akiosingle works, i just had to choose drop to shell00:04
Melikhey guys im having lots of trouble :/00:11
Melikgnome won't start ;/00:11
akioneither does mine00:12
akiohappened last night or after 2.6.25?00:12
akiointel driver?00:12
akioMelik: !00:13
Melikwell it opens the gnome session00:14
Melikbut doesnt load any settings00:15
akiothe intel driver on mine is hardcore borked00:15
Meliknor the panels, nautilus, and a window manager00:16
Melikcan you open up a gnome session at least?00:17
akioi don't know00:17
akioill try, how do i do that?00:18
Melikcan you log in?00:18
Melikfrom the login window00:18
akiogrr /etc/init.d/gdm start?00:18
akioim in single mode right now, dropped to shell00:19
akioi really don't know where to start, i suppose revert to old intel driver or something but i don't know how to do that00:19
Melikoh nvm :s00:20
Melikman this is so frustrating00:20
akioas soon as the gdm kicks my display fries00:20
Meliklol ouch00:20
Melikall i know is00:20
Meliknext time when i test an alpha distro00:20
Melikim going to install a brand new one00:20
Melikon a diff partition00:20
Meliki accidently upgraded my00:20
Melikreal ibex00:21
akioyeah, i have a full backup but i just can't stand not having bleeding edge00:21
akioibex is nice, jaunty is faster00:21
Melikim never ever ever using ion300:21
Meliki HATE ion3, worst window manager ever00:21
akionever even heard of it00:21
Melikthats how it looks like00:22
Melikit works on tiles instead of floating boxes00:22
Melikwhats the new  kernel?00:24
akiomine says 2.6.28-500:25
Melikoh k00:25
akiodunno about the last points00:25
Melikjust updating my grub menu.lst00:25
akiothat wm is nuts00:25
Melikthe idea is really nice00:26
Melikbut the actual WM sucks.00:26
Melikits very unstable00:26
Melikanyways ill brb00:26
Melikim guna restart to the new kernel00:26
anderskI have a lot of friends that switched from ion3 to xmonad.  If you like the concept, xmonad is worth a try.00:29
akioso what is the easiest way to get my video back to working?00:30
akiobesides re-installing00:30
akiodropping to root shell and using the vesa driver?00:31
akiowhy thank you for the advice00:31
melikok back00:39
meliki deleted gconf2 and gnome and like half my packages :$00:39
meliki'm just going to re-install everything00:39
melikim in shell right now00:40
akiomy own advice worked00:44
akiofor my issue00:44
akiodrop to single user shell and switch the driver to vesa and then reboot00:45
syockitDid last xserver-xorg-video-intel update bork up? My xorg restarts upon login00:55
syockitNow using vesa00:55
akiovesa works fine00:55
akiogot scrambled portube?00:55
syockitSo let's have a vesa life while we wait for them devs to bring the fix, eh?00:56
akiowhat kills me is that for a split second it works when switching to a tty00:56
=== sisto1 is now known as sisto
akiodid you notice that?00:56
syockitYou mean?00:56
akioi have a 1024x600 screen, it really sucks for me, its all stretched and stuff00:57
syockitI can only tty before logging in. After trying to log in on kdm, switching to tty will show pretty stripes!00:57
akiobut for a split second mine shows the failsafe x message00:58
syockitI've a 1280x768. 945GM/GMS? or is it 943/940GML? I'm confused00:58
akiobut then fails to kick in properly00:58
syockitWell, it shows both00:59
syockitwith 943/940GML Express yada yada on the end01:00
syockitOkay, okay, I'll paste it here:01:00
syockitVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)01:00
syockitI see01:02
syockitHmm, since when has vesa become this fast? Last time I used it (probably Gutsy), it scrolls sluggishly01:05
syockitOh, cannot 1280x768 with vesa it seems. That's it, downgrading...01:21
Melikguys can anyone help me out?01:29
Melikmy gnome is like completely broken :/01:30
tretlewhen is gnome being updated for jaunty01:32
Melikno idea01:33
Melikbut my gnome is completely messed up :)01:33
Meliki log in from the GDM login window01:34
Melikand it just loads my background and thats it01:34
Melikfails to load gnome-settings-daemon and everything else01:34
taggietretle, what's wrong with your gnome?01:39
=== ZehRique[Away] is now known as ZehRique
tretleno that was meliks gnome, I was just wondering when 2.26 was gonna hit jaunty01:40
taggieah. don't know that one.01:40
melikdamn :/01:59
meliki have no idea what to do anymore lol01:59
x1250melik, some parts of gnome are already being updated to 2.25.x02:02
melikx1250: wait gnome is getting updated?02:03
x1250from 2.24.x to 2.25.x02:03
ubottuA schedule of Jaunty Jackelope (9.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JauntyReleaseSchedule02:04
melikoh thats why its all probably screwed up atm :/02:04
shadowhywindhay all, I have a problem, that I wanna try to fix. using kubuntu, if i try to login using KDM it starts a xterm failsafe session instead of a kde seassion. (including trying to login as a new user) anyone have any ideas?02:04
Volkodavhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/fta/ubuntu <== anybody has gpg key for this repo ?02:04
meliki thought i did something to ruin it :S02:04
danbhfivemelik: im pretty sure gnome gets released a few days before ubuntu goes beta02:04
x1250melik, I have no problems here02:04
danbhfivea week before beta02:05
melikdamn x1250 :/02:07
melikthis is what happens with mine02:07
melikbasically the session manager doesn't startup02:08
melikso pretty much nothing starts up02:08
x1250melik, create a new user and see if it has problems too. If not, try rm -r ~/.gconf* and ~/.gnome*02:11
melikhm all right02:11
x1250you'll lose custom configs though02:11
=== elpargo|Away is now known as elpargo
melikthanks x1250, yeah i created a user called test02:13
melikeverything is fine02:13
melikall right ill go ahead and remove those two folders02:13
x1250melik, just don't forget to deluser it :P02:13
melikoh yeah i know :)02:14
melikdamn x1250, it still does it argh :$02:17
meliki think02:17
meliki'm going to go ahead and..02:18
melikmove all my actual files from /home/melik/ to a diff dir02:18
melikthen going to go ahead and just rm -rf /home/melik/02:18
melikand del the user and just re-add it02:18
x1250melik, check ~/.xession-errors02:25
maxbI knew there was no fglrx for jaunty, but I didn't realize that radeon moved like treacle02:30
meliki have nearly a thousand times02:30
RAOFmaxb: Really?  Radeon _should_ be fast for most chips.02:30
syockitYay, succesfully rolled back. Now I know the importance of keeping old debs02:32
x1250melik, then its probably another file or permission problems, who knows. But it will work if you clean it up. Your new user worked.02:35
melikyeah x125002:37
meliki deleted my user.. removed the entire /home/melik/ folder02:45
melikand it still does it :/02:45
melikhold on brb02:46
hggdhRAOF, btw, how's radeonhd doing nowadays?02:49
RAOFhggdh: No idea.  Although last I heard, they'd changed the major design decision that radeon devs didn't like (direct hardware poking vs AtomBIOS).02:51
hggdhVolkodav, IIRC, PPAs still do not use gpg02:54
maxbThey do now02:58
maxbUrgh, how do you convince dbus to reload its security policies without a reboot?03:00
maxbI tried invoke-rc.d dbus reload, and it didn't seem to take effect03:00
Volkodavhmm it gets me gpg error though03:00
maxbI tried invoke-rc.d dbus restart, and it locked up my machine03:00
Volkodavthat's why I asked03:00
Melikok im fine now03:01
Melikit worked03:01
Melikthanks a lot for helping out mate :)03:01
x1250Melik, what did you do finally?03:02
Melikwell, i forgot to delete the /home/melik/ folder03:02
Melikat first03:02
Melikre-deleted the user03:02
Melikand deleted the entire /home/melik/ folder03:02
Melikafter i backed up all the files03:02
Melikand created a new user "melik"03:02
maxbRAOF: When I let X do its autodetection thing using the default config file, and it was using radeon, it was taking a full second just to repaint gnome-terminal after switching tabs :-(03:03
RAOFmaxb: Hm.  That's substantially worse than unaccelerated; posting your xorg.conf and Xorg.0.log might throw up something obviously wrong.03:04
Meliki got one last question if you dont mind helping me :$03:05
Melikmelik@matrix:~$ sudo su03:05
Melik[sudo] password for melik:03:05
Melikmelik is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.03:05
Meliknvm i got it.03:06
maxbI have vaguely reasonable performance with radeonhd/AccelMethod=exa/DRI=true. I'll swap back to the pathological config later and get a log.03:09
RAOFDRI is likely to be a prerequisite for decent performance, and we've swapped to EXA by default.03:11
hggdhVolkodav, go to https://launchpad.net/~fta03:11
maxbNext problem - apparently that recent tightening of dbus security has left things unable to talk to HAL for CD/DVD presence :-/03:12
maxbHas anyone found touchpad tap-to-click broken since the last xserver-xorg-inpu-synaptics update?03:25
hggdhmaxb, yes, there are some bugs opened on it03:28
hggdhe.g., bug 32062303:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320623 in initramfs-tools "Some problems with mount --bind -o bind syntax" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32062303:30
hggdhbug 32063203:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320632 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "tap-to-click and edge-scrolling broken in Jaunty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32063203:31
DanaGOh heyas, anyone else having PulseAudio refuse connections?03:43
DanaGAll it does: Connection Refused.03:43
* DanaG is lucky / unlucky enough to have R600.03:44
DanaGI'm also having Xorg devour 100% of one CPU core.03:44
* DanaG reboots to try to fix the dagflabbed screwed-up pulseaudio.03:47
solarionstupid intel 3d horkage03:49
DanaGwtf... I can't kill synaptic.03:50
DanaGneither 9 nor 11 works to kill it.03:50
solarionRAOF: you're an ubuntu dev?03:51
Volkodavthat's why I asked03:53
maxbHmm.. how can I set X options for the synaptics driver, now that input devices are not configured in xorg.conf any more?03:53
DanaGwith an fdi file.03:54
DanaGThat's my example.03:54
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Melikthis is why i hate gnome04:00
Melikif i try to remove gnome-games04:00
Melikit removes gnome04:00
solarionMelik: the games are an integral part of the desktop experience04:02
Meliki dont see why they should force me to keep it04:06
Melikwhen im not going to use it04:06
Melikor for example i want to use a different music player instead of rhythmbox04:06
Meliksolarion, i mean i like gnome.. its nice and very stable04:09
Melikand i like some programs they provide bundled with their desktop environemnt04:09
x1250Melik, I guess you say ubuntu-desktop? gnome package is not installed by default. Anyway, you _can_ purge/remove gnome-games without removing ubuntu-desktop, its only a recommend04:16
cwilluMelik, there's nothing wrong with removing gnome, it's just a metapackage.  Alternatively, you could just hide the games menu04:17
x1250try aptitude04:18
x1250Melik, why do have gnome installed?04:18
solarionMelik: really, gnome-games should be separable from gnome desktop.  That reeks of a packaging error04:20
x1250it looks like you have some problems there. Do you have ubuntu-desktop installed?04:20
Melikhold on04:21
Melikinstalling it now04:21
Melikhang on04:21
x1250also get rid of the gnome package. Unless you know you need it, is useless. IIRC it has vanilla gnome dependencies, which should be overridden by ubuntu-desktop.04:24
Meliknever knew a "ubuntu-desktop" existed04:26
x1250Melik, then you can remove gnome-games, since its only a recommend in ubuntu-desktop04:30
Melikit works now04:30
biouserif I new how to really stop and start pulseaudio reliably.. I am much happier with the way that jaunty is handling audio and media though already, is exciting04:41
DanaGdang xorg is literally devouring my CPU.04:41
DanaGOr one core, rather.04:42
DanaG Anyone know how to fix it?04:42
DanaGThe problem goes away if I lock my screen with gnome-screensaver.04:42
solarionDanaG: might be gnome power manager04:42
DanaGNope, I've killed *gnome*, and it still does it.04:43
DanaGThat means gnome-panel, and the applets, too.04:43
solarionmm, ok04:43
solarionthat's the only thing I know of04:43
DanaGHappens with fglrx AND with radeon.04:43
cwilluDanaG, try killing gnome-power-manager04:44
DanaGDoesn't happen with just an xterm open (failsafe login)... but starting gnome-session starts the issue somewhere.04:44
DanaGI _have_ done that.04:44
DanaGAnd gnome-settings-daemon.04:44
cwilluthere's a bug there that's causing xorg to repoll the hardware over and over04:44
DanaGAnd all things with "applet" in the path name.04:44
DanaGSomehow, I'm thinking gnome-session itself may be doing it.'04:44
cwillubug #30730604:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 307306 in gnome-power-manager "upgrade to 2: makes session utterly slow" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30730604:45
DanaGAUDIT: Fri Jan 23 20:37:00 2009: 16520 X: client 4 rejected from local host ( uid=0 gid=0 pid=16545 )04:45
DanaGStill happens even after I nuke g-p-m.04:45
solarioncwillu: does your box live?04:45
bluesmokeDanaG: Something running on your system is responding to GDK's monitors-changed signal and asking X to reprobe your monitors04:46
DanaGhmm, how can I figure out what it is?04:46
bluesmokeDanaG: X may not immediately settle down when you kill the offending app04:46
cwillusolarion, just booting it back up now :p04:46
DanaGIf need be, I can use ssh some time tomorrow.04:46
bluesmokeThe only two I know of are gpm and gsd04:46
bluesmokeThat's the only known "X chews a crapload of CPU on login" bug that is currently known though04:46
cwillusolarion, 2.6.28-5 won't even boot on my system, I'm getting 'unsupport executable format'04:47
solarioncwillu: ouch04:47
cwillu-4 still works though04:47
solarion-5 boots fine for me04:48
DanaGComplete process list:04:48
DanaGin pastebin:04:48
DanaGps afx, that is.04:49
cwilluDanaG, pastebin xorg.0.log04:50
bluesmoke16652 ?        Ssl    0:01 /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-daemon04:51
bluesmokeit restarts itself04:51
DanaGI just killed g-s-d, and it's staying dead, actually.04:51
bluesmokethe root problem is gpm triggering these events on brightness change which GDK should not be firing signals for which causes these apps to do a very expensive X call04:52
bluesmokeNoone noticed before because it takes a new libxrandr and a new xserver for this call to be expensive, before the call was apparently just kind of broken04:52
DanaGDo the calls "stack up", or something?04:52
DanaGhmm, if I downgrade libxrandr temporarily, will that be a usable workaround?04:53
DanaGI do differentiate "workaround" from "fix".04:53
bluesmokeI suppose they could as long as the app was asynchronously waiting for the response (which a good GNOME app would do)04:53
bluesmokeno, I think actually old versions have the problem too because they check for the xserver04:53
cwilluDanaG, that's a normal xorg session?04:54
DanaGLemme see it myself...04:54
bluesmokealthough I did see mention of a downgrade working the version you would have to downgrade to requires you to downgrade half your desktop04:54
bluesmokeDanaG: Edit your gnome session to not start gnome-power-manager04:54
DanaGI'm on the Intrepid X server right now.04:54
DanaGHackish solution: chmod -x04:54
bluesmokethen you have a completely different problem04:54
bluesmokeThe call is only expensive with a server that supports XRandR 1.304:55
DanaGI'm using fglrx, by the way.  Still happens with radeon, though.04:55
DanaGI also have an issue where any fglrx newer than 8.543 causes panics... even on the Intrepid LiveCD.04:55
cwilluahhh, grub doesn't support ext4 extents yet, and my old kernels aren't written without extents04:56
cwillu!info grub204:56
ubottugrub2 (source: grub2): GRand Unified Bootloader, version 2 (dummy package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.96+20080724-12ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 8 kB, installed size 100 kB (Only available for i386 kfreebsd-i386 hurd-i386 amd64 kfreebsd-amd64 powerpc ppc64)04:56
DanaGGrub2 doesn't do savedefault.  :(04:57
DanaGSame for grub-efi.04:57
* cwillu doesn't particularily care :p04:57
DanaGI do have an EFI-supporting system, by the way.04:57
DanaGgrub-efi doesn't even work at all -- it just hangs before any output.04:57
bluesmokeDanaG: Wait, I think you're in the wrong channel04:57
DanaGelilo works, though.04:57
DanaGMy installed system IS jaunty except for the Xorg.04:57
DanaGAnd libdrm2.04:57
* bluesmoke goes Corporate04:58
DanaGNo power management in R600.04:58
bluesmokeI'm sorry, that is an unsupported configuration.04:58
DanaGHmm, since it's broken as is anyway... power management is a moot point, though....04:58
cwillunow I die starting my session04:58
RAOF(Incidentally, new libdrm makes nouveau buildable again, so it'll get the new XRandR 1.3 features sync'd from Debian)04:58
bluesmokeRAOF: yay04:58
DanaG... so perhaps I'll just go ahead and switch to Jaunty xorg and "radeon".04:58
bluesmokedid the amd64 buildds ever catch up so intel works again?04:58
cwillusolarion, yay, everything's broken!04:59
RAOFbluesmoke: Dunno.  I don't do intel :)04:59
pwnguinnew randr?04:59
DanaGHold on while  Inuke xorg and come back with gpm chmodded -x.04:59
RAOFpwnguin: I don't think it does what you want it to do yet :)04:59
bluesmokeWhat else can it possibly do?05:00
pwnguinwell, the manpage says --rotate left rotates the screen left05:00
bluesmokeIt's the Resize and Rotation spec05:00
RAOFMulti-card multi-head?05:00
bluesmokeIsn't that up to the driver?05:01
pwnguinbluesmoke: ideally, it'd rotate my tablet input along with the screen05:01
RAOFIIUC it also requires xrandr changes.05:01
bluesmokeand IIUC 1.3 was supposed to make that possible05:02
bluesmokethat was the whole point05:02
bluesmokethat way nvidia will use it and not swap out that part of Xorg anymore :P05:02
RAOFMaybe.  I thought it might have been punted to 1.4.05:02
RAOFYay for standardised interfaces!05:02
pwnguinanyways, maybe i should file a bug in the xrandr tool05:03
pwnguin-rotate rotation Rotation  can be one of ’normal’, ’left’, ’right’ or ’inverted’. This causes the output contents to be rotated in  the  specified direction. ’right’ specifies a clockwise rotation of the picture and ’left’ specifies a counter-clockwise rotation.05:03
pwnguini have a feeling the manpage would just be changed =(05:05
bluesmokepwnguin: I don't think the CLI tool that is meant to rotate the screen output is the right place to rotate your tablet05:06
bluesmokepwnguin: Now a GUI that uses xrandr to rotate your screen should probably do that though05:06
pwnguini have an icon i click on05:07
pwnguinit runs a script05:07
DanaGweird... as it is with this session... it's not doing it:05:07
bluesmokepwnguin: then your script needs to do the right thing05:07
pwnguinthe script checks the current orientation and advances 105:07
DanaGI started failsafe, then began starting some other stuff.05:07
bluesmokethe xrandr tool should not manage input05:08
pwnguinit doesn't05:08
pwnguinthe script basically works05:08
DanaGSo, it seems to have something to do with things attached to dbus.05:08
pwnguinexcept i have to modify it for every damn driver because xrandr -q isn't consistent enough for grep05:08
bluesmokeDanaG: but you didn't start gnome-power-manager05:08
DanaGhmm, lemme try that one now.05:08
bluesmokeDanaG: gnome-power-manager causes the flood05:09
DanaGIt still happened with g-p-m chmodded -x and restarting xorg.05:09
bluesmokein that case you're screwed05:09
DanaGAnd starting it now doesn't make it happen.05:09
DanaGSo it seems something else in my gnome-session is doing it.05:09
bluesmokeupgrade to an X server that is supposed to be used :P05:09
DanaGGet the radeon people to slow down the chip to save battery... since they're not even USING the gpu as it is...05:10
DanaGThat rather irritates me: they didn't have the complete specs to do acceleration... but they left the thing running full-throttle to waste power.05:10
bluesmokeDanaG: Get them some documentation05:10
bluesmokeAlso they do use the 3D engine for 2D acceleration05:11
pwnguini thought ati released documentation, and everyone went out and bought chips and was happy05:11
pwnguinis this not the case?05:11
bluesmokepwnguin: We don't even have 3D documentation yet, although we do have a driver being developed based on this documentation since Novell and RedHat have access to it05:11
pwnguinso that's what greg meant by working on open drivers05:12
DanaGI wish they'd at least released the specs to slow the damn thing down to save power, even before they finished 3D stuff.05:12
DanaGOtherwise, it divides my battery life literally in half.05:13
DanaGwoah... gnome-session ITSELF is what's doing it.05:15
DanaGI started it... and the problem started; I SIGQUIT it, and the problem stopped.05:15
Volkodavanybody has nightly build repo for vlc 64 bit ?05:16
VolkodavI also could use the one for Thunderbird 305:17
DanaGHmm, seems like it might have something to do with dbus.05:17
cwilludbus seems to be at the root of a few things right now05:18
cwilluI've got a latent suspend issue it's implicated in (suspend works, but dbus-send ... suspend doesn'05:19
DanaGah.  So might dbus itself has some breakage, that'll be fixed (even if for other reasons) later?05:19
DanaGI also have PA crashing on resume from suspend.05:19
DanaGgnome-session strace log:05:20
DanaGOddly enough, the issue also goes away upon locking the screen with gnome-screensaver.05:20
* cwillu gets grub2 booting finally05:27
DanaGI'm bummed that efifb doesn't work for my system.05:27
DanaGWOah... killing just the dbus daemon... fixed it.05:28
DanaGSo, it definitely has soemthing to do with dbus.05:28
DanaGPerhaps I should dbus-listen (or whaever the equivalent is).05:30
cwilluor maybe haps05:30
DanaGOdd... this time, a normal login... is not acting up at all!05:32
DanaGSo that's just mysterious.05:32
DanaGAnyway, I won't file a bug about this particular issue, due to the unsupported configuration.05:34
DanaGwoah, and oddly enough, it just started happening again.05:34
DanaG... and it stopped again when I nuked a rogue dbus-daemon.05:37
DanaGSo anyway, I'm happy enough for now; I know how to work around the cpu-devouring-ness.05:38
DanaGJust take an axe to various (non-root!) dbus-daemon processes.05:38
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stefanlsdIs the nvidia problem sorted with the release of nvidia 180?06:10
tritiumWhat problem might that be?06:10
stefanlsdthe old nvidia 173 drivers not compiling with the shipped kernel06:11
x1250stefanlsd, it seems to work with Option "IgnoreABI" "True"06:12
x1250with the drivers on the repos, 18006:12
stefanlsdx1250: yeah. reading that also now.  does the nvidia accel work?06:12
x1250stefanlsd, yes06:13
stefanlsdx1250: cool. i'll give it a try :)06:13
DanaGHeh, I've made some progress on figuring otu what's up.06:22
DanaGI've chmodded a bunch of stuff -x, including g-p-m.06:23
DanaGI also made all /usr/lib/gvfs stuff -x... and it fixed the cpu devouring.06:23
DanaGAs soon as I made it +x again... the CPU devouring came back.06:23
kayessI'm just trying jaunty alpha 2 on my eee... Seem to be getting somewhere, cool06:27
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
DanaGHmm, yeah, so it's some odd interaction of lots of things.06:34
DanaG glxinfo06:38
DanaGNo protocol specified06:38
DanaGError: unable to open display :0.006:38
kayessLooks like the disk partitioner has died loading at 38% -- will have to spend some time d/ling alpha 3 and trying that06:40
v1d4l0k4People, I've updated my Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 with 'update-manager -d' and now my system doesn't log on. I can use only Failsafe Terminal, every other options blink the screen and back to the GDM. Many commands in the terminal shows GConf Errors, like "stale NFS locks .... failed to get connection to session". What can I do to repair the system? I'm dissapointed. =(06:46
dtchenv1d4l0k4: you might want to revert to alpha 3, then06:48
cwilluv1d4l0k4, I may have the same problem, can you pastebin ~/.xsession-errors?  (apt-get install pastebinit, and then pastebinit ~/.xsession-errors from a terminal, immediately after a failed session)06:48
cwilluv1d4l0k4, usual statements about 'things break during alphas, you should be expecting that' :p06:49
x1250v1d4l0k4, try creating a new user and see if it works ok. If it does, try cleaning up your home dir.06:54
kayessHey disk partitioner finally loaded!06:54
v1d4l0k4cwillu: http://pastebin.com/f15422fba ;)07:00
cwilluv1d4l0k4, looks similar07:01
v1d4l0k4dtchen: In the case I want to revert do Alpha 3, how could I do it? (i'm upgraded from 8.10)07:01
cwilluv1d4l0k4, from the failsafe terminal, you should be able to start metacity & gnome-settings-daemon & gnome-panel, etc07:01
cwilluv1d4l0k4, not very easily unless you made a backup07:02
x1250he can't unless reinstalling, but I don't see the point. He should create a new user and see if it works.07:02
cwilluif he's got the same problem as me, it won't help, but we don't know that yet07:03
cwilluoooo, compiz might be getting the blame :)07:04
v1d4l0k4hmm, I don't have any backup :P (at least my /home has your own partition)07:06
cwilluif your home is on a seperate partition, reinstalling alpha3 would work (with the usual 'use a preexisting home partition' stuff)07:06
cwillubut that's not gonna help fix anything07:06
cwilluand if you're not helping fix things, then you _really_ shouldn't be on the alpha's :p07:07
x1250v1d4l0k4, logout and reset your gnome desktop using: sudo rm -r ~/.gconf* ~/.gnome*  ~/.local07:08
x1250if that doesn't fix it, then you can worry (supposing you've got all necessary stuff installed)07:08
cwillunoting that that will permanently reset any and all gnome settings07:09
dtchenand possibly more than just GNOME07:10
dtchenan increasing number of applications are using fdo user dirs07:10
dtchen(hence, it's normally a better idea to recommend using `mv' vice `rm')07:11
DanaGEh, went back to good X server.  No issues anymore.07:11
DanaGdifferent issue: mouse is all crazy-twitchy.07:13
cwilluDanaG, same issue :p07:16
cwillukillall gnome-power-manager :p07:17
biouserI must say I am so impressed with the way that the media is heading in jaunty07:17
DanaGNot the same symptom at all, actually.07:17
DanaGBy twitchy, I mean, min acceleration feels like the old max acceleration.07:17
DanaGI should be more specific: s/mouse/touchpad/07:17
x1250biouser, what do you mean?07:17
cwilluah, k.  I have actual twichyness (mouse skips around as you move it)07:17
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biouserx1250 my audio was terrible and then a couple of weeks ago I went to 8.10 and the audio interplay was much better and now in 9.04 the way that the sound services interact is improving steadily it seems07:19
DanaGI despise the new volume control.07:19
DanaGWhere's my input [sub]device selector?07:19
* x1250 too07:19
DanaGWhere's my different-apps-to-different-devices control?07:20
cwilluDanaG, you're new to gnome, aren't you? :p07:20
DanaGAnd why does scrolling UP on the (stupidly horizontal) bar... DEcrease the volume?07:20
cwillu(yes, I know)07:20
DanaGcwillu: I just ran into an even more gnome-ey thing, on the HP Mini-MIE distro.07:20
biouserDanaG I think that the sound has the potential to be world-class07:20
x1250the new volume control is soooooo not efficient. If I want to change totem's volume, then 4 clicks.07:20
DanaGThey have a custom GDM that disables the gdmsetup tab, and a custom gnome-control-center that hides the themes tab.07:21
biouserwell pulse audio was really terrible in hardy07:21
DanaGTheir Glassy-Bleu theme is cool, though -- and no other place has it.07:21
biouserbut hardy is running this server like a champ07:21
DanaGOh yeah, pavumeter needs a device chooser.07:22
cwilluI'm just hoping for a alt-mousewheel-over-a-window volume control some day07:22
DanaGWhat's this Default, Bark, Drip, Glass, Sonar sound set?07:23
DanaGNone work.07:23
x1250the volume control should show the main control volume and all apps in the main window.07:23
DanaGHere's why I like PulseAudio:07:23
DanaGMusic and Videos -> USB surround sound card.07:23
DanaGWeb audio and chat audio -> onboard speakers.07:24
DanaGSo, if something on the internet annoys me -- bam, I mute it.07:24
DanaGeven pavucontrol doesn't let you choose between mic and line-in.07:25
lucentDanaG: not quite "Button for which presser may physically alter recipient's face with a human hand-sized impact mark of varying velocity and intensity through Internet communications" but still pretty good07:25
lucentstill think that the inventor who allows me to reach out and slap people over the internets will become a rich soul07:26
DanaGugh, hate this way-too-fast mouse.07:27
DanaGIt does still bug me that the ATI open-source drivers don't put the not-yet-used GPU in low-speed mode.07:31
DanaGIt's like leaving your car idling at redline speeds.07:31
lucentit's more like complaining that your government is spying on terrorists07:32
lucentwhat are you going to do about it?07:32
fujimitsuthat entirely different subject. DanaG should just test on nvidia instead of ati07:33
DanaGNo, nvidia is even worse.07:33
DanaGThat's why I bought ATI, actually.07:34
fujimitsumy experience has been more rewarding07:34
DanaGradeon >>> nv07:34
DanaGlast time I used nv, it inverted two of three color channels on videos... and gave blank screen on resume from suspend.07:34
fujimitsuamd/nvidia all the way07:35
fujimitsu[note that /me not testing jaunty atm]07:35
DanaGugh, damned way-too-fast touchpad.  It was perfect in Intrepid.07:36
DanaGI meant to say:  radeon ⋙ nv07:39
DanaGAnd the TouchStyk is as slow as molasses.07:40
biouserGStreamer encountered a general supporting library error, trying to play .swf created by pyvnc2swf, any ideas?07:55
DanaGOh yeah, I can EFI-boot my system OR bios-boot it.... but is there any real advantage to EFI-booting?08:17
syockitwell, I managed to get pulseaudio running by deleting .esd_auth, but it sounds choppy!08:25
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logari81I think this one:11:04
logari81* Drop 102_dont_vblank.patch, since the new drm code in the kernel fixes the bugs that it worked around.11:04
logari81in mesa update of today destroyed this picture:11:04
logari81for my ati X70011:04
logari81now googleearth with composite flickers like in intrepid and e.g. cant be projected on the cube11:04
spooky_dI was wondering - how cam I play video with sound on the 9.04?14:54
spooky_dmplayer is silent as a fish, vlc/xine as well14:54
spooky_dDe asemenea, 14 promisiuni sunt "în curs" şi alte 488 sunt "netratate". Printre cele aflate "în curs" se numără închiderea centrului de la Guantanamo şi alegerea unui câine pentru fiicele lui Obama, Malia şi Sasha.De asemenea, 14 promisiuni sunt "în curs" şi alte 488 sunt "netratate". Printre cele aflate "în curs" se numără închiderea centrului de la Guantanamo şi alegerea unui câine pentru fiicele lui Obama, Malia şi Sasha.otoh, amarok14:55
mnemospooky_d: can you play sound in other apps?14:55
spooky_damarok is playing without problems sound14:55
spooky_dand the flash plugin is able to play (from time to time)14:55
spooky_dI tried with mplayer with ao pulse and alsa (oss is not working)14:57
mnemoi can play movies with sound on jaunty (I got realtek ALC889A chipset)14:57
mnemospooky_d: what does it say at "Chip:" if you launch "alsamixer -Dhw" in a terminal ?14:58
kevkuwhy in the hell is ipv6 module missing in 2.6.28-514:59
spooky_dSigmatel STAC920014:59
spooky_dI modprobed snd-pcm-oss, and -ao oss works like a charm14:59
spooky_dBut... :(15:00
mnemospooky_d: if some apps play sound then I dont think its the kernel module... maybe its pulseaudio thats broken or something?15:01
spooky_dYes, but amarok plays sound - this is why I don't get it15:01
mnemohmm, strange indeed15:01
spooky_dalsa controls are all up.15:02
BUGabundospooky_d: jaunty?15:02
mnemoand none of them says "MM" for mute right?15:02
BUGabundoare you checking from alsamixer or alsamixergui -c 015:02
spooky_dwith alsamixer15:03
spooky_dnope, none of them15:03
spooky_dBUGabundo: 9.04 - if jj it is called :P15:03
BUGabundoLOL it is spooky_d15:04
BUGabundoI only got tail of your prob. can you tell me really quick what's up?15:04
spooky_dno video playback program is able to output sound correctly15:05
spooky_dmplayer - silent - vlc silent, xine silent15:05
spooky_dmplayer's ao: pulse and alsa silent15:05
BUGabundodoes is do glitchs?15:05
spooky_dI have modprobbed snd-pcm-oss and it work with oss15:05
BUGabundohow do you have the sound preferences output?15:06
spooky_dbut perhaps there's a different problem that should be considered15:06
spooky_dsound preferences?15:06
spooky_dI think that pulseaudio is the preferred one - although I am not sure.15:06
BUGabundoany thing like this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/29551915:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 295519 in pulseaudio "vlc/gnome-sound-recorder sound has glitchs" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:06
spooky_dno glitches.15:07
BUGabundocan you check Multimedia System Selector ?15:07
spooky_dOnly one glitch - it's completely silent15:07
spooky_dBUGabundo - if you tell me how to start it, because I have no idea.15:07
spooky_d(it's not the same problem, I don't have glitches, only silence)15:08
spooky_dno such menu item15:08
BUGabundoubuntu (gnome) right?15:09
BUGabundo# gstreamer-properties15:10
BUGabundotry that!15:10
spooky_dall on auto-detect15:11
spooky_dno effect.15:12
BUGabundospooky_d: try circling around the options to see if any works15:14
spooky_dnot really :(15:15
BUGabundospooky_d: I'm out of ideas then!15:26
BUGabundofile a bug or check for dupes, and let PA devs debug it!15:26
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* x1250 affected by bug 32058515:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320585 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "[Jaunty] Does not respond to tapping (scrolling fine)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32058515:46
BUGabundox1250: mine sometimes needs an hammer but it works15:46
BUGabundoI guess I need to fine tune the sensibilty15:47
BUGabundobut the eeepc 1000h are really lousy!15:47
* x1250 hopes this gets fixed soon :)15:49
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nixternaloi! I did an update this morning on my jaunty box..when I go to login, it starts fine and I can start to see the desktop, then the screen garbles and spits me back out to gdm...any fixes for this yet?17:05
x1250nixternal, no such bug here. Try /var/log/Xorg.0.log17:08
nixternalx1250: intel video?17:08
x1250nixternal, ati x140017:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320525 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "jaunty unbootable on intel G45 since .28-5 kernel update" [High,Fix released]17:09
nixternalright, there is an intel bug right now17:09
DanaGOoh, HP's Glassy Bleu theme really IS cool.17:13
FunnyLookinHatDanaG: Link to theme?  :-)17:51
DanaGI'll have to make an archive with the source -- but I'm not sure what HP would say about it.17:57
DanaGIt's not publicly available, I believe.17:57
DanaGOr rather, it is obtainable if you know how... but just not publicized.18:03
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Volkodavanybody know how to get keyring for http://ppa.launchpad.net/fta/ubuntu jaunty main ?18:41
hggdhVolkodav, https://launchpad.net/~fta I sent this to you yesterday19:02
hggdhand it is not the keyring you need, but the public key19:02
Volkodavoh - I missed it probably19:02
Volkodavhggdh, so I add this https://launchpad.net/~fta  to  sources.lst ?19:03
hggdhVolkodav, you need the openpgp public key for fta19:06
Volkodavhow do I get though ?19:06
hggdhsee above ;-)19:07
hggdhand you have to add it to the apt keyrinig19:07
hggdhafter you download & save the public key -- say, to /tmp/fta.asc, you run 'sudo apt-key add /tmp/fta.asc'19:09
Volkodavso I do sudo touch /tmp/fta.asc19:10
Volkodavthen cp the keys there19:10
hggdhyou do not need to 'sudo touch', you can save it straight there19:11
hggdhunder your own userid19:11
Volkodavohj it will work as a user ?19:11
hggdhto save the public key, yes. To add it to the apt keyring, no19:11
hggdhkeep in mind that the public key starts and ends at the lines beginning with '-----'19:12
Volkodavdoing as we speak19:16
VolkodavW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not availab19:18
Volkodavstill the same19:18
VolkodavI saved the file ok though19:18
Volkodavcopied from here http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x68E7CD1DB6EE20E819:20
Volkodavmaybe 64 bit is different ?19:20
hggdhno, there is no difference19:22
Volkodavso why is spitting the same error then ?19:22
hggdhVolkodav, please run 'sudo apt-key list' & pastebin the result19:22
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)19:22
hggdhthen pastebin the full error messages you are getting19:23
hggdhwell, fta's key is there19:24
hggdhso now for the full error messages you are getting19:24
Volkodavthe relevant part obviously19:25
hggdhthe error message is truncated...19:25
hggdhi.e.,*which* following signatures could not be verified?19:26
Volkodavfull - http://pastie.org/36973719:29
hggdhOK. The missing publik key is '632D16BB0C713DA6'19:31
hggdhwhich is a different one19:31
hggdhfta's is '68e7cd1db6ee20e8'19:32
Volkodavso it's some other repo you think ?19:33
hggdhnow, to find this one... it is not in keyserser.ubuntu.com19:34
Volkodavwhen I remove this repo I get no errors though - so it must be it19:34
hggdhVolkodav, yes19:34
VolkodavI will try to comment it out again and double check19:35
hggdhVolkodav, wait19:35
hggdhlook at https://launchpad.net/~fta/+archive19:35
hggdhthere is a different key for you to add... sorry, signed PPAs are new for me too19:37
hggdhthis is the key you have to add: http://keyserver.ubuntu.com:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x632D16BB0C713DA619:38
Volkodavas a separate file or I can throw in the same I already have ?19:39
hggdhyou can replace the contents of the current file with it19:41
Volkodavsame error anyway19:42
hggdhpastebin both the keylist and the output og apt-get again19:43
Volkodavwell I forgot to readd it19:44
Volkodavit;s all good now19:44
Volkodavthanks for your help hggdh !19:44
hggdhwelcome, Volkodav , sorry for not RTFMing before telling you what to do19:45
Volkodavit's ok19:46
Volkodavthe TB-3 still won't show up though19:46
hggdhheh now you lost me completely. What's TB3? Do I hang it on the wall, drink it with ice, or carry it to bed?19:47
VolkodavThunderbird lol19:47
marijusanyone got problems running compiz since yesterdays x and mesa updates?19:48
hggdhah <shame/>19:48
marijuson intel19:48
hggdhsorry, I do not use it, Volkodav19:48
Volkodavneither do I19:49
VolkodavI use it on Mac though19:49
VolkodavI like Claws-mail better - light and very configurable19:49
hggdhhere's is Evolution. But the best mail client I ever used was The Bat, unfortunately not available on Linux19:51
VolkodavI hate Evolution for 2 things - no separate inbox/sent etc for each account and filters suck19:52
VolkodavClaws has the most flexible filters subfolders included19:53
VolkodavEvolution can not filter subfolders - it is not acceptable with my volume of mail and number of accounts19:53
hggdhI do not disagree, its just that I help support Evo, so it makes sense to use it ;-) also, we are moving to a SQL DB, and this will make extensions to filtering easier19:54
VolkodavHope it works for you19:54
hggdhwith care, yes ;-)19:54
Volkodavwell - will keep an eye on it19:55
Volkodavit is flaky though19:55
* hggdh agrees19:55
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raymearshi folks. i have a question regarding jaunty and lirc: will it include the new kdelirc frontend for lirc?20:38
raymears(i mean jaunty... of course. silly me)20:39
marijuscompiz is killing my x since yesterdays x, mesa and intel driver update... i wonder why because x seems to start well... any help?21:01
Volkodavis vlc nightly builds still down ?22:04
Volkodavis there an ubuntu repo or debian should work too ?22:07
Volkodavdeb http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/sid-amd-64/arch ./ <-- looks down deb http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/sid-amd-64/arch ./22:12
user___Volkodav: maybe ask in #vlc22:13
spr0k3tjust finished testing portions of jaunty... very impressive so far.22:18
spr0k3twent from 32sec boot time down to 14sec.22:19
pwnguinspr0k3t: is that with ext3 or 4?22:22
fholmstromApt source for jaunty = ?22:27
spr0k3tpwnguin: ext3... I had some problems installing jaunty off the beta live to get ext4.22:28
pwnguinneat; my laptop hovers at 29s22:28
spr0k3ter, alpha live.22:28
pwnguinhasn't really changed much over time22:28
pwnguinim thinking i'll switch to ext4 and test that22:28
pwnguinmaybe i need to rerun the profile22:29
spr0k3twell, one thing I have on my system is a 10K drive... I've seen it max close to 110MB on the boot.22:29
pwnguinhighest ive gotten is like 20 ;)22:29
spr0k3twith arch... it's almost instant on.22:30
pwnguingah. stupid kvm22:30
pwnguinarch linux?22:30
pwnguinwell sure, if you build your own kernel, ubuntu would be to22:30
spr0k3tnot for the faint of mind.22:30
pwnguini used to build my own debian kernel22:30
spr0k3tuber speed22:30
pwnguinat 110MB you could probably cut out readahead and just do parallel boot22:31
spr0k3tsorry about that... cat stepped on the power button.22:34
pwnguinheh, i have /joins and /parts on ignore22:35
pwnguindidnt even notice22:35
spr0k3tI just need to turn off that feature.22:35
spr0k3tso far, the only thing I haven't been able to get working in jaunty is the nvidia drivers.22:35
pwnguindo you have a pressing need for nvidia?22:36
pwnguinbecause theres a secret i need to publish soon22:36
pwnguinnouveau's in the repo  now22:37
spr0k3treally? ... bbiab22:37
spr0k3tokay... now time to see about getting compositing turned on with dual monitor modes.22:38
pwnguinwell, if you've got a superdrive, im guessing you've got an 8800gt or something newer22:38
spr0k3tyeah, something like that (9800gtx+)22:38
pwnguinthat's far outside of galliums experimental setup ;)22:39
pwnguinand barely within nvidia's22:39
spr0k3tnice... gnome-display-properties still segfaults22:41
pwnguini just kicked the box under my desk22:42
kabI just install Jaunty and I get this error (EE) NVIDIA: Use the -ignoreABI option to override this check.22:42
pwnguinnow the fan's goin nuts22:42
kabanyone here have Nvidia Drivers 180 working on?22:42
spr0k3tkab: did you upgrade/install or install from live?22:43
pwnguinspr0k3t: is seems you're not the only one with troubles ;)22:43
spr0k3tpwnguin: there's a known problem out on launchpad22:43
kabspr0k3t, I have installed22:43
pwnguinspr0k3t: reminds me, i should read and subscribe to some nouveau packages22:44
Chr1831anyone around?22:46
Chr1831anyone know if the bug affecting mcp67 users has been fixed in jaunty?22:46
spr0k3tChr1831: not sure... do you know the bug# by chance?22:51
Chr1831spr0k3t nope i just remember going back to windows after 8.10 Laughing Out Loud22:52
spr0k3twhat's windows... precious?22:52
spr0k3t(boil em mash'em, stick em in a stew)22:52
kabdid you mean XWindows?22:52
Chr1831windows vista =)22:53
Chr1831i cbb to hold a key (any key) during boot to get to my system...22:53
Chr1831i like linux and all but thats just a pita...22:53
kabChr1831, what is the bug?22:53
Chr1831boot stalls during loading screen till you hold a key till it gets 2 xorg22:54
* charlie-tca keeps all my windows in the house walls22:55
kabChr1831, try with Jaunty http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/jaunty/alpha-3/22:55
Chr1831i have jaunty....22:56
spr0k3tChr1831: very odd... sounds like a bug that might be effected at the kernel level... not just the system level.22:56
kabanyone here have a nVidia property drivers working on?23:01
RAOFkab: I'm not sure what you're asking, so I'll answer both questions I read from there.  (a) Yes, many people have the nVidia proprietary drivers working; it (just) requires adding the IgnoreABI option to your ServerFlags section is xorg.conf, and (b) no one here is working on the proprietary nVidia drivers.  They can't.23:04
kabRAOF, thank you,23:04
kabRAOF, trying23:08
x1250uhm, synaptic touchpad feels very strange now, with latest upgrade.23:09
RAOFLatest, or next-to-latest?  Tap-to-click broke on next-to-latest, certainly.23:10
x1250RAOF, 0.99.3-1ubuntu223:13
kabRAOF, thank you very much!23:13
RAOFx1250: Hm.  I'm not using that one yet.  The one before broke tap-to-click though.23:14
kabthe xorg.conf with ServerFlags don't work for me23:14
kabbut changing the gdm.conf is ok23:15
kabnow my Xinerama is working on :)23:15
x1250RAOF, tapping is working again with 0.99.3-1ubuntu2, but it has some other issues. Difficult to explain, its just buggy. Maybe you'll know when you test it. Hopefully.23:16

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