sisterbluemy logitech pro 4000 webcam is not found in the flash player 10 and I have ubuntu 8,10 -- can anyone help ?00:00
dpawe3lwill help in any problem for pes 2009 on ubuntu :)00:00
johnny2are yu ook00:00
johnny2wh ou oca nspea kfro here00:01
RencxJack_Sparrow, ok i hope it will work for me, nex one i neec change some setings to see long letersin latvian.00:01
Jack_Sparrowjohnny2 Please stop00:01
oCean_johnny2: do you have a question?00:01
AraneidaeOk.  cdparanoia understands the disk, evidently dd is too low level or something00:01
Jack_Sparrow!ru > johnny200:01
ubottujohnny2, please see my private message00:01
johnny2i am from grecce00:01
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes00:01
AraneidaeAnyone know how to tell cdparanoia to produce a .iso file?  (Or am I barking up the wrong tree?)00:01
smokieoCean_, that worked liek a charm. i have one last question, do i have to use echo " " on every new sentence?00:02
johnny2i dodn now goosd onglis ok00:02
johnny2 sory00:02
puffAraneidae: Idaknow cdparanoia, of the various tools I found brasero to be the easiest to understand and use.00:02
johnny2woh u oca nspeak from here00:02
puffAraneidae: Oh wait, you're talking about reading a Cd, not about writing one?00:02
puffAraneidae: In which case, I have no idea, sorry.00:02
nickrud!gr | johnny200:02
ubottujohnny2: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes00:02
oCean_smokie: if you're not using special characters, the " are not really needed. However in the example I used the "\c", that does require the quotes00:03
Araneidaepuff, I want to copy -- but I've decided to split the job into its two parts!00:03
jussi01johnny2: type: /join #ubuntu-gr00:03
smokieoCean_, how do i do then if want to type like 3 sentences in a row instead of one long one? do i use echo 3 times?00:04
smokiein 3 lines00:04
RencxJack_Sparrow, we raly need talk somwhere00:04
JimmeyWhat's the best way to improve the speed of my torrents? I have the correct ports forwarded from my router/open on my computer, but I still don't seem to be able to download at greater than 70KBPS using transmission00:04
kakihi all , im new in ubuntu or i dont know how im callin to this ,00:04
kakican someone help me?00:04
kakican someone help me?00:04
dpawe3lJimmey --- find a private tracker00:04
oCean_smokie: the "\n" is for a newline. See "man echo" for other options00:05
kakii want to forgeries some channels00:05
kakihow im doing it00:05
kakihow im doing it00:05
kakii want to forgeries some channels00:05
puffAraneidae: Yea, I haven't really worked on copying.00:05
kakihow im doing it00:05
Jimmeydpawe3l, what's that?00:05
smokieoCean_, yeah got it cool00:05
smokiehas to start with -e first though before the quotes00:05
woltermy assogiate does not assign icons to the file types... is anybody else getting the same malfunction?00:05
DarkTan`i am having a problem with my graphics card. I used Dual screens on my laptop and mw i'm stuck on 640x480 res00:06
oCean_smokie: yes, if you want to use the special characters, that is00:06
dpawe3lJimmey its some of the trackers what nedd to be sponsored by uploading some datas00:06
sisterblueflashplayer10 is not finding my logitech pro 4000 webcam -- i am using ubuntu 8.10 -- can anyone help ??00:08
drashJimmey: torrent speed is a very complex issue, you could experiment tweaking the maximum peers limits, activate peer-exchange etc... does transmission report your port as opened in the prefs pane (network)00:08
Jack_Sparrowsisterblue Did you check to see if your cam is supported00:08
soreausisterblue: Does any program find your webcam?00:08
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:09
LakesProsehow do I, via command line, see how much space I have in a folder ? I know  'free' shows free space but I want to know for a mounted hdd00:09
dpawe3lsisterblue --read this may help http://www.noah.org/wiki/Logitech_QuickCam_Pro_4000_on_Ubuntu00:09
Jack_Sparrow!br > FHABIO00:09
ubottuFHABIO, please see my private message00:09
sisterblueJack sparrow -- not sure where to look for that --00:09
Jimmeydrash, it does, yeah. Maybe it's something to do with my network card because to be honest, it never used to run this slow in my old computer...Do you know how I might check that?00:09
Jack_Sparrowsisterblue I posted the link right after your question00:10
soreauLakesProse: du -s -c -h <dir>00:10
RencxJack_Sparrow, ty for program it is grate i check out som small videos it made them wery good... :)00:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about automount00:10
LakesProsesoreau: wow ok! thanks00:10
drashjimmey: hang on, i have a link somewhere that has a few things you could check, brb00:10
Jack_SparrowRencx Glad it helped, sorry I didnt have time to help you with it more than I did00:10
soreauLakesProse: Actually, that tells you the size of the contents, not the space left00:10
sisterbluesoreau yes program does find webcam using camorama00:11
soreauLakesProse: To see the space for everything do df -h00:11
oCean_LakesProse: and 'free' tells you about memory, not disk space00:11
sisterblueJack Sparrow  checking out url00:11
RencxJack_Sparrow, can we talk in some place about one language problem?00:11
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dpawe3lsisterblue read my linkk it WILL help u00:12
soreausisterblue: See the links ubottu gave https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras00:12
Jack_SparrowRencx Not right now, I need some time to get some things done00:12
Jack_Sparrowdpawe3l agreed00:12
sirjoebobhello all. anyone know of a cli client for p2p networks00:12
soreausisterblue: Or the one dpawe3l gave you00:12
RencxJack_Sparrow, write me laiter00:12
soreausirjoebob: What are you trying to do exactly?00:13
sisterblueJack Sparrow/soreau yes looks like the logitech quickcam pro 400o is supported but under the driver has pwc?  listed00:13
HansumWhen I boot ubuntu, i get a black screen -_-00:13
saharchukcan someone help me?00:13
saharchukcan someone help me?00:13
HansumHow do fix that?00:13
sirjoebobsoreau, I have a server at home running Ubuntu server edition and want to be able to download files from networks like Limewire without launching a hefty GUI application. I already have transmissioncli for torrents but wondered if there was a cli program like limewire00:14
kristjin76Hello folks, thx in advance for your advice. I've got 2 ATI 4850 1GB cards in crossfire on my system, but so far, I've been unable to activate crossfire.  It's just not an option in catalyst control center.  Does anyone know if crossfire is supported in ubuntu or not?  I have searched for an answer on google, but have been unable to find an answer.00:14
sensayteis the "Only allow local connections" option broken for Remote Desktop? netstat only shows it listening on ip6-localhost:5900 so i can't ssh tunnel in00:15
oCean_!ask > saharchuk00:15
ubottusaharchuk, please see my private message00:15
sirjoebobDoes anyone know how to use p2p networks over cli?00:15
sisterbluesoreau  i read the community/webcam page which was forwarded both by you and Jack Sparrow00:15
_jasis there a file somewhere that determines the fontsize of the virtual terminals?00:15
_jasmine seem to be scrolling off the screen00:15
saharchukcan someone help me?00:15
drashJimmey: Still looking for the link, but in the mean time, you could check your /etc/sysctl.conf, i believe ubuntu's defaults still use dsl connection speed settings. If you've got broadband you can tweak those settings...00:16
puffHey, i just installed the LAMP tools, specifically sudo aptitude install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server-5.000:16
LakesProseOkay, I'm confused. I have 3 HDDs. one mounted in /media/backpack, one mounted in /media/timevault and one that is /00:16
saharchukcan u answer me how im whois myself from QuakeNet to this server?00:16
LakesProseyet when type in fdisk -l, it only lists two drives00:16
=== lance_ is now known as Guest31011
puffOn a vanilla ibex install.00:16
saharchukcan u answer me how im whois myself from QuakeNet to this server?00:16
Jimmeydrash, thanks I'll look.00:16
drashJimmey: ok, i'll get the link in the mean time00:16
dpawe3lsirjoebob try amulecli00:16
sirjoebobi just looked that one up and am installing it now. thanks for the tip00:17
puffAnd then I restarted apache, then installed a php app.  Everything went fine, and when I ask for http://localhost/beta1/index.php it works fine, but when I ask for http://localhost/beta1 firefox tells me apache wants me to download a PHTML file.00:17
kristjin76Anybody know anything on that?00:17
\kiraWhen I start up ubuntu, grub freezes at stage1.5 and reports error 18. The grub website says this is a issue were "Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS" even though I havnt changed much. Someone else was using the system, but it froze half way through loading ubuntu, then she did a hard restart, and the GRUB problem appeared. Any help?00:18
jNoxxHas anybody seen jim_p?00:18
jNoxxI have lot of problems with my radeon hd347000:18
kristjin76Sorry if I'm asking too frequently.  Can anyone provide me with info about crossfire in ubuntu?00:18
oCean_!info crossfire00:19
ubottuPackage crossfire does not exist in intrepid00:19
oCean_!info crossfire-server00:19
ubottucrossfire-server (source: crossfire): Server for Crossfire Games. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11.0-2 (intrepid), package size 935 kB, installed size 2476 kB00:19
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>00:19
jNoxxcatalyst cc not works.00:19
Mood!info vsftpd00:19
ubottuvsftpd (source: vsftpd): The Very Secure FTP Daemon. In component main, is extra. Version 2.0.7-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 96 kB, installed size 400 kB00:19
kristjin76Is crossfire-server a tool for enabling crossfire-x on ati cards?00:19
jNoxx8.12 too00:19
jNoxxMy radeon Vista edition works fine with 8.0400:20
jNoxxBut vista (00:20
jNoxxhd 347000:20
kristjin76Hey, jNoxx: have you completely rebooted since you installed catalyst?00:20
kristjin76My CCC wouldn't start until I did so.00:20
jNoxxI have no problems in my 8.0400:20
jNoxxBut 8.1000:20
kristjin76I seem to be able to get into CCC, but there is no crossfire option for my two 4850 1GB  cards.00:21
Mood!info crossfire00:21
ubottuPackage crossfire does not exist in intrepid00:21
jNoxxBut never seen in any blog or website00:22
dpawe3lubottu package not ,source yes00:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:22
jNoxxMy videocard with linux)00:22
jNoxxOnly vista.00:22
drashJimmey: here you go http://kmandla.wordpress.com/2008/05/04/howto-set-up-hardy-for-speed/ .. you'll have to download the HTML version locally to get to the tweak concerning broadband connection settings00:22
CoJaBo-VistaIs there an up-to-date guide on how to install Ubuntu on software RAID?00:22
jNoxxSo, with my videocard its impossible00:23
woltercan i run my existing vista installation from a virtual box?00:23
jNoxxBut i can not understand00:23
jNoxxWhy it works in 8.04?00:23
sisterbluedepaw31  --  so do i need to find a pwc driver?  I am a newbie and do not fully understand the posted instructions? (sorry)00:23
jNoxx7.4 x-server works correct in my 8.04/00:23
kristjin76Well, one more time, I'll ask.00:23
dxdemetrioucan I have a user that can use update manager but to cannot have full access to the system like mounting and modify internal partitions? like limited user that can make updates and install programs?00:23
Moodcrossfire graphics look like ultima iv circa 198600:23
kristjin76HOPEFULLY SOMEONE WILL ANSWER ME THIS TIME:  Can anyone provide me with information on enabling crossfire-x for dual ati 4850 1gb cards?00:24
kristjin76Mood:  I'm not asking about a game.00:24
dpawe3lsisterblue, just type it in your terminal, this is step by step instruction with explanation00:24
Moodkristjin76: i'll ask the obvious: did you not find support on google?00:25
kristjin76I didn't.00:25
sisterbluedpaw31  ok I will try them -- and they will work for 8.10 also?00:25
kristjin76I searched for crossfire in linux, crossfire ubuntu, etc.00:25
dpawe3lsisterblue : install build-essential first00:25
kristjin76But nothing gave any clear answers.00:25
Moodyou can keep trying in this chan, or you may want to try ##hardware00:26
kristjin76JNoxx says it isn't supported by the ati drivers and probably won't be.00:26
kristjin76Thanks, mood.00:26
jNoxxATI said00:26
Moodis it a driver issue you think?00:26
jNoxxThat released00:26
sisterbluedpawe31  is that what i enter in the terminal then first  install build-essential    ??00:26
jNoxxBut it is false)00:26
Moodif so, you may want to try ndiswrapper w/ the windows drivers00:26
dpawe3lsisterblue :please write what gives lsusb in terminal00:26
redvamp128kristjin76:  I did find this but you probably read it as well -- no guarantee though -- Ultimate Edition Forum • View topic - How To: ATI & Crossfire in Linux <http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=7&amp;t=2336>00:27
ShakedownSo if the header files (.h) are in usr/include, where are the corresponding source files (.cpp) located?00:27
Moodkristjin76: do you use ndiswrapper?00:27
jNoxxMy friend use radeon nore than 10 years00:27
comicinker1I just changed the partitions on my harddisk. even after rebooting "df" shows me the old diskspace, other than "fdisk -l" shows me. please help, what shallt I do to "really" partition the harddisk00:27
sisterblueoh   i ran that command for the before    it came up with this as the device info for the logitech pro 4000 that is installed    046d:08b200:27
jNoxxHe have no ideas, how crossfire must works with HD videos)00:27
kristjin76No, I haven't actually tried running any games yet.00:28
dpawe3lsisterblue : type in terminal sudo apt-get install build-essential firs00:28
Moodkristjin76: can you locate the windows drivers online?00:29
jedi06i have two partitions on my harddrive one for windows XP and one for fedora I want to install ubuntu over the fodora, but when i load the cd it is asking me to repartition my xp partition00:29
iskywalkeri want to print to a file (have a ps file) with open office through the command line, any one knows how?00:29
redvamp128Krstnsn:  Ultimate Edition Forum • View topic - How To: ATI & Crossfire in Linux <http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=7&amp;t=2336>00:29
Adjojust wondered whether i could run photoshop from my windows drive without reinstalling?00:29
kristjin76Sure, I've got them, but I can't imagine trying to pull the windows driver into linux.00:29
Azis there any differences between packages on the ubuntu minimal cli install and ubuntu server cli only install?00:29
dpawe3lsisterblue : ok the device is being seen by kernel but the driver is still broken00:29
redvamp128kristjin76:  Ultimate Edition Forum • View topic - How To: ATI & Crossfire in Linux <http://forumubuntusoftware.info/viewtopic.php?f=7&amp;t=2336>00:29
FlannelAz: No.00:29
Flannelredvamp128: please stop that.00:29
Azflannel,  cheers00:30
kristjin76Three cheers, redvamp.00:30
sisterbluedpawe31  ok  ran that command and said this The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:  fakeroot linux-headers-2.6.27-7 nvidia-settings00:30
sisterblue  linux-headers-2.6.27-7-generic dkms Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.  0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.00:30
redvamp128Flannel:  what do you mean stop that-- The first one had the wrong name-- So I submitted a correction00:30
Moodkristjin76: there's also this00:30
angono fun installing ubuntu on this machine :(00:30
FlannelAz: Mmm, If you just use the defaults on the server install, you'll wind up with the server kernel.  The minimal CD/alternate CD gives you the generic kernel by default.  (linux-server and linux-generic, respectively)00:31
kristjin76Right on.00:31
kristjin76I really wish Linux were easier to use.00:31
angofreezes on loading screen00:31
Azah, theres a difference between the kernels?00:31
Adjoi just clicked install inside windows ^^00:31
dpawe3lsisterblue it seems to be, u have this allready00:31
sisterbluedpawe31 ok  what should I do next?00:32
FlannelAz: The server kernel is tuned differently, yes.  It also has less 'regular person' hardware support00:32
Azah yep: 2.6.27-7-server00:32
FlannelAz: Of course, you can convert one into the other (or vice versa) relatively easily.00:32
Azshould of checked that one :)00:32
jedi06How do i install it on the fedora partition?00:32
_jasis there a file somewhere that determines the fontsize of the virtual terminals?00:33
angowhen trying to install ubuntu on this machine, itfreezes on loading screen00:33
Azmajor differences between them? ... googling now :)00:33
slugam new to IRC go someone give me some pointers...00:33
slugcan *00:34
linuxman410has anyone heard of zevenos00:34
FlannelAz: server has a slower timer interrupt, it also has PREEMPT disabled.  And then the hardware support differences.00:34
ShakedownI'm having trouble linking the necessary files together with g++ to compile my source code.  Any ideas on where to look or chat room to ask?00:34
_jasthe desktop has PREEMPT disabled also, no?00:34
_jasgeneric kernel^00:34
dpawe3lsisterblue : try to install setpwc by typing command sudo apt-get install setpwc00:35
Azthanks for the heads up00:35
FlannelAz: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition/features/kernel00:35
spasticteapotI would like to rip a DVD to an ISO file, and then burn it on another DVD so that I might be able to play it in a DVD player.00:35
spasticteapotHow might I go about doing this?00:35
slugmust my IP be aailible to everyone ?00:36
jNoxxBrasero can do that00:36
dpawe3lNERO :)00:36
jNoxxBut i need no this00:36
jNoxxI have big plasma)00:36
jedi06I have two partitions on my harddrive one for fedora and one for XP,  How do i install ubuntu over fedora???  If i boot from cd it is on the XP partition00:36
xxNickxxi am using this ubuntu live CD but it faild to start. it even fails to check itself. i get a screen that says: ata2.01: exception Emask 0X0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action ...00:36
jNoxxAnd blu ray00:36
xxNickxxwhat gives?00:36
kantlivelonghey all.. im using an Atheros AR5008 a/b/g/n card and it works when manually connecting. However networkmanager tries to connect after entering the wep key and it fails. Anyone have any thoughts on this?00:36
sisterbluedpawe31 said it fetched selected processed setup etc ....    setpwc (1.2-2)00:37
jedi06why doesn't it ask me what partition to download on00:37
an_toshavsem hi!00:37
conali'm looking for a way to get environment variables set at login, so that they'll be passed into processes i start from the desktop (rather than from a shell).  putting them in .bashrc (export FOO=...) works for processes I start up explicitly from bash, but not from the desktop.00:38
trokepHi. I have Intrepid Ibex. On the Places menu, the Home, Desktop and folders in the Bookmark links open my default media player and not Nautilus! Any ideas?00:39
Rencxi have problem with sound for java game "RuneScape"00:39
bsquidwrdhow do you create a domain with ubuntu?00:39
dpawe3lsisterblue since is installed type setpwc in terminal as a command00:39
jp_sfbsquidwrd: what do you mean by domain00:39
dpawe3lktoś tu pisze po polsku?00:40
jp_sf!poland | dpawe3l00:40
ubottudpawe3l: Mozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl00:40
sisterbluedpwe31   came back with this   setpwc v1.2, (C) 2003-2006 by folkert@vanheusden.com00:40
bsquidwrdjp_sf: like in windows is there a way to create a domain and a server with user restrictions and stuff?00:40
dpawe3ldlaczego zaraz myślisz że potrzebuję pomocy :)00:41
nooblarhas anyone had problems with java applets in firefox and happen to know how to fix it?00:41
jp_sfbsquidwrd: my bad00:41
sisterbluedpwe31  is there something else I need to do now ?00:41
bsquidwrdjp_sf: is there a way?00:41
redvamp128trokep:  lets check something-- open with for folders --00:42
jp_sf!Czech | dpawe3l00:42
ubottudpawe3l: České uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.00:42
CoJaBo-VistaIs there an up-to-date guide on how to install Ubuntu on software RAID?00:42
jp_sfbsquidwrd: yes sure it all depends what is the scale of what you want to create00:42
CoJaBo-VistaThe one I found does not work ( https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID ).00:42
Jeruvy!fakeraid | CoJaBo-Vista00:42
ubottuCoJaBo-Vista: raid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto00:42
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redvamp128trokep:  in a prompt open up nautulis -- then open your documents find a folder any folder-- then right click choose properties-- then the open with -- make sure it hase open with folder and nothing else00:43
Guest98863hey.... what is the command i run in ubuntu to get *all* the latest source for the latest kernel?00:43
bsquidwrdjp_sf: just a home network domain for at least 5 computers00:43
RencxIs anyone now why i dont have sound on RUneScape it is java based game.. Can it be because of pulseaudio remove?00:43
redvamp128trokep: correction open folder -- it is possible that the open with for a folder may be open with your media player00:43
jp_sfbsquidwrd: all running Linux or a mixed environment ?00:43
CoJaBo-VistaJeruvy: Already found that on Google, I got to "You now have a list of your hard drives and your RAID drives."... Well... I didn't, so couldn't go any further. Any ideas?00:44
jp_sf!samba | bsquidwrd00:44
ubottubsquidwrd: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:44
bsquidwrdjp_sf: windows except for me00:44
jp_sfbsquidwrd: Samba will do00:44
JeruvyCoJaBo-Vista: jbod, and give up the raid, or try another card/mobo.  ask ubottu about !hcl may offer better hardware choices00:44
bsquidwrdwhat is it?00:45
jmpfI just recently converted over to a widescreen lcd and my text/some pictures look really grainy; I've installed latest nvidia and glxinfo says it's using direct rendering -- suggestions?00:45
dpawe3ljmpf change resolution00:45
bsquidwrdjp_sf: what is samba?00:46
jmpfdpawe31: besides 8x6 -- I tried the native resolution and it improved some but my card/monitor CAN do better than this00:46
Guest98863hey.... what is the command i run in ubuntu to get *all* the latest source for the latest kernel?00:46
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209800:46
kantlivelonghey all.. im using an Atheros AR5008 a/b/g/n card and it works when manually connecting. However networkmanager tries to connect after entering the wep key and it fails. Anyone have any thoughts on this?00:46
Laurenceb./fldigi: error while loading shared libraries: libportaudio.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:47
dpawe3ljmpf but your xorg. canŧ00:47
LaurencebI'm trying to run fldigi00:47
Laurencebany ideas on that error?00:47
dpawe3ljmpf try to edit your xorg.conf mannually00:47
trokepredvamp128: thanks so much! Nice simple solution. Bye.00:47
JeruvyLaurenceb: it probably doesn't exist.  Can you check?00:47
slugwhats a good chat channel ?#00:48
LaurencebI checked with apt-get00:48
Laurencebits says its installed00:48
mustangghello all.   I was wondering if I would see any benefits if I enabled crossfire on my ubuntu rig.00:48
jmpfdpawe31: I have many times and even in 8x6 or even with 16bit color it's still off00:48
Laurencebwell, that libportaudio2 is00:48
mustanggpardon- ATI video crossfire00:48
Guest98863hey.... what is the command i run in ubuntu to get *all* the latest source for the latest kernel?00:49
jedi06so if i change my boot order in grub to default fedora then the ubuntu install will go on the fedora partition?00:49
redvamp128Guest98863:  sudo apt-get  update00:49
Jeruvyslug #freenode00:49
jmpfGuest98863: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade;00:49
Guest98863thank you00:49
sisterbluedpawe31 is there something i should do next ? after the setpwc command?00:49
neo_188hi i installed ubuntu inside windows it worked fine but when i installed a nvidia fx5200 card in my API slot ubuntu hangs during boot can u help me out00:50
industrialbswhat is the apt-get command to update distros such as from 8.04 to 8.1000:50
nickrudGuest27595, sudo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.27 , it will end up in /usr/src as a tarball00:50
dpawe3lsisterblue what happend when u type it?00:50
Flannel!upgrade | industrialbs00:50
ubottuindustrialbs: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:50
nickrudGuest98863, , sudo apt-get install linux-source-2.6.27 , it will end up in /usr/src as a tarball00:51
fighthi all00:51
sisterbluedpawe31  it said the following after entering it setpwc v1.2, (C) 2003-2006 by folkert @ vanheusden.com00:51
mydrmeixalsamixer loads pulseaudio, and gnome volume control doesnt have levels (the number) to set my sound even... how can I get alsamixer back to the card?00:51
arfeehello people00:51
slugJeruvy: cheers, am new to this irc, i see freenode is a network - which channel should i pick00:51
fightanybody here me?00:51
i-am-the-slimehi, can anybody tell me if there is a way to resize ntfs partitions?00:52
gray--am i ?00:52
IndyGunFreaki-am-the-slime: of course, garted00:52
jp_sfi-am-the-slime: gparted00:52
neo_188hi i installed ubuntu inside windows it worked fine but when i installed a nvidia fx5200 card in my API slot ubuntu hangs during boot can u help me out00:52
i-am-the-slimetells me it can't00:52
=== five is now known as Guest36666
IndyGunFreaki-am-the-slime: is the drive mounted?.. try using a live cd00:52
jp_sfi-am-the-slime,: reboot into the nfs shutdown cleanly00:52
i-am-the-slimenot mounted, but maybe i have to have enough free space?00:53
Guest36666i use ubuntu mainly and i just partitioned and installed XP to a 30 gig partition on my hard drive, when i boot it goes straight to xp and i cannot get back into ubuntu can anyone help?00:53
biousershouldn't sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio start  start pulse audio?00:53
sisterbluedpaw31 it listed the copy right info and the url to go to after entering the command00:53
mydrmeixlovely man pages00:53
i-am-the-slimewill it be able to merge two partitions, too?00:53
biousersudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart * PulseAudio configured for per-user sessions00:53
biouserhow can I start it?00:53
neo_188hi i installed ubuntu inside windows it worked fine but when i installed a nvidia fx5200 card in my API slot ubuntu hangs during boot can u help me out00:53
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:53
neo_188hi i installed ubuntu inside windows it worked fine but when i installed a nvidia fx5200 card in my API slot ubuntu hangs during boot can u help me out00:54
fighthow can I talk with only one man?Thanks00:54
biouserW: sap.c: sendmsg() failed: Operation not permitted00:54
i-am-the-slimeif i try to resize it in parted it tells me that resizing of ntfs isn't implemented00:54
arfeeneo does it hang totally or just a black screen and eventually come up?00:54
biouserfor pulseaudio00:54
IndyGunFreakfight: invite them to another room..00:54
gray--buy them a drink, treat them nice00:55
neo_188i get a blank screen00:55
jp_sffight: /msg the_nick_you_want_talk00:55
arfeebut eventually it comes into login screen right?00:55
kantlivelonghey all.. im using an Atheros AR5008 a/b/g/n card and it works when manually connecting. However networkmanager tries to connect after entering the wep key and it fails. Anyone have any thoughts on this?00:55
nickrudfight, ask a question, then someone will hopefully know the answer and talk to you :)00:55
dpawe3lsisterblue : this is config file type setpwc -h00:55
nimmyfight: you can pm to somebody00:56
Guest36666i installed xp dual boot from ubuntu and did not back up grub how do i get back into ubuntu00:56
fightthanks everyone00:56
IndyGunFreakGuest36666: use a live cd to reinstall grub00:56
nickrud!grub | Guest3666600:56
ubottuGuest36666: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:56
IndyGunFreak!grub | Guest3666600:56
=== sisto1 is now known as sisto
Guest36666IndyGunFreak ok thnx ill give it a go00:56
Guest36666be back later00:56
mustangganyone familiar with an ATI/Compiz bug causing flickering for gl ?00:56
* IndyGunFreak scowls at nickrud 00:56
* nickrud waves at IndyGunFreak 00:56
fightjp_sf /like this00:57
dpawe3lubottu is known as a brainless00:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:57
arfeedo you get the grub screen at the beginning?00:57
i-am-the-slimegparted says it can't read the contents of the partition(s)00:57
jp_sfkantlivelong: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-get-atheros-ar5007eg-or-ar242x-wireless-cards-may-be-other-models-working-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html00:57
jp_sffight: no you have to type the command /msg then the nick00:57
nickrudi-am-the-slime, possibly because it was not unmounted cleanly; reboot to windows and then retry00:57
neo_188the problem is with my nvidia fx5200 card because i couldnt install ubuntu with it but when i removed the card it installed properly and booted without any issues00:57
SchuenemannHey, all files and directories in my home dir are owned by a strange user (500). What does this mean? I can't even load X00:57
kantlivelongjp_sf: it works if i manually do it.. NetworkManager just doesnt work with it :| it sees networks but cannt fully connect00:58
sisterbluedpae31  it listed a lot of stuff and finisted with this    -->>>  With this tool, you can only set settings specific to the Philips WebCams.00:58
SchuenemannI believe this is related to having a shared /home among other distros00:58
sisterblueFor something more generic, see dov4l: and listed a url00:58
i-am-the-slimenickrud: to windows?00:58
nickrudneo_188, what motherboard?00:58
* jp_sf . o O (the idea for i-am-the-slime to reboot and cleanly shutdown is copyrighted I have already said that)00:58
Anacranomi just installed alien and then used the -d to make a .deb from a .rpm, but it made a .run instead, what am i doing wrong? and i looked at the --help already00:58
RencxIs anyone now why i dont have sound on RUneScape it is java based game.. Can it be because of pulseaudio remove?00:58
neo_188again when i inserted my nvidia card back into api slot i am getting this problem00:58
nickrudi-am-the-slime, yeah, it will mark the disk as clean00:58
IndyGunFreakAnacranom: well that wasn't very smart00:58
IndyGunFreakalien is a mess00:58
i-am-the-slimewell this isn't the first time i try this00:58
i-am-the-slimewould that mean that it never marks the disk as clean?00:59
nickrudah, gotta go, work ends and ride is waiting00:59
zcat[1]Schuenemann: edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group (and /etc/shadow?) and change the UID to match the one your home is owned by00:59
Anacranomreally IndyGunFreak ? i use all the time at work..00:59
IndyGunFreak!alien | Anacranom00:59
ubottuAnacranom: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)00:59
arfeei would check out if it isnt blacklisted00:59
neo_188what is blacklisted00:59
IndyGunFreakAnacranom: its not very smart(at all) to use it.... your best bet is to compile from source if you must00:59
Anacranomok... good to know IndyGunFreak00:59
Schuenemannzcat[1], what exacly should I change?00:59
arfeei mean i would check out if your graphics card isnt blacklisted01:00
sisterbluedpawe31  is there something I should do now after running the conf file ??01:00
jp_sfkantlivelong: it happens on wifi card that are not fully supported01:00
jp_sfkantlivelong: yes you can see the AP but you can't connect01:00
Schuenemannzcat[1], you mean the line that has my user?01:00
zcat[1]Schuenemann: where it says 'schunenemann:x:1000:1000...' change all the 1000's to 500's01:00
RencxIs anyone now why i dont have sound on RUneScape it is java based game.. Can it be because of pulseaudio remove?01:01
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:01
Schuenemannzcat[1], ok, but /etc/shadow looks different than the other two01:01
redrebelis there a way to move the gnome notifiy popup??01:02
Mezop wars!01:02
MethinXwhat folder are other networked computers stored at?01:02
redrebelit shows at the lower right corner, I want to move it to the top right01:02
zcat[1]Schuenemann: yeah, I think you only need to change the UID and GIDs in /etc/passwd and /etc/group01:02
* jp_sf . o O (wow so many ops ?)01:02
jedi06How does the install determine what partition to download?01:03
Schuenemannzcat[1], can you tell me how to edit it with vi? I can delete text, but not add01:03
Flanneljedi06: To download?01:03
zcat[1]Schuenemann: use nano if you're in ubuntu. vi is horrible!01:03
jp_sfSchuenemann, i like insert01:03
jedi06Flannel to install to01:03
arfeeamen to that zcat01:03
Flanneljedi06: Ah.  It asks you!01:04
jedi06it wants me to reize my xp partition i want to install it over fedora01:04
Flanneljedi06: Right, so do manually partitioning instead of guided01:04
arfeealthough if you press insert it tends to work for me in vi...but i think its 'i' to add...not sure though01:04
Flanneljedi06: Then tell it to install / overtop of your other partition01:04
MethinXwhat command do i use to find out my server address?01:04
Schuenemannjp_sf, ok, insert allowed me to insert the number, but then the line vanished and some letters appear when I use arrows01:04
neo_188arfree did u get my problem01:04
jedi06It doesn't see it Flannel01:05
zcat[1]the onlt vi commands I know are i to insert and !wq to save and quit01:05
werLdSchuenemann: i to add or a to add to next character01:05
jp_sfSchuenemann: after hit Esc to get out of insert mode and navigate01:05
Schuenemannok, nano looks easier01:05
MethinXwhat command do i use to find out my server address? in ubuntu intredid?01:05
unopMethinX, ifconfig01:05
arfeewell from what i can think is that the graphics card you have isnt supported, but i dont know, im not massive on Nvidia01:05
neo_188where can i find a answer to this problem01:06
arfeehave you googled it?01:06
Schuenemannzcat[1], I changed the uid in /etc/passwd, but I can't edit /etc/groups. An error message says uid 1000 doesn't exist in /etc/passwd!01:06
sisterbluedpawe31   what should I do next ?01:06
FrustratedUbuntuso.... apt-get upgrade didn't work to get the kernel source.... how do i get the latest kernel source?01:06
FlannelFrustratedUbuntu: You need to use dist-upgrade, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:06
werLdwhere is the nvidia question01:07
FrustratedUbuntuokay... ill try that right now01:07
neo_188ok thanks i'll try to find one01:07
neo_188yes arfree01:07
arfeeneo, werLD  might be able to help01:07
zcat[1]Schuenemann: Ummm.. this is one of those times you wanted to use 'sudo -i' and work in a root shell. Oops01:07
jp_sfneo_188: what is your problem ?01:07
Schuenemannzcat[1], sorry, I don't follow you01:07
neo_188hey thanks ill contact him01:08
FrustratedUbuntuit says: 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.01:08
werLdneo_188: nvidia, has a default driver built into ubuntus packing. but you can download a more robust nvidia driver from nvidia.com and compile that driver01:08
zcat[1]Schuenemann: Well, now you're logged in as user 1000 but there isn't a user 1000 in /etc/passwd now so sudo doesn't know who you are..01:08
nooblarguys is it possible to duplicate a user account and ALL of their settings?01:08
jp_sfwerLd: well the 180 are on synaptic01:09
arfeewer, he cant get in to Ubuntu on his current graphics card01:09
neo_188how to do that01:09
zcat[1]I think that's how it works anyway01:09
neo_188i am new to ubuntu01:09
nooblari want to create several users with the same exact set up for everything01:09
Flannelnooblar: Sure, their settings are all stored in their homedir.  So just copy it (and change ownership to the new user) and you're set.01:09
jp_sfneo_188: could you do a dmes | NVRM01:09
spasticteapotWhy am I unable to play DVDs? When I try to play them, I get various errors; for example, in VLC, I get "libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable."01:09
Blackfatejust copy the contents of the main user folder01:09
brettleyis there a way to free up alot of HDD space when im pressed for space?01:09
Schuenemannzcat[1], I can restore /etc/passwd and change /etc/groups first, ten01:09
Blackfateto the other folders of the new users01:09
jp_sfneo_188: could you do a dmesg | NVRM01:09
nooblarawesome, thanks!01:09
arfeespastic...have you enabled the restricted repository01:10
nooblari wonder if the programs would need to have their directory settings changed though?01:10
Mal3kolol wput can handle file >2gb?01:10
dpawe3lsisterblue read this http://www.saillard.org/linux/pwc/01:10
Blackfatenooblar: for example :  copy -R /home/user1/* /home/user201:10
_Vi_is there a way to get more panel applets?01:10
werLdjp_sf, he can show you the dmesg, but most likely he needs to configure xorg.conf01:10
jp_sfneo_188: I mean dmesg | grep NVRM01:10
=== Figgie is now known as Figgie123
FrustratedUbuntualright.... so ive been trying to get my wireless card to work for hours upon hours.... ive tried all the how-tos and help sites, and i finally got a driver that i need to compile01:10
zcat[1]Schuenemann: ummm probably the thing to do is boot into a single-user root shell and edit the files from there.01:10
Mal3koit keeps telling me that the file doesnt exist01:10
FrustratedUbuntubut.... when i try to compile it, i get: make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.27-9-generic'01:10
FrustratedUbuntuscripts/Makefile.build:41: /home/nicholas/rtl8180-0.21/Makefile: No such file or directory01:10
FlannelBlackfate, nooblar: no, that won't quite work.  Since * won't expand to hidden things.  But something similar.01:10
brettleyim runin ubuntu on a flash drive as my harddrive, is there a way i can make it work faster (make more work off ram?)01:11
jp_sfwerLd: if he have the latest driver installed from synaptic he could do a sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:11
werLdisnt synaptic laptop touchpad drivers, etc?01:12
Figgie123Curious about options to install 8.10 since the main and alternate install's are failing.01:12
BlackfateFlannel: cp -R /home/user1/.* /home/user2 ?01:12
nooblarbut after copying the home folder to user2, it's likely that some of those config files point to /home/user1 (which wouldn't work)01:12
jp_sfWerLd: I mean Synaptic package Manager01:12
arfeehello flakeparadigm01:12
Laurencebcan anyone tell me what the samplerate library is?01:13
werLdjp_sf: got you..01:13
Blackfatenooblar: you mean like ownership etc?01:13
Blackfatenooblar: the config files tou need are the hidden ones01:13
Laurenceb  * The samplerate (a.k.a. secret rabbit code) library.01:13
nooblari mean, like maybe some programs are pointing to specific folders01:13
nooblarlike /home/user1/01:13
jp_sfLaurenceb: sounds (ah ah ah) like a audio things01:13
werLdjp_sf: well that may work but probably wont..ahah either edit xorg.conf manaully, or perhaps easiest way for him is to reinstall linux with new graphics card installed, or write us a check and give us ssh/root access to do it for him ...01:13
Laurencebwhere do I apt get it?01:14
Laurencebor how even?01:14
sisterbluedpawe31  ok I read the page   I think i have linux 2.6 kernel (i'm using ubuntu 8.10)  sorry, i am a newbie and am not sure what i should do next01:14
flakeparadigmCould anyone here help me setup a network bridge? I would like to use my desktop's wireless connection (ath0) as an uplink for a network switch that I am connecting using the wired connection (eth0)01:14
Blackfatenooblar: usually programs dont point to user directories...01:14
Blackfatenooblar: only if you told em to01:14
zcat[1]Schuenemann: http://www.securitypronews.com/it/operatingsystems/spn-22-20040209LostRootPasswordLinux.html is sort of what you want, just ignore the parts about using vi and ou're changing uids and gids, not the root password...01:14
nooblari mean in the configs01:14
nooblarlike for instance01:14
nooblarif picasa or something was set to watch a certain folder for user101:14
neo_188jp_sf: i did not get u can u explain in detail01:15
nooblarthen if i copy user1's home with all configs, those will still be set to watch home of user1?01:15
Lemonwedgeanyone know of a program to moniter the system fan?01:15
nooblari guess i'll just try it and see if everything works01:15
Blackfatenooblar: you choose what you copy...  folders like .picasa can be deleted afterwards from the new folders01:15
werLdneo_188: I didnt realize it was hanging even during the install, try to boot linux with: noacpi acpi=no01:16
Blackfatenot all configs should be copied01:16
jp_sfneo_188: not sure what you problem is I scrolled up but didn't find much information, you want to install a nvidia card ?01:16
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neo_188how to do that01:16
=== Guest29380 is now known as omg
=== omg is now known as youwe
FrustratedUbuntuumm.... im trying to "make" a driver, but when make runs, all the files disappear by themselves.... and thne it gives me an error that the makefile can't be found01:16
FrustratedUbuntuanyone know how to fix this?01:16
kantlivelongcan someone help me w/ network manager and atheros AR5008?01:16
jp_sfkantlivelong: Did you checked the link I provided ?01:17
werLdneo_188: if you already have a linux part installed, you can go to the grub menu and hit 'e' for edit. then append the bootline with: noacpi acpi=no, let me try to get u a example01:17
kantlivelongjp_sf: yes its not the driver01:17
youweok i just installed windows xp on a 30 gig partition for gaming and it wiped grub from my mbr so i booted in live cd and fixed grub but now winxp is not listed in the menu01:17
jp_sfkantlivelong: you have installed madwifi ?01:17
nooblarthanks blackfate and flannel01:18
Figgie123Why does the install think files are corrupt, when I run an md5sum and it matches?01:18
jp_sfkantlivelong: are you on 8.10 ?01:18
taggieyouwe, download "supergrubdisk" and do the automatic fix01:18
Blackfatenooblar: np01:18
youwetaggie, ok thnx01:18
FrustratedUbuntucan anyone please hep me? im almost going crazy01:18
kantlivelongjp_sf: yes01:18
Mal3kohow do we split tar file into multiple parts?01:18
X-Hackeryou tell me ;)01:18
kantlivelongjp_sf: i can manually connect using the CLI01:18
jp_sfkantlivelong: ok what you could do is to edit the file /etc/network/interfaces01:19
jp_sfkantlivelong: sudo01:19
MethinXdoes linux have counter-strike>?01:19
Figgie123Is there a different IRC channel for help in installing 8.10?01:19
kitcheMethinX: yes and no01:19
kantlivelongjp_sf: to do what?01:19
werLdMethinX: you could see if people got wine to run CS under linux01:19
kantlivelongi run CS with no issues in wine01:20
MethinXi refuse to use windows thou01:20
FrustratedUbuntuwell.... im having a problem "making" this driver for rtl8180... all file in the source directory disappear after i run make, and then make says that it can't find the makefile that was just there01:20
MethinXbeen windows free for 6 days01:20
kitcheMethinX: there is no native steam support yet but the steam client does have the code for linux01:20
_Vi_!yay | MethinX01:20
ubottuMethinX: Glad you made it! :-)01:20
jp_sfkantlivelong: and put the configuration of your wifi with auto wlan0 (if your wifi card is wlan0) then iface wlan0 inet dhcp (if you are on dhcp the wireless-key your wireless key the wireless-essid your essid01:20
kantlivelongjp_sf: id rather use network manager ;|01:20
MethinXhey it was hard leap but I did it and am not regreting anything!01:20
Figgie123Can I copy install files to a separate file system, and then install from there somehow?01:21
jp_sfkantlivelong: your call :-) but another solution is to use wifi-radar (it was made more or less obsolete by the network manager)01:21
Figgie123This is on a hard drive that has no OS.01:21
werLdMethinX: i said wine not windows01:21
werLdMethinX: wine is a program under linux that runs windows applications without being in windows01:22
MethinXok werld i thought wine was windows sorry01:22
arfeeFiggie in order for the other computer to install the file it has to know what to do with it, this is the OS's job, so without an OS its not possible01:22
aolonghas anyone found answers with the buffer error device sr0 on the 8.1 install?01:22
werLdMethinX: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/gaming-games-multimedia-entertainment/27887-counter-strike-wine.html01:22
xnoxI have a list of files, one per line in a file. can I somehow pipe it into rm to delete all of them?01:22
ludriIs it possible to emulate already installed windows inside ubuntu?01:23
werLdMethinX: you may have to google search more sites to get it working..01:23
MethinXI shall thank you01:23
jp_sfxnox: xargs rm < list01:23
aolongxnox : look at building a shell script using "for each"01:23
Figgie123arfee: Thanks. I'm trying to use the LiveCD, but everytime I go to install on this machine (PentiumII/300Mhz, 327ram) it says a file is corrupt, but when I check the md5sum's they're fine.01:24
werLdMethinX: im glad u arent regretting losing windows. i sure dont, gaming is one of theo nly reasons i still need windows01:24
PC_Nerd1Hi, Ive got a DVD drive that I want to force to unmount ( it says there is an application blocking it)... how cna I force the unmount of what device?01:24
xnoxjp_sf: thanks a lot =D01:24
Figgie123I've tried the main install, and the alternate install, and running livecd, then running Install, but nothing works.01:24
phixxordoes a swap partition _need_ to be as big as my ram?01:24
xnoxaolong: I'll look at that as well. thanks.01:24
werLdPC_Nerd1: if you have the dvd mounted in /mnt/dvd, make sure you arent in that same dir when u try unmounting it01:24
xnoxphixxor: what's your ram?01:24
Figgie123This time, on the alternate CD, it said tzdata, and xfonts-terminus were corrupt, but the md5sum is okay.01:24
arfeethen maybe you have a problem with the burning process, have you tried burning from another pc?01:24
phixxor1gb, but soon to be 4 gb01:24
TheFunkbombI'm looking for help installing my Wacom tablet.  I can't follow the directions :(01:24
PC_Nerd1running form ~, its mounted to /media/<discname>01:25
jimi_hendrixcommand to search repo via apt-get (i cant remember!)01:25
PC_Nerd1I dont know what teh device is.. /dev/disk?01:25
MethinXwell as far as gaming for me I am trying to keep it Liunx only or find ways to make windows games work in Linux, I refuse to buy Vista or any other installment of windows as for It made me not expand my horizons01:25
Figgie123I've not tried to burn from another PC.01:25
aolongjimi: apt-cache search01:25
Figgie123But I can't figure out why the md5sum is clean, and it says it's corrupt.01:25
phixxorxnox: 1gb but I'm upgrading to 401:25
xnoxphixxor: if you want susspend and hybernate than yes your swap should be just as big (i usually go for a little more though e.g. 1.4)01:25
askvictorHow can I prevent a usb device being auto-mounted when I insert it? Is it HAL that manages this?01:25
richcollinsHow do I fix this error?01:25
richcollinsE: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glib2.0/libglib2.0-0_2.16.4-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb: 404 Not Found [IP: 80]01:25
arfeeis this the ISO checksum?01:25
Figgie123I can't believe the install ISO is bad, otherwise, other people would have issues too.01:25
Figgie123no, the file checksum.01:25
xnoxphixxor: appart from that it should be fine01:25
Figgie123md5sum tzdata_2008h-2ubuntu1_all.deb01:26
Figgie123(well, i did an md5sum on the iso file as well, before burning it, and it was okay.)01:26
ango"The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI2m (0,0,0) (sda) failed."01:26
werLdPC_Nerd1: umount -f /mnt/location01:26
aolongrep... has anyone found answers with the buffer error device sr0 on the 8.1 install?01:26
Figgie123290099b156e05e8c20487f8767e668c4  tzdata_2008h-2ubuntu1_all.deb01:26
xnoxphixxor: once you have 4gb and you will want suspend you will need to have 4gb swap. You can increase it later on, but it's better to create in advance.01:26
Figgie123that's what i get when i run that command in pool/.../t/tzdata ...01:26
Figgie123which matches md5sum.txt ...01:26
Figgie123but yet the install says it's corrupt.01:26
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
xnoxphixxor: so if you don't want suspend you can get away without swap.01:27
PC_Nerd1umount2: Device or resource busy.  Im not using the device, so i dont know what could be keeping it.01:27
aolongPC_Nerd1: log out and back in... try again01:27
werLdPC_Nerd1: type mount and msg me the results of that cmd01:27
PC_Nerd1ok hang on01:28
puffSo, phtml?01:28
arfeewhen you ran the cd, have you checked on the cd for defects?01:28
arfeeits one of the options on cd boot01:28
mindslantHowdy.  I run a 27 system lab for classes kindergarten to 8th grade.  I'm redeploying ubuntu in the lab, dualbooting xp with deep freeze.  I got some help in the forums on how to create a deep freeze like environment for ubuntu.  I was hoping someone could take a look at the process and the command line inputs I'm using.01:28
PC_Nerd1the output from mount, that relates to the CD drive is:01:28
PC_Nerd1/dev/scd0 on /media/APC0807DVD type iso9660 (ro,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal,uid=1000,utf8)01:28
caimlasanyone know if there's a fix for the kernel post-2.6.18 I/O latency/load issues in the pipeline yet?01:29
aolongmindslant: you in niagara fall area?01:29
Figgie123yes, and it was clean, on the second alternate CD i burned.01:29
XKpeis it possible to download a minimal boot cd and let the installer download the packages from the internet?01:29
mindslantno, way south down in Houston01:29
fightregister fight netfight@126.com01:29
* caimlas stabs at fight01:29
mindslantI have net access but not control of the network01:29
sigurdhjHi! Is there anyone that could help me set up my soundcard properly? I've got a Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02) audio device -- I can hear the sound on my speakers when I press "Test" under the sound settings, but it won't work elsewhere.01:29
aolongsounded familiar... but I guess there'es more than one K teacher using Ub...01:29
unopfight, no spamming please01:29
Figgie123i'm going to do it again to confirm.01:30
arfeewell i checked out the internet for you for similar problems and all point to errors in burning01:30
TheFunkbombI'm trying to install my wacom tablet and I'm not having much luck01:30
Figgie123i burned it using brasero on an 8.04 system.01:30
werLdPC_Nerd1: try: sudo umount /media/APC0807DVD01:30
ango"The ext3 file system creation in partition #1 of SCSI2m (0,0,0) (sda) failed." can anyone help?01:30
mindslantI just installed a wacom tablet!01:31
werLdango: are you trying to partition your drive?01:31
* XKpe boas01:31
arfeeno, more hardware than software my friend, i think it might be an error with burning01:31
unop!register > fight01:31
ubottufight, please see my private message01:31
angowerLd: no, trying to install ubuntu01:31
Figgie123bad cd drive?01:31
werLdango: three 0's? that cant be right, usually its 0,001:31
arfeewhen ya get the error check out '/var/log/syslog'01:31
aolonganyone with news on the Buffer I/O error on device sr0 Logical Block XXXXXX Bug #266951?01:32
mindslantthefunkbomb , were the online guides not helpful?01:32
arfeei think so01:32
werLdango: well installing ubuntu partitions your drive, same thing...01:32
Figgie123okay, on alternate CD, the scan comes up just fine.01:32
TheFunkbombmindslant, I'm trying to follow this one:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=25151  but I can't figure out how to do step 201:32
Figgie123(well, the initial scan was, now it's doing a integrity check...)01:32
karamazovi've installed ubuntu server on virtualbox and setup samba on the ubuntu server01:32
karamazovnow how can i access files on this virtual ubuntu server?01:33
XKpeis there a net-install for ubuntu?01:33
mindslantthefunkbomb , so you put "sudo apt-get install wacom-tools" in your terminal and what happens?01:33
werLdTheFunkbomb: you need to open a terminal window01:33
karamazovdo i have to forward some ports since virtualbox places ubuntu server on a different internal network?01:33
arfeeok now try installing to the point where the error comes up and check the syslog...you want to look out for something like buffer I/O error or something01:33
TheFunkbombmindslant, it installs01:33
PC_Nerd1umount command was " umount: <mount location>: device is busy"  and then a "In some cases useful info about proccesses that use teh devuce is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1)01:33
angoafter that msg comes up, it takes you back to the partitioner01:33
TheFunkbombmindslant, but I can't figure out how to configure it01:33
BlackfatePC_Nerd1: name the device please01:34
Figgie123integrity failed on a file it doesn't fail on during install.01:34
jimi_hendrixalso...what would i type into terminal to run cairo-dock01:34
karamazovdoes anybody know what ports do samba use?01:34
PC_Nerd1i beleive it is /dev/scd001:34
Figgie123(i didn't write it down, just frustrated ... )01:34
jbu311hi all, i changed "sharing options" for a folder on computer a, and when i access it from computer b, I can't get on using a valid login/passwd on computer a...it asks for a domain which I don't know what to use01:34
BlackfatePC_Nerd1:  lsof | grep scd001:34
arfeeso its giving problems on check with a file thats not a problem???01:34
Figgie123running install on alternate install CD ... let's see how far it gets.01:34
mindslantthefunkbomb , yeah it doesn't tell you what document your editing does it.  1 sec let me see what I did01:34
Blackfatekai try to find what process uses it01:34
Blackfateand then kill it01:34
Figgie123well, i say no files are a problem, but that's just me. :)01:34
karamazovaolong ?01:34
TheFunkbombmindslant, that's where I'm getting hung up.  Thanks01:35
Figgie123when it install, it barfs on tzdata and xfonts-terminus ...01:35
arfeehahaha just like me01:35
Figgie123on the integrity, it failed on something else.01:35
jp_sfaolong: near ... 13901:35
aolongports for smb/cifs01:35
arfeeok...now go to /var/log/syslog01:35
fr0ghi i have deleted my /boot partition... how should i rescue it?01:35
aolongah yes01:35
karamazovwhat is 139?01:35
Figgie123well, i'm going through install now ...01:35
Figgie123just chose keyboard layout....01:35
karamazovthe port?01:35
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup01:35
Figgie123waiting for partitioner...01:35
Figgie123(actually, now the install is scanning for files ... )01:35
jp_sfkaramazov: netstat -tapn | grep smbd01:36
karamazovit's using 482801:36
karamazovis it correct?01:36
easteregghey - i just ran sudo apt-get upgrade and got this: The following packages have been kept back: linux-image-server linux-server01:36
Blackfatekaramazov: 139/tcp open  netbios-ssn  and  445/tcp open  microsoft-ds01:36
mindslantthefunkbomb , in the 'tutorial' I used, that referenced the "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" file01:36
Blackfatethese 201:36
arfeethat name reminds me, are there actually eastereggs in Ubuntu?01:36
fight!register > fight01:37
ubottufight, please see my private message01:37
CreatixEAHi, is eeeUbuntu dead ?01:37
TheFunkbombmindslant, I will look around and try to find it01:37
fightregister > fight01:37
SchuenemannI'm trying to sync my mobile phone using bluetooth, but I always get the message "pairing failed". Any suggests?01:37
mindslantlook at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WacomTroubleshooting and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wacom01:37
karamazovBlackfate: i run a ubuntu server in a virtualbox, so i have to forward these ports, right?01:37
jp_sfkaramazov: unlikely01:37
Blackfatekaramazov: no need to do that01:37
karamazovBlackfate: how should i do then01:37
Figgie123partioner loading...01:38
Blackfatekaramazov: just configure the server properly  and you are done01:38
karamazovBlackfate: ok thank you01:38
arfeewho needs remote connection when i have your running commentary eh Figgie?01:38
Blackfatekaramazov: dont mess with ports.. just play with the smb.conf01:38
mindslantDoes anyone here know much about loading /home directories as tmpfs?01:38
jp_sfBlackfate: that's quite a clever answer01:38
Figgie123i didn't want you to think i had reset by peer'ed. :)01:38
dayzmani have a problem with my second monitor. text shown on that monitor is somewhat blurry. it's using the DVI port, but it's a VGA monitor. i've already changed the adapter, but still no difference. it's already using the "recommended" settings, i.e. 1680x1050@60hz. could somebody please help?01:38
Blackfatejp_sf: lol01:38
arfeeno its good you keep me up to date01:39
TheFunkbombmindslant, I found that file but I see nothing about configured mouse nor inputdevice01:39
mindslantthefunkbomb did u ctrl+f for wacom01:39
TheFunkbombmindslant, it really isn't that long.  42 lines01:40
fight REGISTER mycatl netfight@126.com01:40
MethinXI have only one 80 gig harddrive and my /dev folder says I only have 356 megs left on it, how is this possible with only 2 partitions?01:41
Blackfatedayzman: is that the correct resolution for your monitor?01:41
karamazovwhen i type sudo smbpasswd -a username01:41
karamazovit says01:41
pawan1how to select grub options to automatically load other Os01:41
dayzmanBlackfate: yes it is. it's recommended by the factory.01:41
karamazovunable to modify TDB passwd: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESFUL01:41
karamazovwhat could be the reason?01:41
BlackfateMethinX: do this.  " df -h"01:41
marceloHi, does anyone know any image viewer capable of open images in fits format?01:41
MethinXwhats the df -h?01:41
Blackfatedayzman: maybe you should press on the auto config button of your screen if these are indeed the correct values for your monitor01:42
dayzmanBlackfate: i've tried that too.01:42
pawan1every time ubuntu loads by default i want to load vista01:42
BlackfateMethinX: open a terminal and write df -h01:42
SchuenemannI'm trying to connect my cell phone using bluetooth, but I always get the message "pairing failed". Anyone help?01:43
dayzmanBlackfate: can i force the refresh rate higher?01:43
Blackfatedayzman: yes.. what graphics card you have?01:43
dayzmanBlackfate: i see. it's a nvidia.01:43
drashdayzman: have you checked output of xrandr ? that should report min current and max values for all connected displays01:43
dayzmanBlackfate: it only allows me to take 60hz in nvidia-settings.01:43
Blackfatedayzman: go to nvidia X server setting in SYstem > Administration01:44
mindslantthefunkbomb , when I did this I added extra lines like those that are in your guide.  That's what I would do in your case however, a misstep in that file can hose X and you're toast.  While I'm not an absolute noob, you'd be more comfortable asking someone to doublecheck this advice before you did it.01:44
Blackfatedayzman: hmm01:44
jimi_hendrixhow does one install a .deb through cli?01:44
jimi_hendrixas in whats the dpkg command?01:44
dayzmandrash: i see. one of the lines is:  3360x1050      50.0*01:44
ortsvorsteherjimi_hendrix: dpkg -i file.deb01:44
Blackfatedayzman: there is a way to force more refresh rate... wait.. ill give you a post i wrote on a way to do it01:44
TheFunkbombmindslant, I appreciate your help and I'm more noob than you lol01:45
dayzmandrash: does that mean it's working at 50hz?01:45
dayzmanBlackfate: thanks!01:45
drashdayzman: looks like it yes01:45
mindslantAs far as I know, pasting those line into the xorg file is what you need to do.01:45
dayzmandrash: right. i looked at the "Information" menu on each of the monitors, they both say they are working at 60hz.01:45
Blackfatedayzman: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=984185&page=4   check the last post of blackgr. its me01:45
toshiba_girli have ubuntu 8.10 installed on my toshiba satellite m35x-s161.  but when i do "sudo lshw -C video", it shows my Intel 855GM integrated graphics card is unclaimed.  can someon help me with this?01:45
dayzmanBlackfate: thanks01:46
Blackfatedayzman: follow those steps and chachnge the values for resolution and refresh rate01:46
sigurdhjHi! Is there anyone that could help me set up my soundcard properly? I've got a Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 02) audio device -- I can hear the sound on my speakers when I press "Test" under the sound settings, but it won't work elsewhere.01:46
drashdayzman: i cannot explain the discrepancy, but i trust xrandr ;)01:46
dayzmanso, is xrandr supposed to be always right?01:46
bonez451I just installed 8.10 desktop.. on a machine with Intel 82815 video on mobo.. it only displays at 800x600 as the highest resolution.. I have run dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg and yet it adds nothing to my /etc/X11/xorg.conf   help.. I need higher resolution01:47
Blackfatedayzman: xrandr is always a good way to make things work01:47
karamazovis there any tool like nopaste in ubuntu?01:48
dayzmanBlackfate: i see. when i do xrand --newmode... do i need to specify which monitor i'm configuring?01:48
dayzmanor is it for the whole screen?01:48
Blackfatedayzman: ah yes.. sorry about it.01:48
Blackfatedayzman: in the xrand --addmode01:48
Blackfatedayzman: you need to specify the monitor01:49
drashdayzman: man xrandr is always a good starting point when using multi-screen setup01:49
Wiseguyhey guys, can i upgrade to a 64bit install from a 32bit install? ive got a 32bit install cd, but i wanna install 64bit, but i dont have any blank cds right now01:49
dayzmanBlackfate: i see. so i still run xrand --newmode like you said in the post, right?01:49
Blackfatedayzman: yeye01:49
jedi06how come when i try to install it only sees the XP partition and not the other fedora partions my harddrive is 160gb it only sees 130 and the other partition is 30gb01:49
dayzmandrash: i see. i'm trying that now.01:49
Blackfatedayzman: to see available monitors just press xrandr -q01:49
ttediI have an amd rs740 igp and ubuntu 8.10, but although glxinfo says that direct rendering is enabled, I don't have any 3d acceleration (200 fps in glxgears). how can I enable 3d?01:50
dayzmanBlackfate: by the way, is it xrand --newmode or xrand? i don't seem to have xrand01:50
toshiba_girli have ubuntu 8.10 installed on my toshiba satellite m35x-s161.  but when i do "sudo lshw -C video", it shows my Intel 855GM integrated graphics card is unclaimed.  can someone help me with this?01:50
Blackfatedayzman:  xrandr01:50
Blackfatedayzman: i made a mistake in the post01:50
dayzmanBlackfate: i see. :)01:50
aolonggiven up on 8.1, back to 8.04 anybody else?01:51
Blackfatedayzman: you need 75 hz ?01:51
dayzmanBlackfate: xrandr -q only reports 1 screen.01:51
dayzmanBlackfate: and it's 3360x1050 @ 50hz01:51
dayzmanis it because i'm using twinview?01:51
Blackfatedayzman: what type of connection you use?01:52
dayzmanBlackfate: well i'm trying to get it up to 60hz, because xrandr shows that it's at 50hz.01:52
Blackfatedayzman: svideo?01:52
Mulderwhat was that ubuntu channel for desktop effects01:52
dayzmaneven nvidia-settings says it's at 6001:52
dayzmanBlackfate: the blurry monitor? DVI01:52
Blackfatedayzman: 50hz is a bug.. its actually 60hz.01:52
dayzmanDVI to VGA01:52
flakeparadigmCould anyone here help me setup a network bridge? I would like to use my desktop's wireless connection (ath0) as an uplink for a network switch that I am connecting using the wired connection (eth0)01:54
MethinXhelp! I got a Mounted External Harddrive that is mounted at /dev/sdc1 and  /dev/sde1 .   How do I get one of them off permanetly?01:54
dayzmanshould <output> xrand --addmode <output> <name> be a screen or monitor?01:54
dayzman<output> in xrand --addmode <output> that is01:54
joeb3_flakeparadigm, have you installed the bridge-utils package?01:55
ohnessMethinX -> remove entries in /etc/fstab if any01:56
=== ohness is now known as n8tuser
jedi06how do you install ubuntu over fedora?01:57
ari_stressgood morning all :)01:57
n8tuserjedi06 -> with a VM? or just overwriting your fedora partition?01:57
cerpinjedi06 - im pretty sure you would need to boot from the ubuntu installation disk01:57
flakeparadigm<joeb3_> Yup01:57
MethinXohness how do I do that?01:58
cerpinwhat n8tuser said01:58
karamazovBlackfate: are you sure that i don't have to forward the ports?01:58
jedi06n8tuser overwriting the fedora partition i am booting from ubuntu install01:58
jedi06it only allows me to resize my windows xp partitition01:58
n8tuserjedi06 -> then select the fedora partition as the target partition for installation01:59
joeb3_flakeparadigm, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BridgingNetworkInterfaces01:59
ttediI have an amd rs740 igp and ubuntu 8.10, but although glxinfo says that direct rendering is enabled, I don't have any 3d acceleration (200 fps in glxgears). how can I enable 3d?01:59
dayzmandrash: do you know whether <output> in xrand --addmode <output> <name> be a screen or monitor?01:59
flakeparadigm<joeb3_> thanks02:00
cerpindoes anyone have a link to disabling the touchpad, i cant find it02:00
MethinXhelp! I got a Mounted External Harddrive that is mounted at /dev/sdc1 and  /dev/sde1 .   How do I get one of them off permanetly?02:00
KilotrattHi, i have started a process (btdownloadcurse) and wrote "&" after i started the bit torrent download because i wanted to do other things (using ssh from a remote location)  no to the question: how do i bring it up again to see how the process is doing, and is it possible to have several "consoles" and change it with alt-f1 alt-f2 etc02:00
BlackDalekWhere can I find information on hibernate problems specific to a Dell Latitude D800? I have tried Google search and searching the Dell section of Ubuntu Forums but all I can come up with is posts about hibernation OR posts about the D800, but not both together. Please help!02:00
karamazovwhat ports do i have to fowrard in order to connect to samba on ubuntu server on virtualbox?02:00
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=== nicepersons is now known as niceperson
drashdayzman: sorry, was on the phone .. but no, i don't know exactly sorry02:02
toshiba_girli have ubuntu 8.10 installed on my toshiba satellite m35x-s161.  but when i do "sudo lshw -C video", it shows my Intel 855GM integrated graphics card is UNCLAIMED.  can someone help me with this?02:03
n8tuserMethinX -> remove entries in /etc/fstab if any02:03
jedi06can i install within fedora?02:05
drashtoshiba_girl: do you experience any noticeable side-effects videowise ? lshw's "unclaimed" isn't that rare, if it said "disabled" i'd be worried .. granted, it does send that uncomfortable shiver down the proverbial spine02:05
Flanneljedi06: From fedora you mean?  There's instructions on the following page (first link) on installing from within Linux02:06
Flannel!install | jedi0602:06
ubottujedi06: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate02:06
TheDeadliestWhis>> I've got Ubuntu installed as dual boot on this system, How would I uninstall it?02:07
=== snake is now known as albuntu
atomx1211format the partition?02:07
mabafuyo there02:07
FlannelTheDeadliestWhis: Reinstall your windows bootloader (with the windows CD), then remove thepartition (some sort of partition editor) and re-absorb the space.02:08
atomx1211anyone know how to get .net framework installed on wine?02:08
=== niceperson is now known as ango|ciggy
atomx1211I have tried everything I can think of02:09
mabafuI would like to know how to make a persistent live flash drive (1Gb). May anybody help me?02:09
danbhfivemabafu: use intrepid02:09
cokyhi all02:09
mabafuhmm... i tried it with hardy.. no success02:09
danbhfive!usb > mabafu02:10
ubottumabafu, please see my private message02:10
atomx1211intrepid live cd will makeone :)02:10
mabafukk ubottu02:10
cokyany1 uses pixelview tv tuner?02:10
maccambHi - does anybody know where I can find up-to-date appliances for VMWare fusion?  I am looking for Ubuntu desktop with VMWare Tools02:11
mabafuoo.. ic uottu is a bot.. then... tks danbhfive02:11
=== elpargo|Away is now known as elpargo
storrgiehey does anyone have a palm centro, and use it with their ubuntu?02:12
smokiehey guys, is it better to use notpad or wordpad to write a shell script?02:12
maccambUbuntu 8.10 desktop appliance with vmware tools for VMWare Fusion?02:12
_Vi_smokie: those are windows apps, but i would say notepad02:13
MethinXhow do I remove entries in /etc/fstab?  I dont know how to access /etc/fstab02:13
=== BeElZeBuB_ is now known as Xolphi
hikenbootanyone able to help with a problem with chroot ssh setup ? I get access is denied. I know I have the password right so i must be doing something wrong following http://www.howtoforge.com/chroot_ssh_sftp_debian_etch02:13
danbhfive!sudo > MethinX02:13
ubottuMethinX, please see my private message02:13
kansanhow do i get by this in the future without having to type stuff: sun-dlj-v1-1 license could not be presented;  try 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' to select a frontend other than noninteractive ...02:14
XolphiQuick question, I CAN have XP and Ubuntu on my hard drive correct?02:14
MethinXIm not asking how to get permissions, Im asking how to edit /etc/fstab02:15
kansanhow do i get by this in the future without having to type stuff: sun-dlj-v1-1 license could not be presented;  try 'dpkg-reconfigure debconf' to select a frontend other than noninteractive ...02:15
danbhfiveXolphi: yes02:15
danbhfivekansan: don't do it interactively?02:15
XolphiMkay, thanks.02:15
kansandanbhfive, i have to02:15
slackerksg5Sorry guys I got a newbie question. Would you recommend or should I reinstall if I change out my processor, motherboard, and ram?02:15
danbhfiveMethinX: are you looking for a suggestion of an editor?02:15
danbhfiveMethinX: try this: gksu gedit /etc/fstab02:16
MethinXthank you02:16
=== dzup is now known as dzup-beback
danbhfiveslackerksg5: I don't think you will have to reinstall.  I once popped my harddrive from my old computer, to a newly built computer, and it worked out fine02:17
MethinXI did not know that /etc/fstab was a file I could type in I thought it was an aplication lol02:17
_Vi_sudo vi /etc/fstab more linuxy like than gedit :PPPP02:17
scmoney360can someone send me to a walkthrough on how to install GTK engine02:17
danbhfiveMethinX: )  I understand why you were confused02:17
slackerksg5Dahbfive, but would you recommend I change out the kernel if I upgraded to a Intel Quad Core from a Dual Core AMD? And I also pruchased 8 Gigs of ram I heard something about a -bigmem kernel?02:18
danbhfivescmoney360: why are you trying to do this?02:18
X-HackerI'll find out02:18
MethinXhey Im learning, actually the /etc/fstab file has answerd 4 other questions I had, thanks guys and gals for the help02:18
danbhfiveslackerksg5: are you using 32bit or 64bit?02:18
scmoney360ummm....I am trying to get the whole OS X look and feel02:19
MethinXIm soooo used to .txt files and .doc and the only thing Ive been useing .txt files for nowadays is making playlists02:19
slackerksg5danbhfive: I am currently using 32 bit02:19
_Vi_MethinX: heh, took me over a year for me to even try Vi, i hated it, now I cant use anythign else :)02:19
fumanchu182does anyone have issues with the resolution of your desktop not being saved when using the ati drivers, my machine always starts up at the max resolution02:19
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:20
comicinker1I really don't know any further, please help02:20
comicinker1I repartitioned my hdd, copied the old content via cp -a back and installed grub on /dev/sda. now I receive the error: "Gave up waiting for roor device. " when booting. what's wrong?02:20
danbhfiveslackerksg5: well, you will be able to use 3g of the 8 with 32bit.  I don't do 64bit, since I've never seen ubuntu use more than 1-2g.  Good luck02:20
=== ango|ciggy is now known as ango|high
danbhfivecomicinker1: are you sure cp -a works?02:20
slackerksg5fumanchu182: Yes I had that problem, but I set the resolution manually as well as my monitor frequencies in the xorg.conf file02:20
comicinker1danbhfive: why not?02:21
=== scientes is now known as foobar
=== foobar is now known as scientes
heatmzzranyone know how to get a novatel usb760 thru verizon to run on ubuntu. I am kinda new but if I get this going, i can give up MS foreverrr...02:21
danbhfivecomicinker1: its not designed to do full system backups...  I think it can miss certain types of files...02:21
sektor1952anyone got xrdp working on ubuntu 8.10?02:21
MethinXdo i have to restart the computer  in order to get the /etc/fstab entry to refresh my df -h?02:22
slackerksg5danbhfive: So you suggest I reinstall with a 64 bit than? Is there any other kernel I should use or be aware of? I am mainly using the memory for virtual machines.02:22
fumanchu182slackerksg5 I am used to using *nix but never edited xorg.conf, have any examples?02:22
adamorjamesThis is a stickup. I need the Courier font and i need it now... please.02:22
Cpudan80MethinX: dont think so - just do mount -a02:22
danbhfiveslackerksg5: sorry, I don't know about 64bit.  I say stick with 32bit for regular usage.02:23
Cpudan80MethinX: err sudo mount -a02:23
adamorjames*Courier pitch02:23
BossmanbetaIn rTorrent, how would I throttle specific torrents so that 1 torrent has a different upload/download cap than another?02:23
comicinker1danbhfive: maybe the UUID changed.02:23
Cpudan80MethinX: I dont think df -h reads off of fstab02:23
_Vi_adamorjames: is that a M$ font? if so you'll need medibuntu repos i think02:23
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:23
danbhfive!blkid > comicinker102:23
ubottucomicinker1, please see my private message02:23
NNNNooooOOOOcheck this http://ihatekaty.com/?id=415110#6dzz5z54fsdq7ez78z8d02:23
adamorjames_Vi_: I'm not using Ubuntu02:23
adamorjamesI'm asking because you are using Ubuntu02:24
NNNNooooOOOOcheck this http://ihatekaty.com/?id=415110#6dzz5z54fsdq7ez78z8d02:24
slackerksg5fumanchu182: Section "Monitor"Identifier"Configured Monitor" HorizSync      30-83   VertRefresh    56-76Modeline "1280x1024" 109.62  1280 1336 1472 1720  1024 1024 1026 106202:24
dayzman i have a problem with my second monitor. text shown on that monitor is somewhat blurry. it's using the DVI port, but it's a VGA monitor. i've already changed the adapter, but still no difference. it's already using the "recommended" settings, i.e. 1680x1050@60hz. should i try to force the freq higher? could somebody please help?02:24
adamorjamesanyone using Ubuntu care to give me Courier Pitch?02:25
fumanchu182thank you02:25
_Vi_adamorjames: go to dafont.com02:25
_Vi_all the fonts you could ever wwant02:25
losherBossmanbeta: I don't think rtorrent supports it. I was told I'd have to run multiple versions of rtorrent to do this. Or try a different client e.g. "deluge"02:26
Bossmanbetalosher, :(02:26
adamorjames_Vi_: cost money02:26
danes_hello, I am trying to make a partition on my usb. Ubuntu does recognize the partitions, but I want windows to recognize one of the partitions. I made them fat32, but only one is shown in windows, any suggestions on how to make both partitions show up on windows?02:26
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Bossmanbetalosher, is deluge another ncurses torrent client?02:26
adamorjames_Vi_: $9902:26
_Vi_oh, wow, i use the typewriter fonts, they were free :)02:26
adamorjames_Vi_: I think it would be better to get the font from you02:27
_Vi_i dont think i have it02:27
=== j is now known as Guest76224
robertzaccouris there spotlight search for ubuntu?02:28
losherBossmanbeta: it's not ncurses. It's just the only other client I happened to like after rtorrent.02:28
robertzaccourthe search for files thing is pretty crappy, no search results for most of the stuff i have02:28
Bossmanbetalosher, yea I see it's a gui ... I prefer an ncurses client so I can ssh/screen to it02:28
danes_is it possible to load multiple OS on a usb, and have some sort of grub on it?02:28
ShakedownHow do I link the OpenGL GLUT files to my source for compilation using g++?02:28
heatmzzrdoes anyone know how to get a verizon usb760 to work in ubuntu? Doing so would further reduce my need for MS..........02:29
danbhfivescmoney360: http://www.taimila.com/?q=node/1102:29
shadow451anyone there for some live feedback02:30
adamorjamesanyone using Ubuntu care to give me Courier Pitch?02:30
losherBossmanbeta: good luck with that...02:30
comicinker1danbhfive: I spent 5h trying to figure out how to partition a netbook with only 128MB USB stick available. made finally. thanks!02:30
adamorjamesCourier 10 Pitch02:30
shadow451ok..anyone there period02:30
marceloshadow451: what?02:31
=== ango|high is now known as ango|unsuitable
Bossmanbetalosher, I will loiter around #rtorrent and see if I can get some help in the matter02:31
danbhfivecomicinker1: cool, glad it worked out02:31
shadow451am new...02:31
shadow451having problems all fronts02:31
shadow451trying to download photos02:31
losherBossmanbeta: been there, done that :-)02:31
=== irving is now known as iajrz
shadow451machine not responding to plugin02:32
shadow451out of here02:32
adamorjames_can someone please upload Courier 10 Pitch to some place and give me a link?02:32
adamorjames_pretty please?02:32
adamorjamesooh this channel is a portal02:33
akureito hell?02:33
mindrapesudo apt-get install msttcorefonts02:33
mindrapeisnt it in there?02:33
adamorjamesmindrape: I'm not using Ubuntu02:33
akureithen leave =P02:34
mindrapeyou are in #ubuntu02:34
NNNNooooOOOOcheck this http://ihatekaty.com/?id=415110#6dzz5z54fsdq7ez78z8d02:34
danbhfive!ot > adamorjames adamorjames_02:34
ubottuadamorjames, please see my private message02:34
akureican someone in here help me with a server related problem?02:34
adamorjames_This is an Ubuntu question.02:34
iajrzfire ahead, adamorjames02:34
robertzaccouris there spotlight search for ubuntu?02:35
robertzaccourthe search for files thing is pretty crappy, no search results for most of the stuff i have02:35
mindraperobertzaccour: use locate at command line02:35
=== ango|unsuitable is now known as ango
akureirobertzaccour: how areyou searching02:36
MisterK1Hey all, needs help with Ubuntu 8.10 and Skype.02:36
ncfi1013_i installed the user agent switcher but there is no test button so how will i know if it works?02:36
robertzaccourhow do i use the command line to search?02:36
robertzaccouri used places-search for files02:37
Bossmanbetalosher, there appears to be a patch which provides per-torrent throttling. http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/ticket/20#comment:1702:37
danbhfiveMisterK1: whats wrong?02:37
iajrzrobertzaccour: open a terminal, then02:37
akureirobertzaccour: sudo updatedb02:37
akureithen locate "search string"02:37
iajrz$:locate "this and that"02:37
iajrzright, you have to updatedb02:37
akureiw/o quotes02:37
losherBossmanbeta: thanks, I will check that out. Good find!02:37
_Vi_add a |less to that command at the end02:37
iajrzit will make your most recent files appear02:37
PC_Nerd1hi.  Ive appended /usr/local/apache2/bin to PATH in the /etc/bash.bashrc file     now a regular use can run a program in there, however because it needs to be run with root... when i sudo apachectl start, it tells me that the command is not found... ive cheked by su - that PATH in root does have the added directory.     any ideas on how to make the PATH addition globally (as in working globally? )02:37
MisterK1danbhfive: its coming up "Problem with Audio"02:38
iajrz-->no quotes necessary unless you have more than a word in filename02:38
akureiPC_Nerd1: how about access rights?02:38
MisterK1danbhfive: to be precise "Problem with Audio Playback"02:38
OxDeadC0deiajrz don't need quotes even then, can do: /path\ to/file\ name.ext02:39
danbhfiveMisterK1: go to the preferences, and the audio section.  Try out different devices for the playback.  Click the test sound to see if its working02:39
iajrzPC_Nerd1: you have to put it in sbin02:39
danes_how can I format a usb?02:39
PC_Nerd1ah - access rights. ty ill check02:39
ncfi1013_i installed the user agent switcher but there is no test button so how will i know if it works?02:39
MisterK1danbhfive: tried all audio out options02:39
Bossmanbetalosher, the patch is from 2007 though :( ... a bit odd that they'd put out a patch but not then release it in a new version later (in 2 yrs?!)02:39
comicinker1danes_: with gparted02:39
akureidanes_: sudo mkfs.vfat /dev/whateverdeviceyourusbstickis02:39
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=== ChewyNet9 is now known as ChewyNet1
iajrzlol OxDeadC0de, it's easier "path to file", at least for me :P02:39
iajrzeasier to explain to newer people, too02:40
danes_should I do all the partitions primary on the usb?02:40
akureidanes_: how many do you want to create?02:40
danes_akurei, at least two or three02:40
losherBossmanbeta: I've tried building various versions of rtorrent/libtorrent in the past and had endless problems with dependencies etc. I'm not impressed by the coding/project management of rtorrent02:41
akureiif <=4 use primary. else logical02:41
PC_Nerd1ok, the program is owned by root, and can be run by root.... but it cannot be run by sudo apachectl on a normal user.02:41
akureiis the user in the sudoers file?02:41
PC_Nerd1however the normal user has full root permissions with sudo... ive set the sudoers like <user>=ALL(ALL)  or however it goes02:41
Bossmanbetalosher, from that thread I linked the author is likely going to put this patch into the trunk and release it in a new version... I have no interest in compiling the patch myself .. not my forte playing with SVN revisions02:41
akureiok... strange ^^02:41
iajrzPC_Nerd1: not only on bin, but also has to be on sbin02:41
zenwrylyI want to strip unicode from my cupsd.conf file, but i'm not sure how.  What can I use to do that?02:42
iajrzor so I remember02:42
nikrudPC_Nerd1, do   sudo env | grep PATH02:42
PC_Nerd1what to you mean on sbin?02:42
danes_akurei, I've done two partitions using fdisk, but the secondary partition is not recognized in windows. I formated it using mkfs.vfat /dev/usb2, but it doesnt show up on windows02:42
iajrzlemme xplain02:42
PC_Nerd1ok... the output from that is "PATH=~~~~~~~~~~~~~"  it doesnt have my url in there.... restart?02:42
Dr_willisdanes_,  /dev/usb2 ? where did that come from?02:42
danes_akurei, do you know what can I do to make both partitions show up on windows?02:42
powertool08Are there any wireshark guru's here who can explain why I'm having so many tcp connections to craigslist? http://paste.ubuntu.com/108839/02:43
akureidanes_ i don't know much about usb sticks on windows, but it could be that windows only recognizes just one partition?02:43
danes_Dr_willis, well, it is actually /dev/sdb202:43
akureii'm not that windows expert02:43
Bossmanbetalosher, there is a way to mitigate it though... if you go to the FILE LIST (right arrow on an active torrent) you see the files downloading in the torrent. if you select one and hit the SPACEBAR, you can change the file's download status to OFF (dont DL) or high, meaning high priority...02:43
Dr_willisthumbdrives under windows - with more then 1 parittion - do work. :)02:43
nikrudPC_Nerd1, now do sudo env | sort ; you'll see you're using your regular user's path rather than root's, I think02:43
akureiDr_willis: kk =)02:43
Dr_willisit may best to format under windows.02:43
powertool08join /#wireshark02:43
danes_I just want to use my usb to have ubuntu in one partition, and other partition in fat for my regular files02:44
losherBossmanbeta: Understood. But that's the poor man's version. The only other way I know is to run multiple rtorrent instances on different ports i.e. back to square one02:44
danes_Dr_willis, do you know of any app that might help me with this?02:44
MisterK1danbhfive: any ideas?02:44
akureidanes_: well if one partition is ext2/3 or jfs or whatever linux fs, windows won't recognize it02:44
Bossmanbetalosher, that's impractical :(  but was worth fleshing out in discussion :)  I am asking about this patch in #rtorrent though02:45
danes_akurei, yes, I know that, but the secondary partition is definitively not showing up. I want to create first two fat partitions to see if both work02:45
danbhfivepowertool08: I don't think that is craigslist02:45
akureihave you marked it *hidden* ?02:46
iajrzThe way I02:46
danbhfiveMisterK1: you could test your system with gstreamer-properties              I don't know otherwise.  Picking a different audio device worked for me02:46
danes_akurei, I dont think so, I made the two partitions the exact same way, but one is not working02:46
akureidanes_: do you know where the hdd manager is on windows? i only know how it is called in german02:46
iajrzwould add the command for the users would be by making a launcher in the /usr/bin (and/or /usr/sbin) folder, PC_Nerd1; not sure how safe it would be, tho02:47
akureisomewhere on the right click menu on "My computer"02:47
Dr_willisdanes_,  i could be wrong.. but i have seen usb thumbdrives with 2+ partitions on it.02:47
MisterK1danbhfive: I can hear audio fine from the OS itself, I've actually done Sound tests, but Skype is refusing to produce any.02:47
powertool08danbhfive: What do you mean? According to my whois lookup it is. Do you mean its spoofed? If so, whats actually happening (port scans?) and how do I stop it?02:47
phiqtioni just installed 8.04 on a ASUS P5N7A-VM to use as a HTPC, everything went smooth until i update my nvidia drivers to current version. after that i rebooted and resolution has stayed stucked at 640x480, any thoughts on how to change resolution with this new nvidia driver. btw, my mobo is using a 9300 gpu.02:47
danes_Dr_willis, I know it is possible, but dont know how :(02:47
sivelhello all02:48
akureidanes_: if you find it, check if you can see it there02:48
losherBossmanbeta: In fairness, I rarely need it in practice. I occasionally suspend something using CTRL-D if it looks like it's starving the others, but otherwise I just let it get on with it...02:48
=== ango is now known as anonymous
danbhfivepowertool08: how did you do a whois lookup?02:48
sivelheres an interesting question for you all about ssh02:48
danes_akurei, I'll try02:48
Xintruderi accedently changed the resolution to very small, super small. how can i undo that?02:48
Bossmanbetalosher, I was about to google that... Ctrl-D pauses/unpauses a torrent line?02:48
Wolverin3hi guys i need some help02:48
danbhfivepowertool08: nvm, it is craigslist I suppose02:48
Wolverin3how to know what is blocking my ubuntu02:48
Wolverin3when that happen i need ACPI restart02:49
powertool08danbhfive: From a terminal with "whois" since that is the destination address on most of them.02:49
losherBossmanbeta: yes, ctrl-d/ctrl-s starts and stops a particular torrent line in my version02:49
danes_anyways, anyone knows if I can use unetbootin to load multiple linux distributions on my usb? Any idea on what file do I need to modify to boot the images, and how?02:49
iajrzblocking ubuntu?02:49
Bossmanbetawell that helps losher cuz 1 torrent is sucking the other one dry and I'd prefer the 2nd finish first02:49
phiqtioni just installed 8.04 on a ASUS P5N7A-VM to use as a HTPC, everything went smooth until i update my nvidia drivers to current version. after that i rebooted and resolution has stayed stucked at 640x480, any thoughts on how to change resolution with this new nvidia driver. btw, my mobo is using a 9300 gpu.02:49
danbhfivepowertool08: woo! thats allot easier than using online lookups!02:49
siveli understand that you can setup a mail program to send an email every time root logs n through ssh. i was wondering if its possible to get some other kind of "alert" when anyone logs, and on a remote machine?02:49
PC_Nerd1yup ok, so if "sudo" doesnt have the regular users path, how can I make sudo root and all regular users share the same path value?02:50
snypzzLove UBUNTU takes some getting use too, but all and all well rounded, and Networkability AWSOME....02:50
phiqtionany help guys?02:50
akureiXintruder: CTRL+ALT+F1 - Log in - sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:50
Dr_willisdanes_,  make the 2nd parittion a logical inside a exteneded perhaps..02:50
losherBossmanbeta: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/wiki/RTorrentUserGuide has all the details02:50
wirelesslessproblem with wireless that isn't connecting for past week in hardy 8.04; router works fine with windows machine; ubuntu machine sees wireless network but something gets messed up with WEP passphrase, any clues appreciated02:51
Bossmanbetalosher, thanks... I'm only generally familiar with the interface.. I'm using it with ssh/screen then pulling the DLed torrents over an SSHFS connection02:51
akureiphiqtion: ever tried nvidia-settings ?02:51
powertool08danbhfive: Do you have any idea what all those connections are doing? They start as soon as I open firefox even if I only have one tab open with about:blank loaded and my craigslist addon uninstalled.02:51
cokyany1 uses pixelview tv tuner?02:51
iajrzPC_Nerd1: sudo uses the commands stored in /usr/sbin ; so if you place a launcher for whatever command you have stored there, (I think even a soft link) it will do it.02:51
ezerhodenwirelessless: edit the wireless settings and re-enter the key/passphrase02:51
smartguyzNice to know that UBUNTU is catching on...02:52
PC_Nerd1ok - im attempting to keep everything where it is, thus the path (instead ot puting a symlink in there in the first place)  is there an easy file to append the global path value?02:52
akureiiajrz: that's not true02:52
heatmzzrdoes anyone know how to get a verizon novatel usb760 to work in ubuntu? Doing so would further reduce my need for MS..........02:52
losherBossmanbeta: the only other problem I've found is that when I try some of the fancier stuff in the rtorrent.rc file, specifically, automatically moving finished torrents to a different directory, I get crashes. Other than that, it's pretty solid02:52
wirelesslessezerhoden, I have tried that various times, still doesn't work. I've seen posts on ubuntu help forums about people having similar problems, but no solution (similar problems with intrepid apparently too, and 8.10, I'm still on older version), nothign changed in my system except regular auto upgrades02:53
akureiPC_Nerd1: what iajrz said about sudo looking in sbin is not true. it does, but not only there. everything in PATH will be looked in02:53
jedi06ok since the guided partition doesn't work becuase it only sees my xp partition i have to use the manual and i see /dev/sda1 ntsf /dev/sda2 ext3 106MB and /dev/sda3 31gb  which sda2 and sda3 must be linux how do i format them onto one partition and install ubuntu02:53
danbhfivepowertool08: no, I don't know.  maybe the plugin didn't uninstall well or something.  I've no idea02:54
jeeves_Mosswhat causes compiz.real to use 40-70% of the CPU time?02:54
PC_Nerd1ok, so how can I get the sudo and root paths to be the same as normal users..... is there a /etc/global_path  file that I can append to?02:54
Bossmanbetalosher, does it auto-delete the DLed files if you delete the .torrent file (I have the sweep-directory for torrents and auto-activate feature ON)02:54
ezerhodenwirelessless: does sudo iwconfig show the correct key?02:54
akureijedi06: well, it seems like /dev/sda2 is /boot and /dev/sda3 might be /02:54
powertool08danbhfive: Thanks for looking. Do you know of anywhere else to look for answers?02:54
wirelesslessezerhoden, i'm not sure, I'll try and check now02:54
jedi06ok akurei do i delete those partitions?02:54
jedi06or what02:54
=== Tweak is now known as Guest8683
akureiPC_Nerd1: compare PATH when logged in as root and normal user02:55
akureijedi06: what do you wnat to do?02:55
jedi06install ubuntu over linux02:55
jedi06keep xp02:55
akureijedi06: delete the linux partitions?02:55
heatmzzrdoes anyone know how to get a verizon novatel usb760 to work in ubuntu? Doing so would further reduce my need for MS..........02:55
akureijedi06: you want to install ubuntu over XP?02:55
wirelesslessezerhoden, it doesn't show any key (I'm online via ethernet. iwconfig shows the ethernet connection without key, but no other wireless extensions for lo etho0 or a third wmaster002:56
jedi06over linux02:56
jeeves_Mosswhat causes compiz.real to use 40-70% of the CPU time?02:56
jedi06it has fedora running akurei02:56
PC_Nerd1only difference is that root does NOT have /usr/games in its path... they both have my /usr/local/apache2/bin directory in there.. so its jsut sudo.02:56
losherBossmanbeta: well mine doesn't, because I keep the rtorrent.rc very simple. Supposedly you can configure this but I opted for stability over features :-(02:56
akureijedi06: well for starters: ubuntu IS linux, but well you should delete /dev/sda2 and /dev/sda3 via livecd02:56
ezerhodenheatmzzr: this is a usb adapter for verizons wireless internet service ?02:56
PC_Nerd1though sudo echo $PATH does have my custom directory.02:57
jedi06i can delete it from the installation disk02:57
jedi06akurei i have the optio02:57
heatmzzrezerhoden: yeah02:57
ezerhodenheatmzzr: wvdial02:57
akureijedi06: then use the installer and manually create 3 partitions: 1) ext2 100MB for /boot 2) ext3 about 5GB for / 3) ext3 the rest for /home02:58
akureiPC_Nerd1: okay, so you can run it as root, but not as normal user?02:58
ezerhodenheatmzzr: i think wvdialconf will try and set it up automatically02:58
heatmzzrezerhoden: ubuntu doesnt recognize modem?? im kinda new to this device and kinda dumb bout linux02:58
MethinXhow do i get rid of m02:58
carl-makurei: why a boot partition? is there hardware that still requires one?02:59
MethinXignore last statement i answerd it myself02:59
PC_Nerd1I can run it as both, but I cannot run it as sudo, thus making me su - whenever I want to run it (it needs sudo to run because it make_sock etc.02:59
ezerhodenheatmzzr: mine worked, just pluged it in and copied my wvdial.conf over from other laptop02:59
akureicarl-m: if he wants to encrypt his system later on, he does not need to reinstall the system02:59
carl-mI suppose03:00
ezerhodenheatmzzr: run wvdial and see if it finds it. if it does, you are very close03:00
jclbrtdoes anyone know if there is away to add more effects into the compiz settings manager03:00
akureican you post your sudoers via query PC_Nerd1 ?03:00
ezerhodenheatmzzr: sorry wvdialconf03:00
jedi06akurei why ext2 for the /boot03:00
PC_Nerd1you mean pastebin it?03:00
jedi06it has ext3 previously03:00
akureijedi06: dunno, kinda preference03:00
biouserwhat might be good to add animated gif + overdub --> flash?03:00
MethinXhow do i get my Ubuntu to run Skype and b2kskype to run on startup?03:00
akureijedi06: could use ext3 though. but i don't see the need for a journaled fs on /boot03:00
akureiPC_Nerd1: yup03:01
PC_Nerd1oh hang on.. I think it is in my sudoers hang on ( I reinstalled last night) let me try and fix this03:01
jedi06well i don't know if i want to procede becuase it might write over my ntfs03:01
akureijedi06: just leave /dev/sda1 untouched03:01
jedi06why doesn't it see the whole disk in the guided partition03:01
akureijedi06:  but you should ALWAYS make backups dude03:01
akureijedi06: guided is bad... it screwed my disk once03:02
akureijedi06: use manual: just check that there's no checked box on /dev/sda103:02
heatmzzrezerhoden:heatmzzr@HeatMzzr-Laptop:~$ wvdialconf03:02
heatmzzrEditing `/etc/wvdial.conf'.03:02
heatmzzrScanning your serial ports for a modem.03:02
heatmzzrModem Port Scan<*1>: S0   S1   S2   S303:02
heatmzzrSorry, no modem was detected!  Is it in use by another program?03:02
FloodBot2heatmzzr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:02
heatmzzrDid you configure it properly with setserial?03:02
akureithen everything is fine, jedi0603:02
jhirleyusing ubuntu 8.10 intrepid, i am trying to get my phone to to sync with evolution , anyone have any pointers ?03:03
akureiwhat phone?03:03
jhirleyblackjack 203:03
akureimhh sorry, don't know that phone. tried searching on google?03:04
=== phixxor is now known as Death__
LurkersACan anyone tell me why this is not working? "chsh -s /usr/bin/fish"03:04
jhirleyyes,  looked and some out of date info on multisync03:04
=== Death__ is now known as phixxor
jhirleyits a windows 6  mobile phone03:05
=== Calvin87 is now known as Cpudan80
=== alexgao_ is now known as alexgao
akureiLurkersA: is the shell in /etc/shells ?03:05
PC_Nerd1how can I reload the sudoers file?  as in make changes active in sudo ?03:05
akureiPC_Nerd1: just edit it via visudo command03:05
danbhfivepowertool08: sorry, no idea03:05
carl-mPC_Nerd1: run sudo again, it won't be cached03:05
PC_Nerd1just did.... ok03:05
Melikmelik is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported. << anyone know where the "sudoers" file is ?03:05
carl-mMelik: /etc/sudoers03:06
akureiMelik: /etc/sudoers03:06
NomexousPC_Nerd1: Changes to sudoers are effective the next time you use sudo03:06
Melikthanks carl-m  and akurei03:06
djabbourudevtest isn't provided by the udev package? what gives?03:06
carl-manyone here tried installing amazonmp3 on x64 without a chroot?03:06
akureiMelik: edit it via visudo only03:06
=== b-man is now known as FireFox
Melikyeah akurei  will do03:06
Melikok gotta drop to root shell03:06
_Vi_akurei: what happens if you use gedit instead to edit sudoers file?03:07
carl-m_Vi_: man visudo03:07
akurei_Vi_: dunno, never tried that. not that adventurous. but it says you should use visduo.03:07
carl-mI jsut use nano03:08
_Vi_ah, well i'd never use anything else besides Vi i was just curious03:08
carl-mwell, that works too if you don't need locking and don't munge the syntax03:08
Milk_Rulzdoes anybody here know how to install Counter Strike 2D?03:09
cjaewhat name are the ttf fonts packages installed under03:09
LurkersACan anyone tell me why this is not working? "chsh -s /usr/bin/fish"03:09
_Vi_the M$ ones cjae ?03:09
carl-mcjae: ttf-foo03:09
scurvyI took a pvr card out of my ubuntu 804 box and now all i get is a white screen03:10
cjaecarl thanks03:10
jclbrtdoes anyone know of a place to get screensavers03:10
jedi06akurei do i use primary or logical for the new partitions03:10
akureijedi06: use primary for /boot. the rest is logical03:11
jclbrti tried gnome-look but they do not have any03:11
akureithough i do thing that /boot 'could' be on logical, too03:11
akurei-thing + think03:11
jedi06and that is ext203:11
akurei can someone pls tell me how to do this: I got a script that's on my server. I am logged in via ssh and want to start the script. it does start without problems, but when i end my ssh connection, my script stops, and it shouldn't. I want it to keep running after logout. Appending '%' does not work either. Any suggestions? Shell is bash03:11
scurvyI took a pvr card out of my ubuntu 804 box and now all i get is a white screen.  anyone know what i need to do?03:11
jedi06ok so what is the difference in primary and logical03:12
nikrud!screen | akurei03:12
ubottuakurei: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen03:12
carl-mjedi06: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primary_partition#PC_BIOS_partition_types03:12
PC_Nerd1ive just made my user ALL=(ALL) ALL    however sudo env | sort outputs a path without the custom directory in it.... weird?03:12
Dr_willisakurei,  scree, or  the 'nohup' command.03:12
akureijedi06: short: primary : max 4 partitions logical: more.... long: see wikipedia03:13
Dr_willisakurei,  screen, or  the 'nohup' command.  can let it continue running.03:13
nikrudakurei, herm, it used to say more. You can run screen on the remote machine; it allows you to 'detach' from it, leaving processes running, and exit ssh.03:13
exodus_msWhen I try to adjust my appearance through system->preferences->appearance, I get the following message:   Unable to start the settings manager 'gnome-settings-daemon'.03:13
akureiso i type screen and it's awright?03:13
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carl-makurei: then you detatch the screen with control-a control-d03:13
carl-mwhen you want to re-attach you type screen -raAd03:14
nikrudDr_willis, you've used screen a lot more than me, you can probably give a 25word clear description03:14
akureik, and nohup ?03:14
carl-mnohup just runs a command in the background03:14
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!03:14
carl-mas man nohup says, "nohup - run a command immune to hangups, with output to a non-tty"03:14
akureii read man nohup like 60 minutes ago03:15
akureiit seemed the wrong command for that kind of action03:15
akureii think i was wrong03:15
Wolverin3some help http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/108846/03:15
Dr_willisnohup command03:15
Dr_willisif i recall right03:15
carl-makurei: if you will never need to send additional input, nohup is fine. if you have to keep going back to send input, use screen03:15
nikrudor  disown <tab> <tab> after running a command, then exit03:15
Dr_willisakurei,  screen is too handy to not learn about. :) it has so many usses heh03:16
unopnikrud, though, disown doesn't necessarily make the job immune to SIGHUPs03:16
akureicarl-m: alright. it's for streamripper. i wrote a script that rips my fav stream, then tar.7z's it and uploads it to my rapidshare.com premium account each hour03:16
nikrudunop, but for the purpose?03:17
PC_Nerd1http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/108848/  thats my suders.  im running as user jack, both jack and root can "run" apachectl, but sudo doesnt know the command, its not in its path ( which ive placed in teh /etc/bash.bashrc)   any suggestions?03:17
carl-makurei: that you should just put in a crontab03:17
akureii did03:17
carl-mthen you don't need to run it by hand, so no issue with ssh hangups03:17
akureianacron /etc/cron.hourly03:17
akureiit's all set03:17
unopnikrud, i guess it works .. depends on which process becomes the parent of the job then i think03:17
akureibut i need to start streamripper  =)03:17
nikrudunop, why I mentioned screen above: but with talk of nohup I was kinda wondering03:18
carl-mthe crontab can't start it?03:18
akureii ln -s'd it to /etc/rc3.d/ but i did not want to reboot my server03:18
akureiof course it does, but i got 2 seperate scripts03:18
akureione for zipping and uploading03:18
akureione for ripping the stream03:18
joeb3_PC_Nerd1, use the full path or add an alias for the command.03:19
phiqtionguys, after installing 8.04 i updated nvidia restricted drivers and rebooted to find a black screen, any thoughts?03:19
unopnikrud, i'm not sure .. but i think with disown the parent of the shell i.e. gnome inherits the children when the shell exits .. in which case, if the user logged out (gnome terminated) the children would recieve the SIGHUP03:19
jedi06hmm akurei it is complaining about a swap space03:19
unopnikrud, screen would be quite the perfect solution here, methinks03:19
nikrudunop, more than I knew before and a testable hypothesis. thanks03:20
PC_Nerd1how do I "use the full path or add an alias for the command"   Id prefer to have sudo have the same PATH value as all other users, so how can I acheive that?03:20
jhirleyusing ubuntu 8.10 intrepid, i am trying to get my windows mobile smartphone to to sync aka activesync with evolution , anyone have any pointers ?03:20
carl-mjedi06: add a swap partition, as well, unless you're really short on disk space03:20
jedi06carl-m how big what type etc03:20
joeb3_PC_Nerd1, it's not sudo, the user must have the same path as the root user.03:20
carl-mPC_Nerd1: it's not really secure to use PATH03:21
phiqtionguys, after installing 8.04 i updated nvidia restricted drivers and rebooted to find a black screen, any thoughts?03:21
carl-mjedi06: same size as your RAM, and type 'swap'03:21
jedi06carl-m my ram might change in the future03:21
PC_Nerd1they do, jack and root share an identical path.  sudo doesnt.03:21
akureicarl-m: did i do it rite? : nohup ./streamripper_rip_stream > /dev/null 2> /dev/null &03:21
carl-mjedi06: it won't hurt anything03:21
PC_Nerd1when I su  - and echo$PATH, its the same output as a normal user (jack) however root doesnt have /usr/games   thats the only difference.03:22
jedi06ok carl-m what type ext3?03:22
carl-mjedi06: for swap space, the type is 'swap'03:22
carl-makurei: seems ok03:22
syockitCan I hold only the current upgrade? I don't want the package to miss the upgrade that supersedes the current (broken) one03:22
jedi06didn't see that03:22
akureiaight, thx03:22
jedi06ok should i put it at the end as location or beginning03:23
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels03:23
akureips aux | grep streamripper is fine, too03:23
syockitI mean, I want to skip the broken upgrade03:23
jedi06i think i want it at end03:23
throwtcan grub boot from an extended linux partition?03:23
carl-mjedi06: won't be a big difference for practical purposes03:23
jedi06i want my other partitiong together03:23
jedi06logical or primary03:23
evilGUIHello I have a box that's running Ubuntu Server and when I ssh into it from this machine it takes 55secs to get the password promt also it lags every few minues03:24
evilGUII did ssh -v it hangs on debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT received03:24
throwtdont know about the lag, but it sounds like reverse dns issue for login prompt lag03:24
lifenovajedi06: logical for swap03:24
lfaraoneHow can I scp the output of a program to a remote host without saving to the disk?03:24
Trapline91Anyone know where i can get drivers for the belkin 802.11g usb wireless ?03:25
joeb3_PC_Nerd1, either use sudo -E  or remove the env_reset option in the sudoers file.03:25
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carl-mlfaraone: pipe it to ssh and run cat on the other end03:25
evilGUI_Reverse dns issue sorry I got a d/c03:25
jedi06carl-m i said 512 for swap and it gave 50903:25
evilGUI_my DNS is set to my router
lfaraonecarl-m: ok.03:26
carl-mjedi06: that's ok03:26
lfaraonecarl-m: thanks.03:26
jedi06well why did it do that03:26
evilGUI_I'm just trying to run ssh over a local network03:26
carl-mno problem. you probably want to have ssh keys set up so you don't have to type a passphrase03:26
PeoplesAdvocateanyone  know the advantages and disadvantages of using IPv6?03:26
evilGUI_I ran sudo ufw allow 22 but I still can't get it to stop laging03:27
akureibye every103:27
cdennyhow do i install cinelerra03:27
cdennyi am new to ubuntu03:28
gonewestcoastcdenny: http://cinelerra.org/docs.php03:28
jedi06hmm on my last partition for /home it doesn't ask me if i want logical or primary03:28
evilGUI_Would it help if I used opendns?03:28
throwtapt-get install cinelerra03:28
gonewestcoastjedi06: You probably used up your four.03:28
PeoplesAdvocatecdenny: sudo apt-get install cinelerra03:28
PeoplesAdvocateif its in the repositories03:28
PC_Nerd1ok, i commented out "defaults           env_reset"  however it doesnt work still.03:28
jedi06gonewestcoast so do i have to redo everything03:28
carl-mevilGUI_: no, that isn't the dns issue they mean03:29
PC_Nerd1I guess its easier to jsut symlink afterall :P03:29
gonewestcoastjedi06: What're you attempting to do?03:29
unopPeoplesAdvocate,  that's a question for #networking  .. but http://www.blurtit.com/q570064.html and http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2009/01/advantages-of-ipv6-next-generation.html03:29
carl-mevilGUI_: I don't know why it's lagging, sorry03:29
jedi06well install ubuntu03:29
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eastereggthis might be a pretty bad question haah but how would i detect a new piece of hardware on ubuntu server?03:29
jedi06yes there is now 5 sda's03:30
evilGUI_I am behind a WRT54G could that cause it?03:30
JatinderI forgot my Ubuntu admin password..anything I could do?03:30
jedi06under /dev/sda03:30
carl-mevilGUI_: you said this is all local machines?03:30
evilGUI_everything is connected to that03:30
evilGUI_carl-m: Yes03:30
carl-mthen no, that is unlikely to be the problem03:30
jedi06what should i do now?03:30
lifenovajedi06: what other OS's do you have? any?03:30
cdennyPeoplesAdvocate:  thank you, so after I get a "package" for something I do sudo apt-get install "name of stuff"?03:30
jedi06i have XP on /dev/sda103:30
jedi06and i'm installing ubuntu over fedora03:31
codenameHey guys! I have an issue I have a Windows Vista / Ubuntu 8.10 dual-boot system, but when I boot into Windows and reboot back into Ubuntu, there I get an error that says something to the extent of "ACPI" "Status C" Then my motherboard won't stop beeping, until I reboot, but once I reboot it's fine.03:31
lifenovajedi06: and you don't already have a seperate home, right?03:31
jedi06no i need to make one03:31
jedi06that is the 5th03:31
carl-mcodename: sounds like a flaw in one of the drivers, I've heard of similar things03:32
PC_Nerd1is it easy to run a small dns server in order to be able to create subdomain.localhost, and only to have it have the localhost records etc?     ie - have an internal DNS and an external DNS all defined in the one network? (simple home network, one router/modem etc)03:32
lifenovajedi06: here's what I have set up. delete your fedora partition altogether03:32
jedi06i can make home first before i make the swap03:32
jedi06lifenova i already did that03:32
codenameYeah, I don't see what could be causing that though.03:32
lifenovajedi06: then make an extended of about 20 gig03:32
carl-mPC_Nerd1: usually you use /etc/hosts03:32
codenameI have a USB headset, that was plugged in, then I unplugged it and rebooted back into Ubuntu03:32
codenameThat might have caused it03:32
codenameNot sure,  the USB headset might be a factort03:32
jedi06for what lifenova03:32
lifenovajedi06: in the extended, make one for your root filesystem, and then your swap03:32
carl-mcodename: probably the Windows driver is leaving the chip in a state that the linux driver doesn't expect03:33
lifenovajedi06: and then make a primary for home03:33
PC_Nerd1ah ok- so that will let me define additional locations? (I want to have sort of a private DNS to my network in order to "image" another server, so that subdomains and vhosts on apache can remain the same/similar03:33
evilGUI_in my resolv.conf I have domain domain.invalid and search domain.invalid03:33
codenameYeah probably, so when I boot back into Windows, which is rarely, you think I should just shut down, then turn my computer on again?03:33
cdennycarl-m are you using wikipedia servers?03:33
carl-mPC_Nerd1: man -s 5 hosts03:33
PC_Nerd1ok ty03:33
carl-mcdenny: using them?03:33
jedi0620gb for root and swap i have about 30gb total03:33
PeoplesAdvocatecdenny: yeah, but you have to know if its in there, I usually do sudo apt-cache search (name of package), to see if its there03:34
lifenovajedi06: sorry, 5 gig is about the bare min I'd say for root, but you can give more to let it have more to breathe. I misspoke when I said 2003:34
cdennyPeoplesAdvocate:  ok thanks03:34
jedi06ok how do you make an extended partition03:35
lifenovajedi06: should be an option in gparted03:35
evilGUI_Can I delete those?03:35
cdennyPeoplesAdvocate: uhoh error!03:35
jedi06nope I'm using the installation ubuntu disk03:36
dayojedi06: Choose 'Local' to make an extended partition03:36
PeoplesAdvocatecdenny: error?03:36
cdennyPeoplesAdvocate: since Im on a virtual machine I believe my vram is too low :(03:36
jedi06there is no local03:36
jedi06you mean logical03:36
cdennyPeoplesAdvocate: i g2g and change the vmx files.03:36
dayojedi06: Logical. Sorry03:37
phiqtionguys, after installing 8.04 i updated nvidia restricted drivers and rebooted to find a black screen, any thoughts?03:37
Aleranwhat command can i run to output whether my system is 32bit or 64bit?03:37
dayoAleran: sudo lshw03:37
carl-mAleran: uname -a03:38
dayoAleran: also try: grep "model name" /proc/cpuinfo03:38
gonewestcoastAleran: dmesg03:38
carl-mAleran: there are two issues: 1. what processor you have 2. what kernel you are running03:39
gonewestcoastAleran: file $BINARY03:39
jedi06dayo you mean make a new partition for /dev/sda the root sda03:39
dayojedi06: what are u trying to do?03:39
Aleranthanks dayo, carl-m, gonewestcoast03:39
carl-mAleran: /proc/cpuinfo will tell you the cpu. uname -a will tell you the kernel03:39
dayoAleran: u're welcome :-(03:39
easteregghow can i detect new hardware + load modules?03:39
jedi06install ubuntu i will have more that 4 partitions so i have to make one extended03:39
dayoAleran: typo. that's :-)03:39
jedi06i need a / /boot /home swap and there is one for ntfs my XP partition03:40
dayojedi06: what are the partitions u want to have?03:40
Alerancarl-m, cool. I was looking for kernel but thanks for the info.03:40
lifenovajedi06: wait, swap should be logical so you'd have exactly 403:40
dayojedi06: i would make /boot and /home primary. then / and swap logical03:41
jedi06ok i'm starting over03:41
ryanakcaIf I have an NVidia GeForce 7600 GS, and I want to enable my framebuffer, should I uncomment 'vesafb' or 'nvidiafb' in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-framebuffer ?03:41
carl-mjedi06: the main point is, don't delete your existing ntfs partition03:41
jedi06i'm not03:42
carl-mmake a big partition for /root, maybe 8gb, a swap partition, and put the rest in /home03:42
carl-mif you need to make some of them logical partitions, make home and swap logical03:42
Jack_Sparrowjedi06 you can take all of the space left from your ntfs, make it one big extended and place all of your partitions swap etc in the logical03:43
you_had_mehello i just installed Ubuntu with the wubi-installer03:45
you_had_menow when i boot ubuntu my screen appears big03:45
you_had_mehow can i change it so the screen-resolution or w/e is a little smaller?03:45
Jack_Sparrowyou_had_me Please read the faq and understand what wubi is, and how it differs from a regular partition installation03:46
Uplinkhow can i install shockwave player on my Firefox?03:46
you_had_mei under-stand what it is Jack_Sparrow03:46
you_had_mei installed it on a dell pc and im having troubles with it on a HP pc03:46
FlannelUplink: There's no shockwave for Linux, you'll have to use wine.03:46
UplinkFlannel: oh man wth! why nottt03:46
FlannelUplink: Because they've never released a Linux version03:47
you_had_mei just need to know how to change the screen so the desktop isn't so big03:47
you_had_meany ideas?03:47
antiveryou_had_me you can increase font sizes in system -> preferences -> appearance03:47
yaggai am getting an error from setting up a share using cifs i read somewhere (4got) that cifs is "dgraded" what can i use instaed of cifs03:47
amdpoxanyone got distcc working on ubuntu?03:47
carl-myou_had_me: is the problem that the resoltion is too high, or too low?03:48
amdpoxIt appears to be running according to ps03:48
you_had_meantiver not the font size but the desktop its self is to big03:48
amdpoxand nmap on the server finds it, but not from the client03:48
Lemonwedgecan someone please recommend a program that i can use to moniter and change my fan speed?03:48
you_had_meon my other dell pc it was way smaller03:48
carl-myou_had_me: you can lower the resolution in system->preferences->screen resolution03:48
antiveryou_had_me i know what you're actually looking for, but i can't remember what its called.. :(03:48
antiverdot pitch? no..03:49
you_had_meok thank you carl-m03:49
you_had_methank you for trying antiver03:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cifs03:49
carl-mincreasing from the default resolution is harder. when I installed I had to edit xorg.conf to set the hsync and vsync for my monitor03:50
antiveryou_had_me GOT IT!03:50
you_had_meyeah when i installed the desktop was so big it even said "auto-adjust" but that could be my monitor03:50
you_had_meyippie ;]03:50
antivergo to page where you can change font sizes03:50
antiverhit Details...03:51
antiverand change the dots per inch setting03:51
you_had_mehmm ok i will try that :D03:51
carl-mantiver: you want that to match the actual dpi of your monitor03:51
antiverthat's designed to adjust it so that a 72 point font appears as exactly 1 inch on your screen (that's the standard size)03:51
carl-mwell, it measures the number of pixels per inch03:52
you_had_meoh and is "MythUbunutu" worth trying?03:52
antivercarl-m yeah, it should match what your monitor is designed for, but if you want it bigger than what it should be, that's how you can tweak it03:52
Flannelyou_had_me: Its one of the easiest ways of getting MythTV working.03:52
amdpox!distcc > amdpox03:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about distcc03:52
* amdpox slaps ubottu03:52
* you_had_me :O03:52
Lemonwedgehow can i figure out which processor i have?03:53
you_had_meare you on XP or ubunutu?03:53
carl-mLemonwedge: /proc/cpuinfo03:53
exodus_mshaving problems with display. gnome-display dameon cannot start? used crtl+alt+f1 using irssi at the moment. Not sure what to do from here?03:53
amdpoxLemonwedge, type "less /proc/cpuinfo" in a terminal03:54
Lemonwedgetype in terminal or is that a location i need to go to03:54
Lemonwedgealright thanks03:55
you_had_meso many ppl03:56
craigbass1976sudo apt-get install samba--- will that allow me to mount up shares that are on windows boxes?03:56
amdpoxcraigbass1976, I'm pretty sure ubuntu can do it out of the box03:56
amdpox(I thought samba was installed by default?)03:57
nomasteryodait is amdpox03:57
nomasteryodathe client03:57
dwade09i need someone who has 700mb ram and running fusion with in intel vid card, tell me how it runs and if they have hangups ?03:57
craigbass1976amdpox, oops, I'm using xubuntu.  Forgot to mention that.  I know I see a way to browse network shares in regular ubuntu, just not in xub.  I'll ask in #xubuntu03:57
nomasteryodasamba server would be to share with windows boxen03:57
HorrorHouseI can't view this website with ubuntu: http://trmproductions.net/index.php03:57
amdpoxcraigbass1976, good plan :)03:57
HorrorHouseMy resolution is ok03:58
HorrorHousebut it just wont show03:58
carl-mcraigbass1976: start by reading a tutorial on mounting samba shares. you won'03:58
craigbass1976HorrorHouse, works for me03:58
carl-mwon't need the samba server package03:58
megazorgdwade09: I have 750, Intel 845, effects run ok, no hangups (although I don't use them much, that box is a server)03:58
heatmzzrwhat is the command in terminal to delete a file03:58
amdpoxHorrorHouse, is this a bad marketing attempt, or are you serious?03:58
HorrorHousewhich ubuntu are you using?03:59
craigbass1976carl-m, just mount -t smbfs (or is it cifs these days) share /mount/point ?03:59
carl-mheatmzzr: rm03:59
carl-mcraigbass1976: yes, something like that03:59
craigbass1976HorrorHouse, xubuntu hardy03:59
amdpoxHorrorHouse, the browser is the relevant bit03:59
craigbass1976HorrorHouse, took forever to load though03:59
HorrorHouseoh wait03:59
HorrorHouseit loaded03:59
HorrorHouseIt takes awhile03:59
HorrorHousethanks anyway03:59
doug_hey everyone03:59
dwade09megazorg,  ah reason i ask is i am on macbook and was goin to install it and use alot the effects, and did not want hangups and such.04:00
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craigbass1976HorrorHouse, Where's the server?  Connection is real slow?04:00
VaxNamHello again everyone. :\04:00
HorrorHouseI think in the US04:00
you_had_mewould 1 GB ram AMD proccessor 1.80 ghz run fine with the effects?04:01
cdennysweet cinelerra works04:01
heatmzzrwhat would be the command in terminal to move a file04:01
megazorgdwade09: My box is an (old) PC, Dell P4 2.6Ghz, 756MB, Intel card,... cannot say anything about mac04:01
jhirleymv source dest04:01
cdennywow i have no idea how to use cinelerra04:01
megazorgdwade09: Same box, running F9, fusion works fine, but performance is not the best04:02
dwade09megazorg,  i have 1.68 ghz and all intell.04:02
ShakedownI've tried everything I could find to enable direct rendering for my ATI card, but to no success.  Anybody able to help?04:02
jhirleyusing ubuntu 8.10 intrepid, i am trying to get my windows mobile smartphone to to sync aka activesync with evolution , anyone have any pointers ?04:02
carl-mcraigbass1976: I have no problem fetching that page with wget04:02
megazorgdwade09: you won't know until you try it.04:02
cdennydoes evolution connect to hotmail.04:03
jhirleyusing it for pop304:03
you_had_meany xbox gamers?04:03
dwade09megazorg,  pfft figured, i do thank for doing, that, i think i wont install ubuntu, then as i would ran them alot, and with a program that is a resource hog.04:03
cdennyyou_had_me: ye04:03
toyo|deskare there any cd burning apps in ubuntu that support writing cd-text?04:03
you_had_mecdenny do you play with XBConnect or xlink kai?04:04
theCompanionHow could I recursively go through a directory and delete every .php file?04:04
toyo|deskor do I have to reboot and use nero?04:04
carl-mtoyo|desk: k3b apparently does04:04
megazorgdwade09: do yo really need fusion? U can try ubuntu (or other) and still use it without a problem04:04
carl-mtheCompanion: use find, xargs, and rm04:04
VaxNamI've been messing with UNetbootin and i keep getting an error when i restart to boot "Could not find kernel image: linux" I was wondering if anyone here had any idea? I checked out the flash drive and it only has one file "ldlinux.sys"04:05
carl-mfind . -name '*.php' -print0 | xargs -0 rm04:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about configs04:05
toyo|deskcarl-m, k3b dosent support / in the text04:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about config04:05
toyo|desktried it04:05
cdennyyou_had_me: i play with xbox 360?04:05
dwade09megazorg, pretty much as it is what i am missing , the cube effects. with 6+ desktops, the gears or fish, and the min effects as well as a few others.04:05
theCompanion-name is the directory name?04:05
you_had_mecdenny i meant xbox original lol.. ;]04:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sampleconfig04:05
carl-mtheCompanion: -name is an argument to find04:05
cdennyyou_had_me: i have that too04:05
you_had_melike h2 cs stuff like that04:05
pawan1how to repair grub04:06
toyo|deskso other than k3b there are none?04:06
carl-mtheCompanion: you will want to look up a tutorial before you run any recursive deletion commands04:06
FezzlerIs there a way to go back to a boot sequence by date?  I've got my Ubuntu PC all screwed up.04:06
cdennyyou_had_me: xbox360 plays that04:06
carl-mtoyo|desk: no idea04:06
syockitI ought to learn how to use xargs these days04:06
you_had_mei know04:06
carl-mtheCompanion: it's always a little risky04:06
you_had_mered-ring of death on mine right now04:06
toyo|deskalright screw it nero it is04:06
FezzlerI'd love to go back and boot from a few days ago04:06
cdennyyou_had_me: oh i see04:06
cdennyi dont have live on xbox04:06
you_had_mecdenny just that program a try for halo2 and counter striek04:06
VaxNamI've been messing with UNetbootin and i keep getting an error when i restart to boot "Could not find kernel image: linux" I was wondering if anyone here had any idea? I checked out the flash drive and it only has one file "ldlinux.sys"  Any Ideas, anyone?04:06
you_had_mestrike* in pm..04:06
pawan1cant load os04:06
syockitFezzler: ah, you mean rollback. That depends on what you installed04:07
you_had_meVaxNam thats the only file that wont copy to my usb..04:07
cdennyyou_had_me: i have no idea what your talking about anymore04:07
Fezzlersyockit>> yes04:07
megazorgdwade09: then, as I said, you won't know until you try it...  good luck04:07
you_had_melol.. so confusing meh?04:07
VaxNamyou_had_me: this is driving me crazy04:07
syockitFezzler: unfortunately, ubuntu does not save states04:07
Fezzlersyockit>> UGH04:07
syockitFezzler: you may have to manually check what you upgraded and downgrade accordingly04:07
you_had_meyeah i know i tried installing gOS on a flash drive and the only file that wouldn't copy is that one04:07
you_had_meso it wouldn't even boot the main screen04:07
you_had_meso i just gave up and went to dual-booting04:08
syockitFezzler: you may need a live CD, and some knowledge of chroot04:08
dwade09megazorg,  lol. i really dont want to try now, as it would be too much hassle with drivers and such. as well as lack of hdd space for a partition i would not use.04:08
FezzlerI've lost my video settings, my wireless setup and my default panel04:08
VaxNamWell I have no way to install you_had_me , I have a Netbook and I don't own an external CD drive.04:08
you_had_methats gotta suck..04:08
Fezzlersyockit>> PC is ok, its all the settings04:08
you_had_memaybe add a external dvd-drive?04:08
VaxNamyou_had_me: I have no sound or anything. I have no external devices04:08
syockitFezzler: I don't think user settings are backed up04:08
syockitI might be wrong though04:09
you_had_mewow man i would literally cry04:09
syockitme too04:09
VaxNamyou_had_me: hahahahah04:09
VaxNami'm so angry right now04:09
you_had_mei mean no sound is enough but no external dvd drive :'(04:09
theCompanionheck yeah, that command worked04:10
theCompanionand it saved me hours of time04:10
syockitVaxNam: can't recreate the boot disk?04:10
you_had_meoh and carl-m its a little better but its still a little to big04:10
FezzlerSomehow I deleted my default GNOME panel.  How do i restore?04:10
FlannelVaxNam: You can likely boot to a USB04:10
theCompanionI risked it buddy, carl-m, and it worked04:10
VaxNamflannel: that's what i've been trying to do04:10
carl-mtheCompanion: like I was saying, you just jave to double-check before you do any recursive deleting04:10
Flannel!install | VaxNam04:10
ubottuVaxNam: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate04:10
FlannelVaxNam: that page may have some good information (first link)04:11
VaxNamI'm trying the USB04:11
VaxNamI did use that page.04:11
=== rebel_kid is now known as rebel_gui
theCompanioncarl-m the first time I ran it, I took off the -rm and just looked at what it found04:11
pawan1how to repair grub04:11
theCompanionand then I ran it raw style04:11
Flannel!grub | pawan1, first link04:11
carl-mthat's the safest thing to do04:11
ubottupawan1, first link: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:11
pawan1list of commands at grub prompt04:11
you_had_mehey Flannel about that tiny url link it says"Install any Linux distro directly from hard disk without burning any DVD04:12
you_had_me" would i be able to install gOS with that?04:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:12
dwade09can anyone who is on a macbook with ubuntu running give me some help?04:12
VaxNamI've been doing everything according to this and no go https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick04:13
Flannelyou_had_me: I'm not familiar with the specifics of gOS, nor that webpage.  But from a quick glance, I'd say yes.04:13
pawan1what is this error04:13
pawan1pawan@pawan-desktop:~$ fdisk -l04:13
pawan1Cannot open /dev/sda04:13
pawan1Cannot open /dev/sdb04:13
pawan1Cannot open /dev/sdc04:13
pawan1Cannot open /dev/sdd04:13
FloodBot2pawan1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:13
you_had_meyippie :D04:13
you_had_mepawan1 u dont have to spam it jeez04:13
carl-mpawan1: you have to be root to read the raw block device04:13
you_had_meiv'e been waiting to install gOS but it wouldn't copy one file to my usb so it just failed everytime04:14
VaxNamI tried GOS04:14
VaxNamI didn't like it04:14
carl-mpawan1: sudo fdisk -l04:14
syockityou_had_me: I know there's a tool that automate live disk creation, but I forgot the name.04:14
you_had_mei would like that04:14
jwhat is it???04:15
carl-mI think that's unetbootin04:15
=== j is now known as Guest72548
Guest72548Am I on lin04:15
carl-min fact I have a link in my system menu for it04:15
you_had_mecarl-m when i try to install gOS with unetbootin it takes forever to load and after 2-4 minutes i just turn off my pc04:16
syockityou_had_me: http://unetbootin.wiki.sourceforge.net/supported-distributions lists gOS 3.004:16
syockitdrats, basically that was ot04:16
dwade09anyone on that is running ubuntu on  a macbook?04:17
carl-mGuest72548: what?04:17
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:17
you_had_methnx syockit04:17
syockityou_had_me: That happens on my 8.10 disk too04:17
syockityou_had_me: I had to restart a number of times before the installation manages to run completely04:17
you_had_mei'll give it another try04:18
Gneadwade09: you're better off just asking your question04:18
syockitIt always gets stuck at certain packages, like libstdc++ or something04:18
Guest72548how many people is here??04:18
you_had_mea lot04:18
carl-mGuest72548: 131504:19
Gnea#ubuntu: Total of 1314 nicks04:19
dwade09Gnea, i am wanting to know if the keyboard on the macbook with macosx runs as smoothly as it does on ubuntu as well as the mouse via two figertips for right click.04:19
Gnea(give or take a few ;) )04:19
pawan1how to make grub select other os than ubuntu as default04:19
pawan1i want to load vista as default04:20
Dr_willis pawan1  look in /boot/grub/menu.lst - edit the 'default' line04:20
Jack_Sparrowpawan1 edit menu.lst04:20
Gneadwade09: a keyboard is a keyboard, and mouse functionality can easily be tweaked, if need be.04:20
Dr_willispawan1,  rember grub starts counting at 0 .  so if window is the 5th entry on the menu.. it will be item 404:20
Guest72548ok, I understand, so, i need to do a question, somebody know a P2P software for ubuntu, or any good pago to download soft's04:20
rww!p2p | Guest7254804:21
ubottuGuest72548: Peer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information04:21
jedi06_in my install i chose the option to be able to access my documents and setting of my XP partition but it is taking a long time now why can't it just mount it and be done with it.  It is stuck at importing documents and settings04:21
pawan1what is the command04:21
Guest72548but i looking for something like ares, more for music04:21
Gneapawan1: default #04:21
rwwpawan1: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst04:21
albuntuGuest72548: try frostwire04:22
dwade09Gnea,  i understand the keyboard is a keyboard but i have f6 for the numpad and jkluio789 are my numpad numbers and then theres the fn button and a few others, like the sound button and he second enter button.04:22
Guest72548and sooo thanks for the advice04:22
pawan1after that04:22
Gneadwade09: right, so it should be able to load a different keymap (such as dvorak) and, i do believe that ubuntu is smart enough to figure it out with a bit of help04:22
Gneadwade09: if you want to be sure, burn a CD and boot it into the livecd mode and see how well it works there04:23
scmoney360anybody have any walkthrus on how to install gtk theme engine?04:23
dwade09Gnea,  there is a prob with the live cd as everything works on live cd but not after you do the install.04:23
Gnea!changethemes | scmoney36004:24
ubottuscmoney360: To change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes04:24
Gneadwade09: 8.04 or 8.10?04:24
dwade09tried both.04:24
dwade09on live cd's but i have had ubuntu exp, from past uses.04:24
you_had_me707 kb/s from a torret for gOS04:25
FezzlerI know my correct nvidia driver is installed, but Ubuntu seems to have stopped using it.  How do get it working again?04:25
you_had_meanyone have a link for DSL?04:25
Gneadwade09: is the keyboard totally dead or does it partially work?04:25
dwade09Gnea,  and i have used live cd on a comp i made all drivers worked and all things operational then when i did the install it did not work right and took me two months to get all the drievrs as at the time ubuntu had a hard time with intel vid card.04:26
FezzlerI'm at command line because X gives me triple images04:26
rww!ot | you_had_me04:26
ubottuyou_had_me: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:26
Dr_willisyou_had_me,  google.com  has them04:26
rwwhsapphire: This channel doesn't have files available for download. For help with ubottu, type "/msg ubottu !list"04:26
dwade09Gnea,  i dont have ubuntu installed on this mac. i am thinking about it very hard but i have only 50gb hdd space and 15 of it is free.04:26
mouseboyxfezzler, cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf , does ubuntu still actually use an xorg config file or is it just a dummy these days?04:27
heatmzzrwhat was the command in terminal if you want to trace adding a device04:27
you_had_mei foundz ones! lol04:27
heatmzzrsomething var messages or something04:27
rwwmouseboyx: Xorg does a lot of autodetection these days, but respects any settings in xorg.conf04:27
h00krww, btw, I haven't been looking for the bar-caps-transparent thing.  I hope you didn't waste too much time with it04:27
Gneadwade09: ever tried this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37329804:27
ScubidusWtf in 2 weeks my kernel went from new to old04:27
rwwheatmzzr: "dmesg" or "cat /var/log/messages"?04:27
rwwh00k: nope, I forgot about it, to be honest :O04:28
pawan1how to make grub select other os than ubuntu as default04:28
h00krww, cool. :D04:28
GneaScubidus: 8.10?04:28
mouseboyxwell, he just needs to run x with the vesa driver and reinstall the correct nvidia driver04:28
Fezzlermouseboyx>> it is there04:28
dwade09Gnea,  nope04:28
Scubidusnow the same packages I used 2 weeks ago are now tellin me that I have to download pakage-*.*-old-tar.bz204:28
ScubidusGnea: yea04:28
GneaScubidus: then welcome to open source software and a version of Ubuntu that changes constantly :)04:29
=== nate_ is now known as nail
cdennywhat can I do in ubuntu04:29
ScubidusGnea: HELP ME04:29
you_had_mecdenny have fun (:04:29
=== nail is now known as Kltpzyxm_
rwwScubidus: Kernels update frequently, hence us recommending that users use the kernel packages in the repositories, which update automatically and don't involve downloading any tar.bz2 weirdness04:29
rootmangood morning, i am a ubuntu 8.10 lover, i love it just love fg04:29
GneaScubidus: absolutely not. you haven't told me what the problem is.04:29
Dr_williscdenny,  whatever you want.04:29
ScubidusGnea: And what do you mean by that?04:30
cdennyi think ill get some more wallpapers04:30
ScubidusGnea: It should be easy04:30
ShakedownI need help enabling direct rendering! I've tried all I could find.04:30
GneaScubidus: pardon?04:30
tawdcan anyone help me?  i've used 64-bit version of ubuntu in the past but have had problems.  should i use the 32-bit version on my 64-machine?04:30
XDS2010Does anyone know if ubuntu would run well on the Adamo ?04:30
XDS2010That would kick ass04:30
Dr_willistawd,  ive had very few issues with 64bit under 8.1004:30
rwwtawd: if you have problems with the 64-bit version, yes.04:30
binarymutantXDS2010, whats Adamo?04:30
Dr_willistawd,  i cant even think of one issue ive had.. :)04:30
XDS2010binarymutant: The Dell Adamo04:31
rwwtawd: I run 64-bit fine with no problems, but apparently some people can't...04:31
rww!requirements | XDS201004:31
ubottuXDS2010: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu04:31
you_had_meXDS2010 i dont see why it shouldn't?04:31
tawdthanks guys04:31
XDS2010rww:  i said "well"04:31
puffI need a little help with apache/php04:31
Scubiduswhat did you mean when you said (08:29:52 PM) Gnea: Scubidus: absolutely not. you haven't told me what the problem is.04:31
binarymutantXDS2010, I dont see why it wouldn't install04:31
cdennythis is so wierd.  im used to spending time fixing vistas problems, but now i dont know what to do with myself04:31
pawan1how to make grub select other os than ubuntu as default04:31
Scubiduswhen I asked for help04:31
XDS2010rww are you a bot ?04:31
GneaScubidus: you haven't told me what the problem is, only that some package, that you haven't identified, is doing something that, to you, seems odd. no, i'm sorry, i don't see what the problem is.04:31
rwwXDS2010: Nope, I just expect people to be able to compare the system requirements and recommendations to what they have without help ;)04:32
binarymutantXDS2010, it's an intel x86 right? or is it ppc?04:32
XDS2010binarymutant:  that binary guy is anoying is that you ?04:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:32
puffActually, I don't.  odd.  Restarting firefox fixed it.04:32
werdnummy Firefox is taking up the entire of my screen04:32
cdennyhow should i add ntfs support04:32
werdnumthe menu bar is at the very top04:32
binarymutantXDS2010, the only nick I use is binarymutant04:32
puffwerdnum: Tell it to stay on its side.04:32
werdnum(i.e. the title bar is beyond the top)04:32
werdnumhow can I resize it?04:32
syockitwerdnum: gnome panel existent?04:32
Fezzlermouseboyx>> again, login screen in GNOME is like 4 overlaying duplicate images04:33
XDS2010>:-|  grr04:33
chucknorrisarrr, I have two ethernet cards. Doing an ifconfig shows me only one, how can I enable the other one too?04:33
werdnumsyockit: On one display, but Firefox seems to overlap it on the other.04:33
rwwwerdnum: Hold down the Alt button and drag to move the window until you can see the resize controls.04:33
Dr_williswerdan7,  hold the alt key. click in the window anywhere, drag it down... is one way to get to it04:33
XDS2010binarymutant:  That sucks04:33
GneaScubidus: also, it is considered rude to a) use caps and b) to beg for help.  if you can explain your problem, i will gladly try to help you.04:33
factotumwerdnum: hold down the alt button and drag04:33
Dr_willisoops won nick :)04:33
binarymutantXDS2010, what sucks?04:33
Fezzlermouseboyx>> do I need to drop to command line and edit xorg.conf?04:33
werdnumfactotum: that just selects text on the webpage :/04:33
VaxNamAnyone know why when i try to install from usb with UNetbootin it only copys one .sys file?04:33
rwwcdenny: Ubuntu comes with NTFS support. If you need help on mounting NTFS partitions, see the factoid I'm about to send youj.04:33
dwade09Gnea,  as soon as i find my cd came with the macbook i will then try ubuntu. i do not want to take a chance on never able to find the disk again and be stuck with a half working os.04:33
rww!ntfs | cdenny04:33
mouseboyxfezzler, kinda, i forgot how to make it so xorg uses vesa driver...04:33
ubottucdenny: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE04:33
syockitwerdnum: Oh, you have multi-display? Check if gnome panel has window overlapping settings on (kde has this, I don't know about gnome).04:33
XDS2010binarymutant:  this other dude with the name binary04:33
werdnumsyockit: Well, multiple virtual displays04:34
Gneadwade09: tat makes sense - good luck04:34
Dr_williswerdnum,  you are not doing it right then.. or try clicking on  part of the windows frame04:34
ScubidusGnea: Could you help me find compat-wireless-2.6-old.tar.bz2 or something that is the same thing04:34
werdnumsyockit: the whole ctrl-alt-left04:34
dwade09thank you Gnea .04:34
werdnumDr_willis: the window frame is off-screen :)04:34
XDS2010or beginning  of the name anyways binarymutant04:34
ScubidusEveryone I go I can't find it04:34
Dr_williswerdnum,  alt-click drag works here forme in my browser, and xchat.. what program are ya trying to move?04:34
itai_michaelsonhi, found an interpid cd laying around - is there anyway i can tell whether its laternate or regular without booting it?04:34
werdnumDr_willis: firefox04:34
werdnumDr_willis: where are you alt-click-dragging?04:35
mouseboyxsudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-glx/ nvidia-glx-new ?04:35
XDS2010I'm not a big Ubuntu user04:35
GneaScubidus: Ubuntu doesn't install .tar.bz2 files from the repositories.... I'm guessing that you don't have access to the system right now, and that english is not your first language?04:35
cdennyrww: actually i just found a program already in ubuntu repositories called NTFS Configuration tools04:35
XDS2010Whats better about ubuntu than say SuSe or SW04:35
kansan__how do i add a user named app to the app group04:35
Flannelitai_michaelson: Alternate or Regular?  Yes.04:35
Scubidusouch it is04:35
O__ohow to defrag ntfs partition in ubuntu?04:35
itai_michaelsonFlannel, how?>04:35
Scubidusjust bad typing and kinda stoned04:35
easteregghow can i detect for new hardware on ubunu server.. it didnt detect my net card :(04:35
bonez451any takers on finding intel 82815 drivers for video setup?04:35
binarymutantXDS2010, Ubuntu > SUSE because of the community we have04:35
nightrid3ritai_michaelson: check the md5sum04:35
ScubidusAnd Im on the system as a matter of fact04:35
syockitXDS2010: try going to #ubuntu-ot for offtopic discussion04:35
evilGUI_YEAH! I found my problem with ssh taking forever I changed my DNS to
binarymutantXDS2010, idk what SW is though04:35
ScubidusWired to the damn wall04:35
FezzlerI'm in xorg.conf.  "Device" section does not say nvidia04:35
syockitXDS2010: woops, wrong channel name04:36
Flannelitai_michaelson: Look at the files.  Alternate will look like this (assuming 386): http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.list  Desktop, like this: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.list04:36
XDS2010syockit:  are you a op ?04:36
jedi06i just installed ubuntu and i restarted and i see a message in order to use you hardware more effieciently you can enable drivers that are not free software and then i just see a blank peach background04:36
XDS2010syockit:  this isn't OT04:36
TheFunkbombHiya folks.  Quick question.  How can I open the Ubuntu firewall to allow Transmission BT client to work quickly?04:36
XDS2010syockit:  this is serious business04:36
syockitXDS2010: not really, but you don't really get answer to such questions here04:36
werdnumsrs byzness.04:36
binarymutantXDS2010, its #ubuntu-offtopic, this is a support channel btw04:36
carl-mTheFunkbomb: the ubuntu firewall?04:36
XDS2010binarymutant:  im asking legitimate support questions04:37
GneaScubidus: it would be extremely beneficial if: a) you tried this again when sober, or b) you could take the time to get exact filenames instead of what you incorrectly remember04:37
\kiraWhen I run a program I get a error about libwx_gtk2u)richtext-2.8.so.0.... Im guessing it needs the dependency and I dont have it, how can i find out what package in apt has it?04:37
TheFunkbombcarl-m, yes, the ubuntu firewall04:37
XDS2010why is ubuntu better ?04:37
XDS2010why is ubuntu better ? < legit question04:37
binarymutantXDS2010, comparing 2 flavors isn't support04:37
FlannelXDS2010: "About" Ubuntu questions are best left to #ubuntu-offtopic, not here.04:37
bonez451XDS2010: it just is.....!04:37
jedi06uh what should i do?04:37
XDS2010binarymutant:  im not comparing anything04:37
itai_michaelsonFlannel, alternate... thanks04:38
=== felix-da-catz_zz is now known as felix_da_catz
GneaXDS2010: a support question would entail that you've install or trying to install ubuntu and are having some sort of an issue with it.04:38
binarymutantXDS2010, your asking for a comparison04:38
carl-mTheFunkbomb: have you installed or configured routing or a firewall on your computer?04:38
Jatinderbonez451: Since XDS2010 is asking that question..Could you please answer what is the difference between uBuntu and Fedora04:38
XDS2010binarymutant:  im asking a legit support question04:38
FlannelJatinder, XDS2010:Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic, this is for support only, not discussion questions.04:38
XDS2010Why is ubuntu better04:38
syockitjedi06: if you don't have problem with the idea of proprietary drivers, you can install them via... uh,I forgot.04:38
GneaScubidus: please don't PM me, keep te discussion here.04:38
FlannelXDS2010: Please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic04:38
binarymutantXDS2010, you trolling? because it's really not support04:38
TheFunkbombcarl-m, I have two I guess.  One is on my router.  I believe that is set up correctly.  I also have the ufw set up too04:38
factotumXDS2010: actually it isn't; slackware is ask there and you would actually get an enthusiastic answer btw04:38
Gnea!ot | XDS201004:39
ubottuXDS2010: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:39
NerosIs it possible to take and installed ubuntu system and convert it back into an installable iso? I have set up my server in a virtual machine and want to migrate it to the final hardware04:39
bonez451ubuntu is a debian derived flavor while fedora stems from redhat... another flavor of linux04:39
werdnumHmm, I wonder if I can delete the pre-stored settings about window size and all that jazz.04:39
factotumNow, moving along...04:39
* werdnum looks04:39
JatinderI apologize..i didn't know that...04:39
carl-mTheFunkbomb: you don't need any firewall software on your ubuntu installation - and the default install has none04:39
jedi06yes i know that but in the mean time ok do i get it to boot into the desktop04:39
bonez451Jatinder: how's that for an answer?04:39
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FlannelJatinder: No problem.  That's why we told you :)04:39
FezzlerOkay, I edited what looked like a wrong default screen resolution in xorg.conf04:39
TheFunkbombcarl-m, then I will disable the ubuntu one04:39
fighthi all04:39
Jatinderbonez451: Thanks..nice...04:39
XDS2010now i know why i use other platforms :)04:39
syockitjedi06: System->Administration->Restricted Driver Manager04:40
bonez451Jatinder: do I have it fairly close?04:40
jedi06i can't get to the desktop04:40
XDS2010its best to stay away from the mainstream04:40
carl-mTheFunkbomb: I was confused because most people will not install any firewall on their ubuntu system, so they only have router problems04:40
jedi06just a blank peach screen.04:40
yoyit2how do you change the background on ubuntu??04:40
TheFunkbombcarl-m, thank you and welcome to my friends list.  People who have reliable info are added04:40
* Gnea sighs04:40
NerosIs it possible to take and installed ubuntu system and convert it back into an installable iso? I have set up my server in a virtual machine and want to migrate it to the final hardware04:40
binarymutantyoyit2, right click on the desktop04:40
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.04:40
Jatinderbonez451: It does help..I have been using Linux off and on from quite a while..and I am taking this course at my college which is specific to Fedora development..04:40
yoyit2binarymutant: how do you right click?04:41
jedi06ok i'm stuck here04:41
FlannelGnea: That's not necessary, nor useful.  The party involved already left.04:41
binarymutantyoyit2, lol your funny04:41
easteregghow do i do hardware detection on ubuntu server?04:41
carl-measteregg: what sort of hardware?04:41
yoyit2binarymutant: haha.. jk jk04:41
Fezzlerokay, resolution fix.  Now, how can I restore default GNOME panel?04:41
biouserhow to start and stop pulse-audio?04:42
Fezzleror will I have to "rebuild" it04:42
carl-measteregg: it isn't picked up on boot? if not, you can try inserting the module by hand04:42
NerosIs it possible to take and installed ubuntu system and convert it back into an installable iso? I have set up my server in a virtual machine and want to migrate it to the final hardware04:42
Flannel!resetpanel | Fezzler04:42
ubottuFezzler: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:42
carl-mif that works, you can add the module to the list of ones that are inserted after boot04:42
Flannel!repeat | Neros04:42
ubottuNeros: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience04:42
eastereggcarl-m: how would i know which module it is.. where do i search for modules and their corresponsding hardware04:42
carl-mNeros: you could just copu the files. or you could use dpkg --get-selections. there are other ways, too04:43
GneaNeros: hrm... you could probably use rsync04:43
carl-measteregg: search gogle for "linux driver" and your card name/model04:43
jedi06yes i need some help here why is it all i see is a blank peach screen04:43
jedi06i just installed ubuntu04:43
Neroscarl-m not all the installed software came from an apt....04:43
Gneajedi06: did the hard drive light stop blinking?04:43
Fezzler"command not found"04:44
cdennyi cant mount my external ntfs harddrive using ntfs-3g04:44
jedi06yes gnea04:44
NerosGnea you mean use rsync to do a network install?04:44
carl-mNeros: you can just tar everything up and move it that way04:44
Dr_willisNeros,  thers some  method to do that.. but ive never done it.. somthing like googling for 'linux live scripts' may find the tools i saw ages ago04:44
PengytheDuckwinCan somebody help me, I've just installed kde nightly and now, instead of sound, I ge a crackling noise04:44
TheMusicGuyHiyo, I finally got my webcam working in mplayer, Cheese, and ekiga. is there a way to make it work with Flash and Facebook too?04:44
syockitbiouser: sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio restart04:44
jedi06gnea i saw a brief message first time i booted about enabling drivers that are not free04:44
Dr_willisNeros,  or you could use mondo/mindo to backup the server to dvd/iso files and restore from them04:44
GneaNeros: no no - boot up a livecd on the 'final hardware', then use rsync to copy the system from the virtual machine across the network to the destination drive04:44
carl-mNeros: there is also a program dpkg-repack or similar04:44
binarymutantTheMusicGuy, what do you mean make your webcam work with flash?04:45
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carl-mit's not hard to make your own .deb files if you don't need them to be very robust04:45
Gneajedi06: I guess what I'm asking is, does it ever give you the option to login?04:45
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biousersyockit that hasn't been reliable04:45
jedi06yes this is after i log in04:45
Nerosok but what about problems with hardware on the new machine....04:45
cdennycan you guys see my rules?04:45
jedi06it give me a blank peach screen04:45
TheMusicGuybinarymutant:  when you right-click on a flash applet and go to settings there is a tab for webcam access04:45
Gneajedi06: and never anything else?04:45
Gneajedi06: do you have another user account on the system?04:46
binarymutantTheMusicGuy, let me check if my cam works with facebook, do you have flash installed?04:46
Fezzler gconftool --recursive-unset: command not found04:46
jedi06it looks like it tries to load something with the curser wait but it will go away and then i will be stuck here at a blank screen04:46
puffI am trying to mount an old ubuntu install as a secondary drive in a new machine, so I can pull data off it.04:46
jedi06i just installed ubuntu i did a manual partitioning04:46
syockitbiouser: there's also sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio force-stop04:47
PengytheDuckwincan somebody help me with a sound problem after installing KDE?04:47
puffI think /dev/hdc is the old ubuntu install, it appears to be an LVM parittion.04:47
puffDo I need to do osmething funky to mount it?04:47
Gneajedi06: okay, but did you ever make more than 1 regular user account?04:47
phiqtion_after enabling restricted drivers on a 9300 GPU, i restart to a black screen, any thoughts?04:47
BellinXFelonhow can i put mp3s on my phone through usb on xubuntu?04:47
syockitbiouser: Might want to try that before restarting the daemon04:47
jedi06Oh i imported docs and setting from XP that is all i did04:47
carl-mpuff: what problem are you having with it?04:47
GneaBellinXFelon: depends on the phone04:47
biousersyockit I think there are stop and start too but they don't seem to work as expected like a reboot04:48
biouserI am on jaunty though04:48
Gneajedi06: it's just a simple 'yes' or 'no' question...04:48
puffcarl-m: Well, given the paste, what -t arg do I use with mount?04:48
jedi06What do you mean a regualar account i just made mine04:48
biouserbig hope for pulse audio in jaunty04:48
binarymutantTheMusicGuy, srry I cant find my webcam :(04:48
BellinXFelonits a sony ericson04:48
syockitbiouser: force-stop should kill all pulseaudio daemon04:48
carl-mjedi06: probably ext2 will work. you can't hurt anything by guessing the fs type04:48
syockitbiouser: what are you trying to achieve anyway04:48
Nerosok guys thanks for the help on the thing... i think ill just do a fresh install and configure.... rsync is way more work than actually installing LAMP+Webmin and migrating my sql and htdocs04:49
jedi06what carl-m04:49
Gneajedi06: Linux is, by default, a multi-user operating system. Ubuntu provides the ability to make multiple user accounts, both at installation time and later on once the system is up and running.04:49
TheMusicGuyis any particular VJM more likely to be able to have access to webcam?04:49
jedi06well i just made one04:49
TheMusicGuyer, JVM04:49
carl-mjedi06: you can also run file -s /dev/hdc104:49
carl-mwhich will tell you the type04:49
PengytheDuckwinhas pulseaudio or alsa had problems after installing KDE before?04:49
Gneajedi06: so you're saying that te answer is 'no'?04:49
biousersyockit it *might* not be pulse audio but frequently my sound will go down I need to write a script to really kill everything and really start everything04:49
Gneaso it's yes?04:49
biouserI suppose04:50
carl-mjedi06: sorry04:50
jedi06answer is no04:50
carl-mpuff: you can just guess a type, or use file -s /dev/hdc104:50
puffcarl-m: http://pastebin.com/d212cdb9204:50
NerosTheMusicGuy : can you access the webcam in a program like vlc or something similar? should be able to open a video stream from /dev/v4l2 or something alon those lines04:50
Gneajedi06: geez, why didn't you just say so in the first place?  okay, can you drop to a console and login and make another account that way?04:50
carl-mpuff: you need to mount /dev/hdc104:50
jedi06how do you drop to a console04:50
TheMusicGuyNeros: I use Cheese04:51
carl-mpuff: or /dev/hdc304:51
TheMusicGuyit works fine04:51
Gneajedi06: ctrl-alt-F104:51
puffcarl-m: Ah, cool, that owrked.04:51
carl-mbut you cannot mount /dev/hdc04:51
TheMusicGuyNeros: I think my device is /dev/video004:51
NerosTheMusicGuy ok try to get a video stream from /dev/v4l/video0 or /dev/video004:51
Fezzlerrm -r ~/.gconf/apps/panel  <<cannot remove: Is a directory04:51
jedi06yes i can log in Gnea04:51
dtchensyockit: / biouser: restarting pulseaudio via the initscript by default does nothing, because by default we ship per-user session invocation of the daemon.04:51
biouserdtchen exactly04:51
NerosTheMusicGuy if you can.... it should just work in flash04:51
Darcyquestion about WUBI.  why does it only allow a 30 GIG image partition ...04:51
dtchenbiouser: what's the symptom you're experiencing?04:52
syockitdtchen: btw is everything under pa?04:52
TheMusicGuyNeros: what does that mean? what do I do with the /dev file?04:52
jedi06Gnea now what04:52
sfuentesanyone know how tshark and tcpdump compare?04:52
dtchensyockit: Ubuntu, yes04:52
bonez451other than 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg' how does a system know what to include in xorg.conf?04:52
Fezzlerhow do I restore original gnome panel in Hardy04:52
Gnea!users | jedi0604:52
ubottujedi06: To add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo04:52
syockitdtchen: I see. I know nothing but phonon :)04:52
zac_Can some one help me i can get me video graphics from low to HIGH04:52
NerosTheMusicGuy open your video stream viewer and see if you can get a video stream from /dev/video004:52
Gneajedi06: check that website out, it will tell you the exact procedure to add another user04:52
jedi06what are you saying then it doesn't work becuase i didn't make 2 users04:52
dtchensyockit: Phonon is happy to use pulse; it does in jaunty (i'm using it presently)04:53
biouserdtchen just often I will try to push things past the limit like trying to play sound through firefox with Jack on and recording a screencast or something ridiculous and my sound goes down too hard that all I can do is reboot because I can find the scripts to restart everything04:53
Gneajedi06: the idea is to see if the settings you imported from XP had a nasty effect ont he desktop of the system04:53
biouser*can not find the scripts to restart all sound services04:53
jedi06That has to be it, I thought it was just going to let me see the files04:53
jedi06like mount the ntfs file system04:53
dtchenbiouser: that's because not everything in Ubuntu universe is configured to use pulse04:53
jedi06but it took forever04:54
biouserdtchen indeed04:54
Gneajedi06: in theory, it should. but for some reason, something is causing a problem.04:54
jedi06ok Gnea what happens if that is the case04:54
jedi06do i need to reinstall ubuntu04:54
biouserdtchen so I need the most convenient ways to work around.. it looks like 9.04 will be better though04:54
dtchenbiouser: jackd and pulseaudio both really only work effectively when they grab raw hw:*04:54
puffcarl-m: Okay, so /dev/hdc1 mounts ifne as ext3, but that's grub, vm, etc.  hdec2 is the boot partition so that doesn't buy me much.  sudo file -s /dev/hdc5 gets me: /dev/hdc5: LVM2 (Linux Logical Volume Manager) , UUID: r2qPJg6voPhTQpF5MiN2ZUvEHUiI4AV04:54
micron122can someone tell me how to make a usb bootable for windows7 install?04:54
puffcarl-m: So... how do I mount that?04:55
Gneajedi06: no, but you can find out what's going on by looking at the ~user/.xsession-errors file to see what's causing the problem04:55
biouserdtchen right, but I can run jack on top of PA just not with other PA stuff and I have to stop PA for somethings and can't do certain chores that I would like to simultaneously.. but how do you start and stop PA anyways?04:55
Nerosmicron122 this is a linux discussion.... your question appears to be about windows only....04:55
ShakedownI've tried everything I could find to enable direct rendering for my ATI card, but to no success.  Anybody able to help?04:56
Gneajedi06: if it's something from the XP profile that's goofing things up, then it won't matter how many times you reinstall and import - the problem will be there each and every time04:56
biouserI mean I can kill the process04:56
puffcarl-m: I guess more importantly, what are the odds I'll be able to mount that on this machien (centos 5.2)?04:56
micron122I need to install the iso onto usb from linux04:56
biouserbut then if I want to go back to having PA ...04:56
biouserwithout rebooting04:56
TheMusicGuyNeros: it works now...not sure why04:56
Nerosmicron122 oh ok thats a horse of a diffrent color... you should read into the command dd04:56
Gneajedi06: by making another user to test it with, and by examining ~/.xsession-errors, you can determine where the problem is and solve it, thus getting the desktop of your main user to show up04:57
unomimicron122: google unetbootin04:57
=== zelrikriando is now known as David_Hahn
micron122unomi: i thought unetbootin was for linux04:57
dtchenbiouser: pulseaudio -k && pulseaudio -D -vv04:57
dtchenbiouser: how well jack and pulse play together in jaunty depends on jack's MIR04:58
micron122so unetbootin will mount any iso to usb?04:58
unomimicron122: http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/04:58
unomimany dists04:58
micron122well damn04:58
rebel_guiis it true that the ubuntu "bash" isnt really bash? isnt it d-dash or something?04:58
micron122i used it many times04:58
unomislick as hell04:58
carl-mpuff:  I never used lvm, look at http://www.brandonhutchinson.com/Mounting_a_Linux_LVM_volume.html04:58
Nerosunomi he is trying to write a windows7 iso to a usb drive.... unetbootin wont work04:59
syockitrebel_gui: dash is used as the sh.04:59
AphisOnehow do I check to see what packages are inatalled (CLI)04:59
FlannelAphisOne: What do you want to do with the list?04:59
micron122Neros:  ya i think it loads a linux launcher04:59
rebel_guisyockit, so if i execute /bin/bash it will truly execute bash. but if i execute /bin/sh it executes dash?04:59
binarymutantAphisOne, aptitude shows it04:59
AphisOneFlannel: less04:59
FlannelAphisOne: dpkg -l | less05:00
Darcyis there a channel for wubi ???05:00
Nerosmicron122 not the installer... just the actual operating system05:00
AphisOnethanks Flannel05:00
syockitrebel_gui: yup05:00
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unomiNeros: ahh sorry05:00
\kirahow much space should /boot have. 8 gigs would be more than enough, right?05:00
FezzlerNow if I could only sync my Palm m500 with Ubuntu!05:00
micron122Neros: I tried to load mbr but that was not enough05:00
unomimicron122: ask in #windows-help or whatever it is05:00
carl-m\kira: 1GB is more than enough for /boot05:01
biouserdtchen cool, thanks, I was just adjusting the max_client_size of my site so that I can upload mp3 big enough that I recorded first with ardour and then turned pulse-audio off to deal with the sounds in audacity... audacity really needs to get it's act together with PA and Jack05:01
\kiracarl-m: I see, thanks05:01
Nerosunomi micron122 needs help with the linux command dd.... im writing it out for him as we type05:01
puffcarl-m: I can't get past the second command in there, it says "mount /dev/hda /tmp/mnt" and doesn't specify a -t, when I leave out -t mount comiplains.05:01
rebel_guisyockit, alright. im just trying to debug why ubuntu "bash" doesnt exec a bash script correctly but crux, centOS, mac OSX and freeBSD "bash" do just fine05:01
unomiok, ill stay out of it hten :)05:01
micron122unomi: the problem is that i need to us linux to load the usb... no win installed yet05:01
Nerosmicron122 the command you need should me something like dd --if=your_iso.iso --of=/dev/(usbdrive) make sure you use the whole usb drive that way the bootsector is written too05:02
biouserdtchen E: main.c: Failed to kill daemon: No such file or directory05:02
Flannelrebel_gui: Because dash is the default shell.  If you have a script that wants bash, put bash in the shebang instead of sh.05:02
jedi06ok i try to login with the other user says There is a problem with the configuration server (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256) Gnea05:02
rebel_guiflannel, the shebang is bash05:02
Flannelrebel_gui: s/shell/script thing/05:02
puffcarl-m: ah-hah: http://www.centos.org/modules/smartfaq/faq.php?faqid=4505:02
carl-mpuff: apparently you need to use the commands 'pvs' and 'lvdisplay' to see the names of the volumes05:02
micron122nero that will make it bootable?05:02
Flannelrebel_gui: Then bash should be running the script.05:02
phiqtion_how can i fix overscan on my lcd on 8.04?05:02
Nerosmicron122 unomi     the reason unetbooten wont work even though the loader is grub is because it is grub compiled as a windows executable05:02
biouserdtchen oh, I see the first one is to stop it :)05:02
Geoffrey2by chance, does anyone here use an Acer Aspire notebook?05:02
Nerosmicron122 that and using parted to flag it as active :D05:02
Nerosmicron122 should anyway05:02
Flannelrebel_gui: What's the output of ls -l /bin/bash?05:02
jedi06then blank peach screen plague05:02
carl-m\kira: my /boot is 26mb05:03
micron122nero active or boot?05:03
danbhfiveis this channel logged?05:03
Nerosmicron122 both05:03
micron122same right?05:03
rebel_guiflannel, yes even when i specifically call bash by "bash '<script>'" it behaves incorrectly05:03
Flanneldanbhfive: Yes05:03
\kiracarl-m: wow, I was way off :). Thanks!05:03
Flannelrebel_gui: Define incorrectly05:03
danbhfiveFlannel: where are the logs?05:03
Flannel!logs | danbhfive05:03
ubottudanbhfive: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/05:03
rebel_guiflannel, the output is "-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 725136 2008-05-12 11:48 /bin/bash05:03
micron122Neros: or not?05:03
carl-mI mean I am using 26mb05:03
carl-mIt's not a separate partition for me05:03
Nerosmicron122 i cant remember atm so to be safe i would set active and boot05:04
micron122dont remember seeing an active option05:04
micron122that was the key to my puzzle05:04
rebel_guiflannel, the script does not execute after the | so instead of do this and pipe to this, it simply does step 1 and ignores step 2. in this case instead of cat'ing a file and piping to curl it just dumps to the terminal and exits05:04
puffcarl-m: Mucho thanks for your help.05:04
ShakedownI need help enabling direct rendering! I've tried all I could find.05:05
O__ohow to format 1TB drive to NTFS in linux?05:05
rebel_guiflannel, oddly if i enter the problem code line into bash it executes perfectly, just when run in a script it has trouble05:05
Flannelrebel_gui: I'm not super familiar with bash, but is that valid in bash?  Just because it works on those others doesn't mean its valid.  (I don't know)05:05
micron122Neros: could there be a terminal way to set it as active? don't see it in fdisk05:05
carl-mO__o: presumably you use mkntfs05:05
rebel_guiflannel, using a | to do that is perfectly valid, i do it all the time just in this script it doesnt execute correctly05:06
Bllasaeso i need to install flash player, how do i do it?05:06
unoprebel_gui, does your script have any unusual characters in it.   cat -et yourscript05:06
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micron122anyone else?05:07
jedi06help please05:07
rebel_guiunop, im not sure how to read this cat output, what am i looking for?05:07
micron122where do i specify the usb  in ..............dd --if=your_iso.iso --of=/dev05:07
heatmzzr_I forget who helped me out but thanks. I got my verizon usb760 to work with ubuntu which furthers my goal of getting rid of winblows... thanks alot05:07
werdnummicron122: the of05:08
rebel_guiheatmzzr_, "furthers my goal of getting rid of winblows" hehe good man!05:08
unoprebel_gui, you could show us an excerpt of your script .. and what cat shows you here .. use a pastebin05:08
selocolHi, can someone tell me the path to the "login" settings app in administration?05:08
jedi06Gnea you there?05:09
Bllasaeso i need to install flash player, how do i do it?05:09
Bllasaei downloaded the .deb file05:09
unoprebel_gui, it's quite possible that the version of bash on ubuntu is newer than that on the other distros you tried05:09
rebel_guiunop, i think i found it. there appears to be a couple of funny characters before my if's and fi's05:09
rebel_guiunop, let me type those lines out by hand and see if i can get rid of them05:10
unoprebel_gui, yea, if your file's format is DOS or MAC .. you probably will have trouble05:10
Bllasaeso i need to install flash player, how do i do it?05:10
Bllasaei downloaded the .deb file05:11
unoprebel_gui, if you see any of these  ^M$  under cat -et .. you should save the file again, under UNIX format05:11
jedi06there is nothing in ~/.xsession-erros05:11
rebel_guiunop, yeah i opened up a fresh vim buffer and im typing it all out manually (its a short script)05:11
jedi06i want to unimport my xp user settings05:12
jedi06becuase i think it screwed me up05:12
unoprebel_gui,  under vim this should suffice.   set ff=unix05:12
rebel_guiunop, oh ty05:12
mr_bm1Please help my to setup the Mythbuntu Config Centre05:12
rebel_guiunop, im not incredibly familiar with vim yet05:12
mr_bm1I have tried to test the sql-server but the result shown failed05:13
Dillizarhow do you make a format on a usb or a memory card05:14
sleepy_cathi how to register on the channel05:14
unopDillizar,  mkfs05:14
unop!register > sleepy_cat05:15
ubottusleepy_cat, please see my private message05:15
pritchardHullo.  I have OSS as my choice for sound playback.  RhythmBox works just fine, but youtube videos are playing without sound.05:15
mr_bm1anyone help me with the Mythbuntu Config Centre?05:16
Gneajedi06: were you able to find anything in .xsession-errors?05:16
jedi06no nothing in them05:16
jedi06and did you see the error for the other user i set up05:16
Gautamhi, can you please tell me ...how to remove all the saved commands from terminal05:16
Dillizarunop, i have a problem with the formating05:17
Dr_willisGautam,  if you mean the command 'history' in the bash shell the 'history' command can clear it . 'history -c'05:17
O__oin order to format a drive to ntfs in gparted, do i need to sudo apt-get install ntfsprog ??05:17
Gneajedi06: hrm, doesn't sound good...05:18
Geoffrey2can the 8.10 live CD read FAT and NTFS partitions?05:18
Gneajedi06: do you still have the XP on there?05:18
Dillizar0__o i am trying to format a memory card05:18
Gneajedi06: i mean, the XP OS installation05:18
jedi06Gnea i can just reinstall and not use the XP05:18
Vinnexhow can i disable system beeps ?05:18
KetrelI'm trying to do this command, but it's failing, how would I do it 'sudo fortune >> /etc/motd'05:18
jedi06I had better be05:18
Dr_willisGeoffrey2,  it can vfat.. and i think it can ntfs05:18
KetrelI get permission denied05:18
jedi06It better be there Gnea05:18
Gneajedi06: heh... yeah, i think that'll be the better option, at this point05:18
unopKetrel, fortune | sudo tee -a /etc/motd05:19
Dr_willisKetrel,  when using sudo with >> type pipeing - it needs a little extra work :) like Unop said.05:19
O__owhy the ntfs option is grey out in gparted?05:19
xubuserHello People.05:19
unopKetrel, the redirection >> is setup before sudo has a chance to take effect .. and it is done as the user issuing the command .. hence the permission denied05:19
Dillizarunop,  that command doesnt work on a memory card05:19
unopDillizar, why not?05:20
theCompanionwhats the best way to upload large files to a webserver when your ISP caps your upload speed?05:20
Ketrelunop, thanks05:20
pritchardHum, ALSA hates my sound card.  I had to do a lot of work to get sound properly configured on this machine.  Thankfully, Open Sound System seems to work fine.05:20
Dillizarunop, i have send you a PM05:20
pritchardExcept on Youtube...05:20
xubuserguys is there a package for gtk2 in ubuntu?05:20
unopDillizar, so, have you rebooted like it says?05:21
Dillizarunop, the memory card???05:21
pritchardAh, Firefox as a whole isn't playing sound.05:21
xubusertrying to figure out how to install gtk 2 libraries....05:22
slyyfHey, how do I make bash something for every line of output in a command?  ex 'find|grep .flac' and then run lame over all of them?05:22
sfuentesdoes anybody use tshark at all?05:22
mr_bm1anyone helps me to setup the Mythbuntu Config Centre?05:23
=== sleepy_cat is now known as dragon_flam
nikrudxubuser, if you're using ubuntu the libraries are installed05:23
=== ck is now known as Guest7682
Geoffrey2ok....troubleshooting time...I loaded the 8.10 Live CD on a notebook, opened Computer, and tried clicking on a hard drive...and am told the volume cannot be mounted.....05:23
dtchenslyyf: something along the lines of: find /path -name '*.flac' -exec lame --whateverflags '{}' ';'05:24
dtchenslyyf: be aware of escaping characters05:24
xubusernikrud: hmmm I can't seem to compile using some of the tutorial statements.05:24
nikrudxubuser, ah header files. Install libgtk2.0-dev05:24
phiqtion_how can i fix overscan on my lcd on 8.04?05:25
xubusernikrud: cool. thanks. :) those are what I wanted to install.05:25
Geoffrey2the computer the HD is on started randomly freezing lately (running Vista), then wouldn't completely boot, now won't even start booting...05:25
dtchenpritchard: if you're using OSSv4+ on intrepid or newer, you might want to make sure everything's configured to use OSS, then05:25
nikrudxubuser, in general, you can get the header files for a library by  apt-cache search  lib<library> | grep dev , like apt-cache search libgtk | grep dev05:25
dtchenpritchard: (meaning pulseaudio and ~/.asoundrc, too)05:26
mr_bm1onyone help me to setup the Mythbuntu Config Centre in Ubuntu Hardy?05:26
pritchard@dtchen - Sadly, a good amount of what you just said was gibberish to me.05:26
pritchardAnd it appears to have been cut off short.05:26
dragon_flamhi i want to register on irc05:26
dragon_flamplz help me05:26
dragon_flamit says password incorrect05:26
xubusernikrud: cool. that's nice to know.05:26
dtchenpritchard: hmm, i'm quite certain i didn't surpass the per-line char limit, but oh well.05:27
dragon_flambut my password is given to me by them via email05:27
nikrud!register | dragon_flam05:27
ubottudragon_flam: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode05:27
dtchenpritchard: i was hoping you'd be a bit more forthcoming about the configuration (just conffiles-wise)05:27
pritcharddtchen - I just installed Ubuntu.  Haven't used it in maybe over a year.05:27
dtchenpritchard: hardy? intrepid?05:28
jeeves_Mosswhat is the utility that tests the wire speed?05:28
mr_bm1hmm, no one here can help me Mythbuntu Config Centre?05:28
pritchardWhichever that is.  :)05:28
dtchenpritchard: (intrepid) you probably want to run `asoundconf set-oss', too05:28
jeeves_Mosswhat is the utility that tests the wire speed?05:29
dtchenpritchard: see /usr/share/doc/libasound2-plugins/examples/asound.conf_oss05:29
O__oI am still googling how to format ntfs in ubuntu05:30
pritchardI'll check it out and get back to you.05:30
O__oseem like it is easier to format ntfs with other windows machine05:30
mr_bm1no one using mythbuntu in ubuntu?05:30
Geoffrey2I've got a notebook computer that will no longer boot up, starting just recently, and I'm trying to figure out whether it's a hardware failure, or something fixable...05:31
=== jessica_ is now known as nikitis
jeeves_Mossmr_bm1, I was, then it pissed me off with the setup and incomatability with my satellite card05:31
jedi06i forget what needs to be logical and primary.  /boot ext2 100MB Primary, /root ext3 8GB logical, swap 512MB logical, and /home ext3 RemainingSpace Primary.   Does the look correct05:32
Dr_willisjedi06,  i often use 4 primary partiions..   or 3 Primary at the start.. then one extended/localal at the  end. I rarely ever yse a /boot partition these days05:33
mr_bm1Jeeves_Moss: Thanks, at least one person answer my question05:33
jeeves_Mossmr_bm1, yea, that's a problem in here.  most people don't pay attention, then when you post a few times, they get mad05:33
Dr_willismr_bm1,  theres a #mythbuntu channel05:34
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
jedi06I will have 5 partitions total so one has to be logical05:34
mr_bm1I was there05:34
micron122ok i need some help.... I accidently used (  sudo dd if=my7.iso  of=/dev/sba105:34
micron122  )  anyone know what sba is?05:34
jedi06Dr_willis why don't you use a boot partition05:34
micron122i used sba instead of sda05:34
Dr_willisjedi06,  why do i need one? i havent had to use a /boot - since the days of LILO and 1023 cylinder limitations in bios05:35
Dr_willisjedi06,  the only reason now a days i can think to use one is for some RAID setups05:35
pritchardWhat should the sound params be set to?05:35
micron122I used ( sudo dd if=my7.iso  of=/dev/sba1) and it copied 1.4gig then quit.... what is sba1?05:36
jedi06Well I what do you suggest how should i parition Dr_willis05:36
Dr_willisjedi06,   depeneds on your needs - I tend to have  (windows ) (/) (home *sometimes*) and (swap) all primary05:37
MurielGodoihi guys, anyone got the mousepen wp5540u calibrated under intrepid?05:38
jedi06i don't know my need i'm just doing what i did before at least one will need to be logical05:38
jedi06i think i had /boot and /home primary and /root and swap logical05:39
Wickedanyone know a app to index all my music and export it to a list? like a html list or somehting?05:39
micron122anyone know how to make a drive "active"05:40
jedi06does that sound ok to you Dr_willis05:40
hbithello all, has anybody syncronized evolution with Sony Ericsson w880i mobile phone??05:40
Dr_willisjedi06,  why bother with any logicals if you are just using 4 parittions05:40
jedi06there will need to be 505:40
jedi06there is a ntfs partition05:40
hbithello all, has anybody syncronized evolution with Sony Ericsson w880i mobile phone??05:41
jedi06why are logicals a bother05:41
Dr_willisjedi06,  i find  NON-logicals a bother. :)05:42
jedi06well then i'm just making the swap logical05:42
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szrhawaiianyone here05:43
jedi06sounds like a dumbass system they came up with05:43
szrhawaii is this the ubuntu chat room05:43
tritiumYes, szrhawaii.05:43
szrhawaiithanks just making sure05:43
Geoffrey2anyone know where I can get help diagnosing a possible hardware problem?05:44
\kiraGeoffrey2: #hardware05:45
\kiraszrhawaii: this is the ubuntu support room, not general chat (just a note) general chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic05:45
Ketrelone more question, the history command, where does it get that from, and how can you clear it?05:46
KetrelI tried blanking .bash_history05:46
szrhawaiiduh that wasnt general chat05:46
Dr_willisKetrel,  'man history' :) 'history -c' to clear05:46
szrhawaiiwas wondering if it was cause some other people was saying stuff other than that05:46
szrhawaii\tell that to someone who is generally chatting and dont imply anything when someone asks if this is the right room05:47
KetrelDr_willis: I swear the -c switch wasn't there when I looked before05:47
Dr_willisKetrel,  try history --help ? :)05:48
Dr_willisKetrel,  man history - shows ya some of the neat tricks history can do.    I forget  half of them.05:48
jvai"tcpdump -i -ath0" doesn't work on my thinkpad z60mrunning hardy, i get a "SIOCGIFHWADDR: No such device" on the command, but wifi works wonderfully!, how do i get it to work?05:48
rebel_guiyay, fixed my bash script but now im having a problem running it. i have to enter the full path to it, so i cant enter myscript i have to enter /home/myuser/myscript05:48
perilluxWhenever I use a resolution lower than my screens native resolution it runs it in a small box with black around the edges.  How can I set it to stretch to the full screen size?05:49
Dr_willisrebel_gui,  keep it in /home/username/bin that will be in the default path when you next login05:50
rebel_guidr_willis, ok ty05:50
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.05:50
hellhound_i am having trouble with text rendering.  for some reason if a website, document or even this irc chat room are scrolled or in irc's case, pushed up by more text, then lines are jumbled together and broken in half horizontally.  it makes it almost impossible to read anything.  Please help!!!!05:50
joeb3_jvai, tcpdump -i ath005:50
jvaiok @joeb3, lemme try that05:50
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NBaH_!loopback file system05:51
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:51
jvailmao.... joeb3, i could reach in here & kiss ya. but have a beer on me man!! thank you so much!!!! you r a god!05:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about that_drug_deal05:51
FlareDS!botabuse | werdnum05:52
ubottuwerdnum: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".05:52
* NBaH_ apologies to ubottu05:52
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FlareDS!lol | szrhawaii05:52
ubottuszrhawaii: Please don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.05:52
werdnumFlareDS: :) It was just one joke, and the channel is empty. Lighten up :)05:53
FlareDSSorry, rules are rules05:53
szrhawaiithanks jackoff05:53
Dr_willis1288 people is empty? :)05:53
Wolverin3some hep with kernel?05:54
werdnumDr_willis: well, nobody's talking :)05:54
FlareDSszrhawaii: Don't push it05:54
Dr_willisthey are all 'waiting' :)05:54
szrhawaiiman the kubuntu sight irc doesnt have this much issues with retards05:54
* FlareDS laughs05:54
jribszrhawaii: let's stay on the topic of support please05:54
FlareDS_Vi_: hey i know you05:54
Wolverin3some help the system block05:55
SchmittyDoesItwhen running /scripts/findtrojans I recieve 103 possibles, some being 'mv', 'copy' and 'ls' file infected. This script runs a simple rpm -Va which could bring a lot of false positives. My question is if I mount this drive on another linux system and simpley replace said binaries with new ones will this hurt the system? Can this be done?05:55
* FlareDS = Flare18305:55
binarymutantSchmittyDoesIt, rpm?05:55
jribSchmittyDoesIt: are you using ubuntu?05:55
FlareDS_Vi_: Remember?05:55
Dr_willisSchmittyDoesIt,   Ubuntu dosent use RPM... makes me wonder at your testing method05:55
hellhound_i am having trouble with text rendering.  for some reason if a website, document or even this irc chat room are scrolled or in irc's case, pushed up by more text, then lines are jumbled together and broken in half horizontally.  it makes it almost impossible to read anything.  Please help!!!!05:56
SchmittyDoesItforget the rpm remark, would this method be sane05:56
_Vi_FlareDS: yeah i talked to you this morning05:56
_Vi_im on here all day05:56
FlareDS_Vi_: yeap05:56
FlareDS_Vi_: same05:56
jribSchmittyDoesIt: without the rpm remark, "this method" is not well defined...05:57
Dr_willisSchmittyDoesIt,  would proberly be better to use the package manager tools to 'remove/reinstall'  questional binaries..05:57
leoHello all05:57
SchmittyDoesItthankyou Dr_willis05:57
=== [pErry] is now known as [perry]
leoCan someone tell me what settings I change to change my font color on screen please?05:58
gladiatorHi all05:58
Wolverin3some help please?05:58
syockitHe's probably using packagekit-smart05:59
jribWolverin3: best to just ask the channel your question.  If someone knows the answer, they will try to help you05:59
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
Wolverin3i have this error on logs http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m6e5b5e8705:59
Wolverin3the system block05:59
gladiatorcould anyone give me info on ubuntu support for penryn processor?05:59
sisterbluehow do i get to root in a terminal  (newbie here)06:00
jrib!sudo | sisterblue06:00
ubottusisterblue: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)06:00
sisterbluejrib  thanks :)06:00
=== kompi07 is now known as meisse
gladiatori installed twice but it had no cpu frequency scaling support .. drained the battery very quickly and the laptop starts baking06:00
BuntuNoob01I have a brooktree 878 pci card that has its audio (for coax signal) going internally from the capture card to my sound blaster audigy's AuxIn, I can't seem to find an app to give me the sound though, I've used vlc and tvtime neither will pick up the audio06:00
Milk_Rulzhow do I install a .sh file?06:01
jribMilk_Rulz: what are  you trying to install exactly?06:01
ice_creamthink of .sh as .exe or so06:01
ice_creamif that helps06:01
Dr_willissudo sh whatever.sh06:01
=== kompi07 is now known as meissi
ice_creammay need to chmod it to be executable06:02
ice_creamif it isnt06:02
Milk_RulzDr_willis: Thank you06:02
sisterbluei am at the desktop in my terminal  how do I get to root  (sudo did not work)06:02
jribsisterblue: what exactly did you do that did not work?06:02
XFCEntralsisterblue: 'sudo su' then enter your user's password06:02
hellhound_sorry if it seems like I am repeating myself.  I am desperate... I can hardly read anything.  i am having trouble with text rendering.  for some reason if a website, document or even this irc chat room are scrolled or in irc's case, pushed up by more text, then lines are jumbled together and broken in half horizontally.  it makes it almost impossible to read anything.  Please help!!!!06:03
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto06:03
ice_creamsisterblue, usually they recommend not going into root, although you can;  perhaps you can accomplish what you need with temporary superuser access with "sudo <command you wanted to do>"06:03
jribXFCEntral: please recommend « sudo -i » instead since it resets the environment06:03
sisterblueXFCEntral thanks that did it :)06:03
Milk_RulzDr_willis: I got this error: '/home/harley' must exist and belong to you in order for the installation to proceed.06:03
Milk_RulzIf installing as root, you may need to log in as root, use 'su -' or 'sudo -H'.06:03
tritiumMilk_Rulz: sudo -i is preferred06:04
Dr_willisMilk_Rulz,  or 'sudo -s' then run the insaller.. or run it as that user.. if you want it installed for just that user.06:04
XFCEntralsisterblue: no problem! sudo alone only works when it comes before the command as in "sudo apt-get install," and you enter your password. to be root, sudo su works better.06:04
Dr_willissudo -i or sudo -s. or run as you ruser.  Milk_Rulz06:04
Dr_willisI dont recall what sudo -H does. :)06:05
tritiumDr_willis: sets the HOME env. variable to /root06:05
sisterblueXFCEntral thank you  i am trying to remove a file and put it somewhere else06:05
ice_creamsisterblue, perhaps   simply  sudo mv  <file> <destination>  ?06:06
redvamp128Wolverine3 I did find this Bug #256312 in linux (Ubuntu): “rt2x00usb vendor_request” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/256312>06:06
sisterblueice cream thanks for the help but am trying to follow some step by step instructions  :)06:06
Milk_RulzDr_willis: thank you, -s didn't work but -i did. thanks to you too tritium06:06
tritiumMilk_Rulz: no problem.06:07
redvamp128Wolverin3:  I did find this Bug #256312 in linux (Ubuntu): “rt2x00usb vendor_request” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/256312>06:07
sisterbluehope i dont mess something up big time06:07
hellhound_does anyone have any suggestions???06:07
jribsisterblue: if you aren't sure of what you are doing, why not tell us and see if there is a better way?06:07
redvamp128Wolverin3:  there also are more issues with that as well rt2x00usb - Google Search <http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&amp;q=rt2x00usb&amp;btnG=Search>06:08
pritchardBy the by, crazy idea - Perhaps someone could remotely control my computer and configure sound for me?06:08
leoCan someone tell me which setting changes my personal text input font color please?06:09
Wolverin3redvamp128, is a USB problem?06:09
redvamp128Yes it looks like so06:09
Jeebus_Savesso I'm running the 8.10 livecd and the hardware driver application says I need to restart to use the proprietary nvidia drivers for my video card. but I can't really restart - I'm just using the livecd. is there any way to use better drivers without restarting, or at least increase my screen resolution?06:09
redvamp128Wolverin3:  that page you posted that was the common error -- wireless card?06:09
somaunnhello guys06:10
Wolverin3usb wireless06:10
sisterbluejrib  ok   i am trying to follow these instructions at this website for the logitech quickcam http://www.noah.org/wiki/Logitech_QuickCam_Pro_4000_on_Ubuntu  and now I have removed the .ko file on step #5 but #6 I am stumped06:10
Wolverin3redvamp128 im no post it06:10
huwenfengJeebus_Saves: there seems no good method, you should install Ubuntu , then install the driver06:10
Wolverin3redvamp128 some1 else06:10
MethinXI have IP and my other comp is  how the heck do I enable file shareing between these computers?06:10
huwenfengJeebus_Saves: you can not install a hardware driver in livecd, i think06:11
pritchardSounds like you're communicating between two routers :P06:11
Jeebus_Saveshuwenfeng: sigh, I wanted to try out the livecd before installing, but it seems like that's not going to work06:11
* pritchard hides back in his corner06:11
jribsisterblue: those instructions are OLD06:11
MethinXwell I have one router,06:11
clearzenhuwenfeng: why is that?06:11
ice_creamsisterblue, #6 looks like   "make install"06:11
kingbillymethinX: if thats not a typo in the second octet, you need a subnet mask of
sisterbluejrib  i ws here in ubuntu channel earlier and was pointed to that url but the person that was helping me left me hanging06:11
huwenfengJeebus_Saves: oh, just intall it,  you can use a unused partition to install it.06:11
redvamp128Wolverin3:  I was only going by what you posted in Pastebin-- it seems to be a usb wireless issue-- traces back  through bug reports06:12
jribsisterblue: what version of ubuntu are you using?06:12
huwenfengclearzen: no hard disk, right?06:12
sisterbluejrib  what would you recommend ?06:12
sisterbluejrib i am using ubuntu 8.1006:12
Milk_Rulzcan somebody please help me install something?06:12
huwenfengclearzen: if you are using livecd, you would like to write something to your harddisk permanently? right?06:12
MethinXok but what program do I use to enable those two computers to share?06:12
leoHello everyone...06:12
jribsisterblue: well I would start by undoing whatever you've done already06:13
MethinXif I knew a program name I would be able to set up the network connection06:13
clearzenhuwenfeng: right, but why isn't it working?06:13
sisterbluejrib  ok how do i put back what i took away when i followed those steps ??06:13
redvamp128Wolverin3:  though have not found any fix for the issue -- but this is the most detailed of the bunch - Bug #256312 in linux (Ubuntu): “rt2x00usb vendor_request” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/256312>   based on what you posted here ubuntu private pastebin - collaborative debugging tool <http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m6e5b5e87>06:14
Milk_Rulzdoes anybody know what an "excutable (application/x-exutable) file it?06:14
MethinXboth computers automaticly connect to the internet but they cannont fileshare between eachother06:14
jribsisterblue: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCamerasLogitech that camera should be working oob06:14
tritiumMilk_Rulz: precisely that.06:14
jribsisterblue: what is the last step you completed?06:15
sisterbluejrib  i completed step #506:15
kingbillymethinX: look into "samba"06:15
Milk_Rulztritium: well I downloaded a game, but it's in windows format06:15
sisterbluejust removed the file06:15
leoHello. I am just checking my font colors...06:15
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209806:15
jribsisterblue: what did you rm exactly?06:15
Milk_Rulztritium: and then it says you apparently need to download the executable file for linux06:15
sisterbluejrib  sec  hopefully I still have it06:15
Milk_Rulztritium: and I did that, but I don't know how to launch it06:15
sisterbluejrib   here it is    rm /lib/modules/2.6.27-9-generic/kernel/drivers/media/video/pwc/pwc.ko06:16
huwenfengclearzen: oh, sorry, i can not answer that/06:16
tritiumMilk_Rulz: sounds like you need to chmod +x <filename> (or do the equivalent through the nautilus gui)06:16
clearzenhuwenfeng: ok, nvm then I just thought you where having problems06:17
Jeebus_Savesis there a partition editor that groks ntfs on the livecd? I haven't used linux much in years, and it doesn't look like parted does it.06:17
TraceRouteCould anyone help me understand why tab completion isn't working in my terminal anymore, I mean it works but it will only list something in the current directory06:17
jribsisterblue: find what package owns that using packages.ubuntu.com and reinstall it06:17
leoHello, can anyone see this?06:17
huwenfengnvm ?06:17
pritchardleo - I see it06:17
Jeebus_Savesleo: no, definitely not.06:17
Dr_willisleo,  yes we can.06:17
krloznesecito ayuda jajaja06:18
leoOK thanx just checking06:18
tritiumkrloz: please stop06:18
tritium(You're not even spelling Spanish words properly)06:18
Wolverin3redvamp128 mm i see and then i need wait 4 some solution?06:18
Milk_Rulztritium: was I ment to use chmod on the directory or the file?06:19
sisterbluejrib   not sure how I do that with being so new can u step me thru that ?  is it done at a terminal ?06:19
huwenfengany good web browsers under Ubuntu?06:19
tritiumMilk_Rulz: file you downloaded06:19
redvamp128Wolverin3:  I still haven't found a solution -- but it appears as though the usb wireless card is to blame for the issues06:19
huwenfengfirefox is not that good.06:19
Dr_willishuwenfeng,  firefox and opera work fine for me06:19
jribsisterblue: it's a web page, you visit packages.ubuntu.com in your browser06:19
Milk_Rulztritium: when I open it, it does nothing, hold on I'll show you the txt document that came with it06:20
ice_creamoh, they made opera a package now..?06:20
ice_creamif so, i dont see it06:20
Dr_willisice_cream,  they have been opera for linux/ubuntu for ages06:20
DestilI am hoping for some assistance.  Note: I am a complete n00b to ubuntu and linux...06:20
Dr_willisice_cream,  go to the opera homepage :)06:20
Brack10if I want to set a variable equal to itself minus 1, how do I do that?  VARIABLE=($VARIABLE - 1) doesn't seem to work06:20
ice_creamyea in the past when i tested it, i just dled a binary iirc06:20
Milk_Rulztritium: - get full CS2D at www.cs2d.com/download06:20
Milk_Rulz- extract the archive to a folder of your choice06:20
Milk_Rulz- copy this binary into this folder06:20
Milk_Rulz- Install libstdc++5 or higher with your package manager- run it06:20
FloodBot2Milk_Rulz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:20
tritiumice_cream: it has been available for several releases, in the third-party repository (no need ot go to the opera homepage)06:20
Wolverin3redvamp128 next block i will unplug it and see if that solve the block06:21
redvamp128Wolverin3:  which version of Ubuntu are you on Hardy or Intrepid?06:22
huwenfengclearzen: what's wrong?06:22
ice_creamtritium, what is 'third party'?06:22
ice_cream!third party06:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about third party06:22
DestilI have a dead, once windows laptop, the bootfile became corrupt, and I was hoping to give ubuntu a go.  I downloaded the "desktop" iso, made the CD but seem unable to boot/install directly from it.  Might someone direct me to the correct download?06:23
tritiumice_cream: not from Canonical, but rather from vendors like Opera06:23
redvamp128Wolverin3:  8.04, 8.04.2 or 8.10 ?06:23
tritiumice_cream: check your /etc/apt/sources.list, and you'll see the "partner" repo, likely commented out06:23
ice_creamoh partner..06:24
sisterbluejrib  i think it is a pwc-source  from universe  listed in dapper fiesty gutsy  but still not sure which file ?? and what to do here is what i found at this url http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pwc+&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all06:24
ice_creamidk if i want partner06:24
ice_cream!partner > ice_cream06:24
ubottuice_cream, please see my private message06:24
Dr_willisI dont see 'opera' in the partner/third party repos'  i may be overlooking it.06:25
Wolverin3redvamp128 8.10 intrepid06:25
Dr_willisI recall it USED to be in there a few releses ago.. but not seen it in there lately06:25
tritiumDr_willis: it always has been06:25
jribsisterblue: so reinstall and see if the file you deleted returns06:26
Dr_willistritium,  if you say so.. of course I think imusing the opera beta right now. :)  gotta love betas06:26
Milk_Rulzdoes anybody know how I can simply run a file in wine?06:26
Dr_willisMilk_Rulz,  wine whatever.exe       ?06:26
ice_creambut i was wondering more out of curiosity than necessity06:26
leochecking my font...06:26
Milk_RulzDr_willis: doesn't work06:26
ice_creamff or fx as they call it...is sufficient for my purposes06:27
Dr_willisMilk_Rulz,  then you really need to be a bit more clear on what 'dosent work' about it.06:27
_anuUbuntu broken :( can't installing , help!!!!06:27
jrib!apt > sisterblue06:27
ubottusisterblue, please see my private message06:27
Mean_Adminso I installed 8.10 on hard drive with the pata cable all for itself. on the other PATA cable, there was only 1 hard drive at the time of installation but then I added a second and now I get GRUB error 206:27
Flannel!doesntwork | _anu06:28
ubottu_anu: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.06:28
_anusypathetic couldn't open , any one can help me ???06:28
_anuthat install tool -> restart Ubuntu while installing06:28
ice_creamlol @ Flannel06:29
ice_creamdid you help write that segment of ubottu? =P06:29
_anuthen Ubuntu can't work06:29
Vinnexhow do i close the x server?06:29
_anucan't install and uninstall06:29
_anuwho can help me ?06:29
Dr_willisVinnex,  that goes to the console.. it closes nothing06:29
ice_creamVinnex, usually ctrl alt backspace06:29
MethinXok, I downloaded samba but was woundering if there was an easier way to connect 2 ubuntu 8.10's together to share files.06:30
tritiumice_cream: that restarts it06:30
Dr_willisMethinX,  2 ubuntu pc's make it MUCH easier...06:30
Dr_willisMethinX,  install ssh on both and use 'sshfs' is one easy way06:30
_anuhelp !!!!!!!!!06:30
ice_creamtritium, kills it for me06:30
Dr_willisMethinX,  or scp for simple file transfers06:30
tritium_anu: you haven't described the problem sufficiently06:30
MethinXthank you06:30
_anuokay , let me try06:30
tritiumice_cream: that's not how it works06:31
Jeebus_Savesso I'm still in the livecd, and now the nvidia driver is loaded but my screen resolution is stuck at 800x600. is there a way to make it higher given that the screen resolution application and xrandr think that's the max?06:31
ice_creamdid i give him bad advice?06:31
somaunnsomeone know how to re-activate user Switcher Preferences06:31
tritiumice_cream: it kills the current session, bringing the user back to the login manager.  He likely wants to kill gdm as well.  (sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop)06:32
_anutritium , how to describe ?06:32
jmgtrplyr84how do i allow compiz full control over my desktop06:32
ice_creamreally, is that how yours works?06:33
quibbler_anu, when you try to use synaptic do you get an error message?06:33
tritiumice_cream: same as yours06:33
_anuE: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.06:33
_anuE: _cache->open() failed, please report.06:33
Vinnexhow do i exit the x server client?06:34
* ice_cream makes a test06:34
quibbler_anu, type sudo dpkg --configure -a in the terminal06:34
_anui tried06:34
tritiumVinnex: from the command line: sudo invoke-rc.d gdm stop06:34
_anuno use06:34
quibbler_anu, what error message do you get06:35
jvaihey thnx channel!06:35
_anuit throws an error also06:35
tritium_anu: what were you doing when you encountered that error?06:35
_anuwait a minute06:35
_anui do nothing06:35
_anuthe computer restart itself06:35
tritium!enter | _anu06:35
ubottu_anu: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:35
cdennywell guys, I am officially hooked06:36
_anutritium , ok06:36
oholiabI want to make a /home/user/bin directory and make it a standard path for running programs like /usr/local/bin and all that jazz, how do I go about adding the path?06:36
sisterbluejrib  i am not sure which file to use  when i ran sudo apt-get install pwc  it couldn't find the file06:36
cdennyi love ubuntu06:36
_anuhelp me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:37
huwenfengoholiab: add it in you $PATH06:37
bazhang_anu, run that command06:37
_anuwhich one ?06:37
bazhang_anu, and calm down with the multiple help me's06:37
hayesanyone help me?06:37
oholiabhuwenfeng: won't that reset every time I log out of a session?06:37
=== zkinion is now known as thebleh
_anubazhang , which command ?06:37
=== thebleh is now known as zkinion
=== cdenny is now known as Ikabob
bazhang_anu, sudo dpkg --configure -a06:38
huwenfengoholiab: set it in /etc/environment06:38
=== Ikabob is now known as cdenny
jribsisterblue: you need to pastebin commands you run along with their full output when something does not work the way you want it to.  I must go now.  In the future, pay close attention to what version a tutorial applies to and in general stick to the wiki and help.ubuntu.com06:38
_anudpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.06:38
sisterbluejrib ok thank you06:39
oholiabhuwenfeng: if I put it in as ~/bin will it interpret the ~ correctly?06:39
_anuhelp !!!!!!!!!!06:39
bobcglx isn't working even though it clearly states that it is enabled in the X log. I'm on 8.10 with nvidia drivers. Any idea how I can fix it?06:39
Dr_willisoholiab,  when in doubt use full paths to binaries06:39
bazhang_anu, stop06:39
huwenfengoholiab: oh, i do not use it myself. you have to try06:40
_anubazhang , anyone help me then ?06:40
bobcglxinfo says Error: couldn't find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig06:40
oholiabDr_willis: the whole point in setting it as a path is that you don't have to06:40
leoCould someone direct me to some documentation for XChat Settings please?06:40
bazhang_anu, on one single line describe exactly how you got into this situation. repeatedly saying help!!! overuse of the enter key, and you will be removed.06:40
nikrudoholiab, add a section in each user's .profile that is:  if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then   PATH="$HOME/bin:$PATH"  fi , that does it automatically06:40
oholiabDr_willis: it's a perl script I wrote so I could be lazy and type less :P06:40
Dr_willisoholiab,  depends on what you are trying to do.. ~bin is in the path. then you dont need a path..06:41
cdennyhas anyone here ever use pixelize?06:41
nikrudoholiab, add it to /etc/skel/.profile to have it added to any new user06:41
root_oholiab rc files   /etc/profile /etc/bash.bashrc  ~/.profile  and ~/.bash_bashrc   i don't agree with "<huwenfeng> oholiab: set it in /etc/environment"  < while that may work that is not the prefered place06:41
Dr_willisoholiab,  I just keep mine in /home/username/bin06:41
_anubecause i did not see answer06:41
nothbobc : lsmod | grep nvidia06:41
nothbobc : grep "glx" /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:41
nikrudoholiab, heh. it's already in /etc/skel/.profile06:41
nothcheck two files06:41
bobcnoth: nvidia               7103300  2606:41
bobcagpgart                42184  1 nvidia06:41
bobci2c_core               31892  12 cx88xx,bttv,lirc_i2c,nvidia,tuner_simple,msp3400,saa7115,tuner,ivtv,i2c_algo_bit,v4l2_common,tveeprom06:41
FloodBot2bobc: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:41
_anuhelp me , kind people ^^06:42
nothkernel modules is ok06:42
bazhang_anu, describe your problem all on one line.06:42
ice_creaminteresting, though i got distracted with something else i needed to do06:42
nikrud_anu, that's a problem not many people are going to be able to help with: it requires a really deep understanding of the packaging system06:42
oholiabnikrud: so it is :D thanks :)06:43
_anui have said that06:43
v1d4l0k4People, I've updated my Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 with 'update-manager -d' and now my system doesn't log on. I can use only Failsafe Terminal, every other options blink the screen and back to the GDM. Many commands in the terminal shows GConf Errors, like "stale NFS locks .... failed to get connection to session". What can I do to repair the system? I'm dissapointed. =(06:43
DestilI have a dead, once windows laptop, the bootfile became corrupt, and I was hoping to give ubuntu a go.  I downloaded the "desktop" iso, made the CD but seem unable to boot/install directly from it.  Might someone direct me to the correct download?06:43
ice_creamin my case, tritium, i still had slim as a process, though it didnt display anything06:43
bazhang_anu, last chance ; stop with the overuse of the enter key, and saying help me! without clearing stating your problem all on ONE line.06:44
tritiumice_cream: slim?  What's that?06:44
Dr_willisDestil,   how dod you make the 'cd'06:44
huwenfengroot_: yes, put it in /etc/profile06:44
ice_creamtritium, my preferred login manager06:44
bazhangDestil, md5 the iso06:44
Destilon the widows comp Im on now, through roxio06:44
Dr_willisDestil,  its very likel you burntit wrongly. Or the download is currupted06:44
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows06:44
Dr_willisDestil,  look on the cd.. what files are there? I suggest using a tool just to burn iso files..  its possible you  burnt it wrong.06:45
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.06:45
Dr_willisWhat is that one tool.. Imgburn  I think. thats very good for burning iso files to disk06:45
_anui use synaptic , throws E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report. i use terminal then , dpkg: /../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.Aborted06:45
nikrud!jaunty | v1d4l0k406:45
ubottuv1d4l0k4: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.06:45
bazhangv1d4l0k4, #ubuntu+1 for jaunty06:45
theCompanionhow would i copy the files of type .jpg from directory hat to directory kite06:45
pestariohi everyone! question: i have 2 video cards - 1 agp and 1 pci. i only have 1 monitor which is connected to the pci card. The non-connected video card also has tv-in feature. is it possible for me to use watch tv without connecting my monitor to that video card?06:46
oholiabthanks for the help guys06:46
nikrud_anu, excellent summary of your issue there :)06:46
_anubazhang , is that okay ?06:46
theCompanioncp *.jpg -r hat kite06:46
Destilokay lemme back up.. I am ignorant as to linux.... I think I need to load something else into the dead pc first to use the ubuntu cd install... but I dont know what06:46
v1d4l0k4thanks for the tip nikrud+bazhang06:46
noththeCompanion, : cp -a hate/*.jpg kite06:47
root_if that how would i copy line wasn't a troll it was ...   well if it was a troll it was a good one.06:47
bazhang_anu, what are you trying to accomplish, what version of ubuntu, did you add any 3rd party repositories, paste.ubuntu.com with your /etc/apt/sources.list06:47
_anuhi people there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:47
nivek*question* : is there a way to bind my "~" key to pull down my terminal? Like..make the key global? thanks.06:47
nikrud_anu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/262451 . Are you out of disk space?06:47
FlannelDestil: No, you won't.  Unless the comptuer can't boot to the CD (which would be odd).  You may have to push something like F12 or del or something when booting to be able to change your boot order and boot of the CD06:47
redvamp128bazhang:  I think I found a bug report on _anu issue though unsure -- some guy said fix was removing cupsys and cups then rerun update- Bug #262451 in dpkg (Ubuntu Intrepid): “dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/dpkg/+bug/262451>06:47
_anuwhy i am out of this channel just before ?06:48
bazhang_anu, dont say help me repeatedly06:48
DestilThe boot order is fine, CD is first boot device.06:48
Flannel!helpme | _anu06:48
ubottu_anu: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience06:48
leoI thought I heard Ubuntu is coming out with a new version is it true and When?06:48
_anubut i meant that06:48
nikrud_anu, for not abiding by the rules here, and not paying attention when you're told them06:48
nikrud_anu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/262451 . Are you out of disk space?06:48
Flannelleo: Every six months, the next is 9.04, so April of 200906:48
Vinnexhow can i reload a previous x confing file (just installed nvidia drivers and it crashed due to config )06:49
leoFlannel, thanx...06:49
Dr_willisVinnex,  look in /etc/X11 and see if any backups exist06:49
_anunikrud , yes , i have out of diskspace06:49
Dr_willisVinnex,  if so - sudo cp  backupxorg.conf_name xorg.conf  and restart X06:49
Destilthe cd contains umenu, wubi, md5sum, readme.diskdefines, ubuntu, autorun and several folders06:49
bazhang_anu, ask every twenty minutes or so. then go to the ubuntuforums while you wait.06:50
VinnexDr_willis: how do i restart x06:50
redvamp128nikrud:  that was the one that matched her reported error above --- Though about mid page a guy said he removed cups and cupsys and it fixed his issue-- (though not sure but aren't those printer drivers??)06:50
niveknvm figured it out :)06:50
nikrud_anu, then that's your problem. You need to make more space on the partition.06:50
_anunikrud , i delete many space then06:51
root_also of note, Vinnex if starting x via 'startx' command, then it will use an xorg.conf from the home dir of the user running 'startx'   handy to keep a very conservative conf file in your home for times like this.06:51
nikrud_anu, sudo apt-get clean will free up some space06:51
ein2015root_: where does X normally grab its .conf file?06:51
_anunikrud , i tried that , still does not work06:51
Vinnexroot_: so whats the copy command to replace xorg file with backup?06:51
nikrudredvamp128, yes. But there's a bunch of duplicate reports, all with different packages.06:52
root_ein2015 /etc/X11/06:52
ein2015root_: good to know! :) thx06:52
nikrud_anu, after you did the sudo apt-cache clean, did you run  sudo dpkg --configure -a ?06:52
leoIs there a way to increase the FONT SIZE for the IRC screen?06:52
ein2015leo: what client?06:52
redvamp128nikrud:  so cups and cupsy are printer related then?06:52
_anunikrud , yes , i tried06:52
root_Vinnex <Dr_willis> Vinnex,  if so - sudo cp  backupxorg.conf_name xorg.conf <<< from within /etc/X11/06:52
Vinnexvinny@Vinny-Linux:/etc/X11$ sudo cp  backupxorg.conf_name xorg.conf06:53
Vinnexcp: cannot stat `backupxorg.conf_name': No such file or director06:53
ein2015leo: ubuntu is an operating system... what client are you using to connect to IRC?06:53
nikrudredvamp128, yes. the Common Unix Printing SYStem06:53
leoein2015, XChat sorry06:53
Dr_willisVinnex,  LOOK in the directory and see what names exist..  bash basics..  'ls' command lists files06:53
ein2015leo: okay one moment06:53
Dr_willisVinnex,  that was just an example name06:53
VinnexDr_willis:  o lol06:54
redvamp128nikrud:  I haven't thought about it since days of Mandrake 8.1 (many moons ago)06:54
nikrud_anu, someone pointed out (nicely) that I gave a bad command:  do   sudo apt-get clean && sudo dpkg --configure -a06:54
_anunikrud , the problem remains , E: Invalid operation clean , dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed. Aborted06:54
nikrud_anu, did you read my last line, just above yours?06:54
_anunikrud , i used your command06:55
ein2015leo: have you looked around in the preferences yet?  (i havent used xchat in a while but i'm almost certain you can change font sizes in the preferences somewhere)06:55
MethinXis it possible to send  messages in the terminal to a computer on my network?06:55
_anunikrud , i throws that06:55
pestariothanks guise06:55
nikrud_anu, this problem is above my pay grade; I think your best bet is to check up on that bug report06:56
root_ein2015 ah hmm  beware the differance in xchat and xchat-gnome06:56
tritium_anu: you need to make more space06:56
_anunikrud , please ~06:56
leoein2015,  yes but I didn't open the browse button, I found it now thanx...06:56
_anutritium , yes i made more space06:56
nothMethinx : remote computer is working as M$ win?06:56
nikrud_anu, I'm sorry, but like I said before that problem is for someone with a deeper understanding of dpkg than mine06:57
MethinXremote computer is ubuntu06:57
ein2015leo: ^_^06:57
ein2015root_: yeah i noticed that too... which is default in ubuntu?06:57
leoeni2015 yes I got it now thanx...06:57
gbear14275quick q... whats normal ssh server to install on ubuntu to enable ssh logins?  openssh?  or is there another thats more often used06:57
root_ein2015 idk,  i think xchat-gnome   that's why i mentioned it.06:57
ein2015good call root_06:58
Dr_willisgbear14275,  thats the normal one06:58
_anuwho understand dpkg more06:58
n8tuserMethinX -> man wall06:58
gbear14275Dr_willis: thanks :)06:58
broomhandlehey im installing gdesklets and it's asking if i want to start hddtemp at startup, should i do this?06:58
_anuwho understand dpkg ? please help me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~06:58
Dr_willisgbear14275,  there are some alternatives.. but not as commonly used06:58
Dr_willis_anu,  you are really  going to get more people to just Ignore you by doing extra fluff like that.06:59
tv7497bazhang: sir what are the drivers for ati inbuilt graphic card06:59
leoein2015,  Do you know if there is a shortcut for typing in the name and then tab?06:59
_anuDr_willis , what shall i do then ?06:59
Dr_willis_anu,  some times you just got to break down and check the foumums and read the various apt-get docs/manuals/guides and learn the system06:59
redvamp128_anu:  have you read the bug report page yet? Bug #262451 in dpkg (Ubuntu Intrepid): “dpkg: ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/+source/dpkg/+bug/262451>06:59
bazhangtv7497, which card number06:59
nothMethinx : I fond package "netsend" but it's not default06:59
bullgard4Synaptic: "GStreamer is a streaming media framework, based on graphs of filters which operate on media data." What is a 'framework' here?06:59
tritium_anu: please stop your nonsense07:00
_anuDr_willis , they are hard to understand07:00
Dr_willis_anu,  and your point is?07:00
nikrud_anu, and for here, the normal method is to repeat the full question, on one line (like the one I complemented you on) every 5 - 10 minutes07:00
tv7497bazhang: no idea sir its in built07:00
_anuDr_willis , i just want to go on using Ubuntu07:00
bazhangtv7497, how about checking with lspci07:00
Dr_willis_anu,  also rewrite the prblem and what you have done in a nice clear maner and post it to the forums and give the url here - for others to read so tney can get up to speed on the problem.07:01
root__anu i'll give you someone to talk to while you try to figure out the issue.    how much free space on the root filesystem ?   df -h | grep ' /$'07:01
n8tuser_anu -> i dont know if it will fix this,  de-install cups  do your dpkg fix  assuming it will fix it, and re-install cups07:01
redvamp128nikrud:  pm?07:02
tv7497bazhang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108881/07:02
_anun8tuser , how to reinstall the cups ?07:02
Dr_willis!info cups07:02
ubottucups (source: cups): Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.3.9-2ubuntu6.1 (intrepid), package size 2089 kB, installed size 11028 kB07:02
nikrudredvamp128, sure07:02
n8tuser_anu -> apt-get install cups07:02
Dr_willis_anu,  'sudo apt-get remove cups'   ' sudo apt-get install cups'07:02
_anuDr_willis , thank you07:02
bazhang01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690 [Radeon X1200 Series] this one tv749707:02
_anun8tuser , thank you07:03
_anulet me have a try07:03
elpargo_anyone knows how to get the size of each user's home dir (all files for each user) from the shell?07:03
bazhangtv7497, is this for getting compiz going?07:03
* root_ recons that _anu didn't want someone to talk to after all ;/07:03
elpargo_I want a report with user - used space for each dir in /home07:03
n8tuserelpargo_ -> cd to the homedir of user and  du -h07:03
Dr_williselpargo_,   cd /home   and  the 'du' command -  with proper options07:04
root_elpargo_ du -sh /home/*07:04
tv7497bazhang: no sir friend has shifted over to ubuntu helping him07:04
elpargo_root_, ohhh ok I had that but had it wrong (the path)07:04
_anun8tuser : dpkg still error07:04
elpargo_n8tuser, Dr_willis thanks but I wanted "all users" not just one in particular07:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lvg07:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lv07:05
Dr_williselpargo_,  tats why i said cd to /home :) not /home/username07:05
tv7497bazhang: which driver should i go for sir07:05
bazhangtv7497, is there anything in restricted drivers/hardware drivers for that?07:05
_anuanyone there ?07:05
root_!fishing > kj407:05
ubottukj4, please see my private message07:05
nivekman! eclipse takes forever to download!07:05
Dr_willisdu has a lot of options.07:05
nivek_anu, yea, im here07:05
Flannel_anu: Please be patient.  Everyone can't answer immediately all of the time.  If you continue to be rude, you will be removed.07:06
_anunivek , thank you07:06
bazhang_anu, please ask07:06
tv7497bazhang: yes sir arent there any open source s/w ?07:06
DestilSo if I downloaded the desktop  (8.10) version I _should_ be able to boot directly from the CD and install on a x86 system?07:06
_anubazhang , i still get the error07:06
tritiumDestil: yes07:06
root_Destil that's the plan07:06
_anunivek , it still don't work07:06
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bazhangDestil, if the iso is not corrupt, you burned slowly, and you did the disk integrity check yes07:06
bazhangDestil, you may also wish to try the alternate cd07:07
Destilbazhang: yes07:07
_anuhi , there07:07
bazhangDestil, that will do when the livecd chokes sometimes07:07
tv7497bazhang: the driver is activated but its not in use how do i use it sir ?07:07
Dr_willisDestil,  als see what files are on the cd you burnt - if theres a single 'whatever.iso' file - well.. you burnt it wrong. :)07:07
_anuplease help me , i want to go on use Ubuntu07:08
Destilbaz: yeah Im ownloading it now hoping to finger it out from there.... just not sure about the txt mode commands and wutnot07:08
nivek_anu, sry I'm not familiar with your problem, but don't give up. There are many-a-genius in here07:08
kj4can someone please refer me to a good resource on lvm2?07:08
bazhangtv7497, did you reboot the system after activating07:08
Dr_willisDestil,  i also tend to use the 'unetbootin' tool to make a bootable/install-from-able thumb drive to boot from. its faster then cd  in many cases07:08
DestilDr. Willis: no the cd is right07:08
n8tuserDestil -> however..just for comparison, 8.04 is more stabler..07:08
PresidentRaffianu_ what's wrong?07:08
tv7497bazhang: but i didnt ask to restart ! will do and come back07:09
_anumy Synaptic couldn't work07:09
n8tuserDr_willis -> how long is the download to the thumbdrive for the entire process?07:09
_anuyes PresidnetRaffi07:09
atom^x_anu: google is your friend07:10
PresidentRaffigoogle is NOT your friend07:10
elpargo_thanks root_ that worked.07:10
PresidentRaffiixquick.com through a proxy is a start07:10
leoIs there a shortcut for typing...Nickname TAB?07:10
Destiln8tuser: thanks.... if I keep having trouble I might back up to that.... but I'm not having stability issues yet.... as I cant install the damn thing heh07:10
_anuatom^x , i have searched it , no use07:10
nivek_anu, PresidentRaffi  asked you what was wrong... i.e. restate your problem07:10
root_google is not my friend.  google hates me.07:10
_anunivek , i see07:10
Flannelatom^x: Please be helpful07:10
efefefehow to create gnome panel shortcut  in  terminal ?07:10
atom^xyeah, sure...07:11
ein2015root_: lies! you know Google is win. ;)07:11
PresidentRaffiwhat is your issue anu07:11
mv0hi i get this error : Key: [title]background isn't set.Restarting AWN usually solves this issue when starting awn manager anyone know how to fix that?07:11
_anuPresidentRaffi , i install eclipse but space out , then pc restart , then i can't use Synaptic and other install07:11
nikrudPresidentRaffi, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dpkg/+bug/262451 is his problem07:11
PresidentRaffithat's odd07:12
cdennywhat is the proper way to disconnect an ipod using ubuntu and amarok?07:12
_anuPresidentRaffi, yes , it's very odd to me07:12
bazhangcdenny, is there an eject button on amarok as on rhythmbox07:13
PresidentRafficdenny: if you're not transferring any songs over, just pull it out of the computer ;)07:13
nikrudcdenny, right click the ipod in amarok and eject?07:13
root_cdenny right click it's icon and eject it07:13
_anuPresidentRaffi , i am just a normal user07:13
cdennybazhang: when I do that it says post-command-ejection failed or something like that07:13
PresidentRaffi_anu: then why are you installing eclipse07:13
cdennyi click the disconnect button07:13
ein2015cdenny: what gen ipod?07:13
cdennyein2015: nano 3gen07:13
mv0hi i get this error : Key: [title]background isn't set.Restarting AWN usually solves this issue when starting awn manager anyone know how to fix that? anybody have a hunch?07:13
_anuPresidentRaffi , i just want to see what it is07:14
HelpMeJeebusdo I need to run grub-install or anything every time I change the menu.lst?07:14
FlannelHelpMeJeebus: sudo update-grub07:14
ein2015cdenny: this might be of help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=49720107:14
PresidentRaffiit's a development environment07:14
GneaHelpMeJeebus: nope, it reads menu.lst in realtime07:14
_anuPresidentRaffi , i thought it's a system tool07:14
_anui am wrong07:14
ein2015cdenny: i'll keep looking for you though in case that isnt your problem07:14
_anuplease help me07:14
Gerinychmy firefox's glitching for no reason, first it was shutting down constantly, now it's stretched all over the screen so you can't see the panels07:15
PresidentRaffigerinych: try kazehakase/midori/amaya07:15
HelpMeJeebusgnea: thanks07:15
TheMusicGuyI keep getting logged out spontaneously.07:15
PresidentRaffi_anu: it's likely that the metadata for eclipse is just getting caught in dpkg's gears07:16
mattgjust a quick question, i've installed ubuntu 8.10 on a windows laptop using the program, wubi. i was able to create a user account for myself and install updates, etc. however, i installed ubuntu to an 8gig usb flash drive using unetbootin, with this version, i can start and get into the OS but any changes i make (new user, adding software, etc) don't save when i shut down the computer or restart (which takes quite a bit of time),07:16
PresidentRaffii would just uninstall it and use emacs ;)07:16
PresidentRaffiand assorted compilers07:16
_anuPresidentRafii , what are them , i don't know that07:16
cdennyein2015:  i did what he told me to do07:16
PresidentRaffiemacs is a text editor, to say the least07:16
_anuPresidentRaffi , i am green hand07:17
ein2015_anu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emacs07:17
PresidentRaffigreen horn?07:17
efefefehow to create gnome panel shortcut to program ,  in  terminal ?07:17
cdennyein2015:  but i have to wait until it finished syncing07:17
PresidentRaffior green thumb?07:17
ein2015cdenny: okay cool... let me know if that fixes your problem :)07:17
_anuPresidentRaffi : i am a girl new to Ubuntu07:17
Gneamattg: you cut off at: (which takes quite a bit of time),07:17
cdennyein2015: last time i pushed disconnect it bricked my ipod, it registered as full but no songs were in it, so I had to reformat it.07:17
cdennyein2015:  lets hope that doesnt happen ;)07:18
mattgGnea: any ideas or a place to read up on the issue. sorry, completely new to this.07:18
mattgthat was the end07:18
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ein2015oh wow cdenny ... let me see if there's a post on that happening07:18
Gnea_anu: what sort of questions do you have, exactly?07:18
PresidentRaffidon't say that out loud, _anu, they'll all pounce on you07:18
_anuPresidentRaffi : dpkg wrong , i think07:18
_anuthough i don't know what is that07:18
Gneamattg: is your question in regards to the wubi installation or the usb installation? i'm thinking it's the usb, but the distinction wasn't obvious..07:19
ein2015cdenny: i havent heard of amarok bricking your ipod... was it doing stuff to it when you disconnected it last time?07:19
PresidentRaffidpkg is the backend for apt which is the backend for synaptic07:19
mattgGnea: yes, the usb version.07:19
cdennyein2015:  i synced all 1k songs, then clicked disconnect, and then bad stuff07:19
ein2015cdenny: :(07:19
cdennyein2015: my ipod is really messed up though07:19
_anuPresidentRaffi , then what can i do , it's so weak07:19
cdennyein2015: i just did factory restore but it still wont show album art most of the time07:20
PresidentRaffihonestly, the package manager on ubuntu is one of the few things stopping me from using it07:20
cdennyein2015: sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt...07:20
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mattgGnea: the changes that i make aren't persisitant, they reset back to the basic settings when i restart or shut down07:20
jonygabung ah07:20
cdennyein2015: i believe its caused by my usb link head unit in my car though, an Alpine X10007:20
gbear14275ok... I just installed the SSH package with openssh server... how do I configure/discover how to log into this machine... tried the IP address I got from /sbin/ifconfig but it didn't work07:21
Gnea_anu: please, clearly, tell us what your main problem is. if you keep spouting problems left and right, no one is going to help you.07:21
cdennyein2015: 70%07:21
ein2015hmmm cdenny there is an issue about album artwork that i've seen... here read these two posts when you have time...07:21
gbear14275i tried looking for a man page too but I don't think I know the command to look for07:21
ein2015cdenny: post 1: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-659941.html07:21
ein2015cdenny: post 2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96971307:21
Gneamattg: does the usb drive have some sort of switch to make it read-only? also, what filesystem is it formatted to?07:21
_anuGnea , i am very specific , dpkg not work ,  ../../src/packages.c:221: process_queue: Assertion `dependtry <= 4' failed.07:21
PresidentRaffi_anu: what's the command that that occurs on]07:22
mattgGnea: it doesn't have a read only switch, it's formatted to FAT32.07:22
_anudpkg configure07:22
Gnea_anu: that's only a snippit - can you please pastebin the entire error?07:22
cdennyein2015:  lol thats exactly what happened07:22
Qlixein2015 ._.07:22
ein2015hi Qlix07:23
Gneamattg: okay. ubuntu doesn't work right on fat32 - it's impossible to change permissions, so everything is read-only.07:23
sisterbluehow can i find which pwc driver file to install from this webpage http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pwc+&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all    --- i am using ubuntu 8.1007:23
Gneamattg: it would have to be ext2 or ext307:23
Gnea!usb | mattg07:23
ubottumattg: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:23
mattgubottu: thanks! i'll check those out.07:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:24
root_Gnea excuse me.  linux handles fat32 correctly.   but there are no permission bits on fat07:24
Boohbah!root | root_07:24
ubotturoot_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:24
mattgGnea: can I format to the correct format using vista?07:24
cdennyein2015:  ugh, i hope i dont have to do all of that07:24
TekumelNew system being booted for the first time...*crosses his fingers*07:24
Qlixi can't find my little sister07:24
Qlixpls help07:24
Gnearoot_: pardon me, but since there are no permissions, it can't write anything. and no, linux does not run off of a fat32 partition - yes, it can handle regular devices, but the / cannot be fat32.07:25
Dr_willismattg,   with vfat and ntfs  - you must set the permissions using the proper options when you Mount the drives.07:25
Gneamattg: check out that second URL that I had ubottu give you07:25
* PresidentRaffi wakes up07:25
FlannelQlix: Please stay on topic07:25
cdennyein2015:  just remembered, i transferred one song earlier today and that worked07:25
mattgGnea: yea I'm reading that right now, thanks!07:25
_anuhi people07:25
PresidentRaffi_anu: sudo dpkg --configure -a07:25
cdennyein2015: it played, anyway07:25
PresidentRaffioops sorry07:26
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_anuPresidentRaffi i typed that before07:26
PresidentRaffii see07:26
PresidentRaffitype vi /var/lib/dpkg/updates/022507:26
PresidentRaffi(enter) /#padding(enter)07:26
PresidentRaffiwithout that first space there07:27
ein2015cdenny: good to see :)07:27
PresidentRaffifigure out why it can't parse that file07:27
_anui don't use vi , i use gedit07:27
PresidentRaffisame difference07:27
cdennyein2015:  its done, "flushing ipod filesystem cache"07:28
Gnea_anu: it doesn't matter, just edit the file.07:28
rshakinhey ppl how would i enable dri in ubuntu07:28
Gnea!noob | Qlix07:28
ubottuQlix: Acronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.07:28
ein2015cdenny: so far so good?07:28
_anuit's empty 022507:28
rshakinwith ati propriatory drivers07:28
Gnea_anu: how can it be empty if it's complaining about #padding?07:28
Qlixhow about...07:28
Qlixfuck you, you cheeky bastard07:28
bullgard4Wikipedia: "The computer software GStreamer consists of a multimedia-framework written in the C programming language with the type-system based on 'GObject'. What is a 'multimedia framework'?07:29
mattgGnea: the link says that i should set aside a partition of 750mb for the install of ubuntu and then the rest of the drive format as fat32, is 750mb enough?07:29
_anubut it is07:29
Flannel_anu: pastebin the output of 'sudo apt-get -f install'07:29
cdennyein2015: so far07:29
PresidentRaffisudo apt-get remove --purge apt07:29
Golansterhello, can someone help me with the installation prossess ?07:29
_anuFlannel ok07:29
FlannelPresidentRaffi: No, that's a bad idea.07:29
ein2015Golanster: installing it on what?07:29
PresidentRaffisudo apt-get install yaourt :D07:29
ein2015Golanster: (i'm assuming you mean installing ubuntu itself, right?)07:30
cdennyein2015: i clicked disconnect and its doing something07:30
PresidentRaffiFlannel: what did he do?07:30
_anudon't play me , i know nothing07:30
Golansteri have an old p4 1800 laptop without a cdrom drive and i cant figure out hot to install ubuntu on it07:30
FlannelPresidentRaffi: It's not important.07:30
PresidentRaffioh, of course it's important ;)07:30
root_matty installing linux on a usb stick ?   no reason not to use the whole stick really.07:30
PresidentRaffithis is the main support channel, isn't it?07:30
ein2015Golanster: got any USB flash drives?07:30
FlannelPresidentRaffi: And please stop it with the faux instructions.07:30
ein2015PresidentRaffi: i think so :P07:31
cdennyein2015: now its synchronizing?!07:31
cdennyein2015: um...07:31
ein2015cdenny: hmmm... let it keep going07:31
Flannel_anu: Pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get -f install` not the other ones07:31
Golansteri dont have an option in the bios toboot from usb07:31
Gneamattg: it's up to you - i'd probably use the whole thing07:31
_anuFlannel . should i say y?07:31
cdennyein2015: atleast its getting charged ;|07:31
Flannel_anu: yes07:31
PresidentRaffilooks like anu is caught in the openjdk/jre no-mans-land07:32
PresidentRaffii hear it's infested with wolves at night07:32
cdennyein2015: still synchronizing...07:32
_anuFlannel , it's installing something07:32
FlannelPresidentRaffi: please keep it on topic.07:32
root_PresidentRaffi heh.07:32
ein2015lol cdenny :(  if that doesnt fix it... take some time to search through ubuntuforums and the wikis... i dont have a 3rd gen ipod so i havent had your problem07:32
PresidentRaffithat is on topic07:32
mattgGnea: so format the whole drive as FAT16, can i then use the 'unetbootin' program to install it to the usb drive, that program made it very easy?07:32
cdennyein2015: post command disconnect failed07:33
Golansteri tryed to use unetbootin and load the live cd. but when i get to the partition stage in the install i get no hard disk.07:33
ein2015cdenny: boo :(07:33
tritiumPresidentRaffi: wolf infestations are *not* on topic, and you know that.07:33
Golanstermy main HD is mounted as cdrom...07:33
root_matty no. format the whole thing to ext2/307:33
PresidentRaffiit's an allegorical wolf infestation07:33
rshakinanyone know how to enable DRI07:33
PresidentRaffithe wounds of proprietary influence07:33
cdennyein2015: so its disconnected07:33
ein2015Golanster: hmmmm07:33
_anuFlannel is it ok , installing?07:33
cdennyein2015: $hit07:33
Haymakerhey uhh if i have a folder that says GTK-2.0, thats different from metacity, right?07:33
mattgroot_: when you say matty are you referring to me?07:33
cdennyein2015: "no music"07:33
Flannelcdenny: Obfuscated swearing still is.  Please refrain from it.07:33
migihave one question: where should one write the IP and DNS addresses in (x)ubuntu (the ones you write in TCP/IP in network addressing on WinXX)?07:33
tritiumcdenny: family-friendly, please07:33
Gneamattg: what method are you using?07:33
Flannel_anu: Yes07:33
ein2015Golanster: do you have any other machines that you could use to help you install?  i need to read some first so i can figure out how to help you :)07:34
root_mattg yes, and i would use ext2 to improve the life of the device.07:34
ein2015cdenny: hmmm :(07:34
byrdI'm having a real problem installing a decent news reader on Ubuntu that has NZB support07:34
mattgGnea: method to do what?07:34
byrdim very new to ubuntu07:34
ein2015cdenny: i think it has something to do with that error message, the post command disconnect failed message07:34
_anuFlannel , what is it installing ?07:34
cdennycan you have two ipods on one itunes library?07:34
cdennybecause I have a vista computer with itunes07:34
Gneamattg: ...you did read the website, didn't you? you said you did...07:34
PresidentRafficdenny: use ipodlinux/rockbox ;)07:34
mattgroot_: can i format the drive to ext2 in windows or do i do it through linux?07:34
PresidentRaffiand yes, i believe you can07:35
Flannel_anu: It's fixing what wasn't installed before (It's finishing the install of eclipse)07:35
_anuFlannel , ^^07:35
PresidentRaffiseeing as it would be profitable to apple07:35
Golansteri have anotein2015 : i have another computer07:35
PresidentRaffiis it working _anu?07:35
cdennyPresidentRaffi: i think ill do just that then07:35
_anuPresidentRaff , yes07:35
mattgroot_: after formatting can i use 'unetbootin' to do the install?07:35
Golansterein2015 i have another computer07:35
cdennyim running in a vm setup, so that adds some more factors07:36
root_mattg i don't see why not07:36
PresidentRaffiyou remind me of a poet i met once, _anu07:36
PresidentRaffiit's uncanny07:36
_anuwhich ?07:36
PresidentRaffione of those weird obscure ones07:36
tritiumPresidentRaffi: again, please stay on topic07:36
DrurewI have: modprobed rt61 , it's not a driver issue. However : ifconfig refuses to list wlan0 ,any ideas?07:36
mattgroot_: okie doke, i'll give that a try07:36
ein2015Golanster: what operating system does the computer you want to install ubuntu on currently run?07:36
PresidentRaffiops don't like me...so i don't like ops07:37
cdennyein2015: thanks for the help07:37
Golansteri have xp there but i dont need it. i dont care if its will be formatted07:37
ein2015cdenny: your welcome... sorry i couldnt help more07:37
cdennyein2015: time to use itunes...07:37
_anuFlannel , then i will paste to error , please wait07:38
ein2015Golanster: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromWindows07:38
cdennyein2015: its no big deal, itll actually be easier on the vista pc because most of my music is on an ntfs partition, and i cant seem to access it anyway07:38
somaunnwhat's the new link or website to Go-opensource ?07:38
cdennyein2015: im digging this ubuntu studio though07:38
Flannelsomaunn: What?07:38
cdennyein2015: makes me all giddy inside07:38
Haymakerwhen i installed ub studio, it didnt have network manager on it >.>07:38
_anuFlannel , are you there ? should i pm you?07:38
Flannel_anu: No, just the pastebin will be fine.07:39
ein2015cdenny: yeah? dont give up on the ipod stuff... just keep reading around or check back here later when perhaps somebody else might have better ideas for you07:39
somaunni'm looking for a link to access Go-opensource website07:39
cdennyein2015: i wont give up, but i just installed linux last midnight07:39
cdennyein2015: im done fixing stuff for a while, time to enjoy ;)07:40
Gneasomaunn: try google.com, that's out of our support range07:40
ein2015somaunn: goopensource.net?07:40
Haymakerosalt.com i think07:40
leoIs there a shortcut for typing in the nickname and pressing the tab button or do I have to type in the persons name everytime I want to talk to them?07:40
cdennyein2015:  actually, fixing=downloading07:40
_anuFlannel ,http://paste.ubuntu.com/108885/07:40
biouserSeveral users reported they had a garbled movie when they used ATI binary drivers for the X server. Please switch to the open source one. << How is this accomplished?07:40
Gnealeo: depends which client you're using07:40
Flannelleo: Just type a few characters and hit tab07:40
ein2015cdenny: first install ever?07:40
leoGnea, Xchat07:41
ein2015Golanster: does that link help?07:41
Gnealeo: should do it automatically... just type Gn<tab>07:41
Golansteri think so. still reading it07:41
leothat worked07:41
_anuFlannel , are you there ?07:41
Gnealeo: if you type <tab> multiple times, it should give you oters07:42
_anudon't play me07:42
Gnea_anu: no one is playing you, please do not have that sort of attitude.07:42
PresidentRaffi_anu is funny07:42
PresidentRaffiyou guys should make her a mascot07:42
cdennyein2015: no07:42
cdennyein2015: first serious install however07:42
GneaPresidentRaffi: stop.07:42
mattgroot_ & Gnea: i've gotta restart the computer to go into the linux install, i'll come back if i still have issues but i wanted to thank you guys very much for your help!07:42
PresidentRaffistop what07:42
_anuhi i am not joking ,07:42
PresidentRaffiyou people have attitude problems07:43
PresidentRaffiwe're all here to help07:43
root_mattg welcome07:43
GneaPresidentRaffi: right, we're here to help, not to talk down on people.07:43
cdennyein2015: ive got it setup so two people can be on the same pc at one time.07:43
num1fnghello could someone please tell a noob how to install the new nvidia drivers07:43
ein2015cdenny: i've had a few... very awesome and fun.  feel free to stop by here any time you need help. :)07:43
leoGnea, I typed <tab> multable times and it did nothing...07:43
_anuso help me okay ?07:43
Gnealeo: like this:  gn<tab><tab><tab>07:43
cdennyein2015: since I do graphic design as a student, i got sick of pirating adobe07:44
leoOH ok07:44
FlannelPresidentRaffi: Please stay on topic.07:44
PresidentRaffiwhat was the use of that07:44
PresidentRaffii thought ubuntu meant07:44
kj4what if i want to be a chanop when i grow up?07:44
PresidentRaffi"humanity towards all"07:44
ein2015heh Flannel i just finally ignored _anu when you did that :)07:44
Gnealeo: sorry, I should have been more specific07:44
tritium!enter | PresidentRaffi07:44
ubottuPresidentRaffi: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:44
PresidentRaffi!arrogant | tritium07:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arrogant07:44
bazhangPresidentRaffi, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic07:44
PresidentRaffii'm here to offer support07:44
gerberhow can i connect to another computer using IP address07:45
Gnea!caps | cdenny07:45
ubottucdenny: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:45
bazhangcdenny, caps07:45
cdennyitunes isnt responding anymore!07:45
ein2015what happened now cdenny ?07:45
tritiumcdenny: we don't support iTunes, you realize?07:45
Gneahas itunes ever worked in wine? i don't think so...07:45
ein2015tritium: i've been helping him dude, chill07:45
leoGnea, I got it now thanx, it switches between other users with those initials thanx...:-)07:45
cdennytritium:  i wish you would07:45
Boohbahcdenny: what does itunes have to do with ubuntu?07:45
Gnealeo: cheers :)07:45
cdennyBoohbah: long story07:45
tritiumcdenny: this channel is for Ubuntu support07:45
ein2015Boohbah: trying to move an ipod over from using itunes to using amarok.  and he's having issues.07:46
ein2015tritium: read the above07:46
Gneacdenny: you can search every last corner of the internet - they will all say the same thing: itunes does not work in linux, period.07:46
cdennylots of issues07:46
gerberhow can i connect to another computer using IP address07:46
tritiumein2015: I'm aware of what you're doing07:46
Gneacdenny: lots of issues? take it up with apple.07:46
Boohbahgerber: it depends on what service or protocol you want to use... SSH is a good one.07:47
kulightgerber: windows or linux ?07:47
Dr_willisgerber,  determine what service/type of 'connection;' you want.. install the proper service.. connect.07:47
AnacranomFlannel or bazhang , any chance you have a min to help me out, i think i've screwed up big-time and need some 1-on-1, i think my kernel is g itself from some directions i receivedre-compilin07:47
jedi06where are usb mounted?07:47
Gneajedi06: usually in /media/07:47
gerberremote desktop connetion07:47
ein2015cdenny: have you tried using a different program besides amarok?07:47
Dr_willisjedi06,  check with the 'mount' command ... in /media/SOMTHING normally07:48
kj4gerber I use ssh for just about everything, for simplicity, but the transfer rate is not as good as some 'simpler' methods07:48
leoNow, can someone please tell me if I can change the color of my font so it is not blah grey? I got everone elses set just not mine...and again XChat.07:48
Gnealeo: for that, you should ask in #xchat07:48
Dr_willisxchat has a very well done homepage and docs.. and my xchat textis black.. not grey. :)07:49
leoGnea,  How do I get there?07:49
Dr_williswell what i say is grey i gues.. :)07:49
ein2015leo: /join #xchat07:49
gerberwhere is ssh ?07:49
Gnealeo: type this -  /join #xchat07:49
Dr_willisleo,  click here --> #xchat07:49
Gneagerber: type this:  which ss07:49
Gneagerber: type this:  which ssh07:49
ArenlorDoes anyone have a guide for setting up VMWare?07:49
ubottuVMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware07:49
Gnea!vmware | Arenlor07:49
ubottuArenlor: please see above07:49
kj4gerber: sudo apt-get install ssh-server   if you wish to share on that machine07:49
kj4gerber: make that sudo apt-get install openssh-server, sorry07:50
ein2015kj4: do you know if openssh contains both server and client?  (or am i smoking something here?)07:50
ArenlorDr_willis, Gnea: thanks07:50
ein2015kj4: like apt-get install openssh07:51
kj4ein2015, i believe the client is installed by default, not sure07:51
Dr_willisein2015,  installing the 'ssh' package will grab both.07:51
ein2015thx Dr_willis :)07:51
stdinein2015: the package "ssh" depends on "openssh-client" and "openssh-server"07:51
kj4Dr_willis, thanks!07:51
ein2015stdin: perfect07:51
werdnumwhat's a pirate bot doing in here?07:51
arrbotHello. How can I remove Ubuntu including the boot manager from my hard drive?07:52
gerberthank you all07:52
arrbotavast ye!07:52
stdinarrbot: install another OS over it, it should overwrite it all07:52
kj4arrbot what is your 'other' operating system?07:52
arrbotwell, i am not trying to get ubuntu out of my life. i am giving this hard drive away07:52
leothere is no one in xchat i will have to try later...thanx for showing me how to get there though...07:53
kj4arrbot: then i'd use a disk utility to write zeros to it07:53
Dr_willisleo,  the xchat homepage has a large help sectiion and forum07:53
arrbotwrite zeroes? you mean to securely wipe away all my files?07:53
kj4kj4 'ultimate boot cd' has a collection of drive tools on it.07:54
ein2015arrbot: http://blogs.zdnet.com/storage/?p=12907:54
stdinfwiw, you don't need a "utility" to do it07:54
stdinjust use dd07:54
leoDr_willis, ok I am new to all this... thanx07:54
kj4arrbot, writing zeros isn't exactly 'secure' but it's good enough for a drive you are giving away, provide there wasn't top secret info on the drive07:54
arrbotah, yes. thank you. thanks ein for the link too07:55
ein2015no problem arrbot :)07:55
DIFH-icerootkj4: overwriting a harddrive ONCE is enough, but i have only a german link for you to read it (heise.de)07:55
arrbotwould this remove the boot manager as well?07:55
ein2015arrbot: should wipe the entire drive... kind of like buying it new ;)07:55
arrbotyes! except it will still be old :)07:55
biouserGStreamer encountered a general supporting library error, trying to play .swf created by pyvnc2swf, any ideas?07:56
ein2015basically arrbot :)07:56
werdnumarrrrrrrrrr bot07:56
werdnumarrbot: dd if=/dev/urand of=/dev/sda07:56
arrboti am afraid that i don't understand07:57
arrboti am only a pirate07:57
werdnumarrbot: if you type that at a terminal, it will overwrite the disk /dev/sda with random data.07:57
kj4werdnum, can /dev/sda be mounted during that write?07:58
arrboti will do that to my enemies the next time i board a ship07:58
Dr_williskj4,  it can be... but i wouldent suggest it. :)07:58
Dr_williskj4,  it wnt work for long.07:59
TekumelI'm trying to set up a fakeRAID using dmraid, but after sudo dmraid -ay, when I check the disk size it's the same as one HD (as if it were RAID 1) when theoretically it should be RAID 0. How do I go about fixing this?07:59
kyleRquestion, not sure if anyone can answer, but i have a usb hub and whenever i connect anything to it, my mouse becomes really unresponsive for some reason..anyone know why?07:59
ein2015kyleR: is the hub powered?07:59
kj4Dr_willis, so really, the procedure would be to physically install the drive in a running system, find out it's device assignment08:00
kj4and run dd on that08:00
kyleRyeah and when i unplug the power supply it works fine08:00
britta_?anyone who can help me install testdisk? I have downloaded the tarball, but get stuck in the process. I run 8.10 and am a novice at this.08:00
Dr_williskj4,  yes..or boot a live cd. and do it from there08:00
zaapielwhen is ubuntu 9.04 to be released?08:00
Dr_williskj4,  theres live cds with 'secure disk eraser' tools on them08:01
werdnumkj4: no, you can't mount a disk, only a partition.08:01
kj4Dr_willis, i find the live CD to be the best method, and a handy tool to have around anyway08:01
Tekumelzaapiel: The label 9.04 would lead one to suspect April of 2009.08:01
ein2015kyleR: is the mouse also plugged into the hub, so when you plug a second thing to into the hub then it becomes unresponsive?08:01
jemarkzaapiel: april 200908:01
Dr_williskj4,  that why i have a box of themn. :)08:01
kj4my favorite is 'system rescue CD'08:01
zaapielits gonna have ext4!08:01
kyleRein2015: no the mouse is connected to a port in the back of my desktop..i mean it doesnt stop completely but it barely works..like it freezes up08:02
ein2015kyleR: then i dont know what's going on... are you SURE the hub is powered (aka from the wall plug to the hub by a separate cable)?08:03
ein2015kyleR: because other than that... i'm at a loss :(08:03
kyleRit is powered. when i unplug it though, the hub still works and my mouse if fine08:03
PhotoguyHello! =D08:03
bittinHello =D08:04
PhotoguyHello! =D08:04
ein2015kyleR: dont know what to tell you then... possibly a faulty hub.08:04
Anacranommy mini-notebook does not have a cd-rom drive, can i download the ubuntu ISO and mount it and install it? its running sled11 now, i want to run 8.10 instead?08:05
kyleRcould it be anything with the power going to the computer..maybe too many things plugged in or something cuase its not just when im ubuntu, when i had xp running it did the same08:05
JubYou could try the Thumbdrive boot08:05
leoI have new text color....yehaw!!!08:05
ein2015kyleR: doubt it... i've just never heard of this problem where the hub is powered.... when it's unpowered then sure... but not powered.  :(08:06
ein2015yay leo ! :)08:06
jmgtrplyr84how do i add a icon set08:06
PhotoguyGood morning!08:06
jmgtrplyr84do i have to do it manually or is there a application to do it for me08:06
PhotoguyGood afternoon!08:06
kyleRyea its really weird, kind of annoying cause i cant use the usb hub for anything..i dont think its a faulty hub either08:06
ein2015kyleR: have you tried using other hubs?08:07
jmgtrplyr84how do i change the icon theme08:08
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy08:08
jmgtrplyr84i have a theme08:08
jmgtrplyr84i dont know where the application is to do it on gnome08:09
Dr_willisjmgtrplyr84,  drag/drop it to the theme changer control panel thing08:09
Dr_willisI think08:09
gerberwhat i want to do is watch my dvr security camaras over the internet08:09
jmgtrplyr84where is the theme changer at08:09
Dr_willissystem -preferances -> appearances  - :) logical eh?08:09
gerberwhere i put the ip address08:09
Dr_willisjmgtrplyr84,  youmay need to  click 'customize' an drag it to that window that pops up08:10
jmgtrplyr84ok there it is thanks08:10
ein2015gerber: probably http://ipaddy (such as
Dr_willisjmgtrplyr84,  tere also the 'gnome-art' tool that can install themes for you from gnome-look08:11
ein2015gerber: in a browser most likely08:11
jmgtrplyr84where is that at08:11
gerberin ubuntu where is the http ?08:12
jmgtrplyr84i know how to manually install it just didnt know where the appplication to change the theme was08:12
leoCan I ask what XUBUNTU, KUbuntu, EdUbuntu, diferances are?08:12
server_alloha people08:13
piccaanyone here know how to stop applications sticking to the panels in ubuntu - e.g. if firefox gets close to a panel it jumps and sticks to it08:13
Dr_willisleo,  check each ones homepage. for specifics.  the default desktop is the main differance08:13
jmgtrplyr84is there a way to split view like in dolphin on nautilis08:13
Davekongleo, xubuntu is based around the xfce DE, Kubuntu KDE, EdUbuntu has a bunch of educational stuff for kids08:13
O__opicca, it is in the appearance08:13
piccaokay thanks08:14
leoDavekong, Thanx just wondering08:14
server_i wanna secure my local network..... i want that the local clients connects to the local server by a vpn, what shall i do? Every client must make a IPSEC tunnel to the server or shall i use poptop ?08:14
O__opicca, i mean advance desktop effect manager08:14
cdennyein2015: WOW08:14
cdennyein2015: that was a mess08:14
cdennyein2015: im not even going to try to use my ipod in ubuntu08:14
piccaO__o, ah is that something i need to install08:15
burthello,  I uninstalled the network manager awhile back, but now just reinstalled it.  The icon did not appear in the tray yet, how can I start it?  I ran "sudo NetworkManager"  but no icon either.  btw I installed both network manager and network manager front end for gnome.08:15
server_what shall i do people?08:15
ein2015cdenny: what happened this time?08:15
O__opicca, it is in snapping windows08:15
piccaokay thanks O__o08:16
O__opicca, uncheck "edge attraction"08:16
ein2015gerber: open firefox, and put in the IP address into the address bar08:16
=== dzup-beback is now known as dzup
server_and why is the NFS server slow? Cause when i watch one video from the server it goes good, but when i watch 2 video from the server it gets slow and when i watch 2 video's and copy a big file to the nfs server it is very slow, why is that?08:16
cdennyein2015: connecting the ipod rendered my mouse and keyboard useless,so i restarted ubuntu, which failed due to an error in vmware tools, and then when i rebooted finally my cursor was non existant08:16
server_in normal situations thousends of people work on the nfs08:17
server_what happen if that 1000 people watch a video on the nfs server?08:17
DavidLeonanyone knows why i get this error when i try to build mono from trunk? http://pastebin.com/m4384950308:17
zer0c00lhii room is there any Free software alternative available for Fluent and Gambit08:17
ein2015cdenny: dont do any gambling man... your luck seems down tonight. :P  i've never heard of that problem when connecting ipods.  :(08:17
burthello,  I uninstalled the network manager awhile back, but now just reinstalled it.  The icon did not appear in the tray yet, how can I start it?  I ran "sudo NetworkManager"  but no icon either.  btw I installed both network manager and network manager front end for gnome.08:17
cdennyein2015:  yea tell me about it08:18
server_i think i need to a higher level for this questions.... i try #FreeBSD , they always know it :)08:18
Vooxhii :]08:18
cdennyein2015: thats why i have a vista pc down the hall chugging away on itunes with the ipod08:18
ein2015cdenny: you said you're running ubuntu in a VM right?08:18
cdennyein2015: yes08:18
jmgtrplyr84burt isnt it sudo network-manager08:19
cdennydoes anyone know why when sometimes i push a key down it just keeps spamming with that key when im not holding it down08:19
cdennylike the key is stuck, but it isnt physically stuck08:19
jmgtrplyr84its case sensitive bert so its got to be exact08:19
ein2015cdenny: i wonder if that could be it... doubt it, but i still wonder. :\  try some more research about the different problems you have with your ipod.  i find googling "ubuntu ipod blah" helps... such as "ubuntu ipod keyboard not responding" or something like that :\08:20
burtjmgtrplyr84, thanks I'll try that08:20
leoWell G'night all you UBUnatics I think I have learned enough for 1 night, I am out of here...Later!08:20
nivekcan someone tell me how to configure my compiz?08:22
cdennyi hope if I continue typing it wont dont it much longer08:22
ocRobnivek: sudo apt-get install sccm08:22
burtjmgtrplyr84, nope, command not found.  "sudo NetworkManager" seemed to work, but i got no tray icon.08:22
\kiraMy system crashed while loading, then gave me a grub error when i restarted. One of my partitions was corrupt, now I cant seem to reinstall kubuntu on that disk. or any other disk. I always get failed to create  file system, or filesystem cannot be mounted errors while installing. That happens after I manually partition because one of my partitions "appeared" to have survived whatever happened to the first partition08:22
bazhang!ccsm | nivek08:22
ubottunivek: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion08:22
zmanninghey guys my computer is hanging quite a bit.  it will just stop and think.. i cant even type.  i have 2gb of memory and a decent cpu. anything i can do to optimize?08:22
ocRobnivek: sudo apt-get install sscm08:23
burtjmgtrplyr84, looks like I have to log out, then back in08:23
ocRobnivek: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager08:23
zer0c00lany free software alternatives available for 'Gambit' software?08:24
nivekocRob, thanks :)08:24
cdennyein2015: thank you goodbye08:24
Flannelanu: Now that we've done the -f, try sudo dpkg --configure -a08:24
rkstrzer0c001: i may be wrong, but blender may have plugins for most of it08:25
DavidLeonanyone knows why i get this error when i try to build mono from trunk? http://pastebin.com/m4384950308:25
zer0c00lrkstr Gambit is used for Computational fluid dynamics08:25
rkstryes, zer008:25
rkstrain't blender nifty08:26
mib_bixwabhi, can anyone recommend a simple application where I can crop a video (make a short excerpt of a video) ?08:29
tritiumrkstr: ban-evading doesn't help your cause08:29
=== fallen_ is now known as fn
soulfly420hi everybody08:33
Brack10So I can play 2 mplayers at once, but I can't mplay mpd and mplayer at the same time, anyone know why?08:33
rkstrprobably because mplayer and mpd are competing for alsa, whereas 2 instances of mplayer probably pipe their output into one stream08:34
Brack10I see08:35
Brack10so what's the best option?08:36
rkstreither use jackd or learn to focus on one thing at a time ;)08:36
Brack10no I need the functionality for something special I'm doing08:37
sachaelguys, do google gadgets require compositing?08:37
rkstra screen capture?08:37
Brack10a music on hold server with announcements :)08:37
Vincemanmy totem movie player can not determine the type of stream, what's that all about?08:38
WodenIs the next version of Ubuntu going to be LTS?08:42
FlannelWoden: No. 10.04 will be the next LTS (as is currently scheduled)08:42
jedi06what do you use for concurrent versioning system?08:42
miranda_psiwoden: 10.04 should be the next LTS08:42
joelsolankigood morning friends :)08:43
jedi06its 3:43am good morning08:43
WodenWhy does Ubuntu add folders to the Home directory?  Are those used by any other Ubuntu applications?08:43
ein20152:43am good morning08:43
joelsolankiyes good morning08:43
Atuk-Hensemayo ayo08:44
gfatherhello guys08:44
ein2015gfather: sexist :P08:45
gfatherguys really how can i raise the volume for calls ?08:45
gfatherhello girls08:45
Boohbahgfather: alsamixer08:45
miranda_psijedi06: cvs & svn are probably the most popular, git is another popular one and there are many others around as well (Darcs is a rather interesting one, though not widely used)08:45
joelsolankiI have a friend who has installed ubuntu at his home. and i wanted him to connect to my openvpn server. but damm it is giving some error while connecting.08:45
joelsolankieven i tried to reverse ssh to it but that is also giving error.08:46
gfatherBoohbah i know , but how can i do it , i dont know the command for it08:46
sachaelhi, sorry to ask here, my distro's channel wont reply - do google gadgets require qt?08:46
jedi06which is easier to use cvs or svn08:46
joelsolankiso is there other way that i can connect to his mchine.08:46
joelsolankihe is behind nat08:46
jedi06does top show the priority of the process?08:46
Boohbahgfather: just type 'alsamixer' at the terminal08:46
Kaiseranhello all08:46
Boohbahjedi06: yes, under the NI column08:46
Kaiseranneed some help with kubuntu installation pls08:47
KaiseranI am getting a buffer I/O error on dev sr0 everytime i try to install off the CD08:47
jedi06there is a PR and NI column is 20 0 high?08:47
joelsolankianyone ?08:47
tritiumsachael: no08:47
Boohbahjedi06: 'man nice', 'man renice'08:47
Sofistio1hi to everyone08:48
WodenWhy does Ubuntu add folders to the Home directory?  Are those used by any other Ubuntu applications?08:48
Sofistio1little question08:48
joelsolankidoes ubuntu starts selinux by default ?08:48
jedi06my process was has been runing for 50mins and the cpu usage went down i'm thinking the priority dropped08:49
Sofistio1 i want to use kmid as karaoke player and i've seen it's included in kdemulimedia package but i cannot find it none can know where it is? or how to install it?08:49
miranda_psijedi06: in actual use they are both almost identical to use, though svn is harder to set up (need to set it up in a web server or set it up so that you can use ssh tunneling)08:49
werdnumjedi06: might be more sensible to use a more modern rcs08:50
gfather<Boohbah> which one controls the sound for the internal speaker ?08:50
Flannelmiranda_psi: Setting SVN up on a webserver is super easy.  Also, bzr requires very little setup  as well.08:50
miranda_psirevision control system08:50
yageHi! Im using samba 3.2.3 to export a EXT3 filesystem to an XPsuck machine. The xp machine is not able to copy files larger than 4gb from one share to another, it simply truncates them. Any idea? I suppose is a windows fault.08:51
miranda_psiFlannel: that may be, but that is still extra work and you just need to be aware that it is something that has to be done08:51
Dr_willisyage,  Hmm..  I was thinking i can move more then 4gb files ehre over samba.  but im not sure now. :)08:53
doktoreashello everybody08:53
jedi06oh well what is a more modern one werdnum08:53
yageDr_willis: well, if you create them on the linux host no problem, but you wont be able to create them from windows on xp box08:54
yagei meant, from the xp box on the share08:54
Mohammad[B]Hi all08:54
Dr_willisyage,  i tend to move about dvd/iso files a lot... but imnot sure if any ofthem are over 4gb.. Now thta you mention it.08:54
miranda_psijedi06: what are you going to use it for?08:54
Dr_willisyage,  you may wan to check the samba homepage/faq there maybe some info on that08:54
gfatherhay <Mohammad[B]08:55
Mohammad[B]How to i can ban a PORT on my network ?08:55
yageallready done, ive asked also on #samba, waiting for an answer08:55
olivier_does someone know of vnc connection problems ?08:55
abchirkWhere does archivmounter put the .iso or else in the filestructure?08:55
abchirkit is not under /media08:55
werdnumjedi06: If you're into DCVSes, think about Git, Mercurial or Bazaar.08:55
Dr_willisabchirk,  try the 'mount' command and see08:56
sachaeloh no, not mercurial! i hate it..08:56
ein2015!someone | olivier_08:56
ubottuolivier_: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?08:56
miranda_psijedi06: Darcs is also useful for DCVS08:56
olivier_I can't connect with vnc to my remote box and I don't know why08:56
WodenWhy does Ubuntu add folders to the Home directory?  Are those used by any other Ubuntu applications?08:56
ein2015olivier_: is the remote box behind on the same network?08:56
gfatherguys anyone knows how can i change the system font ?08:57
abchirkisn't listed there too Dr_willis but I can access it via nautilus08:57
gfatherlinke install a new one08:57
olivier_no, it's 1000 km from where I live08:57
miranda_psiWoden: what folders are you talking about? the folders starting with a '.'?08:57
ein2015olivier_: do you know if it's behind a NAT?08:57
olivier_I connect through a gateway08:57
olivier_Yes it is08:57
Wodenmiranda_psi:  No not that hidden ones.08:57
ein2015is port forwarding set up correctly?08:57
Dr_willisabchirk,  nautilus can do special things without actually 'mounting'  things in a way they appear with mount.08:57
olivier_the nat is properly configured as far as I know08:58
Dr_willisabchirk,  you may want to  mount the thing in some other way08:58
abchirkhm ok thank you.. I will mount it by hand08:58
jedi06what makes them more modern?08:58
miranda_psiWoden: what ones are you talking about then?08:58
Wodenmiranda_psi:  The "music" and "documents" and "pictures" and "videos" folders08:58
olivier_port 590108:58
ein2015have you ever been able to remote into it or have you always had a problem?08:58
olivier_No it's the first time I try08:58
werdnumjedi06: Ability to work with more than one "main server", superior support for branching, tagging and merging, often faster.08:58
olivier_but I can ssh to the machine08:58
ein2015olivier_: sounds like it might be a configuration error on the other end08:59
Atuk-Hensemhow to upgrade ext3 to ext4?08:59
olivier_I think so but it seems to start well08:59
ein2015olivier_: how so?09:00
olivier_No error message09:00
olivier_just connection timed out when I try to connect09:00
miranda_psiWoden: none of them are actually required, its just that a lot of people expect those and are used as default locations for some programs (but they should just fall back to /home/user without any problems)09:00
werdnumjedi06: ease of setup, too -- you don't necessarily need a "server", per-se09:00
PiratenaapjeI'm trying to package/get my application packaged for Ubuntu, but am clueless what channel I should join to ask for help. Any ideas?09:00
ein2015ah there's the ticket olivier_ ... okay give me a moment while i try to figure your problem out (or if anybody else can, maybe they'll jump in)09:01
WodenHow do I get my wireless working?  I have Windows installed on the other partition and it works with my wireless just fine.09:01
olivier_Lol I know It's been some hours that I try to figure it out too09:01
ein2015olivier_: what OS is your other PC?09:01
olivier_ubuntu both09:01
olivier_Maybe you would like to see some command outputs ?09:03
olivier_but where to post it ?09:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:04
=== xxploit_ is now known as xxploit
ein2015olivier_: use pastebin09:04
ein2015olivier_: now paste me the link :)09:04
Dr_willis!info pastebinit09:05
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB09:05
WodenHow do I get my wireless working?  I have Windows installed on the other partition and it works with my wireless just fine.09:05
ein2015Woden: when you ask that it's usually a good idea to paste some information about what wireless card you're using09:05
Dr_willisWoden,  well that shows that windows works... :)  and the hardwareis not broke.. but thats about it.09:06
soulfly420anybody know about rhythmbox error ?09:06
Wodenein2015:  I don't know. It's a Dell Inspiron B130.09:06
PiratenaapjeI'm trying to package/get my application packaged for Ubuntu, but am clueless what channel I should join to ask for help. Any ideas?09:06
soulfly420<< on ps309:06
FlannelPiratenaapje: Try #ubuntu-motu09:06
PiratenaapjeFlannel: ok thanks09:07
Wodenein2015:  It's a Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 Wireless LAN Controller09:07
howlGreetings, what is the best installation option for postfix if all I want to do is use it for a php mail form?09:08
WodenDr_willis:  It's a Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 Wireless LAN Controller09:08
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx09:08
olivier_ did you get the link ?09:08
ein2015olivier_: yeah one sec09:08
Dr_willisWoden,  on my oher laptop it had one of those - I just installed the b43-fwcutter tool and it started working09:09
=== Surlent is now known as Surlent777
Dr_willis!find b4309:09
ubottuFound: b43-fwcutter09:09
ein2015olivier_: i found a good way to do it with the GUI, just gotta figure out how to do it with the CLI now ;)09:09
Surlent777would anyone know how to set up the framebuffer, to ie use mplayer, dosbox?, etc.09:09
olivier_the lsof output was from the server btw09:10
WodenSays it is natively supported in Intrepid...so how do I get it to work?09:10
ein2015olivier_: i assumed :)09:10
Dr_willisSurlent777,  set the framebuffer mode in the menu.lst file, then you may want to install the fbset command and other fb tweaking command.. then for mplayer. you have to give it the proper -vo output option. No idea on dosbox09:10
Surlent777dr_willis: On DOSBox, I just noticed that trying to start it in the Virtual Console would give me a rant about Frame Buffer09:11
olivier_now the ps aef output : http://paste.ubuntu.com/108895/09:11
Dr_willisSurlent777,  ive never used it in the framebuffer.. so not sure how well that works.09:11
lorenzosuWith Ubuntu 8.10 I connect correctly to a WPA wi-fi network. The first time I asked the network app to save password, but at each rebut I'm promped for my (sudo) password to connect. How can I have the wifi connect automatically and truly save the apssword?09:11
Woden"Broadcom BCM4318 is now natively supported in Intrepid by: - NDISwrapper - BCM43XX"  <---How do I do this?09:11
Dr_willisSurlent777,  i do  use  mplayer in the framebuffer every so often09:11
Dr_willisWoden,  i did not have to use ndiswrapper - some of the guide for getting it going are old.09:12
=== squiddy is now known as Guest96460
Surlent777Dr_willis: So, there should be some more-or-less obvious tweak in menu.lst, and then I need to apt-get fbset? Is that about correct?09:12
olivier_and the iptables output : http://paste.ubuntu.com/108896/09:12
Dr_willisWoden,  install the b43-fwcutter tool and see if the  network manager can  hndle it.09:12
WodenDr_willis:  THis is old?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM431809:12
Dr_willis!find fbset09:12
ubottuFound: fbset09:12
Dr_willisSurlent777,  yea. theres a vga= line. You may want to set it to 'vga=ask'  to try different modes09:13
WodenDr_willis: What is b43-fwcutter?09:13
Dr_willisWoden,  all i recall doing last time on my Laptop was installing the b43-fwcutter paclkage  and then it started working.09:13
ein2015olivier_: is port 5901 forwarded to that IP in the network?09:13
Dr_willisWoden,  it downloads the proper firmeware for the  card09:13
olivier_is there something you would like to check about the client side ?09:13
Dr_willis!info b43-fwcutter09:13
ubottub43-fwcutter (source: b43-fwcutter): Utility for extracting Broadcom 43xx firmware. In component main, is optional. Version 1:011-4ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 15 kB, installed size 100 kB09:13
Surlent777Dr_willis: sounds a bit...risky. Oh well, time for science09:14
MethinXin Unbuntu 8.10, is there an option of cleaning up temperary files?09:14
Dr_willisSurlent777,  risky? i dont see how. :)09:14
ubottuInformation about changing your framebuffer modes in GRUB can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FrameBuffer#grub09:14
olivier_yes , on the gateway (a ISP provided router)09:14
Dr_willis Surlent777  i rarely use the framebuffer any more09:14
ein2015olivier_: i doubt it's your client, those are really hard to mess up (i think)09:14
lorenzosuWith Ubuntu 8.10 I connect correctly to a WPA wi-fi network. The first time I asked the network app to save password, but at each rebut I'm promped for my (sudo) password to connect. How can I have the wifi connect automatically and truly save the password?09:14
Surlent777also, on the issue of nonworking wireless cards, I made mine work by using ndiswrapper on the drivers on the CD, and then *disabling ufw*09:14
WodenShould I be doing aptitude dist-upgrade or aptitude upgrade?09:15
olivier_That's what I think too09:15
ein2015hmmm is X running on that box? :\09:15
WodenShould I be doing aptitude dist-upgrade or aptitude upgrade?09:15
olivier_yes it is09:15
ein2015Flannel: do you have any ideas why olivier_ might not be able to VNC into a box he has VNC server on, port 5901 forwarded to, etc?09:16
WodenCan anyone see this?09:16
ein2015Woden: no09:16
olivier_Is there a mean to check connection attempts on the server ?09:16
Wodenein2015:  What is the way I do an update and upgrade?09:16
ein2015olivier_: it'd be in the logs somewhere, but if you're getting a timeout problem then i dont know09:17
Flannelein2015: I know (almost) nothing about VNC.  So, assuming the forwarding is proper, and he's connecting to the right IP.  Nope09:17
ein2015Woden: command line or gui?09:17
Wodenein2015:  I don't care, either way09:17
ein2015heh Flannel i'm kind of in the same boat09:17
Surlent777Dr_willis: getting the fbset package...generates a lot of error messages. =(09:18
ein2015Woden: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/keeping-safe/C/updates.html09:18
Dr_willisSurlent777,  its optional - it lets you tweak framebuffer settings on the fly09:18
Surlent777Dr_willis: It's giving me stuff about "read only filesystems"09:19
lorenzosuWith Ubuntu 8.10 I connect correctly to a WPA wi-fi network. The first time I asked the network app to save password, but at each rebut I'm promped for my (sudo) password to connect. How can I have the wifi connect automatically and truly save the password?09:19
ein2015olivier_: about one of the only ideas i can come up with then is just to make sure you've followed the instructions offered here... although they seem possibly out of date :\ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12240209:19
ein2015olivier_: i'm trying to find more up-to-date instructions09:19
Dr_willisSurlent777,  is your filesstem read only? :)  check mount command? this is an installed system? or live cd?09:20
olivier_is an ethereal like app can see what is the traffic on the server ? maybe I could see why it's being rejected ?09:20
olivier_Ok I look09:20
Surlent777Dr_willis: It's an installed system with a fairly standard setup09:20
Dr_willisSurlent777,  check with 'mount' be sure / is rw09:20
Dr_willisSurlent777,  be sure its not full also. :)09:20
Surlent777heh, 300GB HD. It ain't full.09:20
Surlent777Dr_willis: /dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)09:21
ein2015olivier_: try this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=795036&highlight=VNC09:21
Dr_willisSurlent777,  try 'sudo touch /testfile'09:22
bodHi, i just booted my computer up, and now one of my gnome-panels (the one with the applets and menus) is sort of half the size, it seems to have cut the left and right ends of because there was no applets there -- anyone know whats happened?09:22
=== bod is now known as Bodsda
Dr_willisSurlent777,  if the filesytem has issues... it can get remounted read only   seen that happen befor on some machines09:22
Surlent777Dr_willis: Nothing happend09:22
Dr_willisSurlent777,  you did run the apt-get commands as root?09:22
Surlent777Dr_willis: Of course09:23
ltracybummed.  Power supply (I hope) died on desktop, so I tried to run 2 x screens on my laptop (one on laptop, one on LCD).  The screen on my LCD didn't fill the entire screen (the resolution said it was set correctly..) and any time I tried opening a graphical app I got this error box that didn't fill out.  After seeing the error box, though, none of the gnome pannels on either screen would respond to any keypress.09:23
lorenzosuWith Ubuntu 8.10 I connect correctly to a WPA wi-fi network. The first time I asked the network app to save password, but at each rebut I'm promped for my (sudo) password to connect. How can I have the wifi connect automatically and truly save the password?09:23
Dr_willisSurlent777,  not sure whts going on then. You may want to pastebin the full error message09:23
olivier_all right, I've read them already, it's advanced configurations. I've tried the ssh tunneling without success already09:23
Surlent777Dr_willis: k09:23
olivier_I think it's more logical to try the simplest way and if it works, then try those09:24
Surlent777Dr_willis: http://pastebin.com/d128c9e5809:24
yoyit2how do you do video backgrounds?09:25
ein2015well olivier_ that's about all i know... the instructions there are pretty simple.  other than that i dont know what to tell you personally.  perhaps somebody else here could be of better help.09:25
sashey. can we use gpu with virtualmachine ?09:25
Surlent777ooh I can get this one yoyit2. Just give me a sec...09:25
lorenzosuyoyit2: Can you be a little more specific please?09:25
Brack10can you use a wyse60 dumb terminal to control a modern linux install via serial?09:25
olivier_ein2015 do you know about tools like ethereal ?09:26
lorenzosuWith Ubuntu 8.10 I connect correctly to a WPA wi-fi network. The first time I asked the network app to save password, but at each rebut I'm promped for my (sudo) password to connect. How can I have the wifi connect automatically and truly save the password?09:26
ein2015olivier_: heard of them... havent used 'em09:26
Surlent777yoyit2: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/12/15/animated-wallpaper-on-your-ubuntu-810-desktop/09:26
yoyit2lorenzosu: i just want to be able to use avi or mp4 files for desktop backgrounds09:26
olivier_It could help in this case, but I don't know how to work them either09:26
ein2015lorenzosu: if you dont get any good responses, trying making a post in ubuntuforums and waiting for the reply09:26
Surlent777yoyit2: Look around there, and there is also a seperate (but similar) page for doing it with compiz09:26
ein2015olivier_: the instructions i linked to arent that complicated though.  i'd recommend it... but that's just me09:27
Bodsdayoyit2, might be worth pointing out you will lose all icons from your desktop09:27
Surlent777there is that...09:27
lorenzosuein2015: Ok... just saw many people join, that's why I thought reposting :)09:27
Dr_willisSurlent777,  getting same errors here.. i wonder if its because i dont have the framebuffer enabled.09:27
Surlent777that could be it...?09:27
ein2015lorenzosu: no worries m8 :D09:28
yoyit2Bodsda: that sucks09:28
Surlent777Dr_willis: I'll try doing the grub thing tomorrow and then re-running that apt-get, I think. Thanks for the help.09:28
lorenzosuHow to avoid password prompt for WPA wifi at each reboot in UBUNTU 8.10?09:29
Bodsdayoyit2, yep, as of yet there is no fix for it, although i believe there was an ugly hack with an older version of gnome and nautilus to allow multiple backgrounds09:29
Dr_willislorenzosu,  i see that asked a lot.. but never seen a simple fix09:29
joejcim going to reinstall ubuntu should i do it before or after i install my new graphics card?09:29
Dr_willisjoejc, install card.. install os09:29
joejcok thanks09:30
lorenzosuDr_willis: I managed on another machine but can't remember how I did it.. think it's about palying about keyrings but not sure09:30
DavidLeonseems my ubuntu gnome-wm just disappear09:35
DavidLeonhow can i restart it?09:35
debianisdabestsudo init 609:35
DavidLeonsession 8 doesn't respond me09:36
=== geenna is now known as geennarix
debianisdabestpkill gnome-wm; gnome-vm09:36
=== geennarix is now known as geenna
Dr_willisi dident think init levels did that in ubuntu09:36
Dr_willissudo /etc/init.d/gdm start (stop/restart)09:37
debianisdabestsudo update-rc.d gdm defaults09:37
DavidLeoni don't want to restart :(09:37
kernel: )09:38
FloodBot2kernel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:38
DavidLeondamn bot :p09:38
DavidLeonhow can i stop sudo init 6?09:38
DavidLeonseems it's restarting?09:38
debianisdabestyes it restarting crtl+alt+c init 509:38
DavidLeoni dont' wanto to reboot my machine09:38
Dr_willisrunlevel 6 - is reboot...09:39
debianisdabest0 shutdown 1 single 2 multi 3 full multi 4 nothing 5 x 6 reboot09:39
Dr_willisubuntu dosent really use the runlevels like some other distros do.09:39
DavidLeonso i can't stop init 6?09:39
Dr_willisgdm is ran as a service. normally09:40
DavidLeonthe machine will boot anyway?09:40
Dr_williscant say that ive ever tried to stop it...  im suprised you are still here. :)09:40
DavidLeondoesn't work09:40
NowakWhere did linux-image-debug go on interpid?09:40
DavidLeonwhy the hell the wm just disappear when i install some software????09:41
DavidLeonwhy on earth use such unstable wm :09:41
debianisdabestwhat software?09:41
DavidLeonobviously gnome09:41
Dr_willistry 'metacity --replace' DavidLeon  if you mean 'metacity' crashed09:41
Dr_willis i dont think we are clear what you mean :)09:41
lorenzosuHow to avoid (sudo) password prompt for WPA wifi at each reboot in UBUNTU 8.10?09:41
DavidLeonmetacity just should go hell09:42
MethinXi think my /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is busted... I have a  geforce FX 5500 and everytime I start ubuntu my resolution is at 1024x768  but its set in xorg.conf as 1280x960 and my NVIDIA X Server settings will not save changes to xorg.conf due to it not being able to create a backup xorg.conf.backup file, any ideas to permanently set my resolution to 1280x960?09:42
debianisdabestyou could replace it with e16 or compiz09:42
debianisdabestMethinX: x auto detect your resolution09:42
Dr_willisDavidLeon,  whatever...09:42
debianisdabestMethiinX: are you using Free nv module or nonfree nvidia module09:43
DavidLeoni just too stupid to install ubuntu, i should try kubuntu instead09:43
MethinXIll try09:43
debianisdabestMethinx: Make sure you use the nvidia config to change resolution09:43
Dr_willisDavidLeon,    or be more clear in what you are doing..09:43
debianisdabestDavidleon: Your get it, kubuntu is just ubuntu with kde, but you might like kde more09:44
renton_hello which ftp / sftp client do you suggest me on gnome?09:44
DavidLeondebianisdabest: yeah, wihtout the metacity everything goes fine09:44
miranda_psiDavidLeon: kubuntu install is the same as ubuntu - its just puts kde in instead of gnome09:44
MethinXwhen I save I get 'Unable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'.09:45
syockitDavidLeon: on the other hand, over here (Kubuntu), plasma keeps dissapear and reappears09:45
debianisdabestrenton_:sudo apt-get install filezilla if you like firefox morzilla09:45
Dr_willisuse 'jwm' :)09:45
debianisdabestrenton_: also great for ssh file transfer09:45
joejcwhats best archive?09:45
miranda_psiMethinX: running as sudo?09:45
syockitMethinX: you ran without sudo09:45
Dr_willisjoejc,  depends. :) what do you mean.09:45
joejcsmallest output09:45
MethinXhow do I click the icon at the top as sudo?09:45
syockitoh i see now09:46
DavidLeoni'm using ubuntu in a VM09:46
Dr_willisjoejc,   depends on what you are compressing  some times..09:46
DavidLeonso i use Livecd09:46
DavidLeonfully installation means useless copying in HD09:46
DavidLeoni get restrictions of my HD09:46
DavidLeonso reboot is a no-choice for me09:46
miranda_psiMethinX: just run the command from the shell as sudo09:46
debianisdabestDavidLeon: do you have VM set as Ubuntu, and did you try installing VM ware tools09:46
Dr_willisjoejc,  bzip2 does a good job..  you may want to try 7zip.  - depends on what you are arhivng and going todo witht he archives09:46
MethinXohh duh, thanks09:46
debianisdabestDavidLeon: or VirtualBox tools09:46
DavidLeonset as ubuntu but no tools yet09:47
DavidLeoncan livecd install tools?09:47
olivier_does someone know a way to check network traffic ?09:47
DavidLeoni suppose the livecd is installed by replace the CD09:47
DavidLeoni meant tools09:47
debianisdabestDavidLeon: Yes you could09:47
DavidLeonany advantage of tools09:48
nyaadoes anyone have the ubuntu toolbox issue?09:48
Dr_willisvirtualbox guest addations improve a lo of things.09:48
DavidLeonwhy the tools are required09:48
nyaaerr, busybox09:48
DavidLeonwhy bother vbox09:48
debianisdabestDavidLeon: well probably not, but the advantage is that you get better performance, resolution, mouse in out, and sound09:48
DavidLeoni think VMWare is the best09:48
Dr_willisI dont like vmware.. so i use virtualbox.09:48
MethinXthank you miranda_psi and syockit, my problem is nolonger a problem!09:49
debianisdabestDavidLeon: VirtualBox is made by Sun, enough said lol09:49
MethinXnow if only I knew how to make skype work on Startup09:49
miranda_psiMethinX: enjoy :)09:49
Dr_williswell virtualbox got bought by sun.  isent that more correct?09:49
syockitMethinX: use sessions?09:49
debianisdabestMethinX: add it to your session, Preferences>Session09:49
jNoxxby default=)09:50
jNoxxI am java programmer)09:50
MethinXSweet thanks!09:50
nyaado you view sun as being good or bad then?09:50
DavidLeonhow can i specify a user uses a mount point?09:50
Dr_willisuser uses?09:50
debianisdabestDr_willis: I did not know that, but I like it better, especially compared to vmware 209:50
bazhangDavidLeon, in the live cd?09:50
jNoxxSun is good/09:50
ein2015anybody get ubuntu working on xVM Server Early Access Release 3?09:51
bazhangDavidLeon, the live cd in a vm?09:51
jNoxxI have solaris on my server09:51
Dr_willisdebianisdabest,  i couldent figure out vmware2 very much.. but alli testin them are live cd's  so vbox works better for me there.09:51
joejcfound it its tar.lzma09:51
debianisdabestjNoxx: on x86 hardware09:51
ein2015anybody get ubuntu working on xVM Server Early Access Release 3? :)  or are they just supporting only opensolaris? :(09:51
jNoxxBut i want spark)09:51
debianisdabestdr_wiilis: yeah vmware 2 annoyed me with the web interface and felt lacking09:52
DavidLeonbazhang: yeah09:52
debianisdabestjNoxx: we have a couple sparx boxes here, their pretty kewl, the way the bios integrates is interesting09:52
DavidLeonbazhang: livecd in a vm can perform quite much the same as an installed one09:52
Rencxwhat Keyring give?09:53
jNoxxMy company works with banking systems based on java.09:53
jNoxxal works fine)09:53
DavidLeonhow can i specify the user workplace viz, a mount point09:53
debianisdabestjNoxx: Nice09:54
jNoxxmaybe chmod?09:54
etfbJust installing Intrepid on an Acer Aspire 8920, can't get the trackpad to stop treading mouse movements as mouse clicks.  Same old problem as with every other laptop and distro.  Does anyone know if the old Synaptics hack is still current in Intrepid?  I can't find the appropriate stuff in apt.09:54
lorenzosuHow to avoid (sudo) password prompt for WPA wifi at each reboot in UBUNTU 8.10 (having selected save password)?09:54
etfblorenzosu: Set the password to blank.  Ugly, but seems to be the only way.09:55
lorenzosuetfb: which password, the user one?09:55
debianisdabestlorenzosu: write a script that uses the command line tools, and runs at boot09:55
syockitNo user-friendlier way?09:56
lorenzosudebianisdabest: any hint?09:56
etfblorenzosu: Can't remember; it's been a while since I had to do that (in Gutsy; whatever I did to set up Hardy didn't cause the same problem).09:56
RencxI have keyring problem because of WiFi network what actualy Keyring does?09:56
Taqiditotoloooongg ngga bisa linuxan09:57
debianisdabestlorenzosu: yes, I think the tool is wireless-tools i haven't used any wireless tools in awhile, but wireless-tools has some command like {command} -sid {sid name} -wpa{password} wlan009:57
DavidLeonwhere all those pack downloaded to?09:57
hateballlorenzosu: you can use polkit-gnome-authorization to make that happen09:57
DavidLeoni mean where synaptic download those software to where?09:58
hateballlorenzosu: or maybe I misunderstood... did you talk about the keyring?09:58
debianisdabestlook in /etc/apt/source.lst i think09:59
DavidLeondownload to09:59
DavidLeonnot where from10:00
debianisdabestyour harddrive10:00
lorenzosuhateball: I installed UBUNTU 8.10. The first boot-up I selected my WPA wifi network which was correctly listed, and checked the option to save WPA password, but now each time I reboot the keyring pops up asking for password to connect: note that I have to insert the user (login) password10:00
bazhang!enter | DavidLeon10:00
ubottuDavidLeon: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!10:00
debianisdabestoh i'm not sure i think it might be in /var or /tmp10:00
DavidLeonbazhang: stfu10:00
ortsvorsteher!language | DavidLeon10:00
ubottuDavidLeon: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:00
gordonjcpDavidLeon: you're not really going about asking for help the right way10:00
hateballlorenzosu: then you should be able to fix it with polkit-gnome-authorization10:01
gordonjcphateball: ooh, didn't know about that - that saves me asking a question ;-)10:01
Dr_willis'asking for help on irc' "FAIL" :)10:01
syockitDavidLeon: /var/cache/apt/archives10:01
cosmicharadeCan anybody tell me why the extra keys on my keyboard have suddenly stopped working?10:01
werdnumWhich keys?10:02
cosmicharadethe ones for music.10:02
werdnumWhat have you done to stop them from working?10:02
etfbDr_willis: Didn't you know?  The way to ask for help about something related to Linux is to say "Linux sucks because it can't [do such-and-such]".  Then a million people will prove you wrong!10:02
cosmicharadeNothing as far as I can tell.10:02
ein2015anybody get ubuntu working on xVM Server Early Access Release 3? :)  or are they just supporting only opensolaris? :(10:02
cosmicharadeUsed to be I could press the >> button and it would skip the the next song but now I have to press stop and then >>10:03
lorenzosuhateball: what's that?10:04
RencxI have keyring problem because of WiFi network what actualy Keyring does?10:04
cosmicharadeCan anybody tell me why the extra keys on my keyboard have suddenly stopped working?10:05
rwwRencx: it stores passwords like your WiFi password10:05
ravencould anyone tell me how to export a video to mpeg using projectx or how to remux audio and video after demuxing10:05
Rencxrww if i delete file it is bad?10:06
hateballlorenzosu_: you set up permissions for different services and such10:06
rwwRencx: Your keyring file? Deleting it will delete passwords saved in various GNOME programs. Other than that, it's not bad. GNOME will automatically make a new keyring if it needs one.10:07
Rencxrww, so i need to do it and laiter set new password like my user because Keyring shows up after every restart.10:08
Rencxrww, or i can change user pasword like Keyring have?10:08
ploomraven, try software packages available under ubuntu-studio10:08
rwwRencx: Does your computer log in automatically, or do you have to put in your username and password on a login screen before your desktop appears?10:09
ravenploom you mean to remux?10:09
Rencxrww, automaticaly10:09
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>10:09
hateballRencx: If you log in automatically, you can use polkit-gnome-authorization to fix that...10:09
lorenzosu_!info polkit-gnome-authorization10:10
ubottuPackage polkit-gnome-authorization does not exist in intrepid10:10
lorenzosu_gtg thanks for help10:10
rwwRencx: then you're going to get prompted for your password every time, because GNOME needs you password to open your keyring to get your Wifi password, and couldn't get it from GDM. Apparently, hateball has some wizardry that'll bypass that.10:10
ploomraven, unfortunately I have had similar problem, but I just looked around in the forums of those video editor programs10:10
rwwhateball: that's System > Administration > Authorizations, right?10:11
hateballrww, Rencx : what you do is enable your account to modify system connections.10:11
ravenok but do you know any special software which is able to do that?10:11
hateballrww: yep! didnt know what it translated to in english :D10:11
hateballrww, Rencx: just because it works it might not be best practice from a security pov... but, it works :)10:12
Rencxhateball, can i change thet Ubuntu ask for password every time i start PC?10:12
hateballRencx: read up a bit for how... and yes10:13
yabukI downloaded the ubuntu dvd to be able to install basic programs without use internet, but how do I set the Synaptic P Manager to "reload" the list of programs from dvd?10:13
nyaaYabuk usually it will ask if you want to open the package manager if you put a cd in that has packages10:14
kanniballwhat is the file, where I set the locales?? in my system I don't have the locales setted10:15
rwwI have a bunch of files spread across several directories. I want to md5sum them all, so that I can check they copied correctly from one computer to another. How do I do that (I figure from the command-line using md5sum somehow, but I don't see an option for it in man md5sum...)10:15
joejcis it possible to change the title of a window?10:15
Dr_willisjoejc,  just any program's window? not that i know of..  xterm. and otehr term programs - yes10:15
Rencxhateball, i'm new to Ubuntu and i need beter explain, because i din't uderstand where i must go and what i must do10:16
hateballRencx:  System > Administration > Authorizations. Scroll down to network-manager, modify system connections. allow your own account. Done!10:17
gordonjcprww: one way would be to do find <parent directory> | xargs md5sum10:17
rwwgordonjcp: oh! xargs! I was wading through the find manpage, but couldn't remember the second part. Thanks :)10:18
jsalisburyI just installed Oracle 10g on Ubuntu 8.10.  I must say that I am amazed at how well it went compared to other distros :-)10:18
gordonjcprww: "find" has some way of doing a command that's the equivalent of | xargs but I can never remember the syntax :-/10:18
fprintHi,all!Is there any software for a linux cellphone?10:18
gordonjcpfprint: in what sense?  A phone running Linux?10:18
fprintgordonjcp, yes,all right!10:19
ploomraven, avidemux, kino and cinelerra are those kind of programs for me, but I am not an expert with video10:19
gordonjcpfprint: openmoko, for one10:19
fprintgordonjcp, moto E610:19
ploomraven, there propably are command line tools for doing that too, but I have not used too much of them...10:19
kanniballwhat is the package that replaces localeconf?10:20
gordonjcpfprint: I don't understand that10:20
Yigalcan any one help me with simple questions? first one: how to set static IP. I tried setting it but after restart it went back to the aut DHCP. Any idea?10:20
ravenwhich tool do you use to easily remove ad from your movies?10:20
fprintgordonjcp, thanks any way.10:20
gordonjcpfprint: I think FIC make a couple of different phones now10:21
ploomraven, you mean logo, or just cut out some seconds at the middle of the movie?10:21
Rencxhateball, 1. must be in active seasion? 2. Must be on locale consule? 3. both10:21
Rencxhateball, and what will be beter if i do this or delete deflaut.keyring.file?10:22
ravenmy dvr records .ts files so mpeg ts format... is it possible to remove some seconds without new rendering??10:22
raventhat would be great!10:22
gordonjcpraven: have a look at mjpegtools10:23
gordonjcpraven: I *think* they will let you chop mpeg streams at specific points without re-rendering10:23
gordonjcpraven: I know I've done it before, but it was about ten years ago and I can't remember what I used10:23
ravenwhere do i get theese tools?10:24
fprintgordonjcp, thank you very much, a big help for me.10:24
ploomraven, I have had some success in cutting mpeg2 video with both: avidemux and cinelerra10:25
ploomraven, I just installed them through package manager...10:25
hateballRencx: suppose you could ssh and xforward... then you just choose whichever account you want, dont have to be logged in as it10:25
ravenok i'll try10:25
ploomraven, newest versions of cinelerra might need you to compile it, but avidemux is pretty old10:26
Yigalam i in the right place? or is there another forum that can support ubuntu technical questions?10:26
hateballRencx: Well, I dont know which is "better". I just know what works for me10:26
yabuknyaa: I'm using a live-dvd yet, can I make this only after install ubuntu or is there a way to test it on a live-dvd? I want to use this dvd like a "complete ubuntu (with programs without Internet )" in live-dvd, it'll be help-full to show ubuntu to peoples and to make some operations like: use avscan to scan windows, use ubuntu on my university's computers - without always have to download packages to use programs I like (blender,...). so is there a way to lo10:26
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rww!away > Veritatis_10:28
ubottuVeritatis_, please see my private message10:28
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radekjo men10:29
nyaayabuk something like this might be more what you are looking for? http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu-linux-mint-livecd-with-remastersys10:30
nyaayabuk if you make your own ubuntu distro thats based off of a current one I bet you could put in what you want on it  pretty easily, or maybe I'm misunderstanding a bit.10:31
aronHappy new year to all,the day after tomorrow will be Chinese traditional new year~10:32
syockitGong xi fa cai!10:32
gordonjcpyabuk: google for "custom ubuntu version" or something similar - there are howtos out there that will tell you how to roll your own livecd with the packages you want10:33
lucio12345is there a PDF printer in ubuntu?10:33
lucio12345i haven't a printer but i would like to print a pdf file10:33
jagadeesh_has anyone configured t61 modem?10:33
rwwlucio12345: There's a "Print to File" option that lets you choose between PDF and Postscript in the File > Print window10:34
rwwlucio12345: well, for most apps, anyway10:34
syockitrww: I also have PDF as a printer in the list, what's that for? doesn't work anyway10:35
rwwsyockit: dunno. I just looked on a newly-installed Intrepid desktop, and it only has one entry in the list, "Print to File", that works. If you have another one it was probably installed by a package sometime.10:36
lucio12345print to file ?10:37
rwwThere's also cups-pdf, apparently, which is in the repositories.10:38
lucio12345i haven't a printer and when i choose new10:38
stuartHi guys10:38
lucio12345i don't see it10:38
Dr_willisI thought the cups-pdf thing was installed by default10:38
rwwDr_willis: nope10:38
stuartI'm having a problem with SSH sharing, it's the same as this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97513910:38
lucio12345i choose menu System-> Administration->Printing10:38
lucio12345then NEW10:38
howlI'm running ubuntu server and I can't figure out why it won't accept this command: find . -name * -exec chown www-data:www-data {} \;10:39
Ademanis there a way to reset my main menu to the system wide version? mines gotten cluttered with duplicates and wierd stuff like that10:39
lucio12345but in NEW option i don't see files or pdf options10:39
rwwlucio12345: Open Applications > Accessories > Text Editor (for example). Type some random text, then click File > Print, then click "Print to File". It's added by default; you don't need to add one yourself.10:39
howlI get the error: "find: paths must precede expression"10:40