_neversfeldeclaydoh: some users started a translation of my german how to00:49
_neversfeldeI'll post you the link, once there is enough translated00:50
_neversfelden8 :)00:50
claydohcool is it based on the client-core concept?00:50
claydohor just the standalone mode00:50
_neversfeldeit is client core and I think I can help to improve an english version00:51
claydohgood, though  I am working on a simple one for the standalone mode00:51
_neversfeldeclaydoh: did you publish it somewhere?00:51
claydohfor those of us easily confused or not geeky enough :)00:51
claydohno, still typing out a rough text00:52
claydohand have a bunch of screenshots00:52
claydohwould be done, but went to newegg and went shopping :)00:52
_neversfeldeif I can help you, tell me00:52
claydohthen had to cook dinner00:52
claydohand I am still sick, and the wife is ill too :(00:53
claydohso even typing is not fun00:53
_neversfeldehere too, my girlfriend is sick00:54
claydohwow openoffice locks up the desktop in Jaunty01:28
claydohand apparently in kde4.2 ppa in intrepid01:28
* ScottK hugs his kde 4.1.4....01:54
claydoh4.2 rawks02:00
claydohmaybe we should remove openoffice.org-kde then?02:00
claydohand just how far along is Kooffice :O)02:01
claydohoops koffice02:01
ScottKopenoffice.org-kde is still KDE3.02:03
ScottKSo yeah ....02:03
claydohdoes it actually use kde3, or is it just a 'theme'? I was never clear on that02:10
claydoh"This package contains the KDE plugin for drawing OOo's widgets with KDE/Qt, a KDEish File Picker when running under KDE"02:12
claydohcan't draw widgets then02:12
ScottKI haven't looked but there's apparently a non-working KDE4 port.02:13
claydohI found that if you just enable oo.o's native file picker, you can keep the openoffice.org-kde package, and its better looks :)03:15
ScottKIf someone were to package http://blog.chatonka.com/2009/01/more-on-rtm-plasmoid/ I'd promise to review it.03:23
claydohI know samrog, who has a ppa opf plasmoid, he'll probably do it :)03:24
claydohok what exactly is rtm? I don't think i get it03:26
* claydoh needs to learn cmake so he can use that for building his kmymoney2 packages03:27
* claydoh also is eager for kmm2's devs to port to kde4 03:28
ScottKRemember the milk.03:28
ScottKIt's a plasmoid to help you keep track of what you have to do.03:29
ScottKI could use that.03:29
claydohI was thinking it was more complex than that03:30
claydohdunno why03:30
claydohhe's a plasmoid-ho :)03:31
ScottKCan you talk him into throwing that stuff at REVU?03:32
ScottKWe want as much plasmoid as we can get in this release.03:32
claydohI have emailed him03:36
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* ScottK dons his peril sensitive sunglasses and wields quilt.05:09
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Nightroseohhhh yea10:30
Nightroseplease someone package the rememberthemilk plasmoid10:31
Nightrosethat would be sooo useful for me10:31
NightroseI promise cookies and hugs to whoever packages and reviews it10:31
hungerWill kde 4.1.4 move from intrepid-proposed to intrepid-backports eventually?10:38
neversfeldeNightrose: can't find it on kde-look?10:42
Nightroseneversfelde: not there yet - just in playground in svn10:42
Nightrosesee planet10:42
a|wenhunger: afaik it is planned to be moved to intrepid-updates10:43
neversfeldeah ok, I will try it10:43
Nightrosecool :)10:43
NightroseScottK: ^10:43
* Nightrose vanishes for some sport10:44
hungera|wen: I guess I need to wait then:-(10:45
hungerIf only jaunty wasn't that broken... then I could just upgrade to that:-)10:46
a|wenhunger: if you want, you can add -proposed to your sources.list and help test that the packages are good10:46
hungera|wen: I don't want to do that.10:47
hungera|wen: I am running jaunty as a thing to report bugs against... but I do need one computer that actually works mostly.10:47
a|wenhunger: i can fully understand that ... always have a computer kept somewhat clean10:48
hungera|wen: I wouldn't mind testing the kde packages, but there is a new kernel and stuff in -proposed that I do not want to test.10:49
a|wenhunger: yeah; it is not that easy just upgrading the kde-packages and not the rest from -proposed10:51
hungerHmmm... installing ubuntu-desktop without effecting my kde installation no longer seems possible:-(10:52
hungerubuntu-desktop depends on all the stuff kubuntu-desktop only recommends and that I do not like:-)10:53
apacheloggerdoes anyone understand bug 320999 properly?11:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320999 in kdepim "mailtransports has wrong owner." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32099911:32
* apachelogger needs to guess mostly11:32
freeflyinghappy new year kubuntuorts :) (chinese new year)11:37
apacheloggerfreeflying: happy chinese new year to you to :)11:39
freeflyingapachelogger: thanks11:40
* freeflying seems a bit over drunk :)11:41
a|wenhappy new year freeflying11:42
* a|wen was in chinatown today ... but there were no new year there until tomorrow :(11:43
freeflyinga|wen: hope you can enjoy the traditional of chinese :)11:43
a|wenfreeflying: i will ... lots of chinese at my uni (and supposedly fireworks in the next days)11:44
freeflyinga|wen: so do our side here :)11:46
apacheloggerArby:   Uploading kdelibs_3.5.10.dfsg.1-1ubuntu8_source.changes: done.11:54
Arbyapachelogger: for the aRts changes?11:54
apacheloggerif I removed the api stuff properly it should also build a lot faster11:55
Arbyapachelogger: did you see my ping about a couple of packages last night?11:56
Arby <Arby> apachelogger: ping?11:56
apacheloggerArby: yes11:56
Arby[21:51] <Arby> looking at arts stuff libsdl1.2debian-arts  looks pretty useless without arts11:56
Arby[21:51] <Arby> should it be marked for removal from the archive?11:56
Arby[21:52] <Arby> likewise liballegro4.2-plugin-arts11:56
apacheloggerthrow them away11:56
Arbyok I can mark it on the wiki but who do I need to ask to do it?11:56
apacheloggerthey only contain arts support, so it's save to drop them11:56
apacheloggerArby: you need to file a package removal request (explained somewhere in the wiki)11:57
apacheloggerthen find a sponsor who accepts the request and subscribes the archive admins11:57
apacheloggerArby: also ... for thos packages and rdeps need to be resolved as well11:57
* Arby starts digging in wiki11:57
apacheloggerI think libsdl for example got a metapackage for audio backends IIRC11:58
gmasuccihello to everybody, my name is Giovanni Masucci and I'd like to help in the testing process to jaunty, nice to meet you all :)12:02
freeflyinggmasucci: welcome you here :)12:04
gmasucciThank you freeflying. :) I've just installed kubuntu jaunty and I've found an issue with libsoprano-dev and soprano-daemon packages. Appearently there is a file , org.soprano.Model.xml, that is in both packages and causes a conflict that makes apt eat children. :) If you are already aware of this please ignore my message :)12:06
freeflyinggmasucci: did you upgrade to the latest?12:07
freeflyinggmasucci: I couldn't reproduce it here now :)12:09
freeflyinggmasucci: I did maybe 1 day ago :)12:10
xerosisthe latest libsoprano-dev replaces soprano-daemon so it shouldn't be a problem now12:10
gmasucciglad to hear, maybe the mirror has to update itself12:10
jussi01I have no idea on how to set up that calender folder crap in kontact. should we not have a pre set up one done already? (or is that a bug in the experimental packages and fixed in jaunty)13:03
* jussi01 prods the ninjas13:03
jussi01great. lots of crashes with that. :/13:05
Arbyapachelogger: wrt removal of libsdl1.2debian-arts13:21
Arby^^ implies that we should remove both source and binaries13:21
Arbyhowever the source is libsdl1.213:21
Arbywhich is also the source for a number of libsdl1.2-foo packages13:22
Arbyso is the correct solution actually to modify the source package to not build the -arts binary?13:22
Arbysince we can't really remove the source package13:22
Arbyah, it seems all the -foo packages are rdepends of libsdl1.2debian-arts so they're going to break anyway13:25
Arbygetting a little lost here. Is arts at a lower level than oss, esd, alsa etc?13:26
a|wenArby: arts is higher than those, as far as i know ... is those depends written explicitly in debian/control or made up from {$foo} variables?13:32
apacheloggerArby: arts is same level as esd13:33
Arbya|wen: those are what gets spat out by a combination of apt-cache show and apt-cache rdepends13:33
apacheloggersame applies for pulseaudio I guess13:33
apacheloggerthey are all 3 sound servers, which just try to solve the multiple output source mixing problem and a the same time provide a simpler approach than alsa13:34
a|wenArby: rebuilding without build-depends on arts should remove the automagically generated depends (if that is what they are)13:34
apacheloggerArby: correct solution for sdl would be build the source package without arts support ... drop all references to the package ... and change the depends of all other packages that depend on it to not depend on it13:35
apacheloggeror recommend or suggest13:35
apacheloggerthough the latter is rather low priority13:35
Arbyok well that saves me filing a removal request then, which is what brought all this about13:36
ghostcubehi ScottK13:36
ghostcubei still get this kmix crash at login just saying kmix crashed for unknown reason13:37
ghostcubestartet in 4.1.413:37
ghostcubebut kmix works fine if kde is fully loaded13:37
a|wenghostcube: does it do the same if you try to log in (test it a few times) with a new user? could be that kmix got saved as part of your session with some unfortunate values13:43
ghostcubea|wen, can i remove the saved session or would start blank session do the same ?13:43
ghostcubei just have one user13:44
a|wenstart blank session should be the same13:44
a|wenghostcube: or if you are able to get a backtrace by having the -dbg packages installed, that would be good as well13:44
ghostcubei have them installed but kcrash tells me cant get useful bt13:45
Notch-1hi, on a persistent/live on usb pen, how can i add more persistent space? since the pen is formatted with fat32 i can't create persistent file bigger than 4 gb...13:46
Notch-1is there a simple way to add more persistence files?13:47
a|wenghostcube: you have the kdemultimedia-dbg installed, right?13:48
ghostcubea|wen, moment have to look if this one is there right now13:49
ghostcubenope but why is it bringing juk with it lol13:52
a|wenghostcube: the -dbg packages (of kde) are meta-debug-packages, so they sadly have to bring in a lot of cruft13:53
ghostcubeoh ok :) just wondered why juk is inside the dbg packages13:53
ghostcubeok if dled and installed i will tell u the output after relogin13:53
a|wenghostcube: thx13:55
Arbyapachelogger: I assume I need to remove all references to arts from debian rules as well?13:59
apacheloggerArby: most likely13:59
apacheloggersomeone with firefox around?14:00
a|wenapachelogger: here ... what to test/do?14:00
apacheloggera|wen: bug 28140714:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 281407 in kdebase "kfmclient won't exit after calling firefox" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28140714:00
a|wenapachelogger: confirmed ... kfmclient keeps running (until ctrl+c)14:04
Arbyapachelogger: does this look like a decent starting point http://paste.ubuntu.com/109385/14:05
apacheloggera|wen: when you start firefox from a shell without arguments ... does it dispatch?14:05
Arbysave me at least one failed build :)14:06
apacheloggerArby:     - dropped Replaces/Conflicts libsdl1.2debian-arts for14:06
apachelogger      libsdl1.2debian-alsa, -oss, -esd, -nas, -pulseaudio14:06
apacheloggerthat ought to stay14:06
Arbyoh ok14:07
apacheloggerArby: I recommend you ask ./configure --help if there is anything you have to do to ensure the build will not break without arts14:07
a|wenapachelogger: it dispatch both w/o any arguments, and while giving it an url14:07
apacheloggera|wen: when no prior firefox window is running?14:08
a|wenapachelogger: no, it will only dispatch if another window is running14:09
apacheloggera|wen: but with kfmclient it doesn't even do with an open instance?14:12
a|wenapachelogger: nope, exactly ...14:13
Arbyapachelogger: if ./configure --help says14:14
Arby--enable-arts           support the Analog Real Time Synthesizer14:14
Arby                          [default=yes]14:14
Arby  --enable-arts-shared    dynamically load aRts audio support [default=yes]14:14
Arbythen I should set those to =no in debian/rules?14:14
ghostcubea|wen, http://pastie.org/37017014:15
ghostcubedo i need any other dbg too ?14:15
apacheloggera|wen: close all firefox ... strace kfmclient openURL > ~/kfmclient.1.strace 2>&1 ... gzip that file ... send to apachelogger@ubuntu.com14:16
apacheloggera|wen: open one firefox instance ... strace kfmclient openURL > ~/kfmclient.2.strace 2>&1 ... gzip that file ... send to apachelogger@ubuntu.com14:16
apacheloggerI think you might want to pass a URL with that ;-)14:16
a|wenghostcube: is that what you get?14:17
a|wenghostcube: you might want to try qt-x11-free-dbg as well14:19
* a|wen starts strace'ing14:19
apacheloggerI think my music hd is reaching it's live time span14:20
apacheloggermaking incredibly intersting noise14:20
apacheloggertime for a new pc \o/14:21
Arbyactually IIUC are --enable-arts/--enable-arts-shared and --disable-audio-arts sort of mutually exclusive14:22
Arbydebian/rules currently has --enable-arts-shared=no and --disable-audio-arts both set14:23
a|wenapachelogger: is kfmclient supposed to dispatch if the underlying program (eg. firefox) don't do it by itself?14:23
Arbywhich means this package already has arts disabled unless I've misunderstood14:23
apacheloggera|wen: I am not sure ... (almost) all KDE apps dispatch by default14:24
a|wenapachelogger: okay ... it doesn't dispatch if firefox is not running in any case14:24
apacheloggera|wen: I am not sure if kfmclient itself doesn't get dispatched by $invokingapp14:26
apacheloggerso worst case might be ending up with some kfmclient processes14:26
ghostcubehmm a|wen not better14:27
ghostcubesame output so far :)14:28
apacheloggera|wen: open some about $application dialogs and click the website URL... that should invoke kfmclient... then look how many kfmclients you have14:28
a|wenapachelogger: 2 strace output and 1 valgrind on the way to your inbox ... i'll test the about-box links14:32
apacheloggerk, thx14:32
a|wenapachelogger: i have no kfmclient processes running in w/ w/o a firefox window open when clicking14:34
a|wenapachelogger: can you take a look at the backtrace from ghostcube http://pastie.org/370170 ... any idea what crashes, or which -dbg to install?14:36
apacheloggera|wen: doesn't that make the bug invalid?14:40
apacheloggerif they want apps to dispatch from a shell they ought to attach a &14:40
apacheloggerghostcube: that crash happens when?14:41
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.14:41
apacheloggerghostcube: install kdebase-workspace-dbg14:41
apacheloggerstdin: ^14:41
a|wenapachelogger: it should be kmix crash on login (ghostcube's crash)14:44
apacheloggerKWin (kwin), Signal SIGABRT14:45
apacheloggerdon't think so14:45
apacheloggerthen again that backtrace is pretty short alright :D14:45
a|wenghostcube: how did it turn out with a new session?14:47
ghostcubea|wen, ehm havent tried wait a momant i forgot it lol14:48
a|wenapachelogger: i think it is safe to call it invalid ... should be run with &14:49
ghostcubea|wen, with blank session it worked14:55
ghostcubebut i have a stupid question folks14:56
ghostcubewhere to set the start otions for desktop effects14:56
ghostcubeits gone14:56
a|wenghostcube: sounds good ... i'd suppose it was just a bad session14:56
ghostcubeah found it14:56
ghostcubea|wen, yeah seems so14:57
ghostcubebut i didnt get what coukld cause this weird14:57
ghostcubebut thx for help14:57
ghostcubethen all in 4.1.4 is fine now i can comment the packages heh14:57
ghostcube:) if still needed14:57
a|wenghostcube: your session pretty much tries to save the state of the app ... that can go bad over an upgrade for some reason14:58
a|wenghostcube: very much appreciated, if you do that ... and report if you find anything else that is defunc in any way14:58
ghostcubeso its better if such an not regular bug appears to try a new blank session before telling its a bug heh14:58
ghostcubeoh i found an bug14:59
ghostcubenow after clean session15:00
ghostcubeworkspace switcher only shows 1 desktop it doesnt detects the virtual compiz ones anymore15:00
Arbyapachelogger: got libsdl1.2 built. lintian is moaning as usual15:01
Arbyare any of those actually important15:01
ghostcubeok i got a crash for plasma :D after spinning compiz cube15:01
ghostcubeand now all 4 viewports are there15:01
ArbyI can sort of understand the packagename does not match soname ones15:02
Arbybut what does shlibs-declares-dependency-on-other-package libsdl1.2debian15:02
ghostcubehttp://pastie.org/370190  plasma workspace switcher crash with enabled compiz15:02
apacheloggerArby: E: libsdl1.2_1.2.13-4ubuntu2_i386.changes: bad-ubuntu-distribution-in-changes-file jaunty15:04
apacheloggerArby: did you build in a jaunty pbuilder?15:04
a|wenghostcube: have you witnessed crashes with kde+compiz before also? (i would think that the combination would be kind of unstable)15:04
Arbywell it wasn't pbuilder but it was a jaunty chroot15:04
ghostcubea|wen, yes but it wasent in 4.1.3 anymore its something whats first startet if plasma is startet first it works afaik if plasma starts after compiz its not15:05
ghostcubeor opposite15:05
ghostcubeso iam starting compiz by an wrapper script cause kde didnt enable loose-binding for nvidia15:05
ghostcubeso i need a self made one15:06
ghostcubeif plasma is startet after compiz it works15:06
apacheloggerif the fonts on lunchpad were any smaller I would have to throw stuff at someone15:06
ghostcubeapachelogger, lol15:06
a|wenghostcube: okay ... don't know if i would call it critical; is it reproducable?15:07
ghostcubea|wen, yep15:07
ghostcubeon all kde4 boxes15:07
* a|wen seriously suggestes ghostcube to run kwin ... it is nice in kde4 :)15:07
ghostcubefirst start of compiz only one workspace inside the switcher spin the cube it crashes and then 4 viwports working15:08
ghostcubea|wen, iam doing compiz support in cf i need it :D15:08
ghostcubei havent sayd kde4 isnt nice but i use it now since beryl :) so iam used to use it15:09
ghostcubea|wen, the bug just crashes plasma once :D15:09
ghostcubei must check if it is only in an new session  brb relogin with this saved one now15:10
a|wenghostcube: would be good to know15:10
ghostcubeok brb15:10
apacheloggersomeone please translate bug 31769015:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317690 in kdebase-workspace "kdm-4 no logging if no window maneger is selected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31769015:10
ghostcubeok the kwin crash at startup is related somehow to this workspace switcher15:12
ghostcubethe switcher now shows 4 vieports but something crashes kwin15:13
ghostcubehmm not a big thing if you need compiz15:13
ghostcubeseems to ba an i dont like u i leave u :D15:13
ghostcubeplasma isnt crashing anymore now its again kwin hmm with the pastie i did before15:14
ghostcubei think without compiz this all wont happen15:15
ghostcubeso the packages work so far for normal kde4 users i would say15:16
ghostcubethe only thing need to be solved is the kmenu classic and its sorting but i told this already in #plasma this su a bit15:16
a|wenghostcube: that initial backtrace isn't worth much it seams; could be anything (and we don't know if it is kde or compiz that does it wrong)15:18
Arbyapachelogger: because I forgot to highlight "well it wasn't pbuilder but it was a jaunty chroot"15:18
Arbyis that error critical then?15:19
apacheloggerArby: not related to your changes anyway ^_^15:19
Arbyapachelogger: so I should attach a debdiff to the arts bug report?15:19
Arbywho do I bug to sponsor? you?15:20
* apachelogger is triaging bugs! :P15:20
apacheloggerArby: ask in #ubuntu-devel15:20
apacheloggerArby: or just attach the debdiff and subscribe $sponsorteamforpackage15:21
Arbythat sounds better15:21
a|wenghostcube: everything actually works, except that your kwin/plasma just needs to restart itself?15:21
ghostcubeand this seems an compiz compination problem15:21
ArbyI assume thats ubuntu universe sponsors or similar15:22
a|wenScottK: anything we want to do anything about? ^^^ kwin/plasma restart after login when using compiz+kde15:22
a|wenScottK: happens in kde4.1.415:22
a|wenArby: what is the source package?15:23
EagleScreencompiz was made with Gnome in mind15:23
Arbya|wen: libsdl1.215:23
a|wenArby: it is in main15:24
Arbyah, thanks the binary is in universe hence the error15:24
apacheloggerghostcube: how did you set compiz as default WM?15:25
a|wenArby: ubuntu-main-sponsors15:25
ghostcubeapachelogger, i building it from git so i made the compiz-kde-starter script like told in the settingsmanager cause the normal kde way starts it without loose-bining on nvidia cards what cause big speed probs15:26
apacheloggera|wen: we won't then15:27
a|wenapachelogger: thx; just wanted to be sure15:27
a|wenghostcube: just ignore the crash ... but feel free to report other regresions in kde4.1.4 (that is not compiz-related :) )15:28
ghostcubelol yeah i will do but havent found any other till now :D15:28
ghostcubeall works after the updates of xine-lib15:29
apacheloggerwhere is tonio?15:29
ghostcubei cant test the kbuetooth thing i havent got bt15:29
a|wenghostcube: we like those reports too :)15:31
* a|wen has only got BT on his machine running kde4.2 ... so can't test either :/15:31
ghostcubei hate it if i set my headset pairing on sightable everyone can check it out from the other building rofl so i not very friendly to bt15:32
apacheloggerNightrose: will amarok ever get documentation again? :P15:52
Nightroseapachelogger: jep being worked on15:53
Nightroseshould be ready to commit soonish15:53
apacheloggerno one around today16:04
apacheloggerno tonio, no smarter, no jonny...16:04
* a|wen gives apachelogger a cookie to chunk on while he waits for the lot16:06
* apachelogger munches16:06
Arbyif a debian/changelog contains only entries from debian does that mean the package has only ever been synced and never changed in ubuntu?16:09
Arbyspecifically allegro4.2 which is the source for liballegro4.2-plugin-arts16:10
freeflyingArby: I think so16:13
a|wenArby: if all merges were done according to spec, yes16:17
seeleapachelogger: breadcrumbs are a navigation mechanism, it's not limited for file browsers16:29
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu: Aboon them aa ye tak yer place | Next Kubuntu Meeting: Wednesday 28 January 2009 22:00UTC | Alpha-3 Released | Specs! http://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs
apacheloggeryep, but do I need breadcrums for 2-3 levels?16:30
seelewhen your other navigation controls suck? yes16:30
apacheloggerhow does it suck?16:30
apacheloggerit's not perfect16:31
apacheloggerbut it suffice IMO16:31
seelesmall target area? not labelled?16:31
seelesuffice means there is room for improvment16:31
apacheloggerbreadcrum is no improvement, it's a workaround16:32
apacheloggerthe concept would still be flawed16:32
apacheloggeryou just add another concept on top of it16:32
seelesure.. but there is no other option right now16:32
seeleso we just let it sit broken for the next two years while raptor materializes out of vapor?16:33
apacheloggereventually people learn to use search withint eh two years and we can drop that whole menu tree all along16:33
seelesearch is not a replacement for browsing. it is a completely different search strategy16:34
seeleyou have to know what you are looking for in order to search and you can't explore what you don't know16:34
apacheloggeryou don't browse in kickoff16:34
apacheloggeryou enter a subcategory and leave it16:34
seeleyou dont know what is in that subcategory until you look in it.  if youre wrong you have to go to a new subcategory16:35
apacheloggerwhen you are exploring16:35
seelethat search behavior is called browsing16:35
* apachelogger did never see anyone use google's web directory rather than the search16:36
seelebecause google is a search engine so no one thinks to go to a search engine to browse their directory :P16:36
apacheloggerno, they use the searchbar16:37
seelebecause google is a search engine and so people go to google to search16:37
apacheloggerso, what is wrong with making them use kickoff as search?16:38
apacheloggerbecause for the better part it is exactly that16:38
seelekrunner is kickoff without the menus to browse16:39
seelekickoff provides high level information for users to be able to find more detailed information (the exact application) without overwhelming them with all of the information at once16:39
seeleand so people make choices based on smaller and smaller granularity information until they can find the piece of information they want16:40
apacheloggeryou won't go looking for k3b in internet16:40
seeleno.. but what about konqueror when people know it as both a web browser and file manager?16:40
seeleor kmail? is it in internet or office?16:40
seelethe goal is to create an organization so no one makes mistakes16:41
seeleso you know where you are going from the beginning16:41
apacheloggeryeah, to the search :P16:41
seelenot everyone searches!16:41
apacheloggerthat is the problem!16:41
seeleor think they know enough information to search16:41
seeleor know what is available to search on16:41
apacheloggerthen the search is flawed16:41
* seele slaps her face16:41
apacheloggerseriously ... think about it16:42
apacheloggerfi you are not really browsing16:42
apacheloggeras in: looking for new cool apps you might have never seen16:42
apacheloggeryou will always know something related to that application16:42
ghostcubemaybe it is something between the menings of to browse the folder and to search the item that is leading to this discussionoO16:42
apacheloggerghostcube: folders got nothing to do with it... you can also browse your menu16:43
apacheloggerthe problem is you can also search your menu16:43
apacheloggerwhich is highly inefficient16:43
ghostcubeyeah thats what i meant16:43
seelenow that youve had this great insight maybe you should go rewrite all the literature on information seeking behavior16:43
seeleapparently you know something that the IA industry does not16:44
* apachelogger notes that he pissed-off seele enough and goes back to reviewing :P16:44
ghostcubei didnt get the problem guys lol16:50
ghostcubeScottK, ping16:50
=== bholtsclaw is now known as imbrandon
ScottKghostcube: Is compiz still a problem?17:58
ghostcubeScottK, but all the other probs are gone its just a strange bug with plasma  workspace siwtcher18:04
ghostcubeehm a question for the garbage bug18:04
ghostcubeis it planned to be in SRU now ?18:04
ghostcubethis is driving me nuts :D18:04
ScottKAt a guess if we rebuild compiz against 4.1.4 it would probably clear up.18:04
ScottKWhat garbage bug?18:04
ghostcubeScottK, i will build it against kde4.1.4 tomorrow18:05
ghostcube i tell u then ok18:05
ScottKOK.  Let me know.18:05
ghostcubeno prob i need to git pull new master so i must do this :)18:05
ghostcubeScottK, waitr i search the bug number18:06
ScottKbug #321185 isn't our fault is it?18:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321185 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "Package mysql-server-5.1 failed to install: tried to ovewrite `/usr/sbin/mysqld', witch is already in package mysql-server-core-5.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32118518:06
RiddellScottK: mysql-server-5.1 package needs a Conflicts line updated for that, but we were told not to upload it (except the Friday deadline has passed, so we could now upload it)18:07
ghostcubeScottK, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/25446818:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 254468 in xorg-server "MASTER: momentary video garbage upon drawing new objects (particularly in KDE)" [High,Fix released]18:08
ScottKghostcube: Oh.  That one.18:08
ghostcubeyeah ...18:08
ScottKRiddell: Can you upload?  My mental bandwidth is very low today for packaging stuff.18:08
ScottKghostcube: We'd have to talk to our X maintainer about that one.18:10
ghostcubeScottK, this is a very hard needed patch18:11
ghostcubecause this is limiting the fun in kde18:11
ghostcubeits just badly annoing18:11
ghostcubeScottK, and to wait till jaunty is not the best option for the users18:16
ScottKghostcube: I agree.  It annoys the heck out of me too, but I'm not going to do an X upload....18:17
ghostcubenah i never ask for this i just asked if it will be in packages in fewer time18:18
Riddellapachelogger: ok if I upload mysql-dfsg-5.1 with your patch to ubuntu-server18:18
ScottKNo idea.18:19
apacheloggerRiddell: sure18:19
larsiviare the memory leak and/or occasional 100% cpu use in knetworkmanager known bugs?19:42
dtchenhmm? under what conditions does it occur? i haven't been able to reproduce it in 9.04 at least...19:45
apacheloggerapachelogger talks to him/herself a lot. He/She wrote over 5 lines in a row 28 times!20:01
* apachelogger must refrain from writing more than 5 lines in a row20:02
apacheloggermaybe not :P20:02
nelleryanyone feel like sponsoring a new upstream release for a plasmoid?20:17
nhandlernellery: What plasmoid?20:26
nellerynhandler: plasmoid-tvprogramme20:27
nhandlernellery: Bug number?20:27
nellerynhandler: bug #32124220:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321242 in plasmoid-tvprogramme "New upstream release 1.2.0" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32124220:29
nhandlernellery: I'll look it over. Did you test the new plasmoid to make sure it runs? (I don't have jaunty or KDE available right now). I also will have to test it in a PPA, so it might take some time20:30
nellerynhandler: I just uploaded it to my PPA.. I was going to test it from there20:32
nhandlernellery: Ok, let me know when you test run it20:34
nellerynhandler: will do.20:34
tsdgeoshi guys, i've installed the qt4 dbg package but my backtraces still don't file the symbols, afair i did not have to tell gdb anything to find those .debug files, but maybe this has changed?20:39
tsdgeosany idea?20:39
* smarter heard that the dbg packages of qt in Ubuntu were broke20:41
smarternote sure20:41
smarteryou might have more luck with the  dbgsym on http://ddebs.ubuntu.com20:41
Arbysmarter correct, can't remember the bug number though20:43
smartertsdgeos: try those: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/q/qt4-x11/20:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261380 in qt4-x11 "Packages have invalid .gnu_debuglink" [Undecided,Triaged]20:48
tsdgeossmarter: how do i add that to my sources.list? or do i have to install them manually?20:54
smartertsdgeos: line for the sources.list: deb http://ddebs.ubuntu.com intrepid main universe multiverse restricted20:55
tsdgeossmarter: there are no qtcore-dbgsym packages there20:58
* smarter thought he saw a libqtcore4-dbgsym20:58
tsdgeosold one20:58
smarterhttp://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/q/qt4-x11/libqtcore4-dbgsym_4.4.3-0ubuntu1.2_i386.ddeb << missed that? :]21:00
smarterthat's even more recent that what I have on my box(ubuntu1.1)21:00
tsdgeosapt-get didn't gave me the option21:04
tsdgeosusing my self compiled code21:04
tsdgeosit's much easier21:04
smarterself compiled qt? you have to be patient for that :p21:04
tsdgeoscompiles quite fast21:06
tsdgeoskdebase is much slower21:06
smarterccache ftw :p21:07
tsdgeosccache would need a huge cache for all things i compile :D21:08
smartermine is 1GB :P21:10
jarekhI'm looking for PPA with current kdetv for kde4. Is it exist?21:32
stdinjarekh: there is not KDE4 version of it21:41
jarekhI found it here: http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/multimedia/kdetv/21:41
stdinthat's in playground, so don't expect it to work21:42
jarekhbut maybe it is for kde3 yet21:42
jarekhI now. but I want only to look at this21:43
jarekhthe old one is buggy to21:43
jarekhI will look at some comilation howto.21:44
stdingenerally it's just "mkdir build && cmake ../"21:45
jarekhI will tray21:45
stdinyou'll need probably need the following packages: kdelibs5-dev libzvbi-dev liblircclient-dev libasound2-dev libxinerama-dev libxv-dev21:48
jarekhI got sources of kdetv, downloading dev packages now21:51
jarekhIt will take a while21:51
jarekhE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)21:58
ScottKjarekh: Can you pastebin the rest of the error22:00
jarekhyes, one moment22:01
jarekhRozpakowanie libsoprano-dev (z .../libsoprano-dev_2.1.67+dfsg.1-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb) ...22:02
jarekhdpkg: błąd przetwarzania /var/cache/apt/archives/libsoprano-dev_2.1.67+dfsg.1-0ubuntu2_amd64.deb (--unpack):22:02
jarekh próba nadpisania "/usr/share/dbus-1/interfaces/org.soprano.Model.xml", który istnieje także w pakiecie soprano-daemon22:02
jarekhshould I look somewhere else?22:02
ScottKjarekh: What's that last line say in English?22:02
jarekhit is attempt to overwrite org.soprano.Model.xml whitch exist in packet soprano-daemon22:04
ScottKWe can fix that.22:04
jarekhmy endlish is on low level :)22:05
ScottKvorian: ^^^ Can you deal with that in your soprano update^^^^22:05
voriani added a replaces soprano-daemon, dont know why it would still cause trouble22:05
ScottKjarekh: It's good enough and certainly better than my Polish.22:06
ScottKvorian: Did you conflict too?22:06
vorianam doing so now22:06
ScottKjarekh: Thanks for letting us know.  We're preparing another soprano upload and we'll fix it there.22:06
jarekhok, good luck.22:07
jarekhIs it any hope for som experimental packages with kdetv on some PPA if it build?22:09
ScottKNo idea about kdetv.  Sorry.22:09
larsividtchen: normal online usage (wireless/ethernet) :P22:12
dtchenlarsivi: sorry?22:29
larsividtchen: about knetworkmanager, mem leaks and max cpu usage22:33
dtchenlarsivi: ah. sorry, haven't run valgrind over/with it, so i can't report anything useful yet22:34
larsividtchen: but it is with 8.10, not 9.422:35

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