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lfaraoneogasawara: odd, S/R just magically started working on intrepid... <_<;15:17
ogasawaralfaraone:  that's good to hear :)  did you pull in any updates?16:51
lfaraoneogasawara: yeah. no idea what fixed it, though.16:53
lfaraoneogasawara: fyi, I'm getting the new intrepid kernel from proposed, will report with what I find.16:54
ogasawaralfaraone: ok thanks16:54
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kobrienhi, I'm interested in doing some testing for Ubuntu. I usually download the beta versions when they are released but I'd like to do some alpha work. I've read the testing section in the wiki and am about to begin. Anyone have any advice for a new tester?17:30
persiakobrien, It's handy to test on a spare machine, or in a virtual machine, to avoid reinstalling one's environment frequently.17:32
persiaIf you've not already, you probably want to look at the ISO tracker, make sure you're registered, and review some of the test cases you're planning to cover.17:34
kobrienpersia, thanks for the advice.17:35
persiaThere's several different kinds of testing, which require slightly different environments.  There's ISO testing, which involves running declared test cases against given images.17:35
persiaThere's updates testing, which includes both verification that fixes work, and testing for regressions from -proposed.17:35
persiaAnd there's testing the development release, in which you just install an Alpha, try to use it for your regular work, and report all the problems you find in the bug tracker.17:36
persiaThanks for helping to test :)17:36
kobrienIn ISO testing, are the tests prewritten?17:37
persiaThere are a number of prewritten test cases.  There could be more, if you'd like to help write them.17:39
kobrien:) I'll start with the prewritten.17:40
persiaI remember hearing of a plan to move them somewhere else, but I believe https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Cases should provide some of a list.17:40
kobrienyes, I've found some useful docs in the wiki, thanks.17:41
kobrienok, thanks persia. I'm good to go.17:58

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