snarksteranyone home00:11
erb-i can't get my remote front end to connect to my backend00:34
erb-i can connect to the mysql server remotely from the front ends pc00:35
erb-both /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt files show the same passwords00:35
erb-2009-01-23 19:40:33.264 Connecting to backend server: (try 1 of 5)00:41
erb-2009-01-23 19:40:33.265 Connection timed out.00:41
snarkstererb yah no one is home right now01:03
snarksterand Im going tot he store01:04
dulongahello peoples01:51
dulongais anybody alive in here?01:52
dulongai guess nottt01:53
dulongawill a myth frontend run in windows under a VM??01:56
wolf_hey, i am triyng to switch over to a new tv tuner the pvr-150, but for some reason it doesnt seem to brecognizing it when i try and add the card05:08
mr_bm1anyone help me to setup the Mythbuntu Config Centre05:24
mr_bm1HAs anyone in this room?05:28
mr_bm1on one here05:30
HalEmmerichHey guys. Is there any way someone could walk me through getting an ATI Remote Wonder I to work with Mythbuntu? I have both it and the original ATI dongle reciever05:30
HalEmmerichI tried opting for Kernel Drivers for Nvidia/ATI remotes, but I'm not sure which, if any, IR transmitter I should be using05:30
mr_bm1I though here I can get the help05:37
mr_bm1Verry sorry for the room05:37
cesmanhowdy y'all06:37
cesmananyone w/ mythexport installed mind doing a pastebin of /etc/mythtv/mythexport.cfg06:38
canncan i run 8.10 on my diskless frontend while i keep my backend on 8.04 ?11:46
HalEmmerichHeya. Is anyone here?16:38
anaHi, can anyone help me figure out why I can't hear TV audio from the pvr-150?16:40
darthanubislirc (0.8.4a): Installing module.17:07
darthanubis..........(bad exit status: 7)17:07
darthanubisanyone else seeing this?17:07
wolf_hi, im trying to add my pvr-150 card in mythtv, i previously had a saa7134 card. the new card is working fine but i can't add it in myth.18:06
bobmorningQuick question, I've already done the FAQ and read the forums, can't find what I'm looking for.18:38
bobmorningNew install of mythubuntu, everything works ok.  Can watch TV, record, etc.  But the audio from the TV is always on, even if I attempt to watch a recording.  Any ideas?18:39
neoneddyHmm.. that's a new one on me18:39
rhpot1991got your plugs mixed up?18:40
bobmorningEven when I ESC away from watching TV, the audio from the capture card is still there.18:40
bobmorningThat's what I was thinking also.18:40
bobmorningI have the input from the ATI TV-wonder card going into Line-IN18:40
bobmorningThe output (green jack) is going to the LG LCD TV.18:41
bobmorningEverything in the sound control panel is muted except for line-in and master18:41
neoneddydo you need that line-in ?18:42
neoneddyforgive me for sounding noobish.. I've never sued those.. I have a stand alone capture card18:42
bobmorningGot it, well yes I have to use the output from the ATI card to input into the zone card.18:43
MythbuntuGuest79Hi.. I've got a PCHDTV-5500 card working ona  mythbuntu 8.1 install.  I don't have an HDTV anyway and am using an old PC that is stuttering trying to display the HD channels, but doing fine on the SD channels (all those "extra" channels that arent broadcast in HD).  Can I set mythbuntu to always show me SDTV even if an HD stream is available from the tuner?  Thanx!21:17
erb-how can i change the font size of the on screen menu when I hit the info button21:32
erb-i can't read what it says from across the room21:32
pretender_In MythTV when I go into manage recordings its empty all that shows up is live TV however when i go to my recordings directory my recordings are there.21:33
tgm4883pretender_, hit M, change your filter21:34
pretender_tgm4883:  thanks where did you find out about that.  This recordings groups thing is new to me as i was running gutsy previously21:38
MythbuntuGuest35Hello. I hate to come here for an answer but I am running around in circles.22:30
MythbuntuGuest35My Mythbuntu runs fine but I have no audio. If I try to play a dvd using Xine then everything works fine22:30
MythbuntuGuest35I know I have to setup Myth for my sound card but regardless of the settings, nothing22:31
MythbuntuGuest35comes out22:31
MythbuntuGuest35Running Creative card SPDIF only22:31
dulongaanyone gimme a hand instlling the channel scanner for myth22:58
NineTeen67CometHello, is there a more simple way to add dvd covers to individual movies than manually selecting each movie then showing it where the jpg/png is? and can I make the directories have an image related to them?23:14
NineTeen67Cometand/or when I start one of my mythbuntu boxes it always hands me the initial blue screen setup. English(US), no UPnP servers found, MySQL server etc . always has the right settings, but it asks me then every time. Help?23:20
NineTeen67Cometand/or II: When I try to run mythfrontend through ssh (ssh -X ip.add.ress) it hands out QGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current. .. can I fix this? I would like to do some settings in mythbuntu on those boxes via ssh on my computer ..23:23
bobbob1016I'm running Mythbuntu 8.10, with an nVidia 8200 on the mobo and the propritary drivers.  I'm not getting a gui anymore.  I checked /var/log, and the files don't seem to have been updated for a while.23:59

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