boredandbloggingjames_w: think I missed it, is it just on the wiki?16:17
james_wboredandblogging: it's in the moderating queue for ubuntu-devel-announce16:34
boredandbloggingjames_w: ah, ok, thanks16:36
johnc4510tyche: ping17:21
tychejohnc4510: pong17:21
johnc4510i've got all the links up now i think17:21
johnc4510everyone can have at them17:21
johnc4510i'll work on the upper GCN later today17:22
tycheYea, I just opened up the page, and saw what you had done.  Hee hee17:22
tyche". . . let it rain for 40 days and 40 nights, and wait 'til the sewers back up."17:23
johnc4510you're in an odd mood today17:23
johnc4510very cryptic17:23
tycheOH, GAD!  You mean you don't remember Bill Cosby, "Noah"?17:24
johnc4510guess i never saw that one17:24
tycheIt was on one of his records, years ago.  (It's been re-issued on CD, I understand).  It was a classic.17:24
tychejohnc4510-laptop: I've got a couple of GCN I can put up, if you want to use them.  The other two, I wasn't sure what to do with them.21:03
johnc4510-laptoptyche: ah ok, put them up please.21:04
johnc4510-laptopi started on the LTS release but it's no biggie21:04
tycheI'll toss them up.  You can change or delete as you see fit.21:05
tycheOK, they're up.21:06
tycheJust trying to keep from overworking you.21:07
kennymc0oh unlike me who you _are_ trying to overwork21:08
johnc4510-laptopkennymc0: that's different, you're young and energetic, and....21:09
johnc4510-laptophee hee21:09
kennymc0i noticed that you gave me 4 more links for the ITB21:10
kennymc0i take that's because i was already done with the first 221:10
johnc4510-laptopnope, just happened to turn out that way21:10
johnc4510-laptopluck of the draw21:10
kennymc0uh huh..........sure.................21:10
* tyche quietly thinks about all the times he had to do extra, without complaining. Hee hee21:11
* johnc4510-laptop remembers when it was just him and nick putting out the whole issue21:13
tycheOr the times I've had to try to tackle the whole thing (with the exception of finding links)21:13
kennymc0now both of you are complaining21:14
tycheNope.  Just stating facts.21:15
kennymc0uh huh........sure....................21:15
tycheYou know, one of those "why, in my time . . . "  stories.  You know, the sort of stories that end up ". . . in my father's pajamas."   LOL21:16
kennymc0oh so you mean those stories that usually include the whole tall tale about walking uphill both ways to school in 10 feet of snow21:17
kennymc0those kind of stories?21:17
* cody-somerville remembers when we used to document all the new upstream versions that entered Ubuntu.21:25
johnc4510-laptopyeah, that was before me21:25
johnc4510-laptoptyche: ping22:10
tychejohnc4510-laptop: pong22:10
johnc4510-laptopi got the GCN done, have you done the Meeting Summaries section?22:10
tycheNope.  I did the LoCo news22:11
johnc4510-laptopok, i'll drop down and do that then22:11

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