jpdsPhilip5: No, it's on a different server.10:28
Philip5jpds: aha, ok... just thought it would have been nice to have :)10:29
Zichello, I have a question for the Freenode staff : we use Ubuntu-fr-IRC account to register our channels and set it as the channel founder (+F) like Ubuntu IRC Council with the UbuntuIrcCouncil account on NickServ13:33
Zicbut we have a problem : -ChanServ- Ubuntu-fr-IRC has too many channels registered.13:33
Zicdoes it exist a possible to solution ton have more access on a specific account ?13:33
PriceyZic: we use more than one nick.13:59
ZicPricey: ok13:59
naliothZic: you'll need for a staff member to transfer any further channels14:54
Zicnalioth: ok, thanks, I think we'll register only "official" channel with Ubuntu-fr-IRC, and register channels which we want to be blocked via an other account, I don't want to disturb freenode staff every times that we need to block and forward a channel naming abuse when we can resolve it with the founder of its channel15:01
naliothZic: Pricey and I don't mind15:05
Zicok, thanks for help15:06
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