BUGabundoasac: fta: ping10:17
BUGabundoFF 3.2 is always freezing with Script: chrome://browser/content/tabbrowser.xml:24710:18
BUGabundoknown bug?10:18
BUGabundoasac RT10:33
=== asac_ is now known as asac
BUGabundoFF 3.2 is always freezing with Script: chrome://browser/content/tabbrowser.xml:24710:33
BUGabundoknown bug?10:33
BUGabundoare you here asac?? seeing a lot of disconects10:34
BUGabundoasac: please ping me (identica or mail) on how to get java plugin onto FF 3.{1,2}10:46
BUGabundoI don't see it on about:plugins so some site won't work10:47
BUGabundolike vipeers!10:47
ftamozilla bug 47135913:30
ubottuMozilla bug 471359 in Build Config "trunk build broken with "libxul.so: hidden symbol `deflate' isn't defined"" [Major,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47135913:30
asacfta: join some of the identi.ca groups too ;)13:53
ftajust joined 213:53
asaci think this feature existed before ... i never noticed it though13:53
ftaare we supposed to get messages from all members now?13:54
asaci dont think they will appear on your personal timeline13:54
asacmaybe gwibber could also have "group" tabs13:54
asacwith the messages of your groups13:54
asacjoining groups is more for easier finding each other13:55
asacand subscribing to more folks ; )13:55
asacwhat a messy tree (again)14:05
asache pushed overwrote something perfectly like https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bjorn-runaker-se/modemmanager/trunk.mbm14:06
asacwith a huge code-drop again ...14:06
asacfta: seems like your message needs: !ubuntu to show up on the ubuntu group page14:08
asacdidnt work for my laconica thopugh14:08
ftalol, why reset history?14:11
asacso the setting for the jabber contact disappeared from the website ... however, now the notices get delivered to my jabber again (even though i opted-out weeks ago)14:11
asacfta: reset history? you mean my complaint not to delete stuff?14:12
fta<asac> what a messy tree (again)14:12
asacfta: i dont know why14:12
asaci thought i understood what makes sense and what is senseless14:12
asache complained to me "push says it has diverged"14:12
asaci told him: use a different name so i can take a look please14:12
asacnext he said: "pushed --overwrite"14:13
asac me: that sucks14:13
asaci can only hope that the /momdemanager/ branch was the previous snapshot so i can at least diff on my own14:14
asacmkdir ubuntu_mm/bjornbackup14:15
asaccd ubuntu_mm/bjornbackup/14:15
asacbuntu_mm/bjornbackup$ bzr branch lp:~bjorn-runaker-se/modemmanager/trunk.mbm14:15
asaclets get the backups quick ;)14:15
asacfta: so it seems that messages directly to group14:16
asacgo to your timeline too14:16
asace.g. http://identi.ca/asac/all14:16
asaci am not subscribed to ihirliann14:17
asacso you will see all !ubuntu messages14:17
asacbut not every message from all !ubuntu members14:17
ftaask the group :)14:17
asacsounds sensible14:17
asaci like that ;)14:17
asacfta: interesting is that !laconica seems really not to work14:18
asaceven his message has no link on website14:18
asacand gwibber doesnt know about that feature at all14:18
asac-> new feature request to implement14:18
ftai think it's a new feature14:18
asacshould be rather simple i assume14:18
asaci dont think so14:18
asacuds exists14:18
asaci doubt that someone created that group since 23rd jan14:19
ftait was a user, no?14:19
asacfta: a user?14:20
asacoh four joined ubuntu after us already14:20
asacthats good growth rate ;)14:20
ftadamn, all my disks are > 99.5% :(14:21
asacso seems that i am currently the top blocker for releasing debian lenny14:23
ftagrr, that tray bug is getting on my nerves, i lost my gwibber window, again14:24
asacgreen line is close to zero14:24
asacand iceape blocking the release14:24
asaci am supposed to do the transition that allows iceape-browser to be removed from testing :(14:25
ftatransition to what?14:26
asacwe want to remove iceape to reduce security work14:26
asacfor stable14:26
asacunfortunately everything build depends on iceape14:26
asacas it provides the 1.8 glue14:26
asacalso some seem to use it for other stuff14:27
asacwhich can be more tricky i guess14:27
ftaeh? you transition a browser to a MUA?14:29
asacwhat a mess14:29
asacfta: well. most use it to get the dependent glue14:29
asacnot for the rendering capabilities14:30
asacsometimes i wonder how anyone can achieve anything when code changes in such a confused fashion14:34
asacthere must be major confusion during development14:34
asaccommented code; reindentation without sense. all this stuff that makes understanding the actual changes cumbersome14:35
asacjust save everything and commit from top14:35
asaci am sure that laziness14:36
asace.g. not looking at diffs before commit ... or not cleaning stuff up at all14:36
asaci am getting more confident that they will never get this in a form suitable for upstream inclusion14:38
* asac will die on this14:38
* sebner winks asac 14:39
ftaasac, oh, he's not upstream?14:39
asacdepends on how you define upstream ;)14:40
asache gives me those code drops14:40
asacbut i will definitly not put that into the distro14:40
asache forked modemmanager,networkmanager and applet14:40
ftai don't understand, who is upstream then? fedora? that guy? a community?14:42
asacbut i am sure that evolution will solve this ... they will have to rewrite everything in order to get that mess rebased on 0.714:42
asacfta: the upstream maintainer is Dan Williams from redhat14:42
asacand Ingo Tambet works a lot from suse14:42
asacwho is the upstream maintainer for modemmanager14:42
asacbjorn is from a modem company ;)14:43
asacthey have a really wierd modem ;)14:44
asacespecially their driver approach is fun ;)14:45
asacthey have a usbnet driver that on its own annouces itself as a wired network driver14:45
asacthen they use hal-info stuff to make a modem device out of it ;)14:45
asacbut use ifconfig in modemmanager to make the usbnet device get the IP and stuff (e.g. no ppp)14:46
asacA: No. Q: Should I include quotations after my reply?14:53
BUGabundoasac: ping14:55
asacBUGabundo: whats the problem? i couldnt parse your exact issue ;)14:58
BUGabundohi. good afternoon15:00
BUGabundoit seems I can't enable the java ff plugin15:01
BUGabundoI see it on synaptic, but sites ask me to install it, anyway, but I only get that wizard saying it failed15:01
BUGabundothat I should do a manual install15:01
BUGabundoasac: does this make any more sense?15:05
asacBUGabundo: not sure. which plugin are you trying to install?15:29
BUGabundothe java one ?15:29
asacthere is not only one15:29
BUGabundoerr yeah.. there are a bunch of them now15:30
BUGabundoit used to be just SUNs15:30
BUGabundolet me check alternative15:30
asacBUGabundo: there is a xulrunner plugin alternative15:32
asactry to change that15:32
ftahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/109000/  yeah, got the 000 :)15:32
asacjava isnt used for plugin, just for the runtime binary15:32
BUGabundoasac: so what should I try to install?15:33
BUGabundofta: $ fennec could not read application.ini16:43
ftaBUGabundo, do you have xul 1.9.1 ?16:44
BUGabundofta let me check16:46
ftaBUGabundo, please show me: ls -l `which fennec`16:46
BUGabundo$ apt-cache policy xulrunner-1.9.1  Installed: 1.9.1~b3~hg20090117r22878+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~fta116:47
BUGabundo!ls -l `which fennec`16:47
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:47
fta$ ls -l `which fennec`16:47
ftalrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 2009-01-14 16:43 /usr/bin/fennec -> ../lib/fennec-1.0a2/fennec16:47
ftaBUGabundo, ^^16:50
BUGabundolooks the same doesn't it?16:51
ftaBUGabundo, eh? not to me. here is what i see: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109028/16:52
BUGabundoLOL didn't pidgin echoed mine ?16:53
ftai want to make sure you have a symlink in /usr/bin16:53
BUGabundo$ ls -l `which fennec`16:53
BUGabundolrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 26 2009-01-14 08:22 /usr/bin/fennec -> ../lib/fennec-1.0a2/fennec*16:53
BUGabundohow funny!! pidgin isn't echoing my commands!! let me turn on the '!' prefix instead of '/exec'16:54
ftayou should use a proper irc client, so you could stay idle instead of going on and off every few minutes, never receiving answers to your questions16:54
BUGabundofta im sorry! pidgin is crashing a lot due to PA bug!16:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317897 in pulseaudio "pidgin crash with Pulse Audio" [Undecided,New]16:55
BUGabundoother wise it should be up for longer!16:55
ftairc is not an IM protocol so pidgin is imho not the right tool for it16:55
BUGabundofta we will discuss that some other day...16:55
BUGabundoits the client I use, and it sutes my needs, unless it is broken16:56
BUGabundofta so I have the fennec link16:56
BUGabundonow what?16:56
ftai'm puzzled. looks like fennec is not able to get the proper MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME from the stub. try to remove fennec and reinstall it16:58
BUGabundodid you just see that 'foo' ?17:00
BUGabundook then it's a pidgin plugin bug! need to file it17:00
BUGabundo$ sudo apt-get install fennec17:01
BUGabundo$ fennec Could not read application.ini17:03
ftasudo dpkg --purge fennec ; sudo apt-get install fennec17:03
BUGabundoalready remove it! ok will do again with dpkg17:04
ftaremove != purge17:05
BUGabundoI did apt-get remove --purge fennec17:05
BUGabundostill I get the same17:06
BUGabundoafter dpkg17:06
ftahm, i have no clue then. i remember this already happened a while ago but i don't remember the fix. i'm on something else right now, i'll have a look later17:07
BUGabundodent me when you have it fix17:07
ftadoes it work if you start fennec with "MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/fennec-1.0a2 fennec" ?17:09
BUGabundo$ MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/fennec-1.0a2 fennec Could not read application.ini17:09
ftaand with: "cd /usr/lib/fennec-1.0a2 ; ./fennec" ?17:10
ftaok, good. that's an hint.17:13
ftaasac, ^^ i think we already encountered that, right?17:14
BUGabundowasn't he out for lunch with mom?17:16
BUGabundostill need to fix my java firefox plugin... didn't get what he meant!17:16
ftayep, but he'll get it when he's done, that's the idea of staying idle on irc, compared to using IM17:17
BUGabundoI know!17:17
fta(no offense intended :))17:17
BUGabundonon taken!17:18
ftaopenkomodo is getting on my nerves17:18
BUGabundoI already have to many interaction apps open... I don't think I can handle on more17:19
BUGabundoLOL fta17:19
BUGabundowhat model do you have?17:19
BUGabundocant wait until I get my hands on a FOSS handhelp!17:19
ftai'm packaging 5.10.0-something17:19
ftamodel of what?17:20
BUGabundoof the openmoko17:21
BUGabundomiss read!17:21
BUGabundook I need to go eat something... eheh17:22
BUGabundofta do you have a minute?17:25
ftawhat for?17:25
BUGabundofirefox plugin17:25
BUGabundoactually addon: fullerscreen17:25
ftanot really17:25
BUGabundonot sure if it is a bug on the addon or FF17:26
ftai'm not really into addons17:26
BUGabundonp . that's why I asked17:26
ftaasac and Jazzva are17:26
BUGabundoI mentioned you were busy17:26
BUGabundodon't know Jazzva... time to nag the new guy17:26
BUGabundoJazzva: ping17:26
ftaasac, openkomodo happens to have an --official switch documented as "build a clean unpatched mozilla or firefox"22:11

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