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SealVanyone on?01:58
knomewe're all off.09:37
_MMA_kwwii: Issues?13:23
kwwii_MMA_: naa, just testing something13:24
kwwiithorwil: *exactly*13:26
kwwiidisco nnected13:27
kwwiitesting pidgen, I must say this is a prety crappy irc client13:33
thorwilnice example for the difference focus can make, i think :)13:34
thorwilkwwii: mister eigensatz on the list ist eigenartig :)13:51
kwwiithorwil: aber ohne scheiss13:52
kwwiishould I show that to mark as the art teams suggestion?13:52
_MMA_kwwii: There's a IRC proxy app I use called "bip". It's nice because it stays connected and I can shutdown Pidgin. Like Screen+irssi13:55
kwwii_MMA_: to be honest, when I am done testing this notification stuff I am going to go back to screen and irssi :p13:56
kwwiipidgen is not meant to be used for irc13:57
* _MMA_ jusr likes using 1 app for all chats.13:57
kwwiithat I can understand, but I don't use any other chat protocols13:57
_MMA_Yer nuts.13:57
kwwiiold school geek13:57
kwwiiabout once a year someone asks me if I use jabber or whatever13:58
kwwiiand once I year I hunt for my account info...a waste of time13:58
_MMA_I just use Jabber and IRC now. I have a AOL account with some old family. Only reason I keep that.14:00
savvaskwwii: try pidgin-plugin-pack and enable some irssi commands :P14:40
savvasyou could also try finch, the command line pidgin :)14:40
kwwiisavvas: hehe, I think I'll stick with irssi14:42
savvasit was never meant to be an irc client anyway :P14:43
savvashow are the rabbits going? :)14:45
kwwiiI think the rabbit is dead14:50
kwwiia good euphemism14:51
nandthorwil: Check your mails. With greetings of my brother :)16:25
thorwilnand: thank you and your brother. please ask him if he would like to have a link in the credits :)16:31
nandthorwil: he says just the name is okay :)16:34
thorwilit's quite interesting to hear not only the differences between languages, but also speakers16:35
nandI think you also lack a female speaker!16:35
thorwilone? dozens! ;)16:36
thorwili mailed the ubuntu-women list in my dispair :)16:36
thorwilnand: a plain e at the end of Maxime?16:42
nandthorwil: yes16:42
kwwiiprimes2h: we figured out the problem with the stock_* emblems...it is in the icon naming utilities...it is a name from the old gnome naming stuff which is included for legacy reasons21:42
kwwiiassigning it to pitti was perfect. He just bugged me until I dug into the problem :p21:43
primes2hkwwii: That's nice... I would like to ask you another thing. What about jockey emblems?21:55
primes2hWhere do they come from?21:56
Flannelkwwii: Hi.  I was told you created the bugjam logo.  Do you happen to have it in svg? and would it be possible to get a copy?21:57
primes2hkwwii: Talking again about stock_* emblem, I saw the bug report, so you mean it will be removed?22:02

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