[00:08] hello [00:08] can you give me an ETA for a package to be built in the main archive? [00:09] mib_95abugt7, not without the name of the package [00:10] My estimate is two days. [00:10] cody-somerville: xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.6.1-1ubuntu1 is the package [00:10] cody-somerville: We can give an estimate. I just won't be very accurate. [00:11] no problem, I just want to know if it'll be soon, or I'll have to wait up to tomorrow [00:11] or maybe more [00:11] we can make it sooner. [00:11] that would be great [00:11] I need the amd64 version, if it matters === mib_95abugt7 is now known as Turl [00:14] mib_95abugt7: The buildd broke, dunno what the status is now [00:14] Amaranth: :/ [00:14] Amaranth, what do you mean? [00:15] what about xserver-xorg-video-intel_2.5.1-1ubuntu9? it might contain the fix I need [00:15] could a buildd admin kick yellow (amd64)? it's been stuck for a couple of days now.. https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qt4-x11/4.4.3-0ubuntu1.2/+build/842557 [00:15] Keybuk: could you have a look at yellow (the buildd). I'd really need to get mesa et al built on amd64 to avoid bugs like bug 320525 [00:15] Launchpad bug 320525 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "jaunty unbootable on intel G45 since .28-5 kernel update" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/320525 [00:15] sorry for the pings guys :/ [00:16] Amaranth, we have two amd64 buildds [00:16] Is there a problem with crested as well? [00:16] Amaranth: that is exactly the bug I'm experiencing :p [00:16] The nice folks on #launchpad have unwedged yellow. However the build on crested looks to be stuck - judging by the previous buildlog it will be killed in another couple of hours by the "150 minutes with no activity" criterion. Is it worth asking someone to terminate it earlier, in view of the previously mentioned mesa/intel/amd64 breakage? [00:16] cody-somerville: yes :/ [00:17] although it looks like they should both be going at this point so... [00:17] So when it says "build started 19 minutes ago", its lying? [00:18] (isn't being facetious) [00:18] cody-somerville: No, as those pastes show they should be working again by now [00:18] cody-somerville: But I think they are a bit behind [00:18] Well, from what I can see, they only have 17 builds in the queue. [00:19] the xserver-xorg-video-intel package should build in 3 hours or so if the buildds for amd64 are working [00:19] cody-somerville: how about mesa? [00:19] 3 hours? mhm, I'll have to test tomorrow I guess [00:20] Amaranth, whats the source package name? [00:20] cody-somerville: mesa [00:21] Amaranth, 3 hours as well [00:21] (to start) [00:21] although I think mesa takes some time to build so... [00:22] I dunno, I've only done it once [00:22] are ubuntu.com & launchpad.net down, or is it my internet playing tricks with me? [00:22] They do see slow [00:22] (or launchpad does atleast) [00:23] yeah, launchpad is a little laggy for me as well [00:23] firefox throws "interrupted connection" on launchpad, and ubuntu.com keeps connecting, but won't show [00:26] btw, any possibility of including php-gtk on jaunty? it isn't packaged on debian... [00:26] no offence, but who would want to write gui apps in a hypertext parser? [00:27] me directhex. PHP isn't just an hypertext parser. It's a complete scripting language, just like python is [00:28] a guy did once a package, and was looking for sponsoring in debian, I contacted him once, and he said he was too busy to get sponsoring, but the package was done. Maybe you can include it? or should I talk with MOTUs? [00:29] i'm reasonably confident that the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is primarily centered around hypertext, but perhaps i'm just an old cynic [00:29] directhex: php-cli exists for a reason, don't you think? [00:29] Turl, upload the source package to revu [00:29] Turl, I'll review it for you tomorrow if you'd like [00:31] cody-somerville: I'll mail this guy once again asking him for it, I'm not the packager nor I know much about packaging. [00:31] Turl, i just find it an immensely odd choice of language for non-hypertext tasks. php's strength lies in the ease with which you can inject a little intelligence into [00:31] each to his own, of course [00:32] also, I need to get my jaunty working to upload it, I guess you use dput? [00:32] yup [00:32] directhex: PHP's strength lies in it's ease of use. not on the ability to modify HTML [00:33] directhex: there surely is a lot of other langs to use for non-hypertext tasks, the same way you can use non-hypertext languages like c++, c, etc to build webpages [00:34] except C and C++ programmers have the good sense not to use those languages for html processing. :) [00:34] * directhex shoves slangasek into cgi-bin [00:35] * slangasek opens a series of back doors [00:36] I don't want to start a flamewar :p the fact is, php does gtk, and it's quite good at it, although documentation lacks sometimes [00:36] and people call MY platform choices eccentric :x [00:36] Amaranth, both amd64 buildds are working fine as far as I can tell [00:36] PHP even does GL graphics iirc [00:37] and you can write a kernel in python [00:38] LaserJock, you never tried out perl-linux? :) [00:38] Turl, btw, there is no builds in the queue for amd64 buildds. You could build that package for yourself in your own ppa. [00:40] cody-somerville: If I knew how to use dput without a .changes :p [00:40] LaserJock: believe it or not, http://phpopengl.sourceforge.net/ [00:40] Turl, just create one [00:41] cody-somerville: I know really basic things about packaging, "just create one" is not enough for me to understand :p [00:42] Unpack the source package and run debuild -S -sa inside OR Install a package called 'reprepro' and use the changestool to create a changefiles (see manfile for details). [00:42] now, I need to remember how I configured my .dput.cf for my ppa... [00:42] * Turl googles around a bit [00:42] Turl: apt-get -b source mesa [00:43] Turl: just build it locally [00:43] or that [00:43] Turl, Are you on Jaunty? just do dput ppa: [00:43] apt-get -b? didn't know that one [00:43] cody-somerville: currently, I'm on vista, as my Jaunty has no X [00:44] Turl, I have an idea. Why not install Hardy or Intrepid? :) [00:45] cody-somerville: because I don't want to break my MBR again? I killed it once with dd, and I recovered everything but my valuable data :/ [00:45] Turl, backups? [00:45] also, I don't think the intrepid installer can resize ext4 [00:46] * cody-somerville gives up. [00:46] :] [00:46] cody-somerville: no money to get another disk to backup? :) if you pay for it, I'll backup and install intrepid [00:47] also, I found jaunty quite stable, despite the 2 or 3 lockups a day [00:48] Amaranth: do you know whether the "keyboard and mouse stop responding" bug is related to this one? [00:48] I cannot check the bug number now, launchpad won't open [00:50] well, I'll reboot and try to build the packages [00:51] really, thanks guys for helping :) [01:36] anyone know if there's a fix for the kernel post-2.6.18 I/O latency/load issues in the pipeline yet? [01:37] hey bryce , what is the "pet-bug" tag for? [01:37] heya Rocket2DMn [01:37] i definitely lol-ed when i saw it [01:37] heh [01:38] is that tag some sort of inside joke? [01:38] or does it actually mean something [01:39] no, it was suggested by management for marking some long standing bugs that we'd like to get around to fixing [01:39] so we were asked to mark 10 or so [01:39] ah, well, its fixed [01:39] \o/ [01:39] great :-) [01:40] yeah and two days latear i got a sweet kernel oops [01:40] yeah I picked ones that looked like low hanging fruit we could clear up by jaunty [01:41] cool, i hope we can push a lot of bug fixes through for jaunty in all departments [01:41] tbh i was a little disappointed with intrepid [01:42] hey speaking of pushing lots of bug fixes, here's something I did up today for tracking that for X -- http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/totals.svg [01:42] i like what i see between 1/22 and 1/23 [01:43] some good intel fixes huh [01:44] bryce: that's a rediculous amount of bugs, I feel for you dude [01:45] Rocket2DMn: partly, although mostly that was a bunch expiring on that day. But we did put out the 2.6 driver which hopefully will resolve a lot of those anyway [01:45] LaserJock: heh thanks, yeah quite a load [01:46] are there really close to 500 wacom-tools bugs? [01:46] we're down from a total of around 2200 last fall [01:46] pwnguin: no, you're reading the colors wrong ;-) I think you're looking at the lrm bugs [01:46] ah [01:46] surely you can do a better spectrum than that :P [01:47] the order of items int he key matches the order in the chart [01:47] except the chart goes up and the legend goes down [01:47] man i hope we can nuke a bunch of those during the bug jam [01:48] Rocket2DMn: that'd be sweet [01:48] Rocket2DMn: the majority of these bugs need to be re-tested against jaunty, and the ones that have been tested need to go upstream [01:49] i wonder what a graph organizing them by date would look like [01:49] like a bar graph with a full month of bugs [01:49] that is to say, each bar is the number of bugs reported that month [01:49] ah [01:49] im guessing huge spikes at release [01:49] more plots here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Plots/ [01:50] bryce: hmm, a whole lot of -intel bugs [01:50] yeah, from -beta up until a month or so post-release we do see a surge in bugs [01:50] LaserJock: yeah :-/ [01:51] at least with wacom-tools, there's been more activity upstream recently [01:51] haha yeah those 2 weeks after release are intense [01:51] though i guess its not as bad as it looks [01:52] how many unassigned bugs do we have left? [01:52] otoh, around that time it tends to be easier to get people to test, so it can be easier to get old bugs marked off the list, if you can stay on top of the surge [01:52] 3 thousand? [01:52] thats just way too many bugs, i wonder how many can just be wiped out for being old [01:53] Rocket2DMn: for X, not as many as you'd think unfortunately; we have pretty okay turnover of old bugs [01:53] most are simply incomplete waiting on users for more info [01:54] yeah bryce , but how many follow up with the complete amount of information needed? [01:54] or, we've got the info and someone just needs to look and do some preliminary analysis [01:54] hmm, I'd say somewhere between 10-25% follow up [01:54] the rest end up expiring after a few months [01:55] thats about what i would expect, X is tough to deal with from a normal user's perspective. Heck I have a decent understanding of whats going on and it scares me too [01:55] me too [01:55] ;-) [01:55] really it's the freeze bugs I hate; those are a b!tch to troubleshoot, and we've got a slew of them [01:56] crashes are tractable if we get a backtrace [01:56] you mean when X just locks up w/out actually crashing? [01:56] right [01:56] those are the hardest bugs [01:56] yeah [01:57] it would be nice if i had more time to play with this stuff, but unfortunately, gotta pay the rent [02:01] pesky rent [02:02] hi, I'm back === mib_iehgz0 is now known as Turl [02:03] hehe, yeah bryce , but hey, these days just glad to be employed [02:03] quite true [02:04] * Turl goes back and reuploads to his ppa [02:43] * calc is almost proud of his bug stats now [02:43] 11 new and 1 confirmed, rest incomplete or triaged :) [02:44] YOU TRIAGED ALL THE BUGS IN LAUNCHPAD?!?! [02:44] :P [02:44] still have 39 bugs to send upstream [02:44] cody-somerville: all OOo bugs [02:44] oh wow... still quite the accomplishment! [02:44] yea :) [02:45] it appears i have about 26 bugs to fix for jaunty, some are dupes i still need to merge though [03:50] wth is with these PSA's telling you to unplug your cellphone charger? [03:50] i checked mine with a meter and it pulls effectively 0 watts with nothing hooked up to it, 1 watt with a phone that is charged with the lcd off, and 2 watt with the phone charged but with the lcd on [03:51] the commercial probably used more power than my charger does all day [04:02] calc: Clearly you're in favor of global warming and would like to see the Earth destroyed. [04:07] -love Al Gore [04:10] Looking for feedback on my feature, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/no-input-recovery [04:28] ScottK: perhaps some cell phone chargers are defective? [04:29] ScottK: all i know is i own a watt meter that i check my stuff with and saw that PSA so tested mine and it seemed to be bunk [04:29] calc: I think it's much more likely that no one ever sat down and actually measured. [04:29] Remember, it's not the truth that counts, but the truthiness. [04:29] ScottK: hehe [04:30] Unfortunately that wasn't a joke. [04:30] That seems to be the prevailing wisdom these days. [04:31] a better PSA would be to have people buy watt meters and check their stuff, but that wouldn't be as cool [04:31] they cost < $20 [04:32] my computer draws a lower than expected amount of power as well ~ 100W idle (iirc) [04:32] ~ 150W at full load [04:33] Many years ago I was involved in US Navy warship combat system design and ship integration. [04:33] Most of the electronics were water cooled. [04:34] I suppose there's a good supply of the stuff, at least. [04:34] They had X number of chillers to keep the cooling water at the right temperature. [04:34] calc: yeah, I would think that a watt meter would be the best tool [04:34] They had always designed chill water requirements based on the spec values for how much heat each piece of equipment put out. [04:35] They got to a point where for the next version it was going to break the bank and they'd have to do an expensive chill water system redesign. [04:35] Someone suggested actual measurements first. [04:36] So they went out with some fancy calorimeters to measure how much heat was actually being dumped. [04:36] By the time they added it all up, it was WAY less than they'd been designing to (because all the spec values were worst case plus some margin). [04:36] So the redesign got cancelled because it wasn't actually needed. [04:37] heh [04:37] RAOF: Actually having the right water was a bitch because the water had to be sufficiently pure to be non-conductive. [04:37] So measuring helps. Not enough people do it. [04:37] yea 150W on my system i think is worst case I was running some cpu burn in program that uses it much more than generally anything else [04:38] distilled water isn't hard to come by... [04:38] Ooh. It was _immersed_ in water, rather than using water as heat conduction? Owch. [04:39] RAOF: Well that's how they got good heat transfer. [04:39] And a really abiding interest in keeping the water pure, too! [04:39] pwnguin: And keeping it pure was tough. Even copper oxides from the pipes could be problematic. [04:39] yeah. [04:40] ScottK: now that i think about it, warships are typically sitting on top of very very not pure water [04:40] The chill water pipes were copper-nickel for shock resistance, which aren't so great for keeping the water that pure. [04:40] yeah, I have to have pure water for my laser or I get 25k Volts arcing [04:40] ;-) [04:40] but I don't go through a lot so it's not that big of a pain [04:40] i didnt read the full history [04:41] i figured it was some dude who's like, vegstable oil cooling? try water! [04:41] superm1: What's the status of bug 261721 for Dell machines? I'm experiencing it in Intrepid with -updates on an XPS m1330, although brighness isn't a problem, it's that "fn+f3" (battery status) is stuck until I go to a VT. [04:41] Launchpad bug 261721 in linux "X never sees brightness key release events on Dell laptops" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/261721 [04:41] my alma mater's nuclear plant uses water as radiation guard [04:42] they like to toss hair dryers in it to show how it's awesome and distilled and safe [04:42] hmm, we use an ohm-meter [04:43] A former Swedish prime minister went for a swim in the cooling water of one nuclear reactor. [04:43] did he go on to found a school where mutants like himself could live in peace? [04:44] What is the ionisation potential for water, anyway? [04:44] He's still alive and looking normal. As normal as he did before, anyway. :) [04:45] RAOF: having no idea what the phrase means, im going to say 1, because people like to base things relative to water ;) [04:45] RAOF: about 12.6 eV [04:45] pwnguin: I meant - at what voltage density does it become conductive. [04:45] I'm going to guess that it's not that different from atomic hydrogen - 13.6 eV. [04:46] "voltage density" might be a phrase I made up :) [04:46] 10.56 eV in water according to teh internets [04:47] hmm, NIST has ~ 20 determinations that say 12.6 eV [04:48] i defer to the scientist [04:48] well, I usually defer to NIST [04:49] I watched a presentation from a guy who spent 20 years trying to get another decimal place on the vibrations of the boron atom [04:49] those guys are super anal [04:49] "boron atom" is a good setup for a joke, if nothing else :) [04:49] a guy came to my uni a while back talking about atomic clock design [04:50] johanbr: don't get me going on chemistry jokes ;-) [04:59] calc: what sort of watt meter do you have? [05:14] jelmer: hmmm, so does bug #320742 mean the existing repo is toast? [05:14] Launchpad bug 320742 in bzr-svn "Should handle joins" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/320742 [05:15] slangasek, no, mainly that it's an easier problem to solve than bug 295416 [05:15] Launchpad bug 295416 in bzr-svn "branch root moving breaks missing and push" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/295416 [05:15] as there is no root moving involved (which is hard to get right) [05:20] slangasek: kill a watt [05:31] calc: ok - in the past I've seen clamp-on meters that measure inductively, but I don't think those were < $20. :) [05:34] slangasek: there are some better ones that do logging as well but they are > $100 [05:35] this one just shows current usage [05:35] ah, so it only measures instantaneous power? Hmm, suboptimal [05:36] slangasek: it can log usage over time but not log continous instantaneous power [05:36] aiui some take a reading every 1s or 5s and log it for you to look at later [05:39] but it doesn't take the area under the curve, so isn't a true measurement of energy use over time [05:41] but assuming it doesn't do something really weird like spiking up for very short intervals you can get a good idea of what it is using, or am i missing something? [05:43] calc: the power consumption of a computer isn't flat, so sampling the current could be fairly inaccurate [05:44] well for something like a idle cell charger [05:44] e.g., what if your hard drive is spun down every time it samples just by chance. :) [05:44] right, for that it should work fine [05:44] yes on my computer it jumps around quite a bit unless i am leaving it idle or full throttle [05:45] slangasek: my original comment wrt the watt meter was that there was a PSA on tv telling you to unplug your not in use cell phone charger, and after testing mine it showed 0 watts being used, even with the cell phone plugged in it was only using 1 watt (it was already fully charged) [05:46] sure, I saw that [05:46] ok [05:46] I was inquiring out of interest in power metering generally. :) [05:46] oh ok [05:46] though for the time being, I know where our power is going, and I don't need a watt meter to tell me to find a solution to save on heating [05:47] stupid atypical winter weather [05:47] its 64F here even at midnight [05:47] it was around 80 this afternoon i think [05:47] it's 37F here, even at noon ;P [05:47] it seems to alternate here between freezing and 80F [05:48] yeah [05:49] anyone else having trouble with debootstrap in jaunty? [05:49] debootstrap /in/ jaunty, or debootstrap /of/ jaunty? [05:49] (the answer, for me, is no in both cases because I haven't tried it lately :) [05:49] ok [05:49] slangasek: Shall I send you some excess heat, it's 37 degC here [05:50] StevenK: please to be [05:50] i'm running jaunty on my desktop and was trying to run deboostrap on it [05:50] StevenK: ... making a wormhole, I'll install a turbine in the mouth and it'll be a perpetual motion machine [05:52] doh i know what i did wrong, oops [05:52] i forgot to resetup my /etc/hosts file [05:54] slangasek: Haha === bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth [08:56] hi here, anyone online? [08:57] Not app development on Ubuntu, it says. Where do I go for one? [08:57] i get very frequent system freeze, would anyone have some hint on how to debug that , if i can t network that computer with another ? [09:02] syockit, Generally the advice is to go to a specific forum for the sort of thing you are developing, and once the app is done, then bring it to Ubuntu. [09:02] syockit, So, if you were, for example, developing a GNOME app, you'd want to visit the GNOME channels. [09:03] orogor, You may find that #ubuntu-bugs is a better place to ask for help understanding and documenting bugs. [09:03] Actually I wanted an example of packages with multi binaries [09:03] so I got myself pulseaudio [09:03] syockit, Oh, for packaging discussion, #ubuntu-motu is the preferred forum. [09:04] good morning [09:04] persia: can you tell me where to find crimsun ? [09:05] BUGabundo, /whois is probably the place to start. Beyond that, I can't help you. [09:11] persia, well actually i had something in mind , there s a linux feature that allow to bootstrap from a first kernel before starting the new one and it s different from an initrd [09:11] persia, would you remember how it s called ? [09:12] orogor, I don't. Maybe something related to kexec()? Sorry, but that's fairly well outside my knowledge. [09:14] yes , kexec [09:14] persia, any plan in throwing kexec into gentoo , in order to debug kernel issues ? [09:15] alla blue scrreen from windows [09:15] ... anyhow i ll join the bugs channel and see if they can be of any help [09:24] dtchen: ping [09:29] morning [09:33] hi emgent [09:33] compiling! [10:23] persia, as far as i understand the bug you speak was solved about a year ago [10:24] so i souldnt have this bug when runnign hardy === asac_ is now known as asac === tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter [12:57] * ogra grumbles about dash's read not supporting -n or -s [15:05] lfaraone, you need to have the upgraded kernel. whenever it's released to -updates you'll be fine [15:05] lfaraone, it's been in proposed since basically the week after intrepid launched [15:15] superm1: so I should just enable proposed and update? [15:16] lfaraone, you should grab the kernel from -proposed (and appropriate headers, meta, and LRM if necessary). You don't need anything else out of proposed though [15:17] superm1: Thanks! [15:27] hello all, I just updated my system to kbuntu 8.10, and i have problem with my keyboard. I set my keyboard rate with "xset r rate 200 70". All keys are working with exception of downarrow and leftarrow - wait delay is much bigger than 200 ms. What's wrong ? on kubuntu 8.04 it worked. === ziroday is now known as adamnotmany === adamnotmany is now known as ziroday [15:33] superm1: sorry, i'm a bit noobish, but what's the package name of the new kernel? I can't seem to see it even after enabling proposed (and pinning to updates) [15:36] lfaraone: You should get it by installing the appropriate metapackage (e.g sudo apt-get install linux-generic (I think that's what it's called)) that'll pull in the new kernel packages. [15:38] ScottK mine is still on -4 [15:38] I had to manually choose -5 [15:40] I think this one: [15:40] * Drop 102_dont_vblank.patch, since the new drm code in the kernel fixes the bugs that it worked around. [15:40] in mesa update of today destroyed this picture: [15:40] http://img515.imageshack.us/img515/1466/screenshotfn6.png [15:40] for my ati X700 [15:40] now googleearth with composite flickers like in intrepid and e.g. cant be projected on the cube [15:40] I hope this is the right channel to mention that [15:41] logari81: Probably better on #ubuntu-kernel [15:41] Even better, file a bug. [15:42] ScottK: ok thnx [15:56] Has the location of UDSJaunty+1 been announced yet? [15:57] lfaraone: No. [15:57] * lfaraone hopes for something east-coast, there was no way he could make it to the googleplex. [15:58] lfaraone: Seeing as it changes US->Europe, it'll probably be in Europe. [16:07] ArneGoetje: I noticed that the translation focus for Ubuntu was still listed as intrepid, and changed it to jaunty. I think that makes sense at this point; otherwise shout. [16:26] * ScottK notes to directhex a mono NMU sitting in Debian incoming and wonders if we want it? [16:27] ScottK, it's a ~no change rebuild [16:27] OK, so not relvant to us then. Thanks. [16:27] ScottK, now, we want the version it's an nmu from, but we either need to have dh 7.1 in jaunty first, or i need to make a merge patch which reverts some changes [16:28] and i don't think i heard a final decision r.e. dh7.1 [16:36] superm1: Hm, I upgraded to the new kernel, but now my nvidia kernel module won't start. [16:40] ScottK, if you make a call on mono s/sync/merge/ or dh7.1, let me know :p [16:49] lfaraone, yeah that's why you need to pull in all the headers too [16:50] superm1: ok, what's the package name I want again? [16:50] lfaraone, there's a metapackage to go with it. probably linux-headers or similar [17:11] cjwatson: where was it listed? [17:38] superm1: new kernel, and now we have _intermittent_ problems with fnup-fdown, sometimes it reads one push as two [17:39] superm1: however, my pwrstatus thing is fixed. thanks! === DrKranz is now known as DktrKranz [17:55] x-session-manager[3989]: WARNING: Detected that screensaver has left the bus [17:55] hahahaha [17:55] oops, wrong channel [18:16] lfaraone, that's a different unrelated bug [18:17] superm1: ah, kk. [18:28] What does "dfsg" mean? [18:28] Debian free software guidelines IIRC [18:28] Ape3000: Debian Free Software Guidelines. [18:29] Ape3000: See: http://www.debian.org/social_contract#guidelines [18:31] Any main sponsors about? [18:33] cody-somerville: done, package is in ppa at https://edge.launchpad.net/~lfaraone/+archive/ppa [18:39] cody-somerville: and debdiff was uploaded to the bug [18:51] lfaraone, It looks like you simply add the flag to build libabiword but don't actually have it in its own binary package. [19:00] cody-somerville: yes, from what I understood an additional binary package wasn't needed. [19:00] cody-somerville: libabiword is _part_ of abiword, you can't mix versions and expect them to work. (and if they do, it's accidental) [19:00] cody-somerville: if you'd prefer, I can split it off. [19:14] lfaraone, libabiword is not required for abiword to work if enabled, correct? [19:15] lfaraone, and your changelog says that you did create a new binary package btw [19:25] has anyone run into a bug where upgrading to the new nvidia 180 drivers removes the /usr/lib/libGL.so lib? [19:25] cody-somerville: correct. will fix. [19:34] Ramblurr: there's a bug about it [19:35] ah ok [19:38] ArneGoetje: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu [19:53] anyone happen to know the rsync command line to use to sync up an iso [19:53] its normally on iso.qa but nothing is being tested atm so doesn't show it [19:55] ah found it: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RsyncCdImage [20:01] skipping non-regular file "ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso" [20:01] hmm weird [20:01] it's a symlink - you need to sync the one from .pool [20:02] rsync://releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-releases/.pool/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso or some such [20:02] ah i see [20:02] this is all transparent via HTTP; the rsync confusion is unfortunate but not really avoidable [20:03] alternatively I think there's an rsync option to follow symlinks [20:03] -L by the looks of things [20:03] yeah, probably better to use -L [20:03] (rather than .pool) [20:03] ok thanks for the help :) [20:04] apparently my dd of ubuntu iso from cd was a bit different from the one on the server [20:04] mm, I certainly wouldn't put money on that giving bit-identical results [20:04] but not by much, heh [20:05] probably just junk at start and/or end [20:06] yea [20:28] Question, according to the ubuntu-devel mailing list, I'm a "non-developer" [20:29] Despite being in all manners and motives a developer. Do I take it that there is some special flag you need to be a developer according to the mailing list? [20:29] You need to be a MOTU or core-dev [20:30] Developer means Ubuntu dev, not generic developer. [20:30] Some others get white listed in, but I'm not sure how that works. [20:30] ScottK: I see [20:31] There is ubuntu-devel-discuss that anyone can post to unmoderated. [20:31] Yes [20:31] Great, I'll have to join the boys club to post to certain mailing lists. [20:32] You can post. It just has to go through moderation. [20:33] Perhaps the wording needs changing? 'non-developer' or even non ubuntu developer seems odd when your me, an ubuntu developer who just happens to operate on research instead of motu. [20:37] I'm happy to add contributing developers to the whitelist if they post sensibly (and I remember when processing the moderation queue) [20:37] (cf. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers) [20:38] "Ubuntu Developer" is a formal term though, corresponding to Launchpad teams [20:38] perhaps we should extend the auto-whitelist to cover ubuntu-universe-contributors [20:38] I'm in favour of that. [20:39] err, universe-contributors I mean [20:39] * Laney prepares the spam [20:41] I've filed an RT request to that effect [20:45] I've also linkified the text "Ubuntu developers" on https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-devel [20:46] thanks cjwatson [20:46] and clarified the text at the end [21:21] Is a FTBFS on hppa going to keep a backport from being accepted? [23:54] What is Ubuntu's position on GFDL docs w/invariant sections?