kansanhow do i get by this in the future without having to type stuff: sun-dlj-v1-1 license could not be presented;  try 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' to select a frontend other than noninteractive ...02:15
VoiDeThey there, i just upgraded from 8.04 to 8.10. When i boot up i get "ALERT! /dev/mapper/my-root does not exist. Dropping to shell!" however my-root does exist. Any ideas?02:15
ScottKkansan: For that package you don't.  It's a legal requirement you accept the license.02:17
kansanScottK, booh hiss02:17
kansani should be able to automatically select it02:17
ScottKVoiDeT: Wait a minute or two and then type exit.  If that fixes it, I'll help you with a workaround.02:17
ScottKkansan: You should use Free software then.02:17
kansanScottK, i mean i accept it;  but i should be able to pass ina  command line arg that says i agree02:18
ScottKkansan: That's a function of the license and the upstream requirements.02:18
ScottKI guarantee you it wouldn't do that if we didn't have to.02:19
VoiDeTScottK: this is from busybox right? which is the shell that it dropped me to02:19
ScottKVoiDeT: Yes.02:20
ScottKIf it's what I think it is, it'll pick up and continue booting from there.02:20
VoiDeTScottK: ok its booting02:20
ScottKCongratulations.  You and I hit the same kernel bug.02:21
VoiDeT:D YAY02:21
VoiDeTso how did you manage to get around this?02:22
ScottKVoiDeT: Look at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81002:24
ScottKVoiDeT: Specifically "Boot failures on systems with Intel D945 motherboards"02:25
VoiDeToh god thats dodgy02:25
ScottKAt release time we only knew it was D94502:25
ScottKNow it's clear it's much more.02:25
ScottKYeah, well it's a work around.  It's not a fix.02:25
ScottKI have one server still running Hardy because of this.02:25
ScottKGood luck.02:26
VoiDeTim running 2650's02:27
VoiDeTlucky it was only production server02:27
ScottKVoiDeT: You may need to adjust the rootdelay for your box.  90 worked for me when I was doing pre-release testing, but some have needed more.03:14
VoiDeT90 worked fine03:16
VoiDeTlong boot time but >_<03:16
ScottKBoot slow is better than no boot at all.03:17
kansan__adduser: Warning: The home directory `/home/app' does not belong to the user you are currently creating.04:18
kansan__what does that maen?04:18
kansan__how do i: Adding new user `app' (1000) with group `app' ...04:21
[gnubie]is there a way i can install ubuntu-server 8.04 lts amd64 on top of an ubuntu 8.10 i386 laptop? currently, i don't have an amd64 machine at home but i want to prepare configs in advance so that once the amd64 arrives, it will be easy and fast for me to deploy.. any advice?05:48
uzairhey all. what is the best solution people have for running linux servers while having to deal with windows-only apps??05:55
_Ciduzair:  I dont understand the question? :)05:57
_Ciduzair:  you mean ..linux on the server, windows on the desktops?05:57
uzairi was hoping to setup a domain based on a linux server, however i'm having to deal with a couple of windows-only apps. what do most of these mid-large sized companies do for a solution?05:58
uzairclients could be either windows or linux. apparently samba can handle the windows computers and domains. problem is having to deal with win-only apps05:58
_Cidwouldnt the win apps..be installed on a windows box?05:59
_Cidif not ..maybe use vmware?05:59
uzairif i use vmware, then how would clients access it?05:59
_Cidvmwares can run as virtual servers05:59
uzairif say the vmware is on the server -- we're trying to ensure things are centralized05:59
_Cidso they could have hostname and IP etc. etc05:59
_Cidas far as the client is concerned, its a seperate box05:59
uzairand can multiple clients connect to it simultaneously?06:00
uzairwhat os would you run on the vm?06:00
_Cidwell...for windows only apps...I would run windows :)06:00
uzairwould you need a win server or could you get away with a xp pro or something06:00
uzairfunny ;P06:00
_Cidhehe, it depends on the apps06:00
uzairwell, if i need to get a win server, then it is pointless setting up a linux server (except maybe the reliability and security part)06:01
uzairi was tyring to avoid costs06:01
uzairsmall business = small budget o_O06:01
_Cidcouldnt the windows only apps, run on the desktops only06:01
_Cidperhaps using a database or storage on the linux box?06:02
[gnubie]uzair: have a dedicated windows server serving the win32 apps and have it accessible via rdesktop06:03
[gnubie]uzair: convert the desktops to ltsp so that you will have a centralized software management06:05
uzairwould that dedicated win machine be able to take simultaneous connections?06:05
[gnubie]uzair: afaik, yes06:06
uzairhmm. that's what i worry won't happen. no one seems to have a how-to that shows that for some reason :S06:06
[gnubie]uzair: but afaik also, you need to pay for the connection license.. but that will still be cheaper compared of installing it to each and every workstation06:07
uzairconnection license?06:07
[gnubie]uzair: there are lots of them.. try digging more06:07
uzairterminal server cals?? isn't that only on server 2003/2008?06:07
[gnubie]uzair: http://wiki.ltsp.org/06:07
uzairhmm. seems interesting. one other thing. it seems using samba as a pdc is still quite tempermental with win clients huh?06:08
[gnubie]uzair: at the bare minimum, you will need at least 2 servers... one for the windows server who will be serving the win32 apps via rdesktop and the other one is for the ltsp where all the thin clients are directly connected to it..06:09
[gnubie]uzair: the third box will serve the openldap+samba as your pdc06:10
uzairthat's what i expected. i was hoping to pull it off w/ vms. only issue is that i can't figure out how win xp computer will be able to handlie multiple connections06:10
[gnubie]if you also want, have a 4th server that will serve the dhcp, (internal) dns, tftp and xfs services06:11
uzairum, soho -- lol, only dealing with maybe 5 - 10 clients06:12
uzairi think 4 servers may  be overkill06:12
[gnubie]then all your thin clients may be a resurrected legacy pentium 1 with at least 16mb of ram without any secondary storage (diskless)06:13
[gnubie]uzair: if you only have 4 clients to connect, why bother having a pdc?06:13
uzaircentralizes things, plus can keep certain employees on lock-down on what they have access to and stuff06:14
[gnubie]uzair: having only 4 users, don't give much time and complexity to your life, imho06:15
[gnubie]uzair: but if you want, install an ltsp server and all your desktops will be diskless.. no need of having a pdf06:16
uzair[gnubie]: no i hear you. only thing is that we want to make sure company data stays safe if an employee gets up and goes. since employees are often on the move, laptops work06:16
uzairbetter than desktops06:17
uzairso they'll use their own laptops06:17
[gnubie]uzair: with a centralized computing concept like ltsp, all the data are stored on your server.. since all the clients are diskless, they cannot easily upload/download data to/from your server06:18
[gnubie]uzair: if you are only concerned with your documents, better have a document tracking and management system06:18
[gnubie]where you can monitor who did who06:19
uzairlol "who did who" ;)06:19
[gnubie]i mean, who did what06:19
uzairlol i know06:19
uzairjust funny ;P06:19
[gnubie]but it's not a guarantee that your employees cannot have their own copy of your files even if they check-in the files they checked out06:20
uzair[gnubie]: thx for your help. i'll keep this in mind06:21
uzaircheck this out: http://searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com/tip/0,289483,sid39_gci1238129,00.html06:22
uzairi was aiming for this06:22
[gnubie]uzair: the best thing that you may want to consider is to include an NDA on their employment contract06:22
uzairyeah, ceo will be dealing with that aspect :) -- i just do computer work06:22
[gnubie]uzair: other alternative is to setup a linux server with xen or virtualbox06:27
[gnubie]and host your windows apps06:27
uzairxen does that? specific apps only or the whole os like VB or VMware?06:28
[gnubie]uzair: whole OS06:28
uzairand multi connections is supported huh?06:29
[gnubie]uzair: do you want that all users will use the win32 apps centraly?06:29
uzairyes, a number of them06:29
[gnubie]uzair: what applications do you have in mind?06:29
uzairquickbooks (accounting software) & goldmine (crm)06:30
[gnubie]uzair: if that is the case, just install a windows server and install those win32 apps and let your users connect and use those apps over rdesktop06:32
uzairi was trying to see if you could just host the db on a linux file server & run it off win clients. however i like the functionality of having a domain06:32
[gnubie]uzair: for me, i won't bother setting up a pdc just to cater 4 employees06:33
uzairyeah, i'll give it a go at it and see how it turns out. i was trying to do the 2x thing (the link i sent earlier) and see how it works out06:33
uzairjust run a centralized file server huh?06:33
[gnubie]vmware is an OS emulator06:33
uzair[gnubie]: if it was u, you'd only have a centralized file server?06:34
[gnubie]you need to have a linux box as a host, buy and install a vmware server (esx?), buy and install windows server on one vmware image, buy and install all the win32 apps on your windows server inside vmware06:34
uzairhmm. okay. i'll try some of these ideas out. thanks a lot for your help06:36
[gnubie]if those applications are the bread and butter of the company and there are only 4 employees, i will not install linux and buy a license from vmware.. instead, i will just buy a license and install a windows server and from there, install the win32 apps.. then, let the 4 employees connect to the windows server via rdesktop06:36
[gnubie]the idea there is "practicality"06:37
[gnubie]good luck06:37
[gnubie]is there a way i can install ubuntu-server 8.04 lts amd64 on top of an ubuntu 8.10 i386 laptop? currently, i don't have an amd64 machine at home but i want to prepare configs in advance so that once the amd64 arrives, it will be easy and fast for me to deploy.. any advice?06:37
[gnubie]do you think debootstrap is good enough?06:38
[gnubie]please advice06:39
PlaneCrazy1sorry can't help u...would if I could06:39
[gnubie]PlaneCrazy1: no worries.. ;)06:40
PlaneCrazy1I just tried upgrading my 8.04 server to 8.10 and it crashed half way thru the upgrade...:-P06:41
PlaneCrazy1don't know what to do!06:42
uzairwouldn't a vm do that for you? not sure if you can configure the cpu of the vm to emulate a particular one06:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #320777 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32077709:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #310211 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "MySQL table check fails in ANSI mode" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31021110:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #320785 in amavisd-new (universe) "amavisd-new missing dependency (libmail-dkim-perl)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32078510:35
andoldomas: Hi10:37
HellsheepIf i install Ubuntu server, but during the set up fail to install the packages like mail server and what not. Can i install them later? Or should i re-install all together11:11
andolHellsheep: you can easily install the afterwards.11:16
andolHellsheep: Besides installing on a single package basis there is also a program called tasksel which basicly gives you the same grouped options as during the install11:16
persiaActually, the install uses tasksel to present that interface11:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #319911 in ubuntu "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1 (dup-of: 316849)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31991111:20
Hellsheepandol, how do i install them then?11:23
andolHellsheep: on a package basis or by using tasksel?11:24
Hellsheepor even package11:24
HellsheepThe way where i have to download the least amount of things11:25
andolHellsheep: Just run the command "sudo tasksel" and it will give you about the same menu (actually with a few more options) as during the install.11:25
HellsheepThank you.11:25
andolHellsheep: Of course, you might also have to do some configuration :)11:26
HellsheepI figured that, i'll slowly work it out hopefully.11:26
andolSee https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/email-services.html and/or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer11:26
HellsheepOh, it's not jut the mail server i want. :)11:27
andolHellsheep: Well, if you look in that general direction you'll find all kinds of useful documentation :)11:27
Hellsheep:) ty11:28
Hellsheepandol, could you suggest a few things for me possibly?11:36
HellsheepI'm planning on using my Ubuntu server as a file sharing sort of server. Also hoping to use it as a firewall/router. I was planning on having the net going through to modem to the server then to a switch then out to all the computers.11:38
HellsheepIs there any specific packages i should install for that?11:39
HellsheepOther than file sharing11:39
HellsheepAlso planning on hosting a ventrillo server on it.11:39
ivoksget rp-pppoe from the internet11:43
domashi! I'm getting various kswapd deadlocks on our machines, like this one: http://p.defau.lt/?AftWGQnCtD1G80ZjIr7cyg - it seems any VFS pressure can cause this...11:43
domasany ideas?11:43
ivoks'CPU#0 stuck for 11s!' doesn't sound good11:44
domasshould I just try using 2.6.28 anywhere?11:44
Hellsheep When using sudo tasksel, do i need the Live CD in the drive?11:53
HellsheepOr does it download it off the internet?11:54
domasit will download off the internet11:55
HellsheepThat's going to take forever11:55
HellsheepOn dialup11:55
domaswell, if you have cdrom, it will work too11:56
HellsheepIf i put the CD in will it read from there first?11:56
domasyes, if there are no updates11:56
domasif there are updates, it will download them off the intertubes11:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #320810 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.1 None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/mysql-server-5.1.list] failed to install/upgrade: prøver å skrive over «/usr/sbin/mysqld», som også finnes i pakken mysql-server-core-5.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32081012:40
[gnubie]is there a way i can install ubuntu-server 8.04 lts amd64 on top of an ubuntu 8.10 i386 laptop? currently, i don't have an amd64 machine at home but i want to prepare configs in advance so that once the amd64 arrives, it will be easy and fast for me to deploy.. any advice?13:22
maxb[gnubie]: You cannot run amd64 binaries unless both your CPU and your running kernel support it. So, I'm fairly sure the answer is an outright "no"13:44
maxbHowever, will the configs really be all that different?13:45
ivoksconfiguration will be the same13:45
andol[gnubie]: Well, if nothing else Virtualbox 2.1 has experimental support to run 64-bits guests on a 32-bit hostsystem.13:46
maxbooh, how does it manage that? Very slowly, I imagine?13:47
andolmaxb: No idea, I didn't even know it was possible.13:47
andol[gnubie]: Still, as maxb says, almost all configuration should be the same.13:47
andolohh, I guess it was ivoks who said that, sorry :)13:48
uvirtbotNew bug: #320831 in drbd8 (universe) "[jaunty] Update drbd8 to 8.3.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32083113:50
ivoksdrbd8 is in universe?13:52
ivoksit's not... uvirtbot explain your self :D13:53
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=== Guest91249 is now known as maxbaldwin
domasargh, another deadlock: http://p.defau.lt/?XpVljy4JCy1aPECnBv7ilw14:46
domascan such deadlocks in multiple places be some motherboard chip bugs? like memory management, etc?14:47
domasor CPU barrier bug?14:47
domasother deadlock at similar time on another machine: http://p.defau.lt/?A_FG4J__2fq_IXyXWWOXyQ14:49
andolScottK-desktop: Regarding the result of bug #311277 (amavisd-new). Is there some kind of explicit standard regarding whatever a purge should remove the packages user or not?14:56
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 311277 in amavisd-new "amavisd-new broken user (again) Intrepid" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31127714:56
[gnubie]maxb: thanks.. sorry for the late reply.. ;)15:01
[gnubie]andol: ok.. thanks.. sorry for the late reply..  ;)15:02
ScottKandol: Debian/Ubuntu policy describes what purge should do.  It talks about purging config files, not users.15:12
ScottKandol: The general case it worries about is if more than one package uses the same user and then one package removes the user, pain ensues.15:14
andolScottK: Ok, thanks.15:14
* andol really should start reading up on those policies.15:15
maxbWould you not normally expect a purge to leave the system in a state as if the package had never been installed, though?15:15
ScottKandol: Amavisd-new has it's legacy in amavis, amavisd, and finally amavisd-new.15:15
ScottKmaxb: If you expect that you haven't read policy.15:15
ScottKAll those packages used the same user.15:15
andolScottK: Yeah, then I guess the extra install-precations makes/made sense.15:15
ScottKSo there's an assumption built in to the current package (now obsolete) that it can't assume which was around before.15:15
ScottKAt this point you'd have had to cross grade from Sarge to Dapper, upgraded to Hardy and not switched for it to be a problem.15:17
ScottKI'm going to have a look at seeing about ripping it out for Jaunty, but I don't think it's SRU worthy for Intrepid and I'm not comfortable with it for Hardy.15:18
ScottKandol: ^^15:18
andolScottK: got it15:18
[gnubie]gtg now.. thanks..15:19
andolScottK: How busy are you right now? Do you mind if I ask about the reasoning behind bug #320785? It's really not that important to me, but I would be nice to understand some more :)15:23
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 320785 in amavisd-new "amavisd-new missing dependency (libmail-dkim-perl)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32078515:23
ScottKandol: Shoot.15:24
ScottKI thought I was clear in the bug, but go ahead...15:24
andolScottK: Regarding you answer. What's the diffrence between kind having DKIM in the default config, since recommends is used by default, but not supporting it as a "hard dependency"?15:25
ScottKIf you don't want DKIM, with it as a recommends, you can remove it and change the config.15:26
domasafter 6 years of not compiling kernels I'm back doing it again :(15:26
ScottKIf it's a hard depends, then you can't remove it without removing amavisd-new.15:26
ScottKandol: In Debian it's a Suggests and not enabled by default.15:27
andolScottK: True. Just not used to Recommends being used by default I guess. Thanks for taking your time.15:27
ScottKNo problem.15:27
ScottKIt's really the way it should have been all along, but it takes some getting used to.15:28
domasScottK: how to get minor bugs like https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/oprofile/+bug/251290 fixed? :) should I just suggest to merge in some patches?15:28
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 251290 in oprofile "Oprofile fails to load vmlinux image if binutils is not installed" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:28
andolScottK: Well, my very personal opinion is that it makes kind of sense on Desktops but that I would prefer not to have it on servers.15:28
ScottKdomas: If you want to get that fixed, make is easy for a sponsor by making a debdiff, attaching it to the bug and then subscribing ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug.15:30
domasergh, I just had another ubuntu kernel deadlock15:31
domassucks to use greatest and nicest hardware :)15:32
domasnc/kswapd deadlocked15:32
domasnc doesn't do any file i/o ;(15:32
domaswhat kind of VFS pressure could it have?15:32
domaswe have canonical support contract, but they want to install some magic system management tool15:32
domaswhich we're hesitant to do :(15:33
andoldomas: kind of understand that feeling :)15:33
domasit seems I'm hitting every possible edge case in VM code15:34
domashehe, maybe I'm hitting some gcc-4.2.3 bug %) it inlined some of mysql code incorrectly in -O3 too!15:41
domasI'd love to know this stuff, rather than speculate15:42
domasbtw, UUIDs for filesystems on servers suck15:55
ScottKNot if you have more than one drive in the box.15:57
ScottKWithout is you end up with the BIOS, GRUB, and the OS disagreeing about what drive is which.15:58
domasservers have RAID controllers!15:58
domasI have a habit to reformat filesystems whenever I can15:59
domasthis ends up changing UUIDs15:59
domas(it is much nicer to start with empty filesystem that doesn't have any cruft in internal structures ;-)16:03
Mechill-enginiamay i ask some question?16:10
Mechill-enginiaif the ubuntu provide their own server?16:11
Mechill-enginiasori i'm a newnies in linux16:11
domasserver distribution? yes16:11
Mechill-enginiathe server is for education or for business?16:11
Mechill-enginiawhat the meaning of server distribution'16:12
Mechill-enginiawhat the meaning of server distribution?16:12
domasit is software you run on your hardware, to have a server!16:13
Mechill-enginiadon't be mad16:13
Mechill-enginiacan i have my own server with ubuntu?16:14
domasyes, you can download and install it.16:14
Mechill-enginiaand use my computer as a server?16:14
domasif you want16:14
domasyou can use desktop distribution as a server too16:14
domasthen you will be able to use your computer for other work too!16:15
Mechill-enginiai think my computer performance can slow down if i make them to server16:15
domasit may!16:15
Mechill-enginiaso another solution?16:15
domaswhat do you want to do?16:15
Mechill-enginiai want to have my own website hosting16:16
Mechill-enginiai want to learn how to make it16:16
Mechill-enginiabut, it is okay?16:16
Mechill-enginiabecause now my laptop use fedora 1016:17
Mechill-enginianot ubuntu..16:17
* domas kicks dpkg-deb for being slowass16:18
cjwatsondomas: we know that UUIDs have their downsides, but the alternative is many systems (yes, including many servers) being unbootable after upgrades or even just on reboots when SCSI devices appear in a different order, which is much worse16:19
domasdevices, not filesystems!16:19
cjwatsondomas: you are entirely free to use filesystem labels if you prefer, which would be more stable; we can't assign those by default though16:20
domasI know it is me being lazy16:20
domasI guess preseed doesn't support labels, or something like that16:20
cjwatsondevices, not filesystems> what's your point? there's no way in general for Ubuntu to tell which filesystem is which16:20
domascause we'd do them otherwise16:20
domasergh, devices, not partitions16:20
domasbut I guess thats the downside of sda/sdb/sdc/... alphabetic naming16:21
cjwatsonall the schemes have their downsides16:21
cjwatsonI posted a summary of all the problems on debian-boot not that long ago16:21
domasfor me all it takes is getting to mgmt, starting serial console and fixing it, whenever I mess it up16:21
domasthough on all our servers data filesystem ends up being /dev/sda6 (or something in LVM)16:22
cjwatsonpreseeding actually does support filesystem labels16:22
cjwatsonhowever, we don't use them for /etc/fstab when available; this is a bug16:22
cjwatsoni.e. you can say label{ foo } in a partman recipe16:23
domasmhm, right16:24
domasI'm too lazy to change partman recipe to switch from jfs to xfs (why I actually end up breaking UUIDs quite often :)16:24
domasthanks for hint though16:24
cjwatsonoddly, there was no bug about the fact that we don't use labels in /etc/fstab when they're available16:26
cjwatsonI've filed bug 320871 for that16:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 320871 in partman-target "should use labels rather than UUIDs if they exist" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32087116:26
domasboth labels and UUIDs are awesome if you have same data seen via multiple layers (e.g. DRBD)16:52
ivoksdomas: you use drbd?17:02
RyderI have installed the openssh package17:11
RyderHow do i use putty or telnet to ssh into my server from a windows machine?17:12
ivoksdid you install openssh-server?17:12
RyderYes, i forgot one thing first, what is the command to configure DHCP first?17:12
ivoksdhcp server?17:13
=== Ryder is now known as Hellsheep
HellsheepSorry, no.17:13
HellsheepWhen i installed Ubuntu server17:13
ivoksor just to pick up an IP from existing dhcp server17:13
HellsheepI had to unplug the lan cable17:13
HellsheepSo the network was set to disabled17:13
Hellsheepi fixed that, except yesterday someone gave me a command to "configure" the dhcp17:14
ivoksdhclient eth017:14
ivokssudo dhclient eth017:14
ivoksbut that will work only untill you reboot that server17:14
HellsheepAh okay17:16
HellsheepThat's okay though.17:16
HellsheepI added the text into the /etc/network/interface17:16
Hellsheepauth eth017:16
ivoksthen you should already have an IP17:17
Hellsheepi forgot to plug in the ethernet cable17:17
Hellsheepssh magically worked once i plugged that in too =P17:18
ivoksit's pure magic17:18
HellsheepI feel dumb now.17:19
HellsheepOh one question i do have.17:19
HellsheepIs i re-installed Ubuntu17:19
HellsheepBut it didn't over right the old one like i expected.17:19
HellsheepNow grub boot loader has 2 OS's i can load.17:19
HellsheepHow do i remove the old install?17:19
ivoksit didn't overwrite the old one?17:20
ivoksare you sure?17:20
HellsheepIt seems not.17:20
HellsheepBecause the boot loader shows 2 installs17:20
HellsheepI haven't tried loading the old one.17:21
ivoksthere are multiple operating systems or two kernels?17:21
HellsheepBut it's there apparently17:21
HellsheepTo be honest, i am not sure. I haven't tried loading the old one.17:21
HellsheepI don't think the whole operating system would still be there.17:21
HellsheepBut who knows17:21
ivokspaste your /boot/grub/menu.lst on paste.ubuntu.com17:21
HellsheepAh okay, how do i do multiple things at once on ubuntu via ssh without actually cancelling the other things it's doing?17:22
HellsheepIs it the same as being on the server computer?17:22
Hellsheepctrl+alt+F2 etc17:23
ivoksstart another ssh client/putty17:23
Hellsheepah kk17:23
persiaOr run screen in your ssh session ...17:25
HellsheepOn the new install of Ubuntu, menu.lst has nothing in it17:25
Hellsheepat all17:25
ivokshow is that possible? :)17:26
HellsheepIt could be using grub from the old install?17:26
HellsheepCould it*17:27
ivoksit could, but you would be very lucky guy if that's actually working17:27
HellsheepWell, i did notice the second time around, the ubuntu install didn't seem to install grub17:28
Hellsheepit just seemed to ask me if i wanted to add the new install to the mbr and allow grub boot loader to ask you which os to boot into17:28
ivokswhy didn't you reinstall on the same disk/partition?17:29
HellsheepThat's a good question.17:30
HellsheepThe explanation is probably because its 4am17:30
HellsheepAny way i can fix this without a total reinstall again?17:30
ivoksyes, you can17:30
ivoksbut it might require some knowledge of grub :)17:31
HellsheepWhich i don't have. =P17:31
Hellsheepivoks, would you be willing to help me if you have the knowledge?17:36
ivoksHellsheep: i would, but don't have time at the moment17:37
HellsheepOkay, no problem.17:38
HellsheepJust a question17:42
HellsheepCould ConfigServer and Security be overkill for a home linux server?17:43
HellsheepConfigserver Security and Firewall*17:44
didrocksjdstrand: around? :)18:18
uvirtbotNew bug: #287256 in openssh (main) "hardy ppc (ports.ubuntu.com) includes broken (old) openssh-client package which only generates comprimized keys." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28725618:21
techsupporthi , can i use a cp command with visible files being compied ?19:20
kobrientechsupport, please explain19:29
techsupportkobrien, i think what i need is cp -v19:29
techsupportto observe whats being done19:29
kobriendo you just want the names of the files printed as you copy or do you want a progress bar?19:34
kobriencp -v will list the names as they're copied19:35
tonyyarussoI keep getting connection refused errors from the bacula director when trying to connect to the file or storage daemons (same machine).  Could someone help troubleshoot that?19:42
ivoksi could19:43
ivoksfirst of all, which version of ubuntu?19:43
tonyyarussoMy errors look like this: "24-Jan 13:45 flamtap.com-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: bsock.c:129 Unable to connect to Storage daemon on flamtap.com:9103. ERR=Connection refused"19:48
ivoksconnection refused19:49
ivoksiirc, by default, storage daemon listens on localhost19:50
ivokslook for SDAddress variable in bacula-sd.conf19:50
ivokssd is on the same machine as dir?19:51
tonyyarusso"bacula-sd.conf:  SDAddress ="19:51
tonyyarussoYes, all components are on the same machine so far.19:51
ivokscomment out that SDAddress19:51
tonyyarusso(Fresh installation of bacula - just getting going)19:51
ivoksand restart bacula-sd19:51
tonyyarussoI got a connection now "status storage" in bconsole gives job info.19:52
ivoksso, it works19:53
tonyyarussoappears to, on that front at least19:54
tonyyarussoHaving a similar issue with the FD19:54
ivoks'status all'19:54
ivoksif everything scrolls down, then everything is ok19:54
tonyyarussoConnecting to Client flamtap.com-fd at flamtap.com:910219:56
tonyyarussoFailed to connect to Client flamtap.com-fd.19:56
ivoksin bacula-fd.conf19:56
tonyyarussocomment it out as before?19:56
tonyyarussoStill failed.  (and yes, I restarted -fd)19:57
ivoksin 8.10 and 9.04 those variables are left out19:57
tonyyarusso24-Jan 13:54 flamtap.com-dir JobId 0: Fatal error: bsock.c:129 Unable to connect to Client: flamtap.com-fd on flamtap.com:9102. ERR=Connection refused19:58
ivokstry telnet flamtap.com:9102 910219:59
ivokstry telnet flamtap.com 910219:59
tonyyarussoconnection refused20:00
ivoksthen you didn't comment out FDAddress20:01
ivoksor you have firewall20:01
tonyyarussoWell, there's the built in firewall on Ubuntu, plus we do have a firewall between this and the outside (although I wouldn't think that would matter when connecting to itself)20:02
ivoksufw by default isn't on20:02
ivoksnetstat -nlt | grep 910220:02
tonyyarussotcp        0      0*               LISTEN20:03
ivoksthere you go, it still listens on
tonyyarussoWell, the file reads "#  FDAddress ="20:04
ivokspaste your bacula-fd.conf on paste.ubuntu.com20:05
ivokshide passwords20:05
ivoksand IPs20:05
ivoksthis looks ok20:08
tonyyarussohang on a sec, lemme try restarting everything without bconsole running20:08
ivoksstop everything20:09
ivoksand check if there is bacula-fd running20:09
tonyyarussoAHA - root     16131  0.0  0.0  43784   968 ?        Ssl   2008   0:00 /usr/sbin/bacula-fd -c /etc/bacula/bacula-fd.conf20:11
tonyyarussoShould I just kill that?20:11
ivoksyes :)20:12
tonyyarussoyippee, the netstat output went away20:12
tonyyarussoNow it's happy in 'status all'.20:13
ivoksyou have used bacula before?20:13
tonyyarussoNope.  We're just getting started.20:14
ivoksi see20:14
ivoksbacula is very powerfull tool20:14
ivoksmaybe a bit complex to set up20:14
ivoksbe sure to install bacula packages from proposed repository for hardy20:15
ivoksthere are some fixes20:15
tonyyarussoeep, proposed?  Any idea how long until they make it to updates?20:16
ivoksi hope during next month20:17
ivoksbut those are really important fixes20:17
ivoksso i would suggest pulling bacula from that repo20:17
tonyyarussoWill it kill me to wait until then to get those fixes?  (It's a production system)20:17
ivokstrust my, i do bacula packaging :)20:17
tonyyarussoNow you're testing my apt config skills :P20:18
ivoksdpkg -l | grep bacula20:18
ivoksenable proposed20:18
ivoksupdate, and apt-get install packages from dpkg -l |grep bacula20:19
tonyyarussoThat's so unelegant though!  (but functional, I'll grant you that)20:19
tonyyarussoWhat I'd like to do is get them pinned so it always does that while leaving the rest alone20:20
ivokswell, install bacula and disable proposed20:20
tonyyarussoThe backports wiki page seems to have the info I need to accomplish that for the long run.20:21
ivokstonyyarusso: which backend do you use? mysql? pgsql?20:22
ivoksi think 4 or 5 bugs are fixed in proposed20:22
ivoksmost of them in mysql backend20:22
ivoksactually, most of them are in pgsql, but there are some 'generic' problems20:24
tonyyarussoivoks: oh, btw - in bacula-sd.conf, within a device definition of Media Type = File, what is Archive Device supposed to be?20:33
ivokserr... directory20:33
tonyyarussoOh.  Duh.20:33
tonyyarussoIt came blank by default and was yapping about that.20:34
MatBoydoes someone know a bashscript ot set a static address for network ?20:44
ivoksifconfig eth0 netmask up20:45
ivoksroute add default gw
ivoksecho "nameserver" > /etc/resolv.conf20:46
MatBoyivoks: ok, I need to put that in a bash with some questions than :)20:47
ivokswell, that depends on what you want :D20:47
MatBoyI want to change hostnames and ipstuff for servers that I clone20:47
MatBoyso, I have a simple setup20:47
cjwatsonwould be more usual to use /etc/network/interfaces; see the interfaces(5) manual page20:47
MatBoyjust basic one20:47
MatBoycjwatson: yes possible too, but what ivoks says is easier to put in a script20:48
ivokscjwatson: of course20:48
cjwatsonMatBoy: you can perfectly well edit /etc/network/interfaces from a script20:48
ivoksMatBoy: but interfaces are 'the right way'20:48
cjwatsonMatBoy: and it will probably save you a good deal of other effort further down the line20:48
MatBoyivoks: what is "right" in life :(20:49
ivoksMatBoy: Ubuntu ;)20:49
MatBoyyes, that is true !20:49
MatBoydebian is not nice for servers anymore :(20:49
MatBoyor you need to run testing20:49
MatBoyas I did before sarge beacme stable20:49
MatBoyivoks: actually because it's older, it has some unfixed bugs in packages20:50
MatBoycjwatson: but is the interfaces file not changed using the way ivoks told ?20:52
MatBoyivoks: indeed, that is odd20:53
ivoksit's not20:53
ivoksifupdown is debian tool20:53
ivoksifconfig is... unix tool20:53
MatBoyyep true20:53
MatBoybut I wasn't sure20:54
ivoksmaybe integrating network manager into server...20:54
cjwatsonifupdown (inc. interfaces) is a layer over ifconfig and friends that deals with bringing network interfaces up and down at appropriate times during boot20:54
cjwatsonyou can of course try to do it yourself, but you will find that you have to deal with quite a bit of tedious boot ordering stuff20:54
cjwatsonits manual page should help you to understand20:55
MatBoycjwatson: I know how to set a static ip address in the file, but I want to fully automate it... so I'm investigating what'sthe best way20:56
MatBoycjwatson: does ifconfig need to set every item, like subnet/gateway and so on, per item or can you add them all in one line ?21:07
ivoksifconfig can't set up gateway21:10
ivoksthere's route for that21:10
MatBoyyes true21:11
MatBoybut I ask myself also if itś wise to use route and not set a gatewat like you can do in interfaces21:11
ivoksi think iproute would be better for those thinks, if you don't want to use /etc/network/interfaces21:11
MatBoywhy not ?21:12
dalegribblehi, can anyone tell me which repository to use to obtain an apache 1.x version in 8.04?21:48
dalegribblefound it here, thansk https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache21:54
_identityhey, I'm thinking of setting up a home server to store media and backup information on as well as using it to access files over the internet, would Ubuntu server be the best choice for me?22:10
_identityWell I guess you don't really know what's best for me, but is it suitable for my needs? Are there any other recommendations?22:15
p_quarles_identity: it will do that job fine; but so will just about any Linux distro or even OS; that is very basic stuff22:18
_identityp_quarles: thanks :) I think I'll use ubuntu. Are there any guides or walkthroughs to help me through the installation and setup processes?22:20
_identityjust found the server support documentation :)22:21
p_quarles_identity: you're probably going to want to set up Samba22:22
p_quarlesthat will give you a file server compatible with any OS22:22
_identityyes I thought so. Will i need an FTP server for interenet access?22:23
p_quarleswell, that's one way; no reason you can't access SMB shares over the internet, though22:25
_identityp_quarles: ok, well I'll read through the documentation and see if I have anymore questions. Thanks :)22:26

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