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domashi! I'm getting various kswapd deadlocks on our machines, like this one: http://p.defau.lt/?AftWGQnCtD1G80ZjIr7cyg - it seems any VFS pressure can cause this...11:43
MalikLaminhey you all, I've just throw mysef16:14
MalikLaminmyself in the linux driver development, how do I compile and run my modules without compiling all the kernel16:15
MalikLamindoes anybody know a good GUI for editing the linux source code17:18
mnemoMalikLamin: emacs and vi has semi-GUI versions available.... some people use eclipse+CDT as well... or maybe anjuta would work?18:11
mnemoMalikLamin: to compile all modules in the current directory execute this command:18:12
mnemomake -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=$PWD modules18:12
mnemofor example you can do this in .../drivers/gpu/drm to create drm.ko18:12
MalikLaminthanks mnem18:21
MalikLamini will try kdevelop and ajunta or maybe eclipse18:21
mnemoMalikLamin: some people find cscope (command line) or kscope (GUI) useful for browsing .c sources18:23
mnemobut the lxr website is also really useful for reading kernel sources18:24
mnemoyou can launch "cscope -R" in any directory containing .c sources.. and it will let you search for the definition of certain function names etc18:24
MalikLaminahnram, ok. So, if I do create a new module, isnt it necessary to recompile all the kernel????18:25
mnemoMalikLamin: if you recompile a module you can either copy it into the proper place in the /lib/modules/kernel tree and then reboot, or you can just "insmod" it right there (but this is not permanent)18:30
mnemoyou never need to rebuild the kernel to use a rebuilt module18:30
MalikLaminI got18:34
aLeSDhi all21:01
aLeSDthe realtime kenrel of the 8.10 is breoken ?21:01
aLeSDthe realtime extensions don't work with jack21:01
aLeSDI'm thinking to install the old kernel21:01
aLeSDI mean use the 8.04 kernel on my 8.1021:02
aLeSDis it possible ?21:02
aLeSDis anybody out there ?21:18

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