rdesfois there a way to get one rss feed of launchpad activity?01:17
rdesfois there a way to get one rss feed of launchpad activity?01:30
spivrdesfo: you mean of all activity across all of launchpad?  no.01:38
spivThat would be way too huge (and expensive to generate) for a sensible RSS feed.01:39
rdesfono mean all of my activity01:40
rdesfoif you click the rss link in your profile it gives three different feeds connected to your account01:40
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bucket529Is this the right place to ask about launchpadlib (python API to LP)?03:14
Romariohi there, can anyone help me with a gpg ppa problem here?12:15
Romarioi receive something like12:16
RomarioW: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: Die folgenden Signaturen konnten nicht überprüft werden, weil ihr öffentlicher Schlüssel nicht verfügbar ist: NO_PUBKEY CF55CB9553878C1F12:16
Romariowhen installing software from a ppa12:16
Romariobut other ppas work fine12:16
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rikstaPhilip5: ping :)13:36
rikstaPhilip5: great! Firstly i wanted to thank you for the work you have done with bluetooth packages in intrepid. Secondly I wondered if you could spare a minute of time for me to ask for your help in updating multisync13:37
rikstaPhilip5: I have updated to all your bluetooth packages, and new libblutetooth-dev etc and then i downloaded multisync's source and plugins via apt-get source in an attempt to recompile them against the new libbluetooth.13:38
rikstaThe packages successfully compiled and installed, but the irmc-bluetooth sync plugin still cannot connect to my phone13:38
Philip5well there is some problems with that right now as the multisync is rather old and will be opensync instead13:39
Philip5especially now with the new bluez413:39
rikstaPhilip5: as long as I can sync my phone to evolution calendar, i will install whatever is neccessary... is opensync available in your repo?13:40
Philip5it feels like that part is a bit in limbo13:40
rikstaPhilip5: i agree13:40
Philip5i could have a look at the old multisync frontend for the new bluez packages but i'm not sure it will work13:41
rikstaPhilip5: i think you would need to look at libmultisync-plugin-irmc-bluetooth package13:41
rikstai will be happy to help you investigate it13:41
Philip5the best solutions is (if you use kde) that what i have heard that kde 4.2 will ship with the new kitchensink that will support bluez413:42
rikstai am using gnome only13:42
rikstaunfortunately :(13:42
Philip5doesn't gnome have its own syncfrontend for opensync?13:43
rikstai am not sure?13:43
rikstai thought multisync0.90 maybe13:43
Philip5opensync have a evolution plugin but i don't know how it works13:43
Philip5the team behind multisync have dropped the development of it and made opensync from scratch instead13:44
Philip5but i can take a look at multisync0.90 for the new bluez tonight13:45
Philip5or rather in a coupl of hours13:45
rikstaPhilip5: that would be really wonderful, i would appreciate it13:45
rikstait is very frustrating running a business not being able to sync your appointments!13:46
Philip5i understand13:46
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rikstai will stay around here if you need me for anything13:47
Philip5ok :)13:47
rikstaPhilip5: also i am tring to install libopensync-dev but iget13:47
rikstaPackage libopensync-dev is a virtual package provided by:13:47
riksta  libopensync0-dev 0.38-intrepid-ppa113:47
rikstai think this is to do with your repo13:47
Philip5i guess it is13:48
rikstai dont really understand how to bypass this13:48
Philip5install libopensync0-dev if toy need the development files13:58
Philip5hehe, not in this case :)13:59
furicleShould I be able to ssh into launchpad with ssh -i launchpad.pub user@bazaar.launchpad.net ?  I'm having trouble and wanted to do that to troubleshoot14:16
rikstachecking pkg-config is at least version 0.9.0... yes14:18
rikstachecking for PACKAGE... configure: error: Package requirements (glib-2.0 opensync-1.0 osengine-1.0) were not met:14:18
rikstaNo package 'opensync-1.0' found14:18
rikstaNo package 'osengine-1.0' found14:18
rikstaPhilip5: this is what i get when i try to build multisync0.9014:18
furiclenevermind - I got a second key to work.  Wonder why the original one didn't.  More digging required.14:20
Philip5i haven't built multisync0.90 for the new bluez packages and the old multisync0.90 might be broken against the new bluez14:20
rikstaPhilip5: yeah i am trying to build it against the new bluez, thats what i mean14:20
rikstabut i cannot because it is missing opensync-1.0 and osengine-1.0 ?14:21
rikstaPhilip5: it's complaining because the installed libopensync0-dev  is .../libopensync0-dev_0.38-intrepid-ppa1_i386.deb       i guess?14:39
rikstait is not seeing it as > 1.014:39
Philip5there is no 1.0 so i don't know why it would say that14:49
rikstaPhilip5: strange...i will leave it with you to look at if you do not mind?15:31
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thepxcAbout how long can I expect a upload to my ppa to be reflected on my launchpad page?15:33
thepxc*to take to be...15:33
marmutahi, I've just discovered https://staging.launchpad.net but it's currently down. Does anybody know when/if it will be back?16:03
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Turlhow can I create a PPA for a team?18:23
thekornTurl, https://launchpad.net/~<TEAM>/+activate-ppa18:31
Turlthanks thekorn :)18:31
thekornTurl, and they speak in #launchpad, just be patient it's weekend ;)18:32
Turlhehe :p18:33
Turlusually, when I come here, you're very quick answering, so I thought everyone was idle :p18:34
rikstaPhilip5: how did you get on?19:18
magciusIs it a bug or a feature that I'm not able to own branches that I created under vcs-imports?19:54
thumpermagcius: it is a feature20:03
magciusthumper, then can somebody help me delete or edit these branches?20:03
thumpermagcius: sure20:03
thumpermagcius: what do you need?20:03
magciusthumper, can you delete mecheye-fusion/trunk?20:03
* thumper goes to look20:03
magciuserr... lp:~vcs-imports/mecheye-fusion/main20:03
magciusthumper, I did that because I thought launchpad would import, not mirror the branch.20:04
magciusBut I was wrong...20:04
thumpermagcius: it's gone20:05
thumperI think for a one-off import, bzr-svn does a good job20:05
magciusthumper, I used svn2bzr20:05
magciusthumper, I thought bzr-svn was like git-svn, it just applies the "bzr" principles on top of the svn backend.20:05
thumperit is20:06
thumperit allows two way traffic20:06
magciusthumper, ah...20:06
thumperbut it is also good at just getting a bzr branch for a subversion stored one20:06
magciusHas anyone started a Mylyn project for Launchpad?20:13
magciusFor Eclipse?20:13
therealpxchey. can anyone help show me how to specify a different build architecture for dbuild? I've uploaded some packages to my PPA, but the i386 build isn't done so I'd like to temporarily create one for a friend (from an AMD64 system)20:22
dtchentherealpxc: you could create a 32-bit chroot and compile there using pbuilder20:26
magciusthumper, have you used Eclipse?20:26
therealpxcdtchen: there's no easy cross-compile option?20:26
thumpermagcius: not since moving to python20:27
magciusthumper, what do you use in its stead? I like Pydev...20:27
thumpermagcius: emacs20:27
nhandlerI just found an interesting PPA bug. When it goes to update the Build Status column, it doesn't put a space between the different architectures. This space is added if you refresh20:27
thumpernhandler: file a bug then :)20:27
magciusthumper, at least you don't use vim.20:27
nhandlerthumper: I will, I just need to wait to make sure that I can confirm it20:28
magciusthumper, but try Pydev... it's quite nice..20:28
therealpxcah well. I'll play with the chroot20:28
magciusthumper, http://tasktop.com/videos/mylyn/webcast-mylyn-3.0.html20:29
magciusThat's an example of how niiice Mylyn is.20:29
plusminus_hi all20:49
plusminus_is it possible to create a launchpad-project and use it just for translation?20:49
plusminus_so just the translated texts would be OpenSource...20:50
magciusplusminus_, of course.20:51
plusminus_what license to choose then?20:51
plusminus_Is there one that makes it possible to use the translation in closed projects?20:52
magciusplusminus_, BSD21:03
plusminus_thx looks fine :)21:05
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Philip5riksta: sorry dude... i had to spend time with my gf so i haven't had time too look at packages until now...22:15
rikstasucker :) I am hiding at work (yes in a sunday) from mine :P22:16
Philip5riksta: i will rebuild a few packages to when i go thru them22:16
Philip5girlfriends can sometimes almost be as working :P22:16
rikstamy work is easier, and i have lots of stressful work :P22:17
Panattangood night.22:17
rikstathat's great, i hope that multisync works when it is rebuilt (although i have already tried and it didnt seem to)22:17
Philip5riksta: what kind of device are you going to sync with?22:17
rikstaevolution to irmc bluetooth mobile device22:20
Philip5what kind of mobile device is it? pocketpc, symbian or other?22:22
rikstaPhilip5: sony ericsson , it worked fine with multisync before the broken bluetooth stuff22:50
rikstait has a standard bluetooth sync  method22:50
Philip5ok, i also have a SE22:50
rikstausing channel 822:50
rikstai just tried to do a sdptool browse {MAC}22:51
rikstaand i get no response22:51
rikstaroot@rick-office:/opt/lampp/htdocs# sdptool browse 00:22:98:21:4C:1322:51
rikstaFailed to connect to SDP server on 00:22:98:21:4C:13: Connection timed out22:51
rikstasdptool is part of bluez and i have installed  4.27-intrepid~ppa122:52
rikstaPhilip5: does your sdptool work22:53
Philip5i haven't tried22:53
Philip5not right now22:53
Philip5and now i'm building so i let you know when i have rebuilt22:54
rikstaok, well i am leaving but i will be back tomorrow at about 9am UK time onwards22:54
rikstaPhilip5: thanks, speak tomorrow22:54
magciusSo... Launchpad was built on Zope 3 and doesn't use its ZODB?23:48
magciusThat seems a little.... strange.23:49
spivThere's a lot more to Zope 3 than just the ZODB.23:52

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