ubottuLaunchpad bug 237724 in linux "linux-image-2.6.24-18-xen breaks mono" [Undecided,Won't fix]00:06
maxbSeems relevant00:06
spitfire_maxb: is there a way to upload pre-compiled package to ppa?00:15
elmospitfire_: no00:16
elmomaxb: thanks for the pointer; I've reopened the bug00:16
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thomasdelbekewas this the channel02:00
thomasdelbekeor was it ubuntu bugs02:01
MTecknologyI created a project, created a series, but I can't find where to start adding code02:15
nhandlerMTecknology: You probably want to host the code in a bzr branch02:16
MTecknologyi see now :)02:16
MTecknologyDo I also need to create a team for it?02:17
nhandlerUnless you are the only person who will be pushing to the branch, you might want to make a team02:18
MTecknologythere will be about 5 or 602:19
nhandlerMTecknology: Then you should probably create a team where these 5 or 6 people are members. Then, make the team the owner of the bzr branch02:20
MTecknologyok, ty02:20
nhandlerYou're welcome02:20
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MTecknologywow - LP is starting to get complicated02:20
MTecknologyeasy if you know what you're doing - but there's getting to be a LOT to this thing02:21
MTecknologyeither that or I was just blind to all of it before02:21
MTecknologywhat do I put in for a Project02:22
nhandlerFor what? The bzr branch?02:22
MTecknologyOwner is the team, Name is 1.0, and Project is main?02:22
nhandlerProject is your project on LP02:22
MTecknologyThe resulting location of the branch will be: ~scribed/scribed/1.002:23
MTecknologyI want the project name repeating twice?02:23
MTecknologyoh - because it's team...02:23
rockstarMTecknology, are you registering a hosted branch on Launchpad?02:23
rockstarMTecknology, don't register hosted branches.  Just push it.02:24
rockstarSo in the branch, just do `bzr push lp:~scribed/scribed/1.0`02:24
MTecknologywhat if I did it already?02:25
rockstarMTecknology, I have a personal vendetta against registering hosted branches.  It's confusing.02:25
rockstarMTecknology, then you'll have to `bzr push --overwrite lp:~scribed/scribed/1.0`02:25
MTecknologyHow's this look? https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~scribed/scribed/1.002:25
MTecknologyI've always done --use-existing-dir02:25
nhandlerrockstar: I've always registered and then pushed (unless creating a lot of branches). What is the downside to doing this?02:25
rockstarnhandler, the downside is that you have an extra step.02:26
MTecknologydoes the way I have it look good?02:28
nhandlerrockstar: True, but for one branch, I don't find it too inconvenient. If I am doing bulk branch creation, I do skip the registration step02:30
MTecknologyNow that I've done it once, I like it02:31
rockstarnhandler, but it's an unneccessary step.02:31
nhandlerrockstar: But it does make it easier for people who aren't as familiar with bzr.02:31
rockstarnhandler, registration of hosted branches will one day go away, and there will be an explanation for getting a hosted branch up.02:31
rockstarnhandler, if you register first, then you have to specify --overwrite.  If you have to specify all these flags, you might as well use git.02:32
nhandlerrockstar: Why not just have the registration page simply spit out the bzr push command to use? I think that is a a nice compromise02:32
rockstarnhandler, that's basically what it'll do.  "Want to create a hosted branch?  bzr push lp:blah/blah/blah"02:33
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thomasdelbekeHi there04:23
thomasdelbekeanyone home?04:23
thomasdelbekeOK, looks like the channel is dead04:24
thomasdelbekenot to mourn04:24
thomasdelbeketomorrow is another day04:24
lfaraoneHi, I seem to be getting a failed build error because of PPA 404s, any idea why/how I can fix this? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21587499/buildlog_ubuntu-intrepid-i386.abiword_2.6.4-5ubuntu2~ppa1_CHROOTWAIT.txt.gz04:36
loic-mIs there any way to force an upload to my ppa when uploading a modified package, but with same version as an already uploaded package?04:47
rockstarloic-m, no.05:05
loic-mIs there a solution (short of artificially bumping the version)? I've uploaded it as 0ubuntu1 and would like to upload a revised package as 0ubuntu1~ppa105:19
cemchi. are there some logs to the PPAs, to see if anybody's using ones PPA ?08:09
persiacemc, Not that are made available to PPA owners.08:11
cemci see. thanks08:11
stdincemc: https://launchpad.net/+builds08:27
stdinoh, wait08:27
cemcyea, i ment if there are some logs or stats or something08:28
stdinI thinks there a bug report about that somewhere08:31
persiaThere are a couple bug reports, about the general class of "please expose statistics" for PPAs, for distros, for branches, for +downloads, etc.08:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 139855 in soyuz "Display stats about PPA usage" [Low,New]08:32
persiaFrom what I've previously heard, this is something being discussed generally, rather than with reference to specific bugs (although it will probably go back to bugs if/when it gets implemented).08:33
stdinthe report hints at the fact that it'd be difficult to gather that information, which I can imagine08:34
persiaWell, it's hard to be accurate.  It's not hard to generate a lower bound of downloads.08:36
persiaWell, except for the disconnect between ppa.launchpad.net and the other bits :)08:37
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thekornhi, is staging.launchpad.net down for everyone else, or just for me?10:07
kiko-afkthekorn, isn't it daily restore time?10:07
thekornkiko-afk, I don't know, but maybe,10:08
thekornwill try again later today10:08
kiko-afkI think it is. we're trying to reduce that window -- I had a crazy idea with COW snapshots etc10:08
thekornat least a message or something whould be really cool10:10
kiko-afkI'm looking into this..10:11
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iahello. i've uploaded package in ppa, it has been accepted, and it has been compiled successfully; but there is some errors in debian/ files, so i've deleted package from PPA, after sometime package has been deleted completly from ppa server, but now, when i try to upload fixed version, i get message via email about rejection, because package "is already accepted in ubuntu/jaunty and you cannot upload the same version within the same distribution. You have to m12:34
iaodify the source version and re-upload.". But there is no should be some additional source modifications or version name changes. so, could you tell me, please, how can i upload package?12:34
persiaia, You need to use a higher version number for each upload.12:38
persiae.g. if you start with something like 1.2.3-0ppa1, you'd then upload something like 1.2.3-0ppa2 with your packaging fixes.12:39
iapersia: so, there is no any way to upload the same version twice, even the first one has been deleted completely, right?12:42
persiaWell, there is, but it's *very* complicated, and you have to bribe the admins: better to increase the version.12:43
iapersia: :-) ok, thanks12:46
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dereinehi, is it allowed to host configs on launchpad?14:47
savvasconfigs such as?14:49
dereine.bashrc .foorc14:50
dereineto share them with other people14:51
persiadereine, Just create a bzr branch at lp:~dereine/+junk/configfiles with them.  As long as you license them with a license LP accepts, it ought be fine.14:52
dereinepersia: wow thx14:53
dereinei expected its only allowed to host real projects thx!14:53
persiaThe special +junk project is specifically designed for bits and bobs that don't belong in a real project.14:54
persiaSince it exposes a private namespace for you to name branches however you want, you can put anything you want there.14:54
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lfaraoneHi, can https://edge.launchpad.net/~sugar please be deleted? (requested by owner)15:16
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maxblfaraone: for reasons of authentication, delete requests are (obviously) not acceptable over irc!15:24
maxbYou need to file the request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad15:24
lfaraonemaxb: OK.15:26
lfaraonemaxb: also, https://edge.launchpad.net/~sugarteam is listed as using a LP mailing list but it is currently unused, we are usign ubuntu-sugarteam instead. how hard would it be to migrate?15:28
lfaraonemaxb: filed: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/5857315:28
maxbI'm not a Canonical person, I'm just repeating the advice I'm seen them repeatedly give here :-)15:29
maxb* I've15:29
lfaraonemaxb: Understood.15:30
asabilhi all16:00
asabilis this supposed to work: bzr branch lp:ubuntu/jaunty/vala ?16:01
beunoasabil, not yet16:07
mok0How can I delete a blueprint?16:35
persiamok0, You can't.16:37
mok0I can't retarget it either, that doesn't work16:38
mok0I accidentally created a blueprint under "launchpad" namespace and it wont allow me to retarget it for "ubuntu", it claims the bp already exists under "launchpad".16:39
mok0My reply is: I KNOW that, that's why i am trying to move it!!16:39
persiaOh, I believe they can be retargeted with a question.16:44
mok0persia: with a question?17:07
persiaTo put it another way, I suspect someone can tweak the right bits to retarget a spec.  Deleting causes other issues.17:09
mok0I see.17:12
dereinei pushed now this branch, https://code.launchpad.net/~dereine/+junk/configfiles but there is no possiblity to see the files or anything else17:37
persiadereine, I can see http://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Edereine/%2Bjunk/configfiles/annotate/head%3A/.vimrc17:38
persiaTry clicking "Source Code" from the branch overview page.17:38
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dereineah it needs some time17:42
jkakarDo any of the code hosting guys know if the failures for this import are fixable?  https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/libtorrent/trunk18:33
* rockstar looks18:34
rockstarjkakar, looks like a cert problem.18:35
jkakarrockstar: Yeah.  I was wondering if it was something you already knew about, or just random crapiness.18:35
rockstarjkakar, we've seen a bunch of SSL certs change recently.  Not sure what's going on.18:36
rockstarThis is probably the 4th or 5th time I've seen it in the last two weeks.18:36
jkakarrockstar: Ah, interesting.  While I've got your attention, another of my vcs-imports has been failing forever: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/gdb/trunk18:36
rockstarjkakar, it can probably be fixed, but will require a LOSA or mwhudson.18:36
jkakarrockstar: Cool, thanks.18:37
rockstarjkakar, the gdb one I have no idea about.  I'm willing to admit that vcs-imports need to be really worked on, because they fall over so often.18:38
jkakarrockstar: Yeah, well I bet it's a super tricky problem space. :)18:38
rockstarjkakar, I'm actually planning on doing some hacking on cscvs today, so I'll try and find the cause of that one.18:39
jkakarrockstar: The gdb one I suspect is CVS evilness.  It's an old repo and you know that the kind of person that hacks on GDB is also the kind of person that will manually "fix" their revisioned data. :)18:39
jkakarrockstar: Awesome, thanks!18:39
rockstarYes, CVS is evil, but cscvs usually does alright with CVS stuff.  :/18:39
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dereinehow can i pull my current working branch to a version on a remote branch?19:23
dereinesry wrong channel19:24
shilbertHi all, how can one contact launchpad admins ?19:31
Ursinhashilbert, what do you need?19:45
persiashilbert, Get lucky asking here, or file a question as answers.launchpad.net/launchpad19:45
shilbertUsrsinha: There is something wrong with my key in launpad and I need to have it removed so I can reupload it.19:51
dnyyI got a rejection email while uploading to PPA that isn't listed in the common errors secton.  It says "19:54
dnyyUnable to find distroseries: unstable. Further error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.19:54
dnyySorry about the cutoff, irssi does that sometimes when I copy/paste. ;o19:54
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persiadnyy, There's no series "unstable" in Ubuntu against which you can build.  Try selecting "hardy", "intrepid" or "jaunty".20:07
dnyyah, my bad, thanks.20:09
LaneyIs anyone working on the current timeouts? OOPS-1120EB734 for example.21:28
mib_q3893gopDoes anyone know what the Ubuntu installer package is called?22:37
charlie-tcamib_q3893gop: there are two, one on the alternate cd and one on the liveCD22:39
mib_q3893gopWhat's the one called on the LiveCD?22:39
mib_q3893gopcharlie-tca:What's the one called on the LiveCD?22:42
mib_q3893gopYes! That's the one22:45
charlie-tcano problem.22:48

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