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LaserJockevening all04:10
calimer--hiyda :D04:13
calimer--er hiya :D04:13
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LaserJockhow are things going?04:14
calimerpretty good but stressful04:14
calimerI'm trying to not let this voting for sb thing get to me too much04:15
calimerI can't wait until it is over04:15
calimerand I got an e-mail to talk at some IGDA conferences which is kind of cool04:15
calimerindependent game conference and game education summit04:16
calimeryeah I'm really hoping this stuff can open the doors for sandbox04:18
calimerand really get it in schools04:18
calimersb isn't even close to its potential04:19
calimerbut anyway04:19
calimeroh yeah and we have the debian packages just about set, I have to write the man pages and I think that is the last piece of the puzzle04:19
LaserJockcalimer: awesome, congrats04:20
calimerits congrats to everyone, and mostly to the kids04:21
calimerit is just my dream to really get it to them so that is why I push it a bit, hopefully not too much haha04:21
calimerhow are things on your end?04:21
LaserJockI just uploaded KDE Edu 4.2.004:22
LaserJockwe also had some discussion about user management04:22
calimerah cool04:27
calimerI really need to get ubuntu on my nix drive04:27
calimerthat mandrake 10.1 is soo ancient04:27
calimerI'm sure things have come a real long way04:27
calimerbtw I was trying to think of a way to somehow manage all these educational games and software04:28
calimerI was thinking about making an area on my webpage or maybe it should even just have its own webpage04:28
calimerthere is so much awesome educational software but from what I'm aware of no central place to really find out what is out there04:29
calimerbecause grabbing edubuntu of course :)04:29
calimerand also articles on educational software and such04:29
calimerand I should make a game making resources page on my site too that lists free dev software and resources04:30
LaserJockwell, what's really hard it to find a list of educational software that give syou an idea of the quality of the software04:30
calimerI'd like to help change that04:31
calimermaybe even a way for people to add their own comments and experiences on the software too04:31
calimerI need to put this in my todo hah04:32
calimerso much to do04:32
LaserJockcalimer: check out this spec https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EdubuntuApplicationReview04:33
calimerinteresting, doesn't look too complicated, I hope haha04:36
LaserJockcalimer: there's also brainstorm.ubuntu.com/education04:36
calimerhow do I add? propse a goal?04:36
calimerwow sandbox would be perfect for that04:37
calimerthanks for pointing that out!05:00
calimerthat reminds me I want to pitch sb to museums05:07
calimerthey could create historical places so we could have a 3D walkthrough!05:07
calimersome guy suggested using it to make a game to teach kids vocabulary05:09
calimerI think that is a great idea as well, we already have the code to have several different npc dialog options05:10
calimerso npcs could quiz the kids and if they get it right they get some points05:10
calimerget enough points and they can get a super power like flying or jumpping high or something05:10
LaserJockreminds me kinda of what some people are doing with Second Life05:10
calimerwhat are they doing?05:10
LaserJockI know a chemistry professor that uses it for quizzes and things for his class05:11
calimerah interesting05:11
calimerdo you have his contact info? I would love to chat with him about it05:11
calimersee if I can get any of that into SB05:11
LaserJockhmm, I don't know if I do05:12
calimerI'm so glad that sb is finally starting to catch on a bit05:12
calimerthere is such unlimited potential05:12
Meshezabeelcalimer: are you talking about a specific sandbox app?07:44
calimeryeah, http://kids.platinumarts.net07:44
Meshezabeelcalimer: sounds neat, any videos of it anywhere?07:47
Meshezabeeloh, guess youtube has some ;)07:48
MeshezabeelIf successful the tab will say VOTED next to ""Standbox"".08:03
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* Ahmuck bumps the channel17:19
Ahmuckso someone was telling me i could install ubuntu or xubuntu on the stand alone machines and then use local apps and would in fact get the same type of setup with fat clients?17:20
Ahmuckcentral login, central software managment?17:20
Ahmuckcentral /home storage?17:20
nubaehmmm, standalone machines?17:20
Ahmuck1ghz, 256mb ram17:20
Ahmucki really need to move to fat clients for what were trying to do/test/etc.17:20
Ahmucka type of fat client17:20
nubaeso, use fatclient, whats teh problem?17:21
Ahmuckand i've been confused17:21
nubaeI suppose what they meant to say that ltsp fatclient, is very similar to running a standalone fat client17:21
Ahmuckactually iirc, they were telling me that local apps were a type of fat client17:22
nubaewell, no17:22
Ahmuckwell, iirc, i could never get the fat clients to connect to the inet17:22
nubaelocalapps are a single application running in the chroot of a thin client17:22
nubaewell, thats not normal... many people are running fatclient, and there have been no problems with internet connectivity17:23
nubaebut if I recall, you had something weird with yourd driver17:23
nubaenvidia driver iirc17:23
nubaeif u need just some apps running fat, use localapps, if u need the whole computer running fat, use fatclient17:24
Ahmuckone of the issues i had about fact clients is i would be maintaining two seperate installations17:35
Ahmucki'm wondering if there is a way to get a fat client without having a sepearte build?17:36
Ahmuckwhen would i need the whole computer running fat?17:36
Ahmuckin truth, i really only need certian apps running fat, those that would require local graphics, or processor speed17:37
Ahmuckactually, local graphics ?17:37
nubaewell, as I understand it, there are still some issues with local apps saving to local usb stick and firefox printing, that kind of thing...17:43
nubaebut yes, u must maintain 2 seperate chroots... the thin client one and the fat client one17:43
bsnyderi'm trying to install 8.10 desktop on an ibm netvista and faling - 1) boot from cd, 2) select english, 3) select install, 4) monitor powers off18:02
bsnyderi can't figure out why the monitor keeps powering off - the pc seems to just be completely idle (no activity on cd drive)18:02
bsnydermy intention is to install the edubuntu add-on after this18:03
bsnyderany have any idea why the monitor keeps powering off?18:03
alkisgbsnyder: try pressing F6 two times at the boot screen and playing with `nolapic` and the other kernel parameters there. If that fails, try installing from the alternate ubuntu cd. If that fails, ask at #ubuntu! :P :D18:04
bsnyderalkisg: thanks, i'll give that a shot18:04
Ahmuckwhat does local apps do?  offload the proc, mem, vidoe to the local pc?18:57
Ahmucki thought that was fat client?18:57
nubaelocal apps = 1 app18:59
nubaefatclient = whole system18:59
Ahmucklocal app, one app at a a time?19:30
Ahmuckactually, i can't see most people being focused on more than one fat app at a a time19:46
Ahmuckhave you?19:46
Ahmuckhi bsnyder19:46
mattva01anyone know the best way to diagnose ltsp issues on edubuntu?20:12
alkisgmattva01: be a little more specific...20:13
mattva01i have an edubuntu 8.10 box running ltsp, from a client computer configured with a static ip I can ping it, but can't get dhcp to hand out address, wireshark seems to show that its not even getting the requests. This is driving me up a wall, as it was working several weeks ago20:15
alkisgIs dhcp server running? Do you have a firewall? Did you change some switch (some of them may cut broadcasted traffic)?20:19
mattva01does anyone know?20:20
mattva01dhcp is running and no firewall20:21
alkisgTry connecting the client to the server with a crossover cable20:22
mattva01ok, i'll try that20:22
triakhi, I'm running ltsp5 and iTalc as ltsp-localapp, my problem is with ldm. Power down button does not work in the panel, i think this because the service is not run under root privileges. How/Can I run ica-launcher as root?20:30
triakhas anyone done something similar?20:30
alkisgtriak: I've never installed italc locally, but see if this helps: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/iTalc20:34
mattva01alkisg:switch was broken, thanks for the help :)20:35
alkisgmattva01: yw20:35
triakalkisg: thanks. i have to look on that one20:37
calimerI have a trailer I'm working on of kids enjoying platinum arts sandbox, a free 3d game maker20:43
calimerand I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me feedback on it20:43
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Meshezabeel-awaycalimer: heading out the door right now, but I'd love to see the trailer and comment on it when I get back21:05
calimersounds good, thanks!21:09
calimerI should be around, trying to figure out how to add text and such D:21:09
Meshezabeel-awaycalimer: back22:48
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calimertrying to find a way to annotate it but just going to use youtube for now22:51
Meshezabeelwhat editor do you use?22:52
calimerwhatever I can find, haha23:25
calimerfor that video I used virtualdub23:25
Meshezabeelcalimer: what intended audience are you expecting for the trailer and what goals do you have associated with it?23:40
calimerparents, teachers, kids,  to get it into schools and to kids23:40
Meshezabeelso is the trailer meant for people who haven't really heard of sand box before?23:41
calimerI'm going to do another one of the game play options soon as well23:42
calimergoing through the different maps and game mdoes23:42
Meshezabeelokay, here is my critique. I think the video is too long because mostly it is just jumping around. People that are just learning about sand box are going to be wondering what else can be done besides just jumping around and may watch the whole video and get nothing else out of it. I think the best thing to do is to shorten down the video quite a bit. Also, for this type of video, I would recommend voice overs rather than text23:48
Meshezabeelcaptions explaining what the different parts of the video are about. Lastly, I would recommend actually interviewing the kids and asking them what they think of sand box, etc.23:48
calimerokay maybe I should make a note that there is a tutorial video23:50
calimerinterviewing them is tough because of protecting their safety23:51
Meshezabeelindeed, I was thinking of that too23:51
calimerI think I'll make a note that this video is kids having fun, and if you want to know about creating in it then check out our tutorial video23:52
Meshezabeelyes, either make the note at the beginning of the video, or in the youtube text comments.23:53
calimerthanks for your observations, that is some good insight23:54
calimerI was thinking of shortening it a bit but I like watching her go into edit mode when she is supposed to be trying to jump haha23:54
Meshezabeelno problem, and I hope I didn't offend.23:56
Meshezabeelhow many people work on the project?23:56
calimertwo, haha23:57
calimerno you didnt' offend me at all23:57
calimerI love constructive criticism23:57
calimeronly way to improve23:57
calimerer, not only way, but one of the best ways :D23:58
Meshezabeelindeed, but also realize that you also enjoy it more for sentimental reasons (because she is your daughter (I assume)), whereas if you were watching some other random kid play you probably wouldn't care as much. And of course there's sentimental reasons being your project as well.23:58
calimerand just FYI I don't know these kids personally23:58
calimerthis was a father sending me a 19 min vid23:58
Meshezabeelhaha, lol23:58
calimerand me editing it23:58
calimerand of course checking with them to make sure it was okay23:58
calimerI don't think they are even from the US23:59
calimerI enjoy it because I like seeing kids happy :)23:59
Meshezabeelyeah, sometimes you want to make sure you get a written autorization when getting permission to use other people's kids in a video. Though maybe e-mail communication is good enough.23:59
calimeryeah I talked to them in IRC23:59

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