use wubi or to do a hd install using strictly an iso, grub, kernel, and ram-disk?23:21
live4ftjwanyone able to help me out here?23:24
live4ftjwanyone alive out there?23:25
fonzarellilive4ftjw: did you ask your question yet, i just showed up23:26
live4ftjwyes i did, you an admin?.23:27
live4ftjwwell then you may not be able to help me23:27
fonzarelliah, k23:27
live4ftjwunless you know how to do an hd install with out using a cd23:27
fonzarellilive4ftjw: did you see this?  its for ubuntu, but i bet it would work for xubuntu as well:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2894823:28
charlie-tcalive4ftjw: I don't think you will have much luck with admins. We are all volunteers here.23:28
live4ftjwwell any volunteer that can help me is more than welcome to23:29
live4ftjwthe only thing I didnt try on that forum message was to use the windows partition23:30
live4ftjwmaybe thats why all of this is not working23:30
live4ftjwalright thanks to all of those that tried to help, I'm going to take another stab, hopefully this one works23:31
AraneidaeTrying to copy a CD with surprisingly little luck. `sudo dd if=/dev/scd0 of=file.iso bs=1024` reports "dd: reading `/dev/scd0': Input/output error" -- not so helpful.  Any ideas?23:46
TheSheepAraneidae: scratched cd23:47
TheSheepmost likely23:47
AraneidaeAfraid not.  OSX is reading very happily23:47
AraneidaeActually, Sound Juicer read it -- but balked when I tried to insert a blank to write to23:47
=== Flare183_ is now known as Flare183
AraneidaeI'm not getting any kind of desktop mount when I insert the CD ... but then it's an audio CD, so presumably that's normal...23:50
TheSheepis it a cd made by Sony?23:54

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