InHisNameDoes this cover q on fixing java installs to be better ?02:41
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biehlhello - is there a list of junior jobs somewhere ? Eg. a list of programs that are probably easy to package, but haven't been packaged yet.15:24
persiaWell, there's *heaps* of stuff that hasn't been packaged.15:38
persiaGenerally, we try to get new stuff packaged in Debian, and sync it.15:39
persiaI'll see if there's a wishlist collected somewhere.15:39
persiabiehl, http://wiki.debian.org/Java/RequestedPackages has a list of requests, of which some are already claimed.  Feel free to ask here, or in #debian-java on OFTC if you need help.15:42
biehlnice, I'll have a look16:34
|aspire|I have an import problem20:13
|aspire|my basic java libs are not available20:13
|aspire|sorry ignore that20:14
|aspire|hi is any one here at all???20:30
persiaLots of people.  Most tend to ide a lot.20:30
|aspire|I'm looking for a way to use this function20:34
|aspire|createImage((int)screen_w, (int)screen_h)20:34
|aspire|any suggestion for which lib I may need?20:35
|aspire|or is this a function that is only applicable with an applet???20:35
|aspire|is there an alternative function that I can use instead of createImage such that I can use this code in a regular java app rather than with an applet20:44
Nicke_|aspire|: while not very ubuntu related, take a look at the BufferedImage class for example23:15
|aspire|yes I have checked the java doc23:16
Nicke_(also, java.awt.Toolkit can come handy when used to the methods provided by Applet)23:16
|aspire|http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/awt/Component.html#createImage(int, int)23:16
|aspire|that is right and I have tried that, however what I am looking for is a way to use this method or any alternative such that I can use this code in a regular java app23:17
|aspire|any suggestions Nicke_?23:17
Nicke_|aspire|: Either use the one provided by Component if you have such a object at hand.. otherwise create a new BufferedImage23:18
Nicke_not it was some time ago I did work with Swing, so I have no better answers23:19
Nicke_now it*23:19
|aspire|hold on, I have some fundamental knowledge of programming with java, but I need a bit more on this23:20
|aspire|can you explain your suggestion?23:20
|aspire|is it correct that you are suggesting me to use the java swing class rather than the awt?23:21
|aspire|Nicke_: ???23:21
Nicke_no, was just saying that it was some time ago I  used swing (and awt).23:22
|aspire|so you are not sure how I could solve this or are not sure how to explain it23:23
Nicke_well, I think BufferedImage will do what you want23:23
Nicke_but I can't provide any more detailed answer than that23:23
|aspire|ok, I could try that, in which class could I locate it?23:24
Nicke_BufferedImage is a class :) (java.awt.BufferedImage)23:25
Nicke_java.awt.image.BufferedImage even.. oops23:26
Nicke_I suppose Google might have some examples on how to use it23:26
|aspire|yes looking for it23:27
|aspire|but my IDE does not find the BufferedImage class23:27
|aspire|import java.awt.Image.BufferedImage;23:27
Nicke_change Image to image23:28
|aspire|import java.awt.Image.BufferedImage; being underlined with a red line23:28
|aspire|that is better23:29
|aspire|but still23:29
|aspire|java.awt.image.BufferedImage((int)screen_w, (int)screen_h);23:29
|aspire|can't find the class23:29
|aspire|complaining that it cant find the image class23:30
|aspire|how starge23:30
|aspire|Nicke_: are you still there?23:40

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