LaneyYes, and I'd imagine that check would work on a source package00:00
loic-mLaney: thanks, I just come back from reading the lintian man page and was still confused ;) (and I was running it against the dsc...00:05
Laneyit's still a good idea to run it on your binary .changes file though00:05
ScottKLines longer than 80 are OK in debian/copyright if they come from copying in the license.00:06
loic-mScottK: thanks.00:09
loic-mLaney: I modified a debian/control with useless spaces + one line of 91 characters, debuild -S -sa + pbuilder build the package, but when I run lintian -I on any of the files in pbuilder, I get no output00:10
ScottKI think debian/copyright was the only file that used to have a lintian check for 80 characters and they ditched that due to more pain than it was worth.00:11
loic-mLaney: and I checked the .deb produced has the same mistakes00:11
loic-mScottK: so there's no way command to automatise those kind of checks? I was trying to see what's feasible as per nhandler suggestion in the ml :(00:13
ScottKFor debian/control build-deb and dep lines longer than 80 is just fine.00:14
ScottKI think there's too many exceptions and it's not worth the trouble.00:14
ScottKIt's really a minor issue.00:14
ScottKI have my Kate set with a line at 80 columns so it's really obvious00:14
loic-mScottK: thanks.00:17
directhexScottK, minor issue, but i hear the new ftpmaster assistants will reject over it00:27
jcfpPlease review http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus - thanks00:41
directhexew, python00:44
cody-somervillepython packages are a charm to review00:45
jcfpI must agree it isn't designed for easy packaging00:45
directhexi don't do python packages00:45
ScottKdirecthex: Considering there was a lintian check for lines over 80 chars in debian/copyright and it got pulled, I doubt it'd result in a rejection.01:21
ScottKI may well be wrong though.01:21
ScottKjcfp: I'm looking at your mochikit request.01:26
=== ZehRique[Away] is now known as ZehRique
ScottKjcfp: Don't delete uploaders from debian/control and don't put the maintainer change in debian/changelog.01:41
jcfpScottK: no other problems?01:42
ScottKjcfp: Not so far.  I fixed those.01:42
ScottKjcfp: That was it.  mochikit uploaded.  Thank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.02:15
jcfpScottK: thanks :)02:16
ScottKjcfp: No.  Thank you.02:16
hyperairLaney: ping02:19
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
* StevenK stares at the weather applet02:25
StevenK"39 degC, feels like 42.1 degc"02:25
lfaraoneHi, what's the proper way to package libabiword (blocking the building of another package dropped from the last release)? It's dependent on abiword, and will only work if you have the same abiword version installed. They'd be built fromt he same source. Do they need to be split into different binary packages?02:26
ScottKDid they remove 90% of the cities in Australia 'because no one knows where they are anyway"02:26
ScottKStevenK: ^^02:27
ScottKlfaraone: I think abiword is used by Xubuntu, so I'd talk to a Xubuntu dev like cody-somerville or NCommander.02:27
cody-somervillelfaraone, That sounds about right. Is it not currently?02:28
lfaraonecody-somerville: currently abiword is not built with --enable-libabiword.02:30
lfaraonecody-somerville: so we can't package python-abiword, which sugar-write-activity depends (I'm a SugarLabs guy).02:30
cody-somervillelfaraone, Okay. Sounds sane to me.02:31
lfaraonecody-somerville: Ok, shall I prepare a debdiff where we have that flag enabled that I've tested?02:33
cody-somervillelfaraone, sure.02:33
cody-somervillelfaraone, upload it to a ppa02:33
lfaraoneIs there any pressing reason why I shouldn't use distcc for compilations?02:50
ScottKsuperm1: Would you mind reviewing http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=rt28xx-linux-sta (it uses dkms, so I think it'd benifit from a look by you)?03:27
loic-mIn a rule file, when declaring variables, can I use a variable I declared just one line above to set another variable, like in  http://paste.ubuntu.com/108861/ ?03:51
nhandlerYes loic-m03:51
loic-mThanks a lot03:51
fabrice_spHi. Any chance to have dvdstyler reviewed? It's a DVD authoring tool, with more the 88000 downloads (at least 9000 for Ubuntu), and has already been advocated by mok0. You can find it at http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler. Thanks.04:40
ScottKWhat the heck.  I'll look.04:43
fabrice_spThanks ScottK !04:44
nhandlerfabrice_sp: Why do you have uscan_repack instead of a normal get-orig-source target?04:45
fabrice_spnhandler, it has been requested by mok0 to make it more automatic to get the orig tarball (download + repack in one shot)04:46
nhandlerSo why couldn't the get-orig-source rule be used to do that?04:46
fabrice_spget-orig-source call that script04:47
fabrice_spand it's also called from the watch file04:47
fabrice_spso it's a way to do it the same way with a get orig or a uscan04:47
ScottKfabrice_sp: Why compat 6?04:48
nhandlerfabrice_sp: Ok, I didn't see the get-orig-source in there04:48
fabrice_spScottK, you're right, I'm using any special functions. I think I had to bump it to get rid of a lintian warning04:49
fabrice_spnhandler, ok04:49
loic-mIs there a way to verify that a get-orig-source target in debian/rules works?04:49
fabrice_spScottK, I'll put 4 again, and check that04:49
ScottKfabrice_sp: If it's 6, then you also need to version your debhelper build-dep.04:49
nhandlerloic-m: make -f debian/rules get-orig-source04:49
loic-mthanks nhandler04:50
nhandlerfabrice_sp: I would only drop to 504:50
fabrice_spScottK, you're right.04:50
nhandlerfabrice_sp: What is ubuntu.patch?04:51
nhandlerAnd debian.patch?04:51
fabrice_spDoes that mean that if I put 5, I also need the version in build-dep?04:51
nhandlerBuild-Dep on debhelper (>= 5)04:51
ScottKDoes your desktop file have an icon?04:51
ScottKBecause if it does, you want at least a version with dh_icons with is about 5.0.51 or so.04:52
fabrice_spnhandler, it comes from upstream. He has a script (builddebian) that build the package for lenny and ubuntu, and it uses this script to apply it. I'm not using them as they are for control file04:52
fabrice_spScottK, the icon comes fom upstream04:52
ScottKYes, but we have an icon cache so you want to call dh_icons.04:53
* nhandler heads off to bed04:53
voriannn nhandler04:53
ScottKfabrice_sp: See man dh_icons.04:54
loic-mnite nhandler04:54
ScottKSet your build-dep to whatever version introduced that and your compat to 5.04:54
ScottKThen add it to your debian/rules.04:54
fabrice_spScottK, will do. thanks04:54
fabrice_sp(good night nhandler)04:54
fabrice_spdh_icons has been added with version 5.0.51, so I'll update control, compat and rules04:56
ScottKfabrice_sp: Look at the licensing header for wxVillaLib/thumb_md5.cpp.  You need to mention that in debian/copyright.04:57
loic-mFor my get-orig-source target, I use $(DEBIAN_DIR)/../.. so the .orig.tar.gz is created in the directory above the package directory04:58
fabrice_spScottK, you're right. I thought I had reviewed all the source, but I must have forgotten this one. As it's public domain, I put that as licence?04:59
loic-mHowever to make the .orig.tar.gz i need to tar a directory that's the same name as the directory I work in04:59
ScottKfabrice_sp: I'd put that entire paragraph in debian/copyright.04:59
loic-mIt sound insane, but is it ok?04:59
ScottKloic-m: Shouldn't it be the name of the new version, not the one you're in?05:00
loic-mScottK: You're right, since actually it'll only do the job if there's a new upstream version05:01
loic-mScottK: since my version is the same as upstream atm, it gives me headaches, but actually it will never be a problem, right?05:02
ScottKloic-m: If your rule were smart, it'd notice it's the same version and stop.05:02
loic-mScottK, can you have a lok at http://paste.ubuntu.com/108866/ please?05:04
loic-mshould i add an "if" or is it ok considering nobody's going to target get-orig-source as long as there's no new upstream version?05:05
ScottKloic-m: I'm not an expert on get-orig-source writing.  I'd have it test if there's a new version or not.05:07
fabrice_spScottK, adding that (http://paste.ubuntu.com/108867/) in debian/copyright for wxVillaLib/thumb_md5.cpp is fine?05:09
ScottKfabrice_sp: Looks fine to me.05:10
fabrice_spok. I'm building the package, to check the dh_icons stuff. As soon as it gets built, I'll upload the new version05:11
ScottKfabrice_sp: It FTBFS for me.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/108869/05:12
fabrice_spScottK, that's what I'm just looking at. Changes in ffmpeg introduce this error (it has been built before for Jaunty in my PPA)05:13
ScottKffmpeg is like that.05:13
fabrice_spScottK, I know :-/05:13
fabrice_spit seems upstream has made a patch 3 days ago. I'll apply it and build again. Thanks for your review anyway!05:17
loic-mScottK: actually testing for a new version might defeat the use of uscan --force-download, so I'd use the package directory to build the orig.tar.gz, even though I dl the upstream zip in the above directory and create the orig.tar.gz in the above directory too05:17
loic-mHopefully it's ok05:18
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savvaswhen I create a new package, do I have to subscribe any teams? the ubuntu sponsors?06:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 95685 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] dcsharp" [Wishlist,In progress]06:34
Amaranthwow, old bug06:37
Amaranthsavvas: ubuntu-universe-sponsors, btw06:39
AmaranthWait, I think that's for changes to packages06:40
savvaseh, I'll just leave it like that06:42
savvasI've sent it to REVU :p06:42
persiaREVU is the right place.  No subscription required.06:44
savvasoh no, damn dependencies..06:45
fabrice_spHi. Any MOTU to review DVDStyler? I lost the advocate of mok0, because of fixing some issues detected by ScottK and fixing a FTBFS because of latest version of ffmpeg (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler)08:22
didrocksmorning everyone08:50
fabrice_spHi didrocks08:53
didrocksHi fabrice_sp09:03
fabrice_sponly French guys speaking this morning :-)09:05
persiaC'est un bon matin pour Ubuntu :)09:06
fabrice_spwouah persia: you are a fluent French writer ;-) Perhaps, we should switch the channel' language to French ;-) (and you scared mangilimic lol)09:08
syockitHey, don't do that!09:09
persiaAren't there already several francophone channels?09:09
syockitAny guides to writing rules for cdbs?09:09
persiasyockit, google for "CDBS Documentation" and visit the duckcorp site.09:09
didrockspersia: congrats' :)09:10
persiadidrocks, ?09:10
didrockspersia: for you French :)09:10
didrockspersia: and yes, there is one channel #ubuntu-fr-devel for French people09:10
persiaC7est mon premiere langue, mais je ne parle jamais dans trent ans.09:10
didrockspersia: ah d'accord, je comprends mieux :-)09:11
persiaI thought there was :)09:11
didrockspersia: the other channels are not developpers related, more community or admin ones09:12
persiaAt some point I remember there also being development stuff in #ubuntu-classroom-fr, but maybe that was just scheduled talks.09:13
fabrice_spI didn't knew about #ubuntu-fr-devel. Will have a look (even if no French channel will replace ubuntu-motu ;-) )09:14
didrockspersia: yes, it's now #ubuntu-fr-classroom and we try to handle regular session. But this is more an "event" channel: most of the time, people are just idling09:14
persiaMuch like #ubuntu-classroom.  Makes sense.09:15
PiratenaapjeI'm currently trying to package my first application for Ubuntu, and am kind of stuck. I have to write a debian/rules files, and this allways seems to use make. The application I'm packaging does not use make to install itself, and because of that, does not use make at all. Is there a way to write this file without the use of make? Can I replace the make calls with my own installer script?09:49
directhexPiratenaapje, yes and no09:50
directhexPiratenaapje, debian/rules is a makefile. end of story. however, in a makefile, you can call other executables such as, say, a compile.sh file you write in debian/rules09:51
* persia notes that there are cases where debian/rules isn't a makefile, but use of a makefile means that most of the available documentation will be helpful.09:52
PiratenaapjeSo I could just call my installer script instead of calling make?09:52
persiaPiratenaapje, debian/rules has several rules.  See http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-source.html#s-debianrules for the required targets.09:53
=== Quintasa1 is now known as Quintasan
PiratenaapjeAllright, Ill have a look at it, thanks09:53
persiaSo, you'd write debian/rules in such a way that for each of the required targets, it called the appropriate bits of the upstream build system to create the package.09:54
persiaOOh!  make is now "MUST".  Cool!09:54
directhexPiratenaapje, an example of a non-make build system which you can call from inside debian/rules would be ant, which i'm sure persia here has more than enough interaction with09:57
persiaPython distutils is probably at least as common10:00
directhexperhaps, but i see you as a java person for some reason10:06
WebspotIf any MOTUs are around and available, could they review my package? It's a GTK widget to embed openstreetmap into applications: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map10:08
DktrKranzWebspot, I'll have a look10:14
WebspotDktrKranz: Thanks.10:14
persiadirecthex, Certainly, although I believe in pointing at alternatives when someone is learning.  Also, ant is annoying because of the number of things that have to be installed to make debian/rules clean work.10:15
=== asac_ is now known as asac
PiratenaapjeHmm I'm nearly done with the debian/rules file I think, but still having a problem with the install part10:43
Piratenaapjedh_gencontrol keeps failing:10:43
Piratenaapjedh_gencontrol -- -pgrnotify10:43
Piratenaapjedpkg-gencontrol: error: package grnotify not in control info10:43
DktrKranzWebspot, commented10:45
WebspotDktrKranz: Thanks. I'll check it out.10:45
PiratenaapjeI could just reuse the control file I allready have, but that's a pretty ugly thing to do.10:46
persiaPiratenaapje, debian/control must include all packages that the package will build before the package starts building them.10:48
PiratenaapjeIt only builds 1 package: grnotify10:48
PiratenaapjePackage: grnotify10:49
PiratenaapjeSource: grnotify10:49
PiratenaapjeThat's from my control file10:49
persiaPiratenaapje, please pastebin your debian/control10:49
jcfplooking for reviewers for http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sabnzbdplus - the necessary update of mochikit has been done so that problem no longer exists10:51
persiaPiratenaapje, You want to have two stanzas in your debian/control.  One starting Source: and one starting Package:.  Take a look at some other debian/control files for examples.10:52
Piratenaapjepersia, ok thanks, I'll look around a bit10:52
PiratenaapjeYay, packaging is done :D. Thanks everyone11:04
PiratenaapjeFirst some food, and then time to upload it :)11:05
tuxmaniacDear All, I want to add readme.source file for dpatch in debian folder. But the first line in thewiki page says from Janty you can just link it to the existing directory. Is this a symlink that is referred to or a file which just has the link mentioned?11:15
tuxmaniacbecause I am on Intrepid and /usr/share/doc/dpatch/README.source.gz  iss not available in there and gives me an error11:15
Elbrustuxmaniac: I think just mention the file in the text in readme.source.11:15
Elbrusif a user tries to build it needs dpatch and thus has the file11:16
tuxmaniacHmm okk Elbrus thanks11:16
Elbrustuxmaniac: see http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/all/dpatch/filelist11:18
Elbrusand indeed not on Intrepid11:18
tuxmaniacElbrus: yep. So I also suppose it is just the link to the file as text content of Readme.source.11:19
persiaGenerally, I'd recommend something of the form of "THis package uses dpatch for patch management.  Please see /usr/share/doc/dpatch/README.source for details."11:21
persiaOr some other phrasing, but the point is to make it pleasant for a human to read.11:21
DktrKranzbroonie, thanks for uploading ;)11:59
DktrKranzHoping it will have a different ending than previous try12:00
Ape3000Where can I find a sponsor that would accept this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/238179/comments/1712:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 238179 in nautilus "Scrolling in CompactView doesn't work" [Low,Fix committed]12:31
pochuApe3000: #ubuntu-desktop, but not likely today (I'd suggest you ask on Monday or on a working day)12:33
pochuApe3000: also, you should attach a debdiff and not a diff.gz there12:33
Ape3000So where do I get the debdiff?12:33
pochudebdiff nautilus_2.25.3-0ubuntu2.dsc nautilus_2.25.3-0ubuntu3.dsc > debdiff12:34
pochuApe3000: we require diff.gz for new upstream releases, but for new debian revisions, a debdiff is easier to review12:35
Ape3000But you cannot find the changed code in dsc-files12:36
pochuApe3000: the debdiff command will diff the two complete packages12:36
pochuincluding the diff.gz and orig.tar.gz where you made your changes12:36
pochujust run the command without redirecting it to a file and you will see :)12:37
PiratenaapjeIs there anything special I need to add to the debian/rules file to add my manual entry? I made a debian/packagename.1 file, but it's not getting included for some reason.12:44
persiaPiratenaapje, You want dh_installman and to create debian/package.manpages12:45
Piratenaapjepersia: I allready call dh_installman, it just isn't including my file for some reason12:45
persiaYou have a debian/manpages file?12:46
PiratenaapjeWhoops no, silly me12:47
Piratenaapjepersia: Weird, I didn't read anything about a manpages file in the maintainers guide, but it works now. Thanks12:53
persiaPiratenaapje, It's a good idea to read the manpages for the dh_* tools when using them.12:55
* didrocks strongly agrees. Furthermore, those manpages (dh_*) are clear enough to understand what is currently done over the package.13:06
didrocksif anyone wants to give some love to http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=loggedfs, she/he's very welcome :)13:08
quadrisprow-scan need some love, too -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan (it's almost ready to be advocated)13:12
binarymutantare there certain days that the archive admins check the jaunty queue and email out any problems they find, etc ?13:20
james_wjaunty queue?13:21
binarymutantI'm not sure how else to put it, the queue that advocated packages from revu go to13:22
nhandlerThe New Queue13:22
binarymutantya thanks :) the New queue13:22
james_wit's done every so often13:22
binarymutantlike a once a week or month thing?13:23
nhandlerbinarymutant: And I would assume that the Archive Admins each have their own personal schedule for when they go through the queue.13:23
nhandlerUsually, it takes about a week13:23
james_wmore than once a week13:23
binarymutantthats cool, thanks for that info :)13:23
persiaThere are currently four archive admins that have committed to looking at the queue once a week, although it doesn't always get cleared each day.13:24
binarymutantthats cool that they have made a commitment13:25
binarymutantthey should get more karma :)13:25
persiaThey certainly should.13:26
PiratenaapjeI just uploaded my package to REVU, how long does it usually take to show up? Or does not showing up yet mean I did something wrong?13:26
PiratenaapjeDisregard that13:27
binarymutantthanks for the help13:27
persiaPiratenaapje, Generally it shows up in 5-10 minutes, and otherwise ask for a REVU Admin to help (although it maybe only matters for the future)13:28
PiratenaapjeYeah it just showed up :)13:28
d7415hi, if I want to add an new package to ubuntu, that has already been set up for Debian (but not in their repos) should I change the Maintainer field in debian/control? And is it better to work with the source tar.gz and recompile it?13:28
persiad7415, Yes, change the maintainer field, and no, don't repackage it.13:30
persiad7415, If it's expected to get into Debian soon, it's probably better to just let that happen, and sync it.13:30
PiratenaapjeSo, I should now wait untill I get feedback from a reviewer or MOTU?13:31
PiratenaapjeAllright, guess it's best I start studying for my exams then :s13:32
d7415persia, ok - just to check that, if I have a tar.gz with a debian/ folder and a deb, I should get the deb and open it up? or run debuild on the tar?13:33
d7415and I don't think it's going in - it has a .deb available for download though13:34
persiad7415, If you have a tar.gz with a debian/ folder, it would benefit from repackaging, usually.13:36
persiaMind you, it's usually not best to repackage something someone else is packaging without talking to them.13:37
d7415ok. I might start looking at packaging it locally and get in touch with the developer13:38
d7415thanks for the help13:38
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=== Guest51248 is now known as jcfp
lfaraoneHi, how can I tell debuild to use a different compiler instead of GCC?14:38
persialfaraone, debuild doesn't use gcc14:38
persiadebuild uses make14:39
lfaraonepersia: well, it calls make which calls gcc.14:39
persiaWell, it calls debian/rules, which does whatever.14:39
lfaraonepersia: my main workstation is slow. I have another machine which is uber-fast, and I'm thinking of using distcc to speed  it up. without editing the makefile, is there anyway to change what compiler is called?14:39
lfaraonepersia: (building abiword)14:39
lfaraonepersia: In this case, make is eventually called.14:40
persiaYou'd have to either patch the upstream build system to use something else, pass some options in debian/rules if the upstream build system supports that, or fiddle with symlinks in your build environment to confuse the build system.14:40
persialfaraone, Confusing the build system is probably your best option.  There's a guide on using distcc with pbuilder at http://blog.edseek.com/~jasonb/articles/pbuilder_backports/advpbuilder.html14:42
lfaraonepersia: would it be unbearably slow to run a build on a uber-fast-processer-machine with sshfs for disk-IO? (I only have one machine I want to cluster)14:48
persiaDepends on your patience.  network filesystems are *slow*.14:49
persiaIf I had that situation, I'd probably set up a build server on the fast machine, and dput stuff from the slow machine.14:50
persiadeb-o-matic might be a relatively lightweight place to start14:50
lfaraonepersia: hm, /me looks.14:52
gregor_Who is responsible of youtube-dl? Can you please add support, to download higher resolution videos? keepvid.com presents me a better version to download, example link: http://keepvid.com/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fde.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dlqt9_9np4-814:57
persiagregor_, For that, I'd recommend filing an enhancement request upstream.14:58
james_wgregor_: http://www.arrakis.es/~rggi3/youtube-dl/14:59
* persia admires james_w's google-fu14:59
james_wcopyright file :-)14:59
persiagregor_, Contact information is at Freshmeat.14:59
persiajames_w, I always forget to do that.15:00
gregor_yes, also checking the website james give me ;)15:00
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pochudoes it happen to you that you think you get too many mail and think you should unsubscribe from some mailing lists, but then end subscribing to some more all the time? It even looks like a loop15:35
pochuwhile (true) { printf("I should unsubscribe from some mailing lists\n"); subscribe_ml(); }15:36
persiapochu, I'd recommend filtering your mailing lists, and having an ignore bundle.  When you think you should unsubscribe, push it to the ignore bundle.  If you find yourself looking at it often enough, bring it back.15:38
lagapersia: i wish thunderbird had a "kill this thread" button for emails. it works for newsgroups, though15:38
persialaga, You might find a local SMTP->NNTP gateway helpful ...15:39
lagapersia: i might find a proper MUA helpful.15:39
cody-somervilleWhats the correct way of regenerating autoconf files if you have to?15:40
persiaDepends on the problem statement :)  If the problem is "I'd like to be able to read mail in a sane way", then yes.  If the problem is "Thunderbird lacks this feature, and I'm too lazy to code it", then no :)15:40
lagapersia: haha. true. :)15:40
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dooooomiwhat if the maintainer of a package changes while still in revu? should this be mentioned in the changelog, or should the previous changelog entry simply be replaced?15:48
ScottKdooooomi: You can credit multiple people in one changelog entry.15:50
dooooomiScottK: ok, i'll do that. i was just wondering because for all packages i've looked at the first entry only said something like "initial release" and nothing else15:53
ScottKIs this based on my comment yesterday?15:53
ScottKI did a comment about something like this, but don't recall which package.15:53
dooooomiScottK: it is :)15:55
dooooomiScottK: the package is http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyliblo15:55
ScottKSo here's what to do ....15:55
ScottKEdit debian/changelog so that it's just got the initial entry from the previous person15:56
ScottKThen do dch Updated package:15:56
ScottKThen when you open the changelog in your editor, it'll have a section for you and a section for the previous person's work.15:57
anakronHi all!!15:57
anakronsomeone here use basilisk2? a macintosh emulator?15:58
dooooomiScottK: thanks!16:01
persiaanakron, I have16:05
anakronit doesn`t have a desktop file and i want to help doing one16:06
anakronbut i dont know which category i must add it16:06
loic-mcontrib/otherosfs like uae?16:06
anakronill copy our conversation here16:07
anakronhey, i wanna know if someone here think that the search tool could be better if it looks into the bug report16:08
anakronand not only headers16:08
anakronbecause when i try to find bug reports about "desktop files" it's difficult to define a good search, because the search tool doesn't look into the body of the bug report16:09
persiaanakron, Categories=System;Emulator;16:09
anakronok thanks16:09
persiaanakron, http://standards.freedesktop.org/menu-spec/latest/apa.html lists all the Categories, and can help to pick something.16:10
anakron:) thanks!16:10
persiaFor some emulators, for instance, the correct choice would be Game;Emulator;16:10
anakronill do a desktop file and upload it to the bug report16:11
anakronbut now i must wash the dishes16:11
loic-manakron: actually e-uae might be a bad example, the menu file has section="Applications/Emulators"\ but nothing appears in Gnome16:11
persialoic-m, Do you have the menu and xdg-menu packages installed?16:12
loic-mpersia: I've backported the packages on intrepid amd6416:12
loic-mand installed the deb. I've got the menu file in /usr/share/menu/16:13
loic-mand the pixmaps in /usr/share/pixmaps/16:14
persialoic-m, Yes, but do you have the menu and xdg-menu packages installed?16:14
dooooomiScottK: what did you mean by "the licensing for the packaging points the license"? what exactly should i change?16:14
loic-mpersia: sorry, I didn't understand. I don't have menu or menu-xdg installed16:16
ScottKGenerally it's something like "Packaging is licensed under GPL v 2 or later.  See above."16:16
loic-mpersia: should the e-uae package depend on both?16:17
ScottKdooooomi: It's a small point, but you want to point someone to the full text of the license in question.16:17
persialoic-m, Please don't make it depend on them, but if you want to see the Debian menu (constructed from menu files) you need to install those packages.16:18
PiratenaapjeREVU warned me that I had several common errors in my package, is there any way to generate the lintian file without uploading to REVU first?16:18
loic-mpersia: the problem is users will look for an entry on the menu (e-uae has a gui)16:18
dooooomiScottK: oh, ok16:18
persiaActually, you might have to depend on menu when providing a menu file: check the menu package documentation, but don't depend on menu-xdg: that just makes menu files appear in GNOME/KDE/XFCE16:18
persialoic-m, Then please also provide a .desktop file.16:19
loic-mpersia: do the package need to depend on menu if I use a .desktop file?16:20
persialoic-m, Please include both a menu file and a .desktop file.16:20
loic-mpersia: the menu file is already in the package, I'll read menu pkg doc to see if e-uae need to depend on menu, and I'll try to make a desktop file too16:22
persialoic-m, That sounds like a good plan.16:23
loic-mpersia: however the package comes straight from Debian and has been sponsored "recently", the maintainer seems active so I'll get in touch with him, he might be also working in Ubuntu16:23
persialoic-m, I'd recommend creating a .desktop file, testing it, and filing a bug in Debian.16:26
PiratenaapjeI'm an idiot, why didn't I google my question first?16:26
persiaIt's not really worth a push to Ubuntu just for a .desktop file.16:26
=== kc8tad is now known as rrittenhouse
persiaPiratenaapje, Also, please run lintian on your binary build: it provides a separate set of tests.  I recommend running `lintian -iIv` to get maximum verbosity.16:27
Piratenaapjepersia: ok thanks :)16:27
PiratenaapjeHmm, still alot of things to fix16:30
loic-mpersia: i'll do that, thanks16:30
anakronhi again16:44
weboideHey all, I'm trying to package a tarball but it says it needs to be built into another directory than the source dir (for autoconf reasons I guess), How can I do that in debian/rules?16:45
persiaweboide, You could create a ./build directory and then build it there in your build: rule.16:46
weboidepersia: And I don't need to clean this up?16:47
persiaweboide, You do need to clean it up, but you do that in your clean: rule.16:48
weboidepersia: okay, thanks for your help :)16:48
anakronone question16:48
anakronif the package doesn't give an icon16:49
anakronand i want to add an icon for a desktop file16:49
anakronhow i can do it16:49
persiaI like gimp for creating icons, personally.16:50
anakronbut i and it like16:51
anakronand upload the icon too?16:51
anakronhttp://basilisk.cebix.net/ this is the homepage of basilisk216:51
anakroni should use that apple like an icon?16:52
persiaDunno if you can: that was the Apple logo at one point.16:52
anakronyeah i know16:53
anakronim looking in source package if there is any icon16:53
persiaI'd recommend using an .xpm or .svg icon, as otherwise you have to uuencode and uudecode it, which is annoying (unless you can convince upstream to ship it).16:54
weboidepersia: Do you have any idea of a package that I can learn from?16:54
anakroni found one ico file in his Windows files...16:54
persiaanakron, Excellent.  imagemagick can convert that into .xpm, and you're all set.16:54
persiaweboide, I think torcs does that, if I remember correctly.  Of course, you'd probably like a smaller source package :)16:55
tdomhandoes the merge-o-matic merge from debian testing or unstable?16:55
persiatdomhan, I think it merges from the last sync source for a package, which is usually unstable, but can be testing or experimental.16:55
weboidepersia: okay, I'll check it out :)16:55
anakronthere are two icons16:56
anakronone is called basilisk2.icon16:56
anakronand the other is basilisk2GUI.icon16:56
anakronand they are different16:56
persiaWhich seems like the right one?16:57
anakron... one is a face16:57
anakronand the other is a PC16:58
persiaThey are about the same size?16:58
anakroni think that i only put there basilisk216:59
persiaThen pick the one you think should be best, and submit a .desktop file that uses that one.16:59
anakronand upload both16:59
anakronthen the maintainer should choose17:00
PiratenaapjeIf I force an upload to REVU with the same version number, the current version will be replaced right?17:02
ScottKPiratenaapje: Yes.  No need to force, just delete the existing .upload file in your local directory.17:03
persiaanakron, No, pick one, and present a patch the maintainer can easily apply.  Mention in the bug description that there is another one, that the maintainer may choose if they like.  That makes is easier for the maintainer if they don't care which icon is used.17:04
PiratenaapjeScottK: ok thank you17:05
=== theseinfeld is now known as theseinfeld|away
Turlhello, I did an updated version of proxychains, how can I upload it to revu?17:06
ScottKSame way you did before.17:07
TurlScottK: I'm not the package maintainer17:07
ScottKSo it's an existing package in Ubuntu?17:08
Turlyep, this version was out long ago, but the maintainer never upgraded the package17:08
Turlany way of updating it then ScottK?17:09
ScottKIn that case, make a bug against the package in Launchpad, attach the diff.gz to the bug, and subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug.17:09
WebspotHi. How can I package something, with CDBS, from a VCS that uses autogen.sh to create a configure file?17:10
TurlScottK: I updated the .orig.tar.gz too, should I upload it? or you want a debdiff?17:10
ScottKTurl: If you have a particular interest in the package, you might consider asking the Maintainer to let you take it over in Debian.17:11
ScottKTurl: No.  The sponsor will get the upstream tarball themselves.17:11
ScottKSince a debdiff would include all the upstream changes, it's of little point.17:11
TurlScottK: I'm doing this for a friend who needs it, and well, I did it, so why not contribute it?17:11
TurlScottK, ok then17:12
TurlScottK: the package is in my ppa, if you want to take a look https://launchpad.net/~turl/+archive17:12
persiaWebspot, You can either run autogen at packaging time, or have the build system run it before configure at build-time.  Check the CDBS Documentation for the guidelines on running things pre-configure.17:12
ScottKTurl: I don't have time currently.  If you do as I suggested it'll get looked at in due course by a sponsor.17:13
Webspotpersia: But if I run it before building, it then complains that it's changed in relation to the .orig.tar.gz.17:14
TurlScottK: done https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/proxychains/+bug/25097317:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250973 in proxychains "Please upgrade proxychains to latest version 3.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:15
PiratenaapjeHmm I can't figure out why I'm getting this warning:17:15
PiratenaapjeW: grnotify source: changelog-should-mention-nmu17:15
Piratenaapjethe XSBC-Original-Maintainer value in debian/control and in debian/changelog are byte for byte the same17:16
persiaWebspot, You're using a patch system?  In that case, create a patch that is the result of having run autogen if you want to do it at packaging time.17:17
Webspotpersia: Okay. Thanks :)17:18
ScottKTurl: That's good, but for Ubuntu it should be -0ubuntu1 not -1.  If it ever gets into Debian, we want their revision to be higher.17:19
persiaPiratenaapje, What version number are you using?17:21
persiaOr rather, revision number17:21
TurlScottK: the package is in debian already iirc17:22
Piratenaapjepersia: of what? lintian?17:22
TurlScottK: http://packages.debian.org/etch/proxychains17:22
Piratenaapje2.1.6 if so17:23
ScottKTurl: I mean this version.17:23
persiaPiratenaapje, Of grnotify17:23
TurlScottK: should I fix it and reupload the diff.gz?17:24
ScottKTurl: Yes.  I didn't look, but I'm guessing you also need to update the maintainer for Ubuntu.17:24
Piratenaapjepersia: I'm currently not using any revision controls system :p17:25
ScottKTurl: The simplest way to do this is install the ubuntu-dev-tools package and then run update-maintainer from the package dir.17:25
Turlok ScottK17:25
persiaPiratenaapje, OK.  What's the first line of your debian/changelog?17:25
Piratenaapjegrnotify (1.0.2) unstable; urgency=low17:25
persiaOK.  I see the issue.17:25
persiaDoes grnotify have an upstream or is it Ubuntu-specific for some reason?17:26
PiratenaapjeIt's Ubuntu-specific for now17:27
persiaIs it the same as grnotify.sourceforge.net ?17:27
persiaThen it has an upstream :)17:27
PiratenaapjeOh right :s17:27
persiaSo, the part in parentheses is of the form ${version}-${revision}17:28
persiaYou'd want something like 1.0.2-0ubuntu1 for a first upload to Ubuntu.17:28
persiaWe track the revision number separately from the version so that we can upload multiple revisions of the same version with bugfixes, etc.17:28
PiratenaapjeOh alright17:29
PiratenaapjeBut that doesn't fix my problem I think?17:29
persiaNow, the NMU warning you're getting is because without the revision, the system that tries to detect whether you are uploading to Ubuntu or Debian is confused.17:29
persiaOnce you change to 1.0.2-0ubuntu1, it will go away.17:30
persiaIn Debian, the changelog signer must match either the Maintainer or one of the Uploaders in order to not be considered an NMU.17:30
persiaWe use a very trivial method to detect Ubuntu revisions: a check for the string "ubuntu" in the revision number.17:30
persiaSo, your package is being judged against Debian uploader etiquette, which results in that warning.17:31
PiratenaapjeYay, no warnings now, thanks17:31
PiratenaapjeSo when can I expect for someone to look at my package? Next REVU day?17:35
persiaPiratenaapje, Well, you could ask here for reviews, although people frown on anyone asking more than once every 25-30 hours.17:37
persiaIt may be that the queue gets down by next REVU day, but as you can see, it's currently quite large, so it may be a while.17:37
tuxmaniacPiratenaapje: the other way round could also be ping someone you know and request (politely) for a review when free. I have been waiting forone package of mine since last Ubuntu dev cycle :-P17:38
PiratenaapjeWell, it isn't that urgent, I'm just hoping I can get it in before the freeze.17:39
tuxmaniacPiratenaapje: and also I tell you this becuase you would wait for say 2 weeks and then the reviewer gives you a big list of review points17:39
Piratenaapjetuxmaniac: I've filed a bug request for someone to package it about a year ago. Still no response, so I decided to do it myself :p. So I'm not really in a hurry ;).17:40
tuxmaniacPiratenaapje: by the time you fix it freeze would be in place. Also since 2 advocacies are needed you might end up waiting (mostly) for the next dev cycle. So ping someone you know politely and get it done ;)17:40
tuxmaniacPiratenaapje: revu link?17:41
Piratenaapjetuxmaniac: I don't know any MOTU's, so no luck there ;)17:41
=== DrKranz is now known as DktrKranz
persiaPiratenaapje, There are bunches of MOTU in this channel.  Also, never turn down an offer for a review, even from someone who isn't MOTU: just having another pair of eyes on something can help a lot.17:46
PiratenaapjeWell, if anyone has the time to review it, feel free to ;)17:47
TurlScottK: it's fixed, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/25097317:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 250973 in proxychains "Please upgrade proxychains to latest version 3.1" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:50
ScottKTurl: Great.  I don't have time/focus for a proper review now, but someone will get to it.17:50
Turlok :)17:50
Chris`Did Norbert come in here this morning?17:53
frithhello does anyone here know if i can set gcc search dirs per user?   gcc -print-search-dirs17:55
frithso that would include my custom dir17:55
loic-mWhen writing a .desktop file, can I just use full path for the icon or is this frowned upon?18:16
WebspotIf there is an MOTU avaliable, would they be able to review the changes I've made to osm-gps-map on REVU: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map Thanks.18:20
AnAntHello, I am working on a package that is mainly LGPL+BSD. But there is a perl script included with this package (which is NOT linked against anything else), is there a problem with this ?18:25
LaneyAnAnt: Just put its license info in debian/copyrithg18:27
AnAntLaney: thanks18:27
Laney(spelt correctly, of course)18:28
dooooomiif someone feels like reviewing a python extension module: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyliblo18:33
persialoic-m, please use only the bare name.  No path, no extension.18:38
loic-mpersia: thanks18:46
loic-mpersia: my desktop file passes validation, and I know I've got to use dh_desktop to install it, but I've read the complete packaging guide + man and still have questions18:52
loic-mpersia: the guide says I've got to use dh_desktop in binary, but binary only has this: binary:binary-clean binary-indep binary-arch18:53
loic-msince dh_menus is in binary-arch, shouldn't dh_desktop be there too?18:53
loic-mAlso, is the .desktop file name just ".desktop" or "name-of-pkg.desktop"?18:54
persialoic-m, dh_desktop doesn't install the desktop file: you'll need to do that with dh_install19:11
persiaSince dh_desktop can't rename files, use ${package}.desktop19:11
DktrKranzpersia, are you one of the ubuntuwire admins? rcbugs could be restarted at this point.19:12
DktrKranz(or pointed to the correct release)19:13
persiaDktrKranz, I'm not.  I'm only an ubuntuwire website editor (I can change the list of tools, but not do anything with the tools).19:13
DktrKranzwgrant, please read above when you catch up, thanks ;)19:15
CarlFKhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/amd64/ffmpeg2theora/filelist is missing ... basically everything19:26
affluxCarlFK: bug 31535619:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315356 in ffmpeg2theora "No ffmpeg2theora binary in jaunty package" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31535619:36
CarlFKthanks.  been meaning to search for that19:36
CarlFKshould this be this: DEB_MAKE_INSTALL_TARGET := install PREFIX=prefix=\$\(DEB_DESTDIR\)usr19:40
CarlFKit works, but it makes me think something isn't quite right19:40
CarlFKthis part: PREFIX=prefix=19:41
affluxCarlFK: are you still at ffmpeg2theora? That doesn't work for me.19:53
affluxCarlFK: the makefile does not pass the prefix variable to scons (which is used for building, the makefile seems to be only for compatability), so scons tries to install to /usr/local instead of DEB_DESTDIR19:56
CarlFKafflux: I hacked together what is needed to make it work19:57
CarlFKwith trunk, which includes an updated Makefile (I got head to add that so my hack didn't have to patch Makefile, which was giving me a headache :)19:58
affluxah, I see.19:58
CarlFKcheck the bugreport, I just dumped my script19:58
CarlFKi sent a nice post to the deb maintainer, and got a generic "please follow the procedures at bugs.debian.org19:59
CarlFKwent there, couldn't figure out what to do, gave up19:59
LaneyCarlFK: Run reportbug -B debian19:59
CarlFKLaney: in any particular dir?20:00
LaneyIt'll just let you type in a bug report20:00
affluxCarlFK: a debdiff is in generall far more useful than a script using echo and sed. my solution for this bug, however, would be just adding the "common-install-impl:: scons install destdir=$(DEB_DESTDIR)" target to debian/rules.20:02
CarlFKthat seems better20:03
affluxCarlFK: note that that's a newline after ::20:03
CarlFKI figured someone would improve on what I did.  it was more proof that 'it doesn't take much'20:04
CarlFKafflux: I have it working for me.  run reportbug :)20:04
affluxCarlFK: you mean me?20:06
CarlFKafflux: yes.  I am just passing on the advice I was given when I tried to offer what was needed to make it work20:11
affluxCarlFK: ok. Why do you think this should go to debian? They seem to be using an older, unaffected version.20:11
CarlFKafflux: who said I was thinking?  I have 0.0 clue who to tell what.20:13
affluxah ok ;)20:13
LaneyCan someone advise me on what to do here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109083/20:13
Laneyis adding -fPIC to AM_CPPFLAGS in Makefile.am right?20:13
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hyperairmok0: ping20:24
Laney(or should I not care?)20:30
mok0hyperair: pong20:32
hyperairmok0: regarding sigx, i've fixed the issues you mentioned in your comments. could you take a look?20:34
mok0hyperair: yes20:35
hyperairmok0: thanks20:35
mok0hyperair: don't thank me yet :-}20:35
hyperairmok0: =p20:36
affluxCarlFK: patch added to the bug, waiting for sponsoring.20:41
emethow can I go and request Qt Creator be packaged?20:43
affluxemet: no need, someone did that before you: bug 30988020:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 309880 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] qtcreator" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30988020:45
* Laney kills ghc20:46
hyperairLaney: i've uploaded bansheelyricsplugin to mentors.debian.net like you suggested =p20:53
Laneyhyperair: I'd take it to #debian-mono20:53
hyperairLaney: on which server?20:54
mok0hyperair: Have commented, 2 small things20:57
hyperairmok0: ah thanks. but regarding doc-base, are you sure it's not already hooked up?20:57
hyperairmok0: see debian/libsigx-2.0-doc.doc-base20:58
mok0Sorry I missed that one!20:58
* mok0 kicks self20:59
mok0hyperair, are you prepared to help with work on packages that are not your own?21:02
hyperairmok0: why not21:02
hyperairmok0: what brought that up?21:03
hyperairmok0: and by the way, i've just uploaded sigx again, with the change done to debian/copyright as per your comment21:03
mok0hyperair: you need it if you want to go for motuship21:03
mok0hyperair: great21:04
hyperairhmm motuship eh21:04
hyperairshould i apply?21:05
mok0hyperair: you need a portefolio of bug fixes, merges, syncs etc.21:05
hyperairmerges and syncs eh? i've never done any of those21:06
mok0hyperair: they are a vital part of the workflow21:07
Laneythey are our bread and butter21:07
hyperairi'll go poking around for details of those then21:07
mok0hyperair: there aren't many merges left21:08
mok0hyperair:  you know DaD?21:08
hyperairmok0: never heard of it21:09
mok0It the one most motus prefer21:09
mok0hyperair: we also have mom: http://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html21:10
mok0Mom has a nice graphics thing at the bottom21:11
hyperairi see21:11
hyperairso between dad and mom which is preferred?21:11
mok0hm, it looks like merges are going up lately21:11
mok0ah, no those are syncs actually21:11
hyperaircome to think of it i know nuts about merging/syncing. how does a non-motu submit a merge/sync anyway?21:12
mok0hyperair: many like Dad, because you can leave a small comment there21:13
mok0hyperair: you file a bug at launchpad, and attach a debdiff21:13
hyperairi see21:14
hyperairdoes launchpad keep track of whatever you've done, or do you have to dig through old archived mail for it?21:15
mok0syncs are unmodified Debian packages, but we need people to check that the changes do not introduce regressions and that they are generally safe21:15
hyperairmok0: would debdiffs still be required for syncs?21:15
mok0So for a sync, you make a small report on a LP bug21:15
mok0hyperair: no debdiffs for syncs, only excerpts of changelogs21:16
hyperairi see21:16
mok0hyperair: there are some guides on how to do it21:16
hyperairwhen are merges needed?21:16
mok0hyperair: when a Debian package has been modified in an Ubuntu specific way21:16
mok0hyperair: some things are different in Ubuntu, so some packages need to be modified21:17
mok0When a new version appears at Debian, you need to merge those modifications to the new version of the package21:17
mok0... and then we add a "ubuntu1" tag to the package release string21:18
mok0Mom & Dad can automatically do most of the merging21:19
mok0but some conflicts often remain, and they need to be resolved by hand21:19
mok0There is a script called "grab-merge", but beware it deletes the cwd. I removed that line from the script21:20
hyperairi see21:20
hyperairso must a package be listed on mom in order for grab-merge.sh to work?21:21
mok0Let's see... I use the Dad script, will just check Mom's21:22
hyperairdad script eh21:22
mok0yeah, mom doesn't have one it seems21:23
hyperaireh? it doesn't?21:23
WebspotAre there any MOTUs available to review changes I've made to my REVU package, osm-gps-map? Thanks. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=osm-gps-map21:23
hyperairi thought the one listed here.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging is mom's21:23
mok0hyperair: anyway, it's good etiquette just to check with the last person who merged21:24
hyperairmok0: check that the last person doesn't have plans for it?21:24
mok0hyperair: exactly21:27
hyperairmok0: ah i see21:30
tdomhanhow long are the delays after packages appear on mom/dad after a newer version of a package was released in the debian repos?21:30
mok0tdomhan: not sure. I think the script runs at least once aday21:31
hyperairmok0: thanks for the advocate21:32
hyperairmok0: and the advice21:32
* hyperair needs to head to bed now *yawn*21:33
mok0g'night hyperair21:38
hyperairmok0: g'night21:38
WebspotI've got another package I've just made today - pyofa - It's a python module for libofa, which makes audio fingerprints. If there's an MOTU available, could they look at this too: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=pyofa - Thanks :)21:40
fransmanmok0: does it looks into the debian experimental as well?21:47
fransmantalking about bug #32060721:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320607 in gst-plugins-good0.10 "Please sync gst-plugins-good0.10 from Debian gst-plugins-good0.10 (0.10.13-1) experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32060721:48
loic-mFrom what I've read, Debian uses menu files while Ubuntu uses .desktop files for including an application in the desktop (Gnome/KDE/Xfce) menus21:55
loic-mIs it correct?21:55
PiratenaapjeSomeone told me the .orig.tar.gz should have a different name then the folder name. Is this true? And if so, what should I call the folder or .orig file?21:56
loic-mPiratenaapje: folder name has a - where .orig.tar.gz has a _ for separating app name and version numbers21:57
mok0loic-m: yes21:57
Piratenaapjeloic-m Ah thanks, I already somehow fixed that without knowing :s21:57
loic-mmok0: so if an app synced from Debian doesn't have a desktop file, what do Debian devs prefer - that we submit the .desktop file + rules patch to them or just patch the package when it arrives in Ubuntu?21:58
mok0loic-m: heh, good question. The best for us is of course if the Debian maintainer puts the .desktop entry in the package.21:59
mok0loic-m: but we do carry many merges that are basically only the addition of a .desktop file22:00
loic-mmok0: and the lines in debian/rules no? Can they do that if they don't use the .desktop file (=it will install it on Debian systems too)22:00
tobi_is it only a sync if you drop the ubuntu changes of a, until then, merged package? Or if a package that was synced before gets updated in debian, and this version shall be used in ubuntu, too, is that a sync too?22:00
mok0loic-m: I am not sure what the Debian policy on .desktop entries are... if they actively disencourage it22:02
mok0tobi_:  yes it's always a sync if the package is unmodified22:02
tobi_ok thx22:02
mok0tobi_: but after the Debian Import Freeze, every sync needs to be argued for and tested22:03
loic-mmok0: I might just email the Debian maintainer then, but if I file a bug in Debian do I just add the .desktop file, or a diff bw the diff.gz?22:07
copproapt-get usage quqestion: I'd like to stop using packages from a specific PPA. Is there a quick command to, once I've removed it from my sources.list, downgrade all the packages to the repo versions?22:13
tobi_mok0: what are good reasons for a sync? bug fixes/features?22:14
mok0tobi_: yes. Bug fixes are important.22:20
mok0tobi_: often people paste excerpts of the changelog to document upstream's work22:22
mok0tobi_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess22:27
* RainCT hugs VirtualBox22:35
* RainCT watches jdong 22:55
jdongoh don't worry at the success I'm having with WDS/802.11N, you'll see some mangled ^A's too.22:56
macodoes motu handle multiverse too?23:26
jdongerr, that's one-handed yes.23:28
macois sun-java6-jre broken in hardy?23:29
macoi got a call from a 9 year old asking why her laptop wont update. it's giving her this error "E: I wasn't able to locate a file for the sun-java6-jre package. This might mean you need to manually fix this package. (due to missing arch)"23:30
SherokiXgood night23:30
jdongI could've sworn I just brought a hardy system (with Java) up to date this afternoon23:31
jdongI would be more suspect of local breakage23:31
macoer ok...23:34

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