jussi01Jack_Sparrow: why the kick on that guy=? he apologised...00:02
Jack_Sparrowjussi01 Johnny is in the russian channel.. says from greece and asking for a third language00:04
jussi01Jack_Sparrow: I was talking about dpawe3l00:05
Jack_SparrowTried to PM with no response00:05
FlannelWho runs floodbot2?00:06
Flanneljussi01: Oh, did you see the stuff where the floodbots banned the wrong person yesterday?00:06
jussi01no. hehe. how did that happen?00:07
* jussi01 should be in bed00:07
Jack_SparrowNo, I didnt see that either00:07
FlannelI'm not really sure.  Someone pasted some stuff, and then they banned the guy he was pasting to.00:07
FlannelThe thing in -monitor said "user n" which wasn't as far as I could tell, related to either of them.00:08
* genii fluffs jussi01's pillow00:09
Flanneljussi01: it was oCean_ (n=harkemaa@82-169-65-212.ip.telfort.nl) and was... 25 hours and 10 minutes ago.00:10
FlannelThat was the one who was banned by mistake.  That netsplit last night shuffled some of my windwos, so I don't have logs for -monitor00:11
jussi01Flannel: I dont do floodbots, go annoy pici, ljl or nal00:12
FlannelSounds good.00:12
FlannelBut, who runs FB2?  We're down to one right now.00:12
jussi01nalioth: I think has control/hosting of at least one of them00:15
ubottuFiremanEd called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:01
FlannelTwo pronged attack!01:02
jussi01and Im still up01:02
Jack_SparrowYou hit em high I'll hit em low01:02
* Flannel notes that advances in dual-op processing has greatly increased the efficiency of administration of IRC channels.01:02
Seeker`jussi01: is sleep evading you?01:04
Seeker`i'd k-line it if i were you01:05
Flannelsleep evasion is a one way ticket to the k train.01:06
Mezgreat response :D01:26
jussi01Pricey: you around?01:42
Seeker`I think he is more of atriangle01:58
Priceyjussi01: whats up?02:00
Seeker`hmm, someone just changed their nick from ango|ciggy to ango|high, inappropriate?02:28
nikrudSeeker`, just glanced in, ango| unsuitable seems very appropriate ;)02:32
Seeker`nikrud: I asked him to change it :)02:32
FlannelRepeat Drive-bys02:35
ubottuehehehe called the ops in #ubuntu ()03:14
Flannelforwarded here.03:16
Flannel|_ocke: You know better than to idle here.04:46
ubottuIn ubottu, sleepy_cat said: how good is ur pussy05:18
jriblonely friday night I guess05:52
Tm_Tperhaps, though it's Saturday here05:53
jribsaturday morning counts as friday night :)05:53
Tm_T0754 it is, so definately NOT friday night05:54
FlannelTm_T: How about 9:18?05:54
Tm_TFlannel: que?05:55
FlannelTm_T: Ignore me05:55
Tm_TFlannel: I usually do, son05:55
FlannelGood, good.05:55
bazhang|_ocke, how may we help you; if you have no pressing issue please part the channel06:01
bazhang!idle | |_ocke 06:14
ubottu|_ocke: Please keep in mind that this channel is for operator/abuse questions only, and we ask you to part when you have no further business here, in order to keep track of users with pending inquiries.06:14
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
FlannelBye Ali!06:33
bazhangconor again?06:34
Amaranthlooks that way, dunno who that is though06:34
nikruddoes it matter, in the full scheme of things?06:34
bazhangone of the original emo fellows in -ot06:34
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!06:34
Amaranthah, bleh06:34
nikrudrm -rf / < -- so sue me :)06:35
bazhang|_ocke, do you have pressing business here?06:35
Amaranthsomeone wanted it to say danger, will robinson, danger06:35
Amaranthit already does06:35
ubottudanger aliases: rmrf/, dangerous - added by ompaul on 2008-03-08 18:30:18 - last edited by ompaul on 2008-03-08 22:41:4206:35
nikrudbazhang, I've been seeing that error reported quite a bit lately06:48
Flannelnikrud: that bugreport help any?06:48
bazhangnikrud, but he is completely ignoring any and all advice and just repeating 'hellp mmeeeee!!!!'06:49
nikrudbazhang, just told him that to his face06:49
nikrudbazhang, we just crossed in time, not in intent06:49
nikrudFlannel, what I've read so far is it's a known problem, haven't looked at the debian bug report yet06:50
FlannelSounds good06:50
nikrudand, the only thing in there I saw that could be handled by someone at my level, is, ta da! disk space inadequate!!06:51
bazhang@bansearch |_ocke 06:51
ubottuMatch: *!*@!#ubuntu-ops by jussi01 in #ubuntu-offtopic on Jan 06 2009 10:30:15 (ID: 8751)06:51
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:51
Amaranth@bansearch Al1_06:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.06:52
Amaranth@bansearch Al1_06:52
ubottuMatch: *!*@c-71-202-209-239.hsd1.ca.comcast.net by Amaranth in #ubuntu-offtopic on Jan 24 2009 06:33:07 (ID: 9400)06:52
bazhang|_ocke, idling here wont get your ban removed quicker06:52
Amaranthnow _that_ is cool06:52
stdinAmaranth: you only just noticed that? ;)06:52
bazhang|_ocke, the opposite may in fact occur06:52
Amaranthstdin: I've been...away06:52
Flannelnikrud: It's apt-get clean06:53
nikrudFlannel, so correct me there :006:53
stdinAmaranth: I noticed, but it's been there since July06:53
bazhang_anu is either not paying attention, or some other issue06:55
FlannelADD is a made up disease06:55
* Flannel gets off the soapbox.06:55
tritiumFlannel: I agree.06:55
tritiumBut, in this case, it's a convenient diagnosis.06:55
bazhangnot sure if that is a cheese or a syndrome06:55
Flannelbazhang: aspergers people would be fine in IRC06:56
* Flannel knows a few in meatspace.06:56
* nikrud looks at Flannel and tritium and wonders when they got licensed06:56
bazhangFlannel, not clear on what it really is though06:56
Flannelbazhang: Its a form of autism  ("high-functioning autism"06:57
* tritium gives nikrud the evil eye06:57
bazhangFlannel, aha06:57
nikrudI know people with both. Patience trying but worth the effort06:57
bazhangcaused by vaccines/power lines I would suppose06:57
Flannelbazhang: They can do fine in social situations, but sometimes lack discretion abotu some social situations.06:57
tritiumIt's caused by flouridated water ;)06:58
bazhangubottu has aspergers?06:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about has aspergers?06:58
FlannelSoemtimes they'll be inappropraite, etc.  But theyre "all there"06:58
bazhangoh misread06:58
nikrudasperger's is an interesting one: they nearly always miss social ques we hardly notice but register; it makes for embarassment and isolation06:58
* nikrud goes to turn on the spellchecker06:58
FlannelOh, also, sometimes they will get 'stuck' on things, and won't drop them until much later, etc.06:58
bazhangor he could just be really impatient06:59
bazhang<_anu> who understand dpkg more07:00
FlannelI think in this case he's just impatient and doesn't understand how IRC works with... all kinds of people, etc.07:00
nikrudand not primary english speaker, which also makes it harder07:00
bazhangtime to man dpkg for me07:01
bazhangalthough many native speakers are using eny1?07:01
nikrudhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/262451 bazhang start here07:03
Flanneleny1?  What on earth?07:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 262451 in dpkg "dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed." [High,Fix released]07:03
bazhanganyone, u for you, etc07:04
Flannelusually its "ne1"07:04
bazhangnikrud, thanks, though he wants cups fixed now07:04
Flanneleny1 is.... even more of a disaster than ne107:05
nikrudbazhang, cups is mentioned there07:05
bazhangI have seen it in -ot and main channel of late though07:05
nikrudand all the fixes that I see require some serious work arounds to do. Not something I'm doing over internet07:06
* Flannel is going to go Amaranth on people who use that.07:06
nikrudeny1 eny1 eny107:08
Flanneltritium: I think I'm going to forward him here next07:08
tritiumFlannel: good call07:08
Flannel!amaranth | nikrud 07:08
ubottunikrud: Stabbity stab07:08
bazhangthat had to be 23 helpme!'s too many07:08
nikrudyeah, tolerance is good and all, but ...07:09
bazhangthis is way beyond that07:09
* tritium prods Flannel07:15
Flannelyou made me push down like eight times07:15
ubottuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience07:15
FlannelI was hovering over enter07:15
* nikrud pushes Flannel's hand07:15
tritiumsorry :)07:15
Flanneloh lord07:17
* tritium quotes Arnold in Predator, "Come on... Come on! Do it! Do it! Come on. Come on!"07:17
tritiumDo it now!07:17
Flanneltritium: Leave the governator out of it07:17
* nikrud considers kicking flannel in the shins07:18
=== nikrud is now known as nickrud
FlannelOh dear.  I ought to do it now to save the Gnea abuse07:18
FlannelWell, it's bound to happen in the next few minutes, then it'll be forwarded07:19
tritiumThis is better than the movies.  I'm going to pop some popcorn.07:20
FlannelWell, right now (s)he is technically following the rules, etc.  So, forwarding now would just be stirring the... pot.... What's that cliche?07:20
tritiumFlannel: "I'll be back!"07:20
nickrudFlannel, oh, darn. I warned gnea so there would be no flamage. Putting it all back on you again. You know of course that tritium bazhang and I are just watchers here07:21
FlannelHi tonyr2k8, how can we help you?07:21
bazhangtonyr2k8, how may we assist you07:21
tritiumtonyr2k8: I'm sorry you're having trouble.  Please press 1 to continue.07:23
FlannelThat was odd.07:26
bazhang|_ocke, how may we assist07:35
tritiumTruly annoying.07:42
bazhang<_anu> don't play me07:42
FlannelHere we go....07:44
FlannelHi _anu 07:44
_anuni Flannel07:44
_anuwhat shall i do then07:44
Flannel_anu: We've brought you here (this isn't #ubuntu, and we won't be doing support here) to help you understand why some people have taken issue with your behavior07:44
Flannelso that hopefully, we won't have any issues in the future07:44
_anuwhat do you want to say07:45
Flannel_anu: #ubuntu is a busy channel, and you're not hte only one there asking for support.  It's not appropriate (or useful) for you to ask "are you there?"  "help me" and so on every 20 seconds, or even every few minutes.07:46
_anuok , let me back07:46
Flannel_anu: Slow down there.07:46
bazhang<_anu> don't play me07:46
bazhangor that07:46
_anui just want to solve my problem07:47
_anuno other attitude07:47
stdintritium: you should be in -ot07:47
Flannel_anu: The most recent thing had to d owith you being impatient.  You pasted, I saw, and I was reading.  It takes a while to read your paste, and even longer to try and figure out an answer.07:47
tritiumstdin: thanks, am I being bad-mouthed?07:47
stdintritium: by PresidentRaffi07:47
_anuyou guys , let me back07:47
Flannel_anu: Do you understand?  You're not here beign punished, we just can't allow you to keep causing noise in #ubuntu07:48
tritiumstdin: thanks for letting me know07:48
_anuFlannel , thank you 07:48
Flannel_anu: Alright, please leave here and rejoin #ubutu07:48
Flanneltritium: I suggest forwarding President here from -ot07:49
FlannelWe need to sit down and explain to him, and -ot will have an audience07:49
Flanneland that wont work well.07:49
FlannelOr, just ban him in general, shrug07:49
FlannelI may have too much faith in people.  Who knows.07:50
PresidentRaffii want to be unbanned07:51
PresidentRaffito continue offering ubuntu support07:51
bazhangthen stay on topic07:51
PresidentRaffialso, it would be nice if ops didn't indiscriminately ban n00bs07:51
PresidentRaffiseeing as this whole07:51
FlannelPresidentRaffi: It doesn't quite work that way.  Especially considering your mannerisms in -ot07:51
PresidentRaffiUbuntu, pronounced [ùbúntú], is an ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people's allegiances and relations with each other.07:51
PresidentRaffithing works07:51
FlannelPresidentRaffi: You don't have any idea what you're talking about.  For the record.07:52
PresidentRaffiis that so07:52
FlannelI'm just going to say that off the bat.07:52
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Correct.07:52
bazhangPresidentRaffi, you came very late to that situation07:52
PresidentRaffii observed conflict where there needn't be07:52
PresidentRaffiand attempted to help07:52
FlannelPresidentRaffi: We're talknig about _anu, correct?07:53
bazhangyou seem unready to rejoin #ubuntu then07:53
tritiumPresidentRaffi: you created conflict with your rude comments07:53
PresidentRaffiyou created conflict by banning me07:53
tritiumNo, you did that to yourself07:53
FlannelPresidentRaffi: You refused to stay on topic.07:53
PresidentRaffiyeah, i banned myself07:53
tritiumEffectively, yes, with your !arrogance remark07:53
bazhangcursing in offtopic did nothing to help you07:53
PresidentRaffii was dragged off topic by numerous invasive requests regarding my language with respect to assisting others07:53
FlannelPresidentRaffi: We have an obligation to keep #ubuntu usable for everyone.  Which means removing abusive users.07:53
PresidentRaffiperhaps we have different conceptions of "abuse"07:54
tritiumDemeaning others in the channel, suggesting they be "mascots" is no way to follow the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, PresidentRaffi.07:54
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Perhaps we do.  But the channel guidelines are prominently displayed.07:54
PresidentRaffithat wasn't meant to be demeaning, in any respect07:54
tritiumIt is.07:54
PresidentRaffisigns, signs everywhere the signs07:54
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: what was this language what was requested?07:54
PresidentRaffiTm_T: eh?07:55
bazhangit was offtopic chatting and disrespectful to say the least PresidentRaffi 07:55
tritiumI see no sign of remorse, and therefore no reason to lift the ban.07:55
PresidentRaffii'm just going to copy that message07:55
PresidentRaffifor the record07:55
bazhangperhaps one in -ot too?07:55
PresidentRaffino sign of remorse07:55
PresidentRaffiand therefore no reason to lift the ban07:56
PresidentRaffiso you believe that as an operator following the guidelines07:56
PresidentRaffiyou become infallible?07:56
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: no07:56
PresidentRaffithat was certainly the implication07:56
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: it wasn't, son07:56
PresidentRaffimore strongly implied than any demeaning subtext to suggesting somebody should be a mascot07:56
elkbuntuPresidentRaffi, your rudeness here is not going to help you at all07:56
tritiumYour logic is very flawed if you think that.07:56
stdinif you can't respect the rules of the channel, then the privilege of joining that channel will be removed from you07:56
PresidentRaffii'm not being rude07:56
PresidentRaffinot in the slightest07:56
elkbuntuPresidentRaffi, yes, you are.07:57
PresidentRaffilet me be blunt07:57
PresidentRaffii use arch linux, yes?07:57
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: I ask again, you were dragged to offtopic by what language?07:57
PresidentRaffii came to ubuntu specifically to help people07:57
PresidentRaffiwho are new to linux07:57
FlannelPresidentRaffi: That's well and good, but not relevant.07:57
PresidentRaffiby typing !arrogant after somebody complained about my use of the enter key07:57
PresidentRaffithat's completely relevant, if you're trying to improve the quality of the channel07:57
stdinthe reason for you joining the channel is irrelevant, you're behaviour in the channel is all that is07:57
PresidentRaffiwhy would you ban users trying to be helpful?07:57
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Because you were causing trouble.07:58
PresidentRaffiand i say you were causing trouble07:58
FlannelBeing helpful isn't a free pass to be a nuisance.07:58
PresidentRaffiand of course07:58
bazhangtritium, PM?07:58
PresidentRaffiyou're the ones with the @s07:58
tritiumbazhang: certainly07:58
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Pray tell, how was I causing trouble?07:58
PresidentRaffiso your words receive more weight than mine07:58
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: it's not arrogance to try to keep channel clean07:58
stdinyou should respect all users, regardless of op powers07:58
PresidentRaffii do respect all users07:58
PresidentRaffii have trouble respecting anybody who grants himself authority07:58
FlannelPresidentRaffi: I'd like to know how I was causing trouble.07:58
PresidentRaffiwhere that authority is unnecessary07:58
PresidentRaffior harmful07:58
PresidentRaffinot you, flannel, the !enter guy07:58
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: how that is causing trouble?07:59
elkbuntuPresidentRaffi, I have not seen what you did, but even without I see you being rude here. Please stop being rude, or I will remove you from here, and you will have lost your chance.07:59
stdinthe respectful thing to do would have been to ask the person why they used !enter, or to actually read the message from the bot about it. rather than try to use the bot to attack another07:59
PresidentRaffihow am i being rude?07:59
PresidentRaffiwhat have i said in this room that was rude?07:59
PresidentRaffii can infer why they used enter, i take it they took part to the way i type07:59
elkbuntuPresidentRaffi, nobody in here granted themselves authority. it's all peer-given07:59
PresidentRaffiso it's democratic?08:00
PresidentRaffilet me know when the elections are08:00
PresidentRaffii will be sure to express my opinions08:00
bazhangPresidentRaffi, please dont idle here08:00
PresidentRaffii'm not idling, i'm contesting my ban08:00
bazhangPresidentRaffi, there is nothing more to discuss08:00
tritiumPresidentRaffi: you've been answered08:00
elkbuntuit is not possible for this to be a democratic process. meritocracy is a better system08:00
PresidentRaffii haven't been answered, actually08:00
FlannelPresidentRaffi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/AppealProcess08:00
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: you have, actually =)08:01
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Feel free to forward your complaint up the chain.08:01
PresidentRaffiyou haven't responded to any of my arguments08:01
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: it wont be lifted at this time08:01
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: we have08:01
PresidentRaffirather you've regarded them as if i've been impertinent08:01
PresidentRaffior simply changed the subject08:01
PresidentRaffii'm not a child, i'm not new to discussion08:01
tritiumPresidentRaffi: you've also been warned that you're close to being removed.  Please leave on your own accord.08:01
elkbuntunow you are lying. lying is rude.08:01
PresidentRaffiwhat have i done to deserve being removed?08:02
PresidentRaffii want a fair chance here08:02
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: you really dont listen08:02
PresidentRaffii really do08:02
PresidentRaffii tend to gloss over when the things people say stop being logically consistent, though08:02
FlannelPresidentRaffi: If you're going to be mature about it.  I'd be willing to take a few minutes here and answer your questions.  However, you'll have to actually accept those answers, and remain mature throughout the process.08:02
PresidentRaffii take it those answers are oriented around "how the process currently works"08:03
PresidentRaffinot "how the process ideally works"08:03
FlannelBut if you're just wasting my time, I'm not going to play the game.08:03
PresidentRaffido i look like i'm trying to waste anybody's time?08:03
FlannelI never said you were.  I'm just saying.  I won't have my time wasted.08:03
PresidentRaffiwell, i guess that's a matter of perception, then08:03
bazhangor reality08:04
Tm_Tbazhang: let Flannel talk (:08:04
stdinif you have specific questions, please ask them08:04
PresidentRaffithere is that small chance, bazhang, that i will get people to consider their actions in a larger context than they currently do08:04
bazhangTm_T, PM?08:04
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Again, if you'd like to discuss, please, let's discuss.08:04
Tm_Tbazhang: you can, son08:04
PresidentRaffiwell, let's discuss, then08:04
FlannelPresidentRaffi: You said you had questions that were unanswered, feel free to ask (the first of) them.08:05
PresidentRaffilet's see08:05
PresidentRaffibesides rules currently implemented in #ubuntu, and despite any conflicts that have arisen between me and operators as a result of operators suggesting changes to my behavior08:05
PresidentRaffican you come up with a compelling reason for me, who's offering my help to noobs, to continue to be banned?08:06
elkbuntuthe fact that you refer to them as 'noobs' for one08:06
stdinyour attitude in -offtopic08:06
tritiumYes.  You've shown no sign of remorse for what you've done or said.08:06
PresidentRaffimy attitude in #offtopic AFTER i was banned from #ubuntu08:06
FlannelPresidentRaffi: The reason you were banned was because you refused to remain on topic, after a number of warnings to do so.08:06
PresidentRaffinoobs is a term of affection08:06
tritiumPresidentRaffi: would you like to elaborate on what hanging out in #ubuntu feels like?08:06
stdinPresidentRaffi: it's still not acceptable, in any ubuntu channel08:07
PresidentRaffiit feels like a place where i understand linux better than most of the other people talking, and can offer my services as a result08:07
PresidentRaffimy messages veered offtopic AFTER the suggestions to change my tone08:07
tritiumPresidentRaffi: oh, because you also said it's like "tutoring poor kids in the city"08:07
tritiumWould you like to elaborate on that?08:07
FlannelPresidentRaffi: No.  They didn't.  Would you like me to quote them?08:07
PresidentRaffigo right ahead08:08
PresidentRaffitritium: well, more like tutoring kids period08:08
PresidentRaffialthough most of the tutoring work i've done in reality has been in the city08:08
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Here's a log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108887/08:08
stdinhaving knowledge does not make one exempt from channel rules, no matter how knowledgeable you are08:09
FlannelOnly the *last* *few* had anyhting to do with the timeframe surrounding your ban.08:09
FlannelPresidentRaffi: That's a straight /lastlog of you.  No editing.08:09
PresidentRaffilet's see..me talking about dpkg's shortcomings08:09
FlannelNotice how there's a few offtopics, and *no* support breaking them up?08:09
PresidentRaffime talking about jre and itunes as examples of proprietary incompatibilities and consumer captivity08:09
FlannelPresidentRaffi: And neither of those topics are on topic.08:10
PresidentRaffime talking about _anu favorably so you will stop banning her08:10
PresidentRaffithey aren't now08:10
PresidentRaffiwell, they were questions asked08:10
stdinnone of that is on topic for #ubuntu08:10
FlannelPresidentRaffi: The first thing I told you when you got here:  You have no idea what you're talking about.08:10
tritiumYou calling _anu "weird and obscure", and suggesting we make her a mascot...08:10
Flannelanu is *not* banned.08:10
PresidentRaffii didn't call her weird and obscure08:10
PresidentRaffii said she reminded me of somebody who was08:10
tritiumInsults such as that are not welcome in the channel.08:11
PresidentRaffiit was not an insult08:11
tritiumTruly, it is.08:11
PresidentRaffii was talking about a brilliant poet08:11
PresidentRaffione of my favorites08:11
PresidentRaffiand a friend of mine personally08:11
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Regardless of whether it was an insult, it's not Ubuntu support.08:11
stdinI think that answers question 108:12
PresidentRaffithe point was to facilitate ubuntu support08:12
PresidentRaffiby not making her frustrated by antagonistic people in the channel08:12
stdinis there a 2nd question?08:12
PresidentRaffiyou still haven't answered the first08:12
FlannelPresidentRaffi: The only thing that goes on in #ubuntu is support.  No discussion, no chatting.  No random wolf references.08:13
stdinwe have, you just refuse to accept the answers08:13
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Actually, we have.  You were offtopic, and refused listen when we warned you about it.08:13
PresidentRaffii refuse to accept them? or you blow my statements widely out of context?08:13
PresidentRaffidid you read my first question? a compelling reason for me to remain banned without referencing channel rules08:13
FlannelThat's why you're banned.  The ban would be at least a few hours (or until a discussion about it occurred).08:13
PresidentRaffiif an application of a rule is appropriate, let's hear it08:13
FlannelPresidentRaffi: The *only* reason to ban is a channel rule.....08:14
PresidentRaffibut the rule is a means to an end, not the end in itself08:14
stdinthe reason is compelling enough for us, maybe not for you08:14
PresidentRaffiwell, stdin, i used to believe things like that08:14
bazhangthis is a waste of time.08:14
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Remember what I said about wasting my time?  Your contrived 'conditions' are fast approaching that.08:14
PresidentRaffithey're not contrived08:14
PresidentRaffithey're designed to make you understand that the rules actually exist for a purpose08:14
PresidentRaffiand that you should enforce the rules only when they serve that purpose08:14
bazhangthere is no 'free speech'08:14
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Like I said, the only reason we ban people is becuase of the rules.08:14
bazhangthere is offtopic for chat08:15
FlannelPresidentRaffi: the purpose of the offtopic rule:  Keep the channel usable08:15
stdinwe have told you why you are banned, is there anything else you want to know? if not then it's best to leave08:15
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Regardless, we don't have to explain the rules to you.  If you have a problem with them, there's an appeal process.  Please make use of it.08:15
PresidentRaffithe problem here seems to be that i contest your authority08:15
PresidentRaffiit appears that if i apologized08:15
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Goodbye PresidentRaffi.08:15
stdinfeel free not to use the ubuntu channels08:15
PresidentRaffiperceived by you as an act of submission08:15
PresidentRaffithen this would have been averted08:15
PresidentRaffior if i submitted by conforming to your inane interpretation of the channel rules08:16
* Flannel nudges someone.08:16
Tm_TPresidentRaffi: sorry son, but it's not that (:08:16
PresidentRaffido you remember what i said? i came here to help08:16
PresidentRaffilook where we are now08:16
FlannelThank you tritium08:16
FlannelWatch for blowback in -ot08:16
Tm_Tbah, I wanted08:16
FlannelSpeak of the devil!08:17
bazhang<PresidentRaffi> i hate IRCops08:17
bazhangin -ot now08:17
Flannelbazhang: We can read for ourselvs08:17
Tm_TFlannel: not all of us are there08:17
Flanneltritium: You can ban him in -ot at any time ;)08:17
Flanneloh, stdin is on it!08:17
tritiumI shall08:17
bazhangspelling cops too08:17
stdinFlannel: I have no +o in -ot though08:17
FlannelReally though, he doesn't need a soapbox08:18
tritiumEveryone should have ops in -ot08:18
* Flannel sneaks a sharpie onto the IRC rules wiki page, adds "If you manage to actually make Flannel angry at you, you deserve a ban"08:18
mpeternow i'd like to contest my ban to #ubuntu-offtopic08:19
mpeterseeing as it is, in fact08:19
mpeterthe offtopic channel...08:19
Flannelmpeter: Your prior language is reason enough.08:19
mpeteris it? but that language wouldn't have been present were it not for your own actions08:19
mpeterisrael vs. gaza, blah blah blah, neither of them are right08:19
Flannelmpeter: I urge you to drop it now.  You likely don't want a ban here as well.08:19
mpeterboth sides can't end it08:19
Tm_Tmpeter: sorry, but two bad doesn't make right08:19
mpeteryou know why?08:20
mpeterbecause each side sees the other side as an adversary08:20
Tm_Tmpeter: you can end it, right now08:20
stdinplease leave, you will not be unbanned08:20
mpeterthey fail to recognize their common humanity08:20
mpeterand work towards a mutual interest08:20
Tm_Toh boy08:20
Garynothing unusal there08:20
bazhangubuntu and the middle east?08:20
* Flannel hopes this doesn't turn into a "which channel can I join next" battle08:20
bazhangthats a stretch08:21
tritiumOne thing's for sure: He thinks he's a philosopher.08:21
Tm_The's not in k08:21
Tm_Ttritium: maybe he is08:21
Flanneltritium: And he thinks that us banning him is carte blanc for misbehavior.  Just like support gives you the ability to be offtopic.08:21
stdinyeah, I find replying to people like that in an emotive maner just fuels the fire. I find it's best to keep a neutral tone with them08:21
Tm_Tstdin: emotions should be kept back anyway08:22
Tm_TFlannel: means you should calm down, son (;)08:22
FlannelNow that I've wasted time with him, I have no idea if anu actually got help.08:22
stdinemotions, Data must be insane to want them :)08:22
Garystdin: it took me too long to realise what you meant there08:23
stdinI just hope you're not the only one to get it08:24
Garyyeah, room full of geeks an all08:24
Tm_Tgeeks, where?08:25
tritiumI think we all find that to be true, stdin.08:25
Garythere ---->08:25
Tm_TI'm happy that I'm no geek nor man08:25
stdintritium: the difficult bit is remembering it when you need it08:25
GaryTm_T: you can be a female geek (look at Myrtti /me hides)08:25
Garyyou need to emcompass your geekness, it knows no gender boundarys08:26
stdinon the net, even girls can have beards08:26
tritiumstdin: I don't believe any of us reacted with too much emotion in that situation.08:27
bazhangespecially considering that he was out and out trolling08:28
tritiumI see he's back.08:28
tritiumFlannel: see him?08:29
FlannelI do!08:29
FlannelSorry, I'm trying to do support ;)08:29
* Flannel darns those channel purposes.08:30
FlannelHmmm, I wonder if that's a double entendre.08:30
tritiumHe's quiet.  Perhaps he's wondering how we noticed him.08:31
stdinsame ident, different IP08:34
Flannelsimilar IP08:34
Flannellikelygrabbed another access point at school or something08:35
tritiumShall I remove him for ban-evading?08:36
stdinthey signed on <2 mins after mpeter disconnected, it's probably safe08:39
tritiumI think it's the right thing to do...08:40
FlannelTry just /remove though, he may figure the gig is up, and drop it.08:40
tritiumWill do.08:40
tritiumstdin: it's him.  He mentioned being banned in 3 ubuntu channels in #archlinux08:40
FlannelIs that a badge of honor?08:40
stdinand there's only 1 other user from that institute on freenode08:41
stdinit's more likely the same person than not08:41
FlannelI know sometimes arch -ot people will raid #u, but.... I imagine that's individuals being dumb08:41
Garywhat channel is he in?08:41
tritiumGary: rkstr?08:42
tritiumNone on freenode currently.08:42
stdinhe's +i08:42
|_ockesorry au tojoin aain08:48
|_ockeit tries to join #ubunt u-offtopic08:48
bazhang|_ocke, dont idle here08:49
Flannel|_ocke: Aye08:49
Flannelbazhang: He's talking, not idling.08:49
|_ockei would like to be unbanned, but i t seems someone has said there are no plans  to unban me08:50
|_ockeso i guess i should probably leave since theres nothing i can argue with that08:50
Flannel|_ocke: No, I don't believe anyone has said that.  If I remember correctly the last conversation we had ended with you abruptly going AFK08:50
FlannelBut, you're of course welcome to leave08:51
|_ockei thougt somene said  there were no plans to uhban me when  i stopped trying to quibble08:52
|_ocke i only have working hand hence the   typos, sorry08:52
|_ockeone working h a d i mean08:52
Flannel|_ocke: Mmm, I don't see anyone saying anything like that.08:57
tritiumI'm going to bed now.  Have a good night|day.08:58
FlannelThe last conversation you and I had is available here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108892/08:59
FlannelAnd, assuming you have learned to control yourself better  (and everything else I said), the offer still stands.09:00
|_ockewell, i can control myself,and i've also stopped drtinking on weekdays09:08
Flannel|_ocke: and you understand that the next time this happens, you'll wind up banned for an even longer period09:08
|_ockei understand09:09
Flannel|_ocke: Alright.  I can't do anything at the moment, but I'll see what I can do about it.  If all goes well, the next time you autojoin, you won't be forwarded here.09:10
|_ockeunderstandabale, i appreciate that 09:10
|_ockei promise iwont make you regret it09:10
FlannelI appreciate that.09:10
|_ockesince starting a full ti me job, i have different priorities than ihad before09:10
Flannel|_ocke: Sometimes it takes things like that to put things into perspective.  Also, remember not to idle here, thanks.09:13
|_ockeyeah ok i'm out09:15
|_ocketill my linux restarts09:15
|_ockewhich is not often09:15
|_ockei' ve gone several months at a  time besides updates09:16
Gary|_ocke: while we would love to chat with you, this is a operator channel, no chat etc, and we ask that people do not idle here (so that we do not have spectators) so could you /part?  I'm sure your ban will be lifted very soon and you'll be able to join the channel again.09:19
ubottuThe operation succeeded.09:20
Garyreading bantracker, he was very offtopic09:25
FlannelBut, it was a month ago, he does seem to have grown up a bit, *and* he has understood the fact that if he does it again, it means super-duper long term megaban.09:26
GaryI'd give him a go, is it just the -ot ban which redirects here?09:26
bazhanghe has been through this cycle many times09:27
GaryI might leave the #ubuntu ban in place till he has shown himself in -offtopic09:27
bazhangand *this* time is always the last time09:27
Flannelbazhang: Only twice.09:27
FlannelAnd no, that's not accurate either.09:27
FlannelHmmm, maybe thrice?09:28
bazhangextensive multiple PM's with him on this very issue09:28
Garynothing too wrong with giving chances, one day they will listen and then you have won09:29
bazhangmany many warnings and removals09:29
* Flannel knows only whats in BT, and he's seen in -ot/here over the months.09:29
bazhangand here's hoping this is the time.09:29
Garyturning a troll into a useful member is a great thing09:29
FlannelHe's not a troll, he just has trouble controlling himself (and maybe misunderstands whats appropriate)09:30
bazhangalcohol issues imo09:31
FlannelHopefully that's behind him too.  Which is for his benefit, both online, and in meatspace.09:32
jussi01meatspace :09:32
* Flannel can see the headlines now "Ubuntu Ops teams saves local youth from life of delinquency"09:32
FlannelOk, maybe not.09:33
bazhangsetting the mountpoint in a livecd? one which operates inside of a vm?09:56
bazhangand a livecd inside a vm that works as fast an installed system no less10:08
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:57
ubottuThe operation succeeded.14:02
nickrudwhy do I always miss the exciting times by minutes15:17
tritiumGood morning.15:35
Jack_Sparrow<ljgk3423>        looks like a bot15:57
* jpds watches RocketLauncher in #ubuntu.18:14
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