Araneidaecdparanoia seems to understand it00:02
AraneidaeNot sure if I can persuade it to write an iso file, though00:02
AraneidaeWell, OSX copied one of my CDs ok (got two more to do), so I suspect it's a problem with  ubuntu tools...00:03
AraneidaeI'd rather use the command line, though, if I can00:04
kahrndoes anyone know how to reload the xfce menu?00:16
kahrnwithout logging out00:16
charlie-tcaDid it go away or did you add to it?00:29
spasticteapotDoes anyone know a good DVD ripper?00:39
charlie-tca --help00:43
spasticteapotVLC rips DVDs?00:47
craigbass1976sudo apt-get install samba--- will that allow me to mount up shares that are on windows boxes?03:58
batcoder-7what ftp client do you guys use ?04:12
j1mcbatcoder-7: gftp, or fireftp (that's just my choice... )04:17
batcoder-7i reallllllly wish my one thing worked04:17
batcoder-7which do you like better?04:18
batcoder-7gftp or fiterftp ?04:18
Odd-rationalei use mc (Midnight Commander)04:23
batcoder-7for ftp Odd-rationale  ?04:27
batcoder-7dsoes it have a built in client04:27
batcoder-7or one of those curlftpfs things ?04:28
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Guest92367whose in charge of the xubuntu website?!04:39
Guest92367they have the default favicon for drupal, so i can sell theyre using drupal04:40
maxamillioni'll be07:23
migihello everyone07:30
migihave one question: where should one write the IP and DNS addresses in xubuntu (the ones you write in TCP/IP in network addressing on WinXX)?07:31
migihave one question: where should one write the IP and DNS addresses in xubuntu (the ones you write in TCP/IP in network addressing on WinXX)?07:32
XFCEntralmigi: you configure that with Network Manager. the icon for Network Manager should already show up in your System Tray.07:34
migiok, will try. ta!07:35
XFCEntralmigi: clicking the icon in the tray will give you a drop down menu. Choose "Manual Configuration" if you want to specify your TCP/IP information, as well as any DNS. The window that opens might show a few connection types, like Wireless connection and Wired connection. Highlight what you need, and click 'Properties.' Disable roaming mode. Another tab in the Network Settings window allows you to configure DNS07:38
PhotoguyHello! =D08:03
PhotoguyHello! =D08:04
PhotoguyGood morning!08:06
PhotoguyGood afternoon!08:06
PhotoguyMy client is messed up.08:09
nikolamwhat client08:11
sunshineI switched to gdm from kdm and now i could not restart or shutdown my machine.11:13
sunshineWhere to add anything to change this behaviour.11:13
sunshinesudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm i already tried it11:14
sunshineanything else?11:14
sunshineNo suggestions?11:17
nikolamuninstall dkm and reinstall gdm?11:23
sunshineYes did this11:26
sunshinein /etc/X11/default-display-manager there is /usr/sbin/gdm11:27
calav3rai need to rescue old harddrive data from a old notebook, so which xub.version is faster: 6 or 8 ?13:22
calav3ranotebook only has 256megs of ram, 2hgz centrino13:23
calav3raboth versions state the same ram requirements, but i dont believe theme13:23
bdoggjust a quick question: I was wondering if xubuntu 8.10 has the 2.6.28 kernel in its repos yet.  I read that it installs with the 2.6.27 kernel, but I'm looking for up-to-the-minute information here :D14:03
Ad0how do I get rid of xcb ?14:07
alienkidhello my cousin just got xubuntu and wants help using remote desktop sharing(we've done it in windows before) but as far as I know xubuntu doesn't come with a VNC server only a client could you perhaps tell me how to get one and set it up?14:17
alienkid*wants me to help14:17
alienkidis it impossible?14:31
* cody-somerville stretches.14:48
jxanderhow could i check at boot time if there is something plugged in my laptop's vga-out?16:22
bongomanis evolution email better than thunderbird ?20:31
bongomandifferent question:  when activating display-compositing in windowmanager tweaks  all kde program menu fonts arn't readable anymore (such as with k3b open office and amarok) same under gnome  (i am using n mx440 geforce with the proprietery 96 driver from nvidia)20:35
bongomansomebody can help me?20:35
bongomandriver downgrade should help, but last time i spent 2 hours in order to get a working driver back20:36
bongomani am beginner that's the problem20:37
bongomanthe problem is that my cpu has to do all the work without the help of my graphics board20:38
bongomanand i can see that simply moving the windows around without compositing drives my cpu mad20:39
charlie-tcabongoman: here is something to try: go in to User Interface ; make sure at the bottom, Use anti-aliasing is checked,20:39
charlie-tcaalso Use hinting:  FULL, Use sub-pixel hinting is checked.20:40
charlie-tcaThat seems to help with the fonts20:40
charlie-tcabongoman: you will have to log-out and log-in again after making those changes. You can make all of them before logging out.20:41
bongomanwhere can i fand that setting unter fxce? same menu i gonna have look20:45
charlie-tcaApplications -> Settings -> Settings Manager -> User Interface20:46
bongomansorry i use german system fonts20:46
charlie-tcaI don't know how to translate it, sorry.20:47
bongomanno prob gonna find it - just wait a moment20:47
bongomanfound it20:49
bongomanok now there are 3 options mentioned by you: anti-aliasing , full, and sub-pixel hinting20:50
bongomanshould i try all at the same time or just one after each other20:50
charlie-tcaAll should be checked. Then make sure hinting is full.20:51
bongomanhinting was the thing20:51
bongomanthanks a lot !!20:52
charlie-tcaYou are welcome. Glad to try.20:52
bongomandidn't have to restart desktop environment20:52
charlie-tcaEven better20:52
charlie-tcaIt is just one of those things I do automatically on fresh installs now.20:53
bongomanthere were smaller problems i had to restart desktop enironment now checking20:54
charlie-tcaIt happens20:55
bongomannow using full hinting with sub pixels + anti aliasing + compositing, problem still there, only the underlines under some letters can be seen the font simply isn't there ?! i am sorry but it didn't work - but my desktop allready looks better and fonts in general are much better to read21:04
charlie-tcaOnly other idea I have would be try a different font. Sorry.21:05
pkodonYay, it works!21:05
charlie-tcapkodon: :-) ?21:05
bongomanhmm ok where can i define them for the kde tools ?21:06
bongomani was that happy21:06
pkodonI finally got my Linksys WMP54G to connect with my work/home's wireless router using WPA!21:06
charlie-tcabongoman: I don't know, I never use kde21:06
charlie-tcapkodon: Great!21:06
bongomani don't use kde either but amarok k3b and open office21:06
charlie-tcaI see. My systems are too slow for all that.21:07
pkodonI found a thread on the Ubuntu forums that said to replace the network manager with RutilT, and that took care of the problem. Aparently, most of the network managers mess up the WPA passcode.21:08
pkodonNow I just have to figgure out how to get it to use that at startup, rather than the old network manager.21:08
bongomanbut thank you a lot for your help ! now i know a little more about handling with my new system21:09
charlie-tcayou are welcome.21:17
DaemonXPCause of Death: Mass Effect :P22:33
maccambHello - does anybody know of Xubuntu run as a VM on VMWare Fusion?  If so are there any pre-packaged VMs?23:00
DaemonXPmaccamb: You could mount the ISO in the VM software and install it onto a virtual drive like that23:01
maccambDaemonXP: Hi! Actually I tried that with Ubuntu 8.10 and the installation works fine. The issue is VMWare Tools. I dlded a pre-packaged VM from chrysaor.info and followed the instructions for installing VMWare Tools but it failed. And now I would rather go with Xubuntu but am looking for something similar23:02
maccambto the pre-packaged version with VMWare Tools.23:03
charlie-tcaI use VirtualBox myself with Xubuntu.23:03
maccambYeah I saw comments about that but I am happily running with Fusion 2.0 and want to manage all my VMs thru that.23:04
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infested999i have this old computer23:22
infested999300MHz OCed to 650MHz - 100MB RAM - 20GB HD23:22
infested999i tried to install DSL linux but it doesnt like my HD :(23:22
infested999so someone said that Xubuntu might run o nit23:22
kahrnany specific errors?23:22
infested999do you think it will run?23:23
infested999i tried ubuntu but it was WAAAAY to slow23:23
kahrnwell, possibly, but it'll be fairly slow23:23
infested999on ubuntu i could barely move the mouse23:23
kahrnXubuntu is generally 256mb ram minimum23:23
kahrnyou could try something else, like a fluxbox23:23
kahrnI used fluxbox and a set of apps on a 128MB RAM/500MHz machine just last year.23:24
infested999alright, now i guess your not allowed to talk about other distro's of linux here23:24
infested999so i guess i have to ask somewhere else :/23:24
kahrnI don't think a rule exists prohibiting it23:24
kahrnbut I might be wrong23:24
kahrnanyways, you could try fluxbuntu, or debian+flux, or maybe archlinux+flux23:25
infested999alright ill give fluxbox a try23:25
infested999what are the sys requirements?23:26
kahrnI don't know if any exist, but I'd say 233MHz, 32MB RAM23:26
infested999wait,  how do i downloda it? There arew no .iso files, only tar-balls23:26
kahrnyou install fluxbox on a distribution23:27
kahrnlike debian23:27
infested999alriht then, so much for that idea. onto fluxbuntu23:28
infested999downloding , 15 min left. ill report ack later23:29
kahrnit may be worth joining #fluxbuntu, as I have never used it myself23:31
infested999what server is #fluxbox on?23:32
infested999nvm found it23:32
kahrn#fluxbuntu, on this network23:33

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