maxbWell, that was quite special... I got a "firefox has been updated, you need to restart" message from update-notifier.... immediately after rebooting!00:35
billisnicewhere are the instructions to install the codec for 9.04?00:37
charlie-tcaAre there instructions already? It is still only alpha300:39
cwillubillisnice, and what codec?  'The codec' isn't very specific00:40
billisnicefor my dvd player00:40
charlie-tcabillisnice: If there are none, the ones for 8.10 might work.00:40
cwilluthe usual trick is to install ubuntu-restricted-extras00:40
billisnicehere are the 8.10 instructions at http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-mplayer-and-multimedia-codecs-libdvdcss2w32codecsw64codecs-in-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex.html00:40
* cwillu wonders if billisnice was planning on contributing any bug reports, or whether this was merely an exercise in trying new stuff :p00:41
billisnicedid not know if 9.04 had some or not00:41
cwillu9.04 hasn't been released yet, doubt much has been written for it00:41
billisnicei thought there might be a repository somewhere00:41
maxbWhy not just try following the intrepid instructions but changing intrepid to jaunty everywhere?00:43
maxbIt does not pay to be to reliant on explicit howtos00:43
billisnicei will00:43
maxbespecially when running a development release00:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about isitoutyet00:45
* charlie-tca nods00:46
maxbI remember how insane it gets in here on release day :-)00:46
maxbWhat always surprises me is that so many people are waiting to download isos00:48
billisnicei notice that it did not install the restricted drivers for my motherboard00:48
billisniceare they not connected yet?00:49
maxbThere are restricted drivers for motherboards?00:49
billisnicewith ndvia00:49
maxbErm, you mean your graphics card?00:49
billisniceon my motherboard00:50
gourgimaxb hopefully users will use .torrent instead of .iso for jaunty00:50
* maxb favours jigdo00:51
* gourgi not aware of jigdo00:51
maxbBut my point is.... why do people feel compelled to have CDs on the day of release? I'd think that you do a fresh install when you _need_ to do a fresh install00:51
maxbjigdo is amazingly cool. It reuses package files you've already downloaded to avoid redownloading the same data as part of the cd image00:52
Kanohi, did anybody try fgrlx with ignoreABI?00:55
maxbI haven't tried, I assumed people would be shouting about it if it worked01:01
maxbFWIW, I'm getting acceptable results with radeonhd01:01
maxbUsing options AccelMethod=EXA, DRI=true.01:02
maxbWhen Ubuntu defaulted to radeon, the performance was abysmal01:02
maxbthough I've not tested whether it's radeon vs. radeonhd, or the fine tuning X options that truly help01:02
Kanowell my ati card is broken therefore i could not test it01:04
Chr1831is there anyway to browse/buy/play itunes store stuff in linux?01:26
thenetmonkey9250hello, can someone help me get xen running on jaunty ?02:47
thenetmonkey9250in particular, which kernel am i supposed to load in grubs menu.lst02:48
thenetmonkey9250or better yet, can someone post a working menu.lst with a xen entry?02:49
thenetmonkey9250or point me to a website with a working menu.lst with a xen enty?02:51
pwnguinanyone have directions for migrating ext3 to ext4?03:16
DanaGwatch out:03:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317781 in linux "Ext4 data loss" [High,Triaged]03:17
Teknoits working here perfectly03:17
pwnguinDanaG: well, this is the test box03:17
DanaGWorking fine for me too, oddly enough.03:18
pwnguini dont run jaunty for kicks03:18
DanaGI do have data=journal set on my home partition.03:18
Tekno2.6.28.2 is out03:18
DanaGAnd perhaps on root, too.03:18
pwnguinwell, i do, but i dont run mission critical on jaunty for kicks03:18
DanaGI run my primary system (as well as two other older systems) on Jaunty; I just never upgrade all three to any particular round of updates at the same time.03:19
DanaGPlus, I have weekly backups of home and root, to ext3.03:19
pwnguinmeh. i just leave the laptop to dual boot03:20
pwnguinno reason to not have something in good shape when you need it03:20
spr0k3tanyone here have a twinview setup?03:23
pwnguini used to03:24
pwnguinfull screen apps wouldn't fullscreen to one monitor03:24
spr0k3tthat works now btw.03:24
pwnguini dont feel like watching half a movie ;)03:25
spr0k3tI remember that bug.03:25
spr0k3tI have a bug that I want to post, but I wanted to confirm it's not just with my system.03:25
spr0k3thowever, I may have a way to test it... can you drag-n-drop your gnome-panel to any location on the desktop (bound to the edges of course)03:26
pwnguini cant...03:27
spr0k3tk, posting the bug.03:27
pwnguinbut it's not twinview03:27
spr0k3tI'm trying to get one panel on each monitor... both located at the top... but I can't "drag-n-drop" like I'm used to.03:29
pwnguinright click-> properties03:30
spr0k3tnod... it stays on monitor003:30
spr0k3tthere's no way to move it to monitor103:31
pwnguinhrm, well this is going to be a challenge03:32
pwnguini need to unmount the root partition to tune it to ext403:32
hggdhboot from a CD...03:33
pwnguini have a intrepid partition around for this sorta work, but the intrepid kernel doesn't have ext4 i dont think03:33
pwnguini might be able to chroot03:34
spr0k3tnod... know any good guides for that migration?03:34
pwnguinim reading http://kernelnewbies.org/Ext403:34
DanaGIntrepid does have ext4.  It's just called ext4dev, and needs tune2fs -E test_fs03:34
Volkodavanybody experienced players freeze once paused ? xine and mplayer do freeze vlc is ok though03:36
pwnguinhonestly, im surprised that ext4 is the first ext to support extends03:36
pwnguinit took me a long time to figure out ext wasn't "extent file system"03:37
pwnguinit should really help boot time03:37
spr0k3twell, if I can do better than 14secs, I'll be happy.03:44
Volkodavit boots really fast compared to ext303:45
spr0k3tnods, I'm currently at 16secs with a fresh jaunty install on ext3.03:45
biouserjoin #html03:53
DanaGext4 really is much faster at booting, for me.03:59
jsubl2_your / is ext403:59
jsubl2_yeah i have thought about giving it a spin04:00
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
spr0k3tanyone want to confirm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-panel/+bug/32103204:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 321032 in gnome-panel "gnome-panel unable to drag and drop for placement" [Undecided,New]04:20
jsubl2_DanaG: noticed any problems with ext404:23
DanaGWell, there's a bug report:04:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317781 in linux "Ext4 data loss" [High,Triaged]04:23
DanaGI haven't noticed that myself, but it's good to be wary.04:23
jsubl2_thanks for the heads ujp DanaG04:25
jsubl2_i will wait till the next kernel release04:26
spr0k3tso if you have no problems with power or crashing, you should be fine I spoze.04:28
jsubl2_well it is about time we moved up the filesystem scale04:30
jsubl2_ext3 technology is getting dated04:30
Amaranthspr0k3t: Right click on the panel, unlock it04:31
Amaranthhey where did that option go? :/04:31
spr0k3tit's not there.04:31
spr0k3totherwise I would have done that already.04:32
Amaranthit was a couple days ago, now they're just stuck04:32
spr0k3tI even checked the gconf-editor and tried adding in /apps/pane/global/disable_movement back in.  no luck.04:32
spr0k3tso is that a "confirmed" I hear?04:33
=== Terrestrial is now known as Nik
=== Nik is now known as Terrestrial
cwilluoooo, I can login again!06:59
* cwillu huggles the responsible party06:59
cwillustill no suspend though06:59
=== elpargo__ is now known as elpargo
FFForeveranyone up?07:35
FFForeverhow do i install the nvidia graphics?07:36
FFForeveranyone here (i am back)07:42
FFForevernvidia-glx-180 is already the newest version.07:47
FFForevernvidia-glx-180 set to manually installed.07:47
FFForeverbut its not using the drivers (i cant go bigger then 800x600...)07:48
lucentbug #315974 is finally dead08:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315974 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_main_context_dispatch()" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31597408:01
lucentthe bastard is dead, hallelujah!08:02
FFForevercmon someone...08:06
lucentuse Ubuntu version supported by your vendor08:07
FFForeveri got the nvidia 2 work just one last problem...08:08
FFForeverwhen i login i get a black screen......., i have to go to ctrl + alt + F1 and back to ctrl + alt + F7 to get the black to go away....08:08
lucentwhere's the source code for your graphics driver?08:09
FFForeverat nvidia?08:09
FFForeveri didn't know nvidia released there source....08:09
pwnguinin source package xserver-xorg-video-nouveau :P08:09
* lucent checks google08:10
FFForeveri am using the nvidia-glx-18008:10
lucentit feels like my face is just melting off08:10
lucentreading more about this nouveau project now08:10
lucenthow *do* you configure GDM resolution on Ubuntu systems?08:11
lucentthat's always plagued me08:11
lucentit used to be some obscure line in a GDM conf file08:11
lucentthat file moved, now I don't even know where to begin to look08:11
lucentI didn't see it mentioned in the manual pages, did I miss something?08:12
pwnguinman gdm08:12
pwnguinthere's a config section in the manpage08:12
lucentpwnguin: are you certain that the information is in there about the resolution though?  I read through and apparently I missed that part08:12
pwnguinconfig is done via gdmsetup or /etc/gdm/gdm.conf-custom08:13
FFForeverany idea about my problem?08:14
FFForeverlemme guess i should come back tmw?08:14
lucentpwnguin: try gdmsetup though, I know what you said is essentially true, but gdmsetup does not really configure the resolution that is set for GDM08:14
lucentFFForever: go research it, figure this out, and document it for others08:14
lucentdon't whine about stuff please, I must be very rude now08:14
FFForeverlucent, ............08:15
pwnguinFFForever: out of curiosity, what's in the nvidia driver you like?08:15
FFForeverpwnguin, it works?08:15
pwnguinover say nv08:15
FFForeveri just want 1280x800 res with no problems?08:15
pwnguinis that all?08:15
pwnguinthe default crappy driver08:16
FFForeverpwnguin, i play games so i need opengl/directx support08:16
pwnguindirectx aint happening :P08:16
* lucent :P08:16
FFForeverdirectx works fine for me =)08:17
FFForeverohhh well08:18
FFForeverlucent, ill be back tmw 2 wine hopefully u won't be here =)08:18
* lucent stabs, repeatedly08:19
lucenttrendy XP-groping gamer baby! die08:20
lucentpwnguin: where exactly in /etc/gdm/gdm.conf did you say resolution configuration is?08:21
pwnguini didn't08:21
lucentI'm calling your card, it's either called something different that I'm not familiar with or you're just making shit up08:21
pwnguini just mentioned the file name; gdm setup is craptacular08:22
lucentanyhow I'll just drop the question08:23
lucentyou DONT know and I surely don't know08:23
lucentI'm pleased that another one liner bug is dead that affects usability in Jaunty Alpha308:24
cwillugdm resolution is simply set by x, isn't it?08:34
SwedeMikeyes, but resolution after logging in can be different from the gdm initial screen08:39
cwilluI'd imagine a preferredmode line in xorg.conf would do it08:40
cwilluOption "PreferredMode"  "string"08:40
cwillu              This  optional  entry  specifies a mode to be marked as the pre‐08:40
cwillu              ferred initial  mode  of  the  monitor.   (RandR  1.2-supporting08:40
cwillu              drivers only)08:40
cwilluwhere mode is "1024x768" or "1024x768@72", or so forth08:41
cwilluany word on the gnome-power-manager bug?08:42
cwillupegging xorg with expensive calls?08:42
hausi_i'm trying to debug /join #ubuntu-devel09:02
Melikwow anyone use XFCE? this thing is so nice.09:37
blizzkidlo all. I'm running alpha 3 on a MacBook, and have a bit of a weird problem. When I boot the macbook without usb-keyboard, I can login (GDM), but once logged in, the keyboard is disabled. When I then attach the USB keyboard, both the usb and the internal keyboard work fine. When I then unplug the usb one, the internal one keeps working. After reboot: same issue.10:33
blizzkidShould I just file a bug, or does anyone have a suggestion?10:34
blizzkidShould also mention that it only happens with a user that existed before the upgrade from Intrepid10:34
blizzkidWith a newly created user everything works fine10:35
=== [pErry] is now known as [perry]
x1250selecting text for copy-pasting is almost impossible to do with latest xserver-xorg-input-synaptics :(         If you go to preference->mouse, and try the "light icon" pressing mouse1 and dragging (like when selecting text), you'll notice that it doesn't work like it should.15:07
gordonjcpis Jaunty going to have USB MIDI support?15:15
gordonjcpbecause it's utterly utterly broken in Intrepid15:15
bernierHi, I'm currently running ubuntu 8.10 with 2.6.28-5-generic x64 kernel and I just can't see nothing when i go in system < admin < hardware drivers. Is that a know issue or someone knows how to solve this?15:20
legodude_bernier: #ubuntu15:39
bernierlegodude_ sorry, it's a mistake , im not running 8.1015:45
bernierbut jaunty15:45
legodude_what drivers?15:45
spr0k3tbernier: you have to modify your xorg.conf and add the line [Option "IgnoreABI" "True"] in the "ServerFlags" section... then the driver should show up in the list.15:47
legodude_aren't there stability problems with that15:47
bernierok Ill try that anks15:47
spr0k3tlegodude_: so far I've not found any... yet15:48
spr0k3tI'm currently running 180.22 and it's working fairly well so far.15:50
spr0k3tthe only issue I've found is a problem with 64bit flash beta locking up firefox.  but that's almost expected.15:51
bernierok im back15:57
bernieri just looked in xog.conf and I have no serverflags section since i reconfigure it using sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg15:57
Oli``Hey all... Is there any plan to bump Python up to 2.6 in jaunty?15:58
spr0k3tk, make a backup copy of that xorg.conf then run [nvidia-xconfig] as root... it will add the needed elements.15:58
Oli``It appears (at least in fairly simple tests) to perform quite a bit better than 2.5.* and has better features (for developers)15:59
spr0k3tOli``: check to see if there's a "needs packaging" request on launchpad15:59
spr0k3tif not, there's still time before a feature freeze to get the request in.15:59
bernierOli'' why not 3.0?16:00
Oli``bernier: it's not backward compatible (so it'll be a year or three until it's supportable)16:00
bernieroops my bad16:00
berniersudo: nvidia-xconfig: command not found16:00
spr0k3tk, you need the drivers installed first then.  sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18016:01
berniernow theres a serverlayout option but no serverflags16:04
berniersection I mean16:04
spr0k3there's the critical part of my xorg.conf file for you to look over: http://paste.ubuntu.com/109440/16:05
bernierok i'll try just creating that section16:06
bernierdo you think the Option         "Xinerama" "0" is important?16:06
spr0k3tno, unless you have 2 monitors.16:07
bernierok line added and still not there. I'll try rebooting16:07
bernieror maybe simply restarting xserver16:09
bernierok still nothing in the hardware drivers menu, but drivers are in use16:14
bernierthanks for your help16:14
WebspotHi all. I'm having problems with pkg-config and libavcodec and libavformat. On intrepid "pkg-config --cflags libavcodec" shows "-I/usr/include/ffmpeg", and the same for libavformat. On jaunty, both commands just show a blank output, when it should be "-I/usr/include/libavcodec" and "-I/usr/include/libavformat". This seems to be missing from the .pc file. Is this right, or am I being totally stupid? :-)16:24
spr0k3tbernier: odd, not sure why it's not showing up in the hardware drivers app, but glad the drivers are working now.16:31
x1250strange issue: with latest xserver-xorg-input-synaptics, click and drag results in a involuntary double click. Try dragging a window around, it will maximize :)16:36
x1250also, selecting text as in copy-paste is almost imposible.16:37
DrHalandoes skype work with jaunty?16:41
spr0k3thmm... haven't tried that one yet.16:41
hggdhit does16:41
DrHalanwell i am using AMD64 and get "ALSA lib ../../src/conf.c:2700:(snd_config_hooks_call) Cannot open shared library libasound_module_conf_pulse.so"16:43
hggdhdo you have ia32-libs installed?16:45
hggdhthere should be more text to the error -- could not open because it does not exist, or different ELF class, or whatever16:47
* hggdh *does* use skype on AMD64 Jaunty16:48
DrHalanhggdh: here also flash breaks pulse16:49
* Volkodav same here with skype16:49
hggdhI gave up on pulse about a month ago...16:50
DrHalanah okay so youre not running pulse at all?16:50
hggdhnope. Never could get it to work reliably.16:51
hggdhI would have sound, then I would not, etc, etc, etc. Eventually, I just gave up on it16:51
DrHalanso thats why your skype works16:52
hggdhyes, maybe. At least it is a difference between our setup16:53
DrHalanwhatever i just installed gnash it works fine with youtube17:05
x1250please comment if bug #320639 affects you too.17:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320639 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Touchpad movement problems in 0.99.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32063917:15
LLStarksso many things enrage me about the state of gnome projects17:20
solarioncompiz seems to be sucking17:32
FFForeverAnyone around?17:43
=== [perry] is now known as [pErry]
hggdhFFForever, just ask your question. If somebody knows the answer, you will get it17:43
FFForeverCan someone help me with a nvidia problem?17:43
FFForeveri setup nvidia-glx-180 on my system and i added the ignoreABI (on xorg) but when i login i get a black screen =\, i have to use ctrl+alt+f1 and ctrl+alt+f7 to get back my screen after i login17:44
FFForeverbtw good work i can finally boot without holding a key in jaunty now i just cant login... =\17:47
roe_it seems that gnome locks up upon boot?  Is this known?18:17
FFForeverroe_, how does it lockup?18:25
FFForever(black screen?)18:25
roe_I have gdm auto login, so it locks up with a picture of the desktop18:28
roe_it seems that dbus isn't starting automatically, but  Ican start it manually.  I also restart hald after  I start dbus.18:29
FFForeverhow do u know if its starting or not?18:30
FFForeverroe_, try just going to tty1 and then back to tty718:30
roe_it locks up, I can't change ttys18:31
roe_ps aux |grep dbus18:31
roe_returns just the grep18:31
LLStarksext4 in jaunty is disaster.18:33
LLStarks*is a18:33
DrHalanLLStarks: why?18:34
FFForeveri am on ext4 should i worry?18:35
DrHalanyeah me too :S18:35
LLStarksyou can't use gparted unless you compile it18:35
LLStarksand even then, you can't edit the partitions while they are mounted.18:35
FFForeverso compile it?18:35
FFForeverso unmount?18:35
FFForevercompile a live cd?18:35
DrHalani thought my machine is about to crash18:35
FFForeverDrHalan, yeah....18:35
FFForeveri was grabbing my jaunty cd 2 start over....18:36
LLStarksif you can show me where the svn allows for a livecd compilation, that would be awesome.18:36
DrHalanwell ive to say18:36
DrHalani switched to 64bit and ext4 in jaunty it is such a speedup18:36
FFForeveri am still on 32bit18:37
FFForeverill be on 32bit till adobe decides to make flash stable...18:37
FFForeveri cant play music....18:38
FFForeverdo i have 2 reboot after installing plugins?18:38
FFForeverbah i only have 4gb of music =\18:42
FFForeverand my 80gb ipod is full...18:42
DrHalanFFForever: you can run flash trough ndiswrapper or just use gnash it works fine with youtube18:48
FFForeverwtf  how the hell would u run flash through ndiswrapper.....18:49
FFForeverDrHalan, i play lots of flash games XD18:49
roe_ripping out gnome from jaunty and installing gnome from intrepid is fun18:51
FFForeverroe_, i can only imagine...18:51
FFForeverroe why not just rip out gnome and install from svn?18:51
roe_oh because that is mroe likely to result in a working system18:52
FFForevercan ubuntu play itunes movies?18:52
FFForeveri have a few i bought....18:52
FFForeverdo they sell them without drm =P18:53
roe_aren't they or is that just music?18:53
FFForeveri assume they have fairplay...18:54
=== Oli``` is now known as Oli``
DanaGHmm, I wonder which'll be first: Xorg-1.6-supporting fglrx, or R600 3D support in radeon / radeonhd?19:05
roe_anyone know what package is responsible for picking up usb events?19:08
gourgiroe_: hal or udev i think, not sure19:11
roe_fun times19:16
roe_ubuntu doesn't like when you downgrade udev19:16
FFForevergentoo ftw?19:16
FFForeveri like ubuntu but this login bug is annoying...19:16
roe_no, debian ftw19:16
FFForeveri a stuck on 7.10 or 9.04 =\19:17
DanaGlogin bug?19:17
FFForevereither i change the ttyp to 1 then back to 7 or i stay out outdated 7.10 witch i have to compile everything since its so bloody outdated....19:17
FFForeverbtw nice changes on the installer (except the map didn't work 4 me....)19:18
DanaGWhat's the symptom?19:18
FFForeverDanaG, when i login i get a black screen till i change to tty1 then back to tty719:18
FFForeverDanaG, i am guessing it has to due with nvidia though.....19:18
DanaGHmm, if you create a temporary new user, does it still do that for the new user?19:19
FFForeverDanaG, this was on a fresh install...19:19
FFForeverall i did was install nvidia's driver and add ignoreabi in xorg...19:19
FFForeverbtw why is the xorg config so bare?19:19
FFForeveri was amazed it worked since it didn't even list drivers in the xorg.conf....19:20
DanaGMost configuration is automatic nowadays.19:20
DanaGHowever, nvidia driver does need to be explicitly specified.19:20
FFForeverDanaG, yeah i ran the nvidia-xconfig =)19:21
FFForeverDanaG, any idea why my sound would studder in vlc?19:22
FFForevermovie player is fine on sound....19:23
DanaGHmm, vlc doesn't play well with PulseAudio, for one thing.19:24
DanaGI don't bother with VLC -- for me, it fails miserably at subtitles.19:25
FFForeverhow can i change to alsa?19:25
FFForeveri hate pulseaudio since only ONE app can use sound... i have to quit the other...19:26
DanaGThat's an indication that things are NOT using pulseaudio properly, actually.19:26
DanaGAnd VLC has a specific PulseAudio output plugin.19:26
DanaGFor me, my biggest recent issue with PA has been that it crashes on resume from suspend.19:27
FFForeverDanaG, are you on a laptop with jaunty by any chance?19:27
DanaGUsing 'radeon' driver.19:28
FFForeverdo you use the touch pad?19:28
DanaGYeah... it was initially way too fast for me.19:28
DanaGI had to enable shmconfig and install gsynaptics to tweak the touchpad.19:28
FFForeverwhen i move stuff with the tp it moves them 2 the top right and sticks them there....19:28
FFForeveri have 2 unfocus the window and refocus it and sometimes it works others i am screwed...19:29
x1250FFForever, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics is buggy19:29
FFForeverx1250, any better driver 2 use?19:29
FFForeverthere was an update this morning for it...19:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320639 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "Touchpad movement problems in 0.99.3" [Undecided,New]19:29
FFForeverhow do i unload the old one and reload the new one?19:30
FFForeverDanaG, i fixed the problem =D19:31
FFForeverdisabled compiz... XD19:31
DanaGThat's not a "fix", it's a workaround.19:31
ubottuFreedesktop bug 14415 in Driver/radeonhd "Wrong DPI informations with radeonhd" [Normal,Resolved: notabug]19:31
DanaGIt's a matter of semantics.19:31
FFForeverworkaround is better then nothing at this point....19:31
FFForeverDanaG, do u happen to know where i can get the pulse audio driver for vlc?19:32
dtchenaptitude install vlc-plugin-pulse19:32
dtchenof course, you could also just use vlc's alsa output, and configure it to use 'default'. ubuntu 8.10 and newer route everything through pulse regardless.19:33
FFForeverdtchen, it studders when i do that19:34
dtchenFFForever: please describe "stutters" more explicitly19:34
dtchenFFForever: also, you can adjust fragment sizes, etc., in /etc/pulse/daemon.conf19:34
FFForeverthat fixed it19:35
FFForeverthanks dtchen =)19:35
FFForeveradding that fixed it..., when i used default it would playsound ... stop ... play more sound ... stop on and off on and off...19:35
dtchenon 8.10? you'd need to ensure you have all the updated pulseaudio and libasound2-plugins packages.19:36
FFForever8.10 never worked for me...19:37
FFForeveri had 2 hold a key to boot so i gave up and downgraded to 7.1019:37
DanaGhold a key?19:38
FFForeverdtchen, any idea on how i can add media play back to full screen on vlc?19:38
FFForeveryeah hold any key during boot =)19:38
FFForeverbut its gone on 9.0419:38
dtchenFFForever: i don't know what you mean by "media play back to full screen"19:39
FFForeveradd play/pause/stop/etc when in full screen19:40
dtchenFFForever: that works here in both dragon and totem19:48
dtchenFFForever: perhaps your MM hotkeys are not recognised and/or configured?19:49
FFForeverohhh i was talking about an onscreen one....19:49
dtchendragon is kde4's totem19:49
dtchen"an onscreen"...?19:50
FFForeverill ask in vlc =)19:51
DanaGAnyone know how to downclock an R600 card in Linux?20:11
DanaGI don't care about dynamic power management; I just want to peg the thing in low-speed mode.20:12
nachois it possible to request an update of gtranslator now that gtr 1.9.4 was released?20:34
nachoI think jordi is quite busy these days to make the package20:34
fosco_podria ser eso20:43
DrHalan1with xservers auto-config how do i know which driver is runnnig?20:52
x1250DrHalan1, in /var/log/Xorg.0.log should be pretty obvious20:54
DrHalan1x1250: strange thought i was using vesa but i am using nv still even 2D is pretty bugg20:56
DrHalan1whatever thanks :)20:56
fosco_i've lost my gnome preferences21:26
fosco_not sure what i've done21:27
fosco_sistem - preferences - appearance shows the themes (and it get themed) but the theme es not applied21:27
fosco_any idea?21:28
thenetmonkey9250does anyone have a working grub menu.lst with entries for xen on jaunty amd64?21:43
falstaff_will 2.6.29 be in jaunty?21:48
vividis it possible to get a minimal cd iso for jaunty?22:12
DrHalan1is there a light alternative to xsane?22:13
o_portista17hello, i need some help here, i'm getting an error while trying to update or opening synaptic, because of the hwtest-gtk , does anyone has the same problem?22:14
Sundarnewbie here.i wanted to debootstrap a jaunty armel.i created a stage 1 image in a new partition  debootstrap --verbose --foreign --arch armel --variant=buildd jaunty $LFS http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports. when i do stage 2:  chroot $LFS /debootstrap/debootstrap --second-stageI   error :chroot: cannot run command `/debootstrap/debootstrap': Exec format error . help please.22:27
DanaGOh heyas, I know fglrx won't work with 3D with the new X server... but is there a way to use it with 2D only, at least?22:35
DanaGI don't like the open-source drivers, because they have no power management support.22:36
o_portista17i can't update "tor" package, because i need the glibc-private  but it is not installable22:50
roe_sooo, fresh install of jaunty, gnome crashes23:23
roe_more like freezes with just the background displayed23:24
roe_what is blazes...23:32
roe_where is jaunty's xorg.conf stored?23:32
andersk/etc/X11/xorg.conf, although it generally runs fine without an xorg.conf at all.23:33
roe_yes, I see that23:33
ryanpganyone experiencing pointer troubles in jaunty? My left mouse button seems to be behaving as a middle mouse button23:33
roe_I need to force the use of the vesa driver23:34
roe_can I just add the appropriate statement into the blank xorg.conf?23:34
anderskYeah.  All you need is Section "Device", Identifier "Default Device", Driver "vesa", EndSection (on four lines).23:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320821 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945GM] After loading background crashes back to GDM. Works with 'driver "vesa"'." [High,Incomplete]23:36
roe_I *think* this is the issue I am having but it says it is fixed23:36
roe_and yet it is still borked23:36

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