calimerand showed them the video before putting it up00:00
Meshezabeelgood good00:00
Meshezabeelso who started the sand box project?00:00
Meshezabeelcool :)00:00
calimerI started it for some kids in my afterschool program00:01
calimerI got some computers into our program and put tuxpaint and childsplay on there00:01
calimerbut I wanted them to be able to create their own worlds and stories00:01
calimerand thus sandbox was born00:01
Meshezabeelhow long ago did you start it?00:01
calimerI think it is about 2 years ago now00:02
Meshezabeelwow, you've done a lot of good work on it in just 2 years00:02
calimerit is based off the cube 2 engine so we had a good base to work off of00:03
calimerand hirato is an amazing coder in his own right00:03
calimera lot of people prefer to use sandbox to make their cube 2 maps :D00:03
Meshezabeelcool :)00:03
calimermaybe I should make a note that those aren't my kids00:04
Meshezabeelmaybe it doesn't really matter too much, most people watching the video aren't going to know you anyhow.00:05
Meshezabeelbut I guess you could always put a note that says something like "video submitted by amateur videographer" or "video submitted by Sand Box fan" etc.00:06
Meshezabeelwho did all the artwork?00:07
calimerI put in "as a note this video is compiled from a happy father sending me a video of his kids having fun.  If this looks fun and you want to create games check out our popular tutorial video!00:08
Meshezabeelsounds good :)00:08
calimerI'm attempting to shorten it :)00:09
calimerI tend to get a bit verbose00:09
Meshezabeelhaha :)00:09
calimerdepends which art you mean but varities of people00:09
calimerand your comments are always welcome on any aspect of it00:09
calimeralso it is slated to go into edubuntu and ubuntu00:09
Meshezabeellike all the different objects like trees, etc., a lot of good artwork and textures in there.00:09
calimerI just have to write up the man pages and make sure the license stuff is all set :)00:10
calimersome was made for us, some from cube 2, some from random webpages00:10
calimerunfortunately most is non commercial but we have a debian free version coming out00:11
calimerbut it has only one model, my box :\00:11
calimerthat was a key comment you made about it not being much use as a tutorial00:13
calimerwell not exactly those words00:13
calimerbut I think that was a really good point, I really like the annotation in there now that gives them a heads up of what they are instore for00:13
calimerits the top related video so they better be able to find it easily :D00:14
Meshezabeelhaha :) yeah, I like your interview I just saw on youtube00:15
calimerpeople seem to really like that tutorial video00:15
calimerI don't know what is so special about it but good thing they do like it :D00:15
calimerI can't wait until this top 10 crap is over00:16
calimerit is so distracting00:16
calimerbut really a chance to give sandbox some rep so I'm torn, haha00:16
MeshezabeelI think people like it because it gives people a good overview of what it is all about and what its goals are. There's also good video footage of a lot of things in the gameplay. You also have a good narration voice which helps make the video more enjoyable.00:18
calimerthanks! thanks mom and dad for that voice!00:21
Meshezabeelhahaha :)00:21
calimerI need to do some more00:21
calimerI can't wait to do this gameplay trailer thing00:22
calimerjust to show off all of our cool modes00:22
Meshezabeelyeah, that would be cool00:22
calimerhirato started doing a sidescroller!00:22
calimerthat is some cool stuff :D00:22
calimerand going to show off the rpg00:22
Meshezabeelside scroller with the same 3d engine?00:22
calimer3d sidescroller00:23
Meshezabeelokay :)00:23
calimer-gssp in the console00:23
MeshezabeelI used to love the Mario sidescrollers :)00:23
calimerto the launch00:23
calimeryeah hirato wants me to make save the princess maps for the sidescroller00:23
calimerwhich of course I will :D00:24
Meshezabeelhaha :)00:24
calimerso yeah you should be getting some of that good ol action :)00:24
calimerhe added this flying armor that is kind of like the racoon tail in super mario 300:24
Meshezabeelhehe, at least it's not a helicopter hat ;)00:25
calimerthat would be awesome00:26
Meshezabeellol :) it would definitely be funny00:26
calimerfinally those hats would have a purpose00:26
Meshezabeelhaha, indeed, beanie hats I think they were called00:27
calimerI must get one00:27
calimerI didn't know some had brims00:28
calimerI'm all about the no brim factor00:29
Meshezabeelyeah, I didn't either00:29
calimerI think I have added enough annotations for one day haha00:32
Meshezabeelhaha, get's tiring after a while, eh?00:32
calimerbeen working on that video since I woke up00:33
calimerso it has been like an 8-9 hour project believe it or not00:33
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calimerhey LaserJock :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hvy3h3z8cvw01:22
LaserJockcalimer: very nice01:28
calimerI should make a vid sometime of the kids work from the kids camp01:29
calimerbut anyway that is the fruit of my saturday haha01:29
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nothingmanhi, all02:22
LaserJockhi nothingman02:23
nothingmanwhat's new?02:24
LaserJockhmm, not sure02:25
LaserJockI talked to the Ubuntu gnome maintainer yesterday about Gnome's Users and Groups tool02:26
LaserJockhe basically said it's dead unless we want to take it over02:29
LaserJockso ...02:31
LaserJockwe might want to put "write a new user and group admin tool" to our TODO list :-)02:31
nothingmanhas anyone here worked on integration of VirtualBox in a fat client?02:31
nothingmanI know I talked about this a bit before, but couldn't be bothered to look for responses, or anything silly like that02:32
nothingmanjust babblin' about niftyness like I do02:32
nothingmanand I'm also wondering about the sugar emulator and empathy02:33
nothingmanand I'd like to be able to disconnect a fat client from the server and walk about and have the wireless take over02:34
nothingmanand I want a stable for my new pony02:34
nothingmanis anyone working on any of these things that you know of, LJ?02:35
LaserJocknothingman: http://sc.tri-bit.com/images/2/23/pony.jpg02:35
LaserJocknothingman: I don't know about the fat client ones, I don't *think* so but could be wrong02:36
nothingmanah, and here I thought you were at work fulfilling my wishlist... get on with you! yah!02:36
nothingmanwell, can sugar be run from a thin client?02:37
LaserJocknothingman: I think nubae is thinking about the sugar collabiration stuff02:37
LaserJocknubae's done it02:37
nothingmanyeah, I've read his stuff02:37
nothingmandoes anyone else here have an extensive CV like his habari?02:37
nothingmanI know you do a lot of work, but that's from talking to you about it02:38
nothingmanat least, what little I know, like logging the chats and updating the page02:39
nothingmanso I assume more, since you're active02:39
nothingmanwhat about a limited, multiple-login user account?  is there any information on that available?02:46
LaserJocknothingman: multiple logins from the same account03:05
nothingmanlike, "student" with no password, or the school's name as the password03:07
nothingmanor maybe "first" "second" "third", etc, for all students in an individual grade03:08
LaserJockthat really doesn't work well03:08
LaserJockI don't know how we can figure out how to do that, other than not using Gnome or KDE03:09
nothingmanwell, I'd just like to be able to set up a unified desktop, and allow the younger students to get where they need to with little help03:09
nothingman_sorry, got cut off03:16
LaserJocknothingman: perhaps we could use "disposable" accounts03:22
LaserJockI'm not sure how guest accounts are done right now, they may do that already03:22
nothingman_with a skeleton for what menus are available and such, but any changes would get thrown away03:30
LaserJocknothingman: the problem is that for each active login you need a separate user/$HOME03:31
LaserJockso if you had it create the user on login it'd probably work03:31
nothingman_similar to Windows' SteadyState03:32
nothingman_but couldn't I just have a $HOME for 'student' or 'fifth' or whatever?03:33
nothingman_and it would be created as a ramdisk on the client logging in03:33
nothingman_so if the files are changed, no biggie just unmount and exit03:33
nothingman_that way several users could log in as the user at once, be authenticated, have access to just what they needed, and be done03:34
nothingman_oh, and of course I wonder how one would implement user switching and persistent sessions for 'actual' users03:34
nothingman_but that's science fiction atm :-P03:35
stgraberI have written a daemon for ltsp-cluster that does account creation/cleaning for guest login03:37
stgraberbut it's sort of ltsp specific03:37
LaserJockstgraber: ah, awesome03:37
stgraberas it basically creates an account based on the base64 of the ip, then add the supplied public ssh key to the .ssh/authorized_keys03:38
stgraberthen returns the username back to the thin client that then uses it for autologin03:38
stgraberin this mode you don't even see the login screen and get a clean session every-time (the daemon takes care of remaining process and mount points)03:39
stgrabercode is on https://code.launchpad.net/ltsp-cluster/ltsp-cluster-accountmanager03:39
stgraberhmm, 40403:39
nothingman_stgraber: so this is an auto-login script?03:41
stgraberthis is a daemon to generate unique user accounts to use for auto-login03:42
stgraberbut is designed for ltsp environments so if you're using regular desktops you may have to do quite a few changes03:42
nothingman_very cool03:43
nothingman_like the SteadyState that I mentioned earlier03:43
nubaegreets stgraber, LaserJock03:59
nubaehmmmmm its 5, must get sleep.....04:00
LaserJockhi nubae04:00
LaserJockyeah, it's almost time to get up04:01
nubaeLaserJock: where i at?04:01
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LaserJocknubae: I'm at home, and it's only 8pm04:04
Meshezabeelnothingman_: can't you just have a bootup or shutdown script that will replace the desired $HOME dirs with /etc/skel (or other specificied directory)?04:05
nothingman_Meshezabeel: remember these are client machines, so having a copy of those files *away* from the server with appropriate permissions would be best04:06
nothingman_better to have the files temporarily copied than try to lock down a shared set and fail04:07
nothingman_but: must join wife in bed, read, sleep and wake up for work tomorrow04:08
Meshezabeelhave a good night :)04:08
nothingman_I'll keep this window open04:08
nothingman_you all do the same04:10
Meshezabeelcalimer: you still around?04:52
calimerjust watching the fedor fight04:56
calimerfedor best fighter in the world04:56
Meshezabeelcalimer: okay, not sure who that is :)04:57
calimerhe just crushed another UFC champion, after dana white (head of the UFC) said he was trash04:57
Meshezabeelcalimer: An off topic question, but I am considering transfering my project from java to cpp, I noticed you mention that you code in code::blocks, but compile in in Visual Studio, just wondering why you can't compile in code::blocks?04:58
LaserJockcalimer: heh, I thought you were talking about a fedora fight on a mailing list or something :-)04:58
calimerwait when did I say that Meshezabeel :D04:58
calimerhaha that sounds intense LaserJock04:58
Meshezabeelcalimer: oh, I thought you did in your sand box interview04:59
calimerbattle of the distros04:59
LaserJockwell, I've been reading some good ones lately04:59
calimerI compile in codeblocks and code in a text editor04:59
LaserJockGnome VCS, Linus' moving from KDE to Gnome, etc.04:59
calimerthat's unfortunate actually04:59
calimerkind of against the spirit of nix04:59
calimerlive and let live and help others live04:59
Meshezabeelwhy is moving from KDE to Gnome against the spirit of *nix?05:00
calimerfighting about it is05:00
Meshezabeeloh, lol :)05:00
Meshezabeelwe are all misunderstanding tonight, hehe05:00
* LaserJock gets his boxing gloves on05:00
calimerI'll give fedor a call05:00
Meshezabeelwe all know that Minix is better anyhow05:00
calimerxfce is the champion05:01
calimergnome has too much unnecessary overhead05:01
calimerbut yeah I only maintain the visual studio project for other people05:01
calimerI hate even having on my computer05:02
calimerall the stupid dependancies05:02
Meshezabeelso why can't others just use code::blocks?05:02
calimerthey hopefully do05:02
calimerbecause our main instructions for compiling it are for codeblocks05:02
calimerit is really easy05:02
calimerI had 6th graders adding their own code and compiling it haha05:03
calimeradding new monsters and such05:03
Meshezabeelwow :)05:03
Meshezabeelthat's awesome05:03
calimeryeah it was pretty cool05:03
calimerthis one kid took my block model and turned it into a monster05:03
calimerand made this map where there was a whole stack of blocks05:03
calimerI didn't know what was up and then went near them and all of a sudden they came flying at me05:04
Meshezabeellol :)05:04
calimerit was pretty awesome05:04
Meshezabeelkids can sure surprise you :)05:04
calimerhad some other kids where they put in tons of quests05:04
calimerto find objects and such05:04
calimerand multiple dialog options05:04
calimeroh and I taught them SVN :)05:04
calimerwe had our own svn server05:04
calimermuch easier for when they had script questions05:05
Meshezabeelwow, lol, I don't even know SVN ;)05:05
calimerI could sit at my desk and look at it instead of having to lean over their shoulders05:05
calimeryeah and this way they could checkout at home too and work, commit, and have it for in class too05:05
calimerand made it easy so we could play each other's maps on the last day05:05
calimera lot of them we played together at the same time05:06
calimerlike the save the princess maps :)05:06
LaserJockcalimer: what? you didn't teach them git? :-)05:06
Meshezabeelyeah, I wish I had known about sandbox last year, I just left a k-12 school I had worked at for 9 years.05:07
calimermaybe I should look up git :D05:07
Meshezabeelbut, I still help out at that school once in a while, so I'd like to get it installed on the machines there anyhow.05:07
calimergit seems linux only05:07
calimerI think my favorite experience ever was when I was telling teachers about it at a school i was subbing at05:08
LaserJockcalimer: it's not quite linux only but it's much better on OS X/Linux because it's mostly C/Bash05:08
calimerand one teacher really wanted to show his kids, and his kids for a class need an alternative learning environment05:08
calimerand when I showed kids sandbox the teacher said it was the most motivated he's ever seen them05:09
calimerand the kids were getting their work done just to get a chance to use sandbox05:09
MeshezabeelAt 4:30 on http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=WztnXKda4fI it sounds like you use code::blocks to code and visual studio to compile ;)05:09
calimerI make sure both work but I make the binaries with codeblocks05:10
Meshezabeelyeah, a good way for the sub to get kids to pay attention too :) Normally, kids like to give subs a hard time.05:10
calimerit was kids for his class I meant05:10
calimerthat you know had outside troubles and such05:11
calimerthat is why that experience means a bit to me because it potentially made a difference in their lives towards the positive05:11
calimerwell it definitely did, I just hope enough for them05:11
Meshezabeelyeah, and many of these kids don't have anything positive in their lives, so this is a good way to motivate them05:12
calimerwell it was so nice too because before they were so negative and didn't want to do any work and such05:12
calimerand then with sb and me they were so proud showing me what they made05:12
Meshezabeelcool :)05:12
calimerthat was all volunteer stuff, not when I was subbing05:12
calimerit was funny when kids tried to give me a hard time05:13
calimerbecause I would come right back at them and put them in their place, haha05:13
Meshezabeelyeah, give them the unexpected and you stop them in their tracks ;)05:14
calimerone kid kept saying tomato tomato tomato because my last name is tomaino05:14
calimerso I spent some time sounding out the letters for him05:15
Meshezabeelhaha, lol05:15
calimerthe whole class was laughing so hard05:15
Meshezabeelhehe, yeah, I can imagine05:16
calimerand at the end I said congrats you graduated 1st grade05:16
calimernnnnnnnn ooooooooooo nnnnnnnnnnnn ooooooooooo that makes no05:16
Meshezabeelyeah, now I'm teaching post-secondary, but definitely miss teaching the younger ones, they can be fun at times ;)05:17
calimeryeah I enjoyed subbing, except for 7th and 8th05:17
calimermainly because of the curriculum05:17
calimerone time in english I had just had to give them a packet to read and complete, and it was the same packet both days, due monday!05:18
calimerbtw my coder hirato likes to compile the windows binaries on nix haha05:18
calimerwhich I yell at him about05:18
Meshezabeelhaha, are there problems doing that?05:19
calimerno but I just hate 800 binaries in our svn05:19
calimerwhen he compiles a binary it is outdated that day05:19
calimerwell each binary uploaded to the svn is saved as a copy05:19
calimerso it is unnecessarily bloating my hd space05:20
calimerhe is one smart guy though for sure05:24
calimerand he just turned 17!05:24
LaserJockamazing how young some people are05:26
LaserJockwe've had Ubuntu developers as young as 1205:26
Meshezabeelyeah, I've seen kids on youtube who are probably 12 or younger giving C++ tutorials on youtube.05:26
LaserJockand one of the primary compiz guys was ~14 when he started hacking on it05:26
LaserJockhe had to have his mom come with him to an Ubuntu Developer Summit05:27
Meshezabeellol, I'm sure that was an awesome experience for him :)05:27
LaserJockI think it was, especially because it was in Spain05:27
LaserJockor wait, that was Paris05:28
MeshezabeelI wonder what his mom thought of it all05:28
LaserJockshe liked it05:28
LaserJockshe just got to hang out05:28
Meshezabeelcool :)05:28
LaserJock1 week Paris vacation05:28
Meshezabeelyeah, you can't beat that05:28
LaserJockthe food was horrible though, yuck05:28
LaserJockyeah, the hotel food was the worst ever05:29
LaserJockonce you got into the cafes in downtown Paris it was much better05:29
LaserJockbut I went to McDonalds and Subway05:29
calimerha that's cool stuff05:29
LaserJockParis is just too expensive for me05:29
Meshezabeellol, I always thought Parisian food was supposed to be good ;)05:30
LaserJockstupid $3 bottle of water05:30
calimerI wish I had an earlier start but I wasn't allowed to play video games as a kid05:30
LaserJockMeshezabeel: it can be, but like anywhere, you need to go to the right places05:30
Meshezabeelyeah, video games are a bit too violent05:30
Meshezabeelespecially that Mario character, throwing all those fireballs at everyone05:30
calimerit was probably because it was something fun05:31
LaserJockand squashing everybody05:31
calimerI wasn't allowed to watch tv either05:31
LaserJockand Duck Hunter, sheesh05:31
calimerthat dog05:31
Meshezabeelno kidding05:31
calimerhe haunts your dreams05:31
MeshezabeelI actually had that game05:31
calimerI played it at my cousins05:31
Meshezabeelhe'd always laugh at you for missing05:32
calimerthey made a flash game where you can shoot the dog05:32
calimerbut it doesn't have any ducks05:32
calimerthey need one where you can shoot the ducks but if the dog laughs at you put one in his head05:32
Meshezabeelhehe, no wonder you weren't allowed to play them :)05:33
calimerI'm sure I'm not alone with that feeling05:34
Meshezabeelyeah, you are probably right05:34
LaserJockI've heard of people who've had serious issues because of that dog05:35
calimerha like what?05:35
calimerthat dog has caused lasting emotional scars05:35
MeshezabeelReally? I actually don't ever remember disliking the dog that much, but it's been a long time, so you never know.05:35
calimerI just thought he was kind of funny and annoying05:36
LaserJocklike sounds of laughing like that dog throws them into a rage05:36
calimerthat game did a good job of making itself immortal05:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about numlockx17:32
alkisg!info numlockx17:32
ubottunumlockx (source: numlockx): enable NumLock in X11 sessions. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1-9 (intrepid), package size 10 kB, installed size 88 kB17:32
alkisgCould numlockx be among the packages installed in an Ubuntu ltsp chroot? It would be nice to have numlock "on" as a default, students often try to type numbers on the numpad while it's turned off...17:34
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stgraberalkisg: did your try LDM_NUMLOCK=True ?17:44
alkisgstgraber: trying...17:44
alkisgstgraber, nope, not working, and I don't see "LDM_NUMLOCK" anywhere it the sources (apart from an old lts.conf example from k12linux dir)17:48
alkisgThere is an X_NUMLOCK lts.conf directive though, which would work if numlockx was installed in the chroot17:48
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nothingmanhi, all19:02
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