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SophtyI have a bit of question about theory. Why is OpenOffice hard to install?00:12
DarkTan`i've never had a problem with it00:13
DarkTan`sudo apt-get install openoffice           if i'm not mistaken00:14
SophtyWell, it uses tar.gz, which is not point and click, so it's not quite the MS-Office replacement.00:14
SophtyAdept keeps giving me the 2.4 version00:14
SophtySo did Package Manager.00:15
Sophtysudo apt-get install openoffice doesn't work. Gives me "Couldn't find package openoffice"00:17
stdin_Sophty: use the package openoffice.org00:19
stdin_ie: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org00:19
stdin_but it should be installed by default in K/Ubuntu00:20
Sophty2.4 is installed.00:20
SophtyI want 3, which I downloaded it, but it came as a tar.gz. Hence my original question.00:20
stdin_then you'll have to compile it00:20
Sophty:( That seems quite un-noob friendly.00:21
m4vSophty: i suggest to wait until oo 3 gets into the official repos then00:23
stdin_Sophty: you can try the .deb on http://download.openoffice.org/other.html00:23
SophtyI clicked that and the download link is a tar.gz.00:24
DarkTan`ok, i have a problem. I switched my laptop to run dual screens, now i'm stuck with 640x480 res and can't get it fixed00:24
stdin_no, look at the page00:24
SophtyYea, match up Linux DEB and English. It gives me a file that ends in deb.tar.gz00:26
SophtyOr will I have just the deb file after I extract it, without having the compile anything?00:26
stdin_extract it and you'll find some .deb files in there00:28
SophtyYea, I see them. There is a metric feces ton in there. Is there one that installs the entire suite?00:29
stdin_no, you'll have to install them manually00:30
stdin_look at the packges you already have installed for openoffice and install the similar .debs00:30
SophtyI uninstalled 2.4 so as to avoid conflict.00:32
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stdin_Sophty: http://pastebin.com/f774e6b31 is what I have installed, but the packages will be named differently00:35
SophtyHopefully one last question. Is it an upgrade or a new install? Should I have 2.4 installed before I start opening the DEBs00:39
KonDTsananyone know how to fix resolution problem with an ATI Radeon 200m?00:56
SchuenemannHey, all files and directories in my home dir are owned by a strange user (500). What does this mean? I can't even load X00:58
stdinSophty: with .debs it doesn't matter01:05
stdinSchuenemann: this command should fix it: sudo chown -R $(whowmi):$(whoami) $HOME01:06
Schuenemannstdin, I was told to change uid in /etc/passwd and /etc/groups01:07
Schuenemannwhat do you think?01:07
Szadekanyone using bespin ? if so , where to get the last version?01:07
jammen33stdin: did you write the stdin plasmoid?01:08
Schuenemannbut I already did in /etc/passwd...01:08
stdinSchuenemann: just change the owner back to you, messing with /etc/passwd and /etc/group can stop you from being able to login01:08
stdinjammen33: no01:08
Schuenemannstdin, I have other distros sharing this home dir. Will that mess with them?01:08
Schuenemannactually I mean what should I do considering that too01:09
stdinSchuenemann: if you have other distros, then you will need to make sure all the UIDs and GIDs are the same across all. in that case, you have to edit the files. but be careful01:09
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Schuenemannstdin, yeah, I wasn't careful enough. I can't edit the groups file because there is uid 1000 in /etc/passwd anymore01:10
stdinit's generally a bad idea to have multiple distros sharing one $HOME though01:10
Schuenemannreally? That was an advice when I installed slackware IIRC01:10
stdindifferent distros can have different versions of software, and those can have incompatible config files in $HOME01:11
stdinSchuenemann: you'll have to login to recovery mode, that'll give you a root shell01:11
SchuenemannI already am01:11
SchuenemannI used nano to change the file01:11
BentFrankHow can I find out which version of Kubuntu I have?  I think it's either 8.9 or 8.10.  I have KDE4.1.01:12
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:12
stdinbtw, there is no version 8.901:12
Schuenemannstdin, what should I do now? I can't edit /etc/groups because my UID doesn't exist in /etc/passwd01:13
stdinBentFrank: 8.10 Intrepid Ibex, 8.04 Hardy Heron01:14
stdinSchuenemann: if you're root, then you are UID 001:14
stdinBentFrank: it's <year>.<month>01:14
Schuenemannsudo: uid 1000 does not exist in the passwd file!01:14
Schuenemannthat is the message01:14
stdinSchuenemann: you don't need sudo if you're root01:15
stdinyou login to recovery mode and you are root01:15
BentFrankoh!  one my first system, I started with 8.04 andupgraded to 8.10 and it has KDE4.1.  Now I'm trying a new install froman 8.10 CD and it gives me KDE4.2, which I don't want right now.  Did that come in the CD or from the first upgrade after installing?01:15
Schuenemannstdin, so I end this session and leave the passwd file as it is?01:16
stdinSchuenemann: as long as root is in the passwd file, you should be able to fix it from a recovery session01:17
Schuenemannok, let me try01:18
BentFrankHere's my real problem...  On the new system I did System Settings -> Desktop Effects -> Enable Desktop Effects.  That hosed my display and I can't revert because I can't see anything.  I can boot to root prompt and run text-based emacs (nostalgia++).  How can I fix KDE from the command line?01:19
stdinBentFrank: 4.2 is not released yet, it won't be on the 8.10 CD01:19
stdinedit ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc, find the [Compositing] section and set "Enabled=true" to "Enabled=false"01:20
BentFrankstdin = best IRC helper I ever met01:20
stdinnah, I just have a habit of breaking things so have to figure out how to fix them again ;)01:21
jammen33i like to do that too01:22
jammen33so much fun01:22
Schuenemannok, rebooting...01:22
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Schuenemannstdin, it was fixed, thanks01:25
Schuenemannnow I just get a message saying en_US isn't available01:25
Schuenemannthe language01:25
stdintry installing language-pack-en or language-pack-en-base01:26
Schuenemannthat will be a problem... I don't have internet yet01:26
stdinit should be on the CD01:27
Schuenemannif it's a single .deb, I could download from this box01:28
Schuenemannugh, it's a metapackage01:28
SchuenemannI'll leave this for now, it's just a message. I'll probably have network access soon01:29
Schuenemannstdin, will I have to do this again for the other distros?01:29
stdinno, it'll only install to kubuntu01:30
Schuenemannsorry, I was talking about editing those files under /etc01:31
BluesKajok, evening all ...running quassel on windows 7..strange app to setup ,just as clunky as it is on kubuntu :)01:38
jammen33ooo windows 701:40
BluesKajbbiab , gotta do a atm run...need some cash for tomorrow01:40
stdinthat's the beauty of Qt4, if you write a clunky app for linux, it's clunky on win and OSX too :)01:40
BluesKajyup, stdin /..clunky IMO anyway ...maybe you wizards won't think so :)01:40
stdinnope, it's clunky01:41
jammen33so any one want to buy me some ram?01:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about quassel01:41
BentFrankone happy camper here, thanks again stdin01:44
jammen33qtparter needs a better icon01:47
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ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.01:52
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat01:52
ubottuswap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info01:52
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE01:53
CuriosCatHrm. So there's no advantage to wiping my 8.10 ubuntu system and replacing it with Kubuntu01:54
CuriosCatI already have KDE up and running :P01:54
jammen33will ubuntu use multiple swap drives?01:55
usrj #kubuntu-es02:01
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shadowhywindhay all, have a slight problem. Everytime i try to log into KDM i get an xterm failsafe seassion, anyone ahve any ideas on how to fix this?02:11
usrDoes anyone know if they had considered to use SMPlayer as default media player for Kubuntu 9.04? It is better than Dragon Player, and Kaffeine isn't yet ported to KDE4.02:13
cokydoes any1 know how to instal pixelview tv tuner driver?02:14
fumanchu182I have an ATI 3450 and I seem to have a problem with the aticonfig program.  Everytime my puter starts up it is based on 1900x1080 but I set it to 1280x720 and the resolution is not saved.  The driver works fine, I can confirm it with glxgears and other utilties, hasy anyone else come across this?02:16
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ZigCathi there02:17
BentFrankshadowwhywind:  on your login screen there's a dialog for Auto/KDE/failsafe02:18
ZigCati have a tiny lil problem with my refreshrate on a freshly installed ubutu and my geforce 680002:19
megatronalguém q tc?02:20
ZigCatand i have absolutely no expirience with linux systems ~=)02:20
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ZigCathow do i get my first monitor (a CRT) to use 85hz instead if 60hz?02:23
ZigCatin addition to that i'd like both screens to run at 1280x1024 instead of 2 different resolutions02:23
jammen33are you using the nvidia settings manager?02:24
OxDeadC0dezigcat install the nvidia drivers and try the nvidia configuration utility02:24
OxDeadC0deaka nvidia-settings02:25
ZigCati tried02:25
ZigCati got both screens to work02:25
ZigCatthe TFT uses the 1280x102402:25
ZigCatbut the CRT has only 1152x864 or 1360x768 to chose from02:26
ZigCatand i havn't found any way to change the refreshrate of the first screen02:27
OxDeadC0dezigcat I hope not but you may end up having to go into the xorg.conf and setting up metamodes manually02:27
ZigCatso, where do i find those?02:28
ZigCatand how can i make sure i dont fcuk up my system? =)02:28
OxDeadC0dezigcat you won't find them pre-built most likely, you'll have to make them :|02:28
OxDeadC0deyou don't.. if it does mess up, you revert the config file through a vtty02:28
Dr_willisi recall a x modeline generatoer web site.. from ages ago..02:28
ZigCati googled allready, and read something about horizontal and vertical tracing and stuff02:28
Dr_willisnot had to use it since ive gone all lcd.02:29
OxDeadC0dei had to use the modeline generator once with my lcd to get 800x600 to have the proper refresh rate (it see's two, picks the wrong one"02:29
ZigCatLCDs and TFTs arn't flexible enough for my taste. u have to use the home-resolution oder a fraction of it, or it starts looking ugly02:29
Dr_willisand the problem with that is?02:30
ZigCati play games and i dont have a rig to play all games at desktopresolution02:30
Dr_willisi imagine in a few more years.. it will be very hard to even find CRT's any more02:30
ZigCatso i have to reduce the resolution to something that makes the game work smooth-ish02:31
OxDeadC0dewho cares with OLED? :P02:31
Dr_willisESP-LED - light right into your brains02:31
ZigCatand what about aliasing? =)02:31
Dr_willisYou dont really  Hear much about those video 'big deals'  that were commomly argued just a year or 2 ago..02:32
ZigCatthink about all those stairs DIRECTLY on you retina! =)02:32
Dr_willisIve not kept up with video card stuff in ages... getting where the new ones got so much power it scary.. then the games just add more leafs/shadows/stuff  flittering about.. to suck up all tha tpower02:33
OxDeadC0demakes me wonder what the range is on esp-led02:33
Dr_willisapt-get install kesp-frontend02:33
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ZigCathow do i get my screens up and running?02:33
jammen33that would be nice02:34
ZigCatbecause another thing that i dont like is, that the desktop on my main-screen is larger than i can see02:34
ubottuError: You are not identified02:35
ubottuError: You are not identified02:35
ZigCatthat was quick02:35
ZigCatand there we go again02:35
ncfi1013i installed the user agent switcher but there is no test button so how will i know if it works?02:36
ZigCatam i allowed to post weblinks in here?02:38
khalidmianlooking for help and assistance in setting multi display using nvidia xserver02:39
ncfi1013i installed the user agent switcher but there is no test button so how will i know if it works?02:39
syockitTest button?02:39
syockitAs soon as you selected the user agent, your browser will use that02:40
ZigCatkhalidmian: welcome to the club! =)02:40
khalidmianZigCat: ty02:40
syockitah, you mean like to prove it's using the user agent?02:40
ncfi1013well the uas site there is test button installed with the uas in the tools menu under user agent switcher02:40
khalidmianZigCat: any suggestions help on my topic?02:41
ncfi1013the browser will use it automatically so no reason for testing?02:41
ZigCatnot really02:42
ZigCati have some similar problems =)02:42
syockitncfi1013: hmm, the page gives a link to http://www.quirksmode.org/js/detect.html02:43
khalidmianah lol  i seem to enable my tv and it works but i lose setting on reboot02:43
syockitncfi1013: I don't see any mention of test button02:43
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khalidmianwhen i  as to save settings to X config file it says: Unable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'.02:45
ncfi1013ok look at this syockit: http://chrispederick.com/work/user-agent-switcher/help/02:45
ZigCatmaybe there allready is one file with that name02:45
ZigCattried "xorg.conf.backup2" some something in that line of thought?02:46
khalidmiani doubt i just installed it02:46
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Dr_williskalenedrael,  you are runnng whatever x config tool.. as the root user?02:46
syockitncfi1013: Like I said, there's only a link for the test. It says to select first the UA from the uas menu. Then go to the test site if you want02:46
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ZigCati just tried it02:48
khalidmianlooking for help and assistance in setting multi display using nvidia xserver anybody?02:48
ZigCati get the same message02:48
syockitgah, I'm going to revert to Konversation. Quassel's too weird02:48
ZigCatand there is no file with that name02:48
khalidmianyes no file by that name02:49
ZigCatim not able to create any files manually in that folder02:50
ZigCatmaybe there just a problem with the rights in there02:50
khalidmianits under root02:50
ZigCati have no idea02:51
khalidmiansudo gedit etc/x11/xorg.conf02:51
ZigCatim new to this, too ~=)02:51
ZigCatim just trying educated guesses here =)02:51
ZigCati found a website/blog about the "gtf"-command02:57
yao_ziyuanthere somehow is a Universal Accessibility tray icon03:16
yao_ziyuanand it doesn't disappear after a reboot03:16
yao_ziyuanhow do i remove it?03:16
syockitCan I tell apt to only ignore current upgrade? In other words, hold current upgrade until a newer upgrade comes03:26
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BentFrankInstalling NX on Kubuntu 8.10.  It wants to know if I have one of (redhat, suse, mandrake, debian, solaris, fedora).  I think debian - is that right?03:33
yao_ziyuansorry i didn't receive any possible replies03:33
yao_ziyuanhow do i remove the Universal Accessibility tray icon?03:35
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amelieanybody who speaks spanish here?04:25
Dr_willisNo Hoblo04:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:25
ameliei don't want spanish help04:25
ameliei just want to chat with some spanish speaking person04:25
Dr_willisSo try those 2 channels then? :)04:26
syockithmm, then I should go to #ubuntu-ja ...04:26
ameliewell, finally the language doesn't matter at all...04:26
syockit...but no one's there!04:26
* Dr_willis goes to #ubuntu-HotBabes04:26
syockitoh, it was ubuntu-jp04:27
amelieok.. bye then...04:28
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syockitno ones on HotBabes...04:35
syockiteven if there are, they would be text-only04:35
Dr_willisThey all ran away when You joined. :)04:41
syockit#ubuntu's having massive flood04:43
Dr_willisIt is? i dident see it04:43
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syockityour monitor's too big04:47
syockitMine is 7.8"04:48
syockitdtchen: About phonon and pa: did that mean you just set it to prefer pulseaudio over alsa?04:55
dtchensyockit: i didn't set anything in jaunty04:55
dtcheni just installed kubuntu-desktop, and it worked04:55
syockitdtchen: you mean, you installed from scratch? you didn't have kubuntu intrepid before?04:56
dtchensyockit: i did not, no04:56
dtcheni had ubuntu feisty -> gutsy -> hardy -> intrepid -> jaunty04:56
dtchenin jaunty, i installed kubuntu-desktop04:56
dtchen(it's intentional; i'm debugging a pulseaudio interaction issue)04:57
syockitoh. Maybe it had a conf script in that package. I ought to try it one day...04:57
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\kiraI get a error while installing that it cant mount the things it just formatted, any ideas?05:10
\kiranevermind that last line05:13
syockitsorry, used wrong abbr at wrong place05:14
syockitI mean, details plz?05:14
\kirawell. I manually partitioned my drives, and when it goes about formatting them, after it returns that it cant mount them. Is this a usual thing?05:15
\kiraI have the options to go back or continue05:16
pulaskihello, I've been over to #apache and #python with this question but it may be appropriate here as ubuntu apache configuration files seem to be set up in a unique way.  I need to change the cgi directive to enable apache to read python scripts.  The directive I changed resides in /etc/apache2/sites-available.  Is this correct?05:16
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Dr_willis\kira,  ive see it befor where after partioning a disk. the system has to reboot to see the changes.05:18
stdinpulaski: all you need to do is add ExecCGI to the Directory directive and add something like "AddHandler cgi-script .cgi"05:18
\kiraOkay, ill try just ignoring it after I finish checking the disk for defects05:18
Dr_willisI normally leave a part of the hd unpartitoned/unallocated and let the installer auto-allocate that space.. or let it use the whole drive. :)05:19
Dr_willisor i make my own layout by hand  befor i start the installer05:20
pulaskistdin: Thanks for responding.  I've done that.  You can take a look at the directive here: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/101094/05:20
\kirawell, my last installation was working, but it froze half way through loading, then after a hard reset, I got a grub 18 error. My home partition is still intact, so I wanted to use it as my home directory for my new installation05:21
Dr_willisYou can always just mount /home to its proper place after installing.05:21
\kiraGet home on friday, cant wait to play wow, turn on computer to see a grub error :( My day has sucked so far05:21
Dr_willisNo idea what grub 18 is. - i dont recall that one :)05:21
jammen33i think it means it cant find the menu.list05:22
jammen33or something like that05:22
stdinpulaski: you don't nees a ScriptAlias if your document root is /home/mike/public_html, and I think you need to move AddHandler out of the Directory directive, I have mine in the bottom of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf05:22
\kirabasically, yea. The actual error was more complicated to understand05:22
Dr_willisthats possible if the drives have some how moved I guess.05:23
\kirathe person who was using the system at the time said it just crashed while booting05:23
\kirathen started giving the grub error05:23
\kiraI tried to mount my / partition from a live cd, and it was corrutp05:23
\kiraso im guessing thats why it couldnt find the boot files in the first 8 gigs05:24
pulaski\kira: Ok thanks for taking a look.  I won't take anymore of your time.  I have a couple other ideas to try.05:24
jammen33taht could be the problem05:24
\kirapulaski: wrong person05:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kdenlive05:24
DaSkreech!info kdenlive05:24
ubottukdenlive (source: kdenlive): A Non-Linear Video Editing Suite for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.svn20071228-0.0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 871 kB, installed size 2624 kB05:24
\kiraum... after checking the disk, the machine didnt even give any output, it just restarted05:25
\kirais that okay?05:25
angelcanal español?05:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kubuntu-es05:26
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:26
syockitI see05:26
pulaskistdin: thanks.  that's someting else I can try.05:26
syockitNow learnt a new thing05:26
syockitbut maybe regular users like me shouldn't abuse the bot05:26
DaSkreechAnyone having kmail crashes ?05:33
DaSkreechhola angel05:34
Tm_TDaSkreech: I have it not crashing, does that help? (;05:36
DaSkreechTm_T: If you can remember the last time you updated then yes05:40
Tm_TDaSkreech: compiled yesterday (;)05:41
syockitdtchen: Output of your said command: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108870/05:46
syockitdtchen: Redone: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108871/05:53
dtchensyockit: are you using `pulseaudio -D -vv'? a *lot* of verboseness is missing...05:54
syockitdtchen: should I install pulseaudio-dbg?05:57
DaSkreechStop krashing Kmail!!!05:57
dtchensyockit: you'll probably need more than that. Are all the necessary dependencies installed?05:59
DaSkreechhi qcjn06:01
syockitdtchen: probably not. I need to go through my pulseaudio installs again06:01
qcjnhi DaS06:02
qcjni'm messing around with xcfe and compiz06:02
qcjni wanted to try xcfe, but i've installed compiz icon, and i think this starts compix automatically, and i,d like to close it. Cause it makes my computer a bit slower ?06:04
DaSkreechmetacity --replace06:04
qcjnthats it ? "in the terminal" ?06:05
syockitdtchen: still the same after installing pulseaudio-*. Gonna restart. brb06:05
qcjnyes sir...thanks06:06
qcjnand if i'd like it back..same thing or what06:06
Dr_willisI always use the 'fusion-icon' tool to enable/disable compiz06:06
qcjnDr_willis: i don't see where in the fusion icon06:07
* Tm_T just uses Kwin <306:07
Dr_willis!info fusion-icon06:07
ubottufusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-1 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB06:07
Dr_willisinstall it. and run it with 'fusion-icon'06:07
qcjnnop, metacity --replace didn't worked06:10
qcjnit froze ! had to restart xwindow06:11
qcjnso Dr_willis how to stop with the icon..i have it ..rightclick/quit ?06:12
Dr_williswhat froze?06:12
Dr_willisi normally run fusion-icon  from a terminal with 'fusion-icon &' if i recall...   it has right click menus to set things06:13
cjaewow got 4.2 desktop sweet06:13
cjaebut why is my panel bar two inches to short on right side?06:13
qcjnseems to be xwindow..couldn't do anything06:13
TraceRoutedoes tab completion not work in konsole or something? because it will only list stuff in the current directory. I can't use it for aptitude to list stuff in the repositories06:20
Dr_willisI think more advnaced tab completion features need to be enabled in the .bashrc or .bash_profile06:21
TraceRouteis this something new because it never use to be like that, Its still the same way in gnome anyhow06:22
Dr_willistry from a shell  '         . /etc/bash_completion   '06:22
Dr_willissee if it works after that.06:22
Dr_williscould be the Konsole is running .bashrc instead of .bash_profile or somthing like that06:22
qcjnthanks guys, i've just took off the burning window, and it's fast enough, so it's ok06:24
qcjnbut now i'm going to sleep06:24
qcjnso good night all06:24
nemesis_as these06:29
TraceRouteDr_willis weird, not sure why it wasn't enabled06:36
TraceRoutebut i noticed not working after upgrading kdebindings06:37
stdinTraceRoute: try doing "source /etc/bash_completion"06:40
DaSkreechcjae: Just lengthen it06:41
stdinTraceRoute: if it works after that check your ~/.bashrc, it should have something like "if [ -f /etc/bash_completion ]; then . /etc/bash_completion; fi"06:41
Dr_willis'  . /etc/bash_completion   '06:41
Dr_willisis same as  source  :) the . is a shortcut for 'source'06:41
DaSkreechDr_willis: if it has a space after it06:42
Dr_willisand it does. :)06:42
Dr_willisactually  i cut/pasted that from the .bashrc06:42
Dr_willisuse of the source command would be more clear i agree06:42
Dr_willisbut its good to rember the 'trick' since i seeit a lot in othe rshell scripts as we06:42
TraceRoutewell it works now06:43
TraceRoutejust odd to me why it stopped06:43
stdinI think it was enabled in /etc/bash.bashrc some time, but that changed a couple releases ago06:44
TraceRouteah ok06:44
TraceRoutebut it still works fine on my gnome box and i never had to do anything, it is just something to do with konsole?06:46
stdinno, it's bash. nothing to do with konsole06:46
Dr_willisIts possible its a 'Konsile isrunning a  shell, vs a LOGIN shell' type issue also.06:46
Dr_willistry it in xterm, see if it works.   try it in 'xterm -ls'  see if it works06:47
TraceRouteyeah works fine in xterm06:49
Dr_willisdoes it work in xterm -ls ?06:50
stdinstarting xterm after sourcing /etc/bash_completion would work, as the environment should be preserved06:51
Dr_willisIts working in here under xterm, and konsole.06:52
TraceRouteew does ur alls logout logo look like this? http://www.mypicx.com/01242009/logout_logo/06:58
TraceRouteI'm using kde4.2 I guess it changed with i updated06:59
Dr_willisi dont even use kde 4.2 :)07:28
* jammen33 screams07:29
* Dr_willis giggles like a schoolgirl07:30
=== mj is now known as Guest47015
jammen33i wonder when the alphas fro kde 5.0 will come out?07:33
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
* Dr_willis waits for Service pack 107:35
RurouniJoneswhat masochist would try kde 5.0 alphas07:35
jammen33how much ram will it need?07:35
jammen33kde 4 double07:36
jammen33will 5 doulbe that?07:36
Dr_willis2, 4, 8  16 32, 64,07:36
Dr_willis128. 25607:36
jammen33so about 2TB?07:37
Dr_willisfor the icon cache.. yea 2tb :)07:37
jammen33must me some icons07:38
=== rob is now known as Guest11665
syockitdtchen: you still here? I think my pulseaudio is still not working07:47
syockitdtchen: probably policykit packages missing07:48
=== geek is now known as faileas
syockithttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/265010 says it's user error, but how come?07:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about enligthenment07:58
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.07:58
jammen33well it said or "E"07:59
Dr_willisIts also known simply as 'E' or "E17"07:59
jammen33i kno07:59
faileasjammen33: look up opengeu. its outdated but its a nice, integrated ubuntu derivative that uses enlightenment07:59
Dr_willisgeubuntu, opengeu, gos,08:00
Dr_willisi forget what ones still exist, or have changed names. :)08:00
jammen33openGEU 8.04.108:00
Dr_willisYea -  think Gebuntu became OpenGEU08:01
faileasyup, they are skipping 8.10 and going straight to 9.0408:01
* faileas tried 8.04, it was NICE08:01
Dr_willisIjust skipp anything using E1708:01
faileasDr_willis: i try everything once ;p08:02
faileasthen i stick to what works for me08:02
jammen33how did the ice cold flagpoll work out?08:02
faileasjammen33: lol08:05
Kaiseranhello everyone08:44
Kaiseranneed some help with kubuntu installation08:44
KaiseranI am getting a buffer I/O error on dev sr0 everytime i try to install off the CD08:45
TeLLuSdirectly when starting maybe it is the player or later in the installation maybe it is a problem with the cd, is it clean, is there not a checksum checker at the bootup from the cd, try another cd08:50
Kaiserani've tried 3 different cd's08:51
Kaiseranit is after the initial screen the errors start coming up08:51
Kaiseranthen it goes uptil the stage of hardware driver installation and then stops08:51
Dr_willisgot a thumbdrive? if so try  unetbootin to make a bootable/installable usb-boot media?08:52
Kaiserani've to reboot my laptop to start again08:52
Kaiserannaaa, it is a CD/DVD drive08:52
TeLLuStried change cable or player?08:52
Kaiseranits a laptop08:52
TeLLuSany other way too boot it? USB maybe?08:53
Dr_willisI would make a thumbdr0ve to install from.. or try the alternative installer cd08:53
Kaiserannever used a usb drive to install kubuntu09:01
Dr_willisthats all i use noa a days09:02
=== dwidmann_ is now known as dwidmann
Dr_willisa lot faster :)09:02
Dr_willisif you use the ubuntu-usb-disk tool you can make one with a persistant save/home also.. but unetbootin tool cant do that.. yet09:03
ashoki want driver for nvidia 8200g09:03
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto09:03
krioxhi people...09:04
krioxi have the kubuntu 8.04 whit kde 3.5.6 and after an upload dolphin appare me in a english instead of italian09:06
krioxthere is a solution?09:06
=== kike is now known as Vip
dwidmannkriox: not sure if it's the same in the kde3 version of dolphin, but in the kde4 version you can change language by going to help -> switch application language09:07
krioxi have tried in linguage from sistem settin but nothing change09:10
krioxbut you are tolking abaut one menu' of dolphin09:11
krioxdwidmann: i' find but there is not the italian option's09:15
krioxit's is very srange09:15
krioxsorry strange09:15
dwidmannstrange indeed09:16
Dr_willisindeed  strange indeed it is.09:33
syockitUm, quick recap on how to pass parameters to program in a script?09:36
Dr_willisthat ABS guide has examples.. but  the basics i recall are $0 $1 $2 and so forth.09:37
syockitI'm wrapping opera with a script, but somehow of I set that script as default browser, it doesn't turn out right09:37
Dr_williswhat ya trying to do exactly09:37
syockitmaybe $1 will do?09:38
Dr_willisit may be quoteing/quotes getting removed issues.09:38
Dr_willismake the script echo the  commands to see what its getting - perhaps09:38
syockit$1 did the trick!09:38
syockitNow i can go on link clicking spree on this channel09:39
krioxi have said something wrong .....:-)) sorry for my english09:41
Dr_willishmm.. xchat here has an entry for opera allready :)09:42
syockitOhoo... while I've been jumping from one IRC client to another. End up going back to Konversation09:43
syockitYou using opera 10?09:43
Dr_willisI was using the opera beta on windows.. not sure  what i got on linux right now09:44
eagles0513875hi Dr_willis09:46
eagles0513875someone was using opera 10 the other day and it kept crashing for them btw syockit09:46
syockiteagles0513875: I don't experience crashes, but have glitches with other things: scim, and keyboard becoming unusable suddenly09:47
eagles0513875i dont use internet much on my testing rig so i dunno09:48
eagles0513875are you on the stable 4.1.3 or what ever the latest stable version of kde is09:49
syockitfor some idiot like me, RC == stable!!09:50
etfbJust installed Intrepid on an Acer Aspire 8920.  Cam09:51
eagles0513875lol im on 4.2 lol09:51
etfbCan't make the trackpad work the way I like.09:51
eagles0513875not stable but getting there09:51
etfbAnyone know what I should do?  Every time I touch the trackpad to move the mouse, it thinks I'm left-clicking.09:51
etfbDriving me insane!  (Short trip.)09:51
etfbThen I need to get the sound to work without crashing Linux, of course, but that's for once the mouse has stopped irritating me...09:52
PyleDriverhow do i edit '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'? the tutorial i'm reading says 'sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf' but it says the 'gedit' command isn't found09:56
syockitThat's probably something to do with the default settings for the trackpad09:56
syockitPyleDriver: in kubuntu, you use kate instead of gedit09:56
PyleDriversyockit: helpful information. thanks09:57
syockitetfb: try to look if there's already a bug reported for your model09:57
etfbPyleDriver: Most of the stuff you see is for Gnome, not KDE.  You learn to translate their false assumptions after a while.09:57
syockitfalse assumptions ;)09:57
etfbsyockit: Google didn't find much, but my Google-fu is lacking.09:57
eagles0513875syockit: instead of editing xorg.conf wouldnt it be easier to run dpkg and reconfigure it09:57
eagles0513875etfb: www.google.com/linux09:57
eagles0513875try that out etfb09:58
syockitwhat was he doing anyway?09:58
syockithe == another assumption made ;)09:58
PyleDriverit's the english language's fault for not having an acceptable gender-neutral term09:59
syockitGood, let's move to get that word approved as standard english! !ot10:02
etfbDr_willis: I quite like "he or she or it", abbreviated to "h'orsh'it"...10:03
PyleDriveri second that10:03
etfb(Someone's going to go all !language on me now, I can tell.  But it was worth it.)10:03
Dr_willis!ohmy | etfb10:04
ubottuetfb: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!10:04
etfbCurse you, you fiend!!!  (heh heh heh)10:04
syockitGosh, it's really tough to get this build system right10:05
etfbSo anyhow: my google/linux-fu is even weaker than my google-fu today.  I want the trackpad not to register a mouse click when I touch the main mousing area.  Used to be a way to do it with ksynaptics, but that seems not to be in the repositories for Intrepid.  Any clues?10:05
syockithmm, how about tpconfig?10:06
kanniballhow can i change my system locale?10:07
etfbsyockit: Haven't heard of it.  I'll try it.10:07
syockitokay, tpconfig wrong10:07
syockitetfb: don't10:07
syockitit's no GUI. might better of get gsynaptics10:08
etfbsyockit: Resolutely not trying tpconfig; gotcha!10:08
syockitbut before you do anything... let's research this more thoroughly okay10:08
_gl_Hi, I am new to kubuntu, but I noted that suse updates to kde4 are way more common than those for kubuntu, am I missing a repository? If so which one>10:10
Dr_willissee the repo/docs mentioned int he topic perhaps?10:10
Dr_willisI dont keep up wth the kde 4 releases that much10:11
_gl_Sorry I do not understand what you mean "repo/docs in the topics"10:11
kanniball_gl_: in the kubuntu page you have news about new released KDE versions, and the repository information10:11
kanniball_gl_: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.410:12
Dr_willisSee topic :)10:12
syockitksynaptics missing is probably due to all the fiasco with xorg.conf10:12
Dr_willisI was thinkig ksynaptics is a bit outdated now..10:13
_gl_Thank you kanniball10:13
Dr_willisThere was some other tools to replace it. but i dont rember what it was called10:13
syockitetfb: meanwhile try looking for it at other places: ubuntuforums.org, launchpad.net etc10:13
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
syockitetfb: not forgetting wiki.ubuntu.com10:16
nahyhello. i want clean up my disc space. what should i do? is there any document that fully describe?10:17
syockitetfb: You might have to follow the guidelines in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad10:18
syockitnahy: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=140920 is just one of them10:19
nahythank you10:20
syockitActually you can get lots of hits for that by googling 'ubuntu clean up'10:21
nahyaha. thank u again10:21
nahyit's talking about synaptic. nothing about adept?10:24
=== quassel86 is now known as quikee
etfbsyockit: That seems to be what I needed; thanks.  Gotta reboot now, believe it or not (I swear, it's like Windows 95 around here today...)10:25
syockitetfb: I didn't remember having to reboot... oh, maybe you wanted to reload the fdi. oh well10:26
nahysyockit: it's talking about synaptic. nothing about adept?10:27
syockitsyockit: no, this is synaptics, the touchpad driver10:28
syockitSometimes I wonder if they are exhausted of naming resources10:28
nahyi cant understand what you mean10:28
techbwwhy would one need synaptics touchpad drivers in kubuntu?  Kubuntu should support touchpad out of box.10:29
syockit"Google Chrome"! What? I have been living with mozilla's chrome, don't wan't the name to be used for another browser!10:29
syockittechbw: driver is already there, but method for customizing isn't10:29
syockitand some people have them behave erratically by default10:30
techbwok I understand, what do you want to customise, because most of the functions for setting the touchpad can be found under system settings->keyboard and mouse10:30
syockitI can't find it :(10:31
syockitThere are only general mouse settings, nothing specific to the touchpad10:31
syockit(Mine isn't a touchpad, technically)10:31
Dr_williswhat is it then?10:32
Dr_willisa 'dont touch pad' ?10:32
techbwwhat kind of device is it, is it more a tablet? or one of those directional joystick thingies10:32
noaXesshi all10:34
noaXessif i unplug my second battery on my notebook guidance power manager don't see it... it shows allready two bats connected..10:35
noaXessany idea to force recheck?10:35
Dr_willisHmmm.. 2 batteries?10:36
noaXessa main bat and a bat that i can insert into the dvd-bay10:37
Dr_willisisent that special10:37
noaXesshm.. an other prob, my kwin is eating 40%+ cpu10:39
syockitYeah, it's the directional joystick thing, known as the trackpoint (http://xkcd.com/243/)10:39
acetolinehow can i remove stubborn processes from memory?10:39
techbwtalking about batteries, how can one extend battery life while not on mains in kubuntu, where can I set schemes for say disabling wireless10:39
acetolinethose that won't die with kill.10:39
_gl_Hmm... I added the repository and nothing updates....10:40
_gl_deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu intrepid main10:40
_gl_any ideas?10:40
techbwhave you tried sudo apt-get update, and are there any errors10:41
_gl_will do, thanks, I am used to suse, not kubuntu10:41
bendieHi everybody! I like to install the KDE 4.2 RC packages on my Kubuntu 8.10 but it wants to remove KOffice 1.6.3. Why? It doesn't even install the new koffice...10:41
Dr_willisI was thinking there was some issues with koffice.10:42
Dr_willisi  thought the URL in the topc mentions it.10:42
techbwhave you tried sudo apt-get purge koffice10:43
bendiehttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc1 says there are issues with koffice2. I've only got koffice 1.6 installed on my system and I want to keep it there...10:43
techbwah! I see, then find a archived 1.6.3 and download that, once you have 8.10 installed, then install the 1.6.310:44
kanniballcan anybody explain me why i run "locale" command in console, I have the locale setted right, but in the X session (Konsole) it's not setted in LANG, and as POSIX on other items?10:44
techbwhad to do that with flash, for some or other reason flash 10 has issues on kubuntu 8.04 don't know about 8.1010:45
kanniballI've searched around, but can't find a solution10:45
syockiteww, no better solution? I'd hate having to install from source10:47
syockitcurrently, I can't apt-get it due to kformula being missing10:48
techbwlol, busy looking for a deb now10:48
techbwdo you have an old entry for a repo, then add that repo into your new 8.10 and try install that way10:49
syockitI think only kformula is broken, the depends needs tweaking10:49
Dr_willisI cant say that ive ever used Koffice10:49
syockitI only want the spreadsheet though.10:51
techbwfound one10:51
=== alberto is now known as Guest73878
bendietechbw: thanks for your help. I don't use koffice much, only kspread and I just hoped that somebody from the RC1-packagers (apachelogger?) might tell me a reason why it has to be removed when installing the 4.2 RC1 - packages...10:54
techbwno problem10:55
bendieI don't see any reason in this. Maybe it's a packaging bug?10:55
noaXessis there the nvidia driver 180.22 available in any kubuntu repos? i can find just 180.1110:56
techbwone of those ppl will have to answer that q, that is far over my head10:57
Guest73878is there for some way i can access my mother computer bypassing routers or whatever in the middle? i mean, that she can open the connecction somehow just clicking somewhere?10:59
techbwhow can I enable the 3 button mouse emulation in kubuntu, I had a mouse plugged into the laptop when I installed, so it did not give me this option during the install11:00
Dr_willisi wonder if that goto-my-pc thing works with linux and windows...11:00
_gl_Still no joy.  sudo apt-get update does not list the kde4 repository11:02
techbwwas there any errors, and did you add the repos in /etc/apt/sources.list11:03
_gl_I added the repo with adept11:03
techbwwhat version of kubuntu you using11:03
_gl_the one that came with kubuntu (is it 4.1.3?)11:04
techbw8.04 and 8.10 already have kde4 apps in the repos by default11:04
_gl_Hm... but not 4.1.411:04
_gl_I guess...11:04
sunshineHow to switch from kdm to gdm i installed gdm and configured it as my default, but it is not starting at bootup. I'm only coming to a console login.11:06
techbwversion of kde 4 in 8.04 is 8.0.1411:06
techbwsorry 4.0.1411:07
techbwdon't know about 8.1011:07
noaXesssunshine: sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm11:07
techbwbut I doubt they are though11:07
_gl_techbw: shown in synaptic is 4.1.3, but adding the repo for 4.1.4 does not show updates11:08
xanax``what package should I install in Synaptic to install KDE4 ?11:08
Greeneryhow to format my usb drive in Kubuntu?11:09
techbwKDE 4.2 Release Candidate 1 has been released and packages are available for Kubuntu 9.04 "Jaunty". Packages for Kubuntu 8.10 "Intrepid" are compiling and will be available shortly, check back soon if they are not all available when you read this. Read more for details.11:10
_gl_techbw: that explains it all. Many thanks!11:10
techbwsorry i see 4.1.411:10
techbwnot 4.211:10
faileastechbw: on the experimental repo the version is 4.1.96, which is rc1 ;)11:11
techbwhe is looking for kde4.1.4 which is available.11:12
techbwdo you have these repos?11:12
techbwdeb http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ experimental main11:13
techbwdeb-src http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/ experimental main11:13
techbwfor kde4.1.4 you can see all about at http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/experimental.html11:13
syockit4.1.4 is gonna be the last for 4.1 afaik11:17
syockitand kubuntu lads are preparing 4.2 for backports11:17
techbwI would like to thank the Ubuntu guys if they are in the room here, for such good work, I have been using kubuntu on and off for a while, and just made the leap of no longer dual booting, Kubuntu has come a long way good work guys11:18
acetolinetechbw: same here, I'm always on linux now.11:18
sunshinetechbw: these are debian repos i doubt you would like to install this11:19
techbwthere are still a few things that could be done to improve it though, like support for tablets, it is hard to get them working correctly, I am sure there is other hardware with issues11:19
techbwis kubuntu not of debian origin, we using the debian installers?11:19
syockitWork is on for tablet support. But more input from tablet users are needed.11:20
faileastechbw: there's some differences11:20
syockitNot to mention legacy serial tablets11:20
faileasgenerally mixing packages between distros isn't recommended11:20
knusperfroschhow do i find out to which package a file belongs to?11:21
techbwEye candy is ok fine, for now, more work needs to go into supporting hardware. OH! and don't forget software to replace those window$ apps like PS CS4 and the like, the gimp just does not cut it for me11:21
knusperfroschtechbw: so why don't you stay with windows and use the programm you need for your work(PS CS4)?11:23
faileastechbw: there's always wine ;)11:23
techbwI have a computer specifically for work, and CS4 does not work on wine :-) was reading your mind11:24
* faileas dosen't like gimp much, i just use paint.net in a vm ;)11:24
techbwThe program is fine, but once you are used to doing things one way, then moving from Photoshop to Gimp or paint.net, is kinda difficult,,, I took years in finding my way around PS and don't want to have to learn, so for work I stay with PS, but I guess one day PS will eventually have a port for linux, as linux grows11:25
xanax``what package should I install in Synaptic to install KDE4 ?11:27
xanax``i don't see it in synaptic (though I added http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu to the repository list)11:30
techbwwhat version of kubuntu you using?11:31
xanax``ubuntu 8.1011:31
osotogarijust a quick question11:32
techbwkde4 should already be in repo. you shouldn't have to add another repo for it, I actually think kde4 is the default for 8.10 not sure on that11:32
osotogariwhy when i insert my usb external hard disk is it owned by root?11:32
etfbTrying to get sound working in my shiny new Acer Aspire 8920.  One of the step-by-step intructions assumes there's a device called /dev/snd/hwC0D0, but the only ones I have in /dev/snd start with pcm, not hw.  What does all that mean?11:33
techbwxanax'':yes kde4 is default on 8.1011:35
syockitetfb: where'd you get the steps from?11:36
etfbRequires upgrading to the latest ALSA (already on there, so that's easy) and using something called hda-verb11:36
syockitsadly, that looks quite old. Especially, there are major changes regarding hardware detection from 8.04 to 8.1011:37
etfbsyockit: It's recent -- late 2008.  Could have sworn it mentioned 8.10, but I guess it can't have.  D'oh!11:37
etfbSo what are the changes, and can I have sound please?  There'll be a new Battlestar Galactica to download soon, and I don't lipread very well!11:38
* etfb sighs melodramatically and wishes upgrading could be easy, just once...11:41
syockitetfb: Can you tell me the version of your alsa? maybe a dpkg -I alsa11:42
saiyhello everyone11:44
etfbsyockit: The one ending in 17, whatever that is.  Hang on, checking...11:45
etfbsyockit: 1.0.17 apparently11:46
syockityou're right, intrepid still doesn't have 18 backported11:46
syockitoh well11:46
syockitetfb: I don't recommend it, but you can try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=658981011:47
syockitIt's a long journey of source compiling11:47
=== sashaye is now known as sashaye__
=== sashaye__ is now known as sashaye
etfbsyockit: What will that get me in the end?  I don't mind compiling stuff if there's a chance it will lead to something worthwhile.11:48
sashayehey what are you guys talking about?11:49
syockitetfb: dunno. Try https://code.launchpad.net/~janvitus/+archive and add it to sources11:49
sashayeAre you talking about a program ?11:51
syockitetfb: btw, post your " lsmod | grep snd " output11:51
syockitsashaye: troubleshooting sound error11:51
sashayeguys I have a question11:53
sashayeI have recently changed to ubuntu11:53
sashayeand there is no sound11:53
etfbsyockit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108936/11:54
syockittalk about coincidence11:54
acetolinesashaye: was there any sound before? :p11:54
syockitetfb: ps -ef | grep pulse      and see if you have pulse running11:55
sashayeit was fine before11:55
sashayebut now no sound :(11:56
acetolinegive specs11:56
etfbsyockit: Not there.  What's pulse?11:56
acetolinemodel of sound card, hardware specs, etc.11:56
syockitetfb: an audio daemon. evil daemons out to cause you evil!!11:56
syockitetfb: anyways, can you try janvitus's alsa packages?11:56
xanax`i have Intrepid and i would like to install KDE 4.2 but it's not listed in synaptic... (though i added the repository)11:57
sashaye1 GB RAM11:57
Aranelis there any way to use animated wallpaper for KDE4? I saw something named "plasma animated wallpaper" but didnt get it11:58
sashayeAcer - aspire 369011:58
sashaye79 GB memory11:58
etfbsyockit: Doing that now.  Can't remember how to put in the authentication, but it's upgrading without it, so I'll cope.11:58
syockitetfb: fyi I dont have no alsa nonsense on my PC. I wonder if it's needed?11:59
syockitit's built in to the kernel i think12:00
sashayedo you guys have any idea how to get the sound on this laptop12:00
m_tadeueach time I connect my camera, I can only access to the card through digikam12:00
syockitetfb: My pc's also snd_hda_intel12:01
m_tadeuthe camera doesn't show in dolphin12:01
sashayeI shouldnt have switched from Windows12:01
sashayeat least everything worked12:01
sashayethe only prob with it is viruses12:01
sashayeand the way it goes slow if its not a high powered machine12:02
syockitetfb: meanwhile, can you try aplay /usr/share/sounds/login.wav ?12:02
syockitwoops, I forgot you can't aplay if alsa-utils is not installed12:02
xanax`is KDE 4.2 going to be released in a few days ?12:03
MetaMorfoziSHi all12:04
syockitetfb: What's your " lspci | grep Audio "? I wanna know the device name12:05
etfbGaaah!  If I install alsa-utils, it will UNINSTALL a bunch of stuff like the kernel, the network manager, etc etc.  Must be a broken package or something weird.12:05
sashayeok the sound thing is still not working12:05
etfb00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)12:06
syockitsashaye, like acetoline said, you need to give details of your computer12:06
syockitoho, mine's 82801G (ICH7 Family).12:07
etfbStill no sound, btw.  I keep feeling I should be rebooting to get this working, but that's probably my atrophied Windows instincts...12:07
MetaMorfoziSI have disk usage problem. Exactyl with sysklogd. I have put dash before every relevant line, but it's still writes disk at every minute when a cronjob runs12:07
MetaMorfoziSCan anybody help me? What about recompiling or upgrading to syslog-ng?12:08
MetaMorfoziS(under recompiling i hope there are some configure option for disk usage)12:08
sashayeCeleron M / 1.6GHz / 15.4" / 1280x800 / 70 GB / 1GB12:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Crissi2
etfbsashaye: That's the Linux equivalent of a/s/l, isn't it!   Something like cpu/ghz/vdu/res/hd/ram...  Except, for trouble-shooting sound, it would be more useful to know the make and model, and anything you've found out about the sound card or chipset.12:11
syockitetfb: Btw if you still have your old alsa tools, can you try ' aplay /usr/share/sounds/login.wav '?12:11
etfbsyockit: I did.  No results.12:12
etfb(Oh, and I put in something other than login.wav, because that doesn't exist on my system)12:12
sashaye  Acer Aspire 3690 Notebook - Intel Celeron M 520 1.6GHz, 1GB DDR2, 70GB, 15.4" WXGA CrystalBrite, DVD-Writer, 802.11g, Ununtu LTs 8.04- I think12:12
sashayeok then12:13
syockitetfb: and the command returns with nothing at all? it just exits like that?12:13
etfbOh, I think it thinks it's playing, I just hear nothing.12:13
sashayeso where do I go to find out those stuff12:13
syockitI see another Acer Aspire user here with sound trouble12:13
syockitetfb: If you think it's playing, try this:  alsamixer -Dhw12:13
etfbWhen I first started after I installed Intrepid, the first time it tried to use knotify to play a sound, it crashed the machine, then it warned me, something about aRTS, but like a fool I didn't take note.12:14
Dr_willisI got an AcerAspireOne using EEEbuntu  - sound woks here12:14
syockitsashaye: open terminal, type in this and enter: lspci | grep Audio12:14
syockitaRTS it says!12:14
etfbsyockit: Pretty DOS graphics!  Brings back memories.  What am I looking for?  Nothing significant seems to be muted.12:15
syockitoh, the blasphemy12:15
etfbsyockit: A significant incantation?12:15
syockitetfb: and try the aplay thing again12:15
syockitetfb: it worked for some people. Maybe not you12:15
etfbsyockit: I played a longer .wav.  It definitely sat there, thinking it was entertaining me with some exciting noises, but my ears were not fooled.12:16
syockitetfb: I can only guess there was a regression after update to 2.6.27 kernel12:17
syockitThere's a bug for that, unconfirmed though: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-utils/+bug/288597 . I don't think it should belong to alsa-utils12:18
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
sashayeno :(12:19
sashayeit does not work12:19
syockitetfb: What codec does it use? cat /proc/asound/card*/codec\#*|grep -i codec12:20
syockitsashaye: that was for listing the hardware it uses. Please paste the output over here12:20
sashayesashaye@sashaye-laptop:~$ lspci | grep Audio12:21
sashaye00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)12:21
etfbsyockit: Realtek AC889 and/or LSI ID 104012:21
etfb(sorry, ALC889; not used to this keyboard yet)12:21
syockitdon't know why they don't got ctrl-c for konversation12:23
syockitsashaye: that's the same as mine. Maybe codecs different.12:24
syockitsashaye: in terminal, do : alsamixer -Dhw12:24
=== maite is now known as maitetxu56
syockitsashaye: what audio player do you have? try amaroking something12:25
sashayesashaye@sashaye-laptop:~$ lspci | grep Audio12:25
sashaye00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)12:25
sashayesorry was trying to paste something12:26
sashaye│ Card: HDA Intel                                                                                               │12:26
sashaye│ Chip: Realtek ALC883                                                                                          │12:26
sashaye│ View: [Playback] Capture  All                                                                                 │12:26
sashaye│ Item: Master [dB gain=-19.50]                                                                                 │12:26
etfbDo I want to install pulseaudio, do you think?12:26
syockitsashaye: try playing something. confirm if sounds play or not12:27
syockitetfb: I'm guessing that pulse won't solve this one, but since you don't have one already, do try12:27
syockitand all the modules as well too12:27
sashayeRythmbox Music player12:28
etfbYep, seems to be doing that.  While I'm at it, how do I put that janvitus guy's OpenPGP key on my system so his stuff counts as authenticated?12:28
syockitI'm not sure about openPGP stuff, I always ignore them for launchpad ppa (bad practice :) )12:29
sashayeno sound12:30
etfbsyockit: So what can pulse do for me?  Is there an equivalent of "aplay [filename]" that might work?12:31
etfb(Sorry I'm asking so many simple questions.  I've been cleaning the house all day and my brain is totally burned.  I can barely even remember how to spell Gooooogle, let alone use it.)12:31
syockitetfb: they're not trivial questions IMO. Pulse is just a sound server, I don't think it works if the driver itself is malfunctioning12:33
syockitsashaye: any sound yet?12:33
syockitetfb: After installing pulseaudio, you may need to restart to get it working. but don't restart now12:34
etfbOK, first principles.  That error message that mentioned aRTS or something.  Does that mean anything to you?  It seems like the driver crashed the machine, so something clever went and disabled it so it wouldn't do it again.  Can I start there?12:34
syockitetfb: try pulseaudio -D -vv12:34
syockitetfb: did you upgrade from kde3.5 ?12:35
syockitoh, I also have arts12:35
syockitetfb: wait, I forgot your ubuntu version again12:36
syockit8.10 was it12:36
etfbNope.  Pure install.  Bought the laptop today and it had Vista on it, which I have taken a vow by the great god Google never to touch.  I stuck the Kubuntu CD in and installed.12:36
etfbYep, 8.10.12:36
syockitsomeone's on the door, brb12:37
etfbThat pulseaudio line gave a lot of text about lacking privileges and operations not permitted, but finished with "Daemon startup successful".  Boy!  What does an unsuccessful start look like???12:37
cjaeanyone if there are any worth while perks of running 64bit ubuntu on an amd 64 bit athalon?12:39
sashayedo you have any more ideas ?12:39
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo12:43
etfbsashaye: Let's try the blind-leading-the-blind trick here.  What make/model, linux version and sound hardware did you say you have?12:43
cjaeor I guess kubuntu? there is a 32 bits version of xp on it now and it seems quite slow, was wondering if I should opt for 64 bit OS? I think I may not have that great of hardware and a 64 bit OS might just cause more headache, then again maybe the windows drivers need updating12:43
ActionParsnip1cjae: try defragging / virus scanning / spyware sacn / deleting temp files12:45
sashayeUbuntu 8.04 LTS12:45
ActionParsnip1cjae: if the install is > 2 years old, I'd consider a reinstall12:45
sashayeI dont know the sound hardware12:46
ActionParsnip1sashaye: lspci will tell you12:46
cjaeActionParsnip1: I have running malwarebytes now running now but a comodo, and avast scan show nothing12:46
etfbsashaye: I think you type aplay -l at a konsole12:46
ActionParsnip1cjae: try adaware / spybot12:47
syockitI'm back!!12:47
ActionParsnip1cjae: do it in safe mode too12:47
etfbsyockit: Wasn't a murderer at the door then?  I was worried you'd get stabbed to death and me and sashaye would never get our sound working!12:47
cjaeActionParsnip1: I always install spybot, the immunization part12:48
ActionParsnip1cjae: windows installs decay with time, a clean install is a great way to improve speed12:48
syockitetfb: Hehe I knew there'd be somebody with that thought when I said that. Anyways, open System Settings, go to Multimedia. What do you see listed?12:48
ActionParsnip1cjae: ubuntu doesnt so much12:49
* etfb is so glad not to have to worry about all that spyware/virus rubbish with Linux. Makes it worth the occasional pain.12:49
sashaye│ Card: HDA Intel                                                                                               │12:49
sashaye│ Chip: Realtek ALC883                                                                                          │12:49
sashaye│ View: [Playback] Capture  All                                                                                 │12:49
sashaye│ Item: Master [dB gain=-19.50]                                                                                 │12:49
ActionParsnip1etfb: you just have vulnerabilities in software instead12:49
syockitsashaye: you already told it: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family)12:49
sashayesashaye@sashaye-laptop:~$ aplay -l12:49
sashaye**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****12:49
sashayecard 0: Intel [HDA Intel], device 0: ALC883 Analog [ALC883 Analog]12:49
sashaye  Subdevices: 0/112:49
sashaye  Subdevice #0: subdevice #012:49
Tm_T!paste | sashaye12:50
ubottusashaye: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)12:50
cjaeActionParsnip1: it is emachine  with an msi board andI thought msi was ok, but who knows, I don't have the devices on hand to know what to put back on after reinstall though, plus they have some restore disc that they use12:50
etfbsyockit: There's no Multimedia section thre.12:51
syockitthat's even weirder!12:52
ActionParsnip1cjae: i like MSI, the restore disks are fine, just helps to remove all the extra full thats left behind when you uninstall stuff12:52
sashayeI did the paste bin thing12:52
sashayeare you happy now ?12:52
syockitsashaye: post the url here12:52
cjaeright but don't they just write disk images and would destroy a dual boot situation?12:53
syockitetfb: got kmix ? I'm sure you do. libarts ? sure too. I just can't figure out the missing pieces12:53
etfbsashaye: I suspect from the sheer speed of the response that Tm_T is a robot.  Don't take it personally; as soon as you pasted a lot in one go using your clipboard, it jumped on you.12:53
syockithmm, actually the info from that pastebin was already provided12:54
sashayeok I am tired now !!! - its best if I took the murder I was getting from windows cause this is too much.12:55
etfbsyockit: I'd blow the install away and reinstall, except it took over two hours to download the upgrades after I did it...12:55
syockitetfb: I suspect libarts crashing causes the multimedia section to disappear12:55
syockitetfb: no, you don't have to12:55
Tm_Tetfb: I am no robot, but I am semigod12:55
etfbsashaye: Naah, don't give up on it.  With Linux, the problems only happen when you upgrade.  With Windoze, they're eternal.12:56
ActionParsnip1cjae: i doubt it12:56
Tm_Tsashaye: it's not about me being happy, it's about keeping this channel usable, nothing personal (:12:56
syockitetfb: what, you mean it was working with live CD?12:56
ActionParsnip1cjae: thats the problem with branded garbage, they give restore cds which ruin systems if you do anything smart with your pc12:56
etfbTm_T: Ah, that seems fair enough.  Don't suppose you have the divine power to repair sound cards?12:56
sashayeIts 4:56 in the morning12:56
Tm_Tetfb: no, not really12:57
sashayeI'm tired12:57
etfbsyockit: I didn't even try the live CD, but I might give it a whirl.12:57
sashayegoing to bed12:57
sashayeand switch to windows at noon this is too much12:57
etfbsashaye: G'night.  Maybe it'll look better in the morning.  I certainly hope so in my case...12:57
sashayeetfb: good luck12:58
etfbOK, will try to see if things work with the Live CD.  If they do, it's definitely a regression in a more recent version of... something.  If not, it's a hardware prob with the machine itself.12:58
etfbEither way, I appear to have bought the world's first deaf-people's multimedia laptop.  <sigh>12:59
Aisonhmm, added some openoffice overlay from launchpad13:00
cjaeActionParsnip1: would you say 64 bit buntu?13:00
Aisonhow do I add the gpg key? I cant update13:00
Aisonah, found the key http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?search=0xD2BB86E0EBD0F0A43D4DB3A760D11217247D1CFF&op=index13:00
etfbTHanks syockit.  See you around, if I don't just go to sleep instead.13:00
ActionParsnip1cjae: what about it?13:00
cjaeActionParsnip1: cause 32 bit will run just fine, I am just wondering  if I should not opt for 64 bit to save headache?13:01
ActionParsnip1cjae: what do you use your system for?13:02
cjaeActionParsnip1: the normal desktop sernario - surf, download, burn, media, email, crackbook - not my system though, but thats what they use it for13:03
JackWinteri just tried to install vmware server on my kubuntu 8.04.  installed fine, but my networking didn't work after the first reboot.  removed vmware and tried booting again, no change.  now when i boot the eth1 interface is up, but has no ip configured.  if i use the kde applet to down and then resstart it, then networking works again.  any idea where i should look ?13:03
ActionParsnip1cjae: then 64bit wont give you anything really13:03
cjaeActionParsnip1: he fixed my truck I fix his computer13:03
cjaeActionParsnip1: speed boost?13:04
ActionParsnip1cjae: not really, not for such activity13:04
ActionParsnip1cjae: try it, see how it flys13:04
cjaedo have enough time to do both his g/f is heading back home before him and she needs it for work and university13:05
ActionParsnip1cjae: then go with what you KNOW works13:07
cjaeActionParsnip1: kay thanks13:07
ActionParsnip1cjae: if time is pressing, go with a garunteed win13:07
Aisonsomehow apt-get update fails on deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu-trunk-0.22/ubuntu intrepid main13:08
Aisondo anybody else have got the problem?13:08
WishingMasteryes me too13:08
cjaeused 63 bit buntu on an amd a while agon and it seemed to run fine, but there was always the lag in updates and pakages13:09
WishingMasterbut i think its normal13:09
ActionParsnip1cjae: then call it dude13:09
syockitmissing 1 bit won't hurt ;)13:09
ActionParsnip1cjae: make a move]13:09
cjaewaiting on windows scans, thanks for the help13:10
cjaelove the handle btw ActionParsnip113:10
ActionParsnip1cjae: its a harry hill joke13:12
ActionParsnip1!hi | slow-motion13:22
ubottuslow-motion: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:22
=== alberto is now known as Guest8926
derjenshi everyone13:26
derjensa friend of mine needs immediate help:) of course he just called me. maybe you can give me a hint13:26
derjenshow to disable desktop effects via text console?13:27
derjensi guess it's in .kde/share/config/...13:27
derjensbut i have no clue in which file13:27
derjenswhat is the program called that runs all the effects?13:27
derjensi just know compiz and aiglx but as far as i know kde4 implements all of that itself13:28
faileasthough what you see is plasma13:28
syockitderjens: .kde/share/config/kwinrc13:29
syockitdisable compositing... woops, wrong effect13:29
derjenssyockit, knowing the right name if had just found the file myself13:29
derjenssyockit, i first thought of compositing=0 myself13:29
derjenswhat do you mean by "woops, wrong effect"?13:30
syockitit just disables compositing13:31
syockitoh, that would disable some desktop effects I guess13:31
derjensof course13:32
derjensthats what i want13:32
syockitderjens: under [Compositing], enabled=false13:32
derjenssyockit, i have found it. thanks for your help13:36
khalidmianlooking for help re 2 things 1st being config of nvidia x server setting - cant save  the config to x11.con-but can connect to tv13:49
ActionParsnip1khalidmian: you need to run kdesudo nvidia-settings13:49
khalidmian2nd being at put up to kubuntu at times everything goes ok but get flashing cap lock/scroll lock and doesnt boot into login area13:49
abeenhi, need help with removing the password prompt after resume from suspend pls13:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about suspend13:54
leyIs anyone here?13:58
leytomorrow is chinese spring fastvail.is anyone comes from china?13:58
leyhow did you install your kubuntu?14:00
leyI've installed it on ubuntu, after that, i removed gnome.14:00
leycan i get free kubuntu cd?14:01
estanhey. i've began running KDE from trunk instead, for shits and giggles.. however the KDE3 knetworkmanager installed by kubuntu is launched automatically no matter what i do.. anyone knows how to prevent this permanently? (i want to do the same for the adept update notifier).14:01
estanare there any system wide .desktop files or something for these things that make them launch automatically?14:02
Wishing_remove it from startup14:02
estanWishing_: that's what i'm trying to do.. but where exactly is "startup"?14:03
Wishing_in system tools14:03
Wishing_there is an icon for startup under Advanced Tab14:04
=== Wishing_ is now known as WishingMaster
estanWishingMaster: hm. i have System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Autostart.. but there's nothing there..14:05
WishingMasterestan, in that case tell me what are your options14:06
=== snake is now known as albuntu
estanWishingMaster: in the Autostart module in System Settings?14:06
WishingMasteroverall / all14:07
estanin all of System Settings?14:07
WishingMasteryes es,14:07
estanthere's a Service Manager there too, but i don't think that's it..14:07
WishingMasterno its not14:07
WishingMasterwhat about session or startup14:08
estanthere's something called Session Manager, but it doesn't allow me to configure and autostarted applets..14:09
estanmaybe i need to login to KDE 4.1 session instead, and use the kubuntu packaged KDE instead to turn this off.. then switch back to my KDE trunk install..14:09
WishingMasterwell is the session manager locked/grayed out?14:10
estanno, it's not grayed out, i can change stuff there.. but there's nothing about autostarted applets there.14:10
estani think it's a bit weird that these things are started by default in my KDE trunk installation, because for that i'm using ~/.kde-trunk as my KDEDIR.14:11
estanwhich is why i'm thinking this is some kind of system-wide kubuntu default to start these applets.14:11
estani see now that there's a /usr/share/autostart..14:12
WishingMasterit could be14:12
estanwith .desktop files in it.14:12
estanbut it doesn't have e.g. the knetworkmanager applet .desktop file.. and that is started automatically.14:13
xprobQuick problem. If somebody could help I'd apreciate. Searched net, no luck. Here goes: native resolution for computer screen is 1024x600, but on kde4 can only choose between 800x600 and 640x480.14:14
WishingMasterwell its a driver issue xp,14:15
estani'm looking also at my plasma-appletsrc, but it only has entries for the knetworkmanager that i want to be started (the only from KDE SVN), and not for the KDE3 one..14:16
xprobxorg.conf has under section "Screen" subsection "Display" the line: 'Modes "1024x600" "800x600" "640x480".14:17
WishingMasterwell thats a bit tricky, i think you need to contact someone who has better understanding on this matter14:17
WishingMasterwell try to contact ActionParsnip1 for this14:18
WishingMasterxp ,14:18
ActionParsnip1WishingMaster: xp support is in ##windows14:19
estanWishingMaster: ah, i think i've found the .desktop files that start these things, they're in /etc/xdg/autostart.14:19
estanwhich i guess is an XDG standard, so my KDE trunk starts it too.14:19
WishingMasterthats gr814:19
estanyea, going to try it now.14:20
WishingMasterestan, go for it14:20
estani wonder if i can configure my KDE trunk session to not care about these files instead.. because i still want my KDE 4.1 session to use them.14:20
estanprobably not possible..14:21
estani could move them to my ~/.kde/Autostart i guess.14:21
estan(which is used by KDE 4.1 but not my trunk installation).14:21
WishingMasterif u make changes here they will be reflected there as well14:21
ActionParsnip1estan: true, thatd stop kde running it at startup14:21
estanyep. that worked fine.14:24
* estan happy.14:24
estanby the way, anyone know how kubuntu will behave when it finds those files are gone from /etc/xdg/autostart? i mean when the package that installed them are updated..14:25
WishingMasteri think it will rebuild the files14:26
estanWishingMaster: okay, i'll just keep an eye out for that then.14:27
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
WishingMasterwhat client are you using for this chat estan14:29
nahyi'm experiencing a very bad problem with removing some packages14:29
estanWishingMaster: screen+irssi.14:29
estansomething that looks weird?14:30
WishingMasteri am trying to use pidgin,it is not taking my details14:30
WishingMasterhave you used it?14:30
estanonly briefly once when i was trying to use its SILC plugin..14:30
estani've been using screen+irssi for almost ten years, so i'm not likely to change ;)14:31
nahyfor example when i want to remove gnome by "sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop" it encounters some errors14:31
estanwhen i found that there's a SILC plugin for irssi too, i just stuck with that.14:31
WishingMasterwhat kind of problems are u facing nahy14:31
estanmaybe you should try Quassel, i've heard good things about it. it's an IRC client written using Qt.14:32
nahythey cannot be remove14:32
WishingMasterwell i woudl be using Konversation in next few days14:32
WishingMasterdid u try to purge14:32
ActionParsnip1nahy: that is a hollow metapackage14:32
estanokay. yea i like Konversation.. it's just that there's no KDE4 version of it yet i think.14:32
ActionParsnip1nahy: if you want to remove gnome try !purekde14:33
WishingMasterthere is bro estan14:33
WishingMasteri have used it in kde414:33
estanWishingMaster: oh that's great news.14:33
nahywhat is the exact command?14:33
estanyea, i know that you can use the KDE3 version in KDE4 of course, but is there really a version of Konversation written using the KDE4 libraries yet?14:33
estani know there wasn't a few months ago.14:34
WishingMasterwell there is now14:34
estanokay. cool.14:34
estanthings move fast ,)14:34
estani must say KDE trunk is working great on my laptop, 4.2 is going to be so much better than 4.114:34
WishingMasterit would be14:35
nahyActionParsnip1:what is the exact command?14:35
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:35
* estan food. bbl.14:36
estanthx for the tips WishingMaster.14:36
WishingMasterwell it was my pleasure14:36
nahyun pure kde it says use this command: "sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop"!!!!!14:37
estannahy: hm. okay but could you paste the errors that you get when you run that command somewhere?14:38
estannahy: e.g. on dpaste.com or rafb.net/paste14:38
nahyok i'll do14:38
Gr0mcan I install KDE 4.2 from repo in Jaunty now?14:38
estanand someone in here can maybe give advice.. i need to make food now.14:38
WishingMastersure bro enjoy ur meal14:39
WishingMasterwell i will take a 10 min break so see u guys after that14:43
=== angel is now known as amelie
=== amelie is now known as Amelie1973
Amelie1973hello everyone14:46
Amelie1973i need help14:46
ActionParsnip1!ask | Amelie197314:46
ubottuAmelie1973: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)14:46
ActionParsnip1!jaunty | Gr0m14:47
ubottuGr0m: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.14:47
Amelie1973my screen resolution only detects 800x60014:47
ActionParsnip1Amelie1973: ok, what video card do you have?14:47
Amelie1973and I need bigger resolutions14:47
Amelie1973hold on14:47
ActionParsnip1Amelie1973: lspci | grep -i vga14:47
nahyestan: when i go to the webpage dpaste, what should i do?14:47
Amelie197300:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 6150SE nForce 430(rev a2)14:48
Amelie1973that's my screen resolution14:48
nahyestan: should i enter your address or something?14:48
Amelie1973sorry i mean my video card14:48
estannahy: no, enter your own.14:49
estanyou don't have to enter an e-mail if you don't want to, just write your nick.14:49
estanand cut and paste the errors you get into the big text area and click "Paste it".14:49
nahyi pasted the error then?14:49
estanthen you'll get an address you can paste here in the channel, and we can check the errors.14:50
ActionParsnip1Amelie1973: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-173 nvidia-settings nvidia-173-kernel-source14:50
nahyjust click on PASTE botton?14:50
estannahy: yes, after you have pasted the error in the big text area.14:50
estannahy: i see you're getting a Segmentation fault. that's a pretty bad error, it could indicate a bug in the package system or even bad RAM memory.14:52
estannahy: not sure how to help you here, try some googling to see if anyone has had the same problem. or check the debian bug tracking system and see if anyone has filed a bug for this..14:52
nahyso is it going to be fixed or not?14:52
nahyhow can i find debian bug tracking system>?14:53
estannahy: i have no idea, i don't even know if it's reported yet or what the reason is. it could be bad RAM too.14:53
estannahy: google.14:53
estanor just file a bug on launchpad.14:54
nahyok dear friend and how is the bug reporting process14:54
estanwell, include the same text that you pasted, and write what command you used, what kubuntu version et.c.14:55
nahythank you anyway!14:55
estanthere should be guidelines for bug reporting at launchpad i guess.14:55
estanno problem, sorry i couldn't help you more. good luck with the bug reporting.14:58
estananyone know why kubuntu registers a lot of windows-specific settings such at the default initial size for ktorrent et.c.?15:03
estanit makes my ktorrent always appear as 800x600 when minimized to tray and brought up again.15:04
estanso i always remove these settings.. anyone know why they're there in the first place?15:04
=== mtux_ is now known as mtux
CruX|hello all, I just updated my system to kbuntu 8.10, and i have problem with my keyboard. I set my keyboard rate with "xset r rate 200 70". All keys are working with exception of downarrow and leftarrow - wait delay is much bigger than 200 ms. What's wrong ? on kubuntu 8.04 it worked.15:09
angelplease help15:10
angelcan't configure the xserver!15:10
angel my biggest resolution is 800 x 660015:10
angelx 60015:10
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=== POKE53281 is now known as PodeCoet
PodeCoetHello, I have 4GB of RAM installed and can't address all of it under 32bit kubuntu, so I was thinking of reinstalling the 64bit version. Are there any major issues I should know about?15:17
CruX|some apps like flash and skype are 32 bit oly15:17
CruX|there can be a problems15:18
MalikLaminhi guys, does anybody know any linux driver development chanel15:19
PodeCoetSo its just minor apps though right?15:23
=== roozbehonline is now known as RoozbehOffline
GoanMalikLamin, you can ask a generic qn at #kubuntu-devel15:24
MalikLaminjose, oi15:26
aaron_hola buenas15:33
aaron_alguien me puede ayudar a instalar una webcam integrada en un portatil asus15:34
aaron_de marca syntek?15:34
khalidmiansh: pkg-config: not found any help15:43
khalidmianwhilst configuring tv as second monitor under kdesudo nvidia setting i get this : sh: pkg-config: not found15:46
epimethanybody using RC1?15:46
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dwidmannepimeth: me15:50
=== ifestos is now known as Phage
atrox_Hi, I was just wondering... would kubuntu be a good choice for a first time linux user?16:02
MalikLaminatrox, if you're a dedicated guy, who likes learning about the sistem I'd say go ahead16:05
SDFEnot much to learn in kubuntu16:05
MalikLaminany linux system requires from the beginers a bit of dedication16:05
atrox_Dedication is not a problem16:06
MalikLaminso that you learn the essentials of the it16:06
atrox_I didnt want to jump in straight at the deep end, with something like arch16:06
SDFEkubuntu is the easyest most user friendly distro16:06
SDFEif you want something hard, just pop in a fedora cd16:06
atrox_like I said, I didnt want to jump straight in at the deep end16:06
SDFEkubuntu then, its also the closes system to doing everything windows can..if you are a windows user atm16:07
SDFEkubuntu+wine owns16:07
atrox_8.10, is that still a stable version?16:07
SDFEplus you have #kubuntu16:07
SDFEnot sure, i haven't used kubuntu in while..lol16:07
MalikLamingreat, go ahead, kubuntu will find and install most of your device drivers, but even it is important you figure out about how to do the things work smoothly16:08
Tm_Tatrox_: ofcourse is stable, how wouldn't it16:08
ubottuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE16:08
atrox_Tm_T, stable I think was the wrong word...;16:08
GoanHello. Has anyone seen this before?16:08
SDFEi have a like 5.10 cd of kubuntu16:08
GoanRunning libtoolize...done.16:08
GoanRunning aclocal...failed.16:08
lovrehi all16:08
atrox_I really like the look of the XFCE window manager, would that be a pain to install?16:09
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels16:09
MalikLaminaptitude instal xfce16:09
MalikLaminjust that16:09
lovrewhere do i configure download folder for skype (transfer file)? It allways saves to ~/ but i want to change that. dont see it in options..16:09
atrox_thank you guys, you're a great help16:09
SDFEatrox_ if you use kubuntu open an irc client and idle here, there is always people to help16:10
khalidmianwhilst configuring tv as second monitor under kdesudo nvidia setting i get this : sh: pkg-config: not found16:10
khalidmianany sugesstions/help?16:10
atrox_Thanks SDFE.16:11
SDFEwhen i was new to kubuntu...all 4 times.....i came here and got help16:11
SDFEcame in 02 04 06 and 0716:11
Tm_TSDFE: what are those?16:11
SDFEwhat is the primary use for this kubuntu pc?16:11
SDFE2002 2004 2006 200716:12
SDFEi tried kubuntu those years for ahwile16:12
Tm_TSDFE: there were no Kubuntu before 200516:12
SDFEbeen watching the progress in a general manner16:12
SDFEthen ubuntu?16:12
Tm_Tno, Ubuntu started late 200416:12
SDFEmaby it wasn't ubuntu then16:13
SDFEknoppix maby?16:13
SDFEi know i tried something in 0216:13
Tm_TSDFE: and thats totally different then =)16:13
SDFEwell anyways, point is, i got help each time16:13
SDFEbut my advice don't go into #debian16:13
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epimethwhats wrong with #debian?16:20
SDFEasshole nation16:20
Tm_TSDFE: watch your language16:20
Tm_Tepimeth: just not ubuntu support channel, other is irrelevant here16:21
epimethSDFE: its attitude like that that will get them to act in kind, you know....16:30
cichyHi, I have two languages installed in Kubuntu (KDE 4.1) - english and polish - and despite that in regional settings english is selected as system language, in console I have polish. Anybody can help?16:33
ppoeelo99is there a way to unwind a previously made update because since then my system crashes16:34
cichyin konsole $LANG is set to en, but $LANGUAGE to pl16:34
gartralwhere can i get the v4l package? my webcam wont work16:40
=== usuario is now known as Elvi-desesperada
altrortlahello .... i got some problem with my LAN configuration... this is a strange situation16:41
altrortlai have a LAN in which give it Internet access....16:42
rudolfhi can u help me plz. my screen flares16:42
cjaewhat is a nice kde 4.2 search utility?16:42
altrortlain a point of that LAN there's a PC that haven't a Port to connect to internet... so I have decited to conntect it to the nearest PC that have 2 ETH016:43
altrortlathe last PC is a kubuntu16:44
altrortlaLan is abled16:44
altrortlabut it won't to connect16:44
KDeskWhere is the user's config of alsa saved? Like the mixer volume.16:44
WalzmynI'm trying to copy files from one external HDD to another, but keep getting told the file cannot be created. Why is this?16:49
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cichydoes anyone know where $LANGUAGE variable is set in kubuntu? my .bashrc does not set it, and /etc/environment has LANGUAGE="en_US:en", but when I start console under KDE this is changed to pl. When logging into shell by tty, everything is ok....16:50
GoanI am trying to make install ... and getting this error16:50
Goan /bin/bash ../libtool   --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c  'libguththila.la' '/home/dilipgarg/wsfc/lib/libguththila.la'16:50
Goanlibtool: install: error: cannot install `libguththila.la' to a directory not ending in /home/dilipgarg//lib16:50
Goanis there anyway that I can fix this?16:51
matiasTodo tranquilo?16:53
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.16:53
marko__hello, what is the good audio cd burner program that has normalization option ?16:54
mefisto__marko__: k3b16:57
=== cthompson_ is now known as tyler_d
tyler_dlooking to set up wireless card on a satellite r1016:58
tyler_dI have it working in gnome16:58
tyler_d 17:01
MakuseruAre there any good multimedia(both audio and video) converters in Kubuntu?17:01
mefisto__Makuseru: vlc makes it easy17:01
BluesKajMakuseru  , ffmpeg if you don't mind using the cli17:01
KDeskMakuseru: soundkonverter17:02
coreymon77personally, i prefer just finding ways to get the players i already have on my computer to play the formats17:02
MakuseruBluesKaj: I'm looking for something with a GUI.17:02
mefisto__Makuseru: in vlc, file menu, Wizard...17:02
KDeskcan vlc transforme videos?17:03
Makuserumefisto__: i didnt even know that vlc converted things.17:03
mefisto__vlc can transcode any file that it can play17:03
marko__does anyone what what is the good cd burner that supports normalization when burning audio cd ?17:04
mefisto__including streams17:04
BluesKajVLC is for ppl who have alot of patience and are willing to spend time figuring out how it works , due to the many options a real commitment is required17:04
mefisto__BluesKaj: I've never touched vlc settings. I use it when I'm feeling impatient and want something done quickly17:05
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WalzmynI'm trying to copy files from one external HDD to another, but keep getting told the file cannot be created. Why is this?17:05
mefisto__Walzmyn: do you have permission to write to the location?17:07
pidusi am using kubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.1 and many applications such as amarok and konquerer do not show the top menu bar...so i cannot change preferences in any of them..does anybody know a fix to it?17:08
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
SSJ_GZpidus: Try pressing CTRL+M17:09
pidusSSJ_GZ: i've already tried it..but without any effect17:09
SSJ_GZpidus: Very strange.  I'm out of ideas then :/17:10
piduscan it possibly be a windows display setting that i have inadvertently changed?17:10
mefisto__pidus: how long has this been happening?17:11
pidusmefisto__: since a long long time...but am not sure if it's been there since the time i installed kubuntu 8.1017:11
SSJ_GZpidus: Which version of Konqueror is it? (KDE3 or KDE4) ?17:12
bubbahi, how can I locate a program in the filesystem?17:13
mefisto__pidus: first thing I would do is log out and do a console login, then mv ~/.kde to ~/.kde.backup then log in to kde and see if the problem persists17:13
pidusmefisto__: i can try that..17:13
pidusi'll be right back17:14
=== usuario is now known as elvira
pidusshould i put kde4 to backup or kde?17:14
pidusi have two folders...it might be because i upgraded from kde 3.517:15
mefisto__pidus: what are you using now? 8.10 with kde4 or 8.04 ?17:15
pidus8.10 with kde417:16
mefisto__pidus: it should be .kde then. The .kde4 folder would be from 8.04 with both kde3 and kde4 installed17:17
pidusoh ok17:17
mefisto__bubba: whereis <programname>17:18
bubbamefisto__, great command! thanks17:19
marko__How do i update brasero on kubuntu ?17:21
=== N0x is now known as N0xTrUm
mefisto__marko__: if it is installed, "sudo apt-get update" will find any available updates, and "sudo apt-get upgrade" will install the updates it finds17:27
* cjae must have made some ppl mad on this channel17:29
gartralhim and there was another that i thought should have been kicked17:29
marko__thank you mefisto !17:29
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Walzmynmefisto__, sorry, i got pulled away. I opened dolphin as a super user and the destination is fat32 - i should have premission17:30
MakuseruHow can I install a .deb from the terminal?17:31
KDeskMakuseru: with dpkg -i archive.deb17:32
KDeskMakuseru: ..with sudo.. or with: sudo gdebi archive.deb17:32
KDeskgdebi also installs the dependencies17:32
KDeskbut the package manager is dpkg17:33
mefisto__Walzmyn: how is that fat32 partition mounted? fstab?17:33
mefisto__Walzmyn: can you create any kind of file on the partition?17:34
kaddiheya, could someone please tell me the shell command for listing the open internet connections17:35
Walzmynmefisto__, it's though USB and it's creating directories but not the actual files17:37
mefisto__Walzmyn: so it automounts when you connect it through usb?17:39
Walzmynmefisto__, yes17:39
mefisto__Walzmyn: if you do the "mount" command it should tell you if it's mounted rw or ro17:42
mefisto__Walzmyn: if it's ro, it may be that there are filesystem errors that need to be checked with windows17:42
Walzmynmefisto__, RW17:43
=== richard is now known as Guest70191
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:44
mefisto__Walzmyn: what other options did mount show for that partition?17:44
Walzmynmefisto__, rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,uhelper=hal,flush,uid=1000,utf8,shortname=lower17:45
elvirahello, i need you17:46
Walzmynelvira, just ask a question17:46
elvirai dont speak english, but i need to put wxp, in my pc17:47
Walzmyn!es | elvira17:48
ubottuelvira: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.17:48
cjaeI have searched adept for a desktop search that has a nice gui, where is strgi? and I see one that just has search for a name any good17:48
Walzmyncjae, strgi should have been installed when you installed the distro17:49
=== carlos is now known as Guest22101
cjaeWalzmyn: not here, maybe its just not in the kmenu17:50
cjaeWalzmyn: I am using kde 4.217:50
Walzmyncjae, ah, i'm on 8.04, that might be the difference17:50
ubottuServices to index files for fast searching include: Beagle (front-ends: beagle, catfish, gnome-main-menu, mozilla-beagle for !GNOME; kerry, kio-beagle for !KDE; beaglefs for !CLI) - Tracker (tracker-search-tool, libdeskbar-tracker for GNOME; tracker-utils for CLI) - Strigi (strigi-applet, strigi-client for KDE, strigi-utils for CLI) - Kat (for KDE) - Pinot (and pinot-applet for GNOME) - Doodle (for CLI)17:50
tyler_dneed some help getting wifi working with secured wireless networks17:51
Walzmyncjae, hit alt+F2 and type it in17:51
cjaewell there it is, my appolgizes I am very new to kde17:51
elviracomo puedo ver mi cam, si no es compatible con linux???17:52
GoanI am trying to look for libxml and libxslt packages.. does anyone know of a tutorial17:52
WalzmynOK. I've fooled around with this external harddrive some more. I can move an individual file, but I cannot move a bunch at once.17:54
cjaeWalzmyn: ok everytime I launch it, it just lets me configure it17:54
Walzmyncjae, i've never used it, don't ask me17:58
mefisto__cjae: launch what?17:59
WishingMasterWalezmyn: is there a software on the drive like a backup software?17:59
WishingMastergiven my drive mnfr18:00
=== lutz_ is now known as lutz__
WalzmynWishingMaster, it's band new and just formated18:01
cjaemefisto__: strigi18:02
WalzmynWishingMaster, well, not brand new. it's the old one out of this laptop. Put a bigger one in and stuck the old one in an enclouser18:02
WishingMasterWalzmyn so what kind of config is asked?18:02
WalzmynWishingMaster, config?18:02
WishingMasterwhat configuration are asked?18:02
WalzmynWishingMaster, none, i just plug it in and it mounts18:03
WalzmynI gotta go eat lunch. back later18:03
WishingMasterso when u plug it in and try to send data to it what happens?18:03
mefisto__WishingMaster: nothing is written, but it is mounted rw18:05
mefisto__WishingMaster: it's automounted with these options: rw,nosuid,nodev,noatime,uhelper=hal,flush,uid=1000,utf8,shortname=lower18:05
mefisto__WishingMaster: maybe that uid=1000 is to blame18:06
WishingMasterwhat is your uid?18:06
WishingMasterhave you tried it when logged in as ROOT?18:07
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=== lenznzer_ is now known as lenznzer
MinasTeehi lenznzer18:08
mefisto__WishingMaster: if this usb drive has an fstab entry, will HAL use that when it automounts? or does the automount ignore fstab?18:08
rootHi ..18:08
WishingMasterthats tricky18:09
bryan_i just wanted to say thank you to the ubutnu and kubuntu developers!18:09
WishingMasteri think18:09
WishingMasterit would be ignored18:09
jussi01WishingMaster: we dont log in as root, we use sudo. please be carefult with that ;)18:10
WishingMastersure i would be18:11
WishingMasterthanks jussi0118:11
=== pedro_ is now known as Shikolevel
rootNo soy un virus! ='(18:12
=== quassel59 is now known as astromme
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:12
pidusmefisto__: that did help..though a lot seems to be changed in this new session18:12
mefisto__pidus: so the menubars are back?18:12
pidusyes they are18:13
pidus:-) thanks18:13
pidusthough initially when i logged back in..there were 2 application launchers available18:13
piduswhich looked strange18:14
mefisto__pidus: well that tells us that SOMETHING in your original .kde is the problem. it's up to you whether you want to try tracking it down, or just continue with the new .kde and all new settings18:14
pidusmefisto__: ok cool!..i'll see if this troubles me in any way...thanks for this though :-)...can you help in with one more thing.18:15
piduskubuntu 8.04 had this simple 'available processes' option in system settings...i don't seem to find it in 8.1018:17
pidushow can i find something similar?18:17
mefisto__pidus: what does it do? I'm not sure what you're referring to18:18
pidusit showed stuff like apache server/mysql and one could enable/disable those processes18:18
pidus*err i meant services18:19
mefisto__pidus: service manager? (in systemsettings, advanced tab)18:20
pidushere it shows only the kde services18:21
pidusmefisto__: is my observation incorrect18:31
mefisto__pidus: yeah it looks like another one of those kde4 shortcomings18:32
mefisto__kde3.5 systemsettings has both service manager and system services, but system services is not there in kde418:33
pidusso how can i have a look at the running services from konsole...as i don't know how MTA got installed on my machine18:33
mefisto__pidus: don't know, sorry18:34
pidusno probs18:34
pidusisn't ufw supposed to automatically start on kubuntu 8.10 but my machine shows status not loaded18:46
Tm_Tpidus: if it has no rules, it's not used18:50
pidusTm_T: but should it be there?18:51
konI'm sure you guys get this question at least 10 times a week, but here it goes.18:51
konWhat is the main difference between ubuntu and kubuntu ?18:51
Tm_Tpidus: be where? running? no, shouldn't18:52
Tm_Tkon: different set of default applications18:52
Tm_Tkon: biggest one is GNOME vs KDE18:52
konTm_T: I did notice that.18:52
gartral1mainly, besides the gui environment, the sound engine18:52
Tm_Tgartral1: no, not really18:52
konSo what do you suggest i install for this pc i have here? Can i display my system info?18:53
konIts a small 1line script18:53
Tm_Tkon: how about try them both and use which you like more18:53
gartral1well, as far as I'VE seen... but im basically helping my friend with his system, not activly using it for what i would do18:53
konI use ubuntu and its great. But i recently installed kubuntu on my macbook pro, and i have to say, its a way better interface than ubuntu default.18:54
pidusTm_T: oh ok..i thought it's the default firewall...but i guess iptables does the job (i might be completely wrong!)18:54
Tm_Tpidus: well ufw is just a frontend for iptables18:55
konThis is an old pentium 4 (non-ht) 1.8ghz 512GB sdram with on board video and audio.18:55
Tm_Tkon: both works, use the one you like more (:18:56
konLets go with kubuntu :D18:56
pidusTm_T: gufw is front end of ufw18:56
Tm_Tpidus: I know, and ufw is frontend of iptables18:56
pidusTm_T: sigh...oh ok18:57
Tm_Tpidus: matter of layers that is18:57
pidusTm_T: ok18:57
AdolaHey!  Could someone help me set up "eggdrop18:58
gartral1i use ubuntu on most sytems, xubuntu on ones that wont run ubumtu, and zenwalk for ones that wont run xubuntu18:59
Tm_Tgartral1: heh, I run KDE4 even in my 128 MiB ram system18:59
mefisto__Tm_T: that's impressive19:00
Tm_Tits only matter of configuration19:00
gartral1MiB or MB? there is a difference, and i havent ever seen any xxMiB ram19:01
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
Tm_Tgartral1: MiB as SI standrard says19:01
Tm_Tgartral1: MB is 1000x and MiB is 1024(ish)19:01
mefisto__Tm_T: what size swap partition? I've been trying to make an old 128mb laptop more useable19:03
pakusI've installed kubuntu 8.10 with encrypted home dirs. Is there any way to use non-encrypted homes without reinstalling?19:04
Tm_Tmefisto__: whatever is needed, currently it's 2x ram but hardly used, broken HD so swapping means death19:04
mefisto__Tm_T: hardly used with just 120mb ram? how?19:05
Tm_Tmefisto__: I just avoid doing stuff that can hog ram without a reason19:05
Tm_Tpakus: hmm, perhaps moving stuff from that encrypted partition and so on19:06
pakusTm_T: Ok, but 1) I wat to use the same partition, i can try to backup to a safe place. 2) Then I must to format /home partition again but, how I disable encrypted home dirs?19:07
Tm_Tpakus: I have to admit I have never dealed with encrypted partitions myself so cannot say19:08
pakusTm_T: Thanks guy... :-P19:09
pakusguy = man19:11
Tm_TI see, I'll tell that for him when he shows up19:12
millerbI just joined.  Are you trying to UNencrypt your home partition?19:12
pakusmillerb: Yes19:12
pakusmillerb: Can you help me?19:12
millerbNormally you have to specify you want a partition encrypted.  So, once you save your information some place, you will want to reboot into single user mode.19:13
millerbThen, delete your home partition, and recreate it, but make sure you don't specify any encryption on it.  Then copy your files back.19:14
pakusmillerb: It's all? I've been reading some info about how to encrypt a /home, and it says something about pam.d19:16
marceli install Canon IXUS II s driver19:18
marcelhow can i access photo camera in kubuntu linux ?19:18
millerbpakus:  I've personally never used pam as part of encrypting a file system.  Pam is used for authenticating users to a system.19:18
pakusOk... thanks... I'll try it19:19
millerbpakus:  They encrypted file system has to be actived during the system boot process.  I have one laptop where I encyrpt home and swap.  During the boot process I have to specify a passphrase to unlock the encyption key.19:20
pakuspam can do some more actions, like mounting homes, create it or unencrypt i19:20
millerbpakus:  But once I give that, then I have full access to the file system.19:20
pakusmillerb: on fresh install of kubuntu 8.10 I think it works diferent... Is it possible?19:21
millerbpakus:  I did my encyrpted file systems using SuSE, but I don't why it would be different, unless you aren't encyrpting the entire file system.  But even then, you should be able to just re-create the /home partition without the encryption selected.19:23
pakusokis, I'll try to move my files to a safe place, then I will recreate partition...19:24
pakusmillerb: thanks19:24
millerbpakus:  you're welcome.19:25
marceli install Canon IXUS II s driver19:26
marcelhow can i access photo camera in kubuntu linux ?19:26
marcelif a plug-in with USB port , nothing...19:27
jammen33have you tryed the camera on anotner computer to make sure the camera still works?19:29
ActionParsnip1!info digikam | marcel19:29
ubottudigikam (source: digikam): digital photo management application for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.9.4-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 9499 kB, installed size 22388 kB19:29
marceli try the camera in Windows XP professional, works fine19:30
marcelbut now i have kubuntu linux19:31
mefisto__does intrepid use something else for default instead of digicam?19:31
ActionParsnip1marcel: its adifferent OS with different supports and quirks19:31
ActionParsnip1mefisto__: digikam is the default19:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about camera19:32
tetsuo19wenas a todos19:33
marceli try now sudo apt-get install digicam // and nothing happens19:33
mefisto__marcel: digikam with a K19:33
marcelhow can i install digicam package ?19:33
marcelnow i try and i install digikam19:34
marcelthanks a lot,,, , :)19:34
tetsuo19I need the manual for stand the kubuntu anr its his funtionalities19:34
tetsuo19I need the page what stay the user manual19:35
ActionParsnip1marcel: if its already installed, run it from k menu and it should be ok19:38
marcelnow i try digikam and works OK19:42
ActionParsnip1marcel: sweet19:42
marcelthank you mefisto_19:42
marcelthanks all19:42
ActionParsnip1yw marcel19:42
marcelbetter than Windows19:42
Pooh22hi, anyone know what to do about flickering videos on an ATI/compiz combo when using KDE4.2rc?19:43
marcelyou must install the proper driver from ATI19:43
ActionParsnip1marcel: in some situations, yes19:43
marcelmay be19:43
ActionParsnip1it has its place19:43
marcellinux must to grow i think...19:44
Pooh22marcel: I think I have the proper one (at least, it's the one that the restricted driver thingy from kubuntu downloaded)19:44
ActionParsnip1marcel: its always growing19:44
marcelbut you must to install, it's  a little bit complex job19:45
Pooh22marcel: do you mean configure it using xorg.conf?19:45
marceljust few seconds19:45
mefisto__Pooh22: as far as I know, the only solution is to avoid using compiz when watching video19:45
Pooh22mefisto__: can I turn it on/off on the fly?19:46
marcelsudo aticonfig --install19:46
marceluse fglrx19:46
=== llama_ is now known as shesocutehey
ActionParsnip1Pooh22: kwin --replace to switch back to kwin from compiz19:47
Pooh22on the ubuntu-nl channel I got the suggestion to run metacity --replace, but that's a gnome solution ;-)19:47
Pooh22ActionParsnip1: aha, kwin has that as well!19:47
Pooh22marcel: I'll give it a try, tnx19:47
Pooh22but isn't kwin for kde4 actually doing all the 3d stuff itself?19:48
marcel1. must download proper ati driver package from ATI19:48
marcelyou have then an external link that help you in installation process19:49
ActionParsnip1Pooh22: it can do some, 3d cube is compiz though which replaces kwin19:49
marcelPooh22: you must read the documentation from API: external link -> ubuntu19:50
marcelPooh22: you must read the documentation from API: external link -> kubuntu19:50
marcelPooh22: then you must to install the proper driver like in specs19:51
Pooh22ok, tnx marcel, I'll dig into it19:51
mefisto__marcel: he has the driver, but the ati driver has a problem with video playback in compiz19:51
marcelhard way19:51
=== coucou is now known as coucouf
ActionParsnip1mefisto__: just avoid compiz, job done19:54
mefisto__ActionParsnip1: compiz is my fav thing to avoid19:55
ActionParsnip1mefisto__: HI5!!19:57
Pooh22The solution seems to be to turn of desktop-effects19:57
mefisto__Pooh22: I think you can get to that setting quickly by right-clicking the desktop (not running kde4 right now)19:59
noir_lordAlt-F3 then select Configure Window Behaviour19:59
marceli can install: digikam using Adept ?? (and not sudo apt-get install digikam ) !!19:59
ActionParsnip1marcel: sure, it achieves the same end, just seem pointless to use a gui if you know the app name20:00
Pooh22noir_lord: tnx, that's a quick way to get to it!20:00
Pooh22right-click on desktop doesn't do it though20:01
=== andrea is now known as Guest12838
marcelcan use a better program than Kmix to manage sounds (like volume and 5.1 boxes) ??20:06
marcelcan i use a better program than Kmix to manage sounds (like volume and 5.1 boxes) ??20:07
ActionParsnip1!repeat | marcel20:07
ubottumarcel: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience20:07
ActionParsnip1marcel: try: apt-cache search volume | grep audio20:08
marcelthank you20:09
ActionParsnip1marcel: or apt-cache search mixer20:11
ActionParsnip1theres a few in there, if they are "better" or not is a personal opinion, try a few20:12
=== The_Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
marcelGot bless Linux...20:22
marceli try to install some promgrams that i found but all fails... (audio programs)20:23
marcel(apt-cache search volume | grep audio) works fine instead20:24
ActionParsnip1marcel: the app to install is the one on the left20:25
ActionParsnip1marcel: you can sudo apt-get install <app name>20:25
=== julian_ is now known as _Ju|ian
krioxi have a kubuntu 8.04. after an upgrade, dolphin is only in locale en20:26
krioxi need to change locale. but there is not the option in mene --- help-- change linguage20:27
krioxthere is a solution?20:27
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf20:28
pidusis there a way to set keyboard shortcuts for starting applications in kde 4.1?..there was a simple way to it in kde 3.520:29
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts20:31
miguelhi all20:31
=== miguel is now known as Guest50922
krioxi try to explain better... only dolphin have a different locale20:31
=== Guest50922 is now known as m_tadeu
m_tadeuis there a way to convert avi's and mov's to divx?20:32
noir_lordan avi can already be a divx, technically avi is just a container20:34
pidusActionParsnip1, these don't appear to be configurable application shortcuts, i.e. a key combination to start an application20:34
krioxand i think it happens after an schedule upgrade of the  linguage package that come automatically20:35
ActionParsnip1pidus: you could use Xmodmap maybe, i use fluxbox so im not usre about keys for apps except that factoid20:35
ActionParsnip1pidus: maybe someone else can advise20:35
noir_lordm_tadeu,  mencoder can do it iirc20:35
pidusActionParsnip1: oh ok..thanks20:35
noir_lordm_tadeu, http://ocaoimh.ie/2003/05/12/quicktime-to-divx-conversion/20:36
ubottuTo change the default application for a filetype, go to Konqueror -> Settings -> Configure and then hit "File Associations" (KDE 3), or System Settings -> Advanced -> File Associations (KDE 4). To change your default file manager, change the "inode/directory" and "inode/system_directory" filetypes.20:39
bryan_hello all. what is the best way to configure kubunutu to ouput on a tv? right now all the fonts are to small20:39
noir_lordbryan, is that box only connected to a TV or is it dual-screen?20:40
bryan_noir_lord: dedicated to tv! :)20:40
noir_lordwhat type of TV, HD or regular?20:40
bryan_noir_lord: HD20:40
killermachI regularly have konsole freeze while displaying output from command like 'ls' and 'cp', any idea why?20:41
bryan_noir_lord: i tried adjusting resoultion and font size. neither resulted well20:41
jammen33try changing the dpi20:42
noir_lordthat would make the fonts bigger but they'd probably look ugly as hell20:42
=== andre is now known as Guest33805
bryan_jammen33: i tried changing dpi, no result.20:44
wizard__hello i have one computer with a dau user in front. the user should only use openoffice, firefox and his mail program and should not change something else on this system. in the moment i runs a kde 4.x on the newest kubuntu distri. have anyone a tip for closing the system?20:44
bryan_noir_lord: yes it. the fonts didnt fit into their boxes and everything got strechted20:44
bryan_so any ideas?20:46
ActionParsnip1noir_lord: fonts are vector graphics so are redrawn for each font size so scale well20:47
noir_lordyes however the dpi effects how the vector to raster conversion is done and can screw up the font metrics20:47
noir_lordalso if the dpi is wrong then the scaling is also wrong and a font at 72dpi isnt an inch high20:48
marcelKmix is better than all packages found with: apt-cache search volume |grep audio...20:48
m_tadeunoir_lord: thanx20:48
marcelKmix is better than all packages found with: apt-cache search volume |grep audio...20:48
noir_lordm_tadeu, no problem, mencoder is great :)20:48
m_tadeunoir_lord: btw...for me that would be enough...but is there a graphical app to do so?20:49
nashkMy cdrom drive seems not to work under kde 4  insert CDs and noething takes place20:49
juan_hello i can't set my screen20:49
nashkany idea how I may trouble shoot this?20:49
bryan_juan_: did you disable it?20:49
noir_lordm_tadeu, Id be amazed if there wasnt but Ive never looked I prefer the CLI for doing it (then I can script it to do multiple files in different ways)20:50
juan_the reso20:50
juan_the maximum resolution20:50
noir_lordused to use it to convert simpsons episodes to play on my ipaq20:50
juan_is 632* 48020:50
m_tadeunoir_lord: thanx again ;)20:50
bryan_juan_: what are you outputting to?20:51
clericcan someone help me out with an adept problem?20:52
m_tadeucleric: you should just say the problem ;)20:53
bryan_cleric: you should just ask your question!20:53
clerici did not want to be presumptuous...anyway im used to using synaptic and would like to install synaptic using adept installer20:53
clerici search for it in adept it is grayed out20:54
clericand i cannot select it for installation20:54
clericthe same thing happens with firefox20:54
m_tadeucleric: I think it's already installed20:54
ActionParsnip1cleric: sudo apt-get install synaptic20:55
clerici tried starting either program from the command line20:55
clericno success20:55
ActionParsnip1!fixapt | cleric20:55
ubottucleric: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »20:55
marcelplease, how can i get good doc for fortran 90 (gfortran) ??20:55
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs20:55
clerici do not see how that could be the case though20:55
m_tadeucleric: try what ActionParsnip1 said...that will install synaptic if it's not installed yet20:55
clerici have not used apt for anything yet20:56
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=== _Adam is now known as _Adam_
clericsays event not found20:56
_Adam_can 8.04 use EXT4?20:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext420:57
jammen33not that i know of20:57
nashkWhat would my cdrom drive be under teh /dev dir?20:58
ActionParsnip1_Adam_: i think so, im not sure if the kernel supports it but im sure you could add an ext4 patch to it20:58
m_tadeu_Adam_: isn't ext4 beta yet?20:58
_Adam_oh is it still alpha?20:58
clericstill no luck with adept20:59
m_tadeu_Adam_: I'm quite sure that ubuntu doen't support it yet...20:59
clericsynaptic still grayed out20:59
clerichow can i be sure it is installed if it is?20:59
_Adam_i'm jumping the gun then :)20:59
m_tadeucleric: if you type "sudo apt-get install synaptic", it will say that is already installed20:59
ActionParsnip1cleric: dpkg -l | grep syna21:00
clericReading package lists... Done21:00
clericBuilding dependency tree... Done21:00
clericPackage synaptic is not available, but is referred to by another package.21:00
clericThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or21:00
clericis only available from another source21:00
clericE: Package synaptic has no installation candidate21:00
clericthat is what it said21:00
ActionParsnip1cleric: use pastebin dude21:00
ActionParsnip1cleric: did you use the fixapt factoid?21:00
clericdo that as sudo?21:01
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »21:01
ActionParsnip1cleric: run this: sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a21:01
_Adam_thanks guys21:01
clericok did it21:02
clericdidnt say anything21:02
bryan_i have a usb wireless thing. and its not working.21:02
ActionParsnip1cleric: ok now try: sudo apt-get install synaptic21:02
bryan_i tried the manual.21:02
ActionParsnip1bryan_: lsusb21:02
clericsays no installation candidate21:02
ActionParsnip1bryan_: that will identify the device, you can then websearch for an install method21:02
bryan_ActionParsnip1: tried that. i dont see anything that looks like the usb.21:03
ActionParsnip1cleric: ok try: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install synaptic; kdesudo synaptic21:03
ActionParsnip1bryan_: can you pastebin the output please21:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)21:03
clericstill said no installation candidate21:04
m_tadeucleric: try this: apt-cache search synaptic21:04
ActionParsnip1sudo apt-get install packagekit21:04
clericit came back with synaptics touchpad driver for x.org server21:04
bryan_ActionParsnip1: i think i see it now. accton technology corp.21:04
ActionParsnip1bryan_: its the ID string you need21:05
ActionParsnip1bryan_: the hex code21:05
bryan_ActionParsnip1: ok. just google that or search on ubuntu help?21:05
ActionParsnip1bryan_: whatever web search engine you like21:07
clericit is silly synaptic doesnt come w kubuntu just because it is from gnome21:07
ActionParsnip1bryan_: i use a few to get more results21:07
ActionParsnip1cleric: its the same, you can install gnome apps in kubuntu and vise versa21:07
bryan_ActionParsnip1: good idea, google was rather unhelpful. thanks.21:07
m_tadeucleric: it does...there is actualy a problem in your system21:08
clericthat is weird m_tadeu because it is a fresh install21:08
ActionParsnip1bryan_: you'll find they use different search algorithms to search so you'll get different results which can help21:08
clerici believe you of course21:08
m_tadeucleric: I'm afrain I never got into that problem before21:08
clericthe disc i got came from ubuntu21:08
ActionParsnip1bryan_: most just google, find nothing then shrug and think it doesnt exist21:08
m_tadeucleric: I actualy have it installed...21:08
ActionParsnip1cleric: if you type syna then press tab does it autocomplete21:09
ActionParsnip1cleric: try: kdesudo synaptic_installer21:09
clericwhat is kdesudo21:09
ActionParsnip1cleric: its the graphical sudo for gui apps, sudo is for apps that stay on the command line21:10
bryan_ActionParsnip1: i feared it wouldnt work...21:10
bryan_oh well...21:10
ActionParsnip1bryan_: if all else fails, use ndiswrappr + windows driver21:10
m_tadeugotta go have some food...brb21:11
gorhi all21:11
bryan_ActionParsnip1: that sounds like a good idea. wish me luck. thanks again!21:11
clericthis is making me wish i had simply installed ubuntu21:12
clericive never had this problem21:12
GoanHi. Is there any application in Kubuntu that can take the data from an ipod?21:13
Goanor a third party software?21:13
bryan_Goan: songbird21:14
bryan_Goan: its mozillas music program21:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gpod21:18
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod21:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtk-pod21:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gtkpod21:18
ActionParsnip1!find pod21:18
ubottuFound: libgpod-common, libgpod-dev, libgpod-nogtk-dev, libgpod3, libgpod3-nogtk (and 38 others)21:18
ActionParsnip1sudo apt-get install ipod21:19
jammen33its gtkpod21:19
ActionParsnip1!info ipod21:19
ubottuipod (source: libipoddevice): tool for retrieving informations from iPods. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3-3.1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 5 kB, installed size 60 kB21:19
jammen33ok theres that too21:19
ActionParsnip1jammen33: i'd side with ubottu21:19
ActionParsnip1jammen33: apt-cache search ipod21:19
jammen33i was thinkg of gtkpod21:20
ActionParsnip1i always reseach :)21:20
ActionParsnip1amarok can do it too21:20
jammen33but i guess theres an ipod pachage also21:20
khalidmianwould like to know how to install amarok ver2 for kubuntu via sudo command21:20
ActionParsnip1khalidmian: add: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/project-neon/ubuntu hardy main to /etc/apt/sources.list21:21
ActionParsnip1khalidmian: then run: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install amarok-nightly21:22
jammen33kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list21:22
jammen33any know how well the media device loading in amaork2 works?21:23
Goan_bryan_, have you used Songbird before?21:24
khalidmianwhats the sudo command to add deb21:24
bryan_Goan_: on windows yes. linux not yet.21:25
clau30hi. I want to share my internet with a mobile device through bluetooth... could someone direct me to some tutorial?21:25
=== ricky_ is now known as ricky_1966
clerici fixed the repositories21:26
clerici think21:26
clericbut why are certain programs showing up in gray in adept21:26
clericthe box is unchecked21:26
ricky_1966hi everybody, sorry for my English21:26
clericbut it wont let me click on it21:26
ActionParsnip1jammen33: i use amarok 1.4 due to xul remote21:26
jammen33ActionParsnip1: i still use 1.4 but thinkking about goin 221:27
ricky_1966About BT and Kdebluetooth 4 there is any news ? in my system don't work, but I know is a generalized problem21:27
ActionParsnip1jammen33: if you are happy with 1.4 stick at it. mind you you could install 2 to try it, you can uninstall if you dislike it21:27
ActionParsnip1ricky_1966: you will need to install the gnome bluetooth app if you want an app21:28
jammen33ActionParsnip1: true but doenst jaunty only have 2?21:28
ActionParsnip1jammen33: ive not touched it, you'd have to ask in #ubuntu+121:28
ricky_1966ActionParsnip1: have you a link about installetion of the gnome packages ?21:29
ActionParsnip1ricky_1966: you can just instal them, if you dont have gtk libs installed they will be installed as a dependancy21:30
ricky_1966ActionParsnip1: i've installed the pacjeges, and i've restart the service, but sthe problem still21:38
noir_lordbreathes out, accidentally deleting libQtDBus was not good :|21:39
noir_lordno KDE4 app would open at that point (since Id deleted a library they linked to), had to switch to a virtual terminal and install libqt4-dbus and now its fine21:41
=== a_ is now known as a__
johns_http://linux.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=1103563&cid=26591349 seems to be the general consensus regarding kubuntu's kde packages in intrepid. any thoughts? i've had similar troubles21:51
xrhstoshello :-)21:53
claydohfud, Ubuntu broke kde's bluetooth support late in the game, not kubuntu21:53
claydohunfortunately its not the first time ubuntu has broken tthings to fix othere (scanners in rdgy or thereabouts)21:54
johns_claydoh: so the only way to fix these things is to wait until the next release?21:56
jammen33it would be nice if ubutnu would haev support for yubikey to login/sudo21:57
claydohcould be, I haven't followed that one21:57
claydohbut I bet they backport the fix if they can21:58
johns_but... jaunty's not supported for production systems. so it's either broken system with support (that hasn't solved anything yet) or possibly fixed system with no support?22:02
johns_rock. meet hard place.22:02
claydohor usre hardy22:03
claydohits the downside to the 6 month release schedule22:04
johns_pretty big one i'd say. is it difficult from the developers' side having to maintain separate releases like this?22:05
johns_i'd think that LTS and rolling release might be an easier model to manage22:05
claydohwell,  not really as LTS are made to be stanble, and most others are open to trying out new stuff22:05
johns_so for people that want stability for servers, etc. there's LTS, and for people that want the latest and greatest, there's rolling release so bugs can be limited to current and stable22:06
claydohlts status is just security updates for the most part22:06
johns_right, which is fine. i'm not saying do away with lts, i'm saying do away with 6 month releases that cause breakage. just have a rolling release where at least breakage can be solved faster as you don't have to worry about breakage for multiple releases22:07
johns_just the current one22:07
bryan_i am using the program to run windows drivers on linux. i have it working but its not connecting.22:10
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.22:11
bryan_i am using windows wireless drivers. the connection starts but doesnt connect.22:13
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=== Aliceintaraminun is now known as Alice22
Alice22 there i need some help22:18
hosseinwhats the matter?22:18
Alice22i want to open ... .exe in linx22:19
Alice22 ...22:19
Alice22 i undersant i need a wine .. or somf like that22:19
hosseini have the same problem too,its just 2 days that i have installed linux22:19
hosseinsalam az iran kasi hast?22:20
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help22:20
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jussi01!ir | hossein22:26
ubottuhossein: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.22:26
alakhiaanyone know how I can downnload flash movies?22:27
jussi01!info clive | alakhia22:28
ubottuclive (source: clive): Video extraction utility for YouTube, Google Video and other video sites. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.19-1 (intrepid), package size 54 kB, installed size 264 kB22:28
alakhiajussi01: cool, so I can just apt-get install that22:30
=== nightwlkr is now known as NightWlkr
jussi01alakhia: yes, though its command line only afaik, man clive for more22:30
hosseinthanks so much22:31
NightWlkrhellow all22:31
techbwhi all again, does anyone know of a desktop widget that will change the background on the desktop on a timed interval?  when googling I find only ones for winblows22:34
live_to_codewhy would you need a widget? you can set kde4 to do that through 'appearance settings'22:35
=== roberto is now known as Guest47722
NightWlkrwhat would b the best supported vga for kubuntu? since kde4 has a hard time working with my SIS VGA..driver issues :/22:37
techbwI don't have kde4 only 3, still on 8.04, going to be doing an upgrade as soon as cd is finished downloading...still busy22:37
techbwouch, that would be a problem for me too, as I too have sis graphics on laptop, is it only compiz etc. that is not working or is kubuntu not playing nice at all with kde4?22:38
NightWlkrwell techbw if u have a sis vga run away from kde4 :P22:39
NightWlkrnot that u will not have compiz working and all those nice desktop effects..even video will play blury and such22:39
techbwwhat issues are you having,  I don't need eye candy of compiz etc.22:39
alakhiadarn, megavideo.com is not supported by clive22:39
techbwwell on kde3.5 I think it is, video is perfect, infact it is clearer than when I had windows on this laptop22:40
NightWlkrwell i will have a hard time finding an intel vga here.. would ATI function normally?22:40
techbwATI works with drivers for ATI, I think there is a problem when installing from live CD though, you have to go into Safe Graphics to install22:41
techbwor at least I was reading up on that...have no personal experience there22:42
NightWlkrwell i already have everything installed..i just need a new vga22:42
NightWlkri can't even manage to watch a dvd decently and that's a problem for me22:43
techbwNightWlkr: what problems you experience with SiS on KDE4? just want to know, incase I too will have problems.22:43
techbwdoes one have to run openGL card with KDE4?22:43
NightWlkrfirst of all u won't have any desktop effects..it just won't enable22:43
techbwthat's fine22:44
techbwI don't have that now22:44
techbwany other issues?22:44
NightWlkr2nd all ur video will be blury22:44
techbwI don't have that now.22:44
mefisto__NightWlkr: what driver is being used?22:44
NightWlkr3rd sometimes while typing ur whole screen will flicker and give black lines..killing krunner was fixing that issue though22:44
* xrhstos kalh synexia :-)22:45
live_to_codedont have to run opengl, can run xrender, but will be slower22:45
techbwwhich sis card you have, kde3 has no issues except for openGL stuff, like compiz etc22:45
techbwDVD and video is perfect on 3.522:46
NightWlkryes weird..it was working fine on 3.5 for me aswell22:46
NightWlkrlet me get my driver version etc..1 sex22:46
live_to_codewhen watching dvd's make sure you set your client to x1122:47
live_to_codeotherwise it will be choppy22:47
NightWlkr661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter22:47
NightWlkrSilicon Integrated Systems [SiS] (Elitegroup Computer Systems)22:47
techbwexactly the same as mine22:47
piduscan i install gnome as well, when using kubuntu 8.10?22:48
techbwlooks like I may run into problems then? think I will image the drive before the upgrade just in case22:48
NightWlkryes u can pidus..22:48
pidusNightWlkr: and how?22:48
techbwhope there will be better support for SiS in the future however I am doubtfull it will be in the near future22:49
NightWlkrtechbw: me too, but instead of waiting i rather buy a decent vga since that's cheap nowadays22:49
techbwapt-get install ubuntu-desktop i think it is22:49
pidustechbw: ok thanks22:50
techbwdon't really have that option, as I am on laptop22:50
NightWlkrthen stick with kde3.5 for now as an advice..i may switch too but had a problem installing yakuake :P22:50
techbwpidus: that is correct sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop22:51
bdizzledoes anyone know anything about KDevelop?22:51
bdizzleI'm trying to use it for a programming class I have and am having some difficulty getting it to run properly22:51
techbwI will give it a go once I have found a utility to image the drive, Ghost4Linux looks quite complicated.22:52
pidustechbw: cool22:52
techbwdoes not look as easy as Symantecs Ghost.22:52
NightWlkrwell i used to have a bootable cd called partition expert..should do the trick22:52
techbwwill check that out.22:52
NightWlkri think it's paid though..had to steal a copy back then :P22:53
NightWlkrbut if u can get it it's quite easy22:53
techbwKDE4 looks really cool, hope I don't run into any issues, I can live without the compiz stuff, although it would have been nice if there was support for SiS cards in 8.1022:54
bdizzletechbw: I have problems with KDE4 still22:54
techbwwhat problem you having?22:54
bdizzlemostly that it randomly closes firefox and I have some mouse / video issues22:54
live_to_codeno compiz in kde4 (compiz is optional) kwin composite does nicely22:54
NightWlkrtechbw: what seems cool there won't run on sis :P22:54
NightWlkreven kwin gave me a white screen i could work with nothing22:55
bdizzledoes anyone know anything about KDevelop?22:55
bdizzleif not, does anyone know of a channel I can go to for help?22:55
techbwno I have a desktop as well with Nvidia22:55
NightWlkrfrom what i heard it had problems with nvidia aswell?22:55
techbwbdizzle: don't think I am the one to help there, have not even upgraded to KDE4 yet22:56
NightWlkrweird..most ppl use nvidia22:56
bdizzleI know, I was just saying where I was having problems22:56
live_to_codei'm running ati hd 2400 and it runs perfectly. i have to install 8.10 in text mode though as live cd don't wanna play.22:56
techbwIt does, but once you get past the install, you can install prop. drivers.22:56
live_to_codethen i get a text login where i manually update, then it runs22:57
techbwbasically the install has to be done with safe graphics mode, because of licence issues, it's about not having end user licence during install process go figure22:57
NightWlkrya same thing for amarok not having mp3 support..but u can install it later on :P22:58
live_to_codeyeah, that's normal though22:58
techbwFrom what I heard is that once the install is done, on first boot, you will have a popup window asking to install the drivers, and you have to agree to eula22:59
NightWlkrwell they can add the eula b4 the install and make it work..i don't find any complications there23:00
Neremori need some help with grep23:00
NightWlkrbut i won't have problems with ati vga's.. i can run the install with my sis built in and then install the ATI23:00
techbwI don't either but apparently Conical don't want eula in the install process, as it is not opensource, and they want to adhere to the GPL23:01
techbwsomething to that effect23:01
Neremori'm currently creating a script that should read out all birthdays on a page. for the readout i want to use grep.23:01
Neremorthe format is like that:23:01
techbwyou shouldn't have an issue if you install using sis and after that install your ati card.23:02
Neremorwhat should the grep command look like? i want to have the date (22.03.1972) as the output of the command afterwards23:02
NightWlkrno i won't..but i have an issue with my ati vga..using windows i kicked my pc a few times now it won't work :P23:02
techbwNeremor: I think that would be to do with programming, this is the Kubuntu support room23:02
Neremori'm talking about an linux program, whats wrong about that?23:03
etfbCan someone with KDE4 in Intrepid look in their System Settings for me, and tell me if you have an icon for Multimedia?  Mine isn't there, and as an interesting coincidence, my audio doesn't work.23:03
NightWlkretfb: maybe u don't have a sound card driver installed23:03
etfbNightWlkr: I believe I do, but how do I tell?23:04
techbwNeremor: nothing wrong, but you would have better success in a programming room, rather than a support room, didn't mean anything by that23:04
NightWlkru should check ur system u have 2 choices...command line or graphical23:04
etfbNightWlkr: Prefer command line; it's quicker and then I can use history.23:05
NightWlkrcommand line i think u can tell by dmesg |grep sdb23:05
techbwNightwlkr: would that not bring up info on sdb hard drive?23:05
etfbNightWlkr: I assume that's a typo and you meant grep snd?23:06
NightWlkryup sorry checking the sound :S23:06
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etfbDamn... how do you set case-insensitive search mode in less?23:07
etfbAh!  dash i23:08
etfbOK, nothing in dmesg about "sound", "snd" or "alsa"23:08
techbwi get no return either and my snd is working23:09
techbwi even tried pcm and still no return23:09
NightWlkrwell u can always install device manager as a graphical interface :$23:10
NightWlkri can't find sound in dmesg either23:10
techbwi do get for dmesg | grep ac97 though23:10
techbwwich is my snd card23:10
techbwwhat does lspci say, do you see snd card in list23:10
etfbNightWlkr: aplay -l says I have an ALC889 Analog23:11
mefisto__try this: lspci |grep -i audio23:11
techbwthen try dmseg | grep ALC88923:12
mefisto__or this: asoundconf list23:12
etfbNames of available sound cards: Intel23:12
techbwooo learnt somthing new...got respons on that command23:12
etfbImpressive!  (Not)23:12
etfb(The results of the command, not the command itself...)23:13
NightWlkrme too techbw23:13
etfbTried dmesg | grep -i ALC and got nothing relevant.23:13
mefisto__what about lspci | grep -i audio  ?23:14
* etfb is unsurprised to find that lscpi doesn't exist. Who would want to list the Consumer Price Index? lspci works, though.23:14
techbwwhy is it grep and not grab??? cos what the command is actually doing is grabbing that info out of a list??23:15
techbwis alsa installed on your system?23:15
stdin_techbw: the name is taken from the first letters in global / regular expression / print23:15
etfbtechbw: Ancient Unix lore: grep = global [regular expression] print in a very old Unix editor, ie you would type gh.ll.+w.rld[ENTER]p or something like that23:15
etfbNo, TECO command.  Same thing, orders of magnitude different pain levels.23:16
stdin_most old unix commands are23:16
techbwdamn lucky i did not use unix then, cos I would have thrown out the window with commands like that23:16
etfbstdin_: Someone told me once that Unix was written originally in Dutch, and I believed it.  I'm not sure I ever stopped.23:16
mefisto__what's the "global" refer to?23:17
etfbmefisto__: Repeat through the entire file, ie not just on the current line.23:17
etfbRegarding lspci | grep -i audio, I get one line, referring to an 82801H HD Audio Controller23:18
stdin_mefisto__: global search, rather than a local/bounded search23:18
techbwwe now know the sound card exists, but can we help in getting the thing to work, I know I can't :-P23:19
techbwthanks for the lesson guys, learned a new command, and a little on history of grep, but I am off now, cheers all23:20
etfbSo the sound card is an ALC889, right?  So what's this 82801C thing?23:21
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live_to_code /msg NickServ identify cepfxfyr23:21
stdin_password change time23:22
NightWlkretfb: this is what u'r going through23:22
etfblive_to_code: Excellent password, though.  Very secure.  Just need to avoid spaces at the start of your / lines.23:23
jussi01should always do that in the server window..23:24
NightWlkretfb: there r 5 patches there that worked with some ppl should i just paste the links for u?23:24
etfbNightWlkr: That's fine, I'll read and digest.23:24
live_to_code@ jussi01: normally would, i panicked! lol23:26
stdinyou can set most clients to auto-identify to nickserv, and with freenode you can use your nickserv password as the server password for automatic identification23:26
marcelwhat is libncurses ?23:30
etfbmarcel: A library that allows programmers to write stuff that uses the terminal for simple DOS-style layouts.  Have a look at, say, alsamixer for the sort of thing it allows.23:31
etfbmarcel: Good for doing a user interface without messing about with X, KDE, GTK, etc.23:31
marcelthank you verry much etfb:23:32
etfbmarcel: Out of interest: why do you ask?23:32
marcelhow can i use libncurses ?23:32
etfbIt's a rewrite of the curses library, so google for that.23:32
marcelmy interest is to write the function getch(); /* get a char withou echo */  -- into "C"...23:33
marcelgetch(); -- not exist into gnu c library...23:34
marceland i need a getch(); function23:34
etfbmarcel: the ncurses library will have that as a built-in, I expect, so it won't be hard to find.23:38
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes23:38
stdinmarcel: getch() is a windoes command, use getchar()23:38
stdin*windows API function23:39
etfb(Dang it... what's the IRC command to undo an /away?)23:39
etfbExcellent.  Thanks.23:40
stdinclients should accept '/away' as back, but some don't23:40
etfbOut of interest, how did you manage to type /back on a line by itself and not have it executed?23:40
stdinthe client will remove the 1st slash23:40
etfbstdin: Obvious.  Pardon me while I slap myself for not guessing that.23:40
* etfb slaps /me23:40
marcelhard to find ncurses with headers23:41
stdinmarcel: you don't want ncurses for simple console apps23:41
marcelthank you23:41
stdinjust use int getchar(void)23:42
stdinor int getc(FILE *stream)23:42
marcelgetchar(); // ends with a '\r' char and i don't want that23:42
marceljust to simulate a getch(); function !!23:43
stdingetchar() reads what ever is in the buffer23:43
stdina better place to ask about this is in ##c23:43
marceli ask and they tell me abou ncurses23:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about amd23:44
marceli don't know how to obtain ncurses..., :)23:44
mister-tea-laptoso install liibncurses5 through synaptic23:44
marcelthank you23:44
stdinyou'll want the -dev for the headers23:45
marcelthank you again23:45
stdinand you'll need to -lncurses23:46
stdinbtw, there is getline() in <stdio.h>23:47
stdinyou'll have to #define _GNU_SOURCE to use it23:47
cjaeis there a prblem with ati chipset in linux?23:51
cjaeI have no ethernet internet23:52
cjaeand its a realtek onboard so it shouldn't be problem23:53
PapfoxHi, I'm having graphics performance issues with KDE4 on a machine that really shouldn't be having trouble (Dell Precision M6300 laptop - 2.4G dual core, 4GB RAM, nVidia Quadro FX1600m 256MB GPU [nVidia 177 binary blob], 1920x1200 panel, 7200RPM SATA drive). There are three things going wrong: 1) When I open new apps the windows show corrupt "stripey" contents from elsewhere on the screen. 2) When I scroll in apps like Firefox if the machine23:56
Papfoxis busy the psrt of the window that got scrolled contains an a duplicate of an adjacent stripe which goes away when I open a menu. 3) Mouseovering files (particularly in dolphin on konqueror) causes GUIs of other programs (particularly xmms) to become jerky [on FC9 and 10 it also made pulseaudio glitch] Sorry for such a long post. Thanks for your help.23:56
PapfoxMachine performed like a racehorse on Hardy with KDE323:58
dsnaikePapfox what kde ver. 4.x23:59

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