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graypoodlehi, I am new to bzr. I have done init, add and commit. Now I am not able to push to launchpad. I am getting a whole lot of errors and finally a line asking me to mail to bazaar-ng@lists.ubuntu.com00:26
graypoodlehere's the pastebin http://dpaste.com/112651/00:26
Peng_graypoodle: You're running a horribly ancient version of Bazaar. Upgrade.00:28
Peng_graypoodle: I believe that specific bug has been fixed, too.00:28
Peng_Though I doubt 0.11 is new enough to work with bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net even if it weren't for that bug.00:29
graypoodlePeng it is 0.11-1.1 on debian. Then i guess the repo is outdated.00:29
Peng_Yes, it is.00:29
Peng_It's Debian; is that surprising? :P00:29
graypoodleoh ok. i guess i will have to download the deb then.00:30
graypoodlePeng_ 1.5-1~bpo40+1  is new enough00:33
Peng_Well, it's a heck of a lot new*er*, but 1.11 is the latest.00:33
Peng_I'm sure 1.5 would be fine on Launchpad, unless stacking gets involved somehow.00:33
graypoodlewhats stacking, if it is not too stupid to ask.00:34
Peng_Ehh. A feature added in 1.6. :P00:34
graypoodleaah. ok. thanks a lot Peng_ i am installing the deb now.00:35
* Peng_ is bad at describing things.00:35
graypoodleoh darn. just find out that python 2.5 is required but i have 2.400:38
Peng_Bazaar supports 2.4 fine; if it requires 2.5, that's a problem with the deb.00:42
graypoodlePeng_ installer complained while it gave an error about python-celementtree not being installed. Once I installed that, bazaar installed anyway. 2.5 was just a warning i guess.01:00
graypoodlethanks a ton for the help. it works now.01:00
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derekShi guys. quick question. is there any plans for subdirectory checkout/clone (like in svn)?02:30
jelmerderekS, yes, there are plans for partial checkouts02:31
derekSjelmer: nice! do we have an eta?02:32
jelmerderekS, no idea02:32
derekSanother question. if i were to modify my local branch, and then do a pull from a remote branch, what happens exactly?02:33
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jelmerderekS, if you don't commit your local changes, bzr will merge in the remote changes02:58
jelmerif you do commit, you'll get a diverged branches error02:58
derekSjelmer: so it wouldn't be smart to make a cronjob to do the pull?03:07
jelmerderekS: if you're also going to be working in that working tree, probably not03:27
abadger1999I don't want to mess something up so will handle this situation:03:34
abadger1999#cherrypick a merge03:34
abadger1999cd bar03:34
abadger1999bzr merge ../foo -r81..8203:34
abadger1999do other work in both foo and bar branches.. making new commits.03:35
abadger1999then merge the rest of the changes:03:35
abadger1999cd bar; bzr merge ../foo03:35
abadger1999Will that work out? Or can the cherrypicked merge cause conflicts if the files have been edited some more?03:36
graydogi am trying to setup a script in init.d so that bzr server starts up on boot time. I know how to start the server. how do i stop it?07:12
spivgraydog: SIGTERM :)07:26
graydogspiv: hmmm. isn't there an option at the bzr server command line?07:26
spivgraydog: no, but bzr doesn't have any daemonisation builtin either07:27
spiv(although I'd like to implement that at some point)07:27
graydogspiv: aah.07:27
graydogspiv: so how is it run as  a server?07:27
spivgraydog: so what ever you use to daemonise the server process ought to provide a way to terminate the process, or at least find its pid.07:27
spivDebian has a start-stop-daemon helper that can do that for you, IIRC.07:28
graydogspiv: well i guess pkill will do for now. or the helper.07:28
spivYou're welcome.07:28
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dereinehow can i checkout from a repo and overwrite all stuff that changed11:16
spivdereine: pull --overwrite, perhaps11:49
dereinemh this didn't worked11:49
dereinei had to revert to a specific revision11:50
dereinei want to do the same as cvs update -C11:50
LarstiQDo you mean, you want to become an exact mirror of the branch you're pulling from, throwing away local uncommitted changes?11:51
spivpull needs a branch, rather than a checkout.  I'm not sure there's a way to make a checkout become a checkout of an earlier revision.11:51
LarstiQ(that would be `bzr revert`)11:51
spivYou can always use "bzr revert -r ..." to revert all or part of a working tree to a different revision, though.11:52
LarstiQdereine: I haven't used cvs in anger for over half a decade, so I'm a bit foggy on what update -C does :)11:54
dereinespiv: thx11:54
dereinespiv: i tryed bzr revert -r ... and this came back11:57
dereinebzr: ERROR: No namespace registered for string: u'.'11:57
spivdereine: the "..." is meant to be filled in by you :)11:58
spivdereine: or maybe you just want plain "bzr revert"?  Either way, take a look at "bzr revert --help"11:58
dereinespiv: revert to the current revision on the remote server11:59
spivWell, there's two different matters there, from bzr's perspective; "bzr revert" to undo any local uncommitted changes, then "bzr update" to update your checkout to be current with its master branch.12:01
spiv(Assuming you have a checkout and not a branch; if you have a branch then you'll need to pull rather than update.)12:01
dereinespiv: i have to learn allot12:05
dereinewhat is the difference between a checkout and a branch12:05
garyvdmA checkout does not have a copy of the repository.12:07
LarstiQgaryvdm: ehm, no12:07
fullermdA checkout is just a working tree on a branch.12:07
LarstiQgaryvdm: you're thinking of a lightweight checkout12:07
spivdereine: http://bazaar-vcs.org/Checkout and http://bazaar-vcs.org/Branch are a bit verbose but say it better than I can at this time of night :)12:07
garyvdmLarstiQ - oh12:07
LarstiQgaryvdm: or the the bzrlib concept, as fullermd seems to do.12:07
LarstiQdereine: a checkout gives you the centralized workflow (commit goes directly to the master branch), a branch the decentralized one, where commiting and publishing a revision are decoupled.12:08
* fullermd certainly doesn't think in bzrlib...12:09
LarstiQdereine: you can convert the one into the other and vice versa.12:09
LarstiQfullermd: I've seen you submit patches ;P12:09
fullermdYeah, did you notice how they were rejected for knowing nothing about bzrlib?   :p12:09
LarstiQfullermd: I chose to ignore that for the sake of this argument ;)12:10
garyvdmLarstiQ - so is you branch x y, cd y, bind x - then you have a checkout?12:10
LarstiQgaryvdm: yes12:10
LarstiQgaryvdm: and bzr co x y; cd y; bzr unbind; gives you a branch12:11
* garyvdm has been using checkout with out even knowing....12:11
LarstiQor well, standalone or repository branch, not a bzrlib.branch.Branch12:11
spivdereine: the short answer is that if you used "bzr checkout" (or its alias, "bzr co"), you have a checkout, and if you used "bzr branch", you have a branch.12:11
spivdereine: (assuming you haven't used something like "bzr reconfigure" on the checkout/branch later)12:12
dereineno sure12:12
dereinei want to revert stuff i have done12:12
dereinebut revert to the state on a server12:12
spivBtw, "bzr info" can tell you what kind of thing you have (e.g. a "standalone branch")12:14
LarstiQdereine: does 'stuff i have done' include commits, or only uncommitted changes?12:15
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spivUncommitted changes are easy; bzr revert.  If you have commits then I guess you have a branch, so you'll also need to do a "bzr pull --overwrite"12:30
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aldolathi! I have a bzr lock on launchpad and I am unable to break it. can you help me?13:41
garyvdmaldolat: Was the lock created by you are someone else?13:44
aldolatby me13:44
garyvdmWhat is the branch?13:44
garyvdmI think there is a bug with breaklock/lp when you specify a lock with breaklock13:46
garyvdmTry breaklock branch13:46
aldolatbzr breaklock branch ?13:46
aldolattried... nothing happened13:47
aldolattry now to push13:47
LarstiQaldolat: what url do you give to break-lcok?13:48
aldolati tried the url bzr gave me...13:48
aldolatbut does not recognize it13:48
aldolatwait a moment13:48
aldolatit says13:49
aldolatbzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "lp-46726096:///~ubuntu-it-magazine/fcm-it/edizione-fcm-it/.bzr/branch/lock"13:49
aldolatbzr gives me that url but it does not recognize it13:49
garyvdmWhat I was trying to say - is that you need to just specify the name of the branch - not the name of the lock that bzr reports13:49
garyvdme.g bzr breaklock lp:~ubuntu-it-magazine/fcm-it/edizione-fcm-it/13:50
LarstiQaldolat: remove the -42..13:50
LarstiQwhat garyvdm says13:50
aldolatwell, it's going :D13:51
aldolatthank you, masters!13:51
garyvdmbzrtool 1.11 still not in the ppa :-(13:53
aldolat"Pushed up to revision 287."... thanks garyvdm and LarstiQ :D14:02
aldolatgoing out...14:03
Peng_Was that URL bug fixed?14:04
duckxI was wondering was the current state of Foreign Branches ...14:13
duckxI tried to checkout an SVN tree with bzr ... and well it misses the external references ...14:13
LarstiQthat's more to do with lacking nested trees support in bzr than with bzr-svn14:14
LarstiQduckx: as a workaround you could use scmproj or config-manager14:14
duckxThx LarstiQ , I will have a look to config-manager ... but anyhow, it is a bit anoying to have to setup an extra thing to checkout a project ;)14:15
duckxLarstiQ: is it an short time / long time goal to have it supported natively ?14:16
LarstiQduckx: loooong term14:16
duckx-> it is a feature I want/like to have for a long time .. ;)14:17
LarstiQduckx: exactly14:17
LarstiQduckx: lp:~larstiq/bzr/nested-trees has not been progressing for a long term14:17
duckxLarstiQ: it really blocking for big projects that deals with a lot of libraries14:17
LarstiQduckx: it would be very nice to have14:17
garyvdmPeng_: I'm not sure if it is logged as a bug? There is a question: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/3552214:17
duckxLarstiQ: too bad ...14:18
duckxI tried to manage an horde framework with bzr, and currently it can't be managed natively with bzr .... well the way I would like it to be managed ;)14:19
LarstiQduckx: now, if you're willing to help, I'd welcome that :)14:19
duckxLarstiQ: I feel not good enough, to go deep in the bzr thing ... ;(14:20
duckxI am an happy end user thought ...14:20
duckxLarstiQ: ... but it is really blocker in on workflow ...14:20
duckxDecentralizaition of svn trees ...14:21
duckxWell, in a way I would like to just co an svn tree, do a few hacks, and submit them to the relevant project14:21
duckxOnly works half of the time currently due to the lack of external referencies support ;(14:22
duckxI will probably make a post about it on the mailing list ...14:23
duckxAs I think it is blocker for many projects to migrate from an SVN tree to bzr ...14:23
LarstiQduckx: you can help in different ways, don't have to do the actual coding14:24
duckxIs there a todo list around ?14:24
duckxI feel like a happy hacker sometime, even thought the responsiveness of open source project is sometime really slow ;)14:25
LarstiQduckx: what is there is outdated I'm afraid.14:25
duckxOk, well, I will continue to read the mailing list ... May be something will inspire me one day ;)14:26
duckxBut currently i am on a few things ...14:26
* LarstiQ nods14:26
duckxGetting synchronisation working with libsyncml on my samsung phone14:26
duckxGetting UPNP working in pidgin ... well it currently sucks as hell ;)14:27
duckxAnd for this I need a good VCS ;) i still think bzr is the one ..14:27
duckxWell lets have a look @ config-manager ...14:28
LarstiQduckx: scmproj is more recent14:28
* duckx on co scmproj14:29
duckxAny debian package around ?14:29
duckxThx for your help LarstiQ14:31
LarstiQduckx: hmm, don't think so14:32
LarstiQ(about scmproj debian packages)14:37
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graydoghi, i started bzr serevr with write acess and am pushing about 1 gb of files to it from a client. The server bzr process is running with 99.9% cpu load and the client gets stuck. ^c gives the output Cbzr: A nested progress bar was not 'finished' correctly. The files still seem to be uploading as df -h on the server shows the size increasing slowly.16:26
graydogI am using bazaar v1.5 on the server. could that be the problem?16:26
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jelmergraydog, Yeah, I would suspect that to be fixed in newer versions16:42
graydogjelmer: thanks16:42
Lo-lan-doIs there a way to replicate a repository (or a set of branches) in one bzr command?17:56
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MattCampbellThe bzr PPA for intrepid seems broken; it includes bzrtools 1.10 (which depends on bzr < 1.11) but also bzr 1.11.18:22
jelmerLo-lan-do, I think several people have tried to create plugins for that18:27
MattCampbellSo for now I'm installing bzr without bzrtools though aptitude gave this solution a negative score.18:27
Lo-lan-dojelmer: I'll take that as a "no" then :-)18:28
thumperLo-lan-do: bzr init-repo creates a repository19:07
thumperLo-lan-do: not sure if that is what you are asking for19:07
thumperLo-lan-do: what type of set of branches are you wanting to create?19:07
Lo-lan-dothumper: The question is how to fetch several (or all) branches from a remote repo into mine, in one command if possible.19:12
Lo-lan-doI could of course loop over $(bzr branches), but I find it lacks elegance.19:13
Jc2kLo-lan-do: i wonder how hard it would be to adapt multi-pull...19:14
LarstiQLo-lan-do: or scmproj maybe?19:16
* LarstiQ confesses he hasn't looked closely at scmproj yet19:16
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gioelewhat is the bzr repo for the 1.11 branch of bzrtools? shoud I use lp:bzrtools?21:50
thumpergioele: it appears that the 1.11 branch of bzrtools isn't available21:51
* thumper pokes statik21:51
gioelethumper: but it has been released as tar.gz http://launchpad.net/bzrtools/stable/1.11.0/+download/bzrtools-1.11.0.tar.gz21:51
thumpergioele: yeah, but the packaging is dones by someone else21:52
gioeleI see21:52
gioeleit is a bit strange that bzrtools makes such a "messy" use of bzr and launchpad 8)21:53
fullermdbzrtools isn't branched AFAIK...22:05
thumperare there some docs somewhere that talk about bzr's use of http proxies?22:35
spivthumper: there's some mention in http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/latest/en/user-reference/bzr_man.html#authentication-settings relating to authentication bits.22:40
thumperspiv: ta22:41
thumperspiv: you back at work now?22:41
spivthumper: there probably should be more...22:41
thumperspiv: how does bzr know to use the [proxy] section?22:44
spivI have no idea, unfortunately.22:44
spivHmm, the top of the Authenication Settings explains, I think.22:45
spivIt matches on whatever bits of the URL you specify, e.g. host, port.22:46
spivIf you don't need auth, then I assume just setting $http_proxy in your environment would work too.22:46
spivHmm, my laptop has started to lock up for no reason.23:27
spivI guess my laptop would rather still be in Hobart...23:42
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